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					Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                             

                                                                     Thank You!

              Name           City      State      Country Comments

              Suzanne        Syosset   New York   United   Honorable Judge Arthur Gonzales,
              Tsiatis                             States
                                                           It has been my privilege to “partner” with Bob Frederick and the Frederick CDJ Dealership in
                                                           Boardman, Ohio for the “ultimate” car buying experience. By now I am sure you have seen the
                                                           current Chrysler advertising “We Bring You”…let me share what Bob Frederick brings to the table.
                                                           Frederick builds long term brand relationships FOR Chrysler through exceptional attention to quality,
                                                           detail and service. In terms of customer satisfaction, Bob Frederick holds the title for the most
                                                           satisfied Dodge Challenger customers nationwide! To back that statement up, just review the
                                                           locations of each and every signature on this petition! Bob Frederick has sold the most 2008/2009
                                                           Dodge Challengers in the USA at his dealership alone! There is a reason for this.

                                                           I’m a 46 year old woman from Long Island New York that comes from a MOPAR family. I have
                                                           followed the new Dodge Challenger from it’s concept in 2006 and eagerly anticipated purchasing my
                                                           dream car as soon as I was able to place an order back in January of 2008. My dreams of
                                                           purchasing my dream car locally, here on Long Island, turned into a nightmare. The price gouging
                                                           10k-30k over sticker, little, if any, knowledge of the Dodge Challenger, and lack of respect to me as
                                                           not only a woman, but as a consumer of a high performance vehicle nearly cost Chrysler my
                                                           business. Then I found Bob Frederick and Frederick CJD.

                                                           From coast to coast, through written praise or by word of mouth, Bob Frederick is known and
                                                           respected for his passion, enthusiasm and knowledge for Chrysler products. If Chrysler closes down
                                                           Frederick CJD in Boardman Ohio, they might as well just shut down Chrysler Jeep Dodge period.
                                                           Because of the “dirty sales” practices at my local dealerships (not on the list by the way), I went out
                                                           of state with Bob. I am not only embarrassed at how my local dealerships conduct their businesses,
                                                           but ashamed and appalled. At first, just one man shared his phenomenal experience working with
                                                           Bob at Fredericks CJD, via the internet, I might add. No problem, question or amount of time was
                                                           too big or too small for Bob to get back to his customers at any time of day or into the late hours of
                                                           the night. To hear Bob's friendly voice was always welcomed and his knowledge, fairness and
                                                           commitment to Chrysler was better than gold. I too, found him to be a man of integrity who leads
                                                           his dealership through example, and passed his name on to many others. Well, what one man
                                                           started has amassed into hundreds of not only high performance MOPAR enthusiasts purchasing
                                                           from Bob Frederick, but into a thousand or more who know of him, deal with him, based on his
                                                           credentials and reputation as one of, if not THE leading man to deal with if you are purchasing the
                                                           Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger or any Chrysler Dodge Jeep product for that matter.

                                                           His dealership should be on record for having the most satisfied Challenger and loyal customers who
                                                           can not begin to state how much Chrysler will lose if his dealership is terminated. Isn't it amazing at
                                                           just how one person purchasing from Bob could have an effect on so many others, that they too
                                                           have spread Bob's reputation as the GO TO man for Chrysler?? Isn't it also amazing that so many of
                                                           Bob's customers and following will refuse to purchase any other Chrysler products and go to the
                                                           competitor? It never fails to amaze me how it all just comes down to the numbers in the end.

1 of 46                                                                                                                                                         5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                      

                                                                    Whatever happened to the human factor and the human connection and service to commitment and
                                                                    quality service and what Bob and his team have done for Chrysler? He has always upheld the
                                                                    Chrysler name and values high, especially in these turbulent times, and his dealership is on the
                                                                    list???? Some of Chrysler’s leaders need to take a personal look at what Bob does and will continue
                                                                    to for them as he has in the past, what he exemplifies in the present and where he will help take
                                                                    Chrysler in the future. It will be a detriment to Chrysler if the leading executives terminate Bob and
                                                                    his dealership. I hope that Chrysler realizes the powers of the written word and spoken word.
                                                                    Frederick Chrysler Dodge Jeep has a following like none I have ever seen across the United States
                                                                    and abroad! Chrysler should embrace how Bob Frederick conducts his Chrysler business. How many
                                                                    people today take the time from their very hectic lives in these troubled economic times to support
                                                                    an owner of a car dealership? It speaks volumes as a testament to Frederick Chrysler Dodge Jeep of
                                                                    Boardman Ohio. Well, people do take the time when it comes to Bob Frederick. Thank you, your
                                                                    honor for taking the time to review this petition. We believe in Bob Frederick at Fredericks in
                                                                    Boardman Ohio. We believe in Chrysler. We believe that Bob Frederick is the Hemi of dealerships in
                                                                    terms of building long term brand relationships for Chrysler while providing outstanding service to
                                                                    the consumer.

              Alanna Bauer     Masury       Ohio           United

              GREG             CANFIELD     Ohio           United   As a former automobile dealer(Chevrolet)I Have known the Frederick family for 30 years and have
              ECKSTEIN                                     States   always considered them to be a first class operation.To close this dealership would be a disservice to
                                                                    the area Chrysler customers.Please reconsider your decision.Thank you.

              Not an           austintown   Ohio           United   Judge,
              austintown                                   States   We all understand why Frederick was put on that list because the big wig here in Austintown wants
              chrysler buyer                                        all the car sales to himself. The little people in town know what is going on.I will never buy a Jeep
                                                                    or Chrysler again if Frederick closes because they are the only dealer that actually treats their
                                                                    customers the way they should be treated.

              Richard Dye      Howland      Ohio           United

              Alicia Pappas    Howlan       Ohio           United

              Mary Jo          Austintown   Ohio           United   I have been buying cars since the early 80s and Frederick CJD is the best dealership I have ever
              Dunlap                                       States   dealt with. The sales and service staff are the most professional and respectful group, not to
                                                                    mention just really nice. I was planning on buying my next Jeep from them. Please do not close
                                                                    Frederick CJD!!

              Kenneth Barth 79 Circleview   Ohio           United   DO NOT CLOSE THESE DEALERS!!!!!!!!
                            Ct. New                        States

              Tim Williams     Lansdale     Pennsylvania   United   My next car (AMERICAN CAR!) was going to be purchased through Bob Frederick. I don't know
                                                           States   anyone anywhere who represented Chrysler Corp better by being a wealth of information on
                                                                    Chrysler products and was always able to get the answers to questions us Mopar enthusiasts had.
                                                                    Please don't close Fredericks CJD!

2 of 46                                                                                                                                                                 5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                      

              Brian Mosel    Dublin          California     United   Dear Judge Gonzalez,
                                                                     Bob Frederick II and his staff at Frederick CJD are examples of how the automotive industry sales
                                                                     and service should be run. Prior to last year I had never before had the personal touch in the car
                                                                     buying process that I received from Bob Frederick II. My experience was so positive during the car
                                                                     searching process that I unltimately ventured across country to make my purchase with Bob. I have
                                                                     stayed in contact with Bob on a personal level as well since the purchase. How many other
                                                                     dealerships where that ever happens do you think exist?

                                                                     Chrysler, now more than ever, needs examples of how a dealership should be run, who exude
                                                                     excitement about model offerings and infect others with that same excitement. Frederick's CJD
                                                                     should be singled out as a leader in this environment, not become a casualty.

                                                                     Thank you for taking the time to reflect on this issue.

              James E.       new castle      Pennsylvania   United   this is the wrong dealer to shut down and think about all the people that are going to be out of a
              Carmen                                        States   job the sales and supporting staff are great at fredericks and they deserve to be treated better

              Adam Miller    North Jackson   Ohio           United

              john p.        norwood         Massachusetts United    Please your honor keep people working!!!! The economy needs your help.
              sweeney                                      States

              Laura          Boardman        Ohio           United   Frederick CJD is a great dealership to do business with. When shopping for a minivan for our family
              Manhardt                                      States   two years ago, it was important to work with someone you can trust. My husband and I chose
                                                                     Frederick for their great track record and natural customer service friendly demeanor. While we
                                                                     have had our vehicle in for various warranty work, they have always been most accomodating in
                                                                     providing us with temporary transportation--even another minivan to fit all of our small children.
                                                                     THEY ARE A DELIGHT TO DO BUSINESS WITH. I cannot say the same for the other Chrysler dealer
                                                                     in our area. Frederick CJD has the personal touch! Please do what you can to keep them here.

              Jessica J.     Austintown      Ohio           United
              Dailey                                        States

              Frank Carbon   Boardman        Ohio           United   The Honorable Arthur J. Gonzalez,
                                                                     Dealerships do not cost Car manufactures money. In fact it is the exact opposite Car Manufactures
                                                                     only gain from their Dealer Network. There is NO Car manufacturer that sells Direct to the public; in
                                                                     fact Dealerships are actually the only Customer a Manufacturer has. Ask yourself would you tell
                                                                     your customers they could no longer buy from you? In today’s economy does it make financial
                                                                     sense to do this? The facts are evident; if Chrysler wishes to remain a viable company they need
                                                                     the help of their Dealer network, without them they are nothing. Please take this and all other
                                                                     comments into suggestion when making your decision.
                                                                     Please do not continue to follow in the foot steps of your peers by continuing to sell America to the
                                                                     rest of the world. Stand up for America and help us get back to our former glory. Listen to the many
                                                                     people who voted you into office. Do not set a precedence to allow other companies to follow down
                                                                     this same path. Instead do the opposite, do not allow Chrysler to unjustly close their dealerships.

3 of 46                                                                                                                                                                   5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                     

                                                                   Thank you,

                                                                   Frank M. Carbon
                                                                   Boardman, Ohio

              Laurie         Norwood        Massachusetts United
              Sweeney                                     States

              Darlene Wood   sicklerville   New Jersey    United   Not much more can be shut down in Ohio. Help these people keep their jobs please!

              Concetta       Youngstown     Ohio          United   Please keep this dealership and our jobs in OUR city.....
              Precurato                                   States

              Sanjay         Norwood        Massachusetts United   To Whom it May Concern,
              Sharma                                      States   After spending weeks looking for a Dodge in my local area of Norwood, Mass, 02062 and totally
                                                                   disappointed by the lack of customer service and disappointing experience at Dodge dealers across
                                                                   2 states, I was going to give up and give my business to a foreign manufacturer when by chance I
                                                                   found Frederick CJD which was 600 miles away. Frederick CJD customer service is the best I have
                                                                   ever experienced and quite frankly in the fall of 2009 I was planning to trade in my Japanese luxury
                                                                   car for another Chrysler product. For any corporation these series of events of attracting and
                                                                   retaining new customers is absolutely necessary for survival in today's market, yet the only Dodge
                                                                   dealer I found that was able to execute on this was Frederick CJD. Not only that but Frederick CJD
                                                                   drives the business for other dealers. I know this from experience as my local Dodge dealer is
                                                                   where I have my vehicle serviced. It is for these reasons that I am totally confused at Chrysler's
                                                                   decision to close Frederick CJD and in fact question the decision itself? I feel both as a professional
                                                                   business person and customer a mistake has been made here that needs to be corrected.

                                                                   Best Regards,

                                                                   Sanjay Sharma
                                                                   Norwood, Ma

              Lee Kelso      Boardman       Ohio          United   Does Frederick hold the keys to a successful dealership according to Lee Iacocca's NINE C's of
                                                          States   Management from his 2007 book titled Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

                                                                   YOU BETTCHA !!

                                                                   "Granted these are ideals" as Iacocca states there are very few people-even world leaders who have
                                                                   ALL of them
                                                                   ....But if you look over the list- Bobby Frederick, his father, and his staff have these covered TOO as
                                                                   well as the criteria to be a dealership that remains OPEN !!

                                                                   Just check out the other posts posted here and on forums like Dodges's and
                                                                   Challengertalk to get a feel for Frederick's commitment to Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Their Customers,
                                                                   fellow dealerships, the community, and his employees.

                                                                   Here are Iacocca's Nine "C's of Management"

                                                                   CURIOSITY- Iacocca talks of "the ability to listen to people,learn what their customer wants."

4 of 46                                                                                                                                                                 5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                             

                                                             CREATIVITY-"Be willing to try something different...managing change."

                                                             COMMUNICATION-Iacocca speaks about "straight talk"and getting the info the customer wants to

                                                             CHARACTER- "doing the right thing"

                                                             COURAGE- Iacocca states" Swagger isnt courage". "Tough talk isnt courage". "Courage doesn't
                                                             mean posturing and bravado". "Courage is a commitment to sit down at the negotiating table and

                                                             CONVICTION-" A fire in your belly". "You've GOT to have passion"

                                                             CHARISMA- " The quality that makes people want to follow you." "The ability to inspire"." People
                                                             follow a leader because they trust him."

                                                             COMPETENCE- "Know what your doing, and surround yourself with people who know what THEIR

                                                             Iacocca states " When you look around you have to ask....Where have all the Leaders gone??" THEY
                                                             ARE IN BOARDMAN OHIO AT FREDERICK CJD !!

              Marisa          Canfield       Ohio   United   Please, Keep this Dealership open.
              Facchini                              States   Marisa FAcchini

              amanda          cortland       Ohio   United   Our area needs to keep it's jobs!
              vislosky                              States

              Valentina       Youngstown     Ohio   United
              Zappia                                States

              Joseph Zappia   Youngstown     Ohio   United

              Terry Ambrose Leavittsburg     Ohio   United

              Thaddeus C.     Wellsville     Ohio   United
              Salajczyk                             States

              David           New Middletown Ohio   United
              Olekshuk                              States

              jim schwarm     granville      Ohio   United   I personally called on this dealer as a factory rep. some 40 years ago. At that time he was one of
                                                    States   the great people I have ever called on in my 50 some years in the car business. Trust me his
                                                             gretness is only exceeded by his intenst desire to represent Chrysler.Realy I can not understand
                                                             why would he be asked to step aside. The Youngstown market can stand 2 full line dealers. I don't
                                                             know how close he is to Bob Chucks place if to close at least give them the option to relocate.

                                                             Good luck Bob..

5 of 46                                                                                                                                                           5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                           

              Debbie Zappia   Youngstown       Ohio            United   Dear Judge Gonzalez,
                                                                        Please take time to read these letters and reconsider the decision to close Fredericks CJD. This is a
                                                                        great dealership and a great family, not to mention their dealership does not meet any of the
                                                                        criteria for closure. If that were the case, they would not have stayed open for 49 years!

              joe gebhart     new castle       Pennsylvania    United

              Claire          East Palestine   Ohio            United   Frederick Dodge should not be closed. Bob Frederick and his employees have performed for the
              Northcutt                                        States   company at levels that are higher than other dealers that are not being closed.

                                                                        Please keep this dealership in our community.

              George Rood     Austintown       Ohio            United
              III                                              States

              David Taylor    Burbank          California      United

              Mark Hart       Bothell          Washington      United   While I myself bought my car from a a dealer in Salt Lake, I have seen on many accounts, and Bob
                                                               States   Fredericks' Dealership listed on three Dodge Challenger forums requesting action from Chrysler not
                                                                        to close this dealer, that's Bob's Service is above and beyond. Truly representing a brand he believes
                                                                        in, it would be a shame to see them go away on a number count only, not by the service they
                                                                        provide. Keep Bob's arou nd, so we who love MOPARS can get it from the very best in service.

              Ernie Mannix    Stevenson        California      United   Hey Chrysler: You have go to be NUTS if you get rid of this dealer!
                              Ranch                            States   BF cares about the customer AND your product. Why don't you investigate some of your crappy
                                                                        dealers first (and I've been to a whole bunch) before plucking one of the jewels from your crown.

                                                                        If I owned your business, I would at least check out the VALUE of my dealerships before ditiching

              Larry A.        Charleston       West Virginia   United   We need more honest Dealers like Frederick Dodge. Bob Frederick is a true friend to all Dodge
              Lightner                                         States   customers, Plesae save his dealer ship.....Larry A. Lightner

              Cory Heiple     Warren           Ohio            United   Please consider this petition , Save their jobs..!

              Michelle        mineral ridge    Ohio            United   Please save this dealership it does offer the valley tremendous support plus there are not a lot of
              Ruscitti-                                        States   chrylser dealers in the area so this is also a nice way to shop around. The consumers deserve that,
              maglis                                                    the dealership deserves it, the workers, the valley and boardman deserve this dealership staying
                                                                        open and staying american

              Craig Dietz     Negley           Ohio            United   There is absolutely no reason to close this dealership. It is the only mopar dealership in all of
                                                               States   Boardman, Ohio. Their sales speak for themselves! You should be begging them to keep their
                                                                        dealership! This is absolutely the most ill-conceived government move I have ever seen!

              Cheryl Holt     Farmdale         Ohio            United

6 of 46                                                                                                                                                                     5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                          

              David Wilson    Cody            Wyoming         United   Bob is one of the best, has helped me more than anyone at the factory or even my home town
                                                              States   dealer. Please save this dealer and Bob. We and you Chrylser need him. His product knowledge and
                                                                       customer service are top rated. He is the #1 Dodge Challenger selling dealer. If we loose his store
                                                                       you are going to loose 1000s of customers, we have the largest online comunity of Dodge
                                                                       Challenger folks and we support him.\r\n\r\nNot only that you are going to be stabbing your own slf
                                                                       loosing the best rep you could ever have. He is not a business man, he is a MOPAR man and his
                                                                       family has been so loyal and helped all so much. Please please do not close this store Mr. Press!\r\n

              Benjamin        Leavittsburg    Ohio            United   Dear your honor,
              Drescher                                        States
                                                                       I hope you take in consideration the signatures on this petition. Do not do so would be a great

              Jim Topalian    Rancho Palos    California      United   Please do not close Fredericks CJD. We need more people like Bob. Thank you.
                              Verdes                          States

              James Morgan    Mineral Ridge   Ohio            United   SAVE FREDRICK DODGE!!!

