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									October 2010

(Continued from page 11)
ley will be doing BBQ lunches, for sale,
                                                dealing machine, due to deficit concerns.
                                                The majority of members voted for the
                                                                                               Thursday, December 2. Save the date!
                                                                                                Fall classes begin at Nancy's Bridge
                                                                                                                                               Santa Rosa
both days and we'll have Bridge Mates           purchase so the matter will be considered      House the first week of October. There will                       By Randy Dimond
(electronic scoring) for our first time. Oth-   later in the year. A Wednesday night game      be a new bidding class on Tuesday morn-
erwise, our annual sectional will have its
usual great hospitality, food and competi-
tion. Hope to see you there.
 The unit had several extra games during
                                                has been organized to boost the dealing
                                                machine fund. It is an individual IMP
                                                game, where everyone will play with eve-
                                                ryone else. Sign ups are by e-mail or con-
                                                                                               ings, defense on Wednesday evenings, play
                                                                                               of the hand on Thursday mornings, conven-
                                                                                               tions on Thursday evenings, and cuebids,
                                                                                               etc. on Sunday afternoons. Contact Nancy
                                                                                                                                               S       ummer came in the nick of time and
                                                                                                                                                       with a vengeance. Beignets and
                                                                                                                                                       Po'Boys all around: We see from the
                                                                                                                                               mind-bending online stats that Bob Klein &
Great Western Summer STAC week. Win-            tact Ken Llacera.                              Driscoll for more information.                  Jennifer Jones had a fine NABC in New
ners were Bruce Dau & Ken Martin, Pru-           In club games, at Monday night Open            Nancy's Bridge House will offer two 99er       Orleans. Similarly, Kate Hill & Sara Roth-
dence Saunders & Bill McIntosh, Elena           Pairs, the best game for August, and a fu-     games per week, beginning in October, on        muller did us proud and went on to multi-
Laborde Bishop & Henri Cooper, and An-          ture free game, was won by Mark Wainer         Monday nights and Wednesday mornings.           ple play dates with great results at home
nemarie Moller & Phyllis Cramblet.              & Ken Llacera with 62.52%.                     Nancy Driscoll will be glad to arrange a        and in Oregon. Early news from Santa
 In a club game Susan & Jim Slinger had a        Congratulations!                              partner for you. No sign-ups are required.      Clara is that Sara won the Charity Pairs
70.5% game and they both earned more             Former Wednesday evening students, now                                                        with a 70% game and Kate won a separate
than 20 masterpoints during the week.
Other high ranking players were Ken
                                                49ers, have started playing in their own
                                                section along side the NLMers, and are
                                                                                               Santa Clara Valley                              event, both with different partners.
                                                                                                                                                Congratulations to all. What a swath
Llacera, Eleana LaBorde Bishop, Jan Win-        getting to know the fun loving Tuesday                             By Ray Yuenger              they're cutting through the bridge world!
ham, Henri Cooper and Dick Wasserstrom.         evening bunch. The 49ers play fewer                                                             The Santa Rosa Sectional, October 2-3, is
 Before the August 28 unit game Wayne
Stuart presented his second seminar on
“Double Trouble.” This one focused on
Negative Doubles and Responsive Doubles.
                                                boards at a leisurely pace and get a printed
                                                analysis of the hands. New additions to the
                                                groups are welcome.
                                                 In appreciation of players supporting her
                                                                                               W            riting in advance of the next
                                                                                                            unit board meeting, I have no
                                                                                                            October events to report, other
                                                                                               than our Santa Clara Valley Fall Back sec-
                                                                                                                                               right around the corner. Call Larry Borsian
                                                                                                                                               707 658-2284 if you need information and
                                                                                                                                               Mark Hersko 707 837-8045 for partnership.
                                                                                                                                               We look forward to seeing you there.
It was informative and there were many          games over the past year, Nancy Wainer is      tional, starting on Friday the 22nd at 2:00      August club winners include several spec-
questions asked, and answered. Wayne            offering three lessons this fall on Wednes-    p.m. and ending on Sunday the 24th. It’s at     tacular results: Don Rogers (we'll miss
generously donated the fees collected for       day evenings. These two hour sessions are      our usual location, the San Jose Masonic        him!) & Mike Livensparger had a 75.8%
his seminar to the unit.                        free for those who attend the Tuesday eve-     Temple. For a game schedule, look at the        game; Pat Scoville & Helene Gay scored a
 The unit’s financial situation received a      ning game the night before, and will cost      ad elsewhere in this paper.                     71% game, and Steve Hundley & Ramona
big boost from the successful rummage sale      $7.00 for others. The instruction will in-      In August at the Castro Valley Sectional,      Haller had a 70% game. Ramona & Steve
wonderfully organized and executed by           clude discussing the bidding, defense and      Nongyu Li took first in a pairs game with a     placed nationally overall during Great
Teri Handzel, and staffed by unit members.      play of some hands from the previous night     69%. Katharine Jin was first in another         Western Summer Fun STAC week, too.
