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									                                                                                                                     JULY 2011


                               THE HOTLINE
 Executive Director
  Amanda Jones
Executive Director
  Amanda Jones
  2010 BOARD OF

   James Barry                                   PRESIDENTS CORNER
    Doctor Cool &
    Professor Heat                The month of June               to be educated and understand that        Many of you are currently apply-
    Peggy Ruffin
    281-338-8751         was filled with extremely high           ACCA members are there to assist          ing this or are already using this
  Spark A/C –Heat        temperatures, extreme drought            them with these services in a profes-     in your own businesses. You
  VICE PRESIDENT         conditions, and wildfires                sional manner.                            can help “brand” ACCA-GH by
     Peggy Ruffin        throughout the state. The high           Awareness is the key here. We             placing logo decals on your com-
   Spark AC –Heat
   David Williams        temps and drought conditions             want the news channels to come to         pany vehicles, business cards,
 Cypress Creek AC        have been good for business,             us whenever they have questions           letterhead and all other forms of
    TREASURER            yet many companies have                  about how to properly maintain a          advertising that you do for your
   David Williams        found it hard to keep up with            system, how to locate and hire a          company. This will help us in
   TREASURER             the demand for service.                  reputable company and/or anything         our efforts to bring awareness to
  Cypress Creek AC
   Allyson Hoag
    281-893-3027         The news channels have shown             else relating to air conditioning and     our organization and meet our
 G&H A/C & Heating       consumers news clips that                heating services. In order to achieve     goal. You will be ahead of the
    SECRETARY            range from stories that are detri-       this goal we need the help of all of      game when our efforts pay off
    Allyson Hoag
   SECRETARY             mental to our industry to those          our members.                              and the community becomes
  G&H A/C & Heating      that show how maintaining                Most of us have heard of and are          aware that hiring a local ACCA
      Bob Elolf
  Environmental Air      your system once a year can              aware of the                              member is the right choice for all
    System Inc
    DIRECTORS            help prevent a breakdown.                term                                      their air conditioning and heating
   713-680-3274                   At ACCA-GH, we                  “Branding”.                               needs. This can be a huge “Win
    Heath Holder         have set a goal to reach out to          It has been                               Win” for all of us!
   Ultra Mechanical
   DIRECTORS             consumers and to become more             talked about                                I ‘m excited about our annual Sum-
       Services          involved with our community.             in our indus-                               mer Gala coming up on the 19th and
     Doug Long
    281-277-7557         Homeowners need to know of               try for the last                               look forward to seeing you there!
 Power Vac America       the importance of hiring a li-           several years.
     Doug Long           censed contractor to do their air
  Power Vac America                                                                                                                Peggy Ruffin
     Sam Kelly           conditioning and heating ser-            Peggy Ruffin
    713-645-4611                                                                                                                 President 2011
New Balance A/C, Inc.    vice work. We want consumers             Spark A/C-Heat
      Bob Elolf
  Environmental Air
     Master Air
     System Inc
                              A NOTE FROM YOUR CHAPTER EXECUTIVE
Kerry Mohammadian
    281-485-3231                          First off let me just    and we are expecting to sell out       tickets are $20. Both include
                                          say WOW! What            soon. The fair will again target       dinner and open bar. If you have
ADVISORY DIRECTORS                        an awesome Bay           decision makers, upper                 not purchased your tickets please
                                          Bash we had.             management and owners. We will         contact the office to do so. ACCA
     Bill Quinn
                                          Thank you to Jon         be holding a state approved 8 hour     is gladly still accepting donations
   Johnstone Supply
      Gary Price
     713-868-8967                         Landry for all your      CE class as well as breakout           for raffle items so if you have
 Carrier Enterprises                      help organizing          sessions. Keep posted for more         sporting event tickets you won’t
    Craig Caffey         this wonderful event. 30 Boats this       info, as the date draws closer we      be using or other items to donate
 Goodman Distribution
    Craig Caffey         year, 5 more than last year, Let’s        will be getting Contractor sign ups    we would greatly appreciate them.
    281-932-0259         go for 35 next year! Thank you to         out.
Goodman Distribution
   281-932-0259          our wonderful guides as well, we                      The Summer Gala is a
 CHAIRMAN OF THE         all had a GREAT time because of           little over 2 weeks away and we        Have a happy and safe 4th of July!
CHAIRMAN OF THE          you.                                      are so excited! We have some
                                    I am very happy to             exceptional baskets as well as live                             Amanda Jones
     Sam Kelly                                                                                                                       ACCA-GH
    Balance A/C,
NewJames Barry Inc.      announce that ACCA Greater                auction items! So buy a ticket, get
                                                                                                                              Executive Director
  Doctor Cool &          Houston and ACCA Texas will               your chance to win 1 of 5 savings
  Professor Heat         once again be partnering up for a         bonds equaling $10,000 and enjoy
                         Vendor Fair & Educational                 some great company, food and an           As always, I am here for YOU,
  281-338-8751                                                                                              please let me know what I can do
                         Forum! The fair will be held on           open bar. The Gala will be at the
                         February 17th, 2012 at the Stafford       SPJST Lodge on Beall. Raffle               for YOU and your company!
                         Centre. Booths are filling up fast        Tickets are $100 and dinner
                                       H   & LEAR
                        L LUNC
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               COMMERC We have started a NEW COMMERCIAL Program,
                             this program will run ALL YEAR, and will be held the THIRD
                       TUESDAY of each month from 11am – 1pm. This Lunch and Learn will
                         target Commercial Contractors and will be designed and formatted with
  Lunch and Learn      topics/speakers that appeal to the Commercial HVACR Contractor. Please
      Details          participate in this program so we can grow and provide more benefits to our
                                             Commercial Contractor Members.
Time:                   Is your company facing challenges or has hit a rough patch, do you of-
11am -1pm                        ten wonder if other companies face the same issues?

