AG Letter On Irene Price Gouging by CelesteKatz

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									                                        STATE OF NEW YORK
                                  OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL


                                                                                            August 27, 2011

This open letter is addressed to anyone selling necessary consumer goods and providing
essential services in the region to be affected by Hurricane Irene:

       New Yorkers have and will continue to rely upon you for the items needed to
prepare for the storm, as we all stock up on water, food, batteries, and other essentials.
It can be a thankless responsibility and we all owe you our gratitude.

       While most understand that customers are also neighbors, and would never think
of taking advantage of others during such disruptive times, these circumstances always
require an extra sense of vigilance and preparation

        This notification should serve as a reminder to vendors and their consumers that
state law prohibits price gouging at times when nature demonstrates its disruptive fury.
The New York General Business law forbids those who sell essential consumer goods
and services from charging excessive prices during what is clearly an abnormal
disruption of the market. Those who do so will ultimately see a reduction in their profits,
faced with penalties, fines and directives to set up reimbursement funds.

       As Attorney General, it is my responsibility to enforce the price gouging law, and
while it is my hope that I will not need to do so, my office is certainly prepared. We will
review pricing data, and take such complaints filed with office seriously, as we do with
any matter.

      New Yorkers have always been at their best when facing adversity, and I am
confident that we will live up to that standard throughout this hurricane.

                                                                                    Eric T. Schneiderman

                                                                      New York State Attorney General

  120 Broadway, 25th Fl. New York, N.Y. 10271-0332 ● Phone (212) 416—8000 ● Fax (212) 416-6007 ● WWW.AG.NY.GOV

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