The Tower - University of Central Oklahoma by yaofenjin


									                                                      Graduation Edition

                                             The Tower
                                                    University of Central Oklahoma
       Spring 2009
   Volume 3, Number 4                      College of Education and Professional Studies

   Dean’s Letter                   Special Commencement Memories
Dear Colleague,
    If you notice our students,        Inherited Commencement Regalia
faculty and staff members               Dr. Pam Kuzminski wears her old graduation regalia
looking weary these days, it is    with style and satisfaction. It was first worn in 1951, the
for good reason. As we con-        year her father, Dr. John Plunkett, received his Ed.D. from
clude another academic year        the University of Colorado.
and celebrate the completion                                     Her parents met at Abilene
of degrees by our students                                       Christian University, where they
participating in Commence-                                       were both cheerleaders. John
ment May 8, it is clear that                                     tried out for cheerleader so he’d
2008-09 has been a success-                                      have a good vantage point to
ful year for our college.                                        see the games, Dr. Kuzminski
    The various events re-                                       said.
ported in this edition of The                                        Dr. Plunkett retired from full-
Tower provide you with some                                      time teaching and administration
insight into the many accom-                                     at the University of North Texas
plishments of our students,                                                                          Dr. John Plunkett and Dr.
                                                                 (UNT) in 1984, the same year        Pam Kuzminski, May, 1984.
faculty and staff members,                                       his daughter, Dr. Pamela Kuz-       He’s wearing the family re-
and alumni. I am sure you will                                   minski, earned her Ph.D. at         galia.
take pride in learning of the                                    UNT.
many achievements outlined                                           The next year, the first year she wore her regalia as a
in this issue.                                                   faculty member, Dr. Plunkett told her not to buy a gown, he
    The symbolism related to       had something she could wear, and presented her with his gown.
graduation and commence-                    Dr. Kuzminski wears the regalia with her own hood, because the color of her
ment ceremonies reflect the        father’s doesn’t match her alma mater or her discipline. “It’s heavy and made for a man,
significance of these important    with hooks to attach it to a tie. Dr. Kuzminski put hooks-and-eyes on the front to keep it
events. We join you in cele-       from flapping in the Oklahoma wind.                                        Continued on page 2
brating our graduates and
communicating thanks to their          Walking at Commencement,
family members and friends
who provide support and en-                 44 Years Later
couragement, and make sacri-           It may not sound important to some people,
fices, for a college degree to     but to an academic, walking at commencement
become a dream fulfilled. You      is an outward testimony to years of hard work
will see just how significant      and achievement.
such ceremonies are in the             Dr. Charles S. Cook, geologist, graduated
features included on pages 1       from OU in May of 1958. He was one of 8 chil-
and 2.                             dren and one of the first to graduate from col-
    Several of our colleagues      lege, and the father of Darlinda Cassel, Ph.D.,
and co-workers including Drs.      2002. As Dr. Cook tells it, all of the graduates
Lori and Stewart Beasley, and      were lined up and marching into the stadium
Mr. Jerry Legere, have chil-       when the tornado sirens sounded. The speaker
dren graduating from our col-      said, “Congratulations and everyone take
lege this semester.                cover.” So Charles Cook graduated, received
                                   his diploma, but he missed his walk.
   Continued on page 2                                                                    Charles Cook, Ph.D., 1958, OU, and
                                  Continued on page 10                                     Darlinda Cassel, Ph.D. 2002, OU
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Inherited Regalia, continued                            CEPS Students applying               Graduation Reception
    After devoting his entire life to teaching,                                                  A reception honoring students
Dr. Plunkett told his daughter that his favor-         to wear Regalia and walk              graduating with bachelor’s de-
ite job had been as principal in an Hispanic        at Commencement for Spring,              grees will be from 1-2:30 p.m.,
school in a small Texas town. Dr. Plunkett                      2009:                        May 8, in the EDU foyer; com-
died last year on St. Patrick’s Day. Plunkett                                                mencement is at 3:00 p.m.
Park, on campus, is named after Dr. John’s                373 Graduates and                      A reception honoring students
cousins.                                                   Undergraduates                    graduating with master’s degrees
    Dr. Plunkett’s regalia has been worn                                                     will be from 5-6:30 p.m., May 8;
proudly for 58 years.                                                                        commencement is at 7:00 p.m.

