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									                            ECPR Programme

25 August, 0900-1040                           • 3046 - Whose Power, Interests, and
                                                 Ideas? The US Political Elite and the
                                                 Challenge of Revolution during the
S2P26 Gender and the Executive                   Wilson and Carter Administrations by
                                                 Luca TARDELLI (
 • 2533 - Gendering Governance, Practic-
                                               • 3150 - The Past in Political Sci-
   ing Gender: Every day Life at the Top in
                                                 ence: American Exceptionalism and
   British Government by Fiona MACKAY
                                                 U.S. Foreign Policy by Hilde RESTAD
   ( - Rod RHODES
 • 2826 - Women in Politics in Post-
   Communist Romania. A Case Study
                                     S5P66 The Political is ever more
   on Cabinets Between 1990 and
   2010 by Adela RAPEANU (adelara- Personalised?    Comparative Per-                  spectives on Representations of
 • 2938 - Women in the Polish Ex-
   ecutive: Gender and Politics in a           • 186 - The Mediatisation of the Per-
   New Democracy by Paulina SEKULA               sonal: The Case of President Nico-
   (                    las Sarkozy by Raymond KUHN
 • 3425 - Views from ‘Above the Glass            (
   Ceiling’: Women Elites, Gender Power        • 2239 - Personalisation: A Theoreti-
   and Political Office by Fiona BUCKLEY         cal and Historical Account by Rosa
   (                            VAN SANTEN (
 • 831 - Studying Women’s Impact in              - Liesbet VAN ZOONEN (E.A.Van-
   Different Political Arenas by Susan 
   FRANCESCHET (          • 2957 - Comparing Media Personal-
                                                 isation Dynamics by Lutz HOFER
S4P138 Values, Principles, Power
                                               • 333 - The Leader’s Party. The Per-
and Interests in US Foreign Policy               sonalisation of Italian Political Par-
                                                 ties by Monica ZUCCARINI (mon-
 • 1078 - The US National Interest
   in Promoting Democracy;      Valu-
   ing   Democratisation    but  Not           • 337 - Three Dimensions of Per-
   Consolidation?    by Matthew HILL             sonalization. Why They Are Nec-
   (                      essary and How They Could Be
   Used by Johannes BJERLING           (jo-      Union? by Thomas  CHRISTIANSEN                     (
                                                 -           Christine       NEUHOLD
 • 629 - No Salaciousness Please, We’re           (
   British: Representation of Contempo-          -        Anna-Lena       HOEGENAUER
   rary UK Leaders During Recent Na-              (
   tional Election Campaigns by Dominic
    WRING  (
                                          • 742 - Re-Conceiving Democracy after
 • 897 - It is Personalised, But How        the Governance Turn: Old and New
   and Why?        A Comparative Study      Modes of Governance, National Parlia-
   of the Coverage of the German            ments and the European Union by Rik
   (2009) and British (2010) Elec-          DE RUITER (
   tions by Christina HOLTZ-BACHA
   (christina.holtz-bacha@wiso.uni-      -   Ana    LANGER
   ( - Susanne
   MERKLE (susanne.merkle@wiso.uni- S27P301 Committees and Ratio-                         nal Decision-Making: A Matter of
                                              Course or a Contradiction

S9P54 National Parliaments in the              • 1592   -    How   Deliberative   are
EU: Between Exercising Control and               Deliberative     Opinion       Polls?
Distributing Information?                        by     André     BÄCHTIGER      (an-
 • 1243 - Debating the State of the Union?
   A Comparative Analysis of National          • 1887 - Design of Committees
   Parliamentary Debates on EU Affairs           for R+D Policy Modelling:         Ad-
   by Katrin AUEL ( -         vice    versus   Interest   Represen-
   Tapio RAUNIO (            tation    by   Birute    MIKULSKIENE
 • 1314 - Communicating the EU -
   How the Austrian parliament in-
   forms its citizens on European              • 3356 - The Micro-Politics of Decision-
   Issues by Peter  SLOMINSKI  (pe-              Making – Assessing the Rationality of - Johannes          Committee Discourse in the German
    POLLAK  (          Federal Parliament by Andreas SCHAE-
                                                 FER        (
 • 2272 - The Effect of Inter-Parliamentary
   Cooperation on Power-Relations in EU
   Decision-Making.       The Case of the
   Austrian Parliament by Eric MIKLIN          • 885 - Equity and Equality in Vot-
   (                       ing on Redistribution:       A Real-
                                                 Effort   Experiment   by    Bernhard
 • 459 - The Europeanisation of National         KITTEL          (bernhard.kittel@uni-
   Parliaments Post-Lisbon: Bureaucrati- - Fabian PAETZEL
   sation and Transnationalisation rather        ( - Stefan
   than more democracy in the European           TRAUB (
S29P60 Elites and Quality of S32P35 Formal Models in Political
Democracy in Times of Crisis: Science
A Multi-Level Inquiry
                                            • 2977 - Interest Group Strategies in Bi-
 • 1244 - Institutional Context and           cameral Political Systems by Sebastian
   Professionalization of the Span-           KOHLER (
   ish Political Elite by Antonio M.
   JAIME-CASTILLO     (      • 3115 - The Role of the Trade
   - Gloria MARTINEZ-COUSINOU (glo-           Policy Committee in EU Trade Policy:        A    Political-Economic
                                              Analysis by Wim  VAN GESTEL
 • 2498 - Political elites in times of
                                              -        Christophe           CROMBEZ
   – Belgian – Crisis:      Party Inter-
   est,   Community Interest,       Fed-
   eral Interest by Min REUCHAMPS
   ( - Dave         • 3362 - Polls, Coalitions and Strate-
   SINARDET ( -        gic Voting under Proportional Rep-
   Jérémy DODEIGNE (         resentation by Michael HERRMANN

 • 2868 - Representation and policy con-
   gruence in Iceland after the crisis 2008-
   09 by Eva Heida ONNUDOTTIR (eva-
                                             S34P223 Kant on Freedom of Speech

                                            • 1957 - Why Should I Respect You?: A
 • 3094 - Legislative Turnover in the         Critique and a Kantian Suggestion for
   German Federal States:       A Com-        the Justification for Freedom of Speech
   parative Analysis by Till MELCHERT         in Contractualism by Baldwin WONG
   (            (

 • 3652 - Do Prime Ministers Improve        • 3528 - Communicating Historical
   or Erode the Quality of Democracy:         Rights in Kant by Timothy WALIGORE
   Comparative Analysis of Prime Min-         (
   isters in CEE by Bojana KOCIJAN
                                            • 526 - Vita Activa:       Reason, Free-
                                              dom of Speech, and Transcenden-
 • 3733 - The Political Representation of     tal Freedom by Katerina  DELIGIORGI
   Spanish MPs by Santiago PÉREZ-NIEVAS        (
   (     -
   Fabiola MOTA (       • 554 - Kant on Free Speech by Helga VAR-
                                              DEN (
 • 729 - When Experts Rule: Dynamics
   and Limits of Health Policy Reform in    • 913 - Kant’s Two Cosmopolitanisms and
   France and the UK by Marc SMYRL            Freedom of Speech by Peter NIESEN
   (                (
S35P3 Elite Recruitment in National         • 2659 - Social Dictatorships: Explaining
and International Settings                    Welfare State Regimes in Authoritar-
                                              ian States by Ferdinand  EIBL  (ferdi-
 • 2083 - Does Specialisation Matter at
   the Top? Economic Ministers in Spain
   (1902-2012): A Framework for Analysis    • 2695 - Religion and Modernisation of
   by Francisco-Javier LUQUE-CASTILLO         the Authoritarian State: Decentrali-
   (                       sation and Social Welfare in Russia
                                              and Egypt by Theocharis GRIGORIADIS
 • 2381 - The Formation of Post-              (
   War Elites by Stephan HENSELL
   (         • 3789 - Exploring Authoritarianism in
   - Felix GERDES (Felix.Gerdes@uni-          Uzbekistan:    New Perspectives on                                Statehood, Citizenship and Social Net-
                                              works by Nicolas C. GOSSET (ngos-
 • 3582 - Political,       Business and
   Non-Profit     Sectors:       Network
   Embeddedness of Power Struc-
   tures by Tetiana KOSTIUCHENKO
   (      S38P36 Political Representation of
 • 3983 - A Diachronic Perspective on Po- Societal Cleavages
   litical Recruitment of Women in Euro-
   pean Countries by Angela  MOVILEANU      • 1405 - Representation of Old
    (                      and New Cleavages in 14 Eu-
                                              ropean      Countries    by    Bram
 • 718 - Turnover at the Micro Level: Leav-   WAUTERS (
   ing Regional Parliament (In)voluntarily    -          Daniele          CARMANI
   by        Ine        VANLANGENAKKER        ( - Karen
    (      CELIS (
   -             Bart            MADDENS
    (          • 2190 - Gender and Consociational
                                              Power-Sharing Agreements in Post-
                                              Conflict Societies:    The Case of
S36P5 Governance, Politics and                Northern Ireland by Bernadette HAYES
Economy in Autocracies                        ( - Ian MCALLIS-
                                              TER (
 • 1125 - The Limits of Political Power
   in Resource-Rich Post-Soviet States by   • 3649 - Social Groups in Right-Wing Par-
   Tina FLEGEL (        ties. The Cases of the French UMP and
                                              the German CDU by Martin BALOGE
 • 1435 - Thinking Outside the Demo-          (
   cratic Box – Political Values, Per-
   formance and Political Support in        • 3843 - Societal cleavages within Politi-
   Authoritarian Regimes.     A Com-          cal Islam in Morocco. Some hypothe-
   parative Analysis. by Toralf STARK         ses from the study of political engage-
   ( - Wiebke         ment of ”Muslim entrepreneurs” by
   BREUSTEDT (           Irene BONO (
  • 535 - The East-West Divide:       A S46P78 Who’s to Blame? The Role
    New Cleavage in the German Po- of Institutions and Economic Con-
    litical System?    by Heinrich BEST text in Allowing Citizens to Punish
                                              (and Reward) Governments

                                               • 241 - Electoral Accountability in Con-
                                                 text: How Political Institutions Con-
S40P116 Politicians in Latin America
                                                 dition Performance Voting by James
                                                 TILLEY (
  • 1497 - Post-Materialist Values in            -             Sara              HOBOLT
    Parliamentary Elites in Latin Amer-          (
    ica by Luis MELIAN (luisunder-               -           Susan            BANDUCCI - Ilka TREMINIO         (
                                               • 242 - The World Economy, Political
  • 1516 - Mapping the Brazilian Political       Control and Responsibility for Eco-
    Class, 1990-2009: The Brazilian Leg-         nomic Performance by Timothy HELL-
    islative Surveys by Timothy  POWER           WIG (
     ( - Cesar
     ZUCCO  (              • 247 - Horizontal Attributions in a Ver-
                                                 tical Context: The Impact of Coalition
  • 181 - Where are they Coming                  Government at Westminster on the
    From?      Where are they Going?             2011 Scottish Election by Robert JOHNS
    Career Patterns of Latin American            (
    Ministers by Marcelo CAMERLO
    ( - Octavio
    AVENDAÑO ( -
                                              S47P11 Violence and Social Move-
    Sebastián LINARES (
  • 185 - Elite Circulation and Recruitment
                                               • 1948 - Political Violence, Politics of Vi-
    in Argentina and Ecuador by Laura
                                                 olence and Mobilisation by Mehmet
     TEDESCO  ( -
                                                  ORHAN  (
    Rut  DIAMINT  (
                                               • 2009 - Violence in Riots and So-
  • 3141 - Technopols, Politicians in Gov-       cial Movements by Marilena SIMITI
    ern? Strategies of Movement and In-          (
    sertion in the Different Political Are-
    nas in Postauthoritarian’ Chile by Rene    • 523 - The Micro-Mobilisation into the
    JARA (                      Provisional IRA, an Armed Struggle
                                                 for Recognition? by Lorenzo  BOSI
  • 3167 - Professionalization of Legisla-        (
    tors in the Chilean Post-Authoritarian
    Democracy:: Strategies in a Chang-         • 532 - On the Organisation of Political Vi-
    ing Environment by Xavier ALTAMI-            olence: Theoretical Synthesis and Ap-
    RANO (Xavier.Altamirano@malix.univ-          plication by Odysseas CHRISTOU (chris-                         
S49P171 Promoting Just Peace or                ( - Michael MIT-
Just Fuelling Conflict? The Ambiva-            SOPOULOS (
lent Role of Private Actors                  • 1148 - External Asymmetries in the
                                               Euro Area and the Role of Foreign
 • 1890 - Constraining the Conduct of
                                               Direct Investment by Vassilis  SARAN-
   Non-State Armed Groups: The Promise
                                               TIDES  ( - Nicos
   of Non-Governmental Initiatives by
                                                CHRISTODOULAKIS  (
   Stefanie  HERR  (
                                             • 2393 - Accounting for the Economic
 • 2291 - The Privatisation of (Judi-
                                               Crisis: Fiscal Consolidation, Struc-
   cial) Remedies in Global Develop-
                                               tural Convergence and the ‘South-
   ment Governance by Anne FLOHR
                                               ern’ Model of Capitalism by Spyros
                                               BLAVOUKOS ( - George
 • 2551 - Ambivalence from Abroad –            PAGOULATOS (
   Conceptions of Just Peace and Dias-
   poric Activism by Svenja GERTHEISS        • 3564 - Facing a Government Crisis: A
   (                         Comparative Analysis of the Role of In-
                                               ternational Organisations in the Eco-
 • 2942 - The Privatisation of Mil-            nomic Crisis of Argentina 2001 and
   itary   Force   and  the    Interna-        Greece 2010 by María Soledad GAT-
   tional System by James PATTISON             TONI ( -
   (           Olga Marcela CUBIDES (marcelacu-

                                             • 449 - Europe, Anchor or Torpedo:
S50P98 Theorising Regional Inte-               An Analysis of the Economic Dy-
gration and Inter-Regionalism                  namics and Policies in a Context of
                                               Non-Optimal Monetary Union and of
 • 2890 - ASEM: Balancing New                  Economic Governance Def by Ferran
   World Order by Vladimír BEROUN              BRUNET (
                                             • 598 - Portugal, the Debt Crisis and EMU
 • 896 - How does Regionalism Unfold?          Membership: A Lost Opportunity? by
   Discussing the Relationships of Con-        Paulo VILA MAIOR (
   stitution and Causation Between Iden-
   tity and Institutions by GERMAN PRI-
   ETO (
                                           S63P383 The Politicisation of Policy
S58P159 Economic Governance in a
                                             • 1570 - The Politics of Politicisation
Crisis: The Case of the Eurozone               in Sweden by Carl DAHLSTROM
South                                          (
                                               -      Birgitta  NIKLASSON       (bir-
 • 1004 - Understanding the Greek    
   Crisis.  Unlocking the Puzzle of
   Greek Banks’ deteriorating per-           • 1888 - The Interface of Govern-
   formance by Theodore PELAGIDIS              ment Communication and Policy
   Advice in a Comparative Per-                 • 38 - Interest Groups and Domestic
   spective by Heidi SALOMONSEN                   European Policy Coordination.    A
   ( - Thurid HUSTEDT            Comparison of Federal and Uni-
   (                tary States by Peter BURSENS (pe-
                                         - Jan BEYERS
 • 2832    -    Ministers’   Entourage:
   Policy,   Strategy    and   National
   Colours by Caspar VAN DEN BERG               • 43 - Race to Brussels:      The De-
   (                      velopment of Regional Informa-
                                                  tion Offices by Philipp STUDINGER
 • 2948 - Ministerial Cabinets, Politicisa-
   tion and Impact Assessment in Italy:
   A Tale of a Failed Implementation
   by Fabrizio DI MASCIO (fabriziodimas- - Alessandro NATAL- S74P25 Democratic Innovations in
   INI (      Europe - A Comparative Perspective
 • 377 - Europeanisation, Ethnic Poli-
                                                • 119 - Democratic Innovation or Par-
   tics, Government Alternation and
                                                  ticipative Eyewash?     Opportunities
   the Politicisation of the Ministe-
                                                  and Limitations of Traffic Regulation
   rial Bureaucracy in Western Balkan
                                                  Partnerships in German Municipali-
   states by Jan-Hinrik  MAYER-SAHLING
                                                  ties by Matthias FREISE (freisem@uni-
   - Aleksandra  RABRENOVIC  (arabren-                              • 1466 - Democratic innovation or sym-
                                                  bolic participation? A case study of
                                                  participatory budgeting in Germany by
S73P324 Regions and EU Policy-                    Carsten HERZBERG (herzberg@soz.uni-
Making: Exploring Multi-Levelness       
from Below                                      • 2151 - Same but Different - Ex-
                                                  amining the Role of Context in
 • 108 - Agents to Link the EU Political Sys-     the Implementation of Deliberative
   tem with Civil Society? The Brussels           Mini-Publics by Marina LINDELL (ma-
   Offices of the Regions by Justin GREEN-
   WOOD (
                                                • 2979 - National Forest Programmes
 • 1737 - The Impact of Formal                    (NFPs) as Forms to Democratise For-
   Rules     on   Informal     Coopera-           est Policy in Europe?    Comparing
   tion:    Domestic European Policy-             the Procedural Legitimacy and Ef-
   Making in Comparative Perspec-                 fectiveness of NFPs by Eva KVARDA
   tive by Anna-Lena  HOGENAUER                   (
                                                • 2993 - The Chancellor of Justice of Es-
 • 29 - Not Necessarily Supranation-              tonia - an Innovative Interpretation of
   alists?    Regio-Crats and the Eu-             an Old Idea by Witold  KUBINIEC  (ku-
   ropean Commission by Michael         
   -       Michael       W.      BAUER          • 3086 - A Critical Examination
   (              of   Community   Planning  in
   Scotland     by   Allison   PUSATERI S92P94 Cooperation, Competition
   (       or Conflict: Interactions between
                                          Environmental Social Movements
 • 3283 - Local Participation Mechanisms: and Political Parties
   Southern Europe Regions in Compar-
   ative Perspective by Pau ALARCÓN
                                             • 1521 - “Can Politics Be Different?” The
   PÉREZ ( - Joan
                                               Emergence of New Green Parties in
                                               Central and Eastern Europe by Aron
   - Mª Dolores SESMA CARLOS
                                               BUZOGANY (

                                             • 3166 - Lobbying in Environmental Af-
                                               fairs: Is the EP Driving Climate Change
                                               or Being an Environmental Cham-
S83P160 Comparing Digital Media
                                               pion? by Maja Kluger RASMUSSEN
and Politics Across Regimes                    (

 • 1139 - The Hybrid Media           Sys-
                                             • 3810 - Political Alliances Un-
   tem by Andrew CHADWICK            (an-
                                               der Globalisation:  Links of the
                                               Bergama Movement with Polit-
                                               ical Parties by Baran Alp UNCU
 • 1990 - Co-building Citizenship Through      (
   Transnational      Cyberpolitics    by
   Marie Laure GEOFFRAY (mlgeof-
                                            S95P49 Narratives of Statehood in
 • 2347 - Media Agenda Building in Online   the Global Realm
   and Offline Media - Comparing Issues
   and Countries by Barbara PFETSCH
   ( - Silke      • 1249 - After the End of the Holy Trinity.
   ADAM (              Competing Narratives on State, State-
                                               hood and Sovereignty in the Transna-
                                               tional Constellation by Christian VOLK
 • 249 - Free and Not so Free Media and        (
   Political Contexts: Understanding the
   Impact of Digital Media in Different
   African Countries by Susana  SALGADO      • 80 - The Power of Words: Brazil’s
    (                 Socio-Political Affair with the “BRIC”
                                               Acronym by Antonio GELIS FILHO (an-
 • 809 - Digital Media and Political En-
   gagement Attitudes in Comparative
   Perspective by Carolina GALAIS (car-      • 964 - Narrating Sovereignty and State- - Eva ANDUIZA         hood: the UK and Scotland by Atsuko
   (                       ICHIJO (
S96P268 Governance of Network S99P99 Women and Children
Industries: How Public Sector En- First?: The Impact of the Financial
terprises Cope with the Multipli- Crisis on Family Policy
cation of Stakeholders and Perfor-
mance Objectives                    • 1315 - The Bare Necessities: Family
                                                 Policy Reforms in Germany and Aus-
                                                 tria and Their Post-Crisis Amendments
 • 1749 - Sustainable Practices as a Link        by Sonja BLUM (sonja.blum@uni-
   Between Public Utilities Values and 
   Performance Objectives :       The La
   Poste Discourse About its Transla-          • 1382 - Scaling Down:       The Sec-
   tion of SD by Amandine MONTAGUT               ond and Third Wave of the
   (                       Financial   Crisis   hits     German
                                                 Family by Annette HENNINGER
 • 2170 - Regulation Issues in the Rail- - Angelika VON WAHL
   way Sector by Pierre  MESSULAM                (
                                               • 2910 - Consequences of Iceland’s Finan-
                                                 cial Crisis for Family Welfare by Stefán
 • 288 - Revisiting the Coherence Frame-         OLAFSSON (
   work for Performance in Network
   Industries by Marc  LAPERROUZA              • 3743 - Housing Arrangements as
    ( - Matthias         Family Policy in Times of Crisis by
    FINGER        (      Dorian WOODS (dorian.woods@uni-
   -         Nicolas          CRETTENAND - Lisa HAUG (lisa-
   -          Christof           DUTHALER

                                              S100P348 The External Dimension
 • 3061 - Too Serious to be Just for of EU Justice and Home Affairs:
   Profit?    Corporate Governance of
                                         Post-Lisbon Governance Perspec-
   State-Owned Gas Companies in Europe
   and Russia. by Alberto ASQUER (al- tives
                                           • 2366 - Justice and home affairs ob-
                                             jectives in the EU’s interregional
 • 3986     -   Publicly   owned     Mo-     cooperation by Tatiana SKRIPKA
   nopolies:      Railways in Transi-        (
   tion by Torben  HOLVAD  (tor-               • 561 - The development of the external
                                             dimension of the Area of Freedom, Se-
                                             curity and Justice through expansion
 • 461 - Governing by Fragmentation. The     and diversification by Florian TRAUNER
   Reform of Railway Policies in Italy       (
   Between Corporatisation and Region-
   alisation by Marco DI GIULIO (mar-      • 59 - The external dimension of                     EU Justice and Home Affairs: the
   role of third countries in EU mi-           -   Erin        HARTMAN       (ekhart-
   gration policy by Natasja RESLOW   - Joost  VAN
   (          SPANJE  (

 • 768 - EU Aviation Security: Suprana-      • 3068 - Using Survey Data to Improve
   tional Rules, Intergovernmental and         Laboratory Experiments by Peter  FO-
   Event-driven Politics? by Xiana BARROS      LEY  ( - R. Michael
   (                 ALVAREZ  (
                                             • 3549 - Explaining Social Change: The
                                               Application of Multilevel Models
S103P436 Media, Campaigns and                  to Repeated Cross-Sectional Sur-
                                               vey Data by Malcolm FAIRBROTHER
Image-Making                                   (
 • 1544 - Innovations to Enhance the         • 3550 - How to Survey Voters
   Political Knowledge of the Inter-           Within Their Relevant Contexts?
   net Generation by Henry MILNER              Perspectives from Geography for
   (                   Innovative Sampling in French
                                               electoral studies by Anne JADOT
 • 3518 - Motivated Voters and Cam-            ( - Bruno
   paign Information: Information Se-          CAUTRES     (bruno.cautres@sciences-
   lection, Processing, and Effects in a
   Multiparty System by Michael MEF-
   FERT ( -
   Thomas GSCHWEND (gschwend@uni-                        S109P332 The Argumentative Turn
                                       Revisited: Rethinking Policy Anal-
 • 3966 - Bridging the Ideological Di- ysis
   vide: Rhetorical Style Determines Pol-
   icy Preferences by Hulda THORISDOT-       • 1081 - Beyond Facts and Values: Stone,
   TIR (                          Laclau and the Discursive in Policy
                                               Analysis by Georgios PAPANAGNOU
 • 597 - The Political Psychology of Re-       (
   peat Referendums on EC Treaties: The
   Impact of Campaign Messages and           • 1182 - Curing the Dutch Disease: The
   Image-Making on Public Opinion and          Discursive Turn in the Dutch Disability
   Voting Behaviour by Karen DEVINE            Benefit Politics by Minna VAN GERVEN-
   (                       HAANPAA (
                                               - Jelle VISSER (
                                             • 1837 - Transformative Learning in Policy
S107P89 Survey Research and Vot-               Deliberation by Frank  FISCHER  (Frank-
                                             • 3438 - ”Sister Democracies” and ”We’re
 • 1993 - The Vote as a Flower in the          all Brothers”: Sexed Agents, Gen-
   Coffin: Evidence for Campaign effects       dered Metaphors, and Gendering
   from a Natural Experiment by Elias          as Foreign Policy by Holly OBERLE
    DINAS  (     (
 • 3705 - The Argumentative Turn Re- S110P225          Multilateralism            and
   visited by Herbert GOTTWEIS (her- Global Transformations:                     New - Frank FIS- Actors and New Issues
   CHER (
                                              • 1221 - Global Forest Governance:
                                                Bringing       Multilateralism    Back
                                                In    by     Emilie   BÉCAULT    (Emi-
S110P34 Constructing the Nexus in      - Axel
Mixed-Methods Designs: Concepts                 MARX       (
and Applications                                -             Jan             WOUTERS

 • 1016 - The Value of Optimising Quan-       • 2804 - Playing as an Emerging Gi-
   titative Instrument Development via          ant: Identity and Norms in the Evolv-
   Qualitative Techniques in Political Sci-     ing Pattern of Complaints Brought by
   ence Research by Stefania KALOGERAKI         Emerging Powers in the Multilateral
   (                   Trade Regime by Josué F. MATHIEU (jo-
 • 115 - Mixed Methods Research in the        • 3017 - Same Road, Different Directions?
   Study of Violence and Conflict by Kai        The European Union and Brazil’s Joint
    THALER  (              Strategy to Promote Multilateral Cli-
                                                mate Change Negotiations by Carolina
 • 1693 - Values, Religious Beliefs and         B. PAVESE (
   Moral Policy. The Contribution of
   Survey Research to Comparative Pub-        • 3956 - What Lies Beneath? Brazil and
   lic Policy by Achim HILDEBRANDT              Turkey’s Rise as Regional Power Con-
   (achim.hildebrandt@sowi.uni-                 tenders by Evren  CELIK WILTSE  (ewil- - Eva-Maria TRUEDINGER
                                              • 610 - The European Union in Cri-
                                                sis: The End of a Dream or an
                                                Opportunity for a New Momentum
 • 1883 - The Mesopolitics of Democratic        by Meltem MUFTULERBAC (muf-
   Change: Political Agency and Pol-  
   icy Reform in Post-Suharto Indone-
   sia by Christian VON LUEBKE (cvlue-
                                        S110P265 Information Governance:
 • 2937 - Political Thought: Discipline Transformations and its Drivers?
   Methodeless? by Charles Philippe DI-
   JON DE MONTETON (dijon@urz.uni-            • 1440 - Internal Security Institu-                               tions Meeting Information Gov-
                                                ernance by Mathias BUG (math-
                                       - Jasmin RÖLLGEN
 • 3817 - Geographic Proximity and              (
   Political   Causality by  Nicolas
   SCHWANK (nicolas.schwank@urz.uni-          • 1581 - Regulating the Internet Infras-                               tructure. ICANN, ITU and WSIS Com-
   pete for Legitimate Practices by Ingo      Youth Culture in a Direct Democracy
    TAKE  (            by Martina ROTHENBÜHLER (mar-
 • 3951 - Open Government Data: The Rise      -            Kathrin           KISSAU
   of a ”web Institution”? by Fabrizio        (
 • 541 - Digital Feudalism: Enclosures and
   Erasures from Digital Rights Manage-
                                           S110P337 Critical Perspectives on
   ment to the Digital Divide by James
    LOSEY  (          Practices of US Foreign Policy and
                                           American Identity Construction in
                                           World Politics
S110P300 Young People and Politics
                                            • 100 - The Discursive Writing of a Puri-
– Two Incompatible Worlds?
                                              tan National Identity in the U.S. ”War
                                              on Terror” by Erica Simone ALMEIDA-
 • 1682 - Can we Educate Citizens?
                                              RESENDE (
   Evaluating the Effectiveness of UK
   Citizenship Education from a Youth
                                            • 1835 - No, We Can’t:     The Con-
   Perspective by Emily RAINSFORD
                                              straints on Obama’s Foreign Affairs
                                              Agenda by Tatiana TEIXEIRA (tteix-
 • 1704 - Political Engagement among
   Norwegian Adolescents: The Older
   they Are, the Stronger their Engage-     • 3193 - From “Japan Problem“ to “China
   ment–But, the Less they Prefer a           Threat“? – Economic Discourses on
   Lower Voting Age by Jon LAUGLO             Japan and China as Identity Construc-
   (                    tions in U.S. Foreign Policy by Maria
                                              Nicola    NYMALM      (nymalm@giga-
 • 2924 - Learning and Experience, the
   Interrelation of Knowledge, Political
   Socialisation and Engagement by Steve    • 900 - “Civilization” and Violence
   SCHWARZER       (steve.schwarzer@tns-      in US Foreign Policy (2001-2003)                               by Diego SANTOS VIEIRA DE JESUS
 • 3153 - The Influence of Schools on Civic
   Competences. The Relative Strength
   of Teaching Politics Versus Experi-
   encing Democracy by Eva FRANCK S110P338 Fighting Organised Crime:
   ( - Saskia DE EU Initiatives in Search of a Com-
   GROOF        (
                                            mon Policy?
   -           Mark             ELCHARDUS
   (             -
   Dimokritos       KAVADIAS      (dimokri-  • 454 - Comparison of EU and Aus-                     tralian Law Enforcement Strategies in
                                               the Area of Organised Crime: Trans-
 • 844 - Exploring the Different Worlds        ferability of Cooperative and Fed-
   of Political Participation Among            eral Approaches by Saskia HUFNAGEL
   Young Adults in Switzerland. Political      (
 • 477 - Joint Investigation Teams:
   The Panacea for Fighting Organised
   Crime in the EU? by Ludo BLOCK

S110P626 Welfare Politics
 • 1478 - Voters, Non-Voters and Wel-
   fare State Opinions:       Assessing
   Representational Biases in Ger-
   many, Spain, Sweden and the
   UK by Jennifer  BUCKLEY  (jen-

 • 1578    -    Accountability,   Legiti-
   macy, and Democracy in Wel-
   fare Markets by Tanja KLENK
   ( - Jonas
 • 2114 - Welfare Reforms in Transition
   Countries: Between Public Efficiency
   and Social Justice by Ioana CIUCANU
 • 2173 - Providing Welfare. The Impor-
   tance of Public or Private Actors in wel-
   fare state regimes. by Anna BENDZ
 • 3389 - The Regionalisation of Wel-
   fare Politics by Ignacio  JURADO  (igna-
25 August, 1100-1240                           or Revival?     by Mark       WEBBER

S2P164 Conservatism, Rightist Par-           • 2866 - Continued Drift, But With-
                                               out the Acrimony by Kristian NIELSEN
ties and Women’s Political Repre-              (
                                             • 3268 - American Leadership and NATO:
 • 1162 - Conservative Women Represent-        Does Forward Presence Still Matter? by
   ing Women in Finland by Johanna KAN-        John DENI (
   TOLA ( -
   Milja SAARI (     • 692 - Assessing the Impact of the
                                               Obama Administration on Anti-
 • 1603 - Beyond the ‘Usual Suspects’:         Americanism in Europe by Polly DIVEN
   Rightwing Parties and MPs as Crit-          (
   ical Actors in Women’s Substantive
   Representation by Silvia ERZEEL
   ( - Karen CELIS
                                       S5P81 Negative Campaigning in a
                                            non-US Context
 • 2475      -   Conservative     Women
   Challenging     Citizenship    (France    • 1067 - When the Stakes are High:
   1880-1940)     by     Magali    DELLA       Party Competition and Negative
   SUDDA       (      Campaigning by Annemarie  WAL-
   -            Xabier           ITÇAINA       TER  ( - Philip
   (            VAN PRAAG  (
                                               -    Wouter    VAN     DER BRUG
 • 3783 - The Italian Christian Democ-          (
   racy and the Political Representation
   of Women by Daniela Romee PICCIO          • 1069 - Why Are They Going Nega-
   (                     tive?   Linking Prospect Theory to
                                               the Study of Electoral Campaign by
 • 3870 - The Rightist Discourse and           Thorsten FAAS (thorsten.faas@uni-
   the Difficulties of Institutionalising
   Feminism in Post-Communist Roma-
   nia by Ioana VLAD (ioanaaunder-           • 1119 - No Time Like the Present?                         Understanding Longitudinal Varia-
                                               tion in the Level of Negative Cam-
 • 3890 - Responsive Actions or Symbolic       paigning in a Multiparty System by
   Gestures? Justice and Development           Christian   ELMELUND-PRAESTEKAER
   Party and Feminist Groups in Turkey by      ( - Helle Mølgaard
   Senem ERTAN (                SVENSSON (

                                             • 1417 - Covering the Fight: the News Me-
                                               dia and Negative Campaigning by Ras-
S4P139 US-European Relations un-               mus Tue PEDERSEN (
der Obama
                                             • 2159 - Going Negative and Going
 • 2349 - The US and NATO under                Positive: Political Parties’ Communi-
   Obama:    Retrenchment, Reform              cation Strategies in their Press Re-
   leases During the 2008 Austrian Na-      • 793 - European Social Movements: A
   tional Elections by Uta RUSSMANN           Sign of Health or a Warning Signal
   (                  for Europe´s Democracy? by Helene
                                              PRISTED NIELSEN (
 • 3318 - Afraid of Europe? How Party
   Campaigns in the 2009 European Elec-     • 906 - Transformation of Collective
   tions Affected the Vote by Andreas         Identities in Europe and Democracy by
   SCHUCK ( - Liane       Magdalena GORA (
   WILKE ( - Claes DE        - Zdzislaw MACH (usmach@cyf-
   VREESE (     

                                      S29P249 Political Parties and Demo-
S9P135 Reconstituting Democracy
                                      cratic Consolidation in Central Eu-
in the EU: The Role of Civil Society,
                                      ropean Countries
Identity and the Public Sphere
                                            • 1158 - Second Life in the Bundestag? So-
 • 1160 - Contesting EU Legitimacy:           cial Profile and Democratic Attitudes
   The Prominence, Content and Jus-           among Former GDR Delegates in Ger-
   tification of Euroscepticism during        man Parliaments by Ronald GEBAUER
   2009 EP Election Campaigns by              ( - Stefan
   Pieter DE WILDE (           JAHR (
   - Asimina MICHAILIDOU (asim-        -   • 2137 - New Parties and the Dynamics
   Hans-Jörg TRENZ (       of Party Competition in the Czech Re-
                                              public and Slovakia by Marek  RYBAR
 • 3103 - End of ’Permissive Consensus’:       (
   New Patterns of EU Contestation by
   the Mainstream and Radical Politi-       • 2194 - Political Parties, their Per-
   cal Parties by Aleksandra MAATSCH          formance, and Quality of Czech
   (                  Democracy: Old Trends and New
                                              Challenges    by    Vít    HLOU￿EK
 • 341    -    Does      the   European       (    -  Vlastimil
   Union Need a Collective Iden-              HAVLÍK (
   tity?     by Karolewski IRENEUSZ
                                            • 2352 - Cleavage Change or Shapeless
   ( - Vikto-
                                              Shifting?   The Dynamics of Party-
   ria KAINA (
                                              System Supply and Demand in Poland,
 • 3708 - “Democritical” Masses and           1997–2007 by Ben STANLEY (bdstan-
   Contemporary ”democrature” (Demo-
   cratic Dictatorship) by Maria HELLER     • 3117 - Constructing State Supported
   (                 Party Democracy? The Case of Post-
                                              1989 Poland by Monika  BIL  (miro-
 • 3925 - Reconstituting Democracy  
   :    How to Deal with Indiffer-
   ence of Ordinary Citizens ?       by     • 463 - The Stability of the Slovenian
   Virginie    VAN   INGELGOM      (vir-      Party System: Reasons for the Suc-            cess/Failure of New Parties by Alenka
   KRAOVEC (alenka.krasovec@fdv.uni-           -      Wim       VAN        GESTEL   -    Danica    FINK-HAFNER         (

                                    S34P241 Force and Freedom: Author
S32P353 Legislative Politics in the meets Critics
European Union
                                             • 1626 - Kant, Ripstein, and the ’Cir-
 • 1017 - European Parliamentary Party         cle of Freedom’ by Laura VALENTINI
   Group Discipline in Comparison by Ste-      (
   fanie  BAILER  (
                                             • 2178 - Response to ”Force and
 • 1086 - Legislative Decision-Making          Freedom” by Miriam RONZONI
   in the European Union Before and            (
   After    Enlargement:     Explaining
   Network ties in an International          • 3821 - Between Ethics and Right:
   Legislature by Robert THOMSON               Kantian politics and democratic
   ( - Daniel NAURIN            purposes by Garrath WILLIAMS
   ( - Marta           (
 • 1100 - In Who’s Interest? - The Ef-
                                           S35P4 Classic Elite Theory, Global
   fect of Transparency Regulation on
   Negotiations in the Council of the Democratic Governance and the
   European Union by Sara HAGEMANN Emergence of Global Elites
   ( - Hartmut
   LENZ (                   • 2648 - Vertical and Horizontal Account-
                                               ability of Global Elites: Some Theoret-
 • 1318 - Roll Call Votes in the Euro-         ical Reflections and a Preliminary Re-
   pean Parliament by Simon  HUG  (si-         search Agenda by Ursula  HOFFMANN-                           LANGE  (ursula.hoffmann-lange@uni-
 • 1674 - The Merits of Adding Complex-
   ity: Conditional Preferences in Spatial   • 3135 - Is Internet Governance a Demo-
   Models of EU Politics by Andreas FLEIG      cratic Process ? Multistakeholderism
   (           and Transnational Elites by Jean-Marie
   - Daniel FINKE (daniel.finke@uni-           CHENOU (
                                             • 481 - Elite Theory, Multiglobal Demo-
 • 2496 - Report Allocation in the             cratic Governance and the Emergence
   European Parliament by Bjørn HØY-           of Global Elites. The Case of Prvate
   LAND ( -           Groups by Sandra RODRIGUES BALÃO
   Silje S LYDER-HERMANSEN (siljesyn-          (
                                             • 737 - Pareto’s Theory of Elite
 • 3026 - The Treaty of Lisbon and EU          Cycles:      A Reconsideration and
   Trade Policy: A Political-Economic          Application      by     John    HIGLEY
   Analysis by Christophe CROMBEZ              (     -   Jan
   (       PAKULSKI (
S36P304 The Persistence of Autoc-               ( - Marieke VOORPOS-
racy in Asia: Internal and External             TEL (
Factors                                       • 1862 - Feminist Mothers and their Chil-
                                                dren: A Specific Case of Intergenera-
 • 1142 - Informal Institutions in Authori-     tional Transmission ? by Camille MAS-
   tarian Regimes: Conceptual Issues and        CLET (
   Empirical Evidence from Asian Cases
   by Patrick KOELLNER (koellner@giga-        • 1999 - Exit, Voice and Conspir-                                  acy:      Parental Politicisation and
                                                Young Political Involvement in
 • 1183 - The Effects of Propaganda in the      Periods of Crisis by Elias DINAS
   Chinese Authoritarian Regime - The           (
   Case of Chinese University Students by
   Lisa RICHAUD (

 • 2465 - Foreign Policy and Regime S40P27 Decision Making and Imple-
   Legitimacy - China as a Responsi- mentation in Latin American Re-
   ble Peacekeeper? by Janka OERTEL
                                     gional Integration Schemes

 • 2544 - Institutionalising Military Rule    • 2305 - From Finish Pulp Mills
   in Myanmar: External and Internal Fac-       and Blocked Bridges:      The Esca-
   tors by Marco  BUENTE  (buente@giga-         lation of Conflict and the Weak-                                  ness of Judicialisation in MER-
                                                COSUR      by   Sebastian  KRAPOHL
 • 9 - Human Rights in North Ko-                (
   rea: Maintaining Domestic Consent            - Julia DINKEL (julia.dinkel@uni-
   and Legitimacy without use of Vio- 
   lence/Terror by Pat HEIN (punderscore-                        • 2653 - UNASUR and Regional Security:
                                                Institutionalisation and Competi-
                                                tion by Detlef NOLTE (nolte@giga-
                                            -  Leslie WEHNER
S38P57 Intergenerational Conti-                 (
nuities in Political Participation:
                                              • 3685 - The Non-Incorporation of In-
Do Activists’ Children become
                                                ternational Decisions in Mercosur by
Activists?                                      Christian ARNOLD (carnold@mail.uni-
 • 1147 - Orphans and Heirs in Ital-
   ian     Radical-Right  Organisations.      • 3859 - Contemporanean Andean Re-
   The Family Roots of Political Ac-            gion: A Pragmatic Building of an
   tivism by Stephanie DECHEZELLES              Non Defined Integration Area by Erika
   (stephanie.dechezelles@sciencespo-           Maria RODRIGUEZ PINZON (erika-                            
 • 1802 - Imtergenerational Trans-            • 3960 - Trade Integration Agreements
   mission of Political Participation.          in Latin America:       Access Points
   The Importance of Parental Level             and Veto Players by Ninfa  FUENTES
   of Education.    by Hilde COFFE               (
S46P384 Transnational Politics and           • 416 - Heteronormativity           and/as
the Vote                                       Violence      by     Moya         LLOYD
 • 1980 - Stimulus, Response and Turnout
                                             • 593 - All in this Together? Assessing the
   Variations at a European Parlia-
                                               Impact of the Comprehensive Spend-
   ment Election by Mark FRANKLIN
                                               ing Review in the UK: Gender, Social
   ( - Bernhard
                                               Reproduction and Care by Jill STEANS
                                               ( - Daniela TEPE
 • 511 - Contextual Determinants of            (
   the Impact of Immigration on
   Mainstream      Electoral       Compe-
   tition by Sergi  PARDOS-PRADO S49P203 Justice Issues in Security
 • 816 - Holding Governments Respon-
   sible:    Individual and Contextual       • 2358 - Rising States in a World
   Variation in Performance Voting             of Regions by Matthias DEMBIN-
   by Catherine DE VRIES (cather-              SKI ( - Britta      -  Nathalie      WEIFFEN       (Brigitte.Weiffen@uni-
   GIGER        (nathalie.giger@mzes.uni-   -    Tim     RUEHLIG                               (

 • 880 - Globalisation and the Re-           • 2484 - Just Wars and Geopolit-
   sponsiveness of Political Parties           ical Justice by Thomas MOORE
   by    Timothy      HELLWIG     (thell-      ( - Lawrence  EZROW        • 2765     -    Globalising   Resistance
    (                        Against War?        by Tiina SEPPALA
                                             • 813 - Towards an Explanation of Peace-
S47P12 Gender, Violence and Poli-              ful Power Transitions: PTT, Liberal
tics                                           Hegemony and Justice by Iris WURM
                                               ( - Carsten RAUCH
 • 1169 - Contemporary Anti-LGBT               (
   Violence in Central and East-
   ern Europe by Miroslav MARE￿              • 941 - Contemporary Civil Wars
   ( - Klára KALI-          and Conflicts:      The Problem of
   BOVÁ (                  Non-Compliance       with   Interna-
                                               tional Law by Justyna  JANICKA
 • 2070 - Imaginative Rape Geographies-         (
   Cartography of Violence or Vi-
   olent Cartography?        by Andra-
   Mirona         DRAGOTESC        (an-
                                        S50P231 Inter-Regionalism Outside
                                            of Europe
 • 2836 - Order in Progress: Violence
   Against Homeless People by Rosimeire      • 2560 - Regional and Sub-Regional Orga-
   SILVA ( - Lennita        nizations in Sub-Saharan Africa by Sara
   RUGGI (            BONANNI (
 • 3055 - The Origins of Trans- S58P177 Civil Society and the Qual-
   Tasman Integration by John LESLIE ity of Democracy in Southern Eu-
   ( - Annmarie rope, 1970s-2000s
                                             • 10 - Southern European Radical-
 • 950 - Diffusing Reciprocity: Regional
                                               ism Revisited:     Interpreting Po-
   Integration in the Asia-Pacific and the
                                               litical Culture in the Long 1960s
   Design of Dispute Settlement Mech-
                                               by Pedro RAMOS PINTO (pe-
   anisms by Tobias HOFMANN (hof-
                                      - Soo Yeon KIM
                                             • 1215 - Historical Legacies and Organi-
                                               sational Antinomies by Sara WATSON
 • 978 - The hubless spokes: Competi-          (
   tive regionalisms in Eurasia by Mikhail
   MOLCHANOV (                • 1499 - Civil Society and the Qual-
                                               ity of Democracy:      A Compari-
                                               son of Spain and Portugal, 1974-
                                               2000s by Rui BRANCO (ruim-
S56P68 The Interplay between          - Tiago FER-
Higher Education Policies and                  NANDES (
Political Science as a Discipline
                                             • 1602 - An Impossible Democracy:
 • 1299 - The Role of Higher Educa-            Clientelistic   Relationships     and
   tion Policies in the Internationalisa-      Political Corruption by Antonio
   tion of Political Science. A Compar-        ROBLES-EGEA     (   -
   ison Between French and British Ca-         José    Manuel    ACEITUNO-MONTES
   reer Patterns by Thibaud BONCOURT           (
                                             • 257 - Civil Society and Civic Engage-
 • 2471 - Early Steps – A Comparison of        ment in Democracy.          The Demo-
   US Political Science Fulbright Schol-       cratic Effects of Socio-Political Associ-
   ars in Europe by Thomas KÖNIG               ations in Spain from a Southern Euro-
   (                pean Comparison by Rafael VAZQUEZ
 • 2594 - Restoring the ‘Political Con-
   text’ to the Development of the
   Discipline by Heather SAVIGNY
                                        S61P55 Organised Civil Society in
                                           the EU Multi-Level Polity: Political
 • 2853 - The Bologna Process Revisited by Strategies and Influence
                                             • 2304 - How do Pro-Migrant Groups
 • 2858 - The European Higher Education        Lobby EU Policy-Makers?         – An
   Area: Organisational Structures and         Analysis of Political Influence Using
   the Development of Political Science        the Example of the Long-Term Resi-
   as a Discipline by Erkki  BERNDTSON         dents Directive by Ulrike HOFFMANN
    (              (
 • 2811 - Defining the Lobbying Target: Ac- S73P328 Research Design in Euro-
   counting for the Interactions between pean Studies: Establishing Causal-
   MEPs and Interest Groups in the Euro- ity in Europeanisation
   pean Parliament by David  MARSHALL
    (                  • 109 - Beyond Non-Compliance with
 • 571 - Customising Strategies: How In-        Legal Norms by Sabine SAURUG-
   terest Group Goals Affect Their Strate-      GER     (sabine.saurugger@sciencespo-
   gic Choices by Anne BINDERKRANTZ   
   ( - Simon KRØYER
                                              • 1681 - Metatheory and Europeani-
                                                sation Research by Simon  BULMER
 • 615 - Informational Lobbying Strate-          (     -    Ian
   gies and Interest Group Access in the         BACHE         (
   European Union by Adam CHALMERS              -            Defne               GUNAY
   (                (
 • 879 - Determinants of EU Inter-              • 1765  -   Bottom-Up      Europeanisa-
   est Groups’ Policy Preference Attain-          tion Exposed:      Social Movement
   ment.    The Case of the Environ-              Theory and Non State Actors in
   ment Policy Area by Adriana BUNEA              France by Darren  MCCAULEY  (dar-

