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Posted by Lord Vaperial on 08.08.2002 at06:25:


From the hover craft‟s main view port Vaperial was just able to make out through his now
extremely blurry vision what seemed to be Scy‟s ship. “She hasn‟t left…thank God.” He
muttered as he slid back in the pilot‟s seat. The dizziness he began experiencing a while
ago had increased tremendously as he continued to lose more and more blood. Vaperial‟s
hands were now covered in blood. He had removed his leather jacket placing it on the co-
pilot‟s seat and taken his shirt off attempting to make some kind of a bandage to stop his
bleeding. But with the location of his wound, it really wasn‟t that simple. Vaperial began
fading in and out, his vision going black momentarily and then coming back to an
extremely fuzzy state. He was going to faint and he knew it....but he had to land the ship
first. Realizing that he was closing in on Scy‟s ship with great speed he reached his bloody
hand out for the throttle and attempted to ease it back. He did manage to take hold of the
throttle, but he jerked it all the way back instead of just slightly and the craft‟s engines
made a strange noise as they quickly stalled. Vaperial then tried to get them online by
pushing the throttle all the way forward, and indeed the engines started again, however,
by this time the craft had already plummeted way too close to the ground to recover, and
the ship simply barreled straight into the platform.

Upon impact with the platform, the two metals clashing together, there was a loud
disturbing shrieking noise produced by the friction of the metals meeting and sliding across
one another. The nose of the hover craft immediately crumpled under the great force and
the main view port shattered. The ship continued to slide across the relatively slick metal
surface and drove right into the protective railing of the platform designed to keep people
and things from falling off the edge. The craft‟s weight and velocity caused the railing to
snap under the pressure, but was strong enough to slow the skidding craft to a halt. By
the time Vaperial realized what was happening, the front of the craft was literally hanging
off the side of the platform, balancing itself somehow from tumbling into the liquid surface
below. “That was…interesting.” Vaperial said as he began prying himself out of his seat,
squeezing through the crumpled metal all around him. As Vaperial got out of his crammed
position he could feel the balance of the craft being offset. John‟s body which he had set
down in a passenger seat was obviously not buckled in for the ride, so during the crash it
had been tossed against the wall of the craft like a rag doll and now he lay unconsciously
on the floor of the ship just in front of Vaperial. Vaperial took a quick glace around the
ship, seemingly the best exit that would offset the balance of the craft the least was a
large gaping crack in the hull of the craft created when the ship crashed. So Vaperial
reached back to the co-pilot‟s seat grabbing his leather jacket, pulled it on, and then
slowly took John in his arms. The loss of blood had made him weak, but the danger of the
situation gave him just enough strength to get the job done. With John in his arms he
stood up. Immediately he heard a slipping noise, the ship had begun to slip off the ledge
of the platform. He then felt the floor begin to give way beneath his feet as it went to
plummet to a liquidly death below. Vaperial cocked his knees and took a leap for the newly
created exit with his eyes closed and fingers crossed.

The next thing he knew, his back was slamming into the cold metal of the platform as he
landed on the ground with John in his arms. “This really isn‟t my day…” He muttered as he
once again gathered all the strength left in his body and stood up, taking John in his arms.
“And fuck…there goes our bounty…” He continued as he realized that he left the bounty in
the craft. With a shrug of his shoulders, and a grunt of pain, he began walking towards the
large ship in front of him…Scy‟s ship. He could feel John‟s breath against his chest, which
was a good sign, he was still alive. Vaperial reached the ship and began walking up the
loading platform which was seemingly still lowered from the last time he had walked Scy
back to her ship. As he reached the door he saw a consol just to the side of it. He reached
his arm out, blood trickling out of the sleeve of his black leather jacket and running down
the side of his hand, and went to press a button. He didn‟t know what he was doing…but
he was desperate. But suddenly he lost all strength in both of his arms, and legs. He
began to fall forward and his hand pressed against the consol striking all of the buttons as
he fell. He hit the door and dropped to the ground, John still in his arms. Everything began
going black…and just before he passed out, he let out a final word with a faint and weak
voice, “Help…” Then his head slumped forward and his eyes shut.

Posted by Schypher on 08.08.2002 at20:26:

While Vaperial was making his way to the ship, Calston lifelessly in his arms, the eyes of
the resting workers were questioningly settled on him. The two had made it to the
Retentive just when lunch break was at its highest and most of the workers were enjoying
each others company and the food they brought, outside the ship. Most of them had taken
a seat on the crates and boxes full of equipment for the ship and were conversating rather
wildly about the Hover-craft Championships, that were planned for the week after next, a
subject every man on Capella just had to know about. The competiton was held every year
on Capella, as the planet with its „oceans‟ was a perfect spot, a lot of open spaces. Usually,
that time was the most busiest on Capella and the bussinesses were practically booming
that week. The local traders and merchants adored the event and always stocked twice as
much merchandise at that time. While the Championships were in motion, Capella was
usually filled with various representatives of different races. The strangest of space
seemed to gather all in one spot-Capella.

As Vaperial fell down at the ships door, a few bursts of laughter were heared from the men
and few women watching the event. All waiting for him to get up again, they discussed the
idiodicy of the Terrans and the stupid things that people did, none of them even thought
about helping the fallen man as savage discussions broke out amongst the resting
workers-not all thought Terran‟s to be of a worthless race. Better yet, some were Terran‟s
themselves. A few mear moments later, Ayel, the most powerful man on the entire
worksite, came to view on the door. The Xu-adey had just managed to end his stroll with
the excited engineers on the second deck and he was now heading out to catch a bite to
eat also, no one could expect him to eat something brought along in a plastic bag. No, he
dined in the bestest places on the whole GS and he was known far and wide for his
excellent taste. Even in his thoughts, he was already seated behind a great table, merrily
eating his soup and drinking his wine. But instead of doing that, he had to listen to the
mindless babble of some 26 year old engineer who thought too much about himself and
his ideas, how utterly annoying.
The man came to a sudden stop at the door, when sighting the fainted men. A questioning
frown made its way to his face, as he looked from one to another, before yelling out to one
of the workers, sitting the closest to the ramp and the door. “Hey, Georgy…” He started.
“Are these two from our crew?” He demanded, looking back to the bloody messes on the
“No sir, just staggered in here, didn‟t even notice us. I guess they know someone from the
ship, or they‟re just blind… Anyway, just walked in „ere and collapsed on the frickin‟ floor,
we don‟t know them.” He young man stated calmly, while keeping his eyes on the
sandwitch at hand, he didn‟t take well to people stopping his lunch.
“Oh…Well, I‟m not going to leave them here, they‟re blocking the way. Get a few men and
scrape them off the floor. Take them to one of the rooms on the third deck, the ones
nearer to the Control Room should be in good order still. And get captain Dawater, this is
her ship, let her handle this…and I want to see if she knows something about these two
idiots. Christ, the things I see…” he sighed, and simply stepped over the bodies. One
couldn‟t expect a little thing like that to take away the mans appetite.
Gregory „Georgy‟ Kawath was one of the mechanics that worked on the lower decks and he
was also one of the ones who had been sent to work the earliest and to the most
demanding place. After almost 5 hours of work, he was hungry and tired and
disgruntled…The man growled a “Yes, sir…” to his superior, set his sandwitch back into his
lunch box and jumped off the crate and looked straight to the annoying duo of men on the
grey ramp. The most idiotic time to show up. Georgy let out a high pitch whistle, before
turning around to face the rest of the eating workers, who had turned their attention to
him after the whistle. “Sowa, Kest and Patrotsky, you guys come and help me get these
two into one of the upper deck rooms. Orahet, you get your skinny ass up to the Control
Room and tell one of the computer people to contact the lovely captain, I saw her and that
little redhead leaving the ship a half an hour ago. And step on it, sheesh, I don‟t have the
whole day here… Aww, c‟mon guys, I want to eat too, no point in growling at me for the
point that this ship attracts mental cases…” He yelled, just so everyone would hear him,
before dragging himself up the ramp and to the two Valertrez‟s on the floor. He let out a
small whistle again, after seeing exactly how beaten up they were, but he payed no more
attention to it than he would to a dead cat and simply hauled one of them up with the help
of Kest, the local mechanic wonderboy, and started carrying the man up the various sets
of stairs and down the decaying corridors, the other two workers following close behind
with the second wounded Valertrez. Such a hassle, as the lifts were already out of order.

At the same time, Orahet was already entering the control room to do what he was told.
He was a lower level mechanic than Georgy, the self-centered egotistical brat, was, so he
had to do as he was told. Joy, be bossed around by a guy who doesn‟t make a difference
between a pencil and a gun. He sighed softly, pulling one of his hands through his lush
black hair and looking around questionably in the Control Room. “Who‟s in charge of
communications here!?” He stated with a normal tone of voice. Of course, that got him
nowhere, nearly no one in the large room took any notice of the man, all much to pulled
into their own thoughts and work at the many different stations, or just rushing around the
room, worriedly reading over their holopads. The control room was one of the places that
was kept working at all times, it simply was not allowed to be left empty in the daytime, as
it was the brain of the ship. The tall Xu-adey frowned, giving the backs of the
hackers/computer scientists an incredibly cold and angered glance. No one was allowed to
ignore him. “I SAID, who is in charge of communications here? When I ask a question, I
expect it to be answered…” Now he was getting the hang of it. A lone hand raised in the
near back of the room. “That‟d be me.” A calm voice answered his angered statement.
Orahet grunted something hoarsely, before heading towards the place the voice answered
from. To his surprise, he found the form of a female sitting in the chair, working at the
large station. “You yelled?” She questioned laughingly, not even giving him a look.
The man scowled again, before breathing in deeply to keep himself from simply exploding
of the irritation he felt. It had ben a rotten day and now some female laughed at him. Such
a hit to the male ego… “Yes, I yelled. Ayel wants you to contact the captain and tell her
that two wounded men just landed at our doorstep.” With that, he turned around and
dragged himself out of the room again. He had done what he was told to do, now it was
time for lunch.

The woman at the station, however, had no time for food, she had work to do, some very
time-eating work. It only took her a few moments to contact to Scy‟s comm-decive
through her head-set. “Captain Dawater, information of two wounded men reaching the
Retentive, has just been given to me. Engineer Ayel pleaded your presence.” She had used
her most bureaucratic voice and only given a short message, it was all that was needed.
That done, she set to her other work. All work-no play brought in a lot of money those

Posted by Schypher on 08.08.2002 at20:26:

At that very moment in the small café, that Taidyne and Schypher had picked out, Scy was
enjoying her meal. It had been more than a day since she last received a decent portion of
food and both she and Taidyne had been rather thrilled by the point that the food actually
came. And was warm. And edible.
So, when the voice message came over her comm, the bluehaired girl almost jumped in
her seat. Her eyebrows lowered and the corners of her mouth lowered to a pout at the
piece of information. Why did these things happen exactly when she was trying to eat…
As the comm silenced again, she set down her fork and looked to Taidyne sulkily. “You
take care of the bill and get yourself to the ship, I‟m going now. I‟ll be damned if they
called me out only because some god damn drunk staggered onto the ship…I sware, I‟ll kill
them. Or hurt them. Or burn them. Damn it…” She muttered and forced herself up from
her sitting place. She gave a sad glance at her lunch and then to Taidyne, sighed, and left
the café.
It was pure luck that the small restaurant was so close to the ships bay, it saved the
people who might of come across Scy a look from the peeved Xu-adey. She literally
bursted through the groups of people, her long hair flashing behind her helplessly in the
wind. She didn‟t keep herself from shoving people out of her way, as she had tried to do
earlier, and growled angrily at anyone who dared to object to being pushed by the grouchy
woman. With a matter of minutes, the woman had passed through the streets, went
through security check and „landed‟ in her treasured ships bay. If at all possible, her glare
became even more deadly when she walked through the crowds of resting workers. How
unfare, she had to quit her lunch only because some morons had decided to seek a refuge
in her ship and the workers couldn‟t handle them. The tall female stopped at the ramp,
leading up to the main hatch, and turned around, now facing the groups of workers.
“Where the hell are those two that made me miss my lunch…the two wounded god damn
males?” She shouted over the bay. Anyone with even the dimmest hearing could clearly
hear her statement, as it was enhanced by the metal walls of the bay, forcing her loud
voice to an even higher level.
Most eyes turned to look at her, some with interest, some with amazment and some with
calm apathy. But most lost interest in the shouting Xu-adey as soon as they had gained it
and turned back to what ever they were doing. Only the man sitting the closest to her,
answered her question. It was the same Georgy who had helped to drag the „two wounded
god damn males‟ up to one of the empty rooms. He gave a slight sigh, as he looked up
from the sandwitch he had just taken into his hands again. It was not only unfair towards
Schyher, he had been dragged from his lunch a number of times that day also. “They are
in one of the third decks rooms, one of the ones closer to the control bay. Believe me,
you‟ll find them easily, the doors are all open.” He stated bitterly, before biting into the
sandwitch atrociously, no one was going to drag Gregory Kawath away from his lunch

Scy looked at him thankfully and nodded. “Thank you.” Was all the girl stated. Turning
around, she raced up the ramp and quickly fought her way up to the third deck. She
practicly ran down the corridor, almost knocking an innocent worker of his feet when
passing by. It wasn‟t so much that she had been pulled away from her lunch, she had
gotten used to not eating for days and days at a time, it was that she had been interrupted
exactly when she had felt a bit calmer and looser and actually managed to put somekind of
lid on her temper and enjoy the presence of her friend. That, and someone dared to invade
her ship, now that was one of those things that managed to greatly tick off the easily
flammable captain.
After searching through a few of the rooms closer to the Control Room, Scy finally found
the room that Vaperial and his friend were laying in. Both set on the beds in the room,
both unconcious. Scy sighed boredly when seeing them, Calston caught her attention the
most, as he seemed to have gotten the worse of what ever had rolled over the foolish duo.
So male-ish, go to battle and get shot up. How lovely. You‟d expect them to atleast know
what they were doing or to have shields…
Scy gave a careless shrug, before rolling up her jackets sleeve to reveal her comm-link.
She singled out Taidyne and sent a short message to her, all full of spiked boredom and
apathy. “Taidy, I found our wounded trespassers. Seems that Vaperial and Calston got
kicked around, both are unconcious. They‟re on the third deck, room number nine. Before
you come up, go to the bay that you sent your medical stuff to and take some supplies
with you, you have a lot of patching up to do. I‟m guessing that they mostly have plasma
burns from pistol shots and a few minor scratches and bruises…Just grab something and
get the hell up here.” Ahh, straight to the point as always.

As the next thing, Scy rushed out of the room once more and headed towards the Control
Room. All the doors on the ship had been opened earlier, but now, Scy needed one of
them closed. She was not going to let Calston and Vaperial hog any more of the workers
attention. Besides, if any of them would recognise Vaperial, Schypher would be in quite a
mess. Being the „well known pirate‟ he told himself to be, there was a great chance of him
being looked for on Capella also. And the one thing Scy didn‟t need at the moment, was
trouble with the Engreia.
After entering, Scy‟s blue eyes ran over the people in the room and selected one rather
short Valertrez sitting at the main ops station. She walked to him and with a tap on his
shoulder, catched his attention. The face turning to look at the bluehaired Xu-adey, was
the face of a male Valertrez, brown-eyed and blond-haired.
Scy started carelessly, not even noticing the story she was spinning on with every word to
follow the previous one. “Kid, I need a favour,” She spoke in a voice only slightly more
audible than a whisper, making sure that words were heard only by Scy herself and the
Valertrez. “See here, there were two men who landed in the bay a few minutes ago. They
are my old friends and they got somewhat shot-up in a bar fight on Capella. They came to
search for my help because they couldn‟t go to any hospital, no health insurance and so
on. Poor family, it‟s a long gloomy story, I wont give you all the details. The thing is, I
need you to close the door of room number 9 in sector 5, third deck. I want to save them
the humiliation of being seen any more than possibly needed. You‟ll do it, right?” She
pleaded softly. Schypher had the greatest gift of managing to lie with out blinking an eye
and making even the strangest things believable.
The Valertrez nodded blankly and turned around again, setting off to work once more. In a
few minutes, she looked back at Scy, who was still standing next to his chair. “It‟s done.”
He stated simply. Receiving a nod of appreciation from the captain, he turned his look
away again.

Scy sighed softly, walking out of the Control Room and entering the corridor again. Why,
oh why, did Vaperial always come around at the most unfitting times…

((Do not notice that Vap screwed up with the location…))

Posted by Clint Paxton on 09.08.2002 at08:06:

Clint enjoyed the lunch and finished off with a strong black coffee. Not only had he just
enjoyed a great meal but the bot programming had gone particularly well was nearly
ready. As he was paying for the meal he thought he heard some sort of crash off in the
distance but since no other sounds follows he paid it no heed.
He cheerfully made his way back to the Retentive, the data pad securely tucked away in
his jacket pocket. He was nearly at the ship when he found huge marks carved out of the
deck plating and heading towards the left. Looking in that direction the skid marks ended
at the now crumpled and mostly ripped away barriers. Clint shook his head Someone went
over the edge he thought to himself.
Arriving at the ship he could see now that some of the outer hull had been removed for
access to the large internal components. Many of the workers were still eating their lunch
and walking up the gangway he saw the fresh blood stains.
“Who got hurt?” Clint asked no-one in particular. A couple of faces turned a question gaze
towards him.
“The blood” he said pointing to the deck.
A couple of eyes followed his fingers to the blood stains on the deck and then looked back
at Clint. Still no response.
“Was it a worker or crewman” Clint demanded his voice now raised as he was confronted
by their apathy.
“A couple of strangers just staggered up and fell there” one finally managed to explain
around a sandwich “couple of the guys took them inside, 3rd deck.”
Shaking his head Clint headed inside muttering to himself. So much for the good mood. He
was just pulling out the comm-link to see if the captain was aware of the uninvited guests
when he say Schypher enter the control room.
When he walked up to the door he saw she was telling one of the workers something in
hushed tones, so he waited till she was finished and waved to her. “I suppose you know.”
He said.

Posted by Schypher on 09.08.2002 at14:33:

 *is in a hurry*

Scy nodded to Clint as she reached him. "Yeah, I know. They called me away from my
lunch... Taidyne is coming soon. The two that showed up here, were your old captain and
his hunter buddy. Both look rather messed up, their own fault, I'm sure. I put them in
room number nine, as it is one of the last that will be cleared, it'll give Taidy the time to
look them over. I asked them to close the door also...The room's there." She pointed to
one particular door in the long grey corridor of open rooms, to the only one that was kept
from the eye of any random worker. Schypher looked at Clint with a look of shear
annoyance in her eyes. "Vaperial's buddy, Calston, is the one who got the most of it.
Multiple plasma wounds and smaller scratches, he's out black just like Vaperial. I can
understand why they showed up here, though. Vaperial couldn't possibly go to a public
hospital, the law would be all over him....But I sware, if he just managed to get me into
trouble, I'll personally hand him over to Engreia with a red bow tied around his neck."

Even knowing Scy's bad temper, her flash-outs had gotten worse lately. She did act as if
she didn't notice, but she knew very well that she had started to overreact about many
things. The smallest event could make the Xu-adey steam of anger those days. She had
pushed it all onto her headaches, blaming them for her even nastier temper. Oh well, no
one had gotten seriously hurt yet, so it was all good for now. As long as nothing dangerous
would happen, she'd carry on ignoring the point that she was a ticking timebomb, ready to
go off at any given time.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 09.08.2002 at17:58:

Clint looked from Schypher to the closed door down the hall as a number of emotions
twisted inside his gut. He hadn‟t seen him in a while but the last time he was pretty cut up
about a girl, and now this. “It‟s a small universe I‟ll give you that.” He said to Schypher
“OK I‟ll clean off the gangway and throw some Decca‟s around just make sure the workers
forget anything they thought they saw.”
He thought about the wreckage outside Now it would seem that Vaperial was landing
something the hard way but there was nothing he could to about that.
“Then I‟ll stay with them and keep anyone out till Taidyne arrives” he reassured her.
“OK, just keep them in there and quiet” Schypher replied.
With a nod he headed for the gangway, grabbing a mop and bucket along the way. As he
exited the ship he scanned the area but saw nothing out of the ordinary so he quickly he
washed the blood away, stowing the mop out of sight. Then he moved among the workers
that were left “Just came by to say what good work you guys were doing. Enjoy your
lunch, nice and quiet here with nothing happening” then he slipped some Decca‟s into each
pocket. The workers didn‟t respond. They didn‟t have to.
With that done he made his way back to the closed door and stood there. He was not sure
how Vaperial would react to seeing him. Clint rubbed his hands on his shirt before opening
the door. Both men were still unconscious and lying on the beds, their wounds plainly
visible didn‟t look pretty but both men‟s chests were still rising and falling. He stepped into
the room and closed the door behind him. Taking a chair near the wall he sat watching the
two and waited.