              Randall L.      Poland          Ohio            United   It would truly be a shame to lose this dealership. Bob Frederick is an honest businessman but more
              Best                                            States   importantly a true friend. Please help to put this country back together starting with saving this

              Mike Ferencak   Yorkville       Illinois        United

              Edward J. Fox   Canfield        Ohio            United   Your Honor,
                                                              States   I have known of the Frederick cardealer family most of my life and have known them personally for
                                                                       25 years. I am a customer and merchant on the same street that their dealership is located. I do
                                                                       not understand the reasons for taking the dealership away other than it seems fishy and political.
                                                                       Why get rid of an honest firm with honest and trusted people.I urge you to keep this fine merchant
                                                                       in the Boardman corridor.

              Brittany        Orrville        Ohio            United
              Brooks                                          States

              larry e brown   po box 53       West Virginia   United   my 25 year old neighbor had a sad but true challenger story. the local dealers wouldnt let him even
                                                              States   test drive a hemi. he ordered and bought his dream car from bob. if i was in the market i would
                                                                       travel to bobs dealer for a new car.

              Karl Kridler                    Ohio            United   Your Honor, all the previous petitioners have said it all. PLEASE do not let this closing happen. Karl
                                                              States   Kridler

              Darlene A       Warren          Ohio            United   Look at their Record, and Look at the Family of employees!!!!!
              Vasbinder                                       States

              Grant Crawley   Florissant      Missouri        United

              sally brooks    Quincy          Ohio            United

7 of 46                                                                                                                                                                         5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                         

              Jerry Hall       Wetumpka       Alabama         United   I have bought parts online from this dealership on several occasions. He has parts for my old
                                                              States   Mopars in stock, ready for delivery, that I cannot find elsewhere. I feel that this dealership knows
                                                                       how to build and maintain a prosperous business. That being said, if Chrysler wants a prosperous
                                                                       business, they should associate themselve with people like this.

              Robert           Ocala          Florida         United
              Hamilton                                        States

              Larry Fraley     Prosper        Texas           United   Dear Judge Gonzalez
                                                              States   Please take time to read these letters. I think then you will understand what a great bunch of
                                                                       people work at Fredericks CJD.
                                                                       Im asking you to please reconsider closing this dealership.

              Shawn            Phoenixville   Pennsylvania    United
              Shevitz                                         States

              Wilma Harper     SENECA ROCKS   West Virginia   United

              Sonja Zmuda      Leavittsburg   Ohio            United

              Greg Zmuda       Leavittsburg   Ohio            United   Judge Arthur Gonzalez,
                                                                       I have a long time friend who's mother is an employee at Fredericks CJD. This is not only about
                                                                       saving jobs, it is about saving families. Please take each and everyone of these signatures into
                                                                       consideration. Thank you.

              Bethany Stout    Rocklin        California      United

              saphirra wylie   leavittsburg   Ohio            United   my heart goes out to all the men and women without jobs.

              Melodye          Oakley         California      United   I no longer live in the Youngstown area but I worked for the Fredericks for a couple of years in the
              Courter                                         States   position of Office Manager. This dealership is a respected part of the Boardman area. They are very
                                                                       loyal to their customers. I want to know how Chrysler can shut down a Top 5 star Dealer and leave
                                                                       other dealerships in the area open who are not 5 star and do not sell half of the vehicles that
                                                                       Frederick Dodge sells. All of the Frederick family has worked hard over the years to make this
                                                                       dealership work and has given their employees a good place of employment. Please reconsider your
                                                                       stance of Frederick Dodge and keep this dealership in the Boardman area.

              Dave Bush        New Holland    Pennsylvania    United   Please go to and review all of Bob Frederick's posts. You will see that this man supported his
                                                              States   franchise with his time and positive attitude, when many of your loyal customers were questioning
                                                                       their treatment by other dealers and the management of the corporation. How was Bob chosen to
                                                                       represent Dodge in this website? Wasn't it because he could be considered the poster child for a
                                                                       company that he loves and supports? Was it because he was an example of how Dodge wanted to
                                                                       be represented? Was it because he cut his teeth on a Mopar slaptick or pistol grip? Sure he got
                                                                       some business out of it, actually allot of business. And,why you might, and should, ask? He cares!
                                                                       He has a passion for what he does and the product he sells! He gave countless hours of his time
                                                                       researching the answers to many questions that people all over the country could not get through
                                                                       the company channels. They were connected to India talking to someone with a strong accent when

8 of 46                                                                                                                                                                       5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                        

                                                                     they tried to reach Chrysler. Frederick is the total package. That's what is so difficult to understand.
                                                                     Frederick sells Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep, so it's not because they only sell one brand. I am sure
                                                                     their sales numbers are not considered in this decision. I don't see them selling Ford's or Toyota's
                                                                     like some of the other dealers that you kept. (In my hometown, a Mustang and a Challenger can be
                                                                     seen in the same showroom). It's OK to admit it was a mistake, we all know that it was. Now,
                                                                     please make it right. I'm not that fond of Fiat's reputation for quality, so you need dealers like Bob
                                                                     to put our minds at ease. Thank you for your consideration, I trust you will right a wrong, and keep
                                                                     Frederick on our new team.

              Debbie Roth     Warren         Ohio           United

              Russell Cook    Franklin       Tennessee      United

              Greg Zmuda      Leavittsburg   Ohio           United   Buddies mom has worked there for as long as I can remember - Not only save the dealership but
                                                            States   save families!

              Ken Losasso     Denver         Colorado       United   Keep Fredericks Chrysler Dodge Jeep open. It's a great dealership!

              randy bauer     cortland       Ohio           United   It seems pointless to close one of your own dealers for lax economy. It'll improve...someday.

              Bob Hamilton    Boardman       Ohio           United

              Joseph P.       Boardman       Ohio           United   Judge Arthur J. Gonzalez
              Jasinski                                      States   Your Honor,

              Sharron         Lowellville    Ohio           United   Why do you want to close the BEST dealership in this area? I moved back home to Ohio from VA
              Piccione                                      States   and have taken my vehicle to them for services and they are the BEST! Good people work there and
                                                                     the quality of work is wonderful. PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THIS DEALERSHIP. There is NOT another
                                                                     one like them in this area and this area already is depressing. Thank you.

              Joseph F        29 Palms       California     United
              Brennan                                       States

              Helen Mediati   Poland         Ohio           United

              steve clark     washington     North Carolina United   Although I live in NC and have not purchased any cars from Fredricks Dodge, I read and see what
                                                            States   this dealership means to so many people. Even the ones that are out of state are loyal customers. I
                                                                     am out of a job myself but if I was buying a new Challenger Fredricks would be the dealer I Buy
                                                                     from. Incidently the Mopar dealer in my hometown has also been notified to close down. I feel sorry
                                                                     for those who will lose their jobs but this dealer rarely has more than 12 total cars on his lot at one

              Sharon          Oak Leaf       Texas          United
              Hennington -                                  States

9 of 46                                                                                                                                                                    5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                    

              Donald Ray     Oak Leaf       Texas       United
              Taylor                                    States

              jason brooks   orrville       Ohio        United

              David Blasko   Canfiled       Ohio        United   I have worked with the Fredericks for many years. For them to be forced out of thier dealership the
                                                        States   way Chrysler is doing it is criminal. The facts and circumstances of their situation are overwelming.
                                                                 To say that they are being shafted is an understatment.

              David A.       Boardman       Ohio        United   I've been a loyal Chrysler customer for the past 20 years, my most recent purchase being a new
              Croutch                                   States   Dodge Charger and a Jeep Liberty for my 16 year old daughter. I enjoy driving the Dodge and Jeep
                                                                 brands, however my decision to buy was based on the relationship that I've enjoyed with the
                                                                 Frederick family for the past 20 years. They represent the sole reason I buy CJD, and with out
                                                                 them, I will move to another brand. Their sales staff, auto service department and after market
                                                                 support are unparalled in the local market, and they clearly exceed the criteria layed out from
                                                                 Chrysler to the dealer community.
                                                                 I'm in the financial advisory business and I fully understand the overproduction of domestic
                                                                 automobiles in today's environment, and the need to streamline distribution channels. However,
                                                                 decisions that have such a devastating impact on our local community and impact so many families
                                                                 should be based on consistently applied criteria an not on a hand shake and a wink. As a taxpayer,
                                                                 its my money funding these decisions and I demand that the process be open, transparent and fair.
                                                                 Please help us do the right thing, and consider all the families a decision like this can effect. Thank
                                                                 you for your consideration.

              Jim Mascola    Phoenix        Arizona     United   Sir.
                                                                 Please reconsider your decision to close Fredericks Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Dealer Code 56617.

                                                                 I am sure that you recognize the fact that Fredericks CDJ is a major contributor to the local
                                                                 Boardman economy, as well as the Ohio economic engine. With the closure of this dealership not
                                                                 only will a strong local business family lose something that they have toiled years to build, but the
                                                                 city and state will lose vital tax dollars that can be used to better the state of Ohio.

                                                                 Further, dozens of families will lose their source of income, as their employer is forced to close down
                                                                 for no distinct reason. I understand that the current economic conditions have forced Chrysler to
                                                                 trim their dealer portfolio, however, I do not see how the elimination of a dealer who has years of
                                                                 stellar performance does anything to better the company.

                                                                 I appreciate you taking the time to review this, and truly hope that you can intervene before
                                                                 Fredericks CDJ has to close their doors for good.

                                                                 Kind Regards.

              Peter J.       Hayfield       Minnesota   United   Bob has been extremely helpfull to me in trying to make an infomred decission about buying a new
              Reinarts                                  States   Challenger. I planned to by a 2010 model and would not buy from anyone but Bob and I live 900
                                                                 miles away. Thats how important his expertise is to me.

              Joe Chrysler   Auburn Hills   Michigan    United   As a 25+ year employee of Chrysler, I have changed my name to preserve my employment in the
                                                        States   Chrysler Tower here in Auburn Hills. Early in my career here at Chrysler, I became aware of Bob

10 of 46                                                                                                                                                                 5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                  

                                                                Frederick. As a Dodge Dealer throughout the 1960's and early 1970's ,he waved the Dodge/Chrysler
                                                                flag as proudly as anyone that I have ever heard of. Racing Super Stock Dodges and becoming
                                                                known for fair, honest dealing, and the guy who would always stock and sell our high-performance
                                                                products. Making our customers happy has always been his #1 priority. He has also been known by
                                                                the factory guys as a dealer that "plays ball". Taking the good with the bad. What I mean by that, is
                                                                that he always signed on to our programs whether they made good business sense for him or not.

                                                                I didn't actually meet Bob until the late 1970's. Once you meet the man, you instantly know why he
                                                                is so well liked. He treats you as if he has been your friend forever. This same exact way of life has
                                                                been instilled in his son, Bobby. I met him at that same time as Bob, and knew that he was a Dodge
                                                                Boy for life. He was a very young boy, hanging around the dealership, learning whatever he could.
                                                                Dodge items on from head to toe, this kid knew his stuff about Mopar muscle cars even then! He
                                                                had advice for Chrysler as to what they should build. Good looking, muscular bodied cars with
                                                                performance available to match. Sounds like a good formula even today to me.

                                                                Bob (SR) marched on through the 1980's with the same set of principles that he started with. When
                                                                the opportunity arose to move him to Boardman, he jumped at the chance. Quite an investment,
                                                                but Bob and our Dealer Network people here knew where the future was, and Dodge had to be in
                                                                Boardman. If I remember correctly, it was in '91 that the new dealership opened in Boardman. This
                                                                when Bobby entered the picture full time, fresh out of college. The move was a success, and a slew
                                                                of Dodges were sold in that location in the ensuing years. Bobby, like his Dad, always "played ball"
                                                                with us, and does to this very day. The next huge investment was to aquire the Chrysler and Jeep
                                                                franchises, which they did just three years ago. Of course, at our urging.

                                                                The bottom-line is this: These two guys are everything that we at Chrysler have ever wanted in
                                                                every showroom that we have.
                                                                These two guys and their employees got stabbed in the back by someone here on a higher floor
                                                                than I am. This is a complete outrage and I hope and pray that someone can reverse this unilateral
                                                                decision by someone that is clearly helping his buddy take over the market at the expense of the
                                                                Frederick family and their people. I know what happened, I just can't say.

                                                                These guys are Chrysler!

                                                                No dealer in Boardman? No Frederick Chrysler Jeep Dodge?
                                                                It's just not right. I wish I could help.

                                                                Signed, One Sad Chrysler Executive.

              Rick Gozur jr   boardman       Ohio      United

              JIM LAMPOS      SPRINGHILL     Florida   United   I was planning on getting a new 2010 Challenger from Bob.
                                                       States   He seems to know everything about the car and can tell you where your car is after you order. Gives
                                                                good service and price. Many dealers are charging way over invoice and not selling cars. This
                                                                does'nt help Chrysler, only the dealer. Bob sells cars which helps Chrysler. Seems like someone
                                                                might have received a little money to get rid of Bob.

              Rebecca Baird   West Chester   Ohio      United   This dealership has meant so much to the community. I own a Dodge vehicle and am very sad to
                                                       States   see a good dealership suffer after so much dedication and service. Please do the right thing for the

11 of 46                                                                                                                                                            5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                

                                                             owners, employees and people of Boardman. Thank you and God bless.

              Mark Kelso       Youngstown   Ohio    United   I love this dealership, the owners and employees are great. It is the only Chrysler dealership near
                                                    States   me and they are an excellent five star dealership.

              James Ramm       Boardman     Ohio    United   Dear Judge Gonzalez,
                                                    States   I am writing to implore you to reverse the decision to close Frederick CJD. I have known the
                                                             Frederick family on a personal level for many years and also professionally. We have always
                                                             purchased our cars (numerous)from Frederick CJD with total confidence in their knowledge, service
                                                             and honesty. The decision by Chrysler to close this dealership has to have been a mistake. Their
                                                             performance for almost 50 years has been without reproach.
                                                             Frederick Chrysler /Jeep/ Dodge should NOT be on the list of closures.
                                                             Thank you

              Armeda           Boardman     Ohio    United   I think it is another example of industry flexing their muscles and looking out only for themselves.
              Maravola                              States   This cannot be allowed and I sincerely hope someone will be able to help Fredericks stay in
                                                             business. This area needs dealers of their quality.

              Nicloe Cassidy   Lordstown    Ohio    United   Judge Gonzalez,
                                                    States   I really think it is a terrible thing to be closing Frederick CJD. At a time when businesses are closing
                                                             all around us to be closing a business that is doning great, in a good location and has a everything
                                                             going for them to be bigger and better.

              Kathy            Getchey      Ohio    United   Judge Gonzalez: We have been regular customer's of Frederick dealerships for the past twenty
                                                    States   years. My husband recently purchased his third Jeep Grand Cherokee from Bob's CJD dealership.
                                                             The sales and service employess, as well as Bob, have always provided five star service to their
                                                             customers. To even consider forcing this dealership to close is insane. Bob has not only been an
                                                             owner but he is truly a Mopar enthusiest who believes in Chrysler products. He has met all the
                                                             requirements to remain open which leads me to believe that he is being treated unfairly in being
                                                             closed by Chrysler. Please listen to his case for remaining open. I'm sure you will agree in your

              Edward Gwara Bristol          Maine   United

              Cari J.          Boardman     Ohio    United   Dear Judge Gonzalez,
              Croutch                               States
                                                             Within the last 3 months I have purchased a new Charger and a new Jeep from Frederick CJD. I did
                                                             this even in the face of looming disaster in the American auto industry. I did this because I have
                                                             faith in people like those associated with Frederick Dodge and their values, honesty and the loyality
                                                             they inspire in their customers. These 2 vehicles make the 11th and 12th that I have purchased for
                                                             personal use over the years from this dealership. In fact, the very first new car I ever purchased
                                                             was from them. When Bob Sr. saw me picking up my Charger last month he told me he
                                                             remembered how excited I was to get that "first" convertable. WOW...that was over 20 years ago. I
                                                             could hardly remember that day but he did, talk about inspiring customer loyality and representing
                                                             the brand...

                                                             When the "list" became inevitable and unfortunately a reality for those dealerships that cost
                                                             Chrysler money or haven't performed up to standard, I felt badly but understand that cuts are
                                                             needed. It never occured to me that Frederick CJD would even be a consideration to be placed on

12 of 46                                                                                                                                                            5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                        

                                                                       that list...I was SHOCKED to see that they were...I THOUGHT it was a mistake then but after seeing
                                                                       their sales volume, their 5 star rating, numerous awards, and knowing first hand about their service
                                                                       and honesty, I no longer THINK it was a mistake, I KNOW it had to be a mistake.

                                                                       I don't envy you your task, your honor, but please give consideration to all these comments. I hope
                                                                       Chrysler can see the value that this dealershiip has given to their company all these years. I can
                                                                       honestly say I will not buy a Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge from anyone but them.

                                                                       Thank you for your consideration of this petition.

              claude          lethbridge                      Canada   give your heads a shake. In a recession like we have never seen before you want to shut down the
              giurissevich    alberta canada                           only dealer that is making you any money. what is wrong with this picture? I have never met bob,
                                                                       but have been keeping posted on all the happenings and news with chrysler and especially the
                                                                       challenger. I have bought a 09 challenger rt. Orderd one last september and dodge did not come
                                                                       through for me. claude giurissevich good luck bob.