Location:                Submit your challenges to Amanda,, your
ACCA-GH                 topic could be the next featured at our Commercial Lunch and Learn.
9800 Centre Parkway      ACCA-GH is determined to provide beneficial and relevant topics to
Suite, 100                                   our commercial contractors.
Houston, TX 77036             Company_________________________________________________________________

NA                           Contact # or Email __________________________________________________________




                                     Dynamic Membership Benefit from ACCA National
                        A whole new way of learning …       online training archives --         "Your recent Home Performance
                              and succeeding ...            whenever you want -- 24/7.          webinar was both informative and
                                for contractors                                                 motivating. Our entire sales team
                            and their employees                  That's ComfortU!               sat in on it and all came away en-
                                                                                                thusiastic and enlightened. We all
                         All for one low monthly fee        What do people say about            stayed around afterward and had a
                                    No risk                  ACCA online training?              healthy discussion."
                                Cancel anytime                                                  Tim Welch,
                                                            "Kudos on a great job ... The       Peaden Air Conditioning
                        Seminars and training sessions      people I had sitting in the webi-
                        from the nation's leading con-      nar with me have their appetite     "The webinar today was excel-
                        tractors and industry experts ...   whetted for more information."      lent ... it was professionally pro-
                        all from the comfort of your own    Stan Johnson, Stan's Heating        duced and executed. I send my
                        desk, office, or training room!     & Air Conditioning                  compliments to you for the very
                        Participate in live, interactive                                        valuable and informative hour and
                        training without taking time                                            a half that you put together."
                        away from work. Or access                                               Lou Bindner, Climate Engineering

                                              CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
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      The following applicants have been approved for membership in ACCA-Greater Houston.
      Our bylaws state that applicants names must be published in our newsletter. If we do not
      The following applicants havein 15 days, they are membership in ACCA-Greater
      receive any written objection been approved for approved for membership.
      Houston. Our bylaws state that applicants names must be published in our newsletter.                            WELCOME
         Contractor Members                                                 Associate Members
      If we do not receive any written objection in 15 days, they are approved for membership.

    HVAC Source, LLC                     B.A.S., Inc                                                                  TO THE
                                                                              Kudzu-Cox Inc.
    William Cherne                       Nick Burnett                         Michelle Mounes
    9700 Iron River Drive                2900 Katy Hockley C/O                6205 Peach Tree Dunwoody                  ACCA
    Houston TX 77064                     C305                                 Rd
    (832) 758-7930                       Katy Tx 77493                        Atlanta GA 30328                 281-646-1388                         602-374-0865                            FAMILY