                                                • 518 - Rival Hypotheses of Europeanisa-
                                                  tion: Comparing the Roles of the EU
S63P102 Reputation, Blame Avoid-                  and BSEC in Good Governance Reforms
ance and Regulatory Behaviour                     by Stella LADI (
 • 1776 - Who’s Responsible for This?
   Blame Avoidance for GMO Regulation
   in France by Patricia STAPLETON (psta- S74P197 Bridging Participation and                    Deliberation: Contributions and
 • 3106 - Turf Wars by Michael  TING           Challenges of Participatory Budget-
    ( - Helios            ing
    HERRERA  (
                                                • 1275 - Towards a Comparative Anal-
 • 492 - Blame-Shifting in Times of Crisis -      ysis of Democratic Innovations:
   A Stress Test for Regulatory Agencies by       Lessons from an fs-QCA of Partici-
   Nicole GREUTER (            patory Budgeting by Graham SMITH
 • 566 - Organisational Reputations and           ( - Matt RYAN
   Communicative Dynamics: The Case of            (
   the Bank of Israel by Moshe MAOR (ms-
                                                • 1370   -    Increasing    Community - Sharon GILAD
                                                  Empowerment        and     Well-Being
                                                  using     Participatory    Budgeting
 • 832 - Reputation and Firm Project              by Patricia GARCA-LEIVA (patri-
   Abandonment in Regulatory Equilib-    - Elena MORALES MAR-
   rium by Daniel CARPENTER (dcarpen-             ENTE      (                           -    Marisol     PALACIOS    GÁLVEZ
   ( - Juan           David SANDERS (
   Manuel DOMINGUEZ FUENTES (jm-                 -         Maria       SOBOLEWSKA - María Isabel             (
   HOMBRADOS MENDIETA (mihombra-                                 • 1495 - Left-Wing Parties and Minor-
                                                 ity Candidate Selection in Britain
 • 2638 - E-Participatory Budgeting:             and France by Timothy PEACE
   Remote Participation and Demo-                (
   cratic Goods by Tiago  PEIXOTO
    (          -        • 2672    -    The    Electoral   Success
   Rafael      SAMPAIO     (cardososam-          of       Immigrant-Origin        Candi-                            dates:     Driven by Parties or Re-
                                                 ligious Associations?         by Sarah
 • 2831 - The Meanings and Impacts               MEYER        (
   of Participatory Budgeting:         A         -        Sieglinde       ROSENBERGER
   Comparative    Analysis   of    Span-         (
   ish,   Dominican and Uruguayan
   Experiences   by   Daniel    CHAVEZ
   ( - Pablo PAÑO
   ( - S78P315 The Supply Side of Repre-
   Daniel CHAVEZ (        sentation: Drivers of Minority Par-
 • 3098 - Models, Expectations and Out-
   comes: Participatory Budgeting Expe-
                                               • 1184 - Ethnic Diversity, Density
   riences in Portugal by Mariana ALVES
                                                 and their Consequences on Po-
                                                 litical Participation:     An Agent-
 • 3884 - Participatory Budgeting and            Based     Simulation   by     Laurence
   Empowermentality:     the case of             LESSARD-PHILLIPS (laurence.lessard-
   Rosario by Markus HOLDO (markush-                                  -          Nicholas          CROSSLEY
 • 925 - How Different Knowledges Meet           -              B            EDMONDS
   in Participatory Budgeting: Conflicts         (
   and Learning Processes in PB in               -             E           FIELDHOUSE
   Paris and Cordoba by Héloïse NEZ              ( - Y
   (                       LI ( - Ruth
                                                 MEYER ( - N SHRYANE
S78P220 Candidate Selection, Mi-
                                               • 2254 - The Interplay of Structural and
nority Candidates and Electoral                  Attributional Variables in Understand-
Success                                          ing Differences in Political Participa-
                                                 tion of Ethnic Minority Associations by
 • 1308 - Candidate Ethnicity and Elec-          Rebecca THYS (
   toral Behaviour at the 2010 British
   General Election by Stephen FISHER          • 2552 - From Origin to Destination: The
   (           Political Incorporation of Immigrants
   -      Anthony       HEATH         (an-       in Western Europe by Eline  DE ROOIJ        -        (
 • 3433     -    Exploring   the  Legacy       • 2532 - Between Utopia and Apa-
   of     Experiences      and   Expecta-        thy - Why Reforms of International
   tions      for    Immigrants’   Politi-       Organisations Do Not Live up to
   cal Trust by Per STRÖMBLAD                    Their Promises by Thorsten THIEL
   (            ( - Christian
   -               Per           ADMAN           VOLK (
                                               • 2768 - When Officials Get Regional
 • 3440 - Network Structures of Immi-            Power :        The Case of Demo-
   grant Associations: A Comparison of           cratic Legitimacy Promotion in
   Two European Cities by Nina  EGGERT           the    Central    American   Integra-
    (                       tion System by Kevin PARTHENAY
 • 711     -     Church     Mobilisation
   and       Ethnic     Minorities    in       • 2887 - Agencies in Search of Le-
   Britain by Maria  SOBOLEWSKA                  gitimisation:   The Case of Cede-
    (          fop by Helena EKELUND (he-
 • 750 - Organisations mobilising Transna-       -           Christoph             KLIKA
   tional Political Activities of Immigrants     (
   in European Cities by Barbara HER-
   MAN ( - Katia PI-         • 3887 - Legitimation Practices in Multi-
   LATI (                 level Settings: EU Constitutional Talk
                                                 Recontextualised by Amelie KUTTER

S82P273 Self-Legitimation Practices
of International Organisations:
                                    S83P195 Voting Advice Applications
From a Bottom-Up to a Top-Down
                                    (VAAs) under Scrutiny – Assessing
                                    their Impact on Elections
 • 1458 - Magic Mirror on the Wall,
                                               • 209 - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,
   Who in the World is Legitimate
                                                 Who is the Most Suitable of Them
   After All? Legitimacy Claims of In-
                                                 All?:The Effects of Online Voting Ad-
   ternational Institutions by Jennifer
                                                 vice Application Use on Citizens’ Elec-
   GRONAU (jennifer.gronau@sfb597.uni-
                                                 toral Behaviour by Outi RUUSUVIRTA - Dominika BIEGON
   (dominika.biegon@sfb597.uni- - Henning SCHMIDTKE              • 2293 - Role of Self Selection in Estimat-
   (henning.schmidtke@sfb597.uni-                ing the Effects of Voting Advice Appli-                                    cations: Empirical Evidence on the Ba-
                                                 sis of Swiss Smartvote Data by Kristjan
 • 1654 - Legitimation Practices in
                                                 VASSIL (
   Global   Governance:         A   Com-
   parative Study on UN-Business               • 2394 - ”Smartvote” in Luxem-
   Partnerships   for     Children    and        bourg:     Usage and Impact of a
   Women by Magdalena BEXELL (Mag-               New Electoral Tool by Raphael KIES - Catia GRE-        ( - Patrick DU-
   GORATTI (         MONT (
 • 3558 - Tackling Self-Selection into           New Modes of Participatory Gover-
   Treatment and Self-Selection into             nance? by Leonardas RINKEVICIUS
   the Sample Biases in VAA Re-                  (
   search by Andreas LADNER (an-       -        • 734 - The European Union’s Exter-
   Joelle   PIANZOLA    (pianzola@nccr-          nal Governance and Multilateral                             Environmental Agreements by Jale
                                                 TOSUN (
 • 361 - The Design Effects of Vot-              - Kai SCHULZE (kai.schulze@uni-
   ing Advice Applications:  Compar-   
   ing Methods of Calculating Re-
   sults by Tom LOUWERSE (tlouw- - MARTIN
   ROSEMA (      S93P473 Industries as Spaces for Eu-
                                              ropean Government: The Political
 • 875 - The Impact of Voting Ad-
                                        Work of Industrial Actors
   vice Applications on Electoral Be-
   haviour – The case of the 2009
                                         • 1726 - The EU’s Government of Phar-
   German Federal Election by Stefan
                                           maceuticals: The Dialectic Between
   MARSCHALL (stefan.marschall@uni-
                                           Market Authorisations and Pricing - Martin SCHULTZE
                                           and Reimbursement by Andy SMITH

                                               • 2076 - The Government of Forest-Based
S92P108 EU Conditionality and                    Industries: Two Case Studies on the
Environmental Governance Before                  Political Work of Southern Europe For-
                                                 est Owners and European Paper In-
and After Accession                              dustry by Yves MONTOUROY (mon-
 • 1845 - Rhetoric, Environmental Ac-
   tivism and the Role of EU Pressures:        • 2900 - European Governance of the
   The Rospuda River Controversy                 Automobile Industry in Light of
   in Poland by Julia SZULECKA (ju-              the Industry’s Transformation by - Kacper              Bernard JULLIEN (bernard.jullien@ens-
   SZULECKI        (kacper.szulecki@uni-
                                               • 3190 - Rendering Aquaculture a Space
 • 2247 - The Europeanisation of Post-
                                                 for European Government? The Pol-
   Communist EU Member States After
                                                 itics of Sustainability by Caitriona
   Accession – The Case of Environmental
                                                 CARTER ( - Caitri-
   Policy by Mats BRAUN (
                                                 ona CARTER (
 • 2436 - Shades of Green. Selective Spill-
                                               • 3219 - Which « European Govern-
   Over and Environmental Policy Con-
                                                 ment » of Wine? The Making and
   vergence Between Ukraine and the EU
                                                 Implementation of the 2008 Wine
   by Aron BUZOGANY (buzogany@dhv-
                                                 CMO Reform by Xabier ITCAINA
 • 3671 - 25 Years After Chernobyl: From         -             Andy             SMITH
   Anti-Nuclear Nationalism Towards              (
   -           Antoine           ROGER         ( -    Christo-
   (             pher HOOD (christopher.hood@all-
                                             • 1565 - Explaining Differences in Min-
S95P221 Science, Narratives and In-            isterial “Ménage à Trois” by Heidi
ternational Relations                          SALOMONSEN         (
                                               - Christian DE VISSCHER (Chris-
 • 1213 - Understanding Explanation in
   International Relations: Regularities,    • 1575 - Changing Governance Structures
   Narratives, Mechanisms, and Con-            and the Evolution of Public Service
   trasts by Tuomas  FORSBERG  (tuo-           Bargains in Hong Kong by John P.                        BURNS ( - B. Guy PE-
                                               TERS ( - Danny Wai
 • 2365 - Retelling the Origins of IR          Fung LAM ( - Wei LI
   by Leonie HOLTHAUS (holthaus@pg.tu-         (
                                             • 1685 - Does Public Service Motivation
 • 3976 - Tales from the Mirror: Nar-          Fit an International Setting? by Trui
   rating Debates as Debating Narra-           STEEN          (
   tives by Roberto Vinicius P.S. GAMA         -         Carola         VAN        EIJK
   ( - Henrique T.          (
   FURTADO ( -           • 2138 - Do all Roads Lead to a Managerial
   Bernardo S. M. RIBEIRO (bernardos-          Public Service Bargain? Performance                        Management Systems for Senior Civil
                                               Servants by Karolien VAN DORPE
 • 500    -    Science,   Philosophy,
   Cause by Richard Ned  LEBOW
                                               -      Annie     HONDEGHEM         (an-
 • 682 - Politics of Causal Explanation:     • 2295 - The Horizontal Coordination
   Narratives, Causes and Criticism by         of State Administration – A Com-
   Hidemi SUGANAMI (            parative Perspective on the Role of
                                               Top Civil Servants by Morten Balle
 • 703 - Time, Narrative, and Inter-           HANSEN ( - Trui
   national Relations by Andrew HOM            STEEN (
                                             • 2592 - The Evolution of Public Ser-
                                               vice Bargains of Australian Pub-
                                               lic Servants by John  HALLIGAN
S96P284 The Evolution of Public                 (
Service Bargains of Top Civil Ser-           • 272 - The Changing Position and (Legal)
vants in State Administration in a             Status of Top Civil Servants from a PSB
Comparative Perspective                        Perspective by Frits  VAN DER MEER
                                                ( - Gerrit  DI-
 • 1075 - Testing Times for Public Service     JKSTRA  (
   Bargains:     A Challenge for ‘Com-         -     Caspar     VAN      DEN     BERG
   plexification’?    by Martin LODGE           (
S97P306 Research on Government                 • 3702 - The Dynamics of Individ-
Secrecy                                          ual     Attitudes Towards  Pension
                                                 Policies in Times of Welfare State
 • 1936 - Intelligence Services Face the         Retrenchment by Elias NAUMANN
   Information Age: A Framework for              (
   Comparative Analysis by Eytan GILBOA
   ( - Clila MAGEN (clil-      • 659 - The Emerging Expert Consen-                             sus on Pension Policymaking and
                                                 Cross-National Public Attitudes to-
 • 3368 - Intelligence and Secrecy               wards Realistic Pension Policy Options
   Patterns    by  Sorin-Gabriel SEBE            by Antonio M. JAIME-CASTILLO (am-
   (             - Juan J. FERNÁNDEZ
 • 3725 - ”Thin-Skinned” on Democratic
   Values? The WikiLeaks Case and the          • 723 - Pension Rights and Party Com-
   Role of Secrecy in the Democratic State       petition:    Old Politics, New Pol-
   by Thomas C.  ELLINGTON  (elling-             itics, or Something In-Between?                by     Frieder    WOLF     (wolf@uni-
 • 74 - Know your enemy. The US and         -   Reimut   ZOHLNHÖFER
   the Chinese Secret Services by Ste-           (reimut.zohlnhoefer@uni-
   fania  PALADINI  (steffiunderscorepala- - Georg WENZELBURGER                               (georg.wenzelburger@politik.uni-
 • 912 - Researching Parliamentary in-
   terest in the intelligence services: a
   multi-method approach to researching
   intelligence governance by Andrew          S100P305 Post-Lisbon, Post-Crisis,
    DEFTY  ( - Hugh      Post-National: New Competencies
    BOCHEL        (     and Constraints of the EU Energy
   -     Jane     KIRKPATRICK       (jkirk-   Policy
                                               • 1013 - The New EU Energy Competence:
                                                 Impact of Law on Policy by Bart VAN
S99P180 Pension Reforms – Be-                    VOOREN (
tween Retrenchment and Restruc-                • 1547 - European Energy Policy:
turing                                           The Power and Limits of a Dis-
                                                 cursive Strategy by Maya JEGEN
 • 1474 - Reforming Post-communist Wel-          (
   fare States. Epistemic Communities
   and Domestic Politics: systemic pen-        • 1900 - A New Power-Balance? An
   sion reforms in Bulgaria, Hungary             Institutional analysis of the EU En-
   and Poland by Slavina SPASOVA (ss-            ergy Policy-Making under the Treaty                             of Lisbon Rules by Jan Frederik BRAUN
                                                 ( - Pierre BOCQUIL-
 • 1931 - Pensions on Autopilot?: Imple-         LON (
   menting Automatic stabilising Mech-
   anisms in Public Pensions by Kent           • 3736 - Post-Lisbon EU Energy Policy-
   WEAVER (              Making: How the Changes in the
   Treaty will Affect the EU’s Existing Po- S109P335 Governing Matters: How
   sition in the Global Energy Politics? by STS might Help IPA bring ”The Ma-
   Mehmet Efe BIRESSELIOGLU (efebires- terial” back in
                                             • 1410 - When Policy Becomes Mate-
 • 3803 - The Scope of EU External Gov-        rial. Enacting Criteria in Distribut-
   ernance of Energy in the Neighbour-         ing Genetic Medicine by Erik AARDEN
   hood After Lisbon by Luigi CARAFA           (
                                             • 1694 - The Making and Unmaking
                                               of Information Goods – The Case of
                                               Google Books by Jeanette HOFMANN
S103P435 Political Leadership and
Public Opinion                               • 1826 - Multiplying Italy: Embryos in
                                               and in Between Laboratories and State
                                               Authorities by Ingrid METZLER (in-
 • 1460 - Concepts, Images and Val-  
   ues of Democracy in Contempo-
   rary Russia by Helen SHESTOPAL            • 1923 - Energy Collectives: As-
   (                    sembling and Reassembling En-
                                               ergy Security by Jost WÜBBEKE
 • 282 - Muslim, Socialist and Femi-           (
   nist – One Headscarf-Wearing Repre-       • 3217 - Clinical Trials as Governmen-
   sentative?    by Signe Kjr JRGENSEN         tal Technology by Christian HADDAD
   (                             (
                                             • 3406     -   Performing    Biodiversity
 • 2913 - Ideal Party Leadership and
                                               through       Knowledge      Practices:
   Democracy by Jenny MADESTAM
                                               How do Environmental Policies
                                               Become to Matter? by Taru  PELTOLA
 • 3270 - The Influence of Political Lead-
   ership in Electoral Behaviour: The
   Case of the Autonomous Communi-
   ties in Spain by Teresa MATA (tmat- S110P230 Politics and Public Admin- - Manuela ORTEGA istration: Institutional Change in
   (                  the Shadow of the Market

 • 3591 - Bringing the Actor Back in         • 1310 - Political Economy of Public-
   – Class Formation and the Ed-               Private-Partnerships: Comparing dif-
   ucated Elite by Jenny JANSSON               ferent Models of PPP in the Field
   (              of Industrial Policy by Erkki KARO
                                               ( - Rainer KAT-
                                               TEL (
 • 3711 - Image of Russia: A Comparison of
   Internal and External Trends in Mass      • 2388 - The Politics of Organisa-
   Perception by Tatiana PISHCHEVA (pi-        tional Change: The Structural Evo-                              lution of the Irish and Norwegian
   States by Niamh  HARDIMAN  (ni-               GROOF      ( - Muiris  MAC-           -          Mark            ELCHARDUS
   CARTHAIGH  (             (           -
                                                 Dimokritos     KAVADIAS      (dimokri-
 • 2736 - The Rise of Behavioural Gov- 
   ernance after the Market:          The
   Political Implications of the ‘Psycho-      • 480 - Young and Class Voting in the
   State Craft’ of Nudge Theory by               United Kingdom: An Analysis of the
   Michael     MARINETTO        (marinet-        2010 British General Elections by Marco - Rhys ANDREWS                  MORINI (
                                               • 733 - Political Interest Among Young
 • 3350 - Credible Regulation as a               Austrians Before and After Lower-
   Common Pool Resource by Stephen               ing Voting Age by Eva ZEGLOVITS
    GREASLEY  (             ( - Martina
                                                 ZANDONELLA (
 • 777 - Preparing for Performance Bud-
   geting Reform in Estonia: The Pitfalls      • 835 - Conceptions of Politics : How
   of Contracting Out by Ringa  RAUDLA           the Notion of Politics Changes
    (                     During Teenage Years by Eugenie
                                                 DOSTIE-GOULET        (eugenie.dostie-
S110P253 Political Socialisation of
Young Adults – Between Family,
School, and Political Awareness     S110P312 Comparative Politics of
                                    Carbon Pricing
 • 1168 - Civic Education and the Po-
   litical Socialisation of Young Peo-         • 1436 - The Consequences of EU Emis-
   ple.    Do civic education courses            sions Trading for Industry by Jon Birger
   matter?      by Jonna PAAVILAINEN             SKJRSETH (
                                               • 1647 - The Comparative Politics
 • 1767 - Gender and Political Socialisation     of Carbon Taxation in the OECD:
   by Klaus LEVINSEN ( -          Electoral Rules and Party Incen-
   Peter GUNDELACH (                tives by Erick  LACHAPELLE  (er-
 • 2266 - Who Shall, Who Can, Who May?
   Young People’s Attitudes Towards the        • 1667 - The EU ETS and Climate Strate-
   Distribution of Voting Rights by Florian      gies – The Case of the European
   WALTER (          Power Industry by Per Ove EIKELAND
   - Aleksandra PTASZYNSKA (aleksan-             (
                                               • 651 - The Politics of Carbon Pric-
 • 3188 - The Importance of Conventional         ing in Australia, the United States,
   Citizenship Investigated. Examining           and Canada by Kathryn HARRISON
   Country Differences of Adolescents’           (
   Perspectives on Conventional Citi-
   zenship in Europe by Eva FRANCK
   ( - Saskia DE
25 August, 1300-1440

S2P187 Gender, Citizenship and In-

 • 112 - The Symbolic Representation of
   Gender: ‘Political Control’ in the Euro-
   pean Union by Emanuela LOMBARDO
   ( - Petra MEIER

 • 145 - A Life Less Liminal? Issues of
   Inclusion and Recognition for Trans-
   Identities by Paddy  MCQUEEN  (pad-

 • 2402 - Why Women Become Citi-
   zens and Men Remain Non-Citizens:
   Latvian  Naturalisation Dynamics
   1996-2009 by Susanne TÖNSMANN

 • 2994 - The Ambiguity of Activation:
   How Activation Policies Challenge So-
   cial Citizenship by Silke BOTHFELD
   ( - Sigrid BET-
   ZELT (

S4P140 US Policy toward the Middle
East under Obama

 • 1524 - America’s Imperial Right
   and     Emancipatory   Wrongs for
   the Middle East by Oz HASSAN

 • 1596 - A Change Nobody Be-
   lieves In: Obama and the Israeli-
   Palestinian Conflict by Asaf SINIVER

 • 2874 - Obama and Iran: The Attrac-
   tions of Sanctions by Steven HURST
 • 308 - Security Challenges of Turkish- S9P165 Gender Justice and Democ-
   American Relations in the Post-Bush racy
   Era by Emre ISERI (
                                           • 3913 - Missing Women: Female Political
 • 3482 - Carrots or Sticks?     Domes-      Representation and Quality of Democ-
   tic Legitimacy and the Effectiveness      racy in Hungary by Borbala KRIZA
   of US Pressure by Payam GHALEHDAR         (
                                           • 727 - Assessing Gender Democracy
                                             in the Context of EU Governance:
                                             The Case of Spain by Sara CLAVERO
S5P85 Mass Media Coverage and
Agenda-Setting                                 • 943 - Assessing Gender Democracy in
                                                 Poland by Katarzyna ZIELINSKA (zielin-
 • 1563 - When Politics Matter for
   the Media by Rens VLIEGENTHART
   ( - Stefaan WAL-
   GRAVE (      S29P422 Democracy and Europeani-
                                              sation - Dilemmas of Theory and
 • 2045 - Managing Attention Towards So- Practice
   cial Problems: A Theoretical Account
   of Public Agenda Dynamics by Stefan     • 2991 - Challenges of Europeanisation
   GEISS (         in New EU Member States by Piotr
                                              TOSIEK  (
 • 2757 - The Blind-Spots of the Agenda-
   Setting Theory.     “Media Influence”   • 3143 - Europeanisation - Contesting
   and the “Mad Cow” Crisis Policy-          or Supporting the Process of the
   Making in France by Jeremie NOLLET        Party System’ Democratisation in CEE
   (           by Anna PACZESNIAK (annaunder-
 • 329 - Is There a Spanish Media Agenda?      • 3189 - Consolidating Democracy
   Analysing the Front Pages of El Pais and      Through Europeanisation?: The Role
   El Mundo For the Last Decade by Laura         of the EU in Developing Local, Na-
   CHAQUES ( -               tional and Supra-National Bosnian and
   Anna PALAU (                    Serbian NGOs by Indraneel  SIRCAR
                                                  ( - Adam  FAGAN
 • 531 - Who is Responsible? The Financial        (
   Crisis 2007 in the Media and its Polit-
                                               • 3509 - Albanian Integration into the
   ical Consequences by Nicole  GREUTER
                                                 EU: Securitisation, Europeanisation,
                                                 Democratisation: Which Project for
                                                 the Democracy? by Elda NASHO AH-
 • 681 - A policy cycle perspective on           PINE (
   the relationship between media and
   political agendas by Anke TRESCH            • 3544 - Europeanisation à la Carte: the
   (                        Resilience of Anti-Liberal Values in Cen-
   tral and Eastern Europe by Kjetil DU-     Modelling by Christoph HOENNIGE
   VOLD (                ( - Catherine
                                             CLEOPHAS (
 • 757 - The European Union as a
   Democracy Promoter: EU Education
   Policy and Democratisation of Rus-
   sia by Ekaterina GORBUNOVA (ekate- S34P411 The Unconditionality of Po-          litical Norms
                                           • 1946 - Conditions for Kantian Judge-
S32P277 Computer Simulation and              ments by Michael THOMPSON (mic-
Agent Based Modelling in Political
Science                                    • 2118 - The Kantian Prohibition on Ly-
                                             ing and the Ideal of the Public Use
 • 1199 - GOVERNATOR Terminates              of Reason by Avery GOLDMAN (agold-
   HUNTER. A Simulation of Party   
   Competition with Vote-Seeking and
   Office-Seeking Rules by Gijs  SCHU-     • 2986 - Unconditionality and Binding-
   MACHER  (              ness of Political Norms by Achim VES-
                                             PER (
 • 1385 - A Multilevel Model of Party
   Identification by Thomas METZ           • 3186 - Do Unconditional Politi-
   (     cal Norms Necessitate a Unitary
                                             State?     by Detlef VON DANIELS
 • 1461 - A Model of Party Formation
   and Competition by Daniel  LADLEY
    ( - James  ROCKEY       • 3579     -  Politics  and        Uncon-
    (                  ditionality   by     Glen        NEWEY
 • 2294 - The Duration of Decision-          (
   Making in Multilateral Interna-         • 928 - The Politics of Dignity or Politics
   tional Negotiations by Frank  HAEGE       of Purpose?: Reflections on the Role of
    (                      Norms in Kant’s Political Writings by
 • 2362 - Political Stability: The Con-      Leah SOROKO (
   cept and a Technique of Computer
   Modelling by Edward OZHIGANOV (Ed-            S35P8 Recruitment and Career Pat-
 • 2978 - Why Wilders Wins.     Simula- terns of Global Elites
   tion Experiments on the Effects of
   Party Strategy and Issue Saliency       • 2053 - The Politicisation of the EU
   on the Electoral Support for the          Commission: New Challenges, New
   Dutch Radical Right by Jasper MUIS        Professionals?    by Anchrit WILLE
   ( - Scholte         (
                                           • 2116 - Working, Partnering, and Par-
 • 970 - Rules and Preferences: Under-       enting in France, Norway, and the
   standing the Use of the Vote of Con-      United States by Jeremy SCHULZ
   fidence Procedure with Agent Based        (
 • 3112 - The Wealthy After the Finan-     • 956 - The Power of a Bad Example:
   cial Crisis by Martin  SCHUERZ  (Mar-     Diffusion of Flawed Electoral Legisla-                      tion across the Post-Soviet Area by Max
                                             BADER (
 • 3536 - The Career of Interna-
   tional   ”Indigenous” Leaders in
   the UN : A Dynamical Process by
   Stéphanie GUYON (stephanieunder-
                                    S38P58 Post-Conflict Justice under          the Gaze of Political Sociology

 • 3836 - The Career Patterns of a         • 1409 - Occasional Professionals Vs. In-
   ”Service  Club”   Membership  in          ternationalised Specialists. Sociogra-
   Africa:  The Case of Kenyan Ro-           phy of the Nuremberg Trial by Guil-
   tarians by Dominique CONNAN               laume MOURALIS (
                                           • 1703 - The Emergence of Transitional
                                             Justice as a Professional Interna-
                                             tional Practice by Frederic VAIREL
                                             (   -   Sandrine
S36P363 The International Sources
                                             LEFRANC (
of Authoritarian Endurance
                                           • 2782 - Reconciling Rwandans Through
 • 1164    -  Authoritarian Sponsors:        the Promotion of ’Ubuntu’: Local In-
   An International Source of Non-           terpretations of Post-Conflict Justice
   Democratic Rule by Oisin TANSEY           by Grass-Root Actors by Jana SCHILDT
   (                  (

                                           • 3407 - National Consultations on Tran-
 • 147 - International Development
                                             sitional Justice – The Inclusion of
   Projects and Strategies of State
                                             Civil Society in Transitional Justice
   Control:    Municipal Governments
                                             in Burundi by Sandra RUBLI (san-
   in Jordan by Janine CLARK (Ja-
                                           • 3833 - Afraid to Cry Wolf: Human
 • 190 - External Influences on Regime       Rights Activists’ Conundrum to Define
   Transition and Non-Democratic Exter-      Narratives of Justice and Truth in the
   nal Factors: Post-Soviet Trade Ties       Former Yugoslavia by Arnaud KURZE
   and Democracy by Anastassia OBY-          (

 • 2670 - Security-Democracy Nexus:
   Are Foreign Donors Really pressing S40P50 The Executive Branch in
   Authoritarian Regimes to Democra- Comparative Perspective
   tise?     by Kateryna PISHCHIKOVA
   (                • 1018 - Coalition Management Strate-
                                            gies from the Executive Office by
 • 314 - China, Autocratic Cooperation      Mariana      LLANOS     (llanos@giga-
   and Autocratic Survival by Julia BADER - Andrés MEJÍA ACOSTA
   (                 (
 • 1102 - Formal and Informal Organisa-         ( - Rens VLIEGEN-
   tion of the Executive Branch in Chile by     THART ( - Claes
   Peter  SIAVELIS  (          DE VREESE (

 • 1208 - Presidents, The Presidency, and
   Policymaking in Latin America: Peru        • 357 - Voter Turnout in the 2009
   Under Alan Garcia by J. Salvador PER-        European Elections: Media Cover-
   ALTA (                   age and Media Exposure as Explana-
                                                tory Factors by Marketa BILSKA (mar-
 • 1552 - The Presidency and the Execu-
   tive Branch in Latin America. What
   We Know and What We Need to
   Know by Carlos  SCARTASCINI  (car-         • 3691 - Information and Voting: In-                              formation Effects on the Anti-EU
                                                Vote in Macro and Micro Per-
 • 3064 - The Enemy Within?       Pres-         spective by Hajo BOOMGAARDEN
   idential Power and Democratic In-            (
   stitutionalisation by Felipe BOTERO

 • 425 - The Institutional Organisation
   of the Brazilian Presidency by Lucio S47P13 Perpetrators of Political Vio-
   RENNO (            lence

                                              • 1633 - ”Shady Advertising”:          Re-
S46P374 Explaining the Differences              cruitment    Among      Rebels      and
– Information Effects on Voting Be-             Mobsters    by    Valeria     PIZZINI-
haviour in Europe                               GAMBETTA               (valeria.pizzini-
 • 1486 - Public Opinion and Polit-             -          Heather             HAMILL
   ical Behaviour.      What Happened           (
   in the Italian National Election
   in 2006?       by Graziella CASTRO         • 2427 - From Actors in Conflict to Mak-
   ( - James         ers of Peace by Marcus  NILSSON  (mar-
   NEWELL (   - Christian  ALT-
                                                PETER  (
 • 1987 - Impact of Media on the
   Evaluation of the Democratic Per-
   formance of the EU by Pieterjan            • 621 - Violence and Displacement in
   DESMET ( - Joost         Civil War. Evidence from the Spanish
   VAN SPANJE ( -        Civil War (1936-1939) by Laia BALCELLS
   Claes DE VREESE (        (
 • 3245 - Who’s Afraid of Conflict?
   How Conflict Framing in Campaign           • 676 - Signalling and Recruitment
   News Coverage Mobilised Voters               into Rebel Groups (The Case of the
   in the 2009 European Parliamen-              Maoists in India) by Pavan  MAMIDI
   tary Elections by Andreas SCHUCK              (
S50P288 EU Inter-Regionalism: An                in Poland by Jacek CZAPUTOWICZ
Effective Channel for the Export of             (
Regional Integration?
                                              • 3290 - Political Science in Visegrad
  • 1723 - Is Inter-Regionalism a Solution      Countries: Similarity or Divergence?
    for Deepening Regional Integration:         by Pavel PSEJA (
    The Case of Mercosur by Mahrukh
    DOCTOR (              • 3631 - From Scientific Bovarism
                                                to Cosmopolitanism?        The First
  • 2472 - EU Model of Regional Integration     Two      Post-Communist      Decades
    for Export? Disaggregating EU Impact        of Political Science in Romania
    on External Regionalism by Tatiana          by Luciana Alexandra GHICA (lu-

  • 3910 - EU Relations with SADC and         • 368      -    Analytical    Perspec-
    MERCOSUR: Motives, Impacts and              tives on the Eastern Enlarge-
    Consequences of the Region-to-              ment       by  Daniel     TOMOZEIU
    Region Approach by Frank MATTHEIS            (

  • 894 - The Limitations of EU Interre-      • 462 - The Direction of Comparative
    gionalism: the Example of the Eco-          Politics in Central and Eastern Europe:
    nomic Partnership Agreements in Sub-        Challenges of a Young Academic Disci-
    Saharan Africa by Alice Nicole SINDZ-       pline by Carsten Q. SCHNEIDER (schnei-
    INGRE (     - Daniel BOCHSLER
                                                (        -   Mihail
  • 946 - The Relationship with the GCC –       CHIRU (chiruunderscoremihail@ceu-
    An Effective Tool for Promotion of EU
    Regionalism? by Valentina KOSTADI-
    NOVA (

  • 967 - The EU, ’Complex Inter- S58P243 Radical Left Parties and
    Regionalism’ and the Export of Re- Civil Society in Southern Europe
    gional Integration by Alan HARDACRE
                                         • 1246 - Impulse and Decadence of Link-
                                           age Processes: Evidence from the
                                           Spanish Radical Left by Tania VERGE
S56P156 Political Science and the          ( - LUIS RAMIRO
CEEs: Back into the Game?                  (

  • 2036 - Subordinated or an Independent     • 1489 - An Attempt to Define and Clas-
    Field?! A Reflexive Approach to the De-     sify the Radical Left Parties in Southern
    velopment of the Hungarian Political        Europe. The Emergence of an Anti-
    Science from Romania by Toro TIBOR          Capitalist Family by Mathieu VIEIRA
    (                      ( - Fabien
                                                ESCALONA          (
  • 2267 - Theory or Practice? The State        -     Anissa       AMJAHAD         (aamja-
    of Science of International Relations
 • 1574 - Creating New Social Roots and      • 2382 - Media-Induced Change in
   Legitimacy: The Mobilisation Strat-         Political Organisations?     Interest
   egy of the Left Bloc by Marco LISI          Groups in Germany, Switzerland
   (                      and the UK and Their Reaction to
                                               the Media by Matthias BRAENDLI
 • 2351 - Renewal and Tradition:               ( - Patrick
   comparing Italian Far Left Par-             DONGES ( -
   ties through their Middle Level             Erik JENTGES (
   Elites   by    Paola   BORDANDINI
   (              • 3474 - Regional Offices and Re-
 • 2697 - Linkage in the Case of               gional Interest Associations.   How
   the Cypriot Communist Party by              Territorial   Interests  get   Repre-
   Giorgos    CHARALAMBOUS     (gior-          sented in Brussels by Evi  ROELEN      -           ( - Tom  VER-
   Christophoros      CHRISTOPHOROU            BOVEN  ( - Jan
   (                       BEYERS  (

 • 3784 - The Views of Radical Left Par-   • 766 - Explaining Stability and Change in
   ties in Southern Europe about Social      Organisational Development: A Focus
   Policy: Cases of Greece, Portugal         on Interest Group Adaptation by Bert
   and Spain by Stylianos Ioannis TZA-        FRAUSSEN  (
   GKARAKIS ( - Niko-
   laos PAPADAKIS ( -
   Dimitrios KOTROYANNOS (kotroy-     -     Mari- S63P80 Hybrid Leaders in Govern-
   nos      CHOURDAKIS      (mhourdak- ment: Dynamics and Effects - Apostolos KAMEKIS
                                           • 1797 - Developing Hybrid Lead-
 • 720 - The Greek Radical Left’s Turn       ers in the UK by Martin  SMITH
   to Civil Society: One Strategy, Dual       (
   Trajectories by Myrto TSAKATIKA
   (         • 2413 - Putting Goats Amongst
   -         Costas       ELEFTHERIOU        the Wolves:          Appointing Min-
   (                     isters from Outside Parliament
                                             in the UK by Mark BENNISTER
                                             ( -
                                             Ben YONG (
S61P157 Civil Society Organisa-
tions in Europe: Organisational              • 2650 - The Czar’s the Star: Special Ex-
Characteristics and Organisational             ecutives in the United States by B. Guy
Change                                         PETERS (

 • 1680 - How Should we Organise?            • 343 - Sound Solicitors or Silent Ser-
   Studying   Organisational   Adapta-         vants? The Role of Federal Commis-
   tion and Change in Interest Groups          sioners in Germany by Julia FLEISCHER
   Over Time by Halpin DARREN (dar-            ( - Christian                               STEMPFL (
S73P460 Slow but Inclusive Mo-              • 2644 - Participation at Stake by Ernesto
tion? New Modes of Governance                 GANUZA       (    -
and Policy Making in the EU                   Manuel FERNANDEZ (manufernan-
 • 1206 - Macro-Regional Strategies: A      • 705 - Representation through Corpo-
   New Mode of Differentiated Integra-        ratisation. Public Utilities as Arenas for
   tion in the European Union? by Stefan      Local Democracy: Emerging Oligarchy
   GÄNZLE ( - Kris-      and Unintended Consequences in Italy
   tine KERN (           by Andrea LIPPI ( - Ste-
 • 1892 - Governing EU Financial Markets:     fania PROFETI (
   Transaction Cost Approach by Zdenek        -    Giulio    CITRONI        (giulingiuli-

 • 2227 - Europeanisation and Consumers’
   Interests.   A Framework for Anal- S78P432 Citizenship and the Po-
   ysis (With Evidence from the Ital-
   ian Case) by Paolo R. GRAZIANO
                                         litical Integration of Immigrant-
   (        Origin Minorities

 • 3393 - Change and Continuity in          • 2306 - A subjective Side of Citizenship:
   European Governance by Sophie              The Case of Turks Descendants in
   JACQUOT (sophie.jacquot@sciences-          France and Sweden by Constanza - Laurie BOUSSAGUET (lau-           VERA LARRUCEA (constanza.vera- - Renaud DE-
   HOUSSE (renaud.dehousse@sciences-                                   • 2454 - Citizenship, Statelessness and
                                              Belonging in Estonia by Raivo VETIK

S74P250 Democratic Innovations              • 2699 - Different or Not? Migrants’ At-
and the Oligarchisation of Local              titudes Toward Government’s Respon-
                                              sibility and Moral Consequences of
Democracy through Public Utilities
                                              the Welfare State by Ann MORISSENS
and Other Tendencies                          ( - Rembert
                                              DE BLANDER (
 • 1642 - Overcoming Oligarchisation:
   Making Public Utilities Work in Lo-      • 2984 - The Impact of Discrimina-
   cal Governments Despite Social Cap-        tion and Associational Membership
   ital Limitations by Scott  DOUGLAS         on Political Participation of Mi-
    (                     grants in Brussels by Dirk JACOBS
                                              (  - Barbara
 • 2217 - Does Public Participation           HERMAN (
   only Concern Upper Classes?       The
   “Social Oligarchisation” of New          • 3773 - Roots, Not Participation: At-
   Types of Democracy by Jessica              titudes Towards Citizenship Among
   SAINTY      (       ´Transnationals’ by Mari-Liis JAKOBSON
   -   Guillaume     GOURGUES      (guil-     ( - Leif KALEV                (
 • 921 - Direct Democracy and Local  - Alexandra SEGERBERG
   Xenophobia: Behavioural Micro-Level        (
   Evidence from Naturalisation Deci-
   sions in Swiss Municipalities by Jens    • 1815 - SMOs Influx?        Considera-
    HAINMUELLER  ( -           tions on a Digital Transformation of
   Dominik  HANGARTNER  (hangart-             SMO Decision-Making by Dan MERCEA                          (

                                            • 2550 - Effects and Affects: Anti-
                                              War Protests, Public Policy and
S82P314 International Organisa-               Public Mood by Stephen COLEMAN
tions and Policy Diffusion                    (

 • 1058 - Functional Cooperation and        • 2643 - Campaigning Across Space
   Diffusion of Democratic Governance         and    Time   by     Nick    ANSTEAD
   Norms by Tina FREYBURG (frey-              ( - Mike JENSEN                     (

 • 1143 - Policy Diffusion and Inter-       • 2651 - New Political Struggles in the
   Institutional Interaction: A Differ-       Network Society: The Sase of the
   ent View on International Police           Free and Open Source (FOSS) Move-
   Cooperation by Eva HERSCHINGER             ment by Andrea  CALDERARO  (an-
   ( - Markus
   JACHTENFUCHS (jachtenfuchs@hertie-
                                            • 2772 - Developing a Communication
                                              Theory of Collective Action by Anasta-
 • 1661 - International Organisations and     sia KAVADA (
   the Diffusion of Corporate Social Re-
                                            • 881 - Digital Media and Political
   sponsibility by Melanie ZIMMER (zim-
                                              Participation Over Time in the US:
                                              Contingency and Ubiquity by Bruce
 • 3346 - Multilevel Mobilisation: Civil       BIMBER       (
   Society Efforts to Promote Access          -     Lauren       COPELAND       (lau-
   to Information Laws in Central   
   America by Marcia GRIMES (mar-

 • 3684 - International Organisations and S92P132 The Role of Popular Culture
   New Security Risks: The Global Dif- in Green Politics
   fusion of Anti-Crime Policies by Anja
   JAKOBI (                  • 1181   -   Broadcasting   Climate
                                              Change:    State vs.       Media
                                              by    Marianna     POBEREZHSKAYA
S83P206 Digital Media and Collec-
tive Action after Mass Society              • 3943 - Small Islands in Popular
                                              Culture:   an Imagery of Vulnera-
 • 1245 - The Logic of Connective Ac-         bility by Francois GEMENNE (fran-
   tion by W. Lance BENNETT (lben-  
S95P344 Political Narratives on ”Eu-           • 3229 - Formation of Administrative
rope”                                            Structure in Estonia 1990-2010 by Külli
                                                 SARAPUU (
  • 2656 - The Panda Pundits: Causal
    Narratives about the “Rise of              • 3342 - Foundings and Termina-
    China” in European and US Pub-               tions:    Organisational Change in
    lic Discourse by Katja FREISTEIN             the Norwegian State Administra-
    ( - Caro-      tion 1947-2010 by Paul  RONESS
    line FEHL (         ( - Vidar W.
                                                  ROLLAND  (
  • 2928 - The Narrative of a Normative
    Empire. Secular Europe in the South-       • 3353 - Analysing Longitudinal Change
    ern Mediterranean Region by Mariano          of the Lithuanian Agencies in the
    BARBATO (                 1990-2010 Period by Vitalis  NAKROSIS
                                                  ( - Mantas
  • 3768 - Picturing the EU – Politi-             BUDRAITIS  (
    cal Caricatures of the European
    Union in International and Euro-
    pean Print by Daniela CHALANIOVA
    (          S97P307           European Intelligence:
                                              Oversight and Democracy
  • 3891 - Europe as US’ Self or Other?
    A Study on Europe’s Imagery in
    Nineteenth-Century American His-           • 178 - Security Sector and Intelligence
    tory Textbooks by Christine CADOT            Reform to Counter Terrorism in the
    (             United Kingdom and Turkey by Giray
                                                  SADIK  (
  • 464 - Population Stories. Narratives
    of Over and Under-population in Mod-       • 2162 - Thinking about Intelligence
    ern and Contemporary Europe by Di-           Within, Without and Beyond the State
    ana COOLE (                by Peter  GILL  (

                                               • 2280 - Reforming Effects of Demo-
                                                 cratic Accountability Forums of In-
S96P352 Public Sector Organisa-                  telligence: Inquiries into Extraordi-
tions: Analysing Longitudinal Con-               nary Renditions in Germany and the
tinuity and Change                               UK by Claudia HILLEBRAND (clau-
  • 1003 - Studying dynamics of gov-
    ernment agencies:        Conceptual        • 2437 - Explaining Security Agency In-
    and methodological results of a              volvement in Torture - Britain in the
    Hungarian organizational mapping             1970s vs. Britain Today by Frank FOLEY
    exercise by Gyorgy HAJNAL (gy-               (
                                               • 3567 - Typology of Parliamentary Over-
  • 2256 - Understanding the Dynamics of         sight Mechanisms of Intelligence Agen-
    Agency Termination by Muiris MAC-            cies: A Comparative Approach by Anto-
    CARTHAIGH (             nio  DIAZ-FERNANDEZ  (
S99P239 Partisan Politics in a Glob-             Euro    Zone     by    Kilian  SENG
alised Economy                                   ( - Jan BIESEN-
                                                 BENDER        (jan.biesenbender@uni-
  • 1305 - Blaming Globalisation? When 
    Social Democrats Foster Recommod-
                                               • 1921 - Imagined Recovery:        Jus-
    ification by Claudia RUDDAT (clau-
                                                 tificatory     Regimes     Following
                                                 the Crash of Icelandic Viking
  • 1715 - Wage Inequality and Welfare Pol-      Capitalism    by   Claes   BELFRAGE
    icy Platforms by Henning FINSERAAS           ( - Eirikur
    ( - Barth ERLING (er-            BERGMANN ( - David             BERRY (
    -        Karl       Ove        MOENE
                                               • 3577 - Domestic Politics and Euro
                                                 Area Reform by Anna HECHINGER
  • 2031 - The Size and Scope of Gov-            (
    ernment in the US: Does Political
    Ideology Matter? by Niklas POTRAFKE
    (  - S103P437 Political Knowledge, So-
    Christian BJOERNSKOV (
                                              cialisation and Learning
  • 3700 - Do Parties Still Matter in Pro-
    tecting the Unemployed? A Contex-          • 1971 - A Question of Political Knowl-
    tualised Comparison of Great Britain,        edge? A Contribution to the Discussion
    Sweden and Germany by Frank BAN-             on Lowering the Voting Age by Thomas
    DAU (            SCHUEBEL (

  • 3904 - Same Challenges, Different Re-      • 2210 - From Encouraging Partic-
    sponses? How Economic Worldviews             ipation to Reducing the Knowl-
    Shape Social Policy Responses to Glob-       edge Gap: A Cross-National Study
    alisation and Postindustrialisation by       of    Gender    and    National/Ethnic
    Alexander HORN (alexander.horn@hu-           Specific Knowledges Gap in Eu-                                   rope by Sebastian Adrian  POPA
  • 790 - Strategic Partisanship and Left- - Zoltan  FAZEKAS
    Wing Policy Efficiency by Timothy             ( - Ag-
    HICKS (                      nieszka  WALCZAK  (
                                               • 2321 - Young People’s Political Knowl-
                                                 edge Regarding the European Union
S100P529 Governing EU/Eurozone                   by Monika OBERLE (oberle@ph-
Relations in the Wake of the Finan-    
cial Crisis
                                               • 2943 - Political Ideology and Polit-
  • 1514 - Beyond the Stability and              ical Sophistication as determinants
    Growth Pact by Kurt  HUEBNER                 of Turkish Public Opinion: An In-
     (                       Depth Analysis of Citizens’ Political
                                                 Considerations by Stavroula CHRONA
  • 1748 - The Financial Crisis        and       ( - Tereza CAPE-
    the EU – Stability within          the       LOS (
 • 3224 - How Do Values Shape S109P357 Revisiting Language Based
   Preferences        Concerning      Dis- Approaches to Policy Analysis
   tribution Policies?         by Florian
   BADER          (florian.bader@zeppelin-  • 1155 - It’s “The Other” Stupid: - Joachim BEHNKE            The explanatory Value of French
   (joachim.behnke@zeppelin-                  Discourse Linguistics for Politi-                             cal Science by Anna DURNOVA
 • 745 - Young Children’s Democratic          (
   Orientations: The Beginning of Cit-
                                              • 1947 - The Presence of History in
   izenship? by Simone ABENDSCHON
                                                Public Policy as an Intertext: the
                                                Case of Franco-German Reconcil-
                                                iation by Mathias DELORI (math-
S107P129 Revisiting EITM
                                              • 2431 - The Tell-Tale Heart of Politi-
 • 1251 - Explaining Political Behaviour:       cal Science: Literal vs. Metaphor-
   On the Limits and Possibilities of the       ical Use of Narrative in Analysing
   Game Theoretic Approach by Georg             Power Relations by Frederic CLAISSE
   MUELLER (             ( - Pierre DELVENNE
 • 1379 - Mathematics for Economists,
   History for Political Scientists? Ana-     • 2744 - Policy Narratives and Narrative
   lytic Narrative Approach to Analysis of      Strategies in Policy Analysis: The Case
   Small-N Designs by Daria GRITSENKO           of Greek Pension Reform (1990-2002)
   (                     by Eleni XIARCHOGIANNOPOULOU
 • 1607 - Method Bias in Comparative Re-
   search: Problems of Construct Validity     • 3522 - Discourse Analysis Advanced?
   as Exemplified by the Measurement of         by Antonia GRAF (antoniag@uni-
   Ethnic Diversity by Robert NEUMANN 
   - Peter GRAEFF (graeff@soz.uni-
                                             S110P242 Comparing Networks of
 • 2473 - Crowd Wisdom and Deliberative
   Voting: Does Deliberation Improve Political Decision-Making
   Estimation Accuracy? by Jan LORENZ
   ( - Bernhard KITTEL     • 2242 - Legislative Member Organi-
   ( -    sations in New Legislatures: Rela-
   Heiko RAUHUT (      tionships and Information Exchange
                                           in the European and Scottish Par-
 • 3570 - Data Mining for Theo-            liaments by Christopher CARMAN
   rists:   A Simulated Basis Regres-      (
   sion Approach to Testing Formal
   Models     by    Curtis   SIGNORINO   • 27 - The Policy-Making Structures of Eu-
   (          ropean Regulatory Networks and their
   -      Brenton     KENKEL      (bren-   Domestic Consequences by Martino                    MAGGETTI  (
 • 3630 - Description, Visualisation and       TRETTIN          (frederik.trettin@uni-
   Comparison of Local Environmental  - Julian JUNK (ju-
   Policy Networks.      Methodological
   Thoughts from Two Case Studies by
   Jean-Pierre LE BOURHIS (lebourhis@u-
                                            S110P385 Advancing Political Sci-
 • 3853 - Exploring Policy Networks         ence Education in Europe. How
   in Policy-Making: A Study of the         can ECPR Support their Members
   Added Value and the Threats of           in their Work as Political Science
   SNA by Diederik  VANCOPPENOLLE           Teachers
   -     Simon       VANDERELST      (si-    • 2961 - How the American Political Sci-                   ence Association Promotes Teaching
                                               and Learning by Michael  BRINTNALL
S110P279 The Dark Side of United             • 780 - The British Experience I.: The role
Nations Bureaucracy - Taking a                 of Political Science Association (PSA)
Closer Look at Peace Operations                and C-SAP in Advancing Political Sci-
                                               ence Learning and Teaching by John
 • 1455 - Keeping the Peace through Bu-         CRAIG  (
   reaucratic Power and Politics? by Joel
   Gwyn WINCKLER (joel.winckler@fu-