              Scott Hoffman   North                           Canada   Yes, out of country support for Bob Frederick and his dealership's petition, complete with personal
                              Vancouver, BC                            experience.
                                                                       I ordered and bought my Challenger here in Vancouver, BC. I received good service, but at the time
                                                                       of delivery they had no brochures available. I stopped at the Chrysler/Dodge dealership in
                                                                       Bellingham WA in mid-October 2008 to enquire if I could source a brochure, and even offered to pay
                                                                       for one, but was treated with complete and utter disdain by the management.
                                                                       So I then e-mailed Bob whom I had been following on (immensely enjoying his
                                                                       enlightening posts) and I offered to pay for a brochure and postage if he could send me one or two.
                                                                       'Not needed,' he said, and a few days later a package of arrived containing an array of brochures,
                                                                       including a Mopar accessories brochure; I have since purchased 3 Mopar accessories based on this
                                                                       brochure alone.
                                                                       You want to know how to define 'Customer First'?
                                                                       Look no further than Bob Frederick for the perfect example.

              Jim Gunger      Canfield         Ohio           United   To Judge Arthur J. Gonzalez
                                                              States   I'am writing only to express my gratitude to ALL of our customers.Make no mistake,that without
                                                                       them...the dealership would not have existed for the past 49 years.I'am well aware that superior
                                                                       service is met only with superior customers.
                                                                       The outpouring of support to the business is truly humbling to say the least.We are extremely proud
                                                                       of our customer base and wish to continue the service that is expected of us.Ultimately,
                                                                       the consumer will suffer the most if we are not allowed to continue our business.The all mighty
                                                                       dollar may be worth nothing now...human relations...PRICELESS !!!!

              Carl Rehrig     Lehighton        Pennsylvania   United

              Daniel Davis    medina           Ohio           United   I hate to see anyone lose their business and their jobs. These are hard times for sure. I just have to
                                                              States   ask, why would you want to shut down a top performer like Fredericks? Bob Frederick is the one
                                                                       guy that is actually trying to save the chrysler name. He is at the top of a very short list.
                                                                       Fredericks has been an asset to the community for decades, it seems everyone knows someone that
                                                                       knows either Bob Sr., or Bob Jr., and never a bad word said about either one. If all dealerships
                                                                       aspired to be what Frederick CJD is then I am quite sure chrysler would be in a better spot right
                                                                       I could give you a list of other CJD dealerships that actually don't deserve the right to remain in

13 of 46                                                                                                                                                                   5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                     

                                                                  operation. I think a hard look at the bare facts will speak for themselves here, numbers do not lie,
                                                                  Fredericks is one of the best dealers around ( and I mean all dealers, not just chrysler). If you really
                                                                  want to save the chrysler name, then take a very close look at Bob Fredericks dealership, and give
                                                                  other dealerships something to live up to.

              John M.         Downers Grove   Illinois   United   My first car was a Dodge. I'm now the owner of a 2008 Dodge Avenger and the soon-to-be owner of
              Chelman                                    States   a 2009 Dodge Challenger. Although I've not met Bob Frederick in person, I have talked with him on
                                                                  the phone. He answered some questions I had about the Dodge Challenger. He also assured me
                                                                  that I was getting a very good deal on the car. He impressed me as very knowlegeable, friendly and

                                                                  The dealership (in Illinois) that I bought my Avenger from is on the closing list. Thankfully, the
                                                                  dealer I ordered the Challenger from is not on the list. I hope to take delivery shortly after the
                                                                  Brampton plant resumes operation.

                                                                  My son was employed at the Chrysler plant in Belvidere, Illiois in 2007 - 2008. As you can see,
                                                                  there's some Chrysler history in our family. Please take this under consideration and allow
                                                                  Fredericks CJD to continue operating. This is exactly the type of role model dealership Chrysler
                                                                  needs, if it expects to have any kind of future selling cars and trucks in the future.

                                                                  Thank you!

              Cynthia         Canfield        Ohio       United
              Delsignore                                 States

              Sue Thomas      Poland          Ohio       United   Your Honor, all the previous petitioners have said it all. PLEASE do not let this closing happen !!
                                                         States   thank you !! Sue Thomas

              Joe Schiavone   Rockland        Maine      United   If not for the information and pictures provided by Fredrick's dealership Dodge would not have sold
                                                         States   me a car. There is a following to this man and he does more than his share of marketing on the net.
                                                                  I think I will lay down 100 feet of rubber tonight with my B5 blue Challenger in protest to Chrysler's
                                                                  Jackass decisions!

              David Maurer    Poland          Ohio       United   Please do not close Frederick's dealership. It is a viable business in our valley and Mr. Frederick is
                                                         States   known to have a great reputation.

                                                                  David Maurer
                                                                  Poland, Ohio

              Timothy M.      Canfield        Ohio       United   I have been a Chrysler buyer for 37 years and previously worked as a supplier to Chrysler. This
              Estock                                     States   effort to eliminate Frederick Motors as well as many other dealers is outrageous. The domestic car
                                                                  companies always blame their dealers and suppliers for their problems. They should focus on giving
                                                                  customers great products and let the marketplace take care of eliminating dealers. With only one
                                                                  Chysler left in the Youngstown area I definitely will be changing brands in the future, because I felt
                                                                  Frederick Motors provided me superior service over the competition.

              Jordan W.       Stafford        Virginia   United   Bob Frederick and Frederick Chrysler Jeep Dodge has a reputation that is second to none. Frederick
              Cassell                                    States   CJD is unwavering in their steadfast commitment to their customers. Their commitment to Chrysler
                                                                  customers reflects well on the Chrysler Corporation.

14 of 46                                                                                                                                                                   5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                

              Anthony        Canfield   Ohio       United   Last time I checked the key facts that are stated above constitute for a high quality car dealership
              DelSignore                           States   as well as staying open and being closed!

              Mark Allen     aylett     Virginia   United   My letter I sent dated May 16,2009
                                                            May 16,2009

                                                            Mark B. Allen
                                                            P.O. Box 172
                                                            Aylett,VA 23009

                                                            The Honorable Arthur J. Gonzalez
                                                            United States Bankruptcy Court
                                                            One Bowling Green
                                                            Courtroom 523
                                                            New York,Ny 10004-1408

                                                            Re: Chrysler LLC Bankruptcy petition to close dealers outlets.

                                                            Dear Sir:

                                                            I am writing you today in reference to the petition brought to your court concerning the closing of
                                                            Chrysler dealerships through out the United States. I am third generation Chrysler owner,my
                                                            grandfather had a Plymouth / Desoto dealership (Chrysler divisions of yesteryear) in Bastan,VA in
                                                            the 1950s. I have driven Chryslers all of my life but,what has me coming back to Chrysler products
                                                            year after year has been the great service I received from three particular dealers. (To my surprise
                                                            and horror, these three dealers are on the list to be cut off from Chrysler).

                                                            I have bought and my family has bought a number of Chrysler products from John T. Sutton
                                                            Chrysler Dodge and Jeep (Dealer code:64968, located at the crossroads of US 360 and state route
                                                            14 in Stephens Church VA.). From the Chrysler Cordoba in 1976 to the Dodge Challenger 2008.
                                                            John T.Sutton Chrysler has gave us good prices and his service after the sale has been above and
                                                            beyond the call. I have seen Sutton family to go out of their way to get old and new customers back
                                                            on the road (ie: I have witness one of them going to the junk yard because,the part needed for an
                                                            older out of production Chrysler product was either unavailable or too expensive). John T.Sutton is a
                                                            small operation located in a very rural area (The Closest Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealer is over 20
                                                            miles away) but,for over 60 years they have been giving 110% and making Chrysler LLC look good
                                                            to the public eye around these parts. In today's market that is something no amount of money can

                                                            In my travels in Florida I have gotten to know the good people at Courtesy Chrysler in
                                                            Casselberry,FL (Dealer code 23984,located on FL State rt. 436 Casselberry FL owned by Auto Nation
                                                            with Michael Maroone as Majority owner ). I have never bought a car from them but, I have had a
                                                            number of my cars serviced through them. Courtesy Chrysler always has been above board with
                                                            repairs and got me going again ASAP. Plus they made me feel welcomed answer all my questions

15 of 46                                                                                                                                                           5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                

                                                             and were great ambassadors to Chrysler. To this “old road warrior” that has traveled all across the
                                                             USA by car and plane being greeted by a friendly and honest Chrysler ambassador means allot.

                                                             During the year 2008 I got to know the third dealer, Frederick Chrysler Jeep Dodge (Dealer
                                                             code:56617, located on 7871 Market St. Boardman, OH). The Frederick Family has a love for the
                                                             Chrysler product and has on many of occasions going above and beyond to help people with there
                                                             Chrysler needs. From answering questions about the product (at all hours of the day and night) to
                                                             getting the car of their dreams and service after sale, the Frederick’s have been doing it for over a
                                                             generation. The Fredericks have been one of Chrysler’s biggest “cheerleaders”, at public car events
                                                             and on the internet,Frederick Chrysler has been doing what it takes to get customers from all over
                                                             America to try and buy Chrysler products (Their dealership according to many sources is in the top
                                                             25% of the Chyrsler Dealer base in sales).

                                                             In closing they are nearly 800 dealers that Chrysler LLC wants to cut off. Some of that number may
                                                             be justified but,this looks like a “knee jerk reaction” from Chrysler LLC to cut dealers to say they are
                                                             cutting cost. There is no reason for the above three to be cut off (The dealers did not make
                                                             corporate decisions that put the company in bankruptcy). These three family owned businesses in
                                                             their own way, in their market niche,they showcase what company founder Walter P. Chrysler
                                                             wanted-well engineered cars with great styling,performance and comfort at a affordable price, plus
                                                             service levels that you would expect from higher price cars. This what Chrysler now more then ever
                                                             needs: a strong dealer base showcasing the product and telling customers that a strong New
                                                             Chrysler is on the way with a allot of innovative products around the corner.

                                                             If this travesty of justice goes through, Chrysler may be cutting cost now,but in the future they
                                                             have lost many loyal customers. These customers (like myself) and these fine dealers mention
                                                             above the New Chrysler needs more then ever to help them build on a bright future.

                                                             I and the many people that do not have voice in the bankruptcy- the loyal Chrysler owners,thank
                                                             you for your time and consideration in this matter.

                                                             Most Sincerely,

                                                             Mark B. Allen

              Bradley Blunt   League City   Texas   United   Honorable Judge Gonzalez,
                                                             Please do not shut down Frederick CJD. It has been a long-standing part of the Mahoning Valley in
                                                             Ohio, an area of the country that can only benefit from the presence of a locally-owned business
                                                             that has remained loyal to the community for decades. This is a successful and growing franchise,
                                                             and shutting its doors would be just one more insult to a region that needs more businessmen like
                                                             Bob Frederick.

16 of 46                                                                                                                                                           5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                  

              Michael         Lordstown    Ohio       United   Honorable Judge Gonzalez:
              Cassidy                                 States   This is a terrible act of socialism/communism to do away with dealers that are not in finacial
                                                               problems and employ 60 people.What ever happen to free enterprise,thats what this great country
                                                               is all about.There will be enough dealers that will fail on thier own so let it run its course.

                                                               Mike Cassidy

              Doug Leasure    Hiram        Ohio       United

              Joe Mihaly      boardman     Ohio       United   how could this happen frederick cjd doesnt fit any of the criteria that chrysler used to make the list
                                                      States   its not right this is a wrong move and chrysler will continue to suffer if frederick cjd is shut down

              DR. MARK R.     TYLER        Texas      United   Bob Frederick has been the Dodge representative for their blog and has answered all the questions
              MILLER                                  States   of potential customers. He has assisted new buyers for not only his dealership but for all the Dodge
                                                               dealers in the country. He has sold cars to loyal Dodge customers from all over the country. Bob has
                                                               a passion for Chrysler products and is the only one willing to take the time out of his busy day to
                                                               answer questions from customers all over the country. I will be ordering a new Challenger R/T
                                                               Classic from him once Dodge starts making cars again. He is the most recognized dealer in the
                                                               country and should not punished for promoting Chrysler products. Many of us will boycott Chrysler
                                                               vehicles if his dealership is closed.

              Brad Moore      Chicago      Illinois   United

              roger blanken   washington   Kansas     United   don't know who decided this but they are incompetent.

                                                      States   REVENUE TO THE CITY AND COUNTY. WE MUST BE RESPONSIBLE AT SOME TIME AND GO PAST THE
                                                               DOLLAR AND LOOK INTO THE HOMES OF THOSE DISPLACED WORKERS. IT IS TIME TO GIVE THE
                                                               MAHONING VALLEY A RAY OF HOPE AND SAVING THIS DEALERSHIP IS THE FIRST STEP IN THE
                                                               LONG ROAD HOME TO RECOVERY.

              Brian N.        Hudson       Ohio       United   Dear Judge Gonzalez:
              Ramm                                    States
                                                               While I certainly understand the need to streamline operations, and that every dealership on the list
                                                               is facing a painful future, there would appear to be no rational reason to take away the Frederick
                                                               franchise. I surmise looking at raw numbers may have been a criterion, yet I also suppose I would
                                                               be naive to this that personal friendships weren't involved. All I can tell you is the Fredericks are
                                                               beyond wonderful people to deal with, they are simply wonderful people. As a young man in law
                                                               school, I needed a car to attend classes. As you might imagine, I couldn't afford much as I was
                                                               paying my own way through. Bob Frederick helped me out when other dealers wouldn't. How did
                                                               that pay off? Well, 14 cars later, all from Frederick, I would say it was a good return on investment.

                                                               Even after I moved to Cleveland, I continued to buy and have my cars serviced there passing quite
                                                               a number of Chrysler dealers on the way as the Fredericks inspired loyalty. In fact, in all the years I
                                                               have been dealing with them, I never once negotiated price as I knew the numbers would be
                                                               fair--for a lawyer, that's trust! So keen is Bobby Frederick's eye for Mopar products I have
                                                               purchased a number of my cars sight unseen. I would tell him to "Get me a good one" and he

17 of 46                                                                                                                                                             5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                 

                                                             delivered every time.

                                                             I want to buy American and I want to buy my Chrysler products from the Fredericks. It will be a sad
                                                             day if I am forced to buy a competitor's product, but I can honestly say I'll never buy another
                                                             Chrysler anywhere else. Thank you for your time and attention--I realize you have a daunting task
                                                             but I implore you to look beyond a prepared list and consider the downright love and affection these
                                                             fine people have inspired.

              Tim Martin     Hubbard      Ohio      United   This dealership is five star why would they wnat to close it

              Fred & Jenn    Kinsman      Ohio      United   Please keep Frederick Dodge. I drove 40 plus miles to buy my truck from them. Now in the next 6
              Stahl                                 States   months I'm looking to trade my wifes car. So I want to return to them.

              Brandon        Hubbard      Ohio      United   this is a 5 star chrysler dealership and plus my dad works in the parts department and we need
              Wright                                States   people to keep their jobs and taking the best car dealership in this area please dont loose this car

              MARK           COLUMBIANA   Ohio      United
              MARINO                                States

              Carlos Lopez   Davie        Florida   United   It is dealers like Bob frederick's that kept dodge in business in the first place. In handling the order
                                                    States   for my 09 Challenger Bob displayed the utmost professionalism… he did not try to gouge me with
                                                             price and he always kept me informed about the status of my order. Bob Frederick's followed
                                                             through with every question I had even after the car was delivered.. this is even more impressive
                                                             since I live in Davie, FL and you dealership is over 1200 miles away. None of the local dealers here
                                                             can hold a candle to your service.

                                                             Please understand what I am saying here, even though there were hundreds, if not a thousand
                                                             Dealers closer to me. I chose to go with Bob Frederick's dealership because they treated me with
                                                             respect and honesty. The saying goes money talks, well my money went 1200 miles away because
                                                             they were only Dodge dealer that earned my business. I can honestly say that without Bob's
                                                             dealership I would NOT have bought my dodge car last year.

                                                             Bob Frederick's is the model for dealerships that the new Chrysler needs. He has gone beyond the
                                                             norm to get Dodge Chrysler to listen to its customers and to make changes to its product line that is
                                                             more in line with what we the consumers want.

                                                             How many other dealers have you heard about that the public is actually requesting that they NOT
                                                             be closed. I would be shocked if it is more than a handful.

                                                             I want the new Chrysler to succeed, but unfortunately if they do not realize the value of a dealer
                                                             like Bob Frederick's then they are destined for failure. I for one will not buy a FIAT, Chrysler, Jeep or
                                                             Dodge product if Bob's dealership is closed.

                                                             Carlos Lopez
                                                             Davie, FL

18 of 46                                                                                                                                                            5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                     

              Merry Ragan    Boardman      Ohio          United   This is a 5 star, large volume selling/service dealership which should definitely remain in the
                                                         States   Chrysler network. PLEASE reverse this decision.