                                               In Living Color
                                               Indoor Air Quality Blurb
         With summer here we’re all looking for ways to keep               A very small portion of light energy is absorbed by
cool. When it comes to what kind of clothes to wear you can         the atoms and converted to kinetic energy, which we feel as
sometimes get mixed messages. I’ve seen news reports tell-          heat energy.
ing people to wear loose white clothes and then the next
year the anchor is recommending black shirts to beat the                    So the white shirt is cool in sunlight.
heat. Which color actually works better at keeping you cool?
White does and to understand why we must turn to science.                     The valance electrons, in the atoms of the many dif-
When sunlight is shining on an object, the energy of the            ferent elements of which the black shirt is composed, absorb
sunlight is absorbed by the atoms in 2 different ways. Atoms        none of the energy of all the different colors of light in
in a solid object do not “sit still”. They vibrate back and forth   sunlight. Since no light was absorbed, no light is emitted. So
within the structure of the molecules. Temperature measure          our eyes receive NO LIGHT from the valance electrons, in
the average kinetic energy of the atoms. As light energy is         the atoms of the many different elements of which the black
absorbed by the atoms, the average kinetic energy in-               shirt is composed! ALL of energy of the sunlight is absorbed
creases, so the temperature of the object increases.                by the atoms and converted to kinetic energy. So, the tem-
         The valence electrons in the atoms of an object can        perature of the black shirt increases more than a red, yellow,
absorb a specific amount of energy from sunlight. The en-           orange, green, blue, indigo, or violet shirt.
ergy causes the electrons to become unstable. In chemistry,
we say that the valance electrons are in their excited state.       So the black shirt is very warm in sunlight!
To become stable, the electrons emit a specific amount of
energy, which we see as a specific color of light. When                      If you’re the type of person who stays in the A/C all
sunlight passes through a prism, a rainbow of colors ap-            summer this information will have little effect on your ward-
pears. White light contains the visible spectrum of colors,         robe but if you’re the type of person that spends time out-
which are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and             doors be it running errands or running on a trail this tip
Violet.                                                             should be useful. There are of course other things to take
         A red shirt looks red because the electrons have ab-       into consideration such as material type and style of clothing.
sorbed specific amount of energy from sunlight, became un-          For example, fibers that wick moisture away from the skin
stable, then emitted a specific amount of energy, which we          will help keep you dry and polyester will trap heat and sweat
see a red light. That is why a red shirt looks red. The energy      on the skins surface no matter what color. Cotton is a sum-
of the remaining colors of light is converted into kinetic en-      mer go-to but it has the potential to become saturated and
ergy of the atoms, so the temperature of the red shirt in-          soggy after prolonged activity. All things considered, if you’re
creases.                                                            getting dressed for the day and need to decided between a
         The valance electrons, in the atoms of the elements        black t-shirt and a white t-shirt the white shirt is the cooler
of which the white shirt is composed, absorb the energy the         option.
different colors of light in sunlight, become very excited, and                                                       Katie Long
emit the different colors of light in sunlight. So, we see white                                               Power Vac America
light coming from the white shirt!
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                           ACCA-TEXAS TRADE TALK
                                                               Current Vendors-
                               July 2011                       AC Today
                                                               ACCA Greater Houston/ACCA Texas
                    ACCA Greater Houston/ACCA Texas Arzel Zoning
                                 Set Date for 2012             Jackson Systems - Silver Sponsor
                      Vendor Fair and Education Forum          Jonas Software - Gold Sponsor
                  ACCA Greater Houston and ACCA Texas          M&M Manufacturing
                  will once again join forces on February 17 , Pepco Sales - Gold Sponsor
                  2012 for a Vendor Fair and Education Fo-     Rapid Recovery- Silver Sponsor
                  rum. As many of you remember, the 2010
                  event was a HUGE success with more than What Does the Climate Prediction
                  400 attendees taking advantage of the op- Center Hold-Out for Us?-
                  portunity to network and learn new ideas for Shockingly, the NOAA Climate Prediction
                  their HVAC/R businesses. Continuing Edu- Center is listing Above Average Tempera-
                  cation, Break Out sessions and of course     tures for the Texas area through the start of
                  the Vendor Fair will all be                                       2012. Precipitation ap-
                  available at the Stafford
See you           Centre located just out-
                                                                                    pears to be average at
                                                                                    best, and of course for
around the        side Sugarland. Sponsor-                                          Texas, rainfall is in-
                  ships and Booth Space
state,            are available; however,
                                                                                    credibly short over the
                                                                                    past six months. One
       Todd       space is filling quickly, so                                      of the ways we may
                  register early to ensure                                          receive rainfall would
                  your space. Contact                                               be through a tropical
                  Amanda Jones at                                                   depression, storm or
                  713.781.4822 or visit us                                          hurricane. Let’s hope
                  on line at                                          for no damage but
                  for more information. See                                         some much needed
                  you at the Stafford Centre                                        rain. This year’s
                  on February 17th, 2012!                      names for Atlantic storms include: Arlen,
                                                               Bret, Cindy, Don, Emily, Franklin, Gert,
                                                               Harvey, Irene, Jose, Katia, Lee, Maria,
                  Current listing of Sponsors:                 Nate, Ophelia, Philippe, Rina, Sean,
                  Gold Sponsors-                               Tammy, Vince, and Whitney.

