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									                                                   Table of Contents
                                                                 Volume 1
xviii   A Word from the Chair of SIGEVO                                    83    Bias and Scalability in Evolutionary Development
        Erik D. Goodman                                                          T. G. W. Gordon, P. J. Bentley (University College London)

xx      Papers Nominated for Best Paper Awards                             91    Evolutionary Computation and the C-value Paradox
                                                                                 S. Luke (George Mason University)
xxii    GECCO 2005 Organization                                            99    Automated Assembly as Situated Development:
xxiv    Reviewers                                                                Using Artificial Ontogenies to Evolve Buildable 3-D
                                                                                 J. Rieffel, J. Pollack (Brandeis University)
Artificial Life, Evolutionary Robotics,
                                                                           107   Using a Genetic Algorithm to Evolve Behavior
and Adaptive Behavior
                                                                                 in Multi Dimensional Cellular Automata:
3       Evolutionary Form-Finding of Tensegrity                                  Emergence of Behavior
        Structures                                                               R. Breukelaar (Universiteit Leiden)
        C. Paul, H. Lipson, F. J. Valero-Cuevas (Cornell University)             Th. Bäck (Universiteit Leiden & Nutech Solutions GmbH)
11      Constructing Good Learners using Evolved Pattern                   115   Evolving Visually Guided Agents
        Generators                                                               in an Ambiguous Virtual World
        V. Valsalam (The University of Texas at Austin)                          E. Schlessinger, P. J. Bentley, R. B. Lotto
        J. Bednar (The University of Edinburgh)                                  (University College London)
        R. Miikkulainen (The University of Texas at Austin)
                                                                           121   Autonomous Navigation System Applied
19      A Study of Evolutionary Robustness                                       to Collective Robotics with Ant-Inspired
        in Stochastically Tiled Polyominos                                       Communication
        J. Schonfeld (Iowa State University)                                     R. R. Cazangi, F. J. Von Zuben
        D. Ashlock (University of Guelph)                                        (LBiC – DCA – FEEC – Unicamp)
                                                                                 M. F. Figueiredo (DIN – UEM)
27      Optimization with Constraints using a Cultured
        Differential Evolution Approach                                    129   Agent-Based Modelling of Product Invention
        R. Landa Becerra, C. A. Coello Coello                                    A. Brabazon (University College Dublin)
        (CINVESTAV-IPN)                                                          A. Silva, T. F. de Sousa (Escola Superior de Tecnologia)
                                                                                 M. O’Neill (University of Limerick)
35      Predicting Population Dynamics and Evolutionary
                                                                                 R. Matthews (Kingston University)
        Trajectories based on Performance Evaluations in
                                                                                 E. Costa (Centro de Universidade de Coimbra)
        Alife Simulations
        M. Scheutz, P. Schermerhorn (University of Notre Dame)             137   Validation of Evolutionary Activity Metrics
                                                                                 for Long-Term Evolutionary Dynamics
43      The Predictive Basis of Situated and Embodied
                                                                                 A. Stout (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
        Artificial Intelligence
                                                                                 L. Spector (Hampshire College)
        K. L. Downing (The Norwegian University of Science and
                                                                           Artificial Life, Evolutionary Robotics,
51      Emergence of Communication in Competitive
        Multi-Agent Systems: A Pareto Multi-Objective                      and Adaptive Behavior: Posters
        Approach                                                           145   Neighboring Crossover to Improve GA-Based
        M. McPartland (University of New South Wales)                            Q-Learning Method for Multi-Legged Robot Control
        S. Nolfi (Institute of Cognitive Science and Technologies)               T. Murata, M. Yamaguchi (Kansai University)
        H. A. Abbass (University of New South Wales)
                                                                           147   Evolution of Multi-Loop Controllers for Fixed
59      The Impact of Cullular Representation on Finite                          Morphology with a Cyclic Genetic Algorithm
        State Agents for Prisoner’s Dilemma                                      G. Parker (Connecticut College)
        D. Ashlock (University of Guelph)                                        R. Georgescu (Boston University)
        E.-Y. Kim (Iowa State University)
                                                                           149   Evolutionary Models for Maternal Effects
67      Multiplex PCR Primer Design for Gene Family                              in Simulated Developmental Systems
        Using Genetic Algorithm                                                  A. Matos, R. Suzuki, T. Arita (Nagoya University)
        H.-L. Liang, C. Lee, J.-S. Wu (National Sun Yat-Sen
                                                                           Ant Colony Optimization
75      Comparing Multicast and Newscast                                   and Swarm Intelligence
        Communication in Evolving Agent Societies
        A. E. Eiben, M. C. Schut, T. Toma (Vrije Universiteit              153   BeeAdHoc: An Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm
        Amsterdam)                                                               for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Inspired by Bee Behavior
                                                                                 H. F. Wedde, M. Farooq, T. Pannenbaecker, B. Vogel,
                                                                                 C. Mueller, J. Meth, R. Jeruschkat (University of Dortmund)

Volume 1: pages 1–1112                                                 v                                           Volume 2: pages 1113–2246
161   Breeding Swarms: A GA/PSO Hybrid                                    273   Simulating Swarm Intelligence in Honey Bees:
      M. Settles, T. Soule (University of Idaho)                                Foraging in Differently Fluctuating Environments
                                                                                T. Schmickl, R. Thenius, K. Crailsheim
169   Exploring Extended Particle Swarms:
                                                                                (Karl-Franzens University Graz)
      A Genetic Programming Approach
      R. Poli, C. Di Chio, W. B. Langdon (University of Essex)            275   A Model Based on Ant Colony System
                                                                                and Rough Set Theory to Feature Selection
177   Improving Particle Swarm Optimization
                                                                                R. Bello (Universidad Central de Las Villas)
      with Differentially Perturbed Velocity
                                                                                A Nowe (Vrije Universiteit)
      S. Das, A. Konar (Jadavpur University)
                                                                                Y. Caballero (Universidad de Camagüey)
      U. K. Chakraborty (University of Missouri)
                                                                                Y. Gómez (Universidad Central de Las Villas)
185   Breeding Swarms: A New Approach                                           P. Vrancx (Vrije Universiteit)
      to Recurrent Neural Network Training
                                                                          277   A Modified Particle Swarm Optimization
      M. Settles, P. Nathan, T. Soule (University of Idaho)
                                                                                Predicted by Velocity
193   Bayesian Optimization Models for Particle Swarms                          Z. Cui, J. Zeng (University of Science and Technology)
      C. K. Monson, K. D. Seppi (Brigham Young University)
201   Dynamic-Probabilistic Particle Swarms                               Artificial Immune Systems
      J. Kennedy (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)                          281   Estimating the Detector Coverage
209   Constrained Optimization via Particle Evolutionary                        in a Negative Selection Algorithm
      Swarm Optimization Algorithm (PESO)                                       Z. Ji (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital)
      A. E. Muñoz Zavala, A. Hernández-Aguirre, E. R. Villa                     D. Dasgupta (The University of Memphis)
      Diharce (Center for Research in Mathematics (CIMAT))                289   An Artificial Immune Network for Multimodal
217   Evolving Agent Swarms for Clustering                                      Function Optimization on Dynamic Environments
      and Sorting                                                               F. O. de França, F. J. Von Zuben (State University
      V. Hartmann (The Norwegian University of Science                          of Campinas)
      and Technology (NTNU))                                                    L. N. de Castro (Catholic University of Santos)
225   Promising Infeasibility and Multiple Offspring                      297   Discriminating and Visualizing Anomalies Using
      Incorporated to Differential Evolution for                                Negative Selection and Self-Organizing Maps
      Constrained Optimization                                                  F. A. González, J. C. Galeano, D. A. Rojas, A. Veloza-Suan
      E. Mezura-Montes, J. Velázquez-Reyes, C. A. Coello Coello                 (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)
      (Evolutionary Computation Group (EVOCINV))                          305   Sufficiency Verification of HIV-1 Pathogenesis
233   Scale Invariant Pareto Optimality: A Meta—                                Based on Multi-Agent Simulation
      Formalism For Characterizing and Modeling                                 G. Zaiyi, H. H. Kwang, T. J. Cing (Nanyang
      Cooperativity in Evolutionary Systems                                     Technological University)
      M. Fleischer (Johns Hopkins University)                             313   On the Contribution of Gene Libraries
241   Exposing Origin-Seeking Bias in PSO                                       to Artificial Immune Systems
      C. K. Monson, K. D. Seppi (Brigham Young University)                      P. Spellward, T. Kovacs (University of Bristol)
249   Ant Colony Optimization for Power Plant                             321   Is Negative Selection Appropriate for Anomaly
      Maintenance Scheduling Optimization                                       Detection?
      W. K. Foong, H. R. Maier, A. R. Simpson (The University                   T. Stibor (Darmstadt University of Technology)
      of Adelaide)                                                              P. Mohr, J. Timmis (University of Kent)
                                                                                C. Eckert (Darmstadt University of Technology)
257   An Effective Use of Crowding Distance in
      Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization                          329   Artificial Immune System for Solving Generalized
      C. R. Raquel (University of the Philippines-Baguio)                       Geometric Problems: a Preliminary Results
      P. C. Naval, Jr. (University of the Phillippines - Dilliman)              J.-Y. Wu, Y.-K. Chung (Yuan Ze University)
                                                                          337   An Evolutionary Algorithm to Generate
Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm                                               Hyper-Ellipsoid Detectors for Negative Selection
Intelligence: Posters                                                           J. M. Shaprio, G. B. Lamont, G. L. Peterson (Air Force
                                                                                Institute of Technology)
267   MeSwarm: Memetic Particle Swarm Optimization
      B.-F. Liu, H.-M. Chen (Feng Chia University)                        345   Applying both Positive and Negative Selection
      J.-H. Chen (Academia Sinica)                                              to Supervised Learning for Anomaly Detection
      S.-F. Hwang (Feng Chia University)                                        X. Hang, H. Dai (Deakin University)
      S.-Y. Ho (National Chiao Tung University)                           353   The Application of Antigenic Search Techniques
269   Factors Governing The Behavior of Multiple                                to Time Series Forecasting
      Cooperating Swarms                                                        I. Nunn, T. White (Carleton University)
      M. El-Abd, M. Kamel (University of Waterloo)                        361   A Comparative Analysis of Artificial Immune
271   Solving Geometric TSP with Ants                                           Network Models
      T. N. Bui, M. Colpan (The Pennsylvania State University)                  J. C. Galeano, A. Veloza-Suan, F. A. González (Universidad
                                                                                Nacional de Colombia)

