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					                Official Publication of the Women Marines Association
Fall 2003                                                                     Vol. 28 • No. 4
 Spring 2007                   Serving our members since 1969                  Vol. 32 No. 2

 Women on the battlefield
     This is just a small portion of the         I’m extremely proud when I travel    really quick whether they were com-
transcript of an interview with SgtMaj       now. I see females with the MEUs, in     plying with what I asked them to do,
John Estrada conducted by The Marine         combat at a [forward operating base]     bottom line. And I traveled and I saw
Corps Times two days before he was           somewhere. I see them all over the       them and I think we get an “A” for
relieved of his post as SgtMaj of the        battlefield. We didn’t use to do that    that. And I have a lot of pride in that
Marine Corps.                                before. We changed                                         because the young
                                             that, so what you’re                                       Marines can come
     Women today                             going to have down                                         and see, “wow,
in the Marine                                there is female ser-                                       there’s a chance I
Corps, they are                              geants major com-                                          could get up here.”
all over the frick-                          ing down he road,                                                  I remember
in’ battlefield.                             they’re going to be                                        two little females,
They are. That is                            competitive.                                               Hispanic girls, came
motivating. That’s                                [Estrada said he                                      back in a convoy
one of the things                            made phone calls to                                        that got attacked
I wanted to do.                              force-level sergeants                                      and laid down fire
[Sergeants major] SgtMaj John L. Estrada     major to get more                                          on insurgents. They
will tell you, I want-                       females into the                                           were so pumped up
ed to start seeing female Marines in         fight.] Did I threaten                                     and I was looking
positions where we didn’t have them          them? I influenced them. I told them     at them. They’re about 80, 85 pounds,
before. We were the culprits that were       this is what I wanted to start seeing    but they shot up some insurgents.
not allowing them to reach their full        and they knew, being that I travel so    They get that Combat Action Ribbon
potential. We were. We assigned them         much, that I was going to find out       and I’m proud of that.
to all the administrative billets here and
the schoolhouse here and all these bil-
lets. And what happened: we started to         Association Officer Changes
lose them.
                                                   They always say when a celeb-         And VAVS Chair Ellen Leidy also
                                             rity dies, it runs in threes and two     resigned. Her replacement is Deb
    “We were the culprits                    more will follow close behind. This      Beutel, whose contact information is
                                             is certainly not the case here, but it   NOT listed on page 2, but IS listed
        that were not                        seems that when one officer resigns,     here: 70 Olde Concord Rd., Stafford,
   allowing them to reach                    more follow.                             VA 22554, 540-446-1770, e-mail:
                                                    Secretary Maria Crowley had
     their full potential.                   to resign due to family health prob-         WMA thanks those who regretta-
                                             lems. Kathy Sutphen (former Area 5       bly had to leave office for their dedi-
            We were.                         Director) has stepped in to take over    cation and hard work for the asso-
                                             her position. Her contact informa-       ciation and hopes their personal and
                                             tion can be found on Page 2 of this      health issues do not keep them from
General Hagee asked me that question,        newsletter.                              participating in association events in
“Why are they all getting out, sergeant          Area 1 Director June Worden also     the future.
major?” And we looked at it. This is why     had to resign for the same reason.           Welcome aboard, ladies!
they’re getting out: Because they know       Mary Ann Green has volunteered to                          Sondra Metzger
they will never reach their full potential   take over June’s term. Her contact
of getting to a force-level billet, or a     info can also be found on Page 2.
[major subordinate command] billet.
Why didn’t they get there? ‘Cause they
weren’t as competitive as their male           ‘Nouncements Deadlines
counterparts who went out and did their
[Marine expeditionary unit] float.                   Summer Issue: July 16 •           Fall Issue: October 15

                             “64 years of proud service to country and Corps”
          WOMEN MARINES ASSOCIATION                                                          64 YEARS OF PROUD SERVICE
                                                                                             TO COUNTRY AND CORPS

         National Officers                                                                  Area Directors
President                                    (1) Mary Ann Green                       (5) Mary Ellen Stone                (9) Karen L. Reeves
        Paula Sarlls                             35 Barrows Drive                         611 Old Paint Rd.                    6923 Jessica Dr.
        3066 S. Granby                           Topham, ME 04086-1327                    Raymore, MO 64083                    Springfield, OR 97478
         Aurora, CO 80014                        (207) 373-0402                           (816) 322-6444                       (541) 741-1213
        (303) 766-9023                                                          (2) Alice Dolbear                        (6) Judy Anderson                   (10) Geraldine Fiorello
                                                 5521 Ecoff Ave.                          726 Beachcomber                      5327 Baza Ave.
Immediate Past President                         Chester, VA 23831-1516                   Houston, TX 77062-4202               Woodland Hills, CA 91354-1806
        Carol A. Mutter                          (804) 748-2101                           (281) 480-2038                       (818) 346-4520
        45 Timber Lane                                      
        Brownsburg, IN 46112-1048            (3) Sheryl L.Young                       (7) Pamela A. Garcia
        (317) 852-4963                           276 White Bridge Pike, Apt. 45           8335 Fairmont Dr. #1-105                    Nashville, TN 37209                      Denver, CO 80247
1st Vice President                               (678) 313-2533                           (303) 388-2153
       Rhonda LeBrescu-Amtower                   
       160 Highland                          (4) Betty Jean Cannon                    (8) Carol Watson
        Williamsburg, VA 23188                   6400 S. Dixie Hway, #7                   9901 Trailwood Dr., #2100
       (757) 564-3496                            Erie, MI 48133                           Las Vegas, NV 89134              (734) 848-4088                           (702) 240-6997
2nd Vice President
        Sara Phoenix                                                                     Appointed Officers
        11705 Boyette Rd. #487
         Riverview, FL 33569-5533            Chaplain                                 Historian                           Parliamentarian
        (813) 436-9831                        Joan Hammond                             Nancy Wilt                          Anne Zink              6509 Kilkenny Lane                       7679 Berkshire Lane                 P.O. Box 1866
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3rd Vice President                            (703) 250-3288                           (303) 663-3747                      (540) 663-0539
        Betty Cook                            Fax (703) 250-3285                         
        1609 Huasna Dr.                                      Public Relations Officer
        San Luis Obispo, CA 93405            Editor                                    Mary Ann Merritt
        (805) 541-0456                        Sondra Metzger                           70274 Campground                     3805 NE 141st Cir.,                      Romeo, MI 48065
                                              Edmond, OK 73013-7221                    (586) 752-9421
Secretary                                     (405) 478-0928                 
       Kathy Sutphen                
       9944 Beaver Ridge Trail
       Tallahassee, FL 32312                                                      Loyal Escorts of the Green Garter
       (850) 893-6188 [home]                                                         Secretary/Treasurer           Directors
       (850) 491-6980 [cell]                 President
                                                Ken Cross                               Jeanne Cantrell               Tabitha Cunningham                                                        11 Brown St.                  2393 Hillstock Rd.
                                                3122 Morningside Dr.
Treasurer                                       Oceanside, CA 92056                     Irving,TX 75061               Akron, OH 44312-2444
        Shanda Elkins                           (760) 724-9861                          (972) 313-9361                (330) 603-7944
        257 Sandstone Dr.                           
        Hampton, GA 30228-5844                                                       Chaplain
        (678) 923-7386 [cell]                Immediate Past President                                                 John Holvoet
                                                Paul Dossin                               Nancy C.Luebben             5501 Seminary Rd. Apt. 105                                                    11872 Paseo Bonita
                                                                                          Falls Church, VA 22041
Membership Secretary                                                                      Los Alamitos, CA 90720      (703) 575-9809
        Debbie Barker                        Vice President                               (562) 598-5995    
        40039 Booth Kelly Rd.                   Don Cannon                      
        Springfield, OR 97478                   6400 Dixie Hwy, Lot #7
                                                                                                                      Tony McPherson
        (541) 746-9295                          Erie, MI 48133                       Parliamentarian                  34835 Lakewood St.                  (734) 848-4088                            Russ Dolbear                Chesterfield, MI 48097
                                                         5521 Ecoff Ave.             (586) 491-7151
                                                                                          Chester, VA 23831-1516
                                                                                          (804) 838-0620

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 Periodical postage paid at San Antonio, TX and additional mailing offices. Membership eligibility:        3805 NE 141st Circle
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 President’s Message
   Women of the Corps - hello again and happy spring! I hope            Representative and Mary Ann Green has
you each had a wonderful change of seasons, but from the TV             agreed to be the new Area 1 Director.
I see that many of you shared the snow we had in Denver! I’m            Thanks and congratulations to both of you
ready for some sunshine, now! Can we go to Texas this                   from all of us.
month? Seriously, I can’t wait for the Houston Convention and              I’d like to congratulate Eleanor Wilson
keep hearing of the great work they’re doing in planning. I             on her receipt of the Julia B. Hamblet
know it will be one of our best conventions ever.                       Award from the Marine Corps Heritage
    Your board has been diligently work-                                                      Foundation. Eleanor
ing on projects we developed at the                                                           did stellar work on
board meeting. I hope you’re enjoying             Thanks to the many                          oral histories and also on museum exhib-
the changes to the web site, that you                                                         its in California.
received your RM&D, and last issue of                 of you who                                  At the time I’m writing this I still have
‘Nouncements. Our editor, Sondra Metzger,                                                     not heard from the IRS with a written
continues to amaze us as does Carol Mutter,         sacrifice time,                           letter regarding our group exemption. I
who developed and made changes to the                                                         will notify all through the chain of com-
RM&D (with the approval of the board) a          energy, and money to                         mand as soon as I do. I talked to our agent
reality. We hope you appreciate the work                                                      recently who told me to call back in two
that goes into these publications and notice         keep this big                            weeks. I’ll keep checking on it.
the changes. Also, if you aren’t on the                                                                 Thanks to the Loyal Escorts for
WMA ListServ, I do hope you will sign up           RIG rollin’ along.                         their support across the country and the
with Mary Ann Merritt on that. She does                                                       many of you who sacrifice time, energy,
an excellent job getting the news out to us                                                   and money to keep this Big RIG rollin’
via that medium.                                                                              along. My challenge to Rise, Initiate, and
    We have a couple changes in the leadership to announce,             Give on our journey to keep WMA Relevant, Improving, and
too. Deb Beutel has agreed to accept the appointed rep-                 Growing stands and I remain yours, Semper Fidelis!
resentative position of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service                                                             Paula Sarlls

                      1st VP Message
                            So how is your recruiting effort going?     cation and came up with the following estimated totals for the
                           How many new members have you                number of female active duty Marines at each of these sample
                            recruited to WMA or Loyal Escorts?          duty stations:               Total                 Total
                            What have you done as an individual                                     Active Duty   % of    Female
                            or as a chapter to increase membership             Base                    (AD)     Female AD   AD
                            to WMA? As I mentioned in my first
                                                                                MCAS Beaufort           3536        7%        247
                           letter to you after assuming the office of
                                                                                MCAS Cherry Pt          7825        8%        626
                          1st VP, one of my main responsibilities
                                                                                CLNC                  30926         6%      1855
                         is membership. I want to emphasize once
                                                                                HQBN HQMC               1982      10%        198
                       again the importance of individual and
                                                                                MARFORES (N.O.)          334      13%          43
                     chapter recruiting efforts. We will continue
                                                                                MOBCOM K.C.              222        7%         15
                  the recruiting contest for the next convention
                                                                                MCAS YUMA               3567        8%        285
  with the “Recruiting Roundup” (more info to follow in future
                                                                                MCRD San Diego          3597        1%         35
  issues of ‘Nouncements), so now is the time to get your recruit-
                                                                                MCAS Miramar            6817        9%        613
  ing effort on the “launch pad!”
                                                                                Camp Pendleton         33615        6%      2016
         Have you seen the great information that our Public
                                                                                29 Palms                8429        4%        337
  Relations Officer (PRO) Mary Ann Merritt has provided about
                                                                                Camp Butler, Oki      10336         8%        826
  recruiting? If you haven’t seen copies of her PRO newsletter
  Semper Finesse, contact your area director or let me know and                 Total of potential new WMA members 7,096
  we will ensure you get a copy. She has already published six of          So if my calculations are correct, using just these few exam-
  these monthly newsletters and they all contain great ideas on         ples, there are over 7,000 potential new WMA members out
  many topics including recruiting.                                     there just waiting to be contacted. If your chapter is not located
       Our PRO also recently sent a copy of a document called           near a Marine Corps base, here are a few other ideas for finding
  “USMC Demographics Update” to all area directors. It has a lot        new members:
  of great general information but I want to focus on a particular         Look in ‘Nouncements and find the new members listed that
  way this information can be used in your recruiting efforts. I        live in your area. Contact them and see if they would like to
                                                                        join your chapter.                      (Continued on next page)
  did some quick calculating using the information in this publi-

 ’Nouncements                                                       3                                                     Spring 2007
1st VP Message                   Continued
   Look in your copy of the Resource                Always carry a calling card with your       ing tool for potential WMA members as
Manual & Directory (RM&D). Many                 chapter and WMA national information            well. Chapters will be receiving some-
members are just national members but           for someone you meet out shopping or            thing from the local recruiters in the near
are not affiliated with a chapter. Perhaps      dining out. You just never know who you         future to begin this project. But you don’t
they are too far away from an established       might meet and if they are Marines.             have to wait to hear from the recruiters. I
chapter, but that is no reason why you            Also on a similar recruiting topic, Carol     encourage you all to contact your local
can’t contact them and include them in          Mutter is in contact with the Recruiting        recruiters NOW to get started! This is a
your chapter events by sending them a           Command at Headquarters Marine                  great mentoring and recruiting tool!
copy of your newsletter or just call them       Corps. We plan to work with them to                There are many great ideas out there for
every once in a while to keep in touch          coordinate with all local recruiting offices    recruiting and these are just a few. Take
with them.                                      and WMA chapters throughout the U.S.            advantage of them. Be proactive! Let’s
   Advertise in your local paper, or have       to help in the mentoring of new female          see who is ready to “blast off” and be the
your local news station do a human inter-       recruits. Some chapters are already work-       winner of the next “Recruiting Roundup”
est story on a chapter member, advertise        ing with their local recruiters to get names    in Houston next year.
a chapter event, etc. Be sure to include        of those females going to recruit training                   Semper Fidelis,
information on WMA national and your            and writing to them to begin the men-
                                                                                                             Rhonda LeBrescu Amtower
local chapter in all advertisements.            toring process. It is also a great recruit-

WIMSA News                                                                                      the services as well as senior Department
                                                                                                of Defense and other government offi-
   We have a 10th Anniversary Celebration                                                       cials.
date! Mark your calendars to join us and                                                            The closing event will be a candlelight
other military women, past and present,                                                         march from the Lincoln Memorial to the
along with family members and friends                                                           Women’s Memorial, a favorite event for
on November 1, 2 and 3 for the Women’s                                                          many attending the dedication celebration
Memorial 10th Anniversary celebration.                                                          10 years ago.
        After struggling for the last sev-                                                           Watch The e-Register, your mail and
eral weeks to find a place large enough                                                         the website over the coming weeks and
and available, we finally settled on the        The WIMSA Memorial. Photo by Carol Highsmith.   months for more celebration specifics,
November dates. We want to thank every-         gram for Friday, November 2, at the DC          reservation information and other perti-
one for their patience over the past few        Armory. This will be a more casual time         nent details.
weeks. We are confident it is going to be a     of fun and camaraderie. We are thinking                In the interim, we are still collect-
terrific time and we are working in earnest     of holding the reunion in the late after-       ing data about possible attendance, so if
to put together a fantastic program for the     noon and early evening to give folks the        you are even thinking about attending
3-day event.                                    opportunity for a free evening with old         the 10th Anniversary Celebration, please
    Preliminary plans include a gala on the     friends and comrades.                           let us know by e-mailing at 10anniv@
night of November 1. This formal event is             Saturday, November 3, will be the or by calling 703-
planned for the Great Hall of the National      anniversary program, which is scheduled         533-1155 or 800-222-2294. Please be sure
Building Museum, an extraordinary place         for early afternoon at the Memorial. We         to include your name. We’d also be inter-
that has been the site for many presidential    expect this program to include formal mil-      ested in getting your thoughts about the
inaugural balls beginning in 1885.              itary honors, remarks by former and cur-        proposed time for the reunion program.
       We are planning the reunion pro-         rent military women representing each of                          The WIMSA e-Register

                                      Marines Pound Nails for Charity
                                            Nail after nail, and swollen thumb after splinter, MCRD
                                      leathernecks and sailors pounded away with hammers at a
                                      muddy construction site in Escondido to help build homes for
                                      the non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity, January 24
                                      and February 1.
                                         The Marines helped build homes that are going to be sold to
                                      low-income families in the community at 20-year, zero-percent
                                      interest mortgage rates.
                                          They helped finish the framing for the roof on one house,
                                      while starting the framing on another.
                                          Among the modest volunteers were the depot’s top leader-
                                      ship, BGen Angie Salinas, Commanding General, and her right-
                                      hand man, SgtMaj Bobby B. Woods.
     LCpl Lindsey Cook, Service
 Company admin clerk, drives nails
                                            Side-by-side with junior Marines, the senior leadership
into the studs along the outside of   helped haul and cut wood and hammer hundreds of nails during         BGen Angie Salinas nails brackets
                                                                                                           into a wall, connecting it with the
  a Habitat for Humanity house.       each eight-hour volunteer session.                                                 ceiling.

 Spring 2007                                                       4                                                  ’Nouncements
 Last WWI Female Vet Passes
    Charlotte Winters lived for 109 years.            Charlotte Louise Berry was
To some, she may have appeared to be             born on Nov. 10, 1897. In 1916,
just an ordinary woman who enjoyed               Charlotte paid a call to Secretary
an extraordinarily long life. But the            of the Navy Josephus Daniels.
passing of Charlotte Winters on March            The 19 year old wanted to find
27, 2007, marked the end of an era in            out why women weren’t allowed
military women’s history – she was the           to join the Navy. Although it is
last-known surviving woman veteran of            not known if Charlotte directly
World War I (WWI). Ninety years after            influenced Daniels’ opinions con-
serving her country, the Navy yeoman             cerning the service of women,
(F) was laid to rest with full military          her long-time friend Mrs. Kelly
honors on March 30, in Frederick, MD,            Auber said that notes in Secretary
leaving only four other known surviving          Daniels’ journals confirm that
WWI veterans.                                    she met with him.                      Former Yeoman (F) Charlotte Winters in 2006.
                                                                                                  Photo by David J. DeJonge.
      “The passing of Charlotte Winters
truly marks the end of an era,” said BGen          “She was more than just a                 job.” To make the distinction between the
                                                 trailblazer. She’s responsible
Wilma L. Vaught. “The women of World                                                         sexes, the Navy added “(F)” to indicate
War I served their country at a time when                                                    the yeoman was a woman.
they did not yet enjoy the full rights of
citizenship – they couldn’t even vote
                                                  for the trail getting blazed.”                Charlotte, a yeoman third class, was
                                                                                             assigned as a typist at the Washington
for their commander-in-chief – yet they             -- Vice AdmirAl NANcy BrowN              Navy Gun Factory, also called the
raised their right hands and promised                                                        Washington Navy Yard. One of 2,000
to support and defend the Constitution                                                       women to serve in the Washington, DC,
of the United States. Every generation                  Sometime after his meeting with      area, Charlotte earned the rank of yeo-
of servicewomen since has stood on               her, he realized that the Navy would        man second class by war’s end. She was
the shoulders of patriots like Charlotte         be shorthanded when the need arose to       honorably discharged in 1919. Although
Winters.”                                        send more U.S. sailors to sea. On March     the war was over, Charlotte’s service to
      Although she’ll probably be most           14, 1917, finding no legal basis for the    her country was not. Almost immedi-
remembered for this distinction at death         exclusion of women, Secretary Daniels       ately, she returned to the Washington
– being the last living woman veteran of         ordered that women could enlist in the      Navy Yard where she was employed as a
this era – a few things about Charlotte’s        Navy Reserve as yeoman, radio electri-      civilian typist – a post she held through
109 years remind us of just how extraor-         cians and “other useful ratings.”           another world war as well as the Korean
dinary she was in life. As a young                      On March 21, the Navy enlisted       War. In 1953, she retired from civil ser-
woman, she met with the Secretary of             its first women and Charlotte and her       vice after 34 years.
the Navy to make a case for women to             younger sister Sophy (Berry) Bean were          Always proud of her military service,
serve in the US military and she was one         among them. Young patriots Charlotte        Charlotte continued her association with
of the first women to wear the uniform           and Sophy easily met the Navy’s enlist-     military organizations immediately fol-
of the US Navy                                   ment criteria. Women had to be US citi-     lowing her discharge. She joined the
Reserve during                                   zens between the ages of 18-35. Women       American Legion in 1919, held sev-
WWI. She also                                    like Charlotte who possessed a high         eral offices and remained a member for
served her coun-                                 school diploma, business school training    nearly 90 years. In fact, she helped form
try as a civil ser-                              or clerical experience had an advantage     the Jacob Jones American Legion Post
vant for 34 years.                               because they could be enlisted and put to   2 in Washington, the first chapter for
She was one of                                   work immediately. These reservists were     women only. Charlotte also co-founded
the first women                                  enlisted for four years and were paid the   the National Yeoman (F) Association in
to     join    the                               same salary as men, $30 per month plus      1926 and served as its commander in
American Legion                                  a $1.25 per day subsistence allowance.      1940-41. Charlotte also became a char-
and she was a co-                                      For young women like Charlotte,       ter member of the Women in Military
founder of the                                   being a pioneer came with its share         Service for America Memorial in 1987,
National Yeoman                                  of challenges, including how this new       one of its first members.
(F) Association.                                 crop of enlistees would be addressed.           Some might say that Charlotte’s love
    At Charlotte’s                               The women who joined the Navy in            of the Navy even found its way into her
funeral, Navy                                    WWI were, like their male counterparts,     personal life. She met and married fel-
VAdm        Nancy                                called yeoman, a role-based title for       low sailor John Russell Winters, a Navy
Brown, director                                  those assigned clerical duties. Soon, a     Yard machinist, in 1949. The two were
for C4 Systems                                   variety of nicknames abounded; names        avid Civil War historians and their pas-
(J6), said, “She                                 like “yeomanettes,” “yeowomen,” “lady       sion for documenting campaign strate-
was more than Navy Yeoman (F) Charlotte          sailors” and even “petticoat pets,” but     gies and the lives of Civil War soldiers
just a trailblazer. (Berry) Winters (left) and   Secretary Daniels soon put an end to        took them all over the country.
                      a woman thought to be
She’s responsible her younger sister Sophy       the nicknames. He said, “I never did like   (Continued on next page)
for the trail get- (Berry) Bean, circa 1919.     this ‘ette’ business. … If a woman does
ting blazed.”            Photo courtesy of
                          Mrs. Kelly Auber.
                                                 a job, she ought to have the name of the

