Post Title:               Principal and Chief Executive

Responsible To:           Corporation of Huntingdonshire Regional College

Date:                     August 2010


         To lead the College on its journey to achieving excellence by sustaining a culture of
          improvement and moving the College forward through Good towards Outstanding.

Aims and Purpose of the Job:

         To work with the Corporation to further develop the vision and strategy to support the College’s
          commitment to excellence and the ACE strategy.
         To lead the strategic planning process, and review and evaluate its delivery – anticipating
          changes in the external environment, exploring the implications for the College, and making
          recommendations to the Corporation that effectively position the College to be successful.
         To engage with staff to ensure plans are effectively implemented, supporting effective
          operational organisation and management, and ensuring a collaborative and team-approach to
          change and development.
         To support and develop a learning environment that provides an excellent learner experience,
          and to promote a learner-focused college that is aligned to regional needs.
         To maintain a high profile as a champion for the College, promoting and representing the
          College locally, regionally, and nationally, ensuring current partnerships with key stakeholders
          and the business community are maintained and enhanced.

Specific Accountabilities

Corporate Strategy and Policy

         Advise the Corporation in relation to the vision and focus of the College, its mission and
          activities, and to implement the Corporation’s policies and decisions.
         As a Member of the Corporation to develop a strong and effective working relationship with the
          Board of Governors.
         Maintain an awareness and understanding of relevant legislation and changes in the education
          sector and the potential implications and opportunities for the College.
         Promote and implement the College’s policies, procedures, and practices, including those
          relating to safeguarding and equality and diversity.

Leadership and Management

      Provide effective and inspiring leadership for the College, ensuring that all staff are working in
       collaboration to achieve the best outcome for learners and for employers.
      Ensure that the overall management, internal organisation, and discipline of staff and learners
       are consistent with the Instrument and Articles of Government and policies approved by the
       Corporation, and that they are applied fairly and effectively.
      Ensure that appropriate targets are set and agreed throughout the College in order to achieve
       the agreed strategic aims and objectives, that performance against these targets is monitored,
       and that the College meets the targets.
      Foster effective internal and external communication, ensuring staff and learners are made
       aware of key developments and decisions of the Corporation and Senior Executive Team,
       relevant national and local policy developments, and best practice in the sector.
      Demonstrate commitment to the personal growth and development of staff and learners at all
       levels, enabling them to develop the skills necessary to achieve outstanding outcomes.
      Be an outstanding ambassador for the College, promoting and representing it at local, regional,
       and national level.
      Support, promote, and enhance links with the local business community.

Teaching and Learning

      Promote and facilitate the innovation and development of the curriculum to ensure the College
       continues to deliver an appropriate range of education and training opportunities.
      Ensure that high quality standards are set and achieved for all programmes and promote
       practices that support learners.
      Promote the evaluation of the quality of education, training and services, respond to learner
       views and other feedback, and ensure that action is taken in response to that feedback to
       enhance and enrich the learner experience.
      Ensure that there are mechanisms in place to maintain an effective dialogue with learners and
       employers, and actively consult with both learners and employers.

Corporate Resource Management

      Act as Chief Accounting Officer for the College, overseeing the preparation of annual estimates
       of income and expenditure and the efficient and effective management of resources in line with
       approved budgets.
      Ensure that the College works within its statutory and regulatory framework and that policies
       and procedures are compatible with the Financial Memorandum, YPLA and/or SFA guidance,
       the College’s financial regulations and the Instruments and Articles of Government.
      Be responsible to the Corporation for Health, Safety and Wellbeing, ensuring a safe and
       healthy environment for learners, staff and visitors to the College.

       Develop and improve the College’s assets, maintain and enhance the accommodation and
        resources, and promote the further development of systems and processes to support the
        College in achieving excellence.
       Ensure there is proper and effective operation of financial, planning and management controls.
       Ensure that information systems are in place to provide timely robust data to support the
        management of the College, and to ensure accurate and timely reporting to the Corporation
        and external agencies.

External Relations

       Ensure that the College maintains and further develops the partnerships and relationships that
        are currently in place with local authorities, the SFA, employers, local schools, universities, and
        community organisations.
       Develop further strategies for diversification of income opportunities for the College

    Undertake any personal development necessary to ensure effective performance in the role.
    Undertake any additional duties that the Corporation may require within the scope of the post.
    Support and promote the College’s Equality and Diversity Policy in all areas of work

    The Job Description is current at the date shown, and is a guide to the work the Postholder will be
    required to undertake. In consultation with the Postholder, it may be amended from time to time by
    the Corporation to meet changing circumstances.

    The College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable
    adults and expects all employees and volunteers to share this commitment.

    This post is defined as controlled activity. The Postholder is required to hold an enhanced CRB
    disclosure check deemed acceptable to the College and to be re-checked every 4 years.


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