Volume 1: pages 1–1112                                               vi                                          Volume 2: pages 1113–2246
Artificial Immune Systems: Posters                                        453   Extraction of Informative Genes
                                                                                from Microarray Data
371   RABNET: A Real-Valued Antibody Network                                    T. K. Paul, H. Iba (The University of Tokyo)
      for Data Clustering
      H. Knidel (LBiC/DCA/FEEC/UNICAMP)                                   461   Epileptic Seizure Detection by Means of Genetically
      L. N. de Castro (Unisantos)                                               Programmed Artificial Features
      F. J. Von Zuben (LBiC/DCA/FEEC/UNICAMP)                                   H. Firpi, E. Goodman (Michigan State University)
                                                                                J. Echauz (BioQuantix Corporation)
373   Performance Assessment of an Artificial Immune
      System Multiobjective Optimizer by Two Improved
      Metrics                                                             Biological Applications: Posters
      M. Gong, L. Jiao (Xidian University)                                469   Identifying Valid Solutions for the Inference
      H. Du (Xi’an Jiaotong University)                                         of Regulatory Networks
      R. Shang, B. Lu (Xidian University)                                       C. Spieth, F. Streichert, N. Speer, A. Zell (University
                                                                                of Tübingen)
Biological Applications                                                   471   Evolving an Improved Axial Structure
377   A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Pattern Search                            for Fibrillar Collagen
      for Finding Heavy Atoms in Protein Crystals                               D. E. Cairns, G. J. Cameron (University of Stirling)
      J. L. Payne, M. J. Eppstein (University of Vermont)                       T. J. Wess (Cardiff University)
385   An Efficient Genetic Algorithm for Predicting                       473   GA-based Approach to Discover Meaningful
      Protein Tertiary Structures in the 2D HP Model                            Biclusters
      T. N. Bui, G. Sundarraj (The Pennsylvania State University)               J. S. Aguilar-Ruiz (University of Seville)
                                                                                F. Divina (University of Tilburg)
393   A Co-evolutionary Hybrid Algorithm
      for Multi-Objective Optimization of Gene                            475   Primer Design for Multiplex PCR Using
      Regulatory Network Models                                                 a Genetic Algorithm
      P. Koduru, S. Das, S. Welch, J. L. Roe, Z. P. Lopez-Dee                   F.-M. Lin (National Central University)
      (Kansas State University)                                                 H.-D. Huang, H.-Y. Huang (National Chiao Tung
401   Discovering Biological Motifs With Genetic                                J.-T. Horng (National Central University)
      Programming: Comparing linear and tree-based
      representations for unaligned protein sequences                     477   A Multiple Objective Evolutionary Algorithm
      R. Seehuus, A. Tveit, O. Edsberg (Norwegian University                    for Multiple Sequence Alignment
      of Science and Technology)                                                P. Seeluangsawat, P. Chongstitvatana (Chulalongkorn
409   Using Evolutionary Computation Methods
      to Support Analytical Models for the Evolution                      479   The Impact of Pseudorandom Number Quality
      and Maintenance of Conditional Strategies                                 on P-RnaPredict, a Parallel Genetic Algorithm
      in Chthamalus anisopoma                                                   for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction
      G. C. Townsend, W. N. Hazel, R. Smock                                     K. C. Wiese, A. Hendriks, A. Deschênes, B. B. Youssef
      (DePauw University)                                                       (Simon Fraser University)
415   A GA for Maximum Likelihood Phylogenetic
      Inference using Neighbour-Joining as a Genotype                     Coevolution
      to Phenotype Mapping                                                483   The MaxSolve Algorithm for Coevolution
      L. Poladian (University of Sydney)                                        E. de Jong (Utrecht University)
423   A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Approach                             491   Co-Evolving Recurrent Neurons Learn Deep
      to Peptide Structure Redesign and Stabilization                           Memory POMDPs
      T. Hohm (Stiftung caesar)                                                 F. J. Gomez (IDSIA)
      D. Hoffmann (Bingen University of Applied Sciences)                       J. Schmidhuber (IDSIA, TU Munich)
431   Particle Swarm Optimization for Analysis of Mass                    499   Monotonic Solution Concepts in Coevolution
      Spectral Serum Profiles                                                   S. G. Ficici (Brandeis University)
      H. Ressom, R. S. Varghese, D. Saha, E. Orvisky,
      L. Goldman (Georgetown University)                                  507   Understanding Cooperative Co-evolutionary
      E. F. Petricoin (NIH), T. P. Conrads, T. D. Veenstra (NCI)                Dynamics via Simple Fitness Landscapes
      M. Abdel-Hamid (Viral Hepatitis Research Laboratory,                      E. Popovici, K. De Jong (George Mason University)
      NHTMRI)                                                             515   Intransitivity Revisited Coevolutionary
      C. A. Loffredo, R. Goldman (Georgetown University)                        Dynamics of Numbers Games
439   Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks                                     P. Funes (Icosystem Corporation)
      Using S-system and Differential Evolution                                 E. Pujals (Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada (IMPA))
      N. Noman, H. Iba (The University of Tokyo)                          523   Investigating the Success of Spatial Coevolution
447   MDGA: Motif Discovery Using A Genetic Algorithm                           N. Williams (Veriwave, Inc.)
      D. Che, Y. Song, K. Rasheed (University of Georgia)                       M. Mitchell (Portland State University)

Volume 1: pages 1–1112                                              vii                                           Volume 2: pages 1113–2246
531   ‘Managed Challenge’ Alleviates Disengagement                       621   Solving Large Scale Combinatorial Optimization
      in Co-evolutionary System Identification                                 Using PMA-SLS
      J. C. Bongard, H. Lipson (Cornell University)                            J. Tang, M. H. Lim, Y. S. Ong, M. J. Er (Nanyang
                                                                               Technological University)
539   On Identifying Global Optima in Cooperative
      Coevolution                                                        629   An Evolutionary Lagrangian Method for the 0/1
      A. Bucci, J. B. Pollack (Brandeis University)                            Multiple Knapsack Problem
                                                                               Y. Yoon, Y.-H. Kim, B.-R. Moon (Seoul National
545   Tracking Extrema in Dynamic Environments
      using a Coevolutionary Agent-based Model
      of Genotype Edition                                                637   Hyper-heuristics and Classifier Systems
      C.-F. Huang (Los Alamos National Laboratory)                             for Solving 2D-Regular Cutting Stock Problems
      L. M. Rocha (Indiana University)                                         H. Terashima-Marín, E. J. Flores-Álvarez (ITESM-Center
                                                                               for Intelligent Systems)
Coevolution: Posters                                                           P. Ross (Napier University)

