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Personal Statement

What started out as an innocent hobby has now exploded into a full blown assault on
the senses! Leon‟s magic happens in YOUR hands, at YOUR fingertips. No rabbits in
hats, no special props and definitely NO camera tricks, just PURE, DIRECT,
COMMERCIAL magic, suitable for any age, and any occasion.

Leon‟s freshly unique approach to his art has seen him performing in numerous
venues around the south for just about every type of audience possible, all of which
have been „gob-smacked‟ and „mesmerised‟ but more than anything else,
ENTERTAINED. But don‟t take our word for it, see what his clients have to say
about Leon‟s magic:

Client Testimonials:

"Leon worked with us to keep 500 people entertained at leading Brighton venue, The
KOMEDIA... he's got what it takes - the old standards, his own twists and the
creativity and charisma to use close-up magic to its best effect on any day. Thanks
Leon”. PHIL, PIRATECHNO April 2008
"Sensational magic suitable for any occasion, Leon MUST be seen to get the full
experience of his fabulous act". GREG @ THE MOLOTOV COCKTAIL LOUNGE,

“A word of thanks from all the staff at Wilton Park for the impressive display of close
up magic at our annual Staff Summer Party on Friday evening. You were the talk of
the evening! You kept everybody captivated by the tricks you performed – to the
extent that I believe one of our staff followed you round, he was so mesmerized!
Thank you again – if we get the opportunity, we shall certainly ask you back”.

"You were very professional and brought a magical element to the night which will
never be forgotten, cheers Leon you keep working those cards baby!". ETTIN'S

"The four boys had a superb time and were absolutely fascinated with your magical
tricks, a truly magical performance enjoyed by all ages, Hope to see you again some
"The magician was a nice touch! He was very good & pleasing to the eye.".
thanks for last Friday, We had some great feedback for you, from the guests, so we
"His act was beautifully constructed, well executed and confidently performed...He
was engaging, amusing and he was performing really strong magic.". GILES
"Leon was fun and professional he provides relaxed entertainment for
all ages. We would happily book him again should occasion occur and
would recommend him to others." Shak, Private Birthday Party @ Al Mirage Restaurant,

“Hey Leon :-) Thanks so much for your time at Sussex Enterprise on Friday - you went down
a storm!! We raised over £700 on the day which is the most ever, so thanks a million for your
support :-)” Aby Mason, Charity Fundraising event for Children In Need @ Sussex Enterprises,
Burgess Hill.

“I chose Leon as our pre-dinner entertainment after previously seeing him perform at a
Children in Need event. I was tasked with finding the pre-dinner entertainment for our
Outstanding Achievement Awards Ceremony at The Old Market so called Leon..On arrival
guests were greeted to a champagne reception and treated to Leon‟s „Mix and mingle‟ style of
magic, using cards, fire! And rubber bands. It really grabbed our guest's attention and was
the perfect type of magic for our audience. Leon had a string of tricks up his sleeve and left
our guests gasping for more.”

Georgina Carley | Events Co-ordinator | Outstanding Achievement Awards | Bupa

Professional Repertoire

Leon‟s professional repertoire is CLOSE UP MAGIC which he can perform strolling
around from group to group at mix-and-mingle events/environment, either sitting or
standing in any type of venue for anywhere up to 3 hours. This makes his magic
extremely versatile, very commercial and would therefore be suitable at all
entertainment based events/venues, for all clients.
Please contact for any other information/enquiries you have about Leon‟s repertoire
and what he can do for you and your clients/venue.
Smoke and Mirrors

As well as private bookings, Leon also created his own Magic night.

“After making the change from amateur, to professional I quickly realised how
popular magic was with live audiences. This seemed to be mainly due to the fact that
most people hadn‟t actually seen much magic live. Even sceptics could be turned once
they saw magic being performed in their hands, at THEIR fingertips.
I quickly decided that I wanted to give more people the chance to experience and
enjoy magic close up, aside from if they got lucky and saw a magician at a particular
venue or event.
I also noticed that a few of my fellow magicians at the Sussex Magic Circle also
wanted to take the steps from amateur to professional, but didn‟t quite know where to
All of this eventually led to me deciding to create my own magic night, where I would
have complete control over the content of the evening, providing my audience with as
much magic as possible, and still leaving them wanting more!
 After talking and much planning with a few of my fellow magicians, I founded
SMOKE AND MIRRORS- The south‟s premiere „magic night‟. This gave me
complete control over the content of the evening, so I could make sure no performer
was side-lined and that everyone had an equal opportunity to get out there and start
performing their magic in front of an audience.
The best thing about starting the show was the response, smoke and mirrors seems to
have really captured our audiences imagination, giving them first hand experience of
something that they may have never even seen live. After four successful sell-out
shows, we now boast a big following, who are always looking forward to the next

