Uttar Pradesh INSTRUCTIONS by Imwithjanet


									                                 COUNSELING INSTRUCTIONS FOR 2nd ROUND : JIIT, NOIDA

Based on merit obtained in AIEEE-2009, you are called for counseling (subject to verification of your AIEEE -
2009 admit & rank card in original) for admission to degree programs in JIIT, Noida.

Kindly note that the 2nd round of counseling shall be held as per the following schedule and instructions:
Reporting (Date and Time)                 :     July10, 2009 (9.00 A.M.)

Place of Reporting and Counseling          :     Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University
                                                 A-10, Sector-62 (Near Shipra Mall)
                                                 Uttar Pradesh


1     The candidate must come for counseling in person. No proxy counseling is allowed for any reason
      including medical sickness.

3     Please carry following documents at the time of counseling failing which you shall not be allowed to
      attend the same:
      •     AIEEE Admit Card affixed with your photograph (in original) & one self attested photocopy.
      •     AIEEE Result Card in original.
      •     10th Class Marks sheet (in original) & one self attested photocopy.
      •     12th Class Marks sheet (in original) & one self attested photocopy.
      •     SC/ST Certificate (in original, if applicable) and one self attested photocopy.
4     Report at the Reception at 9.00 AM on the prescribed date and place of counseling. The counseling
      activity will commence at 09.30 AM on the prescribed date and will continue uninterrupted until the
      merit list of the respective day is over.
5     Please note that the University will not entertain any request for change of the counseling dates.
6     At the start of counseling the candidates will be asked to fill up a Choice Form. One copy is to be
      retained by the candidate.
7     The candidate will be called for counseling in order of merit of AIEEE overall all India rank.
8     The candidates will be allotted the program and branch of choice strictly as per merit of AIEEE overall all
      India rank.
9     Candidates who do not present themselves for counseling when called as per their rank schedule,
      will be given a chance again only at the end of the same day in order of merit, after all the
      candidates, scheduled for that day have been called for counseling. They shall have claim only for the
      program and branch available at that time. No claim for admission after the date of counseling shall be
10    In the event of vacancies arising in the selected programs/branches of his / her choice up to the date of
      Registration (i.e. the date of joining the University which is 18/19 July 2009), the program/branch of the
      study allotted to the candidate shall be upgraded automatically as per priority in the choice form unless
      he / she gives an option in writing for freezing the same, during counseling itself or any time before the
      up gradation is carried out. Any request by candidate after up gradation is announced for retaining the
      original program/branch previously allotted shall not be accepted. The up-gradation shall be carried out
      as per the following schedule:-
      (a)     First     16   July,2009
      (b)     Second    28   July,2009                     Ugradation may be carried out prior to the dates mentioned. The
      (c)     Third     11   August,2009(if required)      students must view the website regularly.
      (d)     Fourth    18   Aug.2009(if required)
     The seats available at the end of Ist counseling is as per table below

            PROGRAMS                                                  JIIT, University
      ECE                                                            -                   39
      CSE                                                            -                   51
      IT                                                             -                   30
      BIOTECHNOLOGY                                                 26                    -
      5 YR DUAL DEGREE B. TECH-M. TECH (BIOTECH)                    15                    -
                                                                    15                    -

12   Hostel
     Hostel Seats are NOT available


     The University is expanding (within the same Municipal Limits) to sector-128, NOIDA w.e.f Academic Session
     2009-10. Initially the classes will be held at sector -62 for a period of 4-6 weeks time.

14   Payable at the time of counseling
     (a) Tuition Fee                          Rs.35,000 per semester (to be paid for I Semester).
     (b) Wait List Fee: At the time of counseling, a candidate may be put on the wait list, if so desired, by
         depositing a draft of Rs. 35,000/-(Rupees thirty five thousand).
     Further the candidate if selected shall have to pay following at the time of registration on
     18/19 July 2009 (date of joining the University).
     (d) Institutional Development Fund (IDF)          Rs.45,000     per annum.
     (e) Caution Money                                 Rs.10,000    (one time).
     Since payments for IDF and caution money are done at the time of Registration, separate
     instructions for making the drafts shall be issued in the admission letter later.
     Kindly bring one draft for Rs. 35,000/- (Rupees Thirty Five Thousand only) towards Tuition Fee for one
     semester. In case the candidate does not get the seat the same draft may be used for wait listing.

     Notes :
     Payment by Cheques/Cash is not acceptable.
     All the demand drafts / pay orders at the time of counselling should be made in favour of
     Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University payable at NOIDA/DELHI.

