...about your parks, recreation, refuse and sanitation services                                    September 2010

UPCOMING EVENTS                       Tam Valley residenTs
2010 Schedule of Yard Events:
Paper Shredding &
                                      donaTe sculpTure

Medical Waste Disposal
Sat, 10/9, 9am-1pm                            hrough the generosity of residents Russ and Sandy DeLong, Tam Valley has a new piece of public art to enjoy.
Green Waste Collection                        A sculpture by local artist Dennis Patton has been installed in front of the main entrance to the Tamalpais
(Organic Matter Only)
Sat, 9/25, 8am-1pm
                                              Valley Community Center at the corner of Marin Avenue and Tennessee Valley Road. The loan of art by the
Sat, 11/13, 8am-1pm                   DeLongs is the first art installation to appear at the Community Center. Patton is a well-known artist from San
Debris Day                            Rafael. His work includes such sculptures as “Sir Francis Drake” in Larkspur Landing and “Tamalpais” at the Bon
(Garbage Only, No Green Waste)
Sat, 9/11, 8am-1pm                    Air Shopping Center in Greenbrae. These pieces have become a part of the local landscape and culture, and Tam
                                      Valley’s newest sculpture is no different. The sculpture of two deer—a watchful buck and a grazing doe—blends
                                      in with the natural creekside environment. According to Patton, the deer’s message is one of trust. The male has
Recreation Programs:
Programs are located at TVCC,         become alert to a potential danger but the female keeps grazing because she trusts his ability to protect her.
203 Marin Ave., unless noted
                                                 Patton created the deer as part of a limited edition series of 25 identical sculptures. Another one of the
Farmers Market
Each Tue, 3-7pm (til 1st week Oct.)   series is in the Bon Air Shopping Center. All of the sculptures he has created so far have been sold. Patton generally
Sustainability Tour                   works on a larger scale, but for this particular sculpture he wanted the deer to be life-size, he said. It’s made from
Sat, 10/9, 11am & 2pm                 steel that rusts easily, giving the deer a realistic brown
Spaghetti Bingo
Fri, 10/16 & 11/5, 6:15pm
                                      color. Said Sandy DeLong, “I saw the sculpture in Dennis’
Arts & Crafts Fair                    back yard and told him, ‘No one can see them here—why
Fri, 11/19, 5pm & Sat, 11/20, 10am    are you hiding them?’ "She decided to purchase the deer
Haunted House                         directly from the artist and expose his work to a larger
Fri/Sat, 10/29-30
When Disaster Strikes
                                      audience. The DeLongs approached Jon Elam, General
Sat, 10/23, 10am                      Manager of the Tamalpais Community Services District,
Baptiste Inspired Yoga                about displaying the sculpture in a central location. It was
Tu/Th, 8:30am
                                      installed in early June. The sculpture is located between
9/14-10/19 & 10/26-12/7               the Community Center entrance and the adjacent creek,
see page 11
                                      in full view of the road. According to Elam, the piece has
Parliamo Italiano Classes                                                                                                Story courtesy of The Mill Valley Herald
see page 11                           already received an enthusiastic response.
Letters to the North Pole
12/1 thru 12/19
Holly Jolly Jingles
                                      comBine Food & Green WasTe!
Sat, 12/11, 7pm
                                      Starting Tuesday, September 5th, TCSD residents will be able to
Breakfast/Brunch with Santa
Sat, 12/11, 9am-3pm
                                      combine most food wastes in the same green plastic cart with their
Santa By Fire Engine
                                      green waste. See the back page of the newsletter for details.
Sat, 12/11, 3pm                               For years, most of the green waste collected by TCSD has been used as “top-cover”
Tam Jam X-Fest                        material in landfills. This is standard practice to reduce odors and to minimize rodents and other
Sat, 12/18                            scavengers from accessing the food waste in the landfills. Some of your green material has
Tam Valley Seniors Schedule           been sent to the Bolinas Stinson Resource Recovery Project, their facility does not accept food
see page 10                           waste. TCSD will be taking the new combined materials to Marin Sanitary Service in San Rafael.
Tennis Classes - All                  The materials will be ground and blended, and eventually become compost.
see page 12
                                              TCSD will continue to report on the progress of this new effort in our newsletters and
Dog Training Level 1 & 2              on our website. We are counting on a large participation from our residents to embrace this new
see page 13
                                      program or to continue their own home composting efforts. TCSD will also continue to offer
Speaker Series
Wed, 9/15-11/17, 7pm                  composting classes as well as free worms, compost, and wood chips to Tam Valley residents.
see page 14
                                                                                       See back page for a handy tips sheet to keep!
                                                                                  REUSE, REWASH!
                                                                          A new study from researchers at the University of Arizona
                                                                        and Loma Linda University shows that most shoppers who use
                                                                       reusable bags never wash them–a factor that can lead to higher
                                                                         cases of food poisoning from coliform bacteria and E.coli.
                                                                          The research also discovered that if reusable bags are not
       THouGHTs on moVinG                                                   properly washed between uses, they could create the
        ToWards Zero WasTe                                                       potential for cross-contamination of foods.

    W        e have discussed the concept of Zero Waste as a
             goal for our collection efforts, but generally it is an
    undefined term since most people assume that we will never
                                                                          Some helpful tips:
                                                                          >   When using reusable bags, be careful to separate
    have zero waste, so it is not given much credit.                          raw foods (raw meats) from other food products
         In many ways though, the TCSD program has achieved                   (fruits and vegetables) into separate bags
    some progress in zero waste. If you take the perception that          >   Do not use reusable bags for other purposes such
    Zero Waste helps define a hierarchy of reduction, reuse,                  as carrying books or gym clothes
    recycling and that the landfill is our disposal choice of last        >   Do not store reusable bags in your car as the higher
    resort then we are moving in the right direction. Our actual              temperatures promote bacteria growth
    waste disposal of garbage to the landfills has gone down              >   Wash your bags at least once a week
    from 2,300 tons in 2006 to just over 1,800 tons in 2009.
    That reduction of nearly 500 tons (over 1 million pounds)
    has made a significant impact on our disposal costs and
    allowed us to shift our disposal revenues to support our                           ASK TCSD ...
    green waste and recycling programs so we have not had to              YOUR RECYCLING QUESTIONS
    increase rates since many systems comprise that.                           ANSWERED HERE!
         In addition, each year the District has added new
    disposal options for its residents: we now collect household
    batteries, all electronic waste (any item with a cord), light
    bulbs including CFLs and fluorescents. Add in recycling
                                                                        Q       What do I do with leftover grease and
                                                                                oil after cooking?
    of printer cartridges and eyeglasses, and we find a further                 Is it safe to pour down the sink?

