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									                                                                                                                   For alumni and friends of
                                                                                                                     University High School,
                                                                                                                       College of Education,
                                                                                                                     Illinois State University

                                                                                                                     Vol. 16 No. 1 Spring 2011

                                                                  Alumni Newsletter
What happened in 1970 didn’t stay there
By Lisa Shelton                                of U-High history as the first senior varsity   new project with the same tenacity as the
R. Craig Raycraft ’85 never attended the       letterman in the U-High soccer program.         first.
infamous 1970 Kickapoo Creek Rock              The goalie helped take his team to section-         “I think that my biggest success is always
Festival, but because of his creativity and    als. He also served in the student senate       my next project,” he said. “Seriously, I
University High School education he man-       and as a class officer.                         think professional success is for others to
aged to capture the excitement of it for the      Raycraft graduated from Murray State         judge. I feel privileged to have had many
world to see.                                  University in Kentucky, majoring in broad-      opportunities to travel the world on assign-
   He is best known for his                                 cast journalism and photogra-      ment and get paid for it.”
Incident at Kickapoo Creek docu-                            phy. He credits U-High for his         He has produced network television on
mentary highlighting the 1970                               start in photography.              four continents and worked with icons
Memorial Day weekend music                                     “I was introduced to pho-       such as Jay Leno, Joe Walsh, and the
festival in Heyworth. With a popu-                                                                       Eagles. With marquee names on
lation of fewer than 2,000 people                                                                        his resume, Raycraft continues to
in 1970, the festival that beckoned                                                                      produce cinema people around the
thousands still stirs a major buzz                                                                       world enjoy. Although his work
decades later. The event captured                                                                        takes him to Los Angeles, New
the filmmaker’s interest for years.                                                                      York, London, and Tokyo he still
   “When I was a child my father gave me                                                                 tries to spend as much time as he
an original poster from the Kickapoo Creek                                                               can in Illinois, especially in the
Rock Festival,” he said. “At night, I would                                                              summer.
look at it and wonder about all of the                                                                      “Today’s young filmmakers are
amazing things that must have happened                                                                   fortunate to have digital technology
that weekend in 1970, when 50,000 people                                                                 that allows the world to see their
invaded a farm in Heyworth for three days.                                                               work with the click of a button,”
It was like a psychedelic Disney World set                                                               he said. “This is the first generation
up for one weekend and then disappeared.       tography by Perry Young. Film had to be         that has all of the tools to have the ability
No one could ever forget it.”                  processed and printed in those days, so it      to create projects that millions of people
   Yet there was no documentation of it,       took some knowledge and experience to get       can see. In the past, it could take years for
and that motivated him to investigate and      results. Today, it’s point, shoot, and either   anyone to see your work. Even then, some-
document what really happened that week-       upload or delete. I obviously prefer the        one else would probably get the credit and
end, what bands played, and the fallout        digital format but enjoyed learning the old     paycheck. Now video produced and dis-
afterwards. That led to the film and a cof-    school way.”                                    played on sites like YouTube or Facebook
fee table book, Incident at Kickapoo Creek.       Broadcast journalism and photography         has the potential to go viral and lead to
   The documentary highlighted the             proved to be a perfect blend for Raycraft’s     national recognition and a future career.”
music, people, and civil unrest of the         future endeavors. He soon began bigger              As Raycraft continues to build his
1970s. It also proved to be a reflection of    projects. Raycraft authored five books on       filmmaking career, he reflects on what a
Raycraft’s curiosity and connection to the     Americana and baseball memorabilia as           privilege it was to be educated at U-High,
historic event, hosted just minutes from his   well as creating network television pro-        where he created lifelong friendships.
hometown.                                      grams Protect & Serve and Shocking Police       Calling it an “amazing school that gets bet-
   As a student, Raycraft was committed        Videos, where he served as executive pro-       ter every year,” he said he’s always been a
to excellence in and out of the classroom.     ducer and cameraman. He approaches each         proud alum.
He was also privileged to share in a piece
University High School                           President’s letter
Alumni Association
Illinois State University                        By Jenn Riddle-Carrel ’02                        ence—the involvement of its many loyal
Campus Box 7100                                                                                   alumni. I recently attended a varsity boys
                                                 Fellow Pioneers,
Normal, IL 61790-7100                                                                             basketball tournament with my children,
Phone: (309) 438-8346                                I want to first thank you for the oppor-
                                                 tunity to serve as the president of the          and I was very happy to see that I wasn’t
                                                 Alumni Association. This is a great honor        the only alum is attendance. Most alumni
                                                 as U-High has always held a special place in     do not see themselves as “former Pioneers”
Board members                                                                                     as they are proud to still be a part of the
                                                 my heart.
                                                     Homecoming 2010 went very well. The          tradition. Many are eager to make sure
Jenn Riddle Carrel ’02
                                                 weather was perfect, we received very posi-      their children experience what they did
President elect                                                                                   during their four years at U-High, because
                                                 tive responses from those who attended
Vacant—please volunteer to serve                                                                  they recognize it was special. There are
                                                 the reunions, and there was a great turnout
Past president                                   for the festivities prior to the game. Our       many ways that you can still be a part of
Herb Todd ’82                                    Awards and Homecoming committees                 the tradition. I began my involvement by
Secretary                                        worked very hard and it showed. Thank            simply attending our Homecoming activi-
Dianne Deavers Siverly ’81                       you to everyone that was involved.               ties. We always have the need for volunteers
Marketing                                            I have many great memories from my           ranging from one-time commitments dur-
Vacant—please volunteer to serve                 days of being a Pioneer. When I think            ing activities like the Homecoming social to
                                                 about them one thing sticks out. There is        more frequent involvement, such as serving
Alumni relations coordinator
                                                 a banner hanging by the office and library       on a committee or even volunteering to
Barbara Lichty Blunk ’53
Eric Schlif ’96                                  that says, “Through these walls walk the         serve on the Alumni Association Board.
                                                 greatest students in the world.” I never         Some alumni choose to help the school
Awards committee chair                                                                            financially by supporting scholarships,
John Kim ’97                                     understood it at the time. I asked myself
                                                 how that could be true. Almost 10 years          making donations to specific programs or
Catherine McDonald ’96
                                                 later, I am beginning to understand why          projects (the Stroud Seat Campaign is one
Database coordinator                                                                              example), and by including the school in
Yvonne Maxey Hougham ’46                         that is. U-High has received recognition
                                                 for being one of the top schools in the          their estate planning.
Homecoming chairs                                                                                     Without question, former U-High
                                                 state and in the nation, the teaching staff
Becky Roderick Ehredt ’73                                                                         Pioneers are making a difference for today’s
Matt Hartman ’82
                                                 is excellent and the many cocurricular
                                                 activities that are available provide students   students while insuring the rich legacy that
Jill Kagy Tucci ’96
                                                 with countless opportunities to pursue           was so much a part of their lives. I strongly
Historian                                                                                         encourage you to find a way that you can
                                                 their individual interests. I am continually
Marc Feaster ’75                                                                                  still be a part of the great tradition of being
                                                 impressed by the many wonderful accom-
Newsletter editor                                plishments of the students and faculty.          a Pioneer. All are welcome!
Kathy Coyle Murdoch ’81                              There is another important factor that
Website coordinator                              adds great value to the U-High experi-
Bob Fitzgerald ’92

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                                                 Pioneer legacy
                                                 By Kathy Murdoch                                                              Bruce’s children are
                                                 In fall 1944, U-High crowned its first                                        Jason Naffziger ’95,
                                                 Homecoming queen, Audrey Brust                                                Jamie Naffziger

                                                 Naffziger ’45. Sixty-five years later, 17                                     Outlaw ’97, and
 The                                                                                                                           Jodi Naffziger ’00.
                                                 descendents of that queen have attended
                                                 Illinois State University laboratory schools,                                 Janette’s children
                                                 and more are waiting to start!                                                are Taylor Bruns
                             Alumni Newsletter
                                                     Audrey’s four children attended Metcalf                                   ’09, Austin Bruns
 Volume 16 Number 1, Spring 2011                 and U-High. Jeanne Naffziger Martens                                          ’12, Jackson Bruns
                                                 graduated in 1972, Bruce Naffziger in                                         ’18, and Carter
 Published semiannually
                                                 1973 (married to Pam Gannaway Naffziger                                       Bruns ’19. The
 Illinois State University                                                                        Jeanne Naffziger Martens ’72

                                                 ’73), Dale Naffziger in 1975, and Janette                                     youngest children
 University High School
                                                 Naffziger Bruns in 1981. The next genera-        of this legacy family are Jason Naffziger’s
 Campus Box 7100
                                                 tion includes Jeanne’s two sons, Jordan          son, Colton Naffziger ’21 and Jamie
 Normal, IL 61790-7100
                                                 Martens ’01 and Joseph Martens ’05.              Naffziger Outlaw’s daughters, Kennadi
                                                                                                  Outlaw ’19 and Logan Outlaw ’22.

