xtra by yaofenjin


									GREEN FLUORITE        Hormone Balance. This stone has been helpful with hormonal changes such as PMS and menopause.

GREEN TOURMALINE      promote male balance; physical healing. I do not recommend this for females (use emerald or aventurine).

GREY MOONSTONE        Help one accept other stone's help by cleansing blocks. This can be hard to wear.

HAWK'S EYE/FALCON'S   Natural Green, grey or blue Tiger's eye-like quartz. Helps gain perspective to see/face situations fully. Seeing the overview
EYE                   clearly and unflinchingly, as from a Hawk's eyes. Stomach and brow chakras. Blue: Deepens meditation. helps us see the
                      truth (self, others, situations) in order to grow.

HEMATITE               Hematite is a stone for the mind. It helps one to "sort-out" things in one's mind and can be used for mental
                      attunement,memory enhancement, original thinking and technical knowledge. It is calming and encourages one to "reach
                      for the sun". It is said to attract "kind" love. It brings peace, self-control and inner happiness. Opaque, shiny silver. Saturn.
                      Grounding, focus, self discipline.

HEMATITE &            Silver-gray metallic. (High iron, mercury) One of the most grounding of all stones. Condenses scatteredness, fuzziness into
MARCASITE             mental clarity, concentration, memory, racticality, helps study, bookkeeping, detail work, sound sleep. Confidence, will
                      power, boldness. Egyptians used also to calm hysteria and anxiety. Yang. Helps us adjust to being physical. Spleen, blood,
                      cleanse. Can deflect. Regroups after jet lag, stress, birth, anesthesia.

HERKIMER DIAMOND      A special clear quartz. Shifts brain powerfully into alpha/deep stillness, opening the brow and crown CTRS for a strong,
                      clear channel, psychic readings, meditation, OBEs. May take one too "high" / spacey to wear. The "Dream stone" - in
                      meditation or pillow, it wonderfully enhances visualization, astral travel into the light and dream recall. Amplifies and stores
                      thoughts, energy; use as bridge to stimulate energy flow up through the chakras. Cleanse often.

                      Uranus. Releeases stress, cleanses subtle bodies. Stumlates clairvoyance, dream work. Crown chakra.

HIDDENITE             A spodumene, like kunzite. Green. Best known for drawing prosperity. Clears heart to receive. Eases love or $ loss.

HOWLITE                Howlite builds innate decency and dispels criticalness, and cold selfishness. It eliminates pain, stress and rage. It is a
                      stone for artistic inspiration and creativity and helps balance calcium levels in the body. Opaque white with thin dark lines.

                      White. Gently absorbs and uplifts stress, tension, anxiety, emotional intensity, etc. Quietly loving, calming. Works with the
                      heart center, bringing greater gentleness, patience, tact. Helps bones, teeth, and other calcium aspects of body.

IOLITE                (Cordierite) Clear bluish-lavendar. Truth, simplicity, imagery, peace. Living at higher awareness level. Alcohol / addiction
                      detoxificator, sobriety. A newer stone recently more available.

IRON PYRITE            Iron pyrite harmonizes energies, improves circulation, and eases anxiety, It is a money magnet. that shields from negative
                      energy and physical danger. Shiny opaque gold color. Available in small sizes only.

JADE                   Jade is the "Dream stone" and "Stone of Fidelity". Placed under the pillow, it helps with dream work. It is a stone for
                      strengthening, wisdom, protection and luck. .It allows one to actualize aspirations and attain limitless achievements.
                      Opaque, greenish white, red, pale green, dark green. Available in disks and old jade carvings.

                      Solid to translucent. Green. Health, wealth, longevity stone. Ancient Chinese used also for courage, wisdom, justice,
                      mercy, emotional balance, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, harmony. Lungs, heart, thymus, immune,
                      kidney and blood detoxification, nervous system. Androgynous. A gentle, steady energy.

                       Relaxation. Jade works wonders for my husband when placed on a sore shoulder or back. I have used it to reduce tension
                      in my life. I find that I am calmer when I wear Jade.

                      Venus, Neptune. Cooling, water element. Soothing, healing.

JASPER                 "The supreme nurturer", Jasper is known as the "Patron stone of counselors and healers". It is very healing and balancing
                      and was often worn by shamen for protection. It reminds us that we are here on the physical plane to bring joy and
                      substance to others, and to help free them.

                      Chalcedony qtz. Multi-colored, solid. Yellow, orange, brown, green. Yellow for stomach, intestines, liver, spleen areas.
                      earthy grounding. Green: Respiratory / Heart : General tissue regeneration; mineral assimilation; general healing. Darker
                      colors: more grounding. (Also less conductive for healing)

JET                    Jet dispels fearful thoughts and protects the wearer against illness and violence. It protects one during pursuit of business,
                      and helps stabilize one¹s finances. Soft black.

                      Pluto. Sacred to Pan. Helps to confront darker aspects of self and nature.
KUNZITE               Spodumene with lithium. Pink, clear. Powerful, high level stone. Strengthens healers, teachers. Opens the emotional heart
                      and spiritual heart. Unconditional lovingness, compassion. Healing abuse / loss / addictions. helps emotional balance,
                      confidence, connection to higher self, oneness. Reduces depression, mood swings, stress, radiation. Deepens altered
                      state: psychic readings, healing...being centered emotionally and spiritually.

