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Survey of the territory, geophysical, chronological & underwater

A.1- Historical Centers
 Code                      Authors                                          Abstract
 A1.1    Cacciavillani Carlos Alberto, Margiotta     HISTORICAL KNOWLEDGE OF ACCADEMIA IN VILLA
         Nina Maria, Mazzanti Claudio                ADRIANA OF TIVOLI: THE HADRIAN ERA
 A1.2    Fanfoni Giuseppe, Bongrani Luisa,           IDENTITY PRESERVATION IN RENEWED USES OF THE
         Cecere Giuseppe, Fanfoni Sara, Taha Ali     SAMA’KHANA IN CAIRO
 A1.3    Ragni Pietro, Burri Ezio, Del Bon Andrea,   THE ROCK DWELLINGS OF SHAWBAK AND NEARBY AREA
         Di Paolo Pasquale, Ferrari Angelo,          (SOUTHERN JORDAN)
         Mancini Massimo, Meneghini Marco,
         Vannini Guido
 A1.4    Mahmoud Hassan Nofal Eslam, Hussein         TOWARDS MANAGEMENT AND PRESERVATION OF
         Nofal                                       EGYPTIAN CULTURAL LANDSCAPES SITES CASE STUDY:
                                                     SIWA OASIS
 A1.5    D’Urso Andrea, Famoso Fabio                 HISTORIC CENTRE OF CATANIA: FROM URBAN BLIGHT TO
                                                     DISORDER. A PROJECT OF VALORISATION.
 A1.6    Mine Tanaç ZEREN                            REFUNCTIONING OF MONUMENTS “RESTORING RELIGIOUS
                                                     BUILDINGS WITH DIFFERENT USES”
 A1.7    Orlandi Marco, Smurra Rosa                  BONONIA PICTA: THE 3D RECONSTRUCTION OF BOLOGNA
                                                     IN XVI CENTURY
 A1.8    Elsayed M. Yones                            KHARGA OASIS CULTURAL LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT: AN
                                                     APPROACH TO SUSTAINABLE PROTECTION AND
                                                     DEVELOPMENT OF THE CULTURAL AND NATURAL
                                                     HERITAGE COMPONENTS
 A1.9    Preethi Ananth, Bilal Essaid                PROPOSAL FOR ARCHITECTURAL, URBAN AND HERITAGE
                                                     LANDSCAPE PROTECTION ZONES (HAMPI, INDIA)
 A1.10   Vecco Marilena, Fusco Girard Luigi          CREATIVE EVALUATION OF GENIUS LOCI
 A1.11   Varriale Roberta                            UNDERGROUND CULTURAL HERITAGE IN THE
 A1.12   Gustafsson Christer                         SMART STRATEGIES BASED ON CONSERVATION OF BUILT
                                                     URBAN HERITAGE IN CONCERT WITH CULTURAL AND
                                                     CREATIVE INDUSTRIES AIMING AT SUSTAINABLE
 A1.13   Ferrari Angelo, Pingue Gianni, Tardiola     SPONTANEOUS RURAL ARCHITECTURE IN THE ABRUZZO
         Stefano                                     REGION (ITALY)
 A1.14   Gabrielli Roberto, Angelini Andrea,         FROM 2D TO 3D DATA: AL-WU’AYRA’S CRUSADER CASTLE
         Giunta Elisa, Taffi Elena
 A1.15   Radoslav Radu, Branea Ana-Maria,            REHABILITATION THROUGH A HOLISTIC REVITALIZATION
         Găman Marius Stelian                        STRATEGY OF HISTORICAL CITY CENTRES – CASE STUDY
                                                     TIMISOARA, ROMANIA
 A1.16   Farin Sadat Mousaviara, Rahimi              INTRODUCING THE ARCHITECTURAL MASTERPIECES OF
         Golnoosh                                    ARDASHIR PALACE IN IRAN
 A1.17   Mazzè Angela                                CAVE DI CUSA IN SICILY: A BACKDROP OF SOLITUDE IN A
                                                     WILD OASIS.
Code                     Authors                                         Abstract
A1.18   Gulli Luca, Bartolini Alessio, Conserva   CONSERVATION AND REHABILITATION POLICY FOR THE
        Francesco, Talò Francesca                 RURAL HERITAGE IN “TERRA JONICA” REGION (ITALY)
A1.19   Pellegrino Margot, Spanò Antonia          SPATIAL DATA ANALYSIS FOR LANDSCAPE AND HISTORICAL
                                                  TERRITORIES INVENTIGATIONS.
A1.20   Lòpez Gonzáles Concepción, Couto          METROLOGICAL ANALYSIS APPLIED TO THE STUDY OF THE
        López Simeón, Daniel Crespo Godino,       CRUSADER CASTLES OF THE OLD KINGDOM OF VALENCIA
        Navarro García María Luisa
A1.21   Khalil Mohamed A., Cannarozzo Teresa,     THE CHALLENGES OF SUSTAINABLE HISTORICAL CENTERS:
        Rashed Ahmed Y. G.                        THE CASE OF ROSETTE, EGYPT
A1.22   Rostirolla Pietro, Monacciani Fabiana     A DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR CULTURAL HERITAGE
                                                  PROGRAMMING: THE CASE OF "GREAT PROGRAM FOR
                                                  NAPLES HISTORICAL CENTER"
A1.23   Cannarozzo Teresa, Manfredi Leone         PALERMO: RESTORING THE CITY CENTRE - PLANNING AND
A1.24   Climent Simón José Manuel, Gandía         ARCHAEOLOGY AND ARCHITECTURE IN THE HERITAGE
        Álvarez Enrique, Giner García María       RESTORATION. THE SECOND ALBACARA'S TOWERS AND
        Isabel                                    WALLS OF THE CULLERA'S CASTE (SPAIN)
A1.25   Lillo Giner Santiago, Abad Porzelt        HISTORICAL CITY PLANS APPLIED TO THE CASE OF THE
        Marcos, Pérez de los Cobos Cassinello     CIUDADELA, VALENCIA (SPAIN)
        Marta, Rodrigo Molina Angeles
A1.26   Di Biase Carolina, Albani Francesca         CONSTRUCTION, MAINTENANCE AND DIAGNOSTIC OF A
                                                    WATERFRONT BUILDING. GENOA PALASPORT (1960-1963)
A1.27   Peñalver Martinez María Jesús, Maciá        THE EVOLUTION OF STRUCTURAL DESIGN IN BUILDING THE
        Sánchez Juan Francsico, Segado Vázquez QUAY BREAKWATER OF THE DOCK IN CARTAGENA
        Francisco                                   HARBOUR
A1.29   Laner Marcia Regina Escorteganha,           RENDERING FROM THE 1773 OF CATHEDRAL NOSSA
        Bayon Jacqueline, Bilal Essaid, Doumas      SENHORA DO DESTERRO, FLORIANOPOLIS, BRAZIL
A1.30   Tamburini Andrea, Balzani Marcello,         THE USE OF TERRESTRIAL LASER SCANNER FOR SURVEYING
        Ferrari Francesco, Ferrero Elena,           AND PERFORMING A 3D MODEL OF A FOSSILIFEROUS
        Martelli Davide, Mortara Giovanni, Viroli LAYER IN A RAPIDLY EVOLVING FLUVIAL ENVIRONMENT
A1.31   Spanò Antonia, Bonfanti Cristina            METRIC SURVEY APPROACH FOR HISTORICAL BUILDINGS
                                                    RESTORATION. THE VALENTINO CASTLE BUILDINGYARD
        Lòpez Gonzáles, Jorge García                TO THE PROTECTION AND RESTORATION OF
        Valldecabres, Simeón Couti López            ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE
A1.33   Delli Santi Maurizio, Pellettieri Antonella A GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR THE
                                                    SAFEGUARD OF CULTURAL HERITAGE IN THE APULIA OF
                                                    THE KNIGHTS
A1.34   Salem Hamed                                 RECONSTUCTION VILLAGE LIFE IN THE CENTRAL
                                                    MOUNTAIN REGION
A1.36   Tronchin Lamberto, Tarabusi Valerio         ARCHITECTURAL ACOUSTICS: THE CULTURAL HERITAGE OF
                                                    MEDITERRANEAN THEATRES
A.2 - Archaeological sites
Topography and cartography
The hypogeal environment
Geophysical methods and surveying
Wooden artifacts dating
Aqueducts & underwater systems
 Code                     Authors                                            Abstract
  A2.1   Serlorenzi Mirella, De Tommasi Andrea      S.I.T.A.R. - SISTEMA INFORMATIVO TERRITORIALE
                                                    ARCHEOLOGICO DI ROMA A REPOSITORY OF
                                                    ARCHAEOLOGICAL DATA FOR CONSERVATION OF
                                                    CULTURAL HERITAGE AND TOWNPLANNING
  A2.2   Scardozzi Giuseppe                         INTEGRATED METHODOLOGIES AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR
                                                    THE RECONSTRUCTION OF ANCIENT TOPOGRAPHY OF
                                                    HIERAPOLIS IN PHRYGIA AND ITS SURROUNDING
                                                    TERRITORY (TURKEY)
  A2.3   Di Giacomo Giacomo, Scardozzi              THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL DIGITAL CARTOGRAFY OF
         Giuseppe                                   HIERAPOLIS IN PHRYGIA (TURKEY)
  A2.4   Gugliermetti Franco, Bisegna Fabio,        VIRTUAL ARCHAEOLOGY: INSTRUMENTS, TECHNIQUES,
         Laudani Francesca, Monti Laura             APPLICATIONS FOR A CORRECT REPRESENTATION
  A2.5   Freccero Agneta                            CONSERVATION AND PRESERVATION AT ARCHAEOLOGICAL
                                                    SITES - LABRAUNDA
  A2.6   Ambrosini Laura                            THE ROCK-CUT TEMPLE TOMBS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN
                                                    AREA. A STUDY.
  A2.7   Yaka Çetin Funda, İpekoğlu Başak           PROTECTIVE STRUCTURES FOR CONSERVATION AND
                                                    PRESENTATION OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES
  A2.8   Colosi Francesca, Angelini Andrea, Ga-     THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK OF CHAN CHAN: STUDIES