Contributions were generous resulting in a      along with some “Brush Up Your Basics.”        pairs game, with Nongyu earning a strat          Kudos on these wonderful achievements.
profit of $2500, as well as donations of         The next two dates are October13 & No-        top. Peggy Sprague also had a strat top.         Our other winners were Chris Flindt, Eve-
leftovers to non-profit organizations.          vember 10.                                     Susama & Amar Chunder and Louis Martin          lyn Holtz, Elise Henderson, Gladys Saw-
 The board has put off the purchase of a         Nancy will also run a bridge camp on          and Rajeeva Sharma had section tops. Will       yer, Jock & Phyllis Rader, Larry Hansen,
                                                                                               Watson’s Swiss team won its bracket.            Sara Rothmuller, Bill Stead, Marie Eakle,
Results - - Continued from page 13                                                              At the San Mateo Sectional, Mike Cailean       Kate Hill, Jackie Ortiz, Peggy Leiser, Deb-
Senior Swiss Teams         (17 teams)            Swiss Teams      (42 teams)                   was first in a pairs event. Rajeeva Sharma      bie Tesler, Jerry Scoville, Linn Erickson,
1.  Faye Parsons, Saratoga - Jeffrey Hack,       1.  Veronica McMurdie - John McMurdie,        & Corinne Carter had a strat top. T-C           Howard Jacobs, Carl Tillmanns, Steve
    San Jose - Ronda O'Farrell - Ed Weiss,           Sacramento - Gary Brown, San              Yang, Stephen Tu & Nongyu Li were first         Bearg, Patricia Gittings, Kathy Venton,
    Sun City Center FL                               Francisco - Stephen Goldstein,            in the A and X flights of the Swiss. Ivan       Bob Klein, Jennifer Jones, Mark Hersko,
2. Hamish Bennett, Menlo Park - Panette              Anaheim                                   Jen’s team was first in the B flight.           Kate Wilmore, Delores Headley, John He-
    Talia, Campbell - Harriel Shea -             2. Peggy Ware - Spencer Jones, Denver          At the All-Western Regional, in the top        isler, Laura Camm, El Shaw, Nicole
    Frances Dickman, San Jose                        CO - Meg Myers - McKenzie Myers,          ten of the premier two-day pairs event were     Rimmel, Lynn Almirol, John Vion, John
3. Trina Bowman - Dave Bernstein, Los                Portland OR                               Qing Yang & Ethan Yi Liu in second,             Richardson, Gary Robinson, Erin Sheffield,
    Altos - Brij Mohan Banda, Fremont -          1B. Randy Jones, Los Altos - Janice Nakao     Nongyu Li in third, Li-Chung Chen in            Margaret Ewald, Madaline Bessing, Sally
    Fung Bao, Cupertino                              - Thomas Quinlan, San Mateo -             sixth, and Dianne Shannon & Lynn Yokel          Jamison, Barbara McAuliffe, Lynn Don-
1B. Kenneth Llacera - Donald Seldeen -               Gertrude Ebesu, Honolulu HI               in ninth.                                       dero, John Kozero, Jane Mayer, Chuck
    Neil Joseph Smyth, Santa Cruz - Mick         2B.1C. H. Lyle Supp, Morgan Hill - Ron         In other Open Pairs games, first in their      Murphy, Meryl Fischer, Erwin Linzer, Fred
    Friedberg, Aptos                                 Schwarer, Pismo Beach - Michael           strats (and sometimes in the events) were       Blatt, Pat Frenaye, Patty Hertz, Cindy
