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Vendor List - Kirkland Wedding Network - pdf


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									                                    THIS PAGE MAINTAINED BY                                                     Updated May 26, 2005
                                    H AYEK SERVICES
                                    6 1 1 M AR K E T S T ., K I R K L AN D , W A 9 8 0 3 3

                                   KIRKLAND WEDDING NETWORK

                                   Kirkland Downtown on the Lake Sponsors
                                   Kirkland Wedding Network
                                   Kirkland Downtown on the Lake has identified        listing fee and do not receive any commission for
Officiants                     1   more than 60 businesses, mostly in downtown         referrals from this list.
Associations                   2   Kirkland, that provide goods or services related
                                                                                       The volunteers who have helped assemble this
                                   to weddings. In order to assist those planning a
Beauty & Hair Salons           2                                                       list think that Kirkland is a great place to make
                                   wedding, a list has been created with information
                                                                                       wedding plans and a
Catering                       3   about these businesses.
                                                                                       great venue for the event
Clothing                       3   Retired Judge Carolyn J. Hayek has assisted         itself. We hope you will
Consultants/Planners           4   KDL in the creation of this list. Questions, com-   agree and enjoy explor-
                                   ments, and corrections concerning the content of    ing the information we
Counseling                     4
                                   the list should be sent to her at:                  have compiled.
Dance & DJ Service             4   cjhayek@msn.com.
                                                                                       If you would like more information about Kirk-
Facilities                     5   We have focused primarily on businesses located     land Downtown on the Lake, take a look at
Florists                       6   in or near downtown Kirkland and have not tried     their website at: http://kirklanddowntown.org or
                                   to screen the list. We have also not required a     call KDL at: (425) 893-8766.
Gift Registries                6
Hotels and Motels              6
Jewelers                       7
                                   Wedding Officiants
Limousine Service              7   Carolyn J. Hayek, Retired Judge                     Rev. Amanda Aikman
                                   Hayek Services                                      Northlake Unitarian-Universalist Church
Marriage Licenses              7   Brooks Building, Suite 4                            308 Fourth Ave. S.
Music                          7   611 Market St.                                      (425) 750-0711
                                   (425) 822-2794
Photographers                  8
Printers                       8   www.kirklandplaza.com/weddings.html                 revaikman@hotmail.com
  Additional                                                                           Amanda has eleven years’ experience helping
  Information:                     Judge Hayek has been performing wedding             couples create deeply personal, meaningful
                                   ceremonies for over 20 years. She works with        ceremonies. Interfaith, unchurched, agnostic,
  Business names listed in         each couple to make sure that the ceremony          “spiritual but not religious” couples more than
  italics are members of           and exchange of vows fit their needs (and that      welcome. Amanda offers non-judgmental,
  Kirkland Downtown on             the paperwork is done right). See her website       friendly, fun, unpressured mentoring for a gor-
  the Lake. Businesses may
                                   for sample ceremonies and her advice and            geous ceremony that fits your specific person-
  request that a description
                                   insight based on observations of hundreds of        alities and beliefs.
  of their business be in-
  cluded. Requests should          weddings. Wedding parties of up to 8 people
  be sent to:                      can use her office as a ceremony location.          Rev. CD DePosit
  cjhayek@msn.com.                                                                     DePosit-Stone Consulting
                                                                                       PO Box 116
  Except as noted, all                                                                 Kirkland, WA 98083
  addresses are:                                                                       (425) 827-7380
  Kirkland, WA 98033
Kirkland Wedding Network                                This page maintained by Hayek Services
KirklandPlaza.com/kdl                                     Questions? Contact: cjhayek@msn.com
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Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce          KirklandWeddings.com
401 Parkplace, Suite 102                      www.kirklandweddings.com
(425) 822-7066                                info@kirklandweddings.com
                                              A non-profit association of independently-owned,
info@kirklandchamger.org                      Kirkland-based vendors that provide high quality
                                              services, products and support to their respective
Kirkland Downtown on the Lake                 wedding clients.
111 Park Lane
(425) 893-8766

