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Most law firms - Seigfreid_ Bingham_ Levy_ Selzer and Gee


									             SEIGFREID BINGHAM
             LEVY SELZER & GEE

Most law firms, like most families, develop and live with a common set of values which are
communicated to all of their current members and, if successful, on to the next generation. I’m
afraid that a vocal segment of our society assumes that lawyers’ values are motivated strictly
by profit.

I don’t think so. This law firm, this family of lawyers, has been primarily motivated for three
decades by a desire to see its clients succeed, grow and prosper. We work hard to make that happen.

Equally important, this firm was founded on the notion that pursuit of our clients’ interests must
always be accomplished within our shared values of: integrity and fair-dealing with all persons,
including adversaries; respect for such old-fashioned principles as “justice” and for our profession;
and genuine concern for each other and our extended families.

It has been personally rewarding to me in recent years to see that these bedrock convictions are
willingly ascribed to by the next generations of lawyers in this firm. I can see that we have created
something solid...something based on the highest ideals of fairness, truth and honor...where the
daily exercise of those ideals is not inconsistent with success for us and the clients we serve.

This is a family and a record of which I’m very proud.

Larry Bingham
Co-founder, 1974

                                                     Gordon Gee, Bob Levy, Jim Seigfreid, Larry Bingham and Jack Selzer.
    How has a law firm of only 39
    attorneys been able to establish such a
    distinguished client base? Here’s how.

                                                       “Whenever I’m working with a client,
                                                       I always find myself using the plural,
                                                       personal pronouns. ‘What can we do
                                                       about this situation?’ I always feel my
                                                       clients’ problems are my own.”

                                                                                  -Jack Selzer

We Disprove The Notion That You Have To                We’re Conscious Of Our Clients’ Costs.
Be A Large Law Firm To Provide “Large Firm”            Because we’re not a mega-firm, we don’t hire entire
Services And Have “Large Firm” Clients.                classes of new associates to compete with each other
The common wisdom in the legal community               and generate billable time. We hire only as many
has been that, in order to succeed, a law firm         new attorneys as we honestly anticipate that we,
must either become a “boutique”, a small firm          and our clients, will need. That not only keeps
with a highly specialized niche, or merge until it     our overhead down, it means we don’t have mul-
becomes large enough for “large firm” clients.         tiple attorneys working on a single matter when
Neither alternative has had much appeal to us.         one will do, keeping our clients’ costs down, too.
We wanted to remain a steadily growing “medium
size” law firm and still attract the type of clients   We Find A Way To Prevent Problems.
that historically are considered “large firm”          Each attorney in our firm spends a great deal of time
clients. We’ve done exactly that. Few Kansas City      counseling clients on how to operate their businesses
law firms represent more of this area’s 50 largest     in an effort to minimize problems and, if possible,
companies than we do. And those law firms have         anticipate and prevent litigation. These efforts end
substantially more attorneys than we do.               up saving huge and unexpected costs later.

How Has A Law Firm Of Only 39 Attorneys                But When Litigation Is Inevitable,
Been Able To Establish Such A Client Base?             We Have An Enviable Record Of Success.
Here’s How.                                            Sometimes, litigation is the only way to resolve
                                                       problems or right a wrong already done. When
We’ve Grown Up With Many Of Our Clients.               that’s the case, we aggressively represent our
A look at our client list (pages 8-9) reveals some     clients, both businesses and individuals, in federal
of the largest companies in the area. But they         and state courts, as well as arbitration and
weren’t always the largest. With many of our           mediation forums. Our record of success is one
clients, we started our representation when they,      we’re very proud of.
like us, were just beginning to grow. We have
advised them through mergers, acquisitions             Most Important, We Care About Our Clients’
and expansions, and can now look back on               Goals and Interests Like They Are Our Own.
(in some cases) decades of mutual success. We          As Larry indicates in his letter (page 1), our
continue looking for new small to medium-size          founders desired to create a culture of caring,
businesses which are beginning that                    integrity and respect for all. Because these values
entrepreneurial climb, businesses with which we        are who we are, we care about our clients’ goals
can establish a team relationship on the ground        and interests like they are our own. Through this
floor. But in truth, much of our past growth           culture, we have developed a reputation for being
has come because of the expansion of our clients       a personable, accessible and responsive firm of
themselves, and their referrals to other               knowledgeable attorneys who offer “can do” advice
businesses in their fields.                            that minimizes our clients’ legal risks and costs.

                     Our general practice experience
                     helps us render more effective,
                     practical advice for our clients.

