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					Your Guide to Ceremonies

              in Waltham Forest
                           Rear of Register Office

Your Guide to Ceremonies
Welcome to Waltham Forest Register Office
Mire se vini tek Zyra e Rregjistrimit te Waltham Forest-it
Bienvenue au bureau d’état civil de Waltham Forest
Ku soo Dhowaada Xafiislka Diiwaan Gelinta Waltham Forest
Waltham Forest Nüfus Dairesine Hosgeldiniz

                              Waltham Forest Register Office is the perfect venue for
                              either the more formal or relaxed ceremony. The newly
                              refurbished Forest Suite and comfortable waiting room
                              are located on the ground floor.

                              Please contact us to arrange a viewing when we will be
                              happy to discuss your requirements and show you around.
                              Alternatively, see our website for a virtual tour of the
                              Forest Suite and gardens

                                                                     in Waltham Forest   3
                               Marriages and
                               Civil Partnerships
                               at Waltham Forest
                               Your wedding or Partnership Day will probably be the
                               most special and memorable of your life. Everyone has
                               their own dream of a perfect day and whether you choose
                               a traditional ceremony or something very simple, we hope
                               to make it a memory to treasure in the coming years.
                               The following information will, hopefully, answer some of
                               your questions. If you require further information at any
                               time, please telephone us on 020 8496 3000.
                               We aim to provide a high quality service, which meets your
                               requirements, putting your needs first. Our staff will be
                               happy to answer your questions and provide assistance
                               and advice. We’re here to help you.

                               Where can my ceremony take place?
                               You may hold your ceremony in any Register Office or
                               licensed venue that has been approved for the purpose by a
                               local authority. In Waltham Forest, the approved premises are:
                               1.     The Forest Suite,The Old Vicarage,
                                      106 Grove Road, Walthamstow E17 9BY
                               2.     The Epicentre, West Street, Leytonstone E11 4LJ
                               3.     The County Hotel, Woodford IG8 9NY
                               Soon to be approved:
                               1.     William Morris Gallery, E17 4PP
                               2.     Vestry House Museum, E17 9NH
                               3.     Waltham Forest Town Hall, E17 4JA
                               4.     Walthamstow Assembly Hall, E17 4JA
                               You do not have to live in Waltham Forest to have your
                               ceremony in the borough.

                               When can my ceremony take place?
                               Bookings for civil ceremonies can be made with the
                               appropriate Register Office up to twelve months in advance.
                               Don’t forget that you’ll need to confirm the date, time and
                               place with both the Superintendent Registrar of the district
                               and with the venue.

                               How do I give notice?
                               Formal notice of your intention must be given personally
                               by both you and your partner to your local Superintendent
                               Registrar - that is, at the Register Office where you live.
                               This may not, of course, be where the ceremony is to
                               be held. If one, or both of you are subject to immigration
                               controls please telephone the Register Office for advice.

4   Your Guide to Ceremonies
                                                               What information will I have
                                                               to provide?
                                                               When you visit your local Register Office to give formal
                                                               notice of your marriage/civil partnership, you will need to
                                                               show proof of your identity, address, age and nationality,
                                                               for which a passport and birth certificate would be ideal.
                                                               You should also take evidence of any change of name and,
                                                               if you have had a previous marriage/legal civil partnership,
                                                               proof that it has been legally dissolved.

                                                               You are required to have lived in the district for at least
                                                               seven days before giving notice. The Superintendent
                                                               Registrar will advise you on what documents to bring
                                                               when you make your booking for your notice/ceremony.

                                                               Notice must be given in person, and cannot be given on
                                                               your behalf by someone else.

                                                               What will it cost?
                                                               Current charges may be obtained from your local Register
                                                               Office. Please bear in mind, that there will be a charge for
                                                               hiring the approved venue for your ceremony.
Personalise your ceremony
This is your special day and we want you to enjoy it, so we
are here to help make sure everything goes as smoothly
as possible. As far as we are concerned your wishes are
our prime consideration.

Although gentle background music is provided, you are
welcome to personalise your ceremony, by providing your
own music or floral arrangements. Please note that we
cannot play any music with religious content.

The Registration Officer will guide you through the ceremony
- there is no need to learn the legal words. The ceremony
and legal words must be said in English. If one or other of
you does not speak English, you must bring an interpreter
to the ceremony.