555   The Emulation of Social Institutions
      as a Method of Coevolution
                                                                         Evolutionary Combinatorial
      D. V. Duong (Object Sciences Corporation)                          Optimization: Posters
      J. Grefenstette (George Mason University)                          647   Water Distribution Systems Optimal Design
557   Shape Nesting by Coevolving Species                                      Using Cross Entropy
      J. Horn (Northern Michigan University)                                   L. Perelman, A. Ostfeld (Technion-Israel Institute
                                                                               of Technology)
559   Intrinsic Emergence Boosts Adaptive Capacity
      C. Philemotte, H. Bersini (Université Libre de Bruxelles)          649   A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for the p-Median
                                                                               I. Borgulya (University of Pécs)
Evolutionary Combinatorial Optimization
                                                                         651   Harmony Search for Structural Design
563   Evolutionary Algorithms for the Self-Organized                           Z. W. Geem (Johns Hopkins University)
      Evolution of Networks                                                    K. S. Lee (Hanyang University)
      K. A. Lehmann, M. Kaufmann (University Tübingen)                         C.-L. Tseng (University of Missouri)
571   On the Analysis of the Approximation Capability
      of Simple Evolutionary Algorithms for Scheduling                   Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
      C. Gunia (University of Freiburg)                                  655   Extracted Global Structure Makes Local Building
                                                                               Block Processing Effective in XCS
579   Maximally Rugged NK Landscapes                                           M. V. Butz (University of Würzburg)
      Contain the Highest Peaks                                                M. Pelikan (University of Missouri at St. Louis)
      B. Skellett, B. Cairns, N. Geard (The University                         X. Llorà, D. E. Goldberg (University of Illinois
      of Queensland)                                                           at Urbana-Champaign)
      B. Tonkes (The University of New South Wales)
      J. Wiles (The University of Queensland)                            663   Multiobjective hBOA, Clustering, and Scalability
                                                                               M. Pelikan (University of Missouri at St. Louis)
585   The Blob Code is Competitive with Edge-Sets                              K. Sastry, D. E. Goldberg (University of Illinois
      in Genetic Algorithms for the Minimum Routing                            at Urbana-Champaign)
      Cost Spanning Tree Problem
      B. A. Julstrom (St. Cloud State University)                        671   Sub-Structural Niching in Estimation of Distribution
591   Coordinating Multi-Rover Systems: Evaluation                             K. Sastry (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
      Functions for Dynamic and Noisy Environments                             H. A. Abbass (University of New South Wales)
      K. Tumer (NASA Ames Research Center)                                     D. E. Goldberg, D. D. Johnson (University of Illinois
      A. Agogino (University of California at Santa Cruz, NASA                 at Urbana-Champaign)
      Ames Research Center)
                                                                         679   Not All Linear Functions Are Equally Difficult
599   Transition Models as an Incremental Approach                             for the Compact Genetic Algorithm
      for Problem Solving in Evolutionary Algorithms                           S. Droste (Universität Dortmund)
      A. Defaweux (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
      T. Lenaerts (Université Libre de Bruxelles)                        687   Learned Mutation Strategies in Genetic
      J. van Hemert (Napier University)                                        Programming for Evolution and Adaptation
                                                                               of Simulated Snakebot
607   Greedy, Genetic, and Greedy Genetic Algorithms                           I. Tanev (Doshisha University)
      for the Quadratic Knapsack Problem
      B. A. Julstrom (St. Cloud State University)                        695   On the Convergence of an Estimation of
                                                                               Distribution Algorithm Based on Linkage
615   Towards a Self-Stopping Evolutionary Algorithm                           Discovery and Factorization
      Using Coupling From The Past                                             A. H. Wright, S. V. P. M. S. Pulavarty (University
      G. Hernandez (National University of Colombia)                           of Montana)
      K. Wilder (The University of Chicago)
      F. Nino, J. Garcia (National University of Colombia)

Volume 1: pages 1–1112                                            viii                                         Volume 2: pages 1113–2246
703   Real-coded Crossover as a Role of Kernel                          779   Fitness Inheritance For Noisy Evolutionary
      Density Estimation                                                      Multi-Objective Optimization
      J. Sakuma, S. Kobayashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)                 L. T. Bui, H. A. Abbass, D. Essam (University
                                                                              of New South Wales)
711   Population-Based Incremental Learning with
      Memory Scheme for Changing Environments                           787   Comparison of Evolutionary Multiobjective
      S. Yang (University of Leicester)                                       Optimization with Reference Solution-Based Single-
                                                                              Objective Approach
719   On the Importance of Diversity Maintenance
                                                                              H. Ishibuchi, K. Narukawa (Osaka Prefecture University)
      in Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
      B. Yuan, M. Gallagher (The University of Queensland)              795   Evolving Optimal Feature Extraction using
                                                                              Multi-objective Genetic Programming: A
727   Using a Markov Network Model in a Univariate
                                                                              Methodology and Preliminary Study on Edge
      EDA: An Empirical Cost-Benefit Analysis
      S. Shakya, J. McCall, D. Brown (The Robert Gordon
                                                                              Y. Zhang, P. I. Rockett (University of Sheffield)
                                                                        803   Minimizing Total Flowtime and Maximum Earliness
735   Combining Competent Crossover and Mutation
                                                                              on a Single Machine Using Multiple Measures
      Operators: a Probabilistic Model Building
                                                                              of Fitness
                                                                              M. E. Kurz, S. Canterbury (Clemson University)
      C. F. Lima (University of Algarve)
      K. Sastry, D. E. Goldberg (University of Illinois                 811   A Scalable Parallel Genetic Algorithm for X-ray
      at Urbana-Champaign)                                                    Spectroscopic Analysis
      F. G. Lobo (University of Algarve)                                      K. Xu, S. J. Louis, R. C. Mancini (University of Nevada, Reno)
                                                                        817   An Empirical Study on the Handling of Overlapping
Estimation of Distribution                                                    Solutions in Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization
Algorithms: Posters                                                           H. Ishibuchi, K. Narukawa, Y. Nojima (Osaka Prefecture
745   Genetic Drift in Univariate Marginal Distribution
      Y. Hong, Q. Ren, J. Zeng (Shanghai Jiaotong University)           Evolutionary Multiobjective
747   Learning Computer Programs with the Bayesian
                                                                        Optimization: Posters
      Optimization Algorithm                                            827   Using Predators and Preys in Evolution Strategies
      M. Looks (Object Sciences Corporation)                                  K. Schmitt, J. Mehnen, T. Michelitsch (University of
      B. Goertzel, C. Pennachin (Novamente LLC)                               Dortmund)
749   Multiobjective Shape Optimization with Constraints                829   The Effectiveness of Multiobjective Optimizer
      based on Estimation Distribution Algorithms and                         in Single-objective Optimization Environment
      Correlated Information                                                  S. Watanabe, K. Sakakibara (Ritsumeikan University)
      S. I. Valdez Peña, S. Botello-Rionda, A. Hernández Aguirre
      (Center for Research in Mathematics (CIMAT))                      Evolutionary Strategies and Evolutionary
751   A Comparative Study of Probability Collectives                    Programming
      Based Multi-agent Systems and Genetic
      Algorithms                                                        833   On the Impact of Objective Function Transformations
      C.-F. Huang (Los Alamos National Laboratories)                          on Evolutionary and Black-Box Algorithms
      S. Bieniawski (Stanford University)                                     T. Storch (University of Dortmund)
      D. H. Wolpert (NASA Ames Research Center)                         841   Theoretical Analysis of a Mutation-Based
      C. E. M. Strauss (Los Alamos National Laboratories)                     Evolutionary Algorithm for a Tracking Problem
                                                                              in the Lattice
Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization                                      T. Jansen, U. Schellbach (Universität Dortmund)