                                                                                          ately established an       Janette comments, “My parents aren’t
                                                                                          annual scholarship      millionaires, but they have made a quiet,
                                                                                          in Jeanne’s memory      yet significant, financial contribution to
                                                                                          in her field of study   their alma mater because they believe that
                                                                                          at the University.      education is the pathway to success. They
                                                                                          Every year one to       have passed this tradition of a pledge of
                                                                                          two students in the     support onto me and my siblings and hope-
                                                                                          clinical laboratory     fully to the next generation too. They had a
                                                                                          science department      passion and they made a commitment to an
                                                                                          of the College of       institution that molded their lives and the
                                                                                          Applied Science         lives of their family.”
                                                                                          and Technology             Not only did Audrey make a commit-
                                                                                          receive a generous      ment to the institution that educated her,
                                                                                          amount to help          but she also made a lifetime commitment to
                                                                                          achieve their edu-      her dear friends from U-High. Since 1955
                                                                                          cational goal. The      a group of UHS graduates have gathered
                                                                                          Naffzigers also con-    monthly to play bridge, and more than 55
                                                                                          tribute annually to     years later, five of the women still meet.
                                                                                          the Metcalf library     Marilyn Mette Freelund ’45, Nancy Brown
dale Naffziger ’75, Janette Naffziger Bruns ’81, Audrey Brust Naffziger ’45, Bruce        book fund, the          Thomley ’45, Martha Behr Miller ’44,
Naffziger, Jackson Bruns ’18, Jason Naffziger ’95, Jodi Naffziger ’00, Jordan Martens
’01, Jamie Naffziger outlaw ’97, Kennadi outlaw ’19, taylor Bruns ’09, logan outlaw ’22,
                                                                                          teachers’ out-of-       Arlene Schaab Gettings ’45, and Audrey
Colton Naffziger ’21, Carter Bruns ’19, Austin Bruns ’12, Joe Martens ’05                pocket supply fund,      enjoy lunch with dessert and time to play
                                                                                         and the athletic         cards.
    Audrey Brust Naffziger and her late                                                  fund at UHS. They           In fall 1980, Audrey’s daughter, Janette
husband, Joe, both graduated from Illinois                     have donated many flowers and plants to            Naffziger Bruns ’81 was crowned UHS
State University and Audrey taught Home                        the Jeanne Martens Memorial Garden and             Homecoming queen. Will another genera-
Economics at Metcalf from 1976 to 1982.                        the Butterfly Garden at Metcalf and have           tion continue the Homecoming royalty
Both felt such a connection to Illinois State                  donated a seat to the Stroud renovation.           tradition? We will just have to wait and see
and the laboratory schools that they made                      Illinois State has recognized the Naffzigers       what the future brings. One thing is for
the decision to create a financial legacy,                     by making them members of the 1857                 sure, we know that the legacy of giving will
as well as donate their time as volunteers.                    Society for their lifetime financial commit-       continue with this legacy family.
After their oldest daughter, Jeanne, lost                      ment.
her battle to cancer in 1989, they immedi-

Gladly say you’re from U-High.                                                                                        As an expression of my commitment
Uphold her through the years!                                                                                         to U-High, I would like to donate at the
                                                                                                                      following level:
                                                                                                                        f Gold (gifts of $1,000 or more)
NAME                  MAIdEN NAME (IF dIFFErENt)
                                                                                                                        f Green (gifts of $500 to $999)
                                                                                                                        f Pioneer (gifts of $300 to $499)
                                                                                                                        f Supporting (gifts of $100 to $299)
                                                                                                                        f Contributing (gifts up to $100)
CIty                                               StAtE                 ZIp
                                                                                                                      Please make checks payable to the Illinois
                                                    (        )                                                        State University Foundation and mail to
U-HIgH grAdUAtIoN yEAr                              pHoNE
                                                                                                                      Illinois State University Foundation
(        )
                                                                                                                      Campus Box 8000
FAx                                                E-MAIl
                                                                                                                      Normal, IL 61790-8000

Special giving opportunities for alumni and friends
The University Laboratory Schools, U-High and Metcalf, are grateful to alumni and friends of the schools who make donations to sup-
port and enhance the educational experiences for our students. All gifts are welcome. Please use this form if you would like to make a
donation at this time. Several priorities are listed. If you prefer, please specify your own amount.
   $1,000____        $500____        $300____        $100____         Amount of your choice_____

Please designate my gift to                              f U-High athletics facilities                            f   Metcalf Zimmerman Library renovation
f U-High Alumni Association                              f U-High small auditoriums                               f   Metcalf Applied Technology Center
f U-High science laboratories                            f Wroan Engineering and Technology                       f   Metcalf Hayden Auditorium
f U-High library renovation                                Center at U-High                                       f   Other_______________________
f U-High Stroud Auditorium                               f Lab school classroom technology
                                                                                                                  04 2011004710
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Awards Committee members
Roger Aiken ’69
Dana Greskowiac Alvarez ’98
Diane Davis Black ’79
Bruce Brown ’68
Angie Kath Coughlin ’84
Betty Saylor Holmes ’47
John Kim ’97, chair
Catherine Benson McDonald ’95, chair
Audrey Brust Naffziger ’45
Pam Gannaway Naffziger ’73
Nels Pedersen ’02
Thomas Reed ’91
Derek Sieg ’85
Richard Sieg ’59
T.J. Turner ’03
Gail Lamb, consultant

Board consultants
Superintendent, Laboratory Schools
Robert Dean
Principal, University High School
Jeff Hill
Director of Development
Gail Lamb

Locate an old friend
through the U-High                              U-High class reunions
Access the e-mail address list in the alumni    2011 Reunions                                 Class of 1981
section of the U-High website. Go to www.                                                     30-year reunion
                                                Class of 1946                                 September 30–October 1, 2011 and click on the alumni
                                                Luncheon at Jim’s Steakhouse
section. Within the alumni pages is a sec-                                                    Contact: Dianne Deavers Siverly,
                                                Second Wednesday of the month at noon
tion to look up a classmate’s e-mail address.                                                 (309) 661-0182 or;
Leave your e-mail address with us by using      Class of 1947                                 Sarah Coffer, (309) 452-6073 or
the built-in instant messenger. Maybe           Breakfast at CJ’s Restaurant in Bloomington
someone is looking to contact you!              Fourth Tuesday of the month at 9 a.m.
                                                                                              Class of 1990
                                                Contact Clint Short, (309) 661-1585 or
                                                                                              21-year reunion
                                                Clarise Jefferson,
                                                                                              Contact: Carrie Thouvenot,
                                                ISSCS Annual Reunion                
                                                Luncheon on Saturday at ISSCS
                                                                                              Class of 1991
                                                September 9, 10, 11, 2011
                                                                                              20-year reunion
                                                Contact: Jackie Freed Neal,
                                                                                              Contact: Amy O’Connor Cortese,
    Opportunities for alumni to serve           (309) 662-0095
    • President elect                           Class of 1961
    • Marketing                                 50-year reunion                               Proudly say that you’re
    • Awards committee members                  September 30, 2011                            from U-High
    • Newsletter editor                         Contact: Judy Wright Bartolone,               Organizing a class reunion has its rewards!
                                                (309) 828-7876 or                             Is a milestone year quickly approaching
    • Homecoming committe members
                                                            for your class? Contact the Alumni relations
    If you are interested in serving your
    alma mater, please contact any              Class of 1971                                 coordinators to start the process.
    boardmember or e-mail us at                 40-year reunion              Contact: Cindy Chiodo Kelly,                  Future Homecoming dates
                                                (309) 663-4796                                September 30, 2011
                                                                                              October 5, 2012
                                                                                              September 27, 2013

Class of 1980 holds 30th Reunion

Back row, from L to R: Marc liberta, dave Bergin, Brad Hauskins, dave Follick, Eric Easton, Karen rude West, Aaron Moore, tod McElroy, Steve Weygandt, Joe Hoane, Jon Westcot,
diane McAdam Bange, todd Vohland, Kathy Comfort, lynn Jesse Fewkes Seated from left to right: Mary Bergin, Julie Foster ryan, Susan Short Edwards, Jim Carmichael, Elizabeth
Allen, Amy parmantie, Mr. parmantie, Bessy proctor, Nancy delCastillo. Boxed taking the picture: dave Sutherland ’80

