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									  The Collegian
Volume LXXX Issue No. 1                     Serving the Baltimore City College High School Community Since 1929                                                            Fall 2008

Dawson’s Vision for 2008-2009
Maia Gottlieb
          Every new school year brings
                                                                            Other concrete
new accomplishments and new hurdles.
                                                                            c h a n g e s
Head of School Timothy Dawson has
                                                                            include      the
seen plenty of both. In an interview with
                                                                            long awaited
The Collegian, Dawson discussed the
                                                                            91 new security
new security cameras, the increase in hall
                                                                            cameras, with
monitors, the replacement of Mr. Percy in
                                                                            five        more
the college advising office, and the shake-
                                                                            to         come.
up at North Avenue.
                                                                            Gesturing     to
          As with last year, one of Dawson’s
                                                his computer, Dawson demonstrates the
priorities is to improve the “culture of the
                                                technological features of the cameras. The
school.” According to Dawson, students
                                                cameras have an impressive range, and
should approach school like a business;
                                                sharp zoom features. Dawson confirms that
it takes hard work, but ultimately leads to
                                                these cameras do indeed exist, counteracting
                                                some skepticism among students.
          In order to create a “professional
                                                          During a recent student assembly,
learning community” Dawson will
                                                when Dawson referred to an attempted
implement concrete and intangible changes.
                                                theft in the music room, he stated that the
He is updating the academic infrastructure
                                                culprit had not been caught. He now affirms
with new textbooks, computers, and
                                                the effectiveness of the cameras by saying
technology. Dawson credits the Fair
                                                the culprit had been caught, and it was an
Student Funding initiative with allotting
enough money for these resources.
                                                          Dawson sees the new cameras
According to the Preliminary Baltimore
                                                as a deterrent, “keeping honest people          Mr. Dawson in his office; he has devised new strategies for the upcoming school year
City School System Budget for 2009, the
                                                honest.” The cameras are only placed
city has allotted $27,000 for computers at
                                                in public places, such as hallways and          social studies department head, Ms.            Despite their lack of experience in college
City, and $170,000 for textbooks. Dawson
                                                stairwells, not bathrooms or classrooms.        Kriewald, supports the change, stating,        advising, Dawson thinks that their degrees
says, “We went from having a little money
                                                Even if an incident occurs in a place with      “They’ve made it quieter in the hallways.      and previous school experiences qualify
to having more money.”
                                                no cameras, (such as fires in the bathrooms     Hall monitors appear to be quite effective     them for the position.
          Dawson believes that the infusion
                                                in past years), the cameras will pick up any    in their job.”                                           Since Percy was a temporary
of these funds has “allowed us to be more
                                                people in the nearby hallways before and                  The status and pay of each hall      employee, he had no rights to a permanent
competitive with private schools and county
                                                after such an event. Furthermore, “there are    monitor depends on their other duties and      job. During the interview process, Dawson
schools,” who have traditionally attracted
                                                cameras protecting cameras,” guaranteeing       previous experience, but Dawson estimates      simply says, “He was not selected.”
disillusioned families from Baltimore City.
                                                total supervision.                              the cost at around $120,000 per year. He                 Despite the turmoil surrounding
He has tried to “make a major shift in terms
                                                          Thanks to the security cameras,       dismisses the idea that this cost had any      the change, Dawson states that, “I really
of an ethnic standpoint,” and refers to the
                                                Dawson declares that, “This is probably he      effect on other decisions pertaining to        wanted [Mr. Percy] back at the school,” but
increased number of Asian and Caucasian
                                                best first three weeks of school I’ve ever      staff, saying that the decision to hire hall   does not specify in what way.
students as a positive increase in diversity.
                                                been associated with.”                          monitors was made last year.                             At a Parent-Teacher-Student
          Another decision at North Avenue                                                                One the more controversial staff     Association meeting, Dawson addressed
has had a direct impact on City. Recent
paring down of the bureaucracy has left
                                                 “This is probably the                          shifts this year had to do with the hiring     some critics. The meeting was somewhat
                                                                                                of the new college advisors, Ms. Rhodes        tumultuous, according to those who were
around 300 people without jobs. These            best first three weeks                         and Ms. Cohen. They will be replacing Ms.      present. Dawson accepts that it was “less
employees have been shifted to work at
various local schools. City has received          of school I’ve ever                           Rudisill and Mr. Percy. Ms. Rudisill stated
                                                                                                her intention to move to a new position
                                                                                                                                               than ideal,” but refers to the meeting as
                                                                                                                                               “informative.” He is aware of the resistance
several of these employees, who can be
seen working in various capacities around       been associated with.”                          in the spring, but the replacement of Mr.
                                                                                                Percy was a surprise to many, including Mr.
                                                                                                                                               to this change, and cites the “eager beavers”
                                                                                                                                               as the most vocal critics.
school. Dawson is confident that they will                                                      Percy himself. (See ‘Shake Ups’ below).                     Nevertheless, Mr. Dawson
find employment in the school system,                   Another security measure are
                                                                                                          The new advisors were hired          is satisfied with the improvements and
taking the place of around 350 employees        the new hall monitors, who have been
                                                                                                just two weeks before school started, but      changes around City College, and expects
who usually leave the school system by          “extremely effective.” Dawson adds, “Ask
                                                                                                Dawson thinks, “They’re more than ready.”      a successful school year.
October.                                        the teachers, ask the students.” Indeed,

Inside:                                         Shake Ups In College Advising Office
Facts on Palin.......pg 2                       Zoe Rammelkamp                                  series of contract-related issues. These       that eventually, the contract would evolve
                                                          In addition to the many new           issues began in late April, after Mr. Percy    into a more stable position that would pay
Presidential Candidate Pro-                     teachers, City College recently welcomed        was offered a better-paying, more stable       him during the summer months. Mr. Percy
                                                two new college advisors: Nancy Rhodes,         college advising job in Massachusetts, Mr.     says, “I was perfectly happy with coming
files..................pg 3                     Director of College Advising, and Amee          Percy says.                                    back as a temporary contracted worker as
                                                Cohen, Assistant Director of College                     He discussed his possibilities        I had the previous two years even if there
                                                Advising.                                       regarding his future at City with Assistant    wasn’t a specific time line as to when I
Interview with Marin                                      Changes in the College Advising       Principal Ms. Harcum, telling her that job     would be made permanent.”
Alsop...........pg 5                            Office are not unheard of. In fact, Mr. Hirsh   security and the possibility to pursue a                Meanwhile, Mr. Percy and Ms.
                                                from the Social Studies department notes,       Master’s Degree were important to him. Ms.     Harcum had begun to interview people
                                                “In my five years at City, there have been      Harcum indicated that this was possible, and   for Ms. Rudisill’s former position as
Club Profiles.........pg 7                      five different Heads of College Advising.”      together, she and Mr. Percy created a new      Assistant Director. They found an excellent
                                                These constant changes have caused              position, entitled “Educational Assistant.”    candidate, but Mr. Dawson announced that
                                                plenty of concern for teachers, parents,        This job would be a full-time position that    there was a new procedure: instead of Mr.
Sports Round Up..pg 7                           and students, as well as Principal Dawson       would allow Mr. Percy to work during the       Percy and Ms. Harcum determining the
                                                and the former Head of College Advising,        summers, unlike his temporary contract,        new Assistant Director, there would be a
                                                Ethan Percy.                                    which only employed him for ten months.        committee comprised of Mr. Dawson, Ms.
   Baltimore City College                                                                       Ms. Harcum confirms this account.              Halterman, Ms. Harcum, and Ms. Legg
     3220 The Alameda                                     Mr. Percy, who worked in City’s
                                                College Advising Office for two years,                   However, this position never          that would decide. Also, Mr. Percy himself
   Baltimore, MD 21218                                                                          materialized. Mr. Percy agreed to sign the     would have to be interviewed.
        410.396.6557                            and who was looking forward to returning
                                                to City this year, was not rehired after a      temporary contract at the time, believing
  bcc.collegian@gmail.com                                                                                                                            See “Shake Ups”, page 3
Fall 2008                                                   Editorial                                                                                                       Page 2

