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					            Information for Prospective
International Graduate Students

Southern IllInoIS unIver SIt y Carbondale

Graduate SChool
Information for
InternatIonal Graduate StudentS
                                                                                                    aquaculture, water resources research,
                                                                                                    wildlife ecology, reproductive physiology,
                                                                                                    psychology, research on aging, rural health
                                                                                                    care, rehabilitation, workforce education,
                                                                                                    finance, anthropology and archaeology,
                                                                                                    radio/television, aviation and automotive
                                                                                                    technology, and many areas of the arts and
                                                                                                    humanities, such as creative writing, art and
                                                                                                    design, and American philosophy.

                                                                                                    For more information about SIUC research,
                                                                                                    visit, or contact John
                                                                                                    Koropchak, Vice Chancellor for Research
                                                                                                    and Graduate Dean, at
                                                                                                    or (618) 453-4526.

                                                                                                    Services to International
                                                                                                    Students and Scholars
                                                                                                    In addition to serving as home to several hun-
                                                                                                    dred international graduate students, SIUC
                                                                                                    also hosts more than 200 international fac-
                                                                                                    ulty, researchers, and scholars each year. A
                                                                                                    comprehensive menu of services is available
  Outstanding educational opportunities are available for international                             to international students and scholars from
     students at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC)!                                    pre-arrival information to departure assis-
                                                                                                    tance. The university promotes international
The Graduate School invites you to explore        woods and a lake as a site for its academic       relations at the grass roots level by providing
its rich tradition of providing international     buildings and residence halls.                    a variety of cultural and educational activi-
students with a wide range of high quality                                                          ties. These serve the university’s broad mis-
educational opportunities and services at our     SIUC’s Morris Library has recently been           sion of fostering international understanding
University. Throughout its history, SIUC has      completely renovated and is among the             by bringing local and international people
believed that ethnic and cultural diversity are   top-ranked in the United States with over         together to share cultures.
integral to excellence in education. Because      2.7 million volumes, 3.6 million microforms,
of its commitment to the global community, the    and approximately 40,000 current serial and       the International Student Council
University has ranked consistently high in the    periodical subscriptions. In addition, the        The International Student Council is an um-
nation in terms of international enrollment. Of   computing environment at the University is        brella organization of 42 international student
its total graduate enrollment of approximately    designed to provide easy access and 24-hour       associations. Together they enhance cul-
4,000, there are more than 900 international      availability to all SIUC students, faculty, and   tural understanding through various events
graduate students representing over 100           staff.                                            shared with the campus and the southern
countries. The first international graduate                                                         Illinois region. Annual events include an
student was admitted in 1947, and in 1949, the    research at SIuC                                  International Festival, soccer tournament,
first international graduate student completed    As a Doctoral Research University – High          and international holiday celebrations.
degree requirements.                              Research Activity (Carnegie Foundation
                                                  classification), SIUC ranks among the top
Carbondale is a small city with a friendly,       4% of U.S. higher education institutions and
                                                                                                    the International Friends Club
                                                                                                    One of the strengths of SIUC’s international
informal atmosphere located approximately         is the only major research university in the
                                                                                                    programs is the sharing of resources be-
100 miles southeast of St. Louis, Missouri,       southern half of Illinois. We are home to
                                                                                                    tween the university and the southern Illinois
and 350 miles south of Chicago. Immediately       nearly 5,000 graduate and professional stu-
                                                                                                    community. Through community programs,
south of Carbondale begins some of the most       dents, out of a student population of just over
                                                                                                    international students and American volun-
rugged and picturesque terrain in Illinois.       21,000. We offer master’s degrees through
                                                                                                    teers are able to enjoy a variety of opportu-
Two state parks and four recreational lakes       70 programs and doctoral degrees through
                                                                                                    nities for multi-cultural exchange, gaining
are located within ten miles of the campus,       30 programs, as well as degrees in law and
                                                                                                    a uniquely personal perspective of global
with much of the area part of the 263,000         medicine (the latter through our medical
                                                                                                    issues and establishing lasting friendships.
acre Shawnee National Forest. In the midst        school in Springfield).
                                                                                                    At SIUC, diversity is a way of life—an im-
of this small city setting lies SIUC, a dynamic
                                                                                                    portant and exciting part of the fabric of our
international research University. The cam-       Research and teaching strengths at SIUC
                                                                                                    community, weaving the university together
pus itself includes more than 3,290 acres,        include materials science, clean-coal technol-
                                                                                                    with the nation and the world.
and has developed a 981 acre portion with         ogy and energy systems, plant biotechnology,
Other on-campus services include grad-         DEGREES OFFERED                                a Master’s degree with
uate student housing, a health clinic, day     (See end of brochure)                          a double Major
care for children, a Recreation Center                                                        We also offer the option of obtaining one
with excellent facilities for exercise and     DOCTORAL DEGREES                               Master’s degree with two majors. As an
sports, and a Student Center with bowl-        We offer 30 doctoral degrees.                  international student, you would have to be
ing, dining areas, and check-cashing                                                          admitted initially to one primary program.
services. In addition, there are musicals,     MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMS                       However, after enrollment at SIUC, if you
plays, and concerts throughout the year,       We have 70 Master’s programs and 4 Master      wished to combine your major with another
and a lake for swimming and boating            of Fine Arts degrees                           Master’s degree program, you may be allowed
activities. There is a campus transit bus                                                     to do so if permission is given by the depart-
system available for student use which                                                        ment you have been admitted to and by the
                                               GRADUATE CERTIFICATE
also serves many locations in town. The                                                       program you wish to add as a second major.
community at-large offers several movie                                                       This is an opportunity to combine two degree
                                               We have 8 graduate certificate programs.
theaters, excellent restaurants, and                                                          programs in much less time than it would take
other forms of entertainment that cater                                                       to complete two separate Master’s degrees.
                                               CONCURRENT MASTER’S
to almost any taste.                                                                          See the Graduate School catalog for details;
                                               DEGREE PROGRAMS
                                               The following concurrent degree programs       contact Nancy Vorhees in Woody Hall B-116
To assist in making that important choice      have been designed with cooperation            for more information.
about a graduate program, please read this     between specific departments so that two
booklet carefully and view our website at      degree programs can be pursued at the same In addition, the      time. Currently, these programs are offered:
                                               •	 Master of Business Administration /
                                                                                                    SIUC is committed to
Graduate School staff is always available to
assist with questions concerning application
                                                   Mass Communication and Media Arts               providing international
                                                   (Telecommunications specialization)
and admission procedures and financial         •	 Master of Business Administration / Agri-      graduate students with an
assistance.                                        business Economics
                                                                                                outstanding and rewarding
DEGREES AND                                    You must be admitted to the program in which
DEGREE OPTIONS                                 you have primary interest first, and may            educational experience.
AVAILABLE AT SIUC                              pursue the addition of the second program         Please allow us to be your
At SIUC, we have a wide variety of op-         as soon as possible after your enrollment at
tions available for pursuing graduate          SIUC. See the Graduate School catalog for          “home away from home.”
education.                                     details; contact Nancy Vorhees in Woody Hall
                                               B116 for more information.
See list below of the departments approved to offer the Direct Entry and Accelerated Entry
options. This option allows students to complete a Ph.D. in substantially less time than it
would take to first complete a Masters degree and then enter and complete a Ph.D. program.