U-High’s Class of 1980 held its 30th                       happy hour uptown. Since the NCHS                           ed. He says there is already a lot of interest,
reunion in Normal during the last week-                    Class of 1980 reunion was the same week-                    especially from folks who couldn’t attend
end of July 2010. About 25 class members                   end, some classmates snuck into their                       the reunion in Normal.
made it from all over the country, and                     activities as well. There was even a surprise
many more were there in spirit. Dave                       “guest appearance” by Mr. Parmantie, who                    Many photos from the reunion are posted
Sutherland organized the reunion from his                  crashed Lynn’s party. “Time passes—will                     at, as well as con-
home in Boulder, Colorado, with the help                   you?”                                                       tact information for many Class of 1980
of Pioneers living in Normal.                                 Given the success and general happy                      members. We are also seeking contact
   Activities included a yard party at the                 feelings from attendees, Sutherland says he                 information for many other classmates—
home of Lynn Jesse Fewkes, a picnic at Jim                 and Steve Weygandt are tentatively plan-                    see the “missing” list online.
Carmichael’s house at Lake Bloomington                     ning an off-year class reunion in Colorado
(complete with Avanti’s gondolas), and                     in mid-June 2012, with all classmates invit-

Class of 1947 holds 63th Reunion
In September 2010 the Class of 1947 held
it’s 63rd reunion. Attendees spent time
                                                                                                                            Home movies
eating, visiting, and reminiscing with each
                                                                                                                            The U-High and Metcalf Alumni
other as they browsed through yearbooks
                                                                                                                            Association is archiving home movies
and photo albums. Notes and e-mails from
                                                                                                                            and videos of Lab School events, such
classmates unable to attend were shared
                                                                                                                            as graduation, class night, school plays,
with everyone there. There was even an
                                                                                                                            sports games, prom, and marching
appearance by Fred Creager’s daughter Pam
                                                                                                                            band. We are also interested in events
and her cousin Nancy. Pam wanted to meet
                                                                                                                            at Metcalf School, such as productions
the classmates that Fred enjoyed over the
                                                             1                                                              of the Allied Arts Program. The existing
1. Mary-lynne (McMurray) Masso & Christine
                                                                                                                            video collection begins with the year
(lowenstein) Erickson. 2. Jerry Berk & Bernie                                                                               1981. However, many special occasions
3. dorothy & Maurice Jones
                                                                                                                            before and after 1981 are missing or
                                                                                                                            were not filmed by the school. Please
                                                                                                                            check around your storage areas to see
                                                                                                                            what you can find. We can convert old
                                                                                                                            VHS and Beta tapes to DVD. Anyone
                                                                                                                            with home movies of U-High and
                                                                                                                            Metcalf can contact Bob Fitzgerald,
                                                                                                                  , (309) 439-
                                                                                                                            8350, or Barbara Blunk, blblunk@
                                                                                                                  , (309) 452-2414.

The Thake Family Endowment for the Improvement
of Teaching, Thomas Metcalf School
The Thake Family Endowment for the                     High School from 1980 to 1985 and again                            Bill Thake attended the Lab Schools
Improvement of Teaching was created in                 from 1991 to 2005. In her role as an occu-                     from kindergarten through his graduation
2010 to support the professional growth                pational therapist, Barbara spent many                         from U-High in 1996. He then earned his
of faculty associates at Thomas Metcalf                hours developing appropriate accommo-                          bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English
School. This award was established by the              dations for students with disabilities that                    at Illinois State. He lives in Cornate
Thake family, which has more than 90                   would enable them to be successful in the                      D’Adda, Italy, and teaches English as a sec-
years of involvement with Illinois State               classroom. She received a master’s degree                      ond language to Italians.
University. After Mel Thake’s death in                 in special education in 1988. She enjoyed                      The Thake Family was very involved
2006, a scholarship was started to honor               the challenge of integrating children with                     with Illinois State’s international stud-
his involvement and interest in the outdoor            disabilities into the regular curriculum as                    ies program. They hosted students from
education program at Thomas Metcalf                    much as possible. After retirement she con-                    Paderborn, Germany and Hokkaido, Japan,
School. In 2010 his wife, Barbara Thake,               tinued to work as an occupational therapist                    as part of the University’s American Studies
and children, Mary Beth Thake                                                                                                     Programs. They were also
and Bill Thake, decided to                                                                                                        involved with the International
expand this scholarship to honor                                                                                                  Friends program and enjoyed
the entire family’s involvement                                                                                                   hosting and assisting students
with Illinois State University.                                                                                                   from a variety of countries.
The University has played an                                                                                                      The Thake family created this
important role in each of their                                                                                                   award to enable Metcalf teach-
lives. It is in this spirit that the                                                                                              ers to expand and enrich their
Thake family wants to give back                                                                                                   teaching, thereby benefiting the
to the University.                                                                                                                students of Thomas Metcalf
   Mel Thake was a physical                                                                                                       School. The family has a special
education teacher at Metcalf                                                                                                      interest in programs related to
School from 1977 to 2006. He                                                                                                      physical education, outdoor
was also a basketball coach, and                                                                                                  education, special education,
he served as the athletic direc-                                                                                                  English, foreign language, poetry
tor for many years. Mel was                                                                                                       writing, biology/medicine, and
extremely proud of being one of                                                                                                   international studies. However
the co-initiators of the outdoor       From left to right: Bill thake, his wife Marianna Crippa, Barbara thake, Mel thake, and    proposals need not be limited to
                                       Mary Beth thake
education program at Metcalf.                                                                                                    these specific areas.
This program provided age-                                                                                                       Each applicant for a Thake
appropriate outdoor experiences for a wide             in Lincoln schools and in early interven-                      Teaching Award will be a faculty associate
range of students. Mel was an avid out-                tion programs that served young children                       at Thomas Metcalf School who submits an
doorsman who generously shared his inter-              (birth to age three).                                          application describing the intended use of
est in hunting and fishing. He loved poetry                 Mary Beth Thake attended the Lab                          the award funds, which may include but
and often taught junior high students how              Schools from kindergarten through her                          are not limited to the following:
to communicate through poems. Because                  graduation from U-High in 1993. As a                           • Participation in creative activities which
of his engaging and friendly personality,              senior in high school, she was took 16                           would enhance the faculty member’s
Mel was well-liked and respected by his                hours of university credit in French and                         teaching ability and performance
students. He took a personal interest in               German, which influenced her decision
each of them. He was committed to meet-                to major in French at Loyola University                        • Attendance at professional meetings
ing the needs of all students and made a               in Chicago. She studied abroad in France                       • Registration or tuition/fees for seminars,
special effort to integrate students with              through the Illinois State international                         courses, internships
disabilities into his regular physical educa-          studies program. In her mid 20s, Mary
                                                                                                                      • Travel associated with curriculum devel-
tion classes. He believed it was important             Beth decided on a career change and pur-
                                                                                                                        opment and the improvement of teaching
to maintain a “level playing field” for all            sued her interest in medicine. She returned
                                                                                                                        and/or scholarly development
students. Mel received a master’s degree               to Illinois State to complete the pre-med
from Illinois State University in 1972 in              science credits she needed to take the                         If you would like to make a contribution
health, physical education, and recreation             medical school exam. She graduated from                        to this fund, please use the giving form in
and also completed post-graduate work in               the Southern Illinois University School of                     this issue of The Pioneer and send in your
educational administration.                            Medicine in 2007 and is an Ob/Gyn physi-                       contribution.
   Barbara Thake was a faculty associate               cian in Seattle.
at Thomas Metcalf School and University