Beauty & Hair Salons
88 Kirkland Salon                              Hartjoy Hair Design
88 Kirkland Ave.                               607 Market St.
(425) 822-1204                                 (425) 827-7487

A Touch of Class Barbers                       Kathy Evans, Makeup Artist
111 Lake Street                                1255 Carillon Point
(425) 827-7222                                 (425) 765-8181

Bella Sirena Boutique Salon                    Marc Zanetto Salon
  Contact: Julie Bourgoin                      121 Central Way
218 Kirkland Ave.                              (425) 822-1328
(425) 822-6040
www.bellasirenasalon.com                       Marina Park Salon
BourgoinJulie@hotmail.com                      40 Lakeshore Plaza
                                               (425) 822-6966
Hair and make-up on location or at salon.
                                               Michael David Salon
Bombaii Cutters                                1255 Carillon Point
  Contact: Debbie Lamont                       (425) 822-2990
122 Kirkland Ave.
(425) 828-4411                                 Simplicity Salon
www.bombaii.com                                145 Park Lane
bombaii@juno.com                               (425) 889-0966

Available for any size wedding party. Check    Studio 150
out our specialty “do’s” on our website.       174 Lake St. S.
                                               (425) 822-7636
Designers Hair Salon
122 Lake St.                                   Viridis
(425) 827-4154                                 117 Main St.
                                               (425) 576-9345
Hairmasters                                    www.viridissalon.com
228 Park Lane
(425) 827-9992
Kirkland Wedding Network                   This page maintained by Hayek Services
KirklandPlaza.com/kdl                        Questions? Contact: cjhayek@msn.com
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Epicurean Catering                Ste. Joerg Vine Grotto
452 Central Way                      Contact: Joerg or Michelle Saegesser
(425) 827-5700                    609 Market St.
www.crabcracker.com               (425) 827-4440
Hoffman’s Fine Cakes & Pastries   joerg@vinegrotto.com
226 Parkplace
(425) 828-0926                    Yarrow Bay Grill Catering
                                  1270 Carillon Point
Sasi’s Café                       (425) 889-7497
130 Lake St. S.                   www.ybgrill.com
(425) 889-2411                    grillinfo@ybgrill.com
sasiscafe@msn.com                 Yarrow Bay Grill also offers a private dining
                                  room that works well for rehearsal dinners.

Clothing: Bridal Shops, Consignment Shops, Formal Wear
The Bridal Garden                 Lake Street Tailor
  Contact: Tonya Coyle            110 Lake St.
10 Lakeshore Plaza                (425) 822-6363
(425) 889-2151
www.thebridalgarden.com           Private Collection
info@thebridalgarden.com          111 Lake St.
                                  (425) 822-1490                                    Kirkland is the wedding
Champagne Taste                                                                     capital of the Eastside—
147 Park Lane                     Seven Tailors & Men’s Consignment                 venues, dresses,
(425) 828-4502                    205 Main Street
                                  (425) 827-8598                                    photographers, officiants
Designer’s Consignment                                                              and even pre-marital
206 Main St.                      Custom tailoring and alterations for men and      counseling!
(425) 889-2162                    women. Designer and top brand apparel.

Knar’s Bridal                     The Tuxedo Club
127-A Lake St.                    344 Parkplace
(425) 827-5042                    (425) 822-2384
Kirkland Wedding Network                                 This page maintained by Hayek Services
KirklandPlaza.com/kdl                                      Questions? Contact: cjhayek@msn.com
                                                                                                                         Page 4

Consultants and Planners
Personal Wedding Assistants                      Vows Wedding Planning & Design
 Contact: Rosemary Huber                           Contact: Katy Griffiths
218 Main St. PMB #636                            10120 NE 62nd St.
(425) 861-0139 or (425) 827-8459                 (425) 576-1073
www.personalweddingassistants.com                FAX (425) 576-1074
rosihuber@comcast.net                            www.vowswedding.com