•	 direct entry
  If the department wishes, they can choose to admit a student directly from a Bachelor’s
  degree into a Ph.D. program. The student must have the appropriate grade point aver-
  age on the last two year’s of the Bachelor’s degree which is normally required on all
  graduate work for Ph.D. admission, that is, a 3.25 (B+ average).

•	 accelerated entry
  If the department wishes, it may first admit the student as a Master’s student, and after
  one or more semesters, the department may request that the student be then admitted to
  the Ph.D. program. The student must have a 3.25 GPA on all graduate course work.

    Departments Approved to Offer Direct Entry and Accelerated Entry
    Department                                     Direct Entry   Accelerated Entry
    Anthropology                                       Yes              Yes
    Business Administration                            Yes              Yes
    Chemistry                                          Yes              Yes
    Computer Science                                   Yes              Yes
    Economics                                          No               Yes
    English                                            No               Yes
    History                                            Yes              Yes
    Molecular, Cellular & Systemic Physiology          Yes              Yes
    Molecular Biology, Microbiology & Biochemistry     Yes              Yes
    Pharmacology                                       Yes              Yes
    Philosophy                                         Yes              Yes
    Applied Physics                                    Yes              Yes
    Plant Biology                                      Yes              Yes
    Political Science                                  Yes              Yes
    Psychology                                         No               Yes
    Sociology                                          No               Yes
    Speech Communication                               Yes              No
    Zoology                                            Yes              Yes
Graduate School requirements                       toeFl requirements                               require higher than a 550/213/80 TOEFL for
To be considered for admission to a gradu-         The English language requirement may be met      admission to their programs:
ate degree program, a student must meet            in several ways:                                 Applied Lings / TESOL      570/230/88
the following minimum Graduate School              •	 A 550 on the paper-based TOEFL                Anthropology               600/250/100
requirements:                                      •	 A 213 on the computer-based TOEFL             History                    600/250/100
                                                   •	 An 80 on the internet-based TOEFL             Mass Comm & Media Arts 600/250/100
Graduate Point average (GPa)                       •	 A 6 on the IELTS                              Plant Biology              600/250/100
requirements                                          ° SIUC’s school code is 1726.                 Political Science          600/250/100
For admission to a Master’s program:                  ° Students must submit an official TOEFL      Speech                     600/250/100
•	 2.7 (on a 4.0 grading scale - approxi-                score report from ETS; scores must be
    mately a B- average) on the last two                 no more than 24 months old from test       Center for english as a Second
    years of the Bachelor’s degree                       date to date of enrollment.                language - CeSl
•	 3.0 (approximately a B average) on all             ° If you have recently completed a bach-      Anyone not meeting SIUC’s English require-
    previous graduate work                               elor’s degree or a substantial number of   ment is welcome to enroll in our CESL pro-
For admission to a Ph.D. program                         hours of coursework at a U.S. school,      gram. For graduate programs requiring only
•	 3.25 (approximately a B+ average) on all              you may be able to meet the English        the minimum TOEFL (550/213/80), successful
    previous graduate level course work                  requirement in another way. English        completion of the Graduate Student English
If an overall grade such as “Good”, “Very                language requirements vary accord-         course with at least a 500 TOEFL will satisfy
Good” or “Excellent” is given on a student’s             ing to individual situations, especially   the Graduate School’s English language re-
diploma, this grade will normally be used to             if you have previous schooling in the      quirement. Some departments require a
determine admissibility. For most countries,             U.S. What will satisfy SIUC’s English      specific TOEFL score of 550 or higher.
an overall grade of “Very Good” or “Excel-               requirement is always determined by
lent” is required. In some cases, if the overall         the Graduate School Admissions Of-         Completion of CESL classes does not guar-
grade is low, but the grade point average on             fice, not the department.                  antee a university admission. In some cases,
the last two years meets the above require-                                                         a “conditional” Graduate School admission
ments, this will be taken into consideration.      When you have met the above minimum gen-         may be possible in advance of CESL enroll-
                                                   eral Graduate School requirements, you are       ment. Contact the department you wish to
Please note that individual departments may        eligible to apply to a department. Depart-       apply to for more information.
have higher GPA requirements for admis-            ments may have additional requirements of
sion into their own programs. In that case,        their own, which may include a higher mini-
you must meet both the Graduate School             mum GPA and/or a higher minimum TOEFL.
minimum GPA requirements and the higher
departmental GPA requirements.