         brielli Roberto, Orazi Roberto, Rossi M.   AND PROJECTS
  A2.9   İlkişik O. Metin, Başaran Sait, Yazar      ARCHAEOGEOPHYSICAL INVESTIGATIONS AND
         Muhammet                                   RESTORATION OF CITY WALLS IN BURSA
 A2.10   Rahsaz Hassan                              CONSERVATION & RESTORATION OF DARIUS THE TOMB
                                                    LOCATION IN NAQSH-E ROSTAM
 A2.11   Gabrielli Roberto, Angelini Andrea,        INNOVATIVE METHODOLOGY APPLIED TO THE EMERGENCY
         Chiefari C., Giorgi Cecilia, Landini B.    EXCAVATIONS OF NEW LINE METRO C. THE
                                                    EXPERIMENTATION OF VIA LA SPEZIA IN ROME
 A2.12   Maruchi Yoshida, Winter Engelbert          AN APPROACH TO SUSTAINABLE CONSERVATION AND
                                                    CARE CONCEPTS FOR ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES IN DÜLÜK
                                                    AND DÜLÜK BABA TEPESI (GAZIANTEP)
 A2.13   Musco Stefano, D’Agostini Cristina,        LAPIS PALLENS: INTEGRATED RESEARCH ON ANCIENT
         Mazzei Mauro, Salvatori Antonio            ROMAN QUARRIES OF RED TUFF OF ANIENE RIVER KNOWN
                                                    AS LATOMIE DI SALONE (ROME)
 A2.14   Mar Ricardo, Beltrán-Caballero Jose        ROMAN ARCHAEOLGY AND HERITAGE: THE CASE OF
         Alejandro, Ruiz de Arbulo Joaquin, Vivó    TARRAGONA (SPAIN) IN THE MEDITERANEAN CONTEXT
 A2.15   Marchi Maria Luisa                         PROJECT FOR THE CENSUS OF THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL
                                                    PRESENCES IN ITALY
 A2.16   Meir Isaac A.                              HOW THE STUDY OF TECHNOLOGIES, MATERIALS AND THE
                                                    ENVIRONMENT INFORMS OUR UNDERSTANDING OF
                                                    EVERYDAY LIFE IN THE PAST. THE CASE OF ROMAN-
                                                    BYZANTINE SETTLEMENTS IN THE NEGEV DESERT, ISRAEL
 Code                     Authors                                          Abstract
 A2.17     Díez-Bedmar María del Consuelo,         CONVERT A FIELD IN TEACHING AND LEARNING SPACE
           Jiménez Serrano Alejandro, Martínez     HERITAGE OF THE PAST AND PRESENT. CONTRIBUTIONS
           Hermoso Fernando                        FROM THE PROJECT QUBBET EL-HAWA (EGYP)
 A2.18     Puturidze Marina                        CURRENT POSITION AND PERSPECTIVES OF INVESTIGATION
                                                   OF THE PROBLEMS OF EARLY METALS PERIOD CULTURES (
                                                   VIEW FROM SOUTH CAUCASUS AND ANCIENT ANATOLIA )
 A2.19     Campagna Lorenzo, Limoncelli Massimo THE NYMPHAEUM OF THE TRITONS AT HIERAPOLIS OF
                                                   PHRYGIA (TURKEY) FROM EXCAVATION TO 3D VIRTUAL
                                                   RECONSTRUCTION: AN EXAMPLE OF INTEGRATED
                                                   METHODS IN THE STUDY OF ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE
 A2.20     Faraci Giorgio, Sposito Alberto         THE HELLENISTIC THÉATRON OF MORGANTINA: HISTORY
                                                   AND RESTORATION
 A2.21     Gergova Diana, Glavcheva Rumiana,       GEOLOGICAL DANGER FOR CULTURAL HERITAGE IN NE
           Katevski Ilian, Matova Margarita        BULGARIA AND PRESERVATION APPROACHES
 A2.22     Valldecabres Jorge García, Couti López  THE MODEL OF DESIGN DEVELOPED IN THE LATE ROMAN
           Simeón, Lòpez Gonzáles Concepción,      BUILDINGS BEQUEATHED TO THE LAND OF THE
           Maria Luisa Garcia Navarro              MEDITERRANEAN WEST
 A2.23     Baiani Serena                           PROTECTION OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES TOOLS AND
                                                   CRITERIA FOR AN ECOCOMPATIBLE AND ECOEFFICIENT
                                                   CONSERVATION PROJECT
 A2.24     Bontadi Jarno, Bernabei Mauro           THE BASILICA OF THE NATIVITY IN BETHELEM AN
                                                   HISTORICAL RECONSTRUCTION USING
 A2.25     Zan Luca, Bonini Baraldi Sara, Shoup    FROM EXCAVATION TO EXHIBITION: OVERVIEW OF THE
           Daniel                                  “HERITAGE CHAIN” IN TURKEY
 A2.26     Ważny Tomasz, Griggs Carol B.,          YENIKAPI IN ISTANBUL – CONTRIBUTION OF
           Kuniholm Peter I., Pearson Charlotte L. DENDROCHRONOLOGY FOR THE STUDY OF EAST-
                                                   MEDITERRANEAN HERITAGE
 A2.28     Pipan Michele, Capulli Massimo, Del Ben ANAXUM PROJECT: INTEGRATED GEOPHYSICAL AND
           Anna, Forte Emanuele, Fozzati Luigi,    ARCHAEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF THE STELLA RIVER
           Gasperini Luca, Mocnik Arianna,         ARCHAEOLOGICAL AREA
           Zamariolo Andrea, Zambrini Roberta
A2.28b     Ali Mahfroozi                           ARCHAEOLOGICAL RE-RESEARCH AND OFEN SITE
                                                   MUSEUMS IN NAZANDARAN, IRAN   Nurbanu Tosun                           HISTORIC WATER MILLS OF NORTHERN CYPRUS AND
                                                   PROPOSALS FOR THEIR PRESERVATION AND RE-USE   Moriconi Claudio, Bonanno Giacomo,      HARNESS: A ROBOTIC SWARM TO EXPLORE AND PROTECT
           Cavallini Fiorello, Cupertino Giacomo,  UNDERWATER CULTURAL HERITAGE
           Dell’Erba Ramiro, Meo Giovan Battista,
           Nanni Vincenzo, Paoloni Marco,
           Sagratella Giovanni, Taraglio Sergio   Antequera Miguel, Hermosilla Pla Jorge, INVENTORY, ANALYSIS, VALORISATION AND RESTORATION
           Iranzo García Emilio                    OF A SINGULAR WATER HERITAGE: DRAINAGE TUNNELS
                                                   (“M’KOULAS”) OF TUNISIA.   Aydıngün Şengül, Hakan Oniz             ISTAMBUL KÜÇÜKÇEKMECE LAKE BASIN EXCAVATIONS   Peña Ortiz Martin, Hermosilla Pla Jorge,   CARTOGRAPHIC REPRESENTATIONS OF THE HYDRAULIC
           Iranzo García Emilio                       HERITAGE THE MEDITERRANEAN TRADITIONAL
 Code                        Authors                                      Abstract   Suárez Javier, Cirera Laura              THE AQUEDUCT OF ACEQUIA REAL IN THE ALHAMBRA OF
                                                    GRANADA: CONSTRUCTIVE ANALYSIS AND MECHANICAL
                                                    BEHAVIOUR   Skoutelis Nikolaos, Maravelaki Noni-     CULTURAL ROUTES AND REHABILITATION OF THE
           Pagona, Stavroulaki Maria                DRYSTONE RAINWATER CISTERNS OF EPANO MIRABELLO
                                                    REGION, CRETE.   Ciarallo A., Senatore M. R.              KNOW THE PAST TO SAVE THE FUTURE: THE WATER
                                                    CIRCULATION IN THE ANCIENT POMPEII Peñalver Martinez María Jesús, Maciá       PORT CITY WATERFRONTS: FORGOTTEN UNDERWATER
         Sánchez Juan Francsico, Segado Vázquez     CULTURAL HERITAGE THE CASE OF THE PORT OF
         Francisco                                  CARTAGENA, SPAIN (18TH CENTURY) Taraglio Sergio, Cavallini Fiorello        A STEREOSCOPIC HEAD FOR HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGING
                                                    IN UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY   Burri Ezio                               HISTORICAL CULTURE, PROTECTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL
                                                    CONFLICT IN PROMOTION OF HYPOGEA SITES
 A2.40     Romagnoli Manuela, Dandria Silvia,       DENDROCHRONOLOGICAL DATING OF COMPOSITE BEAMS
           Fasani Leone, Tinazzi Orazio             IN HISTORICAL BUILDINGS OF VERONA (ITALY).
 A2.41     Ingo Gabriel Maria, Agus Tarcisio,       SILVER PRODUCTION DURING PUNIC PERIOD IN THE
           Angelini Emma, De Caro Tilde, Grassini   MONTEVECCHIO MINE BASI (SARDINIA, ITALY)
           Sabrina, Riccucci Cristina, Ruggeri
 A2.42     Rahsaz Maryam                               CONSERVATION OF 6000 YEARS OLD FURNACES OF BAKING
                                                       CLAY IN TANG-E BOLAGHI OF PASARGADAE(PUSTER)
 A2.43     Díez-Bedmar María del Consuelo, Abril       INTERDISCIPLINARITY IN WATER DIDACTIC ROUTES: A
           Gallego Ana Mª, Cruz Rodríguez María        BASIC TOOL FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMPETENCES
           Alcázar                                     RELATED TO KNOWLEDGE COSTRUCTION
 A2.44     Gabrielli Roberto, Angelini Andrea,         THE REGIONAL MARTURANUM PARK: PRESERVATION AND
           Artegiani Leonello, Celletti Stefano, Ghigi ENHANCEMENT WITH INNOVATIVE METHODS OF DATA
           Maurizio, Giunta Elisa, Lauro Vittorio,     ACQUISITION
           Taffi Elena
 A2.45     Lanteri Luca, Vaccarella Corrado            SURVEY METHODS AND INSTRUMENTS OF THE FORENSIC
                                                       BASILICA PAVEMENTS IN ANCIENT OSTIA.
 A2.46     Franchi Roberto, Angelini Andrea,           INTEGRATED STUDY FOR THE CONSERVATION OF
           Gabrielli Roberto                           CULTURAL HERITAGE: THE CASE STUDY OF THE PALACE
                                                       TOMB (PETRA, JORDAN)