    reduction in flow of materials occurring.
         One of the next steps is to move organic materials out               PleaSe Don’T! Cooking oils and greases, while
    of landfills. This has taken a while but given the difficulty of          they seem harmless when poured down the drain,
    finding a composting site that takes food and green waste,          once they cool and solidify and can clog pipes and cause
    it has been a challenge. Beginning though in September,             sewer backflows.
    the District anticipates beginning its food waste collection        There’s an easier and more environmentally safe way to
    and composting program. This effort will begin without              dispose of it. TCSD is offering free Grease Kits to all Tam
    any additional costs to its residents and will, in fact, save       Valley residents-a container which holds disposable,
    money as the refuse trucks will no longer need to travel            heat-safe bags for grease collection.
    to Richmond and instead will drop off green waste in San            Once the bag is full, just place it in your
                                                                        garbage bin.
    Rafael, which cuts our refuse disposal mileage in half. One
    goal is that we move approximately 10% of our waste flow            each kit comes with 10 bags and is
    from the garbage stream to the green stream (a savings of           available by just calling our offices. We
    $25 per ton for disposal).                                          need your help in keeping sewer pipes
         We still have ground to cover before reaching Zero Waste       flowing smoothly!
    but TCSD sees this as a work in progress with an important
                                                                         For more info call 388-6393 or visit www.tcsd.us
    partnership with residents.
                                                                            Tcsd unVeils limiTed
              GarBaGe reporT                                               capiTal improVemenTs
Garbage (brown cart) totals for the first six months of 2010 totaled             in 2010/2011
883.64 tons. This was down slightly for the same period in 2009
when we totaled 894.53 tons. This reduction continues a trend
that started in 2006 by District residents once the formal recycling    D      uring these tight economic times, TCSD has been
                                                                               careful to manage its capital resources by focusing on
                                                                        the few critical areas that help keep the District in compliance
program began. Recycling (gray cart) totaled 551.41 tons, which
was also down slightly from 566.09 in 2009. Green/Yard Waste            with new requirements, as well as to keep systems such as
(green cart) was 561.81 tons – up slightly from 558.18 tons in          sewer and garbage equipment in order.
2009.                                                                   This year’s projects include:
        One of the goals for TCSD is to divert at least 50% of the      > Resurfacing the two tennis courts at Eastwood Park after
refuse flows away from landfills. So far, we are having a great deal        nearly 10 years at a projected cost of $55,000. Funding
of success. Total diversion for the first six months was 55.8%, up          will be provided from the Park and Recreation reserves
2.0% from 2009.                                                             but will be paid back from revenues generated from our
        These totals do not include the tonnage from recycled               popular tennis lesson programs which began in 2009.
materials such as electronic waste, batteries, and light bulbs.
                                                                        > Replacement of two pumps in the Bell Lane sewer pump
With the beginning of food waste collection in the green carts, it
                                                                            station. Both are the original pumps installed 50 years
is hoped that an additional 5-10% diversion will occur bringing
                                                                            ago and have provided exceptional service. New pump
the totals to over 60%.
                                                                            designs will allow for reductions in power usage and will
        Nationally, one of the barometers used to measure changes
                                                                            offer greater flexibility. This project is required as part
in the economy is the level of materials collected by refuse haulers.
                                                                            of our system-wide sewer upgrades that were the result
Since 2008, national waste levels have decreased significantly
                                                                            of sewer spills from other local plants in 2007-2008.
and many landfills have increased their disposal fees (called
                                                                            Estimated costs are $150,000.
tipping fees) to balance this. For a number of years, TCSD used
the landfill/transfer station operated by Republic Industries in        > In early Summer 2010, a new safety fence was installed
Richmond. Tipping rates have been steadily increasing each year             around the playground equipment at Eastwood Park.
and now total $77.0/ton. Compare that to our tonnage amounts                The District had received numerous complaints from
listed above, you get a better sense of the collection process costs.       concerned parents about dogs running through the play
        Our green/yard waste has flowed between the Bolinas                 areas chasing balls and the potential of accidentally
composting site and the landfill at Richmond where it has been              hurting any children. Total cost was $8,700 and was paid
used as cover materials. These costs also increased as the landfill         for from the park equipment fund.
charged $51/ton and Bolinas charges per yard. Neither site accepts      > Rapidly changing emission requirements on the District’s
food waste as part of the green waste stream, so effective mid-July,        garbage truck fleet requires upgrades. The fleet today
TCSD will begin moving its green/food waste stream to the Marin             consists of five smaller truck units and five larger units.
Refuse site in San Rafael. We will be charged the same $51/ton as           Due to the shorter routes, the District is able to receive
in Richmond but will save on weekly bridge tolls, mileage, and              many years of service on these vehicles. This saves
wear and tear on the truck since it is half the distance to the San         residents thousands of dollars on truck cost replacements,
Rafael facility. By switching food waste from the brown cart to the         but the fleet must be upgraded to air emission standards.
green, per ton costs are also reduced.                                      The current upgrade will cost in excess of $100,000 and
        We will continue our special collection days in the Fall            will need to be completed by early 2011 or TCSD will
including Debris Day, Green Waste, Paper Shredding, and Medical             risk being fined. These costs will come from the truck
Waste Disposal Day.                                                         depreciation fund and do not have any impact on rates.
                                                                        > Upgrade of the lighting for the Tamalpais Valley
                                                                            Community Center parking lot. Safety is a critical issue
                                                                            for the District and by upgrading our lighting fixtures, we
                                                                            address this important issue as well as staying aware of
                                                                            the impact of the lighting on adjacent neighbors. Costs
                                                                            are estimated at $30,000 coming from the Community
                                                                            Center fund.
                     Tcsd Board adopTs                                                             BoaRD aCTIonS
                       BudGeT plan For                                                                FoR THe
                     2010/2011 Fiscal year                                                        SPRInG & SUMMeR
    The TCSD Board of Directors adopted the 2010/2011 Budget for the District at the July 14,        QUaRTeRS
    2010 Board Meeting. Budget summaries for each program include the following:
                                                                                                  >> Amended District Ordinance No. 81
    > Total expenditures for the District’s three programs (Sanitation, Refuse, and Park             governing the District’s sanitary sewer
    and Recreation) total $4,824,463                                                                 system
    > Sanitation (Sewer):                                                                         >> Accepted a loan from Sandy and Russ
          •	 Rates are set at $1,013, an increase from last year’s rate of $701. This rate           DeLong of two Dennis Patton deer
          increase was the subject of a Proposition 218 Public Rate Hearing process held in          sculptures for installation in front
          December 2009 and reflects the need to bring revenues in line with expenditures.           of the Tamalpais Valley Community
          This reflects the increases in treatment service costs over the past several years         Center
          from Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary District, which received 93% of the wastewater       >> Accepted a proposal from a private
          flow from the 2,550 District parcels. The sewer fund balance has been in deficit           firm to explore developing a Tamalpais
          of over $551,000 as of June 30, 2010. This was the fourth year in a row where              Valley MyMapbook Project
          revenues fell short of expenditures.                                                    >> Set the date for the Annual Budget
          •	 Overall sanitation fund expenditures increase $38,365 and reflected a one-              Workshop on June 14, 2010
          year increase of $28,291 in debt service costs for the Kay Park improvement             >> Reported on the requirements for
          project and an increase of $30,940 for system-wide repairs and maintenance that            filling a vacant Board of Directors seat
          is in direct response to the pipe leaks and issues discovered via video inspection         due to the resignation of Rick Johnson
          by TCSD Staff that was completed between 2006 and 2010. Cost reductions were               effective July 31, 2010
          achieved in salaries, retirement costs, and professional services. Total staffing for   >> Reviewed and accepted a proposal
          the Sanitation Department is 2.67 positions.                                               from Vintage Contractors to resurface
    > RefuSe:                                                                                        the tennis courts at Eastwood Park at a
                                                                                                     cost of $53,200
          •	 Garbage rates will not increase for a third year in a row and remain at $362
          for the 35-gallon garbage, 65-gallon recycling and green carts. Total budget            >> Formally establish a revolving sewer
                                                                                                     lateral repair fund that provides low
          expenditures will decline by $18,709, which is from reductions in salaries, benefits
                                                                                                     interest loans to residents who wish to
          and other support services. Total refuse expenditures are $1,323,368.                      repair their private sewer laterals
          •	 Projected changes in services for the next year include addition the collection
                                                                                                  >> Accepted a proposal from Nute
          of food waste (at no additional cost) and setting aside additional cash resources to       Engineering to develop plans and
          purchase a new small garbage collection vehicle in late winter 2011.                       specifications for the replacement
    > PaRk and RecReation:                                                                           of two pumps in the Bell Lane pump
          •	 The budget for Park and Recreation will increase by $44,820. Total park and             station. Total costs for engineering to
          recreation expenditures are $811,820. The main increase is $30,000 in employee             be $10,000
          benefits primarily due to a shift of one position over to park and recreation from      >> Reviewed the status of the Board’s goals
          the other two divisions. Actual program salary costs are down by $8,000, but this          for 2010 with the General Manager
          has been offset by increased part-time salaries due to work on the open space           >> Accepted the proposal from Croce
          clearing programs. The parks program receives 5.1% of the total general tax                and Company to conduct the District’s
          collection levy defined by Proposition 13.                                                 annual audit at a cost not to exceed
    > oveRall Budget:                                                                                $17,500
          •	 Total staffing remains at 12 full-time positions and has remained at this level      >> Adopted the District’s Budget and
          for the past five years. Salaries increased by $1,800 due to offset from retirements       Work Plan for 2010/2011
          and new hires. No retirements are anticipated to occur this fiscal year.                >> Reviewed the first draft of the new
                                                                                                     agreement for sewer treatment
                                                                                                     services with the Sausalito-Marin City
    A detailed cost breakdown of the 2010/2011 Budget is posted on the TCSD website
                                                                                                     Sanitary District
    www.tcsd.us and is available by request by calling our offices at (415) 388-6393.