2B.1C. Michael O'Leary - Judith Clark,               Ravera - Pamela Woods, San Jose           Mark Pensler & Joan Seipel, Ken                 Ketelsen, Dave Pankratz, Lynn Blumentha,
    Santa Clara - Larry Lasher, Moffetville      2C. David Fotland - Wendy Fotland -           Rosenfeld & Joel Koransky, Mervin &             Shelly Schuster, Debby Walton, Jon Merry,
    - John Hornback, Los Altos                       Jonathan Fotland, San Jose - Annette      Shirley Falk, Kit Humphrey, Manuela Ma-         Lee Grams, Carol Kemper, Mary Omodt,
3B. Marion Robertson - Lois Low Tan -                Kronmiller, Chapel Hill NC
    Robert Hayn - Douglas Keller, San            Swiss Teams      (44 teams)                   rani, Mary Williamson & Fred Brown,             Andy Holroyd-Sills, Ron McEwan, Joanne
    Francisco                                    1.  Lisa Berkowitz - Susan Miller, Boca       Mischel Postas & Josephine Murray;              Pransky, Barry Samuel, Paul Scheinberg,
Stratified Swiss Teams      (29 teams)               Raton FL - David Grainger, Bend OR -      Robert Dean; Steve Burnham & Philip             Kay Ritter, Arlene Place, Oak Sawyer, Sue
1.   Larry Mohr, Woodside - Gene                     Richard Reitman, Los Gatos                Freiberger; Roberta Murai & Miwako              Snow, Larry Borsian, Tom Gee, Kathy
     Simpson, San Rafael - Hamish                2. Hamish Bennett, Menlo Park - Bob           Wong; Henri Farhi; Neal Webb & Jack             Juarez. You guys were all just great!
     Bennett, Menlo Park - Bruce Noda,               Etter, Sacramento - Billy Miller, Las     Verson; Bill Langlois & Bill Reister; David      Coming attractions include a competitive
     Corte Madera                                    Vegas - Frances Dickman, San Jose         Mack; Peggy Sprague & Gigi Spinazze.            bidding session Thursday morning, Sep-
2. Lou Ann O'Rourke, Portola Valley -            1B. Gloriana Garma - Marilyn Ribardo,          Other unit members enjoyed success in the      tember 30; Tranquil Teams on October 16;
     Eddie Wold, Houston TX - Haig                   San Jose - Susan Stiege, Los Altos -      side pairs games, but I don’t have room         the “mellow yellow” game on the evening
     Tchamitch, Scottsdale AZ - Marc                 Margaret Becker, Saratoga                 here to acknowledge them.                       of October 29 – this is really fun. Try it!
     Jacobus - Geoff Hampson, Las Vegas          2B. Elizabeth Noronha - Bob Clements -         In limited pairs games, prevailing were         Absolute Beginner lessons start October
3. Missy Coy - Jack Verson - Malcolm                 Anne Cohler - Charles Cohler, San         Bob & Carole Woldstad, Sheila Martin &          14 & 19.
     McLaughlin, San Jose - Erin Gove,               Francisco                                 Stacie Bowman, Asok & Mala Chandra;              Our next unit game will be November 14.
     Los Gatos                                   2C. Charles Riffle, Emerald Hills -           Pat Wong & Bin Liu; Rochelle Gutmann;            Does the word “November” make you
1B. Doug Hong - Norman Marks, San Jose               Douglas Grant, San Francisco - Justin     Regina Norberg & Kathleen Weiman; Dee           think of the Holiday Party? It should –
     - Cindy Gilbert, Cupertino - Art Quey,          Beck, Millbrae - Ivan Jen, San Jose
                                                                                               Ann Hansen & Dick Yaeger; Jory Segal;           coming December 12 is the Holiday Party.