Evaluation of damage: restoration, conservation and seismic protection of
monuments and buildings

B 1 - Historical buildings and monuments
 Code                      Authors                                          Abstract
 B1.1    Aladžid Viktorija, Grkovid Slobodan,        SYNAGOGUE IN SUBOTICA – PROPOSAL FOR RESTORATION
         Kukaras Danijel                             AND CONSERVATION
 B1.2    Riggio Mariapaola, De Amicis Raffaele,      GEOMETRICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF TIMBER
         Piazza Maurizio, Prandi Federico            STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS ROOF IN THE CHURCH OF S.
                                                     LORENZO IN TENNO (TN, ITALY) USING CLOSE RANGE
 B1.3    Riggio Mariapaola, Piazza Maurizio,         COUPLING LOCAL SEMI-DESTRUCTIVE TECHNIQUES AND
         Sandak Anna, Sandak Jakub                   NON DESTRUCTIVE IMAGING FOR THE CHARACTERIZATION
                                                     OF TRADITIONAL TIMBER STRUCTURES: A CASE STUDY
 B1.4    Cavalli Alberto, Goli Giacomo, Mazzanti THE ANCIENT TIMBER BEAMS ASSESSMENT RELATED TO
         Paola, Togni Marco                          THE EFFECTS OF SLOTS PERFORMED FOR THE
                                                     STRENGTHENING INTERVENTIONS: AN EXPERIMENTAL
 B1.5    Pretelli Marco, Fabbri Kristian, Ugolini    “HISTORIC PLANTS AS MONUMENTS” PRESERVING, RE-
         Andrea                                      THINKING AND RE-USING HISTORIC PLANTS
 B1.6    Rinaudo Fulvio, Chiabrando Filiberto        NEW TRENDS IN CULTURAL HERITAGE METRIC RECORDING:
                                                     LIDAR AND PHOTOGRAMMETRY INTEGRATION AND TOF
 B1.8    Milan Andreina, Fabbri Kristian             "ENERGY RESTORATION AND RETROFITTING" RETHINKING
                                                     RESTORATION PROJECTS BY MEANS OF A
                                                     REVERSIBILITY/SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT
 B1.9    Rababeh Shaher, Al Qablan Husam, El-        UTILIZATION OF TIE-BEAMS FOR STRENGTHENING STONE
         Mashaleh Mohammad                           MASONRY ARCHES IN NABATAEAN HISTORIC
 B1.10   Roter Blagojevic Mirjana, Jadrešin Milid    A NEW LIFE OF THE OLD OTTOMAN FORTRESS-
         Renata, Miloševid Gordana, Nikolid          INVESTIGATION OF RENEWAL AND PROTECTION
         Marko                                       POTENTIALS OF THE RAM MEDIEVAL FORTRESS ON THE
 B1.11   Girardi Maria, Binante Vincenzo,            THE NOSA-ITACA CODE FOR THE MODELLING OF THE
         Padovani Cristina, Pagni Andrea,            STRUCTURAL BEHAVIOUR OF HISTORIC MASONRY
         Pasquinelli Giuseppe                        CONSTRUCTIONS
 B1.12   Rodrigo Molina Angeles, Abad Porzelt        VIRTUALRESTITUTION AS A TOOL FOR ARCHITECTURAL
         Marcos, Lillo Giner Santiago, Pérez de los RESTORATION. THE CASE OF PUENTE DEL REAL, VALENCIA
         Cobos Cassinello Marta                      (SPAIN)
 B1.13   Fabbri Kristian                             ENERGY INCIDENCE OF HISTORIC BUILDING: LEAVING NO
                                                     STONE UNTURNED”
 B1.14   Bianco Alessia, Guastella Salvatore        RECONSTRUCTION AND MECHANICAL CHARACTERIZATION
                                                    OF THE BEHAVIOUR OF A GYPSUM VAULT IN THE
                                                    HYSTORICAL CENTER OF RAGUSA
 B1.15   Crespo Godino Daniel, Couti López           CONSTRUCTIVE EVOLUTION OF THE CHURCH OF SAN JUAN
         Simeón, Lòpez Gonzáles Concepción,          HOSPITAL IN VALENCIA
         Valldecabres Jorge García
Code                    Authors                                             Abstract
B1.16   Grkovid Slobodan, Aladžid Viktorija,         CONDITION DIAGNOSTICS, RECONSTRUCTION AND
        Kukaras Danijel                              RESTORATION OF THE "BIG TERACE" ON THE LAKE PALIC
B1.17   Mosoarca Marius, Gioncu Victor               STRUCTURAL SAFETY OF HISTORICAL BUILDINGS MADE OF
                                                     REINFORCED CONCRETE, FROM BANAT REGION - ROMANIA
B1.18   Freire Luis, Brardoand Francisco, Gil        DIGITAL HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGING APPLIED TO THE
        Francisco, Fiadeiro Paulo                    CHARACTERISATION OF COATINGS AND FINISHES IN
                                                     HISTORIC BUILDINGS
B1.19   Quarta Giovanni, Gabellone F., Geraldi       A MULTIDISCIPLINARY NDT WORK RELATED TO THE
        E., Leucci G., Masini M., Persico R.         RESTORATION PROJECT OF THE CRYPT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT
                                                     IN MONOPOLI (SOUTHERN ITALY)
B1.20   von Rettberg Britta                          VIEWING, UNDERSTANDING AND APPLYING SUCCESSFULLY“
                                                     EUROPEAN COMPETENCE CENTRE FOR THE ENERGY-
                                                     SAVING RENOVATION OF OLD BUILDINGS AND THE
                                                     PRESERVATION OF MONUMENTS, BENEDIKTBEUERN
B1.21   Bilal Essaid, Preethi Ananth                 DIAGNOSTIC OF DECAY OF THE CHURCH OF SANT JUST
                                                     FROM V CENTURY, BARCELONA, SPAIN
B1.22   Valitutti Antonella, Baiani Serena           VULNERABILITY OF CULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL
                                                     HERITAGE: CONDITIONS OF NATURAL AND ANTHROPIC
                                                     HAZARD AND RELATED PREVENTION AND CONSERVATION
B1.23   Kenai Said, Bahar Ramdane, Bouhicha          DURABILITY OF EARTH CONSTRUCTION: A CASE STUDY
        Mohamed, Menadi Belkacem                     FROM THE DESERT OF ALGERIA
B1.24   Calicchia Paola, Bison Paolo, De Zuccato     ACOUSTIC DIAGNOSTICS VERSUS THERMOGRAPHY:
        Daniela, Favaro Monica, Grinzato             COMPARISON AND INTEGRATION AS A BASIC APPROACH
        Ermanno, Vigato Pietro Alessandro            FOR CULTURAL HERITAGE PRESERVATION
B1.25   Scalisi Francesca, Sposito Alberto,          NANOTECHNOLOGY IN RESTORATION: CLEANING AND
        Sposito Cesare                               CONSOLIDATION OF STONEWORK
B1.26   Khalil Essam Eldin                           VENTILATION OF THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL TOMBS OF THE
                                                     VALLEY OF KINGS, LUXOR, EGYPT
B1.27   Khalil Essam Eldin                           AIR FLOW REGIMES THERMAL AND MOISTURE PATTERNS IN
                                                     CLIMATIZED ARCHAEOLOGICAL CHURCH OF CHRIST IN CAIRO
B1.28   Gil Francisco, Aguiar José, Brardoand        COLORIMETRIC CHARACTERIZATION OF (HISTORIC)
        Francisco, Catarino Lídia, Fiadeiro Paulo,   COVERINGS BASED ON THE HYPERSPECTRAL METHOD
        Freire Luis, Providência Constança,
        Providência Pedro
B1.29   Dionisi-Vici Paolo, Allegretti Ottaviano,    THE CASE-STUDY OF “THE DAUGHTERS OF THE EMPEROR
        Raffaelli Francesca                          FERDINAND I” BY JAKOB SEISENEGGER, IN TRENTO (ITALY):
                                                     ANALYTICAL HYGRO-MECHANICAL RESULTS FOR
                                                     PREVENTIVE CONSERVATION AND AS A SUPPORT IN RISK
                                                     ASSESSMENT FOR TECHNICAL INTERVENTIONS
B1.30   Knuutinen Ulla, Perkiömäki Kirsi             DEVELOPING APPLICATIONS OF ION CHROMATOGRAPHY
                                                     FOR AQUEOUS CONSERVATION TREATMENTS OF CULTURAL
                                                     HERITAGE ARTIFACTS
B1.31   Ozga Izabela, Bonazza Alessandra, Ait        POLLUTION IMPACT ON THE ON BURĞ AL KLĀB (BASTION
        Lyazidi Saadia, Haddad Mustapha,             OF DOGS) SALÈ (MOROCCO)
        Ghedini Nadia, Sabbioni Cristina
B1.32   De Felice Fabio, Abbattista Fabio,           DESIGNING MULTIMODAL SEMANTIC VIRTUAL
        Attolico Giovanni                            ENVIRONMENTS FOR CULTURAL HERITAGE
 Code                    Authors                                          Abstract
 B1.33   Lefèvre Roger Alexandre                    THE IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON THE BUILT CULTURAL
                                                    HERITAGE: EXPECTED DEGRADATION DURING THE 21RST
 B1.34   Luvidi Loredana, Ferretti Marco, Mecchi    EVALUATION OF TIO2 BASED TREATMENTS ON STONE
         Anna Maria, Sidoti Giancarlo               SURFACES EXPOSED TO POLLUTED URBAN ENVIRONMENT
 B1.35   Cavallaro Antonio, Grasso Salvatore,       THE CONTRIBUTE OF GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING TO THE
         Maugeri Michele                            SAFEGUARD OF HISTORICAL AND MONUMENTAL HERITAGE
 B1.36   Russo Salvatore, Boscato Giosuè,           FIRST RESULTS AND ELABORATIONS OF STATIC AND
         Sciarretta Francesca                       DYNAMIC MONITORING ON PALAZZO DUCALE IN VENICE
 B1.37   Reyhan Kader, Böke Hasan, İpekoğlu         INVESTIGATION OF CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES OF
         Başak                                      DOMES IN SOME OTTOMAN BATHS
 B1.38   Vettori Silvia, Benvenuti Marco, Camaiti   PORTABLE HYPERSPECTRAL DEVICE AS A VALUABLE TOOL
         Mara, Costagliola P., Garfagnoli F.,       FOR THE DETECTION OF PROTECTIVE AGENTS APPLIED ON
         Moretti Sandro, Pecchioni E.               HISTORIC BUILDINGS

B.2 - Seismic emergencies
 Code                     Authors                                          Abstract
 B2.1    Gergova Diana                              THE PRESERVATION OF THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL HERITAGE IN
                                                    THE "SBORYANOVO " NATIONAL RESERVE, NE BIULGARIA.
                                                    GEOLOGICAL RISKS , ARCHEOMETRIC STUDIES,
                                                    RESTORATIOON AND CONSERVATION.
 B2.2    Mosoarca Marius, Gioncu Victor             FAILURE MECHANISMS AT HISTORICAL RELIGIOUS
                                                    BUILDINGS IN ROMANIA, FOUND IN SEISMIC AREAS
 B2.3    Khalil Amin E.                             USE OF GEOPHYSICAL AND SEISMOLOGICAL TECHNIQUES
                                                    FOR AIDING IN REHABILITATION OF MONUMENTAL SITES
 B2.4    Pallarés Francisco J., Adam José M.,       SEISMIC UPDATE OF INDUSTRIAL MASONRY CHIMNEYS
         Ivorra Salvador, Pallarés Luis             USING FRP
 B2.5    Danieli Moshe, Bloch Jacob                 PRINCIPLE AND PRACTICE OF REHABILITATION OF THE
                                                    HISTORICAL BUILDINGS IN SEISMIC REGIONS
 B2.6    Ismaelli Tommaso                           ANCIENT RESTORATION TECHNIQUES IN A SEISMIC CITY OF
                                                    ROMAN AND BYZANTINE TURKEY, HIERAPOLIS IN PHRYGIA
 B2.7    Mortezaei Alireza, Mortezaei Kimia         SEISMIC EVALUATION AND REHABILITATION OF THE
                                                    HISTORICAL MASONRY STRUCTURE OF ARG GATE IN
 B2.8    Praticò Manuela                            EARTHQUAKE AND PREVENTION: AN EXPERIMENTAL
                                                    MODEL TO IMPROVING THE SAFETY FOR SEISMIC RISK OF
                                                    CITY OF REGGIO CALABRIA
 B2.9    Praticò Manuela                            THE PROJECT OF CONSERVATIVE REPAIR ON CULTURAL
                                                    PROPERTY IN ABRUZZO AFTER SEISMIC SHOCK: THE CASE
                                                    STUDY OF THE FAÇADE OF CHURCH OF SAINT EUSANIO
                                                    FORCONESE COLLAPSED AFTER AQUILA’S EARTQUAKE OF
                                                    6TH OF APRIL 2009
 B2.10   Bartoli Gianni, Betti Michele              THE RISEM PROJECT: SEISMIC RISK OF MONUMENTAL
 B2.11   Petraškovid Zoran, Sedmak Stojan           FATIGUE OF STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS IN DC 90 SYSTEM
                                                    DURING EARTHQUAKE
 Code                       Authors                                            Abstract
 B2.12   Chiaia Bernardino, Cennamo Claudia, Di          STRUCTURAL AND GEOTECHNICAL ANALYSIS OF THE ST.
         Fiore Marco                                     AGOSTINO CHURCH IN L'AQUILA
 B2.13   Indirli Maurizio, Panza G.F., Peresan A.,       EARTHQUAKE SCENARIOS FOR SEISMIC ISOLATION DESIGN
         Romanelli F., Vaccari F., Martelli A.           AND THE PROTECTION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
 B2.14   Indirli Maurizio, Candigliota E.,               ASSESSMENT OF HISTORIC CENTERS THROUGH A
         Immordino F., Moretti L., Abate D., Furini      MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH BASED ON THE
         G., Pierattini S., Screpanti A., Angelini M.,   SIMULTANEOUS APPLICATION OF REMOTE SENSING, GIS,
         Gambatesa T., Massaia C.                        AND QUICK PROCEDURES FOR SURVEY AND VULNERABILITY

Evaluation of damage: restoration, characterization and conservation of
B.3 - Marbles, stones and lithic materials
 Code                   Authors                                          Abstract
                                                  CHEMICAL ANALYSIS IN HYDRAULIC ROMAN MORTARS
         María Isabel, Rubio Mifsud Aurora        THE PARTICULAR CASE OF THE LATE GOTHIC’S FINE
                                                  DECORATIVE ELEMENTS OF LLUTXENT’S PALACE IN
                                                  VALENCIA (SPAIN)
 B3.3    Güleç Ahmet                              CHARACTERİZATİON OF THE MORTARS AND PLASTERS OF
                                                  AYASOFYA OF ENEZ (AİNOS)
 B3.4    Robador Dolores, Alcalde Manuel,         CHARACTERISATION OF ROMAN HYDRAULIC MORTARS
         Arroyo Fátima                            FROM THE ROMAN HOUSE “MITHRAEUM” (MÉRIDA, SPAIN)
 B3.5    Del Pietro Luisa, Arias Claudio, Oddone  WHITE MARBLES IN SOUTHERN APULIA (ITALY).
                                                  ROCK-INHABITING BLACK FUNGI
 B3.7    Pasiou Ermioni D., Kourkoulis Stavros K. INTERCONNECTED MARBLE EPISTYLES UNDER TENSION: A
                                                  NUMERICAL STUDY
 B3.8    Canol Halit, Camaiti Mara                STUDY OF NEW CONSERVATION PRODUCTS FOR THE
                                                  MARBLE ARTEFACTS OF BALIK PAZAR – IASOS-CARIA
         Rosaria, Giancristofaro Cristina, Ricci  FOR ARTISTIC MARBLES
         Giulia, Tatì Angelo
 B3.10   Mighetto Paolo                           THE USE OF NATURAL HYDRAULIC LIME IN THE
                                                  ANASTYLOSIS AND RESTORATION PROJECT OF THE FIRST
                                                  ORDER OF THE SEVERIAN MARBLE SCAENAEFRONS IN THE
                                                  THEATER OF HIERAPOLIS OF PHRYGIA.
 B3.11   Constantinescu Bogdan                    OBSIDIAN PROVENANCE STUDIES OF ROMANIA’S
                                                  NEOLITHIC TOOLS USING PIXE, MICRO-PIXE AND XRF
 B3.12   Uğurlu Sağın Elif, Böke Hasan            CHARACTERISTICS OF BRICKS USED IN THE DOMES OF
                                                  SOME OTTOMAN BATH BUILDINGS
Code                      Authors                                         Abstract
B3.13    Quagliarini Enrico, Monni Francesco,     STRENGTHENING THREE-LEAF MASONRY PANEL WITH
         Stefano Lenci                            BASALT FIBRE ROPES. FIRST EXPERIMENTAL DATA
B3.14    Muñoz Soria Gemma                        ANALYTICAL AND GRAPHIC METHODS IN STRUCTURAL
                                                  BRICK MASONRY CONSTRUCTIONS