WasTe WaTer FloW sHiFT opTions BecominG clearer

W           hen TCSD last reported on our progress to shift our
            sewer flows from Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary District
            (SMCSD) treatment plant over to Mill Valley’s SASM
plant, Staff was meeting with the six separate sewer agencies to
discuss capacity rights which are referred to as EDUs. The initial
                                                                                As these meetings were unfolding, TCSD contracted with Nute
                                                                           Engineering in San Rafael to study the design options, pipe sizes,
                                                                           and locations to carry out the flow shift. The closest connection
                                                                           point would have been the installation of 14 new sewer pipes that
                                                                           would connect near Laurel Avenue and Shoreline Boulevard, route
goal of this project was to determine a fiscal alterative to residential   along Shoreline through Tam Junction, and end at the SASM’s
rate increases due to annual process cost increases from SMCSD.            Rosemont pump station. As the design options became clearer,
TCSD began by trying to determine if we could acquire up to 2,350          cost estimates were determined, as well as their impact on TCSD
EDUs, which is equal to the number of services that are currently          finances and residential rates.
flowing to SCMSD. TCSD Board President Steffen Bartschat and                    Estimates received for the shift would cost in the range of $5
General Manager Jon Elam met with each district and afterwards             million including engineering costs, upgrading the Rosemont
found that just three of the six were willing to provide 1,482 EDUs.       pump station, and purchasing the 1,482 EDUs. Also, $1 million
Because this was short of the initial goal, TCSD determined that           to cover costs of TCSD wet weather flows to SASM. Initially, it was
shifting the flow to SASM was not feasible.                                believed that some of these costs could be offset from the refund
                                                                           TCSD would receive from SMCSD when the shift occurred ($2
                                                                           million) as well as the reduced treatment costs from SASM. For
                                                                           instance, in 2009, the treatment costs at SASM were $199/EDU;
      neW SeWeR oRDInanCe                                                  SMCSD were $500/EDU.
          oUTlIneS neW                                                          While the TCSD Board had envisioned some increased
         ReQUIReMenTS                                                      charges by SASM in the future, the combination of fines from
                                                                           spills in 2009 as well as costs for required E.P.A. work would have
  The TCSD Board updated the Sanitary Sewer                                not only depleted SASM’s reserves, but increased the charges to
  ordinance that governs the District’s sewer collection                   TCSD from $199/EDU to over $300/EDU over the next few years.
  system. This was completed to incorporate the new
                                                                           This eliminated the savings gap TCSD’s Board had hoped to use
  requirements from both State and Federal authorities
  relating to sewer spills and sewer line maintenance.                     to fund part of the $6 million project cost. The option of a refund
      Most of the ordinance remains in place, but new                      from SMCSD was also eliminated when it was determined it would
  requirements were adopted relating to the disposal                       only occur if all flows were shifted over.
  of FOG (fats, oils, and greases) by commercial and                            The Board made a commitment at the Public Hearing in
  restaurant facilities within the District.                               December 2009 that it was not prepared to increase residential
      There were also new requirements related to the                      rates further and that any changes would have to occur within
  District’s residences and their private sewer laterals,                  the existing fiscal resources. This meant that TCSD would have to
  many of which are in need of repairs or upgrades                         borrow the $6 million to fund the project improvements – which
  and are subject to increased treatment costs due to
                                                                           would have resulted in TCSD having to increase rates another
  the intrusion of rainwater and runoff. This past year,
  we noted sewer flows of over 19 million gallons in                       $200 over the next 20 years. Due to all these factors, the project
  January 2010 to the Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary                        was determined to not be feasible and was dropped.
  District treatment plant. An average dry weather flow                         With the District’s agreement with SMCSD set to expire in 2014,
  is approximately 8.3 million gallons.                                    the timing to begin new discussions to provide a new agreement
      TCSD crews will be conducting random inspec-                         with a longer time frame was brought before the Board. A
  tions checking for the location of sewer cleanouts                       subcommittee comprised of President Bartschat and Vice President
  and backflow devices (required at residences since                       Jim Jacobs met with a SMCSD subcommittee to discuss options.
  1984). If you are curious about the state of your own                    Both sides have agreed, in concept, to extend a new agreement for
  private sewer lateral, TCSD crews have a video unit
                                                                           a potential time period of 30 years. Within this timeframe, there
  that can come out and perform a free video of the
  line to see if a repair plan is needed.                                  would be an extended capital financing option that would allow
                                                                           TCSD to payoff the projected $9.3 million capital costs but that
      The District will provide system updates on high-
  priority neighborhoods each quarter and is looking                       will hold yearly rates within the present rate structure.
  forward to working with residents to help reduce                              The agreement discussions will continue into Fall 2010 and
  unnecessary flows and costs.                                             will be reported on in future newsletters. If you have any questions,
                                                                           please contact TCSD at (415) 388-6393.
    Board oF direcTors seaT opens WiTH
    relocaTion oF ricK JoHnson To TeXas

    A    fter 67 months of exceptional service to TCSD including a
         seat on the Board of Directors and terms on the Park and
    Recreation Advisory Commission, Rick Johnson will be moving
    with his family to Austin, Texas. Rick’s service to the District
    was critical including major projects such as the Eastwood Park
    upgrade in 2006, the development of a first class sewer system
    in the neighborhood surrounding Kay Park, and work on sewer
    laterals and wet weather flows throughout the District. Rick and
    his family have lived in Tam Valley for the past 15 years and he
    leaves a legacy of service to the community.
              TCSD has received several applications for the vacant
    seat and will be filling the position as soon as possible. For
    more information call (415) 388-6393.

