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					         Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Env. Resources 11:372:374

                      Location(s): ENR room 237 (computer lab)

       Instructor: Scott M. Haag
              Phone: 732 932-1582 or 609 812-0649
              Web page:

       Text: Kennedy, Michael. The Global Positioning System and GIS
              available at C/D Co-op Bookstore

Course Objectives: To provide an understanding of the technology behind the
Global Positioning Systems. At the end of this course students should have a
theoretical understanding on how modern GPS works and know how to apply
GPS to answer a specific question. A significant amount of this course will be
spent outside (so dress accordingly!) and in the CRSSA computer lab.

GPS Hardware: Compaq Ipaq PDA, Trimble GPS unit.

Software: Trimble PathFinder Office, ESRI Arcmap, Arcpad. You may sign out
GPS equipment use outside of class. Please see me, or another staff member of
CRSSA for the sign-out sheets. You are responsible for all equipment you sign
out. Please do not keep equipment out for extended periods of time.

GPS Labs/Exercises – 15%
GPS Applications Paper – 15%
Attendance/Participation – 10%
Final Project – Map and Paper – 25%
Final Exam – 35%

All labs and exercises are due at the end of class. These exercises all add up to
your final project, and I need to be able to follow your progress. Handing in
exercises ensures me that the class is following the material well enough, and that
the proper steps have been taken to allow the class to present a well thought- out
and well-executed final project.

Other Papers Due:
In addition to the exercises that are due, there are assignments. These include:
GPS Applications paper, Final Project Proposal, and Final Project (maps and
paper). There will be a BRIEF power point presentations about the GPS
Applications papers, and the Final Projects. This presentation will be about 5-10
minutes in length and will include a Q/A session for the benefit of the rest of the

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