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									Summit Academy OIC • www.saoic.org
935 Olson Memorial Highway Minneapolis, MN 55405

   Who we are
   HIRE (Healthcare, Infrastructure & Renewable
   Energy) Minnesota is a coalition of community
   groups led by Summit Academy OIC (SAOIC), a
   fully accredited non-profit vocational and leader-
   ship training center located in the Heritage Park
   neighborhood of North Minneapolis. Coalition
   members include: American Indian OIC, East
   Metro OIC, Anishinabe OIC, Environmental
   Justice Advocates of Minnesota, Minnesota
   Baptist Convention, Alliance for Metropolitan
   Stability, Stairstep, ISAIAH, and Insight News.

   Our Goals
   • Secure 25% minority participation on all
     MNDOT projects in the Twin Cities.
   • Secure green jobs earning $50,000-$75,000
     per year for families in targeted
     neighborhoods.                                            Join the HIRE Minnesota Campaign
   • Secure additional investments in programs to                to change our communities with
     prepare our communities for the new economy.               jobs in Healthcare, Infrastructure,
   • MOBILIZE thousands of people to carry the
     HIRE MN message to the State Capitol in                      and Renewable Energy TODAY!
     Spring 2009!

                                                                     Summit Academy OIC

                                                                  935 Olson Memorial Highway
                                                                    Minneapolis, MN 55405

   SAOIC assists individuals in developing their
   ability to earn and to become contributing citizens
   in their community. We support the development
                                                                      Alessandra Williams
                                                                   HIRE Minnesota Coordinator
   of self-sufficiency in every person, regardless of                 (612) 278-5259
   background, economic status, or level of ability.                                                                 Healthcare, Infrastructure,
   We strengthen the community by preparing indi-                                                                      and Renewable Energy
   viduals to assume their roles as workers, parents
   and citizens.

       Contact: Alessandra Williams                      Summit Academy OIC • www.saoic.org                 Summit Academy OIC • www.saoic.org
HIRE Minnesota Coordinator(612) 278-5259                 935 Olson Memorial Highway Minneapolis, MN 55405   935 Olson Memorial Highway Minneapolis, MN 55405
 The HIRE MN Project                                        THE HIRE MN Program                                  Summit Academy OIC
                                                            Is committed to building community support of        935 Olson Memorial Highway
 Aims to unite a variety of community voices in a           its campaign by means of town hall meetings in       Minneapolis, MN 55405
 campaign for JOBS in our communities. As America           targeted neighborhoods such as:
 rebuilds its economy, the green industry will be a
 major factor in creating new jobs and refueling eco-       • North, Phillips & Central Neighborhoods in
 nomic growth:                                                Minneapolis, Rondo, Frogtown and East Side
 • Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will request sup-          in St. Paul, and Mille Lacs Reservation
 port of 3.65 million in tax breaks to companies invest-
 ing in MN green jobs for legislature budget period         The town hall meetings are an opportunity
 2010-2011                                                  for communities and HIRE MN coalition
                                                            partners to participate in the discussion of
 • President-elect Barack Obama wants 10% of elec-          the HIRE MN campaign and how our
 tricity from energy efficient sources by 2010 and 1        communities can access green collar
 million homes in low-income neighborhoods to be            jobs and construction opportunities.
 weatherized annually for the next 10 years                 Elected officials will be invited to
 Indeed, smart infrastructure investment is a three-for-    understand the urgency of our cause and
 one deal: it will kick-start our economy by creating       hear our communities' vision of more
 and preserving millions of jobs, help reduce our oil       access to jobs.
 dependency, and start to ease the climate crisis. We
 must come together NOW to take advantage of this
 window of opportunity!

 The HIRE MN Green Jobs Vision                              Be Involved!!
 We will secure major commitments for business              HIRE MN has volunteer and internship
 development and job training for emerging green col-       opportunities open to match a wide variety of
 lar jobs. Our vision is to secure jobs in current and      interests and skill sets:
 emerging industries, which provide livable wages,
                                                            • Help to educate and organize
                                                                                                             Please call
 and to expand vocational curriculums so that commu-
 nities of color are educated and trained with skills for     community involvement
 the emerging green practices and technology.
                                                            • Assist staff in the grassroots
 The Green Industry will Provide
 • JOBS in the local construction industry
                                                              processes of the town hall meetings
                                                                                                             (612) 278-5259
                                                            • Campaign to build legislative
 • JOBS in manufacturing products promoting
   energy efficiency such as fuel-efficient cars,
                                                              support of green collar jobs
                                                                                                             for opportunities
                                                            • Secure additional endorsements for
                                                                                                             available now!
   solar panel installation, & hydro electricity
   generation                                                 our campaign
 • JOBS in restoring whole home and commercial
   building performance with retrofit work &
   insulation generation

Call (612) 278-5259 or visit us online www.saoic.org for more information

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