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					                          2009 Siberian Husky Club of Canada
                                   National Specialty
9 - 12 Month Male

                HURICANE'S ORION THE HUNTER, LISTED, 16/12/2008, Jeanne Paillot,
   32           Deb Fischer, Diane Kurt by Ch Blueridge Soma's Mel Gibson ex Huricane's
     x          Something Wicked Comes, Elsewhere
                Paillot, Jeanne     Agent: Deb Fischer

                1st ___32_____

Open Male

                WILDCRIES SONIK BOOM, SQ106353, 27/08/2006, Tracey S Franzen by Ch
   16           Snoknight's Magic Dragon ex Ch Wildcries Twilight Frost, Canada
     x          Leaney, Mark & Lori

                BARYNUK'S GOD OF LIGHTNING, ERN28000011, 29/04/2007, Brian Flory &
   24           Barry Brunner by Barynuk's Born To Fly ex Barynuk's Bibbibi Bobbidi Boo,
     x          Elsewhere
                Armentrout, Jill & Barry Brunner      Agent: Megan Brown

                WOLFSEYE'S 10TH AVE FREEZE OUT, PY994713, 24/12/2004, Marian Day
   34           and Terry Young by Ch Keetukka Cloudwalker T'Wolfseye ex Ch Oakridgelanes
     x          Ember T'Wolfseye, Canada
                Day, Marian and Terry Young        Agent: Katelyn Young

                KEETUKKA N SHUNICO'S AQUILO, SY136292, 22/12/2006, Shelley Gerig &
   36           Brenda Elliott by Ch Keetukka Cloudwalker T Wolfseye ex Falkdane Blizzard Of
     x          Keetukka, Canada
                Millions, Laurie & Brenda Elliott

                KAMMICKS ICEBERG TWICE, SA062622, 29/01/2006, Jennifer Fairbairn by
   42           Am/Can/Intl Ch Wolfglen's The Right Stuff ex Ch Kammick's Lady In Camelot,
     x          Canada
                Glenny, Diane

                1st __24____ 2nd _34_____ 3rd ___42____ 4th __16____

            WM ____24______                       RWM ______32____

Veterans Male

                CH. KIAYA'S RUM N KOLA, HL527511, 25/06/1998, Jennifer Ward Rogers by
   13           Kiaya's Desoto ex Ch. Keetukka's Blue Mistique S.D., Canada
     x          Gerig, Shelley
   22        09/06/2002, Kristine Brown and Megan Brown by Am/Can Ch. Huricane's Gin Fizz
     x       ex Ch. Wolfriver's Buy Me A BMW, Canada
             Brown, Kristine & Megan Brown

             CH. SHAKULA'S ZOOM ZOOOM ZOOOOM, WLD, ML823252, 28/06/2002,
   26        Candace D. Cook by Am Ch Sagebrush's The Bear Fax ex Ch Mercedes Of The
     x       Midnight Sun, Canada
             Cook, Candace D.

             CH. WOLFRIVER'S BAFFIN, FL363466, 22/06/1996, Kristine Brown by Ch
   43        Borntorun's Inookshook, S.D., C.D. ex Huricane's Taylors Design, Canada
     x       Nurmela, Petri

           1st ___22___ 2nd ___13___ 3rd __26__ 4th __43___

6 - 9 Month Female

             FANTA C'S MEANT TO BE, ERN29001063, 01/01/2009, JoAnn R Brewer by
   12        Am/Can Ch Highlander's Go For Broke ex Am/Can Ch Fanta C's Miss La Dee Da,
     x       Elsewhere
             Brewer, JoAnn

             FANTA C'S NORTHERN DESIGN, 1105729, 01/01/2009, Jo Ann Brewer by
   14        Am/Can Ch Highlander's Go For Broke ex Am/Can Ch Fanta C's Miss La Dee Da,
     x       Elsewhere
             Gerig, S., B Elliott, M Day, J Brewer

