KOICA Scholarship Program Schedule - 2011 Second half

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					                       KOICA Scholarship Program 2011 (Fall Semester Intake)

                                                                            No. of     Closing Date
No            School                  Program              Duration                                          Website         comments
                                                                          Participant for Application

        Graduate School of     Master’s Degree Program
                                                        August, 2011 –
1      International Studies,      in International                           20      March 11, 2011
                                                       September, 2012
     Seoul National University  Development Policy

        Graduate School of   Master's Degree Program
                                                         August, 2011 –
2          Governance,       in Global e-Policy and e-                        20       May 31, 2011
                                                           July, 2012
     SungKyunKwan University       Government

        Graduate School of      International Graduate
                                                         June, 2011 –
3       Pukyong National         Program of Fisheries                         20      April 29, 2011
                                                         August, 2012
            University                 Science

         Graduate School of
        International & Area   Master’s Degree Program
                                                          July, 2011 –
4              Studies ,           in International                           20       May 20, 2011
                                                         August, 2012
       Hankook University of     Development Studies
           Foreign Studies
         Graduate School of
     International Development Master’s Degree Program
                                                          July, 2011 –
5          & Cooperation,      in Agriculture and Rural                       20        May 13, 2011
                                                        September, 2012
         Hankyong National          Development
                                                                                          Closing Date
                                                                              No. of
No           School                    Program               Duration                          for              Website         comments

     Graduate School of Public Master’s Degree Program
                                                       : August, 2011 –
6        Administration,           in Global Public                              17       March 3, 2011*        new
                                                          July, 2013
     Seoul National University      Administration

        Graduate School of
                               Master’s Degree Program
      International and Area
                                   in International        July, 2011 –
7        Studies (GSIAS),                                                        17       May 20, 2011      new
                                    Development            August, 2012
       Hankuk University of
      Foreign Studies(HUFS)

                                 Master’s Degree Program
     School of Government &
                                     in Rural Society
           Economics,                                        August, 2011-                       
8                                Leadership Development                            13      April 15, 2011                            new
        Yonsei University                                   December, 2012                                 wonju/won_gsgb.asp
                                    for Global Poverty
        (Wonjoo Campus)
                                 Master’s Degree Program
     Korea University of           in Global Education       August, 2011-
9                                                                                  13      April 15, 2011        new
  Technology and Education         Program for Young        December, 2012
                                    Technical Leaders
  *Applicants of the Master’s Degree Program in Global Public Administration at Seoul National University may submit school
  application form first until the mentioned due date. All the other supporting documents should be submitted until the end of March
  **Detailed information and application forms for individual programs will be announced in due course.

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