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2          AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                                                            July 13/2010

                                                                           AFN Gathering
                                                                           being held in
       The School of Health Studies
                                                                           a very special
     at Brandon University introduces
     the “New” Bachelor of Indigenous                                      place                         - GRN staff

    Health & Human Services Program.                                          “In 1972, the rate our children
                                                                           completed K-12 (graduated high
                                                                           school) was 12 per cent. This year, we
The Indigenous Health & Human Services (IHHS) Degree Program is            increased that graduation rate to
a new and innovative program that provides instruction in Indigenous       49 per cent. If we had the resources for
perspectives of holistic health and wellness, traditional approaches to    our children to achieve the same rate
healing and Western intervention theories and skills. Graduates of the     of graduation as the mainstream
program will engage in activities that promote the health and              (80 to 90 per cent), we would add $71
                                                                           billion to Gross Domestic Production
well-being of Indigenous People and assist Indigenous People to
                                                                           in Canada. But right now, $4,000 less
become more self sufficient, prevent dependency, strengthen family         per year is spent on the education of
relationships, and restore individuals, families, groups, or communities                                                    National Chief Shawn Atleo
                                                                           First Nations children.”
to successful social functioning. The program combines Indigenous             Shawn Atleo was labeled the “educa-      national organizations aren't even
knowledge and spirituality with courses from the School of Health          tion candidate” when he ran for             around any more. The AFN is working
Studies, and the faculties of Arts, and Science.                           National Chief last year at the Assembly    to find ways to become increasingly
                                                                           of First Nations Annual General             self-sufficient and independent of out-
                                                                           Assembly in Calgary in July 2009. It has    side funding.”
If you …
                                                                           been one year since Atleo was elected to       Empowerment lies beneath most
     ■ are considering a career in the helping professions                 replace iconic leader Phil Fontaine and     everything National Chief Atleo has to
     ■ want to assist people to create their own path                      National Chief Atleo is now settled in      say and do. While the AFN remains the
     ■ believe in the capacity for human growth and change                 and ready to act on the long-term,          national advocate for First Nations on
                                                                           major issues which face First Nations       major, broad issues, Atleo wants access
     ■ support the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health
                                                                           (after a full first year responding to      to national power to be available to
       of Indigenous people                                                issues and events that fire up almost       everybody.
     ■ wish to advocate for social justice                                 every week and criss-crossing the coun-        “One of our most significant
                                                                           try to visit every region and receive the   achievements was the National
The Indigenous Health & Human Services degree program may                  input and advice he needs from the          Advocacy Day we held. Since local deci-
be just for you. For more information please contact:                      people who put him in office).              sion-making is where the authority lies,
                                                                              “The power is with the people and        we presented a Parliament 101 on June
            Indigenous Health & Human Services Program                     the AFN is there to take direction from     10th so that local Chiefs and Councils
            School of Health Studies                                       our communities,” National Chief Atleo      and citizens can learn how parliament
            Brandon University                                             said in an exclusive interview with         works and know how to access it.
                                                                           Grassroots News. “We also had to spend      Again, it is the role of the AFN to open
            270 – 18th Street
                                                                           a good portion of the first year reflect-   doors and facilitate government to gov-
            Brandon, MB R7A 6A9                                            ing inward on the organization itself.”     ernment relationships and the National
            Phone: (204) 727-7333                                             “Strengthening and stabilizing the       Advocacy Day was very successful so we
            Fax: (204) 571-8519                                            AFN was important as 5 of the 10 mem-       will hold another one in the fall.”
            Email:                               bers of our Executive were new. We             Meanwhile, the AFN is extending
                                                                           developed and tabled a strategic plan to    those government to government rela-
                                                                           restore our rightful place not only with-   tionships externally as it forges ahead
                                                                           in Canada but globally. We want to          developing relationships with other
                                                                           assert our rights but also accept respon-   indigenous groups.
                                                                           sibility. This was a sustainable review        “We have been working with tribal
                                                                           that is relevant and effective.”            leaders in the United States and
                                                                              “The federal government has cut          President Jefferson Keel of the National
                                                                           back in a lot of areas so we have had to    Congress of American Indians (NCAI)
                                                                           find a lot of cost savings. Some other      will attend our 2010 AGA.”
                                                                                                                                    See “AFN Gathering” cont’d on page 4
July 13/2010                                             Duck and Dive   AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                           3
  ‘Duck and dive’ is an Aboriginal men’s traditional style of dance that simulates warriors being attacked by the enemy and how they move to avoid being shot.
              One could argue that the survival of our people has depended on our ability to adapt and change. Let us now apply this philosophy
                                    to the marriage of traditional Aboriginal culture and non-aboriginal management systems.
 Core values: Wisdom, love, respect, courage,              Sovereignty: Sovereignty starts from within,              Capacity building: Simply, this is a transfer
 honesty, humility and truth are the Seven Grandfather     as each person must be accountable for their              of knowledge and skill.
 teachings that guide Anishnaabe people.                   own contribution to the community.
                                                                                                                     Traditionally, from an early age, our young were
 Traditionally, the thread that bound the community        Traditionally, duties were assigned by capability.        taught to survive. Grandparents, elders and
 was survival — physical survival through equity           Skilled hunters provided food, skilled sewers             extended family were consistently teaching in
 and sharing, and social survival through spiritual        provided clothing, and articulate visionaries were        everything that they did.Today, we still value and
 connection and true leadership.Today, survival is         leaders.Today, this is called ‘human resource             learn from our elders, but primarily rely on
 complicated and riddled with imposed systems and          management.’ Skills have changed but the goal is          schools to transfer knowledge or ‘education,’
 structures.These non-traditional avenues could be         the same. Do we know the skills within our                as we now know it.Take advantage of this kind
 effective if they were injected with Aboriginal core      communities? Are we using the capability of our           of education and use it to be the skilled manager,
 values. If the basis for every decision is the health     members to its fullest potential? Do we celebrate         computer technician or architect.
 and well-being of the seventh generation, then the        and encourage those that strive to succeed?
 true vision of leadership will return to us.

  What if we approached management systems like a path that has flooded after a thunderstorm? Our way has temporarily been obstructed, but we can work
   together to build a new path that is parallel to the old — different, but the same. Now, we can continue on to our destination, unhindered and stronger.
                          How will we define what our duck and dive looks like today? The way we live has changed; who we are has not.

     Karen is a member of Batchewana First Nation and a consultant in Aboriginal Advisory Services with BDO in Sault Ste. Marie. She has a BA
    in Native Studies, a Project Management Professional designation, and is currently pursuing a Certified Management Accountant designation.
                                               Karen can be reached at (705) 945-0990 or
                      BDO is a national accounting and advisory firm that works with not-for-profit organizations, independent businesses, corporations,
                        local governments, credit unions and aboriginal sector clients. Our Sault Ste. Marie office is located at 747 Queen Street E.
4    AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                                                                                 July 13/2010
AFN Gathering,                         Cont’d from page 2
   This external work extends to the             Advancing cooperation for sustainable     the Rights of Indigenous Peoples contin-      “I am disappointed it (Canada sign-
private sector by building relationships         economic development for First Nations    ues to be on the minds of First Nations    ing the Declaration) hasn't happened
with corporate Canada and business               and Tribes is vital along with increas-   leaders throughout Canada. In Ottawa       yet because we know how much the
leaders worldwide. It starts with a decla-       ing trade between our nations,” said      on the national stage, the AFN is right    Declaration supports our Treaties and
ration of kinship and cooperation                National Chief Atleo. “And our work       there when the government of Prime         will have such a major impact in this
among the indigenous peoples and                 externally extends to the philanthropic   Minister Stephen Harper announced it       country,” Atleo said. “The Declaration
nations of North America.                        movement as existing and new founda-      will reverse its decision and sign the     is the framework for real change
   “This is why we are holding sessions          tions and other charitable bodies sup-    Declaration and when the Queen of          because it reflects the spirit and intent
with people like Margo Gray-Proctor,             port our efforts to become independent    England meets with national First          of our Treaties.”
the Chairwoman of the National Centre            in the long run.”                         Nations leader Atleo to uphold the hon-       “Yes, we need adherence to the duty
for American Indian Enterprise Development.         The United Nations Declaration on      our of the Crown through the Treaties.     to consult, and the Declaration goes
                                                                                                                                                   See “AFN Gathering” cont’d on page 6
July 13/2010   AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY   5
6    AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY             July 13/2010
AFN Gathering,                         Assembly of First
                                     Cont’d from page 4