Posted by Schypher on 10.08.2002 at03:54:

“Yeah, do that…Although those workers were rather apathic towards me and the whole
insident to begin with. I don‟t think any of them noticed who our „guests‟ were…But, better
safe than sorry, as they say.” Scy muttered, more to herself than Clint, as the man was
already walking down the corridor quickly, obviously in a hurry to set off to cracking the
case at hand. She followed his movment absentmindedly with her dark blue eyes until he
was out of sight. The Xu-adey sighed softly and tiredly allowed herself to sit down,
searching for the help of the wall when sliding down onto the cold ground. She pulled her
knees up to her chest, rested her forehead on them and just sat there quietly, ignoring
anyone and everyone that happened to pass by or question her authority to rudely block
their working grounds. Her headache had gone considerably worse and in her
stubbornness, she decided to simply wait it out and try to force it down with other
thoughts and the sheer power of her mind. For one, what exactly did Vaperial and Calston
get into, that managed to get out of their hands so gravely and that ended in both of them
looking like they just came back from the depths of hell. All and all, Schypher was sure
that what had happened to them, was certainly their own fault, as it usually was with men
who thought too highly of themselves to ask for any kind of assistance. Scy was even
slightly amused that they had actually come to her in search of help, with that swallowing
down some of their bloated egos, and actually pleading for assistance. Something that Scy
had not expected to see coming from Vaperial…atleast not yet. Knowing him, she wouldn‟t
of been surprised even the slightest bit, if he would of simply cravled under a rock
somewhere and died, just to keep a bit of his ego un-scratched. She had met men like him
and his friend before…Men so certain in their own abilities, that they completely forgot that
in the end, they only were simple men. In the eyes of death, everyone was equal.

The bluehaired menace gripped her head in her hands for a moment, forcing her eyes shut
from the immense pain that rammed through her head in frequent waves. She had no idea
what managed to cause those horrid headaches of hers. In time, the weak medicines that
she was using ceased to help her and she was left alone in the battle against the inner
demon…Scy did not want to use stronger medicines. Not now when she had just managed
to squirm her way out of her drug addiction. Or atleast dim it down a bit, it was far from
over, but she had managed to stay clean for almost a month already, and that was a big
thing with her, even when her sudden clear-headedness had only come thanks to the point
that her stash blew up. Oh well, it was all the same in the long-run.
For awhile, the girl had blamed her headaches on the gravitational changes that she had to
experience in the ship, but that simply could not be, even when knowing the certain
weakness that the Xu-adey organism had against gravitational changes, as the steady pain
grew even stronger on the Gateway Station.
Even the medicine that taidyne had given, seemed not to work, atleast not for very long.
The dull ache was only blocked out for an hour or so, before it returned with a vengeance.
It all was so…hopeless. All she could do was try and ignore the humm in her head and all
that anyone else could do, was quietly take her sudden changes of attitude and temper.

She sat there for a good half an hour, attracting as little of attention as possible. Finally,
when most of her joints had gone on strike for the long time of being unused, she clawed
herself up from her earlier position, dusted herself off and looked around with the same
tint of annoyance flashing in her eyes as usual. The captain slowly strolled down the
metallic tube and after a moment of hesitation behind door number nine, commanded the
hatch to open and let her into the room. Scy's eyes moved directly to the two unconcsious
bodies and then to Paxton, giving him a slight nod. She picked out the only still vacant
chair in the entire room, and carelessly plopped down onto it, curiously looking to Clint,
who was silently sitting on the seat across hers. There were a few questions she had
wanted to ask from him for a long time now and rigt then was certainly the bestest time to
Her legs were freely hanging over one of the arms of the chair, her back resting against
the second one and her blue eyes set on the mechanic.
“Tell me, Paxton…” She started, “How bad is your criminal record? Working along with
Vaperial, I‟m pretty sure that you might of managed to get a spot or two on your record.
Should I be worried about any inconvenient attention by Engreia, concerning to you?” One
of her finely shaped eyebrows twitched higher, as she carried on loking at the Valertrez
and waiting for an answer, while her body was almost sucked into the softness of the large

Posted by Clint Paxton on 10.08.2002 at05:31:

Clint laughed softly at the question which raised the eyebrow on Schypher more and that
was followed by a scowl. “I‟m sorry for laughing but it is quite I found it quite ironic.”
His laughter stopped and he looked her in the eye “My criminal record is spotless I can
assure you, the short time I was with Vaperial was not long enough to tarnish my record.”
He shook his head “My record” he mumbled more to himself than Schypher “I served for
countless years with the Terran Defence Forces, saw a lot of action and then
He stopped unable to speak. In his minds eye he ran through the events like he had done
a million times before. The confusion, the screams of the dying and the blank looks of the
dead. Through all the chaos he found her, held her in his arms….
“No I have no criminal record I can assure you and my military discharge was honorable. I
can provide the details of my service number if you would like to check.”
He sat there, the pain in his chest was still as sharp as when he first lost her. And there
could never be another.

Posted by Schypher on 10.08.2002 at05:59:

The Xu-adey snickered softly after hearing his response, paying little attention to the
sudden look of anguish in his eyes. She had enough problems off her own, no point in
clouding her mind with others problems beside the ones she already had to face. Her own
simplish thoughts, caring for hers and her crews health, making sure that the Retentive
would actually be able to take off from Capella Gateway Station once again with out
blowing up into a million little colourful pieces and keeping an eye on the reckless Vaperial
and co.
Schypher looked to the pilot with a slight smile of amusment, before she glanced back at
Vaperial for a moment. “So, you actually managed to get out with out a tint on your
record… Somewhat amazing, Vaperial doesn‟t seem to take much notice in safty, not in his
own, not in his crews or friends. Interesting that he managed to hold the job of a captain
for as long as he did, because if he managed to get himself this beaten up-“ She motioned
carelessly towards the blackened ex-pirate. “-I can‟t imagine how could any of his
crewmembers survive with out seriously ruining their reputation while trying to get his ass
out of another mess...”She sighed mildly, giving another absentminded glance at the fallen
Valertrez, while trying to settle herself in more comfortably. “Tell me, have you met this
Calston before? From what I saw, he is not the most clever or crafty man…Hmh, he and
your former captain didn‟t even manage a simple gun fight with out mine and Taidyne‟s
help. Oh well, I guess I‟ll just have to keep an eye on these two jokers from now. Keep
them from hurting themselves and possibly me and my ship. I hope that they didn‟t get a
tail on the way here, I‟d hate to explain this to Engreia.” She carried on, turning her
attention to Clint. Noticing that she was pretty much talking more than there was point to,
she hushed herself and loked through the room in a tired way. “You know, if you have
something important to do around the ship, you can go, I‟m staying here until Larouge
shows up anyway…” Schypher worded, giving the pilot a questionable look. She was more
than okay with standing guard alone, although she wouldn‟t say no to company, if one
would be promised.
Svinging her legs over the arm slowly, Scy locked her gaze onto one spot in the ceiling, It
was amusing to think that the ceiling was nearly the only thing that would be left
untouched in that room.

Posted by Taidyne on 10.08.2002 at20:10:

((Oh, I'm so disappointed.. here I expected to have multiple shot wounds from our lovely
aet, and you only threatened me once.. how ... nice? Ack.. I've got family members
fussing at me to start unpacking several of these boxes around here.. As to the post, Aet,
just keep clinging to your window, I have an excuse for myself. So... Rar..))

Taidyne rolled her eyes as the name vaperial came over the comm link. That was the same
damned man who'd split Schypher's side open, if she wasn't mistaken. She frowned, and
glared at the chef, who was glaring back. There was a fat chance Taidyne was going to pay
for the tiny bit of food she and Schypher had managed to consume. Arguments followed,
the kitchen staff quite amused to see the two staring at each other, nose to nose. One, the
cook was quite tall, not much overweight, but still a large figure, while taidyne, not exactly
short, but not tall either, tending to be much more on the smaller framed scale. Wich
didn't curb her attitude much either. A grin was slightly on her face as she argued out the
logic of her and schypher's meals. Tai loved to do things like this, her logic tended to be
quite sane, but bordered on the confusing side.

Almost immeadiatly the two were having a little debate, going over acctually eating the
food and paying for it, eating the food, reasons why it wouldn't be payed for, acceptable
reasons not to pay, unacceptables ones and so on. 'But ya still ate the food.' Taidyne
simply grinned. That was the third time he'd repeated himself. "We've gone over this
sweetie." She smiled innocently, head tipped to one side. they went in the circle once
again, and finally, when Taidyne left, she was smiling quite cheerfully, undaunted by thew
fact that there were two unconsious men back at the Retentive that she needed to look
over. Granted, she had paid for a meal, but it would be one she got to eat.

Tai, releasing the amount of time she'd taken quickened her pace. She got to where her
supplieas were fairly quickly, and grabbed a few things, growiling about the bungled job
the two men had done with the crates. Ahh, she'd worry about it later. Dumping the things
she'd figured she'd need into a gray bag, she quickly left and found the nearest person
working on the retentive. "Where's Schypher?" She tapped one foot impatiently, got a
blank look, then a vague point. "somewheres.. up" "Gee, thanks for the help buddy." She
frowned at the lack of intelligent thought apparently in the man's capacity, and then went
on the slight directions he'd given her. She stopped for a few seconds, watching a man
who acctually seemed able to hold more than one thought in his head at one time giving
orders to a few others. As soon as he stopped talking, she asked as to the whereabout of
Schypher. Soon as she got the information, she quickly reached the said room.

Taidyne idly looked around the room, commenting to Schypher. "This Vaperial seems to
inabled to keep out of trouble around you." She threw the comment over her shoulder as
she walked pver to one of the men. Tai frowned, looking down at the unconsious man with
no real pity or surprise.

She wasn't quite sure which one of them it was, but it didn't matter much, she'd get to
both of them. The sight or smell of blood wasn't to much to worry about either. She had a
extremely strong stomache, which, with her line of work, came in extremely handy.
"Schypher!" She turned around frowning, "Damn you for knowing such bothersome people
who interupt my meal, why are they here, and what the hell happened to them? They
seem to be rather mangled, even at first glance." Her eyes narrowed, her tone was quite
nice, despite the annoyed words.

It really was hard to stay out of these types of messes when one hung around with people
like Schypher..

But then again, it made life so much more interesting.

Posted by Schypher on 10.08.2002 at20:53:

Schypher gave a slight happy wave to the disgruntled medic, who bursted in, her grey bag
svinging helplessly in her hands and a look promising death in her charming grey eyes.
She snickered softly, hearing the little rant Taidyne gave, before pulling her own attention
together enough to manage some kind of an answer to the Xu-adey. “Oh please, Taidyne,
show me a man who CAN keep out of trouble when around me…” She stated meekly, a
playful glint in her eyes. It was usual for the duo of Taidyne and Schypher to forget about
their current task and waste prescious time on nonsensical joking. But hey, there was not
much point to get overly worked up, Vaperial and Calston were only Valertrez's and
besides that, neither of the women counted them as good friends. “I don‟t know more
about this, than you do. I got a message to show up here, and so I did. Finding these two
here, both out cold, I called you. I saw them last when we had that little gun fight. You
remember, don‟t you? They left together and that was the last I saw of them… I‟m
guessing they went to play heroes and got tossed around. By the looks of it, they got
kicked bad…but I‟m pretty sure that they deserved everything that they got. Foolish
Valertrez‟s, they have no idea of their limitations…” She stiffled a yawn and looked at Taidy
lazily, a look of apathy now taking over her features. “The one on the corner bed is
Vaperial, the other one must be Calston. Calston looks worse, from what I could see…But
you‟re the professional, it‟s your opinnion that counts.”

Even though the stale air was changed by the filters rapidly, the smell of blood still
managed to rise its ugly head. It was not a new smell for Scy, as she had seen and
smelled the vile red liquid many times before. She was perfectly used to it and it didn‟t
even make her blink an eye anymore, so familiar it was to her. She glanced at Taidy once
more, this time with a slight frown, her legs still svinging freely over the arm of the soft
chair. “Tell me, how well did you handle the café thing? I do hope they didn‟t tear too
many deccas out of your pocket for the food we didn't eat…” She stated calmly. It was not
a very big deal…but still, it helped to keep up the conversation.

Posted by Taidyne on 10.08.2002 at21:04:

 Must hurry.. blargh

Taidyne shook her head. "I'm of the opinion that no man can keep out of trouble,
regardless of whether they have ever had the extreme pleasure of you meeting you or

She grinned, and looked over the limp forms. "Yes, the Calston fellow is worse. I don't
really want to make Vaperial, idiot though he seems," Taidyne would probably always
associate vaperial with the two foolish stunts. Splitting Schyphers side open again and
disturbing her meal, "wait while I go over Caston though.." She pursed her lips. "Think you
can handle working with Vaperial? You ought to know enough about the plama wounds.
She was looking at the two men as she said this, only half consious of the havoc she might
possibly be creating.
"Oh, and I managaed to convince cook-ey dearest to simply send new meals over soon, I
just have to give a god tip, enough to satisfy the small amount we consumed of the
others, and the alley urchins, whatever type of creatures they have around there, get a
lovely free meal."

Taidyne grinned. She seemed to have a cmall knack for getting people, other than
schyoher, of course, to do things her way. Schypher, on the other hand, would listen to
taidyne comments, though it was more probable that she'd simply nod at them, and then
ignore her and end up getting some small injuries, or was already thinking something
along those lines. Either way, Taidyne didn't mind to much. Growing up with Schypher'd
been fun anyway, even with the unnatural disaters the blue Xu-adey seemed to cause or

Posted by Schypher on 10.08.2002 at21:49:


One of Schypher‟s eyebrows rised slightly, as she tilted her head to the side,
contemplating over Taidyne‟s words. “Yes, I guess you are right. Men are a rather
disturbing wastes of space at most times…Excuse me, Paxton…And I am rather sure that
Vaperial was a disaster even before meeting me… You speak the truth, Larouge, my dear
friend!” She stated, pointing towards Vaperial lavishly with her free hand, the one that was
not busy petting her beloved gun.
The plead to look at Vaperial‟s wound, didn‟t shock Scy much. She found herself to be
competent enough to patch the man up, atleast keep him somewhat alive until Taidyne did
have time to look at his wounds. …Or maybe not, will see. Scy had been wounded a
number of times, too many to even remember them all. Thanks to modern medicines
advantages, even her scars had mostly been hidden and she managed to look as if she
had never gotten hurt at all. A dirty lie, I assure you.
It wouldn‟t of been her first time cleaning a plasma wound either, she had once helped a
crewmate in trouble, some quick cleaning and wrapping until he would see some serious
medical attention. If you had seen your own wounds being healed for about 20 times, you
would remember the line of activity also. Pluss, Scy had lived the first 16 years of her life
side by side with a girl who talked about medicine almost unstoppably, she was bound to
remember a few things.
She looked at her friend with a simple smile, before speaking up. “Are you SURE you want
me to kill Vaperial in such a painful way? I mean, I could just stuff a few more plasma
rounds into his gut and be over with it. I heard that blood poisoning is rather painful…and
takes a long time… But seriously, yeah, I can take a look at him and you can patch him up
correclty later on. Give me the things I need and I‟ll do it as good or bad as I can..” She
pulled herself up from the chair and looked towards Taidyne with a short smile. If she
wanted Vaperial to die in a horrid, painful way, so be it.

Posted by Taidyne on 10.08.2002 at23:12:

Taidyne snickered, and smiled apologeticly at Clint, "of course there's no intentional
offense to you in our conversation." She opened up the grey bag, and threw a bottle at
schypher as the woman mocked about killing Vaperial. "Well, if you insist on murdering the
man, at least use some anisthetic." She grinned. It was amazing that the two managed to
joke around and tease in these strange situations.

"Anyway, you know enough about cleaning a wound and dressing it, abnything you need is
probably in here somewhere." Taidyne shook her head. It was odd, usually when hurying,
she was still precise and neat with most things, yet this time she'd been uncharacteristicly
sloppy. Her lips pursed, she mutally shrugged it off.

"Oh, by the way, Schypher, Exactly what are you planning to do with these two? You ship
is pretty much falling down around your feet, ya can't keep two people, shredded as they
are, here for long." As she was working, she'd taken a needle out, starting to fill it with the
clearish liquid from a bottle identicle to the one she'd chucked at Scy.

Posted by Schypher on 11.08.2002 at00:18:

“Okay, I‟ll do a clean murder then. Only because you asked, Taidy dearest…” She
chuckled, cathing the bottle with ease. “I mean, he‟s passed out, he wouldn‟t feel a thing
before it was too late anyway, right?” She continued her train of thought with theatrical
seriousness, while stretching lazily, her joints all silently cheering for the sudden escape
from a sad death of immobility. Schypher walked the few stepps, that kept her from the
grey bag, and kneeled next to the bag. Her eyes searched through the depths of the large
bag, while her hands picked out an item or two every once in awhile. When she was finally
finished, a small stack of syringes, packed bandages, a small bottle of medicine, designed
to keep the dim poison found in plasma from spreading in the victims body, a small knife
and various other things layed next to her. She looked over them in an appreciative way,
before glancing up to her redheaded friend and medic. “I think this should be all…for now.”
With that, Scy gathered all the items in her hands, made her way to the fallen Valertrez
and set the things down onto the small sidetable, located next to the bed Vaperial had
Schypher took a seat on the bed, after pushing Vaperial‟s hand out of the way and making
room for herself, and looked to Taidyne with a certain tint of amusment flashing in her
dark blue eyes. “Why, I‟m going to kick them out, of course… As soon as they come
through, I‟m pretty sure that I‟ll send the two little boys away. That is, if Calston will be
okay and ready to walk…They can not stay on the Retentive, that‟s for sure, these rooms
will be reached soon too...I think there's a corridor planned for this spot right here. I guess
they‟ll end up in some small hotell like us, for awhile. We‟ll see what happens later on…”
She stated simply, while pulling her „patients‟ jacket so it would reveal his wound. When
doing so, she also noticed the gaping hole in the leather, bringing a slight smirk to her lips.
Knowing Vaperial, she was sure that the man was less than happy about what had
happened to his treasured item of clothing. She sighed slightly, seeing the sloppy joke of a
bandage, his shirt tied around his shoulder in hopes of covering the wound and keeping
the blood from pouring.
Scy grabbed the small knife, that she had found in the bag of medicines, and simply cut
the shirt off. He could possibly not hope for Scy to try and salvage such a feeble thing…
When the self-proclaimed medic saw the Valertrez‟s wound, she chuckled softly. “A
Whistler…I want to see the person who took them down with a god damn Whistler…” She
muttered amusedly. The wound was not that bad, it would not take much time to clean it
and tie it for a further inspection from Taidyne. It was in a slightly uncomfortable area
though, right under his collar bone. An inch more and he would have been dealing with a
broken bone.

The Xu-adey placed the knife back onto the side-table and started to search foo one of the
pencil-like syringes, until a sudden thought hit her, making Scy search out her friend again
with her eyes. “Hey, Taidy, when this all is over, would you teach me how to handle
daggers?” A rather interesting question, coming from Schypher, but completely justified.
Besides being excellent with a gun, she was interested in the closer types of combat also.
Might come in handy every once in awhile.
Besides, Scy enjoyed being better than everybody else...

Posted by Taidyne on 11.08.2002 at00:59:

Taidyne looked down at the unconcious man, before following Schyphers example, simply
cutting the few shreds still holding his battered shirt on him. It was torn and rent enough
already, not like he'd ever be wearing it again.

She set to work, half heartedly listening to Schypher, as she sent the powerful, blissfull
numbing liquid into Calston's arm. In a few moments the majority of his upper body would
be, for the most part, numb, giving her free reign.

Taidyne glanced at Schypher in surprise. "You, daggers?" She shook her head, somehow,
she could not picture that. She started in on the plama wounds on his arm. "I suppose if
you really wanted.." She murmered, half to herself. She sighed, and looked over at
Schypher. "These two are going to have some serious headaches when they wake up.."
With a sigh of resignation she placed one hand carefully on the side of the wound, and
started smoothing salve overthe red, angry looking skin around the marked hit.

Taidyne was looking forward to simply treating these wounds quickly, and then going to
the peace and quite of the room. Almost absentmindedly she began to get a few bottles of
more medicine, a tiny amount of pity of how sick these boys were going to be when they
regained what little senses they may have already had.