Dean’s Message, continued
    I know you join me in offering special        and to Dr. Debra Traywick, chosen as       join me in congratulating General
congratulations to Jerel Cowan, a faculty         the Outstanding Mentor of the Year,        Rita Aragon who served Okla-
member in our Department of Kinesiology           by the National Association for Sport      homa schools for many years as
and Health Studies, who recently completed        and Physical Education.                    a teacher, counselor, and princi-
his doctoral degree, and to several other             In addition to the fine academics      pal before going on to a most dis-
faculty members in the final stages of their      included in our college community, we      tinguished career in the military.
doctoral programs. We look forward to help-       benefitted from the expertise of two       General Aragon, who earned two
ing them celebrate their accomplishments.         visiting scholars in recent weeks. Dr.     education degrees from our col-
    One of the hallmarks of our college is the    Bert Hayslip, regent’s professor of        lege, was recently inducted in the
special attention and personal interest pro-      psychology from the University of          Oklahoma Women’s Hall of
vided to students by our talented and dedi-       North Texas, made a presentation on        Fame.
cated faculty and staff members. While            Custodial Grandparenting as part of            Our faculty members continue
some teachers are mentors and vice versa,         the conference held in conjunction         to be highly involved in various
this is not always true. As a part of our 7th     with National Careers in Aging Week        areas related to service, both to
Annual Symposium: Celebrating Mentors             on April 15. Dr. Hayslip is an experi-     our campus and the broader com-
and Mentoring which was held on April 23          mental / developmental psychologist        munity. On April 24, Dr. Cobb and
and is reported on page 3, we focused at-         who has earned an international repu-      the faculty members of our Kinesi-
tention on some special individuals who           tation for his research and publica-       ology and Health Studies guided
served as our mentors. The focus on men-          tions related to adult development,        our students in working with hun-
                                                                                                         th       th
tors is appropriate at this time since the stu-   aging and related topics. The Depart-      dreds of 4 - and 5 -grade stu-
dent research, scholarly and creative activi-     ment of Occupational and Technology        dents from the Edmond Public
ties presented at the symposium would not         Education hosted this event and            Schools in the Move More, Watch
have occurred without excellent mentoring         thanks go to Dr. Doug Reed, Dr. Glee       Less event. In this program the
provided by college faculty to these stu-         Bertram, Dr. Kaye Sears, and Dr.           children engaged in a variety of
dents. It is remarkable to see the positive       Candy Sebert for providing this out-       events involving physical activity.
energy contained in the mentoring experi-         standing learning event to our com-        This provided a great opportunity
ence being handed down through several            munity.                                    for our college students to have
generations in our college.                           On April 17, our Psi Chi student       some hands-on experience under
    Many of our students have been hon-           organization hosted the statewide          the tutelage of our faculty. Addi-
ored in various ways. Congratulations to          conference of the Oklahoma Psycho-         tionally, the faculty members and
Meredith Scott, named the CEPS Out-               logical Society. The featured keynote      students in the Athletic Training
standing Undergraduate Student; Mekay             speaker was Dr. Dan McAdams, pro-          program participated in this event
Reaves, named CEPS Outstanding Gradu-             fessor of psychology at Northwestern       and also provided service during
ate Student; and Kelly Schon, Bobbie              University in Evanston, Illinois. Dr.      the Annual Oklahoma City Memo-
Gower, and Tracy Hull, all of whom received       McAdams in considered a leading            rial Marathon this past weekend.
Martin-DaVinci Scholarships. Special con-         expert in personality psychology and                 As always, we appreciate
gratulations to Kathryn Comtois, named            has conducted research and pub-            your interest in and support for
Class Marshal for CEPS this semester, after       lished extensively in the area of narra-   our college and students. It is only
having earned the highest grade point aver-       tive psychology. Special thanks go out     through the efforts of many that
age among our graduating students.                to Dr. Robert Mather and Dr. Alicia        we are able to fulfill our academic
    Our faculty members are recognized as         Limke, faculty members in our psy-         mission of helping students learn
among the best in their field. Congratula-        chology who worked with our students       so that they may become produc-
tions to Dr. Mary Sweet-Darter, selected as       to coordinate this event.                  tive, creative, ethical, and en-
the Outstanding School Psychologist, by the           Alumni from our college continue       gaged citizens and leaders.
Oklahoma School Psychologist Association,         to make a major impact. I know you         Best regards, Jim Machell, Dean
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                                   Student Symposium
       7th Symposium
     Celebrates Mentors
      On April 23, the College of Educa-
tion and Professional Studies (CEPS)
held the 7th Annual Student Sympo-
sium: Celebrating Mentors and Mentor-
ing. This year’s event featured presen-
tations of research, scholarly and crea-
tive activities by more than 200 stu-
dents and, for the first time, included a
special luncheon where three special
mentors were honored.
      Faculty members and colleagues
from the various professional commu-
nities with which college programs are
connected served as moderators and
assessors for the sessions of student
presentations.                              Dr. Lowell Caneday, above, and Dr.
                                            Courtney Vaughn, right, received the
      The symposium was coordinated
                                            first CEPS Distinguished Mentor
by Dr. Paulette Shreck, chair of the
                                            Awards at the Symposium, April 23.
Department of Curriculum and Instruc-
                                            Photos provided by Dr. Dana Owens-Delong.
tion, with the assistance of many, in-
cluding members of the college asses-
sement committee.
