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									              TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 27 - HOTEL

                               ROOM 1
               (Simultaneous English-Spanish Translation)

                  "Inequalities in adolescent’s sexual and
               reproductive health in LAC. Evidence & Policy
              Implications of Early Childbearing" Coordinator:
                  García, G. -Organized Panel by World Bank-

                           López de Acevedo, J.P.:

   9:00                      López Calva, L.F.:


10:00-10:30                   COFFEE BREAK

              " Global Financing", -Organized Panel by the Pan
                        American Health Organization-


12:30-14:00                      LUNCH BREAK

                "Progress and Challenges of Social Protection
                                System in Health"
              Coordinator: Reich, M. -Organized Panel by the National
                        Institute of Public Health of Mexico-

                                 González, L.M.:

   15:00                           Nigenda, G.:

                                    Belkis, A.:



                              PLENARY SESSION
                        - UNIVERSITY OF CARTAGENA -

                                   Roy Car Hill

   17:00                       José María Paganini

                       ROOM 2

  "Inequity in access to primary health care in
              Developed Countries"

       Hankivsky, O.: "Exploring the Promises of
Intersectionality for Understanding Health Equity in the
   context of Primary Health Care in Canada" (141)

  Dourgnon, P.: "Impact of Gate keeping reform on
  evolution of inequalities in access to doctor care in
                    France" (124)

Frenz, P.: "Changes in equity of access to health care
           after health reform in Chile" (67)

                   COFFEE BREAK

           "Health Insurance Iniquities"

Nsiah-Boateng, E.: "Assessment of performance of GA
district mutual health insurance scheme in the greater
              Accra Region, Ghana" (94)
   Pagano, J.P.: "Uruguayans’ healthcare coverage:
                      analysis of
 observed changes in the direction of equity since the
                implemSystem" (156)
 Santos, J.: "Survival analysis and iniquities in older
 Brazilians: a six year follow up survey in São Paulo,
                      Brazil" (10)
 Haddad, S.: "The effectiveness of user fee exemption
  measures for maternity care in Burkina Faso" (53)

                     LUNCH BREAK

    "The impact of financial barriers in health"

 Dahl, E.: "Social inequalities in 'sickness': The role of
            European welfare states" (114)

 Cerigo, H.: "Assessing barriers to health insurance and
threats to equity in comparative perspective: The Health
            Insurance Access Database" (119)

   Dourgnon, P.: "Less care today, more tomorrow? A
study of the impact of financial hurdles in access to care
 on future health status and health consumption" (01)
                        ROOM 3

"Measuring Iniquialities in Developing Countries"

Parrado, D.: "Efficiency evaluation instrument for Latin-
   American Integrated Health care Networks (IHN),
               analysis of two cases" (18)

    Ergo, A.: "Measuring patterns of socio-economic
                inequality in health" (22)

                    COFFEE BREAK

    "Non Communicable and Chronic Diseases"

   Trovatti, P.: "Access to drugs in oncology in Brazil:
 Judicial Decisions damaging the equity in health" (59)

Labonté, R.: "Trade, Globalization and Chronic Disease"

Bonde, A.: "Gestational diabetes mellitus and inequity in
  Barranquilla, Colombia – a research strategy" (108)
                     LUNCH BREAK

              "Gender Equity in Health"

Mohindra, K.S.: "Health equity and marginalised groups:
  women’s well-being among an indigenous group in
                   South India" (24)

 Ghosh, S.: "Double burden of inequity among women:
Socioeconomic and gender perspective of undernutrition
             among couples in India" (150)
Austreberta Beutelspacher, N.: "Inequality in the diagnosis
  of type 2 diabetes mellitus in a poor urban context of
     Chiapas, Mexico. An Approach from the gender
                     perspective" (8)
                       ROOM 4

"Mesoamerica 2015/Unicef" -Organized Panel by the
    Iniciativa Salud Mesoamerica 2015-UNICEF-

                   COFFEE BREAK

            "Health and Gender Equity"

         Festa, A.: "Risk and Resilience" (35)

   Odor, K.O.: "Obnoxious and harmfull widowhood
practices in Nigeria, the case of Igbo ethnic majority of
   South East Nigeria: an impediment to achieving
          millennium development goals" (92)
  Mohindra, K.S.: "Improving the health of girls and
  women in India: Is the International Human Rights
          Framework a useful approach?"
                    LUNCH BREAK

   "Reducing Disparities: Sexually Transmitted
           Diseases and HIV/AIDS"

   Henning, M.: "Exploring Factors Associated with a
 Teacher’s Self-Efficacy in HIV-Prevention Education in
                 Lusaka, Zambia" (47)

Parsons, A.: "Is global donor insistence on sustainability
    equitable? A case study of Antiretroviral Therapy
            provision in South Africa" (113)

    Arrighi, Y.: "To Count or not to count death: How
standard inequality-assessments of healthcare programs
         are tailored by sacrificed people?" (57)

 Arrivillaga, M.: "Social determinants and adherence to
     treatment among Colombian women living with
                     HIV/AIDS" (69)

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