             Obama For President                                                                                                                      •	
                                                                                                                                                           Marries Todd Palin in 1988
                                                                                                                                                           Wins a seat on the Wasilla City
                                                                                                                                                           Council in 1992
          Supporting Barack Obama for president is not an unpopular position here at                                                                  •	 Elected Mayor of Wasilla
City. In the mock presidential primary last year, Barack Obama won in a landslide, with                                                                    (population: 5,500) in 1996
85% of the vote. In a mock presidential election between Obama and John McCain, the                                                                   •	 Requests Town Librarian, Police
margin of victory would no doubt be even more lopsided.                                                                                                    Chief, Public Works Director,
          In our predominately African-American school, the historic nature of Obama’s                                                                     and Finance Director to submit
candidacy is important to many students at City. Everyone knows that if Obama were                                                                         letters of resignation later in 1996
to win the presidential election, then certain demographic glass ceilings could finally be                                                            •	 October 1996, prohibits city
broken.                                                                                                                                                    personnel from talking to the
          However, we should not vote for Senator Obama simply because of his race.                                                                        press
Just as women should not vote for John McCain simply because Sarah Palin is his                                                                       •	 December 1996, Palin asks town
running mate, African-Americans should not vote for Barack Obama simply because he
is an African-American. After all, the prospect of having someone other than a white
male represent the American people is new, exciting, and long overdue. Nevertheless,
                                                                                                  Just the Facts:                                          librarian to remove controversial
                                                                                                                                                           books from the library
                                                                                                                                                      •	 January 1997, terminates job of
we must vote for the candidate with the best background, principles, and ideas. The
Collegian considers Obama to be that candidate. Senator Obama is that candidate
because he will provide Americans with the change this country desperately needs.
                                                                                                  Sarah Palin                                              head of city museum
                                                                                                                                                      •	 Reelected as Mayor in 1999
                                                                                                                                                      •	 Runs for Lieutenant Governor
                                                                                                  John David Merrill
Currently, the nation has a $9 trillion gross national debt weighing it down. We are                        If you haven’t been hibernating                and loses in 2002
involved in a costly war; gas prices are at an all time high; financial markets are failing;      in an igloo somewhere in Alaska for                 •	 Appointed in 2003 by the
and unemployment continues to hurt the lower class.                                               the last month, you’ve probably heard                    Governor as the Chairwoman
          While it is impossible to say with complete certainty that Barack Obama will            something about Republican Presidential                  of the Alaska Oil and Gas
solve all of these problems, we must have hope. His plans to solve these problems                 Nominee John McCain selecting Alaskan                    Conservation despite having no
appear infinitely better than John McCain’s, and his record shows that he feels a                 Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice-                        experience in that field
genuine commitment to the American people. Therefore, for all of those who are                    President. Little did we (or John McCain)           •	 2006, Elected Governor of
able to vote this election, please vote for Barack Obama. If you are not old enough,              know that his choice would turn out to                   Alaska
please attempt to persuade those who are undecided to vote for him. This election is              be so controversial and so flawed. In               •	 Bills taxpayers for 312 nights
unbelievably important, and we must join together to support Barack Obama.                        this article however, I will let you draw                spent at home in the first 19
                                                                                                  your own conclusions about the first                     months, costing tens of thousands
                                                                                                  term governor-turned vice presidential                   of dollars
                                                                                                  candidate. Here are a few facts about Mrs.          •	 Bills Alaska $25,000 for her
                                                                                                  Palin:                                                   daughters travel expenses
                            The Collegian                                                             •	   Born on February 11, 1964
                                                                                                                                                      •	 Becomes embroiled in a conflict
                                                                                                                                                           of interest scandal despite
                                     Editor in Chief                                                                                                       promising to clean Alaskan
                                                                                                      •	   Begins College at Hawaii Pacific
                                      Maia Gottlieb                                                        University in 1982                              politics
Section Editors                                                                                       •	   Transfers to North Idaho College           •	 August 29th, 2008, Sarah Palin
         News: Zoe Rammelkamp                                                                              in 1983                                         is chosen to be Senator John
         Opinion: John David Merrill                                                                  •	   Transfers again in 1984 to the                  McCain’s running mate after one
         Features: Eliana Fabiyi                                                                           University of Idaho news                        meeting
         Clubs: Kaitlin Meissinger                                                                    •	   Wins “Miss Wasilla” beauty            It would be impossible to list all the facts
         Sports: Henry Waldron                                                                             pageant, comes in second for          surrounding Sarah Palin and the various
         Photography: Andrew Nagl                                                                          “Miss Alaska” in 1984                 controversies she is associated with.
                                                                                                      •	   Transfers again to Matanuska-         However, based on the few facts I have
Staff Writers: Joshua Beckett, Kate Bouth, Debra Brown, Simone Davis, Casey                                Susitna College in 1985               listed and that are publicly available, I
Durkin, Kenesha Gray, Briana Haley, Shakira Hamilton, Nia Hampton, Daisy Hart, Ta-                    •	   Transfers back to University of       believe it is safe to say that she is neither
nasia Hazelton, Sakiera Malone, Julien Pollilo, Julia Queale, Sierra Richmond, Lanee                       Idaho for Spring 1986                 an ideal nor prepared candidate for the
Rudolph, Joshua Russakis, Nhandi Singleton, Anias Stambolis-D’Agostino,Arielle Taft,                  •	   Sping 1987, finally graduates         Vice Presidency. I only hope the rest of
Sparkle Taylor                                                                                        •	   Works for the next two years as a     the country agrees.
                                                                                                           television sportscaster