 • 3164 - Strategic Management in Peace
   Operations. An Organizational Anal-
   ysis of Post-conflict Police Reform in
   Afghanistan and Kosovo by Steffen

 • 3323 - Spoiling from Within: Empir-
   ical Evidence from the UN Tran-
   sitional    Administration in    East
   Timor by Elisabeth SCHÖNDORF

 • 3458 - Organised Hypocrisy or Multiple
   Actors and Centres of Agency? Exam-
   ining the Competitive Arena for Nor-
   mative change Processes in the Area
   of Peacekeeping by John KARLSRUD

 • 540 - Bureaucratic Spoiling –
   Dissent-Shirking, Obstruction, and
   Sabotage in International Pub-
   lic Administrations by Frederik
25 August, 1500-1640

S2P322 Breaking Male Dominance
in Old Democracies

 • 1011 - Entering too Late or in the Wrong
   Context? Women and Parliamentary
   Politics in New South Wales by Marian
   SAWER (

 • 1236 - Two Steps Forwards and
   One Step Back - Women’s Po-
   litical Representation in   Den-
   mark    by     Drude   DAHLERUP

 • 1534 - Breaking Male Dominance
   in Old Democracies: The Case of
   Sweden by Lenita FREIDENVALL

 • 3059 - Social Movements into Political
   Parties: How the Women’s Movement
   in Northern Ireland Used the Strat-
   egy of a Political Party to Gain Access
   by Kimberly COWELL-MEYERS (kcow-

 • 685 - Challenging Male Dominance:
   Women and Gender Equality in
   Swiss Politics (1971-2010) by Lea
   SGIER ( - Thanh-Huyen
   BALLMER-CAO (Thanh-Huyen.Ballmer-

 • 924 - Can Women Clean up Ice-
   land’s Man-Made Mess? Why Femi-
   nist Political Scientists must Theorise
   Corruption by Janet JOHNSON (John-

S4P141 Obama’s Wars: Afghanistan
+ Iraq

 • 2707 - US and NATO Allies in
   Afghanistan: Assessing the Costs from
   a Transatlantic Perspective by Michaela     • 653 - The Italian King: A Study
   HERTKORN (                of the Popularisation of Politics
                                                 in Italy by Antonio CIAGLIA (an-
 • 3008 - Obama, Sacrifice, and the Selling
                                        - Marco
   of Afghanistan by Trevor MCCRISKEN
                                                 MAZZONI (
 • 3196 - Gender equality in the services
   from Clinton to Obama.        Making S9P274 What are the Main Consti-
   the link between military gen- tutional Lessons II
   der integration and US foreign
   policy by Saskia STACHOWITSCH          • 1319 - A Virtual Third Chamber for
   (       the European Union? National Parlia-
 • 31 - Putting the Pak in Af-Pak:          ments Under the Treaty of Lisbon by
   The Growing Conflict in Pakistan         Ian COOPER (
   and US Options by Amit  GUPTA               • 2771 - Constitutionalisation without
    (                   Constitutionalism? by Oliviero ANGELI
                                               • 3802 - Constitutional Anomie in Post-
S5P133 Popular Culture and the                   Westphalian Europe by Paul BLOKKER
Communication of Politics                        (

 • 122 - Eurovisions of the East:
   The Politics of Eurovision Song
   Contest     by    Alexej ULBRICHT          S29P546 What is Eastern about Cen-
   (                    tral and Eastern European Pop-
 • 2235 - Popularisation in Current Af-
   fairs Shows by Rosa VAN SANTEN              • 1071 - Comparing Populist Politi-
   (                        cal Parties in the Baltic States and
 • 2408 - Political Remix Videos: Creating       Western Europe by Ilze BALCERE
   New Critical Readings with Old Mate-          (
   rial by Joyce NEYS (      • 1156 - Who Votes for Populists in
   - Jeroen JANSZ (           Central and Eastern Europe? A Com-
                                                 parative Perspective from Five EU
 • 3462 - ”As-if” Politics: The Picture
                                                 Member States by Sergiu  GHERGHINA
   of Politics in the Fictional ”West-
                                                  (     -   George
   wing” and ”Kanzleramt” by Cordula
                                                  JIGLAU  (
   NITSCH       (cordula.nitsch@phil.uni-      -      Christiane      • 1561 - What is Left from Democracy?
   EILDERS (christiane.eilders@phil.uni-         Electoralism and Populism in Roma-                               nia by Miroiu MIHAELA (mihaelaunder-
 • 3787 - Humour, Politics and Info-
   tainment in Basque Country.        A        • 2812 - Ordinary, Cheap, Crystal Clear?
   Good Way to Talk About Political Vio-         “Gazeta Wyborcza” and “Rzecz-
   lence? by Carmelo MORENO DEL RÍO              pospolita” as Sources of Knowl-
   (                       edge about Populism by Maria
   MARCZEWSKA-RYTKO (munderscore- S34P490 Kantian Approaches to          Bioethics

 • 3596    -  Comparing     the  Sup-        • 1205 - Rose’s prevention paradox by
   port of Radical Right Parties               Stephen  JOHN  (
   in Europe by David  PUPOVAC
    (pupovacunderscoredavid@ceu-             • 1764 - Informed Consent, Uncertainty,                               and Respect for Autonomy by John
                                               CHRISTMAN (
 • 983 - Central and Eastern European        • 3248 - Don’t Lie!      – Why not?
   Economic Populism in the Era of Cri-        How to Argue for Truthfulness in
   sis by Loredana NABAR (nabarunder-          Medical Practice by Theda REHBOCK                    (

                                             • 3417   -   Prospects  for  Kantian
                                               bioethics by Sigur￿ur KRISTINSSON
S32P296 Analysing Party Competi-               (
tion with Qualitative Comparative
Analysis (QCA)
                                            S35P21 From the Bottom to the Top?
 • 1750 - Issues and Party Competi- Career Paths of Political Leaders in
   tion in Belgium:       A Comparison Multi-Level Settings
   Between Frequentist, Bayesian, and
   fsQCA Methods by Regis DANDOY           • 2014 - In Search of the ‘Ladder Model’:
   ( - Damien BOL          Career Paths of Spanish Diputa-
   (                 dos (1977-2010) by Jos REAL-DATO
                                             ( - Juan RODRÍGUEZ-
 • 2343 - The Rise of Liberal Populism       TERUEL ( - Miguel
   in Central and Eastern Europe?            JEREZ-MIR (
   Using QCA to understand the
   Emergence      of   Anti-Establishment  • 2817 - All Roads Lead through Brus-
   Reform Parties by Sean HANLEY             sels? Career Ambition in the Euro-
   ( - Allan SIKK   pean Parliament by William DANIEL
   (                        (

                                             • 3021 - Provincial Ministerial Du-
 • 3331 - Paths to Populism: Explaining
                                               ration and Exit in Canada:    1911-
   the Electoral Performance of Populist
                                               1996 by Matthew  KERBY  (ker-
   Parties in Europe by Stijn  VAN KESSEL
                                      - Graham  WHITE

 • 3584 - The Determinants of Party          • 3436 - Legislative Careers at the Supra-
   System     Institutionalisation     in      national Level? The Stability of Mem-
   Post-Communist      Eastern     Europe      bership of the European Parliament
   by Fernando  CASAL BERTOA  (Fer-            and Internal Advancement by Richard                         WHITAKER (
  • 440 - All Roads Lead to Moscow?              ties for the Swiss National Elec-
    Careers of Russian Political Elite in        tions 2007.    Evidence from Three
    Multi-level System by Elena SEMENOVA         Swiss Cantons by Andrea PLATA
    (                 (

                                               • 1958 - On Campaign Trails: an Ethno-
                                                 graphic   Comparison     of   British
S36P496 Associations under Au-                   and French Constituency Cam-
thoritarian Rule - Supporters of Au-             paigning by Clement DESRUMAUX
thoritarian Regimes?                             (

  • 1945 - Organising and Mobilising in        • 2391 - Costa Rican Campaigning: The
    Arab Countries by Katia PILATI (ka-          Impact of Campaigning ”Modernisa-                        tion” on Local Activism by Camille
                                                 FLODERER (camille.floderer@etu.univ-
  • 2626 - The Neighbourhood Associa-  
    tions in Tehran: Mirrors of the Is-
    lamic Republic of Iran? by Sahar Au-       • 2476 - Campaigning for Europe in a
    rore SAEIDNIA (saharunderscoresaeid-         Sub National Context by Gilg SEEBER                                (
  • 2720 - Consultation and Participa-         • 3801 - Referendum Campaign in the
    tion of Social and Political Activists:      Province of Bolzano/Bozen – South Ty-
    The Path to Legitimation of Au-              rol (Italy) in 2009 by Hermann ATZ
    thoritarian Regimes?        The Case         (
    of Morocco by Thierry DESRUES
    (                    • 934 - Grand Coalition = Small Cam-
                                                 paigns? Empirical Evidence from Ger-
  • 3513 - A ’Socialist Harmonious Soci-         many’s Federal States by Jens DR. TEN-
    ety‘ without Trust? – An Analysis of         SCHER (
    the Chinese NGO-Policy with a Spe-
    cial Focus Maintenance of Stability in
    the PR China by Catherine Ruth LEVY
    (                 S40P40    Towards   Postliberal
                                              Democracy?     Comparing Con-
  • 3699 - Analyzing Societal Actors in
    Authoritarian States.     State-Society   temporary Trends in the Trans-
    Relations in the Middle East and          formation of Latin American
    North Africa by Nadine KREIT-             Democracies
    MEYR        (nadine.kreitmeyr@ifp.uni-                              • 1002 - Evolution of the Meaning of
                                                 Democracy among Latin American Leg-
                                                 islators by Margarita CORRAL (mar-
                                        - Manuel
S38P70 Political Parties, Resources
                                                 ALCÁNTARA (
and Context:      Campaigning in
Democratic Regimes                             • 1010 - The Recall of Local Governments
                                                 in Latin America by Yanina WELP (yan-
  • 1340 - Between Local and National:  - Uwe SERDÜLT
    Candidates’  Campaigning   Activi-           (
 • 2971 - Federal Bargaining in (il-)Liberal     2009 EP Election Campaign by Joost
   Democracies.      (Post-)Transition Pe-       VAN SPANJE ( -
   riods in Argentina and Mexico                 Claes DE VREESE (
   Compared by Constantin GROLL
   ( - Marianne      • 3909 - Contestation of EU Inte-
   BRAIG (             gration – Close Encounters of
                                                 the Third Kind?     by Marcel VAN
 • 3027 - Post-Liberal Democracies in            EGMOND      (
   South America: What are we Talk-              -     Cees    VAN      DER     EIJK
   ing About? by Hugo  BORSANI  (hugo-           (Cees.VanunderscoreDerunderscoreEijk@n - Mauro  CAMPOS  (cam-

 • 3456 - Power Struggles Between Polit- S47P14 Victims of Political Violence
   ical Centre and Economic Forefront:
   Regional Opposition to Anti-Neoliberal
                                           • 1487 - “Again They Make Fun of the
   Government Projects in Argentina
                                             Victims”.   Micro Level Perceptions
   and Bolivia by Simon RAMIREZ-
                                             of Transitional Justice and Repara-
   VOLTAIRE           (ramirez@zedat.fu-
                                             tions by Mijke DE WAARDT (mde- - Markus RAUCHECKER

 • 3625 - Negotiating Plurinationality and     • 1677 - Victimhood Status and Pub-
   New Democratisation Forms: Indige-            lic Attitudes Toward Post-Conflict
   nous Movement and Ecuadorian Con-             Agreements:    Northern Ireland as
   stituent Assembly 2008 by Daniela CEL-        a Case Study by Bernadette  HAYES
   LERI (           ( - John  BREWER
 • 3695 - Latin America’s Left Turn:
   Opening up Possibilities for the            • 2281 - Victimhood and Uneven Develop-
   Radicalisation of Democracy?   by             ment in Post-Apartheid South Africa by
   Ana Estefania CARBALLO (aecar-                Natascha MUELLER-HIRTH (n.mueller- - Martin FORTIS    
                                               • 3091 - The Casualties of Truth?
                                                 Ambiguous     Memories    in    the
                                                 Construction    of   War     Narra-
S46P394 Issue and EP Elections                   tives   by   Corinne   CAUMARTIN
 • 2350 - Selecting Policy or Opting for
   Change?     by Guido TIEMANN (tie-
                                               • 3985 - Refugees and Girard’s Scapegoat
                                                 Mechanism by Elizabeth  KENNEDY
 • 238 - Euroskepticism, Party Conflict,          (
   and Voter Participation in European
   Parliament Elections by Erik TILLMAN        • 527 - The Collective Vulnerability Hy-
   (                         pothesis: Evidences from the After-
                                                 math of the Balkan Conflicts by Davide
 • 2898 - Effects of Media Coverage of           MORSELLI ( -
   the EU on the Euroskeptic Vote in the         Dario SPINI (
S49P430 Just War Theory for the                RIHOUX (
Twenty-First Century                           -           Ilona        REZSOHAZY
 • 1092 - Just War and Political Judge-
   ment in Theory and in Practice by Chris   • 3497 - SIPRI in World Politics. Ob-
   BROWN (                 ject and Subject of Study in Interna-
                                               tional relations by Matthieu CHILLAUD
 • 263 - Readjusting Theory: From Just         (
   War to Just Violence by Daniel MES-
                                             • 3568 - Methodological Trends and
 • 3029 - The Dualism of ius ad Bellum         Publishing Venues in French Politi-
   and ius in Bello - Traditionally Rooted     cal Sciences by Philippe BLANCHARD
   or Chimera? by Hannah BIRKENKÖT-            (
   TER (
                                             • 3732 - Examining Images of National
 • 624 - Human Rights and The Use of           Political Science Communities in Cen-
   Force: Assertive Liberalism vs. Just        tral Europe by Patrick SCHERHAUFER
   War Theory’s Conservativism by Peter        (
   SUTCH (

S56P178 Gatekeepers, Networks S58P262 Post-Crisis Public Policy
and Critical Masses: Structures Reform and Popular Response in
and Mechanisms in European Southern Europe
Political Science
                                             • 2030 - Accounting for Variation in the
 • 1268 - The Analysis of European             Impact of and Response to Economic
   Research Networks:     Cooperation          Crisis in Greece + Portugal by Christos
   in the Seventh Framework Pro-                PARASKEVOPOULOS  (
   gramme by Margit BUSSMANN
   (       • 2180 - The Welfare State and the Cri-
   - Andreas KLEINE (mail@andreas-             sis: The Case of Greece by Manos  MAT-                                  SAGANIS  (
 • 1665 - The Inner Circle: Cliques and
                                             • 245 - Spain’s Goose Chase: The Flexibil-
   Structural Holes within the Network
                                               isation of the Labour Market and the
   of Peer-Reviewed Political Science
                                               Reduction of its Public Deficit under
   Publications by Kai  ARZHEIMER
                                               Zapatero’s Presidency by Monica CLUA-
    (  -
                                               LOSADA (
   Harald  SCHOEN  (harald.schoen@uni-
                                             • 3126 - Economic Crisis and Public
 • 2049 - Systematically Mapping the           Attitudes Towards Domestic and
   Methodologies of “EU Politics”:             EU Institutions in Greece, Portu-
   Does « EU Politics » Exist as a             gal and Spain by Ben CLEMENTS
   Scientific Field ?  by Damien BOL           ( -  Kyriaki
   ( - Benoit          NANOU (
S61P173 Interest Organisation Pop-               tice and Theory by Bert  MULDER
ulations in Europe                                (
                                               • 3152 - Recent Developments in Dutch
  • 1191 - Changing Networks of Business         Climate Policy:     The Role of the
    Interests: The Dynamics of Tie Forma-        Dutch Climate Sceptical Weblog
    tion by Achim LANG (achim.lang@uni-          Climategate by Arthur EDWARDS                                 ( - Victor BEKKERS
  • 1910 - The Power of Concentrated In-         ( - Dennis DE
    terests.    Interest Community Char-         KOOL     (
    acteristics and Agency Responsiveness        -          Geertjan          STRATEN
    by Caelesta BRAUN-POPPELAARS (cae-           (                      • 3171 - NEW AND SOCIAL MEDIA USE
                                                 BY INTEREST GROUPS: HYPE? WHY ON-
  • 2027 - “Looking Inside the Euro-
                                                 LINERS AND OFFLINERS MATTER. by
    pean Blackbox of Interest Group”
                                                 Paul SHOTTON (
    : Relative Stability of Interests, In-
    creasing Numbers of Organisations          • 3677 - How are the ICTs Changing the
    and Mailboxes in Brussels by Hélène          Role of Civic Society and its Interac-
    MICHEL       (      tion in the Policy-Making?: The Case
    -   Sylvain    LAURENS     (sylvainlau-      of the Free Culture Movement by Mayo - Guillaume COURTY             FUSTER MORELL (
                                               • 3730 - Empowered by Systems of
  • 2449 - Mapping the Interest Groups           Surveillance?    Critical Reflections
    Participation in the Spanish Par-            on Media Awareness in Networked
    liament by Luz MUNOZ (luz-                   Protest by Judith SCHOSSBOECK (ju- - Laura CHAQUÉS     - Alexander
    (                        BANFIELD-MUMB (alexander.banfield-
  • 2970 - Causal Mechanism of Business
    Organisations: The Channel of BUSI-        • 3962 - Dynamics of Cyberactivism: Or-
    NESSEUROPE by Yasemin IREPOGLU               ganisations, Action Repertoires, and
    (                      the Policy Arena by Stefania  MILAN
                                                  ( - Arne  HINTZ
  • 3572 - Revolving Doors Revisited: The         (
    Effect of Interest System Density
    on Agency Ties by Joost BERKHOUT
    ( - Christel KOOP
                                          S73P482 Making European Citizens?
                                              Theoretical and Empirical Analyses
                                              of Citizenship and the Citizen in
                                              the New European Governance
S65P264 New W(h)ines in New Bot-
tles? Voicing Protest in the Digital           • 1037 - Making the Most out of
Age                                              it? Chances and Challenges of EU
                                                 Citizenship Rights for Participatory
  • 2342 - Coming Research on E-                 Democracy by Rebecca WELGE (re-
    Democracy: New Views on Prac-      
 • 1735 - Which Citizens for the EU?         • 3555 - Public Consultations in Eu-
   What EU Governance’s Instruments            ropean Policy Making as Demo-
   tell us about the ideal European Citi-      cratic Innovation?          by Claus
   zen by Céline BELOT (celine.belot@iep-       SEIBT          (                                -     Susannne      GIESECKE       (su-
 • 2312 - Paying Attention to the Euro-
   pean citizens. A Review of the first      • 661 - Science, Deliberation, and Policy
   Participatory Experiments at the Eu-        Making: The Brain Imaging Dialogue
   ropean level by Laurie  BOUSSAGUET          as Upstream Engagement by Oliver ES-
    (             COBAR (

 • 280 - Exploring an Analogical Citizen-
   ship for Europe by Pablo C JIMÉNEZ
   LOBEIRA (     S78P574 Immigrant-Origin and Eth-
                                            nic Minorities in Elected Office:
 • 3384 - European Citizenship: Juridical Substantive Processes, Dynamics
   and Political Policy-Making by Theresa
                                          and Impacts of Minority Represen-
 • 3932 - Schooling ”Europeans” in Stras-
   bourg and Helsinki: Identity, Cit-        • 2738 - Immigrant-origin MPs in a
   izenship, Politics by Anne EPSTEIN          longitudinal perspective: continu-
   (                   ity and change by Andreas WÜST

                                             • 3644 - Representation from Another
S74P267 Reinvigorating Democracy:              Perspective: What Diverse Citizens
Innovations in Deliberative Public             think about their Substantive Repre-
Policy Making                                  sentation in Canadian Politics by Karen
                                               BIRD (
 • 1173 - Political Values and Minor-        • 3823 - Parliamentary Questions as an
   ity Integration in Britain by Ian           Instrument of Substantive Represen-
   O’FLYNN ( - Man-       tation: The Case of the UK 2005-
   lio CINALLI (manlio.cinalli@sciences-       2010 Parliament by Thomas SAALFELD                                      (
 • 1511 - A Comparative Analysis of the
   Role of Minipublics in Institutionalis-
   ing Deliberative Democracy by Stephen S82P433 International Security and
   ELSTUB (       the Rediscovery of International
 • 2886 - Expert Authority in a Delibera- Organisations
   tive System by Alfred MOORE (alfred-                        • 118 - Reinstating Order: How Inter-
                                             national Organisations Transfer the
 • 3051 - The Deliberation Com-              State Monopoly on Violence by Ursula
   mission    by    Michael    MORRELL       SCHROEDER       (ursula.schroeder@fu-
 • 1264 - Transferring Norms of Lim-           ( - Nick
   ited Civilian Gun Ownership: In-            ANSTEAD (
   ternational Organisations and the
   Politics of Culture in Kosovo and         • 304 - Live Research:    Twittering
   Cambodia by Simone THOLENS (si-             an Election Debate by Greg ELMER                        (
 • 2204 - Soft Governance and the Con-
                                             • 3629 - Mining Facebook Walls of
   struction of Authority in International
                                               Greek Parties for Discovering Political
   Security - The Case of EU Peer Re-
                                               Communication Patterns by Georgios
   views in the Fight Against Terrorism by
                                               LAPPAS ( -
   Raphael BOSSONG (
                                               Alexandros KLEFTODIMOS (kleftodi-
 • 3602 - Learning and EU’s Civilian Cri- - Prodromos
   sis Management by Anna HALONEN              YANNAS (
   ( - Raphael

                                    S92P240 Pioneers in Environmental
S83P210 New Methodologies for Policy Revisited
Web Research in the Social Sciences
                                           •   2200 - Pioneer States in Environmen-
 • 1641   -    A  Mixed-Methods    Ap-         tal Governance: A Measurement Con-
   proach      to  Capturing    Online         cept by Per-Olof BUSCH (pbusch@uni-
   Local-Level    Campaigns      Data
   by    Rosalynd   SOUTHERN     (ros-
                                           •   3873 - What Does Pioneering Mean
                                               in Local Sustainable Development?
 • 2071 - One Tweet at a Time: Mapping
                                               A Decade of Local Sustainability
   Political Campaigns through Social
                                               Performance Measurement in the
   Media Data by Andreas JUNGHERR
                                               Netherlands by Thomas HOPPE
                                               ( - Frans COENEN
   -      Pascal     JÜRGENS      (pas-
 • 2322 - ”Super Participation” in On-       • 776 - Really a Front-Runner, Re-
   line ”Third Spaces”: New Agenda,            ally a Straggler? Of Environmental
   New Method by scott WRIGHT                  Leaders and Laggards in the Euro-
   (   -   Todd         pean Union and Beyond by Stephan
   GRAHAM (              HEICHEL        (Stephan.Heichel@uni-
                                      - Christoph KNILL
 • 2557 - A 140 Characters Campaign.
                                               ( - Daniel
   Twitter Usage in the 2011 Irish Gen-
                                               ARNDT (
   eral Election by Maria Laura SUDULICH
   ( - Matthew WALL
                                             • 918 - Environmental pioneers in re-
                                               treat? The cases of the Netherlands
 • 2590    -    Semantic   Polling  and        and Denmark. by Duncan LIEFFERINK
   the    2010     UK    General   Elec-       ( - Mark WIERING
   tion      by     Ben     O’LOUGHLIN         (
S93P475 Institutionalising Con-              • 2344 - Towards a Hermeneutic Method-
tested European Spaces: Studying               ology for the Study of Contemporary
Europe’s Opponents’ Practices                  Constitutionalism by Hannes HANSEN-
                                               MAGNUSSON            (Hannes.Hansen-
 • 1123 - Eurosceptics - Enemies or Nec-
   essary part of European Integration by    • 714 - Temporal Contexts, Historical
   Petr KANIOK (            Narratives, and the Political within
                                               Moral Reasoning: The Case of Just
 • 3242 - The Contrasting Local Per-
                                               War Theory by Piki  ISH-SHALOM
   ceptions of Europe:       The 2009
   Milk Strike in the French Basque
   Country      by    Xabier   ITCAINA
                                            S97P309    What     is   Intelligence?
 • 3467 - Studying Conflicts on EU Wine
                                          Defining the Field of Intelligence
   Regulation Instruments: An Entry
   Pass to Understanding the Institution- Studies
   alisation of European Spaces?       by
                                            • 1237 - A New Definition of In-
   Romain BLANCANEAUX (romainunder-
                                              telligence by Alan  BREAKSPEAR
 • 3936 - A Paradoxical Institution-        • 2539 - The Nature of Intelligence: The
   alisation?      The case of Anti-          Significance of Regime Type by Mark
   EU Parties’ Discourses on Eu-               PHYTHIAN  (
   rope by Emmanuelle REUNGOAT
   (Emmanuelle.Reungoat@malix.univ-         • 3179 - Governing Terrorist Threat                                 through Affectivity – A Decon-
                                              struction of Norwegian Threat
                                              Assessments by Mareile KAUFMANN
S95P346 Theoretical, Methodologi-
cal and Normative Perspectives of
Narrative Analysis in the Political
                                       S99P425 Third Sector’s Ambiguous
 • 1256 - Frodo Beutlin, Harry Potter, Role in Welfare State Politics of Re-
   and the myth of the Western Uni- trenchment
   versalist Mission by Harald MUELLER
   (                         • 1954 - Measuring an Organisation’s So-
                                               cial and Economic Performance for
 • 1959 - The Discursive Effect of Sim-        Public Tenders by Enrico TESTI (en-
   ilarities and Differences Between  - Marco BEL-
   National Narratives:       A Theoreti-      LUCCI (
   cal Framework by Shaul SHENHAV
   (                • 1982 - The Impact of European
                                               Union Policy in the Elaboration of a
 • 2139 - Narrative and Explanation in         New Model of Welfare by Deborah
   Comparative Historical Analysis by          RUSSO (
   Jan ERK ( - Sean      - Veronica FEDERICO (veronicafed-
   YOM (          
 • 2854 - Citizen Heal Thyself: Why Citi-    S103P438 Political Scandals, Ten-
   zens Ought to Be Cautious of Third Sec-   sions, Crises: Management and Im-
   tor Social Aid Proliferation by Daniel    plications
   HORN (
                                              • 2506 - Making Ethical Judgements
 • 2893 - Constrains of Intermediary Or-        About Politics:    Experimental Evi-
   ganisations in Welfare Politics by An-       dence from Britain by Nicholas ALLEN
   dreas SCHULZ (andreasd.schulz@uni-           ( - Sarah                                   BIRCH (

                                              • 3056      -   Psychological     Reac-
                                                tions    to  Terrorist   Threat     by
 • 3875 - The Difficult Role of the French
                                                Stanley       FELDMAN           (stan-
   Third Sector of Health in the Wel-
                                       - Leonie
   fare State Politics of Retrenchment: A
                                                 HUDDY  (
   French Specificity? by Mariotti LU-
   DOVIC (

                                             S109P418 Bringing Rhetoric to Pol-
                                             icy Studies
S100P541 The Post-Lisbon Growth               • 2220 - The Role of Rhetoric and Af-
Strategy: New Challenges for the                fect in Policy Changes. The Case of
European Social Model                           the Dutch Life Course Policy by Anja
                                                ELEVELD (
 • 1444 - Reappraising Social Invest-         • 2353 - Enter Emotions: Fear, Anger
   ment – Was it a Break with Short-            and Political Engagement in a Process
   Term Politics? by Johan DAVIDSSON            of Municipal Amalgamation by Imrat
   ( - Caroline DE LA             VERHOEVEN        (
   PORTE (                       -      Jan    Willem       DUYVENDAK

 • 1927 - The Emergence of Post-Lisbon        • 3690 - Images as Arguments: To-
   Governance, The Critical Case of             wards a Pictorial Turn in Policy
   French Pension Policy by Claes  BEL-         Studies?      by Herbert  GOTTWEIS
   FRAGE  (              (
                                                -     Walburg       STEURER       (wal-
                                       - Peter
 • 2809 - The Role of Social Part-               GERLICH  (
   ners in the Post-Lisbon Strategy:            - Paper Discussant
   The European Sectoral Social Dia-
   logue by Emmanuelle PERIN (em-             • 3779 - The Discursive Influence of Ex-                 pert Ideas – Defence Intellectuals and
                                                Cold War US Nuclear Strategy by An-
                                                dras SZALAI (
 • 760 - Towards a Post-Lisbon Frame-
   work for Work-Family Policy? by Susan      • 3807 - The ’Sophia’ in ’Phronesis’.
   MILNER (               Justification and Rhetoric in Demo-
   cratic Policy Making by Jan  ZUTAVERN    • 3923 - ‘Love beyond Reason’?: Nation
    (                     Branding and Nationalism in Kosovo by
                                              Mi ZHOU (

S110P278 NATO - Narratives and In-
terpretations                      S110P602 Foreign Policy Change
                                            • 1040 - The Influence of Civil So-
 • 1028 - NATO – A Provider of Col-
                                              ciety  Organisations  in  Foreign
   lective Goods by Jens RINGSMOSE
                                              Policy Change: The Case of TU-
                                              SIAD by Ozge ZIHNIOGLU (ozgezih-
                                     - Rahime SULEY-
 • 1300 - Realist Explanations of NATO’s
                                              MANOGLU (
   Endurance in the Post-Cold War Era by
   Lorenzo CLADI (      • 1525 - Change of Instruments and
                                              Style in Turkish Foreign Policy by
 • 261 - NATO after the Lisbon Sum-           Rahime SULEYMANOGLU KURUM
   mit:   A Security Governance Ap-           (
   proach by Roberto DOMINGUEZ
   (                 • 2169 - Organised Business and Foreign
                                              Policy Change: The Turkish Case by Al-
 • 751 - The Two Faces of EU-                 tay  ATLI  (
   NATO    Cooperation-   The    Case
   of Counter-Piracy by Simon J.            • 3060 - Nuclear Cooperation Between
   SMITH        (        Argentina and Brazil (1985-1992):
   -    Carmen      GEBHARD      (car-        Changes in Foreign Policy or Foreign              Policy Change? by Tatiana COUTTO

                                            • 3200 - Differential Economic Growth
S110P336 Advertising the Nation               as Driving Force Behind International
                                              Change by Henrik LINDBO LARSEN
                                              ( - Henrik LINDBO LARSEN
 • 1121 - ‘We Lay Claim to Him!’ Isaiah
   Berlin, Mark Rothko, Sergei Eisenstein     (
   and the Construction of a Modern Lat-    • 528 - Contextualising Change in Turk-
   vian National Identity by Daunis AUERS     ish Foreign Policy: The Power of “Two-
   (                              Good Theory” by Emre HATIPOGLU
 • 3177 - For the Nation or the Out-
   fit?   The Impact of Experience on
   the Combat Motivation of Modern
   Servicemen by Morten  BRAENDER S110P620 Gender and Politics
                                        • 2144 - Explaining the Gender Gap
 • 3618 - The Lebanese Army: Adver-       in Radical Right Voting: A cross-
   tising a National Institution to Re-   national Investigation in 12 Western-
   build a Nation by Nayla MOUSSA         European countries by Tim IMMERZEEL
   (         ( - Hilde COFFÉ
  ( - Tanja VAN DER LIPPE

• 2157 - An Overview of ‘Gender’ Citi-
  zenship in Soviet and Post-Soviet Rus-
  sia by Gokten DOGANGUN (gdogan-

• 2574 - Mainstreaming Gender in
  European     Commission  Develop-
  ment Policy towards Liberia and
  Rwanda by Petra DEBUSSCHER (pe-
• 2741 - The Equality of Women in
  Politics from a Party Programme
  Perspective by Tomaz DEZELAN
  ( - Alenka
  KRA￿OVEC (alenka.krasovec@fdv.uni-
26 August, 0900-1040                            rope by Andrew FUTTER (andrewjfut-

S2P397 Gender and Institutions                • 298 - Addressing Obama’s Nuclear
                                                Vision under NATO Lisbon Summit
 • 1154 - Analysing the Inner Life of           Auspices by Adérito VICENTE (ader-
   Institutions by Georgina  WAYLEN   
    ( - Louise
    CHAPPELL  (        • 3668 - Failure to Re-launch?    The
                                                United States, Nuclear North Ko-
 • 1178 - Gender and Committee Affili-          rea, and the future of the Six-Party
   ation: Comparing Men and Women               Talks by Virginie GRZELCZYK (vir-
   Committee Seat Preferences and Com-
   mittee Affiliations by Martin BKGAARD
   ( - Ulrik KJAER           • 850 - Washington and the NPT:
   (                             Meeting Doom and Gloom with
                                                Pragmatism by Liviu HOROVITZ
 • 1523 - A New Brush sweeps Clean?             (
   Gender and ’New’ Institutions in
   Wales and Tuscany by Joanna LEGG
                                             S5P409 Political Parties, National-
 • 2314 - The Europeanisation of
   the Nordic Discourse on Gender            ism and Web 2.0 in European Con-
   Equality by Johanna KANTOLA (jo-          texts
                                              • 1953 - The Effect of Democratic
 • 2404 - Dynamics of Gender Equality           Discourse     in    Non-Democratic
   Institutions in Vienna – The Potential       States: When Global Communica-
   of a Feminist Neo-Institutionalist           tive Potential Meets National Con-
   Explanation     by   Fanni   BORBIRO         straints in Russia by Sarah OATES
   (borbirounderscorefanni@ceu-                 (
                                              • 2641 - Web 2.0 and the Emergence
 • 403 - Researching ritual in the British
                                                of New Ethno-Nationalist Parties
   House of Commons by Joni LOVEN-
                                                in Spain by Albert PADRO-SOLANET
   DUSKI (
 • 424 - Myths and Realities about Gender
   and Management in Public Organisa-         • 2677 - The Internet’s Double Edge: In-
   tions – An Institutional Perspective by      creasing Mobilisation and Fragmenta-
   Hanne Nexoe JENSEN (           tion in the Catalan Pro-Independence
                                                Movement by Ana Sofia CARDENAL
                                                ( - Joan BALCELLS
S4P142 The US, Nuclear Disarma-
ment and Non-Proliferation                    • 2795 - A Bridge to the Future? Sinn
                                                Féin’s Online Campaign for the 2011
 • 296 - The Future of US Nuclear               Irish General Election by Matthew
   Weapons and Missile Defence in Eu-           WALL (
  • 2923 - Ukrainian Presidency Meets Pol-      Lenses of the Past: A Study of the Dan-
    itics 2.0 by Olena GOROSHKO (olenaun-       ish Decision to Join NATO in 1949 by                 Mikkel Runge OLESEN (

  • 3619 - Norwegian Nationalist Par-         • 472 - Democracy Unpacked: A Fuzzy-
    ties on Web 2.0 by Oyvind KALNES            Set Analysis of Institutions, Partisan-
    (                      ship, and War Participation by Patrick
                                                MELLO         (

S9P280 What are the Main Demo-                • 55 - Ever the Twain Shall Meet: German
                                                Reunification and Its Ramifications for
cratic Lessons from the EU’s Con-               Foreign Policy Analysis and Interna-
stitutional Experience?                         tional Theory by Jarrod HAYES (jar-
                                       - Patrick JAMES
  • 2259 - Kelsen’s Legal Monism and the        (
    Future of the European Constitution by
    Lars VINX (           • 870 - International Socialisation Pro-
                                                cesses v. Israeli National Role Con-
  • 2263 - Synthetic Constitutional-            ceptions: Can Role Theory Integrate
    ism at Midnight:      The Constitu-         IR Theory and Foreign Policy Analy-
    tional State of the Union after             sis? by Cameron THIES (cameron-

  • 2463 - Lessons from Ratification: Com-
    paring Lisbon and the EU Constitu-
                                           S26P69 Religion at the European
    tion by Carlos CLOSA MONTERO (Car- Parliament: A Religious/Secular Di-                vide ?
  • 3310 - Constitutionalisation and          • 1360 - The Religious Dimension in Elec-
    De-Constitutionalisation in the Eu-         toral Manifestos. Between Secularisa-
    ropean Union:       Legal Integration       tion and Strategic Uses? by Francois
    and its Limits by Nicole SCICLUNA           FORET ( - Régis DAN-
    (                 DOY (
                                              • 1442 - Religion, Religiosity and Po-
                                                sitions of Flemish and Dutch MEPs
S18P53 The Domestic Politics of For-            by Pieterjan DE VLIEGER (prde-
eign Policy                            - Allan MULLER
  • 2243 - Foreign policy and domestic con-   • 1742 - Resisting, whilst Giving Up: Re-
    sensus making: the case of the Nether-      ligion in Contemporary Poland by Si-
    lands by Niels  VAN WILLIGEN  (willi-       mona GUERRA ( - Hans  VOL-
    LAARD  (       • 3398 - Pushing the Limits, Drawing
                                                the Line:   Dynamics of Contesta-
  • 2787 - “To Balance or not to Balance”       tion over Islamic Religious Rights
    as Conceptualized Through Differing         in Western Europe by Sarah CAROL
    ( - Zuhal KAVACIK S32P104 Predicting Political Con-
    ( - Ruud KOOPMANS flict
                                        • 1270 - The Oracle or the Crowd?
  • 840 - Religious Preferences of
                                          Experts Versus the Stock Market
    French MEPs by Julie PERNET (jper-
                                          in Forecasting Ceasefire Success in
                                          the Levant by Gerald SCHNEIDER
                                          - Naomi BOSLER (naomi.bosler@uni-
S29P454 Responses to Parties Chal-
lenging Democracy and their Con-              • 130     -     Conflict     Management
sequences                                       and       Conflict     Prediction    by
                                                Kristian       Skrede        GLEDITSCH
  • 1577 - From Pim Fortuyn to Geert             ( - Govinda  CLAYTON
    Wilders:    Ten Years of Polarisa-           (
    tion in the Netherlands by Sarah
     DE    LANGE      (    • 2604 - UN Peacekeepers Deploy-
    -     Huib       PELLIKAAN       (pel-      ment, Conflict Level and Loss-of- - Tom  VAN        Strength Gradient by Han DORUSSEN
    DER MEER  (         (

  • 2792 - The Prosecution of Dutch MP        • 2862 - Predicting the Outcome of
    Wilders and Its Effects on Electoral        Insurgency by Sebastian  SCHUTTE
    Participation by Joost VAN SPANJE            (
    ( - Claes DE
    VREESE (              • 3453 - Simulating the Conflict
                                                Trap by Håvard Mokleiv NYGÅRD
  • 2873 - Exclusionary Politics Vis A          ( - Scott GATES
    Vis Extremist Parties: Citizens be-         ( - Håvard HEGRE
    tween     Instrumental   Pragmarics         ( - Håvard
    and Democratic Principles by Koen           STRAND (
    ABTS     (
    -        Marc         SWYNGEDOUW          • 596 - Civil War Intervention and the
    (           Problem of Iraq by Stephen LONG
                                                ( - Stephen BID-
  • 3154 - Responses to Parties Challenging     DLE ( - Jeffrey FRIED-
    Democracy and their Consequences:           MAN (
    a Cross-National Comparison by Emi-
    lie VAN HAUTE ( -
    Steven WELDON (
                                         S34P502        Kant    on    International
  • 3473 - A Populist Zeitgeist in West- Trade
    ern Europe?    Populism in the Po-
    litical Discourses of Mainstream          • 2339 - World Trade as the Guarantee
    Parties   by   Matthijs   ROODUIJN          for Perpetual Peace? On the Value
    ( - Wouter VAN            and Consistency of Kant’s Theory of
    DER BRUG ( -            ‘Fair Trade’ by Liesbet VANHAUTE (lies-
    Sarah DE LANGE (
  • 2377 - Cosmopolitan Right and Im-         S36P533 Conceptualising Autocracy
    perialism - A Kantian Critique of
    Foreign Aid by Dorothea GÄDEKE             • 1132 - Models of Non Democratic
    (                        Regimes by Fabio FOSSATI (fos-
  • 3146 - On trade and Teleology: The
                                               • 1702 - Classification by Legitimation
    Role of Commercial Relations in Kant’s
                                                 by Steffen  KAILITZ  (kailitz@hait.tu-
    Philosophy of History by Lea  YPI
                                               • 2438 - The Structure of Power in Hy-
  • 987 - Kant and Fichte on the Political       brid Regimes: Institutionalised vs. Per-
    Economy of Perpetual Peace by Isaac          sonalised by Ivan VUKOVIC (miv@t-
    NAKHIMOVSKY (      

                                               • 2689 - Navigating the Waters of Au-
                                                 thoritarianism Studies – Changing
S35P22 Political Elites and Institu-             Notions of Authoritarian Regimes
                                                 in Comparative Politics by Kevin
tions: Recruitment Patterns and                  KOEHLER ( - Jana
Turnover                                         WARKOTSCH (

  • 1220 - Ministerial Turnover in the Ger-    • 2755    -    Adaptation     or  Transi-
    man Länder: An Event History Anal-           tion?     Authoritarianism in Kaza-
    ysis of Macro-Political Factors and Bi-      khstan by Alessandra CECCARELLI
    ographic Determinants by Sebastian           (
    JÄCKLE (sebastian.jaeckle@politik.uni-     • 3526 - Contrary or Contradictory?                                 Autocracies and Democracies between
                                                 Dichotomy and Gradation by Alexan-
  • 1332 - Presidential Cabinets. Minis-         der SCHMOTZ (
    ter Turnover and Critical Events in          - Johannes GERSCHEWSKI (ger-
    Latin America by Marcelo CAMERLO   
    ( - Aníbal PÉREZ
    LIÑÁN (

  • 2198    -   Comparative   Ministerial S38P148 Journalism vs. Social Sci-
    Turnover in Canada and Australia: ence ? Journalists and Researchers
    1945-2010 by Matthew KERBY (ker- - Keith DOWDING             • 1424 - From Conflict to Cooperation –
    (                A New Relationship between Journal-
                                              ists and Experts by Flemming SVITH
  • 3667 - Party Government in Multilevel     (
    Settings: The Determinants of Ministe-     • 2902 - Ethnographic Journalism as a
    rial Turnover in Spanish Regional Cab-       Professional Standard of Excellence by
    inets (1980-2011) by Juan RODRIGUEZ          Emmanuelle GATIEN (
    TERUEL ( - Oscar BAR-
    BERÀ ( - Astrid BARRIO      • 393 - Daily philosophers : a case study
    (                        of a collaboration between journalists
   and researchers around the by Gal VIL-    S46P395 Party Strategy and Spatial
   LENEUVE (        Competition in EP Elections
 • 606 - New Journalisms and Non-fiction      • 110 - Relative Left-Right Position:
   narratives in the U.S.A. by Erik NEVEU       A New Measure with Applica-
   (            tions    to  European    Parliament
                                                Elections   by   Martin    ROSEMA
                                                (    -    Kostas
                                                GEMENIS (
S45P198 Schools of Democracy? As-
sociations’ Fragile Contribution to           • 1734 - Projection Effects in Spatial Mod-
a Democratic Political Culture                  els of European Parliament Elections
                                                by Peter  GRAND  ( -
 • 2271 - Associational Membership              Guido  TIEMANN  (
   and Political Participation – Nei-
   ther the Same, nor Opposites: A            • 3530 - Do Western and Eastern Europe
   Structure-Process Distinction using          differ with Regard to the Party-Voter
   Multi-Level Modelling by Jan EICH-           Linkages? by Monika  BARTKOWSKA
   HORN          (       ( - Guido  TIE-
   -       Stefanie       REHER      (ste-      MANN  (

 • 3361 - Catholicism, the Republic S47P15 Political Violence and Mem-
   and civic culture.      The Paradoxi-
   cal Political Role of the Catholic
   Lay Associations under the French
                                           • 1433 - Memories of Violence: The
   III Republic by Magali DELLA
                                             Rwanda Genocide and Transna-
   SUDDA      (
                                             tional Society by Thomas OLESEN
   -           Xabier           ITÇAINA
                                              • 1541 - A Decade After 9/11/01: Discourse,
 • 3508 - “Bridging versus Bonding?”:
                                                Ideologies, and Identities by Laura
   Revisiting the Contact Hypothesis
                                                ROBINSON (
   for Participants of Mixed Eethnicity
   and Turkish Non-Profit Organisations       • 2206 - Remembering the Great War:
   in Amsterdam by Wahideh ACHBARI              Commemoraton and Peace in Flan-
   (                     ders Fields by Maarten  VAN ALSTEIN
 • 838 - When and How does Associ-
   ational Affiliation Promote Political      • 2821 - Conflicts of Memories and Mem-
   Engagement? by Gunnar  MYRBERG               ories of Conflicts within the Rwandan
    (             Diasporas in Belgium by Jana SCHILDT
 • 992 - The Effects of City Size, Den-
   sity, and Structure on Local Civic         • 3408 - Non-Tangible Factors in Nego-
   Participation by Antonio TAVARES             tiations and the Process of Conflict
   ( -      Jered        Resolution by Georgios KOLLIARAKIS
   CARR (                       (
 • 736 - The Seventies in contemporary         • 2229 - The Regionally Disintegrative
   Italy: Between Contentious Memories           Effects of Proliferating Economic
   and Political use of History by Federica      Bilateralism:   The Case of North
   ROSSI (                     America by Stephen CLARKSON

                                               • 2396 - The Promotion of Good Gover-
S49P484 How do we know Justice                   nance by the African Union – A Failure?
when we see it?                                  by Siegmar SCHMIDT (schmidts@uni-
 • 1306 - Power, Justice, and the Resilience
   of Commodity Regimes by Peter MAYER         • 2758 - Governance Export by Regional
   (             Organisations: The Case of ASEAN
 • 1445 - Capturing Notions of Jus-              by Anja JETSCHKE (jetschke@giga-
   tice:   “Justicising” and Its Rele- 
   vance in International Diplomacy
                                               • 916 - The Good, the Bad and the
   by Carmen WUNDERLICH (wun-
                                                 Ugly: The Eurasian Economic Com- - Harald MUELLER
                                                 munity as a Vehicle for the Dif-
   ( - Daniel MUELLER
                                                 fusion of Differentiated Norms of
                                                 Governance by Antoaneta DIM-
 • 601 - Transatlantic Security Gover-           ITROVA (
   nance and Distributive Justice in the         -           Rilka        DRAGNEVA
   Atlantic Burden Sharing Regime by             (
   Benjamin ZYLA (
                                               • 948     -  Export    of   Governance
 • 756 - Justice and Effectiveness in            by Mercosur - An Inward or
   International Negotiations by Ce-             Outward-Looking Process?          by
   cilia  ALBIN  (       Andrea       RIBEIRO     HOFFMANN
   - Daniel  DRUCKMAN  (dandruck-                (andrea.ribeirounderscorehoffmann@uni-                      

S50P480 The Transformative Power
                                  S58P244 The Quality of Democracy
of Regions? Governance Export and
                                  in Southern Europe: Methods, The-
Regional Organisations
                                  ories and Policy Outreach
 • 1207 - The Internal and External Di-
   mensions of Governance Export Com-          • 1821 - The Quality of Democracy:
   pared.     Lessons from the Euro-             The Portuguese case by Luis SOUSA
   pean Union by Vera VAN HÜLLEN                 ( - António COSTA
   ( - Tanja        PINTO ( - Pedro MA-
   A. BÖRZEL (        GALHÃES (

