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Carpe Diem Enterprise Global
Carpe Diem Enterprise Global delivers enterprise architecture and functional
considerations for global organisations where language, connectivity, systems
performance and enhanced reporting/awareness are critical in their strategic
management of time inventory.

                                Technical requirements and integration

         Windows , 2003, 2008, 2010                               Elite Enterprise / 3e (direct)

         SQL 2005/2008                                            SAP R/3

         I.E. Explorer 6.0 or higher                              Other Financial Systems that support data
                                                                  feeds and/or web services and are
                                                                  Unicode compliant

   Before deciding on the Carpe Diem Enterprise solution for their Firm, Manatt considered all existing
   traditional systems on the market.

   Gillian Turner, Director of Finance Manatt, Phelps, Los Angeles, California
Carpe Diem Enterprise Global - Continued

Feature                              Benefit

Unicode Compliant.                   Provides ability to invoice in the clients language of choice leading to
                                     better communication and relationships.
Scalable Architecture:

                                     Flexibility of configuration either central or distributed environments
▪ Clustering and SQL Replication
                                     ensures an optimal user experience in firms with hundreds and even
▪ Load Balancing /Worker Processes
                                     thousands of users.
▪ Wan Optimised
▪ Active Directory Integration
Flexible Firm Branding and           Increase ownership and buy-in from users.
customisable Interface languages.

Location and Time Zone Support.      Delivers better user experience in capture and management.

                                     Delivers better user experience in capture and management (especially
Flexible Work Week Definition.
                                     missing time).

Flexible Working Day Definition      Delivers better user experience in capture and management (especially
(holiday).                           missing time).

                                     Allows Management to manage and track time inventory evolution from
Enterprise Console Manager.
                                     “just captured” to “ready for billing” state.

                                     Extends awareness of time management to alternate mediums like
Enterprise Console Web Services.

                                     Provides for a near on line real time integration to firms back office
Web services for Data Integration.

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