 ’Nouncements                                                      5                                                     Spring 2007
Charlotte Winters Continued
The pair lived in a pre-Civil War era           of 109.                                                last Yeoman (F), but most of all Charlotte
home in Maryland – which they restored              From that pre-WWI meeting with the                 Winters will always be known as a true
and modernized themselves – until John’s        Navy Secretary through every decade of                 American patriot.
death in 1984. In her final years, Charlotte    her life, it is clear that Charlotte believed
made her home at the Fahrney-Keedy              women had a right and a duty to serve their                                Excerpted from WIMSA
Senior Residential Home in Boonsboro,           country. She will be forever remembered                                 e-Register online newsletter
MD, where she passed away at the age            as the last WWI woman veteran and the

More Honors for Maj McClung
         The Hawaii State Senate and Hawaii State House of                  also contains just over 100 names of other military communica-
 Representatives convened in a rare joint session to recognize              tions specialists who were killed during the Gulf War, and the
 military service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice.             Korean and Vietnam Wars.
 The families of these fallen service members all received the                 The Hall of Heroes honors military communicators who made
 Hawaii Medal of Honor on behalf of their loved ones.                       the ultimate sacrifice while working in public affairs or the visual
         Recipients of the medal                                                                            information career fields.
 include members of the United                                                                                      A frosted glass plate is
 Armed Forces, the United                                                                                   engraved with McClung’s name.
 States Military Reserves, and                                                                              The glass plate, and others like
 the Hawaii National Guard, who                                                                             it, is attached to a dark gran-
 were residents of the State of                                                                             ite-patterned wall. The columns
 Hawaii, attended an educational                                                                            of nameplates, some yet to be
 institution in Hawaii, or were                                                                             inscribed with names, stretch
 stationed in Hawaii by order of                                                                            from the floor to the ceiling in
 the United States Department of                                                                            the north lobby of the DINFOS
 Defense.                                                                                                   building. The columns of names
     Maj Megan McClung was                                                                                  are accented by darkened, verti-
 among those honored. Maj                                                                                   cal mirrors, which contrast the
 McClung was born in Hawaii.                                                                                dark background of the wall.
 Her parents, Mike and Re                                                                                   Embedded in the floor in front
 McClung (in leis), accepted the                                                                            of the memorial is the DINFOS
 award from Hawaii state officials (l-r): Hawaii Speaker of the             seal, while up above, flags of the five military branches stand as
 House Calvin Say, the McClungs, Senate President Colleen                   silent sentinels over the memorial. Poster-sized prints of military
 Hanabusa and MajGen Robert G.F. Lee, state adjutant general.               journalists and photographers working in their respective fields
     Also, Detachment 1210, Marine Corps League, has honored                adorn the far wall from floor to ceiling, next to the memorial.
 the major by renaming itself as The Major Megan McClung                          The memorial was unveiled at an informal ceremony in
 Whidbey Island Marine Corps League Detachment 1210.                        March. There are plans to hold a formal dedication for the Hall
    Maj McClung’s name was also added to the wall in the Hall of            of Heroes in the near future.
 Heroes at the Defense Information School (DINFOS). The wall

 Toys for Tots
     Many of our chapters work with the
 Toys for Tots program and I know how             Dear President Sarlls,
 much work that is because I’ve done it             As the United States Marine Corps liaison to the greater Boston Toys for Tots program, I would like to
 myself several times.                            let you know what a pleasure it was for me to work with seven members of the Bay State Chapter, MA-
       I received a very nice letter from         1, WMA during the 2006 Toys for Tots Campaign. These women, along with two civilians, volunteered
 SgtMajor Eric Loya in Boston thanking            1100 hours of their time from mid October to mid January to assure a successful campaign.
 the following folks from the Bay State             Barbara Signor, Chapter Secretary, Pat Morrissette, Chapter Treasurer, along with Kay Carpenter, Jean
                                                  Jackman, Barbara Blount and Ellie Canty worked the Administrative side of the program answering tele-
 Chapter, MA-1 for their 1100 hours of
                                                  phones, setting up collection points, mailing posters, processing orders, and doing the myriad other tasks
 volunteer time from mid October to mid           that encompass this program each year. Kay manages the office, pays the bills and handles the incidental
 January: Barbara Signor, Pat Morrissette,        expense fund. Connie Libardoni, another chapter member, enjoys working in the warehouse, sorting toys
 Kay Carpenter, Jean Jackman, Barbara             and packaging them for shipment to the various institutions that request our help. Without these women,
 Blount and Ellie Canty. I understand this        this program would not run as smoothly as it does.
 was the last year that Jean Jackman was             This year we provided over eighty thousand toys to 300 agencies, who in turn distributed them to the
 going to be part of it, that she would drive     needy children of the greater Boston area.
 90 miles round trip each day that she              I am very pleased that the dedicated women of the Bay State Chapter, MA-1 have chosen to be part of
 volunteered.                                     this annual effort.
    Nice work ladies and congratulations!         Sincerely, (signed)
                                                  SgtMajor Eric Loya, USMC
                          Paula Sarlls            Boston Toys for Tots program

 Spring 2007                                                           6                                                           ’Nouncements
History on the Move
     This past week when talking with a        on this project in future issues and thank     to make this project happen.
group of WWII veterans, I asked what           you, Loretta.                                       We now ask your help. This project
makes something historical. One veteran        Many Thanks                                    is for all of us and the future of our pre-
quietly said that history is anything that        CA-3 has once again gifted The History      served history. Costs include tempera-
happened yesterday and to be historical        Project with a generous contribution of        ture controlled storage facilities, acid free
means it must be at least as old as yester-    $150.00. Our second gift from this chap-       storage containers and computer support,
day. That’s not a bad description. So to all   ter, these funds will be used to help pre-     preservation costs (including uniforms,
our active duty members as well as past        serve the many uniforms we have received       art, memorabilia and photos), WMTEs
generations, share your stories and stuff      recently. Many thanks to all of you for        and their shipment costs, we also assist
with us. Current history is as important as    your continuing support.                       members with the cost of mailing items
past history.                                         Pat Landry of Texas has donated         when it is a burden. We are continually
New Challenges on the Move                     another unique piece of history. Unlike the    developing new exhibits and support our
      The History Project has been chal-       Colonel Waterhouse print she presented to      current museum exhibit. This year we will
lenged with a new project. WMA will be         The History Project, this is a 1952 maga-      add the cost of Modern Day Marine and
expanding our involvement in military          zine photo from Women’s Day Magazine           future such exhibits.
exhibitions though The History Project.        showing the women of all the services in             Our current budget for the year is
Our first effort is planned for Modern         their newly designed uniforms. Uniforms        $22,000.00. If all of us would contribute
Day Marine at Quantico this fall. Mary         were re-designed for the first time since      $5.00 - $10.00 we would be well on our
Sabourin and some loyal helpers have           WWII and they are striking. Those who          way to next year’s budget. This project
supported and staffed WMA tables/booths        have seen the photo are amazed by the fact     receives no funds from WMA at this time
at a variety of these exhibitions for years.   that only the women of the Marine Corps        and we need your help. Checks can be
With Mary’s help and guidance we will be       have bows on their shoes. Pat found this       made to CO-1 and mailed to either Paula
expanding the exhibit to not only recruit-     photo with story in a flea market many         Sarlls or Nancy Wilt.
ing new members and general information        years ago. This photo and story have been
on WMA but an exhibit that includes a          preserved and framed for inclusion in our       Special Needs
WMA display showing our organization’s         growing art collection and will be made         • 1970’s uniforms and accessories
history since 1960 as well as the history      available to museums or other venues.           • Montezuma Red Lipstick or
of the women who have earned the title         Your Special Help is Needed                       other service colors
Marine. Success at Quantico will lead                The success of The History Project        • Military shoes 1940 to current
us to develop an SOP/and easy to ship          has been the result of our Marine can-do        • All current uniforms
displays for shows at Camp Pendleton,          attitude. All who have shared memories,         • Info and photos of the late 1940s
Camp Lejeune and other service/veterans        photos, uniforms, memorabilia and stories         through Korea
shows. This project is an expansion of         have contributed greatly to our success.        • All items and uniforms from
our WMTE’s (Women Marine Traveling             However, like any project, money is need-         Desert Storm
Exhibit) program.                              ed to support our efforts. To date 98% of
   The Oral History Project has been added     the funds have come from WMA member
to the list of projects under the History      Mary Bacon Hale. Mary has generously                                    Nancy Wilt
Committee. CO-1 member Loretta Krook           and from behind the scenes provided                                     WMA Historian
has stepped up to chair this project. More     thousands of dollars over the last 2.5 years

Photo Gallery                                                                    Left: Sent in by member and avid flyer Denne Howard, the
                                                                                Compass Rose was painted by members of her flying group,
                                                                                     the Coachella Valley 99’s, at Jackie Cochran Airport.

                                                                  Left: This memo-
                                                                  rial is in London,
                                                                   England, and is
                                                                    a memorial to
                                                                  the women who
                                                                    served during
                                                                    World War II.
                                                                   What is “hang-
 Above: Mary Sabourin and Col Adele                                 ing” on it are
 Hodges were caught by Carol Mutter’s                                the different
 camera lens in front of the WMA dis-                                uniforms the
play at the Marine South show at Camp                                                  Above: This photo comes from former Area 3 Director
                                                                    women wore.        and now MGySgt Pat McLane. An IED (improvised ex-
                                                                                       plosive device) was being identified by a patrol when
                                                                                       the insurgent set it off to escape. No one was injured.

 ’Nouncements                                                      7                                                       Spring 2007
 Howdy, Pardners!
       The Texas Gulf Coast Chapter         5. Celebrating the 65 years of            our “History Collection.”
is pleased to inform you of our                 women in the Marine Corps                 Expect a warm Texas welcome upon
“flight plan” for the 2008 WMA                    A panel discussion, moderated       arrival at the Westin Galleria. The
National Convention and Professional       by Capt Vernice “Junk” Armour,             convention will include many different
Development Conference. The con-           will address “The Changing Roles of        formats to enable interaction among
vention is designed to conduct the         Women in the Marine Corps”. Capt           the participants, provide continued
business of WMA, update members on         Armour will plan the discussion to         personal and professional growth for
the ever changing role of women in the     best represent the challenges today’s      active duty and WMA members, and a
Marine Corps, and provide personal         Marines face. An open dialog with the      chance to engage in a dialog with the
and professional growth. Additionally,     audience will allow time for questions     WMA membership. Look for surprises
the social events will allow an “out       for the panel.                             to slip into the schedule…as we say in
of this world” opportunity for net-              One of the most exciting events      Houston, “Expect the Unexpected.”
working and visiting                                           for WMA members             In order to plan ahead for our most
with WMA friends and                                           is the Recognition     popular banquets, Opening and Closing
family. Whether you                                            & Awards Banquet.      Banquet seat assignments will be made
are a seasoned conven-                                         During the banquet,    at the time of registration. The registra-
tion attendee or a “first
timer,” the convention
will be informative and
                           WMA 2008                            we will recognize
                                                               WMA chapters and
                                                               members for their
                                                                                      tion form will allow the attendees to
                                                                                      indicate the names of people they wish
                                                                                      to share a table. Those who register
introduce you to WMA                                           accomplishments.       late will be assigned to the remaining
members who share                                              Many WMA chap-         open seating.
your history.                              ters are doing good works, as evi-               We realize many of our members
    This will be the 25th biennial con-    denced by the streamers on their flags.    travel on a limited budget. Therefore,
vention - a major milestone, and a time    However, some awards go unclaimed          in order to have full participation, we
to recognize and honor our history.        because no entries are received.           are hoping to include core activities at
Our organization began as a dream of       Although it is a lot of work to pre-       a budget friendly rate. This is why we
WWI veterans, was born of the WWII         pare the entries for competition, please   are asking WMA members to help sup-
veterans, and it continues to be nur-      think about the hard work and good         port the convention through donations
tured by all of our members. In honor      deeds your chapter does. Both should       and by participating in our “Convention
of this milestone, we will have a 25th     be recognized as well as documented.       Lift-Off” contest (see next page).
anniversary party as a “celebration of     Winning is good for the chapter, and              As you make your travel plans,
WMA conventions” the evening before        recognizing chapter achievement also       please remember that Houston has
the convention.                            builds chapter spirit.                     two airports: Bush Intercontinental
    Aside from the normal convention             The 25th convention anniversary      Airport, north of Houston, and Hobby
plans on opening day, the first-timers     will also be an opportunity to recognize   Airport, south of Houston. As a note,
are invited to a Mardi Gras party hosted   the 65th anniversary of women serving      Continental Airlines flies into Bush and
by the Marines of New Orleans. Wear        in the Marine Corps. Although every        Southwest Airlines flies into Hobby.
festive attire and expect an exciting,     WMA member volunteered to serve            Check with your favorite airline to see
get-acquainted time chock full of good     our country, very few participated in      which airport they use.
information and good will. And oh yes,     a victory parade or welcome home              Make your plans now to GIDDY’UP
good times will be a-rollin’!              parade. While we are together, we will     to Houston, and remember…Texas is
   We will kick off the convention with    have a “homecoming.” Each genera-          still BIGGER THAN FRANCE!
a “wear red for the troops” opening        tion will be recognized and presented
banquet and traditional flag ceremony.     in a victory parade, followed by a tra-              2008 Convention Committee
We are pleased to announce that BGen       ditional cake cutting ceremony. It                  Judy Anderson & Karen Beatty
Angie Salinas, Commanding Officer          will be an over the top patriotic
of MCRD San Diego, is scheduled to         pat on the back to our all vol-
be the guest speaker.                      unteer WMA members.
    During the following days, the con-         The Installation, Memorial
vention will focus on the many aspects     Service and Closing Banquet
of the Marine Corps and the WMA,           are traditional convention
such as the following:                     events that we all look forward
 1. Workshops for active duty and          to. It is also exciting to see
     WMA members                           what the next convention host
 2. WMA business meetings                  has planned. We will find that
 3. Board meetings and committee           out when the Colorado chap-
     meetings                              ter hosts the 2010 Presentation
 4. Chapter leadership, and                Luncheon, which will feature               The Westin Galleria, Houston, TX.

 Spring 2007                                                8                                              ’Nouncements
Convention                                                                        Molly Marine
“Lift Off” Contest                                                                Presentation
                                                                                      On February 21, the Molly Marine Award
   The goal is simple: raise the most money                                       was presented to recruits from P Company,
                                                                                  PFC Amanda Meade, Richmond, VA (Platoon
Purpose: the convention needs to raise funds to pay for activities and ser-       4004) and PFC Belle Reid, Ashland, OR
vices that will be part of the convention program. Transportation, printing,      (Platoon 4005).
guests, music, decorations, audio-visual, supplies, and activities can add to        Presentations were made by SC-1 members
the cost of hosting the convention. To help reduce those expenses, the con-       Brenda Moore and Linda Priest.
vention committee is asking WMA members, Loyal Escorts and friends of
Marines to help raise convention funds in the following ways.

Actions: one way to donate money to the convention fund raising will be to
make a contribution as an individual or chapter. All donation amounts are
welcome. Each of our donors who contribute $100.00 or more will be rec-
ognized in the convention program with their level of donation. Donations
are tax deductible and receipts will be mailed to the donor.

The “Convention Lift Off Contest” is another way to raise money for the
convention. All of our WMA and Loyal Escort members are invited to par-
ticipate. The goal is simple: raise the most money.                                A view of the area as Linda Priest explains the
                                                                                    meaning of the Molly Marine Award before
           • Form your team of up to eight members either from your                           presenting the awards.

             chapter, members-at-large, family, friends, or co-workers.
           • Raise your funds…yard sales, eBay auctions, bake sales,
             baby sitting, pet walking, sell cans or bottles; whatever you
             do to earn extra money.
           • Mail your donation to Lisa Huerta, 4403 Pickering Place,
             College Station, Texas 77845.
           • Make checks payable to “2008 WMA Convention and
           • Identify your team/chapter name and always submit your
             donations under that name.
           • Lisa will record the progress of your team and update it on
             the website.

Significant milestones will be recognized with awards.                               From left to right: Brenda Moore, PFC Meade,
The leading team:                                                                                PFC Reid, Linda Priest.

• on 1 April 2008 will win reserved seating at all events                         Recognition of Donations for
• on 1 August 2008 will be the grand prize winners of:
  Team/chapter recognition as the “2008 Crew for Lift Off Houston”                 WMA Annual Contributions
   Escorted trip with “Texanna” to tour Space Center Houston                       With special thanks to the following contributors
   (Texanna is also known as the TX-2 Astronaut)                                   to Women Marines Association
  A “Lift Off Houston” gift basket for each team member!
                                                                                  Silver                         $2,500
                                                                                  Patrick F. Taylor Foundation
Reading, PA MCJROTC Cadets Impressive                                             Rolls-Royce North America, Inc.
                                                             While she was at     New York Community Trust –
                                                            a PA-2 event, Alice    Robert Kaufman
                                                            Dolbear (far right)
                                                             was so impressed     Bronze                         $1,000
                                                            with the MCJROTC
                                                            cadets from Read-
                                                                                  AT&T Enterprise Services. Inc.
                                                              ing that she in-    Copper                          $500
                                                            sisted on having a
                                                             photo taken with
                                                                                  Marine Military Expos
                                                            them. That’s Ferne    Steel                          $100 or more
                                                               Lauter second
                                                                 from left.
                                                                                  J. Walter Thompson Ad Agency
                                                                                  O’Rourke Petroleum Products

’Nouncements                                                 9                                                    Spring 2007
Politics During Wartime
    As the deputy commander at United           evidence was reviewed.                          who witnessed the operation from the
States Central Command from 2001 to                     The politicians did not like this.      planning to the execution, I can tell you it
2003, I represented the military in dealing     They called repeatedly, through their           was one of the most spectacularly executed
with politicians regarding the capture and      Congressional liaison, and pressured us         rescues I’ve seen in my 36-year career. Our
rescue of Pfc. Jessica D. Lynch in Iraq, and    to recommend her for the medal, even            receiving word of Private Lynch’s rescue
thus I can speak with authority about what      before all the evidence had been analyzed.      and subsequently, news of the rescue of the
really happened after her maintenance con-      I would not relent and we had many heated       other prisoners was a high point of the war
voy got lost near Nasiriya in 2003 and          discussions.                                    for all of us at CentCom.
she was taken prisoner. I feel compelled            The politicians repeatedly said that a           None of us were in it for the publicity:
to respond to accusations that have been        medal would be good for women in the            we did it to save a comrade. Period. We
made in recent days by several politicians.     military; I responded that the paramount        never ordered the operation filmed the
   The initial reports from the field regard-   issue was finding out what had really hap-      troops who executed it decided to film it
ing Private Lynch stated that she had gone      pened.                                          on their own. Ultimately, it was good that
down fighting, had emptied her weapon                As it turned out, after a careful review   they did, not for publicity purposes, but
and that her actions were heroic. Based on      of the facts, the military concluded that       because that film can now be used to train
these reports, politicians from her home        the initial reports were incorrect. Ballistic   soldiers.
state, West Virginia, wanted the military       tests on Private Lynch’s weapon demon-                A nation needs heroes. Hero-making
to award her the Medal of Honor. Their          strated that she had never fired; she had       in itself is not a bad thing. But hero-mak-
request rose up the ladder until finally it     merely been a passenger in a vehicle that       ing without grounds is. In the case of
reached me.                                     went astray, came under fire and crashed.       Ms. Lynch, overzealous politicians and a
     But initial combat reports are often       Private Lynch was badly hurt, and in her        frenzied press distorted facts. For these
wrong. Time must always be taken to thor-       condition, she could not fight back. Her        politicians to step forward now and accuse
oughly investigate all claims. In the case of   actions were understandable and justifi-        the military of capitalizing on the Jessica
Private Lynch, additional time was needed,      able, but they could not be labeled heroic.     Lynch story is utter hypocrisy.
since she was suffering from combat shock          (It’s important to make clear, too, that                            By Michael DeLong
and loss of memory; facts, therefore, had       Private Lynch has never claimed to be
to be gathered from other sources. The          a hero. As she told Congress earlier this       Michael DeLong, a retired Marine lieutenant
military simply didn’t know at that point       week, the “story of the little girl Rambo       general, is the author, with Noah Lukeman, of
whether her actions merited a medal.            from the hills who went down fighting”          “A General Speaks Out: The Truth About the
  This is why, when the request landed on       was not true.)                                  Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”
my desk, I told the politicians that we’d               Accusations that the military played
need to wait. I made it clear that no one       up Private Lynch’s rescue for its own pub-               Courtesy of the New York Times
would be awarded anything until all of the      licity purposes are also false. As someone               April 27, 2007

