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									                            NSA FLA NEWSLETTER

          SAVE THE DATE 01/26/2011!
                                                                       September, 2010 Volume 4
The NSA Florida is very proud to hold its first golf tournament pro-
                                                                         Inside this issue:
fund the NSAFLA Scholarship foundation Inc.
                                                                        1st NSAFLA GOLF Classic

                                                                        The increase of
                                                                        counterfeit money

                                                                        The reality
                                                                        behind buying
                                                                        cheap “DEALS” in

                                                                        Quick Tips to Reduce Stress
                                                                        at Work

                                                                        The Softball tournament
                                                                        Los Rancheros (New York)
                                                                        Vs NSA Florida
   Don’t let the word “first” confuse you. It will be our first golf    About the NSA
   tournament in Florida , but we are backed up by the                  Florida Chapter
   experience of the NSA New York, who have successfully
   celebrated 11 tournaments , also our board has traveled              Our membership
   through all South Florida , to make sure we are choosing
   the best golf course , the most experienced organizers ,
   the best service and food , etc, the point is that we want
   this tournament to be an unforgettable experience , that
   year after year will be celebrated , to benefit those
   students from low income families to help them achieve
   their goals to a good education.
                                                                    National Supermarket
                                                                 Association .Florida Chapter
      Message from the Board                                          Contact information



                                                                       Fax : (954) 342-5873
We , as supermarket owners , got together to become a                         Email:
group with power to get deals and volume prices , but
its so amazing , how we also can help our comunities ,
with the scholarship program, that will help low income
              students achieve their goal.                                     Mail:

                                                                 6919 W Broward BLVD.Suite 106.

                                                               We would like to hear what you think
 The first activity we will have to collect funds , it’s our
                                                               about the newsletter content and
first golf tournament , backed up by the NSA New York
                                                               design. Please let us know your
    experience , and prepared with so much care and            comments, help us improve.
  entusiasm, making sure the players feel confortable ,
and enjoy a day full of golf , great food, prizes , and lots            Board of directors
                       of surprises.                                 David Corona :President

                                                                    Luis Diaz Jr.:Vice-President

                                                                           Ajay Dhawan
  This is just the beginning of a long journey where we
know there will be so much more to offer , and were we                     Raifiz Vargas
see that it’s a such a big difference we can make in the                    Tony Diaz
lives of our neighborhoods , just by incentivating them
               to follow the path of the study.                            Frank Espinal
  September’s membership meeting content

The Board will discuss very important matters that happened during this month

                  Antonio Hidalgo, from Hidalgo imports will
                  be giving a presentation to our membership.

                   The Florida Wic inspections.

                    The back door produce deals.

               The NSAFLA Florida Golf Classic
               We finally have the date, the place, and the details of
               the event.

                Open space for questions, answers and
            Quick Tips to Reduce Stress at Work
                                                Managing a business is like a puzzle,
                                                where you have to make all the pieces
                                                match. But what happens when things
                                                don’t happens as expected; when an
                                                employee mistake will cost you thousands
                                                of dollars, when your sells went down
                                                for no reason etc, it gets to a moment
                                                when the pressure it’s so high that you
                                                have to do something about it, but in
                                                that moment you don’t have time for an
                                                escape or a relaxing massage. These are
                                                quick tips that will help you to release
                                                the pressure , and continue your normal
                                                routine , without overheating your head.

                               Quick Tips to Reduce Stress at Work

Break it Up. Peel your eyes off that computer screen for five to ten minutes every hour.
Look at a point across the room, if possible out a window and rest a bit. You can also
stand up and stretch a little. Take frequent short breaks rather than infrequent longer
breaks. You will feel more energized and refreshed throughout the day.

Breathed it Out
When you are taking a break or if you have just read an email that makes your blood
boil, stop, sit quietly and take 10 deep breaths, exhaling and inhaling slowly on each
breath. You will be amazed how much this can help calm those nerves and get you
thinking clearly again.

Walk or Run it Off
Try splitting your lunch break in half and work in a short run or walk. This is especially
helpful if you have had a stressful morning or anxiety building up for an afternoon
presentation. Try it and you will feel better, more relaxed and ready to take on the
second half of your day.