beyond that by requiring prior and            Nations leaders who have had a histori-
informed consent before any develop-
ment affecting indigenous lands. The
                                              cal impact on our national stage. And
                                              this is such a central place. A special
                                                                                              Nations 31st Annual
Honorable David C. Jacobson, the U.S.
Ambassador to Canada will attend the
                                              place where the nations meet.”
                                                 Prior to the AFN Assembly, a number
                                                                                              General Assembly -
AGA to advance nation-to-nation dia-
logue in the U.S. and the potential to
expand trade and economic linkages
across North America. And, of course,
                                              of events will be held to celebrate unity
                                              and add a social aspect to the proceed-
                                              ings. The AFN Golf Tournament and
                                              Banquet at St. Andrews Golf and
the Declaration is an essential part of       Country Club is already sold out, but       July 20 ~ Day One
all of that.”                                 everybody is welcome at the “Grandest
                                                                                          8:30 am    Grand Entry
    The AGA in July is especially crucial     of Grand Entries” hosted by the
                                                                                          9:00 am    Welcoming Remarks
because of national meetings which will       Manitoba Keewatinowi Okemakanak
                                                                                                     • Chief Deborah Chief, Brokenhead Ojibway Nation (tbc)
be held later this year in Canada.            (MKO) Host Committee. Pre-Registration                 • AFN Regional Chief Bill Traverse, Manitoba
    “The meeting of first ministers           takes place on July 19th at the                        • Grand Chief David Harper, Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak
(provincial Premiers) in August must          Winnipeg Convention Centre.                            • Grand Chief Morris Shannacappo, Southern Chiefs’ Organization (tbc)
hear from us that we need a First                The AFN AGA comes to Winnipeg on                    • Grand Chief Ron Evans, Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (tbc)
Ministers Conference on First Nations,”       the heels of the first national event                  • The Honorable Eric Robinson, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern
Atleo proclaimed. “We need a strong,          of the Truth and Reconciliation                          Affairs, Manitoba (tbc)
unified message coming out of our             Commission, which brought together                     • Mayor Sam Katz, City of Winnipeg
gathering in July, kind of like how the       survivors of the Indian Residential         9:45 am    Adoption of Rules & Agenda / Indigenous Nations United Across North
Ontario Chiefs unified to push back the       School experience to share their stories               America
HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) recently.”         and heal from the negative impact of        10:15 am   Opening Address by National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo
                                                                                          11:00 am   Review of Audited Financial Statements
    “Holding the annual gathering of the      this “education”. Shawn Atleo, the
                                                                                          12:00 pm   Break for Lunch
AFN in Manitoba is very special because       “education National Chief” if you will,
                                                                                          1:00 pm    Council Reports
this territory within this province is        is quick to draw the connection.                       • AFN Women’s Council – Kathleen McHugh, Chair
very special,” said National Chief Atleo.        “If we are truly entering this era of               • AFN Youth Council - AFN Youth Council Co-Chairs (to be confirmed)
“This is the home of Elijah Harper and        reconciliation, then education can be                  • AFN Elder’s Council - Elder Joseph Williams/Elder Bertha Commanda
Phil Fontaine and so many other First         the tool for healing.” ▲                                                                         See “AFN Assembly Agenda” cont’d on page 8

               Welcome delegates!
                          Manitoba First Nations Centre for Aboriginal Health Research initiates, coordinates, and advances
                          collaborative social, cultural, clinical, health services and biomedical research that benefits First Nation,
                          Metis, Inuit and other indigenous populations.

                          We are a centre dedicated to advancing leading edge partnership research programs.

                          For further information, contact:             Tel: 204.789.3250
                                                                        Webpage url:
July 13/2010                                        AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                       7

                  WELCOME FIRST NATION
                  CHIEFS AND DELEGATES!
      Defending and Advancing Aboriginal Rights for more than 30 years

                    H UTCHINS L EGAL I NC.
                       Barristers & Solicitors

                                      485 McGill, Suite 700    400-601 West Broadway
                                    Montréal, QC H2Y 2H4       Vancouver, B.C. L5Z 4C2
                    tel. (514) 849-2403 • fax (514) 849-4907   tel. (604) 871-4327
                                    toll-free 1-877-849-2403   fax (604) 871-4336

      Hutchins Legal Inc. is a premier national law practise offering Aboriginal communities strong,
                progressive, lion-hearted representation to secure their Rights and Freedoms.
      Our practice offers legal services in the following three areas: Rights-based litigation, Aboriginal
        Business and Economic Development, and Governance Structures & Social Policy Support.
           Our lawyers practise as barristers and solicitors in both Common Law and Civil Law,
                  in French and English advising on a full range of legal issues including:
               ■ Aboriginal law                     ■ Environmental law           ■ Resource management
               ■ Administrative law                 ■ International law             and development
               ■ Constitutional law                 ■ Human Rights law            ■ Taxation
               ■ Aboriginal Business and            ■ Traditional knowledge       ■ and all other services
                 Economic Development               ■ Intellectual property         our clients need.

                                          We are proud to serve you.
8    AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                                                                                     July 13/2010
AFN Assembly Agenda,                                     Cont’d from page 6
2:00 pm   Panel: Indigenous Nations uniting across North America: opportunity                          • Richard Nerysoo, Gwich’in Tribal Council – development and Indigenous
          for alliance, Nation-building, and restoration of trade and commerce                           jurisdiction and management in the North (tbc)
          Introduction: The Honorable David C. Jacobson, United States                                 • David Newhouse, Member of the Academic Advisory Committee to the
          Ambassador to Canada: advancing nation-to-nation dialogue in U.S. and                          Chiefs Committee on Economic Development – analysis of First Nations
          potential to expand trade and economic linkages across North America                           property rights
          Moderator: Regional Chief Eric Morris
                                                                                          Concurrent special evening strategy sessions
          • President Jefferson Keel, National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) -
                                                                                          5:00 pm-
            Declaration of Kinship and Cooperation Among the Indigenous Peoples and
                                                                                          7:00 pm:    First Nation Gaming: towards a national strategy
            Nations of North America
                                                                                          5:00 pm-
          • Margo Gray-Proctor, Chairwoman, National Center for American Indian
                                                                                          7:00 pm:    First Nation languages: a strategy to confirm protection, maintenance and
            Enterprise Development (NCAIED) – advancing cooperation for sustainable
                                                                                                      promotion of critically endangered Indigenous languages across our Nations
            economic development for First Nations and Tribes
          • Jamie Fullmer, former Chairman of Yavapai-Apache Nation – Inter-Nation
            Trade Cooperation                                                             July 21 ~ Day Two
3:30 pm   Panel: Indigenous Territories: implementing land rights and ensuring            Regional Caucus Sessions: dialogue and deliberation on topics and resolutions relating
          resource revenue sharing and benefit                                            to: ‘Exercising and Implementing our Rights’ and ‘Supporting First Nation Governments &
          Moderator: Regional Chief Roger Augustine                                       Nation building’
          • Chief Terry Nelson, Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation: ‘The New Buffalo’
          • Ginger Gibson, Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation re: IBA Community            8:00 ~ 10:00 am ~ Regional Caucus Sessions (Caucus room names to be confirmed)
            Toolkit – Negotiation and Implementation of Impact Benefit Agreements
                                                                                          10:00 am     ~Plenary Session ~Convene Assembly
                                                                                                       ~Location: Hall A, Winnipeg Convention Centre
                                                                                          10:15 am     Exercising and Implementing our Rights
                                                                                                       Session to be Co-Chaired by:
                                                                                                       • AFN Regional Chief Ghislain Picard, Quebec
                                                                                                       • AFN Regional Chief Guy Lonechild, Saskatchewan
                                                                                                       Topics to be covered include:
                                                                                                       1. UNDRIP:
                                                                                                            o First Nations ~ Crown work plan
                                                                                                            o Grand Chief Ed John, North American representative to the United
                                                                                                              Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
                                                                                                                                               See “AFN Assembly Agenda” cont’d on page 14