                                                   Please note that the following departments       Financial Clearance requirement
Immigration requires that all international               School fellowship, no additional funding
students provide proof of funding for their               is required.
first year of studies in the U.S. Before an I-20    Any questions regarding financial clearance
may be issued, the University is responsible        requirements should be directed to Ms. Mi-
for obtaining proper financial documentation.       chelle Neill. See contact information inside
A “financial clearance” may be based on one         back cover.
of three sources:
•	 Personal Sponsor— If the student will be         departmental requirements
    sponsored by a relative, friend or even         Departments may have additional require-
    himself/herself, two documents must be          ments of their own that must be met in
    presented to verify funding:                    addition to the above GPA and TOEFL re-
    •	 A written statement from the sponsor         quirements.
       saying that they agree to pay the stu-
       dent’s expenses for his/her first year       Graduate tests
       of Graduate School at SIUC (it should        It is up to the individual departments whether
       specify the student’s name). It should       or not they require any of the graduate tests,       It is always best to apply well in advance of
       have an original signature of the spon-      such as the:                                         your desired enrollment date. Nine to twelve
       sor and should state his/her relationship    •	 GRE (Graduate Record Exam)                        months is recommended as ideal, although
       to the student.                              •	 GMAT (Graduate Management                         admission is often possible in a shorter period
    •	 A bank statement should also be pro-              Admission Test)                                 of time.
       vided from the sponsor stated above,         •	 MAT (Miller Analogies Test)
       showing that such funding is available.      Most of SIUC’s departments require one of            See “Degree Program Information” on the
    •	 Students must prove that approximate-        the above tests; often they do not require a         Graduate School home page for deadlines;
       ly $29,500 is available. The above docu-     particular score, but rather consider the test       also check the department’s home page.
       ments should be sent to the department       score as part of the entire application pack-
       with other application materials.            age. In almost all cases, you must submit an         beginning dates for
These will eventually be forwarded to Ms.           official score report which is no more than 5        Specific Programs
Michelle Neill in the International Students        years old by your enrollment date.                   Some programs only admit students in the fall
and Scholars Office. She will evaluate the                                                               semester, some only in summer or fall. Others
information provided. If additional documen-        application Fees                                     may admit students for any semester.
tation is required, Ms. Neill will write to the     All departments require a $50.00 nonrefund-
student. In some circumstances where time           able application fee. This is a fee which is         Much of the information above can be ob-
is of the essence, faxed documents may be           required in order to have your application           tained by checking a list of basic departmen-
accepted if originals can be sent later.            considered for admission. Should you wish            tal admissions information on the Graduate
•	 Agency, Employer or University Sponsor           to apply to more than one department, you            School home page. Go to www.gradschool.
    - A statement verifying the source of fund-     must submit separate fees to each program. , then click on “Degree Program
    ing should be included in application ma-                                                            Information.”
    terials, including the name of the person       letters of recommendation
    to be contacted for further information,        Most departments require 3 letters of recom-         Once all of the required materials are sub-
    their address, fax, etc. An email address       mendation. These may be from current or              mitted, it is up to the individual department
    is helpful.                                     previous professors or advisors, or in some          to decide whether or not they wish to admit
•	 SIUC Funding - If the department admit-          cases, employers. They should be from                a student. The decision may be made by
    ting the student also will guarantee partial    persons who can recommend you as having              the Director of Graduate Studies, the Chair,
    or full funding for the student’s first year,   potential for success as a graduate student.         or by committee. They may admit or reject
    requirements are as follows:                    Check departmental application materials             a student for whatever reason they see fit.
    •	 If the department provides a 50% as-         for details.                                         Because one department has rejected you
       sistantship for the student’s fall and the                                                        does not mean you cannot apply to another
       following spring semesters, a financial      Statement of Purpose                                 program. For example, students applying
       clearance will be granted based on this      Some programs require that students submit           to the Psychology department will find a
       funding.                                     a “Statement of Purpose,” a one or two page          very selective admission process and early
    •	 If the department provides a 25% as-         statement explaining why the student wishes          deadline. However, related programs can
       sistantship for the student’s fall and the   to pursue graduate studies, why they are par-        be found in the departments of Educational
       following spring semesters, the student      ticularly interested in that major, what they wish   Psychology, Rehabilitation Counseling, and
       must provide approximately $9,000.00 of      to do with their degree.                             Behavior Analysis and Therapy. Students
       their own funding from another source.                                                            in the sciences will find related programs
    •	 Students starting school in the spring       deadlines For applying                               of study in Biological Science (a terminal
       semester and being given assistant-          While the Graduate School in general does            Master’s degree), Physiology (offering both
       ships for the spring semester and the        not have an application deadline, many de-           Master’s and Ph.D.’s) and the Molecular
       following fall, may need to provide          partments do. The earliest, for example, is          Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry
       proof of some funding for the summer,        currently December 1st, for the Fall semes-          (Master’s and Ph.D.’s).
       as a tuition waiver for summer will not      ter. It is wise to obtain this information early
       be included.                                 in the application process so that sufficient
    •	 If the student is awarded a Graduate         time is allowed for admission consideration.
                                                                                                         TO ChOOSE A
DEGREE PROGRAM                                                                                               FOR ADMISSION
•	 The Graduate School home page is at                                                                       Before an admission can be processed and Click on                          your name and date of birth                    an I-20 issued for an international student,
   “Academic Degree Programs” for a list                      Graduate Test Score (GMAT, GRE, MAT);
   of graduate degrees offered at SIUC.
                                                          °   it is up to each department whether or not
                                                                                                             the following documents must have been
                                                                                                             presented to the department to which the
   Click on the name of each program for                      they require a test score. Most do NOT         student is applying, and forwarded by them
   access to the departmental web page.                       have a specific score that is required, but    to the Graduate School Admissions Office.
•	 For basic information about each pro-                      rather consider it with all of your applica-
   gram, click on “Degree Program Infor-                      tion materials.                                India, Pakistan, bangladesh
                                                              “Statement of Purpose” – a one or two          and nepal:
   mation”. This will give you a chart list-
   ing degrees within each program, areas
                                                          °   page statement explaining why you              Copies of all marksheets and diplomas for
                                                              want this particular degree, how you           all university coursework and exams taken
   of specialization, tests required, terms
                                                              think it will help you, what you wish to       and degrees earned. Individual marksheets
   of admission, application deadlines, etc.
                                                              do with your degree after graduation,          for each examination taken are required;