                    SUDDen oak DeaTH                                                   GGnRa VolUnTeeR DayS
                      In TaM Valley                                                   VolUnTeeRS aRe WelCoMe!

    O      n Monday, September 27, 2010, come learn about the presence of the
           disease in Tam Valley, and what you should know about it–symptoms
    and possible preventive measures.
                                                                                      The Golden Gate National Parks Service’s
                                                                                      Habitat Restoration Team (HRT)–a group
                                                                                      of volunteers lead by GGNRA Services
         On June 10, 2010, a project was started to survey and sample vegetation      and Conservancy Staff have scheduled
    in Tam Valley for Sudden Oak Death (SOD). The project is funded by the            workdays at two sites in Tam Valley.
    USDA Forest Service through a grant awarded to TCSD. In addition to               Volunteers of almost all ages (over 10)
    the survey and sampling–done on vegetation on public lands–education              are welcome and encouraged to spend
    sessions will be conducted for Tam Valley residents regarding SOD and the         whatever time they have available.
    pathogen (Phytophthora ramorum) that causes the disease. These sessions               On Sunday, September 12th, HRT
    scheduled in the last quarter of this year. Finally a management plan will be     will be at Coyote Ridge–at the end of
    developed that will include recommendations for removal of certain plants,        Enterprise Concourse. Come help remove
    treatment of survivable plants, and proper maintenance of healthy plants.         Scotch and French Broom, Himalayan
    The work on this project is supplemented by a volunteer team that includes        Berry, Cotoneaster, and other invasive
    Tam Valley residents.                                                             plants. Meet at the chain link gate at the
         SOD was first identified in California in the mid-1990s, including Marin     end of Countyview.
    County, and has since spread in forests throughout the Bay Area and along             On Sunday, September 19th, HRT will
    the Northern California coast. At this time, there is no ‘cure’ for an infected   be at the Tam Fire site–west of Eastwood
    plant; however steps can be taken to prevent the spread of the pathogen and       Park. Help restore twelve acres of a
    to manage its impact on an infected plant and a community. For many plant         former eucalyptus grove into a native
    species, SOD is a significant threat and often leads to the death of tanoak       woodland plant community. Come help
                                                                                      remove small broom and eucalyptus and
    and coast live oak. This change then results in increased fire risk, habitat
                                                                                      also collect naïve seed. Meet at Eastwood
    loss, decreased beauty, reduced shade and noise filtering, and a potential for
    changes in watershed conditions.
                                                                                          The HRT volunteers will meet at each
         To learn more, come to the first education session on Monday,
                                                                                      location by 9:30 a.m. and work until
    September 27. The session starts at 6:30 pm in the Tam Community
                                                                                      approximately 2:30 p.m. with a break for
    Center. Information about the Tam Valley project including the education
                                                                                      lunch. Volunteers over the age of 10 are
    sessions will soon be mailed to Tam Valley residents. It's available at the       welcome and a parent or guardian must
    TCSD office, 305 Bell Lane or at www.tcsd.us; (415) 388-6393.                     accompany those under 18.
                         Fire saFeTy GranT For Tam Valley
O      n June 14, 2010, the California Fire Safe Council
       announced that TCSD received a grant of $168,000 for
its proposed project for fire safety within Tam Valley. The funds
                                                                      risk education session will also be held in this time period.
                                                                      Vegetation work may also start in late 2010 once appropriate
                                                                      work areas have been identified and prioritized. The work will
from the USDA Forest Service for this grant should be available       continue through 2011 with breaks for various environmental
beginning in October 2010 (the beginning of the federal fiscal        considerations (e.g., bird nesting seasons). If funds are still
year). Coordination with various organizations, including             available, additional work could be completed in the first
neighborhood groups and individuals in Tam Valley will be key         quarter of 2012. Information about the project will be regularly
to the project’s success.                                             posted on the TCSD website at www.tcsd.us.
     With cooperation and in-kind contributions from several               This project will continue and expand upon the great work
organizations, the objective of this 18-month project is to begin     started in 2005, first by the Marinview Homeowners Association
the process of making Tam Valley fire safe; ultimately having         and then the Trillium Lane HOA. Through in-kind contributions,
Tam Valley be designated as a FireWise Community.                     various agencies in addition to TCSD are supporting this project;
                                                                      included are PG&E, Mill Valley Schools, Marin County Fire
     The components include:                                          Department, Southern Marin Fire Department, and CalTrans.
      >> Assessing the fire risk on TCSD and other public lands       Where appropriate, work will be coordinated with activities
         and rights-of-way in the Valley                              planned by the NPS on GGNRA land.
      >> Performing free voluntary fire risk assessments on                The project team at TCSD welcomes and seeks participation
         privately owned parcels                                      from Tam Valley residents–either by neighborhood groups or
      >> Performing fire risk mitigation work (e.g., tree and         individuals–since community participation is very important to
         brush removal) on the most hazardous public parcels          the project’s overall success. The team wants to coordinate work
      >> Sponsoring and conducting various neighborhood fire          completed via the grant with work that could take place in Tam
         risk mitigation events (e.g., chipper days)                  Valley neighborhoods. This could include chipper days and green
      >> Providing fire safety information and education sessions     waste cleanup events. In addition, the team will ask residents for
         for Tam Valley residents                                     information regarding work performed by individuals or groups
                                                                      during the project (October 2010 through late 2011).
    A detailed work plan for this project should be completed              If you have any questions or would like to participate in
soon. The first phase of the project–fire risk assessment             this project, please contact Jim Kasper through TCSD’s offices
work–will take place from October to December of 2010. A fire         at (415) 388-6393.