"I'm rather curious as to how this happened." Tai shook her head. Just about any sort of
story would have surprised her at this point. She was to used to the insane asylum life
turned out to be, long since taking most things in stride.
Posted by Schypher on 11.08.2002 at02:31:

“Well, daggers would be a new thing for me, don‟t you think…?” She questioned, while
carefully filling the syringe she had found, with the strong medicine…All to reduce the
mans pains, although Scy was not too sure what he felt at the moment, being unconscious
and all. Never the less, she filled the syringe, which had taken more of the features of a
pencil now. Sleek body, short pointed end and the lone button at the opposite top. A few
small gauges to ascertain the level of medicine, that was desired to draw into the syringe.
Scy pushed it sharply to one of the veins on his left arm and released the medicine. She
could almost feel the needle entering the vein and spilling the liquid, before pulling back. It
all took only a few seconds and a moment later, the Xu-adey had already set the used
syringe on the sidetable and was looking for the antiseptic salve to rub around the small
plasma wound.
“I can just guess what happened. The boys got bored and went to smash something and
got kicked around…Basic story. A few details here and there, but otherwise, it‟s just the
everyday thing…” She sighed, when finally finding the tube and her hands setting to rub in
the salve. It would not take long to heal, atleast from the outside, the wound was not so
bad and Scy could pretty much say when any plasma inflicted wound would heal, she had
gotten shot almost everywhere imaginable and had viewed the healing first hand. Although
Scy was rather sure that his shoulder would feel rather stiff for a while now. Maybe teach
him a thing or two about precaution. Pain could do wonders.

She carried on working with the wound in forced silence. Luckily, Vaperial stayed quiet and
still, keeping Scy from pumping any more drugs into him than possibly needed. In about a
half an hour, her task was finished and she had just cealed the wound off from the rest of
the world, settling a large patch onto it. The patch was sure to hold strong until Taidyne
would get ready with her patient and get the time to look over Vaperial, probably clear out
the plasma and do a better cleaning job. All and all, Vaperial was not going to die…atleast
not yet, and that was the most important thing.

Scy stretched, releasing her shoulders from the pressure they were entire time when Scy
was busy at work with the gaping hole in the Valertrez‟s body. She looked over to Taidyne,
who had more or less ignored her, as much as Scy had ignored her, through the last half
an hour. “I think I‟m done with him…I‟ll go wash my hands now..” She muttered, pushing
herself off the bed-side and raising up on her own two. With out another thought, she
headed to the small bathroom, designed in a rather modest way, holding only the most
necessary items. She neared the sink, turned on the soothing warm water and quickly
washed her hands, drying them off in the fluffy grey towel. Before heading out again, the
woman gave herself a quick glance through the mirror, arranging her hair a bit and then,
finally walking back to the main room. She searched out her favoured chair once more and
soon, was comfortably seated in the large chair, eyes half closed. How did Taidyne do this,
it had only taken roughtly 30 minutes to patch up Vaperial, and already the girl was tired!

Posted by Taidyne on 11.08.2002 at04:03:

Taidyne nodded as schypher left the room, muttering a 'kay' after she was already out of
ear shot. She didn't really focus on much right then except the bothersome shoulder
before her. She'd slowly workered her way, from one arm, across his chest, and now to
this gaping shot in the fellow's shoulder. She growled slightly with annoyance. Finally, she
managed to get most of the wound closed, and the awkwarldy placed cut wrapped nicely.

Taidyne frowned, and pushed herself into a standing position. She couldn't move the man,
or else he'd more than likely fall out of the narrow bed. She shook he head. If he had
other wounds than those that were visible, it'd have to wait. Making sure to touch as little
as possible, she went to the bathroom schypher had used and rinsed off her hands. She
sighed, and kept following the path Scy'd taken about 10 minutes earlier, and smiled
slightly as she came up to her blue haired friend. "Well, captain. You certainly asked for it,
when you got your own ship." A grin split her face. "Psycopaths, shoot outs and whatever
else you could dream of."

Taidyne sank down on the floor, and leaned against one side of the chair, knees drawn up,
her hands clasped in her lap. "Ooo, that feels nice." She grinned contentedly. "And before
you think it, I know, I asked for it when I came to look with you at the Retentive.. I didn't
ask for you bull dozing over me though." The slim woman grinning, a teasing tone in her
voice. "You must begin to watch where you are going."

Posted by Schypher on 11.08.2002 at04:41:

Scy looked up at Taidyne and gave a slightly tired smile. Inflicting wounds was one thing,
trying to heal them up was a whole nother story. The sweet sensation of languidity took
over the girls body, as she sunk deeper into the welcoming chair. Scy let her legs sving
over one arm of the chair, while her back rested against the back and half of the other arm
of the chair, her hands settled in her lap and her head pushed back. “Yes, I did ask for it
when I took on my own ship. But you know, it‟s better to be the one giving orders than
being the one getting them. Much better… I couldn‟t care less about how big or small my
crew was, I‟m just happy that I can go where ever I want now. It‟s terrific…” She worded
contently, letting her eyes fall shut and loosening her muscles, her thoughts only a tangled

She had finally faced the fact how tireing it all had been for her. For the last month or so,
she had hardly gotten a wink of sleep, her headaches had come back with obvious
contempt and she had started eating even more irregularly than before, although Kulkun
managed to get her to eat for a while...but he left. Like another one had. Elkona was gone,
out of all of their lives, forever. They still had the chance of seeing Kulkun one day, but
Elkona…The young Terran was gone forever. Scy felt both guilty and incredibly saddened.
It wasn‟t that she liked the girl that much, but she had been one of her crew and she had
died, and Schypher had not noticed her deep despair that ended with the hacker taking
her young life through some pills. It was so incredibly wrong…

Scy looked back at her friend for a moment and nodded lightly, adding a slight smirk.
“Yeah, I need to look around better when I run through the treets in great joy. No worry, I
don‟t see that happening for awhile. Joy is one of the few things that seems to be rather
forbidden for us captains. I‟ll ask around about that, just to see if anyone thinks about this
like I do… And I want to write to my brother. I need to write to my brother. There has
been so much death rolling around us lately and I haven‟t even talked to him about it…”
The words were mostly for her own ears, to Taidy, they could very well seem as a long line
of meaningless words. But Scy knew that Taidy sensed what she thought…she always did.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 11.08.2002 at06:43:

Once Clint had finished he looked back at Schypher and saw the indifference in her eyes.
He understood, these were his problems and he should keep them reigned in. Shaking it
off he replied “No, I‟ll just hang around and see what the medic has to say.”
With that he settled back in his chair looking at the two. He wondered what had happened
to them since he had seen them last, he was sure Vaperial had gotten over the girl, his
character was too strong for anything else. Where was the rest of the crew? Were these
two the only survivors or had they broken their fellowship and gone their own ways.
These questions whirled around in his head as he sat quietly looking at them. Taidyne soon
came in with her bag of tricks and set to work. All the while the two women exchanged
banter and severely caning the male race. Clint knew better than to cross swords with
these two and decided to leave, there was nothing he could do know and he would check
with Taidyne when she was finished and find out how they faired.
Slipping quietly out of the room he headed aft, to a lone computer console located in a
quiet corner away from the construction crews.
He worked quietly though his mind was not really on the job at hand, his thoughts drifting
back to Vaperial. Grabbing his comm-link he sent Taidyne a text message requesting an
update on the two when she was free.

Posted by Taidyne on 11.08.2002 at20:52:

Taidyne stood up, and brushed herself off once Schypher had finished her liitle stream of
ramble. "I envy you." She looked down at her sitting friend. It would have sounded
ridiculous to anyone who knew Nazarazmu, and his attitude, with the impossible ability to
drive almost anyone up the wall.

Taidyne watched her silently for a few moments, Gray eyes rueful. Yeah, she did envy
Schypher. Her brothers and she would literally duke it out when they were younger,
growing up together.. she'd left home at sixteen because of it. They still would throw
punches.. on the extremely rare occasions that Tai would set foot into that accursed home.
She hadn't spoken to her family for years, her mother used to send her things.. the odd
letter, occasional package. Of course, after they sent Aquar into what could only be called
exhile, Taidyne wouldn't speak to even her often, instead burning anything she recieved
from home.. Family.. Hah.. she had no family. Taidyne had become independant most of
her life. She'd known schypher for what seemed an eternity, back at the colony she'd go
along with whatever she had to say or do, it usually sounded fun, but there was still the
slight setting apart.

Taidyne sighed, and then stretched, face carefully deviod of the thoughts ripping through
her mind. Seh blinked with surprise, and looked down at the commlink, which now beheld
the message clint had sent her. Tai made a mental note to talk to respond to him soon.
She needed to check over Vaperial, though Schypher had already, but she wanted to know
exactly how he was faring as well.

Posted by Schypher on 11.08.2002 at21:32:

She looked up at Taidyne with a slightly cautious glint in her eyes, she knew Taidyne well
enough to guess where she was heading with her words. Through all those 16 years spent
in the colony together, Schypher had not noticed how alienated Taidy was from her family.
Sure, she had slight arguments with her brothers and Scy could remember a number of
times when she had heard yelling in their house, but she guessed it to be normal, all
sisters fought with their brothers and Taidy had several of them, meaning that she had to
take them all on. Scy would of never guessed that she did not get along with her family at
all. She had spent almost every day with her friend and still, she did not know about such
an important thing.

Maybe she had sensed it, and decided to ignore it somewhere deep down. Family was the
most important thing in Xu-adey culture and Scy had been raised with the knowing that
family always came first…she could hardly imagine anyone fighting with their family with
out a very good reason. Her family had always been the basic happy family, mother and
father got along well, she and her brother were rather close also and everything seemed to
work their way. Family violence? Such a thing did not exist for Schypher Dawater!

“There is no point in envying me, Taidy. We grew up together, you know very well that
this power will slowly get to my head and I‟ll end up with a mental break down…I‟m
guessing it has already started...” She muttered the last sentence more to herself than to
Taidyne, looking down at her hands. Her headaches…must be forgotten, Scy had much
more important things to do than to worry for her petty physical illnesses.
“Hey, Taidyne, when was that lunch supposed to show up?” She asked hurriedly, trying to
move the subject of conversation to a lighter theme. “I‟m starving…” She added with a
sigh and giving a slight smile. Work had tired her greaty and a warm meal was all she
could think of, that would bring the sun back into her day.

Posted by Taidyne on 12.08.2002 at11:35:

Taidyne's eyes narrowed of their own accord as Schyher mentioned the power getting to
her head. She was purposely misinterpreting what she'd said. Then, of course, the subject
was changed. Family was important in the Xu-adey culture. If her father got sick, two of
her brothers would have the sense to send for aquar, who would eventually get to her.
Family was important.. except her's was simply a madhouse. She'd be there for her father
in the end, at least.. but her own brothers? Bah. More than likely, one of the would be her
own demise, or she to them.

She grinned slightly as scy mentioned the food. Wisely, the medic decided to go along with
the new subject. Naturally Scy would be avoiding Taidyne's family issues, probably
bothered her somewhere to know that one family could dishonor one rule so badly.

"Whenever we yell at them to bring it over." She sat down again, and quickly decided to
tell Clint what she did know about the two. She replied, with a word message, just telling
him the basics, that Schypher, who certainly knew enough about plasma wounds, had
cleaned Vaperial, countered the poison in plasma, and that she herself had done the same
for Calson. They'd be okay, just would wake up either completely numb, or in some
serious pain.

After she was done with the quick message, she looked up at Schypher. "Would you like
me to send for the food now, or do it yourself?"

Posted by Schypher on 12.08.2002 at14:40:

 *excuse the sloppyness. n.n*

"Lovely, just open up a window somewhere and yell them over. Tell them that I want my
food and I want it now...No point in skipping a meal only for these two. I'm quite sure that
they would have lived even if we would of shown up a bit later, like after we had eaten
that delicious looking food in that cafe...Food is taking over my thoughts...But anyway,
Vaperial and his buddy owe us and I'll be damned if I don't use that against them at one
point or the other..." Schypher Dawater was obviously not in the mood to talk sense, so
she just ranted, as usual when she was tired. Sighing lightly, pulling her legs up on the
chairs arm and looking over to Taidyne, she nodded agreeingly. "Yes, contact them and
tell them to send the food over, I am in no state to start ordering them around right
now..." With that, the captain closed her eyes and let her head slump back onto the back
of the large chair.

For a person who either sat around doing nothing all day, or was out shooting random
annoying Terrans, actual work was quite tireing and demanding for her. Especially when
she was in a bad mood and hungry.

"About the dagger thing..." Scy started, deciding to try and keep up a conversation and
keeping it on lighter tracks. "I really am interested. I mean, there is a great chance of me
never picking one up after I learn how to hold the damn things, but still, atleast I can say
that I know what to do with one, when I need to. Besides, I'm guessing complete boredom
to strike me when we get out of Capella, so training with daggers would keep me busy. We
will hunt down a couple of bounties, but after that, I'll have nothing to amuse me. And that
is bad..." The girl muttered, by luck, loud enough for the redheaded medic to hear, that
not saying that she would be interested in replying to any of Schypher's words.

Daggers presented a challenge for Scy and challenges were things that she was eager to
take on. It was always great to show everyone that she could do something that no one
would expect her to even know about. Knowing her way around knives, would be one of
those things. Scy knew how to handle a pike, her brothers weapon of choice in combat,
but the only contact with knives that she had ever had, was when cutting her food or
standing against a disgruntled Taidyne, who was ready to stab her with one of the vile
Schypher knew how to handle a pike only thanks to her brother, who had insisted that
Scy'd learn something that might actually help when she would be cut off from her gun. A
very slim chance of that happening, but it was a possibility. So he had trained her when
back at home and managed to introduce the girl to the wonderous world of handling a
thing that did not have a trigger. Scy's skills had certainly dimmed with the many years
that had passed, but she was certainly not helpless when it came to those annoying
Another trick up her sleeve.

Posted by Taidyne on 13.08.2002 at10:01:

 Why is it I tend to post between 1-5 AM on weekdays...

Taidyne grinned, and pulled a small disc out of her pocket. The lovely cook hand tossed it
ungratfully at her before she left. She pressed and held in a small button in the middle for
a few seconds, then released it, and returned the item to her pocket. Right about now, an
annoying bell-like noise was sounding in the kitchen. "Yell out the window? Really, you
ridiculous person." She shook her head teasingly.

Tai was slightly surprised that Schypher wanted to pursue learning how to handle a dagger
properly. "You really want to let go of your beloved guns for a while?" She snickered.
"Somehow, I find it easy to believe you'll be grabbing for the comforting feel of your steel
after holding onto the hilt of a dagger for a while. Taidyne stretched her arms over head,
and yawned slightly. "Should take the food maybe 10 minutes to get here, by the way."


The cook glared as the noise went on longer than it should have. The annoying little
wretch. He sighed, and took two meals he'd had slowly cooking off of the heat, and
motioned to girl standing nearby. She packed them up, and headed out for the ship,
grinning as she left, hearing the cook's statement behind her.

"lowered to the undignified position of running about to the whims of a pushy little..
argh.." He began chopping fruit unnessisarily hard. "be the last time I let her talk down to
me.. Over pepper her food. Tiny little gnat."

Taidyne was indeed of a smaller frame, a slightly childish look, but had she heard the
cook's comments, her indignance could have easily matched and three persons.


Taidyne sighed. "Oh, were there any extreme wounds on Vaperial's body that I should look
over sooner than later?" Her tone was weary. She simply wanted to sit and rest for a
while, instead of having to go over certain tedious wounds.
Posted by Clint Paxton on 13.08.2002 at10:02:

Clint sat at the console working half heartedly on a small problem he had found crawling
through the ducts when his comm-link beeped. It was a brief message from Tydaine
informing him of her patients condition, they‟ll live. He knew that but it was still good to
hear. He wouldn‟t bother them now though, rest was what they needed.
With that off his mind he set to the problem at hand. Crawling through the ducts he had
found a number of junctions that were used to relay computer messages to a plethora of
equipment. Wether it was ejected the garbage or firing weapons, all these electrical
impulses went through the wiring inside the ducts and these junctions. He was just not
happy in the way the system prioritises commands.
It was a computer system so everything had to placed in an order of preference. However
the computer could not tell the difference between helm control orders for docking at port
and evasive manoeuvres in combat. So what was need was some fuzzy logic, this would
place certain systems in a higher priority in certain situations.
All in all he was only finetuning milliseconds but in the heat of battle it could be the
difference between life and the vacuum of space. He had completed the basic
programming for the prioritising system and was just a matter of debugging. Of course
once the ship‟s upgrade was complete it would have to be retested but the majority of the
work would be finished.
Luckily he found the ships computer code very close to the systems used by the terran
military so it was easy enough to adapt his coding to the various quirks in this system. The
computers that ran the ship were very powerful and this allowed the ship to be run on
minimum crew while no systems were unmanned. At the touch of a button from just about
anywhere systems can be operated though the more important systems had security levels
The hours ticked away as Clint worked at the console oblivious to the comings and goings
of the few workers who needed to pass this section. Most of the time he was left to himself
which was just the way he liked it. Especially at the moment.

Posted by Schypher on 13.08.2002 at14:34:

 Because you...know me? n.n You have learned not to sleep.

She shrugged lightly, looking lazily over to Taidy. "It was only a suggestion...if it was my
doing, I'd have a kitchen right under my window, would save my lung power and all
that..." She muttered teasingly, her fingers slowly binding a long strand of dark blue
around them absentmindedly. It was a lovely quality, loose all of her seriousness and
move over to plain nonsenss and pitty jokes, obviously a lower form of the quality her dear
brother, Nazaramu, had.

Scy shook her head mildly before letting it drop back into the softness of the chair. "Well,
no, I don't think I'll be wanting to grab my pistol very soon...maybe after a few days of
dagger-ing, then I'll think about it. But, I'll certainly keep my beloved gun near, as I
usually do...I was thinking of even buying myself a decent pike or pole or something like
that...I'm certain that Paxton could help me train with it, he's rather good at handling
those darn things, I have seen him in combat. If it would of been me with that overly
glowy stick against our enemies, you would of had many many more holes to patch up on
me than just that little scratch on my shoulder. Haven't you ever thought about using
something else besides daggers and knives? I mean, guns are fun...and easier to handle,
and more lethal...and shinier..." She ranted on, barely paying notice to exactly what she
was saying. Taidyne had always had a good effect on the bluehaired Xu-adey, Scy always
managed to feel safe and loose around her, instead of that manical gun trotting feeling she
had when being around other people. People that annoyed her, bothered her and were just
overly obnoxious.
"Besides, guns are easier to hide and...I just like them better...Although I'll give the
daggers a fair chance, I'm sure they deserve it when you like them so much... Even
though your taste is less than dependable, you're interested in stealing souls, for heavens
sake...Tell me, Taidy, have you done anything with that power that I am not aware of,
hmm? You haven't gone out and stole someones soul becouse he/she pissed you off at one
point or the other? And how did you get the grumpy cook to deliver us our meals....?" She
questioned with a grin. Scy had never understood Taidyne's affection towards that vile art,
even though she did see some use to it. Just not very much, and Taidy was much too
explosive of a person to allow handling of such a dangerous art.
But, Taidyne was not Scy, so there was a great chance that some souls would be left
untouched...The medic had a slightly softer heart.

Posted by Taidyne on 15.08.2002 at10:21:

 Evilness has a new meaning (Ick, have about 8 minutes to write this..)

"I dread to think of what space would come to if you had your doing." Taidyne grinned. It
was said jokingly, but they both knew she was half serious. Most terrans would be banned,
first. Guns would be anywhere your eye looked, Violence would shoot up in rates, and all
would recognise the deadly power in the universe, Schypher Dawater.

Taidyne rolled her eyes at the mention of her one bad intrest. "I learn that ability simply to
make sure you stay in line, Schypher dearest." Taidyne was good person. Following most
rules, was forgiving, even if she tended to not forget the harm done to her. She could hold
her temper better than schypher. She could put schypher into a better mood for crying out
loud, that was something to say.

"No, for your information, I have never used that particular skill." She smiled slightly.
"You, are the captain. Have control over your ship, guns and the people generally
surrounding you. You are not just 'Schypher Dawater', you are captain, gunner, and many
other persons at once. Whereas I, am simply myself. I heal the body, and can, if I must,
Break the spirit. I have no control over my life, or who's in it. But I will not accept certain
circumstances. I do indded have my own certain power, and you, of all people, should
understand that." She gave Scy a shrug. It was the best way she could put it into words.
"Its a fasicnating study anyway, if a bit.. Ergh.. devastating. I know I would most likely be
haunted by those sould for the rest of my born days.. But everyone has their ghosts
schyoher. Good and Bad. Those ghosts.. I will accept, however." She shook her head, long
red hair falling from behind her ears, framing her face. She was pretty, usually with a
touch of ruefulness seen around her. Oblivious to these things though she was, it added a
certain personality, one it would take millenia to match.

