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Job Profile


									Job Profile

                          Job ID
                          Job Title                           Logistics and marine Supervisor

                          Department                          Goliat

                          Location                            In Stavanger, at site and later Offshore Hammerfest

                          Job grade/Hay Level

                          Reports to                          OIM

                                                              Support OIM in the further development and implementation of

                          Job Purpose
                                                              Corporate Logistics Strategies, Plans and Policies, with a focus on
                                                              Eni`s Integrated Logistics Strategic Plan and for the marine part,
                                                              support the Project Teams ( EP Offshore / FFD), Process Clients (
                                                              Production /Drilling) and Task Execution ( DL Marine) with

                                                              Secure ENI Goliat have sufficient marine competence as required by
                                                              legislation through:

                                                                     Definition of Marine requirements based on clients demand
                                                                     Defining vessel functional specifications and on/ off shore
                                                                     support facilities;
                                                                     Raising BCP for new vessel construction;
                                                                     Support Technical Services (Marine Construction) through the
                                                                     ITT, contract award, construct, mobilize and close out phases.
                                                                    Contributing to the Commissioning support for Start-up within
                                                                     the ICAT, when/if required

                          (for managerial positions only)
                          (Indicate in quantitative terms,
                          the key areas
                          (financial/staff/others) on which
                          the job has an impact)

Job Profile_ Logistics and Marine Supervisor
Job Profile

                      Main Accountabilities         •    The main task is to be responsible for the marine tasks and
                      and Responsibility                 responsibility, but also supervise the logistic functions as
                      (Describe the important end   •    Responsible for off-loading, connecting shuttle tankers and
                                                         coordinate loading schedules with tanker companies.
                                                    •    Identifying the need for new and/or amended Eni Logistics
                                                         strategies, procedures, plans and work instructions.
                                                    •    Developing such procedures and instructions and/or
                                                         supporting others in the organisation to prepare them, and
                                                         for ensuring their implementation.
                                                    •    Supporting the identification, planning, development and
                                                         implementation of improvement programs within Eni
                                                         Logistics management.
                                                    •    Ongoing identification of Logistics related risks, interface
                                                         with logistics Onshore, Offshore and Strategy Management
                                                         to develop means of mitigation, following Eni`s ALARP
                                                    •    Preparation of Business Case Proposals.
                                                    •    Preparation of Invitation to Tender (ITT) for Logistics
                                                         Contracts / Service Requisitions and preparation of
                                                         Extended Major Contract Board (EMCB) submissions.
                                                    •    To define, plan and prepare the Logistics Services to
                                                         support Onshore & Offshore Projects in accordance with
                                                         their requirements (including providing input into Logistics

                                                         Infrastructure requirements).
                                                    •    The application of Logistics Corporate Policy, Strategy,
                                                        Systems and Processes
                                                    •      Developing the Statement of Requirements for Onshore
                                                           and Offshore Projects with regards but not limited to:
                                                               Personnel transportation by sea, by air and/or by road
                                                               Material transportation
                                                               Material management including Warehousing
                                                               Waste management
                                                               Marine coordination
                                                         Ensuring that all Eni and Statutory HSE requirements are
                                                         strictly adhered to in the execution of all aspects of the
                                                         system designs within New Build or Spot Market chartered
                                                    •    Developing close working relationships with EP, FFD, Drilling
                                                         and Production Operations to understand at first hand their
                                                         long term marine support requirements and developing
                                                         strategies accordingly. The focus should be Production
                                                         Operations initially to ensure their marine fleet is
                                                         appropriately configured to meet their demand profiles.
                                                    •    Ensuring the demand profiles of all Eni`s operational
                                                         functions is known and that marine strategy conforms to

Job Profile_ Logistics and Marine Supervisor
Job Profile

                                                   •       Defining vessel functional specifications and on/ off shore
                                                           support facilities;
                                                   •       Raising BCP for new vessel construction;
                                                   •       Support Technical Services (Marine Construction) through
                                                           the ITT, contract award, construct, mobilize and close out
                                                   •       Review all design material offered by and developed in
                                                           conjunction with Marine contractors to ensure that the
                                                           systems offered as part of any vessel solution conforms to
                                                           the requirements of Eni`s., is fit for it’s intended use and
                                                           conforms to all Classification and Statutory requirements.
                                                   •       Liaise with District Logistics and Operations to ensure
                                                           congruence of evolving marine strategy with their operational
                                                   •       Facilitate, supervise and record all visits by Class,
                                                           Governmental and Manufacturers Representatives to ensure
                                                           their satisfactory and timely conclusion as necessary.
                                                   •       Compiling timely reports in accordance with Company
                                                           requirements or procedures.
                                                   •       Encourage as appropriate the contractor use of Local
                                                           Content equipment and services.
                                                   •       Conduct annual reviews of the Marine Strategy and
                                                           promulgate for approvals as necessary
                                                Safety Responsibilities:
                                                Demonstrate a personal commitment to Health, Safety and the

                                                Environment by following:

                                                   •       Norwegian Statutory Health, Safety & Environmental
                                                   •       Eni`s Corporate Health, Safety & Environment Policy, and
                                                           applying Eni`s Safety Management System.