                                                                                                                              Best Wishes
                                                                                                                              to delegates attending
                                                                                                                              AFN's 31st Annual
                                                                                                                              General Assembly
                                                                                                                              in Winnipeg

                                                                                                                              From the Board and Staff
July 13/2010                                                             AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                          9
MICEC holds Grand Re-Opening
   The Manitoba Indigenous Cultural             Nursing and now a leading expert on   Community Advocate, Point Douglas
                                                                                                                                                         - GRN staff
                                                                                                                               are walking on First Nations historical
Education Centre (MICEC) has under-             aboriginal health issues, and         Community.                               lands and we must treat the communi-
gone a facelift over the last year and the      Glen Hudson, Chief of the Pequis         “MICEC is an important reminder to    ty and its first residents with the respect
final outcome is eye-catching.                  First Nation,” said Sel Burrows,      the residents of Point Douglas that we   that is due to them.” ▲
   Its recent upgrading is an inviting
and welcoming presence in the Point
Douglas community. It offers a univer-
sally accessible space with many dis-
tinct features. Some of these include; a
more culturally appropriate design, an
environmentally-friendly building,

Ribbon cutting for renewed MICEC includes:
L to R (unidentified), SCO Grand Chief Morris
Swan-Shannacappo, Chon. Florfina Marcelino,
Minister of Culture, Heritage and Tourism,
Peguis Chief Glen Hudson, MICEC Executive
Director Dennis Daniels, Lorne Cochrane

expanded programming, enhanced
space for the library which carries many
books, videos, artifacts and artwork, a
teaching kitchen, a children’s area and
terrarium. These recent additions will
assist in providing a greater learning
experience of Aboriginal cultures to all
   “The centre provides important serv-
ice to promote awareness and under-
standing of Aboriginal culture,” said
Steve Ashton, Minister of Infrastructure
and Transportation. “With these
upgrades to the museum and library
the cultural centre is a more vibrant
and accessible community space for all
Manitobans to enjoy.”
   Dennis Daniels, Executive Director of
MICEC said, “The Revitalization Project
has been an incredible success. Our facil-
ity is vastly improved and we are very
excited to be in our new space. We are
eager to get our new programming
underway and for visitors to come and
experience all that we have to offer.”
   “The Manitoba Indigenous Cultural
Education Centre (MICEC) is a land-
mark site in Point Douglas and repre-
sents the important history this com-
munity has. Many important aborigi-
nal leaders had their start and lived in
Point Douglas including Fjiola Hart-
Wasekeesikaw, the first aboriginal
woman to attain a masters degree in
10           AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                                                                   July 13/2010

       TLEC honours Dennis White Bird
               at 2010 AGM
   On June 16, 2010, the Treaty Land       Chief Negotiator of the Treaty Land       Manitoba here at the Opaskwayak Cree       said the former AMC Grand Chief and
Entitlement Committee (TLEC) of            Entitlement Committee and former          Nation.”                                   Chief of Rolling River First Nation.
Manitoba Inc. paid tribute to its former   Commissioner of the Treaty Relations         The TLEC President then presented       “Being presented with a Star Blanket by
Chief Negotiator, Mr. Dennis White         Commission of Manitoba,” stated           Mr. White Bird with a plaque of appre-     First Nations peoples carries with it sig-
Bird, at its 2010 Annual General           Mr. Nelson Genaille, President of the     ciation, as he was draped with a tradi-    nificant spiritual meaning. From the
Meeting at the Opaskwayak Cree             TLEC Board of Directors. “Through his     tional Star Blanket, on behalf of TLEC’s   bottom of my heart, I say Miigwech for
Nation (OCN).                              valiant leadership and vision as the      Member First Nations. After this presen-   this special honouring ceremony.”
   “On behalf of our Member First          Chief Negotiator for TLEC, representing   tation, OCN’s North Buffalo Drum              During his address to the Member
Nations, we are honouring former           19 First Nations at the time, Mr. White   Group honoured him with an Honour          First Nations of TLEC, Mr. White Bird
Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Grand          Bird signed the Manitoba Treaty Land      Song and a Chief’s Song.                   reminded and encouraged the dele-
Chief Mr. Dennis White Bird for his pre-   Entitlement Framework Agreement on           “I am very honoured and humbled         gates to remain vigilant and focused
vious work and accomplishments as the      May 29, 1997, along with Canada and       to accept this plaque and Star Blanket,”   in their task of Treaty implementa-
                                                                                                                                tion, specifically referencing Treaty
                                                                                                                                Land Entitlement (TLE) implementa-
                                                                                                                                tion. He also reflected upon his time
                                                                                                                                as the first-appointed Commissioner
                                                                                                                                of the Treaty Relations Commission of
                                                                                                                                Manitoba from 2005-2010 and the
                                                                                                                                “We Are All Treaty People” public
                                                                                                                                education campaign that he oversaw
                                                                                                                                as the Commissioner.
                                                                                                                                   At the end of his address, all of the
                                                                                                                                delegates personally thanked Mr. White
                                                                                                                                Bird for his contributions and accom-
                                                                                                                                plishments with a handshake.
                                                                                                                                   In other news at the TLEC AGM, the
                                                                                                                                following individuals were elected by
                                                                                                                                the TLEC Member First Nations to serve
                                                                                                                                on TLEC’s Board of Directors for a two-
                                                                                                                                year term:

                                                                                                                                Mr. Nelson Genaille – President
                                                                                                                                Councillor Paul Chief – Vice-President
                                                                                                                                Councillor Conway Arthurson –
                                                                                                                                Councillor Garth Flett – Director
                                                                                                                                Councillor Brian Cromarty - Director

                                                                                                                                  Best Wishes to all delegates
                                                                                                                                      attending the AFN's
                                                                                                                                     31st Annual Assembly
                                                                                                                                       957 Main Street
                                                                                                                                   Winnipeg , MB R2W 3P2
                                                                                                                                        PH: 944-8379
                                                                                                                                     244 Legislative Bldg.
                                                                                                                                    Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8
                                                                                                                                        PH: 945-4323
July 13/2010   AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                   11

                                Chiefs' Committee of the Treaty Land Entitlement Committee of MB, 1983.

                                The Manitoba Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement signing
                                ceremony at the Opaskwayak Cree Nation, May 29, 1997.

                                Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation TLE signing ceremony - July 30, 1998.

