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									In his job as Vice Dean of the Law Department Professor
José María de Areilza is re-shaping the law programmes at
Instituto de Empresa, turning them into courses that deal with
Law in the Global Economy.
As well as teaching European Union law and International
Trade law at Instituto de Empresa, Prof. Areilza is wielding
influence over the European legal landscape through his
participation in Total Law, an informal network of EU law
professors from six countries that is working to develop a new
way of teaching law. “We’re trying to train lawyers so that they
know not only how to interpret law but also how to understand
the political, economic and business consequences of legal
decisions and how this context influences the interpretation of
the law,” he says. This year he will be a Visiting Professor at
UCP Lisboa and at Melbourne Law School.
Prof. Areilza has both a Civil Law and a Common law
background. He is admitted to the New York Bar and he
studied five years at Harvard Law School, where he received
his Master of Laws and his Doctorate. In 2007 he has been
awarded by the European Commission a Jean Monnet Chair
at IE Business School. He has also written more than 30
academic articles on institutions and decision-making in the
European Union and on the relationship between the EU and
its Member states. He is a frequent contributor to the opinion
pages of ABC, El Pais and El Correo and is the founding
editor of the weblog
In addition to his research, practical experience informs Prof
Areilza’s teaching, gained when working at the Spanish Prime
Minister’s Office between 1996 and 2000 or on drawing up the
text of the European Constitution during 2002. “I’ve had the
practical experience and done the research,” he says. “And
that influences my teaching and the way we’re developing
new law programmes.”

Academic Background

     Law   degree      with   the    Special    University    Prize,
      Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
     Doctorate   in    Juridical    Sciences,   (S.J.D.)     Harvard
      University, USA
     Master of Laws (LL.M), Harvard University, USA
     Master of International Relations, The Fletcher School of
      Law and Diplomacy, USA

Academic Experience

     Professor of Law, Instituto de Empresa, 1996 to present
     Vice Dean and Director of Legal Studies, Instituto de
      Empresa, 2000 to present
     Visiting Professor at the College of Europe, Warsaw,
      Central European University, Budapest, the National
      University of Singapore and the William & Mary School of
      Law, Virginia, USA

Corporate Experience

     Advisor, Spanish Prime Minister's Office, specialising in
      European and North American affairs, 1996 to 2000
     Advisor   to   the   Representative   of   the   Spanish
      Government in the European Convention on the Future
      of Europe, 2002

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