                      Emotional Support. I use this stone to help my mind and my emotions be in sync.

KYANITE               Light blue, splintery. Placed on brow, this opens 3rd eye. Enhances psychic mages, foresight, consciousness, meditation,
                      communication. On 3rd eye; answers questions, especially in imagery. Brings out our natural ability to manifest things into
                      reality via thoughts, visualization. Tranquility.

                      Neptune, Pluto. Aligns chakras and subtle bodies.

LABRADORITE            Labradorite protects ones aura. It unites the personal self with the understanding required to both realize and achieve the
                      destiny of this life and synthesizes intellectual thought with intuitive, mystical and psychic. Semi translucent greenish gray
                      with opalescent flashes of color.

LABRADORITE           Subtle green / blue / yellow/etc. metallic iridescent. Brings forth each person's strengths to share with the world. Originality.
(CLEARER/LIGHTER) /   Easier, more restful sleep. Helps us relate to others. Opens energy flow to solar plexus and brow and whatever other
SPECTROLITE           centers are most in need. Still evolving along with us. Fragile, avoid salt cleansing. Uranus, Pluto, Neptune. Opens heart
(DARKER)              chakra.

LAPIS LAZULI           Understand the mind. Expanding your viewpoint. It is good for connecting the heart and the mind when worn over the

                       Lapis lazuli increases psychic abilities, It helps meditation and is useful for "neutral perception" in emotional issues. It can
                      help organize one's life and protect the wearer. It promotes the connection between the physical plane and the celestial
                      kingdom. It also furthers connectedness between male and female. Deep rich blue.

                      Solid, med. to dk. blue. In meditation, opens brow: higher guidance, intuition, connection to higher self, overview, decisions
                      for good of all. Organizes, quiets mind. Self-expression, writing, creativity, dream insight...Anxiety, restlessness, insomnia,
                      autism, shyness, nervous system; MS, speech, hearing, pituitary, DNA, lymph, inflamation, pain (especially head),

                      Venus, Neptune. Throat chakra. STone of teachers. Clarity and ease of expression of higher wisdom.

LARIMAR               A gentle, soft, sky-blue Caribbean healer. Brings tranquility of water / sea and air to heart and mind. Soothes and uplifts
                      hurt, fear, depression, pain of life, changes with love. Self-expression, patience, acceptingness, simplicity, creativity,
                      artwork. With red spots: helps gentle people be assertive. Cools, draws out inflamation, fevers, sunburn heat. Especially
                      helps the creativity. Pleasantly uplifts the heart and eases stress.

LEOPARDSKIN JASPER     Bring what one needs. Note that it doesn't necessarily bring in what you want. However, it is a wonderfully supporting

LEPIDOLITE             Lepidolite activates the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the third-eye, and the intellect. It also opens the crown chakra and
                      allows for the flowering of the inner blue lotus. It helps one to restructure and reorganize old patterns, and smoothes
                      changes in one's life. It helps with transitions from one life to another, facilitates astral travel, assists in birth and re-birthing.
                      It can also be used to locate energy blockages within the body. Purple, semi opaque.

                      (Contains Lithium and mica). Solid lavendar to soft pink, dull, sparkly. Calms and relaxes. Gently eases intensity of
                      feelings, stress, mood swings, depression, manic-depression, self-criticism, anxiety, addictions, worrying. Brings hope,
                      relief, gentleness, self-love, patience, self-forgiveness, unworried sleep, mental / emotional balance, well-being. For master
                      gland and immune system, skin, DNA. Fragile; salt water cleanse may cause it to break apart.

LODESTONE             (Magnetite, Iron). Metallic black, natural magnet. Related to (and works like) hematite for grounding, clear thinking, focus
                      (detail work, decisions, etc.). Electromagnetically pulls toxic blocks and pain from energy meridians, pancreas, and lower
                      glands. Old story of its use for faithfulness test: Unfaithful one is said to fall out of bed if touched by this stone.

MAHOGANY OBSIDIAN      Mahogany obsidian stimulates growth of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual centers and can be used in the
                      elimination of energy blockages and in the relief of tension. Rich reddish brown with black flecks. Also called Buffalo

                      Decision making. It has been helpful in healing my gums as well.
MALACHITE              Malachite is the "Stone of Transformation". It helps clear and activate the chakras, and clears the path to your desired
                      goal. It brings fidelity in love and friendship and is a protective stone for the aviation field. It brings tolerance, flexibility,and
                      patience, and a stabilizing influence. Rich opaque green with darker swirls or stripes.

                      Steady pulsing electromagnetic energy. (High copper content) On brow: Stimulates physical and psychic vision,
                      concentration. For heart and solar plexus centers: Stomach, liver, kidney stones, lungs, immune system, radiation, MS,
                      circulation. Powerful with azurite or chrysocolla for healing: Releases and draws out pain, inflamation, depression, anger;
                      heals blocks. Protects well by powerfully cleaning the auric field, rapidly absorbing undesirable energies, including:
                      computer, TV, and other radiation, etc. Place in the 4 corners of a room to cleanse carpet toxins/gases. Clean very
                      frequently - daily if possible!

                      Bring harmony into one's life. I have done many meditations with malachite to gather knowledge on gemstones and on

                      Venus. Solar plexus. Emotional balance. Strengthens physical and etheric eyes.