                               To learn more about the implementation status of the
                    Manitoba Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement,
                                                 visit our Website @
12   AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY   July 13/2010
July 13/2010   AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY   13
14 AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                                                                                        July 13/2010
AFN Assembly Agenda,                                       Cont’d from page 8
            2. Treaties: proposed National Strategy on Treaties                            Review and Deliberation on Resolutions
                 • Chief Ovide Mercredi, Misipawistik Cree Nation                          3:30 pm     Organizational Updates and Accountability:
            3. Implementing Title and Rights:                                                          • Aboriginal Healing Foundation (AHF) - Georges Erasmus, President
                 • Comprehensive Claims Review                                                         • Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada (AFOA) - Dana Soonias,
                 • AFN Regional Chief Jody Wilson-Raybould, British Columbia                             CAFM,Chair
                                                                                                       • Aboriginal Sports Circle
Review and Deliberation on Resolutions                                                                 • First Nation Information Governance Centre
12:00 pm Break for Lunch
1:00 pm     Supporting First Nation Governments and Nation Re-building:
            Session to be Co-Chaired by:
                                                                                           July 22 ~ Day Three
                • AFN Regional Chief Jody Wilson-Raybould, British Columbia                7:30 am      The Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce and the Manitoba Chamber of
                • AFN Regional Chief George Stanley, Alberta                                            Commerce Breakfast (for further information or tickets for this event, please
                                                                                                        call (204) 948-0111 or email
            Topics to be covered include:
                 1. Overall direction on governance, nation building and duty to consult   Regional Caucus Sessions: dialogue and deliberation on topics and resolutions relating to:
                 2. Citizenship                                                            ‘Supporting Families and Communities’ and ‘Advancing Economic and Environmental Interests’
                 3. Fiscal Relationship including: Capital and Infrastructure issues,
                    winter roads and Third Party Management                                8:00 – 10:00 am ~ Regional Caucus Sessions (Caucus room names to be confirmed)
                           • AFN Regional Chief Rick Simon, Nova Scotia/Newfoundland
                           • AFN Regional Chief Bill Traverse, Manitoba

                                                                                                                                           The advertising deadline for the
                                                                                                                                            Aug. 17 issue is Aug. 11/2010
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                                                                                                                                                   Located in Thompson,
                                                                                                                                             The Pas, Winnipeg and surrounding

                                                                                                                                           The Management, Employees, Board
                                                                                                                                            & Caregivers at Macdonald Youth
                                                                                                                                            Services would like to welcome
                                                                                                                                                delegates attending the
                                                                                                                                                  AFN's 31st Annual
                                                                                                                                                  General Assembly.

                                                                                                                                                For more information on MYS
                                                                                                                                                   services and programs,
                                                                                                                                                     please visit

                                                                                                                                                 MYS - Growing futures for
                                                                                                                                                Manitoba youth, families and
                                                                                                                                                 communities since 1929.

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July 13/2010                                                              AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY   15
AFN Assembly Agenda,                                       Cont’d

10:00 am    ~Plenary Session ~Convene Assembly
            ~Location: Hall A, Winnipeg Convention Centre
10:15 am    Supporting Families and Communities
            Session to be Co-Chaired by:
                • AFN Regional Chief Angus Toulouse, Ontario
                • AFN Regional Chief Bill Erasmus, NWT

            Topics to be covered:

            1. Education - including:
                 o Education guarantee / funding
                 o Post secondary
                 o First Nations University (FNU)
                           • AFN Regional Chief Guy Lonechild, Saskatchewan

            2. Health – including:
                o Governance – political strategies to direct change
                o Cutbacks, funding and data issues

            3. Residential Schools- including:
                o Day Schools
                o Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)
                         • The Honorable Justice Murray Sinclair, Chair

12:00 pm    Break for Lunch

1:00 pm     Advancing Economic and Environmental Interests:
            Session to be Co-Chaired by:
                • AFN Regional Chief Eric Morris, Yukon
                • AFN Regional Chief Roger Augustine, New Brunswick/PEI

            Topics to be covered:

            1. Water Rights

            2. Climate Change
                 His Excellency Edgar Torres Mosqueira, Ambassador to Canada,
                 Plurinational State of Bolivia - Agreement from the Cochambamba World
                 Peoples’ Climate Conference

            3. Energy: discussion of International Indigenous Energy Summit

            4. Gaming: advancing national strategy

Review and Deliberation on Resolutions

2:45 pm     Concluding Summary Statement of Direction from Assembly
            • preparation and deliberation of communiqué from the Assembly – summarizing
              go-forward directions and priority actions.

3:45 pm     Closing Ceremonies

4:30 pm     Meeting Adjourns

Additional Special Guests and Announcements:
• Holmes Homes Group Announcement
• Engineers Canada Announcement
• The Belinda Stronach Foundation – One Laptop Per Child Program
• Members of the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples
• Members of the House of Commons Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development
• World Indigenous Nations Games - 2012
• Canadian Human Rights Museum
• Starwood Hotel Partnership
16            AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                                                                            July 13/2010