      Dr. Lowell Caneday, professor in
the College of Education at Oklahoma
State University, and Dr. Courtney
Vaughn, professor in the Jeannine
Rainbolt College of Education at the
University of Oklahoma, were pre-
sented with the college’s first Distin-
guished Mentor Awards.
      Drs. Vaughn and Caneday have
been pivotal to the careers of nearly 20
CEPS faculty members, having taught
courses in doctoral programs, served
as research and dissertation advisors
and committee members, and gener-
ously shared their time and talent to
invest in the professional careers of
others. Faculty members who have
been mentored by                             Jan Tuepker, above, received the CEPS Outstanding Mentor Award. Present-
                                             ing the award are Dr. James Machell, Dean of the college, and Dr. Bill Pink,
      Drs. Caneday and Vaughn heard          Associate Dean of the college. More photos of the luncheon, page 11
personal testimonials about the impact
they have made on many professional
careers and personal lives.                  has become a major influence in the organizational life of the college and pro-
                                             vides key leadership and guidance for other staff members in the college.
      Ms. Jan Tuepker, executive assis-
tant to the dean, was presented with              Dr. Joan Smith, dean, and Dr. Mike Langenbach, emeritus professor and
the college’s first Outstanding Mentor-      associate dean, both from the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education at the
ing Award. In her career in the college      University of Oklahoma, and Dr. Bob Davis, associate dean of the College of
that spans more than 30 years, Jan           Education at Oklahoma State University, also attended the event.
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                        Student Awards and Honors
Outstanding Students
   Meredith Scott, pictured right, was selected as the Outstanding
Undergraduate Student for 2008-2009.
    Miss Scott was also awarded the first Provost’s Civic Engage-
ment Award, at the American Democracy Project Awards Recep-
tion, April 22, for her work with the American Democracy Project
Student Board and other activities.
    Dr. William Radke, Provost and Vice President for Academic
Affairs, is pictured presenting Meredith with the award.
    Dr. Patricia Loughlin, Associate Professor, History and Geogra-
phy, donated a portion of her royalties for the book Building Tradi-
tions, Educating Generations, co-authored with Bob Burke, to fund
the award.
    Meredith is a graduating senior with a community health major,
and the daughter of Dr. Susan Scott, Professional Teacher Edu-
    Miss Mekay Reaves was selected as the Outstanding Gradu-
ate Student in the College of Education and Professional Studies
for 2008-2009. Photos provided by Jonathan Smith.

Three C’s Award                              Outstanding Sophomore Awards--          petition at the Oklahoma Psychologi-
   Bethany Scott, pictured, sopho-        Elizabeth Le of Mustang, Speech-           cal Society conference at UCO, in
more Mass Communication and               Language Pathology major.                  April.
Journalism major, and daughter of            Outstanding Senior Awards--                 Other Awards are: Graduate
Dr. Susan Scott, Professional             Meredith Scott of Midwest City, Com-       Posters, 2nd Place, Megan Tibbits &
                   Teacher Educa-         munity Health major                        Jaya Paily.
                   tion, is the recipi-      Vice President's Award--Audrey              Graduate Papers, 3rd Place,
                   ent of the $1,000      Criner of Fort Gibson, Speech Lan-         David Melton, 4th Place, Kristin
                   Stephanie Driver       guage Pathology major.                     Woods.
                   Three C's Stu-            Healthy Campus Initiative Award--           Undergraduate Papers, 3rd
                   dent Scholarship,      Community Health Club.                     Place, Natalie Deitz-Bales, 4th
                   for her service           The President's Club and the Divi-      Place, Doug Preddy, Aaron Likens, &
                   and interactions       sion of Student Affairs also sponsored     Robert DiGiovanni.
                   on campus and          the event.                                     UCO’s Psi Chi College Bowl team
                   in the local com-                                                 was undefeated in a double elimina-
                   munity. Miss           Scholarship and Service Award              tion tournament. Team members are:
                   Scott exemplifies         Robin Chipman, a community              Tyler Burns, Brandi Striegel, Bren-
UCO's "Three C's" of Character,           health major, received the Oklahoma        non Godwin, and Lauren Johnson.
Community and Civility.                   Business Ethics Foundation Scholar-
                                          ship, as well as the UCO Student As-       Senior Recognition
Campus Student Leadership                 sociation Kimber Chessmore Service
Awards                                    Award for outstanding service to the       Nicole Gibbons,
   UCO celebrated outstanding stu-        university community.                      psychology
dent leaders at the annual Campus                                                    major and
Leadership Awards ceremony in             Oklahoma Psychological Society             graduating sen-
April.                                    Awards                                     ior, was recog-
   College of Education and Profes-           Psi Chi hosted the Oklahoma Psy-       nized at the
sional Studies student recipients are     chological Association statewide con-      American De-
as follows:                               ference on April 17th. Ten other univer-   mocracy Pro-
   Outstanding Community Service          sities attended the conference and stu-    ject reception
Award--Bethany Scott of Midwest           dents presented their research either      on April 22.
