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									Osho Leela Newsletter - April 2010

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                                                      April Newsletter
Dear friend,

Spring is well and truly here! The countryside around Leela is bursting with green-ness, the
hedgerows are filled with new life, and all of nature is out of doors singing its song. Here in the
grounds, Chaman and Islay are busy as ever - pruning, tidying, and caring for the land. Islay has
pruned back the hedge by the drive and Chaman will soon be back out on his mower, cutting the
grass. Recently, Dhiraj has joined in with the activities in the grounds, leading groups of people
on CEP in gardening projects. The house has been a hive of activity too. We were joined by about
12 people for our second Osho Meditation Retreat - Monday to Friday spent doing Osho
meditations from dawn til night. We also ran another Community Meditation Week - everyone
comes for daily Dynamic, Vipassana, and Kundalini for 5 days. This is now a regular monthly
fixture and very popular. At the end of March, 10 community members did the 9 day Blessed
Herbs Colon Cleanse, including a 5 day fast. We ended this with a liver flush, and now we all feel
thoroughly cleaned out.

Right now the Easter Festival is in full swing. It's our biggest ever and Leela is nearly as full as it
is during New Year. It's also a very special time for us here in the community. Yesterday, the 1st,
was our tenth anniversary of being here in Gillingham. Yes, it's 10 years since Dhyano and Pragit
organised our move here from near Wimborne, after Lucy Hall saw Thorngrove up for sale on the
internet. Before 2000 we were a part of the Gaunts House estate and paying rent. Now we're
landowners (well, via the Triodos bank) and, thanks to your continued support, planning to be
here for life.

Biggest party of the month was Puravida. The house was full again and the Saturday night party
theme was "urban." The community split up into two gangs, "Chavs" and "Posse," and created a
short theatre presentation for the rest of the participants. It was directed by Sudhir, who trained
at RADA, and you can even see it online at www.youtube.com/watch?v=aa8OOYIMqjs (warning:
contains strong language, everyone in "chav-mode.") Thanks to Rajan for the movie. More shorts
from the night arriving soon. Puravida happens again at the end of April, with Big Love Explosion
- a Mayday Bank Holiday celebration of Nature and Love. We'll be having workshops in Tantra,
Relating, Trance Dance and much more, with a whole night of lady DJs and a "Rites of Spring"
theme party for Tantric gods and goddesses, Green men and women, and all manner of earth
spirits. STOP PRESS - Osho Leela are also very proud to present, right after Puravida, two days of
Bioenergetics, with Raks. Raks is just back from Brazil and very keen to share his knowledge. We
haven't had 2 days of Bioenergetics here for many years and this will be a big midweek treat.
Come for 24 hours or the whole thing.

Another big blast of energy that we enjoyed very much in March came in the form of the
Humaniversity Flushing weekend, led by Navajata. Navi came over from Holland, back here to his
homeland, and led a wonderful workshop. Flushing is an emotional release technique, developed

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Osho Leela Newsletter - April 2010

by Veeresh, with its roots in the work of Freud, Janov, and Dan Casriel. Next month, Navi is back,
this time with fellow Brit, Lucy, to lead Humaniversity Intimacy.

OK, photo time! Pictures this month are from Vishwa, Rajan, Amura, and myself...

                                                            (click on photos to enlarge)

                     Prada                                  Saturday Night @ Puravida         Fabian

                    Shanti                                         Katherine & friend      Ishan & Emily

It's the community's chance to let you know what they enjoyed this month. Here's what they
Amura - is excited to feel Spring in the air and is looking 4ward to the Easter Festival;
David - Puravida, cleanse, and jam sandwiches;
Dhiraj - Community Meditation Week and Blessed Herbs colon cleanse;
Dhyan - Latino lover Carlos and cleansing!;
Keerti - seeing Navi and to see my Mum + Dad;
Lalitya - being on Navajata's team at the Humaniversity Flushing group;
Mala - Puravida and exploring my inner chav, Shazzer. The arrival of Spring!;
Naropa - some Tantra with Sarita and Chintan at Croydon Hall;
Parvesh - loved the Flushing weekend and feeling great to be here;
Prada - Flushing, cleansing, meditating, healing, loving, open and happy! Yippee!;
Premal - Puravida, my kinda music! And my friend Navi coming to lead Flushing group;
Premen - colon cleanse and meditation week;
Purna - assisting Navi in the Flushing group, the Spring cleanse;
Rajan - Chavvin' it up at Puravida;
Robin - going swimming with my brother Cam, and coming back to Leela!!;
Samudra - enjoying Spring and everything that comes with it;
Shambavi - bubbling laughter/energy of community after doing Dynamic every day;
Shanti - Chantel rules!!! Great Puravida;