              Dennis R.      Boardman      Ohio          United   Honorable Judge Gonzalez: Why would Chrysler elect to terminate
              Thompson                                   States   their only dealer located in direct competition to import dealers? Salem has no foreign car
                                                                  representation, neither does
                                                                  Columbiana. The only import dealer in Austintown is Mercedes.
                                                                  Boardman has Honda, Toyota, Hundai, Acura, VW, Mazda, Subaru,
                                                                  Kia, Nissan, and Scion. Certainly this must be an error! To
                                                                  pull representation from this location would be handing a major portion of their sales to the
                                                                  competition for free! Please note, Boardman is the major shopping center for Mahoning and
                                                                  Columbiana counties. Evidence of this is that Frederick does
                                                                  more service and part sales than any of its Chrysler, Jeep or
                                                                  Dodge competitors. Please, don't let this injustice take place>

              Tom Connelly   Norwood       New Jersey    United   I was hoping to buy a Challenger, maybe from this guy, in the not too distant future. Does Chrysler
                                                         States   really want to SELL cars? It makes no sense to close a high volume dealer with many satisfied
                                                                  customers. No sense at all.

              sherry         lowellville   Ohio          United
              pekarchick                                 States

              John Getchey   Boardman      Ohio          United   Honorable Judge Gonzalez: I have dealt with Bob Frederick's dealership for the past fifteen years
                                                         States   and find it totally unfair that he is being forced to close his CJD dealership. I currently own my third
                                                                  Jeep Grand Cherokee that I purchased from Bob. I previously purchased a Dodge Stratus also. I
                                                                  have never had those vehicles serviced anywhere but at the dealership and have always received
                                                                  the best of service. Bob reportedly has met all the requirements to stay open, however is being
                                                                  forced to close. Something is wrong with this picture and I hope that you hear Bob's side of the
                                                                  story and not allow this unjust action to occur.

              Dave Lolley    Burlington    Washington    United   Can not believe this is happening. I ordered two B5 challengers
                                                         States   Everything Bob said to me was dead on. My one challenger came in on time at Frederick's, because
                                                                  I live on the west coast I went with Dave Smith- world largest dodge dealer. I'm now waiting 10
                                                                  more weeks or more because Dave Smith did not order it when I told them to. My second B5 is now
                                                                  sitting at the plant. I shoud have went with Bob. Dave

              Thomas         Norwich       Connecticut   United
              Frysinger                                  States

              Judy Cancio    Youngstown    Ohio          United

              Tom Grohl      Hudson        Ohio          United   To the Honorable Judge Gonzalez,
                                                         States   I have known this family for 50 of my 68 years. This family has done more to uphold what remains
                                                                  of the Chrysler Corporation's proud legacy than 700 other dealers combined. What has happened to
                                                                  this great republic? The Frederick's are a proud family who have represented this Corporation with
                                                                  honesty and integrity, provided joy, love and caring to over 50 employee's and their families, took
                                                                  enormous risk and sacrifice under our free market system to achieve lofty goals and rank in the top
                                                                  tier of Chrysler dealerships. Now, with a blow reminiscent of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor,
                                                                  comes an attack from some unknown power broker that attempts to asassinate this beautiful story
                                                                  of a Former Honorable Air Force pilot who sought to achieve the American dream of business

19 of 46                                                                                                                                                                 5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                     

                                                                    success for his family and the families of his co-workers.
                                                                    Judge, there is something terribly sad and regretable here. The Frederick family business has met
                                                                    its goals, as the awards and sales results verify. How was this dealership's name even placed on the
                                                                    list, or even considered being placed on the list?
                                                                    This dealerships closing justification process needs auditing and at the very least, a valid
                                                                    explanation as to why this closure would be beneficial to this automaker.
                                                                    I think the deck played here was short a few cards.
                                                                    Please let the free market system work as it should!
                                                                    Respectfully, Thomas Grohl

              Rod Ice        Thompson         Ohio         United   Fairness - this is the bedrock of American capitalism. A balance between consumer and business
                                                           States   priorities. It has made our economy strong for over two centuries. How could it disappear so

              Thomas Bush    Fresno           California   United   There seems to be no rationale by Chrysler in the closing of dealerships across the country. For
                                                           States   sure, there is NO FAIRNESS!! Hard working individuals who are the backbone of this country are
                                                                    faced with having their livelihood taken from them and their employees. Not because they have
                                                                    done anything to put them in that position, but because some unknowing and crazy people handling
                                                                    a bankruptcy petition have pointed to their name on a list of dealers. There should be some strategy
                                                                    as to how any of this benefits the "Company" on the other side of bankruptcy. If they have no
                                                                    dealers left who understand and appreciate what their customers want and deserve, we, the people,
                                                                    are faced with dealing with people who neither know or care about "customers". The US
                                                                    Government should NOT be allowed to have contrlo over what has been Private Enterprise! Please
                                                                    reconsider how these names on your list got there and force Chrysler, LLC to back up their
                                                                    reasoning with some intelligent purposes for closing some of the best and brightest dealers in the
                                                                    country! Thank you for listening, your Honor!

              Chris Perry    Fountain Hills   Arizona      United   Closing Frederick CJD is a huge mistake for several reasons. First, they are one of the best
                                                           States   performing dealerships in the country. That in and of itself is remarkable, but to deliver this
                                                                    performance in a small market is truely superior. Mr. Fredericks has poured money into his
                                                                    dealership to present Chrysler in the best possible light and to meet all of his customers
                                                                    expectations of how a dealership should look and act.
                                                                    Secondly, Fredericks CJD outperforms its closest neighbors, yet they mysteriously are not being
                                                                    shut down. Can we then assume that performance and customer satifaction is not what this
                                                                    incarnation of Chrysler is concerned with? Is Chrysler going to emerge stronger by trampeling on
                                                                    the backs of 50+ year loyal superior dealerships?
                                                                    As a professional educator these are certainly not the kinds of examples I would show my students
                                                                    on how to succeed in business.
                                                                    Fredericks CJD needs to be reinstated immediately!

              Greg Miller    Diamond Bar      California   United   I view this decision of closing Bob Frederick CJD as just another attack on America. This simply
                                                           States   cannot happen. Frederick CJD defines what this country is all about. When all other dealerships
                                                                    miserably failed, Frederick CJD was there for me. I reside in Southern California, and purchased my
                                                                    Dodge from Frederick CJD in Ohio. That alone, should support any doubts about closing Frederick
                                                                    CJD. We, the people, need Bob Frederick. Bob Frederick CJD needs to be removed from the closure
                                                                    list immediately.

              Eric Perry     Brookfield       Ohio         United   Why shut down a Company that is making you money? It's like owning a Grocery store and your
                                                           States   making good money and happy customers and THEN turning around saying that only Certain
                                                                    Customers can shop at your store. I havn't got a clue. I Smell something FISHY!

20 of 46                                                                                                                                                              5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                         

              mark            glen cove          New York   United   I had planed on buying another chrysler product from this dealer, it would be unwise and
              melendez                                      States   unproductive to shut this dealer down. period !!!

              Ivor David Ley Struthers           Ohio       United   I don't believe that closing down this local Chrysler dealer will serve the public good, but will do the
                                                            States   opposite. Please stop this closing of Fredericks Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge dealership if possible. I had
                                                                     heard nothing publicly about how this closing will benefit the public good or the good of Chrysler
                                                                     even. It defies commonsense in opinion to close a profitable business that has weathered the ups
                                                                     and downs of the American business cycle successfully.

              Janice          Roaming Shores Ohio           United   Fredrick's is an excellent dealer. How are they suppose to get out of bankruptcy if they close their 5
              Rumbaugh                                      States   star dealers!! They are a Chrysler product only dealer! Is this where dedication gets you?

              Jim Flick       Niles              Ohio       United   It's not clear how closing this dealership will affect the bankruptcy.

              Martha Tabolt   Rock Springs       Wyoming    United   Although I haven't done business with Fredericks Dodge, I know that from my observations, the
                                                            States   customers have come first there. I also know that of the various challengers that have been
                                                                     ordered, the most satisfied customers have been with this dealership. If he were local to my
                                                                     location, with his reputation, I would have gladly done business with a person of this integrity.

              Kathy Cheliras Hubbard             Ohio       United

              Michael Hahn    St. Clair Shores   Michigan   United   Closing this dealer is one big mistake. I thought the idea here is the help save Chrysler, not sink it.
                                                            States   It's dealers like this that make the brand.

              Paul Jasinski   New Boston         Michigan   United   I have known the Frederick's for many years, they are outstanding people and run a fantastic
                                                            States   dealership. This is very disturbing news to many people. If this is how Chrysler is remaking itself, it
                                                                     is not off to a very good start. This decision makes no sense from a business standpoint. If there
                                                                     was any research done at all, they would not take Chrysler sales,and service out of Boardman Ohio,
                                                                     the current tri county epicenter. This is the type of Franchise Chrysler should be keeping and
                                                                     modeling other dealerships after. It also in the absolute best location as people do most of their
                                                                     shopping, entertaining and working in Boardman.

              Deborah         Mineral Ridge      Ohio       United   This is a top notch dealership and it would be just one more blow to our area. My Dad when he was
              Holbrook                                      States   alive bought many cars from Frederick Dodge and was always pleased. We have a Ford now but
                                                                     may be looking at a Dodge next time around and would buy one off them.

              Victoria Ramm Boardman             Ohio       United   I purchased my Jeep Liberty from Frederick CJD right before I moved to New York. They treated me
                                                            States   with respect from the time I purchased the vehicle, through delivery and every other visit to the
                                                                     dealership thereafter. I had the oppurtunity to get the car serviced from a dealer in Hamburg, NY,
                                                                     however, when given the chance, they proved to be highly unorganized as well as completley
                                                                     impersonable. From then on I knew that I would only work with the Fredericks. They accomodated
                                                                     my busy schedule with ease and sincerity, always making sure they got my car in in the short time I
                                                                     was in town. Without them, I will have to switch to a different dealer in New York due to the
                                                                     incompitence of the ones I have seen compared to Frederick Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

              Edward          Columbiana         Ohio       United
              Rankin                                        States

              Lisa Phiefer    Michigan(born      Ohio       United
                              in youngstown)                States

21 of 46                                                                                                                                                                    5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                       

              Robert F        New Castle   Pennsylvania   United   First let me say, I for one, don't understand how Chrysler will save money by cutting any of it's
              Mangino Jr                                  States   dealers. Whether they sell a couple dozen a year or several hundred, it doesn't make sense to me.
                                                                   With that said, the arbitrary way that Chrysler has decided to take away Mr. Fredrick's dealership is
                                                                   so unsettling to me that, I will not purchase a Chrysler product. There are plenty of car companies.
                                                                   Why should I deal with a company that, with little or no regard, will stick it to a franchisee that has
                                                                   made them millions of dollars over the years of their existence. If they are willing to do that to
                                                                   them. What will they be willing to do to their customers. It's a shame because, I think Chrysler has
                                                                   the best looking cars on the road of the big 3. I really like the 300M. But, I will by another brand

              Michael         Boardman     Ohio           United
              Booker                                      States

              Marilee R.      Youngstown   Ohio           United   It makes no sense to close this dealership. For years, people in our area who chose to buy American
              Hird                                        States   have gone to to Fredericks. And aside from the loss of jobs etc. that have been cited in other
                                                                   letters, how can a company get out of bankruptcy by selling lots of cars if there's no place left to
                                                                   sell them? Why would people buy a car from a company that acts as Chrysler has? I'm not sure I
                                                                   will ever want a new Chrysler product after this. The quickest way to put the company out of
                                                                   business is to allow these closures.

              mark stull      new albany   Indiana        United   i have not dealt with bob ,i have a good dealer, but from reading on the challenger talk forum ,and
                                                          States   lookin at redletter dodge, and their website , i know your making a serious mistake by cutting bob
                                                                   short ,his dedication and devotion to dodge should not be taken away from all the friends and loyal
                                                                   customers and customers to be. and further more i cant believe chrysler is so blind to the potential
                                                                   of bob , snd all that he has done ,dont get rid of the good guys ,eliminate the ones that deserve
                                                                   being cut, like neil huffman in louisville, they do rip off and lie to their customers!!!! save (the good
                                                                   guy ) bob deserves to remain. respectfully mark stull

              James J Rauch Kennesaw       Georgia        United

              Jim M.          Phoenix      Arizona        United   There is NO REASON that Frederick Dodge should be closing. Back in the years where all Dodge
                                                          States   could make were K-Cars, Stealths, and Rams...Bobby worked his fingers to the bone for that
                                                                   company. When it came time to send the Viper out on the roads of America...Bobby sold 'em like
                                                                   hotcakes. Now, during this defining moment in American automotive history, the 'bigwigs' at
                                                                   Chrysler feel it fit to shut a good old hometown business, and send the hard working families out
                                                                   with no jobs.

                                                                   I haven't bought cars at every dealer in the country, but I will go out on a limb and say that no
                                                                   dealer will treat you the way Frederick Dodge does.

                                                                   This is shouldn't be able to shutter the doors of a strong business for NO REASON at
                                                                   all. Don't do this to Bobby...don't do this to Boardman...and most importantly...don't do this to

              Robin Trenary   Canfield     Ohio           United   I hate to see this dealership close, not only because they have been very helpful to me recently, but
                                                          States   also because I am a manager at a local food establishment down the road. Mr. Frederick visits us
                                                                   frequently as do his employees (they came to our place as recently as today.) Closing this
                                                                   dealership will not only affect his employees and their families, but it will also affect my co-workers

22 of 46                                                                                                                                                                   5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                        

                                                                      and their families, as well as other businesses in the area like mine. Is this how our country is
                                                                      stimulating our local economy? I personally don't understand the math there. My next new dodge
                                                                      purchase would be from Mr. Frederick's dealership, but if I have to travel to any of the other local
                                                                      dodge dealerships in the area I will consider buying something other than a dodge, because I
                                                                      haven't received the excellent level of customer service anywhere else as I have at Frederick's.

              TINA             BOARDMAN           Ohio       United
              GUVEIYIAN                                      States

              Michael          Holland            Michigan   United   Powers that be please make this right:
              Haislet                                        States
                                                                      I have to say that the news of Mr Fredericks dealership being closed was beyond shocking to me
                                                                      and many other buyers and fans of Bob and his dealership..
                                                                      Bob from day one went to work for Dodge selling this car to us die-hards and he assisted like no
                                                                      other person I have ever dealt with in the auto industry.
                                                                      This is not a one time interaction as Bob went thru the motions with many buyer in the same
                                                                      fashion showing morals on fantastic business skills which assured us all we had found the right
                                                                      dealer then Dodge shuts him down...

                                                                      This is beyond unjust and should be brought to the attn of the powers that be to make this right
                                                                      and reinstate his dealership asap as we have no one to go too,but Bob..
                                                                      Bob is a keystone dealership for dcj and he should be treated as such god knows he treats his
                                                                      customers right as there are hundreds of us happy customers...

              Christopher      Rockville Centre   New York   United   I am on this because so many people I know have bought from Frederick Dodge,Ii am very upset to
              coen                                           States   see a dealer of this quality go out of business. I was in the beginning stages of Trading in and
                                                                      Buying from this dealer because of the way he does business there. Feel free to contact me with the
                                                                      names of the New York Dodge dealers who refused to even let me test drive a car when I was
                                                                      shopping for my Dodge, those type of dealers are the ones you should cut loose, not a business
                                                                      who can attract New York customers from OHIO!!! Fredrick Dodge is a benchmark that all dealers
                                                                      should emulate, if they did, the list would be a lot shorter !! Please reconsider and take Bob Fredrick
                                                                      off the close list!! I want to buy a car there! The guys that wont let me get a test drive should be
                                                                      closed, I will never buy a car there anyway!!

              Raymond          Vienna             Ohio       United   Frederick CJD is the type of dealership Chrysler needs! Bob personally responds to my emails. My
              Arkwright                                      States   experience at his dealership was a positive experience. I enjoyed buying a car from his dealership.
                                                                      Bob isn't just a Dodge dealership owner, he is a Dodge enthusiast! Judge Gonzalez, do not allow
                                                                      Chrysler to close down Bob Frederick!

              Jason Sherrill   Buford             Georgia    United   I would like to say that I have heard nothing but praise and thankfulness for Fredricks CJD and I am
                                                             States   located miles away in Georgia. Finding quality dealerships and great folks to work with that really
                                                                      care for their customers is a hard thing to come by in this day and age. If Fredricks CJD were to
                                                                      close this country would lose a great dealership that has served many many customers greatly from
                                                                      the west coast all the way to the east. The closing of this dealer would be the greatest injustice to
                                                                      all car buyers and enthusiasts everywhere. I strongly recommend and ask that those in charge
                                                                      reconsider this desicion and let Fredricks CJD continue to proudly and greatly serve the automotive
                                                                      community. Thank you. J. Sherrill

23 of 46                                                                                                                                                                     5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                       

              Billie Anzevino Boardman      Ohio          United

              JOSEPH           COITSVILLE   Ohio          United
              LIPTAK                                      States

              Timmy Murray Boardman         Ohio          United

              Halana Hink      Canfield     Ohio          United   The valley would be a sad place without Fredrick Chrysler Jeep Dodge. Too many jobs lost and too
                                                          States   many innocent people harmed by this job loss. Please judge Gonzalez if this were family being
                                                                   affected wouldn't you do your bescet make a difference.

              Despina          Canfield     Ohio          United
              Valonis                                     States

              John Valonis     Canfield     Ohio          United

              Kostas Valonis   Canfield     Ohio          United

              Attorney Scott Canfield       Ohio          United   Bob is a long time friend of my family and I. It would be a devastating loss to the community.
              Duko                                        States   Please Judge Gonzalez consider making Chrysler rethink this Ohio dealerships demise.