Posted by Schypher on 15.08.2002 at14:55:

"I don't want space. A planet or two will do me just fine, thank you very much. I think that
handling a ship is a big enough responsibility alone, no point in taking on space right now,
I'm young, I have time..." She worded calmly, still playing with her long hair, twisting the
strands slowly around her long fingers. Ownership of anything bigger than a Plasma Pistol
was a nice thought, yet even too ridiculous for even Scy to think about. So she just
shrugged it off, topping it with a few mildly amusing sentences.

"Well, all things concidered, I'm happy that you have that little skill of yours. Keeps you
out of most trouble, I believe none of us wants our souls to be stolen, even if it is done by
a careful medic like you. The thing that interests me, is how did you even find out that you
had the ability to master such a dangerous skill? Guns and daggers are different, they
inflict bodily harm, but Soul Dipper...That's just too gloomy for even me. I mean, stealing
someones soul...Even when you can once 'return''s just too messy. I prefer simple
killing, saves trouble and my nervs. Let's just hope that I never get on your bad side, shall
we?" Schypher concluded, letting the mess of hair untwirl themselves from her fingers as
she looked up at Taidyne with her dark blues. She felt uncomfortable when her friend
started talking about their rank differences, it was unusual to hear Taidyne talk about
things like that. Scy knew that her friend was by no means jealous at her for being
incharge of her own ship and being known in some regions for her overly trigger-happy
self, but still, coming from Taidy it was like a smack in the face. Taidyne Larouge was a
good medic, a dear friend and an overall good person, even though she did not see it at
times. Scy had spent half her life trying to proove to Taidy how loved and needed she was.
Yet, she never seemed to listen to Scy. Maybe it was because of her history with her
family, now when Schypher knew about what had been going on, she understood Taidyne
a bit better. The Xu-adey knew very well that if either Taidy or Nazaramu would have died
or dissapeared, her life would be more or less over. She needed to know that her friends
and family were safe, they were her greatest treasures, after all.
Guns be guns and the point that Scy was so ready to grab for them, was an entirely safety
related issue. All the real friends that Scy had ever had, knew how horridly protective she
was of them and that she would have given everything she had just to keep one of them
happy. It was in her nature, to be overly protective. Her love for weapons had taken flight
when she was still a small girl and when she once found herself needing to protect
someone close to her. At the beginning, her only weapons had been her harsh words and
her tiny fists. But she grew stronger and older and besides the words and her fists, guns
had come into the game. She did not like them from the start, but she grew to respect
them and find them as her protectors over the years of training. In a few years, she
learned to hold a gun perfectly and with that knowing, that she was able to actually
protect herself and those close to her, she had become the trigger-happy person that she
was now. It wasn't that the girl adored the weapons because they gave her an opportunity
to seem dangerous, no, she liked them because she could protect herself with them.

All and all, the girl had a very fragile mind, surrounded by a thick wall of anger, insecurity
and overwhelming desire to save herself. Even Schypher herself sometimes didn't
understand why she tried so hard to keep everyone away from her mind and thoughts, but
she did and nothing could change that.
Most of the time, she was scared beyond belief, even though she did not admit it to herself
or anyone else. The only thing she could do on cases like that, was hide behind her words
or her gun. The two things that seemed to never leave her side...

Posted by John Calston on 15.08.2002 at22:29:


The Valertrez jerked his body as he finally returned to a concious state. He could feel the
pain from every wound, it felt as if there wasn't a limb left untouched. He immediately put
his hand to his hand, trying to push away the pain of a headache.

"Where am I?" Calston questioned his surroundings. He turned his head to see Vaperial
laying down a couple meters away. He had been injured as well, but definately no where
near the extent of John. Were they in a hospital? No no, it was no where near the smell of
a hospital and there were no facilities anywhere around. He had to be in a ship, he could
tell by the design the room had. The cabins of a ship had their own distinct design,
something about better stability. The Valertrez flopped his head back down on the bed. No
matter how many questions he had, he was in no condition to get up and figure them out.
For now, he would have to remain here and just stare at the ceiling....

Posted by Schypher on 17.08.2002 at00:32:

Scy sighed softly before looking back to Taidyne. “You know, it has only been one day and
I am already sick and tired of seeing other people on my ship…” Schypher trailed off from
there, as she noticed movement on one of the beds from the corner of her eye. She looked
lazily towards the bed, that‟s head was turned towards the two sitting Xu-adey‟s, and
smiled, slightly amused. “Ahh, our sleeping beauty has awakened. How lovely.. Had a
pleasant rest, Calston?” The captain questioned with a clearly audible tease in her voice.
Her dark blue eyes ran over the man inspectingly, while she settled one of her hands to
advocate her head, as if it wasn‟t comfortable enough already, leaning on the large back of
the soft chair. Her legs were still resting on one of the arms of the chair and she showed
no marks of setting them in a more formal way, her ship, her chair. She had little to no
respect towards the two wounded men to begin with, there was no point in acting
respectingly around them.
Neither Calston or Vaperial had done much to earn her respect. Calston had rudely insulted
her, even though he might of not noticed, Scy took most words directed to her with the up
most seriousness. And Vaperial, well, all that he had done was listen to her words. It could
have been anyone at that moment, just a mear fluke of luck that he, Vaperial, happened
to be there at the moment. All and all, the single smart action that the duo had done was
to show up at The Retentive, even though they did it in the most clumsy way. Schypher
knew very well that they, or atleast the retired pirate, would have gotten arested at any
larger hospital and Scy doubted that Valertrez‟s like them would have many connections
on Capella or the Gateway Station. The reason was obvious, they were Valertrez‟s, the
space race, the proud and stuck-up race that thought of themselves as the most fitting for
space travel. The majority of the space going Xu-adey‟s seemed to share Scy‟s view on
that race and usually kept a good distance between each other. Even though not all of the
Valertrez‟s were considered „tinted‟, the most of them were, in Xu-adey eyes. It was
somewhat amazing, though, that the otherwise friendly race had taken such a hostile
stand against the Valertrez and Terran species, it was mostly common in the younger
groups. Ever since the Terran attack on Re-ansha many years ago, there had always been
a certain spark of hostility towards the two races, granted, not all shared the negative

“So tell me,” The woman started, “ How do you feel? And has Larouge reached all of your
wounds, or are there any others that you‟d like her to look at? I‟m really not thrilled about
having you two here, but I wont drive either of you away right now, Taidy will look you
over and then I am sending you away. If you can walk, that is…If you don‟t mind me
asking, how did you get so beaten up? And who was on the other side of this?” She
stopped there for a moment and gave the wounded man a demanding look, she had
wasted enough time on these jokers with out even knowing why they were in such a near-
death like state, it was time for atleast some answers. “And does Engreia know about it?”
Was all she asked. She didn‟t bother to shower the drowsy man with un-needed threaths
and descriptions of what would happen to him and his knocked out buddy if they had
managed to get Engreia on Scy‟s heels.
She gave a quick glance to Taidyne, wondering what she thought abut it all, before turning
her attention back onto the unwanted guest.

Posted by Taidyne on 17.08.2002 at02:15:

Taidyne smirked slightly. "A few plaents eh? I'll just take over a friend's warehouse. He
doesn't deserve such a nice place anyway." Nice place was not quite the term to use for
that place. on the outside it looked rather abandoned, but in a few corridors, and it was a
dream for anyone like her.

Mockingly Taidyne gave a little bow. "Oh, wonderful. I have your approval. So glad I could
appease the queen of all guns and two planets just to the south of Capella. You never did
approve of my being a medic much.."

She sat back down, leaning against Schyphers chair like she'd been doing earlier, simply
listening to Schypher go one about people in her ship.

Her eyes wandered over to Calston, whom Scy was now addressing. Tai simply tipped her
head slightly, in acnowledgement that she'd look him over again, if need be. Without
giving the man a chance to respond to schypher in anyway, or answer her question,
Taidyne looked upwards, abled to see Scy leaning on her hand.

"Soul Dipper is not all that depressing. It does have a few small upside you know. Such as
if the rather unconsious Vaperial has the audacity to split open another wound of yours, it
wil come in handy. I'm sure you could get something out of my strange ability as well."

Tai tipped her head to the side slightly. "Now that I think about it.. I'm not sure how I
figured out I has the ability to 'steal someones soul'.." She shrugged slightly.

The red haired medic looked upwards once again. "Oh come on Queen Dawater, ruler of all
you see before you, mistress of guns, terror of any person in their right mind, You have to
have some sort of 'dark' or odd tendency?" Her tone was teasing, yet slightly curious.

Taidyne Larouge was hardly a person to strike another as a soul dipper, where Schypher..
Most people ought to have expected her to have it, if not something worse. And yet for the
life of her, Taidyne could think of nohing so dark or depressing about her childhood friend.

Posted by Schypher on 17.08.2002 at03:26:

Scy forced her attention from the rather boring Calston and looked down at Taidy, a
slightly questioning frown holdng on her expression. “What warehouse? Who is this little
friend of yours anyway? Anyone I might know also?” She demanded calmly, common
friends were a rather fading term between the two Xu-adey‟s, so Scy never let a chance of
resuscitateing it pass by. Even when back at home, the two had „owned‟ different friends,
even though they mostly moved together and with the same people. Not many people had
ever gotten as close to Schypher as Taidyne had managed to get, and it was just the way
that Scy liked it. She wouldn‟t of felt safe if she would of known that many people knew of
how she really was and the way she thought. Having few friends had its good sides.

“Queen is to petty of a word for what I am. And guns don‟t do me justice, I want to beat
the living daylights out of my enemies, the only thing stopping me is you and your little
morals and a heart. How is it possible that I never got those two things out of you? I
mean, I tried! But, hey, I think plasma wounds are a bit easier to patch up. Besides, they
leave these sweet little scars and you can have fun cleaning up ater me. Bodies and all
that…But, yes, you have my permission to go skittering around and stealing souls. By all
means, do it, if it amuses you!” She carried on mockingly. Scy had a heart and morals,
they just didn‟t show as much as Taidyne‟s did. To the majority of people, Scy was the
trigger-happy, manical, self-centered captain of a hunter ship and that was what made
them keep away from her. Couldn‟t of been better, considering Scy‟s point of view on the
subject. Less people, less trouble for the fearless woman.

“Believe me, Taidy, I had nothing against you being a medic. Atleast not until you started
using me as a test subject. Years 12-16 were the roughest of my life. I bet I‟ll never
manage to consume as many mixtures and potions as I did back then. And for what? All so
you could become a better little medic. Even now I‟m not sure if the sacrifice was worth it.
I‟m pretty sure you managed to scare a few years of my health away. If I die before I hit
thirty, it is all your fault!” Scy laughed happily, there was something about Taidyne that
always made the otherwise so very gloomy and depressed gunner smile.

Her cheerful demeanor dimmed a bit after she heard Taidyne‟s next question. Scy herself
had always been more than happy with the skills she did have and never wished for
anything „darker‟ or more mystical than she already had, Projection was the top of her
needs. There was a long history of mystic skills running in Schypher‟s family, though. Her
mother was a rather gifted Telekinetic, her grandmother a very powerful Telepath and a
good Object Manipulator, the woman had spent most of her long life on training those two
sacred skills. All that Scy could remember about her, was how she once held the little girl
in her arms and talked her to sleep after a rather horrifying dream that had woken the
small child. As hard as she tried, that was all that Scy could remember of her
grandmother, even though many had told her that she had been very close with the old
woman. But Scy couldn‟t remember, even Nazaramu remembered more and he was
usually the on who forgot about things… All things considered, Scy spent a lot of time
wondering about her grandparents, even though she couldn‟t remember much about either
of them. They seemed to haunt her mind, blank faces with no expressions, sounds that
she had never heard, pictures that she didn‟t remember. She couldn‟t make them go

“Mmm…yes, I think that Vaperial unconscious is the only way that man should ever be.
You can go practice your „dipper skills, if you want…” She winked at Taidyne and smiled
slightly. Those two usually acted as no one more than mear teenagers when they were
together, certainly, to anyone that knew either of them well, it would have been rather
amusing. “And believe me, the deepest darkes tendency I have, is to shoot peoples heads
off. I can‟t imagine much more darker than that, sorry to betray your hopes…” She
worded, completely forgetting the presence of both Calston and Vaperial in the room. She
did have a rather short attention span, after all.

Posted by John Calston on 17.08.2002 at16:24:

Calston slowly and wearingly pushed his battered body into a sitting posistion. His shoulder
dripped lazily down and his hands sat resting in his lap. "So, this is where I am. You are
Vaperials friend, Scypher if I remember correctly?" The valertrez didn't wait for any
response, it was merely a retoricle question. He remembered her, but it was just
something extra to tack on the end. "I thank you for your help Ms. Larouge and you
Scypher for the hospitality." John had already put on his best manners. He was a cocky
little shit, but he also knew when he needed to show his polite side. "Don't worry about
Engreia, in fact they are probably greatful. No doubt they will have to rebuild the forces
here." Calston knew he was skipping over most of the story, but he hated to explain all the
details. "Damn, that bastard really put a beating on me. Sunburst rifles, I never did like

The Valertrez turned his body setting his feet firmly on the floor. He sat on the side of the
bed looking down at the ships floor. The noises of the renovation bellowed all around him.
"Getting work done on your ship I guess. Don't let them cheat you out, too many bad
deals go around here." John, with much pain and anguish, pushed up finally getting into a
standing posistion. His head felt drowsy and his wounds sparked up with pain. He was in
no way going to show it. It was a sign of weakness, one that he wouldn't let out. The
Valertrez grabbed his pistols and placed them back in his holster. They had apparantly
been removed for some odd reason. No no, not an odd reason at all. He still might not
have been trusted on this ship. Calston, after looking at Vaperial for a moment, began to
walk torward the exit of the room. "Once again, I thank the both of you. I won't be a
burden any longer. Give Vaperial my thanks when he wakes up." The Valertrez's steps
were slow and steady. He could feel the pain with every step he took, but he had no
intention of staying.

Posted by Schypher on 17.08.2002 at18:56:

Scy pouted her lips slightly as she watched and listened to Calston‟s little tirade. He was a
true fool if he thought Schypher would let him go that easily, with not even telling the
whole story and leaving her to handle his friend. The Xu-adey drooped her eyes slightly,
keeping an eye on the bounty hunter carefully. “No need to worry about me, Calston…”
She worded calmly. “I‟m a big girl, I can handle both myself and my ship and keep it from
common theifs. I‟m yet to see someone who could deceive me and get out of it
unharmed.” Her eyes silently moved over his completely bare back with a slight smirk,
before she continued with her little speech.

“Now Calston, are you sure that you want to go strolling around Capella Gateway Station
with out a shirt on and two bleeding wounds in your back? I don‟t think so… Now, sit
down, you aren‟t going anywhere before I say so. This still is my ship and you are a guest
here. Please, don‟t act as if you do not have any courtesy.” Her deeply blue eyes moved to
Taidyne as she shared a slightly amused look with her over the hunters obviously dazed
state. It was foolish of him to even try and walk considering his current condition. And it
was even more childish of him, to hope that he would manage to get through the GS
unharmed when it was clearly visible that he was in no state to fight, thus, an easy target
for anyone on the wrong side of the law. Fools like him died every day.

“Larouge will care for those wounds of yours and I‟m rather sure that we‟ll manage to find
a shirt for you somewhere… But for now, tell me exactly what happened before you two
landed on my doorstep. I am not allowing either of you to leave before I hear the whole
story. Believe me, I‟m in no mood to toy around with you people today…” She stated with
a sigh, concentrating her view on the tired hunter.

Posted by John Calston on 17.08.2002 at19:54:

A half hearted laugh escaped from the Valertrez's lips as he began to walk torward his bed.
He had met those like Scy before, but none quite so demanding. "You want the whole
story, eh?" In his current condition he had no choice but to listen. "I'm sure you remember
the little skirmish that me and Vaperial were involved in. The Xu-adey that we took in was
working witht he local Engreia station. Naturally, he easily escaped through the help of his
connections. Vap and myself got a transport and made our way to a base we had gotten
information on. Unfortunately, we were captured by Engreian forces." Calston looked
around the room with an inquisitive expression. He had apprantly not found what he was
looking for as he continued his story. "After talking with an inspector we escaped and
made our way back to the base. We entered, got to the guy and he tricked us. We got our
asses beat by a sunburst rifle. Luckily, Vaperial and I got the last laugh when he was
finally finished off. Without his body I can't get the reward, but after all this. I don't care. I
would've killed him just for being him."

John's facial expression to a form of anger and his hands gripped the side of the bed.
"People like that don't deserve to live. Scum, that is all you can call them. I hunt because
it is what I must do to survive in this universe. They kill and maim because of their idea of
a good time and because of their greed." Calston looked down at the floor below his feet,
"Tell me, Dawater. Does killing intrigue you?"

His story had taken a philosophical turn, but this is how Calston was. He couldn't
understand things, so he tried to figure them out.

Posted by Schypher on 17.08.2002 at20:26:

“A classical boys night out…how lovely.” Scy murmured half-heartedly. It was as she had
expected it to be, not much more point to it than greed for money and the pleasure to kill.
Scy usually didn‟t bother herself with „little ones‟ on the planets and Gateway Stations, she
knew very well that there were many who could do that landly job much better than she
could, so she had usually kept to somewhat more open-spaced hunts.

The thing that intrigued the woman most about the whole game, was the pleasure of
huning down her victim. Feel the simplistic fear arousing in her enemy when he knew that
she was near, usually nearer than he could ever guess. Yes, Scy took pleasure in hunting
and the knowledge that she was out for the right thing. Killing her inner demons one by
one under the innocent veil - that she was doing good. Schypher knew why she hunted
and she knew that it was not for the money
Every time she captured someone, a part of her either died or bloomed, depending on
what was the cause she was hunting her prey for. Mostly, she couldn‟t of cared less for the
money that she was getting out of it all, she was in it for her own personal gain.

Scy looked at the man surprisedly, slightly amazed at the question, especially coming from
him, a man that did not even know her. “No, death does not intrigue me. The hunt does. I
never kill when I don‟t have a good enough reason for it and I greatly discourage mindless
killings that some of our fellow hunters conduct. I‟ve killed enough in my days, the childish
infactuation in it has long ago faded from excistance. The power to kill is a great and
dangerous gift…If you know how to use it in the right way and not let it go to your head.
People with out a heart and soul, who posess the power to kill, usually do not know what
to do with it and it ends up destroying them. I treat killing and death with respect, but I‟m
not afraid of either of them. It is like with fear or hate, if you let the emotion take control
of you, you become a slave. But if you can rule it, then you might one day master it… It‟s
all in how you look at it and how you treat it.” She concluded, eyeing the man on the bed
carefully. She did not trust him and she had good reasons not to...

Posted by John Calston on 17.08.2002 at23:28:

"Heh, excellent answer." The Valertrez responded. So, he was wrong about Scypher. He
had already underestimated her, maybe not physically, but spirtually. He could see now
that this woman was more than met the eye. She found thrill in hunting, but not killing.
One of the most dangerous types of hunters in the universe. "I can't even find thrill in the
hunt anymore. Everyone hunts for a reason, even me." Calston had by now pushed himself
off his bed once again making his way over to a mirror. "What do you think my reason is
Dawater? Am I hunting to escape from something? Or maybe thats your story?"

John turned from the mirror and began pacing around the room. "No, I hunt to survive.
Plain and simple and everyday I wish for something more. How about you or do you think
that you will always enjoy hunting?"

Posted by Schypher on 18.08.2002 at00:01:

Scy had always had only two options in life, she would either win or lose. Schypher
obviously liked to be on the winners side of things. Her stubbornness was what kept her
going, or plain anger, it was normal for Scy, to lose herself in a hunt. Drive herself to a
point where she was nothing more than an empty shell serving emotion ridden commands.
In her mind, she always managed to link the current event to a past advent. Sometimes
she noticed that she did so, sometimes she didn‟t. All her memories re-lived through
hunting… An interesting way of freeing herself from the past, one would say, even though
most would not notice the things that irked the succesful woman when it came to her past.
Everywhere, there were minor flaws and wrong doing that needed to be fixed. At times,
even the woman herself didn‟t know what she was trying to mend or improve. She just
worked, doing the job she had chosen for herself, even though it was mostly pushed on by
a past left vague to her. Running, but from what…

Schypher looked at the man with a slightly contemplating glint to her eyes. Such a strange
man, wake up after getting around 7 rounds of plasma shot into his body and blacking out
for a few hours, and the first thing he wanted to talk about was, was the physics and
reasons of hunting. Valertrez‟s, they were all so strange…
With out noticing it much, her fingers found the lonesome strand of long blue hair, she had
been playing with before, and started twirling it around her fingers again, eyes
wonderingly settled on the ceiling. It was a miracle that she even bothered to go on with
that little chat, instead of simply growling something for an answer and waiting for her
long over-due lunch to arrive. “And if you don‟t mind telling me, why do you need to hunt
to survive? If anything, hunting will get you killed some day, you can‟t wipe out all of the
scum in space alone… Or do you mean survive in a different way? Need to keep yourself
busy, give yourself less time to think and notice the point that you are running from
something? People, with happy lives, never come to space…” She worded calmly, letting
her legs sving over the side of the chair again.
“I know I‟ll always stay in space. I‟ll die in space, I have no home anymore…And I find
space to be a rather adequate substitute. I don‟t know if I will always hunt. Possible my
views will change one day and I'll go over to the other side. Pirate, smuggle, et cetera. It
holds a certain charm to it also, I‟m open minded about hunter/pirate subjects. I have a
rather bizarre family and I have seen both sides, I know both equally as well.”