St. John Reunion
Grassroots News Editor Don Marks was          abuse from IRS survivors who are still
                                                                                            and joyous, there were some students
                                                                                            who were indeed searching for more.
                                                                                            The kid who was bullied but has now
                                                                                            become a success; maybe searching for
                                                                                                                                            Burton Cummings is one of the nicest
                                                                                                                                         people you will ever meet. Cummings
                                                                                                                                         treated this writer with nothing but cour-
                                                                                                                                         tesy and respect throughout my coverage
kept busy during the third weekend of June    struggling to cope with the effects of        revenge or perhaps just to gloat, but        of the reunion and put on an outstanding
covering the first National Event of the      their educational experience today.           hopefully looking to share his feelings      show at the Gala Dinner and Dance. He
Truth & Reconciliation Commission and            The atmosphere was so different at         and find closure or even to forgive.         even attended the St. John's Social and
the 100th Anniversary of St. John's High      the two gatherings that one might             The girl who got pregnant and aban-          mixed freely with students from every
School – “reunions” which had more in         think they had nothing in common.             doned and had to leave school to raise       rung of the high school social ladder.
common than one might expect.                 And we have often seen that anybody           a baby or have an abortion. As trau-            It wasn't always this way.
                                              who dares to compare different tragic         matic as these experiences can be, they         Fame and fortune came fast for Burton
    It may have been sheer coincidence        events in our history runs the risk of        pale in comparison to the brutal rapes       Cummings and he readily admits that it
that the St. John's High School               being accused of belittling or trivializing   and beatings and outright murder             went to his head. So he wrote the song
Centennial celebration and reunion            the more horrific experiences.                which was experienced at residential         “Free” to share his story with the people
took place at the same time the Truth            Then again, the TRC states that one        schools, but there is a process we all       he believes he wronged in the past.
and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)           of its primary goals is to reach out to all   undergo here.                                   A video of the song which is readily
held its first National Event for survivors   Canadians with the stories it will               Sharing our Stories. Finding the Truth.   available on “Youtube” mixes Burton
of the Indian Residential School (IRS)        uncover during the next five years.           Understanding. Empathy. Healing. And         singing with him talking (google: bur-
system in Winnipeg. But this timing           Their goal is to uncover the truth so that    Reconciliation.                              ton cummings free) The script has been
may have served a very special purpose.       we can learn from this history and not           If we can agree that relating the expe-   replayed in person by Cummings to all
    The St. John's reunion brought            repeat it. This education will lead to the    riences of the St. J reunion in such         who care to hear.
together hundreds of grown-up children        healing all Canadians need and then           seemingly small ways does not reduce            Burton sings: “You will learn lessons
of Jewish and Ukrainian immigrants;           perhaps a true reconciliation between         the gravity and impact of the IRS night-     that help the soul to be free”
who had Holocausts and Holodomors in          First Nations and Canada.                     mare, then we can find the common               Burton says: (edited) “I have regrets
their past, but are now mostly successful        So, no matter how different the St. J      ground we need to connect these gath-        about things I've done in my life. People
middle class Canadians after decades of       and the TRC gatherings appeared to be         erings, and extrapolate from there to        that I haven't treated as fairly as I should.
education and hard work. They renewed         on the surface, they were both                the national effort to share our stories     And I look in the mirror sometimes and
friendships and shared memories and           “reunions”, and there may be value if         and reconcile.                               it makes me very sad. And “Free” is advis-
fun stories.                                  we can find common ground.                       And the St. John's alumnus whose          ing other people to do what I am in the
    The TRC gathering heard stories of           While most of the stories shared at        story suits this purpose best turns out      process of doing. And that is leave the
cultural genocide, physical and sexual        the St. J reunion were heartwarming           the be the most famous of them all.                                       Cont’d on next page
July 13/2010                                                                  AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                                 17
emotional baggage behind. Regret is a
useless emotion. “Free” is Burton trying       C-Weed has had hit after hit after hit...                                                                                   - GRN staff
to be grown up. I'm trying to be better.           FINALLY!                                   by telling the story of Alabama – not the     secret. Let's celebrate that by stacking
I'm trying. It took me a very, very long           After 35 years, Errol Ranville has         American state but the mega-successful        “Magic in the Music” (35 year
time. I'm trying.”                             finally put the very best of his songs         country music group.                          Anniversary Album) into your CD play-
    Burton sings: “There is talk of            over a very long and successful career             “No matter how good the songs are,        er and spinning it to our endless delight
compassion. But it hides from the              onto one recording and we can throw            it simply takes money we just don't have      (you can buy the recording at CD Plus
heartache. You must find lessons. The          out the mix tapes at long last. All of the     to get this material on to the playlists of   stores across Canada, at iTunes or from
teaching and the learning. And you will        greatest hits are here and even if you         American radio stations and break any
walk proudly. Because you will be free.”       had grown a bit too familiar with some         musical group out,” Ranville exclaims             And, for your added interest as you
    Again, Burton Cummings apologiz-           of C-Weed's stuff from inevitable over-        ruefully. “The guy who got behind             enjoy this classic, here is a rundown of
ing to people he may have hurt or even         play, this CD will remain in your deck         Alabama spent a million dollars and the       all the songs on the album, with special
slighted over the years is almost incom-       because the songs are just too memo-           group was going nowhere. Fortunately,         insights into the history and the mean-
parable to the horrors which were              rable and enjoyable.                           the guy had another million dollars to        ing in the magic which is this music.
inflicted on IRS students. But the process         And surely, one of the first things that   invest and finally he was able to get, or     Old Rodeo Cowboys – A smart, fast-
Burton is going through is the same            must cross any music fan's mind is per-        buy, the attention Alabama needed and         paced, melodic rocker by the sorely
process we all want to go through to           haps why doesn't C-Weed just release           success breeds success.”                      missed collaboration of Errol Ranville
learn from each other and to reconcile.        this collection under some new name                And that is a colossal shame.             and Craig Fotheringham. A moody gui-
    Burton Cummings and all of the rest        and bust into the American market like             But it is also the reason other top       tar intro here creates a magic music
of the students at the St. John's reunion,     a banshee in heat. You know, pretend it's      Canadian talent like Blue Rodeo and           moment that stays with you forever
perhaps especially the Jewish and              all new material being released by some        The Tragically Hip haven't garnered the       because it expresses so perfectly the
Ukrainian students, most other Canadians,      newcomer and let the songs find the            attention they deserve in that huge           tragic mood of the song's story which
and the survivors who were gathered at         huge audience they deserve (after all,         market south of the border. And don't         eventually unfolds from the lyrics. In
the Forks, all know this. This is the way we   that huge American market is relatively        for a second think that C-Weed doesn't        film, they say “if you can say it with pic-
connect these two seemingly different          unexposed to this Canadian treasure so         belong in such exclusive Canuck com-          tures, don't use words. If you can say it
reunions and this is the connection we         why can't they be faked out by discover-       pany. From “Loving You” to “Run as            with music, don't sing it?” Old Rodeo
need to make right across this country.        ing the wide range of country rockers          One”, Errol Ranville has a string of          Cowboys touches the regret in all of us
    “The teaching and the learning. And        and ballads C-Weed's legion of fans in         strong songs that stand beside anything       for times and lifestyles gone by and the
you will walk proudly. Because you will        Canada know and love?)                         the best in Canada has ever written.          folly of clinging to what is no more.
be free” ▲                                         Errol Ranville answers that question           So C-Weed might remain a Canadian         Testament to the quality of the song is
                                                                                                                                                              See “C-weed” cont’d on page 18
18   AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                            July 13/2010
                                  C-Weed,                Cont’d from page 17
                                  that the video received full rotation on       a bridge, Errol simply slipped out to a
                                  MuchMusic despite the fact Errol               hallway between two recording studios
                                  Ranville isn't much of an actor.               and wrote that bridge lickety split).
                                  Janine – One of our favorite songs of all      (Play me) My Favorite Song – And yes,
                                  time, Ranville's unique voice almost           this lively country jag did become a
                                  pulls off this Trooper classic without the     favorite for plenty of folks. Perhaps
                                  benefit of a plethura of backing vocals        most representative of Ranville's clever
                                  but he could have used some help.              and playful mastery of lyrics, the song
                                  Slightly under-produced but the song is        not only references all the popular
                                  so darn good, you'll never tire of it.         southern rock the C-Weed band was
                                  Magic in the Music -- Musicians spend a        covering at the time (Allmans, Skynyrd
                                  lot of time on the road so naturally, they     etc.) but the essence of the genre as well
                                  write a lot of road tunes. Errol tapped out        “Somebody must have done some-
                                  this one on a steering wheel on Highway        body wrong song,
                                  17 somewhere between Ottawa and                    Won't you play me my favorite hurt-
                                  Winnipeg. But what started out as a            ing cowboy song?”
                                  country song turned reggae because pro-        Bringing Home the Good Times –
                                  ducer Fotheringham had just wrapped 6          Again, Ranville achieves near perfection
                                  weeks working in that genre and could-         with both music and lyrics. Deserved all
                                  n't get Marley music out of his head. It all   the accolades (Country Song of the
                                  ended up kind of sounding like “Oh Blah        Year/MAACA, Songwriter of the
                                  De Oh Bla Da” by the Beatles, but it got       Year/1984). The mood and the story
                                  nominated for a JUNO in 1986.                  Errol tells here transports you to the
                                  Loving You – Editor Don Marks lists this       road he is on and the welcome he will
                                  as one of his top ten songs of all time,       receive when he gets home. Truly. You
                                  any artist from anywhere. Obviously, a         get there so easily by just closing your
                                  gift from some Higher Power because            eyes and listening (we started to provide
                                  this absolutely gorgeous, richly melod-        a sample of the lyrics but realized we
                                  ic, never get tired of, make you cry it is     would have to print the whole song
                                  so beautiful, masterpiece was “written”        because it is all so well done).
                                  in the middle of a party one afternoon         Jack – Errol collaborated with nephew
                                  in the Gateway Hotel in The Pas. The           Michael Bruyere (drummer Don Ranville's
                                  greatest gifts are given to you but you        son) in Edmonton to come up with this.
                                  have to be open to receive the message         All in the Family (but who's Jack?)
                                  and Ranville received it loud and clear.       I'll Take it from Here - Pretty standard
                                  The piano work by Fotheringham and             country rocker, along with “Jack”, part
                                  the guitar solo from Clint Dutiaume are        of a rather quiet period for Ranville.
                                  absolutely perfect. Can you hear a song        I Wanna Fly – Errol Ranville has one of
                                  over a thousand times and still not be         those Neil Young/Don Henley kind of
                                  sick of it in the least? Yes.                  voices (distinctive, never boring and
                                  Pick Up Truck Cowboy – The title says          always grows on you, unlike some silky
                                  it all. Written during the era of movie        sopranos). And there is only one voice
                                  “Urban Cowboy” (starring John                  for this inspirational classic which is
                                  Travolta) when all the big bars had            being used by every 12-step program in
                                  mechanical bulls, this one reveals             North America once they hear it. It's
                                  Ranville is a rounder (also a master           quite simple. If you have polished off
                                  musician because when the song needed                                     Cont’d on next page
July 13/2010                                                                  AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY   19
half a 26 and this song comes on, the          launch the lessons and the learning and
bottle goes down, and you get up ready         the healing still to come.
for a fresh start. After one helluva good          Magic in the Music will please C-
cry, first from sadness, then out of sheer,    Weed fans as well as those who may not
pure joy. Whew!                                have heard any of this material before.
Evangeline – written by Robbie                 The recording is being supported by a
Robertson of Six Nations, the Band and         40-stop summer tour in 2010 sand-
solo fame, this early hit went number          wiched around recording a Creedence
one on national mainstream country             Clearwater Revival tribute disc (which
radio charts in 1980. Robertson was            will also feature 6 new C-Weed compo-
very grateful for the publishing royalties     sitions). That album, to be produced
he earned from this “C-Weed guy from           with brother Don at Jesse Green's
somewhere out west”.                           Strongfront Studio, will be called
Run as One – More than a testament to          “Forever” and C-Weed is already lining
C-Weed's longevity, this song duplicat-        up the tour for the summer of 2011.
ed the success of Evangeline 20 years              Errol Ranville, a.k.a. C-Weed, likes to
later. A runaway number one hit, uncle         be known as a musician for the masses
Errol and nephew Mike nailed it and a          and that's the message in the liner notes
nomination for a JUNO in 2001.                 of “Magic”. While some artists might
Saskatchewan's Red Bull traditional            use a “tongue in cheek” approach to
drum group (Red Pheasant First Nation)         point out they have been ignored for
blends totally well vocally and proves         most of the record industry's multitude
the drum is truly the heartbeat of             of awards, Errol bluntly (and he can't
Mother Earth.                                  hide some bitterness) writes that he has
Redemption – Errol was moved by a speech       made a very comfortable living selling a
from AFN National Chief Phil Fontaine to       million records and playing live before
write this message of truth and reconcilia-    millions more during the past 35 years,
tion. The lyrics cover a tragic history with   thank you very much.
hope for the future and the mood of the            That thank you is totally sincere, and
music provides an optimistic stage to          works both ways. ▲