                                                               New Apprenticeship Classes will
                                                                 be starting in the Fall of 2011,
                                                               check regularly to
                  Silver Sponsors-                              see when you can sign up your
                                                               technicians to participate. Class
                                                                size is limited; sign up early to
                                                                         save your seat!
                  Goodie Bag Sponsor-
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                         MONTHLY MEETINGS
          Houston Meeting                         Gulf Coast Meeting
        NO MEETING IN JULY                       NO MEETING IN JULY

                         DO YOU NEED YOUR 8HOUR CE?
                      HERE ARE THE UPCOMING CLASS-
Century AC Supply
                       ROOM CONTINUING EDUCATION
                                                       UPCOMING DATES
10510 Sam Houston S
                      DATES PROVIDED BY ACCA TEXAS.
                                                          July 16, 2011
                       TO ALL CONTRACTOR MEMBERS.
                       ONLINE CE IS AVAILABLE WITH A     August 13, 2011
                                ACCA TEXAS.             CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

                          YOU AND YOUR RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS
                                   OUTSTANDING RATES.

                                              CLICK HERE
                                     TO VIEW RATES FOR YOUR AREA.

                                USE PROMO CODE         ACCA
                                                        TO GET
                                                                                                                         PAGE   6

                         ALL THINGS NATE
CONSUMERS ARE BECOMING                   * Fast, efficient service              business. So when you call a
 INCREASINGLY AWARE OF                                                          contractor, ask if they use NATE-
                                         * Job done right the first time
 NATE CERTIFICATION. ON                                                         certified technicians. If they do, ask
NATES WEBSITE CONSUMERS                   * Equipment that runs at peak         them to send a NATE technician to
       READ THIS:                     efficiency                                your home. If they don't, use our
When using a certified NATE tech,        * Advice & knowledge of a              contractor locator to find a
you’ll benefit by:                    skilled, certified technician             NATE-recommended
  * Lower utility bills through          * Greater peace of mind                contractor.
proper installation and maintenance
                                      From air conditioning and heating
   * Fewer callbacks and warranty     installer certifications to residential            CLICK HERE FOR NATES C-3 WEBSITE
returns                               and light commercial maintenance,
                                      NATE techs are the best in the

  Is your company listed in NATE’s Consumer
         Contractor Connection (C-3) ?
   PAGE    7

                           IN ALIGN                                                                   MENT?
Interviewing: Is there potential liability before you’ve even hired an employee?
       The answer is “Yes”. Applicable Federal and State laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of an
applicant’s race, color, national origin, religion, sex, genetics, age and/or, but not limited to other factors
such as disability, family/marital status and in some states, sexual orientation.
        Lawsuits and discrimination claims by employees and applicants have been at record high levels.
Business owners and supervisors/managers are at the front line making decisions which may, without in-
tention, create opportunities for lawsuits in employment areas such as pay raises, promotions/demotions,
terminations, work assignments, and one of the most legally dangerous of all those areas, interviewing po-
tential job candidates.
       One simple misguided question may cause an applicant to think he or she did not get the job be-
cause of an illegal reason. The burden of proof remains on the potential employer to show the action was
not discriminatory. In the absence of a good reason otherwise, a jury may legally presume discrimination
bringing liability to both the business and the individual supervisor/manager.
       So how do you avoid liability before you’ve even hired a job applicant?
        First and foremost, make sure your business has developed written policies & procedures with re-
gard to the interviewing & hiring process, and train your managers. Also, ask questions consistently
among applicants which are specific to the applicant’s ability to perform the job functions and meet job
        Second, if you and/or your company are presented with an allegation of discrimination under one
of the Federal or State statutes such as Title VII and you have less than 15 employees, those statutes may
not apply to your business and it is important to notify the investigating agency your business is not cov-
        There may also be additional liability as a matter of fair employment practices, so here are
some questions you should NEVER ask:
     How old are you? When did you graduate from High School?
     What does your husband or wife do?
     This job requires you work extra hours. Do you have children or other obligations which would
        cause a problem?
     Do you own or rent a home?
     What church do you attend?
     Have you ever been arrested?
     From what country are you a citizen?
     Do you have any debt?
     Do you suffer from any illness or disability?
     Have you ever been treated for drug addiction?
     Tell me about yourself? – Open ended and invites personal information