     The refund shall be made only on receipt of application in writing or through e-mail. In case a candidate
     is admitted but does not register on 18/19 July 2009 then it will be assumed that he/she is not
     interested and refund shall be processed as per rules. In case candidate is up-graded from the waitlist
     and does not register by due date given in the admission letter then it will be assumed that he/she is
     not interested and refund shall be processed as per the rules. Candidate who registers for the program
     and then withdraws shall be required to submit a No Dues Certificate along with a written application
     irrespective of his/her not joining the University even for a single day before the refund is processed.
         Tuition Fee & IDF
         In compliance to Instructions of MHRD / AICTE, the University shall refund the amounts deposited
         by the candidates who fails to register on the specified date i.e.18/19 july2009), after deducting a
         processing fee of Rs. 1000/- (one thousand only). In case the candidate registers on 18/19 July
         2009 or later and then withdraws, the refund shall be made after deducting pro-rata monthly
         charges, provided the seat is filled up. Otherwise, the student shall forfeit the entire amount.
         Further, in case candidate withdraws after date of closure of admission process (22 Aug, 2009), the
         entire amount deposited by the candidate, except caution money shall be forfeited. It may further
         be noted that any part of the month shall be treated as full month. The semester duration is of five
         months and annual fee shall be treated for 10 months for calculation of pro-rata refunds.
         Caution Money:
         Caution Money shall to be refunded after completion of the course or at the time of withdrawal from
         the programme on submission of No Dues Certificate from concerned deptts. and application in
          Hostel Fee:
          The hostel fee will be refunded after charging students monthly fee @ Rs.5500/- after candidate
          joins the hostel. Any part of the month, shall be treated as full month.
          Waitlist Fee:
          It is fully refundable in case a student is not offered any branch, as per Choice Form up to the
          specified last date of admission i.e. 22 Aug 2009. In case student is offered a seat and does not join
          or withdraws before the date specified for closure of admission (22 Aug 2009), he/she shall be
          eligible for complete refund after deducting processing fee of Rs. 1000/- provided the seat is filled
          up. In case student does not join on being offered seat and seat is left vacant, entire amount shall
          be forfeited.
 16       The table showing the refund amounts is as follows:

       Date       of          Last Date     Tuition Fee       IDF                Hostel       Waitlist
       Deposition                of
       Counseling            Before or 18   Rs.34000/-        NA                 Rs.27500/-   Rs.35000/- (If not
       date or any           July 2009                                                        allotted a seat on
       time before 18                                                                         up-gradation)
       July   on   up
                             Before or on   Rs.28000/-        Rs.40500/-         Rs.22000/-    Rs.35000/- (If not
                             31 July 2009                                                      allotted a seat on
                                                                                               Rs.34000/-     if
                                                                                               upgraded and not
             On              On 01 Aug       Rs.21000/-        Rs.36000/-        Rs.16500/-    Rs.35000/- (If not
        Registration         2009     and    (provided         (provided no                    allotted a seat on
        up to 30 July        before or on    no seat is        seat is left                    up gradation)
            2009             22 Aug 2009     left vacant).     vacant).
                                                                                               Rs.34000/-       (If
                                             Nil if seat is    Nil if the seat
                                                                                               upgraded and not
                                             left vacant.      is left vacant.
                                                                                               provided no seat
                                                                                               is left vacant).
                                                                                               Nil if seat     left
       Any Time              After 23 Aug   NIL               NIL                Pro-rata     NIL

      The refund amounts shall be remitted through bank drafts/pay orders/cheques within 60 days of receipt
      of application for withdrawal or closure date of admission process, which ever is later. Please do not
      send reminders before that.
16    Jaypee India Scholars Fund
      On a voluntary basis, trustees, employees and faculty members of the Jaypee Universities, have joined
      hands to set up a merit-cum-means Scholarship (Jaypee India Scholars Fund) to assist students who on
      their merit have been selected but have limited economic means at their disposal.
      Therefore, on completion of their admission formalities, students may like to approach the University
      authorities and apply on the prescribed format along with the evidence of income of parents.
      Total numbers of 12 scholarships are available for the admission year 2009 at JIIT Noida. Selected
      students would be provided financial assistance of Rs 1.15 Lacs (covering Tuition Fee and IDF payable
      by the Students).
      The scholarship will be available for all the 4 years of their study, provided they maintain a minimum
      performance every year in their respective program of study. The unique aspect of this scholarship
      scheme is that such students will also enter into an undertaking to repay back the total scholarship
      amount over a period of 3 years after graduating from the University.
      Eligibility Criteria
      Financial assistance would be given to students subject to the following criteria:
          Combined Income of the parents / guardians should be less than Rs. 1.50 Lacs per annum.
            Merit shall be determined on the basis of weightages of marks obtained in 10th and 12th exams and
            the AIEEE Rank as given below:
                    10th class exam – 15%
                    12th class exam – 35%
                    AIEEE Rank – 50%

      To be eligible for continuation of this assistance in subsequent years, the student would need to fulfill
      the following criteria and reapply to the University.
            CGPA greater than or equal to 7.0 (on a 10-point scale).
            Combined income of the parents/guardian less than or equal to Rs 1.5 lacs per annum.

