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									December 1, 2009

TO:           District Superintendents, Principals, SBCEO Superintendents and Administrators,
              County Board of Education Members, Parent Groups
FROM:         Petti Pfau, Director of Teacher Programs, 964-4711 ext. 5281

RE:           2010 Venoco Crystal Apple Educator Awards

            Please post and make available to all public school employees, parents and students.
                                See other side for nomination details!

Once again this year, Venoco, Inc. is sponsoring 10 Crystal Apple Educator Awards, five North
County and five South County, in the following categories:

        Elementary Teacher - Grades K-6
        Secondary Teacher - Grades 6-12 (middle, junior, or senior high)
        Certificated Support Provider- School, District, or Countywide
        Administrator - School Site, District Office
        Classified Employee - School Site, District Office

School employees, parents and students are invited to nominate educators whom they feel have
provided exceptional service to students. All nominations should be based on the exemplary
character of the educator’s work, not solely on his or her popularity or longevity. If several
people agree that an educator should be nominated, that group should submit one
nomination form.

As appropriate to each award category, the following criteria will be used by the Selection
Committee. Members will be looking for information, including specific examples, illustrating
that a person has exemplary:

        •   Dedication to the education of students.
        •   Ability to interact effectively with students.
        •   Ability to interact effectively with staff and community to meet students’ needs.
        •   Ability to challenge and inspire students to learn.
        •   Instructional and motivational skills.

The awards will be presented at the Teachers Network Education Celebration on May 27, 2009 to
which recipients will be invited as guests. Each award includes a $500 honorarium.
                                     Nomination Instructions
                           2010 Venoco Inc. Crystal Apple Educator Awards

1.       Download the Nomination form:

2.       Fill in the form. The best way to complete the form is to type the text in a separate Word
         document following this format exactly, then copy and paste it into the correct boxes on the form.
         This will allow you to use some formatting elements (cut/paste, spell-check) that are restricted if
         you type directly into the locked form.

3.       If you are unable to use the downloaded form, please follow the format below in your own Word

4.       Print a hard copy and send by the deadline to:          Teacher Programs Department
                                                                 Santa Barbara County Education Office
                                                                 P. O. Box 6307
                                                                 Santa Barbara, CA 93160-6307
                                                                 Questions? 805-964-4711 ext. 5281

                           **DEADLINE: Friday, March 12, 2010**

PAGE 1: Nominee and Nominator Information
       Name of nominee
       Award category: see other side for five categories
       Nominee’s school & district
       Nominee’s home address
       Nominee’s phone number
       Your name (if a committee, please give one contact name only)
       Your phone number
       Your address, including city and zip
       If anyone joins you in endorsing this nominee, list names here (limited to this page please).

PAGE 2: Nomination
       Award category
       Nominee’s job title and responsibilities (grade, subject/s taught, other assignments where
          employee interacts with students).
       List THREE ADJECTIVES that describe your nominee.

PAGES 3 & 4: Personal Anecdotes:
       For each anecdote provide name, title and relationship to nominee
       1 inch margins, 12-point Times font, single spaced
       250 word limit per anecdote
       2 anecdotes per page; 4 total
       Print on plain white paper; no binders, covers etc.

Personal anecdotal commentaries are extremely helpful in making the final selection for these awards. You
are invited to provide up to four different perspectives from four different people to demonstrate the
qualifications and character traits that your nominee possesses. However, you are only required to submit
one Personal Anecdote. Anecdotes might include comments about your nominee’s: 1) dedication to the
education of students; 2) ability to interact effectively with students; 3) ability to interact effectively with
staff and community to meet students’ needs; 4) ability to challenge and inspire students to learn; 5)
exemplary instructional and motivational skills. Please refrain from using your nominee’s name in the

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