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Osho Leela Newsletter - April 2010

Soonita - Enjoyed assisting and Bodywork group. Appreciating living in the countryside with such
beautiful scenery.;
Vishwa - Done my first fast ever and survived - looking forward to Easter - first here and then
with Purna, Tarisha & Fiona + kids to Norway;

With so many people now living or spending time at Leela, each month brings a crop of birthdays.
In March we said "Happy Birthday!" to Rajan, Niraj, Soonita, Aruna, and Rachana, and celebrated
in fine style. We also welcomed into the community Parvesh, who's having a great time on CEP
and putting his carpentry skills into action a lot in the Debop department.

Aside from the Easter Festival, April sees a whole bevy of exciting workshops coming up, with
something for everyone. Next weekend, Suta and Tina lead a Tantra group, Breakthrough to
Bliss, ideal for anyone who would like more energy, clarity and inner life. Later in the month we
have Humaniversity Intimacy, Love in Awareness Intensive, and Biodanza Minotaur Project. Really
hope you can make it down for something, or just to come along on Community Experience
Programme for a few days.

It being the beginning of April, our new printed calendar is now out. Put together with much love
and care by Purna, we hope you got one in the post. Please just let us know if not, or if you've
changed address recently. To give you a bit of advance information about the summer, this year
we're dropping the "Month in Paradise" concept (as hardly anyone could come along for the whole
month). But we will still have an August packed full of festivals, pretty much back to back, and
including one new one. Osho Leela are proud to announce our first ever Tantra Festival, which will
be August 10-15, and which will feature many different teachers and exciting workshops and
events. You can get more information online here, but it will be the UK's only major Tantra
festival, it will be very (very) reasonably priced, and it will be a very juicy and exciting affair!
Running before and afterwards, we also present Puravida Festie, Biodanza Festival, Dance & Voice
Festival, and the Osho Ultimate Celebration. I'll tell you more about them in months to come.

                   Soonita                                           Aruna's Birthday   Cake!

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Osho Leela Newsletter - April 2010

                   Parvesh                                                 Ravi      Rachana

Here are the month's announcements...

* from Niraj...

            R.I.P. Rolando Toro, creator and founder of Biodanza. 1924-2010
            All things must come to an end, and in February the world lost one of its shining
            lights, one whose life was a celebration and a tribute to the power of possibility.
            Millions of people have been, and will always continue to be, touched, inspired and
            healed by his creation, Biodanza. His impact on the world is substantial and
            concrete. He will be missed, but also he will be celebrated. He will now not be with
            us in body this summer at Osho Leela, but in spirit I am confident he resides
            wherever people are gathered together to dance, to express and come closer to
            each other. This years Biodanza Festival will be a tribute to this late, great
            figurehead. Let's make it THE one to remember!

            April sees the return of the Minotaur Project, this time a 3 day group from Thurs-
            Sun, where we explore the darker side of human nature; our fears and our terrors.
            Each participant will receive two individual challenges over the 3 days, and some
            groupal ones. Those of you "into" personal development will know that the greatest
            changes come from extending beyond the comfort zone of the known and the
            familiar, but also that that process is scary and discomfiting. You can't have one
            without the other, it seems, so you are cordially invited into the labyrinth of your
            own darkness to face your biggest fears, and with the intense loving support of an
            equally courageous peer group, to overcome them, emerging bright and shining
            into the light on the other side. (Previous Biodanza experience strongly
            recommended. Admission by personal interview only)

* An update from Miten and Deva Premal...

            Leela favourites Deva Premal and Miten are in concert Friday May 14th in London,
            and running a one day workshop the Sunday following.
            Click here for information about the concert.
            Click here for information about the workshop.

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Osho Leela Newsletter - April 2010

* Do you love hugging?...

            Hugging Online!
            We've got our hugging demonstration, produced by Merlina, online on Facebook
            here and YouTube here.
            Also, you can join our Facebook group "I Love Hugging" by clicking here!

* Prada would like to tell you about her paintings...