Alumni through the decades
While she only attended her freshman             Larry Walker ’74 is now working in the         Joint Service Accommodation, and Army
year at U-High, Virginia Kennick Emery,          Economic section of the U.S. Embassy in        Accommodation Medal for Valor.
Ph.D. ’56 says it was one of her favorite        Berlin, Germany.
school years. Emery is an associate profes-                                                     Renee Cicciu Drye ’94 received her Master
sor at Dartmouth Medical School, where           The Class of 1976 donated funds to spon-       Teacher Certification. National Board certi-
she teaches and conducts research. She           sor a handicap-accessible seat in Stroud       fied teachers have met rigorous standards
is the author of Dementia: Presentations,        Auditorium in memory of their classmate        through intensive study, evaluation, self-
Differential Diagnosis, and Nosology. She is     Steve Holtz. Julie Gannaway-Golliday ’76,      assessment, and peer review. Drye gradu-
married to Paul E. Emery, M.D. and has           Jay Allen ’76, Dave Schultz ’76, Bruce         ated from Illinois State University with a
two children and six grandchildren.              Harris ’76, and Marty Kiesewetter ’76          degree in elementary education in 1998.
                                                 presented a check to Bob Dean at the 2010      She has a master’s degree in reading and
                                                 Homecoming Tailgate.                           received her National Board Certification in
                                                                                                Early Childhood Generalist. She has taught
                                                 Carrie Etter ’87 won $4,000 at the             for 13 years and teaches second grade in
                                                 London Festival Fringe New Poetry Award        Plainfield.
                                                 for the best collection of poetry published
                                                 in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Her         Andrew Lamonica ’98 received a B.S. and
                                                 work has been published in the New Welsh       M.S. in computer science from Southern
                                                 Review and Poetry Review in the United         Illinois University at Edwardsville and is
                                                 Kingdom, along with The Iowa Review and        working at as a software engi-
                                                 the New Republic in the United States. She     neer near San Francisco.
                                                 is the author of two books of poetry. The
                                                 Weather in Normal reflects living amid tor-    Timothy Holbrook ’99 sang backup
After 35 years with Illinois State University,   nadoes and blizzards. The Tethers addresses    with the chorus for The Judds when they
Steve Adams ’64 is retiring. For the past        the things that bind us. Etter is an associ-   appeared on the Oprah Show. The show was
five years, he has served as the Illinois        ate professor at Bath Spa University in        broadcast in September 2010.
State student affairs vice president. Adams      England. She has earned a bachelor’s degree,
will continue to serve as the “Voice of the      two master’s degrees, and a doctorial degree   Joseph M. Kramp ’99 is a Ph.D. candi-
Redbirds” at university sporting events.         from southern California schools.              date in psychology and religion at Drew
                                                                                                University in Madison, New Jersey. Kramp
Barbara Dale Fulbright ’65 resides in            Jennifer L Woodruff ’88 had her book           has passed his comprehensive exams with
Buena Vista, Colorado. She wants to recon-       The Poisoned Chalice: Eucharistic Grape        distinction, earning a M.Phil. from Drew
nect with her classmates. Please contact the     Juice & Common-sense Realism in Victorian      University and the graduate certificate in
UHSAA for her contact information.               Methodism published by the University of       gender and sexuality. Kramp is a 2006
                                                 Alabama Press in November 2010.                M.Div. graduate of Princeton Theological
Mark Murphy ’70 is the controller of                                                            Seminary and a 2003 B.A. graduate of
Aramco Services Company and its subsid-                                                         Millikin University. Kramp is married to
iaries. Aramco Services Company conducts                                                        Angel C. Duncan (M.F.T., M.A., A.T.R.)
North American operations for its parent,                                                       and they reside in Maplewood, New Jersey.
Saudi Aramco, the national oil company of
Saudi Arabia. Mark and his wife, Denise,                                                        Gina Lamonica LaRose ’00 received a
have lived in Houston since 1982. They                                                          B.S. in psychology from the University of
have three children, Brian, Sarah Jean, and                                                     Missouri and a doctor of physical therapy
Kelly.                                                                                          from Washington University in St. Louis.
                                                                                                LaRose is living in St. Louis, and working
Sue Campus Klukan ’71 has lived in sever-                                                       for PEG Therapists.
al states since graduating from Illinois State
in 1974, including 20 years in Montana.                                                         Ryan Singer ’01 married Wendy Marian at
Since 1999 she has been in Colorado work-        Christopher Raube ’89 has been pro-            Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean.
ing for the United States Air Force. She is      moted to sergeant major in the 3rd Special     Singer is a staff sergeant in the U.S. Air
a member of the following organizations:         Forces Group in the U.S. Army at Fort          Force and is stationed at Kadena Air Base,
National HOG, Mile High H-D HOG                  Bragg, North Carolina. Raube is a counter      Okinawa, Japan. He has a bachelor of sci-
chapter, Rocky Mountain H-D HOG                  insurgency advisor and assistant to coali-     ence in social psychology and is studying
chapter, Patriot Guard Riders, Colorado          tion and conventional forces on his seventh    for a master’s in administration leadership
Patriot Guard Riders, and she is an officer      deployment in Afghanistan. He has earned       through the University of Oklahoma.
in District 10 for ABATE of Colorado.            three Bronze Stars, the Defense Meritorious
                                                 Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal,

                                                                                                                       College of Natural Resources. He received
                                                                                                                       the H. Lynn Anderson Endowment for the
                                                                                                                       support of students, the E. Ray Cowden
                                                                                                                       scholarship in animal sciences, the Ervin
                                                                                                                       M. Schmutz and Velda B. Schmutz soil
                                                                                                                       and water conservation scholarship and
                                                                                                                       American Baptist Ministries scholarship.

                                                                                                                       Vincent Melchiorri ’08 graduated from
                                                                                                                       basic military training at Lackland Air Force
                                                                                                                       Base in San Antonio, Texas. He has earned
                                                                                                                       the rank of Airman First Class in the U.S.
                                                                                                                       Air Force.

                                                                                                                       Ryan Lehner ’09 graduated from the
                                                                                                                       Basic Field Artillery Cannon Crewmember
                                                                                                                       Advanced Individual Training course at Fort
                                                                                                                       Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma. He is a private in
                                                                                                                       the Army National Guard.

                                                                                                                       Alex Goebel ’10 has entered basic cadet
                                                                                                                       training at the U.S. Air Force Academy in
Front row left to right: Six Class of 1957 alums held a mini reunion in Santa Fe, New Mexico, october 2010. Carole     Colorado Springs, Colorado.
(Spence) oldowski, donna (Chism) Mullennix, and linda (tomlinson) Hensley, Back row left to right: Barbara (Ackland)
Cade, pat (Mann) Mertz, and Sandra (Koepke) Savignon.
                                                                                                                       Former director of the Lab Schools from
                                                                                                                       1969–1972, Barry Farnham retired on July
Tanner Morris ’02 finished his first season                 John Cook School of Business at St. Louis                  31, 2010, after 48 years in education. He
coaching basketball at Howard College                       University and was married in November                     resides in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with his
earning a Division 1 NJCAA National                         2010.                                                      wife, Vanessa Ortiz Vazquez.
Championship. He also began a new job
as an assistant basketball coach at Lincoln                 Ben Luehrs ’06 graduated with college
College, and he is assisting the Men’s Golf                 honors and Phi Beta Kappa honors from
program. He has achieved three golf state                   Washington University, St. Louis, with
titles (all as an assistant at U-High) and one              a double major in religious studies and                      In remembrance
                                                            Spanish. He received the Outstanding                         Maryfern Bartrum ’32
national basketball Title (as an assistant at
                                                                                                                         John Boyd, faculty
Howard College in Texas).                                   Achievement Award in religious studies and
                                                                                                                         Nancy (Wilson) Cripe ’59
                                                            is a member of Theta Alpha Kappa, the reli-                  Charles Decker ’32
Peter Lamonica ’03 received a B.S. in                       gious studies honor society. He also studied                 David Doud ’47
applied computer science from Illinois State                for six months during his junior year in                     Albert Eckert, faculty
University and is working as a Web devel-                   Santiago, Chile. He was a member of the                      Dale Ernst ’43
oper for AT&T in St. Louis. He is progress-                 highly ranked WU Men’s Tennis Team as                        Joe Evans ’74
ing towards a M.S. in computer science at                   a player and later as assistant coach. The                   Dorothy (Bartram) Forbes ’44
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.               team won the NCAA Division III National                      Paul Gray ’69
                                                            Championship in 2008 and reached the                         Jacqueline (Schlosser) Haviland ’39
Katie Burke ’05 graduated with a degree                                                                                  Mildred (Maxey) Jacquat ’36
                                                            Final Four in 2009 and 2010. Luehrs is
                                                                                                                         Phillip Jordan ’54
in nursing from Parkland College in August                  serving a 12 month commitment with                           Phyllis (Lathrop) Liston ‘40
2010. She is the daughter of Kris Albert-                   AmeriCorps VISTA at Chicago Legal Aid.                       Karen Mattern ’73
Burke ’79 and Dave Burke ’79.                                                                                            Rose Sue (Trail) McComas ’59
                                                            Jessica Busse ’07 received the Golden                        Allan Mehl ’68
Jordan Busse ’05 was accepted into the                      Scalpel Award at Concordia University,                       Lillian (Keighin) Myers ’39
doctor of physical therapy program at Elon                  Nebraska. This award is given to the top                     Richard Norris ’44
University in Elon, North Carolina. He                      student in BIO 483: Gross Anatomy. This                      Shirley (McVicar) Overshiner ’52
began his course of study in January 2010                   award is usually given to a senior; however                  Stanley Phares ’49
and will receive his doctorate in December                  Busse received the honor as a junior. She is                 William Sanders ’51
2012.                                                                                                                    Jacquelyn (Goodman) Sears ’70
                                                            now a senior at Concordia studying prevet-
                                                                                                                         Kay Shaw, staff
                                                            erinary science.                                             Scott Spencer ’78
After graduating from Southern Illinois
                                                                                                                         Margaret (Perry) Tebrugge ’66
University–Edwardsville, Mike McKinzie                      Cameron Warner ’07 has received several                      Leonard Turner ’66
’05 is working for the Boeing Company in                    scholarships for his senior year at University               Gilbert Veach ’33
St. Louis as a financial analyst. McKinzie                  of Arizona where he is majoring in range-                    Ron Wall ’57
is also completing his M.B.A. from the                      land ecology and management in the