                Save the Date: Saturday, october 23rd
Do you have a plan to take care of yourself, your family, your pets, and your community in case of an earthquake or wild fire?
October 16th-23rd marks the Southern Marin Disaster Preparedness Week and the official Get Ready programs will be offered.
The week also includes earthquake preparedness The Great California Shake Out (www.shakeout.org) which will take place
on October 21st at 10:21 a.m.
A Get Ready Tam Valley program will be taking place on Saturday, october 23rd starting at 10:00 a.m. at the Tam Valley
Community Center. Schedule will include:
•>    Get Ready slide show program featuring information on what to do before, during, and after an earthquake or wildfire.
      Topics addressed will including where to shelter during an earthquake, how to setup emergency supplies for the home and
      car, how to create a communication plan for your family, how to turn off the gas line, electricity, and water if necessary.
•>    The SPCA will have a display and answer all your questions for pet preparedness during an emergency
      Get Ready Seniors Class
      Monday, October 18, 10:00 a.m. – Noon (Strawberry Recreation Center)
      This will be part of the official activities being held during the Great California ShakeOut week.
To register for the October 23rd program, please call Joanne or Tom at (415) 383-1733 or send an email to joeyo101@aol.com.
Updates to the program will be posted on TCSD’s website at www.tcsd.us. For more events during Disaster Preparedness
Week, go to www.southernmarinfire.org.
                                                                           �rts                &
                           BINGO FRIDAYS                                     �rafts �ai�
                    friday, october 16 & november 5
                         doors open: 6:15 p.m.
                         family Bingo: 6:45 p.m.
                  dinner & 9 bingo cards: $7 per person
                Dinner includes: Great tasting spaghetti,
                  salad, garlic bread and add dessert.

                 It’s Back … Everyone loves our Spaghetti Bingo
               Fridays. Come on down … be hungry and ready to
               SHOUT … BINGO!!! for this fun Friday night family

                 event. All bingo winners will receive a gift bag of
                goodies. We play 9 games of family friendly bingo.        friday, november 19, 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
                                                                          & Saturday, november 20, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
                                                                          tam valley community center
                                                                          203 Marin avenue, Mill valley
                                                                          calling all crafters! if you are interested in becoming
                                                                          a vendor at this yearly well attended event…please
                                                                          call for an application, 388-6393.

                                                                          Holiday Shoppers & Craft Enthusiasts …
                                                                          Browse through a wonderful selection of gifts, holiday
                                                                          decorations and handcrafted specialties all created by Bay
                                                                          Area artists. Wood art, glass art, dolls pottery, jewelry and
                susTainaBiliTy Tour                                       more. Free admission, children’s activities and free parking.
                                                                          Refreshments available.
                                  october 9
               Wooley egg Ranch, 503 tennessee valley Rd.                 For information on reserving your space at this holiday event,
                    tours at 11:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m.                       call the TCSD office at 388-6393 ext. 17. Space is limited!
                     good shoes are recommended
                              $5 donation
              Visit a working “sustainable” Ranch right here in Tam
                                                                              Tam Valley Farmers market
              Valley. Topics will range from Solar Power, free Hot                   The Farmers Market will run
              water, Veggie oil cars, keeping and raising chickens,                through the first week of October
              heating your home with wood, sheep are not just for                                                  Don’t forget to stop
              sweaters, and a true “Victory” garden. Take this hour-                                               by the Tam Valley
              long tour, seeing how “sustainability” is really done and                                            Community Center,
              see how easy it can be to make changes in your own                                                   to pick up your
              homes. A good example of how everything interlocks                                                   fresh produce.
              and works in concert with to produce all the comforts
              of home with just a little planning and some work.                                                   Special thanks to
                                                                                                                   Tam Valley for all
                                                                                                                   your support!

                                                                          Winter Magic at the TCSD
                                                                          Holly Jolly JinGles
                                                                          Saturday, december 11, 7–8:30 p.m.
                                                                          tam valley community center, fRee
                                                                               Come to the Holly Jolly Jingles Show, a free theatre event to be held
                                                                          at 7:00 pm on Dec. 10 & 11 at the TVCC. Director Van Dyke Roth brings
                                                                          this memorable and popular holiday show featuring local talent for its
                                                                          third year. Join us for a fun-filled evening of holiday poems, readings and
                                                                          a special candle-light sing-along to top off the evening - all designed to
                                                                          get you into the holiday spirit! For more information, call 388-6393. Light
                                                                          refreshments will be served.

                                                                          BreaKFasT/BruncH WiTH sanTa
                                                                          Saturday, december 11, 9–3:00 p.m.
                                                                          tam valley community center, $15 per person includes:

                                                                                                                                                        TCSD evenTS
                                                                          Breakfast, crafts, Jumpee, SnoW & Santa!
                                                                               Bring the kids down to grab some breakfast, decorate cookies, make
                        WALK-THRU                                         crafts, and meet that Jolly Old
                                                                          Man himself…SANTA!!!! Kids
                                                                          will have fun and will come
FRIDAY NIGHT OCT. 29                                                      away with full bellies, a holiday
                                                                          craft and yes…a special toy
                                                  Presented/Designed By   from Santa. Don’t forget to bring
SATURDAY NIGHT OCT. 30                                                    your cameras for this wonderful
    2:30-5:30                                                             photo opportunity. New this
                                                                          year…SNOW! and a Santa
                                                                          Jumpee…ALL INCLUDED. All
          VOLUNTEER MONSTERS NEEDED!                                      ages welcome!! Reservations a
If you are interested in volunteering to help build, tear down,           must. Please choose your seating
 or be a monster in our 2010 haunted house, please contact                time either 9:00-10:30, 11:00-
 Carol at 388-6393. Lots of fun!! Join in this haunting event!            12:30, or 1:00-2:30. Snow closes
                                                                          at 3pm. Space is limited! Make
                     Join us for                                          your reservations today. Register

   am Jam X-
  TSaturday, DecemberFest
                                                                          on-line at www.tcsd.us

                      18th                                                sanTa By Fire enGine
      at the tam valley community center                                  Saturday, december 11, 3–6:00 p.m.
           $7 with food and music or                                            Santa will be riding on Stations 4’s Fire Engine throughout the
         $3 without food and only music                                   flatlands (Flamingo, Jean, Ross, Cardinal Road, and Courts) spreading
                                                                          cheer and smiles. When you hear the fire engine, come and join in a song
This time we’ll be hosting more bands, more music
                                                                          and get a candy cane.
 and more fun in this all day rock and roll festival
 featuring local student bands from around Marin                          leTTers To THe norTH pole
  County. The music will start around 2pm and go
                                                                          december 1st – december 19th
 all afternoon and into the evening. The show will                             Hey Kids…have you written your letters to Santa Yet? If not…why
be broadcast live on the web and will feature more                        not sit down right now and write him a letter. We here at TCSD promised
      music and other talent than ever before.                            Santa we would collect all your letters and send them directly to him…
   Food and drinks will be served all day long,                           so we need your letters today!! Make sure you put your return address on
  with door prizes and special guests adding to                           your letter so he can write you back…have a great holiday season!!!
   the magic. Come down and bring the whole                                    Mail to:       letters to the north Pole
     family to this special community event!                                                  305 Bell lane
                                                                                              Mill valley, ca 94941
               G et              de                to School!
                      Ready to Ri                                                           taM valleY SenioRS
                             fRee Riding with
                                                                                          Bingo WedneSdaY’S… Join Us!
                              Youth Workshop                                                 each Wednesday, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
                            Mark Your calendars!                                            TCSD welcomes Seniors (60 Years and older)
                                                                                          to join us every week for Bingo and a lunch party
                                    Saturday, october 2                                       in the Community Center. Each week we get
                                   9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.                                     together to play our weekly game of Bingo.
                                tam valley community center                                 Once a month we add a little something special
                                                                                          like: a palm reader, a master gardener, musicians
                Riding with Youth is a fun workshop for parents and kids to learn              and yes lots and lots of bingo. We will also
                how to ride together and how to safely navigate streets. Learn               schedule lunch together at local restaurants.
                about proper equipment, communications and appropriate                             Bring your ideas and your friends.
                behaviors. Kids will gain confidence and the ability to ride                   We can even set up car pool schedules to
                independently.                                                                  accommodate our non-driving seniors.