755   Exploiting Gradient Information in Numerical                      849   Rigorous Runtime Analysis of a (µ+1) ES
      Multi-Objective Evolutionary Optimization                               for the Sphere Function
      P. A. N. Bosman (Centre for Mathematics                                 J. Jägersküpper, C. Witt (University of Dortmund)
      and Computer Science)                                             857   Local and Global Order 3/2 Convergence
      E. D. de Jong (Utrecht University)                                      of a Surrogate Evolutionary Algorithm
763   Minimum Spanning Trees Made Easier                                      A. Auger (Institute of Technology ETH)
      Via Multi-Objective Optimization                                        M. Schoenauer, O. Teytaud (Université Paris-Sud)
      F. Neumann (Christian-Albrechts-University zu Kiel)               865   Counteracting Genetic Drift and Disruptive
      I. Wegener (University Dortmund)                                        Recombination in (µ+,λ)-EA on Multimodal Fitness
771   A Multi-Objective Genetiic Algorithm                                    Landscapes
      for Robust Design Optimization                                          M. Preuss, L. Schönemann (University of Dortmund)
      M. Li, S. Azarm, V. Aute (University of Maryland)                       M. Emmerich (Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer
                                                                              Science (LIACS))

Volume 1: pages 1–1112                                             ix                                         Volume 2: pages 1113–2246
873   Efficient Differential Evolution using Speciation                 Meta-heuristics and Local Search
      for Multimodal Function Optimization
      X. Li (RMIT University)                                           967    Enhancing Differential Evolution Performance
                                                                               with Local Search for High Dimensional Function
881   A Differential Evolution Based Incremental Training                      Optimization
      Method for RBF Networks                                                  N. Noman, H. Iba (The University of Tokyo)
      J. Liu, J. Lampinen (Lappeenranta University of Technology)
                                                                        975    The Enhanced Evolutionary Tabu Search and Its
889   Simple Addition of Ranking Method for Constrained                        Application to the Quadratic Assignment Problem
      Optimization in Evolutionary Algorithms                                  J. F. McLoughlin III (Penn State Great Valley)
      P. Y. Ho, K. Shimizu (Kyushu Institute of Technology)                    W. Cedeño (Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical R&D)
897   Morphing Methods in Evolutionary Design                           983    Evolutionary Rule-Based System for IPO
      Optimization                                                             Underpricing Prediction
      M. Nashvili (University of Birmingham)                                   D. Quintana, C. Luque, P. Isasi (Universidad Carlos III)
      M. Olhofer, B. Sendhoff (Honda Research Institute
      Europe GmbH)                                                      991    Two Improved Differential Evolution Schemes
                                                                               for Faster Global Search
905   Evolutionary Strategies for Multi-Scale Radial Basis                     S. Das, A. Konar (Jadavpur University)
      Function Kernels in Support Vector Machines                              U. K. Chakraborty (University of Missouri)
      T. Phienthrakul, B. Kijsirikul (Chulalongkorn University)
                                                                        999    A Low-Level Hybridization between Memetic
                                                                               Algorithm and VNS for the Max-Cut Problem
Evolutionary Strategies and Evolutionary                                       A. Duarte, Á. Sánchez (ESCET-URJC)
Programming: Posters                                                           F. Fernández (FI-UPM)
915   Niching in Evolution Strategies                                          R. Cabido (ESCET-URJC)
      O. M. Shir, T. Bäck (Universiteit Leiden)
917   A Mutation Operator for Evolution Strategies
                                                                        Meta-heuristics and Local Search: Poster
      to Handle Constrained Problems                                    1009 Hybrid Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm
      O. Kramer, C.-K. Ting, H. K. Büning (University                        with a New Adaptive Local Search Process
      of Paderborn)                                                          S. F. Adra, I. Griffin, P. J. Fleming (University of Sheffield)
919   Using Gene Deletion and Gene Duplication
      in Evolution Strategies                                           Search-based Software Engineering
      K. Schmitt (University of Dortmund)                               1013 Evolutionary Testing of State-Based Programs
921   Comparative Evaluation of Parallelization Strategies                   P. McMinn, M. Holcombe (University of Sheffield)
      for Evolutionary and Stochastic Heuristics                        1021 Stress Testing Real-Time Systems with Genetic
      S. M. Sait, S. Sanaullah, A. M. Zaidi, M. I. Ali                       Algorithms
      (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals)                         L. C. Briand, Y. Labiche, M. Shousha (Carleton University)
923   Optimal Number of Evolution Strategies                            1029 An Empirical Study of the Robustness
      Mutation Step Sizes in Dynamic Environments                            of Two Module Clustering Fitness Functions
      L. Schönemann (University of Dortmund)                                 M. Harman (King’s College)
                                                                             S. Swift (Brunel University)
Evolutionary Hardware                                                        K. Mahdavi (King’s College)
927   Evolutionary Computation Applied                                  1037 Improving Network Applications Security:
      to the Tuning of MEMS Gyroscopes                                       a New Heuristic to Generate Stress Testing Data
      D. Keymeulen, W. Fink, M. I. Ferguson, C. Peay, B. Oks,                C. Del Grosso, G. Antoniol, M. Di Penta (University
      R. Terrile, K. Yee (California Institute of Technology)                of Sannio)
                                                                             P. Galinier, E. Merlo (École Polytechnique de Montréal)
933   Evolving Analog Controllers for Correcting
      Thermoacoustic Instability in Real Hardware                       1045 Search-based Improvement of Subsystem
      S. A. Vigraham, J. C. Gallagher, S. K. Boddhu                          Decompositions
      (Wright State University)                                              O. Seng, M. Bauer, M. Biehl, G. Pache (FZI
                                                                             Forschungszentrum Informatik)
941   Multiple-Level Concatenated Coding
      in Embryonics: A Dependability Analysis                           1053 Using Evolutionary Algorithms for the Unit
      L. Prodan, M. Udrescu, M. Vladutiu                                     Testing of Object-Oriented Software
      (‘Politehnica’ University of Timisoara)                                S. Wappler, F. Lammermann (DaimlerChrysler AG)
949   A Hardware Pipeline for Function Optimization                     1061 Search-Based Mutation Testing for Simulink
      using Genetic Algorithms                                               Models
      M. K. Pakhira (Kalyani Government Engineering College)                 Y. Zhan, J. A. Clark (University of York)
      R. K. De (Indian Statistical Institute)
                                                                        1069 An Approach for QoS-aware Service Composition
957   Toward Evolved Flight                                                  based on Genetic Algorithms
      R. Hunt, G. S. Hornby, J. D. Lohn                                      G. Canfora, M. Di Penta, R. Esposito, M. L. Villani
      (NASA Ames Research Center)                                            (University of Sannio)

Volume 1: pages 1–1112                                              x                                            Volume 2: pages 1113–2246
Search-based Software Engineering: Posters                                1083 Benefits of Software Measures for Evolutionary
                                                                               White-Box Testing
1079 Hybridizing Evolutionary Algorithms and                                   F. Lammermann, S. Wappler (DaimlerChrysler AG)
     Clustering Algorithms to Find Source-Code Clones
     A. Sutton, H. Kagdi, J. I. Maletic, L. G. Volkert (Kent State        1085 GA-Based Parameter Tuning for Multi-Agent
     University)                                                               Systems
                                                                               J. Haas, M. Peysakhov, S. Mancoridis (Drexel University)
1081 Generating Feasible Input Sequences for Extended
     Finite State Machines (EFSMs) using Genetic
     Algorithms                                                           1087   Author Index
     K. Derderian, R. M. Hierons (Brunel University)
     M. Harman (King’s College)                                           1092   Subject-Keyword Index
     Q. Guo (Brunel University)