            I am now selling a collection of "Blissful" canvas art works at Osho Leela! I am open
            to painting personalised canvas works of your request. I am also an experienced
            mural artist especially for children's spaces and looking for art projects and jobs in
            the near future. Please see "photos" at my Facebook page by the name of "Anna
            Marie" within the Sri Lankan network or contact me for more info at the Leela office
            or by email pradabliss@yahoo.com!
            Love, Prada

                                                                                         Sooni, Sukhi, Purna, Premal &
      Flushers & Community                                  Dev, Ishan, Veeren & Navi

                                                            Mulberry Tree in the front
             The Cleansers!                                                                        Crocuses

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Osho Leela Newsletter - April 2010

Coming Up at Osho Leela...

Here's a list of what's on at Leela over the next couple of months. Prices include food and
dormitory accommodation, unless otherwise stated. Room upgrades available.

Breakthrough to Bliss
Apr 9-11; £165
with Suta & Tina
This Spring, welcome in new life and vitality, and find inner resources and energy you never knew
you had. Do you need an energy boost? Don't quite have the 'get up and go' that you'd like? Not
sure where your next step is? Using Tantra meditations that include dynamic movement, breath,
sound, stillness and dance, Suta and Tina will guide you on a journey through that which holds
you back from expressing your full potential and help you to access new levels of energy, clarity
and inner wealth. Go on, give yourself a Spring clean!
Click here for more information and to book online.

Humaniversity - Intimacy
Apr 16-18; £295 (£225 booked 7 days in advance)
with Lucy & Navajata
Intimacy, the precious human quality that we all long for and often run from. During this
weekend, Deva Lucy and Navajata will support you to release wounds on your heart and go for
love. You can expect to walk on the wild side and expand your energy in a very playful way.
Participants are usually surprised how easily they dived into such a deep part of themselves and
the joyful liberation they felt. This group will bring a smile to your face!
Click here for more information and to book online.

Humaniversity Tutorial Day - Aspects of Sexuality
Apr 16; £60
Tutorial Days are open to all and a great way to learn more about the Humaniversity Training.
10am - 5pm, lunch included
Click here for more information and to book online.

The Minotaur Project
Apr 22-25; £275 (£250 booked 7 days in advance)
with Niraj, Pip and team
The Biodanza version of Aflame, where we delve into the labyrinth of fears preventing us from
living a full and happy life. You will be offered specific personal challenges from the Frontiers of
Living, Self Expression, Love/Sexuality or the Primordial, in order to directly face what is most
holding you back. Daring to show one's vulnerability in the public setting of the group creates an
intense bonding experience and fosters courage and empathy you didn't know you had. A truly
remarkable workshop. Previous Biodanza experience essential.
Apply to Niraj on 07720 446648 or at mike@dancebiodanza.com
Click here for more information and to book online.

Love In Awareness
Apr 22-25; £220; £200 if booked by Apr 8th
with Yves Rakendra
A 3-day awareness intensive retreat to let love overflow.
It is an adventure, a journey of opening to our heart, to our awareness. A journey where the

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Osho Leela Newsletter - April 2010

repeated use of the instruction 'Tell me what love is' help us to move beyond our masks, our
identifications, our pre-conceived ideas around love so that a state of being can be experienced, a
state where mind has no relevance, where only love is.
Read more at www.livingourtruenature.com or contact Rakendra by email at
Click here for more information and to book online.

Puravida - Big Love Explosion!
Apr 30 - May 3; £110 - dorm; £89 - camping
with Devaraj & Raks
Puravida returns to celebrate the May Day bank holiday with a big blast of juicy energy and
aliveness. Mayday is an ancient celebration of the height of Spring, when all of nature is busy
reproducing and being very fertile. Puravida will be joining in the celebration with workshops in
Tantra, Yoga, Bioenergetics, Relating, Trance Dance, Thai Yoga Massage, Biodanza, and other
Puravida favourites. We're going to do out our main room like a tantric temple at Khajuraho, and
the Sunday night party will be themed "The Rites of Spring" - Pagan, Green Men and Women,
Tantric goddesses and gods. Don't miss this chance to get fully loved up! Also featuring a "Night
of the Divine Feminine" with women DJs Saturday night.
Friday night to Bank Holiday Monday 5pm.
Visit www.puravida.uk.com for updated info of what's going on.
Click here for more information and to book online.

