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M E T A L   F R A M I N G , L L C
A Dietrich/MiTek Joint Venture

                                                   Aegis Celebrates
  In This Issue
                                                    5th Anniversary
                                     On February 9, 2007, we celebrated the 5th                      From the original “core” of individuals that
                                     Anniversary of the launch of Aegis Metal                        helped launch Aegis five years ago, the
                                     Framing. The company has grown dramati-                         team has grown to 26 hard working, dedi-
                                     cally since its formation, but our core                         cated employees in five locations

                                     principle remains unchanged—to provide                          throughout the country. They are the real
            new code of              our fabricators with the most cost-effective,                   “magic” of Aegis and they are totally com-
             standard                array of design software, engineering                           mitted to the satisfaction of our custom-
              practice               services, and                                                   ers.
                                     metal fram-                                                     Which brings us back to you, our fabrica-
                                     ing products                                                    tor partners. We are both proud and

              extreme                to effectively                                                  humbled by the commitment you have
             makeover                compete in                                                      shown to expanding the pre-fabricated
               home                  the prefab-                                                     steel component market. It is not by
                                     ricated com-                                                    chance that Aegis fabricators are market
                                     ponents x                                                                                                       leaders

                                     market.                                                                                                         in most
              Project                                                                                                                                of the
              Profile:               In 2002, Aegis                                                                                                  xk e y
            trump park               began with                                                                                                      xgeo-
                                     around 25                                                                                                       graphic
             residence               active, autho-                                                                                                  regions
                                     rized fabricators.                                                                                              of the
                                     Today, we are                                                                                                   U.S. and
  Plus...                            proud to count       Some of the original Aegis team members (Left to right): Linda Shepherd, Mike Pellock, Tom
                                                          Valvo, Ray Wagner, Rachel Kaucher, and Jim Looby.
                                     more than 60                                                                                                    Yo u r
                                     fabricators in                                                                                                  h a r d
       President’s                   North America, and a number of others                           work and investment (both financial and
        Message                      around the world. These dedicated fabrica-                      personal) have paid off as you realize the
                                     tor partners have nearly tripled their                          fruits of your labors.
                                     purchases of Aegis products and services
   New additions                     over the past five years, highlighting the                      Together, Aegis and our fabricator
  to the aegis team                  competitiveness of our collective offering                      partners continue to drive the growth of
                                     for the commercial/ institutional construc-                     our industry, setting a successful example
                                     tion market.                                                    for others to follow. So, we take this
                                                                                                     opportunity to say once again:
                                     Of course, the Aegis team has expanded as
       Volume 9, Issue 3             well to meet the increasing technical and                       THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!
         Spring 2007                 commercial needs of our fabricator network.
                                                  President’s Message
                                  As we move through the winter of 2007, it seems apparent that this year, like last, will be full
                                  of promise and challenge. Of course, such an environment creates both opportunities and
                                  potential pitfalls for which we must all be prepared to manage.

                                  On the upside, the commercial construction sector continues to steam along at a nice clip.
                                  As I meet and speak with Aegis fabricators around the country, I am encouraged to hear that
                                  bid activity in almost all regions is strong, even if new orders are a bit slow to be released.
                                  Clearly, cold formed steel trusses and panels continue to grow as a preferred construction
                                  system for institutional and commercial market. And, with its high-recycled content,
                                  Ultra-Span® is ideally positioned to take advantage of the burgeoning “Green Build” movement.

                                  Of course, there remains areas of concern in the near and mid-term. The nasty cold snap that
                                  set in across much of the eastern half of the US in late February and March has clearly caused
                                  site delays and a slowdown in new order releases. Add to this a (hopefully) short-term
                                  correction in global equity markets in late February and continued softness in some key
                                  sectors in the US (eg: housing, automotive) and there is some cause for caution. Nonetheless,
                                  the outlook for the markets Aegis and our fabricators serve, in general, appears positive.

                                  One item of keen interest for both Aegis and our fabricators is the continued consolidation
                                  of the global steel industry. As I have written in previous issues of Steel Notes, the effect of
Jayna Altman
Editor / Marketing Manager        this consolidation has been, and will continue to be, “Higher Highs and Higher Lows.”