         HASSANI                                       APPROACH TO THE RESTORATION OF HISTORICAL
B3.16    La Spina Vincenzina, Mileto Camilla,          THE MATERIAL CHARACTERIZATION OF EXTERNAL
         Vegas Fernando                                TRADITIONAL CONTINUOUS RENDERINGS OF VALENCIA’S
                                                       HISTORIC CENTRE (SPAIN)
B3.17    Kaplan Çağlayan Deniz, Böke Hasan,            DETERIORATION PROBLEMS OF EXCAVATED STONES IN
         İpekoğlu Başak                                ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES
B3.17a   Fermo Paola, Piazzalunga A., Omegna A. DAMAGE EVALUATION ON STONE MATERIALS OF THE
                                                       RICHINI COURTYARD (MILAN, ITALY)
B3.18    Laserna Javier, Fortes Francisco, Gaona       STANDOFF LIBS ANALYSIS OF THE MATERIALS EMPLOYED IN
         Inmaculada, Guirado Salvador, Lucena          THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE CATHEDRAL OF MALAGA
         Patricia, Moros Javier, Serrano Jorge
B3.19    Murtezaoğlu Fulya, Böke Hasan                 THE DETERIORATION PROBLEMS OF ANDESITE USED IN
                                                       AIGAI AGORA
B3.20    Ottosen lisbeth M., Paz-Garcia Juan M., ELECTROKINETIC DESALINATION OF SANDSTONES –
         Skibsted Gry                                  INFLUENCE OF STONE POROSITY ON THE PROCESS
B3.21    Santo Alba Patrizia, Benvenuti Marco,         A MULTI ANALYTICAL APPROACH TO STUDY ANCIENT
         Colombini Maria Perla, Lucejko Jean-          MANIFACTURED STONES
         nette J., Moroni Adriana, Pecchioni Elena
B3.22    Hemeda Sayed, Walid Alghareb                  EVALUATING THE RATE OF ROCK ART DETERIORATION IN
                                                       WADI MAGHARA AND WADI MUKATTAB IN SINAI, EGYPT.
B3.23    Weththimuni Maduka, Licchelli Maurizio, A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF NANOPARTICLE CONSOLIDANTS
         Malagodi Marco, Zanchi Chiara                 APPLIED ON LECCE STONE
B3.24    Colangiuli Donato, Calia Angela, Lettieri A DEEP KNOWLEDGE OF THE BEHAVIOUR OF MULTI-
         Mariateresa, Matera Loredana                  COMPONENT PRODUCTS FOR STONE PROTECTION BY AN
                                                       INTEGRATED ANALYSIS APPROACH
B3.25    Zanchi Chiara, Capsoni Doretta, Licchelli FLUORINATED POLYURETHANE-MONTMORILLONITE
         Maurizio, Mustarelli Piercarlo, Tomasi        NANOCOMPOSITES FOR THE PROTECTION OF LECCE STONE
         Corrado, Weththimuni Maduka
B3.26    Pigino Barbara, Franzoni Elisa                METHODS FOR THE ASSESSMENT OF THE PENETRATION
                                                       DEPTH OF ETHYL SILICATE FOR BUILDING MATERIALS’
B3.27    Munafò Placido, Bondioli Federica, Diso SELF-CLEANING MATERIALS FOR ARCHITECTURAL
         Daniela, Franza Sergio, Goffredo              HERITAGE: APPLICATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF TIO2-
         Giovanni B., Licciulli A., Quagliarini Enrico BASED COATINGS ON STONE SURFACES
B3.28    Moreno Alcalde, Arroyo Fátima, Villegas- THE CHURCH OF SAINT MARTIN (TRUJILLO, SPAIN): STUDY
         Sánchez Rosario                               OF THE STONE DEGRADATION
B3.29    Villegas-Sánchez Rosario, Alcalde             THE CATHEDRAL OF JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA (CÁDIZ, SPAIN):
         Manuel, Arroyo Fátima                         STUDY OF THE STONE DEGRADATION
B3.30    Franzoni Elisa, Naidu Sonia, Sassoni          MICROSTRUCTURAL AND MECHANICAL EFFECTS OF
         Enrico, Scherer George W.                     HEATING AS AN ARTIFICIAL WEATHERING METHOD FOR
                                                       STONE IN CONSOLIDANTS TESTING
 Code                      Authors                                        Abstract
         Sonia, Pigino Barbara, Scherer George W. TREATMENT FOR LITHOTYPES WITH VARYING CARBONATE
                                                  CONTENT AND POROSITY
 B3.32   Uguryol Mehmet, Kulakoğlu Fikri          A PRELIMINARY STUDY FOR THE CHARACTERIZATION OF
                                                  SOILS USED IN KULTEPE’S ADOBE STRUCTURES WITH THE
                                                  PURPOSE OF PROVIDING DATA FOR CONSERVATION AND
 B3.33   Sorlini Claudia, Bertoncello Renzo,      BIODETERIORATION OF ARTISTIC TILES FROM THE FAÇADE
         Cappitelli Francesca, Favaro Monica,     OF THE GRANDE ALBERGO AUSONIA & HUNGARIA (VENICE,
         Giacomucci Lucia, Martini Ilaria,        ITALY)
         Salvadori Ornella, Villa Federica
 B3.34   Quagliarini Enrico, Bernabei Irene,      EXPERIMENTAL CHARACTERISATION OF ROMANESQUE
         Bondioli Federica, Lenci Stefano, Lepore MASONRIES: THE REUSE OF FRAGMENTS OF ROMAN TILES
         Giuseppe, Piattoni Quintilio, Zaccaria   AND BRICKS AND THE INFLUENCE OF THE LOCAL
         Mirco                                    COSTRUCTIVE TRADITION
 B3.35   Gazzano Claudia, Favero-Longo Sergio     A MEDITERRANEAN NETWORK FOR INDEXING THE
         Enrico, Matteucci Enrica, Piervittori    BIODETERIORATION OF STONE CULTURAL HERITAGE: A
         Rosanna                                  SECOND CALL FOR VALIDATION
 B3.36   Siegesmund Siegfried, Alpermann          DEVELOPMENT AND ASSESSMENT OF PROTECTIVE WINTER
         Holger, Gengnagel Christoph, Joksch Ute, COVERS FOR MARBLE STATUARIES OF THE
         Pirskawetz Stephan, Plagge Rudolph,      SCHLOSSBRUECKE BERLIN (GERMANY)
         Rieffel York, Ruedrich Joerg, Weise
         Frank, Zhao Jianhua
 B3.37   Arroyo Fátima, Alcalde Manuel, Robador CHARACTERISATION OF ROMAN COATINGS FROM THE
         Dolores                                  ROMAN HOUSE OF “MITHRAEUM” IN MÉRIDA (SPAIN)

B.4 - Mosaics, frescos, stuccos
 Code                    Authors                                             Abstract
 B4.1    Brania Atef                                  EVALUATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF THE DECORATED
                                                      STUCCO CEILINGS IN THE PALACE OF PRINCE MOHAMED
                                                      ALI, CAIRO EGYPT.
 B4.2    Joosten Ineke, Burghout Frederike, de        CONSERVATION AND VALUATION OF PLASTER CASTS
         Tagle Alberto, Dooijes Renske, Megens
         Luc, van Beek Rene, van Beemen R.
 B4.3    Afifi Hala, Gad Khaled, Mahran Anwer         EXAMINATION AND CONSERVATION OF ARCHITECTURAL
                                                      STUCCO WORKS IN EGYPT (CASE STUDY)
 B4.4    Quagliarini Enrico, Lenci Stefano, Seri      FRESCOES AND STUCCOES ON THE LOWER SURFACE OF
         Elena                                        HISTORICAL FLAT THIN VAULTS: WHICH CONSTRUCTIVE
                                                      PARAMETERS DO AFFECT THEIR SAFEGUARD?
 B4.5    Ingo Gabriel Maria, Angelini Emma,           MICRO-CHEMICAL AND MICRO-STRUCTURAL
         Batmaz A., Çilingiroğlu A., De Caro Tilde,   INVESTIGATION OF EGYPTIAN BLUE FROM AYNIS (LAKE
         Erdem A., Faraldi Federica, Grassini         VAN, ANATOLIA TURKEY)
         Sabrina, Riccucci Cristina
 B4.6    Manferdini Anna Maria, Garagnani             REALITY-BASED MODELING OF MULTI-SCALE DETAILED
         Simone, Mingucci Roberto                     CULTURAL HERITAGE
 B4.7    Tülay Ugur                                   THE CHARACTERIAZATION OF MOSAIC MORTARS OF PERGE
                                                      ANTIQUE CITY
 Code                     Authors                                            Abstract
 B4.9    Fenzi Federica, Brianese N., Cairns         ARCHAEOMETRIC INVESTIGATION ON BLUE AND BLACK
         Warren R. L., Mendera M., Peruzzo Luca,     MOSAIC MATERIALS (13TH-15TH CENTURY) RECOVERED IN
         Vigato Pietro Alessandro                    SIENA CATHEDRAL (TUSCANY-ITALY)
 B4.10   Uguryol Mehmet                              THE CONSERVATION OF THE MOSAIC OF THE “HOUSE OF
                                                     THE IONIC CAPITALS” IN HIERAPOLIS (PAMUKKALE, TURKEY)
 B4.11   Manferdini Anna Maria, Baroncini            APPLICATION OF AUTOMATIC IMAGE SEGMENTATION
         Valentina, Corsi Cristiana                  TECHNIQUES TO REMOTE SENSING SURVEYS OF CULTURL
 B4.12    Colao Francesco, Caneve Luisa, Fantoni     IDENTIFICATION OF CONSOLIDANTS IN FRESCOS BY
          Roberta, Gómez M. A., Ortiz Pilar,         REMOTE LIF
          Vázquez M. A.
 B4.13    Fantoni Roberta, Caneve Luisa, Colao        LIF MEASUREMENTS OF MEDIEVAL FRESCOS BY GIUSTO DE'
          Francesco, Fiorani Luca, Palucci Antonio    MENABUOI IN THE PADUA BAPTISTERY
 B4.14   Guido Meli, Fernanda Prestileo, Salvatore   FIRST STUDY BY MULTISPECTRAL INVESTIGATIONS FOR THE
         Schiavone, Maria Francesca Alberghina,      RESTORATION OF MURAL PAINTINGS OF ROMAN VILLA DEL
         Lorella Pellegrino                          CASALE IN PIAZZA ARMERINA (ITALY)
 B4.15   A. Moropoulou, A. Bakolas, M. Karoglou,     DIAGNOSTICS AND PROTECTION OF HAGIA SOPHIA
         E.T. Delegou, K. Labropoulos, N. K.         MOSAICS
 B4.16   Moropoulou Antonia, Bakolas Asterios,       OPTIMIZATION OF COMPATIBLE RESTORATION
         Moundoulas Petros, Aggelakopoulou           MORTARS FOR THE EARTHQUAKE PROTECTION OF
         Eleni, Anagnostopoulou Sophia.              HAGIA SOPHIA

B.5 - Mural and oil paintings
 Code                      Authors                                          Abstract
 B5.1    Proietti Noemi, Capitani Donatella, Di      UNILATERAL NMR, MICROCLIMATE MONITORING AND SEM
         Tullio Valeria, Giani Elisabetta, Poggi     –EDS ANALYSIS FOR MONITORING THE STATE OF
         Domenico                                    CONSERVATION OF AN ANCIENT DETERIORATED WALL
                                                     PAINTING IN HYPOGEOUS ENVIRONMENT.
 B5.2    Fouad A., Sallam A.                         DIAGNOSIS AND INVESTIGATION STRATEGIES IN THE
                                                     COPTIC MURAL PAINTINGS IN UPPER EGYPT
 B5.3    Capitani Donatella, Di Tullio Valeria,      A NON INVASIVE NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE AND
         Marinelli Annamaria, Necci Maurizio,        MULTI-ANALYTICAL STUDY FOR THE CHARACTERIZATION OF
         Presciutti Federica, Proietti Noemi,        THE CONSTITUTIVE MATERIALS AND THE STATE OF
         Provinciali Barbara, Sist Loredana          CONSERVATION OF NUBIAN MURAL PAINTINGS
 B5.4    Brania Atef, Imam H., khaled El Sayed,      LASER CLEANING AS A CHEMICAL ALTERNATIVE FOR
         Remah Elrashdy                              EGYPTIAN WALL PAINTING, AN EXPERIMENTAL STUDY
 B5.5    Giani Elisabetta, Gordini Livia, Nugari     THE DOMUS AUREA IN ROME: MICROCLIMATE AND
         Maria Pia                                   MICROBIOLOGICAL ASPECTS IN PRESERVATION OF ROMAN
                                                     MURAL PAINTINGS.
 B5.6    Dionisi-Vici Paolo, Allegretti Ottaviano,   LONG-TERM MONITORING OF HYGROSCOPIC WORKS OF
         De Vincenzi Matteo                          ART: A TOOL FOR PREVENTIVE CONSERVATION
 B5.7    Baglioni Piero, Ambrosi Moira, Giorgi       NANOPARTICLES FOR CULTURAL HERITAGE
         Rodorico, Toccafondi Nicola                 CONSERVATION: CALCIUM AND BARIUM HYDROXIDE
                                                     NANOPARTICLES FOR WALL PAINTINGS CONSOLIDATION
 B5.8    El-Feky Osama, Hassan Mohammad              NEW METHOD FOR CLEANING AND REMOVAL OF STAINS
                                                     FROM OIL PAINTINGS SURFACES USING ZINC OXIDE
                                                     NANOPARTICLES SOLUTION
Code                   Authors                                                Abstract
B5.9    Helmy Fatma, Alam Eldin Yasmeen, El-          CHARACTERIZATION, TREATMENT, AND RESTORATION OF
        Feky Osama                                    AN OIL-PAINTING "PAUL III AND RANNZIO FARNESE" BY
                                                      PARMESAN ARTIST, 16TH CENTURY