      (e)           General
      Please note that the University reserves the right to withhold the result or cancel the admission at any
      time during the candidate’s stay because of his/her submitting false information/ facts.
      The candidate’s registration to join will be taken as his/ her acceptance to abide by all the conditions
      stated above and also the rules, regulations or standing orders issued by the University’s from time to
      time. Non-observance of any of these conditions or violation of any of the rules, regulations, orders etc.
      can lead to the student’s termination.
      No TA/ DA shall be provided to the candidates for attending the counseling session.
      It is mandatory for students to abide by the Dress Code as prescribed by the University.
      For infrastructural facilities, lab, academic and placement details at the University please visit website:
      Ragging is banned in any form in the campuses. Strict anti-raging measures have been instituted to
      ensure that the campuses are free from any such incidents. Any one found indulging in ragging is likely
      to be punished appropriately, which may include expulsion from the University.

                                   STUDENT COUNSELING PROCESS

Steps During Counseling

1   Information about the availability of seats in the various programs/branches, will be displayed in the
    seating area. The information will be updated regularly.

2   The information shall also be available on website www.jiit.ac.in. Candidates called for counseling on the
    second or subsequent days, must therefore view the details on the website, to enable themselves plan for
    the available seats in advance.

3   Faculty members will be available in the seating area for help and guidance of the candidates during
    counseling. All queries about the Academic Programs can be clarified from them.

4   The following steps will be followed during the counseling process:

5   (a) Reporting Attendance. Your attendance showing time of arrival shall be marked on the computer.

    (b)     Briefing: All candidates shall be briefed by the authorities before commencement of seat allocation
    (c)     Filling of the Choice Form.
            (i)   Choice form including instructions for filling-up the same will be issued to all the candidates on
            (ii)  The choice of programs/branches should be made and filled as per the status of available
            (iii)    Therefore, the choice form should be filled just before the candidate presents
                     himself / herself before the Branch Allocation Desk.
    (d)     Call for branch. For branch allocation, the candidates will be called in order of merit. If a candidate
            is not present at the time of call, he/she will miss his/her chance for counseling at that merit.
            However, he/she will get another chance only after all the candidates for that day have been called
            for counseling and will be considered for the available seats at that point of time.
    (e)     Presenting the documents for verification of candidature: Please carry the counseling letter
            sent to you by post and the documents mentioned in the letter. The details of documents required
            are also given in instructions for counseling document.
    (f)   Presenting the Choice Form at the Branch allocation Desk for allotment of the available
    (g)   Deposition of fees at the Accounts Desk.
    (i)   Collection of provisional admission letter from the Registrar.
    (j)   Tailor shall be made available in the University. Candidates may carry Rs. 2500/- in cash and settle
          the advance with the tailor directly while giving the dress measurements. The terms and
          conditions of refund in case of withdrawal must be tied up with the tailor only. University
          shall not be responsible for lapse, if any, on the part of tailor.
    (k)   Banks which provide education loans shall be, asked to open counters to facilitate prospective
          candidates. Candidates should interact directly with representatives of the Banks.

Wait-List Candidates
If a candidate is not allotted any branch of his/ her choice in the selected program/branch, he/ she may request
to be placed in the waitlist. The waitlisted candidates shall have to be deposit Rs.35,000/- through a demand
draft in favor of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University payable at Noida If at a later date, the
University offers admission to one of the branches given as per priority given in the choice form, he/ she would
be permitted to register with in a specified date. However, if the vacancy is not provided the refund shall be
made as per the refund policy.

Change Of Branch
In the event of vacancies arising in the branches of his / her choice up to the date of Registration the branch of
the study allotted to the candidate shall be upgraded automatically unless he / she gives an option of freezing
the allotted branch, during counseling itself or before the registration in writing. His / Her request after up
gradation for retaining the original branch allotted shall not be accepted. Those students, who opt to freeze their
allotted branch during the counseling or anytime thereafter, shall not be considered for change any time in
future. No branch shall be changed after the admission process is closed.

Registration & Commencement Of Classes
All students will have to complete the registration process on 18/19 July 2009
(Saturday/Sunday). Classes will commence on 20 July, 2009 (Monday). No late registration is

Academic calendar, Academic System, standing orders and curricula will be issued to the students at the time
of registration. A student who does not register on the given date will have his/ her admission cancelled.

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