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A-walking by lovelucy1990



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                   Little ones at play
             Went out one summer's day,
               They went out a-walking
                  Just for fun-fun-fun.
            But when they stopped to rest,
            The first were served the best.
            They found them seats a-plenty
                 All but one-one-one.

                  Goodbye! Goodbye!
               We're very, very sorry that
                 You have to go away.
                  Goodbye! Goodbye!
             Please come with us a-walking
                    Yet another day.
                   Game Instructions

     Arrange chairs in a double line, back to back.
Have one less chair than the number of children playing.
      The children walk around the chairs singing,
   and seat themselves suddenly on "one-one-one."
As the child who is without a chair returns to the table,
     the rest sing the "Goodbye" part of the song.
       Repeat game until all chairs are removed.

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