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					 Computer Security Day 2010
Computer Security Day is an annual event that is observed worldwide. It is designed
to raise awareness and to promote best practices in Information Security. The event
provides insight into the privacy and security issues surrounding electronically stored
sensitive information and offers ways to keep your computer and data safe. To observe
the Computer Security Day, National Computer Board’s CERT-MU, in collaboration with
IT Security Unit, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology is organizing
the following events:
  1. A full day Cyber Security Conference on 30th November 2010.
  2. An exhibition to demonstrate the computer security based products on 30th November
  3. Launching of a Cyber Security Portal on 30th November 2010
  4. Launching of an Information Security Guideline on Antivirus best practices on 30th
     November 2010
  5. The following training Programmes to be conducted by Standardization Testing Quality
     Certification (STQC) Directorate, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of
     Communications & Information Technology, Government of India.
        Secure Software Development Practices from 1-3rd December 2010 (3 days)
        Certified ISMS Implementers(CISP) Course from 6-10th December 2010 ( 5 days)
        ISO 27001 Lead Auditor’s Course from 13-17th December 2010 ( 5 days)
The Cyber Security Conference is targeted towards business executives, senior management
and Information Security Professionals. The main objectives of the event are to:
  	  Understand current and emerging information security threats that can impact their
  	  Develop ways to identify if your organization is adequately prepared to deal with
  	  Manage the challenge of regulatory compliance, policies and procedures
  	  Protect critical infrastructure through effective intrusion prevention strategies
  	  Keep abreast on latest information security products and technologies

DATE: 30 November 2010
VENUE: Conference Hall, Cyber Tower 1, Ebene
TIME: 9:15 am

   9.15-9.30       REGISTRATION
   9.30-9.35       Welcome Address
                   Mr. Dan Faugoo
                   Executive Director, National Computer Board
   9:35-9.40       Address
                   Mr. S. Ramgolam
                   Chairman, National Computer Board
   9.40-9.55       Opening Address
                   Hon. Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum
                   Minister of Information & Communication Technology
  9.55-10.00       Launching of Cybersecurity Mauritius Portal
  10.00-10.05      Launching of Information Security Guideline on Anti-Virus
  10.05-10.20      REFRESHMENTS
  Session 1: Cyber Security at National Level
            and Internet Governance

10.20-12.00   Chairperson: Mr. Dan Faugoo, Executive Director, National Computer
              1. Symantec is Security-Mr. Grant Brown, Symantec Security
                 Evangelist, Symantec Corporation
              2. Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) Policy for
                 Mauritius-Mr. Kaleem Usmani, Information Security Consultant,
                 CERT-MU, National Computer Board
              3. E-Governance: STQCs Experience in Testing & Audit of
                 e-Governance Solutions- Mr. Sushil Kumar Nehra, Scientist,
                 STQC, Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India
              Panel Discussion
12.00-12:45   LUNCH

         Session 2: Information Security Risk
           Management for Corporations
12.45-14.30   Chairperson: Mr. Vivek Mathur, Vice-President, Bhumishq Technologies
              Limited, Mauritius
              1. Information Security Risk Management in Public Service-
                 Mr. Sanjay Bissessur, Project Manager, IT Security Unit, Ministry of
                 Information and Communication Technology, Mauritius
              2. Current Trends in Business Continuity- Mr. Pete Freilinghaus,
                 General Manager, Continuity Mauritius Co. Ltd
              3. Control Compliance Suite—Mr. Grant Brown, Symantec Security
                 Evangelist, Symantec Corporation
              4. Integration of Security Risk Management in IT Operational
                 Processes- Mr. S. Velmourougan, Scientist, STQC, Ministry of
                 Information Technology, Government of India
              Panel Discussion
14.30-14.45   REFRESHMENTS

       Session 3: Attacks and Vulnerabilities

14:45-16.45   Chairperson: Dr. Baharul Islam- CEO South Asia
              Chairperson: Mr. Marc Israel- Information Worker Business Group Lead,
              Development Gateway, India
              WECA, Microsoft Corporation
              1. Microsoft Security Essentials & Web Security, Mr. Kevin
                 Connolly, Windows Business Group Manager, WECA region
              2. Vulnerabilities & Attacks on the Telecom Critical Infrastructure,
                 Mr. Jay Bundhoo, Senior Executive Network Operations, Mauritius
              3. Legal Liabilities of Software Suppliers in global perspective, Dr.
                 Baharul Islam- CEO South Asia Development Gateway, India
              Panel Discussion
16.45-17.00   Closing Remarks

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