                These workshops are designed for children in grades 2 to 8                                  See you there!!
                with prior on-the-street riding experience. A parent or adult
                guardian must accompany children. Both adults and children                      SenioRS - Sing With uS
                must have their own bikes.                                                            each Wednesday, 10 a.m.

                This class is NOT designed for:                                             If you like to sing around the piano, then you
                •> Children riding with training wheels.                                      should join us at the community center as
                •> Children riding on a trailer bike attached to an adult bike.           our own Jack Schwartz leads us in song. You don’t
                •> Children riding on sidewalks.                                            have to be a virtuoso, just a love to sing. Every
                                                                                           Wednesdays before our regular senior meeting.
                Advance registration is required.                                                       Let the songs begin!
                Online at www.marinbike.org – click on “Share the Road”
                Email RidingWithYouth@marinbike.org
                Call MCBC at 415-456-3469 ext. #8
                To learn more or to schedule a Riding with Youth workshop at:
                The Marin County Bicycle Coalition implements these workshops in
                their ongoing effort to improve bicycle safety in Marin County. Funding      open weekdays 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
                is provided by the Non-motorized Transportation Pilot Program,                    305 Bell lane, Mill valley
                administered by WalkBikeMarin (www.walkbikemarin.org).                                (415) 388-6393
                Special Needs                                                                    Free admission, donations accepted.
                American sign language interpreters and assistive listening                               Closed holidays.
                devices may be requested by calling 499-6172 (TDD) or                     Tam Valley Arts Connection’s newest venture the
                499-6528 (voice) at least 72 hours in advance. Paratransit is             opening of an art gallery in Tamalpais Valley had
                available by calling Whistlestop Wheels 454-0904. For bicycle             a successful reception Thursday July 15. To the
                and bus routes please contact 511.org or 415-817-1717.                    background music of Rob Schaaf, Jim Jacobs and
                                                                                          singer Julie Stewart, guests enjoyed refreshments
                                                                                          and viewed the latest display of fine art. The current
                                                                                          exhibit features: Alberta Buller, Bernard Healey
                                                                                          and a Marin MOCA Group show with Catherine
                                                                                          Moreno, Donna Solin, and Pat Doherty.

                                                                                           this exhibit will remain until September 23rd
                                                                                            so it’s not too late to stop by and see it. new
                                                                                                exhibits are planned every 3 months.
                        yoGa BuGs                                                       BapTisTe
                                                                                     inspired yoGa
                                  Session 1: 6 weeks: 9/14 – 10/19
                                  Session 2: 6 weeks: 10/26 – 12/7             tuesdays & thursdays, 8:30 – 9:45 a.m.
                                  Yoga tweens (3rd-5th) 9-11 years:            tam valley community center
                                     Wed. 2:15 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.                drop in $15. Second class is free.
                                  Yoga Bugs (k-2nd) 5-8 years:                 Seven classes for $81 Or sliding scale,
                                     Wed. 3:15 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.                no one turned away for lack of funds.
                                  Yoga Bugs                                    contact (415) 388-6393
                                  (pre-school/pre-k) 3 1/2-5:
                                     Wed. 4:15 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.                This yoga is an enlivening breath-based, gentle-
                                                                               to-challenging flow. While developing our
                                  6 weeks: $99 (no drop-ins)                   poses and our athletic abilities are worthwhile
Jane Gould (formerly Pavis) is thrilled to once again be offering kids yoga    goals, we also focus on the development of our
classes at TCSD. Jane has been teaching yoga to kids in Mill Valley since      awareness, inner calm, poise and connection to
2004 and has introduced yoga to more than 1000 kids over the years at          our authentic self.

                                                                                                                                  TCSD ClaSSeS
Tam Valley, Strawberry Point, Old Mill, Edna Maguire & Park Elementary
                                                                               “Breath into breath, moment into moment.”
Schools as well as Sycamore Park and Marin Horizon Preschools. Jane,
a registered yoga teacher completed her YogaBugs Teacher Training in           Each class is unique, safe, and inspired in
the UK in 2004. YogaBugs classes are fun and child centered, they lead         how we practice alignment, balance, strength,
the children creatively engaging their imaginations while teaching yoga        flexibility, focus and more. Whether you are new
poses, breathing and relaxation techniques through story telling, games        to yoga, returning, or a more seasoned yogi, you
and dancing.                                                                   are encouraged to practice at your own level
     As well as teaching yoga to kids, Jane subs at YogaWorks yoga studio      and continually discover ways that you can take
and specializes in teaching yoga to adults with the disease Multiple           your yoga off the mat and into your moment-to-
Sclerosis. She offers teacher trainings for the NMSS and is honored to be      moment life.
the ambassador for the NMSS for Marin and Sonoma Counties.
                                                                                                         Tennis Courts
parliamo iTaliano!                                                                                        will be closed
                                                                                                        for Resurfacing
                                 Our full immersion Italian language
                                 program will give your child the
                                                                                    The long awaited Tennis Court
                                 opportunity to learn “la bella lingua”
                                 by providing him/her a fun and creative             resurfacing project will begin
                                 Italian atmosphere which ultimately                       September 27th.
                                 enhances the learning experience. We               The Courts will be closed from
provide a happy, positive and developmentally appropriate environment.             September 27th – October 30th.
Our student-teacher ratio is capped at 4:1 so children can receive
superior attention and be followed closely. A healthy snack will be                  Please help us by keeping people
provided. Moreover a balanced and organic Italian three course lunch                 off the courts until the project is
is also available.                                                                 completed and the surface has cured.
                                                                                   Thank you for your help and patience.
    Mon., tues. & Wed., 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
    Mill valley at the Peace lutheran church
    205 tennessee valley Road                                                       ON-LINE REGISTRATION
    $650 per month (3 times a week)                                                 COMING IN SEPTEMBER
    $500 per month (2 times a week)
                                                                                 Beginning in September we will
Three month sessions: Fall 2010/Winter2011/Spring2011. Students will             be taking On-Line Registration
be enrolled automatically for three sessions unless notified at least 60         for all your favorite Recreation
days in advance. Tuition is generally due the first of the month. To be paid           classes and activities.
directly to Parliamo Italiano the first day of school:                              Check out our website at
    annual fee: $150; Material fee: $34 per month                                www.tcsd.us for more details.
    for further info contact Sara at (415)309-3545
                                     2010 & 2011 Junior Tennis Classes
                                           Eastwood Park Tennis Courts
                                       Wednesdays: Sept. 1 - Sept. 22 (4 weeks)
                                                 9/29-11/3 Courts Closed for Resurfacing
                                           Winter: Nov. 10 - Jan. 19 (8 weeks)
                                         Early Spring: Feb. 9 - Mar. 23 (7 weeks)
                                            Spring: Apr. 6 - June 8 (9 weeks)