16th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps assumes post
     Sgt. Maj. Carlton W. Kent assumed the position as the 16th has served in various key billets throughout his career to
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps from Sgt. Maj. John L. include as a Marine security guard, drill instructor, and Naval
Estrada during a post-and-relief ceremony at Marine Barracks Aviation Officers Candidate School drill instructor. He has
Washington.                                                                                        also served as Sergeant Major of
        During the ceremony, Estrada                                                               2nd Recruit Training Battalion and
passed the sword of office to                                                                      Recruit Training Regiment, MCRD
Commandant of the Marine Corps                                                                     San Diego, and Sergeant Major of
Gen. James T. Conway who then                                                                      Marine Forces Europe. He spent 13
passed the sword to Kent. The pass-                                                                months straight in Iraq as the senior
ing of swords between Marine Corps                                                                 enlisted leader.
leaders signifies the completion of                                                                   “I am looking forward to being able
one tour and the beginning of anoth-                                                               to continue to serve with the great
er.                                                                                                Marines [and] sailors we have in our
    “I think the next few years [for the                                                           Corps,” said Kent, who served as the
Corps] are going to be exciting,” said                                                             I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp
Estrada, during an interview earlier                                                               Pendleton, Calif., Sergeant Major,
this week. “It’s even more exciting                                                                prior to his current assignment. “I
to see General Conway’s vision of                                                                  look forward to being a combat mul-
where he’s taking our Corps. I would                                                               tiplier for Marines and their families
love to be a part of it, but all good                                                              by getting out and hearing what their
things come to an end.”                                                                            issues are and making recommenda-
     Estrada will retire later this year                                                           tions to our commandant.”
after completing more than 34 years in Sgt. Maj. Carlton W. Kent receives the sword of office from
                                         Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. James T. Conway
the Marine Corps.                         during his post-and-relief ceremony at Marine Barracks            SSgt Christina C. Delai
          Kent, who has been in the            Washington. Photo by: PFC Jacob H. Harrer.                   Headquarters Marine Corps
Marine Corps for more than 31 years,

 Spring 2007                                                       10                                                  ’Nouncements
’Nouncements   11   Spring 2007
Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Annual Awards Dinner
   On 27 April, at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel, approximately        Wilson; BGen Wilma Vaught and Marilla Cushman from
500 Marines and their families celebrated the Marine Corps           WIMSA who were guests of Sue Sousa, Past National
Heritage Foundation (MCHF) Awards Dinner. It also marked             President, WMA; LtGen Frances Wilson and her husband Ed;
the second presentation of the Colonel Julia Hamblet Award.          Eileen Scanlon, WMA Liaison to MCHF Julia Hamblet Award.
Eleanor Wilson was the recipient of the award for her dedica-        Other WMA members in attendance were Maria Crowley and
tion and professionalism, devoting her time and finances to          Elaine Stem.
interview over 100 women Marines for oral histories that                 We hope that next year we will have more WMA members
are on file at the Marine Corps History Museum, Library              in attendance to represent our association.
of Congress and WIMSA. She was also instrumental in the                                                  Eileen R. Scanlon
History of Women Marines displays at El Toro and MCAS                                                    MCHF Liaison
Miramar museums.
     General Charles C. Krulak, the 31st Commandant of the
Marine Corps, received the General O.P. Smith Award for his
special contribution to the preservation of the heritage of the
Marine Corps Museum.
      The master of ceremonies was Bernard Shaw, former
CNN principal anchor and former Marine; the military guest
of honor was General James T. Conway, Commandant of the
Marine Corps and guest of honor was Frederick W. Smith,
Chairman, President and CEO of FedEx Corporation, and
former Marine.
    Our table for ten had seven persons: our recipient Eleanor
                                                                     Judy Whittleson (Susan Davis Public Relations), BGen Wilma Vaught,
                                                                                  Eleanor Wilson and LtGen Frances Wilson.

    Eileen Scanlon, LtGen Frances Wilson, Sue Sousa, Susan Hodges      All the recipients of Marine Corps Heritage Foundation awards with
  (MCHF) and award recipient Eleanor Wilson at the awards banquet.                        CMC Gen James Conway (center).

 Something to give you PAWS
  Patriot PAWS Service Dogs are living proof that                                                According to founder and trainer Lori
dogs are man’s and woman’s best friend.                                                       Stevens, it takes a full year or more to
    Specially trained to provide love and invalu-                                             train a dog, and expenses can run as
able help to people with disabilities, these dogs                                             high as $20,000.
help paralyzed veterans regain some of the physi-                                                 Patriot PAWS Service Dogs is a non-
cal and emotional freedoms that were lost along                                               profit organization.
with the freedom to get out of a wheelchair.                                                      For more information, you can con-
   Patriot PAWS Services Dogs, specially trained                                              tact Patriot PAWS either at 811 Yellow
to help disabled veterans, are able to:                                                       Jacket Lane, Suite 115, Rockwall, TX,
  • Get help in emergencies                                                                   75087, 214-502-3647 (cell), 972-772-
  • Pick up and retrieve items                                                                3282 (office); or by email, PatriotPaws@
  • Open and close doors and cabinets                                               ; or visit their website at: www.
  • Pull wheelchairs                                                                
  • Provide bracing to stand, walk, and sit
    down                                                                                      Left: Lori Stevens, founder and
  • Help with chores, such as laundry                                                         trainer, Patriot PAWS Service Dogs.

Spring 2007                                                    12                                                  ’Nouncements
 A Letter to the Commandant
Dear General Conway,                         On May 7th, she will undergo a blad-        encouragement. She and her family need
   On April 4, 2007, I had the honor and     der operation at the Children’s Hospital    support and encouragement. With the
privilege of meeting 11 year old Kimberly    in Seattle. The Helena Marine Corps         help and support of the United States
Best and her family. Kimberly’s father       League, along with other Marines in the     Marine Corps and their friends, this fam-
is a 100% disabled Gulf War Marine           State of Montana have a mission to see      ily will know that they are not alone in
Veteran. Kimberly was born with one          that the bladder operation, a prelude to    the battle for Kimberly’s health and hap-
kidney that works at 10% efficiency          the kidney transplant, will be given the    piness. “SepiuS exertuS, Semper FideliS,
and her bladder is too small and is of       greatest opportunity for success. While     FrAterS iNFiNitAS” (Often Tested, Always
no use. At her birth, she had many other     staying in the Seattle area, the Best       Faithful, Brothers Forever).
defects as well and to date, has had over    family will be billeted at the Ronald             Prayers are encouraged. Cards and
50 operations. She is a delightful girl.     McDonald House. Transportation will         letters may be sent to: Kimberly Best,
She wore her Easter dress and came in        be coordinated by the Seattle Marine        P.O. Box 2223, East Helena, MT 59635
a wheel chair to conserve her energy for     Corps League membership. The Helena             Inquiries on Project Kimberly may be
a tour of the Capitol. Her two brothers      Marine Corps League is working with         directed to: Jim Heffernan, USMC, (406)
and her parents, Peter and Nita were by      the local airlines office for “Pro-Bono”    458-6256 or cell phone: 431-USMC.
her side.                                    flight to Seattle for Kimberly and her            Thank you for your help with this
    This family needs our help. Montana      parents.                                    project. If you are in Montana, I encour-
Marines and friends of Kimberly Best,              One of the elements of the many       age you to come by the Capitol. It would
asked me to write you to garner your         operations that Kimberly has and will       be a pleasure to have the opportunity of
assistance in helping a Marine in his time   be expected to endure is psychological.     visiting with you.
of need. Project Kimberly is about build-    I, as a Marine, ask that Marines from                    Semper Fi,
ing Kimberly’s courage, self esteem and      across the United States be encouraged                   John Bohlinger
confidence for the upcoming operations.      to send Kimberly cards and letters of                    Lieutenant Governor

 Women Marines Association “rebuilds” Louisiana chapter
                                 The Women Marines Association is trying
                             to rebuild its chapter in New Orleans since
                             there has not been an active chapter here
                             since 1994.
                                 Women Marines celebrated their anniver-
                             sary at the Molly Marine statue downtown.
                             The event commemorated the 64th year since
                             the official establishment of the Marine Corps
                             Women’s Reserve on Feb. 13, 1943. The
                             Women’s Reserve is the component of the
                             Marine Corps the females would enter.
                                  Col. Catherine D. Chase, assistant chief
                             of staff, 4th Marine Logistics Group, was the
                             guest speaker at the event. Members of the
                             WMA, the Marine Corps League and Marine
                             Forces Reserve Marines came to support the
                             event.                                            Marian Landry, 87 WW II WR, speaks at the ceremony.
                                 “The longer I’m in the Corps, the more of
                             an honor it is to speak on behalf of the women
                             Marines,” said Chase. “When I was a lieuten-
                             ant, the Marine Corps was definitely a differ-
ent experience than others may have had, but it was always a memorable
journey. It was 30 years ago, but I can remember it being a very historic
time for women Marines.”
    The event took place at the Molly Marine statue, because it is the first
monument of a woman in a United States military uniform in the nation.
The statue, called “Molly,” was dedicated Nov. 10, 1943, the year the
Women’s Reserve was activated.
    When the New Orleans chapter is revived, it will be called the “Molly
Marine Chapter.”
    In order to become part of the chapter, contact Melanie Young at (985)
285-7007 or via e-mail at
                               Story and photos by
                               PFC Mary A. Staes
                               Marine Forces Reserve

 Spring 2007                                                     13                                             ’Nouncements
Loyal Escorts of the Green Garter
Fellow Loyal Escorts,                           President: chapter flag toppers will be            Manual and Directory was mailed to
    Again I would like to introduce our         something other than the eagle at con-             all current WMA members on record.
new Loyal Escorts of the Green Garter           vention. Only the National Ensign will             Please make note of changes to the Loyal
patch. We have sold a few and so far            carry the eagle. I have received a number          Escort section on page 25. Email changes
they have been well received.                          of catalogs from different flag             are: Ken Cross,; Don
Please see the picture for a                            companies. The pricing is wild             Cannon,;
glimpse of what it looks like.                          so be sure you understand what             and Tabitha Cunningham, tlcmenagerie@
If you would like to have one                           you are getting. Some toppers are
the cost is only $5.00. Mail                           plastic and some of those only fit               A reminder to all term members,
your check, made out to the                            plastic poles. In most cases metal          please check the expiration date of your
Loyal Escorts of the Green                             ornaments will require a 5/16 nc            membership and keep your membership
Garter, to Ken Cross, 3122                            thread to affix to wooden poles. If          current. Applications for membership are
Morningside Drive, Oceanside,                       you are not sure if the ornament fits          printed on page 25 of the RM&D and
CA 92056-4401.                                  your pole, contact the company. They               on the back outside cover of all WMA
     A word concerning the new rule             usually have a toll free number.                   ’Nouncements. Thank you.
put out by Paula Sarlls, WMA National                The 2006-2008 WMA Resource                                   Ken Cross

Loyal Escorts New Members
#334 Clara Mark, 212 NW 54th Dr, Apt #A, Oklahoma City, OK 73118, sponsor: OK-2, gift from chapter
#335 Nancy Brook, 1776 Avenda Cherylita, El Cajon, CA 92070-7701, sponsor: Roberta Tidmore, CA-2
#337 Eleanor Craig, 258 San Dimas, Oceanside, CA 92057, sponsor: Eleanor Judge, CA-7
#338 Dolores A. Tonegatto, 60875 Mound Rd, Washington, MI 48094, sponsor: Christine (Salo) Tonegatto, MI-2
Term to Life
#336 James Kerley, Willow Rd, POB 21, Perry, MI 48872
Derek Caputi, 1153 Cajon Cr., Vista, CA 92083, sponsor: Jacqueline Caputi, CA-7
Michael J. Cochenour, 1037 Michigan Ave., Adrian, MI 49221, sponsor: Ann-Marie Cochenour, MI-2
Thomas H. Hall, 2209 Allwood Ave., Valrico, FL 33594, sponsor: Marilyn Dolyak
Johnnie Johnson, PO Box 863, Idyllwild, CA 92549-0563, sponsor: Marie Proulx, CA-7
Nadine Lewis, 4001 NW 122nd St, Apt 326, Oklahoma City, OK 73120, sponsor: Pam Bloustine, OK-2
Robert D. Lewis, 9085 Judicial Dr #2517, San Diego, CA 92111, 858-658-0828, sponsor: Roberta Tidmore, CA-2
Jacqueline Mente, 1410 McCarthy, Ypsilanti, MI 48198-6633, sponsor: R. Nichols, MI-2
Alexia (Lexie) Peirano, 17066 N Broadway, Escondido, CA 92026, sponsor: Patricia Ramoss, CA-7
Gwendolyn Phillips, 1564 Mission Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601-5241, sponsor: Ozetta Hirschmann, PA-2
Kay R. Reeb, (CDR), Office of the Chaplain, MWSS 372, PO Box 5550861, Camp Pendleton, CA 92055,sponsor: Eleanor Judge, CA-7

 Show and Tell

  This photo is what I call “show and tell”. I wanted to show our
                                                                           This photo comes to us from LtCol Kim Johnson who is currently in
“Old Corps” members (and in this case, that includes ME!) what a
                                                                            Iraq. The Marines from her section are (l-r): CWO-3 Joseph Charles,
recruit platoon looks like now, especially the bags they are carry-
                                                                             Cpl Royneka L. Hood, Sgt Gavilanes, Cpl Pinto-Olachea and LtCol
ing. Could one of our younger female warriors fill us in on what’s
                                                                              Johnson. They work at the 2D MLG Group Consolidated Admin
   carried in the bags? We only had 3-ring binders when I went
                                                                           Center at Camp Taqaddum. Sgt Gavilanes is now back in the states.
                    through in the 70s. ~~ Editor

Spring 2007                                                           14                                                   ’Nouncements
Lowcountry mourns loss of fallen Blue Angel
        In the final moments of the                                                                            (Bill) Rauch, County Council
last performance during day one                                                                                Chair Weston Newton and Vice-
of the 2007 MCAS Beaufort Air                                                                                  Chair Skeet Von Harten. There
Show, tragedy struck when the                                                                                  was a lot of solidarity between
Blue Angel # 6 jet from the Navy’s                                                                             the military and the civilian com-
Flight Demonstration Squadron                                                                                  munity to go ahead with it.”
crashed.                                                                                                             In the wake of Saturday’s
    The pilot, who did not survive,                                                                            tragic event, many critics have
was Lt. Cmdr. Kevin J. Davis, a                                                                                begun voicing their opinions,
second year member of the team.                                                                                saying that air shows are danger-
       At approximately 4 p.m. on                                                                              ous and perhaps shouldn’t be
April 22nd, Davis was joining                                                                                  flown over cities.
the Delta formation for the final                                                                                   “It’s not Air shows that are
maneuver of the aerial demonstra-                                                                              dangerous, it’s flying,” Lanham
tion when the mishap occurred.                                                                                 said. “The flying business can be
The other five Blue Angel jets                                                                                 dangerous. Air show’s are done
were not involved in the incident                                                                              for specific reasons - to provide
and landed safely moments later.                                                                               community relations for us, to
      Davis served as the opposing                                                                             assist in recruiting, and to dem-
solo pilot for the F/A-18 Hornet                                                                               onstrate aviation and air power
squadron. This was his first year                                                                              to a public that largely doesn’t
as a demonstration pilot and for                                                                               know a lot about what we do.
his parents, who were in the crowd                                                                             So I think it’s worth the risk that
watching their son, it was their                                                                               we take.”
first Air Show.                                                                                                   “We are entirely committed to
      The crash occurred approxi-                                                                              safety in our historical organiza-
mately three miles outside of                                                                                  tion and in Naval Aviation,” Lt
the air station and was quickly                                                                                Cmdr Anthony Walley, the pilot
responded to by both civilian and The Blue Angels break from formation to perform one of their final for Blue Angel # 2, said.
military emergency services.            maneuvers during the Air Show April 21 before Lt. Cmdr. Kevin J.         While the second day of air
                                          Davis’ fatal crash. He is the lowest plane on the bottom left
       “From my vantage point, the coming out of the maneuver. Photo by Lance Cpl. Charles M. Groff show events continued, the death
response was phenomenal,” said Col.                                                                           of Davis affected the entire county.
                                                   The decision was made to continue with
Robert Lanham, the air station’s com-                                                                   “Beaufort County is very saddened by
                                               the second day of air show performances,
manding officer.                                                                                    this incident,” Winn said. “We’re sorry to
                                               and the day began with a moving open-
    “All of the coordination exercises that                                                         lose one of our Naval heroes.”
                                               ing ceremony paying tribute to Davis by
we do with the Beaufort County first                                                                     “It was a tragedy that the Blue Angel
                                               observing a moment of silence, an aerial
responders paid off, because the coordi-                                                            mishap occurred,” Lanham said. “I think
                                               missing man formation performed by the
nation with them at the accident scene                                                              other than that it was a flawless effort
                                               GEICO Skytypers and the playing of
was superb. Emergency responders were                                                               on both days. The whole Marine Corps
where they needed to be immediately and                                                             and Navy community at MCAS Beaufort
                                                  “We put a lot of thought into (continuing
began to work to contain                                                                            turned out a great show. I received feed-
                                                                      with the air show) for a
the situation and handle                                                                            back from the performers that it was one
                                                                      few reasons,” Lanham
the emergency. I was very                                                                           of the better-organized shows that they
                                                                      said. “One is that’s
proud of everyone.”                                                                                 attended and everybody I talked to was
                                                                      what we do and even
  A special tribute was made                                                                        having a really, really good time. And
                                                                      the air show perform-
to honor Davis Saturday                                                                             even when we were challenged by trag-
                                                                      ers wanted to go ahead
night by personnel at the                                                                           edy, Team Beaufort responded very well. I
                                                                      with it because that’s
crash site. Emergency                                                                               was very proud of the effort and it doesn’t
                                                                      how we’ve always done
services removed the                                                                                diminish the level of teamwork and pro-
                                                                      business in aviation. As
American flag from the                                                                              fessionalism that the sailors and Marines
                                                                      tragic as it is, it’s part of
Burton Fire Department                                                                              demonstrated here.”
                                                                      our business. We accept
and placed it over the                                                                                 The family has asked that any donations
                                                                      those risks and we have
stretcher carrying the pilot                                                                        be made to the Make-A-Wish Foundation
                                                                      to go on with the mis-
from the scene, according                                                                           in Lt. Cmdr. Kevin J. Davis’ name. The
                                                                      sion. And going on with
to William Winn, direc-                                                                             cause of the accident is currently under
                                                                      the air show is symbolic
tor of Beaufort County                                                                              investigation.
                                                                      of how we handle the
Emergency Management.              Lt. Cmdr Kevin J. Davis.
                                                                                                                       LCpl Monique Smith
                                                                   dangerous aspects of our
“Full honors were rendered Photo courtesy Blue Angels website.
                                                                   mission. The other aspect                           MCAS Beaufort
at that time by emergency
                                                                   is the solid support we got
services personnel and by military authori-
                                               from the community to go along with it.
                                               At the opening ceremony we had Mayor
 Spring 2007                                                          15                                                    ’Nouncements
Free Folding Canes Available to WW II, Korean War Vets
    A program was announced on April 13        in World War II and the Korean War and            stability. The HUGO Folding Cane is also
that will provide free folding canes with      give back in a small way to those who gra-        the only cane to feature an interchangeable
interchangeable handles to World War           ciously gave so much to America.                  handle option which allows the user to
II and Korean War veterans.                         The HUGO Folding                                          customize the cane.
        Can-Am Care, LLC,                      Cane is the most versa-                                           Besides the HUGO Folding
the makers of the HUGO                         tile, functional and ergo-                                     Cane, Can-Am Care is a maker
Folding Cane and other state-                  nomically correct cane                                         of high quality mobility assis-
of-the-art mobility assistance prod-           in the world. The cane                                         tance devices, including the
ucts, instituted the program, “HUGO            is adjustable to different                                     HUGO Folding Walker, the
Salutes Our Veterans,” to recognize            heights, and fits most                                         HUGO Rolling Walker with a
the support and efforts the members            people between 5’ to 6’5”                                      Seat, and the HUGO Transport
of the United States Armed Forces               and can support up to                                         Chair, available at national
made for our country during World War            550 pounds. The patent-                                      retail chains including Sam’s
II and the Korean War. HUGO Folding               ed shock absorbing tip                                      Club, Wal-Mart and Costco.
Canes with Interchangeable Handles will           is flared with an ultra                                     Can-Am Care is also the maker
be provided at no charge to veterans who           grip edge for extra                                        of the HUGO Navigator, a rev-
may be in need of mobility assistance.              stability and traction                                    olutionary, two-in-one product
         The HUGO Folding Cane with                  on all kinds of ter-                                     that converts easily from a roll-
Interchangeable Handles was designed                  rain, in all kinds of weather. A safety    ing walker to a transport chair.
with assistance from the non-profit Georgia            strap at the handle provides extra               Veterans are encouraged to contact
Tech Research Institute, a leader in the               confidence. The HUGO Cane easily          Can-Am Care toll-free at 1-888-412-4992
ergonomics of mobility. Can-Am Care                  folds into four sections and can be         Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm EST or http://
began this initiative to honor the parents     conveniently stored in its handy pouch. A Proof of service
and relatives of its employees who served      sure-lock system ensures cane rigidity and        may be required.