B5.10   van der Werf Inez Dorothé, Calvano            MALDI-TOF-MS ANALYSIS PROTOCOL FOR IDENTIFCATION
        Cosima Damiana, Palmisano Francesco,          OF PAINT BINDERS
        Sabbatini Luigia

B5.11   Poletto Luca, Bertoncello Renzo, Nodari       NON-INVASIVE MULTITECHNIQUE METHODOLOGY APPLIED
        Luca, Ratti Filippo, Rebollo Elena,           TO THE STUDY OF PAINTINGS: AN INSIGTH TO THE
        Romano Florindo, Russo Umberto,               TECHNIQUE AND MATERIALS USED IN TWO XIV-CENTURY
        Scardellato Chiara                            CANVAS BY LORENZO VENEZIANO
B5.12   Uzielli Luca, Cocchi Linda, Colmars Julien,   MONITORING AND MODELLING DEFORMATION OF THE
        Dionisi Vici Paolo, Dureisseix David, Goli    “MONA LISA”
        Giacomo, Gril Joseph, Jullien Delphine,
        Marcon Bertrand, Mazzanti Paola,
        Rémond Romain
B5.13   Cocchi Linda, Dionisi Vici Paolo,             THREE PANEL PAINTINGS BY BEATO ANGELICO MONITORED
        Fioravanti Marco, Goli Giacomo,               IN MUSEUM:A COMPARISON BETWEEN THEIR
        Mazzanti Paola, Uzielli Luca                  DEFORMATION BEHAVIOUR
B5.14   Romero-Noguera Julio, Bolívar Fernando,       PROTECTION OF POLYCHROMED PICTORIAL SURFACES BY
        López María del Mar, Martín Inés              USING LABDANOID VARNISHES CONTAINING BIOCIDES
B5.15   Knuutinen Ulla, Anglos Demetrios,             HIGH RESOLUTION-MAGIC ANGLE SPINNING (HR-MAS)
        Caponetti Eugenio, Kartsonaki Eypraxia,       NMR ANALYSIS OF SOLID PAINT VARNISHES
        Spinella Alberto, Spyros Apostolos
B5.17   Sgamellotti Antonio, Brunetti Giovanni        INNOVATION IN EUROPE FOR THE STUDY AND
        Brunetto, Miliani Costanza                    CONSERVATION OF ARTWORKS: THE MOLAB APPROACH.
B5.18   Sgamellotti Antonio, Brunetti Giovanni        IN SITU NONINVASIVE STUDY OF ARTWORKS: THE MOLAB
        Brunetto, Cartechini Laura, Miliani           MULTITECHNIQUE APPROACH
        Costanza, Rosi Francesca
B5.19   Fantoni Roberta, Caneve Luisa, Colao          HIGH RESOLUTION LASER REMOTE IMAGING INNOVATIVE
        Francesco, Ferri De Collibus Mario,           TOOLS FOR PRESERVATION OF PAINTED SURFACES
        Fiorani Luca, Fornetti Giorgio, Guarneri
        Massimiliano, Ortiz-Calderon Maria Pilar,
        Palucci Antonio, Ricci Roberto
B5.20   Legnaioli Stefano, Lorenzetti Giulia,         MULTISPECTRAL AND 3D METHODS FOR ARCHAEOLOGICAL
        Pardini Lorenzo, Palleschi Vincenzo,          AND CULTURAL HERITAGE
        Manganelli Del Fa R., Tiano P., Marras L.,
        Ceccaroni F.
B5.21   Legnaioli Stefano, Lorenzetti Giulia,         ENHANCEMENT OF HIDDEN PATTERNS IN PAINTINGS USING
        Pardini Lorenzo, Salerno Emanuele,            STATISTICAL ANALYSIS
        Tonazzini Anna
B5.22   Mazzanti Paola, Cardinali Elisa, Cocchi       MECHANICAL CHARACTERZATION OF AN ITALIAN
        Linda, Dionisi Vici Paolo, Goli Giacomo,      LAMINATED SHIELD: EXPERIMENTAL TESTS ON A MOCK-UP
        Uzielli Luca                                  REPLICA OF CARAVAGGIO’S “MEDUSA”
B.6 - Gems, ceramic and vitreous materials
 Code                   Authors                                            Abstract
 B6.1    Hatipoglu Murat, Guney Hilmi                GEOLOGICAL ORIGIN OF THE RING SEALS FROM THE SOME
                                                     ANATOLIAN GEMS
 B6.2    Hatipoglu Murat                             UNIQUE TURKISH GEMS OF THE ANATOLIAN GEOLOGICAL

 B6.3    Çoban Evrim, Helvacı Cahit                  GEMSTONES FROM CARIA OF THE ANATOLIA; IN THE CASE
                                                     OF MATERIAL AND POSSIBLE GEOLOGICAL ORIGIN

 B6.4    Sabbatini Luigia, Caggiani M. C.,           ANALYTICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF AMBER
         Ditaranto N., Litescu S. C., Mangone A.,
         Radu G. L., Teodor E. D., Truica G. I.
 B6.5    Mangone Annarosa, Caggiani Maria            ISLAMIC GILDED AND ENAMELLED GLASSES FROM MELFI
         Cristina, Giannossa Lorena Carla, Laviano   (SOUTHERN ITALY): AN ARCHAEOMETRIC STUDY
         Rocco, Mutino Sabrina, Sabbatini Luigia
 B6.6    Fermo P., Padeletti G.                      A PROVENANCE STUDY ON DIFFERENT RENAISSANCE
                                                     CERAMIC PRODUCTIONS BASED ON XRD AND FT-IR
 B6.7    Poletto Luca, Bertoncello Renzo, Ratti      NON-INVASIVE APPROACH TO THE STUDY OF STAINED
         Filippo, Rebollo Elena                      GLASS WINDOWS
 B6.8    Crupi Vincenza, Barone Germana, Longo       NON-INVASIVE ANALYSIS OF ANCIENT POTTERIES FROM
         Francesca, Majolino Domenico,               SICILY (SOUTHERN ITALY) USING NEUTRONS TECHNIQUES
         Mazzoleni Paolo, Venuti Valentina
 B6.9    Fabbri Bruno, Gualtieri Sabrina             EXPERIMENTAL EVALUATIONS AND PROBLEMS TO SOLVE
                                                     FOR USING GEOPOLYMERIC MATERIALS IN THE
                                                     CONSERVATION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
 B6.10   Ion Rodica-Mariana, Doncea Sanda-           PHOTOYELLOWING/PHOTOBLEACHING OF ROMANIAN OLD
         Maria, Ion Mihaela-Lucia                    BOOK PAPER

B.7 - Paper documents restauration & conservation
 Code                   Authors                                            Abstract
 B7.1    Ion Rodica-Mariana, Doncea Sanda-           NANOSYSTEMS BASED ON HYDROXYAPATITE FOR OLD
         Maria, Ion Mihaela-Lucia                    BOOK RESTORATION
 B7.2    Savino Pasquale, Debole Franca, Salerno     EDITING METADATA TO SUPPORT THE ACQUISITION,
         Emanuele, Tonazzini Anna                    CONTENT, ANALYSIS, STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL OF
                                                     ANCIENT DOCUMENTS
 B7.3    Tonazzini Anna, Bedini Luigi                RESTORATION OF HISTORICAL RGB MANUSCRIPTS VIA
                                                     CORRELATED COMPONENT ANALYSIS
 B7.4    Geba Maria, Malutan Theodor, Manea          NATIONAL CULTURAL HERITAGE MANUSCRIPTS: RESEARCH
         Doina Veronica, Ursescu Cristina Marta,
         Vlad Ana Maria
 B7.5    Giorgi Rodorigo, Baglioni Piero, Poggi      HYDROXIDE NANOPARTICLES FOR DEACIDIFICATION AND
         Giovanna, Toccafondi Nicola                 CONCOMITANT INHIBITION OF IRON-GALL INK CORROSION
                                                     OF PAPER
 B7.8    Baldin Alice                                METHODS OF CHEMICAL BLEACHING FOR MODERN PAPERS
 Code                     Authors                                            Abstract
 B7.9    Pinzari Flavia, Agresta Francesca, Colaizzi EARLY DETECTION OF FUNGAL INFECTIONS ON PAPER: ON
         Piero, Fanelli Corrado, Reverberi           SITE TEST BASED ON BETA-N-ACETYLHEXOSAMINIDASE
         Massimo, Troiano Federica                   ACTIVITY
 B7.10   Vornicu Nicoleta, Bibire Cristina, Malutan INVESTIGATION PAPER ECCLESIAL HERITAGE
         Theodor, Oniscu Corneliu
 B7.11   Sistach Carme M., García José Francisco, ANALISIS OF MANUSCRIPTS WITH DEVELOPED LA-GF-
         Marín Eva, Padró Antoni                     ICP/MS TECHNIQUE AND TRADITIONAL SEM-EDX

 B7.12   Tonazzini Anna, Bianco Gianfranco,            AMMIRA: AN EASY AND EFFECTIVE SYSTEM TO MANAGE
         Bruno Fabio, Console Elena, Debole            DIGITAL IMAGES OF ARTWORKS
         Franca, Martinelli Francesca, Salerno
         Emanuele, Savino Pasquale
 B7.13   Fanelli Corrado, Colaizzi Piero, Damiano      SELECTIVE DEGRADATION OF SUBSTRATES IN HISTORICAL
         E., Matè D., Pinzari Flavia, Sclocchi M. C.   PHOTOGRAFIC MATERIALS: A VARIABLE PRESSURE
                                                       SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPY CASE STUDY

