Reducing cost and time to market by partnering with Schneider Electric

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                                             November 2007
 Market and                                  Volume 10


               Pharmaceutical Technology

               Reducing cost and time
               to market by partnering
               with Schneider Electric
 Pharmaceutical Technology

                                                                                                     Novartis production plant in

  How to make a virtue
  out of necessity

                                                                                                                                    Picture: Novartis
 Interlinking of supplier and customer minimizes costs

 System cabinet for infrastructure control.    The tablet production of Novartis in Singapore might quickly evolve into a real
                                               showpiece project. In a completely new development and with a low budget, the
                                               giant pharmaceutical company has built a plant which operates according to the
                                               principles of lean manufacturing and produces the same high quality as the other
                                               production units. One of the recipes for success: the company concentrates all the
                                               electrical distribution and building automation technology on one single manufac-
                                               turer. This approach to the integration of a large number of different individual sys-
                                               tems and the exceptional teamwork between the final customer and the supplier
                                               opens up unimagined savings potentials.

CHRISTINE ECKERT                                 Trump card: one-stop-shopping              sary technology at a much lower cost.
                                                 With just a small budget and using         Additional this basic approach had to
                                               only a few members of the company’s          enable the coordination of electrical

T    he Biopolis of Asia: Singapore car-
     ries this proud epithet for a good
reason. The city state in South-East
                                               own staff, the target of this strategic
                                               project was to build a plant which cor-
                                               responds to the technological state-of-
                                                                                            distribution and building automation
                                                                                            technology by a single lead engineer on
                                                                                            the client side.” This could not be ac-
Asia, as an up-and-coming pharmaceu-           the-art and the high quality require-        complished by the traditional procedure
ticals location, is already home to 20         ments of pharmaceuticals manufactur-         where the planning and assembly is car-
biopharmaceutical production plants.           ing (GMP, FDA). This required some           ried out with a separate team for every
In October, a further global player            rethinking of course — also from Dr.         system. What could be done? The only
joined the illustrious circle. The second-                   Joachim Zobel, the re-         possibility: An overall solution which
ary manufacturing plant of the Swiss                           sponsible Senior Auto-       covers the complete electrical distribu-
company went into operation at Tuas                             mation Engineer: “The       tion and building automation technol-
Biomedical Park (TBP). There, in fu-                            task was to find a way      ogy with all interfaces between the in-
ture, about 150 employees will produce                           of creating the neces-     dividual systems. The problem: There
the final forms of various pharmaceu-
ticals for a worldwide market.
                                                                 “We were able to call on the company’s own experts from all over
                                                                     the world for the project. In this way, it was possible to
                                                                       complete even technically demanding tasks quickly
                                                                                        and economically.”
The author works as free-lance journalist.                               Rashid Karyeo, General Manager of TAC Singapore
E-mail contact:
                                                                                                        The chart shows the complete list of
                                                                                                        building subsystems. TAC Vista BMS
                                                                                                        is used to tie together.

                                                                                                    hensible language, who has to make
                                                                                                    which documents and tasks for each
 AT A GLANCE                                                                                        individual system. This is the core factor
 10 keys to success                                                                                 of the whole idea,” Zobel explained.
                                                                                                    The pharmaceutical manufacturer de-
  ■ Schneider Electric and subsidiary TAC sup-     ■ inventive talent: low cost project requires    liberately involved its supplier at a very
  ply electrical distribution and building auto-   new methods                                      early stage of the project. The advantage
  mation technology and LAN Infrastructure for     ■ extensive pretests of hardware and soft-       here was that a large volume of system-
  a world-scale pharmaceuticals project from       ware straighten out critical project phases      specific know how from the supplier
  one source                                       and discover errors in advance                   side could flow into the design in order
  ■ thanks to the early involvement of the sup-    ■ the one-shop philosophy eases working          to integrate each system not only quick-
  plier during the predetail design phase, sys-    from the offer phase to the final start-up, in   ly but also optimally. This was a vital
  tem specifics can be optimally integrated and    particular with regard to change manage-         time-saver, then it became evident that,
  exploited                                        ment
                                                                                                    with the right specialists in the team,
  ■ proven quality systems concentrated on one     ■ specialists from the supplier from all over
  supplier minimize the evaluation process         the world support the local team only when       the design process could be carried out
  ■ the processing of a wide range of system       they are needed and thus compensate for the      in roughly ten working days per system
  scenarios as an overall package with one en-     current lack of engineers                        during the pre-detail design phase. “The
  gineering team – and short-term support from     ■ a LAN system for everything: Virtual Private   project was so successful because we
  the appropriate system specialists – reduces     Network (VPN) as the basis for a new LAN         transferred a great deal of responsibility
  detail engineering man hours by about 50%        concept enables the realisation of office net-   to Schneider Electric and TAC and in-
  ■ open dialogue, genuine teamwork and            work, building automation, process automa-       tegrated them in our teams,” Zobel
  short decision paths provide a high degree       tion and Voice-over-IP telephony on one com-     stresses. “A large amount of the neces-
  of flexibility and efficient troubleshooting     mon LAN backbone                                 sary communication could thus be
                                                                                                    taken over by the supplier himself. The
                                                                                                    project leaders first came to me only if
are not many companies who are able                ture units, access control and time re-          a larger problem had cropped up or if
to offer such a comprehensive package              cording system, surveillance with                there was a fundamental decision to be
as a “one-stop-shop”. The contract was             CCTV, clock system, fire detection and           made.”
finally awarded to Schneider Electric              evacuation systems and the LAN infra-
Singapore and its local subsidiary TAC.            structure for office and process installa-         Engineering “made-to-measure”
The open building management system                tions including a Voice-over-IP tele-              It was of decisive importance for the
from TAC serves as the overlapping in-             phony system.                                    optimisation of the engineering that one
tegration platform for all sub-systems:                                                             basic team — supported by the appro-
Power supply including UPSs, HVAC                    The early bird catches the worm                priate system specialists — carried out
control, clean room monitoring and                   “In order to compile such a large              the design and implementation work
door interlocking system, power moni-              package, relatively complicated inqui-           system for system. There was therefore
toring, alarming systems coupled with              ries must be produced. Here, it was              not a separate team for each individual
a pager system, control of all infrastruc-         necessary to itemise, in easily compre-          system. This greatly simplified the co-
Pharmaceutical Technology