USMC Major receives medal at Buckingham Palace
     On March 21st, Maj William Chesarek                                                        climbed onto the top of the vehicle to
 received the Distinguished Flying Cross                                                        tend his wounds, ignoring a succession of
 from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II                                                            further near-misses from the sniper that
 at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace,                                                            impacted around her, as well as being
 London, in recognition of his outstanding                                                      fully exposed to other small arms and
 gallantry in action during operations in                                                       RPG fire. One bullet from an AK47 rifle
 Iraq last year. He is the first US service-                                                    ripped through her rucksack as she came
 man to receive the British DFC since the                                                       under fire from five different positions.
 Second World War.                                                                              But she refused to let go of Colour Sgt Ian
    Major Chesarek served as an exchange                                                        Page, dragging him to safety. Her selfless
 officer with 847 Naval Air Squadron of                                                         efforts stabilized the casualty and with the
 the Fleet Air Arm during a tour of duty                                                        help of a colleague, she was able to get
 in southern Iraq, from January to July        Maj Chesarek and Pvt Norris with their medals.   him under the cover of the armor. When
 2006. On the night of 10 June 2006, he        before. Chesarek also acted as a Forward         Major Chesarek was able to land nearby,
 was the commander of a Lynx helicopter        Air Controller, successfully designating         she supervised the loading of the casualty
 operating in Maysan province in support       targets for fixed-wing air support, as           on the helicopter before returning to the
 of Operation Darius, a search operation in    well as coordinating low-level passes            battle. The promptness of Norris’ and
 Al Amarah to disrupt mortar and rocket        by the jets to support his own efforts to        Chesarek’s actions was instrumental in
 attacks on a nearby Coalition base. A         disperse the crowds, and was judged by           saving the NCO’s life.
 Warrior armored vehicle was disabled          the Commander of 20 Armoured Brigade                  The Distinguished Flying Cross was
 within the city and during its recovery,      to have played a pivotal role in the safe        instituted in 1918 to recognize gallantry
 British forces came under repeated attack     extraction of the Coalition forces.              in the air during active operations against
 from rocket-propelled grenades and small           In addition to this, when one of the        the enemy; its nearest US equivalent is
 arms fire from insurgents using large,        British soldiers suffered a life-threaten-       probably the Silver Star. The US and
 hostile crowds for cover.                     ing head wound from a sniper, Major              UK Armed Forces have a long-standing
    Major Chesarek and his crew flew over      Chesarek and his crew landed immedi-             exchange program whereby officers serve
 five hours providing top cover, break-        ately, despite the huge risks, to evacuate       tours of duty in each others forces, includ-
 ing off only to refuel. Given the serious     the casualty.                                    ing front-line units, which has proven its
 threat to the forces on the ground, and the          Also receiving a medal from The           great value on many occasions.
 inability to return fire given the crowds     Queen with Major Chesarek was Private              Major Chesarek was accompanied to the
 of protestors, Chesarek elected to fly        Michelle Norris, aged 19, the first woman        investiture ceremony by his family, and
 repeated passes at very low level, under      ever to receive the Military Cross (the          Major General Andrew Davis, USMCR.
 heavy small arms fire and at least one        land warfare equivalent of the DFC). Her                 D B Stevens
 near-miss from an RPG, in an attempt          medal was earned in the same incident                    Iraq & Special Projects
 to distract and disperse the crowds; this     for which Major Chesarek was honored.                    Directorate for Communications
 was in full knowledge of the tragic loss      When the insurgent sniper hit the Warrior                Planning
 of his RAF commanding officer and crew        commander in the head, she, a medic with
 in a Lynx over Basrah only a few weeks        the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment,
 Spring 2007                                                      16                                                    ’Nouncements
WMA Chapter Tool Kit
      So how many streamers do you have           your area director or let me know and we will         But the interesting fact is that there are
on your chapter flag? The way to earn             make sure you get a copy. Here is just a short   many awards that are not presented since
one is through our Recognition and Awards         synopsis of the R&A Program that will help       there are not enough submissions. Last year
(R&A) program where chapter streamers             you get started. There are three main catego-    we only had a total of thirteen out of 80+
are presented as awards at each Biennial          ries of awards: Best Newsletter, Best History    chapters competing! So don’t think that just
Convention and Professional Development           Book and Chapter Achievement. There is           because you are a small chapter you can’t
Conference. Are you saying to yourselves          also a separate grand prize award for “overall   win anything! There is a chance to compete
that we just had a convention and that the        outstanding chapter achievement” called the      just within your “class level” or chapter size
next one is too far away? Well think again        Ruth and Dick Broe Award. First place for        as described above. So get your chapters
and check out the articles in this issue of       each of these award categories includes a        involved and start working on those newslet-
‘Nouncements from the TX-2 Chapter who is         streamer for chapter flags as recognition for    ters, history books and chapter projects. If
already in the planning process for Houston       special achievement in these areas.              you have any questions or need help, contact
in 2008. Even though there are two years in           There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards     your area director, Public Relations Officer
between each convention it doesn’t mean that      given in each category for the best newsletter   Mary Ann Merritt, or myself and we will
you can sit back and forget about it until just   and best history book. For chapter achieve-      be glad to help you in any way possible.
a few months beforehand. Supporting the           ment there are a total of nine each for 1st,     Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play!
goals of WMA through your many chapter            2nd, and 3rd place based on three individual         I hope that we can give away all possible
projects; creating and sustaining your news-      categories and three “class levels” which are    awards in Houston! What a “Blast Off” per-
letters and history books, takes constant time    defined by chapter size. The class levels are    formance that would be!
and effort.                                       defined as follows: 5-20 members in a chap-             Semper Fidelis,
    Details of the R&A Program can be found       ter; 21-45 members in a chapter; and 46 +               Rhonda LeBrescu Amtower
in your chapter copy of the “How To” book.        members in a chapter. So you can compete in
If you don’t have the “How To” book contact       many different levels and categories.

Attention Chapter Clipping Authors!!
       With all this technology happening         newsletter, and if a photo isn’t clear or is     them scan it to a CD or diskette.
around us, it’s time to chat about the “rules”    too dark for us to fix, it’s not good enough       Whatever you do, do not write on back of
for submitting your Chapter Clippings.            to publish. Now, there are always excep-         the photographs! Sometimes the impression
Text                                              tions, such as scholarship recipient photos,     of the pen comes through to the other side,
      From this point forward, it does NOT        but very few. I’ve actually turned down          and if there’s more than one photo, some-
have to be double-spaced. Was that a “yip-        MCJROTC photos. So let’s talk photog-            times ink gets on the second photo.
pee” I just heard? Double-spacing was             raphy, and let’s start with the MCJROTC                 Sending a photo via email is another
required before to edit using hand written        photos. I know, it’s a bit late now, but plan    method of getting it to me. It’s fine to send
notes within the clipping. With computers,        for next year!                                   it as an attachment, but do not add it to the
that’s not necessary.                                 It’s wonderful if you can catch the actual   document and then send the document. This
     I’ve had a few complaints that Chapter       presentation, but if you’re not close enough     is called “embedding”. When it gets to me,
Clippings is too long. I would like you to        to it, the quality diminishes the moment.        I have to extract it from the document and
tell me what you think. Drop me a line,           The flash on most cameras only goes about        when I do, the quality goes from a great 10
send me email, or call and let me know            eight feet. Either get closer or re-create       to a lousy -1. Always send it separate from
if you think I should put a length limit on       the moment afterward. Along those same           the text.
Chapter Clippings.                                lines, watch your composition. If your           Digital Photography
    And by the way, who are you? Please do        photo shows half-inch high participants in             The last photo hint is for those who
not forget to put your name at the end.           the middle with all this space around them,      have digital cameras. One thing you need to
        Email – yes, you can send things          you’re too far away. Move in! Get that           remember is resolution. Most cameras offer
via email. Again, they do not have to be          smile on the cadet’s face! The last thing is,    different settings for resolution, a low set-
double-spaced. You can either put the clip-       watch your background. You don’t want            ting which enables you to get more photos
ping right in the body of the email, or send      flag poles coming out of heads. The most         on a memory card and a high setting that
it as an attachment. That line above about        common problem I see has to do with dark         drastically drops that number. However, the
adding your name at the end goes double           backgrounds. Standing in front of a dark         high setting of 300 dpi (dots per inch) is the
for emailed clippings. Some members send          background with a cadet in dark dress blues      best setting for publishing/printing digital
email FOR someone, so the sender and the          causes them to completely blend into it.         photos. Please try to shoot your chapter-
author may not be one and the same.               Even more so if the cadet happens to have        related and newsletter-bound photos at 300
         Who are you, again?? ALWAYS              a dark or olive complexion. Chose a well-lit     dpi. They’ll look great in the newsletter,
INCLUDE YOUR NAME!!!                              background so we all can beam with pride         and make a big difference in your history
Photographs                                       at their accomplishment.                         book! And please, don’t edit your digital
    I’m sure you’ve noticed that the quality            I’ve said in the past that photo copies    photos. That’s my job!
of the photographs in our newsletter over         done on a color copier are okay to send.                I would like to ask a favor of all
the last few years has greatly improved.          Well, lately I’ve noticed a lot of problems      the authors. When you send in your next
That’s partially because of the paper and         with those. When scanned in, lines form          Chapter Clipping, just for the summer
partially because the designer and I work         across them called a “screen” because it         issue, please include your phone number.
at it.                                            looks like it was shot through a screen          That way if I have questions, I can give you
    The quality of the photo you send makes       door. When at all possible, send the original    a quick call.
a drastic difference. I take pride in our         photo or go to a place like Kinko’s and have                         Sondra Metzger

Spring 2007                                                           17                                                    ’Nouncements
Chapter Clippings
                 CA-1 Greater Los Angeles

        California CA-l chapter celebrated the 64th Anniversary
of Women Marines with a luncheon meeting at Taix’s French
Country Restaurant near downtown Los Angeles on February
   Members of CA-15 were also invited to attend this luncheon
and several of their members did so.
   President Anna T. Brown introduced guest speaker Geraldine
Fiorello, who is the new Area 10 Director and also a member of
CA-15. Geri spoke on future plans for Area 10.                                              Larry Wright with his “harem”.
     The current chapter officers are Anna T. Brown, president;
Fern Hauss, vice president and treasurer; Shasta Anker, secre-                CA-3 held their anniversary luncheon at the Hayward Ranch
tary; and Beatrice Gabel, bulletin editor.                                 Restaurant. Twenty three members and guests were in atten-
                                            Shasta L. Anker                dance. CA-6 and CA-9 joined us for our luncheon. We held a
                                                                           raffle and everyone went home with at least one gift. LaVerne
                 CA-2 San Diego County                                     made a motion to make Shaaron an honorary member and
                                                                           everyone approved with a resounding “YES.” Shaaron has taken
                                                                           on the responsibility of doing most of the decorations for our
    CA-2 members, active duty Marines and guests celebrated the            meetings.
64th women Marines anniversary signifying 64 years of service                       We lost three of our members in the last two months:
and dedication with a luncheon at Butler Gardens, MCRD on 13               Mary Standley, Anna Fuchs, and Ann Molnar. A great loss to
February. BGen Angela Salinas, Commanding General MCRD,                    our chapter.
was the delightful hostess insuring everyone was welcomed and                     Our Chaplain Connie Davis did the invocation and the
inviting everyone to tour the historic General’s Quarters with it’s        memorial service for our sister Marines who have reported to
many souvenirs. Active duty Marines modeled uniforms worn                  the Supreme Commander. At our March meeting held at Harry’s
by Marines from 1812 (Lucy Brewer) to dinner dress worn by                 Hoff Brau hosted by Nell Stevens and Junamay Coffey, a motion
present Marines. A running narrative was read identifying each             was made to send donations in memory of our three sister
uniform.                                                                   Marines to their favorite charities.
         Afterwards the                                                       Alice Gunnerson installed the officers for 2007-2009: LaVerne
retirement ceremony                                                        Marts, president; Maggie Hart, vice president; Maryannette
of CWO-5 Cheryl E.                                                         Schneider, secretary and Betty Lieser, treasurer.
Spencer was held with                                                         On March 10 we attended another anniversary luncheon, this
full military honors in                                                    one held by CA-9 at the Dead Fish Restaurant. Four members
front of Bldg. 31. On                                                      of CA-3 attended and a good time was had by all. The officers
the previous Saturday,                                                     were installed at this time.
several CA-2 members                                                           “Operation MOM” held a garage sale April 14-15 with pro-
attended the 64th anni- CA-2 members (l-r) “Randy” Tidmore,                ceeds to benefit “OP MOM”.
versary celebration spon- “Tex” Cornwell, “Bucky” Edwards and                   Alice Gunnerson, who volunteers as a “driver” for Heart
sored by CA-7 at the Staff Ruth Gallivan at the Veterans’ Day              of the Valley, was awarded a certificate for all of her services.
                                 parade with their new banner.
Club, Camp Pendleton.                                                      Heart of the Valley is located in Santa Clara and provides ser-
    We also had 24 members and guests attend a luncheon on 10              vices for seniors, driving them to doctor appointments, dentists
March with guest speaker Cheryl Spencer showing a DVD and                  and whatever is needed.
telling of her 28 years in the Marine Corps. Also, Robert Lewis,                                                             LaVerne Marts
commandant of the “Bulldog Unit” of the Marine Corps League,
said a few words about their activities and requested our help at
their upcoming convention in June.                                                         CA-4 North Central California
                                               Randy Tidmore
                                                                                The new year ushered in several outstanding social events
                CA-3 Greater San Francisco Bay Area                        for the members of CA-4. The first of these events was the 64th
                                                                           Anniversary of Women Marines. Our group held the celebration
   At our January meeting we had in attendance Larry Wright,
                                                                           in MonTikos Restaurant in the Arden area of Sacramento on
father of Shaaron and Kathleen, in his Marine Civil War
                                                                           Valentine’s Day. Fifteen attendees and their guests enjoyed a
Uniform, and did he look sharp. He has adopted us and of course
                                                                           wonderful selection from the menu. The afternoon was rounded
we have adopted him as well.
                                                                           out with a sing-a-long of WR songs which was led by Jeanne
    On February 10, we were invited to attend the anniversary
                                                                           Bartelt. The dessert was a beautiful anniversary cake which was
celebration with CA-6 held at the Pitsburg Golf Clubhouse.
                                                                           made especially for the occasion. It was served by Jeanne Morse
Three CA-3 members attended the luncheon and enjoyed meet-
                                                                           and Lea Cassidy.
ing other members of CA-6.

 Spring 2007                                                          18                                                ’Nouncements
     It was a great day for the Irish on March 17th. Our ladies
joined in on it by wearing green. This event took place at
Brother Oliver’s Restaurant in Carmichael. Corned beef and
cabbage was the bill of fare. Celtic music was piped into the
dining room throughout the luncheon and a bouquet of balloons
added to the festivities. A grand time was enjoyed by all!
    Until next time, Semper Fidelis!
                                                Lois Wilson

                 CA-5 Orange County California
                                                                            Co-Chairs of the event pause for a picture with our guest speaker,
                                                                              (l-r): Lillian Cross, BGen Angelina Salinas, Eleanor Judge and
    Our chapter is pleased to announce that member Eleanor                                           Charlene Itchkawich.
Wilson is the recipient of the Julia B. Hamlet award. She was
given the award for her work on the oral histories and the                          The event was highlighted with a wonderful concert by
museum at Balboa. Congratulations!                                          the Camp Pendleton band, and the colors were presented by
    We will be hosting the Annual Women Veterans luncheon in                the El Camino High School MJROTC. The guest speaker was
November. Valorie Lephart will chair the committee. Proceeds                BGen Angelina Salinas, the first female Commanding General
go to WIMSA.                                                                of MCRD San Diego.
      Sixteen members have signed up to go to the museum at                      BGen Salinas treated the attendees to a wonderful speech
Miramar May 22nd. Eleanor Wilson is making arrangements                     about the women in the audience who paved the roads for her to
for us.                                                                     get where she is today. This was accompanied by a wonderful,
     Helen Hannah Campbell joined us at our general meeting                 and at times funny, PowerPoint presentation of pictures from old
in March. She is looking forward to driving again. Our best                 to new. One was of her at about 7 playing cowboys, play T/O
to all who are ill, hope they can all join us at our picnic on              pistol and all.
August25th.                                                                      CA-7 President Kara Harris thanked everyone for all their
                                          Mary Ann Rogers                   efforts including member Mary Lou Voight for the homemade
                                                                            chocolate medallions and member Alyce Williamson who pro-
                 CA-6 Mt Diablo                                             vided the centerpieces and decorated every table so beautifully.
                                                                            The event was wonderful, and was a true team effort. The only
      On 17 February, 19 members of CA-6 celebrated the                     concern is how we will top it for the 65th anniversary!
64th Anniversary of Women Marines at Zandonella’s Italian                                                              Peggy Reiber
Restaurant in Pittsburg (no, computer, there is no “h” in our
Pittsburg). It was for the last time, as the restaurant has been                           CA-15 San Fernando Valley
sold. We will miss it, as the food and service there was always
excellent. Jill Martinez, our guest speaker, is from the Veteran’s                                                      We were pleased to
service center in Martinez. She talked to us about the benefits                                                      again accept an invi-
available to veterans. She was well informed, and our questions                                                      tation from Barnes &
kept her busy. Now that I have transferred my own health care to                                                     Noble Books to wrap
the VA here in Martinez, I was able to affirm her statement that                                                     customers’ purchases
we would receive excellent care there.                                                                               for “tips”. We were sure
     As more of us give up driving, carpooling is becoming a                                                         to be noticed with a sign
necessity. Most of the cars arrived fully loaded. It’s just as well,                                                 reading, “Gift Wrapping
with the threat of global warming becoming a reality.                                                                Provided by the Women
   The following evening, yours truly attended a crab feed given                                                     Marines Association”.
by the Marine Corps League in Lafayette. One Marine there told                                                       Many of those stopping
me his daughter was in a tizzy because she didn’t have a book to                                                     by asked us about our
read for a book report, so he gave her his copy of “A Few Good                                                       service experiences and
Women.” She read the book, wrote the report and got an A!                   shared theirs with us, making for a very interesting day.
     Sure would like to read that report to learn what she said                 The photo shows Joan Vitale (left) and Nonie Lann ready to
about us. ‘Til next time, Semper Fidelis!                                   wrap. We were greatly helped by CA-15 member Pat Murray.
                                            Inga Ferris                     Pat arrived before the store opened and left about 3, as she had a
    (Ed. Note – For those who may not know, Inga is the author              long drive home. Unfortunately, the photo was taken after she’d
of “A Few Good Women”, an excellent book on her boot camp                   left. Note to Pat: we are very sorry you are not in the photo, but
experiences and her service afterward.)                                     please know that your enthusiasm and effort helped to make this
                                                                            project a great success.
                CA-7 Edith Macias Vann S. California                             We left the bookstore with $221.36 to add to our treasury,
                                                                            which we use to help support worthwhile efforts to help our
   The Camp Pendleton SNCO Club was alive and filled with                   military – such as Operation Helmet, to provide helmet linings
over 180 guests for the 64th Women Marines anniversary lun-                 with the hope of sparing our troops some of the injuries they
cheon. The co-chairs of the event, Ellie Judge, Lillian Cross and           sustain.
Charlene Itchkawich, outdid themselves!                                                                                 Joan Vitale

  ’Nouncements                                                         19                                                     Spring 2007
                CA-29 Twenty Nine Palms                                                        FL-3 Gold Coast
                             CA-29 officers at their February meeting:
                            Front row, l-r: President Elaine Bowden and
                            Treasurer Denne Howard. Back row, l-r: Vice
                                     President Dorothee Irwin,
                            Secretary Barbara Pudinski and Mary Zingg.