             1st ____12____ 2nd _____14___

9 - 12 Month Female

             TRISHAMAR'S WHAT A STAR AURORA, UW259940, 25/11/2008, Timothy
   18        & Melody Roth by Ch Innisfree TNT At Nanook ex Ch Trishamar's Steel Magnolia,
     x       Canada
             Tauvette, Barb & Chris

             NANOOK'S HURICANE CLASSIE CASSIE, UW257889, 06/11/2008, Annette
   30        Dionne by Alcinta's Winter Glitter ex Ch Nanook's Tears Of The Sun, Canada
     x       Paillot, Jeanne      Agent: Deb Fischer

             WOLFSEYE'S TINKERBELL, UW269700, 28/11/2008, Marian Day & Terry
   33        Young by Ch Wolfseyes Solitaire T'Falkdane ex Ch Oakridgelane Ember to
     x       Wolfseye, Canada
             Day, Marian & Terry Young         Agent: Katelyn Young

             1st ___33_____ 2nd __30______ 3rd ___18_____
Bred By Exhibitor Female

              WOLFRIVER'S JUST A LOVE SONG, UA210331, 15/01/2008, Kristine Brown
   21         by Ch. Blueridge Farren Unicornhill ex Ch. Wolfriver's Bluechip PVT STK, Canada
     x        Thomson, Amanda & Kris Brown

              1st ____21____

Open Female

              OAKRIDGELANE'S SHIMMERING STAR, SW128711, 12/11/2006, Laurie
   37         Millions & Shelley Gerig by Oakridgelane Moonlit Shadow S.D. ex Ch Keetukka
     x        Cascabel At Falkdane S.D., Canada
              Millions, Laurie

              1st ____37___

              WF ___21______                     RWF _____37____

Veterans Female

              CH. FANTA C'S MISS LA DEE DA, ERN24001312, 17/03/2002, JoAnn R
   11         Brewer by Highlander's Nick At Nite ex Am/Can Ch Highlander's Ooh La La,
     x        Elsewhere
              Brewer, JoAnn R

              CH. MERCEDES OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN WLDX, 1068779, 29/08/1998,
   25         Janis R Church & J Jack Bean by Am Ch Holy Smoke Of The Midnight Sun ex
     x        Snomounds Tik Of The Midnight Sun, Elsewhere
              Cook, Candace D.

              CH. ATTICUS HEAVEN SENT, FY406789, 20/12/1996, Phyllis Niekamp by Ch
   28         Loonbay's Tomar Kola CD ex Ch Sunuryk's Attica Myst, Canada
     x        Delaliaux, Michelle

              1st __28______ 2nd __11______ 3rd ___25_____
Specials Only Male

             CH. WOLFRIVER'S JANUARY MAGIC, UA206286, 15/01/2008, Kristine
   15        Brown by Ch Blueridge Farren Unicorn Hill ex Ch Wolfriver's Bluechip Pvt Stk,
     x       Canada Porter, Susan & Nancy Del Bianco

             CH. BLUERIDGE FARREN UNICORNHILL, SU135803, 05/10/2006, Colin W
   20        Brownlee by Ch. Huskavarna's As Good As It Gets ex Ch Blueridge Soma's Ginger
   ABS       Rogers, Canada   Brown, Megan and C. Brownlee

             CH. TRISHAMAR'S RIDE CAPTAIN RIDE, SQ103963, 04/08/2006, Melody &
   27        Timothy Roth by Ch Trishamar's Night Of The Hunter ex Ch Innisfree's You're So
     x       Vain, Canada De Geus, Patricia

             CH. BLUERIDGE SOMA'S MEL GIBSON, NJ876752, 14/05/2003, Bart & Patti
   31        Miller by Ch Blueridge Soma's Stingray ex Ch Blueridge Soma's Forget Me Not,
     x       Canada       Paillot, Jeanne      Agent: Deb Fischer