        These among many other questions may be considered illegal and support a claim of discrimina-
tion. Be thoughtful as to how you ask questions and consider legal ways to identify the candidate best
suited for the available position.
        If an applicant begins to volunteer personal information, it is best to politely stop them and let them
know the personal information they shared will not be part of the decision making process.
   For answers to questions you may have and all your Human Resource needs, feel free to contact
                          Mike at or 281.494.2985.

                       This article is for informational purposes and not intended as legal advice.
       PAGE        8

                                     When a hurricane threatens
  ■ Store drinking water in any clean containers – bathtubs, bottles, pots, etc., as the water supply may become contaminated.
  ■ Secure outdoor objects that may be blown away or uprooted or store them inside.
  ■ Fuel up your car. You may need to evacuate quickly and/or sit in traffic for hours. Service stations may also become inoperable.
  ■ Secure homes and buildings by boarding up each window. Tape is not adequate.
  ■ Moor your boat securely or move it to a designated safe place.
  ■ If in a mobile home, check tie-downs and evacuate. Historically, manufactured homes suffer the greatest amount of damage during hurricanes.
  ■ Move valuables, personal papers, family photos and important computer disks to a waterproof container on the highest level of your home or
  pack them to take with you.
  ■ Turn off utilities if told to do so by authorities. Unplug small appliances.
  ■ Turn off propane tanks.

  If you have to evacuate
  ■ Make sure your gas tank is full.
  ■ Prepare your vehicle for what could be a very long ride. Stock your vehicle with
  necessities such as water, food, pillows and blankets, toilet paper, current maps,
  baby supplies, pet supplies, prescription medicines and cash.
  ■ Bring proof of residency — your driver’s license, a utility bill or rent receipt —
  in case you will need Red Cross or FEMA assistance.

  During a hurricane
  ■ Stay away from windows, skylights and glass doors, even if they are boarded or
  ■ Stay on the floor that is least likely to be affected by strong winds and floodwa-
  ters. A small interior room without windows on the first floor is usually the safest
  ■ Beware of the eye of the hurricane. If the calm storm center passes directly over-
  head, there will be a lull in the wind that can last up to half an hour. Winds will rise again to hurricane force.

  After a hurricane
  ■ If forced into a public shelter, stay until told by local officials it’s safe to return to your home.
  ■ Read the Houston Chronicle, log on to, tune in to NewsRadio 740 KTRH or KPRC Local 2 News or log on to for
  advice and instructions about emergency medical, food and housing aid, and other forms of assistance.
  ■ Do not drive unless it is absolutely necessary.
  ■ Do not drink or prepare food with tap water until you are certain it’s not contaminated.
  ■ If you smell gas, leave your house and call your gas supplier.
  ■ Look for electrical system damage. Stay away from loose or dangling wires or power lines.
  ■ Check for sewage and water line damage.
  ■ Watch out for displaced animals, especially poisonous snakes that may have come into buildings with floodwaters.
  ■ Watch for loose plaster, drywall and ceilings that could fall.
  ■ Take photos of any damage, both of buildings and their contents, for insurance claims. Make minor repairs to prevent further damage or looting,
  but do not make major repairs or dispose of damaged property until it has been inspected by an adjuster. Save all receipts.
  ■ If your power has gone out, open refrigerators and freezers only when necessary. A freezer without power can keep food in satisfactory condition
  up to 36 hours if it is kept closed. Wrapping a freezer in blankets will help insulate it.
  ■ Open windows and doors to ventilate and dry your home.
  ■ Avoid disaster areas; stay away from floodwaters, flooded roads and washed-out bridges.
  ■ Stay away from riverbanks, bayous and streams until all potential flooding has passed. Stay alert for extended rainfall and subsequent flooding,
  even after the storm has passed.
  ■ Call your insurance company if you have vehicle or property damage to report.