 • 187 - Eurasian vs. European Regional-       • 1844 - Studying the Quality of Democ-
   ism: Transformative Power from Com-           racy in Post-Authoritarian Greece in
   parative Perspective by Anastassia OBY-       Comparative Perspective by Dimitris
   DENKOVA (              SOTIROPOULOS (
  • 3345 - Measuring the Quality of           • 2230 - The Political Economy of
    Democracy with Expert Surveys:              Protest and Patience in the Fiscal Cri-
    The Spanish Case by Braulio GOMEZ           sis of the State by Dorothee BOHLE
    ( - Irene PALA-         ( - Bela GRESKOVITS
    CIOS ( - Modesto     (
                                              • 774 - Civil Society and Grassroots Mo-
  • 3586 - Portuguese Democracy -
                                                bilisation in Central and Eastern Eu-
    (Dis)Trust and Democratic Institu-
                                                rope by Grzegorz PIOTROWSKI (grze-
    tions in a Comparative Perspective
    by Maria PEQUITO (mpequitoteix- - Filipe MONTARGIL

  • 3588 - Measuring Citizens’ Evalu- S63P286 Core Executive Responses
    ations on Quality of Democracy: to the Financial Crisis in a Multi
    A New Research Agenda by Irene
                                            Level Perspective
    PALACIOS       (
    - José Luis CAÑADAS RECHE (jl-                     • 1106 - Unconstrained Executives: Com-
                                                paring Incentive Structures Behind
                                                Fiscal Crisis by Niamh HARDIMAN
                                                ( - Sebastian
S61P224 Civil Societies and Social              DELLEPIANE AVELLANEDA (Sebas-
Contention: East-Central Europe in    
a European Perspective
                                              • 1687 - The Financial Crisis as Or-
  • 1104 - Civil Society as Informal Net-       ganisational Policy Window: From
    works: Role of Network Structure on         Soft to Hard Governance in the Dan-
    Political Outcomes by Gunes  ERTAN          ish Finance Ministry by Lotte JENSEN
     (                     (
  • 1554 - Transnational Activism of Social
    Movement Organisations: The Effect        • 1996 - Executive Responses to the
    of European Union Funding on Local          Global Financial Crisis in the United
    Groups in the Czech Republic by Ondrej      States:    Continuity in the Face
     CISAR  ( - Katerina      of Crisis by John KINCAID (kin-

  • 164 - Disobedience and Criticism. The
                                              • 3265 - Governance, Governing and the
    Ethos of Ombudsman’s Institution and
                                                Capacity of the State in Times of
    the ”East-European Revolution of Hu-
                                                Crisis by Felicity MATTHEWS (felic-
    man Rights” by Mate SZABO (sz-

  • 1683 - Nationalising the Protest: The     • 690 - Subnational Responses to the Fi-
    Structure and the Dynamics of the           nancial Crisis in Canada and the United
    Czech Antiwar Activism 2002-2009 by         States by John  CONSTANTELOS  (con-
    Jiri NAVRATIL (
S65P29 Rioting and Insurrectionary S66P95 Comparative Studies of So-
Collective Action in Comparative cial Structure and Party Choice
Perspective: Conceptual and Theo-
retical Concerns                     • 1612 - Religiosity and party choice
                                                in secularised societies by Paolo
                                                SEGATTI ( -
  • 1311 - The ’Peace Process’ as Shift         Kerman CALVO (
    from      Insurrectionary    Collec-        - José Ramon MONTERO (josera-
    tive Action by Colm CAMPBELL      
                                              • 1787 - How Far Away is the Capi-
                                                tal City? Geographical Remoteness
  • 3287 - Conceptualising Repertoires:         as an Element of the Centre-Periphery
    Violence   and     Other   -Familiarly      Cleavage, and its Impact on Individ-
    Unknown- Entities by Seraphim               ual Vote Choice by Lorenzo DE SIO
    SEFERIADES     (     -      ( - Cristiano VEZ-
    Loukia   KOTRONAKI       (kotronakilo-      ZONI (
                                              • 2467 - The education effect: Working
                                                class voting for radical right par-
  • 3533 - Narratives of Insurrection, Con-     ties in Western Europe by Rune
    ceptualisations of Rage: Accounts of        STUBAGER          (
    the Riots of December 14 in the Self-       - Elisabeth IVARSFLATEN (elisa-
    Produced Media of the Italian Stu-
    dent Movement by Lorenzo ZAMPONI
    (               • 3560 - Political Groups of the
                                                European     Parliament    and      So-
                                                cial Structure by Ioannis  AN-
  • 3799 - Violent Protests in Un-
                                                DREADIS           (
    democratic Settings:     The Riot in
                                                -       Theodore        CHADJIPADELIS
    Moscow’s Manezh Square by Sofia
    TIPALDOU ( -
    Francesc SERRA I MASSANSALVADOR           • 748 - The Gender Gap in Voting Re-
    (                    visited - Women’s Party Preferences
                                                in a European Context by Simone
  • 457 - The Concept of Moral Econ-            ABENDSCHON (abendschoen@soz.uni-
    omy Applied to Riots and Protest in - Stephanie STEINMETZ
    Poor Countries: How it Helps, Why it        (
    Should be Used with Caution – An Ex-
    ample with Mali by Johanna SIMANT
    (   S67P196 Seeking Second-Best Solu-
                                tions: Climate Justice and Non-
  • 95 - “We Want More, We Want Ideal Theory
    More …” Bystander Responses, Trickle
    Down Politics and Xenophobic Mo-          • 106 - Radically Non-Ideal Climate
    bilisation by Robert Braun BRAUN            Politics and the Obligation to at
    ( - Ruud KOOP-            Least Vote Green by Aaron MALTAIS
    MANS (                    (
 • 2572    -  Legitimate   Expectations         ( - Paper
   and Non-Ideal Duties in Climate             Discussant
   Justice   by    Pranay   SANKLECHA
                                             • 3431 - Governed by Law?       Second
   ( - Lukas
                                               Referrals to the European Court
   MEYER (
                                               of Justice as a Mode of Gover-
 • 3720 - Climate Change, Individual and       nance by Nikolas Milan RAJKOVIC
   Collective Responsibility by Theresa        (
   SCAVENIUS (                    -       Gerda     FALKNER      (niko-
 • 786 - Hidden Beneath the Sur-
   face: Environmental Migrants, De-
   territorialised States, and Ocean
   Sovereignty by Jörgen ÖDALEN (Jor- S74P359 Deliberation and Differ-         ence
                                             • 1628 - Responsiveness in the Flemish
                                               Headscarf Debate: A Transformative
S73P548 Judicial Policy-Making as a            Approach to ’Inclusion’ by Eline SEVERS
Mode of Governance                             (

 • 1494 - The Constitutional Governance      • 2793 - Negotiating Justice in In-
   of Supreme Courts in the Euro-              ternational Politics:     Experiences
   pean Union by Nicolas LERON (nico-          from      Multilateral   Negotiations                        on Climate Change and Bio-
                                               diversity    by    Linda   WALLBOTT
 • 2055 - The European Court of Justice in     (
   times of Soft Governance by Stijn SMIS-
   MANS (            • 448 - Who Profits in Pub-
                                               lic Deliberation?          by Caro-
 • 2120 - Triggering Policy Expansion          line      LEE    (
   Instead of Adjustment?       The ECJ’s      -     Kelly     MCNULTY       (mcnul-
   Judgments in Public Procurement    - Sarah  SHAFFER
   2008-2010 and Reactions within the           (
   EU Member States by Detlef SACK
                                             • 589 - Democratic Organisational Learn-
                                               ing Processes in Social Movements by
 • 2127 - The Effect of the Judiciary-         Federico ROSSI (
   Induced Policy Development: Collec-
   tive Order Versus Individual Rights
   in EU Social and Employment Policy S78P595 The Representation
   by Ryosuke AMIYA-NAKADA (r.amiya-
                                       Immigrant-Origin Minorities
                                Political Office, Interest Groups
 • 2330 - ECUE and Human Rights and Religious Organisations
   Protection   in    Public      Security
   Cases:     Governance by Judicial         • 1745 - Religious Minorities in British
   Decision Vs.    Governance by Pol-          Politics: Pressure Groups or Groups
   itics by Michael  ROMANN  (ro-              Under Pressure? by Ekaterina  KOLPIN- - Pierre  NOREAU       SKAYA  (
 • 2299 - Religious Organisations and         itarian Law by Margarita PETROVA
   the Political Process:Tthe Local In-       (
   vestment of Muslim Representatives
                                            • 3552 - International Institutions and
   in Brussels by Corinne TORREKENS
                                              Distributive Effects: the Baseline Prob-
                                              lem by martin WESTERGREN (mar-
 • 2605 - How Do Muslim Organisations
   Define Integration? A German-Dutch       • 3578 - Transnational Legal Frag-
   Comparison by Matthias KORT-               mentation : The Inflation of Soft
   MANN        (matthias.kortmann@uni-        Law Agreements by Asmara KLEIN                               (
 • 2716 - The New Immigrant Elite in Ger-   • 510 - Shifting Alliances: The Interna-
   man Politics: Representation in City       tional Criminal Court and the Fight
   Councils by Karen SCHOENWAELDER            over the Crime of Aggression by Medlir
   (                 MEMA (
   -      Daniel    VOLKERT        (volk- - Cihan SINANOGLU        • 882 - The EU Children’s Rights Policy
   (                     and Transnational Lobby: Good Inten-
                                              tions Gone Astray? by Ingi IUSMEN
 • 724 - Ethnic Minorities in Local           (
   Political Parties.     A Case Study
   of three Belgian Cities: Antwerp,
   Ghent and Leuven by Floor EELBODE
                                         S83P421 Digital Media and Partic-
   (    -   Bram
   WAUTERS ( ipatory Democracy: Bridging the
   - Karen CELIS ( Political Gap?

                                            • 290 - ICTs and Institutions of Represen-
                                              tation: What is New on Information
S82P478 Transnational Access to               Provision, Interactivity and Citizens’
International Institutions: Where,            Participation on the Web? by Vasiliki
Why and How Does it Matter?                    TRIGA  (
                                            • 3686 - ”Extended Infomercials” or ”Pol-
 • 1371 - Signalling Environmental Stew-      itics 2.0”? A Study of Swedish Politi-
   ardship in Corrupt Societies: The          cal Party Websites Before, During and
   Case of ISO 14001 by Daniel BERLINER       After the 2010 Election by Anders Olof
   ( - Aseem        LARSSON (
                                            • 4000 - The (un)intended Mobilisa-
 • 2193 - The Organisational Structure of     tion Effects of Social Networking
   Transnational Rule-Making: Analysing       Sites for New Forms of Politi-
   the Effects of Global Rule-Making          cal Engagement by Sara  VISSERS
   Organisations by Agni KALFAGIANNI           ( - Dietlind
   (                STOLLE  (
 • 3045 - Transformations in Security       • 41 - Participation? I like it! The Im-
   Governance:   NGOs and the De-             pact of Social Digital Media on Po-
   velopment of International Human-          litical Participation: Evidence from
   the Brazilian Case by Anita BREUER           the World by Benoit  LEFEVRE
   ( - Bilal FA-         (
   ROOQ (
                                              • 2456 - How the Second Delta Com-
 • 573 - Internet use and Political             mittee Set the Agenda for Climate
   Engagement: The Role of Discus-              Change Adaptation: A Dutch Case
   sion Networks as a Pathway to                Study on Framing Strategies for
   Participation.    by Rachel  GIBSON          Policy Change by Simon  VERDUIJN
    (             (
   -           Marta         CANTIJOCH        • 482 - Adaptation to Climate Change as
    (          Ecological Modernisation: Australian
   -             David            CUTTS         Experience by Mikael GRANBERG
    (              (     -  Leigh
 • 584 - Electoral Participation on the         GLOVER (
   Internet - Mobilising the Mobilised or
   Bringing Citizens Back In? by Thomas
   ZITTEL     ( S93P476 Sub-National Actors and
   - Eilika FREUND (e.freund@soz.uni- the Institutionalisation of Euro-                            pean Spaces
                                              • 1247 - Bridges over Troubled Waters:
S92P417 Adaptation to Climate                   Trans-Border Region-Building Across
                                                the EU’s Eastern Borders by Anaïs
Change on National, Regional and
                                                MARIN (
Local Levels
                                              • 2372 - Regional Reform in Norway - Eu-
 • 1022 - Connecting Public and Private         ropean Exceptionalism? by Peter ARBO
   Sector Agendas for Climate Adaptation        ( - Oddbjørn BUKVE
   in the Netherlands, A Complexity Lead-       (
   ership Perspective by Peter SCHOLTEN
                                              • 3197 - The European Institutionalisa-
   ( - Sander
                                                tion of the Serbia-Croatia Borderland
                                                from a Local Perspective: Discussing
 • 1638 - Adaptation to Climate Change          Reinterpretations and Real Effects by
   in the Water Sector in Norway                Cyril BLONDEL (
   – Local Capabilities for Proactive         • 71 - Imposing cooperation: horizontal
   Strategies in a Changing Institutional       partnership as part of EU cohesion pol-
   Framework by Sissel HOVIK (sis-              icy programs in Polish, Czech and Hun- - Jon NAUSTDAL-           garian regions by Marcin DABROWSKI
   SLID ( - Marit      (
   REITAN (marit.reitan@SVT.NTNU.NO)
   -          Tone          MUTHANNA
                                             S96P431 Bureaucratic Autonomy
 • 2039 - Adapting Cities to Cli- Revisited
   mate Change:     Confronting Sci-
   ences and Local Experiences, in    • 1045 - Does Task Matter? The Effect of
   France and in Leader-Cities Around   Task on the Establishment, Autonomy
   and Functioning of Semi-Autonomous         from Rural Norway by Hilde BJORNA
   Agencies by Sandra VAN THIEL (van-         ( - Kutsal YESILKAGIT
   (                    • 1707 - Women and Minorities as
                                               Challengers to the Partisan Repre-
 • 2153 - Regulation without Represen-         sentation Model.      An Analysis of
   tation? Stakeholder Representation          group representation and electoral
   in the Regulatory Process by Kut-           quota design. by Elin BJARNEGÅRD
   sal YESILKAGIT ( -     (
   Adriejan VAN VEEN (         -            P?r          ZETTERBERG
 • 2823     -    Explaining   Organisa-
   tional Autonomy in the Pub-               • 2265 - From Votes to Seats to Power:
   lic Sector by Koen  VERHOEST                Strategies and Flaws of Political
    (            Representation by Sbastien SOCQU
   -            Jan            ROMMEL          ( - Simon
    (               TOUBEAU (
 • 3940 - Same Task – Different Perfor-      • 3449 - Local Side Effects of a
   mance? Exploiting Federalism in the         French   Nationally  Decided   Re-
   Comparative Analysis of Institutions by     form    by   Thomas    PROCUREUR
   Falk EBINGER (          (
 • 702 - Regulatory Independence over
   Time: The Development of the Regu-
   latory State in Switzerland by Martino S99P491 European Integration and
    MAGGETTI  ( - Changing National Social Policy In-
   Fabrizio  GILARDI  (
   - Fabio  SERVALLI  (
 • 747 - Bureaucratic Autonomy in a          • 1157 - Translating European Health
   Multi-Level Institutional System: The       Policy Models: Comparing Primary
   Case of EU Agencies by Arndt WONKA          Care Reforms in England, Germany
   (               and Russia by Viola BURAU (vi-
                                      - Ellen KUHLMANN
                                               ( - Pavel RO-
                                               MANOV (
S98P215 Electoral Reform and Polit-            -      Elena       IARSKAIA-SMIRNOVA
ical Representation                            (

 • 1056 - Managing Hegemonic Con-            • 2729 - Changes and Continuities of
   trol by Use of National Electoral           European Social Policy by Sinem BAL
   Systems in Autonomous Regions:              (
   Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland
   Islands Compared by Jurgen ELKLIT         • 2966 - EU Modelled Information as
   ( - Jan SUNDBERG            a Guide for National Welfare Re-
   (                  formers: Studying the Europeanisa-
                                               tion of Employment Policies in France
 • 1599 - Gender Balance and Institu-          and Portugal by Helene CAUNE (he-
   tions in Local Government– Examples
 • 3095 - Convergence, Divergence           Century by Sandrina ANTUNES (san-
   or Persistence of Welfare Policy
   Institutions in the Enlarged Eu-
   ropean Union?       by Kati KUITTO
   ( - Detlef
   JAHN ( - Nils
                                         S109P483 Using Critical Approaches
   DÜPONT ( to Make Sense of Ambiguity in Pub-
                                              lic Policy
 • 3243 - Revisiting the Ship - At an
   Attempt to Understand the Imple-             • 103 - Collaborative Governance: What’s
   mentation Strategies Chosen on                 the Point?      by Helen DICKINSON
   Romania by Bettina WAGNER (bet-                ( - Helen                         SULLIVAN (

                                                • 2191 - Managing to Lead?   The
                                                  Affective Realm of the Trainee
S103P439 Extreme Political Atti-                  Health Manager by Tim FREEMAN
tudes: Fanaticism, Radicalism and                 (
                                                • 2218 - Becoming a ‘Social Enter-
 • 1800 - Extreme Political Attitudes             prise’: The Case of ‘Right to Re-
   and Emotionally Based Strategic                quest’ Policy in the English Na-
   Communications by Armano SRBLJI-               tional Health Service by Ross MILLAR
   NOVIC        (Armano.Srbljinovic@kc.t-         ( - Robin MILLER - Kresimir COSIC (Kres-                ( - Tim FREE- - Sinisa POPOVIC            MAN ( - Kelly
   (  -   Ivica         HALL (
   KOSTOVIC ( - Milos           • 2359 - Making Sense of Ambiguity in
   JUDAS ( - Mario                 UK Urban Policy: Using Laclau’s Ar-
   VUKSIC (                    ticulation of Discursive Lack to Ex-
 • 3561 - The ‘Radicalisation’ of Political       plain the Unintended Consequences
   Language, a Tsunami over the Nether-           of Regeneration by Alyson NICHOLDS
   lands?       by Lieuwe KALKHOVEN               (
   (                  • 3689 - Governing Organ Donation. The
   -     Christ’l    DE      LANDTSHEER           Fragility of Organ Donation Policy Dis-
   (                course and Practice in the Netherlands
 • 478 - The Inconspicuous Islamist Radi-         by Katharina PAUL ( -
   cal by Daniela PISOIU (         Roland BAL (

 • 988 - Nationalism, Patriotism, and
   Something Else by Horst-Alfred HEIN- S110P181 Sustainable development
   RICH       (Horst-Alfred.Heinrich@uni-
                                          and economic crises: Concepts and
 • 999 - Pragmatic Nationalists in Eu-
   rope: The New portrait of Flemish            • 2302 - Sustainability and Regime
   and Scottish Nationalists in the XXI           Type - Democracies and Autocracies
   in Comparison by Stefan WURSTER          ( - Georg
   (              LUTZ ( - Jan
                                            ROSSET (
 • 2851 - Sustainable Development
   and Economic Crises: An Empirical
   Review of Patterns of Social and
   Environmental Policy Change in 24
   OECD Countries by Sophie Magdalene
   SCHMITT ( -
   Christoph KNILL (christoph.knill@uni-     -    Jale     TOSUN
   (        -
   Kai      SCHULZE    (kai.schulze@uni-

 • 708 - Austerity, Blame Avoidance, and
   the Politics of Partisan Retrenchment
   by Carsten JENSEN (
   - Peter MORTENSEN (

S110P320 Representation and Voter

 • 1366 - Is Compulsory Voting a Remedy?
   Evidence from the 2001 Polish Parlia-
   mentary Elections by Mikolaj  CZESNIK

 • 1446 - Are Parties Responsive to
   Group Turnout?        Relative Turnout
   of the Poor and Responsiveness of
   Parties in Western Europe by Julian
   BERNAUER         (julian.bernauer@uni-      -     Jan     ROSSET
   ( - Nathalie
   GIGER       (Nathalie.Giger@mzes.uni-

 • 3391 - Policy (in)congruence +
   Abstention in European Democ-
   racies      by    Zoe       LEFKOFRIDI
   ( - Aina

 • 808 - The Political Preferences of
   Political Elites, Voters and Non-
   Voters in Europe by Kathrin KISSAU
26 August, 1100-1240

S2P434 Gender and Critical Security

 • 1074 - Born Warriors, Reliable Profes-
   sionals and Sensitive Dads – A Critical
   Look at Performances and Discourses
   of Finnish Peacekeeper Masculinities
   by Anne MÄKI-RAHKOLA (anne.maki- - Henri MYRTTINEN

 • 2231 - Gender and Positive Security by
   Paul ROE (

 • 300 - From Reconciliation to Jus-
   tice:       Women’s experiences of
   conflict and transition in Sierra
   Leone by Carley ROBB-JACKSON

S4P143     Republicans     versus
Democrats:    Domestic Politics
and the Obama Foreign Policy

 • 2610 - A Movement Divided: The Tea
   Party, The Republican Party, and the
   Future of US Foreign Policy by Mark

 • 3605 - Vulnerable Flanks? Obama’s
   Cautious Foreign Policy and the
   left-right divide by Adam QUINN

 • 639 - The Power of Interoper-
   ability:   Arms Trade and Ameri-
   can Primacy by Srdjan  VUCETIC

 • 819 - American Perspectives on
   Obama’s Foreign Policy by John  DUM-
   BRELL  (
S5P155 Supporter Networks, Blogs,               -         Eline       DE          ROOIJ
Tweets, and YouTube Videos: Polit-              (
ical Campaigns Online                         • 1470 - Europe: Governing Cultural Di-
                                                versity and its Heritage Towards Unity
 • 175 - Do People “like” Candidates
                                                by Roel  DURING  (
   on Facebook?        Not really-From
   Direct to Institutional and Indi-          • 3037 - Won’t You Be My Neighbour?
   rect Effects of Social Media in              European Attitudes to Neighbour-
   Politics by Rasmus Kleis NIELSEN             hood Diversity and Latent Variables
   (           by Martina KLICPEROVA (klicperov-
   -      Cristian    VACCARI        (cris- - Jaroslav KOSTAL                      (
 • 350 - val2010 – Twitter use dur-
                                              • 3824 - Political Discourses of Diver-
   ing the 2010 Swedish Election Cam-
                                                sity and Immigration Across Europe by
   paign by Anders Olof LARSSON (an-
                                                Robert SATA ( - Hallvard MOE

 • 509 - Bloggers and Political Partic-
                                          S18P71 The Foreign Policies of Rene-
   ipation in Canada by Thierry GIAS-
   SON ( gade States
   -            Harold          JANSEN
   ( - Ganaele       • 129 - The Category of the Rogue: Ontol-
   LANGLOIS (          ogy and Politics by Jorg KUSTERMANS
 • 945 - Online Communication Reper-
   toires in Electoral Campaigning 2.0      • 1669 - “Odd States Out”: The Foreign
   – The Case of 2010 Italian Regional        Policy of Renegade States and the
   Elections by Giovanna MASCHERONI           Limits of International Peer Pressure
   ( - Alice     in the case of Syria by Magdalena
   MATTONI (           KIRCHNER (magdalena.kirchner@uni-
                                     - Sebastian HAR-
                                              NISCH         (sebastian.harnisch@uni-
S9P378 Ethnic and National Diver-
sity and Democracy in Europe                  • 40 - Norm Revolutionary: Iran as
                                                a Counter-Hegemonic Norm En-
 • 1116 - Governing Europe Through              trepreneur in the Non-Proliferation
   Civil   Society   by    Acar  KUTAY          Regime by Carmen WUNDERLICH
    (                     (
 • 1357 - Being Proud of the Nation           • 697 - Renegade States and Inter-
   Fosters Political Participation? On the      national Law by Wouter WERNER
   Causal Mechanisms between National           (
   Pride and Political Engagement by
   Tim REESKENS (           • 717 - Rebels with a Cause? Dissident
   - Matthew WRIGHT (Matthewun-                 Foreign Policy and the (Re-) Pro-              duction of International Politics by
    Christian WEBER (            Post-Communist Countries by Bianca - Gunther HELLMANN              ROMAN  (biancaunderscoreralucaun-
    (    -
    Daniel JACOBI (
                                               • 2940 - The Autonomy of Faith Schools
                                                 in the Light of the Strasbourg Juris-
                                                 diction by Javier MARTINEZ-TORRON
S23P189 Democracy by Perfor-                     ( - Maria Jose
mance?: Trends, Ideas and Devel-                 VALERO (
opments in Local Governance
                                               • 3133 - The Impact of School Char-
  • 1029 - How Increased Transparency in         acteristics on the Development
    Decision-making Affects Perceived Le-        of     Ethnocentrism    among    Ado-
    gitimacy – The Case of Priority Setting      lescents.      by Nele  HAVERMANS
    in Public Health Care by Jenny DE FINE        (
    LICHT (          -              Ellen            CLAES
  • 1658 - Democratic Legitimacy by
    Performance?      A Framework for
                                               • 962 - Faith Based Schools and the
    Empirical Research by Asbjørn RØISE-
                                                 Limits of Religious Diversity in On-
    LAND ( - Jon PIERRE
                                                 tario (Canada) by Leo  VAN ARRAGON
  • 2205 - Municipal Service Perfor-
    mance in a Spanish Public Ad-              • 965 - Modernity, Europe and the Na-
    ministration:    The Role of In-             tion through the ‘Faith School’ Debate
    stitutional and Managerial Fac-              in the Contemporary UK by Atsuko
    tors by Miquel SALVADOR SERNA                ICHIJO (
    ( - David
    SANCHO (
  • 2241 - Legitimate, Efficient and Effec- S29P616 Evaluating the State of
    tive Water Governance? A Compar- Democracy: Different Approaches
    ative Analysis of England, Germany and Methodologies
    and Switzerland by Eva LIEBERHERR
                                              • 1026 - Evaluating Political Systems: Fo-
  • 2842 - Between procedure and per-           cus on the Political Performance and
    formance: Seeking democratic qual-          the Quality of Democracy by John
    ity into local policies by Maria Tullia     HÖGSTRÖM (
                                              • 1454 - Unfinished Transformations:
                                                Why Administrative Reform is an Im-
                                                portant Factor Affecting the Quality of
S26P208 Faith Schools in Liberal                Democracy in Central and Eastern Eu-
Secular States: Identity, Integra-              rope by Antoaneta DIMITROVA (Dim-
tion and Citizenship                  

  • 235 - Neo-Protestant Confessional          • 3162 - Analysing Change in the Qual-
    Schools and Religious Values in              ity of Democracy:     A Theoretical
   Perspective by Luca TOMINI (lto- S32P368 Between Structure and - Ramona COMAN (ra- Power: Explaining Budgetary Deci-               sion Making
 • 3276 - The Quality of Government: A      • 1747 - Managing Public Performance
   Theoretical Framework for the Em-          through Budgetary Incentives: Ap-
   pirical Analysis by Luca TOMINI (lto-      propriate Regardless the Conse-                            quences?    by Maarten DE JONG
 • 3665 - Measuring the Quality of          • 1809 - Distributive Policies in Par-
   Democracy - Facing Protracted              liamentary Systems: The Interplay
   Democratisation Processes in the           between Electoral and Fiscal In-
   Western Balkans by Vedran DZIHIC           stitutions by Fabio FRANCHINO
   ( - Angela      ( - Marco
   WIESER (        MAINENTI (
                                            • 1812 - Effectiveness and Credibility
                                              of Post-Crisis Consolidating in OECD
                                              Countries by Dirk-Jan  KRAAN  (Dirk-
S31P28 High-Skilled Immigration:    
Opportunities and Challenges
                                            • 299 - Modelling Budgetary Decision
                                              Making as a Multi-Layered Game
 • 1871 - When You Have to Look
                                              by Bernard STEUNENBERG (steunen-
   Elsewhere For the Knowledge Econ-
   omy: The Role of High-Skilled Im-
   migration Policy by Lucie CERNA (lu-     • 3507 - Electoral Budget Cycles in               the EMU: A Challenge to Context
                                              Conditionality by Joachim  WEHNER
 • 2822 - Post-Graduation Strategies for       (
   Students From Developing Countries:     • 588 - How to Waste a Crisis: a Model
   Exploring Four Developed Countries        of Budget Cuts by David  HUGH-JONES
   in Terms of Brain Drain/Gain + Brain       (
   Circulation by Elisabeth EPPING
   ( - Ann MORIS-
   SENS          (
   -          Hans          VOSSENSTEYN S36P571 Legitimating Authoritarian
   (           Rule: National and International
 • 335 - Russian Brain Drain: Current
   Trends and Policies by Andrei  KO-       • 1105 - Legitimating Authoritarian Re-
   ROBKOV  (                form: How Non-Democratic Regimes
                                              Seek Legitimacy for Policy Shifts by
                                              Bert  HOFFMANN  (hoffmann@giga-
 • 772 - Managing High-Skilled Labour
   Migration in Europe: Debates and
   Policy Outcomes by Elif CETIN            • 1397 - From Nasser to Nasrallah: Au-
   (                          thoritarian Regimes and the Regional
   Politics of Challenge in the Arab Mid-     • 311 - Rules of Disengagement: Processes
   dle East by Andr BANK (bank@giga-            of Terrorist Disbandment in Spain by                                  Diego MURO (

 • 2298 - Belarusians Historians and          • 3616 - Exiting Political Violence:
   Legitimating of an Authoritarian             The Northern Ireland Case and
   State by Anna ZADORA (annaunder-             the    Importance    of  Providing                     Militants with a Viable “Exit
                                                Strategy” by Peter MCLOUGHLIN
 • 2538 - Insecure Regimes, the ‘Others’,       (
   and Islam in West Africa by Cedric
   JOURDE (                • 3713 - Exiting Islamist Violence in Al-
                                                geria (1989-1999) by Belaala SALMA
 • 3888 - An Authoritarian Region within        (
   a Liberal World Order - Exploring the
   Tensions in Liberalism and its Impli-
   cations for the Middle East by Morten
   VALBJORN ( - Georg
                                         S43P65 Multi-Level Politics and Eu-
   SØRENSEN (            rope: Regional Attitudes Towards
                                             the Rotating Presidency after the
 • 574 - The Factual Power of the            Lisbon Treaty
   Normative: China as Authoritarian
   Role Model?       by Heike HOLBIG          • 1151 - The Spanish Presidency of
   (                the Council of the European Union
                                                and Autonomous Communities: A
                                                Sea of Doubts by Mirna NOUVILAS
S38P86 Exiting Political Violence               ( - Susana BEL-
                                                TRAN (
 • 1320 - Sharp Ends: Violent Social Move-    • 2441 - Patterns of Regional Mobilisation
   ments and Peace Processes by Colm            on Lisbon Treaty Consultation by Giulia
   CAMPBELL (           SANDRI (
 • 1711    -   Negotiated   deradicalisa-     • 2542 - Policy Involvement of the Re-
   tion in the Irish peace pro-                 gions During the 2010 Presidency of the
   cess by Niall O DOCHARTAIGH                  EU Council by Regis DANDOY (rdan-
   (   - Jorge TUÑÓN (jor-
 • 2346 - How Terrorist Campaigns End:
   Insights from Primary Source Based         • 2740 - Regionalist Party Dynamics in
   Case Studies on the Rode Jeugd in            Multilevel Party Systems by Emanuele
   the Netherlands and the Symbionese            MASSETTI        (
   Liberation Army by Leena  MALKKI             -    Arjan    H.      SCHAKEL      (as-
 • 2495 - Ripe Moments for Exiting Po-        • 303 - Regional Legislative Assemblies in
   litical Violence – an Heuristic Model        post-Lisbon EU: a Small and Funny and
   from Northern Ireland and its Ap-            Fine Case against Intergovernmental-
   plication in Kashmir by John DOYLE           ism by Cristina ARES CASTRO-CONDE
   (                          (
S45P212 Contextual Effects on Par-             • 3432 - Political Parties and EU Ref-
ticipation and Trust                             erendums in Denmark and Ireland:
                                                 A Toxic Mix? by John  FITZGIBBON
  • 1290 - Ethnic Diversity and its Supposed      (
    Detrimental Effect on Social Cohesion;
    Why Theory Failed a Review of >30
    Empirical Studies by Jochem  TOLSMA
                                             S49P445 New Perspectives on the
     ( - Tom  VAN DER
    MEER  (          Study of Just and Durable Peace

  • 2167 - Generalised Trust and Ethnic        • 1023 - Peace Agreements, Justice
    Diversity of the Micro-Context by Peter      and Durable Peace by Stina  HOG-
    Thisted DINESEN (             BLADH        (
    - Kim Mannemar SØNDERSKOV                    -    Peter        WALLENSTEEN      (pe-
    (                       - Erik  ME-
                                                 LANDER  (
  • 3893 - Friends and Money: Indi-
    vidual and Contextual Determinants         • 409 - Beyond Justice Versus Peace:
    of Social Networks by Inta MIE-              Transitional Justice and Peacebuild-
    RINA ( - Na-          ing Strategies by Chandra SRIRAM
    talia LETKI (     ( - Olga MARTIN-
                                                 ORTEGA ( - Johanna
  • 3905    -   Trust,    Welfare  States        HERMAN (
    and Inequality:        What Causes
    What?      by Christian  BJOERNSKOV        • 715 - Security, Peace and Jus-
     ( - Andreas  BERGH              tice   by    Adrian  HYDE-PRICE
     (                    (

                                               • 754 - From Peacebuilding as Resistance
                                                 to Peacebuilding as Liberation by Oliver
S46P521 The Role of Political Parties            RICHMOND (
and Elites in Convening EU Referen-
  • 162 - The Politics of Pledging EU Ref- S50P493 Problems of Comparative
    erendums. A Typology of Reasons for Regionalism Studies Between Euro-
    Governments to Commit to Referen- pean Union and Latin America
    dums on European Integration by Kai
     OPPERMANN  (Kai.Oppermann@uni-          • 1836 - Beyond Free Trade: UNA-                                  SUR and Post-Neoliberalism in Re-
                                               gional Integration by Jose BRICENO
  • 3012 - Elites and Political Parties vs.    - RUIZ (
    Citizens: EU Identity Contra Value         -     Andrea     RIBEIRO-HOFFMANN
    Differences? by Axel HUELSEMEYER           (andrea.ribeirounderscorehoffmann@uni-
    -             Mebs               KANJI
    (             -  • 1873 - Comparing the European Union
    Kerry       TANNAHILL        (kerrytan-    and ASEAN – Lead Model Versus                          Idiosyncratic Institution-Building by
   Bernhard STAHL (bernhard.stahl@uni-      S61P263 Organised Civil Society and                               Democratic Governance: Norma-
  • 1941 - The Monological Discourse of Eu- tive Considerations and Empirical
    ropean Integration: How Latin Amer- Assessments
   ican Voices and Experiences are Si-
   lenced by Flavia GUERRA-CAVALCANTI       • 1258 - The European Transparency
   (           Register:  Developing Participatory
                                              Governance? by Justin GREENWOOD
  • 3041 - The Central American Con-          (  -    Isabel
    stitutional Identity a Study of the       DE CASTRO ASARTA (
    Constitutional Imitation Phenomenon
    in the Integration Process of the
    Region by Lidia Patricia CASTILLO       • 1645 - Analysing the Democratic Cre-
    AMAYA       (     dentials of the ’Accountability Web’ in
    -          Michele         CARDUCCI       EU Governance: The Potential Role of
    (          Civil Society Organisations by Thorsten
                                              HUELLER (
  • 3709 - Transfer of the European
    Regional    Policy to   the   Latin     • 460 - Transmission Belts or Satellites?
    America by Ida MUSIALKOWSKA               How Transnational CSOs Interact with
    (             their Constituents by Jens STEFFEK
                                              ( - Kristina
  • 417 - Irregular Migration Manage-         HAHN        (kristina.hahn@sfb597.uni-
    ment: European Union’s Influence
    on MERCOSUR and South Amer-
    ican Countries by Diego ACOSTA          • 907 - Civil Society Attempts to
    (                Democratise the ASEAN by Anders
                                               UHLIN  (

S58P269 Turkish Transformation
                                         S63P298 Taking Administrative In-
from Institutionalist Perspectives:
                                         stitutions Seriously. The Mecha-
State Quality and Democratic De-
                                         nisms of Administrative Change in
                                         Comparative Historical Institution-
  • 13 - Paths Beyond Stability: Turkish alist Perspective
   Constitutional Amendments by Zeki
   SARIGIL (         • 1355 - Theorising and Conceptualising
                                              Jurisdictional Change by Berthold
  • 2933 - The Evolution of the Gender        RITTBERGER (berthold.rittberger@uni-
    Equality Policy in Turkey by Senay           -       Stefan
     ERAY  (              GOETZE              (goetze@mail.uni-
                                     - Rebecca ROTHKEHL
  • 495 - The ‘Unsettled Relationship’:       (
    Turkey’s path to EU Membership from
    a New Institutionalist Perspective by   • 1639 - Is the Tortoise still Plodding
    Gulay ICOZ (GunderscoreICOZunder-         Along? Institutional Constraints and
    scoreGOLD@HOTMAIL.COM)                    Administrative Reforms in Germany
   by Kai WEGRICH (wegrich@hertie-           • 3964 - Physics, Natura and the Na-                                 ture of Relationship Between Politics
                                               and Physics by Despoina POTARI (de-
 • 383 - Mechanisms and Change: the
   Case of the Italian Public Adminis-
   tration Reforms by Francesco  STOLFI      • 410 - Alienations and Natures by Simon
    ( - Alessandro  NA-     HAILWOOD (
   TALINI  (
 • 604 - Green Growth in an Age of           • 704 - The Pitfalls of Following Na-
   Austerity: The Red Queen Dilemma            ture. Stoic Appeals to Nature as a Nor-
   in Public Policy by Robert COX              mative Guideline by Christoph JEDAN
   (                              (

 • 822 - Administrative Reform Policies as
   Institutions: Timing and Sequencing
   as Explanatory Variables by Salvador S65P32 Climate Justice and the
   PARRADO ( - Scale of Contentious Politics
   Philippe BEZES (
                                           • 1321 - Cycles and Scales of Con-
 • 940 - Institutional Plasticity, Non-
                                             tention:   Patterns of UK Climate
   Credible Commitments and the Politics
                                             Justice Action by Alexandra PLOWS
   of Congressional Ethics: Or, How Over
   Time, Even Toothless Rules Can Bite
   by Denis SAINT-MARTIN (denis.saint-     • 1396 - Climate Protest and the Cli-                      mate Movement:         Charting and
                                               Explaining Variation in Frames among
                                               Climate Summit Protestors in Three
S64P96 The Concept of Nature in                Countries by Mattias WAHLSTRÖM
Politics                                       (
                                               -         Christopher         ROOTES
 • 1072    -    Conceptions   of  Na-          (             -
   ture in Theories of Citisenship             Magnus       WENNERHAG          (mag-
   by      Carme      MELO-ESCRIHUELA
 • 143 - The Concept of Nature in Lib-
   ertarianism by Marcel WISSENBURG S66P97 The Electoral Cycle Revis-
   (             ited
 • 2717 - Highlands Commons, Na-
   ture Conservation and ‘The Ecol-          • 1625 - The Geography of Electoral Cycle
   ogy of Chaos’ by Liviu MANTESCU             in Northern Italy by Cristiano VEZ-
   ( - Alberto ARROYO             ZONI        (
   SCHNELL (             -          Moreno            MANCOSU
 • 380 - Death and Resurrection?
   Nature after the End of Nature            • 1908 - Electoral Cycle Patterns in Roma-
   by    Manuel      ARIAS-MALDONADO           nia: Cycles, Amplitude, and Ordering
    (                            by Claudiu  TUFIS  (
 • 1985 - Adrift or Adroit? A Panel Study S74P406 Deliberative Democracy
   on Electoral Volatility in the Nether- and Development of a European
   lands 2006-2010 by Tom VAN DER MEER Public Sphere
   ( - Erika VAN
   ELSAS ( - Rozemar-   • 1856 - The European Public Sphere,
   ijn LUBBE (            Deliberative Politics and Engaged
                                              Translation by Nicole DOERR (ndo-
 • 3147 - Effects of Second-Order Elections
   on National Government Popularity:
   Evidence from Germany by Evelyn          • 1924 - Democracy in Hard Times: Does
   BYTZEK (       Deliberation Affect True Believers? by
                                              Pierangelo ISERNIA ( -
 • 3742 - The Second-Order Election           Kaat SMETS (
   Model in the National Context: The
   Electoral Cycle and Government           • 1925 - European Governance: Delib-
   Popularity in Japan by Airo HINO           erative, Participatory and Demo-
   ( - Ryosuke IMAI            cratic?       by Dawid  FRIEDRICH
   (                    (
                                             • 3559 - Deliberation?   Really? An
                                               Experimental Investigation as to
S67P24 Contemporary Practices of               Whether Deliberation Leads to En-
                                               hanced Democratic Trust and Le-
Responsibility in International Re-            gitimacy by Julie Hassing NIELSEN
lations                                        (

 • 3035 - State Responsibility, Property     • 427 - Reaching Agreement Across Lin-
   Rights and Environmental Damages:           guistic Divides: Democratic Delibera-
   Non-State Actors and Reparations in         tion in Belgium by Didier CALUWAERTS
   21st Century by Dragutin  NENEZIC           (

 • 3305 - Whose Responsibility?  The       S78P604 Public Opinion and Minor-
   Question of Responsibility in In-
   dividual and Collective Human
                                           ity Politics
   Rights Protection by Sassan GHO-
                                             • 1008 - National and minority
   LIAGHA (sassan.gholiagha@wiso.uni-
                                               identification  among   non-whites
                                               in Britain:    where is the trade-
 • 3929 - The Emergence of the ”Refugee”       off?    by Rahsaan  MAXWELL  (rah-
   and its Proper Place in the New   
   International Order by Erna BU-           • 2418 - Public Opinion on Refugee
   RAI        (buraiunderscoreerna@ceu-        Policy:      A Scandinavian Panel                               Analysis by Froy  GUDBRANDSEN
 • 823 - UN Humanitarian Interven-
   tions:   Between Legitimacy and           • 695 - The Anti-Prejudice Norm in
   Responsibility by Bianca SARBU              Britain: Effects on Policy Preferences,
   (                   Party Choice, and Campaign Support
   by Elisabeth IVARSFLATEN (Elisa-            -   Carmen    HARO        (carmenharo- - Robert
   FORD       (
   -             Scott          BLINDER      • 3299 - Hacking the Law: Internet-
   (             Rooted Campaigning on Intellec-
                                               tual Property Reform in the Eu-
 • 864 - Support for Ethnic Group-             ropean Union by Yana BREINDL
   Targeted   Welfare  Policies and            (
   Ethnic Tolerance in the Nether-
   lands by Marieke VAN LONDEN               • 3997 - From Politics Through Technol-
   ( - Marcel            ogy to Politics of Technology: Con-
   COENDERS (                 ceptualising Web-Native Collective Ac-
                                               tion Through Organisational Inno-
                                               vation by Damien LANFREY (dlan-
S82P518 The problem of legitimacy
                                             • 698 - How Leadership Contributes
in transnational governance
                                               to Collective Action Online: Real-
                                               Time Public Good Experiments
 • 2106 - The G20 and the Prospects for
                                               in the Laboratory by Peter JOHN
   Multilateralism in the Architecture of
   Global Governance by Flavia MELLO
                                               -      Helen       MARGETTS        (he-
                                               -        Stephane         REISSFELDER
S83P517 Digital Politics: Collective
Action Born in and From the Inter-
net                                  S92P447 The National Politics of
                                     Climate Change
 • 1386 - Online Mobilisation(s) Based on
   Political Friendship by Jarmo RINNE       • 2618 - Treadmills, Modernisation,
   (                        and the Crooked Path of US Cli-
                                               mate Policy by Marcus CARSON
 • 1920 - Becoming Engagable: Char-
   acteristics of Online Political Partic-
   ipation among Activists in South-         • 3165 - The Domestic Politics of Cli-
   ern Stockholm by Jakob  SVENSSON            mate Policy Failure in Australia by Kate
    (                    CROWLEY (
 • 1935 - Protest Mobilisation and           • 3259 - The Crisis of Climate Change
   Disagreement in Online Issue Net-           and the Resurgence of Government
   works by Camilo CRISTANCHO                  Capacity by Felicity MATTHEWS (felic-
 • 2277 - The new social movements in        • 3738 - Political and Economic Ca-
   Spain: the Protests for the Right to        pacities in National Climate Policies
   Housing as an immediate predeces-           - A Comparative Analysis of 25 EU
   sor of the 15M Movement by Víctor           Member States by André SCHAFFRIN
   SAMPEDRO (          (
 • 404 - Diverse Discourses and Local S96P448 Whole of Government Re-
   Perceptions on Climate Change in forms: organisation for ’Wicked Is-
   Turkey by Cigdem ADEM (cunderscore- sues’. Climate Change and Other
                                              Cross Border Issues
 • 627 - The French Environmen-                • 1390 - Reorganizing for internal se-
   tal Movement in the Era of Cli-               curity and crisis management. The
   mate Change by Graeme HAYES                   case of Norway.      by Peter LANGO
   ( - Sylvie OLLI-        ( - Per LÆ-
   TRAULT (sylvie.ollitrault.1@sciencespo-       GREID ( - Lise                                    Hellebø RYKKJA (
 • 902 - National Climate Politics and the     • 332 - The Structural Anatomy of
   demise of the Australian Carbon Pol-          ’Wicked Issues’:     Continuity and
   lution Reduction Scheme: A Political          Change in the German Federal
   Strategy Analysis by Ian BAILEY (ibai-        Government by Julia FLEISCHER - Hugh COMP-              (
   STON ( - Iain
                                               • 3498 - Moving from ‘Why’ to ‘How’:
                                                 Critical Success Factors for Whole-
                                                 of-Government Initiatives that Link
                                                 Security and Development in Post-
S93P528 Institutionalising Euro-                 Conflict Zones by Jennifer BAECHLER
pean Spaces through Interdepen-
dence: Interactions and Practices              • 655 - Regulating Energy Efficiency. A
of International Organisations                   Comparative Study of Policy-Making
                                                 and Institutional Innovation by Volker
                                                 SCHNEIDER      (Volker.Schneider@uni-
 • 1463 - The Institutionalisation of EU´s
   External Relations with Eastern Euro-
   pean Countries by Bernhard ZEILINGER        • 706 - Organising for Transboundary
   (                Crises: Lessons from Recent Disasters
                                                 by Arjen BOIN (
 • 1513 - National Executives in De-
                                               • 863 - Organising Expert Knowledge for
   Nationalised Policy-Making: Sovereign
                                                 Policy-Making: The Case of Federal Re-
   Bureaucracies     or    Europeanised
                                                 search Agencies in Germany by Tobias
   Civil Services? by Eva HEIDBREDER
                                                 BACH ( -
                                                 Marian DÖHLER (m.doehler@ipw.uni-
 • 2674 - Turkish Administrations on the
   Way to the UE : Facing European Stake,
   Shaping European Spaces by Claire
   VISIER ( S99P613 The Bureaucracy and the
                                              Retrenchment of the Welfare State
 • 2834    -   The    Institutionalisation
   of the European Space of Sport              • 1517 - Policy Style and the Development
   by    Jean-François    POLO       (jean-      of Home Care Policies: A Compar-           ative Analysis of New Brunswick
   and Nova Scotia by Patrik MARIER           actionalist Theory by Theresa KUHN
   (               (
   -         Christopher       COOPER
                                            • 591 - Images of Europeans:     In-
 • 2033 - The Hybrid Head-Teacher: The        Group Trust and Support for Euro-
   Need of Hybrids as Deparadoxicifica-       pean Integration by Gaspare GENNA
   tion Machines in Times of Retrench-        (
   ment and Reform by Camilla SLØK
   ( - Dorthe PEDERSEN
   (                          • 631 - Regional Identity and Support
                                              for European Integration: A Cross-
 • 2096 - Retrenchment in Education           National Analysis by Anna BRIGEVICH
   Policy and the Proleterianisation of       (
   Teachers in Turkey by Mustafa Kemal

 • 3254 - The Role of Public Bureaucracies
   in the Reconfiguration of Welfare Poli- S107P130 Social Network Analysis
   cies: Some Empirical Evidence from
   the Italian Case by Nadia CARBONI (na-                    • 1943 - External Pressure, Domestic
                                               Transformations: A Social Network
 • 3451 - Instruments of Retrenchment:         Analysis of the Decision-Making Pro-
   Addressing the Link Between Politics        cess in Romania by Flavia  JURJE
   and Bureaucracy by Birgitta Gomez            (