City, Mass Communication major.           through poster or paper presentations.     Nicole is a
   Outstanding Freshmen Awards--              Aaron Likens, first year graduate      member of the
Kaitlin Clark of Edmond, Psychol-         student in psychology at UCO, won          ADP Student
ogy major.                                first place in the Graduate Paper Com-     Board.
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                          Student Awards and News
2009 DaVinci Scholar,
    Kelly A. Schon, secondary Eng-
lish education major, was named a
DaVinci Scholar by Dr. Wayne Stein,
2008 DaVinci Fellow. As a DaVinci
Fellow, Dr. Stein selected a pre-
service teacher who has distinguished
himself through research or perform-
ance, accomplishment or service
learning. Kelly is doing much to pre-
pare himself for teaching by being a
peer tutor, student assistant and resi-
dent assistant.
    Bobbie E. Gower is a biology
education major in the College of
Math and Science. Her project “The
Clay of Biology: Molding Young Sci-
entists” provides fifth grade students
with the opportunity to experience           Class Marshalls for commencement are selected from among the third-year
positive role models among high           students most successful academically. This year, three of the five marshalls
school biology students.                  are working toward careers involving education.
    Tracy R. Hull is a non-traditional       Pictured from left are: Dr. Bill Pink, Associate Dean, Russell Wayne John-
student who served in the United          son, College of Liberal Arts, Spanish Education major; Lorryn Kathryn Finnel,
States Navy for more than 11years,        College of Arts, Media, and Design, Theater Communications Education major;
two on an aircraft carrier. Her service   Kathryn S. Comtois, College of Education and Professional Studies, Elementary
learning proposal, Math Game Ma-          Education Major; Dr. James Machell, Dean. Photo provided by Dan Smith.
nia,” will encourage students to con-
nect creativity to what is sometimes
referred to as dry, boring math.          Education Students Create Lesson Plans
    Each will receive a certificate and   Teacher education students are assisting the Oklahoma State Stroke Systems
$3,000 in September of their first        Advisory Committee, a group consisting of numerous state stroke foundation
teaching year. These scholars are         representatives, by creating stroke awareness lesson plans to be uploaded to
chosen from applications, and are pre     their website. The purpose is for teachers across the state to be able to
-service teachers whose academic          download lesson ideas on how to teach stroke awareness and response to
accomplishments and service to the        their K-12th graders with the aim that these young learners will, in turn, teach
university are deemed most notable.       their parents, guardians, and grandparents. Approximately 120 UCO teacher
    Winners demonstrated the ability      candidates and M.Ed.-Secondary Education candidates participated and sub-
to integrate content into relevant ap-    mitted 33 lessons. Drs. Scott, Endicott, James, Hammond, and Duke, all in
plications through a service learning     Professional Teacher Education, worked with the students on this project.
    Dean of the CEPS, Dr. James Ma-
chell, acknowledged Dr. Susan             International Q Symposium
Scott’s efforts. She “has been tireless   Dr. Mike Knight and several students made presentations at the International
in her efforts to mentor, cajole, en-     Q Symposium at OSU on March 27: “Making Sense: A Study of the Dialogical
courage, pester, etc. our students so     Nature of Consciousness in Creative Writing, ”Christopher Copeland & Mike
that they apply for these Martin DaV-     Knight; “Use of Intensive Q-sort for One on One Therapy, ”Victoria Jean
inci scholarships.”                       Gaetan & Mike Knight; “Stories about Jane: Q-Sort Methodology in I-Spi Psy-
                                          chometrics, ”Elizabeth Peters & Mike Knight; “Q-sort methodology using Idio-
                                          graphic-Self Perception Imagine (I-SPI),” Jinling Zhao & Caroline Wiegman.
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                                            Faculty Honors
                                          wore clunky shoes in her honor as Peggy and sev-        Publications
                                          eral others said she wore clunky shoes. I never
                                                                                                       Dr. Mike Knight and Han-
                                          knew her but she must have been a character,” Dr.
                                                                                                  nah Thomas Holloway’s review
                                          Sweet-Darter said.
                                                                                                  of Chance, Character, and
                                                                                                  Change by John Mattausch was
                                          National Outstanding                                    published in the April 22, 2009
                                                                                                  issue of PsycCritiques.