                                                                                                  Voters At City
Staff Photographers: Auriel Carter, Nekia Hampton, Nicholas Hill Nancy Morales
Copy Editor: Agata Nowosadko
Caroonist: Christopher Clemens
                                                                                                                          At City, 18 year old seniors are eligible to vote in the November
Publisher: T Dawson                                                                               Zoe Rammelkamp
                                                                                                                          election. Here are the opinions of a few of those select seniors.
Advisor: V Valcik
Printer: Homestead Publishers

                         Editorial Policy
                   The Collegian, Baltimore City College’s student newspaper, provides
for communication among all citizens of the Baltimore City College community. The
Collegian exists as an open forum to reflect student opinions, report student issues, and
          Students write all articles and editorials. On occasion The Collegian prints
individual writing as signed articles on the editorial page. The byline shows that the
opinions are those of the writers. The staff examines articles for fairness and accuracy;         Azalik McLeod Jones                            Leah Goldman
the advisor assists with mechanics, structure, and legal issues.                                  “I’m voting for Obama right now. It            “I’m very excited. I’m voting for Obama
          A decision by The Collegian Editorial Board, composed of the Editors-in-Chief,          might change. I don’t think it will, but it    because I align myself better with his
the business managers, and other section editors, determines the content of all unsigned          might if Obama changes his ideas. I like       political ideologies. I don’t like anything
editorials. Unsigned editorials are allowed at the discretion of The Collegian Editorial          that Obama’s for not getting rid of Social     McCain says… he’s a liar.”
Board, as are anonymous sources.                                                                  Security and that he’s against tax breaks
          The Collegian reserves the right to edit letters that it considers libelous, obscene,   for big businesses and the rich.”
or too lengthy. Only signed letters are accepted, however, names may be withheld upon
the request of the writer.
          The First Amendment to the Constitution grants the student press rights and
privileges as long as the reporter or the paper does not abuse the guaranteed rights of
any citizen. Abuse may be in the form of libel, obscenity, invasion of privacy, or material
interference and physical disruption of the educational process. The Collegian will not
intentionally commit any of the above abuses, and if accidental abuse occurs, will rectify
it immediately.
          The Collegian will do its utmost to retain an independent point of view and be
free of any biases. According to the law, the principal, as publisher of the paper, may
censor the paper if necessary.                                                                    Jacob Agus-Kleinman                            Tora Stinnette
          The Collegian is the newspaper of the Baltimore City College community. If              “I’m voting for Obama because I agree          “I’m voting for Obama because I want to
any member of the community sees errors, it is that person’s duty to inform the staff.            with his policies regarding education,         vote for a Democratic candidate. I feel as
          The Collegian welcomes letters from all readers. To send us letters, or to access       foreign policy, and the economy. I feel        though he will make a difference… I want
our Editorial Policy, simply email us at bcccollegian@gmail.com.                                  like if McCain is elected, then it will just   to see something different.”
                                                                                                  be Bush and Cheney all over again.
Fall 2008                                                                  News                                                                                          Page 3

College Advising Shake Ups
                                                                                                Mr. Dawson said that he had asked Mr.
                                                                                                Percy to wait until October or November
                                                                                                for a job. When asked about this, Mr.
                                                                                                Percy was not certain what Mr. Dawson
                                                                                                was referring to, but said, “I haven’t had
                                                                                                any recent discussions with him regarding
                                                                                                employment in October or November.”
                                                                                                          It appears as though Mr. Percy’s
                                                                                                future regarding City is quite uncertain.
                                                                                                However, the administration has put
                                                                                                several measures in place to ensure that
                                                                                                the current college advisors stay for an
                                                                                                extended period of time.
                                                                                                          Mr. Dawson hopes to make the
                                                                                                college advising positions permanent by
                                                                                                October or November. After the surplus
                                                                                                employees from North Avenue have found         Construction on
                                                                                                                                               Gate Begins
                                                                                                jobs, Mr. Dawson expects to be able to turn
                                                                                                the temporary contract into a permanent
                                                                                                          Meanwhile,       Mrs.     Rhodes,    Zoe Rammelkamp
                                                                                                Director of College Advising, and Ms.                    Christopher Jackson, a junior,
                                                                                                Cohen, Assistant College Director, have
                                                                                                                                               says that he thinks the campus “basically
                                                                                                promised that they are “here for the long
                                                                                                                                               looks the same as last year.” However, this
                                                                                                term.” Both women are excited to be at
                                                                                                                                               will soon change. Last year, construction
                                                                                                City, and are pleased with their success so
                                                                                                                                               workers had to rip up the sidewalk above
                                                                                                far. They say that the most difficult part
                                                                                                                                               the student parking lot in order to repair
                                                                                                about being hired only two weeks before
                                                                                                                                               the sewer lines. The sewer lines are now
                                                                                                the start of school was getting organized.
Mrs. Rhodes and Ms. Cohen are new to City and they look forward to working with City                                                           fixed, but the sidewalk is not. Therefore,
                                                                                                “We had to throw out papers from the early
students. They “blew the committee away”, according to Mr. Dawson.                                                                             the construction workers now have a
                                                                                                90s,” Mrs. Rhodes says.
                                               the loss,” he considers Mrs. Rhodes, the                                                        new project: to lay down the cement, in
From “Shake Ups”, Page 1                                                                                  Seniors seem satisfied with Mrs.
                                                                                                                                               order to make the sidewalk, which is also
         As a result of the interviews, Mr.    current Director of College Advising, the        Rhodes and Ms. Cohen’s performance
                                               best person to hold that position, saying,                                                      adjacent to the soccer field, safer and more
Percy did not get rehired. In an interview,                                                     so far. Tiffanie Smith, ’09, said, “I really
                                               “She blew our committee away.”                                                                  convenient.
Mr. Dawson said, “It was not just my                                                            think they’re doing their job.” Tiffanie
                                                        As a result of the decision, Mr.                                                                 Mr. Mike Daniel, City’s Facilities
decision. It was the committee’s decision.”                                                     appreciates the frequent e-mails that they
                                               Percy lost his job the day before teachers                                                      Director, does not know how long it will
Furthermore, “It’s not always the case                                                          send. Nevertheless, she calls Mr. Percy’s
                                               were to return to City. In email message,                                                       take for the workers to finish up this piece
where the most qualified person gets                                                            absence “a tragedy.”
                                               Mr. Percy says, “Currently, I am looking for                                                    of construction. Nevertheless, students
selected for the position. Many factors,                                                                  Emily Swartz, ’09, also has strong
                                               a new position but am not working. With                                                         should get used to the idea of having
aside from qualifications, are considered.”                                                     feelings regarding the Percy controversy,
                                               Mr. Dawson’s decision so close to the                                                           many construction projects on campus.
He cites longevity, fit at the school, and                                                      saying, “I think it’s a shame that he spent
                                               beginning of school, there aren’t many                                                          Soon, three gates will be constructed in
chemistry as important factors.                                                                 so much time and energy last year and this
                                               College Advisor/Counseling positions                                                            the parking lots. One will be placed in the
         The long term prospects of the                                                         summer just to get it all thrown back in
                                               available as most are filled in the spring. It                                                  student parking lot on Loch Raven, and the
new hires were of particular importance,                                                        his face. But it’s not the [current] college
                                               has been difficult to begin looking for jobs                                                    others will be placed in the teacher parking
as there has been consistent turnover in                                                        advisors’ faults.” In fact, Emily notes that
                                               when I spent the entire summer preparing to                                                     lot off of the Alameda.
the college advising office in the past five                                                    Mrs. Rhodes has “definitely offered a lot
                                               work at City. I have offered my assistance                                                                  Christopher Jackson will soon
years. “I knew they would not get up and                                                        of help.”
                                               to anyone who has questions regarding the                                                       see the changes to the campus. The only
walk out the door because they did not                                                                    When asked if he regrets the loss
                                               college process. Anything I can do to help                                                      question is whether or not he will approve.
have benefits,” Dawson explains.                                                                of Percy, Dawson barely hesitates before
         While Mr. Dawson “regrets             the students of City I would do.”                responding, “Definitely. [The decision]
                                                        During the interview, however,          wasn’t easy.”