Posted by John Calston on 18.08.2002 at01:46:

He could already tell the annoyance in Scypher's tone, she couldn't figure him out. He
knew that. It was all just an act, one that Calston was very good at. The Valertrez didn't
just up and like a person, or cozy up to them. This was his way of figuring a person out.
Different responses and reactions to questions were taken in by him. With-in minutes he
could know a person better than they would know themselves. It was his special talent,
but one that he would never openly say he had. It would most likely only receive criticism
from his peers. "No, I hunt to survive. Plain and simple, a person has to eat and live. I get
the money and then I'm set. I was able to once just live out in space and be happy. Times
have changed and space is not what it is used to be. It's already being corrupted by
Engreia and the corporations that spread their influence through out the universe. Guess I
can't expect to find a place where everything is perfect, but it gets a person angry to have
his home corrupted."

Calston began pacing around the room just checking out his surroundings. He was in no
hurry what so ever to get his wounds tended to. "You're probably one of those Xu-adey
who detest my kind." He let a small smirk cross his face before continuing his pacing. "Just
like that Xu-adey that nearly killed me today. Our first encounter was his smart ass
remarks about Valertrez the other day. Bah, enough of this. I'm rambling now, but thanks
for answering my questions." He had everything he needed to know, at least now he had
an idea of how Scypher operated. Just in case. He knew that Scy had no trust for him what
so ever and it was the same way from his view.

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 18.08.2002 at11:11:

“Damn it.” Vaperial mumbled as he slowly opened his eyes, quickly closing them again
blinded by the bright light the room around him was emitting. His head was pounding with
pain, and his shoulder was aching severally. As his eyes slowly adjusted and he was once
again able to see, Vaperial made his first attempt at sitting up. But he moved too fast, the
chemicals he had most likely been injected with to help him with the pain acted like a
strong hang over causing Vaperial‟s brain to feel like nothing more than a pile of mush
floating in a yoke-like substance. And every time he attempted to move or shift his head
he could feel his brain slide through his skull to the other side shooting tremendous
amounts of pain through his body.

Once he finally managed to get himself into the sitting position he was able to look around
the room he was in. He wasn‟t surprised to see Scy, and her friend with the strange
dagger strapped to her leg - Taidyne he believed her name was, but he was surprised to
see John, up and about, as if he was fine. With a smile on his face he allowed himself to
lay back down and the liquid in his head to once again settle. He was content knowing that
Calston was alive, and seemed to be doing just fine. As for himself, he could tell that
whoever had tended to him had done a fine job, and that the wound was well cleaned and
taken care of. Not wishing to interrupt whatever it was that the Scy and Calston were
talking about, Vaperial decided to mind his own business. He slowly swung his legs off the
side of the bed and carefully eased himself into a sitting position. Looking down on the
floor Vaperial could see what used to be his shirt cut clean down the middle on the floor.
He let out a slight and silent sigh as his eyes continued on to see his leather jacket, and he
remember the damage which had been done to it. Vaperial got to his feet and rubbed his
eyes with his good arm. The chemicals in his head were beginning to settle and the pain
was going away.

He then calmly strolled over to where the group stood and fell into line next to Calston.
Vaperial then proceeded to pat John carefully on the back making sure he didn‟t touch any
of his wounds. “Glad to see you made it.” He said with a wink, and then turned his
attention over to Scy. He was honestly actually surprised that Scy had offered as much
help to the two of them as she did, but he had the feeling she would, and that‟s why he
came here in the first place. “I‟m sorry Scy…I had no where else to go. You know I couldn‟t
go to the hospital…so I figured you‟d have to have someone with some kind of medical
background in your crew…I‟m really sorry if I got you in any kind of trouble or
anything…and if it is best, I‟m fit enough to leave now.” Vaperial was looking down at the
ground, almost too embraced to make eye contact with Scypher. He quickly glanced up at
her, “I owe you one, I don‟t know how I can ever repay you for this. And if you want to
show me how to get out of here…wherever here is…then I can be on my way…” Vaperial
was hesitant in his speech, he wasn‟t sure what to do, or how Scy had reacted to all this.

Posted by Schypher on 18.08.2002 at13:54:

 Rar...probably the most sketchy post in a long time...

She gave a slightly amused glance at Calston, while releasing the strand of blue from
around her fingers. Seemed that he liked to play mind games…Oh well, he would play until
he would get scorched by someone craftier than he.
“Well then, you have chosen a rather bad carreer. Hunting isn‟t about surviving and
scraping up money. Or atleast it shouldn‟t be.” She answered mockingly, before turning
her look from Calston to Vaperial, standing next to his wounded friend and acting more
than pittiful. It was rather amusing to see the duo of Valertrez‟s searching for the right
words to say and Scy was in no mood to help either of them. But, she knew very well that
if she would let them go, they would most likely get plainly attacked and they would
certainly not pay attention to their wounds.
“Yes, I know that you had nowhere to go. And I wouldn‟t of minded you coming for help if
you would have atleast contacted me before showng up on my lunch break and scareing
everyone half dead. I don‟t like being disturbed and called out with out me knowing
exactly what I am rushing for…Next time that you need help, do contact me first before
landing at my door, okay?” She questioned with a light smile. It was either a smile or a
peeved frown and she was too bored to frown. Besides, the two men were too dazed to
probably notice much of what she was saying anyway.

“You might be okay to leave, but your little friend here, isn‟t. He has two wounds on his
back, which Taidyne didn‟t get to look at earlier and besides, you're both too drugged up
to go anywhere. If you would leave now, I‟m rather sure that you would get into trouble
somewhere and just mess up things for both yourself, and probably, me. Besides, I am yet
to understand how much Engreian attention you two managed to draw on yourself and I
am not about to find out the hard way. If anyone finds out that you two were here, I ight
get into a lot of trouble. Consider yoursel lucky that Paxton hushed the workcrew… This is
one of the few rooms on the ship that hasn‟t been ripped apart yet, by the way. This ship
is going through serious changes and I‟m afraid that you two picked the most rotten time
to show up. Nothing would please me more than sending you two away and finally getting
some food, but, I don‟t trust you enough to let you out on the streets alone. Your wounds
do need attention after every few days and I am not sure if either of you have enough
common sense to search for help. So, Taidyne will look over Calston‟s back wounds and I
will ask Paxton to search for a place for you two to stay at, somewhere where Taidyne
could come and look over your injuries every once in awhile and where I can make sure
that you don‟t go running around and catching more unwanted attention that you already
have. I‟m currently not in a mental state to stand any objections or bitching about this, so
both of you, sit down and do not object. This is my ship and I refuse letting it get into
more trouble than it already has.” She eyed them carefully, her lips slightly pouted.
Tiredness, hunger, boredom and Vaperial‟s and Calston‟s irrational behaving, had left a
mark in the gloomy captain.
She was, though, slightly amused that she had shown any concerne for the two village
idiots health and that she had demanded their stay. Lack of food did amazing things…

Posted by John Calston on 19.08.2002 at05:00:

 bah... short short... post....

Calston gave a slight look of disdain at Schyphers words, "Listen, I thank you for tending
to my wounds. However, I am not a part of this crew and I do not follow your orders. Let's
make that clear now, Dawater." The Valertrez's anger dissapeared rapidly. He wasn't one
to hold a grudge, but he would speak his mind when ever he found it necessary. The
sounds of the rennovating crew came closer and closer with each passing minute. Possible
working at a high speed if Schypher was as bossy as she appeared to be now. "I need a
way to contact the local Engreian forces here. If you wish me not to leave then the least
you can do is provide me with a way of communication."

Posted by Taidyne on 19.08.2002 at06:10:

 must hurry.. Oh, Aet, I won that argument.. haha! :) At a price, but s

Taidyne had been watching the two, a faint smile upon her face. It was amusing listening
to their conversations. Both testing the other out, getting a feel for who they were, and
how they acted.

Presently, The man, Vaperial got up, and joined his buddy. It was about this time, that
Taidyne herself stood up. He didn't want to take her orders? Positively amusing. Of course,
Tai doubted Scy'd let the man contact anyone, and there was no chance in whatever hell
the man may believe in that she'd let him walk through those doors without being sure
that he and Vaperial would make it until they could find somewhere better to take off to..

"Calston, I don't think you should be going anywhere." Her tone was not exactly happy,
nor friendly towards the stubborn valertrez. "I'm going to get at those two wounds on your
back, then you and schypher and shoot it up all you like, until then, you will be following
orders, I don't care whether you agree or not."

She'd been a medic most all of her life, it would have galled her to no end to have that
man walk ouut of there before she was sure that he was fit enough. She didn't quite like
the man at the moment, but that as no excuse to let habit fall out.

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 19.08.2002 at08:11:

Vaperial shrugged his shoulders at Scy‟s statements, and then made an uncomfortable
face twisting with pain for a mere moment as he forgot that one of his shoulders was
currently not in any condition to be shrugged. Vaperial knew that Scy was obviously tired,
and completely inconvenienced by them being there, and she was in no mood to argue
with them. He also knew that Scy still pictured him as nothing more than a stranger, and
that all the time he had spent with her, at least in her eyes really didn‟t mean jack shit.
Though it almost annoyed him, he understood that it was her character, and her
personality to be like that so he really couldn‟t get upset. Though he was ashamed that
Scy still thought of Vaperial as nothing more than a child, a foolish pirate who had been
running around the universe all his time like a stuck up valterez doing nothing but getting
into trouble and having fun.

Vaperial turned to Calston. In a calm voice he then began to speak, “John, I lost the body,
I had to in order to save you. There is no bounty, I‟m sorry.” Vaperial then took a step
backwards and look back at the two beds in the room. “I think we should listen to Scy,
maybe just for now.” He grinned, “I mean, look at you, you look like shit, you got your ass
kicked and like she said, are sure not fit to be out and about on your own. You still need
rest; those wounds of yours are still new and could open up at any time. It‟d be best to be
around someone with a medical background.” The grin slid off Vaperial‟s face, as if it never
even existed. “But then again, you are right, she sure as hell isn‟t your captain, and nor
am I, so if you want to go, I guess we really can‟t stop you. Just don‟t do anything stupid,
and remember that we don‟t want to get Scy into any kind of trouble for all this. She saved
your life man, the least you could do is listen to her…at least just this once.” He patted
John on the shoulder, “But again, it‟s your call.” He then removed his hand and looked
back at Scy.

He shook his head, just slightly and let out a sigh. “I‟ll stay. I‟m not going to mess with
you now; you really don‟t look like you are in the mood to be toyed with. And I‟m sorry to
inconvenience you so, as soon as you say so we will be out of your hair. I‟m on your ship,
which makes you the boss.” Vaperial rotated his neck, cracking it. “It‟s just a real shame.”
Holding his leather jacket loosely in his hand, he flung it back over to the bed he had been
resting on and it landed sprawled out across the bed. “It‟s a real shame that you still think
of me as nothing more than a foolish pirate, and overconfident Valterez.” Vaperial made
his way calmly over to a sink in the corner of the room where he had noticed a small stack
of cups. “You know nothing about me, well the real me, or my past, or what I‟ve gone
through and done in my life…” He took a cup from the stack. “Yet you still classify my as
the average valterez man, just another guy, another pirate, and an arrogant, stupid man
that loves to fight and kick ass, loves to get drunk and party, to be reckless and stupid
endangering the lives of everyone around him.” He turned the handle of the faucet and
filled the cup to the brim with water. “Well I‟m not.” Vaperial sipped the water and then
looked at Scy. “It‟s ok to make assumptions, but just don‟t get that idea in your head
before you even give me a damn chance.” He then gulped down the rest of the water and
crushed the cup in his hand flipping it into a garbage pale under the sink. He then made
his way back over to the group and continued speaking, not really giving anyone a chance
to say anything before he was finished. “Scy, we got banged up, but we also took on over
a hundred men by ourselves after sneaking into a high security dirty cop hide out.”
Vaperial glanced quickly at Tai and John but they seemed to be just listening to Vaperial
talk, so he allowed himself to continue. “I didn‟t contact you before I came because I first
tried to take John to a hospital, I was still conscious and I was going to try and get John
help then find a place to set the hovercraft down and take care of myself. Unfortunately
the hospital simply got the law on our asses and I had to run, you were the only person I
knew on this damn liquid planet so I came to you. I guess I had lost so much blood that I
wasn‟t thinking straight, and the next thing I know I woke up here…it was stupid and I‟m
very sorry.” Feeling the pain growing in his shoulder he gently massaged his wound with
his good arm. “I just don‟t appreciate being looked down on by you, or your friends. You
forget so soon that I was a captain too, for years, many years. My crew and I were just
fine, I took care of them just like you take care of your crew, I‟m not a boy. Remember
that.” Vaperial then turned and began making his way back to his bed; his head was
starting to spin again so he needed to sit down before he toppled over. Reaching the bed
he sat down and leaned his back up against the wall still facing the group. “I have respect
for you, the utmost respect, and I just don‟t know why that still to this day I still can‟t get
the same from you.” Vaperial was in no way trying to be rude, and his voice didn‟t suggest
it at all. He was actually just speaking his mind, letting Scy know how he felt, and how he
had interpreted what she thought of him, since he didn‟t like it. “Hey I don‟t want you to
get all mad at me or anything now for saying that, I just thought it was necessary. I don‟t
know why you have gotten all these images and thoughts of me being just another fool
that shouldn‟t be left alone or he could hurt himself. I‟ve lived my whole life on my own…I
never had family, and I think I‟ve made out just fine for myself. Sure there are many
things that I regret and many things I wish I could have changed, but I can‟t, so I just
move on.” He looked at Calston. “You want to be all philosophical? Well this man says he
lives for the hunt, and I, I don‟t know what I live for, I just take my life one day at a time.
I don‟t look down on you or your race, for that matter any race as being inferior, or
universally arrogant, I just go on with my life and mind my own business.” Vaperial began
to laugh seemingly out of no where. “And since I have no fucking idea what I‟m talking
about now…I think I‟m going to shut up. I guess I kinda got caught in the moment, no one
was talking and you were all listening…so I kept rambling. But what I said was true…”
Vaperial held up his hand, “Please don‟t shoot me Scy!”

Posted by Jesley on 19.08.2002 at19:53:

"Shut up, already!" Jesley shouted to an indignant mechanic.

"I've put up with enough of this." Jes hissed, pushing a strand of dark hair away from her
face. It was trouble again in the repair area. This time, yet another mechanic was sure
that Jesley was nothing but an 'air-headed girlie with no brains, too much hair and a gun'.

"Leave the strong words and the guns to the men, little girl." the Mechanic groaned. He
was a competent Terran, in his forties, wearing coveralls and a pin that said: 'Hi, I'm

Jesley's hand strayed towards the hip-holster where her tiny pistol was located.

"Don't try any of that gun-stuff on me, girlie." scoffed Drew, pushing his wavy gray
streaked brown hair away from his condescendingly tilted brow.

It looked like a potentially dangerous situation was approaching, but the other mechanics
ate it up. They all hated Jes ever since the moment when she had held a cheif engineer at
gunpoint. She had been called everything, now, from 'airhead' to 'bimbo' and worse.
Nobody respected her or helped her, (Not that, in her opinion, she needed it) and they had
just reached her limit.

The mechanics abandoned their work and formed a circle around Jes and Drew. Drew
sneered, throwing a few more insulting comments.

Jes spat out her pink bubblegum and ground it into Drew's shoe with the heel of one black
boot (rather like an old Western). The symbolism was all too obvious.
With an angry yell, Drew knelt to peel the sticky substance off of his expesive designer

Jesley's mind raced. If she pointed a gun at Drew, she would lose her job for sure and the
other mechanics would tear her perfect limb from perfect limb. If she tried to run, she
would be beat up, as well, and lose her job. The only option left was to fight, and that was
no option at all. . .

Posted by Schypher on 19.08.2002 at21:28:

“Really, Calston, go get yourself killed or die of blood poisoning for all I care, if you don‟t
want help, I don‟t have to offer any. But, if you would allow me and Taidyne to help you,
it‟d only do you good. If I would have wanted you gone, I would of simply shot you a while
ago, I really don‟t need much to trigger my gun, you know. Just quit your bitching and let
us help you, I‟m not trying to be your captain here, believe me, I‟m sick and tired of being
„the captain‟ lately, but I‟m just trying to show you that you do need help with those
wounds…Besides, it isn‟t very likely that Taidyne would let you go anywhere anyway, I
wouldn‟t suggest trying to run off either, she gets extremely nasty when it comes to her
job… “ She trailed off lightly as Vaperial started with his rant, cutting off hers. Schypher
listened to him blankly, showing no wish to cut into his words. Her eyebrow slowly raised
as she kept her weakly concentrated attention on him, silently trying to pay atleast some
attention to his words while at the same time, keeping her headache under control. Her
hand was slowly sliding up and down the side of her pistol, as she did so. The Xu-adey was
not going to shoot anyone, but it amused her lightly, seeing the timid glances the other
three were giving her while she was petting her gun. Most all who had met her, knew of
her deep infactuation for guns. A simple move could frighten a person so much…

“Are you done now?” She questioned, waiting for no response before speaking on. “You,
have not done much to deserve my trust or respect. The time that we have spent together
has all been through mear flukes and, to tell you the truth, you have not been all that
helpful. A few words mean close to nothing when it comes to me. Sure, you did say the
right words at the right time but do you really think someone like me gives my trust and
respect so easily? No. It takes years to earn my trust. I admit, I know nothing of your past
and what or who you have been, but from what I have seen and heard, I am ready to pass
my judgment. I really don‟t like many Valertrez‟s, certainly, a rather arrogant and near-
sighted part of me, but it is there and I have seen close to nothing that would make me
change it.
All and all, I couldn‟t care less about your past or what the hell you have done, counts
what I have seen, and I have seen a broken, reckless and a certainly foolish man. So you
helped me out once, I‟m grateful, but that is as far as it goes. I admit, I‟m a horribly
stuck-up person and I look down upon two thirds of the people around me, but it‟s just
how life has made me. I‟m a Xu-adey who came from a small community and who traveled
for 2 years with a bunch of staggering, stinking, drinking and idiotic Valertrez‟s and
Terrans, that just makes me a bit judgmental about them all. If you don‟t like it, too bad
for you, but you better get used to my attitude.
I don‟t mind that you two showed up, besides the point that you picked probably the most
horrid time to do so, and I did little to nothing for you, than ask my medic to look over
your wounds. I‟m ready to help you both for the time that I‟m around Capella, but I really
cant force my help on either of you. Calston is in no state to go running off anywhere.
Firstly, he‟s too drugged up to do so and secondly, he has a few large wounds that may rip
open or putrefy when they don‟t get competent medical attention. Talking about that,
Taidyne is yet to look over yours, Vaperial. Just remind her to do so after she is done with
Calston…” She gave a slight chuckle, Scy had met men like him before, she was used to
the little rants they gave. Sean Talon had done so, to name one, even though he had no
point in demanding anything from Schypher and he had come out as a pittiful mess of a
man after hearing Scy's thoughts about it all. The easiest thing to do was to tell them why
she acted as she did and let it be, no point in sweetening it all up. Scy had always been
blunt in her words, after all.

“And no, I‟m not going to shoot you. I detest unfair matches…well, sometimes. Besides,
I‟m sure that I would miss my mark if I would even try to shoot you, my eyes keep on
clouding things up for me. Now, please, stop your objecting, so I could ask Paxton to
maybe get you two some shirts and find a place for you to stay, where I could actually
reach you. I‟m too tired to start ranting and arguing again…” She concluded, giving a
questioning glance at both of the men. She knew very well what they were feeling
physically, she had been wounded more than a few times and she could remember the
pain vividly. “Just sit down, Calston, and let us get this over with. I‟m not going to let you
die of blood poisoning or let you harm yourself more than you already have. I don‟t
approve of the fact that you two went against a small army alone, keeping all the fun to
yourself, but I‟m sure as hell not going to let your egos get in the way of your wounds
healing.” A light, hopeful smile appeared on her lips for a moment, as she looked from one
to another, hoping that this argument between her and Calston was finally over and that
he would force down his seemingly rather bloated ego a bit and accept help.


