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					                Hosting Your Web site
• Guide to Accessing Student Web Space (for most up-to-date
• See a video demo of using NotePad to create a web page at
• For the FTP software, use FileZilla (Windows/Mac/Linux) client that
  can be downloaded at or
• Make sure you are downloading the “Client” version for your specific
  platform. For windows platform, go to
  Build and Test Your Web Site Locally
• Create web pages and save them locally in a folder
  on your hard drive or flash drive.
• Test your web pages locally.
• Upload them to our Student Web Space using a
  ftp client.
• Test the hosted web pages using a URL such as
• Make any changes locally first, test it locally, and
  then update all changed or new files to the server
  again. Test the hosted pages again.
        Enter the host setting

• Host:
• Username example: Your CSUCI user name
  such as pat.smith123
• Password: your CSUCI password
• Port: 22
• Click on Quickconnect button
                     Username example: pat.smith123
                     Password: your CSUCI password
                     Port: 22 Click on Quick Connect

Double-click files
to upload
             Quick Connet
When you click Quick Connet, you
will see the following dialogue box,
click OK button to continue.
                  Select the correct folder for
                   local site and remote site

                                                Click on the plus sign

• Highlight the local folder where you store your local web site (pages)
• Click on your + sign in front your remote site folder to expand it to
  see the public_html folder. Click on it to highlight it.
• Click right mouse button on highlighted local files
  to be uploaded and then choose Upload
• Or click on the local files one at a time to upload
  each file.
             What is your web site URL?
• The URL (i.e., web address) to the home page of your student web
  site is: + "~" (the tilde character) + your Dolphin User Name

• Example: a student named Pat Smith with the Dolphin User
  Name “pat.smith123” would have the following web site home
• When publishing your home page to your web space, you are
  recommended to name your home page “index.html”. This
  will ensure that when someone goes to your web site address, the
  web page called index.html will be the first page which appears. It
  allows people to access your Web site using a simpler URL such as No file name is needed
  in the URL.

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