In the halls of U-High...
The U-High boys and girls cross country                                                                   U-High faculty associates Kevin Thompson
team claimed both titles at the Intercity Cross       Sophomore Sheinnera Gerongay qualified and          and Vickie Graziano were named National
Country Meet. This was the first time since           participated in the girls golf state tournament     Board Certified Teachers. The National Board
1994 that U-High captured both titles. The            held at Hickory Point Golf Course.                  designation requires rigorous process of reflec-
girls team outpaced Normal West 38-39 and the                                                             tion and writing based on the teaching and
boys team, the fastest group in U-High’s history,     This fall U-High was honored to host docu-          learning that occurs in each teacher’s classroom.
defeated Normal West 24-34.                           mentary filmmakers Awere Bul and Magai Bul.         University High School has eleven faculty that
                                                      During an all-school assembly they spoke about      are National Board Certified.
The following students were named                     the civil war in Sudan and the ongoing refugee
Commended Students in the 2011 National               crisis. Both are members of the Nuer and Dinka
Merit Program: Emily Bugg, Vivek Gulati,              ethnic groups who were displaced or orphaned
Tegan Hunter, Nate May, Katherine Newport,            during the civil war from 1983 to 2005. Many            Archival yearbooks
Nicholas Quarton, and George Seelinger. About         of the civil war refugees resettled in the United
34,000 Commended Students throughout                  States. Awere Bul’s documentary Blood is the            needed
the nation were recognized for their academic         Same documents the journey of these refugees.           We will happily accept yearbooks from
promise. These students were among the top                                                                    any year. If you come across an extra
five percent of more than 1.5 million students        The U-High volleyball team won its 4th con-             Clarion, please pass it on to the UHSAA.
who entered the 2011 competition.                     secutive Corn Belt Conference Championship              There are many anxious alumni wanting
                                                      when they beat Central Catholic 25-22, 25-22.           a yearbook from their era.
U-High had three students that were named                                                                         There are a limited number of Clarion
Pratt Music Foundation Scholars. These                The U-High marching band placed 2nd in
                                                                                                              yearbooks available for purchase for $10
scholarships are awarded to students who              Class 1A at the State of Illinois Marching Band
are committed, motivated, and talented.               Competition at Illinois State University.
Recognized with scholarships were Ethan                                                                           To donate or purchase yearbooks,
Weniger (violin); Yea (Priscilla) Suh (violin);       In October the Chicago Sun-Times ranked                 please contact the UHS Alumni
and Ryan Cavallo (cello). All three are mentored      U-High 8th among the top 100 high schools               Association at uHighAlumni@
by our orchestra director Margot Ehrlich, and         in Illinois. The rankings were based on the    or contact Barbara
the scholarships will assist these students in con-   2010 reading and math results from the Illinois         Lichty Blunk ’53, alumni relations coor-
tinuing their musical education.                      Standards Achievement Tests and the Prairie             dinator, at (309) 452–2414 or blblunk@
                                                      State Achievement Exams taken last March and   Donations can also be
The boys and girls cross country teams were           April by our juniors.
                                                                                                              left at the school library in care of Mark
victorious at the Corn Belt Conference. This
was the 4th consecutive win for the boys team         The girls and boys cross country teams had
                                                                                                              Feaster ’75.
and the 9th in the last 11 years. The girls team      a fantastic showing at the state meet. The girls
claimed their first victory since 2002. Emil Clay     placed 12th led by all state Emily Clay with
took first place with Alexandra Walch, Sydney         17:45 for a 13th place finish. The boys tied
Billingsley, Emily Bugg, and Morgan Cross             for 3rd place and were led by all state Ryan
also placing. The top five boys team spots were       Rutherford with 14:59 for 11th place and Alex           Support our troops
claimed by Ryan Rutherford, Alex Parlette,            Parlette with 15:07 for 21st place. Also scor-
Wesley Ward, Jace Mortimer, and Alex Chavez           ing for the girls were Sydney Billingsley, Emily        Thank you to all of our University High
respectively.                                         Bugg, Morgan Cross, and Alexandra Walch. The            School alumni who are bravely serving
                                                      other boys contributing to the team score were          in the armed forces during Operation
The U-High girls tennis team claimed the              Alex Chavez, Wes Ward, and Jace Mortimer.               Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi
2010 Sectional Championship. They were led                                                                    Freedom.
by Sienna and Alyssa Reuter, who won the sec-         The U-High girls swim team claimed 1st place
tional doubles title and qualified for the state      at sectionals in Normal. A large number of team
tournament. Amanda Conklin won 3rd place              members qualified and advanced to the state
in sectional singles and also qualified for the       competition.
state tournament. Isabel Park, Alia Khan and
Katherine Sampson won first round matches             The following U-High football players were
that contributed value points to the overall team     picked for the all-Corn Belt Conference teams.
title.                                                Kyle Olsen, Nick Ensenberger, and Eli Sloneker
                                                      were selected for the 2nd team offense. Tyler
At the Class 2A state boys golf tournament,           Scott was selected for the 1st team defense with
senior Logan Stauffer claimed 5th place and was       Isaiah Brown and Jordan Stralow making the
also given All-State honors for the 3rd year in a     2nd team defense. Jeff Larsen and Gary Arvik
row. Sophomore Adam Baracani also qualified           earned honorable mention. Tyler Scott and
to participate in the tournament. The tourna-         Jordan Stralow also received honorable mention
ment was held at Illinois State’s Weibring Golf       for specialties.

