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					  God’s Mission House

Reaching, Teaching, Releasing
                  God’s Mission House

                Reaching, Teaching, Releasing
Isaiah 9v7
Of the increase of [his] government and peace [there shall
be] no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom,
to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice
from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of
hosts will perform this.

– Government of God is upon His church
– The church is entrusted with establishing God’s governance
                      God’s Mission House

                    Reaching, Teaching, Releasing

To become a global kingdom centered ministry equipping
spiritual son’s and daughters in the nations for the work of
the ministry as mandated by the Apostle, Jesus Christ
Scriptural References
Matt 28v19-20, Eph 4v11-13, Heb 3v1
                       God’s Mission House

                     Reaching, Teaching, Releasing

Develop strong believers in the local church with a kingdom mindset
and commission them on apostolic journeys nationally and
internationally to plant and to build in all environments bringing
an increase of God’s Kingdom on the earth, laying the foundation
of the Chief Cornerstone, Jesus Christ
Scriptural References
Jer 1v10, Ezek 34v25-31, 1Cor 3v8-11
                             God’s Mission House

                          Reaching, Teaching, Releasing
What type of church are we?
 A – Apostles Doctrine/Autonomous (Acts 2v42, 1Cor 12v28)
     (Self governing, self supporting, self propagating)
 P – Present Truth (Jhn 14v6, Mat 4v4, 2Pet 1v12, Jer 31v22)
 O – Overcoming Nature (Jhn 16v33, Rev 12v11)
 S – Signs, Wonders & Miracles (Acts 2v43, 5v12, 2Cor 12v12, Mrk 16v20)
 T – Team Ministry (Mat 10v5, Mrk 5v2, Acts 3, 13v2)
 L – Lead by example (Jhn 13v15, 1Pet 2v21, Tit 2v7)
 E – Extending boundaries (Exd 34v24, 1Chr 4v10, Ish 54v2)
 S – Sonship & Structure (1 Cor 3v10, 1 Cor 4v17, 2 Tim 1v2, Tit 1v4)
                            God’s Mission House

                         Reaching, Teaching, Releasing
  What do we BELIEVE?

B – Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved (Jhn 14v6, Acts 16v31)
E – Equipping saints for ministry (Mat 28v19, Eph 4v11-12)
L – Love never fails (Mat 9v36-38, Jhn 13v34-35, 1Cor 13v8)
I – Intimacy with God (1Jhn 4v13, Rev 21v3)
E – Economy of God is sowing & reaping (Amos 9v13, Mal 3v10, 2Cor 9v6-10, )
V – Vibrant worship (Psm 87v7, Psm 145v10-13, Eph 5v19, Col 3v16, Rev 14v3)
E – Equalization of gifts and callings (Jos 1v2, Mat 20v12, Rev 21v16)
                     God’s Mission House

                   Reaching, Teaching, Releasing
How do we equip believers?
Use the Acts 2v42-47 principle
- Continue in Apostle’s doctrine
- Fellowship
- Communion
- Prayer
- Distribution of resources
- Daily meetings
                    God’s Mission House

                  Reaching, Teaching, Releasing
Practicality of equipping

- Cell groups (House Church)
- Fellowship after meetings
- Bible Studies
- Prayer & Discussions on Saturdays
- Apostolic journeys
- Serving in the local church
- Good works to express the Kingdom
                     God’s Mission House

F – Friends
E – Engage in conversation
L – Listen and learn about others
L – Love people                                 Scriptural References
                                                Acts 2v42, 1Jhn 1v7
O – Open environment is created
W – Welcome new people
S – Serve each other
H – Help others with their problems
I – Initiates a level change to relationships
P – People feel secure
                   God’s Mission House

                      CELL GROUPS (House Churches)
C – Caring for fellow believers
E – Evangelizing others
L – Learning                          Scriptural References
L – Loving people                     Acts 2v46, 10v24,12v12, 16v40

G – Gathering of people
R – Receive encouragement
O – Opportunity for ministry is created
U – Unlock skills for Kingdom advancement
P – Pray for each others needs
               God’s Mission House