Presidential Election Candidate Profiles
Anias Stambolis-D’Agostino                              The 2008 presidential election is one of the most gripping to ever confront our
Barack Hussein Obama                           nation. With an African- American democratic nominee, and a female Republican vice              John Sidney McCain III
                                               president nominee, this election is without a doubt historic.                                              John Sidney McCain III is the
          Barack Hussien Obama represents
                                                                                                                                               Republican choice of presidential nominee.
the Democratic party. He is the first ever
                                                                                                                                               In 1986, McCain was elected to the United
African-American Democratic nominee for
                                                                                                                                               States office, after serving two terms in
president. Since graduating from Columbia
                                                                                                                                               the U.S. House of Representatives. In the
University in 1983, Senator Obama has
                                                                                                                                               Senate, McCain intended to end loopholes
supported creating tax cuts for the poor,
                                                                                                                                               for special interest groups, to stop allowing
fighting for the rights of war veterans, and
                                                                                                                                               lobbyists to write legislation, and to stop
creating alternative fuel methods. Obama
                                                                                                                                               “wasting tax payers money.” He is pro-
is pro-choice, pro same-sex civil-union,
                                                                                                                                               life, pro- death penalty, against same-
against the death penalty, and if elected,
                                                                                                                                               sex marriage and, if elected, intends to
plans to improve immigration policy and
                                                                                                                                               strengthen our country’s defense and
immigrant rights. Obama also hopes to
                                                                                                                                               armed forces. He also aims to strengthen
create a universal healthcare system, and
                                                                                                                                               the 2nd amendment, the right to bear arms.
to end the war in Iraq.
                                               Barack Obama, courtesy of Peter Wynn             John McCain, courtesy of Stephen Crow-
                                               Thompson, The New York Times                     ley, The New York Times                        Sarah Louise Heath Palin
Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.
          Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is                                                                                                                 The Republican vice presidential
serving as the Democratic vice presidential                                                                                                    nominee is Sarah Louise Heath Palin.
nominee. In addition to serving as U.S.                                                                                                        From 1996-2002, Palin served as mayor
Senator, Biden is also recognized as one                                                                                                       of Wasilla, and in 2006, she was elected
of the nation’s leading authorities on                                                                                                         governor of Alaska. A strong believer in gun
terrorism, drug policy, and crime. He is a                                                                                                     rights, Palin is a member of the National
leader on the congressional effort to end                                                                                                      Rifle Association. She considers herself to
genocide in Sudan, and he is also very                                                                                                         be “as pro life as any candidate can be.”
active with issues important to women. For                                                                                                     She opposes same sex marriage, promotes
example, he has written and passed several                                                                                                     oil and natural gas resource exploitation in
legislations, including the Violence Against                                                                                                   Alaska, and supports the war in Iraq, the
Women Act and Family and Medical Leave         Joe Biden, courtesy of Alex Wong, Getty          Sarah Palin, courtesy of Chris Miller, As-     invasion of Iran, Pakistan, and possibly
Act.                                           Images                                           sociated Press                                 Russia.
Fall 2008                                                  Features                                                                                                      Page 4

Senior Inauguration
Sakiera Malone

          Early in the morning of October 3, the seniors of Baltimore City College
scurried into line in the hallway, preparing to officially become seniors at the Senior
Inaugural. They proceeded down the aisles of the auditorium, proudly displaying their
black and gold attire.
          All eyes followed the seniors as friends and family greeted them with waves
and cheers from their seats. The juniors watched intently, as they knew that they will be
going through this ceremony next year.
          First, the seniors were met with a common ritual, the recitation of the Pledge
of Allegiance in Latin. The Student Government Association president, Arielle Taft,
delivered a charismatic speech, aiming to inspire her peers to continue their year with
strength and determination.
          Talented seniors entertained the crowd with artistic performances. Mitchell
Tilghman presented a musical selection and Marcus Frazier recited a class tribute poem.
Special guest Ja’ Hon Vance then addressed the class. His speech was humorous and
inspiring, although some seniors protested its religious nature. Adaria Brown, Kayla
Snow, and Shardonnay Wright gave one final dance performance. The young ladies
danced with precision and grace, until they experienced some technical difficulties.
Fortunately, the women persevered and managed to finish their routine.
          As the ceremony came to a close, senior class counselor Ms. Givens inspired
the senior class. Seniors felt her genuine love for the class of 2009, and as the seniors
applauded her, you could sense their love and admiration in return. Following Mrs.
Givens, the seniors stood, raised their right hand, and recited the senior pledge. At last,
the class of 2009 was bestowed with the honor and responsibility of being the new
                                                                                              Decorations in white and gold, the colors of 2009, Courtesy of Shawniece Gause
leaders of Baltimore City College.