MARCASITE              Marcasite helps one re- evaluate life's issues in a gentle way. It provides a view of oneself from an outside perspective
                      and produces insight into the perfect method for eliminating unwanted traits. It helps one change these corrections easily.
                      Dark gray with bright flecks.

METEORITE / TEKTITE   Usually solid, dull, mottled, brownish to black. Noniron varieties amplify thoughts / telepathic sending / receiving, greater
                      awareness, some connection to extraterrestrial life. Odd/unusual energy, best used by those drawn to them.

MOLDAVITE             Greenish to brown-green Tektite (fell to earth). Dull outside, deep clear green inside. Powerfully expands psychicness,
                      channeling. Eases longing to leave earth. Telepathic access to spiritual laws, info from higher regions / places to help us
                      and Earth to be healthier and more spiritual. An intense meteorite helping people incarnating from elsewhere be more
                      comfortable here on earth (reducing asthma, toxin sensitivity, emotional intensity, epilepsy...)(May make some too spacey;
                      be sure to ground self after use and before driving.) Fragile - Don't salt cleanse! More rare, expensive and powerful than a
                      plain "tektite".

                       Grounding stone. Really puts one in their body. This is extremely strong -- you may wish to try black onyx for grounding
                      first. [Helps you talk to other sentient beings (humans and whales and dolphins). I haven't tried this.]

                      Pluto, Mercury, Moon. Astral Projection, access to akashic records, wider perspectives.

MOONSTONE             Moonstone is the feminine energy stone, a stone of intuition that helps with the total fulfillment of one¹s destiny.
                      Translucent to opaque white or peach. Available for accents only.

                      Feldspar (contains aluminum). Translucent with white, pink, yellow, soft sheen. Soothes stress, anxiety, women's
                      hormones / menstrual imbalance, lymph. Enhances intuitive sensitivity via feelings and less overwhelmed by personal
                      feelings. Greater flexibility and flow with life.For emotional balance, gracefulness. Helps all be more comfortable with our
                      gentler feminine / yin receiving side. Especially for water signs.

                      Moon. Sacred to the Goddess, moonstone may be used to enhance the feminine, strengthen psychic abilities, and
                      increase sensativity to natural cycles.

MORGANITE / PINK      Related to Emerald and Aquamarine. Clear / soft pink to violet, translucent to clear. Inspires spiritual lovingness,
BERYL                 compassion, equality, upliftment, empathy, patience. Also heart, lungs, breathing, throat, oxygenation. One of the highest
                      frequency stones vailable.

MOSS AGATE             Moss Agate provides healing and growth. It balances the blood sugar level and helps self -esteem and emotional
                      balancing. From translucent to opaque with moss-like inclusions.

                      Get in touch with nature. Plant knowledge.

MOTHER OF PEARL       Mother-of-Pearl helps to stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination, and adaptability. It helps with clarity in decision
                      making. Shiny pearly white.

                      Protection; Know mother's love. This stone is a great protective stone.

                      Beads / decor made of glossy pearly inside of pearl oyster shell. (Isn't a stone) Carries the gentle, peaceful healing energy
                      of the sea. Relaxes, soothes emotions, sensitivity, stress.
OBSIDIAN              Solid/translucent black to smoky. (Incl. "Navaho/Apache Tears") Objectivity, dis-attachment, grounding. Reduces fantasy /
                      escapism. Absorbs and dissolves anger, criticism, fear, etc. thus protective. Unusual black stone: Absorbs dark and
                      converts to white light. Friendly. Can't be misused. Brings higher light into lower ones; cleanses, uplifts. Changes fear into
                      flexibility with change. SNOWFLAKE: Clairaudience and owning our lower aspects for growth; Healthy balance. (Be aware
                      - Obsidian balls help to see truths by initially amplifying beliefs, patterns, fears, blocking our growth.) GREEN: Heals
                      broken crystals and charges them.

                      Pluto. Transforms energy and emotions in a very powerful way. Not to be worn as jewelry. Also a powerful grounding

OBSIDIAN, SNOWFLAKE    Snowflake obsidian helps calm high frequency types. It helps one to recognize unnecessary patterns in ones life and to re-
                      design thought patterns. Black with gray snowflake patterns.

ONYX                   Onyx is for security, It is stabilizing and calms excess female energy. It also helps banish grief, and enhances self-control,
                      and stimulate the power of wise decision-making. Shiny black.

                      Balances and grounds. Absorbs and flattens emotional intensity. Androgynous. Can't conduct or retain healing energy /
                      programming very well. Black: Grounding. Green: Heart. Yellow: Seriousness, logic. Blue: The more translucent / clearer
                      ones are more effective.

                      Saturn. Stabilizing. Mirrors all aspects of the self, dark as well as light. Transformative.

OPAL                  A silicate. Contains water, correlating with our emotions. Clarifies by amplifying and mirroring feelings, buried emotions,
                      desires (including love and passion). Less inhibition, more spontaneity. Visualization, imagination, dreams, healing. Easily
                      absorbs, stores emotions and thoughts. Fragile. Fades / cracks in sun, heat, salt, acidic foods. Moisten frequently with
                      water or oil. Some cancel/negate other gems. (backfires if not used for good of all) May change color with high energy /
                      intensity people. White: Balances L/Rt. brain. Black / Dk blue: One of the most potent. Fire Opals: May stimulate passion,
                      temper, energy.

