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									                                                                                Gomez       1

       Jonathan A. Gomez

       Dr. Ellen Pratt

       English 3231

       September 4, 2008

                                  A Night to Always Remember

       It was last November, everybody in Guayama was like hungry for Christmas to

come, but when everything seemed to be perfect I pass through the most difficult and sad

moment of my life. It was a normal day in which I did all the things that I do daily. It was

a weekend so I got up early because I didn’t want to spend the day sleeping. I went to

practice some basketball with all my friends like usually I do. At 4:00 pm I went to my

house to eat something because at the night I was going out with my crew to play some

pool and drink a couple of beers like usually we do on Saturdays. Everybody was going

to meet in the gasoline station at 10:00 in the night. We all have our own cars so there

were no problems with the transportation, at least we expected that.

       At 9:00 pm I was ready to go out but then Edwin, one of my friends, call me to

say that he was not going because he was feeling tired. It was very strange that Edwin tell

me that he was not going because he was the one that invited me at the first time. On the

other side my mom also was acting weird because she did not want to let me go either,

and most of the times she don’t say anything. Suddenly this bad feeling came to me; it

was like a kind of scary cold breeze that pass trough all my body. I decided to be

obedient to my mom and not hang out that night, anyways I also was tired and drinking

some beers was not so important after all. Some of the guys like Nicky, Marcos and

Christian did go to drink on that night. My other friends: Osvaldo, Jorge, Stephanie and
                                                                                  Gomez     2

other girls went to a house to chill out because rarely they also had a bad feeling about

that particular night. I preferred to be with my family watching some movies at my

house. After I went to sleep my cell phone ring at 3:00 o’clock in the morning, the ring

tone scare the skin out of me because it was a spooky song, it was one of our friends from

school named Ednice, that lives near my house, she was crying so I quickly knew that

something bad happened.


       -hello, Jonathan, this is Ednice

       -Oh, hi Ednice, are you ok? Why are you crying?

       -I don’t know how to tell you this

       -Tell me what, what happened?

       -Nicky, Marcos and Christian had a car accident and……….

       -and what are they ok?

       -Nicky died.

       -What? Don’t play with me Ednice

       -I’m not playing, the Honda Civic is crashed and Nicky’s body is still stuck inside

       of the car. The police are trying to take out the body and this place is full of


       I was so shocked that I hang up the phone and got up of my bed the fast that I

could and put some close on because I was going to the accident place, my mom and dad

wake up and when they found me crying and very nervous they did not want me to drive

at that hour and in the condition that I was, but I was so desperate that I escaped from my

house and went to the accident. It was horrible, everybody was crying, Marcos and
                                                                                   Gomez         3

Christian, the survivors, were screaming and crying to death, his body was at the back

side of the car almost crushed. Then Nicky’s mom and dad arrived and that was the

saddest moment ever. His mom was so hurt that she ends up paralyzed; she did not

believe that her son was dead. The scene was horrible, people faces were full of anger

and pain, and it just reminds me the peoples face when the terrorist attack in September

11, not exaggerating. Everybody was asking why this thing happens to the good people

and not the bad people that are killing and stealing in the streets. The only thing that

passes trough my mind was that I felt that something bad was going to happen and I

didn’t do anything to prevent it. Even knowing that this could be just a supposition, I

couldn’t stop feeling guilty about the situation. In the meanwhile I ask Marcos how this

happen and he explained to me that when they finished drinking they went to take him

home, obviously the driver didn’t drink anything. Nicky was on the back sit of the car,

Christian was driving and Marcos was in the front passenger sit. When Christian started

the engine Nicky said: “hijos se ponen el cinturon porque la calle esta mala” (hey put

your sit belt for safety), but he said it playing and he was the only one that didn’t use the

sit belt. Then in a curve another car tried to pass them and hit the back side of the car,

since they were driving a little fast they lost control of the car hitting a concrete wall and

the car end up upside down in a hole. Nicky got crushed in the back sit of the car and he

broke his neck dying at the moment. I always said that the death was for him that night

because every time that somebody has a car accident the more in risk of death are the two

in front of the car. But in this case that two that were on front were ok and the passenger

on the back died.
                                                                                   Gomez      4

       All this happened in just one night, it was the longest night in the history of my

life, I lost one of the most sincere and pure friends of the fourth year class. At his funeral,

the pain was visible in every face, everybody was there crying for him. He was so

important for all of us that everybody wrote some kind of message for him and read it on

the funeral, some guys wrote a song title “no puede ser” .Nicky will always be alive in

my heart and I know that he is waiting for me in the sky. Maybe he would be alive if he

just had click the sit belt but he did not. I believe that God use him to send us a message

and try to make us understand that we young people need to valorized the life and that

life is not only hanging out and drinking with friends, is also being obedient and always

trying to be a better person in society and in the family.
                                                                                  Gomez      5

                               Self Evaluation of my memoir

       In general I think this is a good and interesting story to make a memoir, it has a

lot of descriptions of sad feelings and that projects the reader a visual image of what is

actually happening. My favorite part of the memoir was when I describe a little intense,

how the accident happened and how was the body in the car, I like it because I use a lot

of descriptions and the reader can almost feel the pain that I was feeling at that particular

moment. I also liked the final because that’s the part when it shows the message and what

I learned from this event Sincerely my worst part I think that was the introduction

because I don’t know if the information that I write really was important to the reader or

if it was not relevant to the situation. If I had more time I would work on the introduction

and I would expand more the final part with more details. I think I deserve like a “B” plus

or an “A”. With any of those grades I would be ok because I think I work really hard for

it and I dedicated a reasonable amount of time since we did the first draft on the

classroom. Also I deserve one of those grades because my memoir has few of the

elements that were mentioned in class like dialog, description, visualization, generally I

think is a very interesting memoir to read.

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