2010 UHSAA Award recipients
Distinguished alum                               Congratulations to Barbara Cade on receiv-     tatorian of her graduating class. One of her
                                                 ing the 2010 University High School            three children, Lucinda White Shaw, also
Barbara Ackland Cade                             Distinguished Alumni Award.                    is a graduate of U-High. Congratulations
Barbara Ackland Cade ’57 is the recipient                                                       to Patricia W. Orr Burnham on her induc-
of the 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award           Pioneer Hall of Fame                           tion into the University High School Hall
based on her contributions in the fields of                                                     of Fame!
fiber technique and weaving and art educa-       Patricia W. Orr Burnham
tion.                                            University High School welcomes Patricia       Paul T. O’Brian
    Following her graduation from U-High,        W. Orr Burnham ’51, into the Pioneer           University High School welcomes Paul T.
Cade received her bachelor’s degree in           Hall of Fame for her accomplishments in        O’Brian ’65, into the Hall of Fame for his
German from the University of Illinois. She      higher education administration and in         outstanding contribution as an educator
also received a master’s degree in German        attaining the highest levels of executive      in Central Illinois. In his more than 33
from the University of Washington. As a          management. She has received national          years in elementary education, O’Brian has
self-taught artist, Cade took the initiative     recognition in Who’s Who in American           taught and positively impacted the children
to design her own looms to teach weaving         Women since 1988 and Who’s Who in              of Bloomington-Normal.
classes. She also started her own business       America since 2000.                                After graduation from U-High, O’Brian
making commission tapestries for architec-           After graduation from U-High,              received his bachelor’s degree in elemen-
tural interiors. She has received national       Burnham received her bachelor’s degree         tary education from Elmhurst College.
recognition from juried shows at museums         in English and psychology from DePauw          He received his master’s degree in edu-
across the country, including Tacoma,            University. She received both her master’s     cational administration and foundations
Washington; Portland, Oregon; New York           degree in English and her Ph.D. in higher      from Illinois State University. Immediately
City, Memphis, Tennessee; Little Rock,           education administration from Illinois         after his graduate work, O’Brian laid the
Arkansas; and Oklahoma City. Her work            State University.                              foundation for his career as an educator
is part of the permanent collection at the           Her work in higher education began at      by accepting a position with Bloomington
Tacoma Art Museum. She also founded              Illinois State University where she served     Public Schools, where he taught third
an organization, W.O.M.E.N., which is a          as assistant dean and professor as well as     through sixth grades. In 1989 he became
group of local artists that sponsor annual       director of the National Student Exchange      principal of Washington School, where
showings.                                        Program. She also served as associate direc-   he served for five years. From 1994–2003
    In 2004 Cade received the annual schol-      tor for Academic and Health Affairs for the    O’Brian served as principal of Stevenson
arship from the Arkansas Committee of the        Illinois Board of Higher Education. She        School.
National Museum for Women. This schol-           then became the Associate Vice-Provost for         At Stevenson School, O’Brian had
arship funded Cade’s trip to Finland to          Continuing Education at The Ohio State         responsibility for 40 staff members and 540
study felt making and to collaborate with        University.                                    students in grades kindergarten through
artists. While in Finland, she visited textile       After leaving academia, Burnham            fifth. From handling budgets, overseeing
museums, felt factories, and a wool factory      took a position at Nationwide Insurance        the special education programs, building
to gain insights into the art of felt making,    Company and then became vice-president         partnerships with parents, and implement-
which is the oldest fiber technique.             and manager at Chase Manhattan Bank,           ing bilingual and ESL programs, O’Brian
    As an educator, Cade spends several          N.A., in New York. Her last position was       was involved in every facet of elementary
weeks a year as an artist-in-residence at        president of Transition Associates, Inc.,      education and administration.
various Arkansas schools, where she works        which is a change management consulting            In recognition of his contribu-
with students on large-scale fiber art pieces    firm.                                          tions, he is a past recipient of the Girls
that decorate their respective schools. She          Burnham has a long history of leader-      Scouts of America Educators’ Award
began teaching weaving classes in 1971,          ship in community and civic organizations.     – Administration, American Women’s
first offering private classes, then mov-        Most of her volunteer efforts have focused     Business Association—Boss of the Year, and
ing on to teach at Centralia Community           on assisting individuals to age gracefully     Outstanding Young Educator Award from
College, Centralia, Washington; Oregon           and positively. In 1994 she authored Life’s    the Bloomington-Normal Jaycees.
Technical Institute in Klamath Falls,            Third Act: Taking Control of Your Mature           In nominating O’Brian for this award,
Oregon; and Garland County Community             Years. This book provides maturing adults      a former student wrote that O’Brian was
College in Hot Springs, Arkansas. For            strategies for maintaining independence        a “great teacher and principal” and a posi-
seven years she conducted yearly art proj-       and productivity, as well as how to manage     tive influence in encouraging him to “work
ects with Indian communities in Arizona.         the changes of aging.                          hard and get good grades.” Congratulations
    Cade resides in Hot Springs, Arkansas,           Burnham resides in Hanover, New            to principal and teacher, Paul T. O’Brian
with her husband Stephen, who is also a          Hampshire. While at U-High, she served as      on his induction into the University High
member of the Class of 1957. Together            president of the Student Council, a mem-       School Hall of Fame!
they have two daughters, Karen and Diane.        ber of the state debate team, and was salu-

From left to right, Matt Hartman ’82, Sara romersberger ’68, patricia W. orr Burnham ’51, Barbara Ackland Cade ’57, and paul t. o’Brian ‘65.

Sara Romersberger                                            Southern Methodist University. Her profes-                    Alumni Service Award
University High School welcomes Sara J.                      sional credits span the United States and
Romersberger ’68, into the Hall of Fame for                  the globe, as she has taught in South Africa,                 Matt Hartman
her continuing contributions to the arts in                  Greece, Spain, and the Netherlands. She has                   Matt Hartman ’82 is being presented with
dance and theatre. Her work in the field of                  also served as artist-in-residence at universi-               the 2010 Alumni Service Award due to his
dance, professional theatre, and commedia                    ties, conferences, and festivals across the                   contributions to the University High School
masks continues to receive regional, nation-                 country.                                                      Alumni Association and the students of
al, and international acclaim. Romersberger                     In 2005 Romersberger won the                               U-High. Hartman joined the University
serves as a movement specialist and ten-                     Dallas Theatre Critics Award and a 2005                       High School Alumni Association Board of
ured associate professor of theatre in the                   Rabin award for Special Recognition for                       Directors in 2006 as president-elect, served
Meadows School of the Arts at Southern                       Outstanding Choreography for her work                         as president in 2007 during U-High’s 150th
Methodist University in Dallas.                              on The Wrestling Season at the Dallas                         anniversary, and filled in as interim awards
    After graduating from U-High,                            Children’s Theatre. She served as president                   committee chair. This year Hartman is
Romersberger received her bachelor’s degree                  of the Association for Theatre Movement                       cochair of the Homecoming Committee.
in theatre education from Illinois State                     Educations from 2006–2008, and was                                After graduating from U-High, Hartman
University, a master’s degree in dance from                  cocreator of Movement Observation                             received his bachelor’s degree in electri-
the University of Illinois, and a certificate                Experimentation (M.O.V.E.). In 2002 she                       cal engineering from the University of
of mime/movement from Ecole Jacques                          completed her CD Rom titled Unlocking                         Illinois. He completed his master’s degree
Lecoq in Paris. Prior to joining the fac-                    the Physicality of Shakespeare’s Comedies with                at Georgia Tech. After working in different
ulty at Southern Methodist University,                       the Masks of the Commedia, and was invited                    positions, Hartman landed at Caterpillar,
she held full-time faculty positions at                      to present at a national conference on the                    where he directs a group of 36 engineers in
Illinois Wesleyan University, West Virginia                  use of masks in theatre. She is working on                    the hydraulic and electrical machine design
University, and Elon College.                                her book, Wise Enough to Play the Fool:                       center. Hartman is completing his 14 year
    Given her strong roots in modern dance                   Playing the Clowns of Shakespeare.                            with Caterpillar.
and jazz, Romersberger has choreographed                        A native of Carlock, Romersberger                              While a student at U-High, Hartman
more than 55 university and professional                     also has three sisters who graduated                          was active in Student Senate and was
musical theatre productions and has danced                   from U-High: Leslie Thomas ’64, Emily                         elected president of his junior class. He
with the Julie Maloney Dance Company                         Schertz ’67, and Margaret Chipman ’70.                        wrote for the Claironette and wrestled in the
and the Wendy Osserman Company. She                          Congratulations to Sara Romersberger on                       Corn Belt Conference. Hartman continues
has performed her own brand of move-                         her induction into the University High                        to support U-High athletics as a fan. He
ment theatre off-Broadway in New York                        School Hall of Fame!                                          follows U-high baseball and was present for
at The Mint Theatre (Jackson Pollock: In                                                                                   the 56-54 come-from-behind victory over
the Painting) and Primary Stages (Hanna:                                                                                   Aurora Christian at the 1995 state basket-
A Run-On Odyssey). She also has extensive                                                                                  ball championship.
credits for directing, choreographing, and
designing movement in productions at
                                                                                                                                                  Continued on page 12