B.8 - Textiles restoration & conservation
 Code                  Authors                                          Abstract
 B8.1    Harby E. Ahmed, Abdel-Kareem Omar       EVALUATING THE USE OF ENZYMES IN REMOVING OF
                                                 RESISTANCE OLD ADHESIVES ON HISTORICAL EGYPTIAN
         Elnagar                                 COMPOUNDS PRESENT IN ARCHAEOLOGICAL TEXTILE
 B8.3    Marouf Mohamed                          CHARACTERIZATION OF NATURAL DYESTUFFS AND THEIR
                                                 MORDANT IN ARCHAEOLOGICAL TEXTILES
                                                 MUSEUM OF FACULTY OF ARECHAEOLOGY, CAIRO
 B8.5    Karadag Recep, Ozan Deveoglu, Turan     DYESTUFF AND METAL ANALYSIS OF SOME 16TH CENTURY
         Taskopru                                OTTOMAN SILK BROCADES BY RP-HPLC-DAD AND FESEM-
 B8.6    Ibrahim Ibrahim Hamed, Nabel Saber,     CLEANING OF TXTILE COPTIC TUNIC BY USING LIPASE
         Yassen Elsayed Zidan                    ENZYMES
 B8.7    Karadag Recep, Arca Sibel, Dagci Koray, PROJECT OF RESTORATION AND CONSERVATION OF
         Torgan Emine                            SULTAN COSTUMES IN TOPKAPI PALACE MUSEUM
 B8.8    Pangallo Domenico, Chovanová Katarína, MICROBIAL SURVEY OF THE CARDINAL PETER PAZMANY
         Kraková Lucia, Puškárová Andrea,        CLOTHES FROM THE TOMB DISCLOSED INSIDE THE CRYPT
         Šimonovičová Alexandra                  OF THE ST. MARTIN’S CATHEDRAL IN BRATISLAVA
 B8.10   Khedr Amal, Abdel Harith Mohamed,       ANALYTICAL STUDY OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL MATERIAL BY
         Abdel-Kareem Omar                       LASER SPECTROSCOPIC TECHNIQUES
B.9 - Coins and metallic materials
Code                      Authors                                                Abstract
B9.1   Criseta-Stan Daniela, Ceccato Daniele,              PROVENANCE STUDIES FOR ROMANIAN ARCHAEOLOGICAL
       Constantinescu Bogdan, Radtke Martin,               GOLD USING MICRO-PIXE AND MICRO-SR-XRF
       Reinholz Uwe, Vasilescu Angela
B9.2   Ingo Gabriel Maria, Albini Monica, Angelini         HIGH TIN AND TINNED COPPER-BASED ARTEFACTS FROM
       Emma, Faraldi Federica, Faustoferri Amalia,         ANCIENT ABRUZZO (CENTRAL ITALY, VIII-V CEN. BC)
       Grassini Sabrina, Lapenna Alessandra,
       Pierigè Isabella, Riccucci Cristina
B9.3   Monticelli Cecilia, Balbo Andrea, Gulinelli         CHARACTERIZATION OF THE MICROSTRUCTURE, CHEMICAL
       Maria Teresa, Pepi Salvatore, Soffritti             COMPOSITION AND STATE OF CONSERVATION OF COINS OF
       Chiara, Vaccaro Carmela                             THE “ALBERONE TREASURE”
B9.4   Monticelli Cecilia, Garagnani Gian Luca,            ARCHAEOMETRIC INVESTIGATION ON MINTING DIES
       Gulinelli Maria Teresa, Vaccaro Carmela,            BELONGING TO THE SCHIFANOIA COLLECTION IN FERRARA
       Zucchi Fabrizio
B9.5                                               INVESTIGATION OF 12TH CENTURY DENARII BY DIFFERENT
       Monticelli Cecilia, Calliari I., Ferro D., Grazzi
       F.                                          ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES
B9.6   Megahed M. Moatamed, Filippaki E., S.       DESALINATION TREATMENT BY PURE HYDROGEN PLASMA
       Ahmed Saleh                                 OF EGYPTIAN COIN FRAGMENTS FROM TELL BASTA,
                                                   EVALUATED BY SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPE
B9.7 Mangone Annarosa, De Giacomo                  LASER INDUCED BREAKDOWN SPECTROSCOPY: A VALUABLE
      Alessandro, De Pascale Olga, Gaudiuso        TOOL FOR THE ANALYSIS OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL METAL
      Rosalba, Loperfido Sabrina, Sabbatini Luigia ALLOYS
B9.8 Casaletto Maria Pia, Bettach N., Chebabe      ELECTROCHEMICAL STUDY OF A NEW NON-TOXIC
      Gabriel Maria, Riccucci C., Srhiri A.        ARCHAEOLOGICAL BRONZE.
                                                   AND PROTECTIVE COATINGS USED ON BRONZE ARTIFACTS
B9.10 Mascelloni Maria Laura, Cerichelli Giorgio, A multidisciplinary approach to the study of an assemblage
      Ridolfi Stefano                              of prehistoric bronzes from the Fucino area, in Abruzzo.
B9.11 Ingo Gabriel Maria, Angelini Emma, De        THE CORROSION BEHAVIOUR OF BRONZE
      Caro Tilde, Faraldi Federica, Grassini       ARCHAEOLOGICAL ARTEFACTS FROM THARROS (SARDINIA,
      Sabrina, Riccucci Cristina                   ITALY)
B9.12 Mahrouse Y., Ismail B., Rifai M.             TREATMENT AND CONSERVATION OF THE HOLLOW
                                                   BRONZE STATUES IN ANCIENT EGYPT
B9.13 Poletto Luca, Calliari Irene, Ratti Filippo, X-RAY TECHNIQUES FOR 3-D RECONSTRUCTION APPLIED TO
      Simioni Emanuele                             ANCIENT METALLIC HANDWORKS
      Moro Stefano, Faraldi Federica, Renzulli     TUYERES AND FURNACE WALLS FOUND AT THARROS
      Alberto, Riccucci Cristina, Santi Patrizia   (SARDINIA, ITALY)
B9.15 Saleh Mohamed Saleh, Nicolaides Peter        AN IN SITU RESEARCH PROJECT IS PROPOSED FOCUSING ON
                                                   FURTHER CORROSION PREVENTION OF METALLIC PARTS OF
                                                   (HISTORICAL) WRECKS IN THE AEGEAN SEA.
B9.16 Angelini Emma, Grassini Sabrina, Parvis      MINIUCCHI'S WEATHERING STEEL SCULPTURE: IN SITU
      Marco, Zucchi Fabrizio                       CHARACTERIZATION BY ELECTROCHEMICAL IMPENDANCE
B9.17 Fenzi Federica, Cairns Warren R. L.,         Archaeometric investigations on Iron-Age ingots recovered
      Casellato U., Peruzzo Luca, Salzani L.,      in S. Giorgio di Valpolicella (Verona - Italy)
      Vigato Pietro Alessandro
Code                        Authors                                                Abstract
B9.18     Lorenzetti Giulia, Legnaioli Stefano, Pardini LIBS and XRF Analysis of the "Magnificent Crater" of
          Lorenzo, Palleschi Vincenzo, Angelini         Trebeniste
          Marina, Colacicchi Alessandri Olimpia,
          Ferretti Marco, Gorghinian Astrik

B.10 - Microbial colonies
 Code                       Authors                                             Abstract
 B10.2      Noldt Uwe                                    WOOD-DESTROYING INSECTS IN WOODEN CULTURAL
                                                         HERITAGE – CASE STUDIES IN CHURCHES AND OPEN AIR
                                                         MUSEUMS OF GERMANY, AUSTRIA, LATVIA, ESTONIA, AND
 B10.3      Billeci Noemi, Mancuso F. Paolo, Palla       CHARACTERIZATION OF BIOLOGICAL COMMUNITIES
            Franco                                       COLONIZING ROCK-CUT SETTLEMENTS
 B10.4      Pasquarella Cesira, Albertini Roberto,       PREVENTIVE CONSERVATION OF GRAPHIC COLLECTIONS:
            Balocco Carla, Maggi Oriana, Moroni          AN INTEGRATED SYSTEM OF BIOLOGICAL AND
            Catia, Pasquariello Giovanna, Tarsitani      MICROCLIMATIC MONITORING
 B10.5      Ciniglia Claudia, Cennamo Paola, Ciarallo    IDENTIFICATION OF THE MICROBIAL COMPONENTS OF THE
            Annamaria, Guglielmi Chiara, Marzano         BIOFILMS GROWING ON POMPEI FRESCOES
            Chiara, Pinto Gabriele, Pollio Antonino,
            Taddei Roberto
 B10.6      Ciniglia Claudia, Cennamo Paola, Ciarallo    CONTROL OF BIOFILM GROWING ON POMPEI FRESCOES: IN
            Annamaria, Cioppa Diana, Marzano             VITRO EFFECTS OF PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL TREATMENTS
            Chiara, Pinto Gabriele, Pollio Antonino      ON DIFFERENT MICROBIAL ISOLATES
 B10.7      Sprocati Anna Rosa, Alisi Chiara,            STUDY OF MICROBIAL DIVERSITY IN A HYPOGEAL TOMB AS
            Barbabietola Nicoletta, Grimaldi Michela,    A TOOL FOR NEW CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION
            Marconi Paola, Tasso Flavia                  APPROACH

 B10.8      Picco Anna Maria, Berzero Antonella,      PRELIMINARY RESULTS OF AN AEROMYCOLOGICAL
            Garbarino Carla, Mazzarello Paolo,        INVESTIGATION IN HISTORICAL MUSEUM OF THE
            Menegola Ilaria, Rodolfi Marinella        UNIVERSITY OF PAVIA
 B10.9      Romagnoli Manuela, Capoccioni             THE CHESTNUT TIMBER STRUCTURE OF THE ROOF IN S.
            Valentina, Cavalli Alberto, Spina Stefano,MARIA NUOVA (VITERBO, ITALY): ON-SITE INSPECTION,
            Togni Marco                               DATING, ASSESSMENT AND RESTORATION CRITERIA.
 B10.10     Mosoarca Marius, Gioncu Victor            HISTORICAL WOODEN CHURCHES FROM BANAT REGION,
                                                      ROMANIA. DAMAGES. MODERN CONSOLIDATION
 B10.11     Pelosi Claudia, Lo Monaco Angela, Mattei THE DIAGNOSTIC ANALYSIS FOR THE STUDY AND
            Elisabetta, Santancini Marco              RESTORATION OF THE WOODEN MODEL OF THE CHURCH
                                                      OF S. MARIA DELLA CONSOLAZIONE IN TODI (ITALY)
 B10.12     Romagnoli Manuela, Davidde Barbara,       THE BOAT OF MARTANA ISLE (BOLSENA LAKE – ITALY).
            Galotta Giulia, Petriaggi Roberto, Saveri SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION ON WOOD TO PLAN IN SITU
            Egidio, Sciancalepore Antonella, Spina    PROTECTION.
            Stefano, Tagliatela Chiara
 B10.13     Palla Franco, Billeci Noemi, Mancuso F.   MULTIPLE APPROACHES TO IDENTIFY BACTERIA INTO
            Paolo                                     ARCHAEOLOGICAL WATERLOGGED WOOD
 B10.14     Wael Abdel Baset Abdel Samad Abo          A STUDY ON THE EFFECT OF IRON RUST ON
            Elgat, Nesrin Mohammed Elhadidi, Yassin ARCHAEOLOGICAL WOOD APPLIED ON THE
 Code                     Authors                                         Abstract
          Zidane                                   ARCHAEOLOGICAL GUN NO. 7 7 14 AT THE MUSEUM OF
                                                   APPLIED ARTS, HELWAN UNIVERSITY.
 B10.16   Lo Monaco Angela, Marabelli Maurizio,    THE ALTAR MACHINE IN THE CHURCH MOTHER OF GANGI
          Pelosi Claudia, Salvo Michele            (PALERMO, ITALY): MATERIALS, USAGE, PRESERVATION
 B10.17   Piervittori Rosanna, Favero-Longo Sergio BIOLOGICAL DIAGNOSTIC TO SUPPORT THE CONSERVATION
          Enrico, Fusconi Anna, Gazzano Claudia,   AND RESTORATION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
          Giovagnoli Annamaria, Girlanda M.