     San Mateo                                   Swiss Teams      (29 teams)
2/3B. Jim Solomon, Hayward - James               1.  Laura Kenney - Gene Simpson, San          Barbara Weber; Holly True; and Phyllis          More details will follow, but be on the
     Gardner, Sonoma - Ginnie Blitzman,              Rafael - Rajeev Gupta, San Mateo -        Reinhardt & Robert Lee.                         lookout for an info sheet and board of di-
     Mission Viejo - Anthony Trebaol,                Joyjit Sarma, Torrance                     Winning in Knockouts were Rose Meltzer;        rector ballots in October. A reservation
     Milpitas                                    2. Mary Ann Berg, Atherton - John             Cassandra Leung, Paul Lee, Samuel Shat &        sheet will come thereafter. It's no-host liq-
2/3B.1C. Steven Lipson - Serl Zimmerman,             Mohan, Huixquilucan Mexico - Lew          Fung Bao; Bob Ward & Stuart Whannel;            uids at 11:00 a.m., lunch and annual meet-
     Palm Desert - Stephen Lubeck, San               Stansby, Dublin - Roger Bates, Mesa       Sherry Waki; Erin Gove & Janet Adamiak;         ing at noon and many bridge hands to fol-
     Carlos - Frances Bennett, Palo Alto         1B. David Cartwright, Oakland - Stuart        Rajeeva Sharma & Corinne Carter; Joel           low. All in all, an un-missable event,
2C. Peter Weber - Susan Vildosola - Juanita          Schneck, Piedmont - Martha Keller,        Koransky & Ken Rosenfeld; Regina Nor-            Conundrum of the day: why does it feel so
     Mason - Judy Jessick, Fresno                    San Francisco - Josephine Ventura,        berg & Kathleen Weiman; Dinah McNutt            much worse to go down one at 6♥ vs. down
Swiss Teams       (26 teams)                         San Mateo                                 & Ken Rosenfeld; and Mary LeGrand.              one at 3♥ hearts? It shouldn't – the boards
1.    Geeske Joel, Palo Alto - Tobi              2B. Regina Norberg - Kathleen Weiman -         First in their two-session Swiss strats were   stand alone in pairs events. Take your
      Sokolow, Austin TX - Debbie                    Rochelle Gutmann, Cupertino - Sharon      Doug Hong, Norman Marks & Cindy Gil-            medicine, score the undertrick and move
      Rosenberg, New Rochelle NY - Janice            Krawetz, Sunnyvale                        bert; Robert & Marcia Dean; Faye Parsons        on. Be like a jet pilot; never look back.
      Seamon-Molson, Hollywood FL                Swiss Teams      (33 teams)
                                                                                               & Jeff Hack; and Judy Clark & Michael            Wishing everyone an astounding autumn;
2.    Chris Flindt, Sebastopol - Kathy           1.   Lou Ann O'Rourke, Portola Valley -
                                                      Marc Jacobus - Geoff Hampson, Las        O’Leary. That was the regional.                 would have said “Fabulous Fall” but I was
      Venton, Petaluma - David Pankratz -
                                                      Vegas NV - Eddie Wold, Houston TX         Congratulations to our newest Masters:         afraid someone would take me literally.
      Lynn Blumenthal, Santa Rosa
1B.   Peggy Sprague, Los Gatos - Melinda         2.1B. John Chan, Sacramento - Valentin        Kelsey Kerr, Carol Laucella, Robert Lee
      Foos, Campbell - Michael Fleisher,              Vieru, Citrus Heights - Terry            (Junior); Tim Prime (Sectional); Susama
                                                                                               Chunder (Regional); Lynn Bartz, Corinne
                                                                                                                                               South County
      San Jose - Georgianna Spinazze,                 Kellerman, Fremont - John Tse, San
      Saratoga                                        Jose                                     Carter (Regional); Maxine Lubow (Silver).                           By Jim Solomon
                                                 2B. James Scott - Carol Scott, El Cerrito -    I’m saddened to report the passing of three

2B.   Charles Conrad, Castro Valley - Susan
      Lampert, San Lorenzo - Trudie                   Jim Solomon, Hayward - James             unit members, newer players Harry Shan-                  ctober is ACBL’s club apprecia-
      Sinclair, Emeryville - Margaret                 Gardner, Sonoma                          non and Ted DiSilvestre and also Jim Ha-                 tion month, and you can get in on
      Halland, San Leandro                       1C. Ingrid Purcell, Larkspur - Sue Parker,    yashi, who had directed at our club for 40               a bunch of extra masterpoints
1C.   Denise Pitsch - Diana Lowe, Palo Alto           Sausalito - Martha Marriott, Mill        years. Jim was also a strong player and         (including gold ones!) at your favorite
      - Lynn Giusti - Rick Giusti, Sunnyvale          Valley - Vicki Quinn, Corte Madera       bridge theoretician, who taught a lot of us     clubs. Check the schedule below or consult
2C.   Gary Ansok, Camarillo - Abbe Cohen,        2C. Daniel Fong, Rancho Cordova - Mary        something about the game.                       club manager for dates and types of games
      Santa Rosa - Robert Horowitz, West              Ose - Elizabeth Sachs - Desiree Soto,     Signing off as rayyuenger@gmail.com            (pairs and Swiss Teams). And in the spirit
      Palm Beach FL - Douglas Ryan,                   Sacramento                                                                                                  (Continued on page 16)
      Redwood City

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