Fall Fashion                                                                                  Critic’s Choice: Movies
                                                                                              Daisy Hart                                      being dead able to see and hear ghosts.
                                                                                                                                              One of the ghosts, Frank Herlihy (Greg
                                                                                              Burn After Reading
                                                                                                                                              Kinnear), begs Pincus to stop his widow
                                                                                                        Joel and Ethan Coen’s new film,
Nhandi Singleton                                                                                                                              (Téa Leoni) from marrying a man whom
                                                                                              Burn After Reading is a generally humorous
                                                                                                                                              he hates.
          Summer trends are so last season.                                                   dark comedy with an all-star cast including
It’s fall and time for the appropriate                                                        George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Frances
                                                                                                                                              Vicky Cristina Barcelona- now playing!
fashion trends! So what are this season’s                                                     McDormand, and John Malkovich. Brad
                                                                                                                                              In this beautiful film, Vicky (Rebecca Hall)
hottest trends? Color, for one. Fall’s most                                                   Pitt plays Chad Feldheimer, an employee
                                                                                                                                              and Cristina (Scarlet Johansson) travel to
popular seasonal color, without a doubt,                                                      at Hardbodies gym who finds a memoir
                                                                                                                                              Barcelona during their summer vacation.
is purple. Purple has become ubiquitous.                                                      filled with CIA secrets on a disk. Together,
                                                                                                                                              They both fall in love with Juan Antonio
Fashion icons like British songbird                                                           Chad and his plastic-surgery addicted
                                                                                                                                              (Javier Bardem), a recently divorced artist.
Victoria Beckham and Ashley Olsen have                                                        accomplice, Linda (Frances McDormand)
                                                                                                                                              Cristina grows closer to Antonio, but soon
been spotted wearing shades of violet. The                                                    scheme to use this secret information and
                                                                                                                                              realizes that there is still something going
best place to buy this look is at The Purple                                                  blackmail the author, Osborne Cox (John
                                                                                                                                              on between him and his ex-wife (Penelope
Store, or thepurplestore.com                                                                  Malkovich) for money, but their plans go
          If purple just isn’t your color,                                                    completely awry.
another fall trend is minimalism. In                                                                    This film is a complete shift from
                                                                                                                                              Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist- now
fashion, minimalism is the concept that          Nikea Bell shows off her purple shirt        the last Coen Brothers film, No Country
“less is more”. It’s more striking to have                                                    for Old Men. No Country for Old Men
                                                                                                                                              Nick (Michael Cera) has recently been
one bold article of clothing than to have                                                     was much more dramatic, particularly
                                                                                                                                              dumped by his girlfriend, Tris (Alexis
tons of clashing fabrics and colors in one                                                    compared to Burn After Reading, with a
                                                                                                                                              Dziena). To make things worse, he sees her
outfit. Designer Calvin Klein’s Fall 2008                                                     slapstick plot and humorous characters.
                                                                                                                                              with another guy. Norah (Kate Dennings),
Collection is built around the minimalist                                                     This film requires a particular sense of
                                                                                                                                              has also been dumped. Nick and Norah,
trend. He uses basic colors like blacks                                                       humor, but no Coen Brother’s fan will be
                                                                                                                                              complete strangers, decide to date each
and grays, but adds an edge with unique                                                       disappointed. The actors were perfectly
                                                                                                                                              other for five minutes to show that they’ve
garments. Banana Republic is the best                                                         cast - Brad Pitt is hilarious even when he
                                                                                                                                              moved on. This leads to a crazy night in
place to find minimalist items.                                                               is not speaking. Even though audiences are
                                                                                                                                              Manhattan, where anything is possible.
          If your style isn’t simplistic, more                                                used to seeing many of these actors in more
extravagant trends may be just right for you,                                                 serious roles, the actors effectively portray
                                                                                                                                              Rachel Getting Married - now playing!
like bohemian, plaid prints, and patterned                                                    ridiculous characters that take themselves
                                                                                                                                              This film focuses on a dysfunctional
tights. The bohemian trend is very chic.                                                      seriously.
                                                                                                                                              daughter Kym (Anne Hathaway, from The
Natural colors like orange, brown, and                                                                  Although this film’s top quality
                                                                                                                                              Devil Wears Prada), who has been in and
green are some of the many colors that                                                        actors were a huge success, there were
                                                                                                                                              out of rehab for years. She returns to her
surround this trend. The Hills star Lauren                                                    some faults with the plot. The middle had
                                                                                                                                              family for the wedding of her sister, Rachel.
Conrad has become the poster child for the                                                    a long dry period, in which nothing really
                                                                                                                                              She brings heavy emotional baggage and
bohemian trend, wearing braided hairstyles                                                    happened. The ending was also somewhat
                                                                                                                                              tensions increase over the week of the
and flowy shirts and dresses on MTV’s                                                         disappointing, and could have been more
                                                                                                                                              wedding feast. Early reviews are extremely
highest rated reality television show. The                                                    original, like the rest of the film. However,
                                                                                                                                              positive, particularly for Hathaway, in one
best place to find this look is at FreePeople.                                                this film can be counted as a success. The
                                                                                                                                              of her first serious roles.
com.                                                                                          Coen brothers have smoothly transitioned
          Plaid prints are a constant fall                                                    from drama to comedy in almost no time at
                                                                                                                                              How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
fashion trend. Plaid has been making its                                                      all.
                                                                                                                                              - now playing!
mark on all articles of clothing. World                                                                                                       Based on the memoir of a former Vanity
renowned fashion designers Dolce &               Sarenka Smith shows off her bohemian                                                         Fair contributor, this movie is about a
Gabbana use plaid prints on jackets and          look                                                                                         British journalist (Simon Pegg) making his
scarves, while Ralph Lauren uses plaid on                                                                                                     way in New York social and media circles.
long coats and blouses. Pairing plaids with
solid colors creates a surefire statement,
                                                 come in multiple colors and patterns. One
                                                 of the most popular styles is tights with    Don’t Miss….                                    However, on his way to the top, he “loses
                                                                                                                                              friends and alienates people.” The cast also
                                                 diamonds. Be certain to wear subtle colors   Ghost Town- now playing!
however, be sure not to overdo it with                                                                                                        includes Megan Fox and Kirsten Dunst.
                                                 or matching colors if the tights are bold.   In this comedy, Bertram Pincus (Ricky
the plaid. Many stores stock this look,
                                                 A mecca for this trend can be found at       Gervais) dies for seven minutes during a
including Old Navy, H&M, & J Crew.
                                                 thisnext.com.                                medical procedure. Although Pincus is not
          Another fun item to include is
                                                          And remember, trends are fun but    a very well liked man, he realizes how to
patterned tights. These tights add an edge
                                                 always make it your own!                     overcome this when he wakes up from
and texture to an outfit. Patterned tights
Fall 2008                                                    Features                                                                                                 Page 5

Interview with Marin Alsop, BSO Conductor
Julia Queale

The Baltimore City Choir had the privilege to work with
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra conductor Marin Alsop
at a gala on September 13th. The program also featured
famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma. The Choir helped raise over $1
million for the BSO. Reporter Julia Queale interviewed
Ms. Alsop for The Collegian.

JQ: You have worked with the most famous orchestras
out there. Why did you choose to work with City’s

MA: Well, you have an excellent reputation, and I heard
about your trip to Carnegie Hall and how successful that
was. The orchestra has a history with collaborating with
your choir in lots and lots of different collaborations. But
for me, a big part of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
is the community and collaborating with different
partners, so it seemed like the perfect mix. I have to say,
the number one reason is quality.

JQ: You regularly help nurture young musicians. Why do
you feel that this is important?