   Within that chart, click on “Departmen-
                                                              etc.                                           consolidated marksheets are not acceptable.
   tal Contact Information” – this will tell
                                                              TOEFL; Our school code is 1726. Your           Marksheets and diplomas must be as issued
   you the main secretary (or sometimes a                 °   official score will be sent to the Gradu-      by the university and certified by the univer-
   faculty member) who is responsible for                                                                    sity Registrar or Controller of Exams, or (for
                                                              ate School Admissions Office and we
   dealing with prospective students. This                                                                   Indian documents) by the U.S. Educational
                                                              will forward a copy to the department.
   is the person you may contact for more                                                                    Foundation in India. English translations
                                                              Please also send a photocopy of your
   information regarding the program and                                                                     are also required, but need not be certified.
                                                              Examinee Score Report to the depart-
   also the person to whom you send all
                                                              ment, with a note that the original has
   application materials. Please address                                                                     Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and the
                                                              been requested from ETS. If you are
   all materials to this specific address. If                                                                newly Independent States, the Baltic Re-
                                                              applying from overseas, the minimum
   you would like more in depth information                                                                  publics, South and Central America, French-
                                                              score is 550 / 213 / 80. We also accept
   about the program, you should contact                                                                     speaking Africa and Canada:
                                                              the IELTS with a minimum score of 6. If
   the Director of Graduate Studies for that                                                                 Transcripts and diplomas in the native lan-
                                                              you have recent schooling in the U.S./
   department. Email for                                                                      guage are required, and are considered the
                                                              U.K. / Australia, some exceptions may
                                                                                                             official documents to be used as the basis for
   the name / email / phone of that person.                   apply.
                                                                                                             admission. Photocopies of such documents
•	 In the left hand column of the home                        Financial Statement and Bank State-
   page is a link to the Graduate School
                                                          °   ment from your sponsor. The Finan-
                                                                                                             in the native language should have an origi-
                                                                                                             nal school seal from the university registrar’s
   catalog, which is only online. Chapter                     cial Statement form may be down-
                                                                                                             office. English translations of the same are
   two has program and course descrip-                        loaded from our home page at www.
                                                                                                             required, but need not be certified. Students
   tions.                                            and
                                                                                                             from European Union countries now issuing
                                                              click on “Financial Statement Form for
                                                                                                             transcripts and diplomas in English only may
TO APPLy TO A                                                 International Students”. If you must
                                                                                                             submit certified copies of those only.
DEGREE PROGRAM                                                have funding from SIUC in order to
 Once you have chosen the program or                          enroll, check “YES” under “C” and              Mainland China:
programs you wish to apply to, proceed as                     just submit the form. If you are able to       Students must submit copies of all transcripts
follows:                                                      provide your own funding, submit the           and diplomas in Chinese, with grades listed
•	 Fill out the online generic Graduate School                form signed by your sponsor and at-            numerically or in Chinese characters. All
    application at A                 tach a bank statement from the same            copies of documents in Chinese must have
    copy will be viewable to both your depart-                person. Contact if you          an original school seal (red ink stamp or
    ment and the Graduate School Admissions                   have questions.                                embossed school seal) from the Registrar’s
    Office.                                                                                                  Office or the Controller of Exams. English
•	 Check the departmental home page for
                                                       hOW ADMISSIONS                                        translations of all transcripts and diplomas
    application materials required by that par-
                                                       DECISIONS ARE MADE                                    are also required, but need not be certi-
                                                       If admission is recommended by the department,        fied. Diplomas must state that you were
    ticular program. If you are unable to find
                                                       you may receive a letter from that program stat-      “awarded” or “granted” a bachelor’s / mas-
    that information, contact the departmental
                                                       ing that your admission has been recommended          ter’s degree. Graduation “certificates” just
    secretary.                                         to the Graduate School. The paperwork is then         stating that you completed the program are
•	 ALL application materials must be returned          sent to the Graduate School Admissions Office         not sufficient.
    to the secretary in the department.                in Woody Hall, where the formal paperwork is
•	 Materials normally required are:                    done. You are not actually “admitted” and eli-        From most countries, diplomas in the native
        Online Graduate School application at
                                                       gible to register until your paperwork has been       language are required (exceptions are India,
                                                                                                             Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Iran and Arab
                                                       approved and processed through the Admis-
        Departmental application form (requesting
   °    info specific to that program); if required,
                                                       sions Office. The official admission letter, signed   countries).
                                                       by the Associate Dean of the Graduate School,
        these will be on the department’s website                                                            From Ireland and the United Kingdom,
                                                       and the I-20 form are sent from our office. This
        Application Fee – all fees are $50.                                                                  documents issued in letter format must
   °    3 Letters of Recommendation
                                                       process of paperwork may take several weeks,
                                                                                                             provide the results of the applicant’s final
   °    Copy of the page in your passport listing
                                                       depending on the time of the year.
   °                                                                                                         CONDITIONAL
                                                                                                       assistantships are required to pay fees for
                                                                                                       the number of credit hours for which they
                                                                                                       register (see section on Expenses).