            Main Tasks
            (Describe the most important
            tasks in order to achieve the end

            Job Challenge(s) (Describe
            the most challenging or complex
            part of the job)

            Process Ownership
            (Management Processes/Core
            Business Processes/Support
            Business Processes)

            Main Internal                              •     Corporate and District Logistics
            Relationship                               •     Hammerfest & District Projects to ensure warehousing
                                                             design takes into account Project requirements.
                                                       •     HSE to ensure an understanding of safety and
                                                             environmental constraints associated with materials
                                                             (including waste) handling, storage and transportation,

Job Profile_ Logistics and Marine Supervisor
Job Profile

                                                                      movement of personnel.

                                Main External               job holder must interface with:
                                                                •   Regulatory and Government Authority as required.

                                                                •   Freight forwarding companies.

                                                                •   Suppliers of materials and equipment.

                                                            Suppliers of services (ship-owners, helicopters/ACVs operators,

                                Formal Education                •   Degree in Business Management or Engineering

                                Training/Courses/               Teoretical education equivalent to mate certificate class 1and
                                Certificate                     competencies equivalent to NMD`s (Norwegian Maritime
                                                                Directorate) requirements to Stability Supervisor on floating
                                                                installations without propellant. Alll neccessary courses for
                                                                working offshore including courses to participate in the
                                                                emergency organisation.

                                Languages                       •   Fluent written and spoken English

                                Required Experience             •   Hold legal qualification as responsible for stability floating
                                                                •   Professional Qualifications commensurate with a proven
                                                                    track record in Strategic Supply Chain and Logistics

                                                                    management with at least one major International E&P
                                                                    Operator at a Senior level.
                                                                •   Minimum of 5 years experience in Logistics Engineering and
                                                                    in developing, evaluation and/or improvement of Logistics
                                                                    Management Systems preferably in oil and gas industry.

                                                                •   Knowledge of Occupational Health, Environmental and/or
                                                                    Quality Management certification processes and of
                                                                    integrated management systems development and
                                                                    implementation projects.

                                Required knowledge,             •   A recognised Marine Engineering or equivalent Degree
                                technical or professional       •   Diploma / Qualification in an appropriate Engineering
                                skills                              technical discipline
                                                                •   Appropriate STCW 95 Marine Licence
                                                                •   Experience of Marine strategy development.

Job Profile_ Logistics and Marine Supervisor
Job Profile

                                               •    Minimum 5 years experience as a Marine Engineer with at
                                                    least five years as Chief Enginner/2 Engineer – motor
                                                    vessels: and possessing the following skills
                                                        -   An In depth understanding of the operation and
                                                            maintenance of Diesel Electric Systems.
                                                        -   Practical experience in the operation, maintenance
                                                            and repair of marine equipment including diesel
                                                            engines, ancillary machinery, electrical and control
                                                            systems, navigational, HVAC and safety equipment
                                                            and systems. in, fire fighting and operations in a
                                                            marine environment
                                                        -   The ability to read engineering and electrical
                                                        -   The ability to create accurate, clear, concise
                                                            technical reports and scopes of work
                                                        -   The ability to assess planned maintenance
                                                        -   Computer literate with full working knowledge of
                                                            Microsoft Office Programmes
                                                        -   Fluency in Technical English language both written
                                                            and spoken.
                                                   The following would be an advantage
                                                        -   Experience in Marine Systems Design.
                                                        -   Knowledge of relevant Class, International and
                                                            Local codes and standards
                                                        -   A sound understanding of Marine safety systems

            Required personal                  •    Good communication skills, both oral and written, including
            competencies                            the ability to make presentations and write effective reports.

                                               •    Self starter who is able to effectively set and deliver against
                                                    their own priorities within the context of the current and
                                                    planned workload.

                                               •    Ability to work in team environments, communicate,
                                                    understand and work within the dynamics of a multi
                                                    functional and multi-location environment.

                                               •    Ability to lead and coach international and national staff.

                                               •    Capacity to integrate within an international and national

                                               •    Problem solving and analytical skills.

                                               •    Strong commitment to safety and ability to educate and
                                                    persuade personnel to adopt safety rules.

                                               •    Supervisory abilities and planning capability.

Job Profile_ Logistics and Marine Supervisor
Job Profile

                                               •   Team and self motivation skills.

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Job Profile_ Logistics and Marine Supervisor

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