                                          Mentor of the Year
                                                 The National                                     Disability Awareness Week
                                          Association for                                         Awards
                                          Sport and Physical                                      Students for an Accessible So-
                                          Education                                               ciety (SAS), an organization that
                                          (NASPE) recently                                        supports UCO students with
                                          named Dr. Debbie                                        disabilities, honored faculty,
                                          Traywick, pictured                                      staff and students during Dis-
Outstanding Oklahoma                      right, Physical                                         ability Awareness Week's Din-
School Psychologist                       Education Pro-
                                          gram coordinator
                                                                                                  ing in the Dark Banquet on April
                                                                                                  2. SAS members voted for the
of the Year                               and associate                                           following recipients: Jerel
                                          professor at the                                        Cowan, a Kinesiology and
 The Oklahoma School Psychology           University of Cen-
Association presented Dr. Mary Sweet-                                                             Health Studies instructor, recipi-
                                          tral Oklahoma, the
Darter with the 2009 Fay Catlett Award                                                            ent of the Excellence in Integrity
                                          Outstanding Men-
for Outstanding School Psychologist at                                                            Award; Kimberly Quigley, Ph.D.,
                                          tor of the Year for
the Spring Conference. The award’s        her accomplishments as a leader in teacher educa-
                                                                                                  assistant professor in the Kine-
purpose is to recognize outstanding       tion.                                                   siology and Health Studies De-
Oklahoma School Psychology practi-                                                                partment, recipient of the Con-
tioners for their advancement of                 Traywick was selected for her display of role    tinuous Improvement Award.
School Psychology and to increase         model professionalism and leadership, constantly
public awareness of the profession.       encouraging her students to get involved in profes-
                                          sional opportunities and continually providing exem-    Calling Dr. Jerel Cowan
       Dr. Sweet-Darter said, “Each       plary academic and professional preparation advise-
year the Oklahoma School Psychologi-                                                              Mr. Jerel Cowan, Kinesiology
                                          ment to her students as well.
cal Association names a School Psy-                                                               and Health Studies, success-
chologist of the Year. The award is              "This award is designed to recognize one         fully defended his dissertation
named in memory and honor of Faye         higher education faculty member for their specific      on April 22. He will officially be-
Catlett, who started school psychology    efforts to mentor undergraduate and/or graduate         come Dr. Cowan when his tran-
in Oklahoma and was a revered faculty     students pursuing a degree in physical education,
                                                                                                  script is posted in a few weeks.
at UCO for years. While at UCO she        sport, kinesiology or exercise science," said Fran
                                                                                                  Congratulations from the entire
started the Special School Services       Cleland, NASPE president.
                                                                                                  university community.
Clinic which continues to this                   "Dr. Traywick has shown a tremendous com-
day. That clinic was very precious to     mitment to her students and UCO, and plays an
Faye Catlett and she was a champion       essential role in their success. We are very happy to   Educators Leadership
advocate for children with learning       name her as the winner of this award."                  Academy
disorders.                                       "Dr. Traywick opened my eyes to the need for     The University of Central Okla-
       “I think she would be pleased to   physical education, and I only hope that I can con-     homa-based Educators Leader-
know that after all these years, the      tinue to be a light unto others as she has been to
                                                                                                  ship Academy (ELA) recently
clinic she started serves about 200       me," said Krista Rice, Physical Education/Health
                                                                                                  recognized 24 professors from
children and college students a year,     junior at UCO.
with assessment, diagnostic, and ad-
                                                                                                  across the state as graduates of
                                                 "I am very honored to receive Mentor of the      the 2008-09 Outstanding Pro-
vocacy services.                          Year Award from NASPE. My students and my col-          fessors' Academy. The CEPS
       “The program Faye Catlett began    leagues have made my job very enjoyable over the
                                                                                                  graduate is Ms. J. Sunshine
is now a nationally accredited training   years, and to know that they nominated me for this
                                                                                                  Cowan, Kinesiology and Health
program for Master’s Degree specialist    award makes it even more special," said Traywick.
-level school psychologists.                     Traywick received the Outstanding Mentor of
       “For this award to go to a UCO     the Year Award during the national convention of the
faculty was particularly gratifying. I    American Alliance for Health, Physical Education,
was humbled and honored. I even           Recreation and Dance in Tampa, Florida in April.
                                                                                                        —Continued on page 8
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                                  Move More, Watch Less

                                           Hundreds of students from Edmond 4th and 5th grades participated in
                                           National "Turn Off" Week, Friday morning in Wantland Hall. The activities
                                           were part of a day-long event , “Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Chal-
                                           lenge,” organized by
                                           Oklahoma Action for
                                           Healthy Kids (OAHK).
                                           UCO Kinesiology and
                                           Health Studies students
                                           and faculty organized
                                           and supervised the ac-
                                           tivities. Each elemen-
                                           tary school will receive
                                           ReCharge! Kits with
                                           activities and educa-
                                           tional information to
                                           Move More, Watch
                                           Former University of
                                           Oklahoma and Tennes-
                                           see Titans linebacker
                                           Rocky Calmus spoke to
                                           the students about exer- Dr. Jerel Cowan, left, and Dr. Trey Cone, Kine-
Even the Plunkett Park gateway on campus   cise and fitness.         siology & Health Studies faculty members look
was used for the event                                               over the event schedule.