                                 United we stand, and we are
                            mighty in outreach projects,
                            although few in numbers. Members
                            participate in the Young Marines
                            program in Desert Hot Springs,
                            sponsorship of MCJROTC female
cadets in Desert Hot Springs for the WMA scholarship program                          It has been a very busy spring for FL-3. At our January
and participate in making quilts and baby items for the Navy-                  meeting we had an unusual event. Three couples in our chap-
Marine Corps Relief Society located at the MCAGCC in Twenty                    ter reached a milestone in life that many of us were unable to
Nine Palms.                                                                    achieve. In the photo, left to right: John and Molly Manolakis
   The next membership meeting will be a lunch in Yucca Valley                 (Samaras), married 60 years January 19th; Jerry & Marcae
on June 23rd. The members invite all women Marines, (active                    Carolan (BITOUF), married 59 years October 18th; and Frank
duty, retired and former), to join them for a fun day. Please                  & Natalie Champagne (Huhn), married 50 years September
contact Elaine Bowden or Denne Howard for any questions or                     29th. Our chapter presented each couple with a $50 gold money
information.                                                                   tree. Congratulations and best wishes were extended for contin-
                                           Elaine Bowden                       ued happiness.
                                                                                    In February we celebrated the 64th Anniversary of Women
                CO-1 Colorado Columbine                                        Marines at the home of past president Alice Stupariu. A bar-
                                                                               beque and covered dish affair complete with cake – delicious,
                                                                               and as always good company and lots of fun.
        The Colorado
Columbines celebrat-                                                               My house looks like a PX as we continue to shop and pack
ed the anniversary on                                                          boxes for Iraq, everything from shoelaces to home made cook-
February 17th at the                                                           ies. Several replies trickle in stating how pleased they are to be
Castle Cafe in Castle                                                          remembered and many thanks for our prayers.
Rock. A special exhibit                                                              National Women’s History Month was celebrated March
of art was set up in the                                                       23rd at the Miami VA by the Touring Theatre Ensemble of
spare dining room for all
                                 CO-1’s anniversary celebration.               North Carolina. The star Spangled Girls dedicated the program
to see the many treasures that cannot be exhibited at the museum               to WWII veterans. The skits were wonderful and everyone who
for security reasons. Among them were the recently framed                      served in this era would surely relate to the words and songs.
and preserved Bowen portraits, a Waterhouse print donated                      Their voices were beautiful and the concert was most enjoy-
by Pat Landry in Texas and four acrylics from our own Marge                    able.
Alexander. We had a great luncheon and then adjourned to the                       Happy spring to all, until next time,
Castle Rock Museum to view the exhibit. Over 130 attendees                                                                  Jane Kane
from many walks of life including the Colorado Secretary of
State, Mike Coffman, a Marine Iraq War veteran!                                               FL-4 Tampa Tarpon
    President Sarlls spoke on the radio about the anniversary and
also represented WMA and our chapter at the State Capitol on
Veterans Appreciation Day. The chapter was also represented at                      Our chapter met on February 10 at the Piccadilly Cafeteria,
the Saint Patrick’s Day parade in Denver, the Veteran’s Forum                  Brandon, for the 64th Anniversary lunch and business meeting
in Aurora, and the Fitzsimons State and Veterans Nursing                       to review and update our bylaws. Some members with health
Home. Issues affecting veterans were addressed by the State                    problems were unable to attend, notably our V.P. Frances Ruth
Congressional Delegation and WMA as part of the United                         Jones who fell while playing golf and fractured her hip. Becky
Veterans Committee of Colorado testified in support of those                   Elmore will now assume V.P. duties.
non-partisan issues that affect veterans. Among those issues                      We are very excited to welcome new member Babette Henry.
included property tax exemption for 100% disabled veterans,                    We were fortunate to receive donations of clothing and useful
special license plates, and oversight committees for the state                 items for our Abused Women spring project.
and veterans nursing homes. This chapter works closely with                        On April 11 presentation of the MCJROTC certificate was
the Frank J Carroll Detachment of the Marine Corps League and                  made to outstanding Cadet Neeham Kansara at Chamberlain
the Marine Corps Memorial Association in Golden, as well as                    High School, Tampa.
several units of Young Marines.                                                   Meetings will resume in October after summer vacations are
   Our business meeting in March yielded one new life member                   completed.
- welcome to Dorothy Pridmore.                                                                                                Laverne Myers
                                               Jan Clay

  Spring 2007                                                             20                                               ’Nouncements
                GA-1 Dogwood                                             Hughes, Micaila Britto, Ruth Sullivan, Barbara Signor and Betty
                                                                         Denekamp attended.
       Celebrating the 64th anniversary, fifteen members of                                                                  On February 11 we
the Dogwood chapter gathered at the National Museum of                                                                  were invited by President
Patriotism on February 17th to enjoy camaraderie and a catered                                                          Jane Sipila to attend
lunch topped off with a cake ceremony. Three of those in atten-                                                         the Women Marines
dance were new members to the chapter. Attending their first                                                            Anniversary party in
meeting were: Ellen Lamb, Sandy Wilson #2 and Sharon Tutt.                                                              Connecticut to help CT-1
We say Sandy Wilson #2 because long time member Sandy                                                                   celebrate. Six of us drove
Wilson #1 was present for the first time in a couple of years            (l-r): CWO-5 Cheryl E. Spencer (CA-2), Micaila
                                                                                                                         down and had a wonder-
and we enjoyed catching up with her and meeting her friend, an            Britto (President MA-1), Aunty Ruth Ingram     ful time.
Army veteran, who tagged along and held her own in a group               (Cheryl’s Aunt) and Eleanor M. Warner (HI-1)         The following week
of Marines.                                                                                                              we were off again to
   The ladies discussed upcoming events and enjoyed an oppor-             western Massachusetts to help President Ernestine Stowell,
tunity to get to know the new members.                                    MA-2 and her members celebrate. We were treated to a wonder-
                                              Sheryl Young                ful lunch cooked and served by the women of the Marine Corps
                                                                          League unit in Westfield. Entertainment followed by members
                IL-2 Blanche S. Osborne                                   of MA-2. A wonderful time was had by all.
                                                                                  Our President Micaila Britto traveled to California to cel-
                                                                          ebrate the Anniversary of the Women Marines and to attend
    The chapter’s big event in the past few months was celebrat-
                                                                          several functions. Micaila gave a presentation on “Networking
ing the 64th anniversary of the signing into law Public Law 689
                                                                          and Staying Connected” to a mixed group of active duty women
allowing women to enlist in the Marine Corps. At the luncheon
                                                                          and civilians at Camp Pendleton. She attended a luncheon in
there was a very nice turnout welcoming a new member to our
                                                                          celebration of the anniversary and hosted by BGen Angela
chapter, Mitzi Lee Erickson, a former WMA member at large.
                                                                          Salinas, Commanding General of MCRD, at the General’s
Our sky diving member, Connie Svoboda who lives 2 hours
                                                                          quarters. At the luncheon, BGen Salinas was presented with the
drive away, came up with her husband, and he has decided to
                                                                          “Band of Sisters” challenge coin designed with the assistance
join the Loyal Escorts. Connie is working on a program for this
                                                                          of numerous active duty Marines at WMA’s recent Convention/
summer involving sky diving - us watching while she sky dives.
                                                                          Conference in Louisville.
We’re looking forward to that. Our speaker for the luncheon was
                                                                                  Micaila also attended the retirement ceremony of CWO-5
SSgt Derek Hawkins, a friend of member Melissa Josephson,
                                                                          Cheryl Spencer. This event had many WMA members in atten-
who told of his experiences of being an embassy guard in far off
                                                                          dance from all over Southern California and as far away as
places of Egypt and Peru.
                                                                          Hawaii and the East Coast. Micaila reports an outstanding time
     We were very sorry to lose our long-time Ways & Means
                                                                          was had by all.
member, Veronica “Red” Harrison, who moved to Tucson to
                                                                                 In January, long time chapter member Irene Ruth Rapaport
be with her daughter. If you went to the WMA convention in
                                                                          passed away. Jean, Eleanor, Kay, Pat and Ginnie attended the
Washington, DC in 2000, you were given a little clothespin
                                                                          service and the burial. Eleanor read our prayer prior to the
woman Marine doll, the creation and work of Red. She made
                                                                          service. We were proud to accompany the casket from the
over 500 for that luncheon.
                                                                          funeral chapel. The family was very pleased that we were able
     We also lost a long time Escorts member Vera Pallin, my
                                                                          to attend and to participate in the service.
sister, who died on February 14th at 91.
                                                                                                                              Kay Carpenter
                                           Muriel Underwood
                                                                                          MI-2 Motor City
                MA-1 Bay State

     Here we are again. The calendar says “spring” and it is one
lovely freezing winter day outside. Chin up, better days are
      Here in Boston, we hold no chapter meetings from our
Christmas party until the end of March due to the weather. It
is usually a quiet time for us, but these past three months have
been very busy.
       In January, we held another Welcome Baby Veteran
shower. The new arrival, Sophia, accompanied by her mother,
Renee Mendoza, attended the event held at the Brockton
VA Medical Center. Mom serves in the Army and is an Iraqi                                     MI-2 at their anniversary luncheon.
veteran. Sophia received lots of gifts to get her on her way. Her            Motor City chapter celebrated our anniversary in March at
mother was just overwhelmed. MA-1’s Jean Jackman has been                our local Mountain Jacks with appetizers, soup, salad and a great
instrumental in getting these baby showers organized. Eleanor            prime rib dinner with the trimmings. To end the meal we all cel-
Canty, Kay Carpenter, Pat Morrissette, Velma Mooney, Betty               ebrated the Anniversary of Women Marines with a cake.
 ’Nouncements                                                       21                                                         Spring 2007
Our oldest and youngest Marines present shared in the cake
cutting ceremony. Sally Rizzo and Ann-Marie Krcmarick-
Cochenour took the honors.
      We have many irons in the fire from working on the next
Habitat for Humanity Home (we already have eight volunteers
ready to go) to working on the Welcome Back Celebration for
our 1/24 Marines from Selfridge Air National Guard Base.
     Operation Caring Friends is still going strong and sending
packages on a monthly basis to our Marines and military that                               MO-2 at their anniversary luncheon.

are deployed in harm’s way. On average we have been shipping                 Held a ceremony that included an anniversary cake. Oldest
out 200 boxes a month. We currently are working to support the            Marine present – Lee Fellman (class of 1943), and Melissa
II MEF during their deployment which does include our very                Busby (enlisted in 1986).
own Pat McLane who is currently deployed in Iraq. Packages                  Acknowledged chapter member Tracy Moye on receiving rec-
include everything from spa items to sweet treats. Thanks to Col          ognition from DoD Salutes African-American Service members
Phoenix we have also learned of needs from our military hospi-            for Wartime Service for outstanding legal assistance work at
tals and work to assure that those needs are filled as well.              Camp Lemonier, Djibouti, from December 2004 through June
   Motor City is proud to welcome new members. We know that               2005.
we are right on track with our recruiting efforts as we have got-            Acknowledged chapter member Crystal Kelly’s birthday.
ten new members at each meeting. Look for great things from                  Thank you letter read from sister chapter Iraqi Lionesses for
our chapter in the coming months and at convention.                       care package sent.
                                    Mary Ann Merritt                         Acknowledged the Shawnee Mission North HS NJROTC
                                                                          for their accomplishments at the Western Regional Academic,
                MO-1 St Louis                                             Athletic, and Drill Competition in Albuquerque, NM. Of the 11
                                                                          events they finished with six first place finishes, and five second
       The St. Louis chapter celebrated our 64th anniversary on           place finishes.
March 18 at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Chesterfield. With                  Motion made and accepted to create a benevolent
25 people in attendance, we set a new record. Of course, on               committee. Joyce Campbell – Chair with the assistance of Pearl
February 13 we had ice covered streets so that’s why we do                Shaklee.
it later in the spring. Mary Ellen Stone, Area 5 Director and             II. Discussion
a member of MO-KAN-2 joined us for lunch. Also, Lauren                        Fundraising ideas for chapter, to be discussed at future meet-
Schlosser, a candidate for a WMA scholarship and her mother,              ings.
Carol Tracey, joined us. Lauren has been accepted at Cornell
University and Missouri University, Columbia, MO. She wishes                              NM-l Sandia Chapter
to be a veterinarian. What a great young lady. We wish her well
in her pursuits.                                                              Our February meeting was well attended with 12 members in
    We had the honor of Leontone Meyer to cut the cake and Cari            attendance. Our guest of honor was Jeanette Brito, a Blue Star
Cluck, a recently discharged Marine, new WMA member and                    Mother and mother of Sgt Alicia Brito who is headed to the
our youngest attendee, to receive the first piece of cake. A great         White House to be the President’s own personal video/photog-
time was had by all, and the food was delicious.                           rapher. This will be a three year commitment for Alicia. Good
    We held our meeting after lunch, but it was so noisy that it           luck on your tour of duty. We are proud of Alicia as she has just
was not an easy task.                                                      completed her second tour of duty in Iraq.
     We regret to announce that two of our very faithful mem-                   We welcomed our new members Susan Spicer, Eve Stith,
bers of the chapter, Valeria Meyer and Jacquelyn Rockamann,                and Rosanna Valencia. They were greeted by members of our
passed away in March. Both these Marines, WWII vets, were                  chapter. Our members voted to resume the sale of our Bumper
regular attendees at our functions and meetings. Both were bur-            Stickers “The Few, The Proud, The Women Marines”. They
ied at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. We held a woman               will be up for sale in this issue of ‘Nouncements. We have had
Marine memorial for both of these great ladies.                            many requests to take on this project for the second time. Phyllis
     See ya in Houston!                                                    Young will be our Chairperson.
                                    Mary Jantosik                              President Barbara Winslow asked for volunteers to be pre-
                                                                           senters for the MCJROTC awards at eight high schools in New
                MO-2 MO-KAN                                                Mexico. Thanks to our members, we quickly had our volun-
   Meeting Minutes                                                             Kathryn Cordova, our VAVS Deputy Rep, has been busy
02/18/2007                                                                 overseeing our projects at the VA. She encouraged our members
Present: 28 present Members/LEGGS/Guests                                   to become volunteers and handed out applications. Laurel Hull
Next meeting: 04/22/2007, 1330, Cinzetti’s Italian Market                  is our VA Rep.
Restaurant                                                                     Sick Call included the following: Barbara Winslow had eye
I. Activities                                                              surgery and Barbara Archer is recovering from a fall.
Celebrate anniversary with a static display of memorabilia con-                Our next meeting will be at the VAMC for lunch and a tour.
sisting of photos, uniforms, posters, and a PowerPoint presenta-           Thanks to all who support our chapter.
tion from the Area 5 Director.                                                                                     Barbara Winslow