P – Provision (Matt 6v11)
R – Rescue us from evil (Matt 6v13)
A – Adoration for the Father (Matt 6v9)
Y – Yearn for His will in our lives (Matt 6v10)
E – Expression of the Kingdom (Matt 6v10)
R – Recognition of His Kingdom, Power and Glory (Matt 6v13)
F – Forgiveness (Matt 6v12)
U – Unveil the heavens on the earth (Matt 6v10)
L – Lead us not into temptation (Matt 6v13)
                   God’s Mission House


P – Positions us for victory (2 Chron 20v21-25, Josh 6)
R – Releases an anointing (Acts 16v25)
A – Attitude will determine spiritual altitude (Psm 111v1)
I – Involves killing the flesh (2Sam 6v22)
S – Song of the Lord must be sung (Exd 15v1, Ps 144v9, Rev 14v3)
E – Encouraged & uplifted (Ps 27v6, Jam 5v13, Col 3v16)
                  God’s Mission House

                  KINGDOM PRACTIONERS

K – King has a Kingdom (Dan 2v44, Mat 4v17, 1Tim 1v17, Rev 17v14)
I – Investment is required in every Kingdom (Mrk 4v26-29, 2Cor 9v10)
N – National language (Matt 13v19-23, Luk 4v4)
G – Government & Authority (Ish 9v6-7, 22v21, Mrk 7v29)
D – Dominion (Gen 1v26, Ps 145v13, Eph 1v21)
O – Occupy (Luk 19v13)
M – Mind of Christ (1Cor 2v16, Phl 2v5, 1Pet 4v1)
                      God’s Mission House

                   FINANCIAL STRUCTURE
H – Husbandry– Stewardship (Luke 12v42)
A – Attitude (Exd 25v3, 2 Cor 8v3 Cor 9v7)
R – Risks with God (Luk 5v5, Ecc 11v1-6)
V – Volume of seed (2 Cor 9v6-7, Luk 6v38, Prv 11v25)
E – Excellence in ministry (1 Kings 10)
S – Set Man’s Grace (Phil 4v17-19, Gen 14v10, Acts 4, Num 18v12 Lev 23v10)
T – Type of Ground (2 Sam 24v20, 2 Chron 3v1)
S – Sacrificial Seed (2 Cor 8, Phil 4v18)
                     God’s Mission House

                    Bible Schools

B – Builds strong believers
                                        Scriptural References
I – Increases your faith                Psm 119v11, Rom 10v17, 2Tim 2v15
B – Breaks down limitations in your life
L – Limits sin
E – Equips the believer for the work of the ministry
         God’s Mission House

         Bible Schools - Local



             CAPE TOWN
                 God’s Mission House

            Bible Schools - Global

ZAMBIA                    UGANDA                         DRC

Psa 2:8 Ask of Me, and I shall give the nations for Your inheritance;
and the uttermost parts of the earth for Your possession.
The CALL to


 Jer 38v10
        God’s Mission House

Jer 38:10 Then the king commanded
Ebedmelech the Ethiopian, saying, Take
from hence thirty men with thee, and
take up Jeremiah the prophet out of the
dungeon, before he dies.
God’s Mission House

               Abraham Banda
                 Lusaka- Zambia
God’s Mission House

          Ps Daniel Byamukama & Family
               Rescue Apostolic Ministry
                   Iganga - Uganda
God’s Mission House

          Ps Dauson Musasizi & Family
                 Kingdom Life Centre
                 Busembatia - Uganda
God’s Mission House

               Bishop Umba Isaac
               Shekinah New Life Church
                  Lubumbashi - DRC
                    God’s Mission House

                  Reaching, Teaching, Releasing
Who is Pastor Ralph?
 Married to one wife Michelle

                                   2 daughters, Japhia & Elizabeth
                                   from the same wife
                         God’s Mission House

What does he do?
- Mentored by Dr SY Govender for the last 7 years
- Assistant to Dr SY Govender in the ABC Forum and Secretary of ABC Ministries
- Currently the General Secretary of the Coalition of Christian Leaders-Phoenix
- Very much involved in the development of the city church
- Mentor to several spiritual son’s & daughters,
  locally and globally
- Traveling to several nations as mandated
  by the Lord Jesus
- Tries to gym regularly
- Has a date with his wife on Fridays (when possible)
- Very passionate about God’s Word and his city

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