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					                                         Luis A. Ramos
Luis “Lou” Ramos was an exceptional leader who served our Lehigh Valley community and the
Allentown School district with both passion and compassion. His untimely death on Tuesday, January 1,
2008, was the result of a car accident.
A longtime advocate for education, Lou was the chairman of the Allentown School District (ASD)
Empowerment Team that drafted a plan in 2001 to boost academic performance. He and the late Dr.
Mark Young provided the leadership to ASD when it faced empowerment -- leadership that resulted in
the district being removed from this status and beginning a path of improvement.
Lou was widely known in Allentown as a leader who was a founding member of the Hispanic Business
Council, a wing of the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce formed in 1987. The council promoted
educational opportunities for Hispanics. It merged with the Latin Alliance, another Hispanic community
organization, to become today’s Latino Leadership Alliance.
He was a pioneer in promoting the regions Latino businesses and was devoted to fostering education
within the Latino community. He was a dedicated employee of P.P.L. Corporation for 34 years. He was
appointed to the State Board of Education in 2001 by then-Gov. Tom Ridge and served as chairman of
the Council of Basic Education. Lou was also appointed to the U.S. Senate Republican Task Force on
Hispanic Affairs and served on the National Assessment Governing Board, an independent, bipartisan
                                group whose members include governors, state legislators, local and
                                state school officials, educators, business representatives, and
                                members of the general public.
                                Born in Patillas, Puerto Rico, he and his family came to Bethlehem's
                                South Side when he was 7 years old. A member of Freedom High
                                School's first graduating class, Lou earned an associate degree in
                                engineering from Penn State University and a bachelor's degree from
                                Lehigh University.
                                An avid soccer player, Lou served as a referee in professional soccer
                                games and later became a coach for the Bethlehem Soccer Club and
                                founded the Lehigh Valley United F.C. soccer Club. He was also
                                instrumental in the formation of the Allentown Youth Soccer League.
                                Lou was on the board of the Minsi Trails Council Boy Scouts of America
                                and was a former trustee of DeSales University.
He received the Distinguished Service Award of the Lehigh Valley Chamber, the Lehigh University
Volunteer Service Award, the Minsi Trails Council Boy Scouts of America award and the Community
Fabric Award from Northampton Community College.
His position with PPL at the time of his untimely death was as community relations manager for the
Susquehanna nuclear power plant near Berwick, PA, which he had held since 2004. He was chairman
of the Berwick Area Chamber of Commerce; a board member of the Columbia-Montour Council Boy
Scouts of America and Maria Joseph Manor; and was active in fundraising for the Berwick Area United
Way, the Columbia-Montour Council Boy Scouts of America, the Berwick Public Library and the Berwick
Area Y.M.C.A.
Luis A. Ramos made extraordinary contributions that have led to sustained and meaningful
improvements in the ASD. Thousands of children have had the opportunity to receive a better education
as a result of his tireless efforts.

It is now up to us that a prestigious naming opportunity be used to honor the legacy of civic
leadership and community service left by Lou Ramos. Won’t you please take action and submit
your nomination now?

¡En la unión está la fuerza!

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