 Spring 2007                                                         22                                                   ’Nouncements
                NV-1 Sagebrush
     On February 10 our chapter had a first of it’s own kind of
celebration here in Las Vegas - our 64th anniversary of the
formation of the WRs and the tenth year of WIMSA honoring
women veterans. We decided to invite all women veterans and
we would host the celebration. In the spirit of sharing we had a
pot luck luncheon at the Leatherneck Club. We had 55 women
veterans in attendance and everyone had the spirit of loyalty and                           OH-2’s anniversary celebration.
camaraderie. Two of our Marines wrote me the following which
I want to share with you.                                                      On a brisk February morning we met at Wolfe Park in
    “Super great get together!                                            Columbus for an anniversary get together we will never forget.
     I couldn’t believe it — yet I should have been prepared as           We had women from around the state and Don Cannon, Loyal
your meeting at Christmas time was so well planned. However,              Escort Vice President, drove in from Michigan. Paula Rogers,
once again you made this the most outstanding of all meetings.            and family, hosted the event.
What a way to celebrate the 64th anniversary of the formation                 We all fell in formation with four squads. Squads one and
of the WRs. You had the tables decorated, even a rose and spray           three did about face and interviewed the person across from
for each chair, a print-out of the complete program, even a three         them. We later introduced each other and gave a brief sum-
piece band that played all the old melodies that most of us could         mation of our interview. We each brought in items from our
sing because we knew the words. Then a great presentation to              Marines Corps days. We had uniforms, books, shoes, photos,
renew the privileges of belonging to WIMSA.                               laundry bag, tapes/DVDs, covers, etc.
     And the food! To get members to make calls for those of us                We later went to the mess hall and had three members
who want to bring certain items for lunch – Steve Wynn should             on mess duty: officers Ellen Leidy, Lois Cameron, and Elva
have seen that display! There was nothing missing. And the cake           Pounders. They tried to remind people about the diet line, but
— well, I must say I was happy that I was 89! I got to cut the            we were lucky, no dieters. The food was very good. We later had
most beautifully decorated and delicious cake to celebrate the            a cake cutting ceremony. Frances Steube was the oldest, only in
64th Anniversary of the formation of the WRs. To top it all off           age and Susan Daood the youngest. We finished off with a busi-
were the tickets for sale to boost our budget and the prizes for          ness meeting and recruited several new members.
those of us who were winners. All for a good cause.                          We will be meeting in Sandusky and Avon Lake in the coming
    Thanks for the wonderful get-together. You are really special.        months. We are also planning a trip to WIMSA and the Marine
OOH-RAH is all I can say.                                                 Corps Museum.
                                          Laurie Quateman WR”                   Four of our members are on the Governor’s Advisory
    And the other:                                                        Committee for Women Veterans: Chairman, Rebecca Lee
      “I had the greatest time at the gathering of my Marine              (Tubbs), Vice Chairman, Elva Pounders, Chaplain, Ardis Howell
sisters on Feb. 10th. But what made it the greatest was having            (Beckwith), and Parliamentarian, Ellen Leidy (Cook). I would
all the services present, all my sisters in arms, Marines, Navy,          say “The Marines have landed”.
Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard, and the honor of speaking                  Meetings have started for our next Stand Down in September.
to all of them personally and welcoming the new members. It’s             OH-2 and North Coast WAVES Unit 21 will again take care of
really a wonderful feeling you get inside when you have the               personal hygiene items for our needy women veterans.
opportunity to hear all the individual stories of these precious                                                 Elva (Elvie) Pounders
veterans of America. And I’m so proud to know each and every
one of them.                                                                            OK-2 Heartland
   I was honored to celebrate the 64th anniversary of the forma-
tion of the WRs with all my Marine sisters and all my sisters of               February brought the loss of another OK-2 member, Billie
other branches. Thank you for this happy celebration.                     ‘Jackie’ Parnin, who had only recently joined our chapter. She
                                        Teresa Ignagni (USMC)”            will be missed. Our President, Joan Willauer, is well on her
      As you can tell from the letters, our celebration was very          way to recovery after sustaining a broken shoulder when she
successful. We were very honored to host this event and hope to           slipped on the ice while feeding the birds in her front yard.
do more in the future.                                                    She joined other OK-2 and WVO of Oklahoma members at
                                     Carol Watson                         a planning meeting recently to get the ball rolling to plan the
                                                                          Annual Oklahoma Starlight Dance & Benefit Show and our
                OH-2 Chesty Puller                                        annual Oklahoma Women Veterans Recognition Day program.
                                                                          Both events have become joint ventures for our chapter and the
    Several members -- Paula, Ardis, Jan and Elva -- met in               Women Veterans Organization.
Lancaster to box items for our service personnel in Iraq. They                  The Starlight Dance, which is scheduled for September
said it was a good day and there will be more boxing days this            22nd, is a fund raiser for the Recognition Day event which will
spring.                                                                   be held this year on November 17th. These two events have
   Brandie, who lives in Hawaii, was home for the holidays and            provided several opportunities for both organizations to network
we met at the Olive Garden. In attendance were Ellen, Nancy,              and attract new members and supporters, and both events have
Elva, Tabitha (LE), Marilyn (LE), Laura (Army) and Brandie’s              become very successful over the past few years.
  ’Nouncements                                                       23                                                       Spring 2007
     Our dance this year will be held at American Legion Post             and our trips to Eugene and Salem to join those chapters in their
#73 in Del City which has a great hall, plenty of parking, and the        annual summer festivities.
post commander is a woman veteran. The committee promises                     Have a happy summer, but don’t forget to remember our
an even bigger and better Recognition Day this year. This event           troops in your prayers. Semper Fidelis.
will be held at Fort Sill on November 17th.                                                                  Golda Fabian
      Several of our members are looking forward to visiting
Branson, MO in May to participate in the annual Women                                     OR-3 Eager Beaver
Veterans Week. We hope to see other WMA members there.
Also, many of us presented awards at the MCJROTC unit at                      Greetings from the Pacific Northwest...
US Grant High School, attended the annual meeting of our OK                    To paraphrase a line from an early movie...”All’s quiet on
Marine Corps Coordinating Council, and also stopped by Sgt                the western front”.
Grit’s Annual Grit-Together.                                                 We all made it through the holidays except for members Mary
       Brenda Blair was recently appointed Women Veterans                 Alice Sidwell and Carolyn Anderson. Mary Alice reported to
Coordinator for the VA Regional Office in Muskogee. This                  sick bay with pneumonia and spent several weeks between the
is an additional duty to her regular duty as Military Services            hospital and a rehab facility. Good news is she is on the mend
Coordinator at Tinker AFB. Congratulations, Brenda!                       and feisty as ever. Carolyn on the other hand, decided that pre-
     Congratulations also go out to our member Sharon McLain              senting a bleeding ulcer was a grand way to get a three-day trip
on the birth of her son last October and making the list for lieu-        to the hospital and scare the pants off all of us. Good news again
tenant colonel! Welcome to the world, Conner!                             in that Carolyn is mending quickly and under strict orders NOT
     Back with more for the summer issue!!                                to do that again!! We’re just very glad that both of our gals are
                                     Dorothy (Jingles) Rimbold            doing well.
                                                                                In mid-February, Deb Barker and husband Mike, Carolyn
                OR-1 Lady Marine Rose                                     Anderson, Sandi Morris, Marge Shelton, Hellene Walker, and
                                                                          Karen Reeves traveled to join the Portland chapter (OR-1) to
                                                                          celebrate the 64th Anniversary of Women Marines. The lun-
                                                                          cheon was well attended and everyone enjoyed the day. Yours
                                                                          truly was honored to be their guest speaker.
                                                                              In her capacity as Area 9 Director, Karen Reeves visited with
                                                                          the OR-4 chapter in Salem in January and also with the WA-1
                                                                          chapter in Seattle in April.
                                                                               Our chapter’s annual Spring Luncheon is absorbing all of
                                                                          our efforts at the moment. This year the event will take place on
                                                                          May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, and that theme will be incorporated
     Flowering trees, tulips, daffodils and camellias are in full         into our festivities. In the next ‘Noucements there will certainly
bloom this time of year in our beautiful Pacific Northwest.               be more to report on how the day went.
Of course, along with the beautiful flowers comes the off and                  Our chapter is working toward adding a few new members
on again showers, but we Oregonians have developed webs                   soon and hopefully we’ll be able to share that news by next
between our toes and take it all in stride.                               newsletter.
       Our 64th anniversary luncheon was again held at the                     Until next time then, we hope everyone enjoys a beautiful
Monarch Hotel in Milwaukie. Area 9 Director Karen Reeves and              spring! Semper Fidelis!
                                                                                                                Karen L. Reeves
her entourage of seven members from OR-3, the Eager Beavers,
were most welcome guests. Karen was our honorary guest and                                OR-4 Oregon Capitol
speaker whose subject was “Firsts” — a fitting title since of the
37 members and guests attending the luncheon, 11 were WWII                    Salem’s Oregon Capitol Chapter met for their spring meet-
WRs. She held everyone’s attention with her enumeration of                ing at the home of Treasurer Barbe Hosier. Several topics
the many “firsts” attributed to women in the Marine Corps. Our            were discussed with much interest: OR-3’s Spring Luncheon,
bake and craft sale, efficiently managed by Joyce Olson and               scheduled for May 5th, and our own chapter’s annual summer
Betty Workman netted the treasury a tidy sum with Lorraine                potluck-auction. This event is our only fundraiser, and we rely
McCameron’s Hobo Bread and Rum Cake runaway winners.                      on our sister Oregon chapters to support us each year. We are
We understand the Eugene ladies munched happily all the way               fortunate to have the use of a great location at the clubhouse of
home!                                                                     a Salem mobile home park, which includes a swimming pool
   Hattie Kelley and Golda Fabian attended the funeral for                and shuffleboard court.
Margaret “Peggy” Parsons (Anderson) who served in the Marine                  This year our potluck-auction will take place on July 14th,
Corps in WWII. Peggy was stationed at Quantico where she                  which will also be our chapter’s 25th anniversary. We hope to
competed in and won many shooting championships. A red-                   have the founder of our chapter, “Dolly” Yandle, with us on
headed daredevil, at 74, she sky-dived solo on a static line. She         this occasion. She lives in Portland now and no longer drives,
was not a member of WMA but some of you who were stationed                so we don’t see her very often. One of the fun features of our
in Quantico might remember her.                                           auction is that each item is wrapped and tagged with a hint as to
  Our March meeting was canceled because of an unusual num-               the contents. There are some surprises, as you can imagine! We
ber of members who were either ill, out of town, or otherwise             hope everyone has a great summer!
unable to attend; however we are looking forward to summer                                                     Barbe Hosier
 Spring 2007                                                         24                                              ’Nouncements
                                                                                           WA-1 The Evergreen State
                 PA-2 Liberty Belles
                                                                                Our chapter had a great February meeting with 11 members
                                                                            and three guests in attendance. Our guest speaker was GySgt
                                                                            Dawn Hagman, who serves at a local recruiting station. She
                                                                            looked sharp in her dress blues, as she told us a little about
                                                                            Marine life now, and the various jobs women can hold during
                                                                            their career. She also told us that women are no longer referred
                                                                            to as “women Marines”, but simply “Marines”. After her talk,
                                                                            we all stood with pride and raised hands as she gave us the
                                                                            enlistment oath. This was our way to say goodbye to “women”
                                                                            Marines and become just “MARINES”.
                                                                                We are happy to announce that Dawn had such a good time
        The proud members of PA-2 at their anniversary luncheon.            at the meeting that she has joined our chapter. It’s great to have
     We are still growing! Since our last report, PA-2 Liberty              an active duty Marine with us.
Belles Chapter has picked up another two members. Our                           We are looking forward to our annual meeting in August at
strength now stands at 22 proud and few women Marine veter-                 the local racetrack, where they name a race for us. Here’s hoping
ans. We range in age and time of service from WWII all the way              we all “know” our horses! Semper Fidelis!
through Desert Shield and Desert Storm into the late 1990s.                                                           Barbara Betts
     PA-2 Liberty Belles chapter members, like many of us, are
                                                                                           WI-1 Wisconsin
beyond the age to re-enlist, so we are doing our part to help
those who have been there, done that and are still doing it. We
have signed on with the Southeast PA Veteran’s Center for their                    Missing the winter edition, Maj. Julie Schaeffer had been
Friend of a Vet program and adopted one of the residents there.             settling into life in Madison with her family when two compa-
We have “adopted” several Marines still serving in Iraq (male               nies in Madison hosted an appreciation dinner for any troops
and female) and have been in close contact via email with them,             who had recently returned from overseas duty. Julie, still in the
offering moral support, friendship and comfort with care pack-              reserves, had served in Iraq so she and her husband attended
ages and email. We actively support several MCJROTC units                   the event at the Elks Club and she reported it was a lovely
with awards and cash prizes, and serve on the committees and                affair. What a welcome switch from the “unwelcome” received
boards of directors of several civic and youth programs. We hold            by Vietnam veterans. You’ll be hearing more of Julie in later
leadership offices in several different veterans’ organizations.            issues.
We help veterans who need transportation to keep appointments,                   The annual Salute to the Legislature falls during February
contact and support Marines returned wounded from Iraq dur-                 and was combined with the scheduled meetings of the State
ing their recovery, and are sponsoring a Marine Vietnam vet’s               Department of Veterans Affairs, all being held this year at
daughter for a scholarship from WMA to attend Gettysburg                    Monona Terrace Conference Center. A stakeholder’s conference
College. Most of all, we try to support each other, reaching out            was held in the morning, various meetings with the legisla-
to all veterans, male and female, to let them know they are not             tors in the afternoon and the usual programs and reception in
forgotten, and that we are grateful for their accomplishments               the evening with Governor Doyle being one of the speakers.
and service.                                                                Annette Howards and Connie Allord, a committee member of
   On April 15 we hosted a dinner near Reading to commemo-                  the department, attended all events and Connie, the usual meet-
rate the 64th Anniversary of the Women Marines, and to honor                ings the next day.
our WWII Marines who so courageously stepped forward when                       Winter months in Wisconsin are rather inactive but plans for
it just wasn’t the proper thing to do. For photos from this din-            the months ahead are never ending. The Wisconsin Department
ner, log on to our new website at: We had               of Veterans Affairs has instituted a women veterans program and
a wonderful time sharing camaraderie with veterans of all eras,             in February hosted a forum at the Veterans Museum in Madison
male and female, and raised some extra money with a really fun              for any women veterans who could attend, also inviting men and
silent auction. Certificates of appreciation were presented to two          family members. A panel of three Army women (two veterans
Marine Corps League Detachments for their considerable sup-                 and one active) led the discussions which were most informa-
port of our chapter activities, and to our faithful Area 2 Director,        tive.
Alice Dolbear, for leading us through this first year. She was                  One of the ongoing events that knows no season are funerals
also drafted to perform an impromptu officer installation to                and Marge Marshman, being the chaplain on the Madison area
replace our current president who had to step down for personal             firing squad, has dutifully fulfilled her role for the many funer-
and career scheduling conflicts. Our newest member, Joan                    als of our departed comrades. Her dedication is commendable.
Alexander, agreed to step in to Leticia Rodriguez’ shoes and                     A first for Wisconsin - the Secretary of the Department of
take the reins for this second year. Joan is also the driving force,        Veterans Affairs, John Scocos, is also a colonel in the Army
creator and manager behind our new web site noted above. We                 reserves and was deployed to Iraq in April. Although he’ll be
hope you will take the time to check in on this site regularly, to          greatly missed, he’s leaving the department in the able hands of
keep up with all the activities and to find useful links to other           the deputy secretary, William Kloster.
areas of interest to Marines and veterans.                                        Looking forward to our spring meeting May 5
                                      Kathy Van Gorder                                                            Connie Allord

  ’Nouncements                                                         25                                                    Spring 2007
                                                                                                                                                War         Veterans
                    WV-1 MARTCOTO                                                                                                               Association, West
                                                                                                                                                Virginia Veterans
 Our chapter attended a special session at our state capitol: West
                                                                                                                                                Coalition,     WWII
Virginia state legislation salutes veterans for their uncommon
                                                                                                                                                Veterans Association,
valor, recognizing the extreme sacrifices made by men and
                                                                                                                                                and our local chap-
women of the United States military. Members of the state leg-
                                                                                                                                                ter represented the
islature deemed February 19, 2007, Veterans Visibility Day to
                                                                                                                                                women of the United
honor the state’s sons and daughters who dedicated themselves
                                                                                                                                                States Marine Corps
in service to this country and to each West Virginian.
                                                                                                                                                - past and present.
   The state legislature is presenting a bill that would provide a
bonus of $400 to $600 to veterans who fought inside or outside a                                                                                 Cheryl Arbogast
combat zone. The state legisla In attendance were organizations                          Representatives from all the veterans’ organizations
representing every facet of military services to inc1ude Veterans                                 attending Veterans Visibility Day.
of Foreign Wars, Vietnam Veterans of America, the Korean

RM&D Address Updates                                                                 KEENE, LOUISE G 3778 GRANADA DR. PALISADE, CO 81526-9633
                                                                                     KEENER, STELLA ANN 1357 VICTORIA DR. GARDNERVILLE, NV 89460-8452
ADAIR, MIGDALIA 989 PEACH AVE. APT 7 EL CAJON, CA 92021-5721                         KLIMEK, CLARA 92 ELLINGWOOD DR. ROCHESTER, NY 14618-3604
ALLEN, DOROTHY L 816 LYNTHIA DR, NE BROOKFIELD, OH 44403-9643                        KNIGHT, ARLINE F 2000 EMERALD CT. UNIT 232 TEWKSBURY, MA 01876-5216
AVELAR, MEGAN ELIZABETH 377 ASPEN ST. BEAUFORT, SC 29906-3509                        KRUSA-DOSSIN, MARY ANN PSC557, BOX 302 FPO AP 93679-0302
BECKNER, JENNIFER N 135 S MYERS ST. OCEANSIDE , CA 92054                             MCCARTHY, HELEN L 705 17TH ST N # 119 VIRGINIA, MN 55792
BELTZ, IDA J W5333 LARK RD. SHAWANO, WI 54166-6915                                   MCKINNEY, DORIS S 902 DEFOORS MILL CIR NW ATLANTA, GA 30318-2356
BERDON, DORIS N 1023 CARLISLE DR. RAYMORE, MO 64083                                  MCWHITE, JANET 6629 E COOPERSTOWN DR. TUCSON, AZ 85706-8452
BOLEY, SHERRI L 5549 GA HIGHWAY 262 N, PELHAM, GA 31779-6356                         MICKLE, JACQUELINE D 1304 RHAWN ST. APT 429 PHILADELPHIA, PA 19111
BURKE, VIRLA ANN 3059 JESSICA ST. NEWBURY PARK, CA 91320-4427                        MITCHELL, PATRICIA A 1497 SW MANOR LAKE DR LEE’S SUMMIT, MO 64082-4182
CARMAN, KATHERINE G 414 GREEN ST. GRAHAM, NC 27253-2917                              MONROE, CYNTHIA (CINDY) K 4912 AUGUST LANE KANSAS CITY, KS 66106-1744
CARROLL, EVELYN 10600 E BARCLAY PARK LOOP TUCSON, AZ 85748-1726                      MORIN, JAN E PO BOX 462 LEWISTON, NY 14092-0462
COBBLE, LEAH AMBER 130 ANTHONY FORD RD. PENHOOK, VA 241373548                        MUNN, KATHLEEN A 131 N MONTGOMERY ST. PONTOTOC, MS 38863-2003
CUTTING, EMILY E 1643 23RD ST. FLORENCE, OR 97439-9548                               NEWMAN, DEBORAH E 6960 SUMNER ST, APT 102 THE COLONY, TX 75056-5306
DICKERSON, TERESA A 6504 HANCOCK ROAD SEBRING, FL 33875                              NEYER, ISABELLE Q 510 W FRONTVIEW ST DODGE CITY, KS 67801-2213
DIXON, KATIE K 3309 POND PINE ROAD ST CLOUD, FL 34773-6018                           NORRIS, BETTY L 1782 N 400 ROAD BALDWIN CITY, KS 66006
DODD, MARGARET J 564 SEDGEWOOD CIR MELBOURNE, FL 32904-8033                          O’CONNOR, NATALIE W 900 W ALPINE WAY APT 152 SHELTON, WA 98584-1224
DODSON, ADA MARIE 78005 SAN TIMOTEO ST. LA QUINTA, CA 92253-6221                     O’TOOLE, BETTY J 600 RIVER’S EDGE DR. #450 ST. CHARLES, MO 63303
DOOLEY, MARY LUCETTA VA MED CNTR, BLDG 402B, ROOM 3177                               PARKS, ROBIN LESLEY 251 BUBBLING WELL RD. DENVER, NC 28037-9546
         500 E VETERANS ST., TOMAH,WI 54660                                          PEREGRIM, ANNE M 136 5TH ST BLAKELY, PA 18447-1027
DRAUDE, MARYSANDRA 9325 ELKHORNE RUN CT LORTON, VA 22079-3466                        PERRONE, MARY J 1720 FAIRWINDS DR. LONGS, SC 29568-5732
ELLIS, DAWN N 803 DOUGLAS AVE. SAN MARCOS, CA 92069-2224                             PICKETT, RUTH B 2820 RAINBOW LANE BANNING, CA 92220-3743
ERICKSON, MITZI LEE 809 S DAMEN AVE. CHICAGO, IL 60612-3858                          PILGRIM, VICKY S 8787 SOUTHSIDE BLVD. APT 5307 JACKSONVILLE, FL 32256-5461
EUBANKS, JULIA F 415 SASSAFRAS LANE ROSWELL, GA 30076-3624                           POVALAC, ELLEN A 6020 STACEY RD. CHARLESTOWN, IN 47111-9691
FLEEGER, KATE E 520 AZELEA DR. HAMPSTEAD, NC 28443-8040                              PRESS, NAOMI J 6767 86TH AVENUE NORTH, PINELLAS PARK, FL 33781
GANZEL, THELMA S 800 SMITH RD APT 18 TEMPERANCE MI 48182-1086                        REED, JACKLYN M 8275 MARINERS DR, APT 252 STOCKTON, CA 95219-4579
GILMORE, MARIA E 5150 N VALENTINE AVE # 215 FRESNO, CA 93711-4000                    REILLY, HELEN G 321 MADISN GREEN POMPTON PLAINS, NJ 07444-2139
GORDON, DOROTHY MARIE 93 HIGH RIDGE DRIVE STAFFORD, VA 22554                         REW, GLEE H 9311 LUCE PL PICO RIVERA, CA 90660-1434
GRASSI, ANDREA M 6315 89TH AVE W UNIVERSITY PLACE, WA 984671643                      RUIZ, PATRICIA DAWN 22506 JOHN ROLFE LANE KATY, TX 77449-3635
GROVE, HILMA E 19547 PINE CONE DR MACOMB, MI 48042-4244                              SALIC, FRANCES W 627 S ILLINOIS AVE APT B2 LITCHFIELD, IL 62056-2737
GUNION, M. LUCILLE 1620 PARKVIEW LANE LARGO, FL 33770-4415                           SANCHEZ, TAMARA L 2570 SKYLINE DR LEMON GROVE, CA 91945-2961
HARRIS, KARA JAYNE 1306 PETREE STREET #460 EL CAJON, CA 92020                        SEVERS, JOYCE K RR 4 BOX 75 MONTROSE, PA 18801-9426
         CHARLOTTE HALL, MD 20622                                                    SHEARER, PEGGY A PO BOX 552 EMMETSBURG, IA 50536-0552
HOWARD, JANE L 7019 LOST LAKE LN ROSEVILLE, CA 95747-8318                            SIMMS, KIMBERLY A 1427 BRISBANE WOODS WAY CARY NC 27518-9252
JOHNSON, KIM C 2D MLG FWD HQCO UNIT 739 FPO AE 09509                                 SMITH, BETTY L 2535 WOODCHUCK ST NE CANTON, OH 44705-3240
JONES, CHARMAIN A 104 PINEFIELD DR . GREENVILLE, SC 29605-3514                       STOKES, BEVERLY A 4208 DUFFER LOOP SEBRING, FL 33872-3858
KALIAN, EVELYN C 701 COLUMBIA ST APT 113 VANCOUVER, WA 98660-3486                    SWEEZEY, JODIE L 43205 CASHEW ST EUSTIS, FL 32736-8668

 Spring 2007                                                                        26                                                          ’Nouncements
RM&D Address Updates                    (Continued)
TAYNOR, JANET A 1245 S TOMICHI DR FRANKTOWN, CO 80116-8359                         WEINER, ETTA P 2200 MILL CROSSING DR. APT 215 VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 234541251
TSABETSAYE, LYNELLE S PO BOX 1076 SANDERS, AZ 86512                                WILSON, VELMA L 1624 CROWN AVE MEDFORD, OR 97504-7006
WALTON, BRENDA E 6504 HANCOCK ROAD SEBRING, FL 33875                               WYNN-HUDGINS, RUBY M 301 MCMENCHEN ST #321 BALTIMORE, MD 21217
WEEKS, TORRIE B 2046 BARNETT AVE, #6933 QUANTICO, VA 22134                         ZARATE, AMERICA X 6506 CARRINGTON SKY DR APPOLLO BEACH, FL 33572-1731