                                                                                                       Students holding a half-time or 50% assistant-
                                                                                                       ship, or a quarter-time or 25% assistantship,
                                                                                                       will receive a full tuition waiver. Summer tuition
                                                                                                       waivers are for 8 credit hours.

                                                                                                       Stipends, or the monthly amount you are paid
                                                  AVAILABLE TO                                         for the work you perform, vary from depart-
                                                  INTERNATIONAL                                        ment or office. 50% contracts currently pay
                                                  GRADUATE STUDENTS                                    approximately $1250-$1900 a month; 25%
                                                  Listed below are sources of possible finan-          contracts pay between $625-$950 a month.
                                                  cial assistance available to international
                                                  graduate students at SIUC:                           If you hold an assistantship, you are required
                                                                                                       to register for 9 semester hours of graduate
                                                  GRADUATE                                             credit coursework during a fall or spring
Conditional admissions may be allowed,
                                                  ASSISTANTShIPS:                                      semester, and 3 semester hours of graduate
                                                  Once admitted to a graduate degree pro-              credit during the summer.
when a student has not yet met the Graduate
                                                  gram, all international students are eligible
School’s English language requirement. If
                                                  to apply for graduate assistantships. There          If you are interested in working in the depart-
you wish to be considered for a conditional
                                                  are three types of assistantships:                   ment to which you are admitted, you should
admission, you must first contact the depart-
                                                  •	 Teaching Assistantships (normally a student       make it clear in your application materials
ment you are applying to, to see if they will
                                                     is expected to assist in teaching undergrad-      that you wish to apply for an assistantship
consider this option.
                                                     uate classes, discussion groups or labs, or       within your department. Please note that
                                                     to assist a professor / instructor in grading).   some departments require a test score (GRE,
Before a conditional admission will be pro-
                                                  •	 Research Assistantships (these can be             MAT, etc.) for funding consideration, when
cessed and a “conditional I-20” issued, the
                                                     in departments or in research centers             it is not required for admission.
following requirements must be met:
                                                     on campus).
•	 The specific department the student
                                                  •	 Administrative Assistantships (these po-          PLEASE NOTE: SPOUSES AND CHILDREN OF
    is applying to must recommend the
                                                     sitions exist in many offices on campus,          SIUC STUDENTS HOLDING GRADUATE ASSIS-
    student’s admission to their department
                                                     such as the Library, the Student Center,          TANTSHIPS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR PAYMENT OF
    and must agree to use this means of ad-
                                                     the Recreation Center).                           TUITION AT THE IN-STATE RATE. See tuition
    mission (they are not required to do so).
•	 All other paperwork normally required          Assistantships can be offered as either half-        rates on page 22. Approval must be obtained in
    by the department, with the possible          time (50%) or quarter-time (25%).                    advance from the Graduate School Registra-
    exception of a test score (GRE, GMAT,         •	 A student with a 50% assistantship is             tion Office, Woody Hall B104.
    etc.), must have been submitted.                 expected to work 20 hours per week
•	 All appropriate and official academic          •	 A student with a 25% assistantship is             If you have not been awarded funding at the
    credentials must have been submitted,            expected to work 10 hours per week                time of your arrival on campus, you may apply
    and the GPA requirements of the Gradu-                                                             when you arrive for any “Administrative” as-
    ate School and of the department met.         Anyone offered an assistantship will be              sistantship positions which are still available.
•	 The student must provide proof of funding,     required to sign a contract, for either a            These positions exist in many offices and
    both for the first year of academic studies   single semester; fall and spring semesters;          departments on campus. There is a listing of
    and for any English language courses          fall, spring and summer semesters; or for a          positions which are currently open and for
    which will be required. The student’s         calendar year of 12 months.                          which you may apply on the following website
    financial statement must specify that the                                                          -
    sponsor agrees to pay for both.               For whatever semesters you hold an assistant-        Once you identify a position for which you are
•	 A recent TOEFL score must be submit-           ship, you will receive a tuition waiver up to        qualified, you should apply immediately, sub-
    ted. Submission of these scores is            a certain number of credit hours; in other           mitting a resume listing your work experience
    required before a conditional admis-          words, you will not be charged tuition for           and any special skills you may have. Please
    sion can be processed.                        that number of credit hours for that semes-          note that international students are not eli-
•	 Please note that departments which             ter. Anyone holding a contract for a fall and        gible for Federal Work Study assistantships.
    require a higher than 550/213/80 TOEFL for    the following spring semester (in that order)        Graduate School tuition
    admission will not use this option.           will receive a tuition waiver for the following      Waiver Scholarships:
                                                  summer, whether or not they have a contract          Students who have been enrolled as gradu-
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE                              for that term. However, all students holding         ate students at SIU and will have earned at
least 18 semester hours of credit by the term        records. Students must apply through           •	 An undergraduate GPA for the last 2 years
they are applying for the scholarship, may           their own departments. Their department           of at least 3.50 or
apply for a Tuition Waiver Scholarship. In-          must agree to “recommend them” for the         •	 a 75th percentile score on one of the
ternational students must obtain applications        fellowship. All applications are submit-          graduate tests (GRE, GMAT, or MAT)
from Ms. Carla Coppi at the International            ted at the discretion of the department        •	 Deadline to have completed the fellow-
Students and Scholars Office, Northwest              and by the department (not the student)           ship application process in your depart-
Annex, Wing B, Room 133.                             to the Graduate School.                           ment is early February.
•	 Applicants must have earned at least 18      •	   If you feel that you meet the minimum re-      •	 Doctoral (PhD) Fellowship (stipend is
   semester hours of credit for coursework           quirements for a particular fellowship, you       currently $1,300 per month)
   at SIU by the term for which they are             may ask the Director of Graduate Studies       •	 Requires an overall undergraduate GPA
   seeking the award, in the degree program          or the Chair of your department if they will      of at least 3.0 or a 3.5 GPA on the last 2
   in which they will be enrolled when the           “consider recommending” you for a fel-            years of Bachelor’s and
   award is given.                                   lowship. You should state that you believe     •	 a 3.7 GPA on all graduate coursework
•	 This is an extremely competitive award            you meet the requirements and why you             or a 75th percentile score on one of the
   based on grades earned at SIUC.                   feel you deserve such an award.                   graduate tests.
•	 Applications are handed out from March       •	   If the department agrees to recommend you,     •	 Deadline to have completed fellowship
   until May only each year for the follow-          you will be required to complete fellowship       application process in your department
   ing school year beginning in summer and           application materials, including the submis-      is early January.
   must be returned by very early June.              sion of separate recommendation letters.
•	 Awards are decided after the beginning of         These letters may be from the same persons     Please note: All fellowships require the
   summer, fall and spring semesters.                who recommended you for admission, but         submission of a score on one of the graduate
•	 Additional awards for the same appli-             must specifically state why they are recom-    tests (GRE, MAT, GMAT), and that while you
   cants may be awarded for the fall and /           mending you for the fellowship.                may meet the minimum requirements with
   or spring semesters.                         •	   Please note that there are strict deadlines    either a high GPA or test score, to be com-
•	 Awards are granted for one semester at a          for the submission and consideration of        petitive, both should be well above average.
   time, but can be received for up to three         fellowship applications. In order to be
   semesters.                                        considered for an award, you must have         For more information and to obtain applica-
•	 Scholarships grant a waiver of tuition            submitted all required admission applica-      tion materials for fellowships, contact your
   only; there is no stipend.                        tion materials to the department well in       department and / or the Assistantship / Fel-
•	 Students must be registered / enrolled at         advance of the fellowship deadline.            lowship Office in Woody Hall B130. See the
   the time awards are decided.                 •	    Fellowships are awarded beginning             Graduate School catalog or Home Page for
•	 The primary determining factors in grant-         only in the fall semester and are granted      more information
   ing of awards are GPA and the number of           for fall, spring and summer semesters.         fellowships.htm.
   credit hours at SIU.                              A tuition waiver is granted for all three
                                                                                                    Student Work Positions: International gradu-
•	 For more information, contact Ms. Coppi           semesters. Students are responsible for
                                                                                                    ate students may also apply for student work
   at the ISS Office.                                the payment of all fees owed. A monthly
                                                                                                    positions (non Federal Work Study only). Pay
                                                     stipend is paid for 11 months. There is a
                                                                                                    is hourly at the minimum wage rate, currently
Graduate School Fellowships:                         ten hour research assignment per week.
                                                                                                    $8.00 per hour. Positions listed at
•	 Graduate School fellowships are avail-       MASTER’S FELLOWShIP                       
   able through a campus-wide competition        (stipend is currently $1200 per month)
   for students with outstanding academic       •	 Requires an overall undergraduate GPA
                                                    of at least 3.40 (A=4.00) or
                                                                                                    •	 All international students pay out-of-state
                                                                                                       (nonresident) tuition unless they have an
                                                                                                       assistantship contract or graduate fellow-
                                                                                                       ship. International students not holding an
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale is located in the heart
of the Shawnee National Forest.
National parks and recreational
opportunities are plentiful.
Please note that the cost of living in Carbondale is relatively low compared to most other locations in the U.S., particularly larger metropolitan
areas and the east and west coasts. One can easily navigate about campus and town on foot, by bicycle or by bus, without need for a car.
Housing costs vary greatly, but fairly inexpensive housing can usually be found. Opportunities for work exist on campus.