                       See possibilities; Discover a broader view. I use opal to see all the possibilities in a situation. I find it very freeing when I
                      feel I am blocked into a situation. Some people find this stone very hard to wear. I find it wonderful. A little opal can go a
                      long way.

                      Mercury. Links physical body to higher bodies, allowing greater access to cosmic consciousness.

ORANGE MOONSTONE       Help one accept other stone's help by comforting you. This is less powerful than white - but helpful when one really needs
                      a certain stone.

PAUA SHELL            Neptine. Aids one in accessing the subconscious for emotional and artistic inspiration.

PEARL                  The pearl signifies faith, charity, and innocence, enhances personal integrity, and helps to provide a focus to one's
                      attention. Available for accents. Pearly white.

                      White: Symbol of pure heart and mind; innocence, faith. Of the sea, it has watery and lunar elements, thus balancing
                      emotions, especially for water signs. Absorbs thoughts, emotions. For solar plexus (digestion, stomach, WBCs, immunity)
                      and emotional stress. Low integrity or anger rebounds to user (like Opal). Cleanse frequently. Fire signs less compatible
                      unless drawn to Pearl. May cool and soothe. Gold and Black: Also for prosperity. Pink: Works especially with the heart.
                      Pearls best without other gems. Divers wear for shark protection.

                      Venus. Purity, chastity, emotional clarity.

PERIDOT                Peridot emits a warm and friendly energy. It assists in the understanding of the changes that are occurring and detrimental
                      patterns. It is a shield of protection around the body. Available for accents. Translucent green.

                      Clear bright green / green-yellow. Clears heart, pathway, strengthening breath of life, prosperity, growth, openness. Used
                      by Egyptians, Aztecs, Incas to gently cleanse and heal the physical heart. (lungs, lymph, breast) Yellower gems also for
                      Solar Plexus (stomach, liver, adrenal...) Helps understand relationships, other realities Alleviates depression, anger, fear,
                      jealousy, anxiety.

                      Mercury. Creates feeling of protection, allowing heart to open. Unblocks congestions.

PHENACITE             (Phenakite) Milky whit to clear crystal. A powerfully loving, healing, spiritual stone newly more available. Clearer stones
                      intensely opens 3rd eye, as a white light channel. Clairvoyance / spiritual communication, meditation, astral travel.
                      Energizes meridians and healing of other stones.

PICASSO MARBLE         Picasso Marble can assist one in the development of creative talents, and the fulfillment of artistic enterprises. It reduces
                      stress and brings peace. It promotes peak states o meditation and total recall of dreams. It protects the wearer and brings
                      physical and worldly circumstances into balance. Opaque brown, cream and black.

PICTURE JASPER        Picture jasper helps with the re-evaluation of life¹s issues. It facilitates development and continuance of business
                     pursuits and activities leading to increase. Opaque beige with darker brown patterns.

PINK TOURMALINE      promote female balance; protection.

PIPE STONE            Pipe stone has been used for hundreds of years by the Native American Indian to carve fetishes that are used in sacred
                     ceremonies as protective devices, and to enhance skills. Available as carved spirit bears. Terra cotta red.

POPPY JASPER         Poppy jasper brings attunement to animals and heals animal allergies. Opaque dark red with black flecks.

                     Gain a positive outlook. I find that I am very happy when I wear this stone.

PURPLE RAINBOW       Change. Helps one get out of ruts.

PYRITE/FOOL'S GOLD   Mars. Vitality, strengthening of Will. Improves circulation.

                     (with iron) One of the most grounding stones in use today. Used for focus, practicality, logic, memory, clearing fuzzy
                     thinking / scatteredness etc. like Hematite. Helps: Stomach, intestines, ulcers; sulfur and mineral assimilation, circulation,
                     body acidity imbalances, depression, illusions/lack of clarity about situations / people. Great for grounding spaciness after
                     meditation/psychic readings. Represents Sun's golden energy.

QUARTZ                All quartz amplifies and transmits energy. Clear quartz is used extensively in meditation, spiritual development, and
                     healing. It helps one to recognize the origin of a disease. It has been used in diagnostic healing, in raising the
                     consciousness toward the enlightened state. Translucent clear.