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Faculty News
continued from page 6

OCTED and HES welcome Speaker
     As a part of National Careers in Aging Week, Dr. Bert Hayslip, University of
North Texas, gave a presentation on “Custodial Grandparenting—What We
Know and What We Need to Know” on April 15, at UCO.
     The departments of Occupational and Technology Education and Human
Environmental Sciences participated, in collaboration with the Oklahoma Geriat-
ric Education Center, Oklahoma State University, and the Autumn Life Center of
Edmond Hospital, sponsors of the event with UCO. The UCO Campus Council
on Family Relations served as the student organizational host for the
event. Sixty-six students, faculty and community participants attended.

Human Environmental Science
Drs. Darlene Kness and Susan Miller took 40 fashion marketing students to Dal-
las Career Day on April 16-17

Conference at NSU-Broken Arrow
     Faculty presenting at the April, 2009, Oklahoma Higher Education Teaching
and Learning Conference at Northeastern State University are: LaDonna Atkins        Joshua Brandeberry, webmaster in the
and Nate Cottle, Human Environmental Science; J. Sunshine Cowan, Kinesiol-          Instructional Technology Center, CEPS,
ogy and Heath Studies; Brent Wendling, Sherry Ward, Cheryl Evans, and Patsy         was recognized for his work with the
Couts, Advanced Professional Services.                                              American Democracy Project webpage.

African American Faculty/Staff Association Announces New Board                      ADP Recognizes Students,
Dr. Frederick Hammond, assistant professor, Professional Teacher Education,         Faculty, Staff
was elected to the African American Faculty/Staff Association executive board
                                                                                        The American Democracy Project
for 2009–2011.
                                                                                    (ADP) awards and recognition reception
                                                                                    was held April 22.
Academic Affairs Council                                                                Dr. Janelle Grellner, Psychology de-
   Ms. Lea Garcia will serve on the Academic Affairs Council beginning Fall,
                                                                                    partment, gave an update on the Delib-
2009. Her name has been forwarded to Academic Affairs.
                                                                                    erative Polling Initiative, which began
Faculty and Students attend conference
                                                                                    this year as part of a student Master’s
   Donna Cobb, Trey Cone, Darla Fent, Michelle Gray, Melissa Powers, Freeta         project. The program involves hearing
Jones, Debra Traywick, Jerel Cowan, and Susan McLemore took 19 KHS stu-             the voices of students and allowing their
dents to the American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation,        voices to influence the decisions of the
and Dance convention in Tampa, FL, on March 31-April 4.                             administration.
                                                                                        Recognized at the event were: Dr.
Volunteers                                                                          Joanne Necco, who was presented with
   The following faculty members and 250 UCO student volunteers worked at           the Distinguished Service Award for
the Capital Area Special Olympics on April 7 at Putnam City High School: Kirby      being the founding director of the ADP,
Moss, Paul House, Brady Redus, Darla Fent, Greg Farnell, Sunshine Cowan,            as well as CEPS students Meredith
Trey Cone, Ed Sunderland, Susan McLemore, Debra Traywick, Gary Howard,              Scott and Nicole Gibbons.
Kim Quigley, and Jerel Cowan.                                                           Provost Dr. William Radke presented
                                                                                    the first Provost’s Civic Engagement
Reach Higher                                                                        Award to Meredith Scott (story on page
   156 students claim UCO as their home site for the Regents’ Reach Higher          3)
adult completion program. Two years ago, when the program began, the college
had three participants. The program is administered by Christopher Bray in the
Occupational and Technology Education department.
                                                                                       Final exams will be May 4-8;
                                                                                        grades are due by noon on
                                                                                             Tuesday, May 12.
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                                                     Grant News
On Campus Proposals Submitted
    Ten CEPS faculty members submitted on-campus                   30            Faculty 2009‐10
proposals to the Office of Research and Grants for
2009-2010. In the other colleges, Arts, Media, and De-             25            Faculty 2008‐09
sign submitted one, Business Administration submitted                                                                 19
six, Liberal Arts submitted seven, and Mathematics &               20
Science submitted 19. CEPS has the second-highest
                                                                   15                               10
faculty submission rate this year. See faculty chart
at right.                                                                                                   7
    CEPS students submitted 28 proposals for on-                                         6
                                                                                                     9                11
campus funding this year, the highest number of stu-                5        1                              7
dent submissions of any college. Arts, Media and                             3           3
Design submitted 7; Business Administration submitted               0
five; Liberal Arts submitted 10, and Mathematics & Sci-                  CAMD          CBA         CEPS    LA       CMS
ence submitted 22. See Student Submissions chart
                                                                    A team of three UCO professors were selected to serve
                                                                as Local Evaluation Partners for Educare, Oklahoma
  50     Students 2009‐10                                       City. The team consists of Dr. Mary Sweet-Darter from
                                                                School Psychology, Dr. LaDonna Atkins from Family and
  40     Students 2008‐09
                                                                Child Studies, and Dr. April Haulman from Bilingual Educa-
  30                                                            tion.
