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					               Shenandoah Wedding Professionals
                  Membership Application 2010
                     Complete this application (PLEASE PRINT) and return to:
                      Shenandoah Wedding Professionals, c/o Susan Dolinar
                         289 Hunters Ridge Rd., Winchester, VA 22602
Contact:                             Company Name:


City:                                              State:                   Zip:

E-Mail:                                            Website:

Phone:                                             Fax:

Member sponsoring                                  Date business began?

Web site directory listing: Your listing can include up to a 50-word description of your
business. Once your web listing has been created, any changes, updates or additions will be
charged a $25 maintenance fee. Write your 50 word maximum description here:

Web site directory listing: Please select up to three categories your business should be listed
under on the SWP website. Three categories are included with your membership and must be
associated with your line of business.

        Bridal/Formal Wear                   Event Venues                   Miscellaneous
        Cakes and Sweets                     Florists                       Officiants
        Carriages                            Gifts & Favors                 Photographers
        Caterers                             Hair/Makeup                    Rentals
        Consultants                          Invitations                    Transportation
        Decorations                          Jewelry and Gifts              Travel Agents
        DJs and Musicians                    Lodging                        Videographers
You must have been in business for one year, have liability insurance, and have all the required
federal, state and local permits/licenses.

Please list applicable licenses and permits:

• Health License/Permit#
• Virginia Sales Tax #
• Business License #
 Liability Insurance # and see below:

         If you are exempt from any of these licenses or permits, please explain below:

     Provide copy of proof of liability insurance, if not explain reason why not. Membership
      Committee will make determination if explanation is acceptable.

         To be considered for membership in the SWP under the miscellaneous category (as a
          non traditional non-wedding type business) provide information below as to how your
          business provides a wedding related service connection.

Membership fees are $175 annually (Pro-Rated) plus a one time $25 non refundable application
fee. There is an additional $100 yearly fee for a second company.
Only one company per application. If you own more than one company, you may submit an
application for each additional company that you own for an additional $100 annual fee (non pro-
rated) plus a $25 non refundable application fee per company. If you submit multiple company
applications at the same time as the first, the application fees for the additional companies are
waived. Make checks payable to the SWP.
Membership Fee: (Pro-rated for month application received)                 $175 (yearly)
(Jan-Mar $175) (Apr-Jun 131) (Jul-Sep $88) (Oct-Dec $44) * each additional * $100 (yearly) $
Application fee (non-refundable)                             $25                      $
3 Photos or images can be added to your listing                                       $
(600px on longest side @ 72ppi max. jpeg). Email photos                               $
to along with your contact info.
                                                Total membership fee                  $
All SWP members are required to volunteer to serve on a committee or chair a committee.
Please indicate your 1 and 2nd choices. Volunteers from those lists will be asked to participate
on an as needed basis when additional help is needed from certain committees.

        Promotional                  Bridal             Finance
        Program                      Welcoming          503(C)6
        Website                      By-Laws
        Membership                   Nominations
                  st      nd
Please indicate 1 and 2        choice:

Code of Ethics
Upon acceptance to SWP I agree to abide by the following:
• Maintain the highest standards of personal conduct
• Promote and encourage a high level of ethics and principles
• Accurately represent his or her qualifications and experience
• Provide quality services at the prices I have quoted
• Promptly return calls to current as well as potential customers
• Not to engage in unfair, unethical, or misleading practices
• Use written contracts which clearly state all terms, conditions, and fees
• Meet all licensing as required by federal, state and local governments
• Maintain adequate liability insurance
• Strive for excellence in all aspects of the wedding industry
• Commit to contribute and share industry information with fellow members
• Promote networking with fellow members
• Recommend potential candidates to SWP
• Recommend other wedding professionals solely on the Ethics stated herein and not for financial
commissions, kickbacks or other financial gain.
• Not be a party to agreements that unfairly limit or restrain access to the marketplace by any
other wedding professional, client, or to the public, based upon race, creed, color, sex, age,
physical disability, sexual orientation, or country of national origin.
• Not to participate in any collusion or price fixing activities

I understand and agree to abide by the Code of Ethics stated herein


  The General Membership of SWP determines final acceptance. If one or more members
  have objection to a membership the objection will be re-reviewed by the Membership
  Committee. The Chairman of the Membership Committee will report to The Board of
  Directors on the Committee’s findings. The Board will then determine whether to resubmit
  the application to the General Membership. A 2/3 majority of the attending membership must
  vote to accept the application for it to pass. In the case of denial, the membership fee minus
  the $25 application fee will be refunded

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