                     Clear, many forms and colors! Probably the most versatile multi-purpose healing stone. Easy to cleanse, store info / energy
                     in, program or amplify energy and healing with. Can both draw and send energy. Powerful clear ones open Brow, Crown,
                     and Transpersonal for meditation, sending / receiving guidance. Stimulates natural crystals in body tissues and fluids to
                     resonate at new healing frequency. See also many other stones (Amethyst, Tiger's Eye...) India: Detected food poison by
                     clarity change. Yin or Androgynous. Works with all chakras and master gland. With Chlorite: Powerful for sending and
                     advanced specialized uses.Blue (Or gray / lavendar):A good healing stone for linking heart with throat and brow. to expand
                     self expression and creativity, plus refining communication skill to new levels. Eases throat tension. Immune system,
                     thyroid, iodine and B Vitamin use. Some say shining light through Blue Quartz can help reduce need for glasses. Still
                     evolving. Rose:Translucent to clear Pink. Love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiving, lovingness, self-love, emotional balance.
                     Soft. Gently soothes and warms heart center. Emotional healing, loss, stress, hurt, fear, low confidence, resentment,
                     anger. Slowly eases childhood traumas / neglect / lack of love, low self-esteem. Cleanse and recharge often. Especially if
                     fades. Aligns mental, emotional, and astral bodies. Rutilated / Rutile: Clear Quartz with metallic, golden rutile, copper, or
                     blue / gray titanium fibers that powerfully electrically conduct and amplify energy / thoughts / programming for healing.
                     Intensifies / deepens altered states. Opens Crown/Brown for meditation, clairvoyance, telepathy, insight. Some make one
                     too spacey or scattered to wear. (Induces Alpha) Stimulates immunity, strength, blue corona, imagery, dreams. Golden
                     fibers may increase radiation protection and health rejuvination. Each stone's energy/qualities are unique. Smoky Quartz:
                     (2 kinds: 1.) Smoky, rootbeer, or chocolate-colored clear crystals. The clearest, most intense ones powerfully open the
                     crown. for deep meditation, channeling/higher guidance, deep relaxation, lovingness. Ancient use also to stimulate
                     meridians, kundalini, and correct fertility / PMS / reproductive imbalance. Stores info well. Aleviates fear, anxiety,
                     depression, emotional stuckness, etc. 2a.) Dense, dull, solid / semisolid black / brown, less attractive. Very grounding,
                     opposite of other smokeys . May feel dense, heavy, nonconductive. 2b.) Many were irradiated to turn them this flat, dark
                     color with white edge of base. If so, they're not useful for conducting light / healing, thus less useful for wearing or healing.

                     Uranus. Purifier, protector, spiritual awakener. Raises Vibratory rate.

RHODOCHROSITE        Solid to clear pink. Gentle, yet probably the most vibrant loving stone to heal the heart, especially for giving / receiving love.
                     Also for loneliness, loss, heartache, fear, insecurities, inner-child issues, abuse, incest...Helps self-forgiveness,
                     deservingness and trust issues, spiritual- and self-love, desire to live, purpose. Best worn 24 hrs. a day. Electromagnetic.
                     Stronger than Rose Qtz. Solar plexus, stomach (anxiety), food addictions, anorexia, asthma, eyesight (especially emotional
                     not-seeing, to avoid pain.), thymus. Opens the hand healing . Specialized uses to detox/heal blood, liver, cancer...

                     Mercury, Venus. Holds any force field. Draws white light into the physical body.

                     Change. Gives one confidence while making desired changes. Very supportive. One can make large changes very quickly
                     with this stone.

RHODONITE             Rhodonite is for projecting elegance. It balances Yin-Yang energy. A "stone of Love", it helps one achieve ones ³greatest
                     potential. It encourages generosity of spirit and dispels anxiety. Opaque pink with occasional black accents.

                     Pink, black inclusions. Works with heart; helps us express confidence and lovingness on physical plane in day-to-day
                     ways. Calms and feeds the soul through the heart; love and service. Soothes nightmares. Stress, heartache, loss, etc.
                     Ancient use also: Speech / hearing problems/growth, fear, illness (emphysema, asthma...) Strengthens mantras, chanting,
                     affirmations, singing, toning.

                     Emotional support. Helps one take the next step emotionally.
RHYOLITE               Rhyolite represents change, variety and progress. It lights the fire of creativity within the soul. It also helps with self
                      realization and balances the emotions and increases self respect,, self worth, and the capacity to love. Olive green, or
                      creamy caramel swirls with chunks of quartz and darker green.

ROSE                   Rose Quartz is "the stone of gentle love". It brings peace and calm to relationships and works on all the chakras to
                      remove negativity and reinstate forces of self-love. It brings healing, emotional balance, and channels universal love,
                      It also helps heartbreak and childhood pain. Translucent pink.

ROSE QUARTZ            Emotional Balance. Very good for expressing and soothing emotions. Try to find undyed Rose Quartz. I find that gold
                      doesn't mix with rose quartz.

                      Venus. Self love, friendship.

RUBELLITE/RED          Rubellite tourmeline strengthens the will to understand love and promotes creativity in the various realms of loving
TOURMALINE            aspirations. It also provides physical energy and vitality. Available in accents only. Rosy translucent.

                      Strengthens, grounds / rejuvenates, warms. Unites heart and body for love, courage, passion, energy, stamina, steadiness.
                      High Lithium content (thus pink / red color) brings emotional balance, lovingness, devotion in a down-to-earth way.
                      Balances body's electrochemistry. Helps detach from personal pain. Releases reproductive blocks; stimulates fertility.
                      Used to strengthen and detox blood and immune system and to ease radiation effects.

RUBY                  Red Corundum. Contains chromium (blood sugar balance.) Warms, energizes after exhaustion. Strengthens physical and
                      emotional heart, love, courage, confidence, vitality, stamina, strength, leadership, success over challenges. Intensifies all
                      emotions (passion, jealousy, impatience, love...) Attempted use for pressure / control (for love, etc) backfires onto user.
                      Used for infections, cholesterol, clots, blood detox (alcohol, caffeine, etc), sexual blocks. Stimulates circulation, menses,
                      pituitiary. healing the earth.

                      Love; Open the heart. For me, Ruby opens the heart. It allows me to overcome fear. Carrier of the Red ray.