              Suzy Maloof      Canfield     Ohio          United

              Dionisia Duko    Canfield     Ohio          United   Dear Judge Gonzalez
                                                          States   Please consider all of the 56 plus families you will be affectng with the closing of Frederick CJD.Let it
                                                                   remain open!Thank you

              Andrew           Brewster     Massachusetts United   Mr. Bob Fredrick and his dealership are first class he takes the stress and distrust out of buying a
              Herold                                      States   new car even at 665 miles away without ever meeting him face to face. I don’t know how this list
                                                                   was put together but certainly there must have been some kind of glitch or there should to be some
                                                                   flexibility in the final decision on this. Chrysler desperately needs more dealerships like this, and will
                                                                   be doing themselves and the public a huge disservice if they lose him.
                                                                   Please take the time to review this issue and reconsider, I will be happy to speak
                                                                   With anyone in Chrysler about my own personal experiences in my purchasing of a 2008 Dodge
                                                                   from a local dealer and 2009 Dodge from Fredrick CDJ
                                                                   Andrew Herold
                                                                   Phone 508-776-2261

              Roy B Hanna      Austintown   Ohio          United

              Tria Williams    Boardman     Ohio          United

              Christopher      Boardmnan    Ohio          United
              williams                                    States

24 of 46                                                                                                                                                                   5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                      

              Robert G. Hird Youngstown     Ohio          United   Somebody has it in for Bob Frederick. How can you sell the volume of cars that they do at
              Jr.                                         States   Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge
                                                                   and pull their franchise?Its JUST NOT RIGHT. Judge Gonzalez I hope that you will make it right

              Brian Fike      Boardman      Ohio          United

              David           Northampton   Massachusetts United   This is a 5 star, large volume selling/service dealership which should definitely remain in the
              Mamulski                                    States   Chrysler network!

              Lisa Slanco     Boardman      Ohio          United

              Gerry Shakley   Middletown    Maryland      United   BOB FREDERICK IS THE SOLE REASON I AM STILL IN THE MARKET TO BUY A CHALLENGER. I tried
                                                          States   unsuccessfully to buy a 08 Challenger from dealers in my area. I experience the horror story,
                                                                   identical to so many others, uneducated salesman, price gouging, lies, and even an attempt to keep
                                                                   my deposit when the dealer couldn't deliver the car. I finally gave up on buying a Challenger. After
                                                                   seeing some blog messages, I broke down and called Bob. He was a straight shooter, always
                                                                   knowledgeable and true to his word.

                                                                   I have a deposit on a Challenger with Bob. If it's not from Bob, I guess I won't be getting one. I will
                                                                   not buy from the dealers that Chrysler is allowing to remain open in my local area. These are the
                                                                   dealers that contributed to why Chrysler is in bankruptcy.

                                                                   Bob, and dealers like him, are what Chrysler should be showcasing as part of their new beginning.
                                                                   You should be championing his dealership as an example; you certainly could fill a stadium of Bob's
                                                                   satisfied customers. As bad as I want a Challenger, having to deal with my local dealers who are
                                                                   remaining open will prevent me from buying.

                                                                   Chrysler, you really need to re-look at your decision making process! Keep Bob open, please!

              Randall         Leesburg      Virginia      United   This is not the type of car dealership you want to kill. They have excellent service and sell
              Anthony                                     States   continuously to repeat customers and to owners like me all over the country.

              Tina Roberts    Warren        Ohio          United   Please rethink the decision to close this dealership.

              Thomas          Runnemede     New Jersey    United   Frederick Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge is an exceptional dealership based on its high sales and
              Langston                                    States   extraordinary customer service. I purchased a 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT in December 2009 from
                                                                   them (as did 30 other challengertalk forum members)and had an exceptional buying experience.
                                                                   This dealership should be a model for the "new" Chrysler to follow. The closing of it would be a
                                                                   grave mistake.

              GUVEIYIAN                                   States   SELLING BE A PLUS??? THEY ARE THEIR CUSTOMER,PEOPLE WILL CHANGE BRANDS AND GO
                                                                   ELSEWHERE MAKING FOREIGN COMPETITION STRONGER. YOUR LOSING JOBS!! TAX REVENUE!!
                                                                   AND MAKING US A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!! WE ARE SUPPOSE TO MAKE AND KEEP JOBS!! NOT
                                                                   FLUSH THEM!!! LET THE DEALERS WHO CANT MAKE IT CLOSE ON THEIR OWN AND THE STRONG
                                                                   SURVIVE!! HELP!!!

25 of 46                                                                                                                                                                 5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                        

              Rhonda          Boardman        Ohio           United
              Drescher                                       States

              Gary W          Piscataway      New Jersey     United   Never dealt directly with Fredericks, but I have excellent things about this dealership over time.
              Wayne                                          States   Closing them seems to me to be a poorly thought-out mistake.

              Kenneth         Hudson          New            United   Top performing dealer with a long history and customer following !
              Campbell                        Hampshire      States

              Jim Frey        Laguna Niguel   California     United   Look at the stats. This is the type of dealer that Chrysler NEEDS. Do not shut them down.

              Steven          State Line      Pennsylvania   United   Let them live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              Diffenbaucher                                  States

              Daniel Liptak   Boardman        Ohio           United   PLEASE KEEP FREDERICK CJD OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              David J.        Hudson          Ohio           United   I have known Bob Frederick Jr. for about 30 years – I met him looking for parts for my 65 Dodge
              Drummond                                       States   that came originally from Frederick Dodge – Bob and his dad (Bob Sr.) are car people who have
                                                                      always gone to great lengths to help out the Mopar hobbyist – Because of this over the years my
                                                                      family and I have purchased well over 10 cars and trucks from Bob – always very happy with the
                                                                      quality of service after the sale. To this day when I need the old part for my 65 – Bob’s parts folks
                                                                      do what they can to find it. The Mopar Enthusiast world is a big industry and the Frederick’s have
                                                                      been a significant player in fostering the industry – that dedication is what feeds the loyalty of the
                                                                      repeat customer. In today’s world it seems Loyalty is a forgotten business practice but not at
                                                                      Frederick CJD. Closing Frederick CJD will be a huge loss not only for the Mahoning Valley but for all
                                                                      of the loyal Chrysler enthusiasts.

              Owen            Charleston      South          United   Bob Fredericks dealership is a rare breed. There are very few dealers who are as honest,
              Spackman                        Carolina       States   hardworking and such a die hard mopar fan as him.

                                                                      It would be an awful mistake for Chrysler to shut him down.

                                                                      I was planning on heading from SC to OH just to get my car from him.

              Bryan Durdle    Halifax                        Canada   Your Honor,
                                                                      I would like to add my voice to this petition. I feel from my contact with Fredericks Chrysler Jeep
                                                                      Dodge over the years that it would be a loss to the Mopar "Hobby" and average consumer who is
                                                                      interested in CJD vechicles. I believe a business with such a rich history & higher than average
                                                                      volume sales should be rewarded for such & be permitted to stay around and help CJD rebuild
                                                                      better than ever.

                                                                      For your consideration.

              Glenn Bayeur    Poughquag       New York       United   I was saddened and surprised by all this.Bob is more than just a "regional entity".I purchased my
                                                             States   Challenger from him (over 600 miles away)over the phone because he knows his product and it
                                                                      shows.I hope something can be done about this.

              Paul F. Shea,   Memphis         Tennessee      United   I flew from Memphis, TN to Pittsburg to purchase my 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 from Frederick
              M.D.                                           States   CJD in early January 2009. It was the best car-buying experience I have ever had, and the first
                                                                      Chrysler product I have ever owned. I found out about Bob Frederick on and

26 of 46                                                                                                                                                                    5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                     

                                                                 first contacted him in October 2008. Bob was extremely good to work with and gave me a very
                                                                 good deal on my Challenger. He is extremely knowledgeable about the product he is selling and is
                                                                 an outstanding spokesman for Dodge and Chrysler. To close his dealership would be a HUGE
                                                                 MISTAKE for Chrysler, as he is EXACTLY THE TYPE OF DEALER THAT CHRYSLER NEEDS TO KEEP!!!
                                                                 He is honest and treats people right. Please reconsider this terrible decision and remove Frederick
                                                                 CJD in Boardman, OH from the list of dealers to be closed. Thank you. Paul F. Shea, M.D.

              Gregory R.     Marysville    Ohio         United   Judge Gonzalez,
              Jasinski                                  States   Please review what would be a huge mistake in the closing of Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge in
                                                                 Boardman, Ohio. If Chrysler is fully commited to restablish themselves as a new American icon,
                                                                 then they will need a dealer/owner such as Bob Frederick to do so. If Chrysler is really reviewing
                                                                 current dealerships status then they would not have had Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge on their to
                                                                 be closed list. They carry Chrysler's full line, centrally located in the ever expanding Boardman,
                                                                 exceptional service, nationally known, and an exact model dealership to represent Chrysler's
                                                                 revival. As a dedicated Fredericks customer, my family and I have purchased nearly a dozen
                                                                 vehicles, including two Vipers! This does not account for the many friends that we have sent Bob's
                                                                 way. I know there are many dealerships in the same situation but there is only one Fredericks
                                                                 Chrysler Jeep Dodge that controls Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Please take the time
                                                                 to review Chrysler's List and respectfully remove Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge from it. If this
                                                                 Nation is commited to saving Chrysler then we need to save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

                                                                 Gregory R. Jasinski

              Sharon Creel   Gulf Breeze   Florida      United   Never dealt directly wth Mr.Fredericks, But he has had nothing but wonderful comment's regarding
                                                        States   his dealership on a forum I frequent. We wished we had known about him before we bought our car
                                                                 as we would have gone out of our way to contact him to purchase a vehicle from his dealership.
                                                                 Thank You, Sharon Creel

              Joe Phelan     Boardman      Ohio         United   I agree Judge Gonzalez,I have been employeed by Frederick CJD for 12 year's and this is terrible to
                                                        States   do to us!

              Tommy Wall     Marietta      Georgia      United   The fact that chrysler has put Fredericks on the list of dealers to close shows their criteria is flawed.
                                                        States   How could a company have a dealer that has performed in the top % of all dealers, be awared elite
                                                                 5 star status be delagated as one of the underperforming dealers to be closed. THIS NEEDS TO BE

              Thomas A.      San Ramon     California   United   I own five Chrysler products 2 which have been purchased new in the last 5 years. I belong to many
              Gunther                                   States   forums on Dodge and Jeep vehicles and although I have not purchased anything directly from
                                                                 Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge I have read numerous positive reviews posted by people who have.
                                                                 I have not seen another dealer in the country complimented as much as Fredericks for their
                                                                 customer service and product knowledge. I believe that it is in Chrysler's best interest to keep a
                                                                 dealer with such a positive image open during these tough times. Abandoning dealers such as
                                                                 Fredericks will only hasten the demise of Chrysler.

              Jim R.         Vancouver     Washington   United   I ordered a 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T from the factory thru Bob Frederick.(November 2008) If not
              Swanson                                   States   for Bob and his connections, none of this would have come true!! Bob is one of the best!! People like
                                                                 him don't come along very often!! PLEASE RECONCIDER THIS DEALER!!!

              Megan Skelley Boardman       Ohio         United

27 of 46                                                                                                                                                                5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                         

              Mandy           New Waterford   Ohio           United   Your Honor,
              Webber                                         States   As an employee of Frederick CJD for more than 3 years, I can attest to the dedication of Bob, his
                                                                      entire family and all of his employees. We have a proven customer satisfaction track record not only
                                                                      with New Car/Truck sales but also parts and service. In the last 2 years we have sold over 1,500
                                                                      new cars and trucks and were runner-up for Dealer of the Year in 2006. That in its self, should
                                                                      speak volumes. To let a family owned business that employes over 60 people go by the waste side
                                                                      is terrible to say the least. Please reconsider the judgement for closure of Frederick CJD.
                                                                      Thank you,
                                                                      Mandy Webber

              Joey Colon      Boardman        Ohio           United   Please Judge Gonzalez dont close Frederick CJD,Take a closer look at this bankrupsy and how it will
                                                             States   terribly hurt the economy!There has got to be another way.Thank you

              Mary M Miller   Boardman        Ohio           United   Please Judge Gonzalez DO NOT consider this dealership to be closed down.This can not be the way
                                                             States   to fix the issues Chrysler is having,please realize just how many jobs and family's you have the
                                                                      power to save,Mary Miller

              Matt Fallat     Pittsburgh      Pennsylvania   United

              Paul Kello      youngstown      Ohio           United   I agree that this choice to close Frederick cjd would be terrible for the local economy and many
                                                             States   jobless familys.Please Judge Gonzalez make Chrysler rethink there closings of this dealership!

              Stephanie       Pittsburgh      Pennsylvania   United
              Warino                                         States

              Fred Harris     Lake View       California     United
                              Terrace                        States

              Alexis          Canfield        Ohio           United   I also will never buy a Chrysler car for the rest of my life if Frederick CJD is put out of business!And
              Williams                                       States   that goes for my entire family and friends!Why kill 60 plus jobs,Terrible!I say to Judge
                                                                      Gonzalez,change the terms of this bankrupsy~Be the little peoples voice.Sincerely Alexis Williams

              Arthur Marsh    Camarillo       California     United   I find it simply amazing this dealer would be on any closure list. Bob himself will personally call
                                                             States   customers and answer questions. I have spoken to him on two ocaissions and had it not been for
                                                                      speaking with him I may NOT have bought my TWO Challengers. I did not buy from Bob, but I did
                                                                      find him very helpful and a wealth of information. My feelings are that Bob should be pictured next
                                                                      to the defintion of Chrysler dealer. Bob is what EZVERY single dealer should aspire to be like. This
                                                                      man cares tremendously about the product, and has a huge amount of knowledge. Bob's best
                                                                      quality is his tremendous customer service. If Bob is forced to close it will be a huge loss to
                                                                      Chrysler, please listen to the hundreds of letters from his supporters.Please do not allow this to
                                                                      happen, CHRYSLER needs dealers like BOB!

              Laura Kello     youngstown      Ohio           United   I also disagree with the closing of FREDERICK CJD to many jobs will be lost to many family's
                                                             States   affected!I have bought many cars from FCJD and was always very impressed!My daughter Amy
                                                                      below my comment meant she has bought 3 cars from FCJD not 34,typo!Our fsmily and friends will
                                                                      never by another Chrysler car for the rest of our lives if this is how they opporate!Never~Please do
                                                                      not close Frederick CJD.Thank you Laura Kello

              Gary Thomas     Youngstown      Ohio           United   Please reconsider the closing of Frederick Chrysler Jeep Dodge. I have been a long time supporter
                                                             States   of this establishment as well as the majority of my family, all of which, have purchased vehicles at
                                                                      Fredericks. In fact, I still have my father's B5 blue 1969 super bee which was purchased new at

28 of 46                                                                                                                                                                     5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                     

                                                                  Fredericks and, in which, I was brought home from the hospital in. I also have the sequential vin
                                                                  super bee which sold new at fredericks as well.
                                                                  With my son's recent birth on Dec.8, I have been looking for just the right new car to continue this
                                                                  legacy. What other dealership could I even consider than Frederick CDJ? And what other car than a
                                                                  B5 blue challenger? I know of at least a dozen other historical chrysler products that were
                                                                  purchased there new also. And these families have continued to purchase their new vehicles from
                                                                  Bob ever since. That has to say something about his commitment to chrysler brand as well as the
                                                                  community. I just can't figure out how it makes any financial sense to close a #1 volume dealer in
                                                                  these tough economic times. You would not be just closing a dealership, but a small part of every
                                                                  loyal supporter of Frederick Chrysler Jeep Dodge. Please consider his credentials, his numbers, and
                                                                  the positive commentary from his supporters before making a decision. Thank you for taking the
                                                                  time to read this

                                                                  Gary Thomas.

              William Powell   Newton     North Carolina United   I would like to add my voice to the chorus of mopar fanatics who respectfully object to the decision
                                                         States   to end Bob Frederick's Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep franchise.

              kyle             whittier   California     United   what they are doing to bob frederick is just plain wrong. This is the reason why Chrysler is in so
                                                         States   much trouble. I am from California and he is in Ohio. Why do I know about Bob? Strictly by word of
                                                                  mouth of how good of a reputation he has. I have dealt with countless terrible dealers that you guys
                                                                  have decided to overlook. Bob is not one of those though. Going to Bob was the best experience
                                                                  purchasing a car that I have ever had. Bob is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable
                                                                  owners that I have come across. Why would you even think about getting rid of him? Me living in
                                                                  California and being willing to fly to Ohio just to buy a car should be evident of the fact that this is
                                                                  one of the good guys. Do the right thing Chrysler or I will have no reason to stay loyal to this

              Amy Colon        boardman   Ohio           United   I also will never be buying from Chrysler if Frederick cjd is closing!I have bought 34 cars from there
                                                         States   dealership and I cant believe you would do this to the Boardman Area and 60 familys plus that work
                                                                  in your dealership.Very sad day if this were to happen!DONT SHUT DOWN FCJD!