MA: Well, I think mentoring, for anyone that is
established in his or her profession, is an important part      Marin Alsop, courtesy of Kym Thompson, at http://www.marinalsop.com/photos.php
of giving back to the community. Also, I think that by
doing that, you learn a lot about yourself, and it is not      JQ: You are one of the only women conductors playing recent composers. Do you want to be known throughout
just a one way street. So I feel that is important, and I      the world, or are you doing what you love for the people that love what you are doing?
especially feel, in terms of young women going into
conducting, that there are very few, so I do not mind          MA: I never did anything to get well known. I don’t think that’s a good motivation in life because you are not
being some sort of role model.                                 doing it for the right reasons. I don’t think it will sustain long term. For me, I’ve always programmed the music
                                                               that I believe in, and done the things that I believe in.
JQ: What advice do you have for young musicians?
                                                               JQ: What do you want others to say that you have contributed to music?
MA: Not just musicians, but I think that anybody who
is young and has a passion for something, whether it is        MA: I’d like to be known as someone who had a very distinct point of view and who was always true to the
music or theater or math or whatever, it is important to       composer, in terms of artistic things. But as a legacy, I would rather that young people coming up, especially the
pursue your passion and not give up easily. Music is a         kids that I am working with, the young first graders in Baltimore, that they, in twenty years, will say, “Thanks to
tough career and it requires that you really be committed      this conductor, I got an opportunity to do this.”
and work hard every day at it, even if you don’t feel as
if you are getting anywhere. I think perseverance is the       JQ: Well, thank you for doing this!
most important quality.                                        MA: Pleasure!

Critic’s Choice: Music                                                                                                                      Ratings System
                                                                                                                                                    = Don’t Bother
Joshua Russakis
All pictures courtesy of amazon.com                                                                                                                                       = Must Have

Gym Class Heroes: The Quilt                     Young Jeezy: The Recession                   Alice Smith: For Lovers, Dreamers, and         Kings of Leon: Only by the Night

           I must admit that when I             Again, I came into this review a bit                                                                  Only by the Night is definitely
heard that the Gym Class Heroes had             hesitant about the album, as so many                   This next gem is not new, in         one of my most anticipated releases of
a new album, I wasn’t exactly thrilled.         prima donnas dominate the current Hip-       fact, the album dropped in late 2006. But      2008. Kings of Leon have been around
Nonetheless, I gave the album a listen,         Hop/Rap scene. While this may still be       this does not take away from the sheer         for a while, but only on this album, do
trying to be an unbiased music critic.          true, Young Jeezy delivers an excellent      greatness of this album. Imagine a cross       they lock into their defining style. This
Despite my initial skepticism, the GCH’s        album. Sure, there’s nothing deep about      between Erykah Badu and Corinne Bailey         album is less reminiscent of their earlier
junior album impressed me very much.            this album, but who said there needs         Rae, and you have Alice Smith. Smith’s         “southern alternative/punk” albums, but
There are some great tracks on this album,      to be? All and all, this album has some      debut album is a bundle of soulsy, folky.      finishes the change that the their junior
and pretty much every song on this album        addictive tracks, definitely good driving    funky goodness. Smith’s voice is full and      album Because of the Times began.
has something to like. I’m glad to say          music. I recommend: My President,            capable, which she displays throughout         Overall, there’s a perfect mix of energetic
that all the hype for this album is well        Put On, Crazy World, Get Allot, and          the album. If you don’t have this album        songs with soul-grabbing riffs, and slower,
deserved. It’s great to see a band mature       Circulate. I was disappointment that this    I suggest finding it immediately. This is      more introspective tracks with irresistibly
into a concrete style. The Quilt is clearly     album didn’t come out earlier. There are     a great album for a lazy fall day, hanging     catchy hooks. Each track sustains
the end result of this metamorphosis.           plenty of songs on this album that missed    out or doing nothing at all. The best cuts     the artistic integrity of songwriting,
                                                their chance to become summer anthems        are Dream, Woodstock, Desert Song, and         while still entertaining the listener. I
                                                because of the fall release date.            New Religion.                                  strongly recommend this album for your
Fall 2008                                                Features                                                                                                  Page 6

         The New Teacher Feature - Part 1
Eliana Fabiyi

         The thing about teachers is that they shape our school experience—our                       Armed with a Ph.D. and 24 years of teaching experience, Mr. Parker joins
enjoyment of school, the day to day routine, our motivation, our minds, and ultimately,    us to teach French and Spanish classes. He’s an avid traveler who visits Europe two
what we get out of school. Sure we, the students have the biggest hand in it, but          or three times a year. He also knows some Russian, and is fluent in German, since he
teachers catalyze us in ways that the majority of us may not even realize until we leave   was a Fulbright Scholar in Germany, teaching English to native German speakers. Mr.
City.                                                                                      Parker tries his hardest to stress the importance of proficiency in two languages to his
         New teachers are therefore absolutely essential to the new school year,           students.
bringing new life, new energy, and a new dynamic into our school lives.
                                                                                                    Hailing all the way from the Philippines, Ms.Vertudis joins City’s Science
          Head of the Social Studies department this year, Ms. Hodges comes to City        department. She arrived here only this past July, and is thrilled to be at City. Although
after thirteen years of previous teaching experience. She loves City and is very excited   she has a law degree, Ms. Vertudis feels her true calling is in the classroom, where she
to be here, especially with such dedicated faculty and focused students. Coincidentally,   can touch students’ lives. This year, she hopes to become friends with her students.
she graduated from The College of Wooster in the same class as Mr. Morrow, also of the
Social Studies department.

          Top Row: Ms. Hodges, Mr. Acampora, Dr. Lima. Middle Row: Senora Cullen, Mr. Parker, Mr. Gayle Bottom Row: Ms. Vertudies, Mr. Basoco, and Ms. Oncog.

                                                                                                     Also from the Philippines is Ms. Oncog, who has come to the science
          Mr. Basoco returns to City after graduating with the class of 1987. He has       department, with 19 years of teaching experience already. She loves to read and listen
been with the school system for 14 years, and enjoys playing golf, and watching            to Christian music. So far, Ms. Oncog loves City’s teachers, students and campus. She
football—particularly college football. He’s also a parent of young kids. Mr. Basoco is    continues to learn from her fellow colleagues about different teaching and learning
a certified attorney, which comes in handy, as he teaches Law and Humanities.              styles, and aspires to one day have a classroom of her own.
          New to the Social Studies department, Mr. Acampora is thrilled to be here.                 Mr. Gayle, of the technology department, absolutely loves City. He is
“I am very excited to teach at City, and very excited about the work my students are       particularly enjoying the chance to teach high school students, as opposed to middle
doing,” he says. He is especially excited about the personal projects—a sophomore          and elementary school students, whom he has taught. An avid traveler, Mr. Gayle has
requirement which gives students complete free rein on a project of their choice.          been to every continent except for Antarctica, which he believes should be left alone to
Outside of school, Mr. Acampora is an avid reader and is on the board of a non-profit      preserve the wildlife. On these trips, he enjoys camping, hiking, whitewater canoeing,
which restores historic sites in Maryland.                                                 and sea kayaking.
          Dr. Lima comes to City to teach Higher Level Math and Geometry. Originally                 Señora Cullen comes to City after teaching Spanish at Western. She holds a
from Brazil, he has 18 years of teaching experience both here and in Ohio. In his spare    degree from Towson University in Spanish and English Language, and holds a MA from
time he likes to read, play tennis, and cook—especially Brazilian dishes. Dr. Lima is      The College of Notre Dame of Maryland in teaching. She loves sports—she is both an
particularly excited about the diversity and challenges at City, and is glad to have the   Orioles fan, and an obsessed Ravens fan. Señora Cullen wants her Spanish students to
opportunity to teach Higher Level Math.                                                    take risks when speaking the language.
                                                                                                             To all our new teachers: The Collegian salutes you!
                                                                                           Watch for Part 2 of The Teacher Feature in the Collegian’s upcoming issue.
Fall 2008
Reporting done by Katlin Meissinger, Sakiera Malone, and Arielle Taft
                                                                                Clubs                                                                                       Page 7

