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					                           Task Specific Instruction -
                        SAFE WORK INSTRUCTIONS
Many Plumbing Contractors know they are required under OH&S Legislation to give their workers instruction on how to complete a
particular function within a Job or work task. For example how to use an Angle Grinder Safely, How to use a ladder Safely or How
to use an Electric Eel. However many contractors are not sure how they can put this information together in a concise manner.
Consequently, many plumbing contractors assume their workers have obtained this knowledge through practical experience or as part
of the trade training. In reality, some workers have obtained this knowledge through these methods, however many have not.

BEWARE Failure to provide proper instruction and training is prosecutable under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000
and may result in workplace accidents.
In the last two years, The Master Plumbers Association has delivered over 40 seminars to the Plumbing Industry and has developed
the Master Plumbers Safety and Consultation System for the Plumbing Industry. Which has quickly become the industry standard
for Occupational Health and Safety Management for the plumbing industry. In early 2004 we updated to the system to be more user
friendly and easy to manage.
In December 2004, the latest update to the system will be available on the Associations website. 50+ Safe Work Instructions to assist
members impart knowledge to their workers on many functions within a task.
These Safe Work Instructions include:
•   SWI No 1 Personal Protective Equipment                                                          •     SWI No 2 Manual Handling
•   SWI No 3 Safe Use Of Crane                                                                      •     SWI No 4 Safe Use Of Forklift
•   SWI No 5 Safe Use Of Oxy Acetylene                                                              •     SWI No 6 Safe Use Of Arc Welder
•   SWI No 7 Safe Use Of Lifting Equipment                                                          •     SWI No 8 Safe Use Of Ladders
•   SWI No 9 Safe Use Of Mobile Scaffolding                                                         •     SWI No 10 Safe Use Of Electric Drills
•   SWI No 11 Safe Use Of Angle Grinders                                                            •     SWI No 12 Safe Use Of Portable Electric Saw
•   SWI No 13 Safe Use Of Electric Friction Saw (Drop Saw)                                          •     SWI No 14 Safe Use Of Nibblers – Shears
•   SWI No 15 Safe Use Of Pipe Screwing Machines                                                    •     SWI No 16 Safe Use Of Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (E.L.C.B.)
•   SWI No 17 Safe Use Of Hazardous Substances                                                            Residual Current Device (R.C.D.) And Extension Cord
•   SWI No 18 Working At Heights                                                                    •     SWI No 19 Safe Use Of Chain Block
•   SWI No 20 Safe Use Of Solvents                                                                  •     SWI No 21 Safe Use Of Elevated Platforms
•   SWI No 22 Safe Handling And Storage Of Gas Cylinders                                            •     SWI No 23 Safe Use Of Synthetic Mineral Fibres
•   SWI No 24 Safe Use Of Reciprocating Saw                                                         •     SWI No 25 Safe Use Of Electric Cement Mixer
•   SWI No 26 Safe Use Of Electric Jack Hammer                                                      •     SWI No 27 Safe Use Of Water Cooled Saw
•   SWI No 28 Safe Use Of Explosive Powered Tools (Eg. Ramset)                                      •     SWI No 29 Safe Use Of Mechanical Digging Devices
•   SWI No 30 Safe Use Of Shoring                                                                   •     SWI No 31 Safe Use Of Flaring Tools
•   SWI No 32 Safe Removal Of Asbestos                                                              •     SWI No 33 Safe Use Of Perimeter Fencing
•   SWI No 34 Safe Use Of Sarking                                                                   •     SWI No 35 Safe Use Of Fall Arrest Systems
•   SWI No 36 Safe Entry Into Confined Spaces                                                       •     SWI No 37 Safe Use Of Hand Tools
•   SWI No 38 Safe Use Of Pipe Bending And Cutting Equipment                                        •     SWI No 39 Safe Installation Of Subsurface Large Tanks
•   SWI No 40 Safe Installation Of Large Tanks Above Ground                                         •     SWI No 41 Safe Use Of Pallets Jacks - Trolleys Etc
•   SWI No 42 Safe Use Of Excavators And Backhoes                                                   •     SWI No 43 Safe Use Of Electric Eels
•   SWI No 44 Safe Use Of Tile Cutters                                                              •     SWI No 45 Safe Use Of Paints
•   SWI No 46 Safe Use Of Aerosol Spray Paints                                                      •     SWI No 47 Safe Storage Of Materials
•   SWI No 48 Setting Up And Tying Down A Ute Safely                                                •     SWI No 49 Setting Up And Tying Down A Van Safely
•   SWI No 50 Safe Use Of Map Gas

Members will be able to access 28 Safe Work Instruction as of 1st December 2004. Safe Work Instructions 29 – 50 will be available
on the Website progressively. To access these Safe Work Instructions and the Master Plumbers Safety and Consultation System for
the Plumbing Industry simply go to www.masterplumbers.com.au and go to the MEMBERS ONLY section. Once inside click the
blue button for the Master Plumbers Safety System an go to section 19.

If you have not attended one of the 2004/5 Updated Master Plumbers Safety and Consultation System for
the Plumbing Industry Seminars call Steve Cunningham on 02 8789 7000 to register. Seminar will
recommence in February 2005.
     Cancellation: No refunds will be made under any circumstances unless cancellation is received in writing more than (2) working days prior to the event. Substitute delegates are welcome.
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