   assistantship are required to register for 9 hours of credit for the fall and / or spring semesters. Summer registration is not required unless it is
   the student’s first semester of enrollment.
•	 Students holding graduate assistantship contracts do not pay tuition (within certain limits) but must pay fees. Such students are required to
   register for at least 8 graduate credit hours for fall and / or spring semesters, and 3 credit hours in the summer if holding a summer contract.

tuition & Fees for Graduate Students new to SIuC for the Fall Semester 2009
Students Paying the Out of State rate:

For the Fall 2009 through Summer 2010 school year, total tuition and fees
range from $8,673.27 for 9 credit hours to $13,857.50 for 15 credit hours.

Students paying the In State rate or the Alternate Tuition Rate
which is equivalent to the In State rate:

For the Fall 2009 through Summer 2010 school year, total tuition and
fees range from $4,225.27 for 9 credit hours to $6,477.50 for 15 credit hours.

Please note that spouses and children of graduate students holding
assistantships are eligible for in state or resident tuition. Contact the Graduate
Registration Office in Woody Hall B104 for details.

Increases may be made for future semesters - see the Graduate School home page
for complete details regarding tuition and fee for this and future semesters at

Carbondale and the surrounding area offer a         •	 Close to campus in a wooded area.                •	 The Saluki Express bus system services
wide variety of housing opportunities. While        •	 “Evergreen Terrace” – This is housing de-           all areas. Laundry facilities are available
many inexpensive rooms and apartments can              signed for married couples and for those            at all locations.
be found off-campus, if you are looking well in        with children. These are unfurnished two         •	 Applications should be submitted well in
advance of the beginning of the school term,           and three bedroom apartments. Cost does             advance (at least 6 months). Applicants
the university also offers several choices of          not include electricity, phone or cable TV.         are placed on a waiting list based on the
affordable accommodations.                             This complex is located approximately               date of their application, and are notified
University-owned housing complexes:                    one mile from campus near a lake and                in early summer if they will be offered a
•	 “Southern Hills” – This is housing de-              park area.                                          contract.
   signed for single and married graduate           •	 “Elizabeth Street Apartments” – These are        Miscellaneous:
   students. Furnished efficiency, one bed-            furnished efficiency apartments for single       •	 Textbook costs may range from $400-
   room and two bedroom apartments are                 graduate students with no children; very            $600 per semester, depending on your
   offered. Utilities are included in the rent         close to campus.                                    program.
   except for phone expenses and cable
   TV, which must be paid by the renter.            See for
                                                    current rents.

