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					Michael Parkinson

Artist Statement

To express a feeling or experience in such a way that others
can take with them a better understanding of different
cultures or ideas is to create art. Attempting to create a
personal experience into a work of art is an immense
endeavor. With ‘evolution revolution underground’ a
personal change and enlightenment was gained through the
time I spent in the scene, known to most as raves. To
express oneself through visual and audible means is to
make the experience a tangible entity. Being at a rave is the
realization that we assemble together for one common
foundation, the music, as a unifying force that crosses all
racial and social prejudices to live one night in peace and
harmony. This show is a creation that embodies the objects
that hold meaning to the raver. Each element symbolizes an
event, a special meaning that the raver and only the raver
will know. In this body of work, I created an underground
fantasy, one night away from the reality of life. This
installation is a representation of the scene. The scene is a
connection, a sense of coherence with others on a higher
plan of perception. It is an escape from mainstream society
into a utopian world for a few hours. My show is a creation
of a space where love and happiness exist beyond
everything else, and is not bounded by the laws or rules
found in everyday society. To express the feeling of
entering a rave I can only compare to that of reentering the
womb. Where one enters from society into a dark
underground environment, passing through a long dark
hallway into a positive place with a soothing rhythm, and
an all-encompassing feeling of peace. With my experience
in the scene, I found inspiration and unique kind of beauty
within this culture and the people that make up the
underground. The creation of ‘evolution revolution
underground’ have been a visual and emotional journey
into myself and who I am, to let myself be free for one
moment to truly experience and live this art, this beauty, for
one night that will last for a lifetime. In life an artist
experiences reality to create art, our fantasy.

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