                                                                    Educare Oklahoma City is part of a national movement to
                                                   22           identify at-risk families and provide intervention services from
                                         10                     birth through age 5, with the intention of seeing if this level of
  10                         19                                 intervention truly prepares the children to enter kindergarten
            7        5                             10
            3        3                    7                     with the skills needed to succeed in an academic environ-
   0                                                            ment.
        CAMD      CBA       CEPS        LA       CMS                The Oklahoma City center is in South Oklahoma City and
                                                                Brian Mangus, a 2009 graduate of UCO’s school psychology
                                                                program, will be the resident school psychologist for the Edu-
            National Education Association                      care Center. 
             Learning & Leadership Grants
Purpose: Grants support faculty and staff in public in-
stitutions of higher education.                                                     Search and Select Workshop
Grant funds may be used for fees, travel expenses,                             June 16, 2009 – 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
books, or other materials that enable applicants to                  Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, Regents
learn subject matter, instructional approaches, and              Conference Room, 655 Research Parkway, Oklahoma City
skills. Recipients are expected to exercise professional             This workshop is an overview of how to search for grant
leadership by sharing their new learning with their col-         opportunities. You will learn:
leagues.                                                             How to select the right grant program and agency
Amount: The grant amount is $2,000 for individuals                   How to find appropriate information about the grant pro-
and $5,000 for groups.                                           gram
Applications may be submitted at any time.                           How to make a search strategy to maximize your time                              The agencies want to give you money to accomplish
                                                                 their goals, and you want the money to accomplish your
                                                                 goals, so it is critical that you find the best information possi-
                                                                 ble about the grant agency goals and priorities.
                                                                     Bring a laptop computer to maximize your success in this
                                   President Mitchell confers    workshop; the room is set up for wireless internet access.
                                   a degree in 1920.             Also, bring your grant funding project idea and grant agen-
                                   Photo courtesy of Chambers    cies you have in mind. To register, send an e-mail to lma-
                                                        by June 11, 2007. There is no fee but par-
                                                                 ticipants must register.
T h e Towe r                                                                                                              Page 10

                                                      Grant News
                                                                     No Child Left Behind
                                                                         Over the length of the school year, 23 teachers and 3
                                                                     faculty members were involved in Dr. Darlinda Cassel’s No
                                                                     Child Left Behind grant. Teachers and facilitators all met for
                                                                     one week during August and had 4 follow-up days during
                                                                     the school year, with the last follow-up day April 25, with
                                                                     eight teachers attending.
Minority Teacher Recruitment Grants
    The Minority Teacher Recruitment Center annually sponsors            The teachers received professional development as
programs and grants which help support its objectives to recruit,    well as materials for their classrooms to help them under-
retain and place teachers in Oklahoma K-12 schools, as well as       stand and better teach mathematics concepts. The teach-
provide vital interaction among colleges and universities from       ers were from low-performing schools in Oklahoma, teach-
around the state. There are two competitive grant categories:        ing grades 4-8.
    College Connection Grants are one year grants to help in
the recruitment and retention of teachers in Oklahoma.
    Dr. Susan Scott has won this grant for several years.            Minority Teacher Recruitment Grant Results
    Funds support pre-collegiate student visitations to colleges         Through Dr. Susan Scott’s Minority Teacher Recruit-
of education; visitations of higher education representatives to K   ment Grant funded by the Oklahoma State Regents for
-12 schools; student tutoring and college preparation sessions;
                                                                     Higher Education, 15 Midwest City High School students
and professional development for current teachers.
    This grant is awarded to eligible colleges and universities.     and their teacher came to UCO for a day. They talked
Award not to exceed $10,000.                                         about college success, how to read a degree sheet and
    Special Project Grants support “one time” events such as         mock enroll, and teacher education; had lunch with college
a one or two day conference, and provide programs that high-         students; and took a campus tour with a focus on scholar-
light the teaching profession and place a positive focus on edu-     ship and diversity engagements.
    The office of Leadership Central and Dr. Kathy Brown,
Professional Teacher Education, have won this grant for                  OSRHE Summer Grant Writing Institute
the past three years, to host the Distinguished Lecture Se-                                  July 20-24
ries in 2006 and 2007, and Especially for Educators in 2008.           Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, 655
    Program participants include community leaders, pre-                                 Research Parkway
collegiate students, collegiate students and administrators, and
educators from all levels. Award not to exceed $7,000.