    Welcome delegates
    to AFN’s 31st Annual
    General Assembly
    being held in Winnipeg
    Pat Martin
    MP - Winnipeg Centre
    Constituency Office:
    892 Sargent Avenue
    Winnipeg, MB R3E 0C7
    Ph: 204-984-1675 / Fax: 204-984-1676
20            AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                      July 13/2010

Mallard Stars Win Brandon Tournament:
Lacquette Family Celebrates All Things Hockey
- Scott Taylor
    It’s been quite a year for Terrence                                                     team wasn’t just to win games –
Lacquette’s hockey family.                                                                  although at times, I wish we’d win
    His eldest daughter Tara, a first-year                                                  more often – but also to make sure that
player at the University of Manitoba,                                                       at the end of the day, we make better
was called upon to start in goal during                                                     people. I’m very proud of this team and
the Canada West Women’s Hockey                                                              this program.”
Finals, after veteran senior goaltender                                                        A week after losing in the final of the
(and Metis star) Stacey Corfield suffered                                                   Fargo Pepsi Challenge, 3-2 in a shootout
a season-ending injury, and performed                                                       to the Southwest Manitoba Storm, the
remarkably well.                                                                            Stars went into Brandon and dominated
    Youngest daughter Brigette was                                                          the tournament.
named the best defenseman at the                                                               The stars beat the Northwest
World Under-18 women’s hockey                                                               Thrashers 5-0 in the opener then came
championship in Chicago this spring as                                                      back from a 3-2 deficit after two periods
Canada won gold. She also led Team                                                          to knock off the Brandon Bulldogs 4-3
Manitoba to the gold medal at the                                                           in Game 2.
National Aboriginal Championships                    Brigette and Tara Lacquette               In the final, with Wendell Friday of
and was named provincial and national                                                       Cote First Nation in Saskatchewan play-
winner of the Tom Longboat Award as               “These kids are outstanding,”             ing brilliantly in goal, the Stars drilled
the top aboriginal female athlete in the       Lacquette said after the Stars disposed of   the Renegades 5-1 and beat them in
nation. Now, she’s waiting to hear from        the Edmonton’s Alberta Renegades in          every aspect of the game. With Wyatt
Julie Healy, Canada’s director of female       the tournament final. “They aren’t just      Nepinak leading the offence and Taran
hockey, to see if she’s earned a spot on       great players, but real role models for      Lacquette anchoring the defence, the
Canada’s national under-22 team.               their communities. The goal of this          Stars finally won a 2010 summer tour-
    This fall, both Tara and Brigette will                                                                                                   Taran Lacquette and the Brandon
                                                                                                                                                  champtionship trophy.
play for Jon Rempel’s U of M Bisons and
many CIS experts believe that, as a                                                                                                      nament after losing in a final and win-
result, the Bisons are the pre-season                                                                                                    ning a consolation final in four other
favourites to win the national title.                                                                                                    Coach: Alan Reid, Skownan First Nation
    And last week, son Taran’s Triple A                                                                                                  events this summer.
bantam team, the Mallard Stars, won                                                                                                         “When we started the program, we
the prestigious Brandon Source for                                                                                                       were getting waxed by everybody, all the
Sports Triple A challenge, one of the top                                                                                                time,” Lacquette conceded. “But then
elite minor hockey tournaments in                                                                                                        we started to gain our confidence and it
Western Canada.                                                                                                                          was our turn to start beating teams.”
    The Stars’ victory was particularly sat-                                                                                                The Stars began as a novice team
isfying for Terrence because he’s not only                                                                                               (ages 7-8) in 2003. As 14-year-olds (play-
the team’s co-head coach, but a big part                                                                                                 ers born in 1996), the kids have been
of the only all-aboriginal, province-wide,                                                                                               together a long time and Lacquette is so
elite minor hockey team in Manitoba.                                                Mallard Stars                                                                   Cont’d on next page
July 13/2010                                                                AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                        21
impressed with their development, he’s       the best tournaments in the province           All of them have come _a long way in        Brody Claeys - Ste Rose
convinced that “14 of the 17 players on      and develop toward the bantam draft            their individual games, but what I’m        Trey Evenson - Gladstone
the roster will go on to play junior.” In    and the Directors Cup. The plan is to          very impressed with is how they_ con-       Glen Paupanekis Jr - Norway House
fact, six players – Taran Lacquette,         keep the team together for one more            duct themselves away from the rink.                              First Nation
Wyatt Nepinak, Terrence Roulette Jr.,        year, their final year of bantam. By the       They are definitely future Stars and I
                                                                                                                                        Taran Lacquette - Mallard Man.
Brent Courchene, Cody Ellingson and          time they get to midget, they should be        believe we will eventually win the
                                                                                                                                                          (Cote First Nation)
Shaq Houle – will attend the Western         in junior or playing for Aboriginal Team       NAHC in the next few years. But even if
                                                                                                                                        Layne Anderson - Fox Lake First
Hockey League Prospects Camp in              Manitoba. In the next year, we want to         they don’t become hockey players,
Calgary from July 24-27.                     take them right across Canaa just to see       these kids all have very bright futures.”
    “I believe this team has the top 10 or   how they stack up. We’re the best native                                                   Wendell Friday - Cote First Nation
12 14-year-old aboriginal players in the     team at the 1996 level in Western              THE MALLARD                                 Cody Ellingson - Swan River
province,” added Lacquette. “Of the 14       Canada. I’d like us to become just the         STARS 2010                                  Taran Sytnick - Dauphin
players who will play junior, six will       best team in Canada.”
play in the Western Hockey League and,          Lacquette has applied to be named
                                                                                            BRANDON                                     Preston Wesley - Norway House First
if they keep at it, four will get a good     the next head coach of Aboriginal Team         SOURCE FOR
                                                                                                                                        Brady Keeper - Cross Lake First Nation
look by NHL teams. I have three for-         Manitoba and if he makes the grade and         SPORTS TRIPLE
                                                                                                                                        Tyrell Armstrong - Cross Lake First
wards who are awesome and a couple of        is selected by the MASRC board, he             A CHALLENGE                                                    Nation
defencemen who might be among the            wants to have as many of these young
top 14-year-old defencemen, aboriginal       men on his team as possible.
or not, in all of Manitoba.                     “This is certainly a very exciting team     Wyatt Nepinak - Skownan First Nation        Director of Hockey Operations:
    “We put this team together every         to watch. There are a few of them that                                                     Terrence Roulette Sr.
                                                                                            Jeremy Folster - Norway House First
summer so the kids will get to play in       will be turning some heads real soon.                           Nation
                                                                                            Brent Courchene - Sagkeeng First            Head coach: Terrence Lacquette,
                                                                                                                Nation                              Mallard, Man.
                                                                                            Terence Roulette Jr. - Sandy Bay First      Coach: Rod Ellingson, Swan River