Counseling, Pre-Marital
Rev. Amanda Aikman                               Eastside Christian Counseling Offices
Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church            Contact: Georgia Thompson
308 Fourth Ave S.                                608 State St., Suite 130
(425) 750-0711 (direct)                          (425) 823-7066 or (425) 468-9363
(425) 827-7720 (church office)                                                                      Your best investment
www.revamanda.com                                Lake Washington Counseling Center
revaikman@hotmail.com                              Contact: Rosemary Bannon Tyksinski, MA,          may be the time spent
[Also listed under Officiants, Page 1.]                     LMHC, NCMHC                             getting to know each
                                                 401 Parkplace, Suite 319                           other through pre-
Claire Hatch, LICSW                              (425) 889-2880
Couples and Pre-Marital Counseling               rosemary.t@comcast.net                             marriage counseling,
10827 NE 68th St.                                                                                   before you say your
(425) 823-2273                                   Moss Bay Counseling                                vows.
www.clairehatch.com                                Contact: Joy Rome, MA, LMHC
claire@clairehatch.com                           433 State St. S.
                                                 (425) 827-5095
Turning Conflict into Closeness. Ask about
the “Honeymoon Toolkit,” a 6-hour pre-
marital counseling package. Help keep little
problems from becoming big problems, plan
for the future, and tame wedding stress. Tips
and Tools for Happier Relationships are avail-
able on website.

Dance Instruction & DJ Services
Orion Ballroom                                   Resilient Spirit
1003 7th Ave.                                      Contact: Spencer Howard
(425) 893-9337                                   PO Box 352
www.orionballrom.com                             Kirkland, WA 98083
info@orionballroom.com                           (425) 803-0256

                                                 Private dance instruction by two instructors in
                                                 beautiful, private Kirkland studio. Professional
                                                 DJ services with state of the art sound equip-
                                                 ment. Option of group dance instruction at the
Kirkland Wedding Network                                   This page maintained by Hayek Services
KirklandPlaza.com/kdl                                        Questions? Contact: cjhayek@msn.com
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Facilities for Weddings and Receptions
Anthony’s Homeport                                Heritage Hall—Continued
135 Lake St. S.                                   Beautiful historic setting with view of Lake Wash-
(425) 822-0225                                    ington. Capacity: 70 people.
                                                  Kirkland Woman’s Clubhouse
Argosy Cruises (Kirkland Waterfront)                Contact: Virginia Kaiser
  Contact: Peter Robinson                         407 First St.
1101 Alaskan Way                                  P.O. Box 2502
Pier 55, Suite 201                                Kirkland, WA 98083
Seattle, WA 98101                                 (425) 822-3278
(206) 623-1445                                    linkk@earthlink.net
sales@argosycruises.com                           The Clubhouse offers a large meeting room with a
peterr@argosycruises.com                          capacity of up to 99 guests. There is also a fully-
                                                  equipped kitchen available as a serving center.
Boats available for weddings, receptions, en-
gagement parties, and bridal showers departing Marina Park Pavilion
from Kirkland’s Marina Park and Carillon         [See contact information for Heritage Hall.]
Point, for parties of 2 to 700 guests.
                                                 Open air setting with view of Lake
Comfort Inn—Kirkland                             Washington. Capacity: 100 people.
(See hotels listing below)
(425) 821-8300                                   Northlake Unitarian-Universalist Church                Kirkland has some of the
                                                   Contact: Joie Goodwin
Breakfast room accommodates 20 people and        308 Fourth Ave. S.                                     best wedding locations in
could be used for ceremony.                      (425) 827-7720                                         the Seattle area, with
                                                 www.northlake.kirkland.uua.org; see also               beautiful views of the
Hayek Services                                   www.nwlink.com/~pauld/northlake/facilities/index.htm
  Contact: Carolyn J. Hayek, Retired Judge       joie215@hotmail.com                                    Seattle skyline and Lake
(425) 822-2794                                                                                          Washington.
www.kirklandplaza.com/weddings.html              A fully accessible facility, Northlake accommo-
cjhayek@msn.com                                  dates from 20-225 guests and welcomes people of
                                                 all faiths. Ministerial and music services are
[See full listing under Officiants, Page 1.]     available from the Northlake staff, though outside
                                                 officiants or musicians are welcome.
Hector’s Restaurant
  Contact: Chris Nelson, Executive Chef          Ste. Joerg Vine Grotto
112 Lake St. S.                                     Contact: Joerg Saegesser
(425) 827-4811                                   609 Market St.
FAX (425) 889-6889                               (425) 827-4440
chefchris@hectorskirkland.com                    www.vinegrotto.com
Centrally located in downtown Kirkland with
full service lounge, warm & inviting dining area Vine Grotto is a private facility for rehearsal din-
and private banquet facilities for up to 45 peo- ners and other special events.
ple. Professional catering and banquet services
department will help coordinate your special     Third Floor Fish Café
event. Offering only the finest ingredients pre- 205 Lake St. S.
pared with uncommon flair!                       (425) 822-3553
Heritage Hall                                    cafe@chaffeyhomes.com
  Contact: Nicci Osborn at City of Kirkland
              Parks Dept., 123 Fifth Avenue      Wedding, reception or rehearsal dinner up to 135
Heritage Hall located at 203 Market St.          guests.
(425) 587-3342
www.ci.kirkland.wa.us                            Continued on next page.
Kirkland Wedding Network                             This page maintained by Hayek Services
KirklandPlaza.com/kdl                                  Questions? Contact: cjhayek@msn.com
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Facilities for Weddings and Receptions, Continued
Waimea Brewing Company                     The Woodmark Hotel
  Contact: Rosie Ruiz                      1200 Carillon Point
111 Central Way                            (425) 822-3700, (800) 822-3700
(425) 828-0404                             www.thewoodmark.com
www.waimeabrewing.com                      www.thewoodmarkspa.com