                            Pre-K                                 Grades 1-2                                    Grades 3-5
                           Beginner                            Red Beginner to                                        &
                                                             Beginner Intermediate                              Grades 6-8
                                                                                                               Red & Orange
                          Wednesdays                                  Wednesdays
TennIS ClaSSeS

                                                                                                            Advanced Beginner
                          1:30 to 2:15                                2:15 to 3:00
                            9/1 - 9/22                                  9/1 - 9/22                            to Intermediate
                         (4 weeks) $80                               (4 weeks) $80
                                                                   Winter 11/10- 1/19                               3:00 to 4:30
                      Winter 11/10 - 1/19
                                                                    (8 weeks) $160                                   9/1 - 9/22
                       (8 weeks) $160
                          Winter Make-up                           Winter Rain Make-up                            (4 weeks) $160
                         1/26-2/2, 2 weeks                            1/26-2/2, 2 weeks
                                                                                                               Winter 11/10 - 1/19
                    Early Spring 2/9 - 3/23                     Early Spring 2/9 -3/23                          (8 weeks) $320
                       (7 weeks) $140                                                                           Winter Rain Make-up
                                                                   (7 weeks) $140
                       Early Spring Make-up                     Early Spring Rain Make-up                         1/26-2/2, 2 weeks
                            3/30, 1 week                               3/30, 1 week
                                                                                                             Early Spring 2/9 - 3/23
                          Spring 4/6-6/8                              Spring 4/6-6/8                            (7 weeks) $280
                         (9 weeks) $180                              (9 weeks) $180                          Early Spring Rain Make-up
                                                                                                                    3/30, 1 week

                                                                                                                   Spring 4/6-6/8
                 Missed Classes:
                   Missed classes will not be refunded. Rained-out classes will be made up during
                                                                                                                  (9 weeks) $360
                   the Make-up class schedule times listed above. No additional make-up classes
                   will be scheduled, so if a student can not make a regularly scheduled make-up
                   class they will not be refunded for rained-out classes.

                                               The Medals Program:
                                                 Children earn Medals by demonstrating certain stroke and playing skills. Just like belts in
                                                 Karate, every time a child earns a Star or Medal it builds their confidence and self-esteem.

                                               Clinics run by Higgins Tennis Professionals - www.higginstennis.com/tennis-pro-bios.html
                                               William Higgins has taught thousands of children and trained countless pros all over
                                               California. He ran the largest junior tennis facility in the world, the Barnes Junior Tennis
                                               Center in San Diego, was the Associate Pro at the Belvedere Tennis Club, and currently
                                               runs all the tennis programs for Belvedere-Tiburon Recreation, the Bay Club Corte
                                               Madera, Tamalpais Community Services District, and Marin Country Day School. We use
                                               the Quickstart curriculum developed by the United States Tennis Association.

                                                                                           Register at TCSD: 415-388-6393

                                                                                           Questions: Higgins Tennis at 415-963-2549
                                                                                           or admin@higginstennis.com
DOg TraInIng

                                        Wednesday Speaker Series
                           Now in its 3rd year, Tam Valley Arts Connection, Tamalpais Community Services District, TCSD Parks & Recreation Dept.
                                 and sponsor Supervisor Charles McGlashan continue to enrich the community by offering opportunities to
                                                 experience, learn, exchange ideas with and be inspired by excellent speakers.
                                                              tam valley community center
                                                  203 Marin Avenue, Mill Valley • 7:00 p.m. • Cost: Free

                 September 15                                                   September 29
                 FOOD AS MEDICINE                                               ENDANGERED SPECIES:
                 Speaker: Sharon Meyer,                                         CALIFORNIA FISH AND GAME WARDENS
                 DipION CNC, nutritionist                                       Speaker: James Swan, Ph.D., Co- Executive Producer: “Wild Justice”
                 at the Institute for Health                                    TV series for National Geographic, and Producer/owner Snow Goose
                 & Healing in San Fran-                                         Productions.
                 cisco and Marin County.
                                                                                This documentary film is the result of a two-year journey in which
                 Sharon Meyer, DipION                                           James and Andrew Swan traveled the state, riding with over 50 game
Speaker SerIeS

                 CNC, has been a practic-                                       wardens in airplanes, helicopters, snowmobiles, boats, and patrol
                 ing nutrition consultant                                       vehicles. They experienced a shootout in a marijuana grove; takedowns
                 for over 15 years. She                                         for felony conspiracy abalone, caviar and bear poaching; and a warden’s
                 graduated from the Insti-                                      discovery of a terrorist cell. He hopes to bring a game warden with a K-9
                 tute of Optimum Nutrition in London and specializes            to demonstrate certain procedures.
                 in cancer, auto-immune, digestive health, and weight
                                                                                october 20
                                                                                OF BEAUTIES AND BEASTS: MAPPING THE
                         Eat well. Live well. This program provides insight
                                                                                HEAVENS FROM ANTIQUITY TO MODERN TIMES
                 as to how maintaining your health, and preventing and
                                                                                Speaker: Nick Kanas, M.D.,
                 treating chronic diseases can be influenced by naturally
                                                                                Professor of Psychiatry at UCSF,
                 occurring chemicals in foods. In addition to providing
                                                                                NASA-funded researcher, and author
                 energy, these dietary chemicals can directly or indirectly
                                                                                of Star Maps: History, Artistry, and
                 influence gene expression. Learn about “brain foods”
                 and how they affect brain function; the benefits of the
                 Mediterranean Diet; and how phytochemicals promote             What is the impact of the telescope
                 health and protect against chronic disease.                    on celestial mapping? What led to
                                                                                the development of the great star
                 INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE FOR                                       and constellation atlases? Using a
                 BETTER HEALTH AND WELLNESS                                     PowerPoint presentation based on
                 Speaker: Dr. Molly Roberts, Integrative Medicine               stunning images from his book, Dr. Kanas traces the history of celestial
                 Physician at the Institute for Health & Healing in San         mapping from antiquity to modern times; relates the development of
                 Francisco and Marin County.                                    celestial maps to contemporary views of the heavens; and in the process
                                                                                illustrates their artistic beauty. Signed copies of his book will be available
                 Molly Roberts, MD, MS, has expertise in family medi-
                                                                                for purchase.
                 cine, psychotherapy, spirituality, functional medicine,
                 and women’s health and is the co-author of The Indi-           november 17
                 vidual Optimal Nutrition Handbook.                             PORTUGUESE DAIRY RANCHERS OF SOUTHERN MARIN
                         Good health requires integrating many aspects          Speaker: Lissa McKee, M.A., Historian and Environmental Planner
                 of well-being, from the physical and mental to the en-
                                                                                First they were milk hands, then renters, than dairy owners.
                 vironmental and spiritual. This holistic approach to
                                                                                California was said to be their pot of gold. Become intrigued
                 health goes beyond symptom treatment and views each
                                                                                as Lissa McKee travels back to a time when Portuguese dairy
                 person as whole—and able to activate their own in-
                                                                                farmers were some of the largest landholders in Marin County.
                 nate healing response.
                                                                                        Before Pine, Maple, Laurel and other streets of the first residential
                                                                                subdivision, when Tamalpais Valley was called Coyote Hollow small
                                                                                dairy farms dotted the landscape as far south as Rodeo Lagoon, north to
                 for more info: 415-388-6393                                    Bolinas and beyond, and out the Tiburon peninsula. Nearly every single
                 To be included on the email list for future events             one was owned by immigrants from the Azores, small rocky islands in
                 contact tamvalleyspeakerseries@gmail.com                       the middle of the Atlantic.
hats off to everyone involved with this year’s
Creekside Friday!
We had a great year with
special thanks to the
following people:
Creekside Sponsors
Our Overall Sponsor:
Amy has been a sponsor of this
event since 2005! Thank you Amy!