Contributing Writers:             Nowhere was the new steel paradigm better illustrated than during the last few months of
                                  2006 when, due to high inventories and declining demand, U.S. steel consumption declined
Thomas J. Valvo                   significantly. In the past, this decline would have been met with a round of price-cutting by
President                         the domestic mills. However, with fewer companies controlling the market, the response
                                  was a dramatic cut-back in output to more closely match supply with a weakened demand,
Mike Pellock, P.E.
Vice President,                   effectively raising the “floor” on steel prices. Now, as inventories are declining, demand is
Techincal Services                improving (in some segments), and scrap prices are on the rise, U.S. mills are announcing
                                  price increases for the second calendar quarter.
Ray Wagner
Technical Products Manager        The Aegis Metal Framing team looks forward to working with all our fabricator-partners to
                                  capitalize on the opportunities, and face the challenges, that 2007 will bring.
Steve Detter
National Sales Manager
                                  As always, thank you for your business.
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  New Code of Standard Practice
                                 The AISI Committee on Framing Standards (COFS) has
                                 published a revised Code of Standard Practice (CSP). This
                                 document was reviewed by several peer committees within
                                 the industry and endorsed by the Association of the Wall
                                 and Ceiling Industries (AWCI), Steel Framing Alliance (SFA)      Mike Pellock, P.E.
                                 and Steel Stud Manufacturers Association (SSMA). It will help    Vice President,
                                 define the lines of responsibility in cold-formed steel fram-    Technical Services
                                 ing design and construction.

                                 The Code of Standard Practice defines accepted norms of
                                 good practice for fabrication and installation of cold-formed
                                 steel structural framing. It helps define the roles of the
                                 owner's representative, architect of record, engineer of
record, specialty engineer, manufacturer, framing contractor and truss/wall panel supplier in
the design and construction of cold-formed steel framed structural systems.

Among the many topics covered are general requirements, classification of materials, plans
and specifications, installation drawings, materials, manufacture and delivery, installation
requirements, quality control, and contractual relations, clarifications, revisions and the RFI
process, contract price adjustment and scheduling.

Also included in this edition is new Commentary that helps explain, clarify and illustrate the
provisions within the document. The CSP is available as a free download from the Steel Fram-
ing Alliance website.

Bama’s Odgers Wins Recruitment Contest
                           Aegis Metal Framing would like to congratulate Joe Odgers, Vice
                           President of Bama Truss and Components, on winning the first
                           annual WTCA Cold Formed Steel Council (CFSC) Membership Com-

                           Joe’s tireless efforts helped bring a total of 17 new component
                           manufacturers and associate members to the CFSC, increasing the
                           ranks of Aegis fabricators in this important industry trade group to
                           20. Well done Joe!

                           Aegis is a charter member of the CFSC. We support this
                           organization’s initiatives to help expand the understanding and
                           use of cold-formed steel trusses and panels throughout the com-
                           mercial, institutional, and multi-family sectors.

                                 Cold Formed
                                   Steel Council

                                                                                                  Page 3
         extreme makeover Home edition
         On February 26th, Ty Pennington and the design team from "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"
         yelled the proverbial line, "Move that bus!" revealing a new, larger sustainable home for the Collins
         family built by the local town and surrounding community that joined forces with "Extreme Make-
         over: Home Edition".
                                                                        Aegis Metal Framing, LLC of Chester-
                                                                        field, MO. and Southern Components,
                                                                        Inc. of Shreveport, LA. teamed up as a
                                                                        contributor with RealSteel Homes of
                                                                        Rogers, Ark. to pull out the stops in
                                                                        building the Collins family a high
                                                                        quality, energy-efficient home in just
                                                                        one week.

                                                                       Aegis and Southern Components
                                                                       provided the steel materials, fabrica-
                                                                       tion, and installation of cold formed
                                                                       metal framing trusses to top the

           The Collins Family
            episode will air
           Sunday, April 29th,
           2007 on ABC, 8/7c.

                                                                       “Green” home. According to Bob
                                                                       Ward, President, Southern Compo-
                                                                       nents, “ We were delighted to partici-
                                                                       pate in this most worthwhile project.
                                                                       Thanks to the quick response of
                                                                       Aegis and our steel division, the
                                                                       Collins family home was built on time
                                                                       and on schedule. I couldn’t be
                                                                       happier with the outcome.”