  A new “star” in the
  pharmaceutical industry?
  Schneider Electric, which traditionally         pharmaceuticals industry. With                               Nelson Yeap: For us, pharma-
  has its roots in the manufacturing engi-        the acquisition of the company                               ceutical plants are the ideal
  neering industry, together with its sub-        in 2003 and the pooling of our                               candidates for a high degree
  sidiary TAC, has recently supplied a            core competencies, we are now                                of system integration. This is
  comprehensive solution for the electri-         in a position to supply from one                            the competence which Sch-
  cal distribution and building automa-           source the complete electrical                                      neider Electric and TAC
  tion technology for the new pharma-             distribution and automa-                                             have to offer. At the mo-
  ceuticals plant of Novartis in Singa-           tion technology for certain                                          ment, this is probably
  pore. In this connection, PROCESS               plants.                                                              the only plant of its kind
  questioned Nelson Yeap, Country Direc-                                                                               where one supplier has
  tor at Schneider Electric Singapore.             ? How many projects of                                              provided the complete
                                                  this nature have you already accom-           electrical installation and the building man-
                                                  plished?                                      agement – this is a genuine unique selling
   ? Mr. Yeap, Schneider Electric and the phar-   Nelson Yeap: This was the first joint phar-   point.
  maceuticals industry, this was a rare com-      maceuticals project of this magnitude for
  bination up to now. How do you fulfil the       Schneider Electric and TAC in Singapore. We    ? With the realization of the plant in Singapore
  special requirements of this sector?            have been able to gather a great deal of      many things had to be carried out differently
  Nelson Yeap: The pharmaceutical industry        experience. The new order from a further      especially or cost reasons. Which aspect
  is part of our global strategy – and that not   large pharmaceuticals manufacturer dem-       here would you personally stress as the high-
  just since yesterday. The strength of Sch-      onstrates that our special know-how is al-    light?
  neider Electric in this sector was always the   ready making a name for itself.               Nelson Yeap: The teamwork. The project
  power supply for critical processes. For                                                      has shown that all involved will have great
  many years now, the strength of TAC is          ? How do you wish to position yourself in     benefits from a close partnership between
  building management – especially in the         the future?                                   the final customer and the supplier.

ordination of the comprehensive pack-             all over the world. “The team grew and        low budget. Zobel is convinced: “In
age and also the design of the interfaces         shrunk depending on the requirements.         reality, using such an approach, one will
between the individual systems.                   If this had not been the case, due to the     rarely obtain the absolute optimum for
  The result of this cooperation part-            many last minute alterations, we would        each and every system which is avail-
nership with the system supplier: more            have fallen far behind our schedule,”         able on the market. Here though, it is
than 50 percent savings in detail engi-           Zobel said. “But the company has very         also the task of the client to take a very
neering and documentation — a total               committed, extremely flexible and ca-         critical look at his own requirements
savings of 9,400 man hours. In view of            pable manpower at its disposal and we         and cut these back to the necessary
     stretched personnel resources and            finished on time.”                            level. This procedure serves its purpose
            a worldwide acute shortage               The strategy of relying on compre-         and will become the standard. Another
              of qualified engineers, this        hensive packages and an early integra-        global player is already building a sim-
               was a large plus. If special-      tion of the system suppliers certainly        ilar plant in Singapore with Schneider
               ists were needed TAC               paid dividends. In the end, the project       Electric and TAC according to our
               simply flew them in from           costed even less than the deliberately        model.”                                 n

                                                                                                For further information:
                       “Comprehensive solutions for the electrical distribution and
                       building automation technology enable a concentrated engi-               Schneider Electric
                        neering with low manpower input from the client side and      
                             enormous savings potential. They are the future.”                  iwan.loertscher@ch.schneider-
                          Dr. Joachim Zobel, Senior Automation Engineer at Novartis   
                                                                                                Phone: +41 31 9173233

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