Amnesty International – Thursdays                 Drama Club– Thursdays (Auditorium)              The club plans to hold a school wide           Speech & Debate (Room 153-1)
(Room 236)                                        Drama club is a way to practice acting          Christmas food drive.                          There are several facets of Speech and
Amnesty International dedicates itself            skills and improve stage performance                                                           Debate. Debate focuses on arguing the
to advocating and fighting for human              and presence through theatrical exercises       Man to Man                                     legitimacy or faults in international issues
rights. This year the club plans to hold a        and games. In November, auditions will          Man to Man is an all male club that aims       such as foreign aid, alternative energy,
youth activism forum, raise awareness             begin for the yearly play – this year it will   toward helping young men make a smooth         and community service. Lincoln-Douglas
about saving Darfur, and begin a pen pal          be The Twelfth Night. The advisors, Mr.         transition into manhood. This organization     centers around theoretical debates. Speech
relationship with a school in Zimbabwe.           Rosenberg and Mr. McBee, happily accept         stresses honor, respect, chivalry, and         is a way to display an ability to persuade
                                                  new members.                                    honesty. The meetings have yet to begin,       and deliver passionate speeches, whether
Animé Club – Every Other Friday                                                                                      but when they do,           on a personal, global, or literary issue. The
(Room TBA)                                                                                                           all young men are           club provides fully–paid visits
The Animé Club is devoted to exposing                                                                                encouraged to join.         to competitions at leading universities,
different cultures through enriching shows,                                                                                                      including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and
readings, and art. The Animé Club plans                                                                             Model United Nations         Penn. You can speak to Mr. Daniels, Mr.
to hold a fundraiser for the Annual Otakon                                                                          (Room 212)                   Rosenberg, or Ms. Steck about joining.
Fest, which will be held next year in the                                                                           This club travels far and
inner harbor.                                                                                                       wide to discuss topics       SWTT – Tuesdays (Room 156)
                                                                                                                    facing the international     Strong Women of Today and Tomorrow
Art Club                                                                                                            realm. Students are          (SWTT), is a club dedicated to empowering
This club emphasizes artistic creativity                                                                            assigned a country           young women through community
and personal expression. If you would                                                                               and topic, which they        involvement and projects, led by Ms.
like mentoring to improve your drawing,                                                                             must research and            Givens. This year SWTT plans to have a
painting, or other creative skills, this is the                                                                     prepare to talk about        relationship workshop, a Battle of the Sexes
club for you.                                                                                                       with other students.         Seminar, 5th Annual Women Tea, and Step
                                                                                                                    Trips this year include      Team Christmas Show Performance.
Band – Monday through Friday (Band                                                                                  William and Mary,
room)                                             Mr. Tittle working with a student at an Echos meeting           and the University of          Student Government Association –
The band offers many options to                                                                                  Chicago. See Mr. Hirsch         Thursdays (Room 152)
instrumentalists. The band consists of            ECHOS – Thursdays (Room 230)                  for information about joining.                   In this group of leaders, student
drummers, percussionists, trumpeters,             ECHOS is a literary magazine compiled                                                          representatives are elected by their peers to
tuba players, and marchers. This club is          from the work of today’s youth. It allows National Honor Society (NHS)                         plan various events throughout the school
wonderful for students who want to show           youth to express themselves trhoguh The National Honor Society recognizes                      year. Class meetings occur once a week,
their City Pride and make lots of friends.        through essays, poetry, and writing of all excellence in students through academics,           while SGA meetings are bi-weekly. If you
The Band is one of the largest student            kinds.The staff and writers are working leadership, character, and service. It is              are interested in running for a position;
organizations at our school.                      on composing the first issue. If you have a renowned organization which here at                begin to plan your election strategy for
                                                  any work you want to submit, the staff City holds two blood drives, inductions,                elections, which occur at the end of May.
Bible Study                                       advises you to stop by and see Mr. Tittle, and donations all driven by their own               You must have a B average to be considered
The Bible Study club was started by a             the ECHOS advisor.                            self-sufficient actions and independent          for any position.
current SGA historian Daniel Rich. Last                                                           fundraisers. To find out more, find Ms.
year the club discussed issues facing today’s     Expressions – Monthly Fridays (Room             Bryant or Ms.
youth using the bible as a reference.             127)                                            Ayo.
                                                  Expressions allows for open readings
Catwalk                                           of poetry by students in a relaxed and          One City One
Catwalk is a popular club that keeps up           supportive environment. Expressions is a        Book
with the current fashion and style of today’s     student run club and a monthly event which      One City One
youth. Cat Walk inspires self-confidence          usually lasts for an hour or two.               Book      builds
and motivation in its members. The club                                                           community
plans to work towards the annual Spring           GAC – Mondays and Wednesdays                    through literacy
Fashion Show.                                     (Room 205)                                      for parents and
                                                  The Global Action Committee (GAC)               students. It is
Choir – Monday through Friday (Choir              works to bring about social awareness           a school wide
hall)                                             about problems such as environmental            event     where
City’s choir has achieved international           degradation, poverty, and many other            students    read
acclaim. This group of vocalists meets            pressing matters which plague our world         a chosen book
daily to practice routines and vocal              today. One of the programs they are             – this year the
performances. The choir consists of over          involved in, Teaching Tolerance, helps          novel is Hope
100 students. The chamber choir is much           donate clothes, food, school supplies, and      in the Unseen
smaller and more intense. The choir travels       other necessities to children in third world    by Ron Suskind
across the world annually to bless the            countries. Future information about joining     - and then meet
world with their harmonious melodies. If          will be supplied.                               in the spring to
you would like to join, contact Ms. Hall                                                          discuss the book. Collegian Advisor Mr. Valcik sets up a new computer
in the choir hall, which is located in the        GSA – Wednesdays (Room 215)                     Contact Ms. Rosoff
                                                  The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) holds                                                      The Collegian – Tuesdays (Room 248)
basement.                                                                                         for more information.                      Our very own newspaper spreads the word
                                                  discussions about the discrimination and
                                                  problems facing homosexuals, bisexuals,                                                        to the City community in its student run
Clean-Up Committee                                                                                Outward Bound                                  organization. We cover breaking news,
The Clean-up Committee is currently               and transsexuals. Last year they sponsored      Outward Bound builds peer leadership
                                                  The Day of Silence to illustrate the silence                                                   student opinions, clubs and sports, and
led by John David Merrill who decided                                                             and inspires self-discovery. In order          controversial issues facing our own school.
to spring into action, after seeing and           taken on by many people who are mocked          to go on the 5 day trip in the spring and
                                                  by their sexual orientation. This year they                                                    We plan to release several more issues,
experiencing the lack of school bathroom                                                          explore the Appalachian Trail, students        including a City-Poly paper. Mr. Valcik is
necessities. This year the committee plans        plan to have Day of Silence, Coming Out         have to apply. Self selection and teacher
                                                  Week, and No Name Calling Week.                                                                the advisor.
to hold cleanup sessions and improve the                                                          recommendations are needed in order to
appearance of City.                                                                               be selected to experience this trip. See Mr.   The Greenbag
                                                  Habitat For Humanity – Thursdays                Miazga to apply.
                                                  (Room 203)                                                                                     The Yearbook is a junior-senior class
Chess Club - Tuesdays                                                                                                                            (though after school participation is
The chess club is an inclusive club for any       To improve the home
                                                  conditions of residents                                                                        possible) which compiles photographs,
and all who enjoy playing chess. Feel free                                                                                                       stories, and memories from each year at
to stop into Mr. Birenbaum’s room                 in Baltimore, Habitat
                                                  for Humanity works in                                                                          City. With a themed magazine style, the
                                                  the building process of                                                                        Greenbag uses fall/winter and spring/
Civil Rights Tour                                                                                                                                summer sections. While seniors keep the
Different than a club, the Civil Rights Tour      repairing     dilapidated
                                                  houses. They also raise                                                                        focus with superlatives and portraits, other
offers an opportunity for students to serve                                                                                                      students will have pictures displayed.
their communities by guiding other students       awareness and funds for
through a tour of the civil war. This group       their cause and projects.
does not last the entirety of the school year,
so to join the cause, listen closely to the       Kids Helping Kids
afternoon announcements. If you have any          Kids Helping Kids is
questions, contact Mr. Morrow in the social       a club dedicated to
studies department.                               improving the currentMembers of the Debate Club engage in spirited discussion
                                                  state of the community.
Fall 2008                                                           Sports                                                                                               Page 8