May 4-6; £150 (£80 - 24 hours)
with Raks
Your body is the vehicle of your soul, the host of love, pleasure and joy. As children we easily
experienced such positive feelings in our bodies. But for most of us, our bodies have become the
dumping ground for repressed emotions, leaving us unable to live our potential. Using physical
exercises and breathing techniques the workshop will help you to release negative emotions, open
your heart and say yes to life!
Rakendra is the co creator of Puravida where he regularly leads sessions in Bioenergetics. He has
been training in Bioenergetics since 1998 and facilitating individual sessions and workshops for
the past 6 years. He also lived and trained at the Humaniversity where he graduated with a
Bachelors Degree in Humaniversity Psychology in 2005.
Tues evening 6pm to Thursday afternoon 5pm. 24 hour price available too.
Click here for more information and to book online.

Biodanza - Trance & Regression
May 7-9; £225, £200 if booked 7 days in advance
with Guy Barrington
School of Biodanza Module 19
Biodanza uses different types of trance and regressive states of consciousness in order to heal, re-
parent and re-educate the body memory. In these altered states, the human body becomes super
sensitive to receiving a new loving imprint, rewriting or reprogramming any negative personal
history that may be apparent. We are most fortunate to have master teacher Guy Barrington,
whose speciality this is, to lead this module. Previous Biodanza experience necessary.
Click here for more information and to book online.

Yoga with Shambavi
May 14-16; £135
Another chance to spend a fun weekend toning your body, feeding your soul and relaxing your

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Osho Leela Newsletter - April 2010

mind. With Osho meditations, good asana workout, pranayama to get you high and lots of
important relaxation… add dancing and hugging, great food and company – sounds like a win-win
situation to me! Treat yourself, you definitely deserve it. Everything is optional – you decide how
much you want to participate.
Click here for more information and to book online.

The Way of Tantra
May 14-16; £150
with Jewls Wingfield
There's lots of talk about Tantra going on, some good, some not so good. This is a chance to find
out the truth and experience high quality Tantra in an integral and professional environment, with
one of the UK’s most experienced Tantra Schools. Tantra is a direct approach to total inner
freedom and Ecstatic Love. It's juicy, deep, fun, down-to-earth and accessible. The workshop will
include important boundaries work as a foundation stone for safe and transformational
experience. Jewls' website is www.heart-tantra.com.
Click here for more information and to book online.

Humaniversity Encounter
May 21-23; £295, £225 if booked 7 days in advance
with Geetee
Encounter literally means meeting – meeting others and meeting yourself. When we are able to
be clear with the people we meet, and we can say yes when we mean yes and no when we mean
no, life becomes much simpler. As a result we are able to ask for what we need to make
ourselves truly happy. The technique of encounter, promoting honest, open and authentic
friendship, is a corner-stone of the Humaniversity Training. Geetee is from Germany where he
was a successful DJ in the Osho discotheque in Hanover before coming to live in The
Humaniversity. He became a Humaniversity Therapist in 1998. He is the Public Relations
manager, a Master Staff Trainer, Therapist Training Counsellor, Encounter Trainer, Flushing
Trainer and Tan-Ju Trainer within The Humaniversity. As well as being a professional DJ he loves
drumming, club music and high energy.
Click here for more information and to book online.

India My Love Festival
May 28-31; £150 dorm, £129 camping
Hi, all India lovers! We are repeating last year’s winner – India My Love. The house will be turned
into a temple of colour once again. There will be a full meditation schedule. Music includes Kirtan,
an Indian classical music concert and Temple Grooves from Praful. You can taste Bollywood and
Bhangra dance, indulge in all your favourite Indian dishes, and Samudra will open his popular
street food-stall, the Sun and Moon. There will be a host of workshops, healing sessions, movies,
Henna art, parties and fireworks. Indian dress is welcome!
Click here for more information and to book online.

"AUM on Tour" Events

AUM Meditation - Sundays - Apr 11th.
Contact Prabuddho on 07799 407900 for more info www.aummeditation.com

AUM Meditation - Saturdays - Apr 10th, May 8th, June 12th . Arrive between 3.30pm and 3.45pm

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Osho Leela Newsletter - April 2010

Contact Marliesa on 07872 643317 or visit www.brightonaum.co.uk

AUM Meditation - First Sunday of the month. Arrive 1.45pm.
Contact Bodhidhan on 07767 442477 or Amala on 07847 227457 for more information.

AUM Meditation - details TBA.
Contact Padma on 07971 348 275, email ManchesterAum@googlemail.com or visit http://sites.
google.com/site/manchesteraum/ for more information.

April is gonna be wonderful!


Devaraj & everybody here at Osho Leela

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