              Stacy Kello      Canfield   Ohio           United   I also have purchased many vehicles from Bob Frederick and Frederick Cjd over the last 11 yrs,have
                                                         States   always been treated great from the time I walked in the dealership!What a great job Bob and his
                                                                  family have done to take care of there customers,and from what I am told his employee's as
                                                                  well!The closing of this busy dealer will crush many people,customer's,and employee's.Definitly not
                                                                  what our local economy needs by any mean's!The reputation of Chrysler will be in the can to many
                                                                  a people in youngstown Ohio and from the sounds of this petotion ,all of the world!Please take
                                                                  Frederick Cjd OFF the list to be terminated,to many people will be jobless including the Frederick
                                                                  family!With all the world in a recession,why do this!?Not moraly right or very smart of
                                                                  Chrysler,Please Judge you can make a difference for the little people of the World.Be our voice in
                                                                  this time of need!If this were your business that you grew for 50 years and it was takin away out of
                                                                  no where after all your life dedication ,how would you feel?Please take that into consideration and
                                                                  "BE THE CHANGE WE NEED"~Sincerely Stacy

              Mark Sanders     Jericho    New York       United   arely do we as car buyers have an opportunity to work with a true gentlemen - someone whose
                                                         States   passion makes him a "Brand Ambassador" representing the best a company has to offer. Bob
                                                                  Frederick is such a man. I am shocked to see that Frederick CDJ is scheduled for closure. Bob has
                                                                  been a true friend to both the Challenger and broader Dodge family of buyers. And now this family
                                                                  is rallying to support one of it's own. Bob and his team represent the best CDJ has to offer. A

29 of 46                                                                                                                                                                5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                    

                                                                  company is only as good as the people who represent it. Our "family" of buyers will only make
                                                                  future purchases from folks that we trust. The decision to close Frederick CDJ puts that trust at risk.
                                                                  Why would the Chrysler Corporation want to risk that?

                                                                  Please keep Frederick CDJ open. Thank you

              Hans Eilers    Cedar Park   Texas          United

              Joseph V.      Canfield     Ohio           United   I have owned dodge products since the 70's with my first purchase of a new 1974 Dodge Charger of
              Warino                                     States   which I ordered through ther dealership. I still own that charger and have purchased manyu more
                                                                  since then. Most recently a 2006 Dodge Charger, and my latest purchase of a 2009 Challenger. I
                                                                  have delt with Bob
                                                                  Frederick ( Frederick's Dodge in Boardman )for many years as I have recieved the best of service
                                                                  and satisfaction. I have encouraged my Childrern to purchase there new cars from Fredericks as
                                                                  well, and there experience with ther Frederick Dodge dealership has keep them comming back.
                                                                  Over the past 10 years my family has purchase two trucks, two Chargers, and my most recent
                                                                  purchase of the 09 Challenger.

                                                                  I have also refered many friends to the dealership as well and have never recieved a negative word
                                                                  about the dealership fropm any. You will never find a more professional dealership throughout the
                                                                  country! The Frederick Dodge dealership is family owned, and there family name, pride and
                                                                  reputation is evident in every sale.... the loss of the Frederick Dodge dealership in Mahoning County
                                                                  would be the greatest loss in an area where the community is fighting to preserve any and all

                                                                  Your timely consideration and the saving of jobs associated with the frederick dodge dealership shall
                                                                  be appreciated by the Warino Family along Frederick family (the owners of vehicles purchased from
                                                                  Frederick Dodge.)

                                                                  Joseph V. Warino

              Charles        Pittsburgh   Pennsylvania   United   I purchased a vehicle at Frederick Dodge, and have taken advantage of their many services for the
              Warino                                     States   past 4 years. I have always been extremely pleased with my dealings with Frederick, and it would
                                                                  be a major loss to the local automotive market if they are forced to close.

              Joseph A.      Marysville   Ohio           United   Judge Gonzalez, I have purchased every new vehicle that I have ever owned from Frederick Dodge
              Warino                                     States   in Boardman,Ohio. AS a concerned "Loyal" Chrysler consumer, I feel that is an absolute travesty
                                                                  that Chrysler LLC is attempting to close Frederick Dodge. I currently own a 2004 Dodge Ram, a
                                                                  2007 Dodge Charger R/T, my father just purchased a 2009 Challenger R/T and owned a 2006
                                                                  Charger R/T. My Brother owns a 2001 Dodge Ram along with several other Chryslers in our family
                                                                  all purchased from the Frederick family. I will never purchase another vehicle from another
                                                                  dealership as long as they are in business. Their customer service is second to none and they really
                                                                  know how to treat the consumer. When we purchased our Charger, my wife and I drove 3 hours
                                                                  from Marysville to Boardman just to purchase our vehilcle from the Frederick family. After the
                                                                  experience, my wife informed me that she does not ever want to deal with another dealership
                                                                  again. Bob is one of the nicest most honorable men that I know and has a true passion for Dodge
                                                                  and the chrysler heritage. He has been an integral part in the development of the Challenger and
                                                                  would be a huge asset lost if his dealership is closed. I ask you for the good of Chrysler LLC as a

30 of 46                                                                                                                                                               5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                        

                                                                      whole, please see to it that Bob Fredericks franchise is not revoked.
                                                                      Joseph A Warino

              Chad           Clinton            Michigan     United   To the Honorable Judge Arthur J. Gonzalez: I write to protest the closing of Frederick CJD in
              Laskowski      Township                        States   Boardman, Ohio. I live in Michigan and purchased a 2009 Dodge Challenger from Frederick CJD in
                                                                      April. The service from ordering to delivery was exceptional. The employees at this dealership are
                                                                      informed, committed, and respectful of their customers. Bob Frederick II has a passion for the cars
                                                                      he sells. This passion leads to an excellent buying experience for consumers. I ask you to reconsider
                                                                      the closing of Frederick CJD. That dealership represents all that is good about Chrysler LLC. Thank
                                                                      you for your time.

                                                                      Chad Laskowski

              Brent          Watauga            Texas        United
              Goodwin                                        States

              Regina         Austintown         Ohio         United
              Horvath                                        States

              Joseph         Slidell            Louisiana    United   When my 08 Challenger (#3097) was being built; it was hard to get information on the status of my
              Seoane                                         States   car. On June 27, it went to code JS. Not knowing who to call or e-mail for information; I got on a
                                                                      Challenger web-site and asked if anybody knew somebody to call or e-mail to get info on their car. I
                                                                      was given Bob Federick's name and his e-mail address. I e-mailed him and he kept me informed,
                                                                      and let me know when it went to code KZ on July 6, 2008. Bob's e-mails were very
                                                                      encouraging,because I am an impatient person. He knew more about the status of my car than the
                                                                      dealer I purchased it from. He treated me like I was his customer. I wish more dealers were like
                                                                      him. A great person.

              Justin         Redding, CA        California   United   Although I did not personally buy my car from Fredericks Dodge, I have to agree that he should not
              Hoffman                                        States   be on the list... I am on many different online forums and have heard more good things about Bob
                                                                      Fredericks dealership than I could ever remember, NOT ONCE did I ever hear anything negative.
                                                                      Don't make a bad decision, Keep Fredericks around!!!!

              Jeff Baker     Stuart             Florida      United   Dear Sir, My Girlfriend just bought a New 2009 Dodge Challenger in Stuart, FL. I was with her
                                                             States   through the whole Process and just to keep it short, we had several issues ranging from deception
                                                                      during the sale, to poor service in Warrenty causing additional warrenty for parts broken in friendly

                                                                      My Point is after hearing all the positive Comments about Service and Sales at "BOB FREDICK" I
                                                                      only wish there were a dealership like that around here.

                                                                      By the way Chrysler is Closing like Three Dealerships in a 30 mile Span all on US Highway #1 (US1)
                                                                      Between Ft Pierce, FL and Hobe Sound, FL. Were am I suppossed to take my New Car for Service.
                                                                      Besides, I used to buy New Parts from the Jeep Dealer in Town (Stuart, FL) for my other Chrysler

              Gary           Sterling Heights   Michigan     United
              Strongarone                                    States

              Keith Vetter   Killeen            Texas        United   You need to keep FREDERICKS CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE dealer of of your list. They have been very
                                                             States   helpful to friends of mine and myself. I didn't even buy from them but they still bend backwards to

31 of 46                                                                                                                                                                  5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                       

                                                                    help in anyway possible.

              John Bledsoe   Shreveport    Louisiana       United   While I have never patronized this dealership, I am certainly for any business that has passionately
                                                           States   supported their products while ensuring their quality and safety to the buying public like this
                                                                    dealership has. This "hitlist" is an insult to all those who have sacrificed and worked hard to realize
                                                                    the American dream for themselves and others - all in the name of supporting a political agenda,
                                                                    pure and simple.

              Lindsey Judy   Montgomery    West Virginia   United   Great customer service. Chrysler would be doing itself a disservice by closing this dealership.

              Roy S. Judy    Montgomery    West Virginia   United   My local dealerships would not give me the time of day when it came to the Challenger. They would
                                                           States   literally walk away with a smile when I would ask to test drive or order a car. This actually led to a
                                                                    small verbal confrontation with a salesman at Sheets CD in Oak Hill, WV. I don’t need to tell you
                                                                    that arguing with a customer over whether or not he can get inside a car is not a good way to sell a
                                                                    product. Well this was the final straw, I was ready to make my way to the Ford dealership to check
                                                                    out the new Mustangs when I ran across a thread on about Frederick CJD. I sent
                                                                    an email to Bob jr. and quickly received a response. He told me to come by anytime and he would
                                                                    let me drive anything I wanted. This was a shock!

                                                                    I ordered a B5 R/T Classic from Bob and was one of the first to receive their cars. Bob was
                                                                    EXTREMELY patient with me through the entire wait! I just checked my email and I have 56
                                                                    messages from Bob! 56!! To say Bob went out of his way to keep me up to date on everything
                                                                    would be quite an understatement!

                                                                    I went to pick up my car about 2 weeks ago, and was even more impressed when I met Bob. He got
                                                                    in the car with me and showed me every thing in the car. All the switches, lights, storage
                                                                    compartments, everything. It really meant a lot to have a guy as busy as Bob sit down and make
                                                                    sure I know how to set the presets on my radio! He had everything from build sheets to plastic
                                                                    headrest covers in a box in the trunk for me to keep. He’s truly passionate about these cars and it
                                                                    shows. He has a huge following in the Mopar world and Chrysler needs to take care of him. It would
                                                                    be a huge mistake to let Bob go!

                                                                    Several people in my area have had the same problem with the local dealerships. I have given away
                                                                    several of his cards to people interested in buying one of your products. I gave out so many that I
                                                                    had to ask him to send me some more, which he did. At the risk of sounding corny, Bob is more
                                                                    than a dealer to us, he truly is a friend. Chrysler don’t let him go!


              Chuck Gaul     Bay Village   Ohio            United   I am a car enthusiast. An enthusiast sells more cars than any single group of people. He buys that
                                                           States   new early model and puts it on the streets for all to see. He shows it off to his friends and because
                                                                    he did the research he can explain all aspects of the vehicle. He's a car guy that when he walks into
                                                                    a dealership, he knows more about the car than anyone working there. When he finds a dealership
                                                                    that knows what they're talking about, he'll stay with them and purchase other cars from them no
                                                                    matter where they're located.. An enthusiast knows and loves cars.

                                                                    Frederick CJD is the preferred dealer of many enthusiasts in the U.S. for Chrysler products. People
                                                                    from coast to coast travel many miles just to purchase a vehicle from Bob Frederick. They know

32 of 46                                                                                                                                                                  5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                     

                                                                  that Bob knows his product and has the same passion for the vehicle that they do. Enthusiasts know
                                                                  that Bob will offer no lies and that Bob will take care of them. Purchasing a car from Frederick CJD
                                                                  is like buying an insurance policy for complete satisfaction.

                                                                  When you close an enthusiast's dealership you are ending a chapter in their lives. When you close
                                                                  an enthusiast's dealership you are asking for trouble. The enthusiast will not forget what you have
                                                                  just done to him.

                                                                  An enthusiast is asking all that are part of the closing of Frederick CJD to reconsider.

              N.             KINGSTON                    Canada   Once you start to read the comments from my fellow Challenger owners, you will see why Bob
                                                                  Fredrick should stay in business. Fredricks cares about their customers.

              Matt Tarolli   Liverpool       New York    United   Please take a look at how many people from around the country have traveled to Frederick CJD to
                                                         States   buy their vehicle. Bob Frederick and his staff are the best in the business. Chrysler will be well
                                                                  served by Bob and his team to help this new company become profitable now and in the future.
                                                                  Thank you for your consideration on this matter. Matt T.(aka B2RSRT8)

              Daniel         Glendale        New York    United
              Spariosu                                   States

              Alain Poulin   st-prosper qc               Canada

              Dennis K.      Milwaukee       Wisconsin   United   Please do not let them close down this dealership. There are very few dealers that really care about
              Dowdy                                      States   their customers. In the 70's their ads proclaimed "THAT ONLY GOOD GUYS WEAR WHITE HATS VIST
                                                                  YOUR LOCAL DODGE DEALER" Bob Fredrick is a truely good guy. In my opinion as well as others he
                                                                  wears a WHITE 10 GAL. HAT.

              Jim Wilson     Cody            Wyoming     United   Dear Honorable Judge Gonzales
                                                                  Please review he sales history, work and size and awards of the Bob Fredrick's dealership. it should
                                                                  not be one of the ones to cut from the supported vendor list.

                                                                  It is a 5star dealer, with top 25 i nthe USA honors, Bob is a class guy and has done do much for the
                                                                  entire Chrysler community. He has been so kind to even help others obtain information about cars,
                                                                  sales etc from other dealers and these are folks at times that are not even his customer.

                                                                  If Chrysler had more dealerships like Fredrick's, they would not be in default. If anything, Chrysler
                                                                  should be looking to this gentleman to help them in the marketing, design, sales aspect of the
                                                                  company. He and his father have been with the Chrysler Corporation for years.

                                                                  If you had the time and it would not take long, you could see how effective and involved he is in the
                                                                  car community for Dodge and Chrysler. We all look up to him. This is not just another dealer. It is
                                                                  one of the cream of the crop!

                                                                  Please I urge you, this makes no sense at all, I would understand if he had very low sales, had prior
                                                                  issues, was not a 5 star store, had not won many awards for service and excellence. But we the
                                                                  folks that buy these cars and ultimately determine the fate of this HUGE company need the
                                                                  Fredricks store to stay in business. Please, if it goes by the way side, I can assure you that 1000s of

33 of 46                                                                                                                                                                  5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                 

                                                               folks will not only never my another Chrysler product again, but that the company will suffer one of
                                                               its greatest losses ever!

                                                               In closing, he has customers as far as over seas and Alaska that come from the ends of the earth to
                                                               deal with him rather than a local dealership. That has to say something!

                                                               Thank you your Hono for your kind consideration.

                                                               GOD bless

              Robert         Mobile        Alabama    United   I purchased a Challenger SRT8 from Bob Frederick himself back in mid November. I flew over 1100
              Baughcum                                States   miles there, and drove the way back in order to make this purchase with Frederick. He is by far the
                                                               best dealer/dealership I have encountered. Their strive for customer satisfaction is unmatched at
                                                               any level. It would be a shame to let such an established, and industry backing dealership bite the

                                                               Bob B. (aka 425hpChargerSRT8)

              ROBIN BELL     WESTMINSTER   Maryland   United   When we were deciding to buy a challenger, we had heard about Bob Frederick, Frederick CJD. I
                                                      States   contacted him with many questions and he answered them all promptly and at all hours of the day.
                                                               We would have bought from him (600 miles away)in a heartbeat if our local dealer would have
                                                               dropped the ball. But our dealer came through. All I have heard about this company is good things.
                                                               He needs to be there to bring the NEW Chrysler back.

              Lt. John K.    Baltimore     Maryland   United   Sir,
              Milby                                   States   I believe I can speak for many people here in that the closing of Frederick CJD is wrong and needs
                                                               to be seriously reconsidered. As I know, that in the grand scehme of things one dealer in a network
                                                               of 3200 to you means nothing and that you probably have no prior knowledge of this dealership
                                                               with working in New York. I do believe that if you take the time to read the postings in this petition
                                                               that you will see that Bob Frederick is something special in the car dealership world. I can almost
                                                               say with a 99 % assureity that these postings are a testament to that fact in that he has sold cars
                                                               nationally to customers that could have just as easily purchased from their local dealers but due to
                                                               his devotion and committment to his customers and Chrysler have made him a premire dealer that
                                                               people would jump at the chance to buy another Chrysler vehicle as long as they were buying fom
                                                               Bob Frederick. I most definately am one of those people. My personal experience with Bob Fredeick
                                                               has been nothing short of miraculous. I have purchased many vehicles in my time and have to state
                                                               that I have never been as pleased with any dealer like I have been with Bob. He stands second to
                                                               none. The last statement applies to all manufacturers as I have had vehicles from Dodge, Ford,
                                                               Chevrolet, and Toyota. Closing this deaalership would be an attrosity and a serious miscarriage of
                                                               justice. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter

              John Creel     Gulf Breeze   Florida    United   It sounds as though Chrysler is just about to lose a dealership that is owned and run by a group of
                                                      States   genuine enthusiasts that have single handedly put the word integrity back into the automobile
                                                               business. We didn't buy from Bob only because we didn't know about him until after we had
                                                               purchased our car. I have not read a single negative remark about Bob and his crew. Where else are
                                                               you going to find the personal service that Frederick CJD provides? There are several dealers that
                                                               probably don't deserve to be on the cut list, but Frederick CJD is the only one that we know of

34 of 46                                                                                                                                                           5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                  

                                                                because of the impression he has made on his customers. I have never met him or his crew, but I
                                                                feel like I could call him for anything and they would do whatever they could for me. If Frederick
                                                                CJD wants to remain a CJD dealer, then you should let them. Thank you.

              James T.       Fullerton    California   United   Bob Frederick’s MUST stay in Business!!!
              Schaap                                   States
                                                                When I needed information on the status of my 2008 Challenger, I called Chrysler and was unable
                                                                to get any information and was told to E-mail them a request for status information and was still
                                                                unable to get the status.