At the same time, one of the figter bays was not the happies place to be at. Most of the
workers in there had gathered in a large circle, formed around two others, a rather short
female and a seemingly highly disgruntled male. Various different uplifting and on-driving
cheers came from the crowd as the two in the circle stared viciously at each other. It was
at that exact moment, when the well eaten and joyous Ayel walked in the opened hatch.
His smile degraded and a frown took its place on his face, as he noticed the men in the
cener of the bay. He was used to these sudden violent bursts that came often in such an
unstable group, like the large workcrew, but that didn‟t mean that he ever approved of
them. “Alright, what the fuck is going on around here?!” He demanded loudly, the ready
frown settled on his face.

Posted by John Calston on 19.08.2002 at22:50:

"I will accept the help, but I need to contact the local Engreian base. Either you will let me
or after your medic checks me out I'll do it myself." The Valertrez let out a smirk as he sat
down, "Even if you wanted to you wouldn't lay a finger on us. You're already worried of
attention from Engreia for just helping us. Killing Vaperial may get you a bounty, but
killing me gets you a nice little run from Engreian forces." He could tell Scy was already
trying to intimidate him with her personality, but he had lived too long in space. He had
seen every type of person from every type of race. John's attention turned torward
Vaperial who was now finally attracting his attention, "Dont' worry about the bounty, I'm
happy with just taking the bastard down." Vaperial didn't seem too worried about it, but
Calston really didn't care at all. He had enough deccas already to survive for a good many
months. That last bounty on Earth was definately enough to tide him over.

"Dawater, I'll let your medic check over me because it would be foolish for me to deny it.
However, I need that communications line. I ask that you let me use your ships
communications or take me somewhere I can handle it on my own." He wasn't going to
divulge what he wanted Engreia for, but it was pretty easy to figure out from the story he
had told Schypher.

Posted by Schypher on 20.08.2002 at00:20:

She eyed the man carefully, a slight smirk playing on her lips. “Now don‟t tell me that you
think I‟m actually a cautious person? That would certainly be a first… It isn‟t hard to kill
someone nearly noone knows to be here. Considering all the facts, I could kill atleast one
of you with ease, if I would be in a more conscious state of mind, both of you. Getting rid
of the bodies wouldn‟t be very hard either, Vaperial to the Engreia and you also, I would
have a good excuse, you were with him. Half the workcrew saw you two staggering in
together. I could easily say that you ambushed me and my crew, after you had been
brought in by the workers, and that I shot you both in self defense. Sure, I‟d be in a bit of
shit, but nothing I couldn‟t pull myself out of, I have a fiew friends in the Capella Engreia
who would be more than happy to help. Defense driven killings come around every day,
nothing very new or special about them. And I‟m guessing that if I‟d haul in Vaperial‟s
dead body, I would hurry the releasing up atleast a bit. Engreia is selfish, what ever helps
them, goes. But this is all hypothetical, at best. I‟m not about to risk my own health with
trying to gun down two wounded Valertrez‟s. Even though I don‟t owe either of you
anything, this guessing that my little debt to Vaperial has been cleared through helping
both of you, I don‟t hate you, so I have no need to kill you. Who knows, you might actually
be decent men in the end…” Schypher sunk even deeper into her chair, letting her eyes
wonder through the boringly grey room. At times, colours were needed. On a ship, they
were greatly unneeded, as far as Scy was concerned. That was why her taste had always
fallen towards the more dim colours; black, grey, white and blue. She had contemplated
over her love for such suddle colours before, finally settling with the knowledge that she
just needed to stick out everywhere and a dim background would do her justice. She was
vain and she knew it very well…
“And I‟ll get you to a communication line soon enough, I‟ll search for something later. I‟m
not sure if the ships outward going connections are still in use, most everything unneeded
has been cut off by now…But, I think they might be, if they haven‟t been disconnected in
the last few hours that I have been here…Oh well, I promise you‟ll get to talk to Engreia as
soon as it is possible.” She nodded slightly, making a mental note to remember to check
the control room as soon as she gets going from the room she was currently settled in.

“By the way, Vaperial,” Scy seeked him out with her eyes. “I think Paxton wants to talk to
you. He seemed to be rather interested in your welfare and I'm certain that he has a few
questions he wants to ask. He hasn‟t seen you after you ran out on us on Kargeshaan…I
guess you‟ll have the time to talk to each other later on. Anyway, if I‟m not needed here
anymore, I‟d go and seek out Paxton, organise some clothing and a place to stay for you
and see if I can do anything about the communication link.” She looked at the two men
and then to Taidyne, her blue eyes dimmed slightly in colour. “Are you going to be
alright?” She questioned, Scy didn‟t count Vaperial and Calston as the most safest two to
be around of.

Posted by Taidyne on 20.08.2002 at02:35:

Taidyne's eyes narrowed, sending a rather hateful look at Calstons back. Her medic? Her
Medic? Taidyne would have almost preferred let the idiot walk out of there with his wounds
unchecked. Her medic. Bah. If only looks could kill..

One hand rested on the hilt of her dagger out of habit, calmiing her somewhat, but still.
She.. Schyphers medic.. Taidyne was really beginning to doubt the wisdom of Schypher,
allowing herself to fall in with such imbeciles.

Tai had always resented a few things. Being talked for, or having another ignore the fact
that she was a living person, and not some droid, both were extreme peeves of hers. This
man Calston wasn't getting in very good with her.

Oh, finally, she was acctually being spoken to. Of course it was Schypher, which didn't do
any good. It was Calston who was galling her nerves at the moment. Vaperial,
surprisingly, was not the one Taidyne was pissed at.

"Will I be fine?" She was still glaring ice and daggers, "Yes, of course." Her fingers had
slipped to the sheath of the dagger. She looked to where Calston was sitting,
contemplating the idea of stitching him up without Anisthetic. "Is it just the two wounds on
your back? Or are there anymore elsewhere?" Her tone was less than friendly, but not
exactly filled with the venom it could have been. She went over to her dark bag, and
started preparing the needle. She wasn't so spiteful as to make someone endure that
without being numb first..


The Xu-adey woman from the kitchens stepped into the ruins that were, and woul be once
again, the Retentive. She glanced around slightly, and simply started going up the stairs,
noticeing a few things were much more intact. Someone may have been around to direct
her to where the two women were. A stray person was in the hallway. he smiled slightly,
and called after him. "Hello..?" When the man stopped and turned around, she asked to
the whereabouts of Schypher Dawater, and Taidyne Larouge. The fellow smiled slightly,
surprisingly, and told her where he'd last heard she was. She followed the intructions as
best she could, and started searching around the rooms. One turned out to be rewarding.

She recognised the blue haired captain immaeadiatly, as she stepped into the room. The
blue haired woman turned around at the sound of the door opening, and the waitress
immeadiatly smiled, and handed her the food she had brought for her and Taidyne
Larouge. "Sorry for the delay, the imbeciles took forever to tell me where your ship was."
She rolled her eyes slightly. "Excuse me, but I must hurry back to work, or cook will have
me in the fire." She winked, and immeadiatly turned and hurried off. One of the other
waitressess was doubling for her as she delivered the fresh food to the two Xu-adey, and
she didn't want to make her have to do double for to long..


Taidyne blew a few strands of hair from her face, and sighed slightly. The food had finally
arrived, and she had no chance to satiate her hunger... Ah well, she starved herself for
longer periods of time, a little longer wouldn't be to bad..

Posted by Jesley on 20.08.2002 at22:07:

Jes changed from raging bull to calm and composed worker in a matter of seconds. She
smoothed her french-braided dark hair, organized the pleats in her black stretch flares and
straightened the wrinkles from her gray turtleneck sweater. Standing with a posture that
pulled her to her full height (which wasn't very tall) she looked quite the profesional
business woman, compared to Drew's disheveled, overalled mechanic appearence, at

"Thank goodness, sir." she breathed, hiding her temper beneath a facade of a poor,
innocent, helpless, and very pretty worker. Jes was a very good actress.

"This- this man, here, provoked me and used me as a scapegoat and a punching bag for
his uncontrollable temper." Jes continued, innocence and eloquence oozing from every
pore. Drew and the other mechanics gaped. This was not the 'crazy temper girly' they
knew. Jes continued acting, sniffing a bit theatrically.

She knew that if they thought she had been fightin, her perfect self would be fired, kicked
straight out of the ship she hoped to join, so she cntined, her acting steadily more

"He wanted to fight me, I think. I've always been a very capable young woman, but hand
to hand fighting is beneath me." she sniffed, for a moment becoming her haughty and
conceited self once more, before lapsing into her act yet again.

"Luckily, just as I was about to call for help, you arrived. I do hope you will break this
vulgar circle up and let me continue with my work, that I so wish to do?" Jes pleaded, her
eyes big, lashes fluttering. She hoped her innocent act would convince this man, and
convince Drew not to reckon with her yet again, for if her did, next time the fight would
probably turn ugly. . .

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 20.08.2002 at23:20:

“Fair enough.” Vaperial said in a rather condescending voice. He wasn‟t about to ramble on
again, because he didn‟t think it was worth it at the time to try and beg for respect from
Scy. However, he was extremely intrigued as he learned that Clint was on the ship and
looking for him. Vaperial smirked, he hadn‟t seen Clint for ages, and obviously missed the
man. “My wound is fine, Calston is the one that got his ass kicked, I just took a cheap
shot.” Vaperial winked at Calston. Then he hung his feet off the side of the bed and slowly
stood up. “And I‟m sure as hell not one to just sit here on my ass all day long.” Vaperial
looked over to Scy. “Why don‟t I come with you?” Letting out a slight smile he continued.
“No, not because you‟ll want my company, but because I think I should offer my
assistance. I‟ll help you get the clothes or whatever, and I‟m really interested in saying
hello to an old friend, Paxton…how is the guy anyway?” Vaperial took a few steps towards
the door, but waited for a response from Scy, not sure she‟d like the idea of having a
reckless and wild Valterez walking around with her.

Posted by Schypher on 21.08.2002 at00:23:

Schypher looked up in surprise as the Xu-adey woman entered and handed her the small
package. Her nose twitched lightly, noting that it truelly had been a long time since
Taidyne had called for their food and when it finally reached them. She nodded in content
to the delivery-girl, who most likely did not even notice it, as she was well on her way of
turning around and rushing out of the room once more.
Scy gave a slightly yearning look to the package in her hands, then a somewhat saddened
glance at Taidyne. “They have perfect timing, don‟t they…” She stated bitterly, placing the
pack on the ground, next to the chair, before she pushed herself out of the it, her body
practicly sliding over the arm of the seat that her legs had been resting on. She pushed a
few furrows out of her clothing, a force of habbit, before she looked up, ready to leave.

Her onward thoughts were distracted though, as Vaperial adressed her. She gave him a
quick glance before shaking her head. “No, you can‟t come with me. I‟m not risking with
anyone recognising you, even though it is a rather slim possibility. I‟ll talk to Paxton, and if
he does have the time, I‟m sure he‟ll stop bye here. You will get to see him later anyway.
Just sit tight, I do not need your help.” Scy worded blankly, before turning away her head
and walking out of the room, one hand placed near her pistol as usual.

The doors hydraulics hissed to a stop behind her, as the bluehaired captain walked on,
down the ashen corridor, or what was left of it. A few doors away, she came to a stop and
casually leaned against one of the still intact walls. She sighed softly, before rolling up her
sleeve to reveal the dusty grey comm-device on her wrist. With a few quick taps on the
keys, she was ready to contact to Paxton, probably one of the few men on the whole ship
who did some decent work. “Hey Clint, I need your help, again. If it is possible, can you
find our two fallen warriors some shirts? We more or less ripped theirs apart when trying
to get to their wounds. And I need them to be off the ship before tomorrow, would you
mind if I stick them into the same hotel where you are? I need to keep them somewhere,
where Taidy can keep an eye on them, check their wounds and where I can be sure that
they wont be running off all the time. Really sorry to bother you so much, I know that you
have a lot to do…” She trailed off slightly, before slamming the link shut and rolling her
sleeve back down. It was truelly nagging at her, that she had to keep shoving so many
things on the Valertrez‟s shoulders. He was doing more than enough already…


Ayel sighed slightly, hearing the various shouts from the crowd, after the small female had
put on her act. He had come across women like her before, from devil to a purring kitten
in less than a second. The Xu-adey was more than familiar to their little tricks, meek
smiles and angelic words and pleads. In the long run, they were all the same, ready to act
their way out of anything. If he wouldn‟t of been in such a good mood as he was, after his
lunch and a lovely glass of wine, he would have probably sacked the girl on the spot and
sent her packing from the Retentive. But, to her luck, he was rather cheerful that day and
he decided to ignore what had happened, give both Drew and Jeneva a new chance. “Back
to work everybody, the show is over!” He shouted over the bay, his voice echoing back
even louder. The mechanics and engineers of different races and specialities slowly started
to return to their workplaces, many conversating between each other on the matter of
what had just happened.

Ayel, how ever, eyed Jesley and Drew carefully, motioning them not to leave yet. “Drew,
get back to work and stop picking fights with the newbs. They don‟t know that they are
supposed to keep out of your way yet..” With a half smile, he nodded to the mechanic
dismissevly, letting the large male retreat from the cocky female and the much feared
boss. “As for you,” He started, turning his attention to Jesley, a slight frown on his face.
“Stop picking fights and getting into them. You are new here and no one trusts you yet,
getting mildly hurt is the best thing that can happen to self-centered people here, who
don't know how to control their temper. Now please, get back to work with the rest of
them and let this be the last time I have to warn you…” He stated coolly, waiting for the
girl to answer back to him or just go back to work, which ever she chose.

Posted by Jesley on 21.08.2002 at00:42:

"Look, sir," Jes began, with a look in her gray eyes that suggested ice and a tone in her
british-accented voice that did the same, "I do good work here, or at least I try, but it's
hard with all of your precious male mechanics pushing, teasing, and starting fights with
me. I don't like fighting, unless it's with guns, and I haven't started a fight since I cocked a
gun at that other guy, and I'm sure you would have agreed that he deserved it. So I tried
to save my skin by acting, so what? Wouldn't you if it was between that or getting fired?
See, I try to do my work. I don't start, or get into fights, but if people are keeping me
from my work, I get a bit- touchy. You haven't stopped the fights. I'll try and work, but
this will happen again and again and again." Jesley stopped, glaring angrily at Ayel. All of
this was pure truth. Truth be told, she felt like, here's somebody else who hates me. Well,
whoop-de-doo, I say.

Jesley, usually small, slender, and unintimidating, when angry seemed like a fire breathing
dragon with nothing to lose by killing a few people. She was angry now. Her eyes glared,
her jaw was set in a mulish line, strands of dark hair made a sharp contrast with her
abnormally pale skin. 5'2" Jes suddenly appeared to be ten feet tall. However, she kept
her temper in check, though some of her words had to be thrown out through gritted
teeth. Why did people always treat her like this? Jesley had to work to make sure her hand
didn't stray to the gun at her hip, had to work to make her words polite. Though she was
angry, no outraged red hue flushed her pale cheeks, making her look more collected and
in control than she was.

Posted by John Calston on 21.08.2002 at22:42:

"You're the med, you tell me." John's tone was not sarcastic in anyway, but his words
could have been taken that way. "Well, anyway. The two wounds on my back are
apprantly the only ones you left untouched. They're just flesh wounds and not that big a
problem, but then again you are the med." The Valertrez was becoming annoyed at all this
stalling. His wounds were perfectly fine, she had done well enough the first time. He didn't
have time to wait and gain trust, he wasn't playing for friendship in this venture. Calston
sighed as he sat down on the bed once again. "So, you've known Schypher a long time eh?
Tell me, how'd you break that barrier she holds around her?"

Posted by Schypher on 22.08.2002 at11:07:

Schypher looked around carefully for any faces that she might possibly not want to see,
before shifting herself off the wall panels. The tall Xu-adey started heading back the same
way she came, into the nose area of the bulky Aurora and the emergency medical
establishment, but passed by the newly made medical bay coldly. The next section, that
was going to meet the captains assessing eyes, was naturally the control room, now taken
over by numerous so called specialists and people claiming to know about their jobs and
what they were doing. Schypher would not trust them completely even if there was a
barrel of a Braggit pistol aiming at her temple, she didn‟t give out trust freely and even
less by force.

Her footsteps on the afflicted floors sounded dim and shallow, slightly echoing back in the
completely baren corridors, the metallic noses and heels of the treasured black beauties
exerting a tedious tone each time they hit the cold metallic floors, soon to be consolidated
with syntherubber, both to subtraction the noises and to make the floors more skimming
proof. Every ship had its idiot, who tended to either rain down onto the floor every once in
ahwile or simply act as a oaf every chance he/she got, the smartest thing to do, was to try
and strip his/her surroundings of everything possibly dangerous and replace it with
something safer. All for added benefit of the portent mentioned homely moron.

Scy‟s eyes narrowed slightly, as she reached the opened hatch of the control room. To her
great relief, the large circular room had now lost most of its earlier occupants, rushing men
and women, who were constantly in a hurry, in their search for data and knowledge of the
ship. Scy‟s blue eyes only met two pairs of others, rather sober greys and thoughtful
browns, both pairs of orbs only glancing up for a brief moment, before turning back their
easily distracted attentions to the holoscreens infront of them. The enchanting greys
belonged to a rather old and crafty computer engineer, annoyedly grouching over a
keyboard, tapping in commands into the computer with horrific speeds.
The pair of soft browns had belonged to a communications officer, seated on a woolly chair
infront of the main operations station, which surely held the communication systems also.
Her eyes were serenely settled on a screen infront of her and her slim fingers ran over the
keys much tardily, than his companies did. The woman took her work calmly, hurrying
could only ruin the delicate work she was doing, trying to figure out the transmission
waves for long distances on this particular Aurora.

What Schypher‟s eyes had not seen, was how the very same female had practicly stabbed
the panel, after more than an hour of precise work with the subject, something that should
have taken a maximum of thirty minutes from anyone who knew anything about the
system. As soon as she had heard footstepps nearing the room, she had forced down her
temper and continued the job at hand calmly, not letting it show how very peeved she was
at the matter. Only the elderly computer tech knew how irritated the young female was,
but he was much too busy to turn attention to it.

But, as said, Scy did not see all that and to her, the solemn Valertrez, at the main ops
station, was a flaring life-saver. The Xu-adey rushed to her, a slight scowl on her face. It
was an unwritten rule, that no captain in her right mind would smile to a plain worker, who
was not even correctly attached with her ship, Schypher was no exception.
She stopped at the side of the panel, viewing the technician tentavely, before allowing
herself to speak up. “I need to know, is there a possibility to contact the Engreia base on
Capella through our comm systems right now? Or have they been cut off?” She inquired
harshly, a glint of boredom and fatigue in her voice.
The Valertrez looked at her for a moment, contemplating wordlessly before giving a slight
nod. “Yes, it is possible. I need to play around with the systems for some time, because
they were shut off and scratched from the list of the online communication links. The only
one left on right now is the all ship comm, but I can get a link in a half an hour max. What
time do you need it for?” She shot back, turning her brown eyes back onto the screen,
fingers already keying many commands into the waiting computer.

Scy shrugged her shoulders, showing her suspense about the matter. “Can‟t exactly say,
ju-“ Her words were suddenly cut off, as a loud clang came from the other side of the
room. Both women turned their heads towards the direction of where the sound had came
from, Scy‟s hand already resting on her pistol. What they saw, brought a smirk on both of
their faces, as they watched what was happening. The elderly technician had been busily,
if a bit crustily, working with one of the computer panels, trying to undo the connections
holding it to the wall. He had probably been distracted by Schypher‟s words and
accidentaly, dropped the panel onto the rithelanium coated floor, generating the repulsive
The man gave the two beguiled females a harsh look, before grunting softly. “No need for
alarm, the fucking panel just slipped out of my hands…” He muttered as a sort of a
apology, before picking up the panel and setting it on one of the corners of the station he
was working with, cursing all the way.