                      Sun, Mars. Heart Chakra. Compassion, leadership, heals relationship to father.

RUBY ZOISITE           Ruby zoisite amplifies the entire energy field of the body and helps reach and utilize talents and abilities of the mind. It
                      stimulates psychic abilities and improves disorders of the heart. It encourages one to follow bliss The ruby will light the
                      darkness of ones life,to conquer darkness on all levels. It brings lucidity to the dream state, It also helps toxins and
                      chemicals to exit the body quickly. Deep green with rosy red patches.

RUTILATED              Rutilated quartz assists one in getting to the root of a problem and helps access the reason for a disease or
QUARTZ                discomfort, so one can remedy the situation. It stabilizes relationships, marriages, imbalances and brings strength
                      with love, growth in all areas, and calm, reason and order. Translucent champagne color with darker lines. Sun,
                      Uranus. High electrical charge. Powerful healer.

SAPPHIRE              Corundum. Blue, green, pink, purple, clear. Related to Ruby. Blue: Communication, insight, intuition, clairaudience,
                      inspiration, spiritual prayer / devotion, peacefulness. Pituitary and Thyroid. Detoxing skin, body. ANtidepressant. Cools,
                      contracts, soothes, thus reducing inflamation, fevers, nosebleeds. Hearing problems, TB, burns, etc. Nervous system (&
                      Epilepsy) and meridians. Strongest if next to skin. Star: Also: wisdom, will, centering, cheerfulness, luck. Reduces radiation
                      effects, anxiety, procrastination. Some effects subtle. Black: more grounding. Protection. May strengthen by posing
                      challenges to overcome.

                      Mental Clarity; Clear mental garbage. Carrier of the Blue ray.

                      Neptune. Aids spiritual understanding.

SELENITE              A Gypsum. White / clear striated crystals. Mental focus, growth, luck, immunity, kundalini. Centuries-old recordkeepers of
                      events / information. Smoothes emotions. Holding crystal, visualize it bringing white light / energy (higher ideas /
                      consciousness) from transpersonal point above head down through body, out through feet into earth/physical plane. Place
                      on 3rd eye for stored info. May help physical and emotional letting go. Repro; spine and nerve system, emotional and
                      athletic flexibility. Sends healing to the earth. Expands sensitivity, field of awareness. Moon. Soothing, nurturing,

SERPENTINE            Serpentine helps the meditative state. It can be used to clear the clouded areas of the chakras and helps in the rise of the
                      Kundalini. It can be used to help disorders in all areas of the body, the emotional system and the mental structure.
                      Translucent pale green.

SILICA "GEM SILICA"   The highest, purest form of gem quality Chrysocolla. One of the highest evolved blue-green stones. (Also see:

SILVER                Excellent for mental, emotional, and physical releasing and cleansing. Works on mind/emotions to see overview, emotional
                      balance, patience. Like the moon's energy, it has gentle, cool, smoothing effect. Thus it reduces inflamation, fever, nervous
                      system stress. Best with the gentler, cooler-colored gems. Works with pituitary and upper energy centers. Generally Yin.
                      Wear the metal that you feel attracted to.
SILVER LEAF          Silver Leaf agates are very grounding and balancing, they open the wearer for acceptance, protection and
AGATE               abundance. Brown, gray and creamy white with interesting patterns.

SMITHSONITE         Light blue, pink, or lavendar fuzzy bubbles. Harmonizes and aligns heart, throat, and brow: for smoother communications,
                    leadership, perceptiveness and depth in relationships, and expansion into new areas. Meditation clarity, and receptiveness.
                    Insight via dreams, dream recall. Versatile; Historically works well in many areas, especially nose, lymph, immunity; tissue

SMOKY QUARTZ        Mercury, Earth. One of the best grounding stones. Balancing.

SODALITE            General communication and writing stone. Logic, ideas, truth. Balances body energy levels via thyroid, pituitary, lymph,
                    and other glands. Helps insomnia, neck, mouth, hearing, bloodsugar, etc. Cooling and drawing for infections, burns, sinus
                    inflamations, high blood pressure, etc. Still evolving.

                    Protection from external negative energy. I use it by computers to help reduce the damage from EMF.

                    Venus, Pluto. Opens throat chakra. Physical healer. Transformative. (Blue speckled stone).

SPECTROLITE         See: Labradorite

SPINEL              Blue, green. Calms alleviates stress, depression. mental rejuvenation. Most commonly used to aid in detox (together with
                    fasting, enemas, and alcohol/chemical detox of blood and organs, including skin.) Red: Also for strength.

STAUROLITE/"FAIRY   Brown/grey, crosslike extrusions. Represents 4 elements and joining of spirit with earth / matter. Spirituality, compassion,
CROSS"              allowingness, dis-attachment; Focus centered on the Here and Now.

STILBITE            Pale pink / gray / white. Pink is especially helpful with loving, creative energy, acceptingness, allowingness, letting go,
                    manifesting May vivify/heighten physical senses, esp. taste. Detoxifies. Gentle self-expression.

SUGILITE (AKA        Sugilite attracts healing power. "A love stone for this age", it represents perfection of spiritual love, helping it manifest on
LUVULITE / ROYAL    the Earth plane. It helps one forgive oneself and other and brings forth acceptance and belief in oneself. It eliminates
AZELE)              hostility and infuses the being with inspiration and confidence. Sugilite/manganese heals headaches and discomforts,
                    simply by holding it. Deep purple.