Evening Band Sponsors:
Cathy youngling and noel McMarthy
Stacey laminard of Zephr Real estate
Wende kumara of kumara School
Jeff Brown and family

                                                                                                                                                                                                         T H a n k YO U ! !
Other thanks to:
lagunitas Brewery for donating all the beer
Southern Marin Fire for coming with oysters and ...

Thanks to our “A”Team Volunteers:
Robert DeWalt, Jeff Brown, Suzanne Diliberto,
Richard and Marilyn Skaff, Barry Wasserman, Tom Davey,
Malcolm Harvey, Julie Stewart, Jerry Taylor, Jon elam,
linda Schanfein, linda Johnson, Sue Hayes, Roberta
Ricketts, Tia Smirnoff, Micki Metcalf, nick Jaros, kevin
Brown, Susie Humphrey, Jerry and Ruth, Rita Callahan,
Sara Bartunek, Jacqueline Zimmer, Greg leMoi, Peggy
Clark, Melanie Haas, Tad, ken, Ruben and lianne.
We had a great year. Thank you all for coming and sharing your Fridays with us.
Hope to see you at all the great other programs coming up this fall! If you‘d like to
volunteer for any of our fall programs and join our “A” Team … Just give us a call!

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                                                           HAVE A QUESTION? HERE'S wHO TO CALL:

           for your next event at the                                                             grafitti (TCSD property).............................................................. 388-6393
  Tam Valley Community Center, the Log Cabin                                                      recycling (TCSD) .......................................................................... 388-6393
      or one of our many beautiful parks!                                                         Sewer Odor (TCSD) ...................................................................... 388-6393
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                                                                                                  Marin Ciunty library (Book Mobile) .......................................... 499-7544
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               Tam Valley Community Center                                                        pot Holes (road Maintenance) .................................................... 499-7388
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                                                                                                  ggnra (local emergencies) ...................................................... 556-7940
                                                                                                  Household Hazardous Waste Hotline ...................................... 499-7868
                                                                                                  lost or Injured animals (Wildcare) ............................................ 883-4621
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        The Log Cabin                 Kay Park
                                                                                                  Tam Union High adult education ................................................ 954-3730
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                                                                                                  Water (Marin Municipal Water District) ................................... 924-4600
TCSD Board of Directors
    Steffen Bartschat, president
    Jim Jacobs, vice president                                                                                                                                                                                                                  US POSTAGE PAID
    linda Johnson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mill Valley, CA
    rick Johnson
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   PERMIT 167
    gretchen Stagg
                                                                                                                                                                         Tamalpais Community Services District
    Board of Directors Meetings                                                                                                                                          305 Bell Lane, Mill Valley, California 94941
    7pm • 2nd Wednesday of each month
    Tam valley Community Center
    203 Marin avenue

parks & recreation
advisory Commission
    Sue Hayes, Chairperson
    Jeff Brown                                                                                                                                                                                               postal customer
    roberta J. ricketts
    elise Holland
                                                                                                                                                                                                       mill Valley, california 94941
    kevin Conger

    parks & recreation Commission Meetings
    7pm • Last Monday of each month
    TCSD Office, 305 Bell lane

revitalization & Safety Commission
    robert Schaaf, Chairperson
    Tom Davey               alan Jones
    Susan Hayes             vacancy
    lester kaufman                                                                                                                   The Mission of the TCSD is to protect and enhance a healthy community in the Tamalpais Valley:
                                                                                                                                     • by providing an environmentally safe sanitation system • by conducting efficient and innovative refuse and recycling collection

    revitalization & Safety                                                                                                          program • by preserving District owned open space and providing recreational and educational activities for our residents that
    Commission Meetings                                                                                                              help build a sense of community • by giving a voice to our residents as they work with other governmental agencies.
    7pm • 3rd Tuesday of each month
    TCSD Office, 305 Bell lane                                                                                                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - Clip & Save for Future Reference - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                                                                   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ContaCt Us                                                                                                                                                                 TCSD GARBAGE COLLECTION                       YES:
415-388-6393, then dial extension                                                                                                                                          NOw TAKES FOOD SCRAPS                          •> Meat & poultry
                                                                                                                                                                           wITH YOUR YARD wASTE IN                        •> Dairy products
Service / name                                                          ext.
                                                                                                                                                                           THE GREEN CAN                                  •> Cooking Oils & grease
general Information ......................................................... 10
                                                                                                                                                                           Here’s how you can participate:                •> Fats
general Manager / Jon elam ........................................... 18
                                                                                                                                                                           1. Designate a “Food Compost                   •> Fruit & vegetables
public Works Superintendent / Bob Bunce ................. 12
                                                                                                                                                                              Only” container near your                   •> egg Shells
refuse Foreman / vince Sanfilippo ................................ 14
                                                                                                                                                                              garbage to collect food scraps              •> Coffee grounds & Tea Bags
Finance Manager / Jerry Taylor ....................................... 16
parks & recreation Director / Carol Buchholz ......... 17                                                                                                                     in your kitchen (containers are             •> pizza Boxes
Directions to the Community Center ......................... 22
                                                                                                                                                                              available from TCSD, contact our            •> paper plates & napkins
Directions to the recreation Cabin ............................. 23
                                                                                                                                                                              offices at 415-388-6393                     •> Waxed paper & Waxed
Directions to 305 Bell lane ............................................ 24                                                                                                2. place the list of acceptable food              Cardboard
                                                                                                                                                                              scraps, from the removable                  •> paper Towels
general Info                                                                                                                                                                  section, near the container (to
Web ...................................................... www.tcsd.us                                                                                                        prevent unwanted materials from
email ..................................................... info@tcsd.us                                                                                                      being added)                               NO:
phone ................................................... 415-388-6393                                                                                                     3. empty the container into the                •>   non-Organic Items
Fax ....................................................... 415-388-4168                                                                                                      green yard waste can as often as            •>   liquids or Juices
Office .................................................... 305 Bell lane                                                                                                     needed                                      •>   glass or plastic
Hours .................................... 8am-4:30pm, Mon-Fri
                                                                                                                                                                           4. remember to place your yard                 •>   Foil
                                                                                                                                                                              waste cart out at the curb every            •>   animal Feces
                                                                                                                                                                              week for pickup                             •>   Styrofoam
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          •>   Diapers
                                                                                                                                                                           Yard waste Rules still apply:
graphic Design by                                                                                                                                                          no treated wood, rocks, hot ashes,             •>   Hazardous Waste
kimber Communications
                                                                                                                                                                           dirt, or concrete                              •>   Motor Oil

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