“As I was saying,” Scy began again, the slightly amused smirk degrading from her
features. “I am not sure when I need it, but get it online and keep it ready. I am just going
to show up at one point and need it…” She worded, gave a slight nod to the Valertrez and
retreated from the control room, keeping the precious moments of calm bottled in her
current mood. It was a rare and exotic sight, Schypher Dawater handleing something with
out leaving any plasma residue on the walls or yelling loudly about what she thought of the
matter. Indeed, tiredness did strange things…


Ayel‟s otherwise calm and pleasant eyes coldened viseably, as he kept his eyes on the girl
infront of him. She shrunk from her bloated 10 feet stance back to five feet in his eyes
with a few seconds, while Ayel‟s anger slowly boiled. A simple mechanic coming to demand
respect and consideration from him, the girl had started to play a dangerous game. The
Xu-adey watched his little victim blush up with anger, her right hand trembleing slightly as
she tried to control her anger. She wouldn‟t of had a snowballs chance in hell to beat the
crafty man, but he was not about to stop her. If she wanted a gun fight, fine, but she
would have to deal with a bullet in the gut if she tried. “Listen here, missy. If you don‟t
want the job, fine, get the hell out of here. I need good, responsible workers, not some
chicks who don‟t know how to do their job with out complaining and whining. Word travels
fast in this ship, I know what you did earlyer to that engineer and I know you caught the
captains eye, but that doesn‟t stop me from sacking you. Do your job, shut up, leave the
gun alone, don‟t piss off the other workers and everything will be fine. But, if you do want
to fight, be prepared for 50 guns staring down at you, „cause nobody likes trouble makers
here. I don‟t care who started this fight, you were in it, that means that you share the
responsibility for it. I don‟t tolerate playing around on my worksite, get used to it. Now,
will you stay or leave? I‟m tired of warning you.” His face stayed as pale as always, his
hands comfortably in his pockets, careless in every way. Ayel had made hundreds of
speaches like that. No freshly recruited little girl, fresh from the cradle, was going to come
and boss him or any of his workers around.

Posted by Schypher on 24.08.2002 at14:31:

 I be sick...:D

((So, Tiffy, guess who is going to loose her pretty little head if she doesn‟t show up before

The Xu-adey skit over the floors towards the small med bay with out much hurry, her dull
mood now lightened slightly thanks to the success she had had in the bridge. It was a
commonly known fact that Scy‟s moods changed with incredible ease, the smallest thing
could make the woman either laugh happily or reach for her gun enragedly, one could
never tell exactly what she was going to do. Even though her sulkiness had not degraded
completely, she was content on the moment and she wanted to keep it that way atleast
until she could flee from the ship. Cowardly thoughts, surely, but Schypher knew very well
that she would become horridly bored and gloomy on a ship with people that she had no
control over. Her mind was set, to hell with long days spent on the ship doing nothing but
growling at anyone who dared to step against her will. She was, indeed, going to make her
visit every day, just to remind the workers of exactly who was going to be breathing down
their necks when they would mess up, but that was about all she was going to do. Her
help was hardly needed and she was sure Clint could handle everything, besides, there
always excisted the posibility of calling the self-centered captain when needed.

Soon, she reached the door of the small room, with out haste, tapped in the default code
in the panel next to the door and entered the room, the large doors sliding open and shut
with a clearly audible hiss. Schypher looked to John carelessly, as he was sitting on the
bed, still being tended by Taidyne. “I got you your link, it will be ready in a half an hour. I
also contacted Clint, now I‟m waiting for him to respond.” With that, she silenced herself
and slid back onto her favoured chair, her legs once again hanging over the arm of the

Posted by Clint Paxton on 24.08.2002 at15:09:

OOC: Sorry I haven‟t posted in a while, had a few things happening but should be back on
line at least once a day

IC: Clint jerked awake at the sound of the comm-link. Sitting back in his chair he rubbed
his eyes as the last vestiges of sleep slip away. Your neck aches from sleeping hunched
over the keyboard and you stand to stretch. Then it registered and he activated the comm-
link “Ah sorry……yes…..ah shirts and a room….yeah on to it now” he stammered as he tried
to get his brain back into action.
His mind slowly cleared as he sat back down and saved the data he had been working on
and shut the system down.
Once everything was cleared away Clint headed for the hotel, he had a couple of shirts
that would fit them and he already had one single bed apart from his double so he would
organise a roller bed.
As he moved through the ship he realised he had been asleep for a while, whole
compartments had been stripped and some of the new components had already been
moved in. He made a mental note that he would have to come back and check on those
parts and make sure they measured up.
Once at the hatch he walked quickly to the hotel, stopping at the Reception Desk which is
currently occupied by a young man in a suit.
Looking up at Clint the man turns on his smile “Yes sir, can I be of assistance.”
“Clint Paxton, room 486 I will have some guests with me for a while and would like an
extra bed and towels taken up to my room” He gives the man a smile and slips him some
notes to get the correct response.
“Of course sire, right away” he gushed while he slipped the notes into his pocket
Not waiting for any more Clint went up to his room. He grabbed a small carry bag and
threw some clothes in along with a toiletries bag and towels in case they wanted to get
cleaned up. Grabbing the bag he headed back to the Retentive at a brisk pace

Posted by Schypher on 25.08.2002 at09:23:

Hands settled behind her head again, carefully balancing one elbow on the chair, Scy
continued to sit quietly, watching Taidyne working away with John. It was not hard to see
that the redheaded medic was not exactly thrilled of the man, partly thaks to the pleasant
trick Scy had pulled, finally managing to proove the worthlessness of most Valertrez‟s and
Terran‟s to her. Nothing like a nice vile act of near-sightedness to start out a fine new day.

Her attention soon turned to the second Valertrez in the room, eyeing Vaperial carefully for
a moment. He was probably the one feeling the most bored, being that Taidy and John
were both busy, silently cursing at each other and Schypher was more than happy to just
sit down for a few minutes again, let life pass by her. “So tell me, how come John looks
like he has just come out of an Engreia and Hani shared base and you only have one small
wound from a Whistler? Shot yourself?” She asked lazily, svinging her legs lightly. It was
interesting, though, John did look rather messed up and Vaperial was not close to as shot
Posted by Lord Vaperial on 25.08.2002 at09:52:

Vaperial, who as resting on his bed and twirling his whistler pistol around his finger, ready
to shoot himself because he was so bored, smiled after hearing Scy‟s comment. Twirling
the whistler around his finger once more, he then placed it on a small table beside his bed
and slowly propped himself up so that he was facing the mysterious female captain. Still
grinning, Vaperial looked down at his shoulder, and the bandage tightly wrapped around
the rather small wound. “Simple actually, John here...” Vaperial motioned towards his
friend, “Is a pathetic fighter, horrible, it‟s almost like a joke watching him try to fight. So
naturally, the moment I left him alone, he got the shit kicked out of him, and in the
process of saving his ass, I took the shot.”

Vaperial could see John staring at him, his eyes and facial expressions proved that he was
obviously not amused. So Vaperial let out a chuckle and began again. “Actually, no. John
received his wounds when I did leave him alone, he got roughed around by our dirty cop
friend. The sucker turned out to be a much better and trickier fighter than we previously
thought he was. While I did come to rescue him in a sense, I basically caught the bastard
off guard and kicked his ass before he knew I was even in the room. Unfortunately, I
thought I had disarmed him, but it turned out he was hiding a whistler up his sleeve,
literally, and he caught me with a cheap shot.” Vaperial put his hand to his wound.
“Though the blast itself wasn‟t all that bad, what pissed me off was that he ruined my
most prized possession.” Vaperial reached his arm out to the small table he had placed his
gun on, and pulled out from underneath it his leather jacket. He then held it up so Scy
could see it and put his finger through the plasma hole. “He paid for this though…I went on
a rampage and killed his ass.” Vaperial threw the jacket back onto the table. He shook his
head. “I loved this jacket…and now it‟s all but ruined.”

Posted by Schypher on 25.08.2002 at10:28:

Scy listened to him amusedly, throwing a sideways glance at the peeved hunter once in
awhile. Must have been a lot better fighter to beat the hell out of such a „good‟ fighter like
Calston. When Schypher heard the comment about his jacket, she simply chuckled. Such a
vain man… Of course, Scy was the last person to throw around a comment like that, being
that she was most certainly the most vain person in the room. Her looks were important to
her and she did well to let everyone else know about it also. A woman who knew what she
was worth, how terribly original. Taidyne could probably tell a few amusing stories about
Schypher's self-love.

“You killed the guy because he shot up your jacket? Remind me never to touch your
clothes... Still, I don‟t see much point to killing him if you could of brought him in alive, the
bounty would have been bigger and he might of actually been able to jump out of your
little transport before it tumbled down. Pluss, he would of probaby not liked jail
either…Bringing them in alive is so much more awarding… And there is no point in weeping
over your old jacket, buy an SL one, those things are much more stable. And tell me, do
you even shoot that Wistler of yours? „Cause guns don‟t seem to fit you…At all.” Scy shot
an interested look at the Valertrez, pouting her lips slightly. In her mind, a Whistler pistol
was pretty much worthless. What good is a gun when you can finely fit it in your palm,
even when it had almost the same fire power as a simple Plasma Pistol? No, that was not
the Xu-adey‟s style. Her guns were always a sight to see, nicely kept and bright new,
besides the point that she could very easily blow off random body parts of her enemies
with them. Power pluss the looks…

The gunner gave her bright new pistol, snugly placed in the holster on her hip, an
appreciative look, soon to be accompanied by a fine Caster pistol. Pulling it out from the
holster and holding it up to her eye level, her deep blue eyes skitting over the silvery grey
barrel, the deep black handle and then moved from the gun to Vaperial. “Whistler‟s are
much too small to be classed as decent pistols.” She stated with a devious smirk.
Posted by Lord Vaperial on 25.08.2002 at11:11:

Vaperial grinned. “Yes, I killed him „cause he messed with my jacket. I am very
sentimental about this jacket you know…and taking him alive would have been way too
much trouble at the time. We were incredibly out numbered and on the run. Having to
worry about watching him and trying to escape at the same time would have been
pointless and probably would have gotten us killed. Not to mention we really weren‟t
interested in the bounty, we really just wanted to kill the dirty bastard for personal

Vaperial‟s grin faded as the shiny pistol in Scy‟s hands was pointed at him. But then rose
again, much larger. He reached over to the table and grasped his whistler. “Well, to be
honest with you, I was never one for guns.” The palm of Vaperial‟s free hand began to
blow a brilliant blazing red color, so rich that it was dark as blood, yet as exuberant as a
rose. “I would tend to rely on myself more than a piece of metal with some kind of a
battery in it.” He winked as the ball of energy in his palm slowly dissipated away. “And
since I never took the time to learn how to shoot properly, I‟m no good with guns…though
it hasn‟t proved to be a problem yet. My illunia, sarafin and aura flash skills have proved to
be more than enough in combat, and have bested any gunman that I‟ve ever run into.”
Vaperial spun the little gun around his finger. “I only got this because it just didn‟t feel
right to be a pirate without some kind of a gun…I never really use it, and when I do, I
never actually hit anything with it.” He smiled. “I‟d actually love to learn how to shoot.”
Vaperial‟s eyes moved slowly over the gun, studying it. “It seems that being able to yield a
gun well earns you a lot of respect in space.” Suddenly the smirk on his face grew even
larger. “But let me show you something else, that earns you even more respect…”

Suddenly Vaperial‟s body was engulfed in a large storm of static electricity, energy swirling
around his body as his aura flash technique exploded creating a shell of energy all around
his body. The sheets on his bed blew in the wind generated by his power, and within the
blink of an eye, Vaperial‟s body jolted across the room at such speeds that it left nothing
but a blur behind. Within a moment Vaperial appeared behind Scy, and quickly grabbed
both her arms, which were held out, level with her eyes. He held her arms with just one of
his, his good arm, his right arm with his hand wrapped around both her wrists clamping
them together. His left arm Held his whistler and was pressed into Scy‟s back. His head
was practically resting on Scy‟s shoulder; he was standing behind her with his arm over
her holding her gun and arms pointed away from him. “Beat ya.” He said, barely louder
than a whisper, and just loud enough for her to hear his voice. “You have a nice looking
gun, but in combat, you‟d be dead right now. So watch where you point it, and who you
point it at, because you never know what might happen.”

Vaperial smiled and slowly released Scy‟s arms as he let his aura flash die down. He took a
step back figuring Scy would have a freakishly negative response to his actions, which he
probably deserved, he just couldn‟t help himself when she pointed the shiny thing at him.
“Why don‟t you teach me…teach me how to use those things…” Vaperial began. “And in
return, maybe I can teach you a trick or two…”

Posted by Schypher on 25.08.2002 at14:41:

Scy had almost immediately, after Vaperial had started his little power show, lowered her
head, keeping herself from getting hit by one of the white sheats that now flashed over her
head and landed as a large pile of snowy white fabric on the floor. The Xu-adey could do
nothing before the Valertrez was already holding her wrists tight in is hand and his
Whistler pushed into her back. A low growl emitted from the womans lips, as she
disgustedly looked up at her captor, the rage boiling in her was nearly undescribable, her
mind and essence flaming with fury. What got to her most, was not that she had been
captured in such a rude way, but that the annoying Valertrez had done it for no reason.
She had not aimed her pistol at him, nor thought of doing so. It all added up as Vaperial
simply showing his superiority to Schypher and the other two in the room. Humiliating the
bluehaired demon in such a degradeing way was not going to be left unpunished.
Beat ya. His words sounded as a soft whisper close to her ear, maddening the Xu-adey
even more. Not quite yet... A silent thought rang through her head, never reaching her
lips, time to unleash some payback.

The chuckles coming from Calston and Larouge did nothing to help at all. She shot an
infuriated look at Vaperial, her nose wrinkling in disgust, as if there was something horribly
stenching settled right under her nose. Her body twitched uncomfortably, and her cheeks
blushed up lightly with anger, at the feeling that the mans bare hands were giving her,
restricting her movment, too shocked to slash back. Pictures of Vaperial laying on the floor
as a bloody mess came clearly into the Xu-adey‟s mind, as she glared at him viciously. A
simple, worthless, common Valertrez, holding down her, Schypher Dawater, one could only
imagine how much she wanted to hurt him at the moment, make him feel as
uncomfortable and violated as she did. He had pulled a cheap trick, just to show off his
own feeble strength and now he expected Scy to take this atleast somewhat calmly? There
was going to be no such thing, not now when she had finally started to feel a bit better.
Scy was as clingish to her pride and ego as Vaperial was to his clothing, the vain little man
that he was. All of this did nothing to level down her despisement for the human races.

The Xu-adey breathed in deeply as the pirate finally let her go and retreated, leaving her
steaming iratedly. Slowly, the gunner holstered her gun, knowing very well that she could
of not kept herself from shooting the cocky Valertrez if the pistol would have been in her
hand. Raising from her seat calmly and turning around, her blush exchanged places with a
much paler colour and her lips pressed together into a thin, nearly white, line. Her deep
blue eyes narrowed slihtly as she glared at the man in holy anger. With out a second
thought she walked the few feet of floor separating her from Vaperial and stopped to stare
right at him, being that they were almost the same height, her eyes were leveled with his.
After a moment of the wordless glaring, Scy‟s nose twitched in disgust again, as she balled
her hand into a fist and stammed it directly into Vaperial‟s wounded shoulder, her
expression coldening greatly. The man couldn't of stopped the punch even if he would
have expected it. But, she was not done with her little game of payback.
Before the Valertrez could do anything about it, Scy gripped his shoulders, keeping him
from moving and sent a painful kick kick to his crotch with her knee. Releasing his
shoulders, she took a step back and throbed his right knee with her her left leg, a rather
dirty and tormenting way of bringing someone to their knees, no doubt.

Even at Vaperials great physical condition and being skilled at Aura Flash, he had no
chance against the raging Xu-adey, as she ended her attack in only a few seconds.
Besides, being chimed directly in a fresh plasma wound, one that had not even been
cleaned properly yet, was more than anyone could bare. Scy had managed to make the
Valertrez come down to his knees and a small wave of victory flushed over her, even
though not erasing her former embarassment, she had managed to pay back in a most
paining way. It was the only way she could of got back at the man, words alone would of
not ment as much as she wanted. It was certainly foolish of her to resort to physical
violence, after all, Vaperial had done nothing to hurt her in that way, but Schypher‟s pride
ment more to her than her physical well being ever could.

“In combat, I would never sit. In combat, I would never let anyone like you closer than 50
feet of me. In combat, you would have been dead before you could have ever reach me. I
did not aim at you, what you did was a childish act to show your own strength and power,
which I care nothing about. You might be older than I am, you might be more skilled, you
might very well be the single most irritating man in this whole system, but ever do that
again and I sware, you'll end up as nothing but a speck of blood. I have said this before,
more than once, I don‟t like being touched, especially by some filthy fool of a Valetrez.
How can you demand respect from me if you go around doing things like that! You‟re
nothing more than a mear, simplistic, man, stop fooling yourself, you are nothing more. I
will teach you, just to confront you some day in an even match, where you would not use
your cherished Flash skill...” She stated spitefully, watching Vaperial on the floor coldly.

The next thing she did, was step back from him and lean against the wall, just far enough
to run if the man would even think of grabbing her again. Being routed by him once in a
day was more than plenty for Scy. Now they were even. Scy just hoped that he would not
try anything else, counting the possibility that he could actually get up before Schypher
would storm out of the door. It might have been a game for him, but she took it like
someone had just declared war on her.
And she would not be the first one to give up.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 25.08.2002 at17:52:

Clint made his way to the hatch and opened without knocking, took one step inside and
stopped. To his right was Taidyne with her patient and to his left was Schypher leaning
against the wall. Thunder heads hovered above her as she looked daggers at Vaperial
laying on the floor.
The bag hung forgotten from his hand as he stood there rooted to the spot. He was not
about to come between the two, pain etched on Vaperials face and Schyphers looks meant
they had probably come to blows.
Clint shook his head, he was surprised she had not shot him. Noticing his entrance
Schyper turned her attention to him “Ah, I brought the clothes” he offered lamely as her
eyes bore into him.

Posted by John Calston on 26.08.2002 at01:29:

John, now finally finished with the tedious job of helping with his wounds, got up to grab
the clothes brought in. "Yeh, well I'll take those." The Valertrez was tired of the little
fighting between Vap and Scy. Calston, now covered with a new shirt, turned his attention
back to Schypher. "If you're done playing, can you direct me torward that comm?" He was
still amused at the little show of strength between the two. It appeared to Calston that
they both did it to have superiority in their friendship. If you could even call it a friendship,
it seemed that Vaperial wanted more. However, Schypher constantly held back only
showing her strength to send Vaperial wimpering back. Interesting, thats all he could say
about it.

"I seriously need that comm, it's an important matter."

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 26.08.2002 at02:03:

As Scy approached him, he couldn‟t help but smile. But the smile faded quickly as she
dealt him a shot to his shoulder, his wounded left shoulder. Immediately, pain surged
through his body starting from the location of the injury and spreading through his entire
body like some kind of a plague. He couldn‟t help but grunt and drop his whistler to the
floor. But that wasn‟t the worst of it, he figured she would do something like that, what
was really bad was when she kneed him in the crotch. That was not only low, and dirty,
and REALLY cheap, but it hurt like a bitch. Any and every man that had ever been hit in
the crotch, even lightly, knows how much excruciating pain you go through. Dropping to
the floor Vaperial‟s hands shot right down to his crotch. “Holly shit.” He mumbled under his
breath as he felt the sensation of pain running up his body, meeting with the pain running
down his body from his shoulder. He was in so much pain, that at the time he could do
nothing but listen to Scy bitch on about her pride and him being worthless and bla bla bla.
When she was finally done ranting on, and the pain was beginning to subside, Vaperial
pulled himself into a sitting position, leaning against the wall. “Phew.” He said, letting out
a sigh. He began panting as he gathered his breath and stood up once again.
Instead of attack Scy, which she may have thought he was going to do, since she
conveniently was standing next to the door, Vaperial again smiled. “Fair enough. I
deserved that.” He said, still somewhat at a loss for breath. He stuck his hand down his
pants to make sure both his balls were still intact. (Gruesome, but you have to do it.)
“Alright, looks like I can still be a father some day.” He said, and from the tone of voice,
you couldn‟t tell if he was serious, or joking. And then the door hissed open, and in
waltzed Clint. Vaperial bent over and picked up his pistol as Clint spoke briefly with Scy,
and then walked over to his bed to pick up his jacket, holster and belt for his gun. Then as
Clint handed Calston a shirt, and Calston engaged Scy in conversation, Vaperial walked up
to Clint and kindly accepted his shirt. Pulling it on, and then throwing his tattered leather
jacket on over it, he smiled at Clint shaking his hand. “We have to talk old friend.” He said
as he gave him a pat on the back. “I haven‟t seen you in ages, but first…” Vaperial turned
back to Scy and interrupted Calston. “Where can I get one of these SL Jackets you were
talking about?” Seemingly he had shrugged the whole „drop Vaperial to the floor with a
cheap shot, and kick him in the balls, then talk about how worthless and pathetic he was‟
thing off his shoulders. He then took a few steps towards the door as he awaited an
answer, walking kind of strangely with his legs wide open, still in a little pain.