Mascot: The Saluki, a racing dog first bred in Egypt. The southern Illinois region has been
nicknamed “Little Egypt” since the 1800’s.
Colors: Maroon and white.
Men’s Athletic Teams: Basketball, football, baseball, swimming and diving, golf, tennis, cross-
country, track and field and intramural soccer.
Women’s Athletic Teams: Basketball, volleyball, softball, swimming and diving, golf, tennis,
cross-country, and track and field.
SEVIS Requirements – Student and Exchange Visitor Information System
This is the electronic tracking system used       •	 If you begin your enrollment in the            •	 You must complete your degree program
to insure that international students are            fall or spring semesters, as a con-               in the time allotted on your I-20. Some
maintaining their correct legal status in the        tinuing student you are not required              exceptions apply.
U.S. Being aware of and abiding by the basic         to register for summer semester.
regulations below will assure that you are in        If you begin your enrollment in the sum-       Know that at SIUC we make every effort pos-
“good standing” with Immigration here. The           mer, you are required to register for 3        sible to inform and monitor our international
basics are as follows:                               hours.                                         graduate students so that problems should
•	 As an international graduate student, you      •	 If you have a “graduate assistantship”,        not arise.
   are required to register for 9 hours fall         either 25% or 50%, you are only required
   and spring semester, if you do not have           to register for 8 hours of graduate credit     Please contact me if you have any ques-
   a graduate assistantship. This can be a           fall and spring, and 3 in the summer (if you   tions about the above regulations, and ask
   combination of graduate and undergradu-           have a contract in the summer).                in advance, before the issue has become a
   ate credits.                                   •	 You must be registered for the appropriate     problem. You may contact me at:
•	 You are not required to register for sum-         required number of hours by the 2nd week       Lu Lyons
   mer semester unless it is the first term for      of each fall and spring semester; and by       Graduate School Admissions
   which your graduate school I-20 is issued.        the end of the 1st week in summer semester,    Woody Hall B103
                                                     if you are required to register for summer.    618-453-4512

Please come!                   We hope we have interested you in pursuing admission to the

Graduate School at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. It is a wonderful campus in a

moderately sized university town, located in the beautiful rolling hills of Southern Illinois. We

have a temperate climate with few extremes. We feel we have much to offer international

students and are proud of our international enrollment consisting of students from all over

the world. We have a diverse offering of programs and means of combining different areas

of study, are a friendly campus and welcome students from all walks of life.

Please contact us at should you have further questions about our campus.

We hope you will choose SIUC as the place you wish to pursue your graduate education. Best

wishes in your pursuit of higher education. We hope to see you soon at SIUC.
Please note: For a complete list of graduate degree programs offered at SIUC and basic
information about the programs, such as
•	 Areas of specialization within            •	 Departmental Application Deadlines       •	 Departmental Contact Information
   each program                              •	 Departmental Application Fees            •	 Access to Departmental websites
•	 Terms of admission                        •	 Graduate Tests Required by
See the Graduate School homepage at and click on
“Academic Degree Programs” and“Degree Program Information.”