                                                               Volume 2
xviii   A Word from the Chair of SIGEVO                                   1193 A Genetic Algorithm Encoding for a Class
        Erik D. Goodman                                                        of Cardinality Constraints
                                                                               H. J. C. Barbosa (Laboratório Nacional de Computação
xx      Papers Nominated for Best Paper Awards                                 Científica)
                                                                               A. C. C. Lemonge (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora)
xxii    GECCO 2005 Organization
                                                                          1201 On the Complexity of Hierarchical Problem Solving
xxiv    Reviewers                                                              E. D. de Jong (Utrecht University)
                                                                               R. A. Watson (University of Southampton)
                                                                               D. Thierens (Utrecht University)
Genetic Algorithms
                                                                          1209 Measuring Mobility and the Performance
1115 Memory-Based Immigrants for Genetic Algorithms                            of Global Search Algorithms
     in Dynamic Environments                                                   M. Lunacek, D. Whitley, J. N. Knight (Colorado State
     S. Yang (University of Leicester)                                         University)
1123 Advanced Models of Cellular Genetic Algorithms                       1217 Linkage Learning, Ovelapping Building Blocks,
     Evaluated on SAT                                                          and Systematic Strategy for Scalable
     E. Alba (University of Málaga)                                            Recombination
     H. Alfonso (National University of La Pampa)                              T.-L. Yu, K. Sastry, D. E. Goldberg (University of Illinois
     B. Dorronsoro (University of Málaga)                                      at Urbana-Champaign)
1131 Unbiased Tournament Selection                                        1225 Automatic Feature Selection in Neuroevolution
     A. Sololov, D. Whitley (Colorado State University)                        S. Whiteson, P. Stone, K. O. Stanley, R. Miikkulainen,
1139 Feature Influence for Evolutionary Learning                               N. Kohl (University of Texas at Austin)
     R. Giráldez, J. S. Aguilar–Ruiz (University of Seville)              1233 EA Models and Population Fixed-Points Versus
                                                                               Mutation Rates for Functions of Unitation
1147 On the Stationary Distribution of GAs with Fixed
                                                                               J. N. Richter, J. Paxton (Montana State University)
     Crossover Probability
                                                                               A. Wright (University of Montana-Missoula)
     U. C. de Silva, J. Suzuki (Osaka University)
                                                                          1241 Phase Transition in a Random NK Landscape
1153 A Theoretical Analysis of the HIFF Problem                                Model
     N. F. McPhee, E. F. Crane (University of Minnesota)                       S.-S. Choi (Seoul National University)
1161 Crossover is Probably Essential                                           K. Jung (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
     for the Ising Model on Trees                                              J. H. Kim (Microsoft Research)
     D. Sudholt (Universität Dortmund)                                    1249 Behavior of Finite Population Variable Length
1169 Computing the Epistasis Variance                                          Genetic Algorithms Under Random Selection
     of Large-Scale Traveling Salesman Problems                                H. Stringer, A. S. Wu (University of Central Florida)
     D.-I. Seo, B.-R. Moon (Seoul National University)                    1257 Improvements to Penalty-Based Evolutionary
1177 On Favoring Positive Correlations between                                 Algorithms for the Multi-Dimensional Knapsack
     Form and Quality of Candidate Solutions via                               Problem Using a Gene-Based Adaptive Mutation
     the Emergence of Genomic Self-Similarity                                  Approach
     I. Garibay, A. S. Wu, O. Garibay (University of Central                   Ş. Uyar, G. Eryiğit (Istanbul Technical University)
     Florida)                                                             1265 Statistical Analysis of Heuristics for Evolving
                                                                               Sorting Networks
1185 Improving GA Search Reliability Using Maximal
                                                                               L. Graham, H. Masum, F. Oppacher (Carleton University)
     Hyper-Rectangle Analysis
     C. Zhang, K. Rasheed (University of Georgia)                         1271 Fitness Uniform Deletion: A Simple Way
                                                                               to Preserve Diversity
                                                                               S. Legg, M. Hutter (IDSIA)

Volume 1: pages 1–1112                                               xi                                          Volume 2: pages 1113–2246
1279 Designing Resilient Networks Using a Hybrid                       1401 Schema Disruption in Tree-Structured
     Genetic Algorithm Approach                                             Chromosomes
     A. Konak (Penn State Berks)                                            W. A. Greene (University of New Orleans)
     A. E. Smith (Auburn University)
                                                                       1409 Some Theoretical Results About the Computation
1287 Information Landscapes and the Analysis                                Time of Evolutionary Algorithms
     of Search Algorithms                                                   L. Ding (Wuhan University)
     B. Yossi, R. Poli (University of Essex)                                J. Yu (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
1295 The Influence of Migration Sizes and Intervals                    1417 Adaptive Isolation Model using Data Clustering for
     on Island Models                                                       Multimodal Function Optimization
     Z. Skolicki, K. De Jong (George Mason University)                      S. Ando (Yokohama National University)
                                                                            J. Sakuma, S. Kobayashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
1303 Walsh Transforms, Balanced Sum Theorems and
     Partition Coefficients over Multary Alphabets                     1425 Information Landscapes and Problem Hardness
     M. T. Iglesias (Universidade da Coruña)                                Y. Borenstein, R. Poli (University of Essex)
     B. Naudts, A. Verschoren (Universiteit Antwerpen)
                                                                       1433 Towards an Analysis of Dynamic Environments
     C. Vidal (Universidade da Coruña)
                                                                            J. Branke (University of Karlsruhe)
1309 Efficient Credit Assignment through Evaluation                         E. Salihoğlu, Ş. Uyar (Istanbul Technical University)
     Function Decomposition
                                                                       1441 Multi-level Genetic Algorithm (MLGA) for the
     A. Agogino (University of California at Santa Cruz)
                                                                            Construction of Clock Binary Tree
     K. Tumer (NASA Ames Research Center)
                                                                            N. Guofang, L. Minqiang, K. Jisong (Tianjin University)
     R. Miikkulainen (University of Texas at Austin)
                                                                       1447 Parallel Genetic Algorithms on Line Topology
1317 Preservation of Genetic Redundancy in The
                                                                            of Heterogeneous Computing Resources
     Existence of Developmental Error and Fitness
                                                                            Y. Gong, M. Nakamura, S. Tamaki (University of the
     Assignment Error
     A. S. Yilmaz, A. S. Wu (University of Central Florida)
                                                                       1455 Quality-Time Analysis of Multi-Objective
1325 From Supervised Ranking to Evoloving Behaviours
                                                                            Evolutionary Algorithms
     of A Robotic Team
                                                                            J.-H. Chen (Academia Sinica)
     K. W. Tang, R. A. Jarvis (Monash University)
                                                                            S.-Y. Ho (National Chiao Tung University)
1333 Takeover Time Curves in Random and Small-World                         D. E. Goldberg (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
     Structured Populations
                                                                       1463 Terrain Generation Using Genetic Algorithms
     M. Giacobini, M. Tomassini (University of Lausanne)
                                                                            T. J. Ong, R. Saunders, J. Keyser, J. J. Leggett
     A. Tettamanzi (University of Milano)
                                                                            (Texas A&M University)
1341 Genetic Algorithms using Low-Discrepancy
                                                                       1471 Improving EAX with Restricted 2-opt
                                                                            C.-h. Chan, S.-A. Lee, C.-Y. Kao (National Taiwan
     S. Kimura, K. Matsumura (Tottori University)
1347 Latent Variable Crossover for k-tablet Structures                      H.-K. Tsai (Academia Sinica)
     and its Application to Lens Design Problems
                                                                       1477 Application of Genetic Algorithm to Optimize
     J. Sakuma, S. Kobayashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
                                                                            Burnable Poison Placement in Pressurized Water
1355 Pricing the ‘Free Lunch’ of Meta-Evolution                             Reactors
     A. V. Samsonovich, K. A. De Jong (George Mason                         S. Yilmaz, K. Ivanov, S. Levine (Pennsylvania State
     University)                                                            University)
1363 Combating User Fatigue in iGAs: Partial Ordering,                 1485 A Comparison Study between Genetic Algorithms
     Support Vector Machines, and Synthetic Fitness                         and Bayesian Optimize Algorithms by Novel
     X. Llorà, K. Sastry, D. E. Goldberg, A. Gupta, L. Lakshmi              Indices
     (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)                           N. Mori, M. Takeda, K. Matsumoto (Osaka Prefecture
1371 Applying Price’s Equation to Survival Selection
     J. K. Bassett (George Mason University)                           1493 The Problem with a Self-Adaptive Mutation Rate
     M. A. Potter (Naval Research Laboratory)                               in Some Environments: A Case Study using the
     K. A. De Jong (George Mason University)                                Shaky Ladder Hyperplane-Defined Functions
                                                                            W. Rand, R. Riolo (University of Michigan)
1379 Evolving Neural Network Ensembles
     for Control Problems                                              1501 Flight Midcourse Guidance Control Based
     D. Pardoe, M. Ryoo, R. Miikkulainen (The University                    on Genetic Algorithm
     of Texas at Austin)                                                    Z.-h. Yang, J.-c. Fang (Beijing University of Aeronautics
                                                                            and Astronautics)
1385 Evolution of Voronoi based Fuzzy Recurrent
                                                                            Z.-q. Qi (Beijing Aerospace Automatic Control Institute)
     C. Kavka, P. Roggero (Universidad Nac. De San Luis)               1507 Subproblem Optimization by Gene Correlation
     M. Schoenauer (Université de Paris Sud)                                with Singular Value Decomposition
                                                                            J. G. Martin (University of Georgia)
1393 New Topologies for Genetic Search Space
     Y.-H. Kim, B.-R. Moon (Seoul National University)