                                            • 223 - Modelling History Depen-
                                              dence in Network-Behaviour Co
S103P440 National and European                evolution    by    Robert    FRANZESE
Identities and their Implications             ( - Jude HAYS
for European Integration                      (    -    Aya    KACHI
 • 1187 - Multiple Identities in Loosen-
   ing Boundaries The Impact of Territo-
   rial Loyalties on Mass Support for the   • 2250 - A Discourse Network Analy-
   European Integration by Linda BASILE       sis of Political Legitimacy by Sebas-
   (                        tian HAUNSS (sebastian.haunss@uni-
 • 1559 - Cosmopolitan Europeans
   or Partisans of Fortress Europe?
   Postnational Identity Patterns in        • 3950 - Explaining the Emergence
   the EU by Andrea SCHLENKER (an-            of Social Movement in an Un-                   democratic Setting using Social
                                              Network Analysis by Aine RAMON-
 • 3079 - Why Interacting Across Borders      AITE      (
   is Not Enough: Institutional and Indi-     -    Jurate    KAVALIAUSKAITE    (Ju-
   vidual Conditions for Deutsch’s Trans-
S109P520 Between Advocacy Coali-              and Herzegovina by       Sarah   RIESE
tion, Political Discourse and Pol-            (
icy Statement: How to Grasp Pol-            • 3386 - Kosovo and Montenegro:
icy Change Beyond Positivist Ap-              Why Divergent Paths to Reces-
proaches?                                     sion?       by Loretta DELL’AGUZZO
 • 2504 - Bringing about Change in
   Minority Protection Policy:        Co-   • 3532 - International Arbitration: A New
   herence and Consistency of EU              Mechanism to Settle Territorial Intra-
   Conditionality     Discourse    Revis-     State Disputes between States and
   ited    by    Liudmila    MIKALAYEVA       Secessionist Movements? by Cindy
   (        -     DAASE (
   Lilla BALÁZS (   • 372 - Can Somaliland Survive Without
 • 2587 - Non-Heroic Policy Entrepreneur-     International Recognition? by Scott
   ship: Conceptualising Agency in Trans-     PEGG (
   formations of Policy Fields by Andreas
                                            • 559 - ’R2P for Contested States? Some
                                              African Cases’ by Deon GELDENHUYS
 • 2752 - Trust and the Effective-            (
   ness of Policy Discourse as a
   Consensus/Legitimacy         Building
   Mechanism:      The Case of Greek
   Pension     Reform   1990-2002     by
 • 3556 - The Role of the Economic
   Expertise in Policies of Working Time
   Reduction:     An analysis of Parlia-
   mentary Debates Based on Lexical
   Analysis by Delphine REMILLON
   ( - Franck

S110P201 Contested States and Dis-
puted Sovereignties
 • 213 - Yielding to the Sons of the
   Soil:   The Paradox of Armenian
   Marginalisation in Abkhaz Politics by
   Pal KOLST (
   -         Helge         BLAKKISRUD
 • 3261   -   Peacebuilding in  Con-
   tested States: The Case of Bosnia
26 August, 1500-1640

S2P515 Policymaking: Insights and
Challenges from Gender and other
Equality Perspectives
 • 2121 - Policy Making in the Field of
   Domestic Violence: Western European
   Agenda and Southern European So-
   cial Model by Nino JAVAKHISHVILI

 • 3005 - The Russian Doll Effect: In-
   tersectionality and Identity Politics
   in Gender Equality Policies in Eu-
   rope by Marleen VAN DER HAAR
   ( - Mieke VER-
   LOO (

 • 3500 - Gender and Policy in Eu-
   rope: The Case of Policy Coherence
   for Development by Gill  ALLWOOD

 • 3569 - Last but not Least: Gender Sen-
   sitive Evaluation as a Forgotten Piece
   of the Policymaking Process by MARIA

S4P144 The Obama Administration
and International Terrorism
 • 1006 - Droning On: An Examina-
   tion of the Implications for American
   Counter-Terrorism of the Obama Ad-
   ministration’s Use of Drones by Steve

 • 3359 - American Anti-Terrorism Pol-
   icy and the Evolving Nature of new
   Liberal Hierarchy by Jason RALPH

 • 66 - Overcoming Fear:       Obama’s
   Counter-Terrorism Policy by Michelle
 • 914 - From Ground Zero to Guan-              • 1291 - European Union Agencies’
   tanamo:      The Enduring Excep-               Relationships with their National
   tion(alism) of American Foreign                Counterparts by Michael  BUESS
   Policy in the War on Terror by Jack             (
                                                • 3298 - The Limits of EU Demoicracy:
                                                  Can Transnational Solidarity Survive
S5P423 Political Representation on                the Eurozone Crisis? by Stefan  AUER
Web 2.0: Concepts, Methods and                     (
Empirical Data
                                                • 696 - Explaining National Parlia-
 • 1222 - Facebook and Twitter as Media-          mentary    Control   of    European
   tor in the Brazilian Election on 3rd Oc-       Union Affairs by Thomas  WINZEN
   tober 2010 by Joao SCHIAVON MATTA               (

 • 2090 - The Use of Twitter Hashtags
   in the Formation of Ad Hoc Publics
   by Axel BRUNS ( -        S18P72 Foreign Policies vis-à-vis
   Jean BURGESS (        Renegade States
 • 2835 - 2007 French Presidential Cam-
   paign on line: From Political Arenas to      • 1012 - Commercial Interests or Cul-
   Digital Marketplaces? by PAPA FRAN-            tures of Control? Explaining Differ-
   COISE (          ences in Policies towards so-called
   -    Francony     JEAN-MARC      (jean-        “Rogue States” by Wolfgang WAGNER                ( - Michal ON-
                                                  DERCO (
 • 3111 - Political Communication in
   Wikipedia:    Theory, Methodology,
   and Findings by Thomas ROESSING              • 165 - Role Conflicts and Rogue
   (                        States:   U.S. Post-Cold War Rela-
                                                  tions with North Korea, Cuba,
 • 647 - MEPs Online: Understanding               Syria, and Iran by Akan MALICI
   Communication Strategies for Remote            ( - Stephen
   Representatives by Darren  LILLEKER            G. WALKER (
    (    -
   Karolina  KOC MICHALSKA  (karoli-                                 • 1824 - The EU’s Foreign Policy vis-
                                                  à-vis Serbia:   When Conditionality
                                                  meets Denial by Bernhard STAHL
S9P560 Demoi-cracy in the EU

 • 1033 - Individual Rights in the EU: Euro-    • 901 - Insiders and Outsiders in
   pean Citizenship and emerging Oppor-           US Security Discourse: The Rogue
   tunity Structures by Rebecca WELGE             States Case by Alexandra HOMOLAR
   (               (
S23P211 Innovations of Democratic             • 3778 - Public Housing Delivery in South
Governance: For the Better or for               Africa – The Limits to Participatory
the Worse?                                      Democracy by Chris TAPSCOTT (ctap-
                                       - Lisa THOMPSON
 • 120 - How benign is citizen’s                (
   community        engagement      in     lo-
   cal governance?       by Bas  DENTERS
    ( - Judith S26P216 Religion, Identity and Secu-
    BAKKER  ( - rity
   Pieter-Jan  KLOK  (
   -       Mirjan      OUDE        VRIELINK    • 1112 - From Ethnicity to Reli-
    (                gion: Shifting Dilemmas in West-
                                                 ern Democracies by James  JUPP
 • 1262 - Public Alternative Dispute
   Resolution in Local Politics Con-
   flicts – Unifying or Polarising?            • 2058 - Cultural Diversity and
   by Arne SPIEKER (spieker@uni-                 Ethnic Conflict:       A New Secu- - Marko BACHL                   rity Threat?      by Eva SVIHOVSKA
   (                (
   - Jan KERCHER (jan.kercher@uni-
                                               • 230 - Securing Identity, abandon- - Frank BRETTSCHNEI-
                                                 ing the State; Religion in Pak-
   DER          (frank.brettschneider@uni-
                                                 istan by Kenneth CHRISTIE (ken-
 • 2513 - Strategies of citizens’ initiatives
                                               • 3933 - How Religious Identity Mat-
   in the Netherlands: connecting peo-
                                                 ters for State Security: The Case
   ple and institutions by Rosalie VAN
                                                 of the Islamic Republic of Iran
   DAM ( - Roel
                                                 and its Non-Muslim Religious Mi-
   DURING ( - Irini
                                                 norities by Farhood BADRI (seyed-
 • 3266 - Impartiality and Responsive-         • 3990 - When Do Islamist Parties Impact
   ness: Conflicting principles in demo-         Policy Outcomes?: What Islamists in
   cratic governance? by Marcia GRIMES           the Middle East can learn from Islamist
   ( - Peter ESA-        Parties in Asia by Quinn MECHAM
   IASSON (            (
 • 3316 - Urban Safety and Neighbourhood
   Committees in Italy: The Paradox of
   Participation by michela SEMPREBON S28P154 New Security Challenges of
   (           Small States
   -       Cristian     POLETTI     (cris-                  • 1362 - Non-Military Security for a Small
                                              State: Agenda and Strategy by Alyson
 • 3360 - Democratic Innovation through
                                              JK BAILES (
   Community Assemblies in Sheffield:
   Rhetoric or Reality? by Kate DOMMETT     • 1472 - Soft Security Threats and Small
   ( - Matthew           States: the Case of Estonia by Matthew
 • 1624 - No Shelter from the Storm: Ice-      -           Razvan             VLAICU
   land a Small State without a Broad Se-       (
   curity Policy by Jakob Thor KRISTJANS-
   SON (                         • 795 - Decision-Making in Coalition Gov-
                                               ernments: Compromise and Compart-
 • 2093 - Information Sharing During           mentalisation Nested in a Prisoner’s
   and After Natural Disasters: The            Dilemma by Albert  FALC-GIMENO  (al-
   Case of the Volcanic Eruption in Ey-
   jafjallajokull by Unnur  KARLSDOTTIR
    ( - Silja Bara  OMARSDOT-
   TIR  (
                                            S36P594 Russia between Autocracy
 • 2775 - Iceland’s Food Security by Orri   and Democracy
                                             • 2125 - Patterns of Governance in the
                                               Russian Regions by Sabine KROPP (ls-
S32P427 Coalition Theory: Theoret-
ical Models and Empirical Applica-           • 240 - Regime Building versus State
tions                                          Building in Post-Communist Russia:
                                               Towards a Theory of Russian Politi-
 • 1118 - Coalition Coordination in Den-       cal Development by Neil ROBINSON
   mark by Helene Helboe PEDERSEN (he-         ( - Flemming Juul CHRIS-     • 2468 - From USSR to Russian Federa-
   TIANSEN (                      tion : Sociology of a Regime Change
 • 1261 - Estimating Model Parameters          by Maryse  RAMAMBASON-VAUCHELLE
   of Coalition Formation with Policy           (
   and Office Motivation using Ger-          • 3110 - Responsive politics in Rus-
   man Federal-State Data by Susumu            sia: How the Russian case shapes
   SHIKANO         (susumu.shikano@uni-        our understanding of autocracy     -   Sjard    SEIBERT       and democracy by Timm BEICHELT
   (             (
 • 3531 - Coalitions and Legisla-            • 802 - New Authoritarian Regimes
   tive Structures by Itai  SENED              and the Public Space.   An Anal-
    (  -    Yael        ysis of Russia’s Institutionalised
    SHOMER         (         Civil Society by Laura PETRONE
   -    Gyung-Ho       JEONG    (Gyung-        (
 • 3547 - Cabinet Composition and Min-
   isterial Bargaining: How the Portfolio S38P316 New Perspectives on Clas-
   Allocation of Government Affects Pub- sical Objects and Concepts of Polit-
   lic Policy Outcomes by Alexander  HER-
   ZOG  (
                                          ical Sciences. The Added Value of
 • 3868     -    Legislative   Success
   by    Daniel      DIERMEIER       (d-     • 1420 - ”Our Lord first served.”         Ethnography of French Tradition-
   alist Catholics’ Moral Crusade by Kevin     DOBOV￿EK (Bojan.Dobovsek@fvv.uni-
   GEAY (       
 • 2410 - Towards a Political Ethnography    • 217 - Sub-components of the Rule
   of Charisma. Lessons from a Field-          of Law: Reassessing the Relevance
   work in Mexico by Hélène COMBES             of Diminished Subtypes by Svend-Erik
   (             SKAANING ( - Jør-
                                               gen MØLLER (
 • 3694 - Ethnographical Method in Con-
   tentious Repertoires Analysis: Observ-    • 3210 - Democratisation, Informal In-
   ing assemblées générales in French          stitutions, and the Emergence of
   Student Movements by Julie LE MAZIER        Responsive Party Systems in Latin
   (                        America by Simon BORNSCHIER (si-
 • 3961 - About Observing an in Camera
   Session or how to Realise Collective
                                             • 859 - Informal Institutions and
   Negotiation Process? by Maïlys GAN-
                                               EU Accession:        Corruption and
   TOIS (
                                               Clientelism in Central and East-
 • 847 - Ethnography in the Study of           ern Europe by Petra GUASTI
   Political Mobilisation: A Case Study        (   -  Bojan
   of Islamically-framed Mobilisation by       DOBOVSEK (bojan.dobovsek@fvv.uni-
   Tabish  SHAH  (

S40P118 Rule of Law, Informal In- S43P87 Multi-Level Party Politics
stitutions and Democracy in Latin
America and Eastern Europe in       • 1705 - Decentralisation and the
                                      Left-Right Dimension in European
Comparative Perspective
                                               Party Systems:  A Cross-National
                                               Analysis by Simon TOUBEAU (si-
 • 1317 - From Post-Communist to EU
   Courts: Comparative Assessment of Es-
   tonian and Latvian Courts 2004-2009       • 1896       -     Political      represen-
   by Tatjana EVAS (taunderscoreev@uni-        tation       in     substate       parlia-                                  ments       by   Kris      DESCHOUWER
 • 2008 - Accountability and Repres-            (
   sion in Brazil by Anna MACKIN               -          Jonathan            BRADBURY
   (              (

 • 2117 - Informal Institutions and the      • 450 - The Quest for Regional Au-
   Rule of Law in Latin America by             tonomy in the Balkans: Path De-
   Peter    THIERY    (peter.thiery@uni-       pendence, Territorial Politics and                               Patronage by Alexander KLEIBRINK
 • 2122 - Comprehension of State Cap-
   ture, Prevention of Organised Crime       • 570 - Party Organisations in a Multi-
   and the Role of Integrity by Bo￿tjan        Layered Environment by Klaus  DET-
   SLAK ( - Bojan       TERBECK  (
  • 713 - Contamination or Containment?     S49P513 Middle Range and Embed-
    Federalisation,   Ethno-Political Po-   ded Ethics Issues: Connecting Em-
    sitions and Discourse of Political      pirical Work and Normative De-
    Parties in Belgium by Niels MORSINK
    (     -   Dave
                                              • 1224 - Global Inequality, Moral Argu-
                                                ment and the Changing Coordinates
                                                of North-South Relations by Nicholas
                                                 LEES  (
S45P219 Getting the Figures Right.
Trends, Concepts and Measure-                 • 2022 - Mediating the Local and
ment Issues with regard to Political            the Global:      A Kantian Plea
Trust                                           for   Limiting   Powers  of   En-
                                                forcement     by   Tomas    BAUM
  • 1733 - One Trust? The Measure of
    Trust in Institutions and its Di-
    mensionality:      A Non-Parametric       • 952 - International Normative Theoris-
    IRT Approach by Cristiano VEZZONI           ing on Secession: What should be the
    ( - Paolo        Relationship between the Normative
    SEGATTI (            and the Empirical? by Mikulas FABRY

  • 2329 - Participation and Trust in the
    Netherlands:    Trends and Correla-
    tions, 1989-2010 by Hans  SCHMEETS S50P576 The Legitimacy of Regional
     (hshs@CBS.NL) - Saskia  TE RIELE
                                          Governance Arrangements: Empir-
                                            ical Perspectives
  • 3203 - Investigating the Validity
                                              • 1736 - Legitimacy – A Factor of Coop-
    of the Political Trust-Scale.    An
                                                eration in Regional Intergovernmen-
    Evaluation of Specific Institutions,
                                                tal Organisations in the Post-Soviet
    or a General Assessment of Po-
                                                Space?     by Katharina HOFFMANN
    litical Culture?   by Sofie MARIEN
                                              • 2028 - The Legitimacy of NAFTA’s
  • 396 - Political Trust: What do we           Trade Routes by Jan KROUZIL
    Measure? Should Politicians and the         (
    Public Trust Us?     by Paul DEKKER
    (                         • 2129 - The Legitimacy of Regional
                                                Governance Arrangements:         A Re-
  • 436 - Trust in Institutions, Percep-        search Agenda and Some Empirical
    tions of Government Performance             Illustrations by Steffen SCHNEI-
    and Political Legitimacy by Ursula          DER       (steffen.schneider@sfb597.uni-
    HOFFMANN-LANGE (ursula.hoffmann-         -    Achim    HURREL-     -   Simon         MANN           (AchimunderscoreHurrel-
    MORITZ (      
S53P107 Democratisation, Transi-                Advocacy Networks at the National
tional Justice, and Peacebuilding in            and EU Levels in Germany by Sabine
Theory and Practice                              LANG        (
                                                -      Lance        BENNETT       (lben-
  • 1426 - State Building as Peacebuild-
    ing:    EU’s Support for Palestinian        -         Alexandra         SEGERBERG
    Institution-Building by Anders PERS-         (
    SON (             -      Henrike        KNAPPE       (hen-
  • 2882 - Tempering Great Expectations:
    Peacebuilding + Transitional Justice      • 234 - Advocacy + Attention: New Ap-
    in Liberia by Rosalind RADDATZ (ros-        proaches to Studying the Unobserv-                    able in Agenda Setting by Christine MA-
                                                HONEY (
  • 3288 - “Bringing fighters together”
    A Comparative Study of Peace-             • 3020 - Europeanisation of Businesses:
    building   and   Transitional     Jus-      Why do Western European Compa-
    tice in Angola and Mozambique               nies Europeanise their Interest Rep-
    by    Cláudia  ALMEIDA      (claudia-       resentation while Eastern Europeans     -     Edalina       do not?      by Dorottya EGERSZEGI
    SANCHES ( - Filipa      (
                                              • 3421 - Interest Groups in World Poli-
  • 418 - The National Accord, Impunity         tics: The Influence of Non-State Actors
    and the Fragile Peace in Kenya by           on Policy-Making in International
    Stephen BROWN (            Organisations by Lisa Maria DELL-
                                                MUTH (
  • 741    -  Mind    the     Just  Peace
                                                -            Jonas            TALLBERG
    Gaps      by    Karin       AGGESTAM
                                                ( - Hans
                                                AGNÉ         (
    -     Annika     BJÖRKDAHL        (an-
                                                -       Andreas         DUIT       (an-

                                              • 633 - Domestic Legislative Outcomes
S61P485 Same but Different? The                 on Age Discrimination as a Con-
Effects of Interest Group Access in             sequence Interest Group Access
the EU and in World Politics                    to the EU by Theresa SQUATRITO
  • 1153 - Necessary Conditions for Global
    Lobbying.    A Contextualised Expla-
    nation of International Lobbying Be- S63P52 Policy Instruments: Choices
    haviour by Marcel HANEGRAAFF (mar- - Jan BEYERS
                                            and Design
                                              • 1895 - Budgetary Coordination in the
  • 1344 - Public Mobilisation vs.      In-     Euro zone: The Reform of the Stability
    stitutional    Influence    Strategies:     and Growth Pact by Frans  VAN NISPEN
    Comparing Trade and Environmental            (
 • 2047 - The Dynamics of Pol-               • 3535 - Human Rights, Bare Life and the
   icy Instruments.           A Compari-       Refugees Status by Estelle FERRARESE
   son of Environmental and Urban              (
   Policies in the EU by Charlotte
   HALPERN         (charlotte.halpern@iep-   • 58 - Cynicism, Civil Disobedience and - Patrick LE GALÈS             the Rule of Law: Critical Reflections
   (patrick.legales@sciences-                  on Languages of Justification in Asy-      -     Sophie       JACQUOT      lum Policy by Anders BERG-SØRENSEN
   (             (

 • 2784 - Governing by Indicators: The Im-
   plementation of the Law on the Free-
   dom and Responsibilities of Univer- S65P88 Workers Movements in
   sities in France by Cecile  HOAREAU Ytime of Transformations and Cri-
    (                sis
 • 284 - Revisiting Policy Design: Pol-
   icy Instruments and Governance by         • 2103 - French Protest and Tra-
   Michael  HOWLETT  (          dition:        Mobilisation   against
                                               the New Minimum Retirement
 • 3610 - Tools of Government Revis-           Age     by     Francesca    VASSALLO
   ited:   Lessons from the Analysis           (
   of Iberian Civil-Military Relations by
   Jose Javier OLIVAS OSUNA (j.j.olivas-     • 2236 - From the Classrooms to the                            Roofs: The 2010 University Researchers
                                               Movement in Italy by Gianni PIAZZA
 • 473 - Learning from the International       (
   Experinence: Extrapolating Lessons
   For Impact Assessment by Claudio          • 3607 - A Precarious December: Flexible
    RADAELLI  ( -          Workers’ Unions in the Aftermath of
   Lorna  SCHREFLER  (         a Youth Rebellion by Markos VOGIAT-
                                               ZOGLOU (

                                             • 3845 - Inspire and Conspire. Forms of
S64P123 Rights at the Margins                  Self-Organisation of Precarious Work-
                                               ers in Italy by Annalisa  MURGIA  (an-
 • 1617 - Anti-trafficking, Humanrights - Giulia  SELMI
   and Recognition by Simon THOMPSON            (
                                             • 587 - The Unemployed Workers’ Move-
 • 3383 - No Land’s Man: Irregular Mi-         ments and the Struggle for the Defi-
   grants’ Challenge to Immigration Con-       nition of the (post-)Neoliberal Political
   trol and Membership Policies by Andrei      Arena in Argentina by Federico ROSSI
   STAVILA (             (

 • 3505 - Framing the Post War Debates       • 641 - Workers and Political Consumers
   on the Right to Asylum by Hanna-Mari        – Solidarity Beyond Borders?       by
   KIVISTÖ (         Veronika KNEIP (
S66P147 Partisanship and the Vote               Ceremoniality, Theatricality, and Au-
in Europe                                       dience in the Creation of Recon-
                                                ciliation Events by Michel HORELT
 • 1422 - Emotions as Switch Mechanisms         (
   between PID and Spatial Voting.
   An Experimental Study by Zsolt             • 1857 - Memory and Democracy:
   KISS      (     Storytelling and Silences in Social
   -            Sara               HOBOLT       Movements by Nicole DOERR (ndo-
 • 2721 - Linkages Between Parties and
   Voters in Comparative Perspective:         • 394 - Can Political Apologies be Sin-
   How Political System Characteris-            cere?   by Mathias THALER (mathi-
   tics Shape Linkages Between Par-   
   ties and Voters by Andrija  HEN-
   JAK  ( - Gabor  TOKA
                                              • 421 - The Canadian Apology to Indige-
    ( - Marina  POPESCU
                                                nous Residential School Survivors: A
                                                case Study of Re-Negotiation of So-
 • 2972 - Does the Context Matter? A Geo-       cial Relations by Neil  FUNK-UNRAU
   graphical Analysis of Electoral Change        (
   and Voting Traditions in Italy by Luana
    RUSSO  (

 • 3543 - Cross-pressured Partisans.
   How Voters Make up their Minds
                                     S73P149 Multi-Level Governance
   when    Parties and    Issues Di- and Democratic Representation:
   verge by Johanna WILLMANN (jo- Does one Preclude the Other?

 • 668 - The Influence of Political           • 1309 - What Role for the Collective in
   Leaders on Voting Behaviour: The             Democratic Legitimacy? The case of
   Electoral  Effects  of   Leadership          Representation in the EU by Matthias
   Change by Diego  GARZIA  (diegoga-            VILEYN  ( - Martin  ROSEMA
    (                     • 2492 - Early Agreements and Co-
                                                decision Procedures:      Progress or
                                                Perversion of EU Legislative Pro-
S67P10 Political Apologies between              cedures by Renaud  DEHOUSSE
Past and Future: Democracy, Mem-            -     Olivier       COSTA
ory and Redress                                  (

 • 1419 - The Politics of Apol-
   ogy by Michael CUNNINGHAM                  • 466 - Inter-national vs.    Suprana-
   (                     tional Democracy: Representing the
                                                European Demoi by Richard BELLAMY
 • 1791 - Rituals, Performances, and Mis-       ( - Dario CAS-
   performances in Political Apologies.         TIGLIONE (
S74P537 Scaling Up Deliberation:                -     Lauren       MCLAREN       (lau-
From Mini-Ppublics to Deliberative    
Democracy                                       -             David            CUTTS
 • 1411 - A Collective Learning Perspective
   on Public Deliberation by Marcos EN-
   GELKEN (          S83P542 New Frontiers in Studying
 • 3042 - Democratic Policymaking in Online Politics
   Brazil: Participation as Representa-
   tion by Thamy POGREBINSCHI (thamy-    • 1640 - Explaining the Growth of                          Web Campaigning:          An Analy-
                                           sis of the UK General Election
 • 868 - A Personality Approach to         by     Rosalynd   SOUTHERN      (ros-
   Deliberation.     An Empirical Illus-
   tration of the ”Deliberative Per-
   sonality” by Julia JENNSTÅL (Ju-      • 23 - Functional, Relational, and Dis-            cursive Normalization: A Longitudi-
                                           nal Analysis of German Online Cam-
                                           paigns by Eva Johanna SCHWEITZER
S78P605 Ethnic Mobilisation and
Counter-Mobilisation: Representa-             • 2728 - Personalisation Online - Why Re-
                                                search needs to Adequately Reflect the
tion of Ethnic Minorities and White             Phenomenons’ Transformation in Po-
Disillusioned Vote                              litical Practice by Andrea  BURMESTER
 • 2561 - The Impact of Societal Factors,
   Mainstream Parties and Niche Parties       • 3075 - The Diffusion of Innovations and
   on the Politicization of Niche Party Is-     Online Campaigns: Facebook Adoption
   sues: The Danish Case by Marc VAN DE         and Implementation in U.S. Congres-
   WARDT (                  sional Elections, 2006-2010 by Jeff GU-
                                                LATI ( - Christine
 • 3136 - Voting for Extremists: Mobilising     WILLIAMS (
   the White Working Class by Robert
    FORD      (     • 3233 - The Relationship Between
   -          Matthew            GOODWIN        Activism and Digital Activism in
    (          Spanish.      by Jose Manuel  ROB-
                                                LES       (  -
 • 3247 - The Disputed Demarcations             Stefano  DE MARCO  (stefanode-
   of the Welfare Sstate:    Dilem-    - Mirko  ANTINO
   mas of Citizenship and Migration              (
   Policy Controversy in Contempo-
   rary Sweden by Amanda NIELSEN              • 78 - Youth Organisations and New Me-
   (                      dia: Qualitative and Quantitative An-
                                                alytical Approaches by Janelle  WARD
 • 3423 - What Drives Anti-Muslim                (
   Sentiment?    A Test of Rival The-
   ories   by   Matthew     GOODWIN           • 84 - Mapping the e-research in Polit-
    (          ical Communication by rosanna DE
   ROSA ( - Valentina S93P530 EU Trans-Industry Regula-
   REDA     ( tion and its Constitutive Effects on
   -  Tommaso      EDEROCLITE    (tom- New European Spaces
                                              • 1295 - Flexicurity:    An Obsolete
                                                Concept for the European Em-
                                                ployment Strategy and National
S92P563 European Politics of Cli-
                                                Debates?       by Thierry BERTHET
mate Change – Evaluating Policy In-             (
struments and National Strategies
                                              • 1804 - The Role of International Com-
 • 1484 - Climate Champions and Weak-           parative Assessment in the Making of
   lings – Explaining Nation’s Climate Pol-     Europe: Actors, Processes and Effects
   icy Performance by Sebastian SEWERIN         by Sotiria GREK (
                                              • 2149 - The European Sustainable Devel-
 • 1492 - New Modes of European Pol-            opment Régulation and the Industries
   icy Coordination – The Convergence of        by Laura MICHEL (laura.michel@univ-
   Feed-in Tariffs in the EU by David JA-
   COBS (                 • 2483 - Sustainable Development as a
                                                New Space for Legitimisation? The
 • 1801 - Beyond Technical Debates: The
                                                European Green Car Initiative in the
   Political Influence of the EU over En-
                                                German and French Automotive Indus-
   ergy Efficiency and Renewable En-
                                                try by Axel VILLAREAL (villarealunder-
   ergy Policy Instruments by Aurelien
                                       - Julia HILDER-
                                                MEIER (
 • 2268 - Green Labour? Why was there         • 3097 - The EU Government of Interna-
   a Radical Transformation in UK Cli-          tional Trade (1958-2008): Theoretical
   mate Policy after 2006? by Neil CARTER       and Empirical Research Agenda for
   ( - Michael JA-       EU Studies by Sigfrido RAMIREZ
   COBS (                  PEREZ        (
                                                -           Andrew             SMITH
 • 2815 - When Technological Solu-              (
   tions meet Environmental Goals:
   Do Countries Compete to become             • 3198 - EU Competition Policy Revisited:
   Trend-Setters?    by Zoë ROBAEY              Economic Doctrines Within European
   (             Political Work by Matthieu MON-
                                                TALBAN        (matthieu.montalban@u-
 • 3430 - The EU CCS Policy and Na-   
   tional Implementation Strategies by
   Olga SCHENK (

 • 3899 - How to Represent Domestic Car- S96P540 Comparative Perspectives
   bon in the EU? Discursive Strategies on Performance Management
   of Polish Actors in a Debate about the
   New ETS Rules by Aleksandra LIS (alek-  • 1080 - Performance Management in                     CEE: What can we Learn from Exist-
   ing Experience? by Juraj NEMEC (ju-         • 513 - Where we’ve Been and where - Vladimír SAGAT            we’re Going: How National Lega-
   (                       cies shape Beliefs about Redistribu-
                                                 tion by Moira NELSON (moiranel-
 • 1127 - Why is Performance Information
   not Used? In search for some Com-
   mon Barriers by Wouter  VAN DOOREN          • 572 - Equity, Equality, or Need? A
    (                     Multilevel Analysis of Preferences for
                                                 Redistributive Justice Principles in
 • 2945 - Making Policies for Better Perfor-     25 European Welfare States by Tim
   mance - Bureaucratic Steering, Policy         REESKENS ( - Wim
   Networks and Academic Power by Ivar           VAN OORSCHOT (
   -          Svein             MICHELSEN      • 890 - The Intergenerational Social
    (                Contract Revisited:     Cross-National
                                                 Perspectives by Judith TREAS (jk-
 • 339 - Measuring Academic Perfor-     - Christopher MARCUM
   mance in Australia, the UK and                (
   New Zealand by Jenny  LEWIS  (jm-
                               S100P610 Post-Lisbon, Post-Crisis,
                               Post-National: New Competencies
S99P598 Public Opinion and the and Constraints of the EU Energy
Politics of Retrenchment       Policy 2

 • 1192 - From ’Marx’ to the Market.           • 1061 - Constraints of the EU Energy Pol-
   The Intra-Party balance of Power and          icy after the Treaty of Lisbon in the
   why Social Democrats introduce Wel-           Southeast Europe by Cigdem  USTUN
   fare State Retrenchment by Gijs SCHU-          (
                                               • 1076 - The Timid Bully: EU Energy
 • 1394 - Inequality and the Political           Policy in the South Caucasus by Nelli
   Economy of Education: An Analysis             BABAYAN (
   od Individual Preferences in OECD           • 1404 - EU’s ”Institutional” Energy Diplo-
   Countries by Marius BUSEMEYER                 macy by Pietro DE MATTEIS (pietrode-
 • 2283 - Does Successful Retrenchment         • 3472 - New Dawn Fade? The Ups
   Depend on Convincing Policies, Party          and Downs of the EU Renewable
   Political Consensus or Public Accep-          Energy Policy after Lisbon by Israel
   tance? Overcoming Reform Resistance           SOLORIO ( - Re-
   through by Tord Skogedal LINDÉN               beca VARELA (
                                               • 3706 - Energy Community Treaty:
 • 3232 - Class, Skills and the Sup-             Policy Adoption and Policy Im-
   port for Social Protection by                 plementation   in   the   Western
   Karl-Oskar     LINDGREN        (Karl-         Balkans    by  Eranda   GJOMEMA                (
S101P47 Reforming Democracy:                  • 2450 - The Price of Tolerance -
What are the Effects of Institu-                How Public Spending on Education
tional Changes?                                 Shapes the Effect of Diversity on
                                                Tolerance in 3000 Schools in 23
 • 2003 - Democratisation and Lo-               Countries by Andrej KOKKONEN (an-
   cal Government Performance in      
   Brazil by Pedro CAVALCANTE (caval-                     • 2918 - Islamophobia and anti-
                                                Semitism       by  Henk       DEKKER
 • 2546 - Electoral System Change and its       ( - Jolanda
   Impact on Spatial Voting by Aiko WAG-        VAN DER NOLL (j.vandernoll@jacobs-
   NER (     
 • 2760 - The Effects of Globalisation on     • 919 - The Effect of Interethnic Con-
   National Protest Activity by Yvette PE-      tact on Prejudice:    The Moderat-
   TERS (                  ing Effecting of Personality Char-
 • 3275 - The Paradox of Mixed Reform:          acteristics by Nele  HAVERMANS
   Comparative political economy of po-          (
   litical clientelism in Europe and Japan
   by Takeshi ITO ( -
   Masako SUGINOHARA (
                                             S107P131 Mixed Methods
 • 3719 - Political Institutions and Trust
   in Africa. A Multilevel Analysis of        • 1827 - Combining Criticism with
   the Afrobarometer by Valentin GOLD           Change in Innovation Policy – By
   (              Means of Participatory and Appre-
                                                ciative Action Research by Malin
 • 375 - Mobilisation by Opportu-
                                                LINDBERG (
   nity? Direct Democracy and Polit-
   ical Engagement by Martin KROH             • 2488 - A Mixed Approach to Family
   (                   Social Policy in Europe.       Under-
                                                standing Fertility Rates using OLS
                                                and fsQCA by Mario  QUARANTA
S103P441 Interethnic Prejudice and               (      -
Attitudes and their Origins                     Giulia Maria  DOTTI SANI  (giu-
 • 1721 - Regional Variation in Level and
   Explanations of Prejudice towards Im-      • 2541 - Set-Relational Fit and the
   migrants and Muslims in Europe by Ed-        Formulation    of    Transformational
   win  POPPE  (                  Rules in fsQCA by Alrik  THIEM
 • 2296 - Interethnic Attitudes among
   Minority Groups:      The Role of          • 827 - Systematising the Test for
   Contact,    Identity    and   Multi-         Necessary Conditions in fsQCA:
   culturalism   by    Paul   HINDRIKS          Towards      a    Maxi-Minimisation
   ( - Marcel COEN-            Procedure      by    Damien      BOL
   DERS ( - Maykel             ( - Francesca
   VERKUYTEN (                LUPPI (
S109P551 The Interpretive Turn and
the Work of Policy
 • 1916 - You Gain some Funding, you
   Lose some Freedom: The Ironies of
   better Flood Protection in Limburg
   (The Netherlands) by Anna WESSELINK
   ( - Jeroen
   WARNER ( -
   Matthijs KOK (

 • 3724 - Scientisation or Socialisa-
   tion? Public Knowledge Orders in
   Comparison by Holger STRASSHEIM

 • 3728 - The Work of Policy and the
   Art of Juggling Conflicting Views
   - In search for Fairness when Ra-
   tioning in Swedish Health Care
   by Ann-Charlotte NEDLUND (ann-

 • 744 - Role Differences among Policy
   Bureaucrats Explained:    An Explo-
   ration of the Causal Impact of the
   Characteristics of the Policy Con-
   text by Diederik VANCOPPENOLLE
26 August, 1700-1840             S18P272 Conceptualising ’Strategic
                                 Culture’ - A Promising Approach for
                                 the Analysis of the EU’s Security
S2P572 Citizenship and Intersec- and Defence Policy?
                                            • 1842 - UNIFIL – UNTSO: Examples from
 • 3994 - The Performance of Global Citi-     the Middle East Or On the formation
   zenship along Axes of Gender and Race      of a European Strategic Culture in a
   by Sara DE JONG (       non-EU context by Valentina MORSELLI
 • 889 - Same-sex Partnership Legislation
                                            • 2246 - Strategic Culture and CFSP
   and Homophobia in Europe by Judit
                                              by Daniel GÖLER (Daniel.Goeler@Uni-
   TAKACS ( - Ivett
                                            • 2603 - A Common Security and Defence
                                              Policy without a Common European
                                              Strategic Culture?      A Bourdieusean
S5P532 Frame Building and/ or                 Analysis of a Practice - Oriented Strate-
Framing Effects                               gic Culture by Raluca CSERNATONI
 • 1646 - What a Difference a Day   
   Made?       The Effects of Repetitive    • 2608 - Strategic Culture, Securitisa-
   and Competitive News Framing               tion and the Use of Force in Eu-
   Over Time by Sophie LECHELER               rope: Comparing the Security Prac-
   ( - Claes H. DE        tices of France, Germany and the
   VREESE (               UK after 9/11 by Wilhelm MIROW
 • 1664 - Changing the Wind! When
   Political Frames Change the Media        • 642 - The EU’s Crisis Manage-
   Frame by Camilla Bjarnøe JENSEN            ment Operations:     Strategic Cul-
   (                         ture in Action?    by Laura CHAP-
                                              PELL       (
 • 3844 - Frame of Mind: How Predispo-        -          Petar             PETROV
   sitions Moderate Framing Effects and       (
   Contribute to Politicizing EU Immigra-
                                            • 846 - Can the EU have a Strate-
   tion Policy by Marijn VAN KLINGEREN
                                              gic Culture? Conceptual Considera-
                                              tions by Bastian GIEGERICH (bastiang-
 • 395 - Racial Mediation and the Fram-
   ing of Minority Candidates in Politics
   by Erin TOLLEY (
                                         S20P179 Politics and the Arts in the
 • 740 - The Rhetoric of the Dutch Free- Digital Age
   dom Party: Framing the Debate on
   Islam and Immigration by Hans DE         • 1942 - ‘After-War’: Kristina Nor-
   BRUIJN (           man and the Negotiation of Post-
   Communist Community by Harry                  ( - Isabelle ENGELI (is-
   WEEKS (      - Lars THORUP
                                                 LARSEN (
 • 3236 - EOS - Europe Open Sphere
   by Davide CRIMI (europedirectcata-          • 820 - Why shall Gay Couples pay - Liza LEWELYN (stu-           More?     An Analysis of Fees for - Paper Discussan-          Same-Sex Unions in the German
   tHem JAIME ( -            State of Baden-Wuerttemberg by
   Paper Discussant                              Christoph KNILL (christoph.knill@uni-
                                           -    Marc      DEBUS
 • 3465 - The Integrative and Critical Role
                                                 ( - Jale
   of Artists in Protests by Cristiana OL-
                                                 TOSUN (
   CESE (

S22P251 Morality           Issues      and S23P291 Local Citizenship and
Agenda-Setting                             Democratic Institutions in City-
 • 2038 - Regulating Biomedicine: North
   American and European Compar-               • 2020 - Living in City-Regions, Ig-
   isons by Frederic VARONE (fred-               noring    Metropolitics  by Marta      -    Isabelle       LACKOWSKA-MADUROWICZ
   ENGELI         (        (
   -    Christine    ROTHMAYR        (chris-         • 2407 - Who Wants In?          City-
                                                 regionalising Attitudes and Citizen
 • 2367 - Obesity as a Moral Issue:              Characteristics in the Umeå and
   The Agenda-Setting of Obesity in Eng-         Göteborg Areas by Niklas EKLUND
   land and France by Thibault BOSSY             (
                                               • 3078    -  Metropolitan   Coopera-
 • 2490 - Morality Issues and Party Com-         tion - Looking at Vancouver, BC.
   petition in Belgium by Regis DANDOY           Canada by Emmanuel BRUNET-
   (                           JAILLY ( - Helga
 • 328 - Policy Change and Morality Issues       Kristin   HALLGRIMSDOTTIR     (hk-
   in Spain: Towards the Secularisation
   of the Political Debate by Anna PALAU
                                               • 3107 - Functional Spaces and Supra-
   ( - Laura CHAQUES
                                                 Municipal Identities. Citizen Attach-
   ( - Luz MUÑOZ
                                                 ment and Political Orientations in Four
                                                 Swiss Metropolitan Areas by Daniel
 • 3626 - Activating Religious Cleavages         KUEBLER (
   and Moral Issue: Abortion and Same
   Sex Marriage in Portugal by Joao VAR-       • 725 - The Metropolinisation of Space,
   GAS (                        Governance Arrangements and their
                                                 Democratic Qualities: Tel Aviv and
 • 400 - The Two Worlds of Morality Pol-         Haifa in a Comparative Perspective by
   itics by Christoffer GREEN-PEDERSEN           Eran  RAZIN  (
S26P282 Globalisation: Secular vs.            • 2335 - Small States and the Debor-
Religious Politics                              dering of the World of States by
                                                Fabian  PFEIFFER  (Fabian.Pfeiffer@uni-
 • 11 - Rationalisation and Images of 
   the World:     Rethinking Max We-
   ber’s Analysis of Modernisation and        • 567 - Drift or Rift in the
   Religion by Antonio CERELLA (ac-             Geopolitical   Position    of  Ice-                          land     by   Pawel     FRANKOWSKI
 • 1579 - Progressive Muslims Indigenis-
   ing the Secular Democratic State in
   Malaysia and Indonesia by lily  RAHIM
    (            S31P117 Immigration and Main-
 • 2050 - Realpolitik Disguised: Religion stream Party Competition
   in Iran’s Foreign Policy by Ioannis
   GRIGORIADIS (       • 1036 - Political Parties and Anti-
                                                Immigrant Prejudice:      A Cross-
 • 3978 - International Institution-            National    Comparative   Approach,
   alisation of Gender Equality and             Europe 1980-2000 by Marc HELBLING
   Gender    Religious   Activism     in        ( - Elmar SCHLÜTER
   Thailand    by   Manuel     LITALIEN         (
 • 872 - Church-State Regimes and             • 1250 - The Changing Role of the Inte-
   Democracy in the West: Conver-               gration Issue in Voting in the Nether-
   gence vs.  Divergence by Michael             lands: 1994-2010 by Marcel LUBBERS
   MINKENBERG (              (

                                              • 1337 - The Dynamics of Voters’
                                                Left/Right Identification: The Role
S28P169 Small States and their Ca-              of Economic and Cultural Attitudes by
pabilities                                      Bram      LANCEE     (
                                                -        Armen          HAKHVERDIAN
 • 127 - Statehood and Stateness in Small       ( - Cather-
   States by Igor  OKUNEV  (okunevunder-        ine DE VRIES (
 • 1443 - Small States in International Op-   • 1960 - If you can’t Beat them... Aus-
   erations: A Framework for Studying           trian Mainstream-Parties Responding
   Limits and Opportunities of their Ex-        to Radical Rright Politicisation of Im-
   periences from the Field by Tore NY-         migration/Integration by Oliver GRU-
   HAMAR (                  BER (

 • 1635 - Public Procurement for In-          • 3977 - Does Party Competition around
   novation and Development: Small              Migration issues Matter?       Effects
   States Perspectives by Veiko LEMBER          on Public Opinion in 15 EU Coun-
   ( - Tarmo KALVET           tries by Enric MARTINEZ-HERRERA (en-
   ( - Rainer KATTEL - Thomas Jef-
   (                       frey MILEY (
S32P467 Party Competition and S36P606 Co-optation and Auto-
Agenda-Setting                             cratic Regime Stability. Concep-
                                           tual, Theoretical and Empirical Ap-
  • 1613 - Linking Party Election Promises
    and Government Policy Intentions by
                                                • 1312 - Generating Stability by Gen-
    Judith BARA ( -
                                                  erating Conflict?   Co-optation and
    Ian BUDGE ( - Peter
                                                  its Functioning in the Egyptian Par-
    ALLEN (
                                                  liament by Irene WEIPERT-FENNER
  • 1796 - Mainstream or Niche? Vote-
                                                • 136 - Repression, Political Threats,
    seeking Incentives and the Pro-
                                                  and      Survival    under     Autoc-
    grammatic Strategies of Politi-
                                                  racy     by    Abel    ESCRIBA-FOLCH
    cal Parties by Markus  WAGNER
    -          Thomas              MEYER        • 1719 - How does Mass Co-Optation
     (                  contribute to the Survival of Auto-
                                                  cratic Regimes? A Quantitative anal-
                                                  ysis of three main Mechanisms by
  • 2184 - The Policy Agenda of Po-               Viola LUCAS (
    litical Parties in Multi-level Sys-           - Thomas RICHTER (Richter@giga-
    tems by Thomas BRÄUNINGER           
    (thomas.braeuninger@uni-     -  Marc      DEBUS         • 2287 - Co-optation and Autocratic
    (             Regime Stability: Evidence from Zam-
                                                  bia and Uganda by Stefan LINDEMANN
  • 2816 - The Dynamics of Voter
    Preferences   and      Party      Leader    • 3703 - Co-optation as a Strategy of Au-
    Positions    by      Sara      HOBOLT         thoritarian Legitimation – Success and
    ( - Robert      Failure in the Arab World by Maria JO-
    KLEMMENSEN (                   SUA (

                                            • 3996 - Co-opting the Enemy, Capturing
  • 2969 - Directive Communication? The       the State: The Use of Capital and Coer-
    Informational Interplay of Parliamen-     cion in the State-Building Processes of
    tary Actors by Matthias HABER (mat-       Azerbaijan and Armenia by ITIR BAG- -         DADI (
    Markus BAUMANN (mbaumann@uni- - Christian H WÄL-
    TERMANN           (waeltermann@uni-
                                          S38P547 Looking Politics from Be-
                                               low.    Local Ethnographic Ap-
                                               proaches of Political Participation
  • 3676 - Party Election Programmes
    as Agenda Setting Instruments by            • 1414 - When Ordinary Citizens talk
    Michael  MCDONALD  (tbraeun@uni-              about Politics.     The Virtue of                                  Ethnography     for  Understanding
   Civic Competence by Julien TALPIN          • 3688 - The Executive-Legislative
   (                       Conflict over Investment Regu-
                                                lation in Brazil by Leany LEMOS
 • 1740 - Authoritarian Power at the            (  -   Daniela
   Grass-roots – An Ethnographic Perspec-       CAMPELLO (
   tive of Political Participation in Chi-
   nese and Algerian Contexts by Lisa         • 433 - Right Party Supporters and
   RICHAUD ( - Layla         Democratic    Attitudes    in   Latin
   BAAMARA (            America by Nina WIESEHOMEIER
 • 3416 - The Institutionalisation of           - David DOYLE (
   Political Parties in St-Laurent du
   Maroni:      Political Process and
   Creol Informal Social Networks S43P289 Devolution and Public Pol-
   by Stéphanie GUYON (stephanieunder-
                                              • 1708 - Immigrant Integration Policies of
 • 3454 - Bringing New Perspectives on
                                                the Belgian Regions. Explaining Diver-
   Political Processes in China: An Ethno-
                                                gence after Devolution by Ilke ADAM
   graphic Approach of Local Government
   in Beijing’s Urban Neighbourhoods by
   Judith AUDIN (judith.audin@sciences-       • 1830 - Devolution and Higher Ed-                                      ucation:    evidence from Scotland
                                                and Catalonia by Simone  BUSETTI

S40P200 Problems and Methods in               • 3650 - Regional Policy-Making and
the Study of Comparative Politics               Territorial Restructuring.  The case
in Latin America                                of French Regional Education Poli-
                                                cies (1982-2004) by Claire DUPUY
 • 2089 - Governability Crises and In-
   terrupted Presidencies in Latin Amer-      • 491 - Exploring Policy Divergence at
   ica: Vertical and Horizontal Games by        the Regional Level by Michael KEATING
   Carlos MELENDEZ (            (
   - Ezequiel GONZALEZ-OCANTOS (egon-