Posted by Schypher on 26.08.2002 at02:32:

Her expression went from angered to uncaring in a split second, as she turned her
attention to Calston and Paxton. Nodding to Clint appreciatively, she gave a quick look at
his bag. “Perfect timing, I was just leaving anyway.” She stated curtly, keeping herself
from glancing at the Valertrez, who was slowly retrieving his composure on the floor.
Where he belonged, no doubt.
Instead, Schypher looked at Calston and shrugged lightly. “Sure, I guess the link might be
ready by now. Just down the hall, to the right, in the control room. Excuse me for not
coming with you, but I need to clean up this place and I want to get the hell away from
here. Just come back here when you are done, Clint will show you to somewhere where
you could sleep.” Scy was in no mood to go sight-seeing with the cocky hunter, that being
besides the point that she really did need to gather the many small bottles, syringes and
other medical equipment in the room and her hunger was slowly catching up to her.

Passing by Vaperial, who was already in a hearty conversation with Clint, Scy made her
way over to the snickering Taidyne quickly. “Shut up…” Was all that she growled to the
amused medic, that of course, not stopping the Xu-adey at all. Together, they managed to
stuff all the things back into the large bag once more, grab their dinners and finally be
ready to say their „good byes‟.

The captain gave Vaperial a silent glance, before looking to Taidy. “Well, I‟m guessing in
the public area of the station. Deck 7A might very well be it, that‟s where I usually go. Oh,
and Clint-“ She already directed her attention away from the „wounded‟ pirate. “I‟m not
coming back to the ship today, just thought you might want to know.” With that, Scy
grabbed Taidy‟s wrist and simply dragged her out of the room harshly. She was beginning
to feel slightly guilty for kicking around Vaperial, even if he deserved it greatly.
Guilt...deffinetly not a good thing when it came to Schyher Dawater.

Posted by John Calston on 26.08.2002 at03:06:

Calston, with no further words, made his way out of the now busy room. He remembered
Scy's words in his head and slowly made his way down the hall. His mind wandered as he
got farther down the hall, "Not a bad ship, not bad at all. I wonder what it's
offensive and defensive capabilities are." His mind eventually returned to the real
world as he came upon the open door. Inside their sat only one technician working at what
appeared to be the comm systems. John's footsteps startled the technician, making her
turn around. "Excuse me, but Captain Dawater said their would be a comm I would be able
to use here." The worker nodded turning back around to the console.

"Yes, I'm almost done setting it up. Just a few more small configurations and you can use
it." Calston nodded his head acceptingly and leaned against the wall. The rest of the
control room seemed to be finally getting back in order. It appeared that Dawater was also
working on the performance of her ship, not just the looks. She was no regular woman
that was for sure, but then again, what exactly is normal? John's attention once again
turned to the female technician. She was apparantly finishing the work and getting up,
"There, it's done. I'll leave you to your work now Mr....."

The Valertrez held out his hand, "Calston." The lady shook his hand with a smile and
walked out the room.

John smiled cockidly, "Hm, that was a looker."

The Valertrez sat down and began typing on the comm console. The typing soon drolled
out as a voice came over the speaker. "Go ahead."

"Well, the job is done. The Xu-adey has been eliminated and you won't have to worry
about him anymore." A small amount of laughter came over the loud speaker.

"Well done, where is your posistion? We'll send someone to pick you up." The Valertrez
leaned back setting his feet on the console.

"No, thats not a good idea. This brings me to the next part of this talk. I need information
on a ship and captain. Schypher Dawater, she should be registered as captain of The
Retentive." The speaker began sending sounds of typing and computer operations. The
technical ringing ended with a final beep.

"I'll send you a print out on what we have." The valertrez grabbed a peice of paper that
had been ejected from a slot.

"Alright, I'm going to stick around here for awhile. I'll keep in touch."

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 26.08.2002 at07:26:

“Public area, section what?” He said as she hustled out the door. “Damn it. Eh, I‟ll just
have to find it myself then I guess.” Vaperial attempted to rotate his left shoulder, and
grunted with pain. “And just hope I don‟t run into any trouble along the way.” He glanced
at John, but John was heading off for the control room, so he glanced back to Clint. “Well
Clint, I‟m guessing he‟ll take a little while, and I‟m going to head to this public area to try
and find my new leather jacket.” He put his hand into his pocket searching for some
deccas. “I should have enough cash on me to get the jacket legitimately.” He smiled. “You
are welcome to come along with me if you‟d like, maybe we can catch up on old times or
what not, your choice. If you are, then I suggest you leave a little note in this room for
Calston when he returns to tell him where we are sleeping tonight.” And with that Vaperial
exited the room not waiting for a response from Paxton, figuring that if he wanted to come
he‟d just follow.

Moments later, after Vaperial had managed to navigate his way off the ship by asking
many of the workers whom were renovating it for directions, he began heading towards
the public area. It was short hike, and Vaperial found the streets filled with small shops,
restaurants and stores in no time. But now, the tricky part was to find a clothing store that
sold this SL jacket that Scypher had been talking about. He whistled to himself as he
walked, he was in a rather depressed mood. First he gets shot up by some prick with a
damn whistler, then he is denied access to a hospital, is forced to turned to Scypher for
help, nearly dies in a crash landing, loses his bounty, and then gets the shit kicked out of
him. Not to mention the new hole in his fucking jacket. All in all today had been a crappy
day for him. Now he was going to go try and buy himself a new jacket, which could never
replace his old one, and would probably wind up blowing most of his remaining cash on it.

So with his hands stuffed firmly in the pockets of his jeans, whistling as he walked,
Vaperial trudged through the streets of the gateway station searching for a specific item,
which was like searching for a particular grain of sand at a beach. He stumbled upon
clothing store after store, but after about an hour of walking and searching he had found
nothing that interested him. He did find one store that sold SL jackets, but they were a
crappy brown color and Vaperial dared not to waste his money on it. So he soon found
himself walking into a small café. He plopped himself down at one of the seats near the
windows in an extremely comfortable looking booth. He then proceeded to throw his legs
up onto the table and lean his head back closing his eyes and putting his hands over his
face making a long sigh. “What a day.” He mumbled to himself. But he his thoughts were
suddenly interrupted by a women‟s voice.

“Do you know what you want sir, or would you like a menu?” The voice asked.

And to be honest, Vaperial didn‟t even want anything to eat or drink, just wanted
somewhere comfortable to crash. But as he opened his eyes he came to see that the
young waitress was in fact quite cute. Vaperial smiled at the sight of her and immediately
dropped his legs off the table and sat up in his seat looking at the girl. “Um…I think I‟ll just
have a coffee, extra sugar please.” He smiled to her, and she smiled back with her cute
little lips and an even cuter smile which seemed to light up her entire face. Within a few
moments she returned, and placed Vaperial‟s coffee down in front of him. Then she looked
at him and smiled again.

“Would you like anything else sir?” She questioned.

Vaperial thought for a moment, then smiled at her and said, “Actually, no I think the
coffee will be enough for now.” And after flashing another smile, she turned and began to
walk away, after a few steps turning her head to see if Vaperial was still looking at her,
and when she saw that he was, she again smiled. Vaperial leaned back in his seat again,
and thought to himself. It seemed as if she was trying to flirt with him, so he began to
ponder if he should pursue this new find, or just stop before his already crappy day got
even worse. But it was too late, because just then a man entered the café and little Ms.
Waitress ran right over to him and threw her arms around him. “Great.” Vaperial mumbled
and dropped some deccas on the table, enough to pay for the coffee that he didn‟t even
touch, and a tip. And just as he walked past the couple on his rout to the door they began
to kiss. “Ugh.” Vaperial hissed as he threw the door open with his right arm and walked
back into the street with his head held low. By this point, Vaperial just wanted this
nightmare of a day to end. So he decided it would be best just to go back to the ship, find
out what hotel he was in, and go to sleep for the night.

But no, that‟d be too simple, too nice on such a shitty day. So instead, as he began
making his way back to the ship and decided to take a shortcut down an alley, he was of
course dealt another shitty card. Two men jumped down in front of him, another behind
him, appearing out of no where. “Give us you‟re fucking deccas unless you want to get
fucked up.” One of the men said, in a quivering voice.

But what these guys didn‟t realize was that Vaperial was in no mood to toy around. He
lifted his head up and eyed the men around him, then smiled and shook his head. “Ok,
listen, I‟m going to give you about twenty seconds to get the fuck away from me, and if
you don‟t, I‟m going to kick the living shit out of all of you, because I am in NO FUCKING
MOOD to deal with some dirty scum bags like you right now.”

The men looked at each other, and then almost simultaneously attacked Vaperial. They
had only small knives as weapons, and all three of them lunged at him. Vaperial rolled his
eyes and easily dodged the first of their attacks. “Nothing like fighting some untrained and
inexperienced idiots.” Vaperial blurted, as he grabbed one of the men‟s arm‟s with his left
hand, and twisted it behind his back. Then with his right arm, his good arm, he gave it a
firm punch to the joint and you could hear the sound of the elbow joint snapping. The man
let out a scream and grabbed his arm as Vaperial released it. He then continued to dash
off down the alley in a wild retreat yelling and shouting in pain. Vaperial then turned to
meet his next victim, and the man lunged at him with his knife. Vaperial merely ducked
and watched as the man stabbed his friend whom was standing behind Vaperial ready to
attack. Wasting no time Vaperial swiftly uppercut the man in the stomach knocking the
wind out of him and then pushed him to the floor. Then he turned to see the man‟s friend,
who had been stabbed, and the man was pulling the blade out of his arm. He was holding
something in his left arm, the arm that had been stabbed, but it was hidden by the
shadows. Suddenly Vaperial saw what it was as it came flying at him. It was a long shiny
pipe and the man wailed Vaperial with it. Normally Vaperial would have shrugged off the
pain and kicked the man‟s ass, but he hit Vaperial right in his left shoulder. “Fuck!”
Vaperial screamed as he spun and momentarily fell to the ground as the pain began to run
through his body. He grabbed his wound and struggled to his feet. The man lunged at the
recovering Vaperial and hit him again, this time in the stomach. Vaperial was knocked
back by the blow and hit the wall behind him. Then his eyes narrowed, and his face
changed from calm and relaxed into pissed and enraged. As the man came to hit him
again, Vaperial caught the pipe in with his good arm and ripped it out of his hand, then hit
the man so fucking hard in the side of the head that blood splattered across the wall
besides them. “God damn it…look what you made me do.” Vaperial said as he watched the
man collapse to the floor. He hadn‟t killed him; the man would just wake up in the
morning with a splitting head ache and a huge bump on his head.

And before anymore shit could happen to him, Vaperial hurried off to the ship. There he
made his way back to the make-shift medical room and found a note from Clint giving him
the hotel name, location and room number. Turning back around he marched off to the
hotel. He was the first one back, neither Clint nor Calston were back yet. He entered the
room which wasn‟t at all fancy, but would definitely due, and threw his leather jacket onto
one of the beds in the room, in a sense claiming it. Then he ripped his shirt off, also
placing it on his bed and hurried into the bathroom. His bandage was red with blood, the
blow from the pipe, and the previous blow from Scy‟s fist had aggravated the wound.
Gritting his teeth slightly he peeled the bandage off to have a look at the injury. It had
been opened slightly by the beatings, but wasn‟t going to do anything else but cause pain
to Vaperial. It was nothing serious. Vaperial looked around the bathroom and was
comforted to see a nice large shower in the room. So he shut the door, locking it and took
off the remained of his clothes, then stepped into the shower. As he turned on the water,
the first thing he felt was pain again racing through his body as it came into contact with
his shoulder. “Damn this thing.” Vaperial said as he began to wash it, clean it out. Even
though it hurt like a bitch it had to be done. Once he was done cleaning, he allowed
himself to just stand in the shower, under the beam of water leaning up against one of the
shower walls. The water rolled down his body, it was warm and relaxing. It had been a
rough day, and there is nothing like a nice warm shower after a tough day.

He exited the shower wrapping a towel around his body and made his way over to the sink
where he noticed a few of Clint‟s toiletries left out. He skimmed over the items and quickly
found what he was looking for, a razor. “Perfect.” He was sure Clint wouldn‟t mind if
barrowed it to give himself a quick shave, as long as he cleaned it. So he then proceeded
on to clean up his face, and fix his tiny goatee. Once satisfied, Vaperial got his boxers back
on and exited the bathroom. Still there was no one in the room, so Vaperial crashed into
his bed. Within moments…he was asleep, on top of the covers, onto of his jacket, and with
his other clothing items on the floor of the bathroom.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 26.08.2002 at09:23:

Clint took Vaperials advice and grabbed a datapad and jotted down that they had left and
where the hotel was located. He then went out into the corridor and found it empty. He
then moved to the hatch and then outside but there was no sign of Vaperial.
He stood at the hatch looking in every direction for a glimpse of the man but t no avail. Ok
he said he was after a coat so lets try the clothing stores Clint though to himself. The
search proved fruitless as he went from store to store. Either no-one had seen him or he
had just missed him.
In the end he decided to grab a meal and ducked into a small oriental place on a fairly
busy corner. Inside he could see the comings and goings of the outside world while in the
relative quiet of the small restaurant. He sat and perused the menu before ordering
steamed rice and mixed vegetables.
While he was sitting there he overheard a couple of terrans discussing an assault which
saw a number of thugs put into the hurt locker. Clint smiled to himself as he finished his
meal and then headed back to his room He opened the door and walked in to find Vaperial
standing there in a towel “Heard a couple of guys got themselves beat up by some mad
man. Thought that might be you.” He smiled.

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 26.08.2002 at10:32:

((Though I was passed out on the bed, I can be back in a towel now lol))

Vaperial finished shaving and cleaned off the razor and the sink, then exited the bathroom
with nothing but a towel wrapped around his still damp body. Suddenly the door flung
open and Vaperial spun around to either defend himself, or greet a friend. Much to his
surprise he saw Clint walk in, and begin talking. Vaperial smiled and looked back to his old
friend. “Mad man, oh come on, they attacked me! They were the madmen!” Vaperial
smiled and walked over to his friend with a grin on his face, extending his hand for a
handshake. “Um…let me throw something on, hang on one second.” Vaperial said as he
went back into the bathroom and shut the door. He picked up his boxers and his pants
from the floor and pulled them on. Then opened the door again. Vaperial made his way
over to his bed and sat down. “So how are you man, how‟ve you been? Where‟ve you
been? And how‟d you wind up on Scy‟s ship?” Vaperial began blurting out questions left
and right…he hadn‟t seen the man in forever, and so much has happened since then. It‟s
always nice to catch up with an old friend. Realizing his arm was dripping blood, Vaperial
got up and entered the bathroom again, where he made a temporary bandage with a
towel, then came back out to talk to Clint and hear what he had to say.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 26.08.2002 at13:48:

Clint returned the handshake and then nodded as he went into the bathroom and threw on
some clothes. Then Vaperial came back firing questions at him one after the other. Clint
held his hands up, “Whoa, one at a time” Then he noticed the blood and Vaperial used a
towel to stem the blood flow.
“Hang on” Clint said as he went to the hotel comm suite “Hi, Mr Paxton here. Just had a bit
of an accident with a broken glass, could you send up some bandages and antiseptic” a
muffled voice responds to the request “Thank you very much”
Clint put it down and turned back to Vap, “Sit down they‟ll bring up the stuff in a minute
and we‟ll fix you up” Clint sat on the other bed across from him “Well I sort of found
Schypher again after that little adventure we had” Clint whistled “Seems like a century
ago. She needed a mechanic and I just needed to keep going” Clint was not about to open
old wounds and ask about the woman so he tried to keep the conversation light.
“Even been getting some hours up at the helm of the Retentive, feels good too. You
obviously saw all the work going on, she‟ll be fantastic when their finished.” Clint laughed
“and after I have fixed things those space dock grease monkeys touch”
There was a knock at the door and Clint went over, checked the door monitor and then
opened it enough to take the tray from the bellhop.
He walked over and sat next to Vaperial “I don‟t have the talent like Taidyne but hopefully
this will stop the bleeding and save the carpet” Clint smiled as he removed the towel and
applied some antiseptic on cotton wool to clean the wound. Then he took more cotton wool
and applied it as padding to the wound. He then wound a bandage tightly around it to keep
it in place and stem the blood flow.
“There that should do it” he packed up the rest of the medical bits and put them on the
table “So I have been with Scypher ever since. Working on the ship kept me pretty busy
and out of her hair”
He then went to the liquor cabinet and poured a couple of scotches, two big fingers and
handed one to Vaperial “So what is the news from your side?”

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 26.08.2002 at19:16:

Vaperial made a face filled with pain as Clint cleaned his wound again for him and re-
bandaged it. “Thank you.” Vaperial said in a polite tone after Clint had finished. Vaperial
looked down at the bandaging and was actually impressed. “Heh, I guess it‟s not that
different than patching up a leaky engine is it?” He smiled and the graciously accepted the
alcohol, something which was much needed after a day like the one he had just gone
through. Vaperial listened to Clint‟s words intently. “Well I‟m surprised that you lasted this
long with her!” Vaperial said, with a hint of humor in his voice. “I would have thought you
would have about twenty plasma wounds in you now after spending some time with the
anti-valterez/men female captain.” He shook his head. “Or maybe that‟s just me. She
seems to hate me…” Changing subjects, Vaperial moved on. “Well after you left, and the
rest of the crew went their own ways, I kind of went my own way as well. For a little while
I scampered around space by myself, doing nothing really. I made the decision to drop the
pirating act and come clean. Since then I‟ve done nothing but run into trouble. It seems
that no one thinks an old pirate can learn new tricks.” He smiled. “Then I found myself on
Capella, and I ran into an old friend, Calston. After a few adventures with him, that‟s how I
got this.” Vaperial pointed to his wound. “He took the worst of it though, he really got hit
hard. But anyway, I came to Scy for help, but I don‟t know if that was a smart move. We
seem to really burden her here. She obviously doesn‟t want us around, but she also is
afraid that we will die if she lets us go too soon.” He chuckled. “I don‟t know though…I
don‟t know if it is worth my time to try and gain respect or trust from her. I‟ve tried many
times in the past and it‟s just never worked out. There is nothing I could do or say to make
her think I was something other than a stupid male, a typical arrogant valterez.” Vaperial
sighed slightly. “I know you‟ve never seen the two of us together, but I think you know
what I‟m talking about.”

Posted by Clint Paxton on 27.08.2002 at08:12:

Clint nodded. Vaperial was right he had not seen them together so could only go on what
he was told. But he had also seen Schypher in full sail. An interesting mix he thought as a
smile crossed his face.
“You know me, I tend to keep to myself and so keep out of her hair.” He took a sip of the
booze and enjoyed the warmth as it spread out from his gut.
“The engineering spaces keep me a fair way from her but the times we are together I
haven‟t had any problems with her” He admired her as a captain though he had not seen
her command a ship in combat yet, he had seen her fight.
“I can‟t speak for the captain of course but I would enjoy your company if you could link
up with us” Clint laughed “But from what you have been telling me I could be spending a
lot of time in the Engineering spaces.”

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 27.08.2002 at08:34:
Vaperial grinned at Clint‟s comment, and then downed his drink in one long gulp. “I
wouldn‟t worry about it, you seem to do just fine with her, it‟s me who‟s in the dog house
every we meet.” He rolled his eyes. Vaperial then stood up and placed his scotch glass
down back over by the mini bar. “Well Clint, it has been a long day…very long, very rough,
and extremely tiring. I‟d love to keep chatting all night long, but I think it‟d be best to
catch some shut eye right now, and talk more in the morning. Hell, tomorrow, if you‟d like,
I‟d even love to help you with whatever work you have to do on the ship. Since Scy isn‟t
letting me leave until my wound goes away, I don‟t want to be bottled up in this room all
day, so a little work on a ship could do me some good.” Vaperial smiled, and then headed
for his bed. He grabbed the covers and crawled into the rather uncomfortable bed. “I‟ll talk
to you in the morning.” And with that, the Valterez rolled over and shut his eyes, quickly
falling fast asleep.

For the next few days, weeks even Vaperial spent his time hanging around with Clint,
helping him work on the ship, and just recovering from his injury. Just about everyday he
would make a trip to the public area in search of a SL Jacket that suited him, and everyday
he‟d come back empty handed. Vaperial would also spend lots of time in a public gym he
found in the public area building the muscle tissue around his plasma wound back up.
Throughout the duration of his stay at the hotel, he saw Schypher maybe once, and even
then they didn‟t speak to each other. But he could take a hint, so he didn‟t pursue
anything. Tai on the other hand had made regular visits to the hotel, dropping off various
medicines, and cleaning their wounds almost daily, and this he was extremely grateful for.
But the time had come, nearly two weeks had passed and his shoulder was almost
completely healed, he had to decide what to do next…which road to take.

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