Volume 1: pages 1–1112                                           xii                                         Volume 2: pages 1113–2246
1515 Information Landscapes                                              1571 Fractional Dynamic Fitness Functions
     Y. Borenstein, R. Poli (University of Essex)                             for GA-based Circuit Design
                                                                              C. Reis, J. A. Tenreiro Machado (Polytechnic Institute
1523 A Genetic Algorithm for Unmanned Aerial                                  of Porto Porto)
     Vehicle Routing                                                          J. B. Cunha (University of Trás-os-Montes Alto Douro)
     M. A. Russell, G. B. Lamont (Air Force Institute
     of Technology WPAFB)                                                1573 Fitness-based Neighbor Selection
                                                                              for Multimodal Function Optimization
1531 Intelligent Exploration for Genetic Algorithms                           S. Ando (Yokohama National University)
     Using Self-Organizing Maps in Evolutionary                               S. Kobayashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
     H. B. Amor, A. Rettinger (Universität Koblenz-Landau)               1575 Adaptive Sizing of Populations and Number
                                                                              of Islands in Distributed Genetic Algorithms
1539 An Adaptive Pursuit Strategy for Allocating                              J. Berntsson, M. Tang (Queensland University of
     Operator Probabilities                                                   Technology)
     D. Thierens (Utrecht University)
                                                                         1577 Adaptive Crossover and Mutation in Genetic
                                                                              Algorithms Based on Clustering Technique
Genetic Algorithms: Posters                                                   J. Zhang (SUN Yat-sen University)
1549 GA-Facilitated Classifier Optimization                                   H. S. H. Chung (City University of Hong Kong)
     with Varying Similarity Measures                                         J. Zhong (SUN Yat-sen University)
     M. R. Peterson, T. E. Doom, M. L. Raymer                            1579 Dynamic Optimization of Migration Topology
     (Wright State University)                                                in Internet-based Distributed Genetic Algorithms
1551 Genetic Programming for Association Rules                                J. Berntsson, M. Tang (Queensland University of
     on Card Sorting Data                                                     Technology)
     M. Lyman, G. Lewandowski (Xavier University)                        1581 Normalization for Neural Network in Genetic
1553 An Extension of Vose’s Markov Chain Model
                                                                              J.-H. Kim, S.-S. Choi, B.-R. Moon (Seoul National
     for Genetic Algorithms
     A. Paszynska (Jagiellonian University)
                                                                         1583 On the Practical Genetic Algorithms
1555 Multi-Niche Crowding in the Development
                                                                              C. W. Ahn (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
     of Parallel Genetic Simulated Annealing
                                                                              S. Oh, R. S. Ramakrishna (Gwangju Institute of Science and
     Z.-G. Wang, M. Rahman, Y.-S. Wong (National University
     of Singapore)
                                                                         1585 Multiobjective VLSI Cell Placement using
1557 Diversity As a Selection Pressure in Dynamic                             Distributed Genetic Algorithm
     Environments                                                             S. M. Sait, M. Faheemuddin, M. R. Minhas, S. Sanaullah
     L. T. Bui (University of New South Wales)                                (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals)
     J. Branke (University of Karlsruhe)
     H. A. Abbass (University of New South Wales)                        1587 Knowledge Insertion: An Efficient Approach to
                                                                              Reduce Effort in Simple Genetic Algorithms for
1559 Search Space Modulation in Genetic Algorithms:                           Unrestricted Parallel Equal Machines Scheduling
     Evolving the Search Space by Sinusoidal                                  E. Ferretti, S. Esquivel (Universidad Nacional de San Luis)
     J. A. Martin H. (Instituto de Automática Industrial)                1589 Alternative Implementations of The Griewangk
1561 Evolutionary Change in Developmental Timing                              A. Sokolov, D. Whitley, M. Lunacek (Colorado State
     K. Ohnishi, K. Yoshida (Kyushu Institute of Technology)                  University)
1563 Hybrid Real-Coded Mutation for Genetic                              1591 Analysis and Mathematical Justification of a Fitness
     Algorithms Applied to Graph Layouts                                      Function used in an Intrusion Detection System
     D. Vrajitoru, J. DeBoni (Indiana University at South Bend)               P. A. Diaz-Gomez (Universidad El Bosque)
                                                                              D. F. Hougen (University of Oklahoma)
1565 Conformation of an Ideal Bucky Ball Molecule
     by Genetic Algorithm and Geometric Constraint                       1593 A Comparison of Messy GA and Permutation based
     from Pair Distance Data                                                  GA for Job Shop Scheduling
     D. M. Cherba, W. Punch, P. Duxbury, S. Billinge, P. Juhas                P. Fenton, P. Walsh (Cork Institute of Technology)
     (Michigan State University)
                                                                         1595 Goal-Oriented Preservation of Essential Genetic
1567 Inexact Pattern Matching using Genetic Algorithm                         Information by Offspring Selection
     S. Auwatanamongkol (National Institute of Development                    M. Affenzeller, S. Wagner, S. Winkler (Johannes Kepler
     Administration)                                                          University)
1569 Directional Self-Learning of Genetic Algorithm                      1597 ARGEN + AREPO: Mixing the Artificial Genetic
     L. Cong, Y. Sha, L. Jiao, F. Liu (Xidian University)                     Engineering and Artificial Evolution of Populations
                                                                              to Improve the Search Process
                                                                              A. León-Barranco, S. E. Barajas, C. A. Reyes (Instituto
                                                                              Nacional de Astrofísica Óptica y Electrónica (INAOE))

Volume 1: pages 1–1112                                            xiii                                         Volume 2: pages 1113–2246
1599 A Genetic Algorithm for Optimized Reconstruction                     1705 Genetic Network Programming with Automatically
     of Quantized One-dimensional Signals                                      Defined Groups for Assigning Proper Roles to
     F. W. Moore (University of Alaska Anchorage)                              Multiple Agents
                                                                               T. Murata (Kansai University)
1601 Isolating the Benefits of Respect                                         T. Nakamura (Kansai University Graduate School)
     S. Chen, G. Pitt (York University)
                                                                          1713 Probing for Limits to Building Block Mixing
                                                                               with a Tunably-Difficult Problem for Genetic
Genetic Programming
1605 Exploiting Disruption Aversion to Control Bloat                           J. M. Daida, M. E. Samples, M. J. Byom (The University
     J. Stevens, R. B. Heckendorn, T. Soule (University of Idaho)              of Michigan)
1613 Finding Needles in Haystacks is Harder                               1721 Evolving Cooperative Strategies for UAV Teams
     with Neutrality                                                           M. D. Richards, D. Whitley, J. R. Beveridge
     M. Collins (Edinburgh University)                                         (Colorado State University)
                                                                               T. Mytkowicz (University of Colorado)
1619 Open-ended Robust Design of Analog Filters                                D. Nguyen, D. Rome (Raytheon/IIS/Space Systems)
     Using Genetic Programming
     J. Hu (Purdue University)                                            1729 Measuring, Enabling and Comparing Modularity,
     X. Zhong (Huzhang University of Sciences & Technology)                    Regularity and Hierarchy in Evolutionary Design
     E. D. Goodman (Michigan State University)                                 G. S. Hornby (NASA Ames Research Center)