Here is a sample list of Leon‟s Professional Bookings to date:

      Hired to perform at Four Christmas parties for various companies/organisations @
       the Burlington Hotel, Worthing.
      Featured Magician for a „Masquerade Ball‟- New Years Eve event @ the Burlington
       Hotel, Worthing.
      Entertained guests at the opening of the Molotov Cocktail Lounge, Hove.
      Close up magic to warm up the crowd @ Ettin‟s Album Launch Party, Tangerine Bar,
      WINNER of Mark Little‟s Raw Talent Rodeo (a Talent show, offering each winner a
       place on the bill for Mark‟s show at the Brighton Fringe Festival). @ The Brunswick
       Hotel, Hove.
      Close up magic to welcome guests @ Tuck-Shop Records Launch Party, at The Rest,
      Privately Hired to perform close up magic at a Birthday Party, Littlehampton.
      Featured Magician for „Pirate party‟ @ the Molotov Cocktail Lounge, Hove.
      Featured Magician for „The Mad Hatters Ball‟- A charity event in aid of The Make A
       Wish Foundation, Kings Cross, London.
      Featured Magician for a 2nd „Pirate party‟ @ The Molotov Cocktail Bar, Hove
       Hired to perform unique „Pirate Magic‟ for 500 people as part of Piratetechno‟s
       „Tales from the deep‟- A cabaret extravaganza featuring storytelling, music, dance
       and drama @ The Komedia Club, Brighton.
       Close up magic to warm the crowds @ „Stay- sick‟- A punk rock gig, Hectors House,
       Mark Little‟s Raw Talent Rodeo- Warm-up show before the Brighton Fringe Festival,
        @ The Brunswick Hotel, Brighton.
       Featured Magician in „Mark Little‟s Raw Talent Rodeo‟ @ The Brighton Fringe
        Festival 08.
       Founded „Smoke and Mirrors‟- My very own magic night, Featuring Myself and
        three other magicians from the Sussex Magic Circle.
       Smoke And Mirrors Launch Night @ The Greenhouse Effect, Hove.
       Announced Sussex Magic Circle‟s CLOSE-UP CHAMPION 2008, after winning the
        competition at the circle‟s headquarters, Lewes.
       Smoke and Mirrors- Street Performance featured in the Worthing Herald Online.
       Smoke and Mirrors 2nd Show @ The Vintners Parrot, Worthing.
       Smoke and Mirrors 3rd Show @ Heist bar, Brighton.
       Featured Magician at a „Staff Summer Party‟ on location @ Wiston House, Worthing.
       Featured Magician to entertain students at EC Language School, Brighton.
       Promotional Close up magic for „Smoke and Mirrors‟ @ Heist bar, Brighton.
       Featured Magician to entertain foreign students at EC Language School.
       Smoke and Mirrors 4th Show @ Heist bar, Brighton.
       Featured Magician- Performing close up magic @ Barford Court, Hove.
       Featured Magician- Wedding @ The Norfolk Arms, Arundel.
       Featured Magician @ Glentworth House NH, Hove.
       Featured Magician @ Wedding Reception, The Beachwood Hall, Worthing.
       Featured Magician @ The Pines NH, Hove.
       Featured Magician For Halloween Banquet, @ The Hove Club, Hove.
       Private booking for Family Meal/ Birthday Party @ Al Mirage Restaurant, London.
       Featured Magician- Charity Gig For Children In Need @ Sussex Enterprises, Burgess
       Featured Magician- @ The Pines NH Hove.
       Filmed Promo video during PLAYGROUP @ Concorde 2 Brighton for
       Featured Magician For Christmas Party aboard the „Naticia' @ Embankment Pier,
       Private Booking for Private Christmas Party @ Gars Restaurant, Brighton.
       Featured Magician- Novartis Corporate Party @ Wiston House, Steyning.
       Featured Magician For BUPA Outstanding Awards Ceremony, The Old Market,


Leon‟s standard fee for an event is £300, although this does change with the different types of
events/venues/locations so please contact Leon with all the details of your event and he can
give a personal quote.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Leon Simmonds.

For bookings/enquiries please contact me at:
For videos, photos, and other media please check out the following web pages:
And (or) Add me on Facebook!

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