Membership Update                                                                  JOHNSTON, SUSAN ELLEN PO BOX 1642 TRACY, CA 95378
                                                                                   KELCH, LUCILLE 1000 SOUTH ANZA #5 EL CAJON, CA 92020
Life (From Term)                                                                   KENVILLE, COLETTE DAWN 730 BROOKS ST. ANN ARBOR, MI 48103
ANDERSON, NANCY P 201 MAPLE DR. GREENSBURG . PA 15601                              KLOEHN, DONNA L 6913 GLEN LANDING AV. LAS VEGAS, NV 89130
BEATTY, KAREN E 5227 OAK AV. PASADENA, TX 77503-3919                               KOROL, TAMERA LYNN 850 S. PRAIRIE PARK WICHITA, KS 67218
DERMODY, KELLY M 3110 BORGE ST. OAKTON, VA 22124                                   LAKE, TERESA NICOLE P.O. BOX 33071 FORT SILL, OK 73503
FRANK, HARRIET J 2518 EAST 54TH ST. TULSA, OK 74105-7219                           LAYTHE, DEBRA JEANNE 306 CONNER GRANT RD. NEW BERN, NC 28662
HENDERSON, CRYSTAL M 4805 FRAZEE RD. #309 OCEANSIDE, CA 92052                      LEVASSEUR, GLORIANA M 445 N WILMONT RD. APT 350 TUCSON, AZ 85711-2624
LEVESQUE, NANCY L 532 WELSH DR. RUTHER GLEN, VA 22546                              LLOYD, MARY C 1611 MOLINE ST. STOUGHTON, WI 53589
                                                                                   LUOMA, MAGGIE GRUBB 1113 APACHE TR. GEORGETOWN, KY 40324
Life (New)                                                                         MARRERO, PATRICIA 9968 GARDENIA LN. PHILADELPHIA, PA 19115
CARGOS, CATHERINE A 13467 E 44TH DR. YUMA, AZ 85637-6351                           MERRELL, ANGELA D PO BOX 3381 GRETNA, LA 70054
PHILMAN, JOAN MARCIA 96 CR 577 MOUNTAIN HOME, AR 72653                             PHILLIPS, DIANA C 730 LOWE DR. CEDAR HILL, TX 75104
TARVER, EUGENIA M 304 COUNTY RD 363 ROSEBUD, TX 76570                              POLACEK, ANNA JUSTINE 9201 PORTNER AV. APT 128 MANASSAS, VA 20110
New Members                                                                        REHAHN, BETTY JANE 38651 LAKEVIEW RICHMOND, MI 48602-1457
                                                                                   RHOADES, STEPHANIE NICOLE 102 CARDEN ST. HENDERSONVILLE , TN 37075
                                                                                   RYON, ROSALIND R 3207 N MONROE ST. APT 209 TALLAHASSEE, FL 32303-2866
                                                                                   SANCHEZ, IRMA REYNA 5724 94TH ST. LUBBOCK, TX 79424
                                                                                   SCHMOLL, ANASTASIA 3890 MARGARET WAY CARLSBAD, CA 92008
                                                                                   SHEFFIELD, ROSE MARIE 1655 MACOMBS RD #3D BRONX, NY 10453
                                                                                   SHILLING, SANDRA G 630 W NC 102 AYDEN, NC 28513
                                                                                   STUMP, CATHERINE M 1811 DOLPHIN ROW DR. BEAUFORT, SC 29906
                                                                                   TABOR, CYNTHIA KAY1619 KELLIWOOD OAKS DR. KATY, TX 77450
                                                                                   TAYLOR, ELIZABETH 689 ESTONIA CT. SAN JOSE, CA 95123
                                                                                   THOMAS, ROBIN 56208 SADDLEBACK RD. BANDON, OR 97411
                                                                                   TRUELOVE, ALLISON H 226 BUNKER HILL DR. BELLE CHASSE, LA 70037
                                                                                   UPWARD, SUSAN ELIZABETH 1002 TAIT ST. APT B OCEANSIDE, CA 92054
                                                                                   VANHOUTEN, JESSICA LYNN 519 CEDAR BROOK CRESCENT UTICA, NY 13502
                                                                                   WHITE, JANET KAY 2009 BIERCE DR, VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 23454
                                                                                   WILLIAMS, JANNIFER ROSEMARY 33740 WILLOW HAVEN LN. UNIT #101, MURRIETA, CA 92563
                                                                                   WILSON, ELLEN FRANCELLA 473 SAILFISH COVE SATELLITE BEACH, FL 32937-3723
                                                                                   WILSON, SANDY M 421 LEE ROAD, #439 SELMA, AL 36874
                                                                                   WOLFE, REBECCA BROWN 10876 CATLETTS STATION COURT BRISTOW, VA 20136
                                                                                   WRIGHT, CONNIE R PSC 557 BOX 1231 FPO AP 96379
                                                                                   WRIGHT, LANETTE NICOLE 7018 WYTHEVILLE CIRCLE FREDERICKSBURG, VA 22407
                                                                                   WRUBLE, LUPE 1239 REDFISH DR, RIVIERA, TX 78379
                                                                                   [REINSTATED] BARTELT, M JEANNE 6922 VERA CRUZ CT CITRUS HGTS, CA 95621-4329
                                                                                   [REINSTATED] BROOKS, MONICA 296 LOS PADRES DR. OCEANSIDE, CA 92054
                                                                                   [REINSTATED] GAGLIANO, MELANIE W 126 JASON’S RIDGE GRIFFIN, GA 30233-5867
                                                                                   [REINSTATED] GEESAMAN, MARION C 4830 KENNETT PIKE APT 2506 WILMINGTON, DE 19807-1852
                                                                                   [REINSTATED] GRIFFIN, AGNES C 30 CHELSEA ST. UNIT 506 EVERETT, MA 02149
                                                                                   [REINSTATED] GWIN, VERA 2201 WILSON DR BEAUFORT, SC 29902
                                                                                   [REINSTATED] HORVAT, DOROTHY J 200 KOPPER KETTLE RD. WASHINGTON, PA 15301-3161
                                                                                   [REINSTATED] HOWARD, JOYCE A 243 VALLEY FORGE ST. BELLE CHASSE, LA 70037
                                                                                   [REINSTATED] NOVACK, KATHY L 6905 CHERRY LN. ANNANDALE, VA 22003
                                                                                   [REINSTATED] SILLENCE, ROSE MARIE 7508 28TH NE SEATTLE, WA 98115-4636
                                                                                   [REINSTATED] THOMPSON, BONNIE J 306 BATTERY CREEK RD. BEAUFORT, SC 29902
                                                                                   [REINSTATED] THOMPSON, JEAN C 809 ALAMANDA DR. LARGO, FL 33770-4025
                                                                                   [REINSTATED] VALENCIA, ROSANNA B PO BOX 12084 ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87195
                                                                                   [REINSTATED] WILSON, JESSIE M 5507 SCANDIA LN APT G310 KANSAS CITY, MO 64118-5835
 HERTHEL, KRISTIAN N 941 E LAWN DR. FORT WAYNE, IN 46819                                                                   LIFE MEMBERS    2118
                                                                                     Membership                            TERM MEMBERS    1422
                                                                                     Totals                                HONORARY MEMBER
                                                                                                                           TOTAL MEMBERS

  ’Nouncements                                                                     27                                                                 Spring 2007
Individual Donations
Donor                   Honoree                                                                Donor                Honoree
VIRGINIA ALLRED         Mary Knapp, Olga Bullock & Hazel Reuter                                GEORGIA RAHMOELLER Valerina Annette Meyer & Jacquelyn Rockarmann
JUDITH F ANDERSON       Sondra Metzger & Mary Ann Merritt                                      ELIZABETH F RICE    Margaret (Peg) Pruett
LENA V ANDERSON         Ida (Caires) Murray                                                    PAULA D SARLLS      Sondra Metzger & Mary Ann Merritt
BARBARA M ARCHER        Betty Noble                                                            PAULA SARLLS        No specific honoree
MARY EV BANE            Margaret (Peg) Pruett                                                  JANET K SHAW        Olga Bullock
DEBRA BARKER            No specific honoree                                                    ANITA & NANCY
ZELDA K. BARROWS        No specific honoree                                                     SIEGMUND           Olga Bullock
BASTROP POST OFFICE     Martha Montgomery                                                      LYLA M SPELBRING    Margaret Dekiep
DORIS A BELL            Sondra Metzger & Mary Ann Merritt                                      WILLIAM R STRAUWALD Marie T. Bressemann
PAMELA JOHNSON                                                                                 CATHERINE Y TELFORD No specific honoree
 BLOUSTINE          Olga Bullock, Shirley Heckard,                                             RUBY L TUCKER       Billie Jean Riddle
                    & Tim Willauer, son of Joan Willauer                                       MARGARET M WALKER Olga Bullock
JEANNE A BOTWRIGHT Sondra Metzger & Mary Ann Merritt                                           CAROL J WATSON      Sondra Metzger & Mary Ann Merritt
KATHERINE M BRNJAC Olga Bullock                                                                JUNE E WORDEN       Sondra Metzger & Mary Ann Merritt
LEA M CASSIDY       Mary Jane Diver                                                            WMA CHAPTER DONATIONS SUBMITTED
FRANCES DAVIS       Olga Bullock                                                               CA-2 SAN DIEGO
ALICE P DOLBEAR     Sondra Metzger & Mary Ann Merritt                                          COUNTY              Olga Bullock
KATHLEEN EIDSON     Olga Bullock                                                               CA-4 NORTH CENTRAL
CAROL M EUBANKS     Mary Rose, Louise Jones & Vera Pallin                                      CALIFORNIA          Lucille Harness
BEVERLY J FRANKLIN  Jane Wallis                                                                CA-6 MT. DIABLO
FRANCES L FOSTYK    Margaret J. Caponi                                                         CALIFORNIA          Martye Johnson
GLADYS R GALLIVAN   Olga Bullock                                                               CO-2 PIKES PEAK
LOUISE O GEORGE     Hazel M. Reuter                                                            MUTTER              Cara Sankey
ANN LAWRENCE GRASTY Marie T. Bressemann                                                        CT-1 NUTMEG         Scholarship Donation
ALICE J HABER       Lucille Otis                                                               FL-2 FLORIDA
PATRICIA M HAMILTON Shirley C. Heckard                                                         GULF COAST          Alice Chaney, Virginia Thomas, Marie T. Bressemann
JOYCE M HARTLEY     Irene Fritz & William Billeb, husband of Bertha Billeb                                          & no specific honoree
JOYCE M HARTLEY     Mary Knapp & Ethel Zabelski                                                FL-8 SPACEPORT       Margaretta Ann (Peg) Anderson, Nancylee Paul,
FERN P HAUSS        Carol J. Hoffman, Louise Jones, Mary Jane Diver,                                               Rita Schwall & Beverly Stokes
                     Mary Knapp & Olga Bullock                                                 IL-2 BLANCHE
KAREN SUE HEAVENS   Marie T. Bressemann                                                        S. OSBORNE          Louise Jones, Mary Rose, Dorthea Love, Margaret Valentine,
MARY E HUGHES       Mary Lally & Annette (White) Toomy                                                              Josephene Heustes, & Florence Berke
INEZ JOHANNSEN      Hazel M. Reuter                                                            MA-1 BAY STATE      Mary Lally, Victoria Perez, Evelyn Norton, & Annette Toomey
MARJORIE A KOTLER   Olga Bullock                                                               MI-1 MICHIGAN       Betty J. Freeman, Lucille Otis & Bill Luckey,
CAROL A KRALL       Doris Higden                                                                                   husband of Jenny Luckey
HELEN H LAUKES      Louise Jones, Mary Ann Rose, Maxine Darr, Dorthea Love,                    NV-1 SAGEBRUSH      Mary Knapp & Ethel Zabelski
                     Mary Knapp, Josephene Heustes, Florence Berke, and                        MO-1 ST. LOUIS      Jacquelyn Rockamann, Betty W. Chaffin,
                     Arthur Valentine, brother of Margaret Valentine                                               Betty L. Anderson, & Valerina Meyer
RHONDA G                                                                                       OK-1 OKLAHOMA
 LEBRESCU-AMTOWER Sondra Metzger & Mary Ann Merritt                                            SOONERS             Virginia Beekman
MARGARET J MAGES    Olga Bullock                                                               OR-1 LADY MARINE
MITZI MANNING       Olga Bullock                                                               ROSE                Sylvia E. Simpson
BETTY V MCGHEE      Edna Martin, Cuba Pilant and Grace Santee                                  PA-3 MOUNTAIN
EVELYN D MONTGOMERY Olga Bullock                                                               LAUREL              Maude (Holigan) Gottlieb
CAROL ANN MUTTER    No specific honoree, Sondra Metzger & Mary Ann Merritt                     TX-1 LONE STAR
JACQUELINE NASH     Beverly Russell                                                            STATE               Helen J. Sanford
BARBARA JO OLIVER   Pauline Piskorik                                                           WI-1 WISCONSIN
LUCILLE A OTIS      Gloria Weiss & Frank Koob, son of June Koob                                WOMEN MARINES       Eleanore Little & Rose M White
MARIA PELLITIER     No specific honoree                                                        WA-1 THE EVERGREEN
ALICE R PHILLIPS    Gloria Weiss & Frank Koob, son of June Koob                                STATE               Hazel M Reuter, Marian E McNamara, & Alice Bond

Members who contributed in response to the mailer envelope in the 2006-2008 RM&D
 MARY H. ADKINS                 MARY M. COLLINS                   MARION FITCHETT                  ELIZABETH W. HEAPY            MARY A. MCGEE                      ERMA M. STREETMAN
 MARIA R. ALEXANDER             PAMELA R. COLTON                  LORRAINE B. FLANAGAN             RUTH B. HORGAN                PAULINE A. MCLAUGHLIN              CATHERINE Y. TELFORD
 VERONICA B. ALFORD             ARLINE COOK                       HARRIET J. FRIED                 ANNETTE M. HOWARDS            BLANCHE G. METLER                  CORALIE C. THOMSON
 ELSIE M. ANDERSON              JOAN FAY COOK                     MURIEL M. FRISE                  JEAN M. JACKMAN               BARBARA A .MEYERS                  CLARE TROTTER
 DOROTHY JEAN ARTHUR            MARJORIE L. COX                   HELEN M. GALVAN                  ROBYN E. JOGNSON              CATHARINE J. MILLER                JOAN VITALE
 JULIANA H. AUSTIN              LOIS M. DALE                      MARILYN F. GERHARDT              ELIZABETH J. KELLEY           STEFANIE C. NEGLEY                 KAY VON INS
 BETTY L. BAKER                 HEDWIG E. DASSINGER               HELEN S. GRAHL                   MILDRED L. KELLIHER           BETTY B. NOTAR                     HELEN WECERA
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 FLORENCE A. BIEBER             KELLY M. DERMODY                  ELLEN TOWNSEND GRIMM             VIRGINIA B. KOUBA             HELENE B. PERKINS                  RUTH WIRSTAD
 JANE K. BLACK                  WALTHA DIDSTRUP                   BLANCHE L. GRUESSER              DOROTHY A. KRAEMER            PATRICIA PERSINGER                 VIVIAN I. WOOD
 DOROTHY BLACKWELL              E. LUCAS DOWLER                   ALICE E. GUNNERSON               HELEN H. LAUKES               DOROTHY L. POBOZNY                 MARGARET F. WOODS
 KATHRYN WIGGINS BRAND          MAE P. DUGE                       PATRICIA DAY HALLAGAN            FERNE L. LAUTER               GEORGIA A. PORTER                  JEANETTE H. ZAJAC
 HELEN M. CAMPBELL              JUNE E. DUKES                     CAROL P. HAMM                    BETTIE P. LERDALL             LILLIAN L. RENFRO                  YVONNE M. ZIEGLER
 JEAN L CARROLL                 BARBARA J. DUNTLEY                DOROTHY D. HARBIN                ARDITH E. LONG                JO ANN SHIPPEE
 PATRICIA A. CARROLL            NANCY M. DUSSEAULT                BILLEE J. HARE                   JAYNE B. LORAINE              MARY ALICE SIDWELL
 JOAN M COLLINS                 RUTH E. FITCH                     CONSTANCE A. HAZEN               ELIZABETH L. MARSH            JEANNE K. STOPULOS

               WMA’s WIMSA Chair Matching Donations (as of 05/14/07)
               Contributions for BGen Brewer’s Chair :                                                           Contributions for Col Bishop’s Chair:
               WMA Members - total contributions = $279.50                                                       WMA Members - total contributions = $435.50
                 Ethel D Fritts, June E Dukes, Cheryl W. Jackson, Kathryn J Van Hool                               Ethel D Fritts, Thelma Green, Cheryl W Jackson
               WMA Matching contribution - $279.50                                                               WMA Matching contribution - $435.50
               Total for BG GenBrewer’s Chair - $559.00 - This completes the balance needed for this chair.      Total for Col Bishop’s Chair - $871.00

  Spring 2007                                                                               28                                                                 ’Nouncements
                                                                        Bulletin Board
         The first female has been appointed as the sergeant major of                                     attending the opening ceremony of the state Senate in Olympia, where
 Marine Corps Installations West, a command overseeing seven instal-                                      he gave the opening prayer.
 lations west of the Mississippi River.                                                                                                             Marine Corps Times
       SgtMaj Wayne R. Bell officially “passed the sword” to SgtMaj                                                                                    HHH
 Barbara J. Titus. The new sergeant major’s responsibilities will be to                                             The Navy honored Medal of Honor recipient Cpl Jason L.
 oversee the organization’s drills, discipline, morale and administra-                                    Dunham on March 24, 2007 by naming a guided missile destroyer
 tion, USMC officials said.                                                                               after the fallen Marine hero during a ceremony in his home town.
      SgtMaj Titus enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves on March 3,                                         Hundreds of students, teachers and veterans packed the gym of Scio
 1978. She attended DI School at Parris Island, later becoming a Chief                                    Central High School as Navy Secretary Donald C. Winter announced
 Drill Instructor, and also served as an instructor at the Air Traffic                                    that the name of the Navy’s newest Arleigh Burke class guided missile
 Control Maintenance School in Millington, TN.                                                            destroyer (DDG19) would honor his memory.
     In Congressional speeches honoring women in the military, Titus,                                         The Navy currently has six destroyers named after Marine Medal
 who has served overseas, was praised in May 2004 as “an invaluable                                       of Honor recipients. Winter said he expects the USS Jason Dunham to
 leader in the Marine Corps.”                                                                             serve the fleet well for many years to come.
                                                HHH                                                           The USS Jason Dunham will be christened in 2009 and commis-
     The price you pay to be a “wanna-be”:                                                                sioned in 2010.
     A St. Louis man who posed as a Marine and wore military med-                                                                                   Sgt. Helen M. Searcy
 als not awarded to him was sentenced to two years of probation on a                                                                                   HHH
 federal charge on April 10.                                                                                 Injured Marines now have a new chain of command in place to help
     Michael Gerald Weilbacher, 48, also will serve 120 hours of com-                                     streamline medical care bureaucracy.
 munity service at a military organization and pay a $3,000 fine. He                                          The Wounded Warrior Regiment will help wounded leathernecks
 pleaded guilty February 1.                                                                               through medical and physical evaluation boards, assist them in mak-
     Weilbacher joined the South St. Louis Detachment of the Marine                                       ing insurance claims, act as a clearing house for charitable donations
 Corps League by representing that he had been honorably discharged                                       and work to ensure accountability and non-medical case management
 from the Marines. He appeared at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball on                                       during their recovery. The regiment will focus on ensuring the injured
                                                                                                          receive the same level of medical care no matter where they live in
 November 11 wearing several medals and decorations, including the
                                                                                                          the country, according to the regimental commander, Col Gregory
 Navy Cross.
      Several people who were there contacted the FBI, suspicious of                                           The colonel also wants to have the ability to reach back to the
 Weilbacher. He admitted he had never been a Marine. The original                                         Marines who have already left the service, including those injured in
 charge against Weilbacher was a misdemeanor. After he was charged,                                       the first wave of the Iraq war, and wants to contact them on a monthly
 Congress passed the Stolen Valor Act, making the crime a felony.                                         basis to let them know the Corps is still out there and still cares about
     And yet another:                                                                                     them.
    A Puyallup man posing as a Marine Corps captain admitted in court                                                                     Excerpted from Marine Corps Times
 April 5 that he was a fake.                                                                                                               Kimberly Johnson, Staff Writer
      Reggie L. Buddle, 59, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in                                                                                   HHH
 Tacoma to unlawful wearing of U.S. military medals and decorations.                                          According to Gen Richard A. Cody, vice chief of staff of the Army,
 He faces a maximum six months in prison and a $5,000 fine when                                           all of Walter Reed’s problems in wounded warrior care have either
 sentenced June 21.                                                                                       been fixed or are being fixed, and are being fixed across the Army.
    Buddle never served in the Marines and is not ordained, but during                                       The problems brought about the activation of the Warrior Transition
 2005 and 2006 he repeatedly posed as a decorated Marine captain, as                                      Brigade, which will serve as the model for all of the Army’s medical
 well as a chaplain. He wore a uniform that included medals awarded                                       treatment facilities with a wounded warrior population.
 for extraordinary contribution to national defense and heroism in                                            Among the solutions: all wounded warriors have been moved out
 combat, as well as one for service in Vietnam. He bought the uniform                                     of Building 18; a soldier and family assistance center was established
 at a military surplus store. The medals belonged to his brother, a                                       that consolidates seven in-processing locations down to two; every
 Marine who died in Vietnam. As a chaplain, he presided at weddings,                                      family member traveling to DC to be with a wounded warrior is now
 baptisms and funerals of service members.                                                                met at the airport by a soldier in uniform and taken to the assistance
     He wore the uniform and posed as a chaplain Feb. 27, 2006, while                                     center.
                                                                                                                                        American Forces Press Service

WMA National                                                                                  WMA insulated travel mugs (red w/ USMC emblem on both sides). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$8.00
                                                                                              WMA insulated travel mugs

Merchandise Sales
                                                                                              (green with WMA patch on one side and the USMC emblem on the other side). . . . . . . . . . $8.00