UHSAA awards continued from page 11                          College of Education, including University      University, creating a Lab School Campaign
                                                             High School and Thomas Metcalf School.          Steering Committee, and creating the Lab
   Hartman’s family has a long history at
                                                             Prior to 1999 Lamb held several posi-           School Ambassadors. She worked with
U-High. His three sisters and a brother
                                                             tions while on the faculty of Mennonite         Dean to establish The Legacy Society for
graduated before him. Hartman married
                                                             College of Nursing: counselor, director of      the Laboratory Schools, and its inclusion
his high school sweetheart, Trish Wall ’83,
                                                             Counseling Services, director of Student        with major donor recognition societies
and their son Michael is a senior. He also
                                                             Affairs, and director of                                          at Illinois State. Honor
has one nephew, John Muir, who is a recent
                                                             Student Affairs/Public                                            plaques recognizing the
graduate and another nephew, Andrew
                                                             Relations. She earned the                                         members of the Legacy
Arthur, who is a senior.
                                                             rank of associate profes-                                         Society hang at each Lab
   Hartman’s message to current students:
                                                             sor of human relations                                            School.
   “Being on the board and meeting the
                                                             at Mennonite College of                                              Lamb initiated the
award recipients over the last few years
                                                             Nursing.                                                          STROUD Seat Campaign:
has really brought home what a wonderful
                                                                 Lamb graduated                                                Seats That Recognize
place U-High is. You may have a feeling
                                                             from Bridgewater State                                            Our Unforgettable
for this now. If so, you’re perceptive, and
                                                             University, Massachusetts,                                        Donors, raising more
maybe a little lucky, because you’re aware of
                                                             receiving The Hill-Ross                                           than $225,000 to date for
this good thing you have. But I’m going to
                                                             Award for Outstanding                                             the Stroud renovation.
hazard a guess. You don’t know the entirety
                                                             Senior. She holds an M.A.                                         Lamb is grateful to work
of this wonderful place. So go forth, and
                                                             in human relations from                                           with donors to U-High
do great things, but come back, and keep
                                                             Ohio University, and an                                           to establish restricted and
in touch with your classmates who do great
                                                             Ed.D. in higher education                                         endowed scholarships.
things and then you’ll know.”
                                                             from Illinois State University. Lamb is mar-    She also supported the naming/recognition
   Congratulations to Matt Hartman on
                                                             ried to Douglas Lamb, professor emeritus,       event last spring for John L. Wroan III in
being awarded the 2010 Alumni Service
                                                             Illinois State University. They have two        honor of his generous gift for the state-of-
                                                             adult children and two grandchildren who        the-art Wroan Engineering and Technology
                                                             also reside in Bloomington.                     Center.
Friends of U-High                                                For U-High, Lamb serves on the U-High          Her special joy is meeting with alumni
                                                             Alumni Board and as consultant to the           and friends of U-High. Through these
Gail Lamb
                                                             Alumni Awards committee. She finds great        individuals, she has learned so much about
Gail Lamb is the 2010 Friend of U-High
                                                             satisfaction in working closely with Robert     the experience and the heart of the unique
recipient. Her involvement began in
                                                             Dean, superintendent of the Laboratory          and special place that is University High
July 1999 when she became a director of
                                                             Schools, to develop/implement fundraising       School. In acknowledgment of her efforts,
Development for Illinois State University.
                                                             strategies for the Lab Schools. Among these     University High School thanks Lamb and
Her responsibilities revolve around donor
                                                             was the inclusion of the Laboratory Schools     congratulates her for receiving the 2010
relationships and fundraising for the
                                                             in the first-ever campaign for Illinois State   Friend of U-High Award.

U-High Homecoming 2010

 1                                                           2                                               4
1. Angie pacha Auth ’85, Allyson Auth ’13, dave Auth ’85,
   paul Heller ’85
2. Bruce Harris ’76, Marty Kiesewetter ’76, Julie
   gannaway golliday ’76, robert dean, Jay Allen ’76,
   dave Schultz ’76, and dave’s grandchild
3. John Kim ’97, danielle Francois Kim ’95, with their two
   future pioneers
4. Jessica diaz ’06, Katie Campos ’06
5. Jim Ahng ’53, Bonnie gibson Vorrick ’53
6. Sherry Shirley Cowan ’60, Carol rhodus Sieg ’60
7. george Seclinger ’11, Jack Capodice ’09, Kieran pereira
   ’09, Kelsey larson ’11, tim glover ’09
8. Matt Hartman ’82, Ed powell ’55
9. Katie lane ’12, Christian grobe ’11
10. Janine Kroppman Elam ’85, reed Elam ’80
                                                             3                                               5

The Chiodo-Hubbard Endowed Fund
at University High School
In 1990 a fund was started by Coach Frank           for students who could not afford them.         years. Cal and Selby’s father, Ben, was
Chiodo to assist student-athletes who               He also assisted boys in finding summer         instrumental in keeping the lab schools
are unable to meet some of the financial            jobs when they needed either the financial      open during the 1980s when the state leg-
expectations that involvement in University         help or the discipline and responsibility of    islature was considering closing U-High.
High School athletics necessitates. Having          having a job. Frank was always willing to       With Cal’s wife Vivian Collie Hubbard and
been influenced by Coach Chiodo during              help guide young people. All of his six chil-   Selby’s wife Debbie Hubbard teaching at
his own U-High high school years, Coach             dren are U-High graduates.                      the lab schools, and ten family members
Cal Hubbard continued this philosophy in                                                             as U-High alums, it is easy to say that
assisting student athletes during his career.                                                        U-High has been a Hubbard family affair.
As a way to honor Coach Chiodo and to                                                                   During his time at U-High, Cal found
express his appreciation for the impact                                                              ways to quietly assist students in financial
U-High has had on so many people, Coach                                                              need, using the original Chiodo Fund
Hubbard and the entire Hubbard family                                                                whenever possible. An educator at heart
agreed to ensure this fund continues to                                                              and an advocate for all students, he fre-
help U-High students. In 2010 the fund                                                               quently made sure all student athletes had
became the Chiodo-Hubbard Endowed                                                                    equal opportunities to participate without
Fund at University High School.                                                                      being limited by financial hardship.
   Frank Chiodo was a teacher, coach                                                                    The purpose of the Chiodo-Hubbard
(football and boys basketball, both sopho-          Frank Chiodo              Cal Hubbard            Endowment Fund is to provide assistance
more and varsity), and athletic director at                                                         to student-athletes who are unable to meet
U-High for about 30 years. He was also                 The Hubbard Family has long been             some of the financial expectations that
coordinator of clinical experiences for the         associated with U-High, first as students       involvement in University High School
laboratory schools. His philosophy was,             and then as educators. Cal Hubbard              athletics necessitates. Financial assistance
“We aren’t here just to teach high school           served as boys’ varsity basketball coach        may be given to support the purchase of
kids, we’re here to help make better men            for 18 years, assisted by his brother Selby     equipment, supplies, and/or other athletic
and women for tomorrow.”                            Hubbard whose tenure as assistant basket-       needs.
   Frank originally established this endow-         ball coach spanned 23 years. During the             If you would like to give to this fund,
ment at U-High to provide funds for stu-            1990s when U-High placed first, second,         please use the giving form in this issue of
dents who wanted to participate in athletics        and third in the state, the Hubbard sons        The Pioneer and send in your contribution.
but who required financial assistance. Over         were an integral part of the program.           Many thanks!
the years he personally purchased glasses,          Hubbard also successfully coached girls’
mittens, winter coats, and football shoes           golf for 18 years and boys’ golf for two


7                                               8                                            10

The Legacy Society for the Illinois State Laboratory Schools
The Legacy Society for the Illinois State University Laboratory Schools provides recognition and appreciation for those persons who have
1) established a planned gift in support of the Laboratory Schools, University High School, and/or Thomas Metcalf School, or 2) reach
a level of $10,000 or more in cumulative giving, in support of the Laboratory Schools, University High School, and/or Thomas Metcalf
School. Membership is lifetime.
   All donors (individuals, couples, families, corporations, etc.) recognized through The Legacy Society may have their names permanently
displayed on plaques placed in prominent locations at both University High School and Thomas Metcalf School. Charter Members of
The Legacy Society—the first 100—are noted as such on the plaques. Donors preferring to be listed as anonymous may request such
   The following is the list of charter members as of December 31, 2010:
Anonymous                                   Horace d. longbrake                           Joel oberman                              Mildred g. templeton
Erik and Audra Anderson                     thomas and Meredith lovelass                  Norris and Elizabeth porter               teresa (lucie) and lyle thompson
Barbara and robert Blunk                    dallas and Janice Mathile                     Edward M. powell                          Marilyn and donald turner
david l. Brown                              Betty lichty Mayes                            Sakura-Kai                                U-High Booster Club, 2005–2006
Michelle and James Chow                     John and Betty McKnight                       James and Joan Sears Sloneker             Bjarne r. Ullsvik
Kellie and Michael Clapper                  Metcalf School pto                            State Farm Companies Foundation           John Williams
george and Anna Farnsworth Jr.              James W. Miller                               State Farm Mutual Automobile              John l. Wroan III
ruth Freyberger                             John and robbie Hartman Muir                     Insurance Company                      (names in bold have become
thomas r. and Mary Hanson                   Audrey and Joe Naffziger                      Neil and Joan Styczynski                  Charter Members since the last
IBM International Foundation                Nicholas and Anjuli Nayak                     ruth Stroud                               issue of The Pioneer)
William and Joan legge Family               ted Nichelson                                 Kent and Sue taulbee

We encourage those of you interested in The Legacy Society to discuss with us possible areas of designation. Membership in the society is
permanent, and is acknowledged by both the Laboratory Schools and Illinois State University. Even though donors make their contribu-
tion to the Illinois State University Foundation, they may rest assured that 100 percent of their donation will be designated for Thomas
Metcalf School and/or University High School, as individually desired.
     For more information about The Legacy Society, please contact, Gail A. Lamb, director of Development, at (309) 438-2903 or If you prefer, have your attorney or financial planner contact Lamb via the above, or at Campus Box 3060,
Alumni Center, Illinois State University, Normal, IL, 61790.