                                              Remember your radio
             Those who remember the big storms know what it means to have a battery-operated radio. Houstonians who hid in closets or bathrooms,
  listening to the unending howl of Hurricane Alicia, those trapped in their cars on flooded roadways during Tropical Storm Allison, and Bayou City
  residents trying to evacuate in advance of Hurricanes Rita and Ike, all recall the comfort they found through their radios. The friendly and helpful
  voices of NewsRadio 740 KTRH were there to get them through the storm and will be there again when the next storm hits.
             Electrical power is usually the first casualty of a hurricane or tropical storm. But contact with vital information is easy to maintain
  through a battery-operated radio. And it’s not only information; your radio is also a link to a calm place while the storm swirls around you.
  NewsRadio 740 KTRH is there for you 24 hours a day. The KTRH 24-Hour Traffic Center is also there for you, as it was throughout Tropical
  Storm Allison, Hurricanes Rita and Ike, every day, to help you get where you need to go with constant reports on street and route closures, high
  water and estimated drive times to help you. The dedicated men and women of NewsRadio 740 KTRH work around the clock in an effort to keep
  you up-to-date and safe. And they are there for you when the power is out. Just remember, when you put together supplies for hurricane season,
  make fresh batteries for your flashlights and radios a priority. Whether at home in the dark or stuck on the road, think of NewsRadio 740 KTRH as
  your lifeline.

Excerpt from 2011 Hurricane and Flood Survival Guide 2011 by KPRC Channel 2
  28TH ANNUAL                                                    Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
                                                                                   SPJST Lodge
  SUMMER GALA                                                                     1435 Beall at 15th
                                                                                 Houston, TX 77008

           OPEN BAR                               Your participation in our largest annual fundraiser is vital. The proceeds raised
                                                  from this event lay the foundation for all our events, activities and community par-
                                                  ticipation, on behalf of you and our HVAC industry. This is a team effort we should
                                                  all support. So buy a ticket (or two), come out on July 19th and have a great time.
                                                  Socialize with your peers and suppliers, eat, drink, and who knows- come away a
 Please mail/fax this raffle ticket order         WINNER. We will also have a live and silent auction!
 to the ACCA-GH office 713-715-6231
                                                                               RAFFLE INFORMATION
Company Name:
____________________________________________      We will be offering raffle tickets by mail as well as in person. The donation for the
Contact Name:                                     raffle tickets this year will be $100.00 each. The grand prize is a $5,000.00(cash
____________________________________________      value) savings bond. Only 300 tickets will be sold. The raffle is a reverse order
Email:                                            draw. The 100th name drawn will win a $1000.00 (cash value) savings bond. The
____________________________________________      150th name drawn will win a $1000.00 (cash value) savings bond. The 200th name
Address:                                          drawn will win a $1000.00 (cash value) savings bond. The 250th name drawn will
____________________________________________      win a $2000.00 (cash value) savings bond. The last name drawn will win a
City/State/Zip:                                   $5000.00 (cash value) savings bond. If you don’t buy, you can’t WIN BIG
Phone:                                        Your Gala raffle tickets may be a personal or a corporate donation. Checks
____________________________________________  should be made payable to ACCA-GH. Your purchase of a Gala raffle ticket
Number of Tickets: ________________________   guarantees you better than a one in three hundred chance of being a winner.
                                              (Better odds than the lottery)
Payment Method: ______CHECK ____CREDIT CARD     Gala raffle tickets must be purchased by cash, check or credit card upon
                                                               ordering. Can not be invoiced to your account.
Card #: _____________________________________

