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					        Hospital Shuttle Bus Service
• Passengers who have medical appointments,
• Relatives who wish to visit patients,
• Staff attending meetings / training.

                                             Monday to Friday
           Hawera to New Plymouth (& Waitara) & Return - (Excludes Public Holidays)

                    Hawera              Eltham              Stratford          Inglewood       New Plymouth
                    8.15 am             8.30 am               8.45 am            9.05 am          9.30 am
                   1.00 pm              1.15 pm               1.30 pm           1.50 pm           2.15 pm

               New Plymouth           Inglewood             Stratford            Eltham           Hawera
                   11.30 am            11.50 am             12.10 pm            12.15 pm         12.40 pm
                   3.45 pm              4.00 pm               4.30 pm           4.40 pm           5.00 pm

                                             Monday to Friday
               Hawera to Patea (& Waverley) & Return - (Excludes Public Holidays)

                   Hawera                Patea              Waverley
                   7.15 am              7.45 am                                    Route by arrangement
                                                          Pickup /drop
Southwards         11.45 am            12.15 pm               off by                  Confirmed route
                   3.45 pm              4.15 pm                                    Route by arrangement

                  Waverley               Patea                Hawera
                                        7.45 am               8.15 am              Route by arrangement
Northwards          off by             12.15 pm             12.45 pm                  Confirmed route
                                        4.15 pm               4.45 pm              Route by arrangement

Please Note:
• The shuttle bus from Hawera to Patea at 3.45pm will wait to connect with the New Plymouth shuttle bus due
    in to Hawera at 5.00pm, but passengers must be booked prior.
•   Patea passengers please note that when returning on the 11.30am shuttle bus from New Plymouth (arriving
    at Hawera 12.45pm) that the next shuttle bus to Patea is at 3.45pm.
•   Waverley passengers – Transport is by prior arrangement only, 24 hrs notice is required.
•   Waitara passengers – transport is by prior arrangement only, 24 hrs notice is required.

                                          For Bookings please phone –
                                    Hawera Hospital            Ph (06) 278 9929
                                    Stratford Health Centre        Ph (06) 765 7189
                                    Patea Health Centre            Ph (06) 273 8088
                                    TBH Hospital                   Ph (06) 753 6139
                                    Waitara Health Centre          Ph (06) 753 6139
The Hospital Shuttle Bus                    Appointments Outside Taranaki Base
                                            Hospital –

Stops at –                                  To get to appointments outside TBH,
                                            and not at regular stops, patients can
Hawera -             Hawera Hospital        make use of the New Plymouth taxi                   Hospital Shuttle
Stratford -   Stratford Health Centre       services or bus services.                             Bus Service
New Plymouth - Taranaki Base Hospital
                                            Hospital Shuttle will drop passengers at
                                            TBH front entrance.                        For passengers requiring transport to
By arrangement shuttle will also                                                       attend health-related appointments.
pickup & drop off at –
                                            Taxi Services –                              For relatives visiting patients at
Eltham –               Stanners Motors      Energy City Cabs           06) 757 5580     Taranaki Base Hospital, or Hawera
Inglewood –   Inglewood Medical Centre      New Plymouth Taxis         06) 757 3000                  Hospital.

On request at time of booking shuttle       New Plymouth City Bus
will also pickup & drop off at Specialist   Route 444 Westown – Hospital
Rooms in New Plymouth -                     Monday to Friday

   • Fulford Clinic,
     64 Fulford Street
     New Plymouth

   • Weymouth House,
     17 Weymouth Street,
     New Plymouth

                                                                                                                    August 2007

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