 • 2517 - ”When Effects become Causes”:      S45P228 The Effects of Civic and
   Legislative Malapportionment and Fis-     Political Participation: Addressing
   cal Policy in Latin America by Jorge      Causality Issues
    GORDIN  (
                                              • 1307 - Does Participation in Vol-
 • 3479 - The Concept of Populism in            untary Associations have an Ef-
   Comparative Research: Which At-              fect on Attitudes?  A Longitudinal
   tributes Should (Not) Be Part of a Min-      Test of the Selection and Adap-
   imal Definition by Matthijs ROODUIJN         tation Model by Marc  HOOGHE
   (                           (
   -           Ellen          QUINTELIER           From Transition to Democracy to Eco-
    (             nomic Argumentation. by Stefan EW-
                                                   ERT (
 • 1475 - Schools or Pools of Democracy?
   A Critical Test of the Causal Effects of      • 32 - The Northern Response: Higher
   Civic Participation by Erik VAN INGEN           Education Reforms in England and
   ( - Tom VAN DER             Norway by Damiano DE ROSA (dami-
   MEER (        
 • 3396 - Determinants of Political Col-         • 3565 - Bologna, Lisbon and the Insti-
   lective Action: A Question of Civic             tutional Conditions of Competition in
   Culture, or Socio-Economic or Gen-              European Higher Education by Gangolf
   erational Factors? by Magnus WEN-               BRABAND (
   - Martin KARLSSON (mkmkarls-                  • 805 - Going the Distance with Dis-                             tance Learning in Teaching Euro-
                                                   pean Studies by Natalia  TIMUS
 • 3418 - Political Participation, Civil Soci-
   ety, and Efficacy: A panel analysis of
   the Italian Case. by Monica POLETTI

 • 3496 - Social Connectedness and S53P170 Human Rights, Democrati-
   Generalised Trust:        A Longitudi- sation and the Politics of Historic
   nal Perspective by Patrick STURGIS Justice
   ( - Nick AL-
   LUM ( - Roger         • 1020 - Norm-Related Discrimination
   PATULNY        (     and the Politics of Reparations. Vic-
   -            Franz            BUSCHA       tims’ Struggles for Rehabilitation and
   (               Reparations for Involuntary Sterili-
                                              sation by Svea Luise HERRMANN
 • 803 - Socialisation or Selection?          (
   Youth Civic Engagement and Po-
   litical Attitudes, Evidence from a       • 1129 - Biopolitical Rationality, Human-
   Panel Study by Ellen QUINTELIER            rights Violations and Struggles for His-
   (         toric Justice: Coming to Terms with
   -            Marc            HOOGHE        Sterilisation Policies by Kathrin BRAUN
   (              (

                                                 • 2168 - Just Truth?   A Study on
S51P290 Creating Transnational                     the Pattern of Implementation of
                                                   Truth Commissions’ Recommenda-
Higher Education Areas: Partner-                   tions by Adriana RUDLING (adri-
ship, Competitiveness, Develop-          
                                                 • 2360 - Reparations for Victims of Coer-
 • 1456 - The Baltic Sea Region as a               cive Sterilisation in Norway: Consen-
   Higher Education Area? Reasoning                sus as Hindrance to Learning? by Ole
   the Regional Academic Networking:               BREKKE (
 • 323 - Memory and Identity v. Truth S64P209 The Body as a Site for Pol-
   and Transition?     Dealing with the itics: Practices of Contemporary
   Past and Democratisation in Northern Slavery
   Ireland by Cheryl LAWTHER (cel9@st-                           • 1077     -   The     Body     in    Poli-
                                              tics      by    Raia      PROKHOVNIK
 • 3988 - Law as a Means of Politics of the    (
   Past: The case of Argentina by Hannah
   FRANZKI (         • 156 - Children’s Labour, Rrights and
                                              Slavery in Modern Society by Paul
 • 836 - Slow Motion Democratization:         CLOSE (
   How the Gay Movement Transformed
                                            • 161 - When the Slaves go Marching Out:
   Human Rights in West-Germany af-
                                              Indignation, Invisible Bodies, and Polit-
   ter 1945 by Angelika VON WAHL (von-
                                              ical Theory by Filippo DEL LUCCHESE
                                              • 182 - Bodies in Abolition: Broken Hearts
                                                and Open Wounds by Laura  BRACE
S63P396 Public Bureaucracy                       (
                                              • 1961 - Resisting bodies: Politics Under
 • 1819 - The Judicialisation of Informal
                                                Detention by Raffaela PUGGIONI (raf-
   Monitoring Practices by Åsa CASULA
   VIFELL ( - Ebba SJÖ-
   GREN (                 • 2417 - Demonising ‘the Other’: British
                                                Government Complicity in the Ex-
 • 3468 - How Long is the ‘Shadow of Hi-        ploitation and Vilification of Mi-
   erarchy’? Effectiveness of Accountabil-      grant Workers by Mick WILKINSON
   ity Instruments and Auto-Limitation          (
   of Independent Regulatory Agencies by
   Jan BIELA (              • 656 - Enslaved by One’s Body: Trans-
                                                sexuality as a Form of Contemporary
                                                Slavery by Paddy MCQUEEN (paddymc-
 • 3707 - Wicked Problems as a Chal-
   lenge to Weberian Bureaucracy: The
   Case of Food Safety Administration
   by Sylvia VEIT (
   - Rebecca-Lea KORINEK (korinek@uni-  S65P84 A New Rising Star? Political                          Consumerism and New Sustainable
                                        Community Movements in a Com-
 • 3895 - Weberian Bureaucracy, Bureau-
                                        parative Perspective
   cratic Efficiency and Patronage: An Im-
   possible Alliance? by Sevgi GÜNAY EN-
                                              • 111 - Critical Food Movements: In
   SINK (
                                                Defence     of   Individual Choice?
                                                by      Geoffrey    PLEYERS  (geof-
 • 937 - The Role of Executive Agencies
   in Policy-Making in Germany and Nor-
   way by Tobias BACH (bach@ipw.uni-          • 2065 - From Grass-Roots To Digital                                 Ties: A Case Study by Rachel  GONG
    ( - Paolo  PARIGI        by Aiko WAGNER (

 • 2805 - The Utopias of Political Con-       • 2685 - Measuring Voter Heterogeneity
   sumerism: The Search of Alternatives         to Improve the Michigan Model of Vot-
   to Mass Consumption by Sophie  BOSSY         ing Behaviour by Jan Eric BLUMENSTIEL
    (                       (janunderscoreeric.blumenstiel@mzes.uni
 • 494 - Active Citizenship in Europe:
   Where does Political Consumerism Fit       • 2694 - Unemployment, Short-Time
   In? by Necla ACIK-TOPRAK (necla.acik-        Work and Voting in the German Fed-                     eral Elections 2009 by Philipp TREIN
                                                ( - Ruth BECK-
 • 68 - Social-Political Entrepreneurs, Po-     MANN (
   litical Consumerism and Public Policy        - Stefanie WALTER (
   in the Global Era: Conceptual Frame-
   work and Case Studies in Israel by Omri

 • 845 - From Fashion to Ethical Fash- S67P271 Patterns of Participation
   ion: How Political Consumerist Move- and Complicity in Global Injustices
   ments Change Markets by Philip BAL-
   SIGER (        • 1292 - Responsibility for Remedying
                                            Global Climate Change by Dong-il  KIM

S66P103 Models of Voting Be-                  • 1393   -     Distributing   Reparation
haviour in German Federal Elec-                 Costs      within      a   Democratic
                                                State by Joanna Mary FIRTH
tions                                           (
 • 2192 - The Influence of Political          • 1808 - Consumers’ Participation in
   Discussants on Turnout:          Deter-      Global Injustices by Sabine HOHL
   minants      of   Demobilisation     in      (
   Germany’s      2009    Election   Cam-
   paign by Julia PARTHEYMÜLLER               • 2041 - Individual Duties not to Harm
   (julia.partheymueller@mzes.uni-              in Non-Institutional Circumstances: A - Rüdiger SCHMITT-              Kantian Analysis by Tamara JUGOV
   BECK                (schmitt-beck@uni-       (                               • 2249 - Procedural Justice and Fair
                                                Participation in Climate Change
 • 2452 - Abstention as a Rational
                                                Governance by Luke  TOMLINSON
   Choice in German Federal Elec-
   tions 1990-2009? by Markus STEIN-
   BRECHER (markus.steinbrecher@uni-          • 2582 - Complicity in Structural Injustice                                 by Elizabeth KAHN (
 • 2540 - Duverger meets Downs in Ger-        • 2920 - Individual Liability for Institu-
   many. Duverger’s Law’s Impact on Spa-        tional Outcomes by Christian SCHEM-
   tial Voting in a Mixed Electoral System      MEL (
S75P183 Cross-National Assessment           • 2884 - Financial Regulation in Crisis
of Regulatory Enforcement: Ad-                - Policy Reform in European Secu-
vancing the Debate                            rities Markets by Till M. KAESBACH
 • 1204 - What have we Learned from
                                            • 2896 - Policy Paradigms and In-
   15 years of Reforming Inspection
                                              stitutional Capacity in Financial
   Regimes in Emerging Countries?
                                              Governance    by   Daniel  MÜGGE
   by   Cesar     CORDOVA      (cesarcor-
                                              ( - James PERRY - Tarik
    SAHOVIC  (
 • 1785 - Assessment of Regulatory En-      • 552 - Saving Capitalism from the
   forcement Across Different Indian          Capitalists? Financial Regulation Af-
   States – A Comparative Study of            ter the Crash by Philip G CERNY
   Determinants of Enforcement Lev-           (
                                            • 761 - Locking Out the Gatekeepers...Or
                                              Locking Them In? OTC Derivatives and
 • 2112 - Measuring and Predicting the        Transnational Private Regulation in the
   Depth of International Cooperation in      Wake of Global Financial Crisis by John
   Enforcing Competition Policies by Mur-      BIGGINS  (
   ray PETRIE (
 • 2136 - Reforming Inspections, Mea-
   suring Success - Challenges in For- S82P570 International Organisa-
   mer Soviet Republics and their tions as Norm-Setters in Global
   Neighbours by Florentin BLANC Development Governance
 • 2645    -   Coping    with   Enforce-    • 1893 - The Authority of Interna-
   ment Challenges of Internet Reg-           tional Organisations in Global Gov-
   ulation    by   Florian    SAURWEIN        ernance – Taking the case of the
   ( - Natascha        World Bank and the OECD-DAC in
   JUST ( - Michael        Development Cooperation by Leonie
   LATZER (              VIERCK ( - Julia SAT-
                                              TELBERGER (
 • 953 - Regulatory Enforcement and
   Quality: A Cross-sectoral Analysis,      • 2182 - Everyone has heard of Paris
   the Case of Turkey by Isik OZEL            – Translating the Aid Harmonisation
   (                     Paradigm to Local Contexts in post-
                                              conflict Guatemala by Lisbeth ZIM-
                                              MERMANN (
S79P593 Old Wine in New Bottles?            • 2990 - Participation Equals Influence?
Contemporary Forms of Financial               Non-State Actors in the Global Fund to
Governance                                    Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria by
                                              Patrick THEINER (
 • 1507 - Transnational Veto Players and
   the Process of Financial Reform by       • 3185 - When Bureaucracies make the
   Eleni TSINGOU (              Rules: The Principle of Ownership of
   Development Policies by Raquel FRE-         • 903 - The Regional and the Universal:
   ITAS (                  The Democratic Discourse in the Rus-
                                                 sian Federation and Latin America by
 • 3367 - SRSGs as Norm Entrepreneurs:           Elena PAVLOVA (
   Prestige and Decentralisation of Au-
   thority in UN Peace Operations by John
                                             S87P372 Governance Indices, Poli-
                                             tics and Expert Knowledge
S83P597 Analysing Internet Voting
                                               • 2379 - Testing for a Political Bias
                                                 in Freedom House Democracy Scores:
 • 2148 - From Initial Idea to Piece-
                                                 Are U.S. Friendly States Judged to be
   meal Implementation: An empirical
                                                 More Democratic? by Nils STEINER
   analysis of Switzerland’s first Decade
   of e-Voting by Fernando  MENDEZ
    ( - Uwe         • 2828 - ”Benchmarking + Brainstorm-
    SERDULT  (            ing” OECD, European Union and their
                                                 Jobs strategies by Vincent  GAYON  (vin-
 • 2733 - An Assessment of Internet Vot-
   ing in Canada by Nicole  GOODMAN
    (             • 3344 - The Diffusion and the Ac-
 • 2837 - Electronic Voting in Israel: A         tual Utilisation of Transnational
   Case Study by Michael  DAHAN  (da-            Evaluation Systems by Fabrizio                               DE     FRANCESCO     (
                                                 -      Francesca     DE      CHIARA

S84P48 Decentring          the West:           • 3388 - The Contradictory Evaluation of
                                                 Immediate Social Relationships in the
Counter-Hegemonic          Representa-
                                                 Process of Development through Gov-
tions of Democracy                               ernance Indicators by Malte GEPHART
 • 1529 - Democracy, Discourse and Politi-
   cal Projects in Brazil by Gustavo ALVES     • 3516 - The Politics of Green Knowledge.
   (                         Support and Resistance to Sustainabil-
                                                 ity and Environmental Indicators by
 • 1636 - Democracy as Popular
                                                 Jean-Pierre LE BOURHIS (lebourhis@u-
   Sovereignty: Is a Non-exclusionary
   Alternative Possible? by Dani FILC
 • 3872 - On the Path of Democratic Con-     S91P30 The Role of Civil Society for
   solidation: Expanding the Demos in
                                             the Inclusion of Young Unemployed
   Third Wave Democracies – The Cases of
   Turkey and Brazil by Bernardo JUREMA      and Precarious Youth
                                               • 1437 - Unemployment Policies in 6
 • 866 - Locating International Democ-           West-European Countries: Political Ac-
   racy by Viatcheslav  MOROZOV  (viach-         tor’s Positions in the Policy Space by                          Flavia FOSSATI (
 • 2503 - Local Civil Societies and Organ-      The Case of REDD by Fari-
   isational Competition in the Field of        borz     ZELLI     (fariborz.zelli@die-
   Youth Unemployment by Christian       -   Harro     VAN     ASSELT
   LAHUSEN       (lahusen@soziologie.uni-       (
                                              • 843 - Enhancing the Legitimacy
 • 2693 - The National Context of the Lo-
                                                of    Multilateral  Climate   Gover-
   cal Social Policy Delivered by the Civic
                                                nance:     A Deliberative Democratic
   Organisations in the Field of Young Un-
                                                Approach by Hayley STEVENSON
   employed Inclusion by Maria THEISS
                                                ( - John
                                                DRYZEK (

S92P591 The New Geopolitics of Cli-
mate Change after the Copenhagen S96P566 Reforming Welfare States;
Summit                              Accountability, Democracy and
 • 1177 - The Sputnik Dilemma: Space
   for Change? (Re)presentation, the Fu-
                                              • 2384 - The Processing of Paradigmatic
   ture of Global Climate Security and
                                                Institutional Change. Lessons from the
   the Role of the G2 by Jonna NYMAN
                                                evolving hospital sector in Germany by
                                                Ingo BODE (
 • 2326 - Determinants of Bargaining
   Success: The Case of UNFCCC Ne-            • 2422 - Accountability in the Reorgani-
   gotiations by Florian WEILER (weil-          sation of the Welfare State: The case                                 of the German Employment Adminis-
                                                tration by Bastian JANTZ (bjantz@uni-
 • 2527 - The Sociology of the Political
   Economy of the Geopolitics of Cli-
   mate Change: Brazil and the USA
   Compared by Marcus  CARSON  (mar-          • 2759     -    Changing     Accountabil-                           ity     Relations–    The     Forgotten
                                                side of Public Sector Reforms
 • 2965 - Climate Governance in Multi-          by     Haldor      BYRKJEFLOT      (hal-
   level Systems: Comparing the EU, the - Per LÆGREID
   USA, and China by Kristine  KERN  (kris-     ( - Tom CHRIS- - Thomas  JOHNSON          TENSEN (
                                              • 3322 - Accountability and the Media:
 • 3277 - The Contemporary Global
                                                Single-case Patterns and Lessons from
   Climate    Governance     Architec-
                                                the Norwegian Welfare Sector by Si-
   ture and its Implications for Key
                                                mon NEBY (
   Powers by Simon SCHUNZ (si-
                                              • 821 - Decentralised Education Policy
 • 3749 - The Fragmentation of                  and Performative Accountability in
   Global Climate Governance and                England, Scotland and Wales by Paola
   its Consequences across Scales:              MATTEI (
S98P257 Party Regulation and Elec-            • 2839 - The Strengths of Weak Actors:
toral Success: Revisiting the Cartel            The Politics of Welfare Retrenchment
Party                                           in Southern Europe by kenneth DUBIN
  • 1744 - Cartelised Party Systems: What,    • 349 - Protests against hospital closings
    Where and How? by Karin BOTTOM              in Sweden -Old or new politics of wel-
    (                     fare? by Jonas LARSSON TAGHIZADEH
  • 2202 - Breaking the Cartel: The Effect
                                                -      Anders       LINDBOM         (an-
    of State Regulation on Newcom-
    ers’ Entry by Ekaterina RASHKOVA
    -        Ingrid      VAN        BIEZEN
    (     S101P134    Government Formation
                                             and Survival
  • 22 - Comparative Gatekeeper Provi-
    sions in Party and Electoral Law: Sus-
                                              • 1120 - The Formation of Minority
    taining the Cartel? by Anika GAUJA
                                                Governments in Central and Eastern
                                                Europe by Dorothea KEUDEL-KAISER
  • 2686 - The Impact of Cartel Strate-         (
    gies in France, Greece, Denmark           • 1434 - Birds of a Feather Flock To-
    and Ireland by Gemma LOOMES                 gether? Government Duration and
    (                       Cabinet Ideological Diversity in West-
                                                ern Europe by Johan HELLSTROM (jo-
  • 619 - New Parties in Advanced
                                       - Torbjörn
    Democracies: Causes and Barriers
                                                BERGMAN (
    to Participation by Carina  BISCHOFF
     (                           • 608 - Formateurs, Governing Coali-
                                                tions, and the Sequential Government
                                                Formation Process by Matt  GOLDER
S99P614 Organised Interests and                  ( - Sona  GOLDER
                                                 ( - Garrett  GLAS-
Welfare State Retrenchment                      GOW  (

  • 1690 - Defending the Organisation,        • 779 - Voter’s Preferences and Gov-
    not the Members: Unions and the             ernment Formation in European
    Reform of Job Security Legislation          Multi-Level    Systems    by  Marc
    in Europe by Patrick EMMENEGGER             DEBUS         (marc.debus@mzes.uni-
    ( - Johan Bo DAVIDS- - Jochen MÜLLER
    SON (                        (jochen.mueller@mzes.uni-
  • 2743 - Immigration and Welfare State
    Retrenchment by Anthony KEVINS            • 899 - Portfolio Allocation and
    (             Cabinet   Survival  in    Parliamen-
    -       Stuart     SOROKA        (stu-      tary    Democracies    by     Hanna - Keith BANTING       BACK        (Hanna.Baeck@mzes.uni-
    (         - Patrick DUMONT
    ( - Thomas              Policy Problems by Peter BIEGELBAUER
    SAALFELD       (thomas.saalfeld@uni-          ( - Erich GRIESSLER - Torbjörn BERGMAN                (
    ( - Paper
    Discussant                                  • 1978 - Resolving Ambivalence: Nar-
                                                  rative Construction and the Uptake
                                                  of Democratic Engagement in Biofuels
                                                  Consultations by Mavis JONES (mavi-
S103P470 Narratives of Security, Re-     - Jeremy
ligion and Nation                                 RAYNER (

  • 1283 - Victims of Terrorism -Does the       • 2621 - Beyond Risk Governance –
    conflict shape the victim? by Orla            Elite and Lay Perception of Tech-
    LYNCH (                       nology     Governance by  Juergen
                                                  HAMPEL (juergen.hampel@sowi.uni-
  • 1847 - Narratives of Security, Religion,
    and Nation: Canadian Muslim Youth
    and the Politics of Engagement by Paul      • 2895 - Following From the Front:
    NESBITT-LARKING (             Theorising Facilitation in Deliberative
                                                  Democratic Practices by Alfred MOORE
  • 3664 - Narrating Borders and Gover-           (
    nance: Chosen Traumas and the Psy-
    chological Moment by Catarina KIN-          • 2988 - Fremdkörper in the Polis:
    NVALL (          How Health Technology helps to de-
                                                  fine who ’We’ are by Anne LOEBER
  • 485 - Narratives of Security and Na-
                                                  ( - Wytske VER-
    tion in Flux - Probing the Israeli
                                                  STEEG (
    History Debates by Lisa  STROMBOM
     (                 • 3073 - Discursive Environments and Cli-
                                                  mate Change by Edna EINSIEDEL (ein-
S107P126 Methodological Looks at                • 611 - Qualitative Comparative Analysis
Government Action                                 as an answer to the Methodological
                                                  Challenges of Evaluating Deliberation
  • 3377 - Kerbside Collection and Partici-       across Contexts? by Janus  HANSEN
    pation in Household Waste Recycling:           (
    A Causal Analysis by Henning BEST
    ( - Thorsten
    KNEIP (

S109P561 Rethinking the Delibera-
tive Turn in Policy Analysis: Critical
Reflections from Empirical Work in
  • 1266 - A “Stress Test” for Democra-
    cies: Public Participation in Intractable
27 August, 0900-1040

S18P339 Natural Born Peacemak-
ers? Ideas and Identities in the For-
eign Policies of Small States
  • 2735 - Active Neutrality Constructed:
    The Development of Swiss Peace Pol-
    icy Since the End of the Cold War by
    David LANZ (

  • 2830 - Peace Promotion as National
    Identity: The Emergence and Repro-
    duction of Norway’s Activist Peace and
    Reconciliation Efforts by Øystein Haga

  • 3009 - Iceland‘s 2008 Candidacy for the
    Security Council: Attempting to Estab-
    lish a Peaceful Foreign Policy? by Silja

  • 3138 - What historical experience en-
    genders peacemakers – the case of Fin-
    land and the Czech Republic by Barbora

  • 3869 - Seeding Ideas + Identities
    Within Irish Peace Support Prac-
    tice: The Evolving Role and Reach
    of UNTSI (The United Nations Train-
    ing School Ireland) by Conor GALVIN

S20P287 Artful Practices of Resis-
  • 1094 - Calais goes Combat Wom-
    bat: Beats of Resistance at a Bor-
    derzone by Anitta KYNSILEHTO

  • 1161 - Trauma Body: Resisting Na-
    tional Identity and Creating a Commu-
    nity of Compassion by Tarja VÄYRYNEN
 • 2085 - Art Squats Today between Recu-        in Public Transport by Stefan KUN-
   peration and Obliteration by Michael         DOLF (
   DRAKE (                   - Kirstin LINDLOFF (k.lindloff@tu-
 • 3995 - Performing Consumption/Non-
   Consumption: Fictitious Consumer           • 3289 - Timing is Everything; a The-
   Identities in Critical Consumer              oretical Framework Regarding the
   Resistance by Tuija LATTUNEN (tu-            Temporal Dimension of EU Agenda-                    Setting by Hannelore GOEMAN (han-
 • 620 - Something out of Nothing:
   Notes on the Invisible Dog (Mis-           • 3476 - The Impact of Coalitions on the
   sion by a NY-Based Prank Group Im-           Receptiveness of the EU Institutions by
   prove Everywhere) by Samu PEHKO-             Maren BECKER (
   NEN (                 • 635 - EU Representation and Policy
 • 818 - A doll called Barbara and other        Agendas by Anne RASMUSSEN (ras-
   forms of Dismaying Agency: Acts     - Brendan
   of Resistance, Creative Writing and          CARROLL (
   the “R” of IR by Eeva PUUMALA
                                             S23P293 National Parties and Local
S22P252 Agenda-Setting and the Eu-
                                              • 1389 - Are National Parties Losing their
ropean Union                                    Role as Political Brokers in the German
                                                Multilevel-System: National Parties
 • 141 - Serial and Parallel Processing in      and Nonpartisan Lists in German
   the European Council Agenda by Sebas-        Local Politics by Everhard HOLTMANN
   tiaan PRINCEN (          (everhard.holtmann@politik.uni-
   - Marcello CARAMMIA (mcaram-            -     Sebastian     KUHN - Arco TIMMERMANS              (sebastian.kuhn@sowi.uni-
 • 1794 - The Impact of Council Presidency    • 1706 - Local Interest Representation in
   Programmes by Doreen ALLERKAMP               Multi-Level Parties by Marion REISER
   (                 ( - Ange-
                                                lika VETTER (angelika.vetter@sowi.uni-
 • 224 - European Council Agenda Dy-
   namics.     How National Presidency
   Impacts European Council Agenda            • 465 - National Party Politics in En-
   Setting, 1974-2010 by Petya ALEXAN-          glish Local Government: Effects, Im-
   DROVA (p.alexandrova@montesquieu-            plications and Consequences for Lo- - Arco TIMMERMANS              cal Democracy and Representation. by
   (              Colin COPUS (
 • 2680 - Interest Intermediation in          • 699 - Is the Vote Local or National
   European Transport Policy: A Case            when you Cast a Vote for a National
   Study of Agenda-Setting Processes            Party at a Local Election? by Ulrik
    KJAER ( - Jørgen ELK-          ( - David
    LIT (                         HOULE (

                                                • 3240 - Policy Foresight - Conceptual
                                                  Ideas on how to Engage with Dynamics
S26P369 The Place of Religious In-                of Policy Instrument Design by Carsten
stitutions in the Elaboration of the              MANN (
Juridical Norms
                                                • 3606 - Why Are Expert Commit-
  • 158 - Reconciling Religion and Sec-           tee Deliberations in Need of Demo-
    ularism:    an Iranian Revisionist            cratic Control? by Maria  HEDLUND
    Discourse by Naser GHOBADZADEH                 (
    (           • 474 - Issues of Policy Instruments
  • 2255 - Colonized by Faith: Religious          in the EU Environmental Pol-
    Pressure Groups and the Civil Code            icy Context by Anthony ZITO
    of Puerto Rico by Carlos MARTINEZ-            ( - Andrew JOR-
    RIVERA (               DAN ( - Rüdiger
                                                  WURZEL (
  • 2633 - The Position of Muslim Institu-
    tions in the Debate on the Islamic Full
    Veil in France by Corina Petronela UN-
    TEA (
                                            S28P204 The Politics and Political
                                               Economy of European Tiny States
  • 3124 - The Legislation on Euthanasia
    in Europe, Limits of the Autonomous         • 1098 - Iceland’s Postcolonial Discourse
    Individual?   by Claude PROESCHEL             on Independence after the Finan-
    (                 cial Crisis: Reluctant Integrationists
                                                  no More?        by Christian REBHAN
  • 3828 - The Role of Religion in the Pub-
    lic Sphere: The Use of Public Reason
    by Religious and Secular Citizens by An-    • 1351 - The Rise and Fall of the Celtic
    drea BAUMEISTER (             Tiger: A Small State getting too
                                                  Big for its Boots? by Peadar KIRBY
                                                  ( - Mary MURPHY
S27P110 Policy Instruments and                    (
Radical Change                                  • 2211 - The Politics and Political Econ-
                                                  omy of European Tiny States - An Ana-
  • 1861 - When Power Precedes Capac-             lytical Framework by Dorothee BOHLE
    ity: Assessing the Radical Renewal of         ( - Nicole LINDSTROM
    United States Passenger Rail Policy by        (
    Anthony PERL (
                                                • 2637 - The Biggest Bubble Economy
  • 1868 - Making an Imperative of Biofuels       – Globalisation, Neoliberalism and
    in the United States and the European         Power in Iceland’s Financial Adventure
    Union:     A Contextualized Discur-           by Stefán OLAFSSON (
    sive Account by Matthieu MONDOU
    (               • 3766 - Application of Katzenstein’s
    -           Grace           SKOGSTAD          Framework to Baltic Countries
   by   Vytautas    KUOKSTIS        (kuok- S40P386 Supporting and Promoting                   Democracy: Rethinking the Role
                                     of International and Transnational
 • 501 - The Economic Crisis and the Actors
   Politics of the Republic of San
   Marino: a Comparative Case Study          • 142 - China’s Impact on Develop-
   by Wouter VEENENDAAL (veenen-               ment,     Governance and Democ-                   racy in Brazil and Peru: A Com-
                                               parative Study by Neil RENWICK
                                               ( - Stefania
                                               PALADINI ( -
                                               Jing GU (
S31P150 Comparing Immigration
                                             • 1881 - State-Promoting Account-
and Citizenship Regimes                        ability in Latin American Democ-
                                               racies:    A Comparative Approach
 • 1032 - Which Indicators are Most Useful     by      María   Soledad    GATTONI
   for Comparing Citizenship Policies? by      (
   Marc HELBLING (           • 3258 - Democracy Promotion in De-
                                               velopment Cooperation– A Compara-
                                               tive Study of Democracy Programs to
 • 1190 - Openness, Skills and Rights:
                                               Peru and Bolivia by Agnes CORNELL
   An empirical analysis of labour immi-
   gration programmes in 46 high- and
   middle-income countries by Martin         • 585 - Democracy Promotion in Times
   RUHS (          of Democratic Revolutions: Compar-
                                               ing US and German Policies Towards
                                               Bolivia and Ecuador by Jonas  WOLFF
 • 1915 - Validating Concepts of Integra-
   tion Regimes at the Subnational Com-
   parative Level by Anita MANATSCHAL        • 613 - Fighting Populism in Contempo-
   (             rary Latin America by Cristóbal ROVIRA
                                               KALTWASSER (
 • 2925 - The ’International Migration Pol-
   icy and Law Analysis’ (IMPALA) Project:
   Preliminary Findings by Eiko THIELE- S43P313 Minority Politics within
   MANN           ( the Europe of Regions
   -             Anna             BOUCHER
   (              • 2023 - Territorial Restructuring and
                                               Regional Perspectives on Minor-
                                               ity Politics in the EU: East-West
 • 887     -     Comparing      Citizenship    Comparisons by Boyka STEFANOVA
   Laws and Policies – A Config-               (
   urational      Approach     by    Rainer
   BAUBOCK         (   • 2042 - Building a Hungarian Public
   -              Maarten             VINK     Sphere from Romania by Toro TIBOR
   (            (
 • 2395 - European Discourse(s) on            • 2562 - Exit from Politics - Social
   New Multilingualism and Minor-               Risk and Political Alienation in Swe-
   ity Languages by Anita  SUJOLDZIC            den 1988-2010li by Maria OSKARSON
    ( - Vesna  MUHVIC-         (
                                              • 3067 - The Limited Effects of Elec-
 • 2423 - South Tyrol’s Changing Po-            toral Rules on Participation, Trust
   litical System: From the Dissocia-           and Efficacy by Todd DONOVAN
   tive to the Associative Conflict Res-        ( - Shaun
   olution by Günther PALLAVER (guen-           BOWLER (                  • 652 - Trust, Threat and Opposi-
                                                tion to Anti-terrorism Police Pow-
 • 3010 - Systems of Minority Pro-              ers:     Australia in Comparative
   tection in Central and South-                Perspective by David DENEMARK
   east Europe: A Comparative Per-              (
   spective by István SZÉKELY (ist-  -   István          • 669 - Is Convergence a Myth? Social
   HORVÁTH (               Inequality and the Path of European
                                                Civil Societies by Andrei ROMAN (acro-
 • 3313 - Minorities’ Self-Determination
   in Contemporary Switzerland – An
   Assessment by Björn UHLMANN
                                            S51P382 Pathways of Institutionalis-
 • 762 - Six Lessons from History –         ing a Europe of Knowledge: Com-
   Regional, Minority and Language          paring Governance Mechanisms in
   Policy in Transcarpathia Between         Education, Higher Education and
   1900-2010 by Viktria FERENC (fe-         Research - István CSERNICSKÓ
   (                       • 3722 - Inception and Institution-
                                                alisation of the OMC Education,
                                                The Bologna Process and the OMC
                                                Research: From Coordination Tem-
S45P238 Political Participation,                plates to New Policy Arenas ? by
Trust and Efficacy in Uncertain                 Pauline  RAVINET  (pauline.ravinet-
Times                                  - Ase  GORNITZKA
 • 1313 - Does Civic Education have           • 413 - Benchmarking for the Greater
   an Effect ?  A Comparative Study             Good?        The ”New Investment
   of Civic Education Effects in                Paradigm” In European Higher Ed-
   38 Countries by Marc HOOGHE                  ucation by Kathia SERRANO-VELARDE
   (                (

 • 2457 - Party Systems and Mobilisation:     • 516 - Anatomy of a Learning Archi-
   How Polarisation Reduces Efficacy and        tecture: The case of Implementing
   Engagement by Prof. Jeffrey  KARP            the European Charter for Researchers
    (                       and the Code of Conduct for their
   Recruitment by Meng-Hsuan CHOU               Spanish’ Autonomous Communities by
   (                    Teresa RUEL (
 • 854 - The Struggle over the Appro-         • 3777 - Madeira Island and the Auton-
   priate Role of European Union in             omy’s Impact by António MARQUES
   Knowledge Creation – A case study            BESSA (
   of the Birth and Institutionalisation
   of the European In by Åse GOR-
                                              • 3798 - Madeira Exceptionalism towards
   NITZKA ( -
                                                a flawless Democracy by Jose SANTOS
   Julia METZ (
 • 871 - “Quality Agencies”: The Devel-
   opment of Mediating and Regulating         • 3939 - The Autonomous Region of
   Organisations in Scandinavian Higher         Madeira in the Portuguese National
   Education by Hanne Foss HANSEN               Press: A way of Assessing the Qual-
   (                              ity of Democracy? by Célia BELIM RO-
                                                DRIGUES (

S53P184 Theories for / of Transi-
tional Justice                    S61P41 The Professionalisation of
                                  Organised Civil Society
 • 1515 - Theorising Identity, Justice,
   and Reconciliation: A Social Learning
   Model of Transitional Justice by Nevin     • 1109 - Opening the Black Box: The Pro-
   AIKEN (                      fessionalisation of Interest Groups in
                                                the European Union by Heike KLUEVER
 • 551 - Extraordinary Justice by David         (
   GRAY (               -          Sabine          SAURUGGER
 • 5 - Intersectionality: A Feminist The-
   ory for Transition by eilish ROONEY
                                              • 2470 - On the Professionalisation
                                                of    Communication    Management.
                                                Empirical Results from a Large On-
                                                line Survey with Interest Groups
S58P415 The Framing of Democ-                   in CH, D and UK by Erik JENTGES
racy’s Quality at Regional Level -              ( - Matthias
The Cases of Autonomous Commu-                  BRAENDLI (
                                              • 3028 - The Professionalisation of
 • 2197 - Squaring the Vicious Circle           Community Organising in UK, from
   of Nationalism and Separatism in             London Citizens to the Big Society
   Post Milosevic Serbia:    The case           by Hélène BALAZARD (helenebal-
   of Autonomous Province of Vojvod-  
   ina by Olivera DJORDJEVIC (djordjevi-                            • 3620 - Theoretical reflections on rep-
                                                resentation by CSOs and their pro-
 • 2963 - The Political Institutions at Re-     fessionalisation by Sandra KRÖGER
   gional Level – The Portuguese and            (
 • 429 - Professionalisation of NGOs:          ( - Don-
   Friend or Foe of Grassroots Rep-            nacha O’BEACHAIN (donnachaunder-
   resentation?     by Vanessa BUTH  
                                             • 2094 - Dependent Internationally, Net-
                                               working Domestically: Transaction
                                               Politics of Czech Social Movement Or-
S64P246 Democracy and Realism                  ganisations (SMOs) by Ondrej CISAR
                                               ( - Jiri NAVRATIL
 • 1673 - The Democratic Rechtsstaat           (
   and the Problem of Self-grounding by
   James GLEDHILL (   • 2664 - Civil society, International Aid,
                                               and the State in the former So-
 • 2019 - Conflict, Power and Real Pol-        viet Union by Kateryna PISHCHIKOVA
   itics: The Challenges Ahead for a           (
   New Realist Democratic Theoryy
   by Alessandro MULIERI (alessan-           • 307 - EU Assistance for Civil Society                in Kosovo: A Step too Far for Democ-
                                               racy Promotion?     by Adam FAGAN
 • 2132 - The Contexts of Public Discourse     (
   in Democratic Societies by Richard
                                             • 324 - NGOs and Civil Society in Alba-
   NORTH (
                                               nia: Where We’ve Been, Where We
 • 2584 - A Pluralist Critique of Sen’s        Are, Where We’re Going by Lori AMY
   Constructive Argument for Democracy         ( - Eglantina GJER-
   by Enzo ROSSI (        MENI (
   - Carlo ARGENTON (carloargen-
                                             • 3723 - Civil Society, International Aid
                                               and the State. Rethinking the Triad in
 • 352 - The Ancient Quarrel Between Po-       the Middle East by Benoit CHALLAND
   litical Philosophy and Politics by Rus-     (
   sell  BENTLEY  (         • 376 - Civil Society Development in Au-
                                               thoritarian Settings: The Politicisa-
 • 989 - Some Questions for a ‘Real-
                                               tion Challenge by Simon TORDJMAN
   ist Political Theory’ by John HORTON

                                    S66P152 The Dynamics of Party
S65P61 Civil Society, International
Aid, and the State: Is there a
Pattern in Democratic Transforma-     • 1172 - Recall Voting Behaviour
tions?                                  by   Tom     VAN   DER   MEER
 • 195 - The Role of Civil Society             -     Wouter       VAN   DER      BRUG
   in   Democratic   Transformations:           ( - Erika  VAN
   What can we learn from “Colour              ELSAS  ( - Rozemar-
   Revolutions”?   by Abel POLESE              ijn  LUBBE  (
 • 1200 - Sympathy for the ‘Devil’           • 984 - A United Nations Parliamen-
   ?      Populist voting behavior in          tary Assembly:       Necessary Step
   the 2006 and 2010 Dutch General             or Detour on the Path to Decent
   Elections by Gijs SCHUMACHER                Global Institutions? by Luis CABRERA
   (   -   Matthijs         (

 • 3358 - The English Political Gender
   Gap: Life Course Explanations for Gen- S75P233 What Works in Regulatory
   der Differences in Political Attitudes Enforcement? Measuring Effective-
   and Voting 1991-2006 by Eva  JASPERS ness and Efficiency
    ( - Marijn  VAN KLIN-
   GEREN  ( - Ben     • 1471 - In Search for Evidence-Based Reg-
    PELZER  (              ulatory Enforcement by Heinrich  WIN-
                                              TER  (
 • 3793 - Polarisation and Class Vot-
   ing by Alexander GATTIG (gattig@uni-     • 1491 - Impact from Inspection of Road                                 Transport and Instruments for Effi-
                                              cient Inspection by Han  VAN DER
                                              LOOP  (

S67P403 Federalism and Global                • 2507 - Time for responsive evaluation.
Democracy                                      Observations on regulatory effective-
                                               ness measurement in the Netherlands
                                               by Pieter  WELP  (
 • 1425 - Moral and Political Cos-
   mopolitanism:      Distinction With-      • 2734 - Do States Pretend to Obey the
   out a Difference? by Pavel  DUFEK           Law? A case study of Anti Money
    (                        Laundering Policy Enforcement by Jo-
                                               ras FERWERDA ( -
 • 1858 - ’Statist’ Global Governance:         Brigitte UNGER (
   Global Institutions in the Service
   of the State by Barbara BUCKINX           • 2892     -   Effectiveness    Evalua-
   (               tion     of   Global     Environmen-
                                               tal Regimes by Mikael ROMÁN
 • 2060 - The Limits of Transparency           ( - Evert VE-
   in    Democratising   Global  Gov-          DUNG (
   ernance    by    Haye   HAZENBERG

 • 2524 - Nationalism, Federalism and S79P479 Professional Competition
   Diversity in the Post-Sovereign and Policy Reform after Crisis
   Constellation    by   John  FOSSUM
   (             • 2458 - Crisis-Induced Policy Re-
                                           form in the EU: Reform’s Linkage
 • 2857 - Domestic and Transnational       to Framing and Decision mak-
   Federalism:       Normative   Differ-   ing Styles by Bertjan VERBEEK
   ences by Helder DE SCHUTTER             (   -   Eva-Karin
   (     OLSSON (
 • 273 - Overcoming the Financial             • 775 - Transnational Courts and Demo-
   Crisis with Less State or More               cratic Governance:     The Role of
   State?    Political Determinants of          the Inter-American Court of Hu-
   the Fiscal Policy Reaction by Felix          man Rights by Mary  VOLCANSEK
   HÖRISCH     (felix.hoerisch@mzes.uni-         (
 • 3822 - When Corporations Write
   Financial Rules.       The Emergence S82P522 Global Organisation as Text
   of    Corporate-Financial    Coalitions in Context
   and the Watering Down of Finan-
   cial Reforms by Stefano PAGLIARI          • 1479 - Shaping through Closure.
   ( - Kevin YOUNG        A Discursive Perspective on Inter-
   (                        Organisational Relations in the Field
                                               of Security by Eva HERSCHINGER
                                               ( - Martin
                                               KOCH (
S80P20 Courts in Democratic Sys-
tems                                          • 1696 - Globalisation and/or Euro-
                                                peanisation?    The Case of Flexicu-
 • 144 - Judicial Reform in Central             rity by Dimitris TSAROUHAS (dim-
   and Eastern Europe: Falling in Step - Stella LADI (stel-
   with the West? by Cristina  PARAU  
                                              • 577 - The WIPO Development Agenda:
 • 3071 - The Politics of Judicial Nomina-      Contradictions,  Frames and Re-
   tions in a Polarised Society by Men-         constructions by Valbona MUZAKA
   achem HOFNUNG (              (

 • 3157 - Politics or Policy: Prosecutor
   Amicus Participation in U.S. Supreme
   Court Search and Seizure Cases by
                                         S84P168 Globalisation and Political
   Colin PROVOST (   Community: Beyond Universalism
                                             and Particularism
 • 3717 - Judicial Decision Making under
   Changing Constraints: a Comparison         • 2602 - How to Govern the Uni-
   between the United States and Europe         versalising   Community:    Pe-
   by Gemma SALA (           ter Sloterdijk’s Concept of Co-
                                                Immunism by Rolf RAUSCHENBACH
 • 426 - Judicial Selection and Appoint-
   ment of Lower Court Judges in
   Argentina (1983-2009) by Mariana           • 3325 - Humanity as a Political Com-
   LLANOS      (         munity in Norbert Elias’s Histori-
   - Constanza FIGUEROA SCHIBBER                cal Sociology: A Realist Cosmopoli-
   ( - Alvaro HER-           tanism? by Florence DELMOTTE (del-
   RERO (         
 • 70      -   Comparative   Judicial         • 539 - Rethinking the Concept of the
   Dissent    by    Chris  HANRETTY             World in World Politics by Sergei  PRO-
   (                       ZOROV  (
 • 752 - The Elemental Ground of the          or Disabilities by Anna  LUDWINEK
   World Community by Susanna LIND-            (
   BERG (
 • 960 - Political Community of             • 1539 - Activating Precarious Youth.
   Whosoever by mika OJAKANGAS                The case of the FORJAD Pro-
   (                    gramme by Jean-Michel BONVIN
                                              (      -
                                              Maël DIF-PRADALIER (maelunder-
S87P161 Climate Change in Agricul-
ture Policy - Ideational Change and
Transnational Governance
 • 1852 - Changing Paradigms in a S95P362 Norm(alising) Narratives
   Changing Climate: A Shift in the in IR
   Political Economy of Forest Plan-
   tations?     by Julia SZULECKA (ju-             • 2107 - When the Premodern is Post-
                                         modern.      Hobbes, Lacan and the
 • 1859 - Climate Change and U.S.        Making of the International Sys-
   Farm Policy:     More Denial than     tem by Charlotte EPSTEIN (char-
   Paradigm Shift by Wayne  MOYER
 • 1933 - Climate Governance as an          • 2756 - ‘Writing Norms’ - Norm Diffu-
   Emerging Layer of Agriculture Policy       sion as Scholarly Practice by Katha-
   – Paradigm Shift, Discursive Contesta-     rina GLAAB (katharina.glaab@uni-
   tion or Venue Shift? by Peter FEINDT     -   Stephan     EN-
   (                    GELKAMP (stephan.engelkamp@uni-
 • 3806 - Agricultural Policy Net-  
   works and Climate Change: a UK-
   Ireland Comparison by Alan GREER         • 2778 - The International as Politico-
   (                     Normativity: Conferences and the So-
 • 3878 - The Impact of the Climate           cial Institutionalisation of Politics by
   Change Discourse and other Factors by      Friederike KUNTZ (
   Franziska WOLFF (
                                            • 3371    -  Normalising    Difference?
                                              Practicing Civil-Military Coordina-
S91P426 Policy-Making and Politi-             tion in CSDP by Maren HOFIUS
cal Opportunities for the Inclusion           (
of Young Unemployed and Precari-
ous Youth                                   • 755 - Discourse, Normative Change
                                              and the Quest for Reconciliation in
 • 1050 - Active Inclusion Policy             Global Politics: Emergence of a Recon-
   Measures towards Young Inac-               ciliation Narrative by Judith RENNER
   tive People with Health Problems           (
S97P310 Grasping the Interface Be-            • 447 - Re-election Incentives and
tween Researchers, Consultants,                 Defection:     Party Switching in
Politicians and Practitioners of In-            the     Japanese    Liberal    Demo-
                                                cratic Party by Alex  CHANG
  • 1912 - The Role of Academia in Intel-
    ligence Improvement and Governance
    by Ruben ARCOS ( S101P172 The Behavioural Conse-
    - Joan ANTÓN ( quences of Electoral Systems. Do
  • 3080 - A Never Ending Story: Public Ed- Candidate-Centred Systems Breed
    ucation and Intelligence Affairs by Dan Personalised Party Politics?
    MAZARE (
                                              • 1431 - Why Electoral Systems Don’t Al-
  • 670 - Filling the Pipeline for Intel-
                                                ways Matter: The Impact of “Mega-
    ligence Professionals: Problems of
                                                seats” on Legislative Behaviour by
    Academia by Dennis  SODEN  (deso-
                                                Shane MARTIN ( - Lisa  TOMAKA  (lm- - Janet  CONARY          • 1509 - Personalisation and Intra-Party
     (                         Politics in Mixed Member Systems.
                                                Strategies for Electoral Gain or Pan-
                                                dora’s Box?       by Thomas ZITTEL
S98P258 The Impact of Electoral Re-             ( - Annika
form on Political Parties                       HENNL (hennl@soz.uni-frankfurt)

                                              • 1937 - Synchronising Electoral Poli-
  • 1700 - The Missing Link in Macro-
                                                tics? Individualised Constituency Cam-
    Quantitative Political Science Re-
                                                paigns in the 2010 Hungarian Elec-
    search: The Case of Electoral System
                                                tions by MIHAIL CHIRU (mihailunder-
    Choice by Patrick  EMMENEGGER
     ( - Klaus  PETERSEN
     (             • 2446 - Institutional Constraints
  • 2163 - Electoral Reform in the UK.          and Conceptions of Political Rep-
    Partisan Preferences and Elite-Mass         resentation  by   Sam    DEPAUW
    Interactions by Simon TOUBEAU (si-          ( - Audrey                      ANDRÉ (

  • 2665 - Reforms in Financing of Elec-      • 2649 - Courting, but not always
    toral Rules and Paery Fragmenta-            Serving:       Perverted Burkeanism
    tion: A Comparative Analysis be-            - the Puzzle of the Irish TD un-
    tween Argentina, Brazil, Chile and          der PR-STV by Matthew WALL
    Uruguay by Mauro  CAMPOS  (cam-             ( - David FARRELL - Hugo  BORSANI         (  -  Séin   Ó
     (                          MUINEACHÁIN (

