CSC 101 – Unit _3 Quiz

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					CSC 101 – Unit #8                       Quiz                       12/4/07
Answer all questions in complete sentences. Each question is worth 10 points.

   1) What is malware?

   2) You receive an e-mail from someone you don’t know with what looks like
      an image file attached to it. The name of the image sounds interesting, do
      you open the attached image file? Why or why not?

   3) Why is a wi-fi network less secure than other types of networks?

   4) Name two reasons an individual might want t set-up a computer network
      in his or her home?

   5) How does a computer virus differ from a Trojan horse? How are the two
      the same?

   6) What is Spam (computer spam, not the mystery meat)?

   7) Name and briefly describe two types of computer hackers?

   8) How often should you update your anti-virus software? Why?

   9) Name and briefly describe one of the four components required in a
      computer network.

   10) What is a firewall? Why should you use one?

Extra Credit (5 points each)

   a) What is a Denial of Service (DOS) attack?

   b) The basic network architectures are client/server and _________?

   c) What is phishing and who would use it?

   d) Name one ingredient in Spam (the mystery meat kind)

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