Junior Joshua Lee, of Varsity Football, fights off a crush of players

Varsity Men’s Football                                                                         Seniors Henry Waldron, John David Merrill, and Peter Merrit, run to the finish line.
Kenesha Gray
There’s a great year ahead for the City varisty football team. After a loss in the first
game against Cumberland, the team hopes to bounce back. Coach Petrides says, “It’s a
                                                                                               Cross Country
big year,” for his senior players. This is especially true since the majority of the seniors   Henry Waldron
plan on continuing their football career in college. City has won their last two games,                   The City Knights cross-country team is off to a brilliant start as they won their
against Digital Harbor and Walbrook. There was “no competition,” according to senior           first official meet on September 17th. Led by a die-hard squad of seniors, the knights
Ellis Foster.                                                                                  finished placed six runners in the top ten of the meet. Joshua Russakis, Peter Merritt,
         The players practice teamwork and unity. “We are one” is a familiar motto for         James Robinson, John-David Merrill, Joseph Robertson and Henry Waldron were the top
the team. It’s no surprise that football games are a huge attraction for City students. One    finishers for the knights as they defeated Northwestern, Walbrook and Poly. Coach Gloria
student compared it to going to a Ravens game. The team will continue to work together,        Greene is already looking ahead and sees a district championship in the cross-country
leading up to the Homecoming game.                                                             team’s future. As convincing as their performance was on Wednesday, the Knights feel
                                                                                               as though they have not been challenged yet. In the next meet, City will face defending
                                                                  Some                         district champions, Mergenthaler Vocational Technical School, as well as the second place
                                                                  devoted                      finisher, Forest Park. As there are no juniors, and only one sophomore on the team, the
                                                                  senior fans                  seniors feel that this is the last opportunity for the Knights to win the championship for
                                                                  cheer on                     at least the next three years. Their emphatic victory and newfound confidence, combined
                                                                  the Var-                     with veteran leadership, seem to be the perfect formula for a successful season.
                                                                  sity football
                                                                  game on
                                                                                               Women’s Soccer
                                                                  26th.                        Henry Waldron
                                                                                                        Beginning the season with a record of 3-2, the Lady Knights of the Varsity
                                                                                               Soccer team are “confident”, according to sophomore Rabiah Elisa. Elisa, who scored all
                                                                                               three of City’s goals in their 3-2 defeat of Digital Harbor, suffered a season ending knee
                                                                                               injury, but maintains that the team is still growing. Players agree that their unity stems
                                                                                               from a genuine love of soccer. Also, they are being led by a new coach, Mr. Smith. This
                                                                                               fresh face has, no doubt, accounted for a large portion of the ladies’ energetic play and
                                                                                               outstanding teamwork.
JV Football
Casey Durkins
         The Junior Varsity Football Knights remain undefeated, with a 3-0 record.
                                                                                               Men’s Soccer
They defeated last year’s champions Digital Harbor, squeaked by Walbrook, and most             Casey Durkins
recently shut out Patterson.                                                                             The soccer Knights are 4-2 thus
         With their starting quarterback, Randolph Allen, injured, freshman Brandon            far this season. The two losses came in
Haley will have to step up with a little help from the offensive line, and sophomore           tough matches to last year’s champions,
halfback John Thomas.                                                                          Poly, nad this year’s favorites, Patterson.
         When asked about losing their starting QB, first string defensive tackle Quintin      Led by captains Max Efremov, a junior,
Hand, a sophomore, replied, “Losing Randolph will have a big impact, but we are still a        and Julien Pollilo, a senior, the Knights
good football team.” Starting wideout, sophomore Quintez Collins shared the optimism,          have accumulated three important wins as
“I strongly believe we can go undefeated because we are a well rounded team.”                  well. In upcoming games, the Knights will
         If the team keeps that attitude, and that mental toughness, they will no doubt        have a chance to obtain revenge against
go undefeated                                                                                  Poly and later, to knock off Patterson. If
                                                                                               all goes well, City could be vying for a

Deep Thoughts                                                                                  championship.
                                                                                                                                              Senior Julien Pollilo fends off a Poly
Chris Clemens                                                                                                                                 player

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