WAG Installation Honours                                                                                           Nation
                                                                                            Shaq Houle - Ebb & Flow First Nation
                                                                                                                                        Coach: Del Evenson, Gladstone
                                                                                                                                        Coach: Alan Reid, Skownan First

Truth and Reconciliation                                                                    Denis Baptiste Jr - Ebb & Flow First

   When the Truth and Reconciliation         people and we hope that our visitors this
Commission hosted the first of its seven     summer will take time not only to stop
national events in Winnipeg June 16 to       and read the words but to really ponder
19, the Winnipeg Art Gallery played an       them and take them to heart”
important role. Hanging in the WAG’s             Busby, who has done versions of this
two-story Eckhardt Hall visitors will see    work in Halifax; Whitehorse; and
We Are Sorry, two 20’ x 45’ vinyl panels     Melbourne, Australia, was approached
containing excerpts from the 2008            by Chief Justice Murray Sinclair, Chair
landmark apologies to Aboriginal peo-        of the TRC, asking if she would be inter-
ples for the Indian Residential Schools      ested in replicating it in Winnipeg as
and the “Stolen Generations” respec-         part of the TRC Winnipeg event.
tively by Prime Ministers Stephen                “These apologies for the stolen genera-
Harper of Canada and Kevin Rudd of           tions in Australia and the Indian residen-
Australia. It will be on view until August   tial schools systems in Canada were of
22. The WAG is offering free admission       major significance when they were deliv-
for this installation only.                  ered, and yet each was a relatively fleeting
   We Are Sorry will be complemented         moment,” says Busby. “We are Sorry gives
by two large ink-jet prints of Harper and    them a renewed and sustained presence
Rudd, from Busby’s Sorry series, images      highlighting the shared histories of these
of the mouths of those featured in news      two British colonies. I hope this work will
stories—politicians, sports figures,         encourage dialogue between Aboriginal
CEOs—who have made public apolo-             and non-Aboriginal people while pro-
gies for a wide range of wrong-doings.       moting deeper understanding of the
   “The Truth and Reconciliation             damage caused by colonizing practices. I
Commission is important for healing          hope also that it will contribute to enlarg-
and understanding between all                ing the issues as the non-spectacular post-
Canadians, a critical part of our national   apology negotiation processes continue
history, and the WAG is very honoured        in both countries.”
to be part of it,” says WAG Director             More information on all WAG exhi-
Stephen Borys. “Cathy’s work speaks to       bitions and programs can be found at
both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal 
22           AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                                                                                               July 13/2010
WSO Indigenous Festival growing by going global                                                                                                                                - GRN staff
   “We all took a little cultural ride                                                                                                                      intimate setting of the West End
around the globe”                                                                                                                                           Cultural Centre provided the backdrop
   That is how Eagle & Hawk front man                                                                                                                       for the songs and traditions of three
Vince Fontaine summed up this year's                                                                                                                        Southern cultures on day three of the
Indigenous Festival which brought                                                                                                                           Fest. Pura Fe and Jennifer Kreisberg from
together the Winnipeg Symphony                                                                                                                              Ulali shared dhe songs of their Native
Orchestra and First Nations performing                                                                                                                      American ancestors followed by an ener-
artists from the world over in a 4-day                                                                                                                      getic and mesmerizing dance perform-
gala showcase of music and dance at                                                                                                                         ance by Viva Brasil. Licanantay then
various venues throughout the city.                                                                                                                         shared musical traditions from Chile
   “Collaboration is the big thing,”                                                                                                                        with contemporary twists.
Fontaine went on to say. “Each year we                                                                                                                         “Fuse and collaborate. Collaborate
                                            Photo by Keith Levit

learn more about each other's cultures                                                                                                                      and fuse. All of us were learning new
and the mix of music is unique and                                                                                                                          things and thoroughly enjoying our-
beautiful. We were even able to incor-                                                                                                                      selves,” said Fontaine. “Every music
porate symphonic elements into the                                                                                                                          experience we gain is stored up as a
traditional Grand Entry”                                           Full Symphony performance with indigenous rock band Eagle and Hawk.                      resource for inspiration.”
   Thus, Opening Night featured a drum                                                                                                                         Which means the influence of the
song in the “Grand Entry” tradition of                                 “There are essentially two levels to   setting of the West End Cultural Centre.      indigenous Festival may be found in
North American indigenous peoples                                  the Festival now,” added Fontaine. “The    Walking Wolf welcomed guests with a           upcoming musical releases from Eagle &
(Spirit Rising and Walking Wolf had the                            symphony layer and the indigenous          traditional drum song followed by Cree        Hawk. Meanwhile, the best that current
honour of singing an Intertribal song to                           layer. We managed to combine a sym-        composer Andrew Balfour’s Raven Fanfare,      First Nations recording artists presently
open the festival with the Grand Entry)                            phony score with an intertribal drum       performed by the WSO Quintet. Monohar         have to offer was served up for the finale
while Cree composer Andrew Balfour                                 song and it worked incredibly well.”       then presented dance traditions from          on Day Four at the Burton Cummings
presented his composition Manitou Sky.                                 Over 1,200 people attended Opening     India in a Tribute to Mother Earth. India     Theatre. The concert featured Don Amero,
   “It was truly a Grand Entry of Nations                          Night at the Centennial Concert Hall.      met India in a dance presentation by          Digging Roots, Shy-Anne Hovorka and
with indigenous performers from India                                  On the second night of the             First Nations dancer Buffy Handel and         Eagle & Hawk performing with the
(offshore far east), China, Chile, Brazil                          Indigenous Festival, an atmosphere of      Monohar performing to Andrew Balfour’s        Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and was
and Ghana,” said Fontaine.                                         friendship was created in the intimate     White Buffalo. The Asham Stompers             extremely well-received.
                                                                                                              then presented the traditional Metis             “Our success and growth makes it
                                                                                                              music featuring Melissa St. Goddard on        look like the Indigenous Festival will
                                                                                                              fiddle. Traveling West with Amjad gave        continue next year,” said Fontaine. “The
                                                                                                              the audience a unique glimpse at tradi-       WSO has shown tremendous coopera-
                                                                                                              tional Indian music with a contempo-          tion and respect, and the players are
                                                                                                              rary twist and, to close the evening, Eagle   really enjoying themselves,” Fontaine
                                                                                                              & Hawk brought back the Wild West             summed up. “It is like they know they
                                                                                                              Show with a little tongue in cheek.           have to pay their dues and carve their
                                                                                                                 Songs are the carriers of stories and      place in this as we all do.” ▲
                                                                                                              traditions in all cultures. Once again, the