doCtoral deGreeS                             MaSter’S deGreeS
Agricultural Sciences                        Accountancy, M.Acc.                         Music, M.M.
Anthropology                                 Administration of Justice, M.A.             Pharmacology, M.S.
Applied Physics                              Agribusiness Economics, M.S.                Philosophy, M.A.
Business Administration                      Animal Science, M.S.                        Physician Assistant, M.S.P.A.
Chemistry                                    Anthropology, M.A.                          Physics, M.S.
Computer Science                             Applied Linguistics, M.A.                   Plant Biology, M.S.
Curriculum and Instruction                   Architecture, M. Arch.                      Plant and Soil Science, M.S.
Economics                                    Behavior Analysis and Therapy, M.S.         Political Science, M.A.
Educational Administration                   Biological Sciences, M.S.                   Professional Media and Media
Educational Psychology                       Biomedical Engineering, M.E., M.S.            Management Studies, M.S.
Engineering Science                          Business Administration, M.B.A.             Psychology, M.A., M.S.
Electrical and Computer Engineering          Chemistry, M.S.                             Public Administration, M.P.A.
English                                      Civil Engineering, M.S.                     Recreation, M.S.Ed.
Environmental Resources and Policy           Communication Disorders &                   Rehabilitation Administration and
Health Education                               Sciences, M.S.                              Services, M.S.
Historical Studies                           Community Health Education, M.P.H.          Rehabilitation Counseling, M.S.
Mass Communication and Media Arts            Computer Science, M.S.                      Social Work, M.S.W.
Mathematics                                  Curriculum and Instruction, M.S.Ed.         Sociology, M.A.
Molecular Biology, Microbiology and          Curriculum and Instruction Secondary        Special Education, M.S.Ed.
   Biochemistry                              Education, MAT                              Speech Communication, M.A., M.S.
Molecular, Cellular & Systemic Physiology    Economics, M.A., M.S.                       Teaching English to Speakers of Other
Pharmacology                                 Educational Administration, M.S.Ed.           Languages, M.A.
Philosophy                                   Educational Psychology, M.S.Ed.             Workforce Education and Development,
Plant Biology                                Electrical and Computer Engineering, M.S.     M.S.Ed.
Political Science                            English, M.A.                               Zoology, M.S.
Psychology                                   Food and Nutrition, M.S.
Rehabilitation                               Foreign Languages and Literatures, M.A.     •	 See Mass Communication and Media
Sociology                                    Forestry, M.S.                                 Arts for Cinema and Photography,
Speech Communication                         Geography, and Environmental                   Interactive Multimedia, Journalism and
Workforce Education and Development            Resources, M.S.                              Telecommunications.
Zoology                                      Geology, M.S./M.A.                          •	 See Molecular, Cellular and Systemic
                                             Health Education, M.S.Ed.                      Physiology for Physiology.
•	 See Environmental Resources and Policy    Higher Education, M.S.Ed.                   •	 See Molecular Biology, Microbiology
   for Geography, Geology and Agriculture.   History, M.A.                                  and Biochemistry for Biochemistry.
•	 See Molecular, Cellular & Systemic        Kinesiology, M.S. Ed.
   Physiology for Physiology.                Legal Studies, M.L.S.
•	 See Mass Communication and Media Arts     Manufacturing Systems, M.S.                 Graduate
   for Journalism.                           Mass Communication and Media Arts, M.A.     CertIFICate ProGraMS
•	 See Applied Physics for Physics.          Math and Science Education, M.S.   
                                             Mathematics, M.A., M.S.
                                             Mechanical Engineering, M.S.                Anatomy
MaSter oF FIne                               Media Theory and Research, M.A.             Art History
artS deGreeS                                 Medical Dosimetry, M.S.                     Conflict Resolution
                                             Mining Engineering, M.S.                    Geology (Earth Science)
Art                                          Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and        Educational Administration
Creative Writing                               Biochemistry, M.S.                        Gerontology
Mass Communication and Media Arts            Molecular, Cellular and Systemic            Plant Ecology
Theater                                        Physiology, M.S.                          Women’s Studies
For additional information, contact the following offices:
Graduate School Homepage                            For more specific information on                      Housing:                            international students at SIUC, contact:                University Housing
                                                    International Students & Scholars Office                Mail Code 6716
Graduate School Catalogs                            The Northwest Annex, Wing B - Mail Code 4333            Washington Square, Building D
are available on the Internet at:                   Southern Illinois University Carbondale                 SIUC, Carbondale IL 62901 USA                 860 Lincoln Drive                                       •	 Evergreen Terrace — for married graduate
                                                    Carbondale IL 62901                                        students;
Schedules of Classes                                  Website:                         •	 Southern Hills — for married and single
are available on the Internet at:                     Email:                                 graduate students       Phone: 618 453-5774                                   Website:
                                                      Fax:        618 453-7660                              Email:
For a complete list of graduate degree programs                                                             Phone      618 453-2301
offered at SIUC and basic information about the     Financial clearances, contact:                          FAX:       618 453-2090
programs, such as                                    Ms. Michelle Neill                                   Disability Support Services:
  •	 Areas of specialization within each program     Email:                                Disability Support Services
  •	 Terms of admission                              Phone: 618 453-7663                                    Woody Hall B150
  •	 Departmental Application Deadlines                                                                     Mail Code 4705
  •	 Departmental Application Fees                  New student orientation activities, arrival
                                                    and temporary housing, contact:                         SIUC, Carbondale IL 62901 USA
  •	 Graduate Tests Required by Department                                                                  Website:
  •	 Departmental Contact Information                Ms. Naseem Ahmed
                                                     Email:                                  Email:
  •	 Access to Departmental websites                                                                        Phone: 618 453-5738
                                                     Phone: 618 453-5774
                                                                                                            TTY:        618 453-2293
Go to the Graduate School hompage and click                                                                 FAX:        618 453-5700
on “Degree Program Information.”                    Center for English as a
                                                    Second Language (CESL)
Graduate School degree programs and                  Faner Hall 3242
departmental admission procedures and                Mail Code 4518
requirements, contact:                               SIUC, Carbondale IL 62901 USA
Ms. Susan Babbitt                                    Website:
Graduate School Admissions                           Email:
Woody Hall B103 - Mail Code 4716                     Phone: 618 453-2265
Southern Illinois University Carbondale              FAX:       618 453-6527
900 S. Normal Ave.
Carbondale, IL 62901
  Phone: 618 453-4557
  Fax:        618 453-4562

                                                                   Photography: University Photocommunications & Michelle Rositch, SIUC Printing & Duplicating
                                                                                                                Printing: SIUC Printing & Duplicating Services
Printed by the authority of the State of Illinois
10/09-2,000-100788                                                                                                                         Fall Semester, 2009
                        Where is SIuC?
SIUC is located in Carbondale, a small city approximately 60 miles north of the southern tip of Illinois. Students
from northern Illinois find Amtrak (train) and Interstate Route 57 the fastest and most direct routes. Students
also have access to two airports in the immediate area: Southern Illinois Airport, on Illinois Route 13, West
of Carbondale, and Williamson County Airport, on Illinois Routes 13, east of Carbondale. Carbondale is about
110 miles (two hours driving) southeast of Lambert St. Louis International Airport, St. Louis, Missouri, and 330
miles (six hours driving) south of Chicago, Illinois.


                                                                     6 hrs.

                                                                                    5 hrs.
                                                          4 hrs.
                                      St. Louis
                  Kansas City         Missouri        2 hrs.
                  Missouri                                                     5 hrs.        Louisville
                                    6 hrs.                                                   Kentucky

                                             5 hrs.                                4 hrs.
                     Little Rock                                                             Nashville
                     Arkansas                                                                Tennessee
                                                             5 hrs.

         *Location of SIUC’s School of Medicine and our Graduate School Program in Pharmacology