Private banquet room with capacity for
85 guests; outside deck for summer-time
ceremonies and receptions.

Brittany Flowers of Kirkland                 Flora Flora
  Contact: Dan or Patty Holder               314 Parkplace
10637 NE 68th St.                            (425) 827-6370
(425) 827-1414                               www.floraflorakirkland.com
www.brittanyflowers.com                                                                       Flowers, jewels,
brittany.flowers@verizon.net                 Floral Concepts
                                             12625 NE 85th St.                                gifts, and more are
Fena Flowers                                 (425) 822-3030                                   available in
  Contact: Judi Tsuchida
12815 NE 124th St. Suite K                                                                    downtown Kirkland!
Kirkland, WA 98034
(425) 825-8181

Gift Registries
Liberty 123                                 Sur La Table
123 Park Lane                                 Contact: Denise Veatch
(425) 822-1232                              90 Central Way
                                            (425) 827-1311

                                            Host a bridal shower for up to 36 persons in
                                            our kitchen .

Hotels and Motels
Best Western Kirkland Inn                   Clarion Inn
  Contact: Kawika Johnson                   12233 NE Totem Lake Way
12223 NE 116th St.                          Kirkland, WA 98034
Kirkland, WA 98034                          (425) 821-2202
(425) 822-2300
www.bwkirkland.com                          Comfort Inn—Kirkland
sales@bwkirkland.com                          Contact: Melloney Gee
                                            12202 NE 124th St.
Best Western Kirkland Inn would be happy    Kirkland, WA 98034
to arrange guest accommodations for your    (425) 821-8300
wedding.                                    www.comfortinn.com/hotel/wa160
Kirkland Wedding Network                                        This page maintained by Hayek Services
KirklandPlaza.com/kdl                                             Questions? Contact: cjhayek@msn.com
                                                                                                                Page 7
Hotels and Motels, continued
La Quinta Inn
  Contact: Courtney Heatley
10530 NE Northup Way
(425) 828-6585

Woodmark Hotel
1200 Carillon Point
(425) 822-3700

Lake Street Diamond Company                           Lakewood Jewelers
106 Lake Street                                         Contact: Maurice Sabegh
(425) 822-9440                                        213 Third Street
                                                      (425) 576-5114
Rialto Jewelers                                       FAX (425) 576-5224
340 Parkplace                                         LWJ213@hotmail.com
(425) 822-1335
www.RialtoJeweler.com                                 Custom design, platinum & gold, stone-setting,
                                                      express repair and appraisal.