    We’re a General Practice Firm,                                  General Business Law
                                                                    Our business practice covers a wide range of legal
    But Offer A Diverse Range Of Services.
                                                                    services from formation of corporations and
    We are a General Practice firm in the same sense                other legal entities to the merger, sale and
    that your primary care physician is a general                   acquisition of businesses. We form and prepare
    practitioner. We can diagnose and treat a wide                  governance documents for partnerships,
    array of legal ills and are ready to refer you to               corporations, limited liability companies and
    specialists if the need arises. Fortunately, the                other organizations. We negotiate and draft all
    need occurs rarely, because our attorneys,                      types of contracts, including buy / sell, joint
    although generally practicing within the areas of               venture, dealership, real estate, loan, computer,
    General Business Law (which includes individual                 franchise and license agreements. We take an
    estate planning and taxation) or Litigation, have               active role in offering practical business and legal
    also developed knowledge and experience in one                  advice. Our practice also includes drafting
    or two specialized areas of law that particularly               legislation and testifying before legislative bodies.
    interest them or for which there is considerable
    demand. As a result, we offer our clients a diverse             Health Care Law
    and comprehensive array of legal services.                      Seigfreid, Bingham is involved in all aspects of this
    However, unlike many firms whose attorneys only                 specialized area including purchases, sales, leases,
    narrowly specialize, the general practice                       mergers and acquisitions of hospitals and physician
    experience of all our attorneys enables us to                   practices; qualification and maintenance of tax
                                                                    exempt status; creation and use of health care joint
    render more effective, practical “can do” advice
                                                                    ventures; medical staff credentialing; physician
    that takes into account the overall business
                                                                    recruitment and bonding strategies; licensing;
    objectives and legal risks.
                                                                    managed care contracting; medical record confi-
                                                                    dentiality; development and implementation of
                                                                    compliance plans; and negotiation of purchases
                                                                    of medical technology. We have experience in all
                                                                    aspects of the laws and regulations governing
                                                                    nonprofit corporations. Most recently, we
                                                                    represented Health Midwest, our client of over 20
                                                                    years, in the sale of its hospitals and related
                                                                    businesses to HCA for $1.125 billion in what is
                                                                    believed to be the largest conversion of a non-
                                                                    profit hospital system in U.S. history. Our firm
                                                                    played a central role in the complex negotiations
                                                                    and litigation with the Attorneys General of two
     Our Business Group includes: Aimee Minnich,Gary Brouillette,
                                                                    states leading to the successful closing of the
     Steve Kyle, Jack Beal, Lori Beam, Tim Fisher, Mark Gilgus
     (standing), Heather Jones, Cindy McClannahan, Larry Bingham,   transaction and the creation of two community
     Bob Bartunek, Joe Hiersteiner (seated).                        health foundations funded by the sale proceeds.
                                                               “I work with my clients to help them
                                                               achieve their goals rather than tell them it
                                                               can’t be done. Most goals can be achieved
                                                               with quality legal advice.”
                                                                           -Cindy McClannahan

Estate Planning and Administration                            Equipment Dealerships and Dealer Associations
We handle all matters related to estate planning              We have over 25 years of experience working with
and administration including wills, revocable                 dealers and their dealer associations. Our attorneys
living trusts, probate, generation-skipping                   work with dealers throughout the United States on a
transfers, business succession strategies, family             wide variety of matters including dealership
limited partnerships, charitable remainder trusts             formations, buy-sell agreements, merger and acquisi-
and irrevocable life insurance trusts. Our emphasis           tion transactions, tax planning and audits, warranty
is minimizing estate taxes, probate and transfer              obligations and audits, oppressive manufacturer
costs. When working with closely held companies,              action, enforcement of buy-back rights, repair liens,
we assist them in establishing an estate plan and a           secured transactions and credit practices, customer
business plan for transferring the company to the             and dealership bankruptcies, insurance coverage
next generation in a manner that minimizes taxes              disputes and employment matters. We also serve as
and facilitates the continued successful operation            general counsel to three equipment dealer associa-
of the company in the future.                                 tions – SouthWestern Association, North American
                                                              Equipment Dealers Association and Vermeer Dealers
Tax and Tax Exemption                                         Association of North America – and have been called
We are experienced in tax planning for individuals,           on by many other associations to provide expert advice
estates, trusts, partnerships, corporations and               in matters affecting equipment dealers. We regularly
other entities, as well as the resolution of audits,          review dealership agreements, draft dealer protection
appeals and litigation with the IRS and state taxing          statutes, interpret key government regulations,
authorities. In connection with our real estate               provide antitrust advice, communicate industry-wide
practice, we have structured numerous like-kind               concerns to equipment manufacturers and structure
exchanges. Because of our extensive involvement               joint ventures and endorsement relationships
with charitable and health care facilities, we are            involving the associations and other businesses.
especially experienced in the issues of nonprofit,
tax-exempt organizations, such as applying for
private letter rulings and determination letters
from the IRS, establishing compensation and
policies that minimize the risk of the IRS imposing
intermediate sanctions, negotiating with state
Attorneys General regarding compliance with state
nonprofit laws and developing corporate governance
and compliance programs for addressing the new
era of heightened corporate responsibility.
In addition, our contacts in the state Attorneys
General offices and the IRS national office allow
us prompt access to regulatory decision makers for     Our Business Group also includes: John Neyens, Jeff Tauscher,
                                                       Jim Tilden, Karla Shepard, Katie Zogleman (standing), Bob Levy,
quick and informal guidance sometimes obviating        Jack Selzer, Al Stopperan, Ken Spain and Mark Thompson (seated).
the need for protracted ruling processes.
                   We help our clients decide what
                   course of action makes sense from
                   a business and legal perspective.