                                                                         RealSteel and the "Extreme Make-
                                                                         over: Home Edition" design team's
         focus was truly about helping one local logger's family persevere through tough times by giving
         them a home that is large enough to help raise their extended family of six children. Kim and Dennis
         Collins' teenage son, Mitchell, survived a rare-form of brain cancer to become a positive inspiration
         to others. He now collects pop tabs from soda cans in an effort to help raise money for juvenile
         cancer patients and the Arkansas Children's Hospital. The Collins' also opened their small home to
         five more children when Kim's cousin was killed. Thanks to thousands of volunteers and committed
         neighbors, the Collins' will come home to a house large enough for this loving family of eight.

         "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" airs at 7 p.m. each Sunday on ABC television.
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                trump Park residence
Real estate developer Donald Trump is reported to have
once said he was “The greatest builder since Ramses.”             Project Name:            Trump Park Residence
Mr. Trump’s expansive portfolio of apartment buildings,                                    Yorktown, New York
casinos, hotels, and golf courses is indeed impressive-
certainly worthy of comparison at some level to the               Architect/Engineer: Sullivan Architects
works of the great Egyptian pharaoh. However, whereas                                 White Plains, NY
Ramses’ preferred medium was stone and mortar, Mr.
Trump’s projects are constructed of steel, concrete, glass        Ultra-Span Truss         Steele Truss Company
and, most recently, cold formed steel framing.                    Manufacturer:            Plattsburg, NY
Trump Park Residences is a $112 million active adult
                                                                  Installation             Kane Contracting
community located in Yorktown, NY. Mr. Trump has
                                                                  Contractor:              Peekskill, NY
teamed with fellow developers Louis and Michael
Cappelli to bring the 141 unit condominium develop-
ment for the “55 and better” crowd to a 50 acre parcel of    some of the more challenging design
land in idyllic West Chester County, NY.                     aspects of the project: “The numbers

Architectural firm Sullivan Architects used
the grand estates of the Hudson River valley
as inspiration for the outward appearance of
the Trump Park buildings, and cold-formed
steel framing for the structure’s framework.

The buildings are capped off with an impressive pre-         for Trump Park Residences speak for them-
fabricated roof truss system utilizing the products and      selves. There were in excess of 1,200
services of Aegis Metal Framing, LLC (St. Louis, MO) and     individual truss types and more than 2,300
Steele Truss Company (Plattsburg, NY).                       total trusses. We had more than 500 hours
                                                             of total design time (including a substan-
The intricate roof structure, replete with massive cupo-     tial redesign due to plan changes) at
las, would prove to be one of the most complex design        Steele Truss alone, not to mention the time
challenges to which cold-formed steel trusses have           Aegis Metal Framing’s engineers put into
been applied. According to Tom Steele, CEO of Steele         the project. Upon project completion, we
Truss “We have been designing and fabricating cold-          had delivered more than 30 truckloads of
formed steel trusses since 1996. We have tackled many        Ultra-Span trusses.”
challenging projects, but none compares to Trump Park
Residences. From an engineering and logistical stand-        Jim Looby, PE, Chief Engineer for Aegis
point, it’s in a league of its own.”                         Metal Framing, confirmed the complexity
                                                             of the Trump Park roof system: “The
Peter Wynnik, truss designer for Steele Truss, shared        system of girder trusses required to frame
                                                                                                           Page 5
         (Trump Park Residnce Con’t)

            this roof was amazing. For example, the         very labor-intensive project given the high
         32-foot trusses supporting the main cupola      concentration of girder trusses and the huge
         in the center core of the complex had to        number of set ups. Nonetheless, we wrapped up
         support a 15,000 lb point load every four       truss production on schedule and delivered our
         feet. Each of these trusses weighed in excess   last load in February 2007.”
         of 1,500 lbs. Throughout the entire project,
         there were more than 400 different types of     Kane Contracting of Peekskill, NY handled the
                                                                             on-site installation of the
                                                                             Ultra-Span truss system,
                                                                             and company founder
                                                                             Michael Kane was person-
                                                                             ally involved in all details
                                                                             of the project. According
                                                                             to Kane, “Trump Park
                                                                             Residences was one of the
                                                                             most prestigious projects
                                                                             in which my company ever
                                                                             participated. Throw in the
                                                                                       fact that Mr.
                                                                                       xTrump and Mr.
                                                                                       xxCapelli were
         girder and drag                                                               involved, and you
         trusses that had                                                              could say this
         to be designed.                                                               was a prett y
         Janis Klages, Joe                                                             high-profile job.”
         Forsee, PE and the
         rest of the Aegis                                                             Kane and Steele
         engineering team                                                              xspoke several
         did a remarkable                                                              times a week to
         job certifying all                                                            ensure that truss
         the truss designs,                                                            xxxdeliveries
         bracing and mis-
         cellaneous fram-
         ing required on
         this huge project. ”