                                                                                              WMA Cap (3 months delivery). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $30.00
WMA Patch, small . . . . . . . $4.00 WMA Patch, large . . . . . . . $4.50                     Chapter designation: ___ ___ -___ ___
WMA Pin, Hat (pin or clutch) . . . . $3.00 WMA Pin, Life . . . . . . $3.90                     Example: CA-1 (4 spaces only except USA-1,2,3.) Size: (1” above ears - allow for hair style)
WMA Clock (10 3/4” diameter gold toned frame, green lettering and logo) . . . $10.00          Sizes for WMA Caps:
Bezel . . . . .$4.00
WMA Flag . . . . . $182.00
                                                                                              20 1/2 - 20 7/8 . . . . . XSm                      22 3/4 - 23 1/8 . . . . . . L
Chapter Streamers                                                                             21 1/4 - 21 5/8 . . . . . . Sm                     23 1/2 - 23 7/8 . . . . . . XL
(36” red ribbon embroidered with chapt. designation and name). . . . . . . . . . . $35.00     22 - 22 3/8 . . . . . . . . . M                    24 1/4 - 24 5/8 . . . . . . XXL
Book, “Above & Beyond, Former Marines Conquer the Civilian World”
 (shipping & handling included) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $30.00        Medallion,’90 Denver Conv . . . . . . . . $3.00
                                                                                              50th Anniversary Medallions . . . . . . . $5.00
                                                                                              50th Anniversary Paper Weights . . . $10.00
                                                                                      Make All Checks Payable to WMA
Contact: Gloria Nix, Merchandise Sales Chairman • 3802 North 12th Ave., Pensacola, FL 32503-3162 • Cell: (850) 936-2016 Home: (850) 433-5292 • email:
   ’Nouncements                                                                                      29                                                                               Spring 2007
                   Women Marines Association                            Merchandise sales Women Marines Association
                                                                                              Item: WMA Decal (Inside auto windshield)
Chapter       Send chapter ads to Sondra Metzger, 3805 NE141 Circle, Edmond, OK 73013-        Cost: $1.00 ea. (includes postage). For Chapters: $20 for 25 decals
Merchandise   7221. When WMA sales items are no longer available, notify Sondra so they can   Chapter: Make checks payable to Gold Coast of Florida (FL-3)
Sales         be removed.                                                                     Contact: Ruth Beisner, Lyndhurst E-99, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
                                                                                              Item: Seals
 Books                                                                                        Cost: $1.25 for 10 Chapter: Make checks to FL-2
 Item: Not “Just Another Cookbook” More than 100 recipes                                      Contact: Sylvia Morgan, 13662 87th Avenue, Seminole, FL 33776
        by food grouping. Size: 6”x9”
 Cost: $5.75 (includes shipping) Chapter: NC-1                                                 Shirts and Sweats
 Contact: Mary Sabourin, 339 Bear Creek Rd., Hubert, NC 28539-3409
                                           ✰                                                   Item: Night Shirt/VCoverup, White, knee length, round neck, WMA logo
 Item: A limited edition booklet of line drawings portraying Women Marines, signed                   “The Few, The Proud” in green
 and numbered by the artist, Marion A. Alien, a Regimental Artist during WWII. The             Cost: $20.00 (Incl. postage and handling)
 original art is now a part of the U.S. Marine Corps Art Collection at the Museums             Size: One-size-fits-most, short sleeve only Chapter: Bay State, MA-1
 Branch, Washington, D.C. Printed in Forest Green ink.
                                                                                               Checks: Payable to Bay State Chapter, WMA
 Size: 12-Page Booklet (10”X7-1/4”)                                                            Contact: Joyce Barden, 56 Poor St, Andover, MA 01810
 Cost: $3.00 (including postage) Chapter: TX-2                                                                                            ✰
 Contact: Barbara Clark, 3539 Teakwood Drive, Pearland, TX 77584                               Item: White Sweatshirts and T-Shirts Women Marines’ logo in green
           or e-mail                                                                    (WWI, Current, WWII) Courtesy of Col Charles Waterhouse
                                         ✰                                                     Cost: T-Shirts- M, L, XL and XXL @ $10.00; Sweatshirts - M, L, XL@$24.00,
 Item: We Are Marines: History & stories from women who served & are serving                            XXL @ $25.00 Pay to: WMA PA-2 Liberty Belles (Price includes shipping)
 Cost: $25.00 ($4 shipping & handling) Checks: NC-1                                            Contact: Kathy Van Gorder, 584 Barrington Rd., Collegeville, PA 19426
 Contact: Mary Sabourin, 339 Bear Creek Rd., Hubert, NC 28539-3409                                                                        ✰
                                         ✰                                                     Item: Golf shirt Dark (Hunter) Green with WMA logo (matches green
                                                                                                      covers) embroidered in white. Available in sizes (S) to (XXL)
 Item: “The American Flag” Booklet                                                             Cost: $28.00 (includes postage) Chapter: VA-1 Crossroads
 Cost: $4.00 (includes shipping) Payable to: CA-8, WMA                                         Make checks payable to: WMA, VA-1
 Chapter: Palms to Pines                                                                       Contact: Lori B. Cousins, 2220 Wildflower Way, Locust Grove, VA
 Contact: Ozell Barksdale,                                                                                  22508 (540) 399-9925 Email:
            President, 5394 Sierra Street, Riverside, CA 92504                                                                            ✰
           (951) 688-2806                                            Item: Medium sage Green polo shirts with dark green trim around
                                            ✰                                                        sleeves, collar and button plaquet. Two color logo on left chest
 Item: “Parris Island: A Woman’s Memoir of Marine Corps Boot Camp”                                   (dark green and khaki). Personalization with name and/or chapter
         Signed copy by author Lisa Cordeiro                                                          affiliation available. Please specify.
 Cost: $16.95 ($3.95 shipping)                                                                 Cost: $35.00 includes shipping and personaliztion
 Chapter: MA-1                                                                                 Size: S, M, L, XL and 2XL (If you don’t want it snug, suggest a size up)
 Contact: Lisa Cordeiro, 35 Berkeley St., Watertown, MA 02472                                  Chapter: GA-1 WMA
           or order online at www.lisacordeiro.com                      Contact: Sheryl Hobden, 7158 Avalon Dr., Douglasville, GA 30135. 678-838-
                                            ✰                                                  0620 Please include your phone and/or
 Item: “Cooking With Marines”, a collection of recipes                                                    email with order.               ✰
         from Marines (2008 Fundraiser)                                                        Item: “I’m The Marine In This Family” t-shirt or sweatshirt; Your choice of
 Cost: $12.50 (includes shipping) Chapter: TX-2                                                        red or black.
 Contact: B.J. Huggins, (WMA) P.O.Box 1821                                                     Cost: T-Shirt, $15 plus $5 postage; Polo shirt, $20 plus $5 postage;
           Pasadena, TX 77501                                                                          Sweatshirt, $20 plus $5 postage. Size: S-XXXL
                                                                                               Chapter: OH-2 Chesty Puller
                                                                                               Contact: Ellen Leidy, 1107 Columbus Ave., Barberton, OH 44203
 Cards/Stationery                                                                                        (330) 825-8935 e-mail:
 Item: Name Tags, White w/ green border and logo;                                              Item: Blue DenimShirt Eagle, Globe & Anchor in gold and silver
       Two lines (name and organization); 3”x 1”                                                      embroidery over left pocket, Women Marines Association in red
 Cost: $8.00 Chapter: Make checks to FL-2                                                             print left of logo, individual’s name printed on right side.
 Contact: Sylvia Morgan, 13662 87th Avenue, Seminole, FL 33776                                 Cost: $35.00 plus $5.00 for shipping
                                                                                               Size: S, M, L, and XL (shirts run large) specify short or long sleeve style
                                            ✰                                                  Chapter: Texas Gulf Coast Checks: Payable to TX-2 WMA
                                                                                               Contact: Judy Anderson, 726 Beachcomber, Houston, TX 77062
 Item: One-sided Chapter Membership cards                                                                e-mail:
 Cost: 20 cents each (includes postage) Chapter: WMA-NJ-1, Garden State                                                                  ✰
 Contact: Winifred Reuschle, 49 Scott Drive, Bayville, NJ 08721-1224                           Item: Forest Green Sweatshirts, t-shirts, short sleeved golf shirts, long sleeved
                                                                                                      golf shirts and low profile cap.All shirts are embroidered with WMA on
                                          ✰                                                           the left side and Women Marines Association underneath. Embroidery
                                                                                                      is in white; low profile cap has WMA embroidered in white.
 Item:    WMA Postcard - 51/2” x 41/4” Wide green stripe top & left margins.                   Cost: All prices include shipping and handling per item.
          WMA logo in upper left corner                                                               Sweatshirts: M- XL - $26 each; 2X - $28 each
 Cost: 10 for $1.60; 15 for $2.10; 20 for $2.60 (prices include P&H)                                  T-Shirts: M - 2XL - $16 each; Short sleeved golf shirts: M - XL - $28 each
 Checks: CA-7, WMA Chapter: EMVSC (CA-7)                                                              Long sleeved golf shirts: M - XL - $32 each
 Contact: Eleanor L. Judge, 282 San Dimas Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92057                                 Low profile cap: one size fits all - $16 each
                                                                                               Checks: Old Dominion Chapter, WMA VA-2
                                           ✰                                                   Contact: Mickey Jennings, 6486 Lark Way, Mechanicsville, VA 23111
 Item:“My Grandmother was a Marine” decal for t-shirt
       “My mother was a Marine” decal for t-shirt Cost: $2.25 each                            Jewelry
        (includes shipping)
 Item: Women Marine Rose Decal (1 large, 2 small)                                             Item: WMA Bolo w/ WMA Logo and cord in gold finish (also available bolo
 Cost: $3.50                                                                                  with USMC Emblem only).
 Chapter: Ohio Emerald (OH-1)                                                                 Cost: $20.00 (includes shipping) Chapter: Make checks payable to TX-3, WMA
 Contact: Mary Lou Gruber, Treasurer,                                                         Contact: Anne M. Collins, 519 Devine St., San Antonio, TX 78210-1505
         30427 Wolf Road, Bay Village, OH 44140

Spring 2007                                                                            30                                                             ’Nouncements
                    Women Marines Association                           Merchandise sales Women Marines Association
Jewelry continued                                                                              Item: WMA logo Rubber Stamps
Item:        Pin “WOMAN MARINE”                                                                Cost: Large stamp: $11.00 (includes mailing) Small stamp: $8.00 (includes
Cost:        $10.00 (includes shipping)                                                              mailing) 0Chapter: CA-7 (Checks to: EMV, CA-7, WMA)
Item:        Marine Corps emblem pendant w/18” chain                                           Contact: Marie A Proulx, 748 Pearwood Street, Oceanside, CA 92057-8618
Cost:        $18.00 each (includes shipping)                                                                                             ✰
Chapter: New York Metropolitan Checks: Payable to NY-2                                         Item: Fanny Pack WMA Logo Cost: $10.00 Chapter: FL-2
Contact: Roberta Eaton, 18 Maple Court, New Hyde Park, NY 11040-3105                           Contact: Sylvia Morgan, 13662 87th Avenue, Seminole, FL 33776
                                             ✰                                                                                           ✰
Item: WMA Logo Earrings (matches gold bolo)                                                    Item: Clear Vinyl Bag with Long Zipper, WMA Logo Women Marines
Cost: $10.00/pair (includes shipping)                                                                Association. Green/White Size: 9” x 12”
Chapter: Make checks payable to: TX-3 WMA                                                      Cost: $6.25 (includes shipping) Chapter: NC-1
       Please designate one: ❏ Wire/Dangle ❏ Clip-on                                           Contact: Mary Sabourin, 339 Bear Creek Rd., Hubert, NC 28539-3407
       Contact: Anne M. Collins, 519 Devine St., San Antonio, TX 78210-1505                                                              ✰
                          ✰                                                                    Item: Mouse Pad, 7” x 8”, white background, WMA logo, “The Few, The Proud”
Item: WMA Ring. Jeweler - Jostens                                                                     in green
Cost: Lustrium (non precious white) $181.00                                                    Cost: $10 Chapter: Bay State, MA-1 Checks: Payable to Bay State Chapter, WMA
       Questra (non precious gold) $218.00                                                     Contact: Joyce Barden, 56 Poor Street, Andover, MA 01810
       10 Karat Yellow Gold $325.00                                                                                                      ✰
       14 Karat Gold $395.00 (Cost includes three initials inside ring & shipping)             Item: Molly Marine picture, 8 x 10
       Note: Include ring size and phone number when ordering                                  Cost: $12 each (includes shipping) Chapter: AR-1
Chapter: FL-7 First Coast                                                                      Contact: Vickie Davis, Treasurer, AR-1, 415 Maryland St.
Contact: Gayle Plant, President FL-7, PO Box 463, Keystone Heights, FL 32656;                            Benton, AR 72015
         (352) 473-7826                                                                                                                  ✰
                                             ✰                                                 Item: 2007 WMA Historical Calendar:
Item: WMA Pendant on chain Size: 7/8 inches round                                                     “Strike Up the Band”
Item: WMA Lapel Pin Size: 7/8 inches round                                                     Cost: $15 each (includes S&H)
Cost: $19.75 each (including shipping)                                                         Chapter: TX-2, WMA
Chapter: FL-7 First Coast                                                                      Contact: Judy Anderson,
Contact: Gayle Plant, President FL-7, PO Box 463                                                          726 Beachcomber, Houston, TX 77062
          Keystone Heights, FL 32656; (352) 473-7826                                                       email,
                                             ✰                                                                                           ✰
Item: Charm “Semper Fi”                                                                        Item: Handmade soy wax candles (Lavender, White Tea and Ginger, Rose,
Cost: $15.00                                                                                          Lemon and Lovespell)
Chapter: Lady Marine Rose (OR-1)                                                               Cost: 9 oz. $10 (plus $5 Shipping); 16 oz. $15 (plus $5 Shipping)
Contact: Cleary Creations, 2225 NE 130th Ave., Portland, OR 97230-1704                         (Two candles or more contact or Rosa_rmr@yahoo.
                                             ✰                                                 com for correct shipping)
Item: Red, White, Blue Austrian Crystal elastic bracelet                                       Checks: WMA-Phyllis Alexander Chapter: SC-1
Cost: $12.00 includes shipping Chapter: IN-1 Checks: Payable to IN-1                           Contact: Rosa Robertson, WMA, P.O. Box 5296, Parris Island, SC 29905 (or via
Contact: Diane Ward, 8310 W. 88th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46278 (317) 873-4113                email)
Miscellaneous Items                                                                                                                      ✰
Item:         USMC Sun catchers (also have other military branches)
Cost:         $5.00 each                                                                       Item: “I’m Proud To Be A Women Marine” ribbon magnet, 8”x 3”
Size:         4” round w/suction hanger Chapter: CA-15                                         Cost: $6 each (includes postage)
Contact: Pat Murray, 40701 Rancho Vista #92                                                    Item: WW II magnet, 3-1/2”x 2-1/2”, red letering on white
            Palmdale, CA., 93551 (661) 718-8324                                                      background with blue border
                                  ✰                                                            Cost: $2 each (includes postage)
Item: Travel neck pouch, black w/two zippered sections                                         Contact: Marie Proulx, 748 Pearwood St., Oceanside, CA 92057-8618
       on one side with clear section on reverse with
       WMA logo; adjustable strap; size 6-1/2”x4-1/2”                                                                                 ✰
Cost: $5.00 each (includes shipping)                                                           Item: Woman Marine cover cross stitch pattern, with backstitch
Chapter: NM-1 (checks payable to NM-1 Sandia Chapter)                                                eagle, globe and anchor.
Contact: Stella Delgado-Kinnison, 204 General Patch NE, Albuquerque, NM 87123                  Cost: $2.50 each (includes shipping) Chapter: OH-1
                                               ✰                                               Contact: Janet Lascko, 3157 W. 82nd St., Cleveland, OH 44102 or
Item: WMA Logo Magnet. Ideal for gift. Size 2” long, 11/2” wide                                Payments can be made through PayPal at
Cost: $2.00 includes postage Chapter: NJ-2                                                              this same email address.      ✰
Contact: Lorraine Nankivell, PO Box 208, 38 Point Pleasant Rd, Hopatcong, NJ 07843-0208
                                     ✰                                                         Item: 2006 convention Luggage Tags; Green vinyl with white lettering
Item: New aluminum license plate in distinctive RED                                            Cost: 2/$5.75 (includes shipping & handling) Chapter: Rocky Top Chapter, TN-1
        lettering on white. Includes a Semper Fi sticker                                       Contact: WMA, TN-1, 818 Wild View Way, Knoxville, TN 379207609
Cost: $8.00 (postpaid) Chapter: FL-4, Tampa Tarpons
Contact: Laveme H. Myers, 3803 Drexel Avenue, Tampa, FL 33611-1517                                                                               ✰
Item: WMA “Semper Fi” bumper sticker (for anyplace—boat, luggage, etc.).                       Item: “Koozie” Bottle or Can size sleeve for sweat absorption, foldable foam,
        White w/green - 2” x 9”                                                                green, with WMA logo in white on one side, other side in white letters: “No
Cost: $1.50 ea. for 5 for $6.45 or 10 for $11.00; postpaid                                     Sweat, the WOMEN Marines are on duty” Cost: $4.00 each, or 20 for $75.00
Contact: Laverne H. Myers, 3803 Drexel Avenue, Tampa, FL 33611-1517                            (Price includes shipping)
                                               ✰                                               Contact: Kathy Van Gorder, 584 Barrington Rd., Collegeville, PA 19426
Item: High quaity 16 oz Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug w/locking lid, green              e-mail: Fax: 610-489-4383
        WMA logo on both sides, Comfort handle, fits universal auto holder.                                                            ✰
Cost: $10.00 each including shipping & handling
Chapter: OR-3 Checks: Payable to WMA OR-3                                                      Item: Bumper sticker, The Few, The Proud, The Women Marines
Contact: Karen L. Reeves, 6923 Jessica Drive, Springfield, OR 97478                            Cost: $1.50 each (Price includes shipping) Chapter: NM-1 (checks payable to
          (541) 741-1213 e-mail:                                                Sandia Chapter)
                                ✰                                                              Contact: Phyllis Young, 1070 Stovall Ave., Bosque Farms, NM 87068
Item: WMA Umbrella, green with WMA logo, Automatic Open Button
        Size: Collapsed 15 inches long, open 21 inches long and 36 inches wide                  Acceptance of an advertisement for printing in ‘Nouncements in no way endorses, nor does it indi-
Cost: $17.75 (includes shipping) Chapter: FL-7 First Coast                                      cate approval of the quality of the product. All local and state taxes, including any licenses, are the
Contact: Gayle Plant, President FL-7, PO Box 463, Keystone Heights, FL 32656                    responsibility of the chapter submitting the ad. A percentage of profits from the sale of merchan-
         (352) 473-7826                                                                         dise advertised on these pages must go to a chapter in order to be listed here.

 ’Nouncements                                                                             31                                                                              Spring 2007
   WoMen Marines association
 Application for Membership (PLEASE PRINT) Check Applicable box: ❏ New ❏ Renewal ❏ Reinstated ❏ New Life ❏ Life
Dates served                             to                           How did you hear about WMA?

           (Last)                                                    (First)                                   (M.I.)                              (Last Name Used On Active/Reserve Duty)
              (Street)                                                                                   (City)                                          (State)                       (Zip+4)
SSN                                          DOB                      Chapter Code                           Phone (                )
                                                    (mo/day/yr)                           (i.e., CA-7)

Molly Marine Award Recipient                             If yes, year                MOS/Special Skills

Email Address                                                                          Please add Email to WMA Communications List

                    Dues include ‘Nouncements and the Resource Manual and Membership Directory. Please check your membership level
Dues: ❏                   ❏                                                ❏
           1 Year $15 2 Years $25 Life Dues (pro-rated by age): 30 & Under $220          31-45 $190      ❏ 46-60 $155         ❏61 & Over $120      ❏
I certify that by my signature that I am now serving or have served honorably in the Unted States Marine Corps, regular or reserve components.

Signature                                                                              Date:                              Enrolled by: (member/chapter)
Please provide Next of Kin information in case of an emergency.

Next of Kin                                                                                                              Relationship

Address                                                                                                      Phone (                    )

Make check payable to WMA and mail with application to:                                Women Marines Association
                                                                                       P.O. Box 8405 • Falls Church, VA 22041-8405

            Application for membership in Loyal Escorts of the Green Garter The Auxiliary of the WMA
Check applicable box ❐ New                           ❐ Renewal ❐ Reinstated ❐ Regular ❐ Life                                                (Sponsor must be a WMA Life Member)
(Please Print)
                                                                                                                                                       2-year Membership - $25
Name: _________________________________________________________________                                                                                     Life Membership
                 (Last)                                          (First)                                       (Middle Initial)                          (Fee pro-rated by age)
Address: ________________________________________________________________                                                                      (Sponsor must be a WMA Life member)
                                                                (Street)                                                                     Sponsor’s WMA Life Membership # ________
City and State with Zip Code: ___________________________________________________                                                           ❐ 40 & under ...$175.00 ❐ 41 to 45 ...$145.00
                                       (City)                                             (State)                       (zip + 4)
                                                                                                                                                         ❐ 46 to 60 ...$125.00
Telephone with area code: (winter)______________________ (summer) ____________________
                                                                                                                                              ❐ 61 to 70 ...$100.00 ❐ 71 to 80 ...$75.00
e-mail address: ____________________________________________________________                                                                             ❐ 81 & Over ...$50.00

Contact in case of emergency with address and phone: ____________________________________

Address: ____________________________________ Telephone:_____________________                                                               Signature: ______________________________
            (Street)                            (City)                     (State)
DOB: ______________ SSN: _________________________________________                                                                          Date: ________________
         Day / Month / Year                                  (Necessary for machine accounting)                                                  LOYAL ESCORTS MUST BE SPONSORED
Sponsor’s Name: _________________________________ Sponsor’s Chapter Code: _________                                                              BY A WMA MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING
                       (Last)                      (First)          (Middle Initial)                                                        Make checks payable to Loyal Escorts of the Green
Is Your Sponsor a [a]           Friend [b]        Relative? Do You Live with Sponsor?: __ Yes __ No                                         Garter and mail to:
                                                                                                                                                    Jeanne Cantrell, Secretary/Treasurer
Enclosed Amount of Dues: $____________                                                                                                              Loyal Escorts of the Green Garter
Dues include ‘Nouncements if not already received in household.                                                                                     11 Brown Street
                                                                                                                                                    Irving, Texas 75061-6000

                    Women Marines
    Address Service Requested
  Women Marines Association
         P.O. Box 8405
 Falls Church, VA 22041-8405

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