                                                                                                              MANFF Regional Competitions held in Winnipeg
                                                                                                                  Manitoba Regional Firefighters            tasks. These various evolutions will not
                                                                                                              Champions, Norway House will put              be revealed until competition time.
                                                                                                              their fire fighting skills to the test this      The following is a list of how the First
                                                                                                              August 21, 2010. The team, who beat           Nations firefighter teams placed in the
                                                                                                              out all other firefighting crews from         20th Annual Manitoba Association of
                                                                                                              across Manitoba in regional competi-          Native Firefighters Regional Competitions
                                                                                                              tions held in Winnipeg on July 10th,          in Winnipeg:
                                                                                                              will now begin intensive training for         1) Norway House       5) Poplar River
                                                                                                              the National Championship title.              11) Tataskweyak       15) Waywayseecappo
                                                                                                                   This year the National Firefighting      2) Rolling River      6) Garden Hill
                                                                                                              Competitions will be held in Merritt,         12) Wuskwi Siphihk    7) Ebb and Flow
                                                                                                              British Columbia. This gruelling one-         3) Sagkeeng           8) Northlands
                                                                                                              day event will pit teams of aboriginal        13) Shamattawa           (Lac Brochet)
                                                                                                              firefighters from across Canada against       4) Cross Lake         9) Peguis
                                                                                                              each other in a fierce battle to demon-       14) Lake Manitoba     10) Chemwawin
                                                                                                              strate their skills by performing real-life
                                                                                                              firefighting scenarios. The actual com-          First Nations in Manitoba are most
                                                                                                              petition is made up of numerous events        vulnerable to fires and the consequences
                                                                                                              that will be selected by the organizers of    are usually tragic. Children under the age
                                                                                                              the competition from a list of possible                                  Cont’d on next page
July 13/2010                                                                    AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                                                           23
Shane Yellowbird soars at Dauphin Countryfest 2010
    In just a few short years, Shane                                                            CCMA award for “Rising Star of the                    gone to Shane's head. He had plenty of
Yellowbird has gone from quietly pursu-                                                         Year,” the “Best Country Recording”                   time to hang out with us Grassroots
ing a Fine Arts degree at college to one of                                                     award at the Native American Music                    News types and was really one of the
country music’s brightest country stars.                                                        Awards (for North America), and the                   boys (with a plethura of beautiful girls
    It’s been like that since the release of                                                    “Aboriginal Entertainer of the Year”                  following Shane everywhere and he
his debut album in Canada, “Life is                                                             award at the Aboriginal People’s Choice               treated everybody with respect) Great
Calling My Name”… creating quite a                                                              Awards (for North America).                           guy to party with and he sends out a big
stir! He’s had a hot selling record (“Me                                                           “I look forward to sharing my music                ‘good you’ to all the volunteers and staff
and My Pickup Truck”), four consecu-                                                            with listeners south of the Canadian                  who made this year’s Countryfest one
tive Top 10 Canadian radio and videos          Shane yellowbird was pleased to                  border,” commented Yellowbird. “I                     for the country music history books.
hits, and a number of major awards and         pose for pictures at Countryfest,                have lots of fans there and it’s time I get              The 21st annual Dauphin's
nominations, including the coveted             here with Syd (or Lefty?)                        out and see them.”                                    Countryfest started Wednesday at 2pm
                                                                                                   Growing up in Hobbema, Alberta                     for the die-hard veterans, then
MANFF, Cont’d                                                                                   Yellowbird, who is Cree, was a typical                Thursday to Sunday for rest of the pack.
                                                                                                cowboy. His parents participated in the                  All 12,000 four-day passes sold out
                                                                                                rodeo circuit and their son learned early             less than 17 hours after they went on
                                                                                                on to rope and ride, fully embracing the              sale last November. All 4,000-plus
                                                                                                cowboy lifestyle and accepting that it                camping spots were spoken for. About
                                                                                                would one day be his future.                          500 day passes are sold out each and
                                                                                                   Yellowbird is proud of his country                 everyday. BEST ADVICE, BUY EARLY
                                                                                                roots and still breaks horses and com-                NEXT YEAR!
                                                                                                petes in calf-roping whenever he can.                    A total of 46 acts performed on three
                                                                                                But given the exceptional fan response                stages. Yellowbird opened for Aussie star
                                                                                                to his music, especially the female kind,             Keith Urban, who replaced the Brooks
                                                                                                his future seems destined to deliver                  & Dunn show, who had to cancel
                                                                                                more outstanding country music on                     because Dunn went down.
Some of Manitoba's finest First Nations firefighters display their skills in the                both sides of the border.                                Signing out from Heritage Campsite
regional competition held in Winnipeg on July 0, 2010.                                             Biggest thing is that success has not              #260. Lefty & Douglas V.I.P. ▲
of 14 make up one third of the fatalities      always looking to educate them.”
from fires in First Nations communities            The most impressive feature of the
in Manitoba. That is nearly twice the          trailer is the smoke machine. In a matter
national average. To increase fire safety      of seconds, the bedroom area of the
education, the Manitoba Association of         trailer can be filled with non-toxic safe
Native Firefighters (MANFF) is teaching        smoke, similar to what is used in a the-
children from First Nation communities         atre and on movie sets, so that children
about fire safety.                             can learn how to stay low and gain a safe
   On Saturday, fire-safety officials were     exit from a smoke-filled environment.
teaching children from these communi-              One of the greatest challenges for First
ties’ life-saving lessons. MANFF has           Nations firefighters is the use of wood-            THE NATIONAL NATIVE ADDICTIONS PARTNERSHIP FOUNDATION INC.
secured a home safety trailer that can         frame construction on many First
simulate all the potential hazards one         Nations, which means houses can burn                The National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation Inc. [NNAPF] was created in 2000 as a
might find around the house. The trail-        to the ground in a matter of minutes.               not-for-profit organization to serve as the National voice for First Nations and Inuit culturally
er is complete with a sitting area for         Willard Bittern, who has been fighting              based addiction services. NNAPF is committed to working with Inuit and First Nations in
about 10 to 12 children where they see         fires in Poplar River for 12 years, says            furthering the capacity to address addictions and related issues.
a video on home fire safety. There is also     there is no more helpless feeling than
a kitchen area, complete with a stove,         getting to a fire and realizing it’s too late.      NNAPF is pleased to present you with an overview of the National Native Alcohol and Drug
microwave and sink, which can point            One of his first-ever calls was to a rela-
                                                                                                   Addiction Program and the National Youth Solvent Abuse Program Renewal Process at the
out the dangers of leaving a stove             tive’s house, which was fully engulfed
                                                                                                   Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Annual General Assembly Circle of Trade 2010, Winnipeg,
turned on or even leaving a pot handle         when his truck arrived. They were
turned toward the outside.                     unable to save a small child trapped
                                                                                                   Manitoba. The NNADAP/YSAP renewal process has been facilitated through a collaborative
   Daren Mini, emergency manage-               inside. Bittern says teaching children              partnership between NNAPF, Assembly of First Nations, and the First Nations Inuit Health of
ment officer, says education is the key        about fire prevention is critical.                  Health Canada. This partnership has ensured the voice of First Nations communities, Health
to fire safety and prevention and                  The      Winnipeg      Fire/Paramedic           Directors, NNADAP and YSAP treatment and prevention services, and regional addictions
stressed the importance of teaching it         Academy (2546 McPhillips Street), was               partnership committee’s are integral to establishing a renewed national system of care to
for all ages. “There’s always an opportu-      the site as children from First Nation              address substance abuse and mental health issues for First Nations peoples. Stop by to get
nity to educate children and make sure         communities participated in the fire                a glimpse of the proposed system model and have access to background information.
they know how to react. From toddlers          safety training. An officer from the
being able to recognize the signs, to the      Manitoba Association of Native                      For further information on NNAPF, please visit our website at or contact our
prevention side for older children             Firefighters guided children through                Head Office at 1-866-763-4714 or email or
where they’re taught to use fire extin-        various fire safety scenarios using the
guishers and test smoke alarms, we’re          fire safety trailer. ▲
24   AFN - 31st ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY   July 13/2010

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