C.1- Analysis and preservation of biological diversity
Man and populations
Ancient DNA
Ancient bone preservation
Plants and botanical gardens
 Code                       Authors                                          Abstract
 C1.1     Zaki Moushira, Basha Walaa, Sarry El-Din     FRACTURE PATTERNS IN ANCIENT EGYPTIAN POPULATIONS
          Azza, Soliman Muhammad                       FROM OLD KINGDOM AND GRECO-ROMAN PERIODS
 C1.2     Panagiaris Georgios, Chaitas                 METHODOLOGY APPROACHES FOR THE CONSERVATION,
          Charalampos, Kalou Anastasia, Malea          INVESTIGATION AND USE AS A VEHICLE FOR INFORMATION
          Ekaterini, Papagrigorakis J. Manolis,        OF HUMAN REMAINS: THE EXAMPLE OF MYRTIS
          Synodinos N. Filippos
 C1.3     Iscan Mehmet Yasar, Çakan Hüseyin,           BIOLOGICAL OBSERVATION OF A SELJUK MUMMY: ARAB
          Mergen A. Bahar                              BABA
 C1.4     Lelli Roberta, Conati Barbaro Cecilia,       ANCIENT DNA AND NEOLITHIC TRANSITION IN SOUTHERN
          Manfredini Alessandra, Martínez-Labarga      ITALY
          Cristina, Rickards Olga
 C1.5     Del Gaudio Stefania, Cipollaro Marilena,     PREAMPLIFICATION PROCEDURE IN ANCIENT DNA SAMPLES
          Cirillo Alessandra, Di Bernardo Giovanni,
          Galderisi Umberto, Pitsios Theodoros
 C1.5.b   Costantini Lorenzo, Lunardini Agata,        BIOARCHAEOLOGICAL STUDY OF THE HUMAN NATURAL
          Costantini Biasini Loredana, Fornaciari G.  MUMMIES OF BORGO CERRETO, UMBRIA (CENTRAL ITALY)
 C1.5.a   Costantini Lorenzo, Sajjadi Mansour,        EVIDENCE OF COSMETIC OPTION IN EYE REPLACEMENT
          Cavalli Fabio, Fatehi Mansoor, Fornaciari   AND DIGITAL 3D FACIAL RECONSTRUCTION OF A THIRD
          Gino, Costantini Biasini Loredana           MILLENNIUM FEMALE SKULL FROM GRAVE N. 6705 OF
                                                      SHAHR-I SOKHTA (SISTAN, IRAN)
 C1.5.c   Garofano L., Borrini M., Marchesini L.,     LIBS ANALYSIS OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL HUMAN TISSUES
          Carelli G., Grassi R., Sorrentino F.,       USING FORENSIC SCIENCE TECHNIQUES: THE STRANGE
          Francesconi F., Francesconi M., Marsili P., CASE OF THE VAMPIRE LADY
          Legnaioli Stefano, Lorenzetti Giulia,
          Pardini Lorenzo, Palleschi Vincenzo
 Code                        Authors                                            Abstract
 C1.5d   Stoica Georgeta, Papa Cristina, Piermattei The conservation of biodiversity in the Biosphere Reserve of
         Sandro                                      Danube Delta: analysis of the fishermen community of
                                                     Sfantu Gheorghe (Romania)
 C1.6     Kislev Mordechai, Simchoni Orit, Tabak      THE ERITAGE OF CULTIVATED PLANT VARIETIES AT ROMAN
          Yoni                                        MASADA, ISRAEL
 C1.7     Yilgor Nural, Dogu Dilek                    SOME CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF THE NEOLITHIC AGE TREE
                                                      REMAINS FROM THE YENIKAPI EXCAVATION SITE IN
 C1.8     Dogu Dilek, Hizal Tirak Kamile, Kiziltan    A RESEARCH PROJECT ON THE NEOLITHIC TREE REMAINS
          Zeynep, Kose Coskun, Yilgor Nural           UNEARTHED FROM THE YENIKAPI EXCAVATION SITE IN
                                                      ISTANBUL, TURKEY
 C1.9     Mercuri Anna Maria, Massamba N'siala        ARCHAEOBOTANY AND ETHNOBOTANY TO EXPLORE PAST
          Isabella, Florenzano Assunta                AND PRESENT RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN PLANTS AND
                                                      PEOPLE IN THE SAHARA DESERT
 C1.10    Mercuri Anna Maria, Antonella Miola,        ARCHAEOBOTANY FOR CULTURAL HERITAGE: THE PICAR
          Carmine Colacino, Sadori Laura              PROJECT AND CULTURAL LANDSCAPE RECONSTRUCTIONS
                                                      IN CIRCUM-MEDITERRANEAN COUNTRIES
 C1.11    Angelini Jessica, Burri Ezio                BETWEEN QUALITY 'AND TRADITION: THE CARROT AND
                                                      POTATO FUCINO
 C1.12    Manachini Barbara, Billeci Noemi,           PRELIMINARY STUDIES ON RED PALM WEEVIL AS
          Castiglia Filippo, Mancuso F. Paolo, Palla POTENTIAL RISK FOR PALM TREES IN MEDITERRANEAN
          Franco                                      BASIN
 C1.13    Crescimbene Massimo, Di Ciano Diomira, THE ROLE OF MONUMENTAL TANGIBLE HERITAGE IN THE
          Sirugo Enza                                 CONSTRUCTION OF SOCIAL IDENTITY
 C1.14    Bosi Giovanna, Bandini Mazzanti Marta, PLANTS AND TEXTILE INDUSTRY IN THE ROMAN COLONY OF
          Rinaldi Rossella                            MUTINA: ARCHAEOBOTANY AND ETHNOBOTANY
 C1.15    Catara Stefania, Castorina Roberta,         THE ETNA GARDEN OF VILLA MANGANELLI BISCARI:
          Cristaudo Antonia                           KNOWLEDGE, CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION

 C1.16   Catara Stefania, Cristaudo Antonia           18TH CENTURY ROOF GARDENS IN THE OLD TOWN CENTRE
                                                      OF CATANIA (SICILY)
 C1.17    Castorina Roberta, Catara Stefania,         UNDERSTANDING HISTORICAL GARDENS THROUGH
          Cristaudo Antonia                           BOTANY AND DENDROCHRONOLOGY: THE SECRET GARDEN
                                                      OF VILLA ZIRILLI (MILAZZO - EASTERN SICILY)

C.2 Ethno anthropological heritage
Techniques in cataloguing and processing linguistic, iconic,
musical, choreutic, etc. representations
 Code                      Authors                                         Abstract
 C2.1     Vinci Rita Loredana, Lanzafame Iolanda      IMMIGRATION AND “LINGUISTIC ISLANDS” IN SICILY
 C2.2     Zignale Maurizio, Marletta Giulia           MOVIE MAP AND MOVIE TOUR IN THE MEDITERRANEAN
 C2.3     Ofli F., Erzin E., Tekalp A. M., Yemez Y.   STATISTICAL CHOREOGRAPHY MODELING FOR FOLK
 Code                     Authors                                            Abstract
 C2.4    Canazza Sergio, Bertinetto Pier Marco,     A PROTOCOL FOR THE PRESERVATION OF SPEECH
         Calamai Silvia, De Dominicis Amedeo        DOCUMENTS ARCHIVES: TOWARDS THE DIGITAL CURATION
                                                    OF THE CARTA DEI DIALETTI ITALIANI
 C2.5    Canazza Sergio, Rodà Antonio, Salvati      PRESERVATION AND RESTORATION OF ETHNIC MUSIC
         Daniele                                    AUDIO ARCHIVES
 C2.6    Ercolano Salvatore, Gaeta Giuseppe         WITH OR WITHOUT YOU? INDIVIDUAL DETERMINANTS OF
         Lucio                                      PARTICIPATION IN ART, MUSIC AND EDUCATIONAL
 C2.7    Papa Cristina, Piermattei Sandro, Stoica   A QUALITATIVE METHODOLOGY FOR AN ARCHAEOLOGY OF
         Georgeta                                   PLACE. PHOTOGRAPHS, MEMORIES AND A NARRATIVE
                                                    ANALYSIS OF LANDSCAPE CHANGE IN PARCO NAZIONALE
                                                    DEI MONTI SIBILLINI, ITALY.
 C2.8    Papa Cristina, Baronti Giancarlo,          THE POPULAR THEATRE OF “SEGA LA VECCHIA” IN THE
         Palombini Giancarlo, Parbuono Daniele,     UMBRIAN REGION (ITALY). TECHNIQUES OF
         Piermattei Sandro                          CONSERVATION AND VALORIZATION OF AN INTANGIBLE
                                                    HERITAGE: DIALECTS, SOUNDS, PERFORMANCES.

 C2.9    Picchi Eugenio, Sassolini Eva              THE MICRO SEMANTICSFOR INTELLIGENT BROWSING
 C2.11   Guizzi F.                                  ANCIENT INSCRIPTIONS AS CULTURAL HERITAGE: THE CASE
                                                    OF THE LYCOS VALLEY (DENIZLI AREA, TURKEY)


D.1 - Museum cultural Project
Museum Projects
Historical gardens, botanical gardens
Collections, galleries
Virtual reality, coding methods and applications
 Code                  Authors                                             Abstract
 D1.1    Caradonna Marta                            THE RE-DEFINING OF ETHNO-ANTHROPOLOGICAL
                                                    MUSEUM’S CONCEPT IN ITALY AND FRANCE: THE
                                                    THEORETICAL DEBATE AND THE POLITICAL STRATEGY
 D1.2    Castro Garcìa Miguel, Carranza Cañadas     SPANISH OLIVE OIL MUSEUMS: DISSEMINATION OF ITS
         María del Pilar, Rojas Sola José Ignacio   CULTURAL HERITAGE
 D1.3    Leissner Johanna, Klier Bernhard           THE GREEN MEUSEUM - A ROADSHOW ON SUSTAINABILITY
                                                    AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN MUSEUM, ARCHIVES AND
                                                    HISTRORIC BUILDINGS
 D1.4    Lanza Volpe Annalisa                       ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUMS IN SITU: TYPES OF
 D1.5    Grontoft Terje, Obarzananowski Michal      THE USE OF ENCLOSURES INDOOR TO PROTECT MOVABLE
 D1.6    Di Salvo Santina, Ruggieri Tricoli Maria   THE LIGHT IN MUSEUM EXHIBITIONS AS AN EFFECTIVE
         Clara, Vacirca Maria Désirée               TOOL FOR COMMUNICATING THE MEANING OF ANCIENT
Code                      Authors                                       Abstract
 D1.7    Galluzzi Paolo                           MUSEO GALILEO
         Nagar                                    IN THE MUSEUM OF FACULTY OF ARCHAEOLOGY, CAIRO
 D1.9    Cultraro Massimo                         VIRTUAL REALITY AND STORYTELLING ARCHAEOLOGY: THE
                                                  VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF IRAQ PROJECT.
D1.10    Fethiye Erbay                            TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT FOR MUSEUM
D1.11    Durhan Sıla, Özgüven Yekta               BREAKING THE DUALITY: THE HISTORICAL PENINSULA OF
                                                  ISTANBUL AS AN OPEN-AIR MUSEUM
D1.12    Vecchio Grazia, Sauro Irene              A LANDSCAPE MUSEUM IN THE HISTORIC AREA OF
D1.13    Nuri Özer Erbay                          THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE BUILDING OF THE
                                                  AYASOFIA ALMS HOUSE INTO MUSEUM
D1.14    Nuri Özer Erbay                          THE PROJECT OF TRANSFORMING YENIKAPI MEVLEVÎHANE
                                                  TO THE MUSEUM & CULTURE CENTER
D1.15    Famoso Nunzio, Reina Giuseppe            AN ENERGY MUSEUM AND ENERGY-SAVING
                                                  TECHNOLOGIES IN SICILY
D1.16    Kuzucuoğlu Alpaslan Hamdi                APPLICATION OF GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM (GIS)
                                                  IN THE MUSEUM BUILDINGS: A CASE STUDY OF ISTANBUL
                                                  BEYLERBEYI PALACE MUSEUM
D1.17    Rabino Massa Emma, Boano Rosa,           “ROW ART” IN THE COLLECTIONS OF MUSEUM OF
         Minaldi Donatella                        ANTHROPOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY OF UNIVERSITY OF

D1.18    Maniatis Nikolaos, Drosos Christos,      OPEN SOURCING MUSEUM INFRASTRUCTURE: THE CASE
         Kanellopoulos Panagiotis                 STUDY OF AN OPEN SOURCE WIRELESS DATA LOGGER
                                                  BASED ON ARDUINO ELECTRONICS PROTOTYPING
D1.18a   Moscati Paola                            DESCRIPTION LANGUAGES FOR CULTURAL HERITAGE
D1.19    Mutlu ERBAY                              CHANGES ON EXHIBITION TECHNIQUES IN MUSUMS IN
                                                  TERMS OF SEMIOLOGY
D1.20    Belluso Rossella                         HERITAGE PLACES: A GEOGRAPHICAL APPROACH
D1.21    Scrofani Luigi, Creaco Salvo, Ruggiero   MUSEUMS’ NETWORKS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN AREA
D1.22    Meini Monica, Ciliberti Diana            CULTURE AND INNOVATION. NEW TOOLS FOR
                                                  ECOMUSEUM PROMOTION
D1.23    Zan Luca, Bonini Baraldi Sara, Shoup     OUTSOURCING AND PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS IN
         Daniel                                   TURKEY’S MUSEUM SECTOR: RESULTS OF THE FIRST TWO
D1.24    Bagnoli Lorenzo, Capurro Rita            THE GEOGRAPHICAL RELEVANCE OF THE SUITABLE
                                                  NETWORK FOR THE MILANESE ECCLESIASTIC MUSEUMS.
                                                  TOWARDS MILAN 2013, 1700TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE
                                                  EDICTUM MEDIOLANENSE
D1.25    Borghi Beatrice, Dondarini Rolando       THE INTERNATIONAL FEAST OF THE HISTORY. A CONCRETE
                                                  PROJECT FOR THE DISSEMINATION OF HISTORY AND
 Code                       Authors                                           Abstract
 D1.26    Cacia Carmela                               THE ROLE OF ITALY IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE
                                                      MANAGEMENT PLANS OF UNESCO SITES
 D1.27    Gabbatore Roberta, Rinaldo Andrea           HERITAGE SYSTEM & TRAILS. KNOWLEDGE IS KEY TO
 D1.28    Meini Monica                                GEOTOURISM, PHOTOGRAPHY HOLIDAYS AND LANDSCAPE
                                                      ORIENTEERING IN THE MEDITERRANEAN BASIN. WHICH
                                                      OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE ITALIAN GEOGRAPHICAL
 D1.29    Gola Alessandra                             COMMON GOOD AND POLITICAL INSTABILITY: PLANNING
                                                      WITHIN THE LIQUEFACTION OF TERRITORIAL SYSTEMS
                                                      SPACE, RIGHTS, CONFLICT
 D1.30    Pettenati Giacomo                           WORLD HERITAGE SITES IN THE ALPS: A REGIONAL STUDY.
 D1.31    Ricci Alessandro                            THE CULTURAL HERITAGE IN ITALY AND UNESCO WORLD
                                                      HERITAGE SITES
 D1.32    Karakul Özlem                               NEW TECHNOLOGIES FOR SAFEGUARDING INTEGRITY OF
                                                      TANGIBLE AND INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE
D1.33.hd Skoutelis Nikos                              HISTORICAL GARDENS OF NEOCALSSICISM IN CHANIA
D1.34.hd Reale Emanuela, Lo Mauro Valerio,            SCIENCE MUSEUMS AND CULTURAL TOURISM: FIRST
          Trupiano Gaetana                            INSIGHTS FOR A PROJECT ON BOTANICAL GARDENS IN THE
                                                      MEDITERRANEAN AREA
D1.35.hd Cotugno Linda, Nuccio Lucrezia               THE ROLE OF TRADITIONAL GARDENS IN THE URBAN
                                                      DEVELOPMENT OF SICILY