                                                                I entered a post to Bob and the next day he got me my status information and even kept me
                                                                updated and I didn’t even buy it from him (I wish I did).

                                                                I support NOT closing Bob’s dealership, he is a true and honest Dealer!!!

                                                                DO NOT CLOSE HIM DOWN!!! “Please”

                                                                Thank you,

              Raymond        Yonkers      New York     United   A top notch dealer owned by a top notch person. As a fellow NYer I had to deal with a dealership
              Bussi                                    States   over 400 miles away to get a fair shake. The shame of this whole thing the local dealers who tried
                                                                to rip me off gets to stay in business while Frederick DCJ gets shut.

                                                                Another point I'd like to make, our tax dollars went to support Chrysler, for the purpose of saving
                                                                jobs. In my opinion closing 800 dealerships does nothing but put more people out of work. Man, I
                                                                thought this was the land of the free.

              Darin Gosoir   Monticello   Minnesota    United   I ordered my challenger from Bob because every dealer in this state wanted over sticker , didn't
                                                       States   know about the car, or had no clue ,called Bob, had my car ordered same day for list, he is so easy
                                                                to deal with. I do not understand how a dealer with his track record,personality,& knowledge of his
                                                                product can be shut down.Bob IS a car guy & very passionate about this brand! My dad worked 43
                                                                years of his life as a chrysler mechanic,like Bob, this is the only brand there is, it would be a very
                                                                sad day to see Frederick CJD go away! please do the right thing & take Bob off the list. Darin Gosoir

              Denis Ricard   Markham                   Canada
                                                                Frederick CJD and especially Bob Frederick II is known internationally for very good service. In my
                                                                hunt for a Dodge Challenger SRT, Bob helped me with lots of information. Bob, even though he
                                                                never saw any money from me was very helpful. I live in Canada so I could not get a car from him
                                                                but my uncle in NJ ended-up buying a car from him because of his will to help. This was when most
                                                                other dealerships were asking for $20k markups and had little or no information. Many other
                                                                dealerships I went to were rude and unwilling to help. It is in this market that Bob went the
                                                                extra-mile and sold 100+ Challengers with no markup at all.

                                                                If this franchise goes away, Chrysler looses a whole lot. If this franchise goes to a competitor,
                                                                Chrysler is doomed. Most small car sales are based on returning customers and large car sales are
                                                                rooted in passion. By large, Chrysler dealers are at the bottom of the scale in these categories but
                                                                that's where Frederick CJD shines. By loosing him, Chrysler looses hundreds of loyal customers

35 of 46                                                                                                                                                               5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                     

                                                                   which were badly treated by other franchises owners and are not likely to buy Chrysler from
                                                                   somewhere else.

              Joseph           Springfield   Virginia     United   Your honor, Chryler's decision to close Frederick CJD shows how little thought they have put into the
              Murphy                                      States   dealer closing list. This dealer attracts buyers like me from across the country because of their
                                                                   excellent product knowledge and business ethics. If more dealers were like this one, the company
                                                                   would not be in the dire straits that they are in. It seems this decision was made based on zip code
                                                                   and not the actual contribution of the dealership.

              Brad Webber      Santa Ana     California   United   Bob was prompt, professional--and completely courteous as I hunt for my Dodge Challenger. Prior
                                                          States   to all of this restructuring I was in line to purchase an 09 Challenger (Dodge)--and have had such
                                                                   HORRIBLE experiences at local dealers in my HOME state of CA that I will be flying out to Ohio and
                                                                   driving my vehicle back--JUST OUT OF MY HAPPINESS speaking with Bob--That is how important
                                                                   Frederick Dodge is--

                                                                   THINK long and hard about this--I am a native Californian--and love supporting my local
                                                                   economy--yet am willing to TREK across the USA to purchase a vehicle and drive it hundreds of
                                                                   miles back home--does this not explain why Fredericks needs to be commended--and NOT

                                                                   Brad Webber.

              Guang li         Jersey city   New Jersey   United   Much has been said already. However, I can testify that I had the best service possible and gladly
                                                          States   went through the problems of getting my Dodge Challenger SRT far from my home state of NJ. Bob
                                                                   Frederick and all of his staff understand what customer service and loyalty is. Due to unforseen
                                                                   ecenomy conjectures, I had to part from my car and have sold it to my dear nefew in Canada. Even
                                                                   though he came from afar, Frederick CJD gladly offered service and went above and beyond what
                                                                   was necessary when my nefew went in for Waranty maintenance. With the loss of Frederick CJD,
                                                                   Chrysler looses the passion which makes the company stand out and creates loyal returning

              Daniel Perkins   Anaheim       California   United   Your Honor,
                                                                   Please add my name to the list of concerned customers that feel a glaring mistake has been made
                                                                   adding such a supportive dealership to the closure list. I understand that this BK process will never
                                                                   make everyone happy. However, during the process of taking corrective action, mistakes will be
                                                                   made. Closing Bob Fredericks DCJ dealership in Boardman, Ohio is clearly a mistake. This owner
                                                                   and his team stands way at the top of the type of dealership needed to help DCJ rebound. He
                                                                   should be named the "example dealership" for how others should operate. Please read my
                                                                   comments and realize I am part of "The People" that have funded these bailouts. My time to be
                                                                   heard is now, and I am formally requesting that you personally overturn this closure. It does not
                                                                   support the idea to restructure with right dealerships in place to help deliver DCJ back from this BK.

              Mike Mannino     East Meadow   New York     United   A well respected and loved dealer. Please do not close.

              Jeff S.          Austin        Texas        United   I purchased a 2009 Challenger from Bob Frederick in Boardman, OH, even though I live in Austin,
                                                          States   TX. The whole experience was one of the most pleasant, informed vehicle purchases I have ever
                                                                   made. Bob's dealership is a class act, and his passion for Dodge is obvious. He is an ASSET to
                                                                   Chrysler in these difficult times.

36 of 46                                                                                                                                                               5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                        

                                                                     Jeff S.

              Brian          Fairmont       West Virginia   United   Your Honor, I have known Bob Frederick and his sister Robin briefly via email communication. It
              Stansberry                                    States   became very clear that customer service was their top priority. Bob supplied me with the
                                                                     appropriate information to place a new car order with my local dealer. Our dealership was not even
                                                                     aware that the car in question was available. Bob and his family (employees included) are beyond a
                                                                     doubt a first class operation. Bob advised that if we had any trouble getting the car, he would be
                                                                     there to help. You see, Bob didn't get the money from this sale, but he is the one that made the
                                                                     deal and most importantly, a lifelong friend. Please, if nothing more, just give Bob a call and talk for
                                                                     a few minutes. I think you will be impressed with the conversation. This is no ordinary dealership.
                                                                     Thank you.

              Greg Gill      St. Louis      Missouri        United   To whom it may concern-
                                                                     I have obtained invaluable information from Bob Frederick regarding the Challenger through his Red
                                                                     Letter Dodge Dealer Contributor articles on the Official Dodge Blog on If I had not
                                                                     begun negotiations with a local Dodge dealer in St. Louis I would have made the trip to Ohio to buy
                                                                     from Bob because he was very knowledgeable about the car and seemed to take great pride in his
                                                                     work. In fact, after I read his article about the Challenger Classic model coming out I "got off the
                                                                     fence" and went that evening to my local dealer and ordered one on Feb 2, 2009! Some of the
                                                                     information I obtained from his articles was conveyed to my dealer's salesman so that he learned a
                                                                     little more about the Challenger also. Later I was able to see what my ordered car would look like
                                                                     since Bob had ordered a similar one for his dealership. My dealer has yet to receive any Classic
                                                                     models to look at, let alone to purchase.

                                                                     The success of every business is dependent on how well each representative of that business
                                                                     performs their duties. Bob Frederick and Frederick Chrysler Jeep Dodge appear to be at the top of
                                                                     the list of hard working and passionate representatives of Chrysler as a dealer and as a contributor
                                                                     to the Dodge website and should be allowed to remain for their direct contributions to the New
                                                                     Chrysler as well as an example to all dealers and other representatives of how to do business with
                                                                     excellence! Please reconsider pulling their Chrysler franchise agreement so his dealership can help
                                                                     the New Chrysler!

                                                                     P.S. I hope the bankruptcy comes to a smooth conclusion shortly so that my car, as well as many
                                                                     other customers' cars, can be built and delivered to us.

                                                                     Greg Gill

              Dave           Conshohocken   Pennsylvania    United   I had my heart set on the Challenger ever since the Phila car show in 2008. Then, I saw the RT
                                                            States   Classic. I wasted a good 4-5 months trying to get one ordered and lock in EPP without avail. Why?
                                                                     Because not one of the dealers in the Philly area that I went to knew about the car. 5 dealers and all
                                                                     I got was a blank stare when I asked about the RT Classic. I was walking around with my wallet out
                                                                     saying I want this car I want this car and not one of your dealers in the area could help me!
                                                                     Meanwhile, weeks and months went by and after seeing numerous posts on various challenger
                                                                     boards about how Mr. Frederick had helped out others- either by ordering the cars himself or giving
                                                                     advice to those of us who were at our wits end dealing with nonsense from our local dealers- I
                                                                     began working out travel plans to OH to purchase my car through Frederick's dealership. A local

37 of 46                                                                                                                                                                   5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                               

                                                           dealer called and FINALLY was able to order an RT Classic for me before(but without any incentives-
                                                           which is another slap in the face of Mopar loyal).

                                                           Mr. Frederick's deserves better than this. Please reconsider your position on his dealership.

              Owen           Billings   Montana   United   Never bought a car from him but heard nothing but good things. This should not be one of the
              Hoffman                             States   dealers to go. Bad idea.

              David Wilson   Cody       Wyoming   United   OK you guys need to really take note here; you are making a HUGE mistake! I never take the time
                                                  States   to get this involved, but you have way crossed the line now.

                                                           We have learned that you have this dealer on the list to close
                                                           Frederick Chrysler Jeep Dodge
                                                           7871 Market Street,
                                                           Boardman, Ohio, 44512
                                                           Phone: 330-726-2777
                                                           Fax: 330-726-0057

                                                           There is no way possible that this can happen! If you close Fredrick’s Dodge you are closing not only
                                                           on of the best dealers that ever has been there for the Mopar brand, but a store that has made you
                                                           "MOPAR" live as long as you have.

                                                           Bob has been there for not only his customers, but folks that purchased cars from other stores,
                                                           people that were so frustrated they were ready to buy a Honda or Toyota as a result of poor
                                                           customer service from Dodge and or the other selling dealers. But Bob was able to communicate
                                                           with the correct parties to keep folks from jumping ship. Fredrick’s Dodge is also so responsible for
                                                           product input, feedback, and helping 1000s of others to purchase a Mopar rather than look else

                                                           If you had more dealers Like Bob Fredrick’s you would not be in the situation you are in today. It is
                                                           that simple! He has had so much impact on red letter dodge, and dozens of other Mopar sites. He
                                                           has sold so many folks to your brand and customer loyalty. If ANYTHING, you really should contact
                                                           him to help you make the company profitable again, he knows what we as the customer want in a

                                                           LOOK CHRYSLER, I understand you are going through hard times, many are, but this dealership in
                                                           NO WAY needs to be cut. If you do that, even though I worked for GM for 18 years, and drive all
                                                           Mopar products, I will never again buy a darn thing from you if you close this store. I for one do not
                                                           want to see you go under, but you need to listen up.

                                                           I am sure that this goes for 1000s of our folks on many a Mopar Internet Bulletin board. So listen
                                                           up and get Fredrick’s Dodge off this chop list and back in the game. You are cutting your own throat
                                                           if you do not! He is one of the top dealers in the country, this has to be a mistake, and it just makes
                                                           no sense at all!

                                                           You really need to see what others are saying and monitor the main boards on the internet of what
                                                           are saying about you, we are the customer, without us, you have nothing!

38 of 46                                                                                                                                                        5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                  

                                                                 David Wilson
                                                                 Cody, WY

              Curtis Thaden   Boise        Idaho        United   Dear Honorable Judge Arthur J. Gonzalez,
                                                                 I placed an order for a new Dodge Challenger with Bob Frederick in February 2009. I live in Idaho.
                                                                 The reason I decided to purchase a car from Bob is because of his professionalism and commitment
                                                                 to customer service. My car purchase is going to cost me about $1,800 more than had I purchased
                                                                 it locally due to shipment costs from Ohio to Idaho. But, being able to trust someone was more
                                                                 important to me than the shipping cost.

                                                                 You have the power to stop Chrysler from closing Mr. Fredericks dealership. Pleases do reconsider.
                                                                 Thank you.

                                                                 Best regards,

                                                                 Curtis Thaden
                                                                 12350 W. Stillwater Drive
                                                                 Boise, Idaho 83713

              Glenn Hansen    Haworth      New Jersey   United   Closing Frederick Dodge ? \r\nAs someone that drove 1600 miles round trip to purchase from this
                                                        States   dealership, I can tell you that Chrysler has made yet another financial mistake. Bob Federick has
                                                                 done more for Chysler than just sell cars. He has restored my faith in American cars by delivering
                                                                 on his word. Something that is very hard to come by in these financially tumultuous times. Every
                                                                 dealership in my home state was busy gouging the customer and hurting a struggling company that
                                                                 deperately needed to sell cars. It was so sad to see dealers(that are not on your list)charging
                                                                 $10,000 over invoice for Challengers, making customers confused,upset and even angry that these
                                                                 dealers were more interested in their time honored practice of price gouging while the corporation
                                                                 sank into bankruptcy. Amazing.... When will this company make wiser choices ?\r\n\r\nPerhaps you
                                                                 can hire the Frederick\'s back as contractors and they can teach the rest of Chrysler how to win
                                                                 back the confidence in the American auto industry....\r\n

              William Pratt   Norfolk      Nebraska     United   I would have to agree that seeing Bob Frederick of Boardman, OH on the list to lose it's franchise
                                                        States   was a comlete and utter shock! I work at a small dealership in Nebraska and DREAM of the
                                                                 following of customers he has and the wonderful customer service his whole dealership has from
                                                                 greeting to delivery and beyond.

                                                                 Please reconsider and keep one of your best assets going forward with the building of a new car
                                                                 company as Bob Frederick is a rock on which to stand and learn from!

              Ray Putnam      Smithfield   Virginia     United   To Whom It May Concern,
                                                                 I was recently saddened to learn that Frederick Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Dealership is on the closure
                                                                 list. I can attest to the fact that Bob Frederick represents the very best in customer service and
                                                                 understands that the customer is what truly matters in this business. Bob personally assisted me in
                                                                 tracking the construction and delivery of my 2008 Dodge Challenger when local dealerships would
                                                                 not do anything more than look at a status code on the computer screen and throw their hands in

39 of 46                                                                                                                                                              5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                  

                                                               the air. I sincerely hope that the metrics used to determine which dealerships should close include a
                                                               future "human in the loop" review with the knowledge of all that Frederick Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge
                                                               Dealership represents to Chrysler and it's customer base.
                                                               Please reconsider your decision to close Frederick Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Dealership.


                                                               Ray Putnam
                                                               MCPO USN (RET)
                                                               Smithfield, Va

              Glen           Deer Park     New York   United   Great Dealer who cares about his customers.
              Annarumma                               States

              David Ferro    Gainesville   Florida    United   I decided to order my first Chrysler product through Bob because he was recommended by many on
                                                      States   the Challengertalk Forum. I would have bought locally, but my local dealer was price gouging like
                                                               you wouldn't believe, and when I asked questions about the Challenger, I found that I was better
                                                               informed than they were. Bob, on the other hand, was great from Day 1. I have yet to receive my
                                                               ordered car, but that's not Bob's fault, it's Chrysler's fault. I don't know how Bob made your list, but
                                                               I can tell you that if you don't remove him, I'm buying a Ford or GM product. I won't do business
                                                               with a company that would show such poor judgement.

              Jeffrey W      Cleveland     Ohio       United   Dear Sirs,,
              Jazbec                                  States
                                                               I am writing you to voice my opinion and disgust with your decision to place Bob Fredericks CJD on
                                                               the chop list.

                                                               I understand the financial burden of carrying so many dealerships and that cuts need to be made to
                                                               streamline the organization, I understand that from a geographical situation the Fredericks was cast
                                                               the short straw. However Fredericks CJD is a special dealership and needs to be re-examined and
                                                               granted a reprieve.

                                                               Bob Frederick is probably the most visible spokesman for Chrysler as a whole, and is more
                                                               well-known to the buying public than the individuals that this letter is reaching. To many of us he is
                                                               literally the “face” of Dodge, through his Red Letter Dodge blog posts and his participation on many
                                                               of the Dodge orientated web sites and forums.

                                                               In addition, I and many others believe that he is directly or indirectly responsible for more Dodge
                                                               sales than any other single individual in all of North America today. From my research and
                                                               understanding Fredericks CJD is one of the TOP 25 dealerships in the Country. Which given his
                                                               geographical location is a testament to his abilities and his employees eagerness to please the

                                                               When I wanted to upgrade my Dodge Challenger this past March I tried to deal with my local
                                                               dealers most of which are also on the chop list and I was told that I couldn’t do what I wanted and
                                                               that was all that they could do for me. I call Bob and talked to him told him what I was looking for
                                                               what options and he took all of the information down, gave me my cost and took my deposit on the
                                                               phone to place the order. Bob followed up with me and kept me in the loop as far as what the status
                                                               of my car was and that it would be delivered by April 25th, well he exceed my expectations as I

40 of 46                                                                                                                                                             5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                 

                                                               received a call on April 21st that my car had just arrived on the carrier, he also sent me email
                                                               pictures of my vehicle on the carrier and being unloaded, I was like wow this is the type of service
                                                               that you very rarely receive. I told Bob that I would never buy from anyone again so long as he is
                                                               there. I have purchased New Dodge Vehicles every year since 1989 I usually upgrade every 3 to 4
                                                               years I own 4 Dodge’s 06 Caravan, 07 Caliber RT, 09 RAM Crew Lariat, 09 Challenger RT. So mind
                                                               you that I have done my part in trying to held out Chrysler.