1627 Towards Identifying Populations that Increase                        1737 Evolving Fuzzy Decision Tree Structure
     the Likelihood of Success in Genetic                                      that Adapts in Real-Time
     Programming                                                               J. F. Smith III (Naval Research Laboratory)
     J. M. Daida (The University of Michigan)                             1745 Dormant Program Nodes and the Efficiency
                                                                               of Genetic Programming
1635 Total Synthesis of Algorithmic Chemistries
                                                                               D. Jackson (University of Liverpool)
     C. W. G. Lasarczyk (University of Dortmund)
     W. Banzhaf (Memorial University of Newfoundland)                     1753 Multi-Chromosomal Genetic Programming
                                                                               R. Cavill, S. Smith, A. Tyrrell (University of York)
1641 Multipopulation Cooperative Coevelutionary
     Programming (MCCP) to Enhance Design                                 1761 Molecular Programming: Evolving Genetic
     Innovation                                                                Programs in a Test Tube
     E. M. Zechman, S. R. Ranjithan (North Carolina State                      B.-T. Zhang, H.-Y. Jang (Seoul National University)
1649 Investigating the Performance of Module                              Genetic Programming: Posters
     Acquisition in Cartesian Genetic Programming                         1771 Function Choice, Resiliency and Growth
     J. A. Walker, J. F. Miller (University of York)                           in Genetic Programming
1657 Evolution of a Human-Competitive Quantum                                  S. Besetti, T. Soule (University of Idaho)
     Fourier Transform Algorithm Using Genetic                            1773 Evaluating GP Schema in Context
     Programming                                                               H. Majeed, C. Ryan, R. M. A. Azad (University of Limerick)
     P. Massey, J. A. Clark, S. Stepney (University of York)
                                                                          1775 Probabilistic Distribution Models
1665 meta-Grammar Constant Creation with                                       for EDA-based GP
     Grammatical Evolution by Grammatical                                      K. Yanai, H. Iba (The University of Tokyo)
                                                                          1777 Backward-chaining Genetic Programming
     I. Dempsey, M. O’Neill (University of Limerick)
                                                                               R. Poli, W. B. Langdon (University of Essex)
     A. Brabazon (University College Dublin)
                                                                          1779 Preventing Overfitting in GP with Canary Functions
1673 Resource-Limited Genetic Programming:                                     N. Foreman (Altarum Institute)
     The Dynamic Approach                                                      M. Evett (Eastern Michigan University)
     S. Silva, E. Costa (University of Coimbra)
                                                                          1781 An Investigation into Using Genetic Programming
1681 Parsing and Translation of Expressions                                    as a Means of Inducing Solutions to Novice
     by Genetic Programming                                                    Procedural Programming Problems
     D. Jackson (University of Liverpool)                                      N. Pillay (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
1689 The Push3 Execution Stack and the Evolution                          1783 A Statistical Learning Theory Approach of Bloat
     of Control                                                                S. Gelly, O. Teytaud, N. Bredeche, M. Schoenauer
     L. Spector, J. Klein (Hampshire College)                                  (University Paris-Sud)
     M. Keijzer (Chordiant Software Inc.)
                                                                          1785 Scalability of Genetic Programming and
1697 CGP Visits the Santa Fe Trail — Effects                                   Probabilistic Incremental Program Evolution
     of Heuristics on GP                                                       R. Ondas, M. Pelikan (University of Missouri at St. Louis)
     C. Z. Janikow, C. J. Mann (University of Missouri                         K. Sastry (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
     at St. Louis)

Volume 1: pages 1–1112                                              xiv                                          Volume 2: pages 1113–2246
1787 Evolving Recurrent Models Using Linear GP                         Learning Classifier Systems and Other
     X. Luo, M. I. Heywood, A. N. Zincir-Heywood                       Genetics-Based Machine Learning: Poster
     (Dalhousie University)
                                                                       1893 The Compact Classifier System: Motivation,
1789 Evolutionary Tree Genetic Programming
                                                                            Analysis, and First Results
     J. Antolík (Charles University)
                                                                            X. Llorà, K. Sastry, D. E. Goldberg (University of Illinois
     W. H. Hsu (Kansas State University)
                                                                            at Urbana-Champaign)
1791 Parameter Sweeps for Exploring GP Parameters
     M. E. Samples, J. M. Daida, M. Byom, M. Pizzimenti                Real World Applications
     (University of Michigan)
                                                                       1897 Interactive Estimation of Agent-Based Financial
Learning Classifier Systems and Other                                       Markets Models: Modularity and Learning
                                                                            I. Ecemis (CoalesiX)
Genetics-Based Machine Learning                                             E. Bonabeau (Icosystem)
1795 Modeling Systems with Internal State                                   T. Ashburn (Tiger)
     using Evolino
                                                                       1905 Evolving Computer Intrusion Scripts for
     D. Wierstra, F. J. Gomez (IDSIA)
                                                                            Vulnerability Assessment and Log Analysis
     J. Schmidhuber (IDSIA, TU Munich)
                                                                            J. Budynek, E. Bonabeau (Icosystem)
1803 XCS for Robust Automatic Target Recognition                            B. Shargel (New York University)
     B. Ravichandran, A. Gandhe (Scientific Systems Company)
     R. E. Smith (University of The West of England)                   1913 Learning Basic Navigation for Personal Satellite
                                                                            Assistant Using Neuroevolution
1811 Constructive Induction and Genetic Algorithms                          Y. F. Sit, R. Miikkulainen (The University of Texas
     for Learning Concepts with Complex Interaction                         at Austin)
     L. S. Shafti, E. Pérez Pérez (Universidad Autónoma de
     Madrid)                                                           1921 Genetic Algorithms for the Sailor Assignment
1819 A First Order Logic Classifier System                                  D. Garrett, J. Vannucci, R. Silva, D. Dasgupta
     D. Mellor (The University of Newcastle)                                (University of Memphis)
1827 Extending XCSF Beyond Linear Approximation                             J. Simien (Naval Personnel Research, Studies
     P. L. Lanzi (Politecnico di Milano, University of Illinois             and Technology)
     at Urbana Champaign)                                              1929 Mission Planning for Joint Suppression of Enemy
     D. Loiacono (Politecnico di Milano)                                    Air Defenses Using a Genetic Algorithm
     S. W. Wilson, D. E. Goldberg (University of Illinois                   J. P. Ridder, J. C. HandUber (System of Systems Analytics
     at Urbana-Champaign)                                                   Corporation)
1835 Kernel-based, Ellipsoidal Conditions                              1937 Map-labelling with a Multi-objective Evolutionary
     in the Real-Valued XCS Classifier System                               Algorithm
     M. V. Butz (University of Würzburg)                                    L. Bradstreet, L. Barone, L. While (The University
1843 Analysis of the Initialization Stage of a Pittsburgh                   of Western Australia)
     Approach Learning Classifier System
                                                                       1945 Improving EA-based Design Space Exploration
     J. Bacardit (University of Nottingham)
                                                                            by Utilizing Symbolic Feasibility Tests
1851 XCS with Eligibility Traces                                            T. Schlichter, C. Haubelt, J. Teich (University
     J. Drugowitsch, A. M. Barry (University of Bath)                       of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
1859 XCS with Computed Prediction in Multistep                         1953 Automated Re-Invention of Six Patented Optical
     Environments                                                           Lens Systems using Genetic Programming
     P. L. Lanzi (Politecnico di Milano, University of Illinois             J. R. Koza (Stanford University)
     at Urbana-Champaign)                                                   S. H. Al-Sakran, L. W. Jones (Genetic Programming Inc.)
     D. Loiacono (Politecnico di Milano)
     S. W. Wilson, D. E. Goldberg (University of Illinois              1961 Effective Image Compression using Evolved
     at Urbana-Champaign)                                                   Wavelets
                                                                            U. Grasemann, R. Miikkulainen (The University
1867 ATNoSFERES revisited                                                   of Texas at Austin)
     S. Landau (Université de París-Sud)
     O. Sigaud (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)                      1969 The Molecule Evoluator: an Interactive
     M. Schoenauer (Université de París-Sud)                                Evolutionary Algorithm for Designing Drug
1875 An Abstraction Algorithm for Genetics-based                            E.-W. Lameijer, A. Ijzerman, J. Kok (Leiden University)
     Reinforcement Learning                                                 T. Bäck (Leiden University, NuTech Solutions)
     W. Browne, D. Scott (University of Reading)
                                                                       1977 Neuroevolution of an Automobile Crash Warning
1883 DXCS: an XCS System For Distributed Data Mining                        System
     H. H. Dam, H. A. Abbass, C. Lokan (University                          K. Stanley, N. Kohl (University of Texas at Austin)
     of New South Wales)                                                    R. Sherony (Toyota Technical Center)
                                                                            R. Miikkulainen (University of Texas at Austin)