 D1.38    De Martino Stefano, Pressenda Paola,        CONSERVATION AND EXPLOITMENT OF SCATTERED
          Sereno Paola                                HERITAGE: FROM THE ARCHEOLOGICAL PARK TO THE
                                                      LANDSCAPE MUSEUM. SOME HYPOTHESIS ABOUT
                                                      ANATOLIAN HITTITE SITES.
 D1.39    Piervittori Rosanna, Bovio Maurizio,        HISTORICAL-ARCHITECTURAL AND CULTURAL HERITAGE:
          Tutino Santa, Vanacore-Falco Isabella       THE NATURAL COLLECTIONS OF NATURAL SCIENCES
                                                      REGIONAL MUSEUM OF AOSTA VALLEY (ITALY)

D.2 Tourism & economic outcome
Analysis of models of economic management
Museum Projects among tourism, local systems and International Networks for the
Mediterranean Heritage
 Code                      Authors                                           Abstract
  D2.1    Porfyriou Heleni, Genovese Laura            PRESERVING PLACES. MONITORING MASS TOURISM IN
                                                      HISTORIC CENTRES
  D2.2    De Marchi Mario, Lorenzetti Edoardo         INTERNATIONAL POLICIES OF CULTURAL HERITAGE: THE
                                                      FRAMEWORKPROGRAMMES IN EUROPE AND THE MAIN
                                                      INTERVENTIONS IN ITALY.
  D2.3    Maiellaro Nicola, Capotorto Salvatore, Di   LOW COST INTERACTIVE TOOLS FOR CULTURAL HERITAGE
          Pasquale Davide, Lerario Antonella,         PROMOTION
Code                      Authors                                         Abstract
        Padula Marco, Scala Paolo, Zonno Marina
D2.4    Manfredi Lorenza Ilia, Mezzolani             ITALIAN MUSEUMS AND CULTURAL MEDITERRANEAN
        Antonella, Savaiano Michele, Susanna         INTEGRATION (IMCMI). NEW INFORMATION AND
        Fiammetta                                    DEVELOPMENT
D2.5    Signore Oreste, Ciapetti Andrea, De Vizia    LIFTING COMMUNITIES TOWARDS SEMANTIC WEB
        Guerriero Maria, Donnini Alessandra,
        Lorenzini Matteo, Masci Maria Emilia,
        Merlitti Davide, Piro Fabio
D2.6    Ramírez Pacheco Gema, García Erviti          A MODEL OF ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT OF CULTURAL
        Federico, Maciá Sánchez Juan Francsico,      HERITAGE: THE REHABILITATION OF FORT CHRISTMAS AS
        Peñalver Martínez María Jesús                AN INTERPRETATION CENTER OF DEFENSIVE
                                                     ARCHITECTURE OF THE MEDITERRANEAN IN CARTAGENA
D2.7    Anastasi Valentina, Cilia Laura              COMMUNITY MAPS AND RESPONSIBLE TOURISM AS
                                                     MEANS OF PROTECTING CULTURAL DIVERSITY AND FACING
                                                     POVERTY: THE CASE OF SINAY.

D2.8    Morazzoni Monica, Ferrari Sara               “THE GLORIOUS RETURN”, FROM LITTLE MONT
                                                     MONCENISIO TO BOBBIO PELLICE: A TOURIST-CULTURAL
D2.9    Cordini Giovanni                             PROPERTIES AND CULTURAL HERITAGE: GOVERNMENT
                                                     POLICIES AND LEGAL SAFEGUARD
D2.9a   Venturi Alessandro                           LEGAL ELEMENTS FOR A GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL
D2.10   Aydin Elif Ozlem                             THE POTENTIAL OF TURKEY’S INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE AND
                                                     TOURISM ORIENTED RE-UTILIZATION POSSIBILITIES

D2.11   Viskovic Alberto, Bolognesi Recchi Fran-     QUALITY TOURISM: THE PROJECT OF THE URBAN –
        ceschini Eugenia, Dibenedetto Giovanni,      HISTORICAL PARK OF SOUTHERN SULTANAHMET
        Gülersoy Nuran Zeren, Günay Reha
D2.12   Ibáñez Montoya Joaquín, Díez de Pablo        TOURIST ACCESSIBILITY AND MOBILITY IN HERITAGE
        Ainhoa, González Blanco Zeltia, Trovato      AREAS. THE CASE OF THE CULTURAL LANDSCAPE OF THE
        Graziella                                    ROYAL SITE AT ARANJUEZ.
D2.13   Rota Sabrina                                 THE INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE FOR CULTURAL
                                                     HERITAGE PRESERVATION – A COMPETENCE CENTRE TO
                                                     REVITALISE THE BRONNBACH MONESTERY, AN UTILISATION
D2.14   Pungetti Gloria                              MEDITERRANEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE AND LANDSCAPES:
                                                     METHODS, TOOLS AND PRACTICES FOR FUTURE
                                                     DIRECTIONS IN TOURISM
D2.15   Saiz Martin Enrique, Drda-Kühn Karin,        EVOCH: ECONOMIC VALUE OF EUROPEAN CULTURAL
        Nypan Terje, Ratazzi Andrea, Rodríguez-      HERITAGE
        Maribona Isabel
D2.16   Focaccia Marco, Di Somma Andrea              THE EFFECTS OF THE CONTEMPORANEITY ON THE URBAN
                                                     AND TOURIST DEVELOPMENT OF RAVENNA, FORTRESS OF
                                                     FALLING EMPIRE
D2.17   Ruijgrok Elisabeth, Bleeker M., Kircholtes   UNEXPECTED BENEFITS OF CULUTRAL HERITAGE REVEALED
        U.                                           THE CASE OF CULTURAL NURSERIES IN AMSTERDAM
Code                     Authors                                           Abstract
D2.18   De Simone Elina, Di Maio Amedeo, Gaeta     IS THERE A ROLE FOR PRIVATE DONATIONS IN SUSTAINING
        Giuseppe Lucio                             PERFORMING ARTS IN ITALY?
D2.19   Guccio Calogero, Pignataro Giacomo,        PUBLIC SPENDING FOR CULTURAL HERITAGE
        Rizzo Ilde                                 CONSERVATION IN ITALY: AN ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVE
D2.20   Dallari Fiorella                           CULTURAL TOURISM BETWEEN LOCAL DEVELOPMENT AND
                                                   INTERREGIONAL COOPERATION. THE DEVELOPMENT OF
                                                   ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES ON THE MEDITERRANEAN SOUTH
                                                   AREAS ROMAN ITINERARIES (MESA-ROMIT)
D2.21   Cellini Roberto, Cuccia Tiziana            MUSEUM & MONUMENT ATTENDANCE AND TOURISM
                                                   FLOW: A TIME SERIES ANALYSIS APPROACH ON THE
                                                   ITALIAN CASE
D2.22   Calanca Daniela                            GALLERIES OF COSTUME AND FASHION HISTORY MUSEUM:
                                                   ITALIAN OPPORTUNITIES FOR INTERNATIONAL TOURISM
                                                   AND LOCAL DEVELOPMENT

D2.24   Visentin Chiara                            THE VALORISATION OF AN “INVISIBLE” TERRITORY ALONG
                                                   THE WATER LANDSCAPE OF THE DRAINAGE: A
                                                   NATURALISTIC, CULTURAL, MEDIA, SOCIAL ITINERARY FOR
                                                   A CONSCIOUS TOURISM

D2.25   Majdoub Wided                              AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE KEY FACTORS NECESSARY
                                                   FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF CULTURAL ITINERARIES: A
                                                   TUNISIAN PERSPECTIVE
D2.26   Cannizzaro Salvatore, Graziano Teresa      LIMITS AND POTENTIALITIES OF ECOMUSEUMS IN SICILY,
                                                   BETWEEN TOURIST EXPLOITATION AND CULTURAL
                                                   HERITAGE PRESERVATION
D2.27   Querini Giulio                             THE IMPACTS OF NEW TOURIST FLOWS IN MULTICULTURAL
D2.28   Guarnieri Roberto                          “ECOMUSEUMS” AND TURISTIC DEVELOPMENT. THE CASE
                                                   OF “NEBRODI CITTÀ APERTA” (“NEBRODI, OPEN CITY”).
D2.29   Dell’Aquila Giuseppe, Vaysse Jean Pierre   FOR A PARTICIPATED AND DEMOCRATIC PLANNING OF
                                                   INFRASTRUCTURES ON THE TERRITORY: THE CASE OF THE
                                                   ARCHITECTURE AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN MASTER PLAN OF
                                                   THE NEW RAILWAY LINETURIN-LYON
D2.30   Cirelli Caterina, Mercatanti Leonardo,     TERRITORY AND MEMORY: THE LANDING OF THE ALLIES IN
        Nicosia Enrico, Porto Carmelo Maria,       SICILY IN 1943
        Graziano Teresa
D2.31   Meini Monica, Adducchio Daniela            LOCAL SYSTEMS, GIS AND GEO-ITINERARIES: STRATEGIES
                                                   FOR LOCAL DEVELOPMENT IN MEDITERRANEAN
                                                   PERIPHERAL AREAS
D2.32   D’Alessandro Libera, Sommella Rosario      STRATEGIES FOR THE REVITALIZATION OF CULTURAL
                                                   HERITAGE IN THE MEDITERRANEAN CITIES
D2.33   Maggioli Marco, Bozzato Simone             CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUMS AND TERRITORY. THE
                                                   CASE STUDY OF ROME
D2.34   Pappalardo Maria Laura                     TO THE DISCOVERY OF THE MUSEUMS IN THE REGIONAL
                                                   NATURE PARK OF LESSINIA: TO PRESERVE FOR
D2.35   Ferrari Valentina                          THE MARKET OF SAN MIGUEL. A HISTORICAL AND
                                                   MONUMENTAL SITE
The Proceedings of the previous 4th International Congress on “Science and Technology for
the Safeguard of Cultural Heritage of the Mediterranean Basin” held in Cairo, December
2009, contain oral and poster presentations for Sessions A, B, C, and D. Abstracts of Cairo
presentations are available on line on the web site and the full
papers can be downloaded free from Google Books

Deadline for sending full paper texts to                      be printed on the
Congress Proceedings is January 31, 2012

        .                  Workshops & Awards
                                   EACH Project
 Workshop No.1
 Key Action 1 Resources of the territory
 This workshop will be devoted to adjourn the final text of Key Action 1.
 Download it from the web site . The final text will be   submitted
 to the European Commission.

 Workshop No.2
Key Action 2 Diagnostics and restoration
 This workshop will be devoted to adjourn the final text of Key Action 2
 Download it from the web site . The final text will be   submitted
 to the European Commission.

 Workshop No.3
 Key Action 3 Biological diversity
 This workshop will be devoted to adjourn the final text of Key Action 3.
 Download it from the web site . The final text will be   submitted
 to the European Commission.

  Workshop No.4
  Key Action 4 Museums projects & benefits
 This workshop will be devoted to adjourn the final text of Key Action 4.
 Download it from the web site . The final text will be   submitted
 to the European Commission.
  Workshop No.5
  Key Action 5 Robotics & Cultural Heritage
 This workshop will be devoted to adjourn the final text of Key Action 5.
 Download it from the web site . The final text will be   submitted
 to the European Commission.

                                Award A. Vallega
  The Italian Geographical Society and the Association “ Investing in Culture” will award a
geographer who studied during 2010 the interactions between Geography and Cultural

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