U-High Alumni Association Awards nomination form
Distinguished Alum: A graduate with exceptional achievements and who has made significant contributions to his or her profession,
community, state, or nation.
Pioneer Hall of Fame: A graduate with significant accomplishments within his or her career, civic duties, cultural involvement, or chari-
table organizations.
Alumni Service: A graduate who has made significant contributions to the school or to the U-High Alumni Association.
Friends of U-High: Nongraduates who have made significant contributions to University High School.

NoMINEE’S NAME                                                        MAIdEN NAME (IF dIFFErENt)


CIty                                                                  StAtE                                                   ZIp

                                                                     (         )
U-HIgH grAdUAtIoN yEAr                                               pHoNE

(        )
FAx                                                                   E-MAIl


                                                                      (         )
pErSoN MAKINg tHIS NoMINAtIoN                                         pHoNE                                        E-MAIl

All nominees will be contacted to fill out a detailed form to aid the awards committee in the selection process. All nominations with completed forms are retained and re-
evaluated yearly. If you would like to update your file, please send new information to the address below or e-mail

Return to University High School, University High School Alumni Association,
          Awards Chairperson, Campus Box 7100, Normal, IL 61790-7100
The time is right to be a part of the
Seat Campaign for Stroud Auditorium!
“Seats That Recognize Our Unforgettable Donors”
Thank you to all of you listed below who are already contributors for named seats for the Stroud Seat Campaign. We usually print this
list in our summer issue. However, many of you whose names fall in the latter part of the alphabet were inadvertently left off in the July
2010 issue, so we are displaying the listing again. We are happy to report that to date, we have names for 440 of our 725 seats. The Seat
Campaign will continue until all seats are named!
All donors who have given $500+ for Stroud Auditorium renovation/named Seats, through December 31, 2010

Individuals                            robert and teresa Fitzgerald            roger laramee                     lee ritter
Steve and Sandi Adams                  robert and Myra Fleming                 paula Esworthy leifel and danny   ray roderick and Karyn
J rich Alexander                       Kenny and Veronica Flener                  leifel                              Quackenbush
Kathryn Alexander                      Craig and Sandra Fowler                 geoff and teri liston             Helen ross
Willis and rhonda Alexander            rogers and Joy Freedlund                Jack lockman                      Brian and Mary rotsch
Anonymous (7)                          philip and Mary French                  Horace longbrake                  Mary rozum
Myrtle Armstrong                       richard and gina Fritz                  thomas and Meredith lovelass      Steve and Brenda Sample
terri and david Ashley                 donna Funk                              Everett and Celeste lueck         gene Schaab
gracie and rockdale Ayers              linda and terry garbe                   Kevin and Marilyn Maffett         gordon and Carol Schroeder
robert and Kathleen Baldocchi          Alison and Fred geyer                   Betty lichty Mayes                Albert and Carole Semmler
thomas M. Barger III                   gary and Susan gimmestad                timothy and Julia McCarthy        patsy W. Sherrard
Maryfern Bartrum                       Sarah gipson                            Marcella pearson McIntire         Vince and linda Showers
James Bass                             daniel and Betsy goebel                 david C. McJonathon-Swarm V       James and Joan Sears Sloneker
deborah Bates                          Andrew golomb                           Kathleen McKinney and robert      donna and Kimm Smith
Emmy Bates                             Stacey and Kent gorsuch                    Wazienski                      Michael and debra Sondgeroth
Charles g and Charlotte J Beeler       Carman gresham                          Harry E. Menton                   philip and Sharon Stalter
robert Belshe                          Jean grever                             robert and Marjorie Metcalf       Wesley d. Stephens
Barbara and Bob Blunk                  Chris grotbo                            russell Middleton                 Jill Stralow
John Bone                              Jerry and Alison Hage                   donald Miller                     Joan and terry Stralow
robert Bone                            Becky and Kevin Hahn                    James W. Miller                   Jordan Stralow
Jane legg Bower                        Friends and Family of troy Hari         William Miller and Martha Behr-   Janet Hayslip Streenz
Stewart and patty Bramley              timothy and Kay Harbers                    Miller                         robyn Stultz
Nancy and doug Braun                   Joseph and Melba Harris                 Janeen golomb Moore               Neil and Joan Styczynski
Marilyn Brazelton                      donald and JoAnn Hartman                robert and Carol Morris           Kay Shipman-Swiech and paul
Bonnie Brill                           Joel and Kim Hartman                    Joseph and lois Morrow                 Swiech
david l. Brown                         Matthew and trish Hartman               Steven Mower                      Harriet and Ed thetard
daniel and deborah Brownstone          douglas and Agnes Hatch                 James Mullins                     Juliana thoennes and James
Cynthia Bryant                         the Hicklin Family                      Kathy Coyle Murdoch and                Hutchins
Jack and Joan Capodice                 Jeff and Kelli Hill                        Christopher Murdoch            teresa and lyle thompson
John and Valerie Carroll               James and Susan Hodges                  daniel and Marla Murphy           Herbert and Heidi todd
Amy Fritson-Coffman and david          John “Mac” Holzer                       donald and donna Murphy           donald and Marilyn turner
    Coffman                            yvonne Hougham                          Mark and denise Murphy            James and Sally turner
College of Education, Illinois State   Holly and Mark Houska                   patrick and Julie Murphy          robert and Joan turner
    University                         Mark and Judy Hovren                    Audrey and *Joseph Naffziger      U-High After prom party
Kristi and leon Cook                   James and Shirley Hayslip Howard        richard Murphy and Janesta        U-High Alumni Association Board
Angie and Jeff Coughlin                Michael Hronek                             Noland                         U-High Booster Club, 2005–2006
Ellen Crawford                         david Hundman and Erica Kaisner-        Mark and Jody Nibbelin            U-High Class of 1945
K. patricia Cross                          Hundman                             Carl Nierstheimer                 U-High Class of 1955
galen and gail Crow                    Ann and Mark Husk                       Norm Nierstheimer                 U-High Class of 1961
Walter and linda Crowley               Jacqueline Hux                          Jack Neal                         U-High Class of 1964
Karen Sams davis                       Harriet Ellen Jacquat                   dan and dao Nguyen                U-High Class of 1965
terry and Marie dawson                 randall and Jill Jannusch               John and donna Nord               U-High Class of 1973
robert and gretchen dean               Frank and lynn Jarke                    Barbara and Alan Nourie           U-High Class of 1976
Karen deighan                          Clarise parker Jefferson                Mark oakley                       U-High Class of 2005
Susan Eckert dessa and Jeffrey         Carole gimmestad Johnson                larry olson                       U-High Class of 2007
    dessa                              gayle Johnson                           Carol Brill parish                Bjarne r. Ullsvik Jr.
John and laura diekhoff                Victoria and Steven Johnson             douglas and Angela phelan         Hui-Chung lee and teyu Wang
Karen donnan                           Nancy (ritter) Jones                    Betty Sage phillips               robert Watkins
Mike and Beverly donovan               rebecca Joray                           tammy Hillhouse pistole           Carl and Carolyn Wenning
Craig and Judi doubet                  ted and donna Mae geske Jordan          rodney and Mary polley            douglas and Kathy Smith Whitman
William and Julie dunbar               Eileen Kanzler                          Norris and Elizabeth porter       Christopher and Cynthia Ferrell
Joseph and Shann Elble                 george and doris Kath                   Edward M. powell                       Wiant
Marsha Blager Elliott                  Sara Kinney                             Erik andtheresa prenzler          John (Jack) and lynne Williams
John and Janice Everingham             Howard Kloepper                         r. Scott ralston                  gary and Connie yeagle
Betty Norris Fairchild                 doug and Cheryl Koth                    Nasim and Mary rao                dan and Susan Smiley Zenor
paula Falk                             JoAnn and Jon laible                    William and Sarah ray             Frances and greg Zimmerman
Ken and gigi Fansler                   Janis and ronald lancaster              Kevin and Janette rhoades
Marc Feaster                           pam lam                                 dan riddle
Michael and Elaine Fitzgerald          gail and douglas lamb                   dave and linda riddle

       University High School
       Campus Box 7100
       Normal, IL 61790-7100


                         STATE your Passion. STATE your Pride.
                              NAME                                                           MAIdEN NAME (IF dIFFErENt)

                              MAIlINg AddrESS

                              CIty                                                              StAtE                                                          ZIp

                                                                                                (           )
                              U-HIgH grAdUAtIoN yEAr                                            pHoNE

                               (           )
                              FAx                                                               E-MAIl

Share news about yourself or a classmate below so we can include it in the next issue of The Pioneer. Photos are always welcome, and
every attempt will be made to return them. Updates can also be sent electronically to





Send updates electronically to
                           This document is available in alternative formats upon request by contacting University High School Alumni Association at (309) 438-8346.
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