  • 3057 - Reforming Electoral System in      • 315 - Constituency Level Campaign-
    Bulgaria – Factors, Actors and Fail-        ing in an SMP Electoral System
    ures by Petia GUEORGUIEVA (petiague-        by William CROSS (billunderscore-               
S110P43 Strategies of Economic En-             • 3918 - The Logic of Voting Behaviour
gagement: US and EU Approaches                   in the European Parliament: are MEPs
to Trade Agreements                              really Parliamentary Agents with Two
                                                 Principals? by Lorenzo CICCHI (loren-
  • 1225 - Staffing of Regional Trade
    Agreements      by  Julia    GRAY          • 848 - Responsive Europe? Govern-
     (                          ment Responsiveness across the Eu-
                                                 ropean Union by Kathrin THOMAS
  • 1239 - Island of Stability? European-
    American Cooperation as a Stabilising
    Factor in World Politics by Klaus LAR-
    RES (
                                              S110P414 The Council of the Eu-
  • 3297 - Taking Stock of the ropean Union:                    Models of EU
    Canada-EU     Comprehensive       Eco-
    nomic     and    Trade     Agreement
                                           Decision-Making Meet Empirical
    (CETA) by Jean-Frederic MORIN Evidence
    ( - Erick DUCHESNE
    (          • 1298 - Behavioural Effects of Do-
                                              mestic Constraints in EU Council
  • 3877 - Paying Twice:           Conver-    Negotiations by Markus JOHANSSON
    gence Across U.S. and E.U. Trade          (
    Agreements by Soo Yeon KIM
    ( - Tobias HOF-        • 1795 - The Eastern Enlargement and
    MANN (                    the EU Democratic Deficit: More
                                              Actors, Less Democracy? by Michal
                                              PARÍZEK        (
                                              -        Bela        PLECHANOVOVÁ
S110P377 Party Politics and Voting            (
Behaviour in the EU
                                               • 1894 - Explaining Voting Behaviour in
                                                 the European Council by Javier AR-
  • 1564 - Long- and Short-Term Determi-
                                                 REGUI (
    nants of Party Preferences: Analysis of
    Inter-Generational Differences in West-    • 2428 - How does Finland Participate
    ern and East Central Europe by Ag-           in EU Law-Making? Two Examples of
    nieszka WALCZAK (           Domestic Position-Formation and In-
                                                 fluence in the Negotiations by Anna
  • 2224 - PTV Distributions on the Issue        HYVÄRINEN (
    Space. An Alternative Model to study
    Party Preferences by Federico VEGETTI      • 3632 - European Council vs. Council
    (                     of the European Union: A Com-
                                                 munitarisation of the Consensus?
  • 2274 - Media Good, Parties Bad? The          by Yann-Sven RITTELMEYER (Yann-
    Impact of Media and Political Par- 
    ties on Female Candidates’ Electoral
    Success in the 2009 European Parlia-       • 3775 - Coalition Formation on Major
    mentary Election by Maarja LUHISTE           Policy Dimensions in the Council of
    (                         the European Union by Madeleine
     HOSLI         (      Challenges by Au￿ur H INGÓLFSDÓT-
    -     Peter       VAN    ROOZENDAAL           TIR (
                                                • 3087 - The Amazing Race. On Re-
    -      Caspar       HEETMAN        (Cas-
                                                  sources, Conflict, and Cooperation
                                                  in the Arctic by Teemu PALOSAARI
                                                • 3123 - Cross-Border Cooperation as
S110P469 Transnational Citizen Par-
                                                  a Tool for De-securitisation of the
ticipation in Europe                              European Arctic (a case of Barents
                                                  Euro-Arctic Region) by Gleb YAROVOY
  • 1202 - From Activated to Active Citizen-
    ship. Reflections on Citizens’ Participa-
    tion in Processes of EU Governance by
    Thomas PFISTER (thomas.pfister@uni-                              S110P575 The Role of Political Par-
                                               ties in EU Decision-Making
  • 1467 - Democratic Innovation in the
    European Union: Analysing Recent            • 1591 - Money Makes the EU Go
    Developments by Graham SMITH                  Round:     The Objective Founda-
    (                          tions of Conflict in the Council
  • 1643 - The EU’s Reform Strategy               of Ministers by Mikko MATTILA
    to Introduce Transnational Delib-             ( - Stefanie
    eration by Mundo  YANG  (yang-                BAILER ( - Gerald                               SCHNEIDER     (Gerald.Schneider@uni-
  • 2171 - Randomly Selected Mini-Publics
                                                • 1672 - Government Positions in Negoti-
    and European Democracy by yves SIN-
                                                  ations beyond the Nation State: What
    TOMER (
                                                  Role for Party Politics? by Oliver TREIB
  • 2543 - Who are the Voices of Europe?          (
    Evidence from a Pan-European Delib-         • 2996 - The Role of National Political
    erative Poll by Marlene GERBER (mar-          Parties in Bicameral EU Decision-                     Making by Monika MÜHLBÖCK
S110P527 Beyond the Post-Cold War               • 3239 - The Interplay of Party Functions
Geopolitics and Security of the Arc-              in the European Multilevel System:
tic                                               How Policy Positions and Decision-
                                                  Making fit Together by Stefanie JOHN
  • 1618 - Geopolitics and Security in            (
    the High North: An Icelandic Per-
    spective.  by Margret CELA (mar-            • 3390 - Towards Policy-Seeking Europar-                             ties: The Development of European
                                                  Political Foundations by Steven  VAN
  • 2310 - Climate Change and Environ-            HECKE       (
    mental Security in the Arctic: Links be-      -          Wojciech           GAGATEK
    tween Geopolitical Concerns and Local          (
S110P609 Sociology of the European
 • 1336 - EU Politics by Niilo  KAUPPI
 • 1439 - In search of the Euro-
   pean society by Hans-Jörg TRENZ

 • 1839 - The Analytics and Practice of
   Burden Sharing by Frederic MERAND
   -      Martial   FOUCAULT      (mar-
 • 1840 - EU Policies by Frederic MERAND
27 August, 1100-1240                         S20P115 New Pathways to Knowl-
                                             edge: Combining Arts and Social
                                             Science Research
S18P455 Mass Foreign Policy Atti-
tudes in Europe and their Impacts             • 1876 - Cultural Repression and Artistic
                                                Resistance: The case of Argentina’s
                                                Last Dictatorship by Elodie Marie
 • 1240 - Drifting apart or Waltzing To-        BORDAT      (
   gether? Public and Elites on Transat-        -          Mathilde         ARRIGONI
   lantic Issues by Pierangelo ISERNIA          (
   ( - Philip EVERTS (ev-                    • 201 - Using Art as Historical Evi-
                                                dence after Violence (post-Shining
 • 1285 - Are Europeans ready for “a            Path Peru in Comparative Per-
   Strategic Culture that Fosters Early,        spective) by Cynthia MILTON (cyn-
   Rapid, and when necessary, Robust In-
   tervention“? Insights from a Cross-        • 2863 - Theatricality as a Political
   National Survey by Heiko BIEHL (heiko-       Paradigm (Theatre and Drama as Epis-                             temological and Analytical Tools in Po-
                                                litical Theory) by Klaas TINDEMANS
 • 2101 - An Experimental Investigation         (
   of the Democratic Peace by Michael
   TOMZ ( - Jessica         • 3874 - Speaking through Objects –
   WEEKS (                   How Visual Inputs add Value to
                                                Narrative Analysis by Julia ROSEN-
                                                BERGER          (julia.rosenberger@uni-
 • 2525 - One Hierarchy to rule them   - Julia MOURÃO PERMOSER
   all? Structures in Belief Systems on         (
   Foreign and Security Policy Attitudes        - Florian BETTEL (florian.bettel@uni-
   in the German Public by Matthias   
   MADER           (matthias.mader@uni- - Jana PÖTZSCHKE
   (jana.poetzschke@mzes.uni-                          S22P254 Parties and Issue Competi-
 • 2700 - Factual Knowledge and
   Public Support for German Mil-             • 1217 - Issues and Party Competition in
   itary Operations:      The Case of           Belgium (1977-2007) by Regis DANDOY
   the     German   ISAF    Mission  in         (
   Afghanistan by Rüdiger FIEBIG (ruedi-      • 1329 - How Institutions Constrain                   or Facilitate the Rise of Political
                                                Issues:   A Comparative Study of
 • 595 - Variation in the content and           Actor-Responses to 9-11 by Joost
   analysis of Eurobarometer sur-                BERKHOUT        (
   veys: implications for making cross-         -    Wouter     VAN       DER   BRUG
   national inferences by Karen DEVINE           (      -   Laura
   (                         SUDULICH  (
 • 1398 - Associative Issue Ownership.     • 3808 - A New Local Governance ?
   Disentangling the Dimensions of Issue     Understanding the Participatory Inno-
   Ownership. by Stefaan WALGRAVE (ste-      vations by re-reading Selznick’s TVA - Jonas LEFE-     and the Grass Roots.       A French
   VERE ( - Anke     case study by Alice MAZEAUD (alice-
   TRESCH (   
 • 1418 - Party Competition over the
   Environment in Britain and France.
   Assessing for Conflict and Con-
   sensus in the Politicisation of the S26P365 Religious-Secular Strug-
   Environment by Simon PERSICO gles in Transnational Governance
 • 208 - Just Empty Words?         Issue   • 1304 - Religious NGOS in the UN:
   Competition     in    Italy  between      Co-operation or Friction?     by
   Rhetoric and Legislative Behaviour        Claudia BAUMGART-OCHSE (Baum-
   by Marcello CARAMMIA (mcaram-    - Elisabetta DE GIORGI
                                           • 2790 - Religion and Policy in Brazil:
                                             the role of religion in presidential
                                             campaign by Helio  TEIXEIRA  (he-
S23P326 Critical Approaches to In-  - Ezequiel  DE
novation and Change in Local Gov-            SOUZA  (
 • 1019 - The Rhetoric and Practices       • 2875 - The Holy See in Transna-
   of Innovation: Towards a Critical         tional Governance by Mariano BAR-
   Examination by Helen  SULLIVAN            BATO (
    ( - Steven
    GRIGGS  (            • 2981 - Religion and the formation
 • 1587 - Democratic Processes of In-        of Public Policy:   Defending Reli-
   novation?       by Nils AARSAETHER        gious Positions in Bio-Politics by
   (   -    Toril      Ulrich WILLEMS (ulrich.willems@uni-
                                             SALZMANN           (mirjam.weiberg-
 • 2514 - Privatisation without Liberal- - Chris-
   isation: Market and Politics in Lo-       tian KOTHE (christian.kothe@uni-
   cal Governance by Gloria PIRZIO (glo-
 • 3145 - Co-operative Networks for        • 811 - “In God We Trust?” Explor-
   Local Forest Governance:           An     ing the Discursive Power of Re-
   Innovation with some Democ-               ligious    NGOs    in    International
   racy and Moderate Conservation            Development     by     Stephan     EN-
   Outcomes?       by Riikka  BORG  (ri-     GELKAMP (stephan.engelkamp@uni- - Riikka  PALONIEMI     -    Doris    FUCHS
    (          (
S27P270 Evaluating Governance and             • 3764 - Migration Intentions in East-
Policy in the Face of Complex-                  ern Europe and the Balkans: The
ity: Insights from Heterodox Eco-               role of Social Stratification and
                                                Welfare State by Alexi GUGUSHVILI
 • 1955 - Production Politique: A look        • 579 - Ethnic Difference in Education in
   at the Passive-Aggressive Politics           the United Kingdom by Sarah SWANN
   of the Neo-Classical Production              (
   Function by Katharine FARRELL

 • 2675 - The Role of Path-dependency
                                             S40P404 Politics in Space: The Im-
   in Public Administration and Eco- portance of Territoriality for Con-
   nomics and Implications for the Fu- cept Formation and Theory Devel-
   ture by Rebekkah STUTEVILLE (Re- opment - John JU-
   MARA (              • 1124 - Toward a place-based theory
                                              of party organization by Steve WUHS
 • 452 - The Problem of Coordina-             (
   tion in the Governance of Tran-
   sitions:    A case study of the          • 135 - Breaking and Entering: An Anal-
   Zero Carbon Homes Agenda in                ysis of the Entrance of New Po-
   England     by    Dan    GREENWOOD         litical Actors in a Collapsed Party
   (           System by Inaki SAGARZAZU (In-
 • 932 - Towards an Institutionalist Polit- • 1528 - Parties, Federalism, and
   ical Economy of Allocation: Proposals      Democracy:            Conceptualizing
   for a Research Agenda by Jon MULBERG       Congruence in Three American
   (                   Democracies by Imke HARBERS
                                                ( - Matthew C.
                                                INGRAM (
S31P299 Ethnicity, Education and              • 1535 - Gender in Space: Theorising sub-
Migration: A Comparative Analysis               national Gender Equality Policy by Car-
in an Enlarged Europe                           oline BEER (
                                              • 1540 - Poverty, Politics and Local Diffu-
 • 1465 - Ethnic Segregation and the Edu-       sion: Resource Allocation in a Bolivian
   cational Experiences of Minority Ethnic      Social Investment Fund by Joerg FAUST
   Youths in Berlin by Sabine MANNITZ           (

 • 3495 - Interplay of Demographic
   Change, Hostile Attitudes and Eth- S43P523 Immigration and Multi-
   nic Crimes towards Migrants and Level Party Politics
   Ethnic non-Russians in the Rus-
   sian Federation by Hanna KIRVAS      • 1374 - The Politics of Immigration in
   (                Systems of Multi-level Governance by
    Andrej ZASLOVE ( -       ALBACETE   (ggarciaa@staff.mail.uni-
    Oliver SCHMIDTKE (    

  • 2480 - Immigration and Regionalist        • 348 - Why Participate in Local Poli-
    Parties in Belgium by Regis DANDOY          tics – and Why Not? by Jo SAGLIE
    (                         (

  • 3647 - A Toolkit for the Examina-
    tion of SNRP Discourses on Immi-
    gration by Nuria FRANCO GUILLEN          S51P402 Constructing the European
    (                    Higher Education Area: Dynamics,
                                             Pathways and Enduring Tensions
  • 365 - Nationalist Parties, Immigrants,
    and Electoral Systems by Jan  ERK         • 1209 - Analysing the Transfor-
     (                    mation      of    Higher     Education
                                                Governance      in    Lithuania     and
                                                Bulgaria     by    Liudvika     LEISYTE
                                                ( - Michael
S45P247 The Emergence of New                    DOBBINS         (Michael.Dobbins@uni-
Types of Political Participation and  
Its Consequences
                                              • 1965 - Network dynamics of
  • 1728 - Government for the People?           the Bologna process:        structure,
    The Conditions for Government               actors and outcomes by Mari
    Responsiveness by Mark  PICKUP               ELKEN         (
     (             -    Martina      VUKASOVIC      (mar-
    -            Sara               HOBOLT
     (          • 2807 - Surprised by Europe: British
  • 2515 - Describing Trends in Conven-         higher education decision-making in
    tional and Unconventional Political         the Bologna Decade, 1999-2009 by Anne
    Participation in Europe: Assessing           CORBETT  (
    Equivalence of Scales by Rik  LINSSEN     • 2808 - The European Higher Educa-
     (      tion Area in times of recession: pulling
    - Hans  SCHMEETS  (             back or moving forward? by Cecile
    -      Manfred    TE     GROTENHUIS         HOAREAU (
     ( - Peer
     SCHEEPERS  (       • 3424 - Creating a European Platform
                                                for Academic Leadership by Janne WIK-
  • 2609 - Is Online Political Action for       STRÖM (
    Young People? A Uses-Gratifications
    Approach by Peter THIJSSEN (pe-
                                             S53P302 Transitional Justice in Eu-
  • 3336 - Are ”new” Forms of Partic- rope: Convergence or Divergence?
    ipation that New?        An Updated
    Exploration of the Dimensionality   • 2623 - When the Authoritarian Past re-
    of Political Participation in West-   turns to the Political Agenda. Deal-
    ern Democracies by Gema GARCA         ing with the Legacies of Dictatorship in
   Spain and Poland by Filipa RAIMUNDO         • 2876 - The Dynamics of Local Partner-
   (                      ships in GreeceL: The Case of Equal and
                                                 Leader Community Initiatives by De-
 • 2749 - Memory under Pressure: Latvia’s        spoina GRIGORIADOU (desunderscore-
   Historical Discourse on Nazi and Soviet
   Pasts in and after the European Inte-
   gration Process by Pascal  BONNARD          • 2934 - The Treatment of Forgotten
    (     -       Minorities as Litmus Test for Euro-
   Markus  MECKL  (               peanization: The Case of the Roma-
                                                 nian Ethnics in Bulgaria by Andre HEIN
 • 3599 - The European Court of Human            (
   Rights as a Standard Setter for Transna-
   tional Justice by Karen  SCHLUETER          • 3158 - Democratisation Through Social
    (                    Dialogue? The EU’s Influence on the
                                                 Role of Bulgarian Social Partners by
 • 373 - Impact of Transitional Justice          Slavina SPASOVA (
   Measures on the Quality of Democracy          - Luca TOMINI (
   in European Countries by Anja  MIHR
    (                             • 389 - Legacy of Enlargement? The Prob-
                                                 lem of Democratic Quality and State
 • 399 - Reconciliation through Histori-         Quality in Greece by Susannah VERNEY
   cal Truth: The Baltic History Commis-         (
   sions as a New Domestic/International
   Nexus of Transitional Justice in Europe
   by Eva-Clarita  PETTAI  (
                                              S64P214 Democracy and Integra-
S58P398 The Impact of European                 • 1180 - Democratic Integration and the
Integration on Democratic and                    Requirement of Accommodation by Ian
State Quality in Southern Europe                 O’FLYNN (
                                               • 1473 - Political Participation and
 • 1441 - Impact of the Present EU               Democratic Political Agency by Cillian
   Enlargement Policy on the Demo-               MCBRIDE (
   cratic and State Quality in Turkey
   by Adam SZYMANSKI (adunder-                 • 1964 - Democracy, Communities of                     Trust and Political Integration: Re-
                                                 flections on the Nascent Democratic
 • 1546 - Democracy, European Union              Politics in Turkey by Gürcan KOÇAN
   and Portugal: The Democratic Prin-            ( - Ahmet ONCU
   ciple on the Accession Negotia-               (
   tions by Alice  CUNHA  (aliceunder-
 • 2021 - The EU’s Cooperation and S65P90 Crises and the Outcomes of
   Verification Mechanism for Bulgaria Contentious Politics
   and Romania:      A policy mecha-
   nism of state- and democracy con-    • 116 - Double Diffusion:   The Co-
   solidation?    by Boyka STEFANOVA      Evolution of Police and Protest Be-
   (             haviour by Donatella DELLA PORTA
   ( - Sidney      • 546 - Forecasting Brazilian Presidential
   TARROW (                     Elections or the N Problem in Fore-
                                                 casting Election Results in Recently
 • 2143 - The 2010 UK Mobilisations
                                                 Democratised Countries by Mathieu
   against Rising University Fees and Ed-
                                                  TURGEON  ( - Lucio
   ucation Spending Cuts: A new Av-
                                                  RENNO  (
   enue for Young People’s Political En-
   gagement?      by Emily RAINSFORD
   ( - Maria GRASSO         • 564 - Forecasting Belgian Elec-
   (                          tion Results.        Forecasting the
                                                 Outcome in a Federal Coun-
 • 3084 - The Impact of Local Po-                try     by   Ruth     DASSONNEVILLE
   litical Opportunity Structures on              (
   the Mobilisation of the Far-Right
   in Sweden by abby PETERSON
   ( - Ka-
   trin UBA (
                                             S67P557 Political Legitimacy, Polit-
 • 438 - Coalition Formation in Transi- ical Obligation, and International
   tional Regimes. The Case of Spain
   and Portugal (1974-1978) by Ivo VEIGA
                                            • 1136 - Contested Symptoms, Diagnosis,
 • 971 - The political impact of the 2006
                                              Prognosis and Prescriptions: The Le-
   Pingüino movement in Chile by Sofia
                                              gitimacy Deficit of International Law
                                              – and of Human Rights Treaties in
                                              Particular by Andreas FOLLESDAL (an-
S66P182 Election Forecasts:          Ne-
glected Democracies                            • 114 - Justice, Legitimacy and the
                                                 Global Order:        A Liberal Per-
 • 1059 - Importance of the Left-Right           spective     by   Laura     VALENTINI
   Continuum in Forecasts of the                  (
   Parliament Election Outcome in
   Latvia and Estonia by Elina VIKMANE
   (                   • 1166 - Political (democratic) le-
                                                 gitimacy through legal (practi-
 • 1214 - Election Forecasting in Lithua-        cal) reasoning by Tor-Inge  HARBO
   nia:    Case of Municipal Elections            (
   by Ma￿vydas JASTRAMSKIS (mazvy-
                                               • 2258 - International Human Rights In-
 • 2824 - A Forecasting Model for                stitutions and Political Obligation by
   the 2013 Norwegian National Elec-             Lynn  DOBSON  (
   tion by Sveinung ARNESEN (svein-
                                               • 2662 - Republicanism, Political Consti-
 • 371 - Forecasting the Second Party Vote       tutionalism and International Human
   Share: A Model for Turkish Elections by       Rights Conventions by Richard  BEL-
   emre  TOROS  (            LAMY  (
S75P236 Privatisation of Regulatory            • 1874     -   The     Problem      with
Enforcement                                      Banks       by      Lena      RETHEL
 • 1653 - Gorillas in the Closet?:               -    Timothy      SINCLAIR      (Timo-
   Enforcing    Transnational Private  
   Regulation by Paul VERBRUGGEN
                                               • 2448 - Catch 22! The Greek Sovereign
                                                 Debt Crisis and EU’s Problem-Solving
 • 2081 - How do Public Interest NGOs            Capacity by Zbigniew TRUCHLEWSKI
   ‘Enforce’ their Standards in Global Mar-      (truchlewskiunderscorezbigniew@ceu-
   kets? A Comparative Case Study of the
   FSC and MSC by Frans VAN WAARDEN            • 3253 - Industrial policies in times of
   (                          crisis and its implications for fur-
                                                 ther developments by Michael FRANKE
 • 2147 - Amidst so Many Forces;
   The Sustaining of Co-Regulatory
   Regimes in an Institutional Patch-          • 3485 - From Local Lending to 24-Hour
   work by Haiko VAN DER VOORT                   Trading: The Political Economy of
   (                  Global Finance by Stephen KAPLAN
 • 3116 - Analysing the Nature of Soft and
   Hard Policy Tools and Their Relation-       • 88 - Shifting Paradigms?: Mapping
   ship - A Comparative Study of PRTR            Policy Change in the Wake of the
   Uses in Environmental Policy by Dorit         Financial Crisis by Matthew WOOD
    KERRET  (              (
 • 3634 - The Equator Principles: An
   Eempirical Analysis of Reporting, Com-
   pliance and Enforcement by Poonam S80P23        Courts   Under   Non-
   PURI (          Democratic Systems, Democratisa-
                                              tion and Democratic Breakdown
 • 3963 - The Impact of Privatisation of
   Regulatory Enforcement on the Pub-
                                               • 1730 - The Judicialisation of Politics
   lic, Democratic and Learning Function
                                                 in Albania; The role of Constitutional
   of Government Enforcement by Meike
                                                 Court in the Democratisation Process
    BOKHORST  ( - Pieter
                                                 by Teuta VODO (
    WELP  (
                                               • 1979 - Building Legitimate and Au-
                                                 thoritative Courts:      The Supreme
                                                 Court of Argentina between 2003
S79P486 After the Crisis, After the
                                                 and 2010 by Gabriel PEREIRA
Market?                                          (

 • 1501 - Post Neoliberalism:           A      • 2110 - The Role of Courts in Formal
   New Political Economy for Latin               Constitutional Change: Nicaragua and
   America?        by Pia RIGGIROZZI             the Central American Court of Jus-
   (   -    Jean        tice by Dante GATMAYTAN (gatmay-
   GRUGEL ( 
 • 2705 - Approaches, Concepts, Incen-        S87P373 Europeanisation of Foreign
   tives and Actors in Judicial Politics in   Policy
   Latin America by Silvia  INCLAN  (sil-                       • 1186 - Uploading, downloading, or
                                                 outsourcing? Mechanisms of Euro-
 • 3018 - Courting Corruption: A Com-            peanization and policy towards Latin
   parative Case Analysis of Political           America in Europe. by Bettina TRUEB
   Signalling in the Prosecution of              (
   Corruption during Indonesia’s Demo-
                                               • 1594 - Foreign policy coordination and
   cratic Transition by Samuel CLARK
                                                 diplomatic alignment in the OSCE: dif-
                                                 ferential patterns of Europeanisation
                                                 in non EU-Europe by Florent MARCI-
 • 312 - Constitutional Courts and Democ-        ACQ (
   racy: Varying Patterns of Courts Role
   in Democratic Transition, Consoli-          • 1853 - The EU’s Impact on Member
   dation and Breakdown by Christoph             States’ Foreign Policies Revisited: The
   HOENNIGE          (hoennige@sowi.uni-         Case of Sweden by Jan Martin ROLENC     -     Sylvain      BROUARD         ( - Petr KRATOCHVÍL
   (             (

                                               • 3114 - Security, Integration and Associ-
                                                 ated Non-members by Pernille RIEKER
S84P191 Critical Theorisations of
Western Commonality                            • 3354 - The (limited) Europeanisation
                                                 of EU member states’ policies to-
                                                 wards the Russian Federation.     by
 • 1637 - The West as a Source of                Anke SCHMIDT-FELZMANN (
   Legitimacy and International Or-    
   der by Christopher S.  BROWNING
    (      -
   Marko  LEHTI  (
                                       S91P565 Individual Characteristics
 • 2713 - Bringing International Rela- and the Social Exclusion of Young
   tions Back In:   Globalisation and Unemployed and Precarious Youth
   the Adaptation of the Interna-
   tional Society by mor MITRANI               • 1477 - Young migrant women in
   (                 the     Netherlands:      educational
                                                 progress and labour market ex-
 • 363 - Reconstituting the West and its         clusion     by   Debby     GERRITSEN
   Others: The Strange Death of Lib-              (  -    Willibrord
   eral Universalism by David  CHANDLER           DE GRAAF  (
    (                    • 2010 - Informational Exclusion +
                                                 Precarious Futures: Informationally
 • 423 - The Puzzle of Transatlantic Rela-       Excluded Youth Confront a Perilous
   tion: A Theorisation by Pertti  JOEN-         Job Market by Øyvind WIBORG (oyvin-
   NIEMI  (                 - Laura ROBINSON
   ( - Jeremy          M.    • 3930 - The Analysis of EU Common
   SCHULZ (                   Intelligence Policy and Agency by Yu-
                                                 Chin  CHENG  (
 • 2037 - Youth, Unemployment, and Ex-
   clusion in Macedonia by Hristina CIPU-      • 609 - Towards Intelligence-Driven
   SHEVA (               Peace Operations? The Evolution of
                                                 UN and EU Intelligence Structures
 • 3241 - Unemployment, stigma and
                                                 by Jacob RAVNDAL ( -
   self-esteem by Jennifer  HOBBINS
                                                 Per Martin NORHEIM-MARTINSEN
    ( - Bettina
    GRIMMER  (grimmer@soziologie.uni-

                               S98P259 Consequences of Electoral
S95P399 Narrating Religion and Reforms: Do they Achieve their In-
Disciplining IR                tended Goals?

 • 1170 - Between Religion and Se-             • 1699 - If Democracy were the Goal…
   curity by Jane LINDSAY (vjanelind-            Origins and Outcomes of Electoral                                Institutions in Post-Colonial Africa
                                                 by Alexander STROH (stroh@giga-
 • 2869 - Writing up the Padre: the signifi-      -   Sebastian  ELIS-
   cance of chaplaincy studies for the nar-      CHER       (
   rativisation of military chaplaincy by        - Gero ERDMANN (erdmann@giga-
   Andrew TODD (  
 • 3104 - Bound by recognition. Nar-           • 204 - Evaluating the long run Conse-
   rating religion in International              quences of 1990s Electoral reforms in
   Relations   by  Maria   BIRNBAUM              Italy and Japan by daniela GIANNETTI
   (                       ( - Bernard
                                                 GROFMAN ( - Steven
                                                 REED (
S97P311 What Role for International            • 3637 - Effects of the 2008 Roma-
Organisations in Intelligence Gov-               nian Electoral Reform on Party
ernance?                                         and    Candidate    Behaviour    by
                                                 Andra-Maria    ROESCU     (andraun-
 • 2844 - European Union as Collective 
   External Policing Actor: The Case of
   Western Balkans by Olga KANTOKOSKI          • 3835 - The Politics of Symbolic Reform:
   (                 Electoral Change and the Courts
                                                 in Argentina by Mona Lena KROOK
 • 3170 - Terror Threats, Data Protection        (       -     Amanda
   and Human Security: A Shifting In-            DRISCOLL (
   terface in Norwegian Law by Mareile
   KAUFMANN        (     -      • 3894 - Are We All Playing the Same
   Kristin Bergatora SANDVIK (berga-             Game? The Economic Effects of Consti- - Kjersti LOHNE (kjer-          tutions Depend on the Degree of Insti-                         tutionalisation by Carlos  SCARTASCINI
    ( - Mariano  TOM-      • 3004 - Explaining Variance in
   MASI  (                Latin American Leftist Party Adap-
                                               tation to Democratic Competi-
                                               tion by Barbara GONZALEZ (bar-
S100P550 Building Civil Dialogue
and “Good” Governance post Lis-              • 3038 - Between Mass, Catch all and
bon                                            Cartel Parties. Party Organisations in
                                               Poland by Maria WINCLAWSKA (mari-
 • 1621 - How could the new article 11 TEU
   contribute to reduce the EU’s demo-
   cratic malaise? by Luis BOUZA (luis-      • 3435 - Where do Political Parties Go                       when they Die?        by Nick SITTER
                                               ( - Elisabeth BAKKE
 • 2172 - Good governance in Slove-            (
   nian employment and education
   policy fields: myth or reality? by        • 3603 - Rescued by the State? Cartel
   Damjan LAJH (damjan.lajh@fdv.uni-           Parties in Africa by Matthijs BOGAARDS    -    Ur￿ka         ￿TREMFEL       (
                                             • 701 - Explaining Hamas’s Changing
 • 2357 - Civil Society Dialogue and           Electoral Strategy, 1996-2006 by Frode
   EU Enlargement.     Shifting Regimes        LOVLIE (
   in Civil Society Promotion by
   Nieves PEREZ-SOLORZANO (n.perez-
                                      S110P340 Deliberative Democracy
 • 2871 - Building Civil Dialogue and in Cultural Conflict and Coopera-
   “Good” Governance in EU Informa- tion
   tion Society Policy: Europe’s Digital
   Agenda 2010 – 2020 and the 2020 post-     • 1096 - Grounding Democracy in Con-
   Lisbon Strategy by Alison HARCOURT          flict: The Normative Significance of
   (                       Disagreement by Martin EBELING (mar-
 • 3735 - Communicating the EU So-
   cial Economy after the Lisbon Treaty      • 1551 - The Federal Electoral Con-
   by Mihaela Ioana DANETIU (black-            stituency in Belgium: Deliberative                             Perspectives by Jeremy DODEIGNE

                                             • 1872 - Can you Turn Tomorrow Region-
S101P381 Party Organisation in New             alist if you were Yesterday Federalist?
Democracies                                    A Qualitative Assessment of Federal
                                               Preferences’ Changes in Franco-
 • 1325 - The Mexican Parties: Weak            phone Belgium by Min REUCHAMPS
   Organisations with Unlimited Power          (
   by Lila CABALLERO SOSA (l.caballero-        -     Nathan     CHARLIER      (nchar-                   
 • 3748    -   The    Deliberative    Ref-    S110P428 The Unstoppable Hege-
   erendum:          Learning      Democ-     mony of the Moderate Islamists?
   racy    by    Doing     by    Franziska    State Restructuring and the Poli-
   DEUTSCH             (f.deutsch@jacobs-
                                              tics of Legitimation in Contempo- - Matthijs BOGAARDS
   (          rary Turkey
 • 3815 - Debate among Absent. Limits of       • 1482 - Hegemony through private wel-
   Democratic Deliberation in Poland by          fare? RMAs and Political Islam in Con-
   Marcin  ZGIEP  (             temporary Turkey by Ipek GOCMEN

                                               • 1975 - Towards an Integration of
S110P379 After Lisbon: Changing                  Networks, Institutions and Cognitive
Patterns in EU Foreign Policy Mak-               Frames: The New Anatolian Busi-
ing Towards the Neighbours?                      ness Elite in Turkey by Lisa SEZER
 • 1412 - Here to stay or already van-
   ishing?      Implications of changes        • 2201 - Lords of Welfare: Governance of
   introduced by the Lisbon Treaty               mass housing in the AKP era by Artur
   on the European Neighbourhood                 PERCHEL (
   Policy (ENP) by Heidi  MAURER
                                               • 3234 - Kurdish Political Representation
                                                 and the AKP in Turkey by Tim JACOBY
   -     Licinia      SIMAO     (liciniasi-
 • 2370 - What does the entry into force
   of the Lisbon Treaty imply for EU-
                                         S110P471 Electoral Systems and the
   Moroccan relations? by Niklas BREM-
   BERG ( Personal Vote
 • 3237 - Towards a Greater EU-Actorness       • 1060 - Preferential Voting in Denmark
   in Conflict Resolution? – The Cross-          by Jurgen ELKLIT (
   Pilliarisation of Europe’s policy toward
   the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Patrick        • 1538 - Personal Representation,
   MÜLLER (           Ballot    Structure     and    Satisfac-
                                                 tion with Democracy in the Eu-
 • 771 - EU Law Export to its Neigh-             ropean Union by Paulo PEREIRA
   bourhood and an Elusive Demand                ( - João ANDRADE
   for Law by Kataryna WOLCZUK                   E SILVA (
   (   -  Rilka
   DRAGNEVA-LEWERS (Rilka.Dragneva-            • 1652 - Preference Votes: the Dutch                      electoral system and the meaning
                                                 of a personal vote by Rudy  AN-
 • 801 - From Hydra to Octopus?                  DEWEG  (
   Post-Lisbon EU and the South                  - Joop  VAN HOLSTEYN  (hol-
   Caucasus      by    Nelli      BABAYAN
   (    -   Na-
   talia    SHAPOVALOVA         (nshapoval-    • 2086 - Voting for Locals? Personal Vote                                in Spanish General Elections by Pe-
   dro RIERA ( - Pablo S110P619 Bureaucratic Autonomy
   BARBERÁ (      and Public Accountability
 • 3999 - Does Candidate-Centred Pro-         • 1230 - Opportunism in Public-Private
   portional Representation with Open           Project Financing by Marian MOSZORO
   List breed Local Electoral Politics SMD-     (
   like? by Fabricio VASSELAI (fabriciovas-                              • 2187    -    Coming       to    terms
                                                with     accountability     by    Tom
 • 515 - Electoral Rules and Legisla-            WILLEMS       (
   tors’ Personal Vote-Seeking in Euro-         -     Wouter        VAN       DOOREN
   pean Democracies by Audrey ANDRÉ              (
   ( - André FREIRE
   ( - Zsófia PAPP      • 2710 - Bureaucratic autonomy and
   (                      political appointments in Denmark,
                                                Iceland and Norway by Gunnar Helgi
 • 612 - Choosing a Style of Repre-             KRISTINSSON ( - Carina
   sentation: The Role of Institutional         BISCHOFF ( - Elin Haugs-
   and Organisational Incentives by Heiko       gjerd ALLERN (
   GIEBLER ( - Bernhard
   WEßELS (                    • 3373 - Public Organisations, News Me-
                                                dia + Accountability by Sandra JACOBS
                                                ( - Thomas SCHILLE-
                                                MANS (
S110P581 Non a Priori Modelling
Methods for Political Science

 • 1676 - The structure of Georgian S110P621 Internet, Social Media and
   blogosphere and implications for in- Politics
   formation diffusion by Zakaria BABUT-
   SIDZE (zakaria.babutsidze@sciences-    • 3235 - Social Media in Hungarian Elec-    -    Koba     TURMANIDZE       tion Campaigns by Zsuzsanna MIIHA-
   ( - Tengiz LOMI-    LYFFY (
                                          • 3250 - The Networked Citizen of the
 • 2715 - What lurks beneath: Haz-          21st Century by Giovanni NAVARRIA
   ards in using data-driven non-           (
   parametric approaches in voting
   studies. by Christoph  WALDHAUSER      • 3400 - The Usual Suspects. Swedish
    (         Social Media Users and Political
   -         Ronald         HOCHREITER      Participation by Nils GUSTAFSSON
    (            (

 • 3443 - Sequence Analysis for Politi-       • 594    -    Local  Governance  and
   cal Science by Philippe BLANCHARD            the      online   networked   pub-
   ( - Olivier       lic sphere by Paul HEPBURN
   FILLIEULE (        (
  • 909 - E-Petitioning and Democracy :         the Global Age by Rebecca  KOOK
    Between Participatory and Representa-        ( - Ayelet  HAREL-
    tive Democracy by Jean-Gabriel CON-         SHALEV  (
    TAMIN (jean-gabriel.contamin@univ-                                 • 2723 - From Border to Immigra-
                                                 tion control – towards converg-
                                                 ing logics?       by Christof ROOS
S110P629 Democratisation and Par-                - Lena LAUBE (lena.laube@sfb597.uni-

  • 1364 - Voting as a Habit in                • 3627 - Transmigrant Public Policy
    New      Democracies    -   Evidence         in host countries:      a contribu-
    from Poland by Mikolaj  CZES-                tion to the transnational migra-
    NIK         (         tion framework by Elena SANCHEZ
    -      Marta       ZERKOWSKA-BALAS           (
     (               • 782 - Migration policy and media de-
  • 1545 - Parliamentarisation in Post-          bate: discussing a quantitative and
    Soviet Countries of Central Asia: a Step     qualitative methodology by Augusto
    from Autocracy? by Oleg  ZAZNAEV             VELOSO LEO (

  • 1722 - Can Democracy kill Democ-
    racy?      by Donata FRANZI (do-

  • 2333 - Do European Parliament
    Election Campaigns further EU
    Democracy?     by Monika  MOKRE
    -     Emmanuel     SIGALAS  (em-

  • 3001 - EU’s in Colombia: Building Peace
    with Democracy? by Dorly CASTANEDA

S110P632 Migration Policies and Cit-
  • 1108 - Immigration policy: Integration
    + citizenship on comparative perspec-
    tive by Sarahi Susana REYES MARTINEZ

  • 2667 - Migrants, Refugees and
    Labourers: Citizenship in Israel in
27 August, 1500-1640

S18P500 Foreign Policy-Making in
Central and East European States

 • 1932 - Re-living Transition: Ideational
   Sources of New EU Members’ For-
   eign Policies Toward the Eastern
   Neighbourhood by Michal SIMECKA

 • 1995     -   The    Russian      Factor
   in     Ukrainian    Foreign      Policy,
   1991-2010    by  Nadiya       KRAVETS

 • 3757 - Between Politics + a Hard Place:
   Government Structure, Influence and
   Foreign Policy Behaviour in Post-Soviet
   Belarus and Ukraine by Erin BAUMANN

 • 686 - “Missionary Zeal of Recent
   Converts”: Norms and Norm Enter-
   preneurs in the Foreign Policy of Czech
   Republic and Slovakia, the Case of
   the Iraq War by Kristina MIKULOVA

 • 794 - From Recipients to Donors: The
   Puzzle of Eastern European Democracy
   Promotion by Tsveta PETROVA (tsve-

S20P583 Political Symbols:              Be-
tween Impact and Intentions

 • 2186 - Politics of preservation:
   Rescuing   the   authenticity of
   Auschwitz by Tommi KOTONEN

 • 2827 - The Obscurity of Written Graffiti
   in ‘Belfast Confetti’ and ‘Eureka Street’
   by George LEGG (
 • 2891 - Multiplying the unique by S23P358 Comparing Local Political
   Charlotte       FRIDOLFSSON (char- Leadership: From Innovation to          Change?
 • 3088 - Politics of Memory or Pol-            • 1408 - Kaleidoscopic Leadership in Con-
   itics of Oblivion?    Anticommunist            sensus Democracies by Niels KARSTEN
   and Antifascist Approaches in Urban            ( - Frank HENDRIKS
   Space Public Policies (the case of             (
   Bucharest) by Alina-Carmen CIOLCA
   (                      • 2375 - Vitalising Democracy by Di-
                                                  rect Election of Mayors and Parliamen-
 • 3529 - Performing Arts as a Weapon for         tarism in the Norwegian Municipal
   Informal Cultural Diplomacy? Belgian           sector? A Review paper by Hans Petter
   Unity Advocacy on Stage by Jean-Gilles         SAXI ( - Tord
   LOWIES (                     WILLUMSEN (

 • 3907 - Iconology as an Approach for          • 2462 - Leadership at the intermediate
   Analysing Contemporary Architecture            government level. Comparing chang-
   in the Context of Political Theory by Jan      ing contexts and capabilities of Flem-
   ENGELKEN (                 ish governors and Dutch Commission-
                                                  ers of the Queen by Tony  VALCKE

S22P255 Policy Attention and Com-
parative Political Systems            S28P367 Classifications of Small
                                      States in Crisis and International
  • 1572 - The Dimensionality of vot- Interventions
   ing behaviour in two European
   parliaments     by   Elmar   JANSEN          • 229 - Small States’ Responses to
   ( - Daphne VAN               the Great Depression:      A case
   DER PAS (                 study of Bulgaria by Vera ASEN-
                                                  OVA    (asenovaunderscorevera@ceu-
 • 2181 - Different Worlds of Agenda-   
   Setting?: Policy Streams and Policy
   Agendas in Europe by Kent WEAVER             • 2687 - Small Fragile States by Jónína
   ( - Sven               EINARSDÓTTIR (
   STEINMO ( - Fu-
   rio STAMATI (

                                               S31P461 Europe’s New Digital Bor-
 • 94 - Policy divergence and asymmet-
   ric regionalism: comparing agendas in ders: Technology, the Tools of Gov-
   Catalonia and Scotland by Peter JOHN ernment and Immigration Control
   ( - Laura
   CHAQUES ( - Ana      • 1238 - E-ID Cards in a Digital Europe by
   PALAU (                     Ozgun E. TOPAK (
 • 1810    -    Poland’s  Eastern bor- S45P504 Immigration-Related Di-
   der:      coping with digital chal- versity, Social Cohesion and the
   lenges by Artur GRUSZCZAK (ar- Civic Culture
                                              • 1269 - Ethnic diversity and personal
 • 2371 - Dreaming of Seamless Bor-             contact with neighbours in the
   ders:    A Comparison of US-VISIT,           Netherlands: a comparison of na-
   UK eBorders, and the EU’s En-                tives and ethnic minorities by Tim
   try/Exit plans by James HAMPSHIRE            HUIJTS ( - Mark
   ( - Dennis        LEVELS ( - Peer
   BROEDERS (               SCHEEPERS (
                                                -         Gerbert        KRAAYKAMP
 • 2516 - Reclaiming Control over Eu-           (
   rope’s Technological Borders by Huub
   DIJSTELBLOEM (         • 1293 - Consequences of Selective
                                                Residential Mobility on the Rela-
                                                tion between Ethnic Diversity and
 • 3727 - Fencing The Sea Borders?
                                                Inter-Ethnic Trust by Jochem TOLSMA
   Making Sense Of The “Digital
   Turn” Of The State by Denis DUEZ
   ( - Rocco BELLANOVA        • 2646 - Between Intergroup Contact and
   (                  Group Threat Theory. Ethnical Diver-
                                                sity and Anti-immigrant Attitudes in
                                                Neighbourhoods in Antwerp by Peter
                                                 THIJSSEN  (
S43P545 Regional Elections and
Electoral Behaviour                           • 2726 - Immigration-related diversity,
                                                interactions and societal integration in
                                                German cities by Soeren PETERMANN
 • 220 - Raising the Stakes - The im-           ( - Dietlind
   pact of institutional decentralisation       STOLLE ( -
   on voting behaviour in regional              Karen SCHOENWAELDER (schoen-
   elections by Marian BOHL (mar-      - Thomas                         SCHMITT (

 • 2345 - Regional elections in Central and   • 2761 - Diversity and Trust in Swe-
   Eastern Europe by Arjan H.  SCHAKEL          den:    A multi-level Approach us-
    (         ing Data from a Community Level
                                                Survey by Susanne LUNDASEN (su-
 • 2420 - Regional political behaviour and - Dag
   regional distinctiveness: a compara-         WOLLEBAEK (
   tive assessment by Ailsa  HENDERSON
                                              • 3521 - Cleavages within Commu-
                                                nities and their Effects on Social
                                                Networks by Sarah  BOTTERMAN
 • 3477 - Party strategies and party per-        (
   formance in regional elections: the
   case of Wales by Jonathan  BRADBURY        • 470 - Ethnic Diversity and the Social
    (                Cohesion of Neighbourhoods: The
   Case of London by Patrick  STURGIS         S53P342 ”Politics of the Past”, Party
    ( - Jonathan        Competition, and Democratic Con-
    JACKSON  ( -        solidation. Comparing South and
   Ian  BRUNTON-SMITH  (I.r.brunton-
                                                • 1377 - Crime without Punishment:
                                                  Transitional Justice Derailed in the
S51P497 Building a Europe of                      Post-Communist World by Peter ROZIC
Knowledgeable Citizens: What is                   (
the Role of Education in European               • 2056 - Left Behind: Spain’s Social-
citizenship Policies and Practices?               ist Party (PSOE) and its ‘Historical
                                                  Memory’ Agenda by Stephanie GOLOB
 • 202 - The legitimisation of knowl-             (
   edge as a criterion of access to cit-
   izenship - how (non)postnational is          • 3656 - Lessons from the Past: East Ger-
   that? by Isabel Estrada CARVALHAIS             man and Polish Opposition by Pietras
   (                  KAROLINA       (karolina.pietras@paris-
 • 2088 - The EU as an Ideational Ac-
                                                • 683 - The Politics of the Past in Chile
   tor Impacting on Chilean and Mexi-
                                                  and the Southern Cone by Mario  SZ-
   can HE by Francis ESPINOZA FIGUEROA
                                                  NAJDER  (
   ( - Carlos DEL VALLE (del-                               • 923 - A Tale of Two “25th of April”:
                                                  Transitional Justice and the Qual-
 • 2252 - Reform of doctoral Train-               ity of Democracy in Italy and
   ing in Europe: The Emergence of                Portugal by Paola CESARINI (ce-
   a New Form of Educational Gov-       
   ernance by Andrea  KOTTMANN
    (                     • 997 - Historical revisionism in Ar-
                                                  gentina: The politics of historical
 • 3537 - Higher education and citizen-           memory by Alberto SPEKTOROWSKI
   ship in Central, Eastern and Southeast-        ( - Gideon DORON
   ern Europe: exploring the links by Jana        (

 • 379 - The Bologna Process and Higher
   Education in Modern Russia: Prob- S64P213 Religion, Public Space and
   lems and Perspectives (Federal, Re- Toleration
   gional and International Aspects) by
   Tamara GELLA (         • 2245 - Religion, public space and tol-
                                           eration: negotiation and disputes sur-
 • 712 - A Europe of knowledge?            rounding the installation of mosques
   What types of Knowledge are Ex-         in Brussels by Corinne TORREKENS
   pected of young European Citizens       (
   and How Much do they know
   about Europe?       by Avril KEATING  • 2297 - Mosques in a Jewish State: Be-
   (       tween Religious toleration and Na-
   tional Conflict. by Michael ROMANN        • 3581 - Contention from Dictatorship to
   (                     Democracy: The interplays between
                                               international funding and public poli-
 • 3176 - Religious Toleration of Mus-
                                               tics in Chile by Manuel BASTIAS SAAVE-
   lims in the Public Space. by Jolanda
                                               DRA (
    VAN DER NOLL  (j.vandernoll@jacobs-
 • 865 - A Multirelational Account of Tol-
                                           S66P276 Issue Voting and Political
   erance and Respect by Sune LÆGAARD
   ( - Maria Paola FER- Representation
   RETTI (
                                             • 1330 - The contextual sources of
 • 969 - A Matter of Respect. On the rela-     voters’ satisfaction with democ-
   tion between the majority and minori-       racy by Stefan DAHLBERG (ste-
   ties in a democracy by Emanuela CEVA
   ( - Federico ZUOLO (fed-                     • 1814 - Ideological voting and satis-
                                               faction with democracy by Romain
                                               LACHAT (
S65P190 Contentious Politics in Un-          • 2179 - Do Knowledgeable Voters
democratic Settings                            take more Complex Decisions?
                                               Political Sophistication and Mod-
 • 1727 - Protest mobilisation and gov-        els of Issue Voting by David JO-
   ernment response during and after           HANN      (
   the Financial Crisis in Asia: A cross-      -          Markus           WAGNER
   country comparison by Linda MADUZ           (
   (                          -           Thomas           MEYER
 • 2012 - Micro-Mobilisation under Re-         (
   pression: Islamism in Egypt by Emin
                                             • 2536 - Dualisation. Another dilemma
                                               for social democratic parties by Hanna
 • 2479 - Political Opportunity Struc-         SCHWANDER (
   ture in Authoritarian Contexts: The
   Case of the Students’ Movement un-
   der the Portuguese Estado Novo (1962-
                                            S67P578 Justice in World Trade
   1974) by Guya ACCORNERO (guyaac-
                                             • 2678 - Looking at Global Trade from
 • 2912 - Protest Mobilisation under           the Perspective of Fairness by Sonja
   Europeanisation:  Economic Crises           DÄNZER (
   and Turkey by Kivanc ATAK (ki-                         • 285 - Exploitation and a Conception
                                               of a Fair Trade Policy by Sarah GOFF
 • 2953 - Authoritarian Stability Revis-       (
   ited? Contentious Politics in Times
   of Crisis in the Middle East and          • 2885    -     Losers     in     trade
   North Africa by Jana  WARKOTSCH             by    Robert     LEPENIES       (lepe-
 • 3349 - Justice in Global Trade             • 3848 - The Cultural Context Depen-
   Governance     by    Clara  BRANDI           dency of the Peripheral Political
    (                    Entrepreneur - How to play the game?
                                                by Meeri BRANDUM GRANQVIST
 • 3374 - How is world trade un-                (
   just? by Michael GOODHART (good-