The tele-transportation!
You don’t need to be a meditation expert to do this one, but it works better than a 5
hour shot energy. Simply close your eyes, cover your face with your hands , and picture
you are in your favorite place, could be in a Punta Cana beach , where you can feel the
breeze in your face , hear the waves , enjoy a shrimp cocktail etc, etc. Do these exercise
for least five minutes, the more the better? By the time you open your eyes, the
problems you saw huge, became little and easy, because your mind will be fresh and
    The increase of the counterfeit money
Counterfeit money is problem the humanity has been facing, since the real money
was invented itself and as soon the government develops a new security method to
make it more secure, the Bad Guys are working on it. As business we work with
different methods to help the personnel indentify it like the lamps, special markets,
even the manual exam, but they are smart and always find the way to introduce them.

                        Scammer’s new strategies
      Since we focus more in big bills , like $100, $50 and $20’s , they are focused in
     $10 bills , there hundreds of thousands on the streets

       The marker became an obsolete tool, since they started to print the counterfeit
     money in recycled pulp newsprint paper, where the markers that turns out
     yellow, same as the original money.

       Alert! Part of their strategy is to use them in rush hours, at closing time, or using
     an element of distraction, like being too nice with the cashier etc.
Why sometimes “DEALS” from the guy knocking the
back door with cheap produce are not so REAL!
                                                                         The big mistake!!
                                                                  Some business owners, and produce
                                                                  managers, do their calculations based in
                                                                  gross numbers; they only see the big picture,
                                                                  but if they go deep inside and see the final
                                                                  numbers, I’m pretty sure the history will be
                                                                  very different.

                                                                  A simple example:

                                                                  You get a “deal for 20 cases on tomatoes at
                                                                  $11.00 a case , while the market price is
                                                                  $20.00, they don’t look so good , but it’s a
                                                                  REAL DEAL?, at least that’s what you think!

                                                                  First, you need to have an employee
                                                                  separate the good ones from the bad ones.
                                                                  The average is 8 minutes per case times 20 is
                                                                  2 and a half hours at $8.00 per hour is $

                                                                  Let’s say 20% of the tomatoes are bad, you
                                                                  are losing $2.20 per case X 20 cases is

But, you still think that you got a great deal since considering the facts mentioned above your cost is just
$14.20 a case, you are still saving $5.80. Well, I’m not done yet!

Three days after, the tomatoes are spoiled, you sell an average of 4 cases per day, as long as 20% were damaged,
you threw away 4 cases, sold 12 cases in 3 days, but at the fourth day they weren’t good anymore, you had to
throw away 4 more cases. Now which was your true cost?

Considering the facts mentioned above your truly cost was $18.33, but you still think that you are saving $ 1.73
per case, but what about those customers who bought those tomatoes and found out that the day after they
bought it they weren’t good. They will not remember how cheap they were. They will tell their family and
friends , not to buy tomatoes from your place, because , they didn’t look appetizing on the first place and the
very next day they were spoiled.

   Now, do you still believe it was a good deal?
 NSA Florida VS Los Rancheros
Last September 25 2010, our NSAFLSA Softball team played against
the Rancheros team in an extremely difficult tournament. But we, as
the great hosts that we are, let them win.

 But, be aware next time we will not
 take any prisoners!!!
                              NSA Florida Chapter
                                    Who we are
    The National Supermarkets Association (N.S.A.) Florida Chapter is a trade association
    representing the supermarkets that comprise the independent sector of the food retail
    industry. Along with affiliated associations, manufacturers, service suppliers as well as
    other entrepreneurial companies that support N.S.A. Florida Chapter Philosophy, Mission
    and Vision.

                           A LITTLE OF HISTORY

The NSA was founded in New York in 1989 by a group of supermarket owners in order to
strengthen and expand the representation for their supermarkets in the world of business and
government; NSA Florida Chapter was created, in 2009. With the support of NSA NEW YORK
(William Rodriguez, Nelson Eusebio), by a group of visionary independent Supermarket owners in
South Florida. With the purpose to benefit the entire sector involved by sharing some important
matters in a non- profit trade association.

                                   OUR MISSION

To ensure independent, community-focused retailers the opportunity to succeed and better serve
the consumer through its policies, advocacy, programs and services.
NSA Florida Chapter purpose is to represent the membership through legislative and regulatory
efforts with an effective government relations program, to be the resource for industry education
and communication, to work with industry partners and alliances to best serve the membership.

                                     OUR VISION

 Our short term goal is to grow as an organization, increase our community presence, and be on
top of the latest trends in the Industry.
                                                                   Top Value
      La Copa                                                     Supermarket

                           Sabor Tropical
                           Supermarket. Homestead


La Reyna           Saveland

      Sabal                           Central Supermarket
                           Price                      Food
  Super                   Choice                      City
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                           95 st

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