Limousine Service
Elite Limousine
13044 Juanita Drive NE
Kirkland, WA 98034
(425) 821-5466

Marriage Licenses
Northshore Community Service Center                    See also: www.metrokc.gov/lars/marriage
10808 NE 145th St.                                     Business hours (for licenses);
Bothell, WA 98011                                      Mondays and Tuesdays: Noon to 7 pm
(206) 296-9840                                         (Closed 3:30 to 4 pm)

Bagpipe Music for All Memorable Occasions              McD Photography and Music
Neil Hubbard                                           4405 109th Pl. NE
(425) 444-3622                                         (425) 827-0162
http://www.NeilBagpiper.com                            http://weddings.respond.com/profile/1800000760/1626437

Providing high quality Scottish bagpiping perform-
ances since 1990. Neil is the Resident Piper at the
Golf Club at Newcastle.
Kirkland Wedding Network                                  This page maintained by Hayek Services
KirklandPlaza.com/kdl                                       Questions? Contact: cjhayek@msn.com
                                                                                                                        Page 8
Carolyn J. Hayek, Retired Judge                  Rev. CD DePosit
HAYEK SERVICES                                   DePosit-Stone Consulting
Brooks Building, Suite 4                         PO Box 116
611 Market St.                                   Kirkland, WA 98083
(425) 822-2794                                   (425) 827-7380
www.kirklandplaza.com/weddings.html              Cddeposit@worldnet.att.net
[See listing on Page 1]

Rev. Amanda Aikman
Northlake Unitarian-Universalist Church
308 Fourth Ave. S.
(425) 750-0711
[See listing on Page 1]

Christopher of Kirkland                         Joy Fischer Photography
(425) 822-8000                                  13002 NE 102nd Pl.
www.christopherofkirkland.com                   (425) 822-1731
ChristopherofKirkland@gmail.com                 www.joyfischerphotography.com
Constance Owen Photography
                                                                                                   Using this list:
P.O. Box 2471                                   McD Photography and Music                          All addresses are:
Kirkland, WA 98083                              4405 109th Pl NE
(425) 889-2012                                  (425) 827-0162                                     Kirkland, WA 98033
www.constancephoto.com                          http://weddings.respond.com/
                                                profile/1800000760/1626437                         unless otherwise
Complete albums; engagement sessions.           Simmons Photography
                                                9422 NE 139th St.
Humanature Photography                          Kirkland, WA 98034                                 Business names listed in
  Contact: Bob Gassen                           (425) 823-6740                                     italics are members of
730 Market St.                                  www.simmonsphoto.com
                                                ptsimmons@simmonsphoto.com                         Kirkland Downtown on
(425) 822-3868
www.humanaturephoto.com                                                                            the Lake:
bob@humanaturephoto.com                                                                            111 Park Lane
Capturing the spirit of people, relationships                                                      Kirkland, WA 98033
and lifestyles.
                                                                                                   (425) 893-8766

                                                                                                   Businesses may request
Kinko’s                                          Mark’s Hallmark Shop                              that a description of
518 Central Way                                  228 Parkplace
                                                                                                   their business be in-
(425) 889-2290                                   (425) 822-4779
                                                                                                   cluded. Requested infor-
Lakeridge Printing                                                                                 mation should be sent to:
  Contact: Brent Comstock                                                                          cjhayek@msn.com.
8914 122nd Ave. NE
(425) 822-2989

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