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									Spam filter on the mail server at ASB – setting up Outlook 2003:
In Outlook 2003 it is possible to create a rule that moves spam classified mails to a particular folder and also
to take an internal Outlook spam-filter into use. The combination of these two possibilities has turned out to
be quite effective.

To set up the computer to use both filters, you have to set up the internal spam filter in Outlook:
    1. Start Outlook
    2. Select „Tools‟ and then „E-mail account’
    3. Select „View or change existing e-mail accounts’
    4. Press „Next‟
    5. Press „Change‟
    6. Then there has to be a check mark at „Use Cached Exchange Mode‟. (IF there already is a check
        mark you can go directly to point 11).
    7. Press „Next‟
    8. A box with a warning text will pop up and tell you that you have to restart Outlook before the changes
        are registered. Press „OK‟ in the box.
    9. Press „Finish‟ and wait for Outlook to synchronize (at the bottom of the right corner you can see if it
        is activated).
    10. Restart Outlook
    11. Press „Actions‟
    12. Press „Junk E-Mail‟
    13. Press „Junk E-Mail Options‟
    14. Select „High‟
    15. Press „OK‟

After restarting the program you can see that the program has created an extra folder called „Junk E-mail‟.
The files that Outlook classifies as spam will be removed to this folder by the internal filter in Outlook.

In the following part an additional rule will be created in Outlook. This rule will cause that the e-mails, which
the central spam filter system classifies as spam, are also moved to the folder „Junk E-mail‟.

    1.    Start Outlook
    2.    Make a new rule via „Tools‟ – „Rules and Alerts‟
    3.    Select „New Rule‟
    4.    Select „Start from a blank rule‟ and mark „Check messages when they arrive‟
    5.    Press „Next‟
    6.    At “Which condition(s) do you want to check?” “Step 1: Select condition(s)” and mark: „with specific
          words in the subject‟
    7.    At “Step 2: Edit the rule description (click an underlined value)” select the marked words: „specific
    8.    Write **SPAM** Press „Add‟ and „OK‟
    9.    Press „Next‟
    10.   At “What do you want to do with the message?” “Step 1: Select action(s)” and mark: „move a copy
          to the specified folder‟
    11.   At “Step 2: Edit the rule description (click an underlined value)” select the marked word „specified‟
    12.   Find the folder „Junk E-mail‟ and press „OK‟
    13.   Press „Next‟
    14.   Press „Next‟
    15.   Make a check mark at the sentence “Run this rule now on messages already in “Inbox””
    16.   Make a check mark at “Turn on this rule”
    17.   Press „Finish‟
    18.   Press „OK‟

From now on all e-mails that contains the word **SPAM** will be removed to the folder “Junk E-mail” along
with the e-mails that have slipped through the central spam filter but is caught by the internal algorithms in

Please note that the central spam filter only controls e-mail sent to the mail addresses, while the
internal algorithms of Outlook will also classify the e-mails coming from other mail servers.

If you have further questions please contact the IT department, IKT, via

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