    Employment Law                                          Construction Law
    We advise businesses extensively on issues relating     We represent project owners, general contractors,
    to the avoidance of employment-related litigation       manufacturers of building projects, architectural
    and administrative actions, including the develop-      and engineering firms, homebuilders and real
    ment of policies and procedures that comply with        estate developers locally, nationally and interna-
    the myriad of federal and state employment laws.        tionally. Our representation includes the drafting
    We counsel clients – and, when necessary, engage        and negotiation of construction-related forms
    in litigation – concerning Title VII, the Age           and contracts, enforcement of mechanic’s liens
    Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans         and resolution of disputes through litigation and
    with Disabilities Act, COBRA, the Fair Labor            arbitration. We have developed an extensive library
    Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act,        of construction form contracts through our rep-
    Missouri’s service letter statute, the enforcement      resentation of the University of Missouri, Butler
    of non-competition agreements, workers’                 Construction and the City of St. Joseph, Missouri.
    compensation and a variety of other statutory and       Our trial attorneys have engaged in complex
    common law issues. We also offer customized             construction litigation on behalf of the University
    presentations to management either summarizing          of Missouri and many large contractors.
    applicable employment laws or addressing
    particular areas of concern.                            Sports and Entertainment Law
                                                            Our experience includes representing the Kansas
    Real Estate and Development Law                         City Chiefs, The Kansas City Wizards and the Major
    We represent developers, landowners, lenders and        Indoor Lacrosse League in a wide range of matters
    property managers in a wide range of real estate        including the interpretation of players’ and coaches’
    matters. Our experience extends to the sale,            contracts, the unique corporate and tax issues facing
    exchange, leasing, development, condemnation,           sports franchises, stadium lease negotiations and
    land use regulation and financing of real estate,       involvement with the NFL in player arbitration.
    including leases for shopping centers and under-
    ground commercial storage, tax increment financing      Computer Law and E-Commerce
    projects, Chapter 353 and other tax abatement           We have extensive experience in drafting and
    matters, and zoning, platting and other land use        negotiating agreements for the sale and purchase
    issues. We are proud of our legal contributions to      of computer hardware, software, services and
    local real estate and economic development projects     technology. Our experience extends to litigation in
    such as the Jefferson at the Plaza Apartments,          the complex area of satisfaction of system acceptance
    Aventis Pharmaceuticals’ Marion Park and Hunt           criteria. In addition, when many of our clients
    Midwest Real Estate’s SubTropolis. Through our          expanded to conduct business over the Internet, we
    work on these and other projects, we have earned a      expanded our practice to the world of e-commerce.
    reputation of integrity and forthrightness among a      Our e-services include drafting and reviewing web-
    wide variety of city councils and planning commis-      linkage agreements and advising clients with respect
    sions in the area, which enables us to facilitate the   to the content of privacy policies appearing on
    various approval processes for our clients.             their web sites.
                                                                      “When a client brings me a problem, I truly
                                                                      feel responsible for the outcome. Some
                                                                      lawyers believe that it’s their job to simply
                                                                      lay out the options. That’s a law school
                                                                      exam, not a client relationship.”
                                                                                        -Mark Thompson

Environmental and Toxic Law                                           Securities Law
                                                                      We counsel publicly traded corporations on compli-
Our experience includes representing diverse
                                                                      ance with federal and state securities acts and regula-
clients, ranging from small municipalities to
                                                                      tions and in preparing required filings for public
multi-national corporations, in defending Envi-
                                                                      offerings, private placement and exempt transactions.
ronmental and Toxic claims and aiding efforts to
                                                                      Our extensive knowledge of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
comply with various environmental statutes and
                                                                      allows us to counsel clients on compliance with this
regulations. We have represented companies in
                                                                      new, expansive and ever-changing body of law. We also
both personal injury and property damage cases,
                                                                      regularly represent securities and commodities brokers
and are familiar with consultants and experts
                                                                      and individual investors in NASDAQ and NYSE
necessary to assist environmental compliance. Our
                                                                      arbitrations and other forums.
attorneys have successfully negotiated with the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency, the Kansas
Department of Health and Environment and the
                                                                      Debtor-Creditor Law
                                                                      We represent various creditors and debtors. We have
Missouri Department of Natural Resources.
                                                                      developed numerous lending - related agreements
                                                                      and forms and have represented various creditors in
Foreign Practice
                                                                      workouts. We have also represented creditors’ inter-
Many of our clients do business internationally. We
                                                                      ests in complex bankruptcy proceedings. Recently,
perform many of the same services we provide for
                                                                      we assisted a large national banking institution in
their U.S.-based businesses, while working with
                                                                      obtaining a recovery of approximately $6,000,000
foreign attorneys familiar with the nuances of the
                                                                      from a bankruptcy debtor. We also handle collection
foreign country’s law. Our foreign practice has
                                                                      efforts for various creditors, including debtor’s
involved us in India, Japan, the Republic of China,
                                                                      examinations, garnishments and attachments. We
the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, England,
                                                                      regularly represent the interests of debtors in
Scotland, Austria, Germany, France, Russia, the
                                                                      workouts with lenders and other creditors.
Bahamas, Mexico and Canada.

