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					                                            WORLD OF MOODS BOOKING FORM

                                         WHAT SERVICE DO YOU REQUIRE?                               (Please click req. box)

                          Singer (events)              Vocal Trainer                DJ & Equipment hire

                          Singer (Weddings)                 Other?              (Please state)

                                                                     YOUR DETAILS

Name:                                                                   Contact address:

Tel:                                                                    Mob:

Email:                                                                  Website (if necessary)

                                                            SINGERS & DJ BOOKINGS

Please complete this section for all singers & DJ                                     (Wedding singers only)
Date of event:                                                                        Please state where you want the singer to sing?
                                                                                      (Please click req. box)

Venue & Address:                                                                      During the service or ceremony?

Contact number:
                                                                                      During signing of the register?
                                                                                      At the reception?
Type of event:
                                                                                      What time?
Does the venue have Equipment? Yes                            No
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                                                                                      (Please see page 2 for rates)
Does the event have a Stage? Yes                       No
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                                                                   VOCAL TRAINING

Where do you want your training to take place?                                     Address:
(Please click req. box)

Your home?                  School?            Community hall?                     Available time(s)

                                                                                   What do you hope to achieve from your training & what are
Other?              (Please state)                                                 your goals?
Rates: £15 p.h. for singles, £30 p.h. for groups of up to 15 people. Over 15
people, price negotiable. If the venue is over 10 miles, please add £5 for         Do you consider yourself: (Please click req. box)
travel. Client will also be charged for Congestion Charging or parking charges
incurred. The minimum duration for each session is 1 hour & if the session         A beginner            Intermediate         professional
exceeds this time, you will be charged per ½ hour basis. (We will ignore the
first 20 minutes).                                                                 Please state any issues which can affect your coaching:
Please note that a deposit is required on the first session date, which will
either be refunded or deducted from the balance at the end of the service. If
you need to re-arrange or cancel the session please give us 2 days notice          We will normally expect you to supply a CD or facility to record your
except in extreme emergencies. If the session is cancelled 3 times or more         work along with a notepad, pen & session diary. If however you are
and is not the fault of WORLD OF MOODS or any of it’s members a deposit
will be non-refundable
                                                                                   unable to supply this, we can provide the following at a charge:

                                                                                   CD/DVD’s - £1, Note pad - £1, pens - £0.30, sessional diaries - £1.00

Deposit paid £                                                                     Other £                  (Please state)

Block payment £                                                                    Balance owed £
                                                                   Singers – Rates

DAY RATES                                                                           NIGHT CLUBS & EVENING RATES
BEFORE MIDNIGHT             OVER 2 SONGS              MINIMUM RATE                      AFTER MIDNIGHT              MINIMUM RATE
(Up to 2 Songs)            (Discounted rate)                                               (Per HALF Hour)    (Discounted rate PER HOUR)

GRADE 1 £60.00            £90.00                   £60.00            GRADE 1                 £65.00                    £90.00
GRADE 2 £50.00            £70.00                   £50.00            GRADE 2                 £55.00                    £75.00
GRADE 3 £45.00            £65.00                   £45.00            GRADE 3                 £50.00                    £65.00
Please add a £10 booking fee. Night Club rates include sound check & performance.

Our charges are based upon a grading system, which depends on the area in which you live and our day rates are based upon a maximum
of two hours for set up, sound check and performance (up to 2 songs). If you require a singer for over 2 hours (or for more than 2 songs) we
will charge an additional rate of £30 for Grade 1 or £20 for Grade 2 & 3 bookings.


If the singer is required to attend rehearsals outside the standard set up time, there is a rehearsal fee of £20.

(Please see below for Grading Definitions)


GRADE 1: Central London (defined as: Cities of London & Westminster and Royal Boroughs of
Kensington & Chelsea): all venues, apart from pubs, social clubs, and student unions.

In other London boroughs within the M25: 3,4 and 5 star hotels, banqueting suites & halls, private golf clubs, country clubs, river boats.

GRADE 2: All venues not listed in Grade 1, except for pubs and social clubs and student unions.

GRADE 3: Pubs, social clubs and student unions.


(a) A `distance fee’ of 15 pence per mile on all miles traveled except for engagements
within the London district (M25 area).

(b) 2nd Class Rail Fares to be paid by engager if alternative transport is not provided.

(c) If the wedding is on a weekday and the singer has to drive within the Congestion Charging zone and time, this along with parking would
also be added to the booking fee.

(d) If singer has to stay overnight, the engager will have to pay for the accommodation plus £14.50 stop over fee.

If this booking is accepted, there is a non-returnable deposit of £30, except for unforeseen circumstances (e.g. the singer is
unwell and we are unable to find an alternative singer in sufficient time)

                                                        DJ & Equipment – Rates


DAY RATES                                                                           NIGHT CLUBS & EVENING RATES
BEFORE MIDNIGHT                    MINIMUM RATE                                         AFTER MIDNIGHT              MINIMUM RATE

GRADE 1           £60.00
GRADE 2           £50.00                                                      GRADE 1        £65.00
GRADE 3           £45.00                                                      GRADE 2        £55.00
                                                                              GRADE 3        £50.00
Please add a £10 booking fee. Night Club rates include sound check & performance.

I hereby accept the above terms

Signed                                         Date

For office use:
INVOICE NO.        WM/                Date received                Balance outstanding                  Complete date


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