The ceremony will last approximately 30 minutes but this
may be extended if you wish to include some personal
additions, perhaps a reading or a poem from a family
member or one of your guests. Please ensure the
Superintendent is provided with a copy prior to the day
of your ceremony. You may also wish to repeat further
declarations if you exchange rings - please ask for guidance
if you are unsure.

You will be required by law to bring two guests who will
act as witnesses to the ceremony. They must be 16 years
of age or over and be able to understand the nature of
the ceremony.

                                                                                                         in Waltham Forest    5
                               Please be on time!
                               Please help us and other couples who are celebrating on
                               the same day, by arriving at the Register Office at least
                               15 minutes prior to your appointed time. You will receive
                               an appointment booklet confirming this time and all the
                               other details that you need to know about your wedding
                               day. If you are unable to attend on the day arranged,
                               please contact the Register Office at the earliest opportunity.

                               Photographs and Filming
                               Your guests are welcome to take photographs after the
                               ceremony. If you wish to film the ceremony, please inform
                               the Registrar so that the cameraman can be directed to
                               a suitable position. In the interests of safety, any recording
                               may only be made using the lighting available in the Register
                               Office and the equipment used, must be battery operated.

                               There is a very attractive garden at the rear of the building,
                               which provides an ideal setting for your photographs.

                               Please remember that there are probably other couples
                               using the facilities on the same day as you and your partner.
                               In order to keep the ceremony room looking tidy, please
                               ensure that your guests wait until they are outside before
                               they throw confetti. If possible please use bio-degradable
                               confetti. Party poppers should not be used.

                               Citizenship Ceremonies
                               In January 2004, the Government introduced a requirement
                               that all persons over the age of 18 years, who have been
                               successful in their application for naturalisation as a British
                               Citizen must take a citizenship oath and pledge at a
                               citizenship ceremony. The ceremony involves prospective
                               citizens making an oath or affirmation to Her Majesty the
                               Queen and a pledge of loyalty to the United Kingdom
                               after which a certificate will be presented.

                               Waltham Forest Council believes that a citizenship ceremony
                               will help new citizens feel a sense of belonging to the local,
                               as well as the wider community. You may attend a group
                               ceremony or, for an additional small fee, have an individual
                               ceremony at the Register Office.

6   Your Guide to Ceremonies
Naming Ceremonies
Celebrate and welcome your child.
A naming ceremony is a very special way of celebrating the
birth of your child and welcoming the new arrival into the
family and the wider community. It’s also an opportunity
to declare, before family and friends, your promise to be
as good a parent as you can. You may wish this occasion
to confirm a special relationship between adult relatives or
friends and your child. It is a unique occasion for everyone
to feel involved as they pledge their love and support for
the future development of your child. Please note, however,
that a naming ceremony has no legal status.

In Waltham Forest, ceremonies may be held in the
Forest Suite at the Register Office, at the other approved
venues or alternative venues as discussed with the
Superintendent Registrar.

What does the ceremony consist of?
The ceremony will be conducted by a celebrant,
an experienced and knowledgeable professional who has
been specifically trained in the running of such occasions.
You will usually meet the celebrant to discuss the
arrangements and details of the ceremony.

How do I arrange a                                                Renewal of Vows and
naming ceremony?
                                                                  Commitment Ceremonies
You should first contact our office to discuss the availability
of a celebrant to conduct the ceremony and also a venue.          Many people like to celebrate a special anniversary or
The birth certificate of any child to be included in the          celebrate a union abroad with a renewal of their vows.
ceremony will need to be produced. If you would like to           Of course, the Renewal of Vows ceremony is just as suitable
hold the ceremony in one of the approved venues, rather           for couples at any point in their relationship.
than in one of our ceremony rooms, you will also need to
contact the venue to find out when it is available.               A Commitment Ceremony is a formal and dignified public
                                                                  declaration of love and devotion between two people.
The length of the ceremony will depend upon the options           It can be arranged by couples of the same or of opposite
chosen and the number of readings, but as a guideline may         sex, and can either be shared with family and friends or
be expected to last up to thirty minutes.
                                                                  held in private without any guests.

                                                                  Neither the Renewal of Vows nor the Commitment
                                                                  Ceremony has any official status, unlike, for example,
                                                                  a Marriage /Civil Partnership ceremony.

                                                                  Where can the ceremony be held?
                                                                  The Renewal of Vows or Commitment Ceremony
                                                                  can be held in the Forest Suite at the Register Office, at the
                                                                  other approved venues or alternative venues as discussed
                                                                  with the Superintendent Registrar.