                                                                      In each of our areas of practice, we are experienced
                                                                      in dispute resolution. Our litigation attorneys are
                                                                      experienced in a broad spectrum of claims ranging
                                                                      from multi-million dollar, complex commercial,
                                                                      tort and construction litigation to more personal
                                                                      actions involving individual claims. We practice
                                                                      in traditional federal and state court settings and
                                                                      administrative proceedings as well as arbitration
                                                                      and mediation forums. We have represented clients
Our Litigation Group includes: Sarah Preston, John Lynch,             before the courts of Missouri, Kansas, Idaho, Iowa,
Carol Cleaver, Chris Green, Dan Goldberg, Paul Schepers, Dave Shay,
                                                                      Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Arizona, Colorado,
Fred Bellemere (standing), Lara Owens, Sharon Coberly, Gordon Gee,
Greg Gerstner, Gary Fulghum (seated).                                 Texas, Delaware, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania,
                                                                      Florida, California, Washington and Puerto Rico.
                 We are proud to represent a wide
                 array of established and growing
                 entrepreneurs in the Midwest.

    As this representative listing indicates, our clients      Epiq Systems, Inc.
    are as diverse as our practice. Among them are:            Ranked on Fortune’s National List of Fastest
                                                               Growing Small Public Companies and headquartered
    Kansas City’s largest stock brokerage firm, largest        in Kansas City, Kansas, Epiq provides an advanced
    industrial facility, largest commercial general            offering of integrated technology-based products and
    contractor and two of the ten largest employers.           services for use in managing and performing claims
                                                               administration of large and complex legal proceedings.

    The Kansas City Chiefs                                     Andrews McMeel Universal / Publishing
    A professional football team of the National               Kansas City based entertainment companies
    Football League owned by the Hunt family.                  operating the largest independent newspaper
                                                               syndicate in the world, bringing you Doonesbury, Erma
    J. E. Dunn Construction Company                            Bombeck and many of your other favorite comic
    Kansas City’s largest commercial general contractor,       strips and newspaper columns in print and online
    which is consistently ranked among the nation’s elite,     and an emerging leader in book and calendar
    has built or restored many of Kansas City’s major          publishing and gift and stationery merchandising.
    structures such as the Sprint Center, H&R Block, the
    U.S. Federal Courthouse and Union Station.
                                                               Butler Construction Company
                                                               A division of Butler Manufacturing Company, and
                                                               among the largest commercial construction companies
    Hunt Midwest Enterprises                                   in Kansas City, engaging in national and international
    A company which is one of Kansas City’s largest
                                                               multiple-site construction for large corporations.
    developers of residential subdivisions and controls
    more than 3,000 acres of industrial and commercial
                                                               Helzberg’s Diamond Shops, Inc.
    real estate development including Kansas City’s
                                                               A subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway headquartered in
    largest industrial park and the largest underground
                                                               North Kansas City, Missouri, Helzberg’s Diamonds
    business complex in the world.                             is one of the nation’s leading fine jewelry retailers,
                                                               with more than 250 stores nationwide.
    Gun-Ko Traffic Control, Inc.
    A company, named after its founders, David                 MMG Worldwide
    Gunter and Robert Kudelko, based in Olathe,                Global marketing communications firm working
    Kansas, that provides traffic control and                  exclusively with the premier travel, hospitality and
    pavement marking products and services.                    entertainment companies of the world through its
                                                               offices in New York, Kansas City, Fort Collins, St.
    Cleveland Chiropractic College                             Louis and Miami.
    A nonprofit chiropractic college, founded in 1922,
    with campuses in Overland Park, Kansas, and Los            VNA Corporation
    Angeles, California.                                       Kansas City’s first home health care agency,
                                                               established in 1891, affiliated with Visiting Nurses
    Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith                    Association of America, and serving the largest
    The nation’s and Kansas City’s largest brokerage firm.     geographic area of any other agency in Western
8   We serve a number of its offices in Missouri and Kansas.   Missouri or Eastern Kansas.
                                                         “My goal is for my clients to be able to
                                                         sleep at night because if they have a
                                                         problem, I know I won’t be able to sleep.”
                                                                                          -Bob Levy