Volume 1: pages 1–1112                                            xv                                          Volume 2: pages 1113–2246
1985 Incorporating Fuzzy Knowledge into Fitness:                        2097 Applying Metaheuristic Techniques to Search
     Multiobjective Evolutionary 3D Design                                   the Space of Bidding Strategies in Combinatorial
     of Process Plants                                                       Auctions
     I. Mierswa (University of Dortmund)                                     A. Sureka, P. R. Wurman (North Carolina State University)
1993 Optimizing Parameters of a Mobile Ad Hoc Network                   2105 An Artificial Immune System Algorithm
     Protocol with a Genetic Algorithm                                       for CDMA Multiuser Detection over Multi-Path
     D. Montana, J. Redi (BBN Technologies)                                  Channels
                                                                             M. Gong, L. Jiao, L. Wang (Xidian University)
1999 Determining Equations for Vegetation Induced                            H. Du (Xi’an Jiaotong University)
     Resistance using Genetic Programming
     M. Keijzer (WL | Delft Hydraulics)                                 2113 Optimization of Passenger Car Design for
     M. Baptist (Delft University of Technology)                             the Mitigation of Pedestrian Head Injury
     V. Babovic, J. R. Uthurburu (WL | Delft Hydraulics)                     Using a Genetic Algorithm
                                                                             E. Carter (The University of Birmingham)
2007 Parameterized versus Generative Representations                         S. Ebdon (Independent Consultant)
     in Structural Design: An Empirical Comparison                           C. Neal-Sturgess (The University of Birmingham)
     R. Kicinger, T. Arciszewski, K. De Jong (George Mason
     University)                                                        2121 An Ant Colony Algorithm for Multi-user Detection
                                                                             in Wireless Communication Systems
2015 A Multi-objective Algorithm for DS-CDMA Code                            S. L. Hijazi, B. Natarajan, S. Das (Kansas State University)
     Design Based on the Clonal Selection Principle
     D. Stevens, S. Das, B. Natarajan (Kansas State University)         2127 A Pareto Archive Evolutionary Strategy Based
                                                                             Radial Basis Function Neural Network Training
2021 Classification of Human Decision Behavior:                              Algorithm for Failure Rate Prediction in Overhead
     Finding Modular Decision Rules with Genetic                             Feeders
     Algorithms                                                              G. Cochenour, J. Simon, S. Das, A. Pahwa, S. Nag
     F. Rothlauf, D. Schunk (University of Mannheim)                         (Kansas State University)
     J. Pfeiffer (University of Waterloo)
                                                                        2133 Evolving Petri Nets to Represent Metabolic
2029 GAMM: Genetic Algorithms with Meta-Models                               Pathways
     for Vision                                                              J. Nummela, B. A. Julstrom (St. Cloud State University)
     G. Lee, V. Bulitko (University of Alberta)
                                                                        2141 MRI Magnet Design: Search Space Analysis,
2037 Genetic Fuzzy Discretization with Adaptive                              EDAs and a Real-World Problem with Significant
     Intervals for Classification Problems                                   Dependencies
     Y.-S. Choi, B.-R. Moon (Seoul National University)                      B. Yuan, M. Gallagher, S. Crozier (The University
     S. Y. Seo (KT Marketing & Technology Laboratory)                        of Queensland)
2045 Hierarchical Multi-sensor Image Registration                       2149 Predicting Mining Activity with Parallel
     Using Evolutionary Computation                                          Genetic Algorithms
     J. Han, B. Bhanu (University of California at Riverside)                S. Talaie, R. Leigh, S. J. Louis, G. L. Raines
2053 A Comparison of Evolutionary Algorithms                                 (University of Nevada)
     for System-Level Diagnosis                                         2157 An Efficient Evolutionary Algorithm Applied
     B. T. Nassu, E. P. Duarte Jr., A. T. R. Pozo                            to the Design of Two-dimensional IIR Filters
     (Federal University of Paraná)                                          S. Das, A. Konar (Jadavpur University)
2061 Stock Prediction Based on Financial Correlation                         U. K. Chakraborty (University of Missouri)
     Y.-K. Kwon, S.-S. Choi, B.-R. Moon                                 2165 An Enhanced GA to Improve the Search Process
     (Seoul National University)                                             Reliability in Tuning of Control Systems
2067 Use of a Genetic Algorithm in Brill’s                                   A. Soltoggio (The University of Birmingham)
     Transformation-Based Part-of-Speech Tagger                         2173 Three Dimensional Evolutionary Aerodynamic
     G. Wilson, M. Heywood (Dalhousie University)                            Design Optimization with CMA-ES
2075 An “Ageing” Operator and Its Use in the Highly                          M. Hasenjäger, B. Sendhoff (Honda Research Institute
     Constrained Topological Optimization of HVAC                            Europe GmbH)
     System Design                                                           T. Sonoda, T. Arima (Honda R&D Ltd.)
     J. Wight, Y. Zhang (Loughborough University)                       2181 Evolutionary Optimization of Dynamic Control
2083 Genetic Algorithm Optimization                                          Problems Accelerated by Progressive Step
     of Superresolution Parameters                                           Reduction
     B. Ahrens (University of Idaho)                                         Q. T. Pham (University of New South Wales)
2089 Nonlinear Feature Extraction Using
     a Neuro Genetic Hybrid                                             Real World Applications: Posters
     Y.-K. Kwon, B.-R. Moon (Seoul National University)                 2191 Heuristic Rules Embedded Genetic Algorithm
                                                                             to Solve In-Core Fuel Management Optimization
                                                                             F. Alim, K. Ivanov (Pennsylvania State University)

Volume 1: pages 1–1112                                            xvi                                          Volume 2: pages 1113–2246
2193 New Evolutionary Techniques for Test-Program                    2209 GATS 1.0: A Novel GA-based Scheduling Algorithm
     Generation for Complex Microprocessor Cores                          for Task Scheduling on Heterogeneous Processor
     E. Sanchez, M. Schillaci, M. S. Reorda, G. Squillero,                Nets
     L. Sterpone, M. Violante (Politecnico di Torino)                     M. Daoud, N. Kharma (Concordia University)
2195 Multi-Objective Optimization of Diesel Engine                   2211 Using Evolutionary Optimization to Improve
     Emissions and Fuel Economy Using SPEA2+                              Markov-based Classification with Limited
     T. Hiroyasu, M. Miki, S. Nakayama, Y. Hanada (Doshisha               Training Data
     University)                                                          T. Meekhof, R. B. Heckendorn (University of Idaho)
2197 A Case Study of Process Facility Optimization                   2213 MOEA Design of Robust Digital Symbol Sets
     using Discrete Event Simulation and Genetic                          R. O. Day (Air Force Institute of Technology)
     Algorithm                                                            A. S. Nunez (Air Force Research Laboratory)
     K. P. Dahal (University of Bradford)                                 G. B. Lamont (Air Force Institute of Technology)
     S. J. Galloway, G. M. Burt, J. R. McDonald
     (University of Strathclyde)                                     2215 Design of Air Pump System Using Bond Graph
     I. Hopkins (Rolls Royce plc.)                                        and Genetic Programming Method
                                                                          K. Seo (Seokyeong University)
2199 Collaborative Interactive Evolution                                  E. D. Goodman, R. C. Rosenberg (Michigan State
     S. R. Szumlanski, A. S. Wu, C. E. Hughes                             University)
     (University of Central Florida)
                                                                     2217 Production Planning in Manufacturing/
2201 Event-driven Learning Classifier Systems                             Remanufacturing Environment using Genetic
     for Online Soccer Games                                              Algorithm
     Y. Sato, R. Kanno (Hosei University)                                 C. Lim (Seoul National University)
                                                                          E. Sim (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd)
2203 A Genetic Algorithm Approach to the Selection
     of Near-Optimal Subsets from Large Sets                         2219 Introducing a Watermarking with a Multi-Objective
     P. Whiting, P. W. Poon (Tillinghast)                                 Genetic Algorithm
     J. N. Carter (Imperial College)                                      D. S. Díaz, M. G. Romay (Universidad del Pais Vasco)
2205 Compact Genetic Algorithm for Active Interval                   2221 A New Evolutionary Method for Time Series
     Scheduling in Hierarchical Sensor Networks                           Forecasting
     M.-H. Jin, C.-Y. Kao, Y.-C. Huang (Taiwan University)                T. A. E. Ferreira, G. C. Vasconcelos, P. J. L. Adeodato
     D. F. Hsu (Fordham University)                                       (Federal University of Pernambuco)
     R.-G. Lee (Taipei University of Technology)
     C.-K. Lee (Taiwan University)                                   2223   Author Index
2207 Symbolic Regression in Multicollinearity Problems
     F. A. Castillo, C. M. Villa (The Dow Chemical Company)          2228   Subject-Keyword Index

Volume 1: pages 1–1112                                        xvii                                         Volume 2: pages 1113–2246

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