                                                                                                            in Waltham Forest      7
                                                   O-Regen Centres
                                                          Wedding Venues

    Orient Regeneration (O-Regen) is a Charity established in         Epicentre       (Leytonstone)
    1998 to support the needs of residents in the borough of
    Waltham Forest.                                                   Newly refurbished, the Epicentre can seat 150 people and is
                                                                      perfect for formal and informal occasions. The centre also
    We have facilities throughout the borough, that are able
                                                                      has a small kitchen available for hire.
    to cater for small and large events that are sensitive to all
                                                                      Tel: 020 8539 2432
    communities and cultures:

    • Marriage Ceremonies and Receptions                              Score     (Leyton)
    • Civil Partnerships
                                                                      Opened in 2005, Score is modern, fabulous and ideal for
    • Citizenship Ceremonies
                                                                      large (200+) or small occasions/events.
    • Solemn Occasions
                                                                      Tel: 020 8539 8474
    • Parties
    • All kind of Celebrations
                                                                      Paradox        (South Chingford)
    Your Celebration and Prices                                       The Paradox Centre is a superb venue for parties and
    Our aim is to ensure that our customers’ experience of our        receptions and seats a maximum of 100 people.
    facilities exceeds their expectations. Our managers will assist   Tel: 020 8501 9909
    you with technical advice, catering choices, room layouts
    and decorations to make your day a success.

    Our hire prices start at £7.50 an hour for a small
    function room.

                             Please view our web site for more information

8   Your Guide to Ceremonies
Heavenly Touch Florist
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10   Your Guide to Ceremonies
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12   Your Guide to Ceremonies
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14   Your Guide to Ceremonies
The County Hotel

The Glass Atrium overlooking the Epping Forest is
the perfect location for an intimate Civil Ceremony.

                                                                             Receptions for up to 180 guests

                                                       Free overnight accommodation for the Bride and Groom

                                                                            Outside caterers by arrangement

Please call the Events Office to view the facilities                                      Large free car park

or discuss your requirements.                                                   Special accommodation rates
Tel: 020 8506 6854
                                                                                 Friendly professional service
Oak Hill, Woodford Green, Essex IG8 9NY                                       Located A104 off A406, J4 M11

L. Wilson
Floral Designs (Walthamstow)

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Weddings, Funeral Tributes, Special Occasions.

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                                               The Plough Inn
              The Plough Inn is located directly opposite Wood Street Overground Station, one stop from
              Walthamstow Central or about 15 minutes from Liverpool Street mainline. It is a prime location
              for Weddings, Parties, Christenings, Anniversaries and all other private celebrations.
              We cater for many wedding receptions every year in our function room, each tailored for individual
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              For general enquiries, contact Mr.Victor Varanda or call in to visit.

              Tel: 020 8503 7419
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16   Your Guide to Ceremonies
                            The Grove Hill Hotel
This well-established Hotel in South Woodford, East London has been in existence as a hotel for 40
years and was a Guest House before then since the 1930’s. It has a wealth of positive history. It is a
family run establishment, situated in a peaceful, sort after, residential area and yet it is easily accessible
from the City of London, Stanstead Airport, M11, M25 and A406 locations. The South Woodford
Central Line tube station is a mere 5 minute walk.There is an Odeon Cinema at the end of the road
and several quality restaurants and shops servicing the area.

The current owners purchased the Hotel in 2004 and have made steady improvements to the
business with upgrades to the rooms. There are 24 rooms with many being fully en-suite. Off-street
parking is available. The hotel is recommended by both the AA and the RAC Guides and has achieved
several awards. There is a licensed bar and conference facilities. Discounts are available on group and
long-term bookings. The owners will be pleased to discuss any requirements necessary.

For bookings and general enquiries:
Tel: 020 8989 3344
Fax: 020 8530 5286
38 Grove Hill, South Woodford E18 2JG

                                                                                                       in Waltham Forest   17
     Notes For Your Special Day

18   Your Guide to Ceremonies
    Waltham Forest Register Office would like to offer a special thanks to all who permitted us to use their photographs
                and Stardust Imaging, Walthamstow (tel 020 8521 3322) for providing the photography.

                                     This brochure was produced by Network UK
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Waltham Forest Register Office
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The Old Vicarage
106 Grove Road
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