Breast augmentations: Cons and pros

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					Breast augmentations: Cons and pros
Years, breast augmentation is considered customary for many women in their 20s, 30s,
and garden and has it done a standard procedure. Many plastic surgery clinics consider
this procedure, one of the most profitable procedures among women. In the United
States has one out of 10 women had their breasts removed or augmented? Since it is
considered mundane to most people, having breast implants are still major surgery and
requires a good and cosmetic surgeon.

Having bigger breasts becomes a main concern to many women. Having a nice set of
breasts actually boosts confidence and makes a woman feel more of a woman. Going
under the knife becomes the main concern in this procedure. It may cost a lot of money
and physical strength, and some women just cannot afford it. For that reason, breast
augmentation alternatives have been studied and became readily available to everyone.
Auto augmentation is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes existing tissue and
enhances is projection. Stem cell breast augmentation, popularized in Japan, is also
another non-invasive surgery that utilizes existing cells and having them regenerated to
augment bust size. In the traditional breast surgery, shaping and healing takes months
and with stem cell augmentation, effects are visible within days. Traditional breast
augmentation may leave scars and can be very painful so this alternative has become
popular to many women since its inception. It is considered natural as it makes use of
existing cells already found in the breasts which doesn't require the incision of a foreign
object such as saline bags and silicone.

Risk Factors

Despite the boost in confidence that it provides, having saline or silicone implants has
its risks and side effects:

      Breast feeding Women with saline or silicone implants may breastfeed but that is
       not always the case. The placement of implants may sometimes disturb the milk
       ducts-this is often the case if the implants are incised in the areola.
      Mammography Breast Augmentation makes it difficult to read breast cancer
       screening and mammogram. Mammogram is the best way to detect breast
       cancer and having implants makes it hard for a technician to detect certain
      Loss of Sensation Breast augmentation with implants may affect sensation in the
       chest area. Some lose sensation in the nipples because of damaged nerve
      Leaking Saline implants often leaks. If ruptured inside the breasts, the saline
       seeps through tissues that may cause scarring, bruising, and blotting on the skin.
       Localized complications such as hardening of the breasts may also occur.
Selecting Certified Plastic Surgeon

Whatever the process, it can be invasive or non-invasive, it can go, the choice of the
Board-Certified plastic surgeon is vitally important. It is also important advice to the
family doctor than to go to the operation. Plastic surgery has its risks, and passes
through the beauty is often unavoidable. Breast expansion also has its advantages, but
one must always be wary and wise decision.

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