QuikTrip Corporation                                     United Way of Greater Kansas City
A privately held company which is a premier              A nonprofit, Kansas City-based charity affiliated
convenience store / gasoline purveyor in Oklahoma,       with United Way of America.
Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois, Georgia,
Texas and Arizona, with over 350 convenience stores      Mountain States Health Alliance
located throughout its territory.                        A health care system based in Johnson City, Tennessee,
                                                         which provides an integrated, comprehensive
TransAm Trucking, Inc.                                   continuum of care to people in 28 counties in
A company that operates a growing fleet of               Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina.
trailers and tractors from its 40-acre site in Olathe,
Kansas, picking up, transporting and delivering          North American Equipment Dealers Association
meat as well as dry freight from the Rockies to the      A trade association representing about 4,500 farm,
East Coast.                                              utility, construction and outdoor power equipment
                                                         dealers in the United States and Canada and
Layne Christensen Company                                affiliated with 18 regional and provincial
A global leader in water well drilling, mineral          equipment dealer associations.
exploration and diamond drill bit technology with
its headquarters in Mission, Kansas.                     QC Holdings, Inc.
                                                         Headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas, and
Capitol Indemnity                                        operating over 300 stores in 22 states, QC is a
A subsidiary of the publicly traded Alleghany            leading provider of payday loans in the United
Corporation selling commercial property and              States, furnishing loans and other financial
casualty insurance (including workers’                   services to middle income, working individuals.
compensation) and surety and fidelity bonds
across the nation for over 40 years.                     Murphy-Hoffman Company
                                                         A company that operates 40 heavy-duty truck deal-
Wenger Manufacturing, Inc.                               erships, three transport refrigeration operations,
A privately held corporation now operated by             20 truck leasing centers and offers financing and
the third generation, headquartered with plant           insurance services from locations across Arkansas,
and corporate offices and manufacturing                  Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri,
facilities in Sabetha, Kansas, and specializing          Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming.
in the manufacturing of commercial extrusion
cooking systems and ancillary equipment.                 National Research Center for College &
                                                         University Admissions
SouthWestern Association                                 A non-profit organization linking high school
A trade association with a membership consisting         students with colleges by annually gathering
of over 1,000 farm, utility, construction, outdoor       information on student attitudes and education
power equipment and hardware dealers located in          plans from nearly 5.5 million students and
Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska,         distributing it to over 1,300 member colleges to
New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.                          better identify qualifying high school students.         9
     Our Family of Attorneys
            James T. Seigfreid
            J.D., University of Missouri, 1955; B. S., University of Missouri, 1953. Past Chair, The Research
            Foundation, Research Medical Center and Research Health Services System; Past President, Board of
            Catholic Charities; Chairman, Central City School Fund; Secretary and Past Director, Kansas City
            Chiefs Football Club; Past Secretary and Past Director, Hunt Midwest Enterprises. Health Care, Sports
            & Entertainment, General Business Law, Estate Planning. E-mail:

            Larry J. Bingham
            J.D., with Distinction, University of Michigan, 1965; B.S., Magna Cum Laude, Kansas State University,
            1962. Board of Trustees, Kansas State University Foundation. Estate Planning & Administration,
            Mergers & Acquisitions, General Business Law, Tax & Tax Exemption. E-mail:

            Allan W. Stopperan
            J.D., with Distinction, University of Iowa, 1964; B.S., Iowa State University, 1962. Comments Editor,
            Iowa Law Review. Member, Estate Planning Society of Kansas City; Past Chair, Tax Law Committee,
            Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association. General Business Law, Estate Planning & Administration,
            Taxation. E-mail:

            Gary J. Brouillette
            J.D., University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 1966; B.A., University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 1963. Judicial
            Clerk, Hon. Robert Van Pelt, U.S. District Court, Nebraska. Captain USAF Judge Advocate
            General, 1966-1969. Chairman, Heartland Habitat for Humanity; Director, Bridging the Gap;
            Director, Heartstrings, Inc.; Elder, Village Presbyterian Church. General Business Law, Real Estate,
            Zoning & Development, Business Succession & Estate Planning. E-mail:

            Gordon D. Gee
            J.D., Harvard University, 1970; B.A., Williams College, 1967. Judicial Clerk, Hon. John W. Oliver, U.S.
            District Court, Western District of Missouri. Recipient, Justice Charles Evans Whittaker Award and Missouri
            Bar Association Pro Bono Award. Past President, Missouri Lawyer Trust Account Foundation; Past President,
            Legal Aid of Western Missouri; President, St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School. Commercial Litigation, Securities
            Arbitration, Appellate Practice. E-mail:

            Robert C. Levy
            J.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1971; B. S., Northwestern University, 1968. Board of Editors,
            California Law Review. Chairman, Truman Medical Centers; Chairman, Board of Directors, Truman
            Medical Centers; Past Chairman, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City; Past President, Jewish Federation
            of Greater Kansas City; Past Chairman, Heart of America United Way; Director, United Way of Greater
            Kansas City. General Business Law, Computer & Technology, Health Care. E-mail:

            Kenneth W. Spain
            J.D., Order of the Coif, University of Kansas, 1973; B.S., University of Kansas, 1970. Phi Delta Phi;
            Senior Articles Editor, University of Kansas Law Review. Real Estate, Land Use, Economic
            Development & Land Use, Sports Law, Financing, General Business Law. E-mail:

Gary V. Fulghum
J.D., Order of the Coif, Washington University, 1973; B.A., Magna Cum Laude, William Jewell
College, 1970. Editor, Washington University Law Quarterly. Former Assistant General Counsel,
The Marley Company. Commercial Litigation, Construction, Insurance, Reinsurance, Litigation.