                    Absorb garbage from wearer's aura. I feel lighter when I wear this stone. It uplifts me and gives me more energy.

                    Solid, purple. Important healer's stone used to gently draw out pain (headaches too), inflamation, stress, dis-ease, toxins,
                    emotional blocks. Protects; Absorbs and dissolves anger, hurt, unwanted energies. Is placed on Brow to alleviate
                    depression/despair, stress. Brings spirit/light into physical body and heart for healing. Balances adrenal, pineal, pituitary,
                    Lt/Rt brain. Peace of mind, well being, spiritual love.

SULPHUR             Solid / clear yellow. Rejuvinating, especially if one does a great deal of thinking / mental wk and little physical exercise.
                    Mental clarity, focus, analysis, understanding, willpower, discipline, confidence. Used in Egypt and modern hot springs /
                    baths for arthritis, pain, rheumatism, swelling, lymph, cysts, hemorrhoids. Traditionally very healing for wounds, cleansing
                    and healing skin, sinus, pancreas, liver, syphilis, appendix, indigestion, insomnia, depression, etc; Strengthens endocrine
                    glands. Found in garlic, mustard, chives, onions, horseradish, etc. Repels garden bugs.

SUNSTONE            Aventurine feldspar with gold-orange metallic sheen. Warms the heart and lifts / rejuvinates the spirit. Protection, life force,

                     Enhance contemplations. I find my meditations are clearer when I wear this stone. Also, I remember my dreams more. I
                    use it for a few days in a row when I find I have not been remembering my dreams.

TANZANITE           Clear, blue-purple-violate Zoisite crystal. (Use clear ones for healing meditation.) Placed on brow, it powerfully opens brow
                    plus Crown centers for clairaudience, visions, spiritual connectedness, protection, manifesting. Helps expand our physical
                    and mental seeing, hearing, hair, skin.

                    Change. It uplifts and opens the heart.

TIGER IRON           Tiger iron jasper assists creative endeavors. It helps one find havens of refuge when danger is perceived and
JASPER              stimulates physical vitality. It also helps assimilate B vitamins. A combination of red, dark silver and gold.
TIGEREYE               Mercury, Earth, Mars. Sacred to Bast and Sekhmet. Helps one to distinguish between actual need and false desire.

                        Tigers eye brings clarity and enhances psychic ability. It can help discipline sexual, emotional life and allows one's life to
                       open and blossom. A stone to stimulates wealth and helps to maintain it. It brings protection, practicality, softens
                       stubbornness and balances male/female energy.Golden opaque, shiny brown.

                       Chalcedony Quartz Cat's Eye. Yellow-gold. Confidence, willpower, clear thinking(and thus speaking), personal power in
                       life. Yellow / Solar Plexus. (Not as strong as citrine or Topaz). Works on Mental plane: amplifies thinking and manifesting
                       what you think about (careful!), will. Helps separate thoughts from feelings, so centered, less emotional. Digestion,
                       stomach, anxiety, ulcers, bones. Rub with essential oil on Ft. bottom for blood detox. Use with malachite or pearl for mental
                       / emotional balance, understanding. Helps change anxiety, fear and obsessiveness into practicality, logic, etc. Yang. Green
                       or Blue: See Hawk's Eye.

TOPAZ                  Golden or pink/"Champagne" Crystal. Golden: The most powerful, electromagnetic of yellow / solar plexus gems. A strong,
                       steady, high level gem for mental clarity, focus, perceptivity, high level concepts, confidence, personal power, stamina.
                       Helps mood swings, insomnia, worries, fears, depression, exhaustion, nervous system stress, stomach anxiety. Also works
                       somewhat with Liver / pancreas detoxification, bloodsugar balance, tissue and backbone strengthener (physically and
                       emotionally). Radiates warmth, sun/light energy, protection. Excellent for water signs, teachers, excess work stress,
                       manifesting, higher-self connection. Brings emotions and thinking into balance. Pink and Champagne: Works also
                       especially with the heart str for love, spiritual compassion. Blue: Alignment with our higher self, creative expression, writing,
                       focus on your path.

                       Mercury. Bridge between higher and lower consciousness. Assimulation of abstract information.

TORQUOISE              Venus, Moon. Symbol of the sky. Works on respiratory system, helps manifest spiritual qualities on the physical plane.

TOURMALINATED          Pluto, Uranus. Deflects and eliminates negative conditioning patterns.