Specials Only Female

             CH. TELAKA'S A ZEPHYR CALLED MANDY, TY203274, 29/12/2007, Brent
   19        & Kathleen Thomas by Am/Can Ch Blueridge Soma's Stingray ex Ch Telaka's
     x       Wind In The Willows, Canada   Thomas, Brent & Kathleen

             CH. WOLFRIVER'S BLUECHIP PVT STK, 1086638, 16/10/2004, Susan Wells
   23        by Am.Can Ch Chrisdon's Distant Thunder ex Ch Pvt Stk's Heart And Soul,
     x       Elsewhere   Brown, Kristine

             CH. STORMWARNINGS RHYTHEM 'N RUCKUS, SA070222, 01/01/2006,
   29        Guy Anctil by Ch Bain's Northern It Wasn't Me ex Stormwarnings Rush 'N
     x       Theories, Canada Delaliaux, Michelle

             CH. KEETUKKA CASCABEL AT FALKDANE S.D., NW931976, 29/11/2003,
   38        Shelley Gerig & Laurie Millions by Ch Keetukka Cloudwalker Twolfseye ex Ch
     x       Wolfseye's Noel Oakridgelane SD, Canada
             Millions, Laurie & Shelley Gerig

             CH. SHUNICO'S DONDER OF FALKDANE, PE938634, 07/03/2004, Brenda
   39        Elliott by Ch. Wolfseyes Solitaire T'Falkdane ex Keetukka's Midnight Taladaga,
     x       Canada      Elliott, Brenda & Laurie Millions

             CH. HIGHLANDER'S FOLLOW YR DREAM, ERN25001433, 21/11/2004,
   41        Anne & Brian Palmer, and Sharon & Al Young by Am/Can Ch Highlanders Go For
     x       Broke ex Ch Yukonwind's Star Of Highlander, Elsewhere
             Glenny, Diane
BOB ___31__ BOS ____23___              BOW __21___              BP ___32_______

 AWARD OF MERIT ___29______                 BEST VETERAN _____22______

              BEST BRED BY EXHIBITOR _____21__________

Altered Class Male
             SNOWMIST'S OUR STAR POLARIS, TY201162, 15/12/2007, Kim Ramey-
   17        LeBlanc by Ch Kristari's Just Bummin ex Ch Snowmist's Legally Blonde, Canada
     x       Tauvette, Barb & Chris

             WOLFRIVER GEMONI HOT JALAPENO, PN966501, 14/07/2004, Kris &
   35        Megan Brown by Am/Can Ch Chrisdon's Distant Thunder ex Ch Wolfriver's Buy
     x       Me A BMW, Canada
             Brown, Megan

            1st ___17_____                    2nd ___35_____

            WM(A) ____17_____                 RWM(A) __35___

            BOB(A) __17______

Exhibition Only Male

             CH. WOLFRIVER'S IMPRESSARIO, SY137623, 09/12/2006, Kristine Brown
   40        by Am/Can Ch PVT STK's Expect To Impress ex Ch PVT STK Tyvanki Thunder
     x       Roses, Canada
             Poirier, Steven   Agent: Kris & Megan Brown
                                     Non-Regular Classes

Stud Dog
                         15    CH. WOLFRIVER'S JANUARY MAGIC
                         21    WOLFRIVER'S JUST A LOVE SONG

                         1st ____20______
Brood Bitch
      11         CH. FANTA C'S MISS LA DEE DA
                          12 FANTA C'S MEANT TO BE
                          14 FANTA C'S NORTHERN DESIGN

                         15    CH. WOLFRIVER'S JANUARY MAGIC
                         21    WOLFRIVER'S JUST A LOVE SONG

                         1st ___23_______                  2nd ____11______


                         1st ___17/18_______

                         PARADE OF TITLEHOLDERS

                    CH. SHUNICO’S DONDER OF FALKDANE
                    CH. WOLFRIVER’S IMPRESSARIO
                    CH. WOLFRIVER’S BAFFIN

                                     JR HANDLING

                              BEST OVERALL __JADE UNRAU____

                       RESERVE OVERALL _KAYLA COUTURE____