Zip Code: _________ Name on Card:______________

Exp date: _____/_____ CVC #:______
Aces A/C Supply Inc.                      David Collins          713-738-3800           PAGE   10
ACR Supply Inc.                           Eric Bellinger         713-462-4822
Advanced Refrigerant Technologies, LLC
Allstyle Coil Co.
                                          Richard Coker
                                          Pam Hensley
Batterson Truck Equipment
Bobby Ford, Inc.
                                          Linda Iselt
                                          Joe Brood
Carrier Enterprise                        Gary Price             281-900-0776            P
Century Air Conditioning Supply           Jess Mattox            281-530-2859
Champion Energy                           Jim Fluet              281-653-1892            P
Coburn Supply                             Ken Babin              409-924-7809
Comp Trust of Texas                       Dennis Mellon          469-713-5362            O
Complete Control                          Steve Hudson           713-464-7002
Complete Curb Products                    Don Moore              713-690-1622            R
Contractors Financial Opportunity, LLC    Brandon Jacob          713-426-4041
Diversified Thermal, Inc.                 Sharon Attra           713-896-6801
Everest Institute                         Ian Avington           713-772-4200
FC Background                             Gary Page              972-977-7925

Federated Insurance                       Bennett Cromer         817-545-1500
Ferguson Heating & Cooling Supply         Rion Child             713-466-1395
First Co.
                                          Sandy Embesi Jr.
                                          Jordan Bennett
                                                                 713-329-5421            O
Galveston College
Gemaire Distributors
                                          Larry Rutkowski
                                          Amanda Welkey
                                                                 832-687-7473            U
General Truck Body Mfg. Co.
Goodman Distribution
                                          Mark Kestermeier
                                          Mike Thiele
                                                                 713-868-2665 Ext 211    R
H.A.M.C.T.A.                              Kelly Stavinoha        713-466-5054
Houston Freightliners                     Sean Carpenter         713-672-4115
HR in Alignment, LLC
Hunton Distribution
                                          Mike Dobert
                                          Charlie Hunton
Insco Distributing
Johnson Supply
                                          Ernie Hernandez
                                          Sony Mendiola
Johnstone Supply
Jonas Software
                                          Bill Quinn
                                          Karoline Lapko
Karen Brown Insurance Group
Kudzu-Cox Inc.
                                          Karen Brown
                                          Michelle Mounes
Lennox Industries
M & M Manufacturing Company
                                          Paul Boartz
                                          Robert Shane
Mason Road Sheet Metal
MATECO Truck Equipment
                                          Chris Jinks
                                          Nichole Ford
MBM Cleaning, Inc.                        Joey L. Gabbanelli     713-225-3828            A
McDaniel Metals Inc.                      Larry Moody            281-987-8400
Morrison Supply Company                   Jason Greagrey         713-554-8500            T
MVC Fleet Group                           Zac Ridner             713-702-6486
Nance Universal HVACR School              Joe Moravek            409-838-6127            E
Nationwide Insurance/ Slater Agency       Kathy Slater           281-494-7753
Payless Insulation Inc.                   Larry Harmon           713-868-1021

PEPCO Sales & Marketing                   Roy Johnson            972-823-8700
Pronto Crane                              Jim Myhaver            713-722-7079

Randall Reed's Planet Ford                Mike Hamm/ Gary Ryan   281-548-6110
Rapid Recovery                            Dave Mann              281-444-3402

Select Specialty Insurance Services       Jerome Magana          832-518-3034
SER Jobs for Progress                     Mickey Hammond         713-773-6000
Snappy Printing
Solar Supply Inc.
                                          Ron Acuna
                                          Bill Riquelmy
                                                                 713-944-2962            B
Texas Reps
The Cole Group
                                          Randy Burg
                                          Donald Cole II
                                                                 713-880-9494            E
Tommie Vaughn Ford
                                          Arlene Catania
                                          TJ Cooper
                                                                 972-543-9851            R
Troutenko Insurance Services
United Air Conditioning Supply
                                          Nadia Troutenko
                                          K.M. Khetpal
Universal Wiring and Electrical Service   Ed Valot               713-849-5656
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                                   DON'T WAIT!

                               THE FUTURE OF
                               HOME COMFORT
                               IS HERE TODAY!

         SOUTH SIDE               NORTH SIDE               WEST SIDE
   5801 SOUTH LOOP EAST        420 EAST TIDWELL       5248 BRITTMOORE RD
     HOUSTON, TX 77033         HOUSTON, TX 77022       HOUSTON, TX 77041
         713-738-3800              713-691-5170            713-849-4070
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Kathy Ward with ACCA-GH saved over
   $530 per year by switching to
Nationwide through Kathy & Terry Slater.

What can they save YOU?

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    Slater & Company Insurance, G.P
Nationwide Insurance & Financial Services
     4645 Sweetwater Blvd. Suite 750
            Sugar Land 77479


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