         Steele Truss began fabrication of
         the first phase mid-summer
         2006. As with any project of the
         scale of the Trump Park
         Residences, schedule delays and
         modifications were inevitable.
         Given the relatively “tight” job
         site, proper sequencing of truss
         deliveries was paramount. “It
         took us a little while to hit our
         stride in the plant, especially
         given the labor-intensity of all the girder     coincided with the sections of the building on
         trusses,” Tom Steele commented. “At one         which Kane’s installers were working. “It was a
         point we had more than 67 men working in        massive project, and the site conditions were
         our steel shop, a large percentage of them      fairly tight, which made moving cranes and
         dedicated to the Trump Park project. It was a
Page 6                                                                         (Continued on page 7)
       nEW fACES and transfers AT aEGIS
                            Joanna Szymczyk transfers from our Hammond office to company
                            headquarters in Chesterfield, Missouri as a Software Developer. Szymc-
                            zyk earned her bachelors degree in Computer Science and Math from
                            Valporaiso University. She loves philosophy, and is a huge hockey fan,
                            specifically rooting for the Edmonton Oilers. She can be found painting
                            and reading on the weekends.

                            Juan Sanchez is a graduate of the University of Houston Downtown with
                            a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology – Structural Analysis
                            and Design degree. He has worked as an engineer for a wood truss fabri-
                            cator, and was a Design Engineer for MiTek Industries. Through his expe-
                            rience, Juan has knowledge of the structural components industry and
                            exposure to the design and layout software, and AutoCad training. Juan
                            will report to Joe Forsee, P.E.

                            Jim Looby, P.E. has been promoted to Chief Engineer. As Chief Engineer
                            Jim will coordinate all engineering resources and will be responsible for
                            the day-to-day performance of the engineering department. Jim will
                            continue to report to Mike Pellock, P.E. , Vice President, Technical Services.

                            Joe Forsee, P.E. has been promoted to the position of Engineering
                            Systems Manager. His new responsibilities will include scheduling,
                            designing and checking all Bracing Layouts and Works projects. In this
                            new position, Joe will also be involved in the development of software
                            tools to increase department productivity, accuracy and efficiency. Joe
                            will report to Jim Looby, P.E.

(Trump Park Residence Con’t)

other equipment a little more challenging,”          “active adult” segment. That should be music
Kane said. “We were in constant contact with         to the ears for cold-formed steel component
Steele Truss and we put a pretty good system         manufacturers throughout the country.
in place. Obviously, this wasn’t the easiest
truss installation, but all-in-all, things went
pretty smoothly.”

Trump Park Residences’ units are priced from
$500,000 to $1.5 million and are selling at a
brisk pace, despite the overall slowdown in
the residential real estate market. And, with
the U.S. Census bureau projecting more than
100 million Americans over the age of 45 by
2010, it’s likely Mr. Trump and his partners will
be looking at additional opportunities in the
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                                                     Aegis Metal Framing presents

Specification º Design º Manufacture of Cold Formed Steel Components
                                                  Lecture Topics:
                                                                Cold Formed Steel Trusses
                                                                Cold Formed Steel Floor Joists
                                                                Cold Formed Steel Wall Panels
                                                   Aegis Metal Framing, LLC is a Registered Provider with The American Institute of Architects
                                                   Continuing Education Systems. Credit earned upon completion of program will be reported
                                                   to CES Records for AIA members. Certificate of Completion for non-AIA members available
                                                   upon request.

                                                    To arrange your next CES class
                                                    and earn 1 hour of HSW credit
                                                    contact Aegis Metal Framing
                                                    Toll Free 866.902.3447 Fax 314.434.5234
                                                    Email: answers@aegismetalframing.com


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