TOURMALINE             A powerful, electromagnetic, striated gem. Strengthens body and spirit (and meridians), transmutes lower frequency
                       thought / energy to a higher frequency of light and brings light / spirit into the physical. Radiates light protection for wearer.
                       Clearer=higher frequency, effectiveness. Especially for nervous system; blood/lymph toxins. Black:Powerfully deflects /
                       shields against unwanted or dark energies, especially for sensitive people. Grounds spiritual / light energy into root chakra,
                       for centeredness amid chaos. Neutralizes fears, resentment, neurosis, obsessions, intestinal or spine energy blocks,
                       toxins, constipation. Place at feet, knees, or base of spine for groundedness during/after healing. Radiation protection. Blue
                       (Indicolite):Wonderful for aligning with higher self for deep insight, vision, intuition, mental peace, patience, nerve system.
                       Green: Taking heart, will to live, lifeforce, prosperity, compassion. Energizes Central Nervous System (for neualgia,
                       migraine, burns, etc.) Opens/heals physical and emotional Heart. Lungs, asthma, etc. Cleanses meridians and blocks,
                       stimulates new growth, rejuvinates heart, lymph, immune system. Thymus and entire body health. Pink: Emotional and
                       spiritual love, healing loss, emotional pain, fear, self-gentleness (especially with severe illness like cancer, emphysema,
                       etc.) Best in combination with counseling. Most powerful together with Kunzite or Rhodocrosite. Self-love, compassion,
                       release of old hurt. Trust. Red: See Rubellite. Watermelon: Red / pink and green) Brings together compassion, passion,
                       depth of heart with lifeforce and groundedness (red). Emotional and spiritual love (light pink) expressed in the physical
                       heart. (Green) Excels for immune system and life-threatening illnesses. Balances metabolism, endocrine system;
                       harmonizing. Empowers other tourmalines. Yin/yang balance.

                       Black - deflects negativity. Very protective.
                       Green - refines, strengthens, directs will.
                       pink - love and sacrifice, devotion.
                       watermellon - corrects imbalances, eases guilt.

TREE AGATE             Introspection. Helps one view themselves with more clarity and see the world through a broader viewpoint.

TURQUOISE               Turquoise is a master healing stone that promotes spontaneity in romance and stimulates the initiation of romantic love. It
                       balances and aligns all chakras and subtle bodies and can bring all energies to a higher level. A highly spiritual stone, yet
                       grounding, it brings soothing energy and peace of mind. It brings strength, wisdom, protection, and positive thinking. Bright
                       blue or olive green with black lines and patches.

TURQUOISE              Lt blue / blue-green. A good general healer for all illnesses and excellent conductor (high copper). This gentle, cool,
                       soothing stone is a Native American classic. It opens the throat. for open communication, creativity, serenity, spiritual
                       bonding, upliftment; Opens the heart. for giving/receiving. Symbolizes our source spirit/sky) and spiritual love for healing,
                       help. Psychic connection to great spirit. Strengthens and aligns all meridians, chakras, and energy fields. Like amethyst, it
                       protects and detoxes from alcohol, poison, pollution, x-ray / sun radiation. Ancient absorber of "negativity"; protection from
                       "evil eye". Brings wisdom. Helps anorexia, headache, fear, etc. Throat, lungs, asthma, infections, teeth, TMJ, hearing, high
                       blood pressure, creativity block, depression. Dull, paler=weaker. Works well with Chrysocolla, best with Silver. Used for
                       healing on every continent! Androgynous, balances yin/yang. Fades in sunlight, sweat, oil, dishwater...Avoid

ULEXITE ("TV STONE")   White / Translucent. Insight into self and others; seeing solutions to difficulties. Somewhat 3rd eye opening. Some find it
                       helpful for amplifying dreams, imagination, imagery, fantasy states for creativity (not recommended if addictive or escapism
                       tendency.) May fall apart if soaked in water.
UNAKITE            Unakite brings self assertiveness, power, and the ability to assume complete control. It focuses in present and helps one
                  deal with blockages caused by the past. It can help treat the reproductive system, and stimulate healthy pregnancies. Olive
                  green with pink. balance physical/emotions.

VARISCITE         Solid cool, pale green. eases depression, fear, worry, anxiety, impatience, stress of a hectic / pressured day by bringing
                  calm and stillness to even the most busy / talkative mind, thus a good meditation stone. Works on astral and etheric level
                  for healing via the nervous system (Central Nervous System) and at DNA level. Centers the Solar Plexus and heart ; also
                  slightly helpful for intuition center. Skin and blood vessel elasticity, impotence/male reproductive healing.

WHITE MOONSTONE    Help one accept other stone's help through highlighting the others effects. I like this moonstone the most. When worn by
                  itself is balances yin/yang.

WULFENITE         Translucent yellow to red, mostly orange crystal. Invigorates and harmonizes emotions, passion, appetite. Warms and
                  grounds. Helps us get in touch with feelings. Used for healing and warming reproductives. (especially women's). Spleen
                  and yellow chakras, and digestion/nutrition assimilation. Cleanses and uplifts emotions, muddiness, stuckness or
                  imbalance in spleen.

XMAS TREE          Christmas tree jasper is for empowering success, it combines dynamic and intellectual energies. Opaque, red and
JASPER            green.

ZEBRA ROCK         Zebra rock brings compassion and understanding for others and helps one see beyond the superficial. It stimulates
                  physical energy and is great for athletes endurance. It also helps treat bone loss, muscular spasms, and heart palpitations.
                  Gray with zebra stripes.

ZIRCON            All colors. Clear, colorless, natural form: Works with the crown and transpersonal point (and pituitiary and pineal) for
                  Universal Truth, intuition, durability, steadiness, integrity and connection with "All That Is." Eases depression, insomnia.
                  Also historical poison detoxifier. Man-made (cubic Zirconia or "CZ") is not nearly as strong / effective as natural. "Pink Ice"
                  is pink CZ.

ZOISITE           Green with red streaks of ruby. For trust in the universe, releasing fears. Strengthens heart, energy/adrenals and
                  reproductives. General health.

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