Jack R. Selzer
LL.M. in Taxation, Boston University, 1974; J.D., University of Florida, 1972; B.A., Rockhurst College,
1965. Former trial attorney for the IRS. Lieutenant USNR (Retired). Council to Notre Dame de Sion
School. General Business Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Taxation, Estate Planning, Equipment Dealers &
Associations. E-mail:

Fred Bellemere, III
J.D., University of Missouri at Kansas City, 1967; B. S., University of Missouri, 1964. Former
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Jackson County, Missouri. Litigation. E-mail:

Robert R. Bartunek
LL.M in Taxation, University of Missouri at Kansas City, 1986; J.D., The Ohio State University, 1975;
M.B.A., The Ohio State University, 1974; B. S., Bucknell University, 1968. Past Chair, Tax Law
Committee, Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association; Member, Construction Law Section, Kansas City
Metropolitan Bar Association; Estate Planning Society of Kansas City, The Missouri Bar Tax Section. Tax
Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate & Development, Construction Law. E-mail:

Joseph L. Hiersteiner
J.D., Georgetown University, 1977; B.A., Williams College, 1974. Former Executive Vice President
and General Counsel, Health Midwest. Member: American Health Lawyers Association; Greater
Kansas City Society of Healthcare Attorneys. Transactions, General Business Law, Tax-Exempt
Organizations, Healthcare. E-mail:

Sharon A. Coberly
J.D. with Distinction, University of Missouri at Kansas City, 1977; B.A. with Distinction, University of
Missouri at Kansas City. Admitted to practice in Missouri, Kansas, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Circuits
and the U.S. Supreme Court. Certified Mediator in Missouri, Kansas and Federal Court. Member:
Missouri Bar Labor and Employment Law and Insurance Committees; ABA Employment Rights and
Responsibilities and International Labor Law Committee; Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers;
Defense Research Institute. Employment, Insurance, Litigation. E-mail:

Mark H. Gilgus
J.D., with Distinction, University of Missouri at Kansas City, 1978; B.B.A., with Distinction, University
of Missouri at Kansas City, 1975. Former tax accountant with Arthur Andersen. Board Member, Kansas
City Estate Planning Symposium; Past Chair, Heart of America Tax Institute and Jewish Community
Relations Bureau; Past President, B’nai B’rith District Two; Former Chair and Current Member, Lee’s
Summit Arts Council; Member, Lee’s Summit Cultural Arts Task Force. Recipient, Thomas Cochran
Community Services Award. Taxation, Estate Planning, General Business Law. E-mail:

     Our Family of Attorneys
            Mark R. Thompson
            J.D., Order of the Coif, University of Kansas, 1980; B.A., Magna Cum Laude (Philosophy), University
            of Colorado, 1977. Member: American Health Lawyers Association (Hospitals and Health Systems, Tax
            and Finance, Fraud and Abuse, Self Referrals, False Claims Practice Groups); American Bar Association
            Health Law Section; Missouri Society of Health Care Attorneys; Kansas Association of Hospital Attor-
            neys; Greater Kansas City Society of Health Care Attorneys (Past President). Health Care, Mergers &
            Acquisitions, General Business Law, Tax Exempt Organizations. E-mail:

            Paul G. Schepers
            J.D., Order of the Coif, University of Kansas, 1982; B.A., Cum Laude, Wabash College, 1978. Member:
            American Health Lawyers Association; Section of Antitrust Law - Health Care Committee, American Bar
            Association. Commercial Litigation, Appellate Practice, Antitrust. E-mail:

            Cindy A. McClannahan
            LL.M. in Taxation, New York University School of Law, 1983; J.D., University of Kansas School of Law,
            1981; B.A., University of Kansas, 1978. Member: Taxation - Corporate and Business Section, Trust,
            Probate and Estate Planning Section, American Bar Association; Real Estate, Probate and Trust Section,
            Tax Law Section, Kansas Bar Association; Tax Committee, Probate and Estate Planning Committee, Kansas
            City Metropolitan Bar Association; Estate Planning Committee, Lawyers Association of Kansas City. Estate
            Planning, Business Planning, Taxation. E-mail:

            James C. Tilden
            J.D., with Honors, University of Iowa, 1980; B. S., with Distinction, Iowa State University, 1977. Phi Beta
            Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Editor, Journal of Corporation Law. Judicial Clerk, Donald P. Lay,
            Chief Judge, U. S. Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit. General Business Law, Real Estate & Development Law,
            Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities Law, Computer Law & E-Commerce. E-mail:

            Gregory S. Gerstner
             J.D., with Distinction, University of Iowa, 1986; B.S. University of Iowa, 1983. Admitted to practice,
            Missouri and U.S. District Court, Western District of Missouri, United States Supreme Court. Member:
            American Bar Association Forum on the Construction Industry and Construction Documents Committee,
            which provided input to the AIA concerning the 1997 edition of the AIA A201 Family of Documents; Mis-
            souri Bar Association’s Construction Law Committee; Faculty of APPA’s Institute for Facilities Management.
            Frequent lecturer and author of articles on construction issues. Construction, Commercial Litigation,
            Debtor-Creditor, Bankruptcy. E-mail:

            Lori A. Beam
            J.D., University of Iowa, 1988; M.B.A., University of Iowa, 1993; B.S.B.A., Creighton University, 1984.
            Iowa Law Review. Member, Past President and Secretary, Greater Kansas City Society of Healthcare
            Attorneys. Member: American Health Lawyers Association; Kansas Association of Hospital Attorneys;
            Missouri Society of Healthcare Attorneys. Past Treasurer and Director, Lawyers Association of Kansas
            City-Young Lawyers Section. General Business Law & Transactions, Health Care, Advertising and
            Marketing. E-mail:

            David E. Shay
            J.D., Order of the Coif, University of Kansas, 1988; B.S., University of Kansas, 1984. Phi Kappa Phi;
            University of Kansas Law Review. Member and Past Chair, Environmental and Energy Law Committee,
            The Missouri Bar; Past President and Director, Lawyers Association of Kansas City, Young Lawyers Section.
            Debtor–Creditor Law, Environmental Law, Toxic Torts, Insurance, Litigation. E-mail:

Stephen M. Kyle
J.D., Washington University, 1990; B.A., University of Nebraska, 1986. Director, Lawyers Association
of Kansas City; Chairman, City of Roeland Park, Kansas Board of Zoning Appeals; Board of Trustees,
Old Mission United Methodist Church of Fairway; Volunteer, American Diabetes Association, Big
Brothers Big Sisters. Computer Law & E-Commerce, Foreign Practice, Mergers & Acquisitions,
General Business Law, Real Estate, Securities Law. E-mail:

Rachel H. Baker
J.D., University of Texas, 1991; B.A., Magna Cum Laude, Cornell College, 1988. Member, Labor
and Employment Law Section, American Bar Association. Employment, Commercial Litigation, Toxic
Torts. E-mail:

Timothy J. Fisher
J.D., University of Missouri at Kansas City, 1992; B.S., University of Missouri, 1987. Former Certified
Public Accountant/Tax Specialist with KPMG Peat Marwick. General Business Law, Sports &
Entertainment Law, Taxation, Estate Planning, Managed Care Law. E-mail:

John M. Neyens
J.D., with High Distinction, University of Iowa, 1997; B.S., University of Iowa, 1994. Associate Editor,
Iowa Law Review. Member: American Health Lawyers Association; Greater Kansas City Society of
Healthcare Attorneys. General Business Law, Employment, Health Care, Equipment Dealers &
Associations, Mergers & Acquisitions. E-mail:

Karla Kerschen Shepard
LL.M. in Taxation, University of Missouri at Kansas City, 1998; J.D., Cum Laude, Creighton Univer-
sity, 1995; B.S., Cum Laude, Kansas State University, 1992. Past Chair, Heart of America Tax Institute.
General Business Law, Taxation, Estate Planning & Administration. E-mail:

Jeff C. Tauscher
LL.M., Taxation, Denver University, 2003; J.D., University of Kansas, 1998; B. S., Kansas State
University, 1995. Admitted to practice in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, U.S. Tax Court, U.S Court
of Federal Claims. Member: Kansas and American Bar Associations; The Missouri Bar; Kansas City
Metropolitan Bar Association; Lawyers Association of Kansas City. Tax & Tax Exemption, Mergers
& Acquisitions, General Business Law, Estate Planning & Administration. E-mail:

Heather A. Jones
J.D., University of Kansas, 2000; B.S., with High Honors, University of Illinois, 1997. Director,
Lawyers Association of Kansas City; Former President, Young Lawyers Section of Lawyers Association of
Kansas City; Member, Central Exchange. Construction Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, General Business
Law, Equipment Dealers & Associations, Real Estate & Development Law. E-mail:

     Our Family of Attorneys
           Katherine A. Zogleman
           J.D., Order of the Coif, University of Kansas, 2003; B.A., Psychology, Summa Cum Laude, Fort Hays State
           University, 2000. Note and Comment Editor, Kansas Law Review. Member: Kansas City Metropolitan Bar
           Association Leadership Academy; Lawyers Association of Kansas City; Member: Missouri Bar Association,
           Kansas Bar Association, American Bar Association. Computer Law & E-Commerce, Equipment Dealers &
           Associations, Estate Planning & Administration, Intellectual Property Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, General
           Business Law, Securities Law, Tax & Tax Exemption. E-mail:

           Lara M. Owens
           J.D., University of Missouri at Kansas City, 2004; B.S., Summa Cum Laude, University of Missouri-
           Columbia, 1992. Member: Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association; American Bar Association;
           Association of Women Lawyers of Greater Kansas City; Lawyers Association of Kansas City. Commercial
           Litigation, Employment. E-mail:

           Christoper L. Green
           J.D., University of Kansas, 2001; B.S., Business Management and International Studies, Cum Laude, Kansas
           State University, 1998. Clerk, Hon. G. Thomas Van Bebber, U.S. District Court for District of Kansas.
           Member, University of Kansas Law Review. Admitted to practice in Missouri, Texas, U.S. District Court
           Northern and Southern Districts of Texas. Employment, Commercial Litigation. E-mail:

           John P. Lynch
           J.D., John Marshall, 2001; B.A., Eastern Illinois University, 1997. Law Clerk to Hon. Charles R. Norgle,
           Sr., U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois. Admitted to practice in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois,
           U.S. District Court Western District of Missouri, U.S. District Court of Kansas, U.S. District Court
           Northern District of Illinois. Commercial Litigation, Construction Law. E-mail:

