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									     Zaid Haque                             U.S. Citizen
                                                                               Address: 5032 Forbes Ave, SMC 1817, Pittsburgh, PA 15289
                                                             Phone: (786) 506 3593 | Email: | Web:

     Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar                                Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2012
     Bachelor of Science, Information Systems                                   Current GPA: 3.38 | Dean’s list, Fall ‘09
             Minor in Communication Design                              Currently enrolled in Semester Abroad, Fall ‘10
 Professional Skills
     Medical Business Service, Inc. | Sale & Marketing Intern --> Sales & Marketing Specialist (Part-time)                May ‘10-Present
 •   Saved company thousands of dollars through visual redesign of certain aspects of company website.
 •   Redesigned company website (involving HTML/CSS code) and used Google Webmaster for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
 •   Computerized, compiled and ordered information on hundreds of clients on Microsoft Excel for ease of browsing.
 •   Created uniform image-based signatures for all 350 employees in MBS, inc. for internal/external e-mail communication.
 •   Designed presentations for President during trade shows, in order to present information effectively and attractively.

 Management Skills
     Developments Solutions Organization | Project Manager --> President --> Strategic Consultant                         2009-Present
 •   Interviewed candidates for promotion and recruitment in Development Solutions Organization.
 •   Maintained the flow of communication between DSO-Qatar and DSO-Pittsburgh to create a collaborative environment.
 •   Initiated weeklong fundraiser initiative for Haiti, raising over $6000 in Education City (
 •   Organized “Project Avaaz”, aimed at lowering cost of international calls for migrant workers to home countries.
 •   Advising DSO-Qatar on recruitment strategy as well as preparing for TEDx event (as curator) in March 2011.
 •   Working with major companies (Microsoft/Yahoo!/Google et. al) on DSO Accelerator, linking students to consulting projects.
 Research Skills
     Kairion | User Inferface + Graphic Designer                                                                          Jan ‘10-Present
 •   Conceptualized software using 3D modelling to visualize articles read by a researcher, to show relationships between articles.
 •   Designed interface to use as iPad app for a PDf reader aimed specifically towards researchers reading academic journals.
 •   Designed 3D environment to use in the CAVE as the article ‘visualizer’ - representing 4 dimensions of data in nodes.
 •   Planning to attend Info Design conference in Rome, January 2011 to present research paper.
   “Constructing Qatar” | Field Researcher/Writer                                                                           Oct ‘08- Mar ‘10
 • Interviewed many migrant workers on their lives to write narratives/biographies.
 • Wrote short biographies on lives of migrant workers to showcase their individuality.
 • Participated in international conferece in Merida, Mexico (Society for Applied Anthropology) to present findings.

 Interpersonal Skills
   Qatar Foundation Radio | Reporter                                                                                        Aug ‘09-Present
 • Reported weekly on all major activities around Education City for listeners worldwide.
 • Interviewed prominent members at events in Qatar to be used as fillers between radio shows.
 •   Co-founded Carnegie Mellon Debate Society after participating in World Universities Debate Championship, Turkey 2010.
 •   Vice President of Fabo, unofficial student organization rooted at social networking to unite colleges in Education City.
 •   Tutored Calculus and Physics to peers and juniors through the university Peer-Tutoring Service.
 •   MC/Announcer at major events on campus (CMU’s Got Talent ‘10, Education City Quiz Challenge ‘09/’10, Ya Hala ‘08).

 Design Skills
 •   Well grounded in principles of design and typography use to create effective literature.
 •   Adobe Illustrator: Understands basic use to create vectors for logos, etc.
 •   Adobe InDesign: Experienced in using InDesign for creating formal documents and posters.
 •   Adobe Flash: Basic skills in using Flash for prototyping applications.
 •   Adobe Photoshop: Intermediate skills in Photoshop for editing images and compiling pictures.
 Technical Skills
 •   Java: Studied up to Fundamental Data Structures (Lists, Hash Tables, Trees, Heaps, Stacks, etc.).
 •   Ruby on Rails: Created basic databases, allow user authentication and make HTML/CSS homepage.
 •   HTML/CSS/Javascript: Able to make basic pages with links to other pages and visual effects.
 •   PHPBB: Able to create customized online portals/discussion boards using this software.
 •   Adobe Contribute/Dreamweaver: Intermediate skills for updating/creating websites.

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