 • 3692 - Globalising Left-Libertarianism: S75P235 Responsive Regulation 20
   Does International Trade Violate Self- Years after: Been There, Done That,
   Ownership? by Luca Jacopo UBERTI or a Vivid Approach Towards En-
                                             forcement Styles?
                                              • 1586 - Delivering outcomes using
S72P412 New Models of Governance                “soft” regulation by Lorna DEMPSEY
in the Public Sector–Politics and               ( - Gerard O’LEARY
                                              • 1994 - Enforcing Health and Safety
 • 2128 - Regional Autonomy by Po-              Regulation in Germany and in England
   litical Entrepreneurship: A Com-             + Wales.       An economic compar-
   parative Study of the Nordic Is-             ative approach by Laura TILINDYTE
   land Regions by Pär OLAUSSON                 (
                                            • 3022 - Regulatory enforcement in the
 • 2518 - How Policy Entrepreneurs            alpine zone: responsive or stranded
   set the Agenda for ’Nature De-             enforcement styles? by Tobias  SCHULZ
   velopment’:    A Dutch Case Study           (
   On Successful Strategies For Pol-
   icy Change by Huub PLOEGMAKERS
   ( - Simon
   VERDUIJN         ( S79P539 Agents, Acts and Effects
   -          Sander           MEIJERINK of Resistance in the Wake of Eco-
   (                 nomic Crisis
 • 2921 - Theorising Political En-            • 1679 - Financial Capitalism and the
   trepreneurship in Peripheral Ar-             Contemporary Weakness of Labour:
   eas by Evangelia PETRIDOU (evan-             The Challenge of Financialisation, Cri-                      sis and the State by Paul LEWIS
                                                ( - Ian CLARKE
 • 2939 - Exploring Public Entrepreneurial      ( - Jason HEYES
   Actions     and    their     Legitimacy      (
   by     Inga    NARBUTAITE        AFLAKI
   (                       • 3911 - Reinventing the University in
                                                a Time of Crisis by Sara MOTTA
 • 3262 - The Role of Policy Entrepreneurs      (
   in Regional Governance Processes
   by Michael BÖCHER (mboeche@uni-            • 458 - Extra-Parliamentary Politics af-                               ter Crisis: the (belated) birth of social
   movement society Britain? by David S84P446 Alternative and Counter-
   BAILEY (     Hegemonic Political Practices of
 • 867 - Where are the alternatives? Democracy in the Periphery
   Resistance and contestation in the
   ‘era of austerity’ by Owen WORTH        • 1113 - Democratic Theory, Represen-
   (                        tation and Participatory Institutions
                                             in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela by
 • 959 - Does Crisis Matter? Everyday        Andre SOUZA (
   Eexperience and Resistance during the     - Clayton CUNHA FILHO (clay-
   Global Financial Crisis by Liam STANLEY - Fidel PÉREZ
   (                       FLORES (

                                            • 1531 - Democracy and Brazilian For-
S80P360 Data and Methods in Com-              eign Policy by Ariane  FIGUEIRA  (ari-
parative Judicial Politics
                                            • 2025 - Popular uprisings in the Arab
 • 2505 - Dissents in the Norwegian           world: Facts and questions by Beat-
   Supreme Court, 1945 - 2008 by Bjørn        riz Juana BISSIO STARICCO (bbis-
 • 3460 - Translating the Analysis of
                                            • 886 - Taking democracy seriously by
   Judicial Decision Making: The At-
                                              Artemy MAGUN (
   titudinal Model and the Measure-
   ment of Judicial Ideologies in Germany
   by Caroline WITTIG (cwittig@mail.uni-                           S87P376 Transnational Politics of
 • 3863 - How to read – and com-           Higher Education
   pare – Constitutional Court decisions
   from a political scientist’s perspec-    • 1233 - Rankings, reform and diffusion of
   tive?    by Silvia VON STEINSDORFF         norms and ideas in higher education
   (               in France by Elizabeth SHEPPARD (eliz-
 • 471 - Brazilian Supreme Court and
   the Rule of Law Construction: Build-     • 2188 - Domestication and Perfor-
   ing the Legislative Quality Index          mativity     of     Marketised Higher
   (LQI) by Leon Victor DE QUEIROZ            Education        by     Ilkka    ARMI-
   (      -       NEN          (
   Leon Victor DE QUEIROZ BARBOSA             -    Pauliina        KOSCHKE    (pauli-
   -    Paper    DiscussantJosé  Mário
   WANDERLEY GOMES NETO (jmar-              • 2798 - Making Europe of Knowledge - Dalson BRITTO           work. Non institutional actors funding
   (                research in social sciences by Chiara
                                              CARROZZA ( -
 • 982 - The Judicial Politics of Ju-         Irene BONO (
   dicial Repression in Franco’s Spain.
   by Pablo Jos CASTILLO ORTIZ (pablo-      • 3168 - The Transnational Idea of Univer-                sity Autonomy and the Reformation of
   the Finnish Universities Act by Ossi PI-       Reflections by Piotr FILIPKOWSKI
   IRONEN (             (

 • 3257 - Convergence and divergence            • 3852 - From ”having troubles” to
   in higher education and innovation             ”having fun” - Coping Strategies of
   policies – An analysis of 10 advanced          Young long-term Unemployed People
   industrialised countries by Antti              from Kielce (Poland) by Piotr  BINDER
   PELKONEN       (          (
   -      Tuula    TERÄVÄINEN        (tu-

 • 3813 - The French higher education and      S98P586 Parties, Party Systems, and
   the American pattern. Equality of ed-       Electoral Reform: Causes and Con-
   ucational opportunities policies in the     sequences
   grandes écoles by Nazli NOZARIAN (na-                             • 1359 - Time Rules: The Temporal Di-
 • 3858 - University Rankings and the Po-         mensions of Electoral Systems and
   litical Imaginary of Global Competition        Party System Stability in Latin America
   in Higher Education by Tero  ERKKILA           by Karel KOUBA (
    (                  • 1553 - Public Opinion and Electoral
                                                  Reform – Examining the Role of
                                                  Partisanship and Ideology on Elec-
S91P568 Individual Trajectories and               toral System Preference by Willy JOU
Personal Experiences of Young Un-                 (
employed                                        • 3343 - Changing To Survive? Elec-
                                                  toral Reforms and Subsequent Effects
 • 2612 - Scarring, the effects of early ca-      on the Party System by Pedro  RIERA
   reer unemployment by Vicky  HEYLEN              (
                                            • 3515 - Electoral System Reform and
 • 3180 - The experiences of well-being       Party Systems: Analysing the Con-
   among young adults with different          sequences of Institutional Change
   employment status in times of Euro-        by Philipp  HARFST  (pharfst@uni-
   pean recession by Birgitta  ERIKSSON
    ( - Tuula
   -      Jennifer      HOBBINS     (Jen-                  S100P611 EU Trade and Develop-
                                               ment Policies after Lisbon: What
 • 3301 - Political Inclusion/Exclusion:
   Analysis of Individual Trajectories and
                                               Prospects for the External Dimen-
   Personal Experiences of Young Un-           sion of ’2020’?
   employed in Europe by Ewa  BACIA
    (                     • 1196 - ‘Competitiveness’ versus ‘De-
                                                  velopment’ in the EU’s External
 • 3841 - Autobiographies of Young (Pol-          Trade Strategy:    Two Contrasting
   ish) Unemployed – Methodological               Paradigms in a Post-Lisbon World
   by Gabriel SILES-BRUGGE (g.siles-           • 1689 - How to lose a plebiscite and - Tony HERON          how to win it.        Direct democ-
   (                     racy in Africa by Norbert KERSTING
 • 1671 - Development Cooperation and
   the EU Raw Materials Initiative: New
   Strategic Opportunities for Develop-        • 2024 - Deliberation and Decision
   ment or Policy Coherence for Raw              in Direct Democracy:     The Nor-
   Material Supply? by Benjamin LAAG             mative Deliberative Ends and the
   (               Discursive Dilemma by James WONG
 • 2732 - Competitiveness, Reciprocity,
   or Societal Mobilization? Explaining
   Trade Liberalization in PTAs Con-           • 2164 - Popular rights and demon-
   cluded by the EU by Bart KERREMANS            strations    by   Matthias     FATKE
   (              (   -
   -      Johan    ADRIAENSEN       (jo-         Markus FREITAG (markus.freitag@uni-     

 • 3355 - “I can’t live with or without
   you” A Principal-agent Perspective on       • 3862 - Transformation of political pro-
   the European Commission’s role in the         cesses in local Government in Germany
   Negotiations on EPAs by Jan ORBIE             through referenda by Volker  MITTEN-
   (                          DORF  (

 • 374 - India-EU free trade agendas
   + ‘tradevelopment’ discourse: ‘Pro-
   poor’ norms, competitiveness, and in-
   stitutional violence by Mark LANGAN S110P44 Erosion of Sovereignty and
   (              New International Actors: What
 • 732 - EU Trade Policy as the In-
                                              lies Ahead?
   terface between the European and
   the Global Economy: ’The External           • 34 - Private Actors in the Fight against
   Dimension of “2020”’ in a Recent-             Terrorist Financing: Efficiency ver-
   Historical Perspective by Ferdi DE VILLE      sus Effectiveness by Oldrich  BURES
   (                       (

                                               • 522 - Non-recognised states in the
S101P388 Comparing Processes of                  framework of a Failed State: chal-
Direct Democracy                                 lenges to IR by Natalia  PISKUNOVA
 • 1122 - More Direct Democracy via Direct
   Democracy? The Expansion of Popu-
   lar Initiatives in the German Länder        • 64 - Cosmopolitan World Soci-
   by Florian GROTZ (          ety and its Islamic Mirror Im-
   - Frank DECKER (frank.decker@uni-             age by Joerg  FRIEDRICHS  (jo-                            
S110P343 European Politics of Re- S110P503 Network-based Knowl-
membrance and the Question of a edge and Policy Advisors in Europe
European Public Sphere
                                                  • 1327 - European Politics by Other Means
                                                    by Luca BARANI (
 • 1145 - The discursive construction
   of ‘post-national Europe’ through              • 1503 - Bonn, Brussels, Washington:
   (mis)uses    of  historia     magistra           Origins and evolution of greener
   vitae and rhetorics of judge-                    Think Tanks by Diete PLEHWE (ple-
   penitence by Bernhard FORCHTNER        
                                                  • 2228 - Research Ethics and Functions
 • 1383 - It’s our history! The creation of a       of Expertise. An Experiment on Mi-
   European memory framework by Aline               grants, Ethnic Minorities and Islam by
   SIERP (                     Isabelle  RIGONI  (isabelle.rigoni@club-
 • 1898 - European politics of remem-
   brance: Creating a public sphere by            • 3405 - Towards Policy-Seeking Europar-
   means of contestation and democrati-             ties: The Development of European
   sation? by Elisabeth KUEBLER (elisa-             Political Foundations by Steven  VAN                       HECKE       (
                                                    -          Wojciech           GAGATEK
 • 1907 - Collective Memory between
   Reconciliation   and    Contestation           • 3975 - The democratic dealignment.
   in Europe after 1989 by Anamaria                 The legitimacy dilemmas of think
   DUTCEAC SEGESTEN (anamariaunder-                 tanks and independent policy advising                groups by Benoit MONANGE (benmo-
 • 3401 - Divided memories? Visual Rep-
   resentations of 20th century European
   history in textbooks by Karin LIEBHART
   (          S110P592         Europeanising Gender
                                                Equality Policies: Discussing Socio-
                                                logical and Discursive Approaches
S110P452 Legislative Power and the                • 1193 - ‘The foetal dustbin of Europe’:
Role of Investiture in Parliament                   discursive struggles over British
                                                    abortion policy by Fran AMERY
 • 1395 - Legislative Power in the                  (
   EU      by   Katharina    HOLZINGER            • 1755 - Religious discourses and fram-
   (katharina.holzinger@uni-                        ing of gender equality policies: the - Jan BIESENBENDER                  case of Turkey in the context of Eu-
   (               ropeanization by Ana FRANK (afran-
 • 520 - The Vote of Investiture in the
   Czech Republic by Robert  ZBIRAL               • 3576 - Equality policies in Iceland:
    (                         problem representations, processes
   and envisioned solutions by Thorg-         • 3645 - Turkey‘s Mediator Role in the
   erdur    THORVALDSDÓTTIR     (thor-          Middle East Conflicts and its Impact                                   on the EU‘s Security by Esengul  AYAZ
 • 3737 - European Union Maternity
   Leave - Gender Promotion Up-               • 493 - Conditional Cash Transfers and
   side Down?        by Elin  HELLQUIST         the Empowerment of Women: A Case
    ( - Josef  HIEN       Study of Turkey by Bediz YILMAZ (bedi-

S110P617 Richardson and Interdisc- S110P623 Global Governance: NGO
plinarity in the Study of Conflict Participation and IO Openness

 • 3214 - The New Mathematics of              • 1111 - The role of NGOs in the work
   War:     Insights from the Natu-             of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency:
   ral Sciences by Michael  SPAGAT              Advocacy, Participation or Cooptation?
    (                       by Markus THIEL (
                                              • 2387 - Assessing the Opening of In-
 • 3263 - Climate, Weather, and Con-
                                                tergovernmental Organisations: Mak-
   flict by Nils Petter GLEDITSCH (nil-
                                                ing sense of Normative Explanations by - Halvard BUHAUG (hal-
                                                Tobias WEISE (tobias.weise@iniis.uni-
 • 3660 - On Conflict over Natu-              • 2455 - Understanding and Addressing
   ral Resources by Rafael  REUVENY             Deficits in INGO Accountability by An-
    (                      gela CRACK (
 • 625 - Richardson Award: The contri-        • 2628 - The Politics of Non-State
   butions of Ron Smith to defence eco-         Actor Involvement in the In-
   nomics by Kristian Skrede  GLEDITSCH         ternational Climate Change Ne-
    ( - Vincenzo  BOVE          gotiations after Copenhagen by
    (                       Naghmeh       NASIRITOUSI       (nagh-
                                       - Björn-Ola
                                                LINNÉR ( - Mat-
S110P622 Current Issues in Turkish              tias HJERPE (
Politics                                      • 3269 - Does Civil Society Partici-
                                                pation Increase Support for Global
 • 197 - Defining Europe through adher-         Governance?    by Robert GAMPFER
   ence to norms of governance: the             (
   case of Turkey by Cigdem  NAS  (cgdm-        -         Thomas           BERNAUER                               (
 • 347 - The Greek-Turkish Rapproche-         • 534 - Explaining Formal Access of
   ment Process - Assessing its Durability      Transnational Actors to International
   and its Flexibility by Dimitros TRIANTA-     Organisations by Thomas  SOMMERER
   PHYLLOU (              (
    -            Jonas             TALLBERG S110P631 Gender Inequalities and
     (        Political Power
                                              • 1140 - Institutional and contextual fac-
                                                tors accounting for the gender gap in
S110P624 EU Foreign Policy: Norma-
                                                gender-based voting in the Finnish par-
tive Power Europe and EU Neigh-                 liamentary elections by Hanna WASS
bourhood Policy                                 ( - Nathalie
                                                GIGER         (nathalie.giger@mzes.uni-
  • 2748 - Democratising power Europe?        -    Anne     Maria
    EU Democracy Promotion Policies in          HOLLI            (
    post-socialist Europe by Irene HAHN         -             Zoe            LEFKOFRIDI
    (                        (
  • 60 - Explaining Public Support for Nor-   • 3309 - Women’s Movements in Kenya
    mative Power Europe (NPE) by Beste          - Recovering Political Spaces by Antje
    ISLEYEN (beste.isleyen@student.uni-         DANIEL ( - Cigdem KENTMEN
    (               • 3428 - “Fashioned Politics” and “Politi-
                                                cised Fashion”: How Gender, Nation-
  • 79 - Conflicted Normative Power Eu-         ality, Citizenship, and Political Cul-
    rope: The European Union and Sexual         ture are Encoded in the Images of
    Minority Rights by Martijn MOS (mar-        Politicians by Liudmila VORONOVA                     ( - Ekaterina
                                                KALININA (
                                              • 640 - Women in Politics in Tran-
S110P627 Global Justice, Legitimacy,            sition:     An Armenian Perspec-
and Democracy                                   tive by Svetlana ASLANYAN (svet-
  • 140 - Global or National Jus-
                                              • 891 - Gender Equality and Peace: The
    tice?   An Analysis of Pogge’s and
                                                Correlation between the Level of Gen-
    Buchanan’s Reply to Rawls’s Law
                                                der Equality and Violence by Åsa EK-
    of Peoples by Valentin STOIAN
                                                VALL (

  • 3442 - Participation and Complicity in
    Global Injustices by Avia  PASTERNAK
     ( - Robert
     JUBB  (

  • 3850 - Reassessing Pogge on Transna-
    tional Justice by Kevin GRAY (kevin-

  • 53 - Global Justice: Political and
    Economic      by   Pablo     GILABERT
27 August, 1700-1840

S18P569 The Dynamics of Recogni-
tion in Foreign Policy

 • 1480 - State Recognition and Identity
   Politics: The Contrasting State Recog-
   nition Practices of the European Union
   and its Member States by Vicki CLAY-
   TON (

 • 2099 - Symbolic Struggles in World Pol-
   itics by Hans LINDENLAUB (hl429@st-

 • 3413 - The Politics of Anxiety: In-
   dia’s Foreign Policy and Domestic
   Politics by Jivanta SCHOTTLI (schot-

 • 3903 - The EU’s Struggle for Inter-
   national Recognition: Entrapped be-
   tween Contested Self-Conceptions and
   Others’ Expectations by Michal NA-

 • 405 - The Role of Great Powers
   in the Recognition of Contested
   States by James  KER-LINDSAY  (j.ker-

 • 662 - Comparing Brazil’s, India’s and
   China’s Foreign Policy by Gabriel
   CEPALUNI        (
   -            Oliver          STUENKEL
   (          -
   Haroldo RAMANZINI JÚNIOR (harol-

S20P608 Senses of Violence?

 • 2150 - The Systemic Violence of Poli-
   tics - Two Performance Works that Ex-
   amine Australia’s Election Rhetoric and
   Asylum Seeker Policy by Melissa LAING
 • 3411 - From »communis hostis om-                (
   nium« to »nomadic terrorist«? Some             -           Francesca          GAINS
   Reflections on Enemy as an Ideolog-             (
   ical Figure in the Imperial Context
   by Andreas LOTZ (andreas.lotz@hu-
                                               S23P347 The Demanding Citizen:
 • 3651 - Film, Emergency Temporal- Citizen Expectations and Local Gov-
   ity, and Modern Oscillations between ernment Responses
   Norm and Exception by Petter NARBY
   (              • 2719 - The Demanding Citizen and Par-
 • 3754 - The City on the Move: Gentrifi-   ticipatory Budgets: Budgets as Curb-
   cation and Violence through Lenses of    ing and Stirring up Citizen’s Demands
   Walter Benjamin by Omur BIRLER (bir-     by Mandy RIDDERHOF DE WILDE                         ( - Evelien
                                            TONKENS (

                                                • 2880 - Street-level Regulation: When
S22P355 Issue Attention and Policy                Citizens’   non-compliance       meets
Change                                            Vague Regulation by Anat  GOFEN
                                                   ( - Esti  HOSS
 • 1766 - Where Did All The Baby Bottles           (
   Go? Media Agenda-Setting In The Reg-
                                                • 3231 - Citizens and Local Govern-
   ulation Of Bisphenol A by Simon  KISS
                                                  ment Legitimacy in Sweden: Individual
                                                  and Contextual Variations by Katarina
 • 316 - Issue Salience as Policy Drive? The      ROOS (
   relationship between Issue Salience
                                                • 3329 - Authorities Sandwiched be-
   and Humanitarian Aid across EU Mem-
                                                  tween the EU and the Citizen: Re-
   ber States by Matteo GARAVOGLIA (gar-
                                                  sponses in Different Constellations of
                                                  Actors by Alexandra SAUER (alexan-
 • 3244 - Policy Punctuations and the   
   Minimum Wage:         Winset Size or
                                                • 976 - Demanding Citizens: Who are
   Alarmed Surprise? by Brandon ZICHA
                                                  they and what do they want? by
   ( - Michael D. MCDON-
                                                  Lawrence  ROSE  (
   ALD (
 • 327 - Food Safety and Environmen-
   tal Policies in Spain: Policy Dynamics
                                             S26P536 Political Forms of Chris-
   and Agenda Convergence in a Multi-
   level System of Governance by Anna tianity in Europe
   PALAU ( - Mariel JULIO
   (              • 1966 - The Roman Catholic Church’s
                                                 Political Imaginations: Catholic Po-
 • 81 - The Pace and Profile of Gender           litical Theology of the European
   Policy Change in Europe by Isabelle           Integration by Petr  KRATOCHVIL
    ENGELI        (      ( - Tomas  DOLEZAL
   -           Claire              ANNESLEY       (
 • 2440 - A Catholic Movement                  towards the EU’s Common Agricul-
   in Politics:   The Case of CL in            tural Policy by Peter NEDERGAARD
   Lombardy by Emanuele POLIZZI                (
   ( - Alberta
                                             • 1490 - Bargaining Power of the Nordic-
                                               Baltic grouping in EU Council Negotia-
 • 2528 - Emotional Responses to Re-           tions by Ilze RUSE (
   ligious Violence: The Conservative        • 3654 - A Veto Player’s Game? - Compar-
   Laestadianism and the meetings of           ing EU Coordination Systems in Ger-
   Pastoral care by Aini LINJAKUMPU            many and Denmark by Mads JENSEN
   (               ( - Peter NEDER-
                                               GAARD (
 • 3382 - Moving Laestadianism: Pol-
   itics of Continuity and Change            • 3820 - Still making their Voices Heard
   in Religious Community by San-              within the EU? -The Nordic States’ Ex-
   dra    WALLENIUS-KORKALO     (san-          perience of the Effects of the Financial                  Crisis on their Environmental Goals
                                               by Gunnhildur Lily MAGNUSDOTTIR
 • 367 - The Orthodox Church and the           (
   Reframing of Georgian National
                                                • 892 - Finland, Sweden and the
   Identity: A New Hegemony?              by
                                                  Northern Dimension of the Euro-
   Tatia  MEBAGISHVILI  (tatiaunder-
                                                  pean Union by Carmen GEBHARD
   -        Elene        GAVASHELISHVILI
   -         Konstantine            LADARIA
    (        -      Shota S31P509 Ethno-Cultural Differences
    KHINCHAGASHVILI                (geoliber- and the City: Comparative Perspec- - Sergo  RATIANI  (ser- tives on Local Responses to Immi-
 • 37 - Catholic Church in Poland and the
                                             • 1267 - Immigrant Voluntary Associa-
   European Integration by Andrzej SZEP-
                                               tions in the City of Oslo by Marianne
   TYCKI (
                                               TAKLE (
 • 910     -  Religion   of   state  in      • 1423 - Beyond the Dutch Multicul-
   Finland     by    Tapio     NYKANEN         tural Model of Integration? Agenda-
    (                dynamics and the Multi-Level Gov-
                                               ernance of Immigrant Integration in
                                               the Netherlands by Peter SCHOLTEN
S28P481 Small States in the Eu-
ropean Union: Lessons from the               • 1450 - The Local Politics of Immigrant
Nordic Countries                               Settlement in Norway by Anton STEEN
 • 1152 - Swingers and Rationalists? A       • 2818 - Inside the Fortress: Policies of
   Comparative Analysis of the Devel-          immigrant integration for Third Coun-
   opment of the Governmental Policies         try and European Citizens in Spain
   and Italy by Roxana BARBULESCU (rox-      • 3335 - How Decentralising Breaks Dead-                      lock in Federal States by Annika
                                               HENNL ( -
 • 710 - Policies on Intergroup Rela-          Jan BIELA ( - Gregor
   tions in the cities of CEE Coun-            ZONS (
   tries by Patrycja MATUSZ PRO-
   TASIEWICZ        (     • 488 - Demographic Effects on the
   -          Josef         KOHLBACHER         Fiscal Equalisation System in Ger-
   (               many by Wolfgang  RENZSCH  (ren-

S43P603 Balancing and Rebalanc-
ing Federal Systems: A Compara- S51P499 The Europe of Knowledge
tive and Cross-National Analysis and its Ignored Labourers: Trans-
                                 lating European Education Policies
 • 12 - The Bargaining Game: Compar-
   ative Lessons from Canada and the         • 2500 - Building a Successful Euro-
   European Union by Thomas HUEGLIN            pean University: What do we see
   (                           when we Focus on the Institution
                                               and its Aactors? by Joanna RENC-
 • 2679 - The Role of Partisan Elite in        ROE ( - Torgny ROXÅ
   shaping Public Opinion’ Political Sup-      (
   port: The case of Spanish Politi-
   cal Devolution by Fabiola MOTA (fabi-     • 3172 - How Far From Europe? - Mariano TORCAL           -     Higher    Education     Reform
   (                    in Georgia by Elene JIBLADZE
 • 2983 - An Assessment of Federalism
   and Multi-Level Governance as Analyt-
   ical Concepts applied to a Comparison     • 3174 - Europeanising HE Gover-
   of Intergovernmental Relations in           nance Policies:      Domestic Ac-
   Decentralised Unitary Systems and           tors Matter (more than you may
   Parliamentary Federations by Michael        think)    by   Renata    KRALIKOVA
   STEIN      (      (KralikovaunderscoreRenata@ceu-
   -          Lisa          TURKEWITSCH
                                             • 502 - Deflecting EU Influence
 • 3049 - Facing Policy Challenges in Fed-     on     National    Education   Policy-
   erated States: The need for Coherent        making: The case of the United
   Federalism by Jean-Francois SAVARD          Kingdom by Nafsika ALEXIADOU
   (        -     (
   Jean-Patrick     VILLENEUVE      (jean-     -       Bettina      LANGE       (bet-
   -      Martial     PASQUIER       (mar-             • 553 - Translating European Higher
   -           Francesco          MAIANI       Education Policies in the Light
   (           of Liberal Transformations.   The
   Case of Polish Educational En- S64P308 Systems Analysis in Polit-
   trepreneurs by Dorota DAKOWSKA ical Science: David Easton and Be-
   (     yond
                                              • 1083 - Revisiting the political system:
                                                The ironical fate of a legend in po-
S53P508 The Role and Impact of                  litical science by Henrik Paul BANG
Norms in Transitional Justice Pro-              (
cesses                                        • 2676 - ‘I Think Primarily in Historical
                                                Terms’ – The Political Systems Theory
 • 1021 - Norm Localisation in Timor            of Niklas Luhmann by Anders ESMARK
   Leste’s Transitional Justice Process         (
   by Eva OTTENDOERFER (ottendoer-            • 2849 - New Communication Architec-                                 tures: Recasting Regime and Polit-
                                                ical Community by Michael JENSEN
 • 226 - Gender in Transitional Justice         (
   by Susanne BUCKLEY-ZISTEL (s.buckley-
                                              • 479 - Systems Adaption:   David
                                                Easton and New Informational
                                                Dynamics by Michael CROZIER
 • 275 - “Are We The Victims Of Re-             (
   demption”? Transitional Justice and
   the Normative Dimension of Deal-           • 646 - David Easton and the Road
   ing with the Past by Marcel BAU-             to System by John GUNNELL
   MANN (marcel.baumann@politik.uni-            ( - Reinhart KÖSSLER (r-
                                             S66P449 Economic Voting: The Im-
 • 2936 - Reparations for Mass Atroc- pact of Recession Politics
   ities:    International Law Claims,
   Transitional Justice, and Mixed Mech- • 1345 - Economic Voting In Ireland Re-
   anisms by Edda KRISTJANSDOTTIR          visited, Boom and Bust by Theresa
   (              REIDY ( - Jane SUITER
 • 3065 - The Logic of ICC Intervention in    • 543 - Parties as Assets by Robert  GRAF-
   Ongoing Conflicts: Assessing the Co-         STEIN  (
   ercive Utility of Indictments, Investi-
   gations and Private Threats of Prose-      • 673 - Testing a Full Economic Model:
   cution by David MENDELOFF (davidun-          Evidence from the UK 2010 Gen-               eral Election by Richard  NADEAU
                                                -      Martial    FOUCAULT      (mar-
 • 77 - A Theory of Apologies: Re-    
   gret, Norm Diffusion, and the Spi-
   ral Model by Stefan ENGERT (en-            • 674 - Economics and Elections Re-                    visited by Michael S. LEWIS-BECK
    ( - Éric      Leadership      Objectives,   Functions
    BÉLANGER (        and Tasks by Sabina  STILLER
                                                (    -   Sander
                                                MEIJERINK  (
S67P589 Global Justice Beyond Re-            • 533 - Cambodian French Returnees
distribution                                   and Their Work for Cambodia.        A
                                               Study on the Evolution of Institu-
  • 159 - Disembodied Demoi and Bod-           tional Entrepreneurship by Gea WIJERS
    ies Politic: Global Political Agency       (
    and     the  Democratic     Boundary
    Problem by Terry MACDONALD               • 558 - Public Sector Entrepreneur-
    (               ship and Independent schools by Jon
                                                NYHLEN  (
  • 3053 - Tax Competition and Global
    Background Justice by Peter DI-
                                             • 654 - Accountable Democratic Actors
    ETSCH ( -
                                               Opening Action Spaces through Local
    Thomas RIXEN (
                                               Networks - A Conceptual Discussion by
                                               Elin WIHLBORG (

S72P413    Public    Sector    En-
trepreneurship: Its Preconditions,
                                   S75P234 Regulatory Enforcement in
Manifestation and Effects in En-
                                   the European Union
hancing the Linkage between
Policy Aspirations and Societal      • 1649 - (Working title) From Keel to
Needs                                  Top-Sail - Building Capacities in a
                                               Multi-level Union Administration
  • 198 - Conceptualising and Mapping          by Christer GULBRANDSEN (chris-
    Norm, Policy and Social Entrepreneur-
    ship:     Potential and Significance
    of Individual Agency in Interna-         • 1886     -  Regulation  by    Stan-
    tional Relations by Lena PARTZSCH          dards      by      john   HUDSON
    (          ( -    Marta
                                               ORVISKA (
  • 3130 - Entrepreneurial Politicians - A
    kind of Political Entrepreneurship by
                                             • 2600 - Enforcement by National Reg-
    Sara NYHLÉN (
                                               ulatory Agencies within the Euro-
  • 3134 - Entrepreneurial Actors be-          pean Context by Annetje OTTOW
    tween Two Systems of Norms:                (
    Profound and Professional Qual-
    ity Knowledge in Swedish Health          • 966 - In Search of the Magic Bullet for
    Care by Mattias ORNERHEIM (mat-            Invigorating the Enforcement of EU                     Directives: The Case of General Prod-
                                               uct Safety Legislation by Josine POLAK
  • 3682 - What kind of Leadership             (
    is needed for Climate Adapta-              -           Esther            VERSLUIS
    tion?  A framework for analysing           (
S79P217 Carving the Tip of an Ice-             • 3315 - Explaining the Impact of Ju-
berg? The (Un)Reality of Post-Crisis             dicial Decisions on Reforms to UK
Reforms to Structures of Global                  Asylum Policy by Ewen MCINTOSH
                                               • 3499 - The Limits of Legal Mobilisation:
  • 2491 - The Reform of Poverty at              Alliance Quebec, Bill 101, and the Cana-
    the IMF, 1998-2009 by Liam CLEGG             dian Charter of Rights by James KELLY
    (                      (
  • 2535 - The Paradigmatic Midlife            • 3527 - The German Constitu-
    Crisis:  Organisational Learning at          tional   Court    as    Self-Interested
    the International Monetary Fund              Policy Actor: The case of the Lis-
    since 2001 by Matthias KRANKE                bon Treaty Judgement by Tobias
    (               AUBERGER         (t.auberger@ipw.uni-
                                        - Wolfram LAMP-
  • 3127 - Offshore Financial Centers,           ING      (Wolfram.Lamping@sowi.uni-
    Shadow Banking and Jurisdictional  
    Competition: Why Reregulation after
    the Crisis is so feeble by Thomas RIXEN
                                              S82P260 Inter-Organisational Rela-
  • 3523 - The IMF and Capital Controls: tions
    Ttowards Postneoliberalism? by Sacha
    DIERCKX (       • 1035 - Designing inter-organisational
                                             Cooperation. The Efficiency-Control
                                             Dilemma      by  Rafael   BIERMANN
S80P463 Courts and the Policy Pro-           (
cess                                           • 1138 - The EU and the OSCE in
                                                 Conflict Management:       The Role
  • 1751 - The Judicialisation of French         of Strategic Culture for Inter-
    Social   Housing    Policy:     Why,         organisational Co-operation by Ingo
    how and with what impact?                    PETERS (
    by Pierre-Edouard WEILL (pierre-                  • 1429 - Applying Organisation The-
                                                 ory to the Study of Interactions
  • 3202 - The Courts and Climate                among International Organisations:
    Change Policy: A Comparative Ap-             The Case of the UNDP Multi-Donor
    proach to Legal Mobilization and             Trust Fund by Alexandru GRIGORESCU
    Policy Impacts by Lisa VANHALA               (
                                               • 2703 - Inter-organisational Cooperation
  • 3314 - From Belfast to Diyarbakir:           in Europe, Africa and Asia by Barbara
    Minorities under State of Emergency          SCHUMACHER (
    and Civil Society in the Expan-              - Christopher DAASE (
    sion of European Human Rights
    Case Law by Dia ANAGNOSTOU                 • 3144 -     Crisis management in
    (                      Africa:     Chances  and   Pitfalls
   of      Inter-Organisational    Coop- S91P607 Individual Characteristics
   eration     by    Eva    STRICKMANN and the Political Exclusion of Young
   ( - Clau- Unemployed and Precarious Youth
   dia    MAJOR      (Claudia.Major@swp-                             • 1601 - Disentangling Gender Effects
                                             on Youth Political Participation in
 • 3944 - Inter-Organisational Conflict      Geneva and Turin by Matteo BAS-
   and Institutional Change: The UN          SOLI (
   World Food Programme’s Fight for In-      -       Jasmine    LORENZINI     (Jas-
   dependence by Sebastian SCHINDLER
                                           • 2493 - The Political Attitude of Pre-
 • 787 - A Resource Dependence               carious Youth in Modern Societies.
   Model of Peace Operations Coor-           The case of Turin by Matteo  BAS-
   dination by Michael LIPSON (mlip-         SOLI  (                   -      Lara     MONTICELLI    (monti-
                                              • 3829 - The Labour Precarity and
S84P226 The Future of (Liberal)                 Youth in Portugal: The effects on
Democracy: An Asian Perspective                 Democracy by Pablo  ALMADA  (pablo-
 • 1288 - How Democratic is a                 • 3906 - Self-Esteem and Collective
   Democracy?      The Mindanaon                Action Possibilities among Pre-
   Case by Hannah NEUMANN (han-                 carious Youth in France and Ger-                       many.     A Comparative Perspec-
                                                tive by Adrien MAZIÈRES-VAYSSE
 • 1375 - Institutional Trust and Demo-         (
   cratic Support: A Comparison between
   Citizens in East Asia by Tang YEN-CHEN     • 898 - Political Integration, Social
   (                       Capital, and Political Participation: A
                                                Survey of Young Unemployed and Pre-
 • 1557 - Democracy in Southeast Asia by        carious Youth in Two Cities by Marco
   William CASE (            GIUGNI       (
                                                -   Didier     CHABANET        (didierch-
 • 1783 - Making Sense of Developing          -      Manlio
   Democracy Trajectories: Thailand and          CINALLI      (manlio.cinalli@sciences-
   Indonesia by Andrew  MACINTYRE  (an- - Jasmine  LORENZINI  (jas-         

 • 435 - Indonesia’s Democratic Stagna-
   tion: Predatory Elites and Resilient
   Civil Society by Marcus MIETZNER S98P612 Determinants of Electoral
   (               Reform: Patterns across Diverse
                                            Electoral Institutions
 • 439 - Models of Democracy in
   East Asia by Benjamin  REILLY              • 1548 - Determining the Gatekeep-
    (                     ers: Candidate Selection Processes in
   New Democracies by Bonnie FIELD             MAIR  ( - Camille
   ( - Peter SIAVELIS       BEDOCK  (

 • 2614 - Addressing Systemic Failure
   or Following Waves of Change? A S110P62 Biology and Political Sci-
   Count-Duration Analysis of the Tim- ence
   ing of Electoral Reforms in Established
   and New Democracy by Damien BOL         • 1885 - From Cells to States:         A
   ( - Pedro RI-     Unifying    Framework      of    Social
   ERA (                  Relativity   by   Shade     SHUTTERS
                                             ( - Matus
 • 3348 - The Personalisation of Elec-
                                             HALAS (
   toral Systems:      Theory and Euro-
   pean Evidence by Jean-Benoit PILET
                                           • 2082 - Evolutionary Institutionalism –
   ( - Alan RENWICK
                                             Evolutionary Concepts in Institutional
                                             Analysis by Cathleen BOCHMANN
 • 592 - Patterns in Electoral Reform:       (
   The Onion Model by Kristof JACOBS
                                            • 3070 - Understanding Emotional
                                              Priming     Effects   through     Psy-
                                              chophysiology     by   Peter    FOLEY
                                               ( - R. Michael  AL-
S101P526 Do Democracies Change?               VAREZ  ( - Ralph
                                               ADOLPHS  (
 • 2655 - Coordination and Change
   in Democracies:     A Multi-Stage        • 728 - Do Psychological Traits Mediate
   Perspective by Steffen GANGHOF             the Relationship Between Genes and
   (                   Political Participation? by Christopher
                                               DAWES  (
 • 3855 - Patterns of Configuration
   of Political Institutions in Plural      • 817 - The Physiological Basis of Po-
   Societies by Artak  GALYAN  (artak-        litical Temperaments by John HIB-                          BING ( - John AL-
                                              FORD ( - Kevin SMITH
 • 407 - A Global Trend towards Demo-         (
   cratic Convergence?      A Lijphar-
   tian Analysis by Adrian VATTER
   ( - Matthew
                                            Changing Patterns of
   FLINDERS ( S110P63
                                  Democracies: Mapping and Identi-
 • 444 - Democracies at Work by
   Gianfranco  PASQUINO    (gian- fying Reform Trends
                                            • 1518 - Responsiveness: Connection
 • 623 - Institutional Change in              between Parties Offer and Pub-
   Advanced      European    Democra-         lic Demands in Chile, Mexico and
   cies 1990-2008 by Alex  WILSON             Ecuador by Irma MENDEZ DE HOYOS
    ( -  Peter         (
 • 2183 - The Power of the Lot. Are S110P188 Leader Democracy, Post-
   People Obliged to Participate in Po- democracy, Inverted Totalitarian-
   litical Lotteries? by Daniel BARON ism: Democratic Theory beyond
                                              Crisis Diagnoses and Reform Opti-
 • 2380 - The Arguments for and the Real-
   ities of Democratic Reforms by Casper        • 1117 - Redescribing Democracy by Dirk
   GEURTZ (                       JOERKE (

 • 3506    -  Changing     Patterns  of         • 1287 - Deficient Democracy. The Post-
   Democracy:         A     Dimensional           foundational View by Oliver MAR-
   Approach     by    Philipp    HARFST           CHART (
   (        -
                                                • 1593 - Simulative Democracy: New Pol-
   Schultze HENRIKE (
                                                  itics beyond the Post-democratic
   -    Ferdinand      MÜLLER-ROMMEL
                                                  Turn      by    Ingolfur  BLÜHDORN

 • 3830 - Belgium’s Democracy. The Ef-          • 2630 - Citizenship and Continuous
   fects of the Consociational Institutions       Democracy by Isidoro  CHERESKY
   on the Public sphere by Marie-Hélène            (
                                                • 3109 - The Weberian Concept
                                                  of Plebiscitarian Democracy ap-
 • 986 - Towards Post-parliamentary Gov-          plied to Contemporary Established
   ernance?     Parliamentary Competi-            Democracies by Laurence MOREL
   tion between Legitimacy, Effective-            (
   ness and Efficiency by Michael KOSS
   (                       • 514 - Listening - the New Demo-
                                                  cratic Deficit by Andrew DOBSON

                                                • 995 - Authorisation and Agency Loss
S110P175 Rethinking Burden Shar-                  in Leader Democracy:     A Schum-
ing: Theoretical and Empirical                    peterian account of Democratic
Challenges                                        Control by Andreas KÖRÖSÉNYI (ko-
 • 2905 - Can International Burden-
   Sharing Regimes be Legitimate, Effi-
   cient and Effective? by Eiko  THIELE- S110P248 Diplomatic Analysis, Cri-
   MANN  (
                                              tique and Reflexivity

 • 536 - The Regime Complex for             •    2002 - Diplomatic Practice and Euro-
   International     Crisis   Manage-            pean Integration: The Austrian Ex-
   ment by Stephanie  HOFMANN                    perience by Kathleen ANGERS (kath-
 • 3082 - Diplomacy, Order and Trans- S110P389 How to Get Published
   formation by Costas  CONSTANTINOU about Teaching and Student Learn-
    ( ing
 • 3256 - Freedom of the Press, Public
   Opinion and the Emergence of Foreign     • 3225 - Developing a Publication
   Policy by Halvard  LEIRA  (     Strategy: How to Get Your Arti-
                                              cle Published by Bob  REINALDA
 • 614 - Entering the Engine Room: Diplo-
   macy, the Individual and IR Theory
   by Ursula STARK URRESTARAZU (ur-         • 3328 - How to Get your Book Published:            The Publisher’s Perspective by Sumi
   -         Gunther          HELLMANN        JESSIEN (
                                            • 3959 - Publishing and the Scholarship
                                              of Teaching and Learning: Prospects
                                              and Possibilities by John  ISHIYAMA
S110P354 Voting Rights across Po-              (
litical Boundaries: Non-Citizen and
Non-Resident Franchise in the EU

 • 3182 - Participation in Local Elections by S110P468 The International Politi-
   Non-National Citizens of the Union: A cal Economy of Transitional Justice
   Comparison of France + the UK by Sue
    COLLARD  (
                                                • 1555 - Patterns of Transitional
                                                  Justice Assistance in the Global
 • 504 - Citizenship and Political Partici-       North by Eric  WIEBELHAUS-BRAHM
   pation: The role of Electoral Rights un-        ( - William
   der European Union Law by Jo SHAW               MUCK  (

                                            • 180 - Comparing Cases of US Involve-
 • 773 - What difference does the
                                              ment in Transitional Justice by Annie
   EU make?        by David  OWEN
                                               BIRD  (

 • 857 - Active Citizens or Disenfran-      • 287 - Picking Up the Tab for Tran-
   chised Denizens?     A Comparison          sitional Justice:  The Experience
   of Cross-National Voting Rights            of Norway and Sweden in Bosnia
   in Europe by Derek  HUTCHESON              and Herzegovina by Arnaud KURZE
    (                  (

 • 862 - Three Citizenship Regimes and      • 2949 - The Special Court for Sierra
   their Implications for Voting Rights       Leone: Another Instrument of External
   in the European Polity by Rainer           Hegemony? by Chris MAHONY (ma-
    BAUBOCK  (
S110P477 Parties within Institu-                British bases in Cyprus, a special
tional Frameworks: Towards more                 case of sui generis territories in the
Specific Explanations of Party Be-              EU by Stephanie LAULHE SHAELOU
haviour in Parliamentary Democra-
cies                                          • 722 - The Impact of European Eco-
                                                nomic and Monetary Union on Over-
  • 1331  -   Gains    from    Specialisa-      seas Countries and Territories – A For-
    tion?     Niche Party Performance           gotten Chapter in the Book on the Ex-
    in Portfolio Allocation by Thomas           territorialy of EU by Fabian AMTEN-
    MEYER (           BRINK (
    -          Bernhard           MILLER
                                              • 869 - Micro-Polities in the Mar-
                                                gins of Europe:          Postcolonial
                                                Sovereignty Games by Ulrik Pram
  • 1590 - Life rafts and Realpolitik.           GAD  ( - Rebecca
    Exploring Joint List Formation at            ADLER-NISSEN  (
    the Belgian Municipal Elections
    in 2006 by Tom VERTHE (tver- - Kris DESCHOUWER S110P552 Whose Peace?          Address-
                                       ing Patterns of Political Violence in
  • 3364 - The Influence of Party Man- Pre- and Post-Conflict Societies
    ifestos on the Perceived Policy
    Preferences    of   Political Parties     • 1983 - Urban Responses and Adapta-
    by     Pablo     FERNANDEZ-VAZQUEZ          tions to Chronic Insecurity: The Case
     (                  of Kigali by Moncef KARTAS (mon-
  • 402 - Shifts and Stability in Parties’      -           Oliver       JÜTERSONKE
    Policy Positions by Denise TRABER           (
                                              • 2196 - Death in Dili: Understand-
  • 709 - The Effects of a Second Dimension     ing the Dynamics of Conflict in
    of Party Competition on Redistribution      Timor Leste by Jovana CARAPIC (jo-
    by Francesc  AMAT  (
                                              • 2968 - EU’s Peacebuilding in Colom-
                                                bia: Mediocre Programme Results or
S110P511 The Overseas Countries                 Valuable Peace Achievements?     by
and Territories of the EU - Colonial            Dorly CASTANEDA (dorlyunderscore-
Past, What Future?                    

  • 422 - Unexpected Influence of EU Cit-
    izenship: Watering down the Special
    Status of the Overseas Countries and
                                          S110P618 Electoral Systems and Leg-
    Territories? by Dimitry KOCHENOV islative Behaviour
                                            • 1163 - Can Electoral Systems De-
  • 490 - Focus on the principle of           termine how Particularistic Spend-
    territorial exclusion in the EU. The      ing is Distributed in Developing
   Countries?    Evidence from Hon-           of a Polarised Society? by Ünal BILIR
   duras by Juan MUNOZ PORTILLO               (
                                            • 2714    -   Deconstructing     Turkey’s
 • 1280 - Private Members’ Bills and          Foreign Policy by Ilia         XYPOLIA
   the Personal Vote:    Neither Sell-        (
   ing nor Shaving by Mihkel SOLVAK
                                            • 3317 - A ‘Civilian Power’ in the
                                              Making?     Domestic Foundations of
 • 2799 - Leaders or Ideologies? Vot-         Turkey’s Foreign Policy under the AKP
   ers, Parties and Personal Vote             by Joerg BAUDNER (junderscorebaud-
   in   Slovakia     by   Miroslav   BE-
   BLAVY         (
   -         Marcela          VESELKOVA
    (        S110P630 Europeanisation in Eu-
 • 3099 - How Multi-Member Majori- rope and Beyond
   tarian Elections produce Propor-
                                     • 1427 - Exploring Global Social Europe.
   tional Outcomes by Georg LUTZ
                                       The Position and Impact of ‘the’ Eu-
                                       ropean Union in the International
                                       Labour Organisation by Bregt SAENEN
S110P625 Turkish Politics: Domestic
                                            • 1879 - Europeanisation of the Policy-
and Foreign                                   Making Process in Romania.            A
                                              Structural Account of the Executive-
 • 1510 - Does Turkey enter to Africa         Legislative Relationships by Flavia JU-
   through Organisation of Islamic            RJE (
   Conference?      Economic Relations,
   Politics or Identity Assets in sup-      • 3187 - Europeanisation as a Social Epis-
   port of Material Gains by Umut             temology: Examining Social Change in
   KORKUT        (      Cyprus by Christina IOANNOU (ioan-
   -          Ilke         CIVELEKOGLU - Giorgos KENTAS
   (                (

 • 2338 - Turkish-European Union Rela-
   tions: The Public Opinion and Polit-
   ical Elite Interaction in shaping the
   Turkish Policies by Ozgehan SENYUVA
   ( - Ali CARKOGLU

 • 2464 - Middle-Easternisation of Turk-
   ish Foreign Policy: A Populist Logic
   of Articulation by Halil GURHANLI

 • 2529 - Transitional Justice Process in
   Turkey: Recipe for the Reconciliation
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