                                                                                              Fee: $250
      To access these grant opportunities, contact Gerry Cherry,     This Institute will bring together faculty and adminis-
Grants Facilitator, at, or go online to: http://     trators from public and private higher education insti-                tutions interested in preparing proposals for submis-
All applications are to be postmarked by the deadline - July 15,     sion to external funding agencies.
2009. Grants will be awarded September 2009.
                                                                     The five-day institute will consist of one-on-one work
                                                                     with a mentor, small group discussions, writing and
Walking at Commencement, continued                                   critiquing of proposals, and plenary sessions.
    His daughter, Dr. Darlinda Cassel, tells the rest of the         The Grant Writing Institute is not a conference but a
story. “In 2002, when I was graduating from OU with my               participatory workshop where applicants attend all
Ph.D., I inquired about the possibility of my dad walking            sessions and work during all scheduled work times.
with me. My mom and dad had been huge supporters all                 The schedule is intense and extends all day into
through my Ph.D. program and my dad helped with all of               early evening. The purpose of the Institute is to com-
the editing. For all of his hard work and as a surprise, I           plete a grant proposal by the end of the Institute.
wanted him to walk with me.                                          Applicants will be notified if they are selected.
    “As more people found out about it, the plan grew.
The geology department (his major) asked that he come
                                                                     Use control + click to access the invitation and in-
to their Friday night ceremony as well. When we arrived I            structions, and the application.
handed my dad his gown and said, “Finally, you will walk.
The geology department arranged for dad to be first to               Invitation to Participate (PDF, 101k)
walk across the stage and receive his official geologist             Institute Application (DOC, 37k)
    “Saturday morning all of the graduates lined up to                   Application Deadline: June 8, 2009
march. When it was my turn to walk on stage, dad walked
with me. He still tells the story with a huge smile.”
                                                                              Preliminary Workshop: June 19, 2009
T h e Towe r                                                                                                                   Page 11

   Alumni News                                        Distinguished Mentor Luncheon
Hall of Fame Selects
    General Rita Aragon has
been selected for the Okla-
homa Women’s Hall of
Fame. She earned a master
of science in education de-
gree in 1970, and a master
of education degree in guid-
ance and counseling in
1974, both from our CEPS at
UCO. Induction ceremony
was in April.
                                                                                              Left, Dr. Paulette Shreck, Chair of the
Alumna wins Bookapa-                                                                          Department of Curriculum and Instruc-
looza                             From left, Dr. Dan Vincent, Dr. Bill Pink, and Dr. Court-   tion, and organizer of the symposium,
       The Association for        ney Vaughn, one of the honorees at the Symposium            and Dr. Malinda Green, Professor, Pro-
Library Service to Children       Luncheon.                                                   fessional Teacher Education Department
(ALSC), division of the
American Library Associa-         Photos provided by Dr. Dana Owens-Delong
tion (ALA), selected the win-
ners of the Bookapalooza
prize. The Oklahoma library
is Fletcher Public School
       Each year the ALSC,
home of the Newberry and
Caldecott awards, receives
almost 3,000 newly pub-
lished books, videos,
audiobooks and recordings,        Dr. Diane Jackson, left, Chair of the Pro-
for award and notables con-       fessional Teacher Education Department,
sideration. At the end of the     UCO, and Lori Blevins, President of the
year, ALSC selects three          Student Education Association.
libraries nationwide to re-
ceive a Bookapalooza col-
lection of these materials
(estimated to be worth
$10,000 each) .
       Debbie Arthur, UCO                                                        Left to right: Dr. Freeta Jones, Kinesiology and
graduate, 2008, Fletcher                                                         Health Studies (K&HS); Dr. Lowell Caneday,
librarian said, “Acquiring this                                                  College of Education at Oklahoma State Univer-
collection will create excite-                                                   sity, Dr. Donna Cobb, Chair of K&HS and Assis-
ment among the students                                                          tant Dean, College of Education and Profes-
and community, and spark                                                         sional Studies; Jerel Cowan, K&HS, and Sun-
their interest in reading new
                                                                                 shine Cowan, K&HS.

CEPS Alumna is Author
      Karen Ponder (Cross),                                                                                   From left, Dr. James
a 1976 UCO graduate and                                                                                       Machell, Dean, College
elementary teacher, special                                                                                   of Education and Pro-
education, held a book sign-                                                                                  fessional Studies, Dr.
ing for her book, “If I Had                                                                                   Courtney Vaughn pro-
Known,” April 2.                                                                                              fessor in the Jeannine
      The book can be or-                                                                                     Rainbolt College of Edu-
                                     Above, Dr. Bob Davis, as-                                                cation at the University
dered from the following             sociate dean of the Col-
wesite. http://                                                                                               of Oklahoma, and Dr.
                                     lege of Education at Okla-                                               Bill Pink, Associate
bookstore/                           homa State University.                                                   Dean, CEPS.

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