           Daniel P. Goldberg
           J.D., DePaul University, 2001; B.A., University of Kansas, 1998. Member, DePaul Law Review. Judicial
           Clerk to Hon. Thomas H. Newton, Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District. Admitted to practice in
           Missouri, Kansas, U.S. District Court for Western District of Missouri and District of Kansas. Litigation,
           Employment Law. E-mail:

           Jack M. Beal
           J.D., with Highest Honors, University of Tulsa, 2006; B.S., William Jewell College, 2003. Order of the Curule
           Chair; Editor, Tulsa Law Review. Construction Law, Debtor-Creditor Law, Equipment Dealers & Associations,
           Mergers & Acquisitions, General Business Law, Sports & Entertainment Law. E-mail:

           Aimee A. Minnich
           J.D., University of Kansas, 2007; B.A., Summa Cum Laude, Rockhurst University, 2003. Note &
           Comment Editor, Kansas Law Review; “Rational Regulation of Payday Lending” published in Volume 16
           of the Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy; Recipient, UMB Estate Planning Award. Estate Planning,
           Mergers & Acquisitions, General Business Law, Tax & Tax Exemption. E-mail:

                    Sarah E. Preston
                    J.D., University of Kansas, 2007; B.S., Cum Laude, Kansas State University, 2004. Intern for the
                    Honorable John W. Lungstrum, United States District Court for the District of Kansas; Recipient,
                    CALI Awards in Contracts I and Commercial Arbitration. Employment Law, Litigation.

                    Carol A. Cleaver, of Counsel
                    J.D., University of Nebraska at Omaha, 2006; B.A., Summa Cum Laude, University of Nebraska at
                    Omaha, 2002. Member: Hispanic Bar Association, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater
                    Kansas City. Employment, Commercial Litigation. E-mail:

                    Robert J. Mann, of Counsel
                    J.D., Summa Cum Laude, University of Missouri at Kansas City, 1966; A.B., William Jewell College,
                    1963. University of Missouri at Kansas City Law Review. Past Member, Executive Council MARC Solid
                    Waste Management District. Founder, Greater KC Marathon and 10K; Executive Director, Bridging
                    the Gap, Inc. General Business Law, Environmental Law, Real Estate, Estate Planning.

                    H. Boone Porter, III, of Counsel
                    J.D., New York University, 1976; B.A., Yale University, 1972. Past President and Director, Friends
                    of the Libraries of University of Missouri at Kansas City. Appellate Practice, Trusts, Civil Litigation,
                    Venture Capital, Business, Corporate, Securities, Bank Regulatory, Governmental Entity,
                    Administrative Law. E-mail:

The Rest of Our Family
Our firm is staffed with experienced paralegals, administrative assistants and other support personnel to meet the
needs of our clients. They share our values of caring, integrity and respect and our corresponding desire to
provide personalized services. They are important members of our legal team and are always ready to help.

 Our Paralegal Team includes: Cari Matias, Jeanette               Among the rest of our family, with many years of service to
 Schmeltz, Tanya Braa (standing), Risa Olds, Amy                  our firm, are Chris Eslinger, Barbara Ragan, Cheryl
 Poolman (seated).                                                Boldridge (seated), Karen Montgomery, Sharon Silvers,
                                                                  Janey Sturgis, Joyce Flack (standing).
     When Needed, Alliance Members Can Help.
     When our clients need local counsel outside Missouri and Kansas or
     expertise outside our areas of specialty, we frequently contact our fellow
     members in The Law Firm Alliance. The Law Firm Alliance is a loose
     affiliation of mid-size law firms invited to join due to their reputations
     for excellence and similar practice philosophies. It is currently
     composed of 46 firms throughout the United States, as well as member
     firms in Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Mexico and
     The Netherlands.

     We Practice More Than Law.
     We like to think we practice what we preach, encouraging our attorneys
     and staff to give back to the community through the civic and charitable
     organizations of their choice. Our firm annually conducts its own
     fundraising drive for Heart of America United Way. In addition, some
     of our attorneys occupy active and/or leadership positions in
     organizations including Catholic Charities, the Episcopal Diocese of
     Kansas, United Jewish Appeal, Legal Aid, health organization boards,
     political groups, university foundations, environmental groups,
     neighborhood groups, bar associations, theater groups and service
     organizations for the elderly and disadvantaged. We’re proud of our
     community involvement and the spirit it reflects.

     There’s A Lot More To Learn.
     The only way to really get to know Seigfreid, Bingham, Levy, Selzer &
     Gee is to spend some time with its people. We encourage you to do
     that. For many of our areas of practice, we can provide you with detailed
     materials that are no doubt helpful to get a feel for what we do. But
     more important is to get a feel for who we are. We invite you to call any
     of our attorneys or visit our office. This law firm – this family of lawyers
     – would welcome the opportunity to get to know you better.

                                                              SEIGFREID BINGHAM
                                                              LEVY SELZER & GEE
                                                                       2800 Commerce Tower
                                                                               911 Main Street
                                                                   Kansas City, Missouri 64105
                                                                               P 816.421.4460
                                                                               F 816.474.3447

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