                                                               The service department is nothing but first rate only the best for his employees, the best equipment
                                                               to perform their jobs, I live over 1 hour and forty minutes away and have no problem taking my
                                                               vehicles out to Fredericks for service. Now I understand all of the accolades that Bob has earned
                                                               from his hard work and dedication to the Chrysler Brand. It is in my opinion that if you had more
                                                               dealerships of this caliber you would not be in the trouble you are currently in. You are trying to
                                                               make the company stronger yet you are getting rid of one of best assets and the human touch that
                                                               Fredericks CJD brings to the table.

                                                               It is my firm belief that Fredericks CJD should be used as model of how to conduct business and
                                                               interact with the Customer. It is hard to figure out how a family owned dealership in Boardman
                                                               Ohio, is one of most well known dealerships in the country. Rather than closing down this
                                                               dealership, Chrysler should be making sure that Bob Frederick CJD is what they are looking for from
                                                               a dealership to move forward in the future and get out of their financial situation.

                                                               In closing I would like to reiterate just how lucky Chrysler has been to have a dealership like
                                                               Fredericks CJD associated with them. I believe that you are being very shortsighted and narrow-
                                                               minded of Chrysler for terminating your relationship with this dealer, that actually lives up to
                                                               Chryslers’ stated goals of excellence in customer service and satisfaction. I for one will not be
                                                               purchasing or recommending Chrysler products to anyone until this matter has been resolved with
                                                               the complete re-instatement of Frederick CJD


                                                               Jeffrey W. Jazbec
                                                               Williams Steel Rule Die Co. Inc.
                                                               1633 East 40th Street
                                                               Cleveland, Ohio 44103

              Ryan Little    Augusta     Georgia      United   Bob Frederick is a rare find in a field that has been known in recent years to take the customer
                                                      States   experience last. Providing excellent customer service is truly his number one goal, and it shows with
                                                               the volume of customers willing to put their name on the line to support him. Please reconsider the
                                                               decision to revoke this dealerships franchise. If anything, this dealership should serve as a role
                                                               model for the new Chrysler!

              John           Sunnyvale   California   United   While I personally have not done business with Fredricks CJD I know people who have and I only
              McDonald                                States   hear good things. I have done business with other dealerships not on the list to be closed with
                                                               horrible customer service and I feel that is wrong, they should be on the list long before Fredricks.
                                                               Not to mention Fredricks is the number one dealer for Challenger sales.

41 of 46                                                                                                                                                               5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                               

              Bob Moore      Bethlehem   New York   United   Frederick CJD should be a MODEL for other CJD dealerships to emulate, NOT a dealer number on a
                                                    States   termination list!
                                                             If those insulated from the customers' side of auto purchasing and corporate "pencil pushing" had a
                                                             lick of sense, they'd realize that their "system" chose the wrong dealership in this demographic.
                                                             It's rare that a new auto purchase is regarded as a "pleasant experience". I can honestly say that
                                                             I'm glad I ordered my 2009 Dodge through Frederick CJD. The service, communication and pride
                                                             exhibited by Bob and his staff was exemplary! There are SO MANY dealerships that DESERVE the
                                                             axe due to consistant misrepresentation, half-truths, deceitful advertising, lack of product
                                                             knowledge, and low-balling. I couldn't get a straight answer or knowledgable salesman at ANY of
                                                             the "local dealerships". Yet Frederick CJD is on the list to be closed while the "liars and thieves" go
                                                             unscathed through Chrysler's Bankrupcy.
                                                             If I wouldn't buy locally, and chose instead to travel 1000 miles round trip to do business with Bob
                                                             Frederick, doesn't that speak volumes about how differently I was treated by these folks?
                                                             If there's any Justice in our Justice System, this aggregious error will be corrected before the axe
                                                             falls on so much as ONE dealership. Frederick CJD should be receiving AWARDS for the image they
                                                             project for Chrysler EVERY DAY, NOT a "We regret to inform you..." letter.
                                                             If Chrysler's "appreciation and loyalty" to Frederick CJD isn't recognized and shown in a REAL and
                                                             tangible way, my longstanding loyalty to Chrysler (and whatever dismal future it might have) will be
                                                             equally affected.
                                                             My wife and I were planning our next new car (truck) purchase through Frederick CJD (500 miles
                                                             away). We were ready to go to "great lengths" to continue our support of Chrysler products, due in
                                                             LARGE PART to the great lengths Frederick CJD's has gone to for us through their excellent
                                                             customer service and honest business practices.

                                                             BUT rest assured - if there's no Frederick CJD to do business with, I'll NEVER buy another Chrysler
                                                             product again. There are MANY people who feel the same way I do.
                                                             If this is how Chrysler rewards a loyal dealer and outstanding representative of their tradition and
                                                             vision for the future, I want nothing to do with them. If Frederick CJD closes, my loyalty and wallet
                                                             closes to Chrysler forever.

              Spencer        Smyrna      Georgia    United   Dear Sirs,
              Carpenter                             States   I am writing you to voice my dismay at your decision to cancel the dealership contract with Bob
                                                             Fredericks CJD (dealer code 56617).

                                                             I realize that Chrysler as a company has to reduce the number of dealerships it supports, and that
                                                             the Fredericks’ dealership is a logical candidate for geographical reasons. However Fredericks CJD is
                                                             a special case that should be re-examined.

                                                             Bob Frederick is probably the most visible spokesperson for Chrysler as a whole, and is probably
                                                             more well-known to the public than the people this letter is reaching. To many he is literally the
                                                             ‘face’ of Dodge, through his Red Letter Dodge blog posts and his participation on many Dodge
                                                             oriented web sites and forums.

                                                             In addition, I (and many others) believe he is directly or indirectly responsible for more Dodge sales
                                                             than any other person in North America today. From what I understand, Fredericks CJD is one of the
                                                             top 25 dealerships in the country, which given his geographical location, is a testament to his

42 of 46                                                                                                                                                          5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                              

                                                             When I was unable to find the exact mix of options I was looking for in a Challenger R/T this winter,
                                                             Bob was able to get a factory ordered car delivered in record time. While I had talked to local
                                                             dealers about ordering a car from the factory, none of them seemed willing to pursue this option.
                                                             Most of the sales people I talked to wanted me to ‘settle’ for a car they already had on the lot.
                                                             While this is understandable from their viewpoint, it was not what I wanted. I’ve been waiting
                                                             30-plus years to buy a Hemi Challenger, and I was not going to settle for anything less than 100%

                                                             After seeing the reviews Bob and his dealership received for customer service, I contacted him, and
                                                             within 10 weeks the exact car I wanted arrived at his lot. I personally flew from Atlanta, GA to OH
                                                             to pick the car up and drive it back, a trip which Bob helped out with in many ways. While I was
                                                             there, I met another buyer who had flown out from Boston to do the same. As I mentioned, his
                                                             reputation for quality customer service is nation-wide.

                                                             I paid MSRP (minus EPP) for my car and financed it though Chrysler Financial and quite frankly, I
                                                             feel like I got a better deal on this car than on any new car I’ve ever purchased.

                                                             It’s my firm belief that Chrysler should be using Frederick CJD as a model of what it wants its
                                                             dealerships to be. That a small, family owned dealership in OH is the most well known CJD dealer in
                                                             the country is remarkable. Rather than closing down this dealership, Chrysler should be begging
                                                             Bob and his coworkers to show other dealers how to achieve this same level of customer support
                                                             and satisfaction.

                                                             In closing I’d just like to reiterate just how lucky Chrysler has been to have a dealership like
                                                             Fredericks CJD associated with them. I believe it would be extremely short sighted of Chrysler to
                                                             terminate this relationship with a dealer that actually lives up to Chryslers’ stated goals of
                                                             excellence in customer service and satisfaction.

                                                             Spencer Carpenter
                                                             Smyrna GA

              LtCol James T.   Waldorf   Maryland   United   Judge Gonzales Sir,
              Sanny, Sr.,                           States
              USMC (Ret)                                     I am a retired Marine Pilot and 55 years old. I can unequivically state that the Frederick Chrysler,
                                                             Jeep, Dodge Dealership is the most noteable Dodge dealership in the country. Just read the
                                                             Challenger web site, Red Letter Dodge web site, etc., and yuo can see how this dealership
                                                             has been the catalyst for selling new Chrysler products, particularly the Dodge Challenger and
                                                             Dodge Charger.

                                                             Before purchasing a Dodge Challenger, I studied the Red Letter Dodge web site (Bob Frederick Jr. is
                                                             the Chrysler spokesman!!!) and discovered this gem of a human being Bobby Frederick, Jr. Talk
                                                             about a MOPAR enthusiast who takes care of his customers and really cares about his customers;
                                                             he is the best! No other Dodge dealership knew their products like Frederick Dodge, and no other
                                                             dealership can match the courtesy and top notch personnel that this dealership has working for

                                                             In retrospect, some friends and I put a downpayment on a 2008 Challenger from Ganley Dodge in

43 of 46                                                                                                                                                         5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                     

                                                                   Cleveland, OH. in 2007, only to find out that they raised the price on us $10K over the sticker price,
                                                                   so me and my friends walked. Then, we discovered Bobby Frederick and ordered our cars from him
                                                                   and he kept his word on the price!!!

                                                                   Just look at the Frederick Dodge statistics! They sell more cars than most! The decision to axe this
                                                                   dealership was political and biased, based on Bobby's popularity and their sales!!! I didn't see
                                                                   Ganley Dodge on the axe list and that's becasue they have the political clout! We want Frederick
                                                                   Dodge to live on! Bobby Frederick is the only salesman in this country that would put so much of his
                                                                   heart and soul into the Dodge product! Particularly, the Challenger model where he is a top seller in
                                                                   the nation at over 100 Challenger units sold from what I have been told. Because of his unrelenting
                                                                   Espirit de Corps towards the Chrysler name and his unprecedented zeal towards taking care of
                                                                   customers, the MOPAR name is alive more than ever!!! He alone is responsible for the tremendous
                                                                   publicity of the new Dodge Challenger. Challenger is visited by more that 41,000 people
                                                                   per month and this fact can be directly attributed Bobby Frederick's dedication to arouse the public
                                                                   toward the Chrysler products.

                                                                   I traveled and many buyers from both coasts bought cars from Frederick Dodge because of his
                                                                   reputation for honesty and concern for his customers. I planned on buying a 2010 Challenger from
                                                                   him as well.

                                                                   Please reinstate the Frederick family franchise as they surly deserves this action.

                                                                   Thank you and respectfully,

                                                                   LtCol Jim Sanny, USMC (Ret)
                                                                   Waldorf, MD

              Michael        Anchorage      Alaska        United   Your Honorable Judge Gonzalez - I have been searching to order a 2010 Dodge Challenger for a
              Hankins                                     States   while now. I live jointly in Anchorage, Alaska / Lake Havasu City, Arizona. I could buy such a car
                                                                   from either location but chose not to because of one reason: Bob Frederick Dodge in Ohio offered
                                                                   expertise in my selection that could not be duplicated in either city where I reside. It will cost me
                                                                   more to fly to Ohio and pick up my car from Bob, but will be worth the extra money spent. You
                                                                   don't find an honest dealership like Frederick Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep in every state. Dishonorable
                                                                   businesses and people have put our country in the mess it's in. To put this franchise on the
                                                                   chopping block is purely wrong from a business perspective. This bankruptcy process needs to look
                                                                   at dealership loyalty including respect to the customer before making such harsh decisions. If this
                                                                   NEW CHRYSLER does not honor dealership loyalty or customer loyalty then the NEW CHRYSLER will
                                                                   be a short lived entity. Thank you for listening.

              mike perez     coldwater      Mississippi   United   Oustanding dealership great customer service, let the numbers speak for themselves.

              CHRIS          INDEPENDENCE   Kentucky      United   Bob Frederick was just a name until I called his dealership looking to buy a challenger. from that
              HERZOG                                      States   second on I was a mamber of his growing family dedicated to serving the car community. I drove
                                                                   300 miles to purchase a car from this man. he did everything possible to get my car the way I
                                                                   wanted it.with the plant shutting down and orders not being filled he fulfilled my hope of driving a
                                                                   new Dodge challenger without pice hikes or funny stuff. he responded to calls and e-mails after
                                                                   hours and put up with every petty question I had. Bob frederick and his Family deserve better. he is

44 of 46                                                                                                                                                               5/26/09 8:54 PM
Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                   

                                                                a true car person and his dealer is a class act and a model for all dealers in this great country. I
                                                                know this is about money but it needs to go beyond that just a little.

                                                                thank you

              Bob Langille   Halifax                   Canada   While realizing the plight CDJ is currently in , and the apparent need to close 800 dealerships , I
                                                                find it absolutely amazing that Bob Fredericks dealership is among those. It is known internationally
                                                                that Mr. Fredericks dealership is the dealership of choice for any that know him , and it has gained
                                                                acclaim not only accross the USA , but certainly throughout Canada as well , as a dealership that
                                                                provides great pricing , keeps its customers informed , provides excellent service, and all with a
                                                                friendly attitude, thereby promoting more business. If I could have ordered my car through Bob , I
                                                                would have , and gladly made the trip to get it. With Bob though I understand that would not have
                                                                been necessary , as he purchased a vehicle transport trailer to deliver the vehicles , for a very small
                                                                price. I have friends that Bob has done this for. Through everything I know about Bob from
                                                                following purchase , information , delivery , and service for his vehicles , Bob runs his business in
                                                                such a way that any company he was promoting would be very lucky to have Bob promoting their
                                                                product. It would be a major mistake to close down the most highly thought of dealership in the

              Tyler Grimes   Carrollton   Kentucky     United   I am shocked by the news that Bob Frederick's dealership is on the list to be closed! I purchased my
                                                       States   SRT8 from Bob because he provided superior customer service when my local dealers dropped the
                                                                ball. I cannot say enough about how well I was treated by Bob and his staff through the whole
                                                                process of purchasing my Challenger. Please do the right think and keep Frederick CJD open for
                                                                Tyler Grimes

              David          Glendale     California   United   I have come to know Bob Frederick in the last eight months and I'm proud to call him my friend and
              McIntosh                                 States   this is a major mistake in closing his dealership. You look at his sales numbers and this is one of the
                                                                top 25 dealers is the country. He is Five Star Elite dealer. There is no logical reason for closing this
                                                                dealer. So please save this dealer that has helped so many get there dream cars.

              David          Orlando      Florida      United   To whom it may concern,
              McCaughey                                States   I am writing this letter to help the cause of Bob Frederick Dodge dealership. I am a proud member
                                                                of "" there has been overwhelming positive comments about his dealerships
                                                                reputation and service. I heard countless horror stories about dealer ships priceing the challenger
                                                                5-10k over MSRP! While Bob has been selling them at a slight discount all over the USA. I for one
                                                                am looking to purchase a challenger next year after the economy begins to turn the corner. Based
                                                                on what I read and heard, I WANT to purchase my next car thru Bob Frederick. I'm sure I'm not the
                                                                only one. I just want to stand up for what is right. Good businesses should be given special
                                                                consideration because they instill consumer confidence in a company in bad need of it. Thank you
                                                                for your time.
                                                                David McCaughey
                                                                Orlando, Florida

              Brian Oates    Novi         Michigan     United   I have too much to say on the matter to provide in this little comments box. For a full posting on
                                                       States   why I feel Frederick Chrysler Jeep Dodge should not be closed (among others), visit:

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Save Fredericks Chrysler Jeep Dodge                                                                                        

              steve reavis   lucerne valley   California     United   In an era of bad times where rogue dealerships try to overcharge people for a popular car the
                                                             States   Dodge Challenger that may help save Dodge and Chrysler, this dealership goes out of its way to
                                                                      help people purchase at fair prices. This is not a good decision on Chrysler's part. Believe me, I can
                                                                      provide the names of plenty of dealers who should be shut down just for their tactics with
                                                                      consumers alone.

              BEN SIMPSON    Belle Fourche    South Dakota   United   Can not believe you want to close one of the Crown Jewels of your dealerships. How about
                                                             States   concentrating on the stealerships instead.

              Nadesha        Naples           Florida        United   I can’t believe that Chrysler wants to close down Fredericks. Bob Frederick is the ONLY dealer that I
              Ranasinghe                                     States   have spoken to in my pursuit of purchasing a Challenger that was both honest and fair. I was just
                                                                      working out a deal with him when this mess happened. In fact, if not for Bob, I would probably have
                                                                      already changed my mind to another car given all the frustration that I have had to deal with.
                                                                      Numbers are one way to make these decisions but reputation is going to mean a lot more coming
                                                                      out of Bankruptcy. If consumers don’t have confidence in the brand anymore and the only dealers
                                                                      left are sheisters, then you are going to still have a dog on your hand. Bean counters got you into
                                                                      this mess, don’t let them keep digging the hole. If you actually go through and cut out a dealer like
                                                                      Fredericks from the list, then, as a company, you have just shown the world how you are making
                                                                      decisions as the “new Chrysler”. And if that’s the direction, I don’t want any part of it.

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